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July 19 Re-Opening “Very Likely” But “Precautions” May Remain

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England’s July 19 reopening dubbed “Freedom Day” remains set to go ahead with both Boris Johnson and new Health Secretary Sajid Javid indicating that they are "committed" to unlocking Britain. The Prime Minister said the latest scientific data suggested that while restrictions would not be lifted on July 5th as some Conservative MPs wanted, an “irreversible” reopening two weeks later was “on the card”. “With every day that goes by its clearer to me and all our scientific advisers that we’re very likely to be in a position on July 19th to say that really is the ter-

minus and we can go back to life as it was before Covid as far as possible,” he said. "But I think I've said it before, we'll be wanting to go back to a world that is as close to the status quo, ante-Covid, as possible. Try to get back to life as close to it was before Covid. "But there may be some things we have to do, extra precautions that we have to take, but I'll be setting them out."



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Issue 64

Editor's Viewpoint

Welcome to the latest issue of CLH DIGITAL “Never make an excuse for going to the pub, save it for leaving.” BENNY BELLAMACINA Once again, we are tantalised with the prospect of reopening in July 19! Our lead story highlights that the government, our Prime Minister and Health Secretary are backing a full reopening on July 19 with the possibility of “precautions”.


Peter Adams

We have been here so many times before that it is difficult to get too excited. As mentioned previously, we led in our printed issue with the story that the government would be scrapping table ordering and social distancing on June 21, only for that be changed the day after we went to print (which led a couple of angry emails from readers)! The new Health Secretary Sajid Javid, a former Chancellor, appears (based on this week’s performance) to be far more practical than the previous

Health Secretary. In his speech to Parliament, he warned the UK will have to learn to live with Covid as he said he was “confident” lockdown restrictions in England could be lifted on 19 July.

ter-final UEFA EURO 2020 knockout match against Ukraine, because of the impact of restrictions which will mean over 1.5 million fewer pints will be sold during the match than if there were no restrictions. The government really does have to give the sector some confidence and put in a program of support lasting until at least 2023, and, as previously stated, begin with taxation and duty. Reducing VAT to 5% in the hospitality sector was a masterstroke and one that should not be time-bound and should become permanent! News that the restrictions will see 1.5 million fewer pints sold tomorrow (Saturday the 3rd) is a real pity. England’s performance against Germany was magnificent and set the stage for a wonderful quarter-final against Ukraine. Summer football always gives the hospitality/on trade and massive and this really is a missed opportunity. That said I have already found my place to watch the game tomorrow. A great pubnear where I live has screens so no matter where you are standing (sitting) you always get a good view of the game! That age old bone of contention - “tips” - has once again reared its ugly head. Currently there are no specific laws in place to protect workers from having some or all of their tips taken away. And the guidelines are also vague on who gets to keep it.

The date, he said, would mark “not only the end of the line, but the start of an exciting new journey for our country.” Adding, “We owe it to the British people … not to wait a moment longer than we need to.”

There is a social expectation that tips go to staff, and where they do not it inevitably results in a huge backlash.

I’m not counting my chickens, but this is a complete breath of fresh air compared to the previous Health Secretary!

That said, if there is an administration charge or the cost of any kind on tips left on credit cards then it is only fair in my opinion for the retailer to at least cover their costs.

The real elephant in the room is the fact that businesses are having to continue operating an extra month restriction while at the same time the government support is gradually withdrawn. The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) have warned that keeping restrictions in place until 19 July would cost the sector a further £200m in lost beer sales and is likely to cost the UK hospitality trade around £3 billion pounds and risking a “lost summer” of bookings. To enforce this additional month-long restriction to the sector while at the same time withdrawing support is outrageous. The BBPA has said that pubs are set to lose over £5 million in sales during the quar-

It does get confusing particularly when you throw into the mix service charge which many retailers are now including, hopefully a new law will clear up the ambiguity once and for all! Once again we called have on some of the industry’s leading lights and influential figures to provide the knowledge, insight and expertise to help operators trade their way through this crisis. Please do email us with any of your news and views we would be delighted to print them and I can only be contacted on

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EDITOR Peter Adams

SALES EXECUTIVES David Bartlett Guy Stephenson


PRODUCTION & WEB ADMIN Shelly Roche Published Publishedbyby

July 19 Re-Opening “Very Likely” But “Precautions” May Remain Issue 64

(CONTINUED FROM FRONT COVER) Speaking in Parliament earlier this week new health secretary, Sajid Javid said he saw no reason to go beyond July 19th before lifting restrictions.

CLH Digital


nesses that remain forcibly shut or restricted. These measures would protect newer appointments and allow staff retention for when restrictions are finally lifted, rather than unfairly placing a further erosion on the cashstarved businesses trying to provide employment.”

DELAY COSTS OPERATORS 50% OF REVENUE The government’s one-month delay in reopening the country continues to have a severe impact on hospitality operators, with one in five hospitality and retail owners across the UK expect to lose half of their revenue

“The restrictions to our freedoms must come to an end. We owe it to the British people, who have sacrificed so much, to restore their freedoms as quickly as we possibly can and not to wait a moment longer than we need to.”

A survey which is the first poll of hospitality bosses since the delay was announced, and was carried out on behalf of Stint, and reveals that over 17,000 owners say they will have to call last orders on their business as a result of the decision to keep restrictions in place until 19th July.

On June 14 Boris Johnson delayed plans to lift most remaining COVID-19 restrictions by a month , issuing a stark warning of fatalities if he did nothing because of the rapid spread of the more infectious Delta variant.

The poll reveals that the decision to delay the roadmap is likely to severely impact companies for months to come. The vast majority of those who expect to lose revenue said it would take more than six months to recoup the earnings lost during the four week delay - 27% of those business owners went on to say they will never recoup these losses.

Furthermore, many operators had also budgeted for a June reopening, which would have preceded changes in financial support that have come into effect. From 1 July, employers will have to start paying 10 percent of furloughed workers’ wages, with the government grant reducing to 70 percent, while business rates relief is set to decline from 100 percent off to 66 percent off, creating increased costs for pubs bars and restaurants who are still not able to fully trade. Speaking ahead of the Parliamentary statement on reopening earlier this week (June 28), UKHospitality CEO, Kate Nicholls, said “Given the delay to ‘Freedom Day’ Government should look again at the support measures in place for the sector. A delay of four weeks - after 15 months of restricted or no trading - feels like a lifetime for struggling hospitality businesses, as costs continue to mount. During what should be a peak trading period, we remain severely restricted, or, in some cases, forcibly closed. The knock-on impact will be felt throughout the summer. “An immediate extension of the business rates holiday would settle some commercial concerns but we would still then face employment costs that threaten jobs. Following clear and confident assurances that restrictions would be lifted on 21st June, hospitality venues employed new staff in good faith but, necessarily, after the furlough eligibility date, so delay means that those employees cannot be furloughed. Instead, they find themselves in new roles, often with an increasing chance of being laid off - it’s not the best introduction to a struggling sector and is doing little to boost confidence in our workforce. “If we must wait until 19th July to lift restrictions, and noting the recently published data from the Events Research Group continuing to show the low risk posed by hospitality and events, the eligibility date must be retrospectively changed, accompanied by a targeted furlough with zero employer contribution for those busi-

This delay is another hit to a sector already reeling from the past 18 months. Stint’s research found that 20% of business owners will not even be able to operate at full capacity upon reopening due to staff shortages. On top of this, around 15% of owners believe that at least a quarter of their furloughed workers are unlikely to return, with many workers in the hospitality and retail industries seeking or starting new careers during lockdown. Sol Schlagman, Co-Founder of Stint, commented: “This survey shows the very real cost of just a few weeks delay to freedom day and why certainty is key to unlocking our economy. Over the last 15 months businesses have faced heavy losses and further push backs could see tens of thousands more close their doors for good. The industry desperately needs help, both in the form of short-term solutions to the current crisis and longer-term changes and innovation..”


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This delay dealt a devastating blow for the hospitality and on trade, while step three, the reopening of dining rooms indoors on 17 May, gave the sector a much-needed boost current restrictions still limit their ability to trade indoors and, in the case of pubs serving food, provide service at the bar.


“Because in truth, no date we choose comes with zero risk for Covid. We know we cannot simply eliminate it; we have to learn to live with it. We also know that people and businesses need certainty. So, we want every step to be irreversible,” he said.



CLH Digital

Issue 64

Post-Covid Challenges Might Be Short-Term, But Winning Back Consumer Trust Would Be Key To Hospitality By Kunal Sawhney, CEO of Kalkine ( Covid has changed much about how we socialise, how we eat, and even how we go about doing business. There is a lot of focus now on what we eat. Nutrition has suddenly become very important.

Changing food habits now mean that more and more people are eating fruits and greens. A survey conducted by the Institute of Grocery Distribution has found that 51 per cent of those surveyed are now eating more fruits and vegetables than they were before the lockdowns. There was also an increase seen in people adhering to mealtimes more strictly and cutting down meats.

There is more awareness on how junk food does very little in providing the body with adequate immunity. Immunity is the most talked about topic of recent times. Immunity boosting foods are the flavour of the season.


HOW HAS CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR CHANGED? More and more people are trying to engage with food that does its basic function – providing the body with necessary ammunition against viruses and bacteria. Food is now as important a component of daily life as is work.

It’s not just Covid that has made people more aware. The threat of climate change is also making people pay a premium on ethical businesses. A place like Scotland, for example, with its strong agricultural sector, would be able to grow raw materials locally, bringing down carbon impact on each product. Awareness around the discontinuation of plastic has led to innovation in the food packaging industry. In order to usher in a new dawn of innovation in the food and drink sector, it is also necessary that there are enough skilled resources available so that innovation can be carried out. But the key challenge that plagues innovation in this sector is an acute shortage of staff. Businesses would require a robust mix of people to create, convert, and then market to the end consumer.

The pandemic has shifted the world towards what is local more than any hyper-nationalist movement ever could. People have been exposed more to food items or ingredients that could be sourced locally during these times, much more than pre-Covid times. As movement got severely restricted, more and more people had to rely on and do with whatever was available nearest to them.

Reliance and adapting to digital technology can help in managing supply chain disruptions through the use of analytics and forecasting to understand businesses and performances better. Adoption of blockchain technology tracking the raw materials used in creating food and every other aspect of the production process could be used to give consumers a glimpse of the kind of products being used, thereby earning their trust in a post Covid world.

This has also opened up the scope for innovation in the food business. More so at a time when restaurants, cafes, and pubs are being hammered due to restrictions and curbs. As consumer behaviour got more localised, consumers explored products that used to get exported to the EU previously. A great example is a seafood, where businesses started targeting the UK markets with a model that caters directly to consumers.

For businesses from the hospitality sector to flourish in a post Covid world, it would need them to imagine the world in a new way. Innovation with healthier ingredients and adopting hygienic techniques of production is key to the sector’s turnaround. But what is most important is winning back the trust of consumers ravaged by a pandemic. Only innovation and increased digital adaption could be the way forward for the sector.

World Rum Day - Saturday 10th July

Rum and World Rum Day are all about coming together to enjoy rum - whether it's discovering a new rum, returning to an old favourite, getting to know more about a distillery, trying different styles of rum or making rum cocktails. Many bars and venues across the world are sadly not open during this difficult time, so it's all the more reason to support rum producers, bars, mixer brands and retailers in 2021. Here are some ways you can get involved and show your support. Rum Lovers: Why not host your own rum tasting or cocktail making at home or on Zoom with friends (and use our handy printable rum tasting placemats at! Share a photo on social

media to shout out which rums you are drinking, using #worldrumday and #worldrumday2021 (let's make it trend on Twitter like in 2019 and 2020!).

Bars, Brands & Retailers: Celebrate World Rum Day in style with online events (e.g. tastings, Q&As, tours, or cocktail making), promotions, offers or competitions, social media posts, Instagram Live videos, a special World Rum Day cocktail and anything else that celebrates the world of rum! Use #worldrumday and #worldrumday2021. See the feature on page 33.

Government Furlough Scheme Begins To Wind Down Issue 64

From July 1st employers are required to pick up 10% of furloughed workers’ salaries, rising to 20% in August and September. The move will say leading economists cause a spike in redundancies over the summer as the scheme is phased out, with the latest figures from the end of April showing that 3.4 million jobs were still furloughed. Since last March, the government has paid 80% of the salaries of employees (up to a maximum government contribution of £2,500 per month) – with the employers only having to pick up the (small) bill for employer National Insurance and pension contributions since last August. The big change on July 1st is that the government will only pay 70% of the furloughed employee’s salary, so the employer has to pay (at least) 10% of the salary themselves. In August and September, the Government plans that employers will have to pay (at least) 20% (with the government picking up 60%). For a furloughed employee previously earning £20,000 per year, the cost to an employer of keeping them will rise from £155 per month in June, to £322 in July and £489 per

CLH Digital


month in August and September, after which the scheme is due to end. With the cost of keeping employees on furlough rising, the Institute for Fiscal Studies say they expect to see rising redundancies over the summer even before the final end of the scheme. Labour has called on Chancellor Rishi Sunak to extend the scheme, which is expected to hit almost 500,000 firms, because of the delay to easing lockdown restrictions until 19 July. “A month’s delay may seem like a short time but for businesses in retail, hospitality and leisure, legally closed from trading or relying on the summer season, the delay is another blow,” said shadow chief secretary to the Treasury Bridget Phillipson. “The Government must make sure economic measures go hand in hand with public health measures and that our British businesses and high streets are not left out in the cold.”

The Clink Charity Appoints Cyrus Todiwala As Group Chef Ambassador Celebrity chef and restauranteur Cyrus Todiwala OBE DL has been appointed group chef ambassador of The Clink Charity where he will follow in the footsteps of Albert Roux who previously held the post. Todiwala is a long-time supporter of The Clink Charity’s work and he previously held the post of chef ambassador for The Clink Restaurant at HMP Brixton where he held masterclasses to help train the prisoners to cook. He said: “Albert Roux was an industry giant whose shoes are almost impossible for anyone to fill, so it is a great honour to be asked to take on his old role as group chef ambassador for The Clink Charity. “Throughout the many years I was chef ambassador for The Clink Restaurant at HMP Brixton, I saw first-hand how prisoner students grew in confidence as they developed their kitchen skills, which can only have stood them in good stead as they returned to the outside world. “We cannot all solve the world’s problems, but The Clink Charity has proven its amazing worth by helping to reduce reoffending, and shining a light on the

value of cooking skills as a pathway to potential employability.” Clink Kitchens currently delivers training in six prisons and there are another 17 lined up to start over the next three months. The students will train for up to 35 hours a week to prepare them for working life upon their release from prison. In addition to the kitchen training programme, The Clink Charity operates Clink@Home a meal delivery service from HMP Brixton. Chris Moore, chief executive of The Clink Charity, added: “I am delighted that Cyrus has agreed to take on the role of Group Chef Ambassador following the sad death of Albert Roux in January this year. “Cyrus has been a Clink Chef Ambassador for the past 10 years and worked very hard with our students delivering masterclasses and hosting fundraising lunches and dinners at HMP High Down and HMP Brixton to support our work in reducing reoffending.” There are currently 140 Clink graduates who have been trained throughout the pandemic and released from prison who are ready to start work in the industry.


CLH Digital

Issue 64

How Can The UK Hospitality Sector Capitalise On The Global Trends That Have Emerged Through The Pandemic? As UK hospitality managers consider what the future looks like for their businesses after an incredibly challenging year, Dr Clare Holt, a Programme Leader at online learning provider, Learna Business School (, shares her thoughts on the trends that could support the sector. The pandemic will have a lasting impact on the hospitality industry across the world but to what extent has this impact affected customer behaviour and expectations? With hospitality having to adapt amid changing regulations, we’ve seen a number of new and developing trends emerge, from innovations in outdoor dining, to how the sector uses technology. How long-lasting will these trends be, and how can the UK market successfully capitalise on them to accelerate recovery?


The pandemic blurred boundaries between work and leisure, and with remote working rapidly becoming the norm we’ve seen a dramatic rise in ‘on the road’ workers – a key travel trend outlined by Condé Nast Traveller in their 2021 travel trends forecast. Growth in demand for travel options that accommodate the needs of working travellers provides hotels in particular with an alternative to the shrinking corporate market and could provide opportunities for any hospitality venues that can act as a temporary ‘office’ for nomadic workers. Take for example the Vakkaru Maldives, which recently launched a long-stay Work Well package for remote working in paradise Major selling points include quiet rooms and strong Wi-Fi signals across hotel spaces, including leisure areas, and cafes and pubs that can double as working hubs.

DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY The pandemic saw a rapid embrace of technology within hospitality, where even small businesses introduced their own apps allowing remote check-in and online ordering systems. For customers, technology-led services can create a smoother, fuss-free experience and may ease anxiety with the reduction of unnecessary face-to-face contact with staff. For hotels, the growing demand for hybrid events will require sector investment in the right technology to offer these services to clients who would have previously hired out venues for conferences and corporate events.

Cleanliness is obviously more important than ever before, with customers eager to know how businesses are protecting them within their premises. This will likely remain a key concern in the future, even as infection rates drop.


A 2020 survey conducted by OpenTable suggested that 77% of UK consumers prioritise safety, sanitation, and ventilation in their sense of safety when engaging with hospitality. Transparency around cleaning and social distancing practices should be the focus for businesses, using websites and social media to communicate this information and reassure visitors.

The evolution of the hospitality environment continues to place pressure on staff, so it is important that they are supported with the skills to manage and oversee emergent trends. Industry recognised qualifications like the EMBA in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Learna provide professionals with knowledge on strategic planning and contemporary hospitality management, enabling success in an ever-evolving industry.



Sustainability may not have been at the forefront as the sector turned to single-use goods for sanitation purposes, but as we recover, it’s vital that industry leaders firmly turn their focus back to sustainability in all aspects of the business.

Public opinion polls revealed an increased consumer confidence in outdoor venues; however, reports suggest that just 40% of UK venues possess outdoor space. So any permanent move to facilitate more outdoor dining - which currently seems like a savvy move - would require investment, negotiation and a change in approach to long term planning in our towns and cities.

Lockdown saw us living smaller, hyper-local lives, drawing more attention to the spaces we occupy and our local environments. Covid aside, climate change really is the big global issue at hand, and consumers are increasingly looking for greener, carbon neutral experiences to enjoy guilt-free.


If the UK adopts approaches to maximise the use of outside space – opening up streets and repurposing outdoor spaces– we could see a quicker revival of hospitality at large. To help enable this the hospitality sector must utilise its networks to collaborate with local councils and planning departments and expediate the dynamic and vibrant outdoor hospitality hubs seen elsewhere in the world.

Ask For Clive Inclusivity Campaign Gains Backing of Punch across their business and venues. We very much look forward to making the event a national success.”

Punch Pubs & Co has announced partnership with Ask For Clive and pledges to support its Pub Pride 2021 events across the UK. Punch is kicking off the collaboration by signing up a number of its iconic venues for the inaugural Pub Pride event which takes place on Friday 23rd July.

Punch will be promoting both the Pub Pride 2021 event and ongoing Ask For Clive campaign to its 1,250 venues across the UK, encouraging them all to get involved.

Keen to support the campaign are three of Punch’s flagship pubs – The Goose that sits in the heart of Manchester’s Gay Village, The Lord Roberts, an iconic and well-loved pub in Nottingham, and The Regent, famous for its vibrant and welcoming atmosphere in the heart of Edinburgh. These pubs will be hosting Pub Pride events.

Russell Danks, Marketing & Strategy Director at Punch Pubs & Co, commented on the news: “At Punch, our ‘Doing Well by Doing Good’ programme underpins the way we do business. This mantra sits at the very core of our business, and as part of this, it has become more important than ever to support charities such as Ask for Clive. With hate crime on the rise in our UK communities, we need to work harder than ever to stand up and show zero tolerance. Our pubs are the hubs of their communities, and we are proud to support this campaign, raising awareness across the UK, working with our Publicans and teams to ensure that everyone will always be welcome in our pubs.”

Pub Pride is a nationwide campaign, locally activated, which aims to unite LGBTQ+ communities and celebrate this year’s pride season at a grassroots level. Danny Clare, co-founder of Ask For Clive explains why this is so important for the cause: “When we gained official charity status our number one priority was to work with major pan-UK pub chains to help spread our message far and wide. We are ecstatic that Punch Pubs & Co will be joining our first Pub Pride event and supporting us across their estate. After discussions with the team about how to activate the

campaign, we couldn’t be happier with the level of commitment they are showing. The Ask For Clive campaign is being strongly embraced

Ask For Clive works with venues across the country to promote inclusion and create safe, welcoming social environments for all members of the LGBTQ+ community.

The Crossing Pub to Open in Barnes in Collaboration with Star Pubs and Bars Restaurant, bar and hospitality operator, Christian Arden has taken on his first pub with Star Pubs & Bars, The Tree House in Barnes. The pub will reopen as The Crossing in August following a joint £450,000 refurbishment with Star Pubs & Bars. The new venture will be a top-quality neighbourhood family and dog friendly pub with an emphasis on serving outstanding seasonal freshly prepared food, great beer and curated wines from lesser-known growers plus a few classics. Sustainability will be at its heart. It is Arden’s second south London pub, his other is The Rectory in Clapham, with a third pub in Kennington in the pipeline. Christian says: “I have wanted to open a pub in Barnes for some time and so was delighted when the Tree House became available. The pandemic delayed plans, but on the flipside it gave me the opportunity to finesse them and collaborate with Chef Anthony Demetre. I even had time to go on Star Pubs & Bars’ Innside Knowledge course for new

licensees which was a fabulous experience.” “My wife is a founder of the award-winning A plastic planet, so as you can I imagine I am also passionate about creating sustainable pubs. Pubs generally are sustainable businesses using glasses, bottles and cans and like us employ local people and use local suppliers. Reducing waste and energy consumption will be a focus of operations.” Enhanced Hospitality are providing HR and financial services support. Richard Campbell, Regional Operations Director of Star Pubs & Bars said: “It’s great to have Christian on board. He has a fantastic reputation in the hospitality industry, having run his own Michelin star restaurant, built a highly successful group of late-night venues and turned around many other businesses. He is now returning to his passion – top end pubs with a reputation for superb service. Barnes has been crying out for a pub restaurant of this calibre and with Christian at the helm it will undoubtedly be a great success.”

Calls For Action on Sector’s Growing Costs of Delay to Lifting Restrictions As the Government reviews evidence to inform the lifting of social distancing earlier than 19th July, UKHospitality has called for the Government to factor in mounting costs in the sector as a consideration and to consider a range of mitigation measures. The trade association has highlighted how the delay in lifting restrictions risks further business failures via unsustainable accrued debts, as well as compounding problems in an already challenging labour market. From this week hospitality businesses will have to restart business rates payments, have to contribute to furlough salary costs and face VAT repayments. Speaking ahead of the Parliamentary statement on reopening, UKHospitality CEO, Kate Nicholls, said “Given the delay to ‘Freedom Day’ Government should look again at the support measures in place for the sector. A delay of four weeks – after 15 months of restricted or no trading – feels like a lifetime for struggling hospitality businesses, as costs continue to mount. During what should be a peak trading period, we remain severely restricted, or, in some cases, forcibly closed. The knock-on impact will be felt throughout the summer.

Issue 64

CLH Digital

risk posed by hospitality and events, the eligibility date must be retrospectively changed, accompanied by a targeted furlough with zero employer contribution for those businesses that remain forcibly shut or restricted. These measures would protect newer appointments and allow staff retention for when restrictions are finally lifted, rather than unfairly placing a further erosion on the cash-starved businesses trying to provide employment.” The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) said the continuation of restrictions will cost pubs a further £200 million. That is £100 million for each week of ongoing restrictions. The delay to lifting restrictions from June 21st to the present day has already cost pubs £200 million, meaning in total the delay in the removal of all restrictions until July 19th will cost pubs £400 million. The BBPA says there can be no further delays to the full reopening of pubs and that it is crucial all restrictions are lifted on July 19th. Emma McClarkin, Chief Executive of the British Beer & Pub Association, said: “Although continuation of the restrictions until July 19th is not a surprise, it is still a tough decision for our sector to swallow.

“An immediate extension of the business rates holiday would settle some commercial concerns but we would still then face employment costs that threaten jobs. Following clear and confident assurances that restrictions would be lifted on 21st June, hospitality venues employed new staff in good faith but, necessarily, after the furlough eligibility date, so delay means that those employees cannot be furloughed. Instead, they find themselves in new roles, often with an increasing chance of being laid off – it’s not the best introduction to a struggling sector and is doing little to boost confidence in our workforce.

“Each week the restrictions stay in place, the likelihood of pubs being lost forever increases.

“If we must wait until 19th July to lift restrictions, and noting the recently published data from the Events Research Group continuing to show the low

“It is crucial that all restrictions are now lifted on July 19th. Any further delay beyond July 19th would be catastrophic for our sector.”

“The restrictions staying in place for at least a further two weeks will cost our pubs £200 million in these weeks alone. In reality though, it will cost much more as confidence in our sector continues to remain low heading into the summer season so critical to our sector’s viability, as well as with the Euros on which normally would be a far bigger boost to our sector.



Issue 64

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All Tips To Go To Staff Under Proposed New Law businesses to go ‘Well, actually, that’s part of the payment for what they’re getting’”.

Hospitality and on-trade businesses will have to hand over all tips to their staff under new proposals presented in Parliament following years of government delays.

Mr Russell said there is a need to support the hospitality sector given its struggles during the coronavirus pandemic, and this includes helping staff via a tips guarantee. He said the Bill aims to ensure “fairness”, noting: “I think for most people, when they do leave a tip for someone, they’ve left it for that person or for the staff, not for businesses to take an extra chunk of it”.

A new Tips Bill has been brought forward by Conservative MP Dean Russell in an effort to make progress on the issue and put protections in law. The Bill would forbid employers from retaining tips intended for staff and also enable arrangements to be made about how tips are divided between staff.

Unite union national officer for hospitality Dave Turnbull said: “This Private Member’s Bill exposes the Government’s failure to introduce the long-promised fair tips legislation.

A highly contentious issue, there have been several promises made in recent years to prevent employers making deductions from money left for their staff by customers, although legislative action has failed to materialise. Mr Russell, MP for Watford, told the PA news agency: “When we look at the role that many people have when working in bars or restaurants and so on, the tips are often seen as part of the salary in a way – rightly or wrongly.

“Waiting staff, the majority of whom are on the minimum wage, keep being promised jam tomorrow by the Government but in the meantime they continue to be ripped off by unscrupulous employers. “It’s always felt wrong to me that businesses can take the tips that have been given by the customer directly to that individual or to the staff for

“Not only must the Government finally bring forward fair tips legislation, but it must ensure that it is sufficiently robust to prevent it being undermined through loopholes.”

UKHospitality Calls for Urgent Review of Test and Trace Isolation Guidelines UKHospitality has called for the Government to immediately review and amend its test and trace guidelines on self-isolation, which are proving massively disruptive for hospitality businesses across the UK and leading to venue closures and reduced operating hours.

The current system forces already struggling hospitality businesses to shut their doors, and can result in whole teams needing to self-isolate. The trade body also warned of the damage that any similar approach would wreak on wider society, triggering mass isolations. Kate Nicholls, UKHospitality Chief Executive, said: “For some weeks we have been telling Government about the severe staff shortages at venues, compounded massively by the absence of staff members who have been told to isolate despite not having shared shifts with colleagues who tested positive. “We need urgent clarification of isolation policy to reflect the enormous success of the vaccine roll out and we urge the Cabinet Office to amend the current isolation policy as

soon as possible, and certainly ahead of the 19th July, to address the challenges of the current system. “A sensible and pragmatic approach would be to extend the ‘test to remain’ system for vaccinated staff to hospitality. That would avoid businesses being forced to close, losing thousands of pounds of revenue at a time when cash reserves are low or non-existent following 16 months of closure and punitive trading restrictions. “If the system remains as it is, there’s a threat of mass isolations, which would hugely damage trade, putting many companies at risk of failure. Hospitality is eager to trade its way back to prosperity, so ideally the Government should act to ensure that vast swathes of the population are not unnecessarily confined to their homes due to rules formulated before the successful vaccine roll out. A strong focus on testing when cases are identified, rather than isolating fit and healthy people, would help to avoid mass isolations.”

A More Meaningful Experience For Britain 10

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By Richard Drummond, COO of Hop Software the cloud-based Property Management System ( With the staycation boom in full swing and over half (55%) of Britons planning a staycation this year, a recent survey of 2,000 UK holidaymakers found that Cornwall, The Lake District and Scottish Highlands are top of Britain’s staycation list. After enduring multiple lockdowns, and with overseas travel restrictions continuing, Britons are keen to holiday in the UK, which is fantastic news for hoteliers. In fact, almost a quarter of people we surveyed said one of the most positive aspects of taking a UK holiday was being able to put money back into the country’s economy.

BIG ‘BLOW OUTS’ However, it is worth noting that natural beauty spots away from the hustle and bustle came in well above famous holiday destinations including Brighton, and even London. With multiple lockdowns and enforced distancing from loved ones, it is clear that behaviours have shifted and the appetite for a hedonistic holiday has been overtaken by a desire to reconnect both with nature and with those we love. In fact, when asked for their priorities when looking for a UK holiday destination, a combined 38% of respondents identified National Trust property and hiking as their main priorities, while 54% said they want to book a holiday to spend time with family and friends above anything else. Interestingly, a further one in five said that they were booking a getaway to help them get a ‘sense of purpose’ back. All of this suggests that people are no longer looking for “happiness" in the two-dimensional sense but instead for experiences that increase our sense of connection to deeper values.


not tailor your marketing to attract the 2021 consumer? One way this can be done is by looking into brand partnerships that may help you to attract a more mindful Britain. Think about the businesses surrounding your hotel. Is there a stunning hiking spot or a café on the peaks, perhaps there is a spa or yoga studio down the road, or even a boutique bookshop or an animal petting farm? Think about what your customer wants, and start a conversation with a brand that aligns with your values to begin a mutually-beneficial partnership that attracts customers to your door. There are several ways you can maximise on brand partnerships. One involves your marketing team: ask them to look into link sharing. Link sharing provides exposure, aligns both brands together, and advances SEO. By sharing links, promotional material and even social media posts across both businesses’ channels, you will attract the attention of both customer bases. From an SEO and social engagement perspective, the benefits are vast and by increasing your viewing opportunity, you can attract new custom. There are also many ways a partnership can benefit you offline by offering in-person incentives to drive footfall through your doors. This may come in the form of including your partner brand’s marketing material in welcome packages, providing giveaways, or giving each other’s customers a discount or promotion. When thinking about a partnership keep your audience at the forefront of your mind. For a family orientated hotel, look towards family attractions such as a local theme park or farm. Whereas if you’re looking to attract millennials, a yoga studio or free class at the hotel might provide a positive pull. Know your audience and local businesses, because partnerships can double your opportunity to be seen, which will not only raise your profile, but your profits too.

MEANINGFUL MARKETING Consumer’s priorities have shifted and now more than ever, customers look to use ethical companies that demonstrate an interest in the environment, mental health, and employee wellbeing. One of the best online tips for hoteliers is to be human. The worst mistake to make on social media is appearing to be a faceless corporation. Showing off your human

side means showing off the faces behind the business. Whether it’s photos at work, or snapshots of your team socialising, getting personal on social media can help you form a much-needed connection. Tailoring online content to promote mindfulness is another option, you could include quotes, tips and aspirational images of your hotel. But remember to practice what you preach. Consider whether there’s anything you can do to demonstrate that you are a company with a conscience. Think mental health training, mindfulness, and investing in your workforce. Not only will this enhance your reputation, but with a shortage of hospitality staff being reported, it means you will retain your staff too.

WHAT NEXT? With many prioritising quality time with loved ones and in nature to switch off over blow outs in the sunshine, it’ll be interesting to see if these trends continue once overseas travel restrictions ease. But whatever happens, attitudes have shifted, and the change in mindset is a legacy that is likely to continue. The era of copy-and-paste-style mass tourism is over. People have had no choice but to find more meaningful ways to switch off than a drink and a late-night dance. Travel is more individualised, and hoteliers must respond to this trend not just now, but for the long-term.

Greene King to Offer 1,000 Kickstart Places

With an insight into the changing priorities of the British public, why

Greene King will offer 1,000 jobs to young people as part of the government’s Kickstart scheme with vacancies available across the UK from July.

The pub company and brewer has created a new role, Hospitality Services Team Member, specifically for the scheme. Candidates will have the opportunity to work front of house, kitchen and, where possible, reception and housekeeping. Graham Briggs, head of apprenticeships and employability programmes at Greene King, said: “We’re really pleased to be part of the Kickstart scheme and be able to offer 1,000 placements across the UK. We see Kickstart as a great way to create more opportunities for young people, alongside our already successful apprenticeships and other social mobility programmes, and we can’t wait for more young people to join us through the scheme.” The Kickstart Scheme provides funding to employers to create jobs for 16 to 24 year olds on Universal Credit. Those who gain permanent employment at Greene King will have the opportunity to take part in its award-winning apprenticeship programme.

British Street Food Awards Team Up with Majisign The British Street Food Awards comment: We’ve bought our fair share of banners since we founded the British Street Food Awards back in 2010. Big ones, little ones. Thin ones, thick ones. And you want to know our collected wisdom after 11 years of bannering? You buy cheap you buy twice. Your eyelets will drop out and your corners will tear. People will snigger as your logo gets stretched beyond recognition. And that’s a sad indictment of the brand you're working to build. Like Churros Bros told me, when they first put a huge sign on the top of their Citroen H saying ‘Churros', your flash is your cash. That’s when we first came to work with Majisign. Majisign, who join us this year as the official signage partner of the British Street Food Awards, are a UKbased manufacturer and retailer of wooden display products, including pavement signs, A-boards, chalkboards, menu holders, poster frames and other bespoke items. They are also a large format digital printing expert - so they know their eyelets. Most consultants will tell you that the top challenges for new businesses are change, the lack of time and differentiating yourself. But read through the guides at and the only constant - in every industry - is the need for good marketing and promotional material. Majisign just get it.

The first physical proof that the British Street Food Awards existed - at the media launch on Whitecross Street Market, with Marco Pierre White and Anthony Worrall Thompson - was a banner. I unfurled it for the first time and I still remember the thrill of seeing my logo writ huge Antony could barely see over the top. And that smell. (The banner - not Anthony). But as the Awards have grown, so have our demands; from t-shirts and flags to bunting and stencils. From illuminated neon strip lights to small but beautiful plaques. And even though our Aboards might appear a bit old school, they've proven time and again to increase footfall. What's exciting about working with Majisign is that they make products and print too. All in-house. They manufacture their own chalkboards using FSC woods of known origin, from renewable sources - which ticks our sustainability box. It also means that you can ask for any shape or size and they’ll make the boards exactly to your needs. And if you need holes drilling or hooks to be included, they’ll do that too. They will be making all our boards and banners for the 2021 British Street Food Awards plus the European Street Food Awards and - launching in the Autumn - the USA Street Food Awards. They will be cutting our winner’s certificates, and making trophies worthy of real street food champions. Can't wait....


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The Return of Hospitality: Building Back Better By James Cook, Head of Planning at Blacks Solicitors ( The Covid-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of society. However, for the hospitality sector it’s been a particularly challenging year. In the first lockdown which was announced on 21 March 2020, the value of the sector fell by 90% and over 1.6million people ended up being furloughed1. We also saw 55% of hospitality businesses pause trading. James Cook, Head of Planning at Blacks Solicitors discusses what professionals should be aware of when it comes to planning regulations, particularly with a full reopening of services currently delayed to 19 July. Outdoor spaceAlthough indoor spaces are now able to open, continued restrictions mean that hospitality venues are relying heavily on available outdoor space to obtain valuable covers for alfresco dining and drinking. It’s important to consider whether the use of additional outdoor space for these purposes is authorised in planning terms. Whilst broader uses classes combined with temporary permitted development rights and pavement licenses have allowed for a greater level of flexibility over the past 18 months, planning permission for a change of use may still be required; particularly if the use is to be permanent and the space in question lies outside of the existing property.

of 2020, this has been extended to the end of 2021. From April 2021 a temporary permitted development right ‘Class BB’ allows restaurants, cafes and drinking establishments to install ‘moveable’ structures within their curtilage until January 2022. More permanent structures may still need planning permission. This right has also been extended to historic listed building visitor attractions, but listed building consent may still be required in certain circumstances. Similarly measures to enable restaurants, cafes and pubs to serve take away food when they were closed as a result of Covid restrictions have been extended and will continue to apply until 23 March 2022.


You also need to check the terms of any existing planning permission to make sure there are no conditions which impose restrictions on the use of outdoor space, be it in general terms or during specified times. Such conditions may need to be varied in order to allow for greater flexibility.

In response to Covid, the Business and Planning Act 2020 introduced measures to enable hospitality venues to apply for pavement licences to put temporary furniture on the highway (usually pavements) to sell, serve or for Potential licence fees required by local authorities can be up to £100, and it may be necessary to reapply as the initial license may have been granted for a short period of time Photo credit: Cole Patrick only. Local authorities are being urged by the Government to grant a licence for a minimum of 12 months unless there is a good reason. At present no licence can extend beyond 30th September 2021 but this is going to be extended for a further year.



Long established permitted development rights authorise the temporary change of use of qualifying land (together with a right to provide any moveable structure for the purposes of the use) for up to 28 days per year. As a response to the pandemic, an additional 28 days was authorised. Originally introduced until the end

The leisure and hospitality industries have been significantly impacted by the pandemic over the past 12 months, and venue coordinators should bear in mind the planning regulations that can support them in building back their business and jobs.

Complete Mindset Shift Required To Solve Hospitality’s Recruitment Challenges “A complete mindset shift is required to solve hospitality’s recruitment challenges and that shift can only be led from the top. If we as hospitality leaders don’t embrace new, fresh talent and coach recruits in the early days, we’ll never get out of this rut and will continually face recruitment challenges, " has said industry expert Aaron Sinkia, General Manager at Aruba Bournemouth and ex-general manager at London’s Café de Paris. “It is absolutely critical that young people leaving education don’t see bar work or waiting tables as dead-end jobs. As industry leaders, it’s our responsibility to provide those new to the industry with an exciting and engaging career path. “I started my career in hospitality 16 years ago as a bar tender and have since gone onto manage top London nightclubs, develop innovative and cutting-edge events programmes to

transform venues and have managed teams of up to 150 people. There's so much opportunity and creativity within a career in hospitality which isn’t always communicated by managers to their junior staff. “Those new to the industry need more coaching and attention, but this shouldn’t be seen as a burden - instead, it’s an opportunity to mould and nurture their talents. Hospitality leaders are fundamental to actioning this change and guiding their businesses through this challenge. We may have lost fantastic people to other industries, but I would argue we’re wasting time in trying to get them back. We need to develop new fantastic people. There has never been a more important time to be an inspiring, energetic and positive leader in hospitality.”


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The Need to Offer More Than Just Great Food in 2021 Commercial Director of Wanis International Foods (, George Phillips talks about why venues need to offer more than great food in 2021. The closing of restaurants during the pandemic and the restrictions that still follow saw a step-change in which consumers were welcomed back, whether willingly or less so, to the delights of their own kitchens. The unstoppable behemoths that are Just Eat, Uber Eats and Deliveroo, together with many consumers’ new-found experience of cooking for themselves 7 days a week, has resulted in customers becoming accustomed to eating their favourite restaurant food in the comfort of their homes. This means venues need to work that much harder to get customers through the door, and while many are already rising to the challenge, there is perhaps some unintended assistance from the Foreign Secretary. 2021 is fast becoming the year of the staycation due to the confusion and frustration of the ever-changing foreign travel traffic light system. This presents a fantastic opportunity for venues to capitalise on a captive audience this summer by creating experiences that drive footfall. As the adage says: "If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain", which is why creating a staycation experience within your venue could be a real money spinner this year. Rather than going with the obvious such a Spanish theme with paella and sangria, think outside the box to offer your clientele something a little more exotic, such as a Caribbean-themed Staycation experience. The growing popularity of the bottomless brunch shows no signs of slowing down and customers seem to be willing to pay a little bit more for an experience that is worthy of posting on their social media feed, particularly after being starved of this during lockdowns. Dress up the room and create interesting Caribbean themed backdrops for customers, not forgetting inflatable palm trees for their ubiquitous selfies, which also

has the added benefit of promoting your venue via their social media platforms. Download a suitable playlist from Spotify and you’re good to go. Set menus work really well within this space and help simplify the offering for the kitchen. You don’t need specialist staff to create exciting dishes with a Caribbean flavour, just look to Tropical Sun, one of the brands in our portfolio, for ingredients, seasonings and condiments together with a selection of authentic recipes that can very easily help you create a real taste of the Caribbean. Everything you need from genuine Jamaican Jerk Seasoning, Ackee and Callaloo to herbs and spices, sauces, rice, beans, soft drinks and imported beers are all here under one roof.

BOTTOMLESS CARIBBEAN STAYCATION BRUNCH: Starter: Mango and prawn cocktail – just add a dash of Tropical Sun Papaya Hot Pepper sauce and some chopped mango to a traditional prawn cocktail. Main: Jerk chicken with rice and peas – use Tropical Sun jerk marinade for instant jerk chicken and cook long grain rice with red kidney beans and coconut milk for the classic Rice & Peas. Jerk Jackfruit is a delicious vegan alternative. Dessert: Mango and Coconut cheesecake Bottomless rum punch - made by mixing 1-part unbranded rum to 4-parts Tropical Vibes fruit punch. There is also an opportunity to up-sell side dishes such as fried plantain, sweet potato fries and macaroni cheese. The menu example above is both easy to prepare and keep during the day while offering customers both an experience some of the vibrant, sunshine flavours of the Caribbean. After all, there is some truth in another adage: “You are what you eat”. All the ingredients for these and so many more World Food dishes are stocked at Wanis International Foods, so please do visit us either in person at our East London Cash and Carry, online or order via our dedicated telesales team and let us help you make the ‘Staycation’ a ‘Vacation’.

Institute of Hospitality Launches On-Line Silent Auction To Raise Funds For Vital Mentoring Programme

The Institute of Hospitality, the leading international professional body for current and aspiring leaders and managers in the hospitality industry, has launched its very first virtual silent auction with the aim of raising funds for the Institute’s ‘Mentor Me’ mentoring scheme.

empower people to do and be their best and I hope everyone who cares about the future of our industry will find it in their hearts to make the Institute of Hospitality ‘Mentor Me’ on-line auction a great success. Please help spread the word. The auction is open to everyone!”

Having seen a significant spike in the popularity of “Mentor Me” since the pandemic, the Institute hopes that the auction will raise enough money for it to invest in technology to widen access to the programme. This is also the first time in its history that the Institute of Hospitality will be fundraising through an on-line auction.

Alistair Sandall FIH, head of professional development at the Institute of Hospitality, said, “The Institute’s Mentor Me scheme has been a great success in providing support to our Members during the darkest days of the pandemic.

From Monday, 28 June 2021, supporters of the Institute of Hospitality and members of the general public can silently bid for 40 auction items. Lots include money-can’t-buy dining experiences with top chefs Monica Galetti, Michel Roux Jr and Marcus Wareing, chefs tables and private dinners at Michelin-starred restaurants Trishna and Petrus, a 7-day luxury escape to Barbados, hotel stays in a Malmaison or Hotel du Vin property, VIP cricket and golf packages, various rare memorabilia and more. A proven success since its roll out three years ago, today over 300 pairs of mentors and mentees have been involved in “Mentor Me”. While aspiring and experienced hospitality managers have told the Institute how much they benefitted from the wisdom and encourage-

ment of their Institute of Hospitality mentors, similarly, mentors have expressed the view that mentoring enriched their careers. Robert Richardson FIH, chief executive of the Institute of Hospitality, said, “Our role at the Institute is to make sure people working in our industry have the resources and role models to make a success of their careers so that they can shower guests and customers with the best ever customer experiences. “Mentoring has proven time and again to be a fantastic way to

“The number of mentors and mentees involved in the scheme exceeded our expectations. Clearly, people had more time on their hands due to all the ramifications of lockdown but also, both our Members and Fellows very much wanted to put back into the industry something to help tomorrow’s managers develop, and also to help them keep their faith in hospitality as a fabulous career choice. “The auction will help raise funds to further enhance the programme and make it more accessible to our global membership. We urge everyone who can to get involved.” To place a bid at the Institute of Hospitality ‘Mentor Me’ On-Line Auction, please go to:

UK Families Face Another Lost Summer With No European Breaks In Sight UK families face yet another ‘lost summer’ thanks to the controversial traffic light system, quarantines, costly COVID-19 tests and confusing travel rules and regulations, says the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC).

risk of transmission.

The global tourism body, which represents the global private Travel & Tourism sector, says this combination has effectively made much of Europe off-limits to holidaymakers for the second successive year, despite the success of the vaccination rollout.

Earlier this month WTTC revealed research will showed that if international travel remained off limits for the whole of July, the UK would lose a staggering £639 million*, every day, severely impacting the UK’s economic recovery and competitiveness.

As well as being hugely disappointing for those yearning for a summer break, it has also brought the beleaguered UK Travel & Tourism sector almost to its knees.

WTTC also called for the controversial travel traffic light system, which has been widely criticised, especially by the beleaguered UK Travel & Tourism sector, to be abandoned.

WTTC has urged government leaders across Europe to take a coordinated approach to reopen borders and allow the safe resumption of travel for double-jabbed holidaymakers.

Another month of delayed travelling would put up to 218,000 more Travel & Tourism jobs at serious risk of being lost - in addition to the 307,000 jobs which were lost in the UK last year.

However, the call comes on the day the EU launches its Digital Covid Certificate, designed to reopen safe travel on the continent.

“A coordinated response from leaders across Europe is critical if the UK is to have any hope of saving some of the peak summer season for travellers and the struggling Travel & Tourism sector.”

break and kickstarting their economies. “Meanwhile, British Travel & Tourism businesses continue to struggle to survive, and holidaymakers remain stuck at home, yet again.

WTTC has already warned the government that it faces a punishing £19.8 billion loss to the country if international travel remains off limits during July and fears further similar losses if August suffers the same fate.

“But it doesn’t have to be like this. Health and safety can still be the priority while also re-opening international travel safely.

Virginia Messina, Senior Vice President WTTC, said: “It’s hard to believe that the UK Travel & Tourism sector and holidaymakers are facing yet another ‘lost summer’ with no significant travel in sight - despite the hugely successful vaccine rollout.

“We should take advantage of the opportunity created by high percentage of the population which has been fully inoculated to allow them to travel safely abroad again, and get back to their lives, colleagues, families, and friends.

“The vaccination programme should have unlocked the door to international travel. Instead, we are seeing the second summer with only limited travel in prospect while Europe is reopening and enjoying a summer

“We must also be very careful not to discriminate against entire nationalities due to the appearance of variants. A combination of vaccines and testing will provide the protection needed to minimise the

It urged the government to immediately unlock the doors to international travel to avoid inflicting severe long-term damage on the country’s economy - and to prevent putting the UK Travel & Tourism sector’s competitiveness at risk. International visitors to the UK spent £35.6 billion in 2019, which generated growth and prosperity across the country, helping it to become the world’s fifth biggest economy in terms of Travel & Tourism GDP. In 2019, the Travel & Tourism sector contributed 10.1% to the UK’s GDP, and supported 4.3 million jobs, representing 12% of total employment. However, the global travel restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of the pandemic has resulted in the loss of 62 million Travel & Tourism jobs lost globally, with many more at risk.

New Study: There Is Plenty Of Pent-Up Demand For Summer Travel and ‘Workcations’ Are The New Trend 16

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The Revenge Traveller is here to stay: 45 percent of travellers now fall into the “revenge travel” segment (up from 10 percent at the end 2020) with plans to increase their travel spending in 2021 – and elevated travel budgets aren’t expected to go away anytime soon [London, UK] 1 July, 2021: The global Travel Trends 2021 study* conducted by Simon-Kucher & Partners, a global strategy and marketing consulting firm, revealed that 39 percent of leisure travellers still plan to book a vacation for this summer, while 30 percent already have booked their getaway. The study, based on a representative sample of more than 7,000 individuals across seven countries (China, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States) also finds that respondents do not perceive prices related to travel to be higher than pre-pandemic.

THE RESURGENCE OF TRAVEL IN 2021 AND WHAT IT WILL LOOK LIKE While leisure travellers are enthusiastically moving ahead with their vacation plans for the remaining summer period and the rest of the year – in the UK, 27 percent have already booked a summer trip while 29 percent have yet to do so but plan to – things may look a bit different than before. Although price remains the leading booking criterion for travellers, the following three leading factors are directly influenced by the pandemic: restrictions in place at the desired travel destinations, governmental restrictions, and trust in the health system of the destination. Travellers will also be opting for more socially-distanced forms of travel, with 41 percent opting to travel by private car – yet, 34 percent still plan

to travel via plane. Dimitris Hiotis, Partner and Head of the Leisure, Travel and Tourism Practice at Simon-Kucher, comments: “The experience of the pandemic has, as we have seen before, changed customer needs and preferences. Travellers want assurance that they can go on holiday with no restrictions or risk of having to quarantine or having any restrictions in enjoying their holiday. Travel and hospitality players need to demonstrate flexibility in booking conditions and that they have taken all precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable stay to their guests.”

WORKCATION – THE FUTURE OF WORK-LIFE BALANCE? Nearly half of those surveyed internationally (43 percent) said that they anticipate taking a workcation in the near future, thanks to the increased flexibility of remote working models. The most enthusiastic response came from China, were 70 percent said they are likely to do a workcation in the future, compared to the UK on the low end of the spectrum at only 30 percent. In fact, 76 percent of those who plan to take a workcation say that the ability to split their time between working from their destination and enjoying time off will allow them to extend their trip by a week or more. The most important features in selecting a workcation destination are stable and high-speed internet/WiFi and a dedicated working space. ”The shift to remote working and hybrid models is good news for travel and hospitality players, as people see the benefit of extending their holiday to more days, provided they can work during the day and relax in a lovely holiday spot in the evening and weekends. This will be espe-

cially beneficial for vacation rental businesses that can guarantee good WiFi,” adds Hiotis.

THE LONG-TERM IMPACTS ON THE LEISURE TRAVEL While it’s no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to influence travel plans throughout 2021, with many countries still experiencing varying degrees of lockdowns and restrictions, 70 percent of those surveyed say they expect changes to their travel habits into 2022. When it comes to spending, 34 percent of international respondents expect to spend more on leisure travel in the years to come as compared to pre-pandemic. The largest share of higher future budget was observed in Russia (52 percent) and the lowest in Germany (27 percent) – in the UK, 30 percent plan to spend more on leisure travel in the coming years. Another major change will be how far in advance travellers plan to book their trips: only 15 percent said they booked their trips on short notice prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, now 32 percent plan to book on short notice. Rosalind Hunter, Partner in Simon-Kucher’s Leisure, Travel and Tourism Practice, points out: “The prolonged lockdowns and restrictions on travel have created pent-up demand and increased the urge to travel, while many consumers have been able to save money from not going on holiday. As a result, they have significant budget that they expect to splash out in 2022 on travel, which is a positive sign for the battered travel industry.”

Diageo and ServedUp Combine Forces To Support UK Pubs and Bars, by Giving Away Over 25,000 Gordon’s Gin And Tonics

In a bid to boost the hospitality industry and support pubs and bars across the country, drinks giant Diageo and digital hospitality platform ServedUp, have come together to pick up the tab on over 25,000 Gordons gin and tonics - to be given away to customers for free, as part of a 2-for-1 deal. The initiative will be eligible from 1st July within over 200 current venues nationwide who use ServedUp - the UK’s fastest mobile order-to-table and pay system. Where customers can simply scan the QR code on the table to select a free gin and tonic as part of a 2-for-1 deal. For hospitality venues who are not currently eligible to run this offer - yet would like to be able to reward loyal customers with a free beverage on Diageo and ServedUp - there is time to opt in, by signing on with ServedUp as venue partner. As the future of hospitality, the end-to-end digital platform is

the UK’s fastest order and pay platform - which allows customers the experience of a seamless and speedy transaction. Without costing the venue a single penny to introduce or operate. Moreover, working with ServedUp opens up access to an array of exclusive offers - so that establishments can go above and beyond in delighting punters - providing exceptional service and experience to valuable customers. The 25,000 free Gordon’s gin and tonics will be offered on a first come, first served basis. With every participating venue being allocated between 125 each - which works out as a total of up to £650 worth of free drinks for every establishment. Hugo Tilmouth (25) CEO of ServedUp said: “At ServedUp, we are constantly looking to support and upgrade the hospitality and retail sector.

“Whether that’s through the solutions we’ve developed to deliver a better way of working, socialising and staying safe, or by partnering with firms like Diageo to foot the bill on 25,000 Gordon’s gin and tonics - so that hospitality venues can reward and incentivise their valuable customers. “ServedUp looks to support venues in getting back on their feet, which is why we work to offer these exclusive deals and discounts for our partners - which are both lucrative to businesses, and highly attractive to customers. After all, who doesn't love a free drink.” For hospitality venues who value seamless technology and are looking to upgrade their in-house experience for customers - at no cost - find out more about the UK’s quickest order to table service digital platform here:

New Training Resource to Support Disadvantaged Young People to Build a Better Future in the Hospitality Industry and Beyond The Sustainable Hospitality Alliance (the Alliance) has developed a new training curriculum to give young people who are struggling to gain employment the core skills they need to get started in their careers. This resource is to be made freely available to qualified organisations to tackle the global issue of youth unemployment and help more young people who face additional barriers to employment to start their career journeys. The development of the curriculum has been supported by IHG Hotels & Resorts through a legacy Foundation gift, with the aim of upskilling potential colleagues with transferable skills to help fill the talent gap in the industry and support local community employment. The hospitality industry can offer a wealth of roles for young people from all skill sets and backgrounds. Before the pandemic, the travel and tourism industry accounted for 25% of all jobs created globally between 2014 and 2019. Forecasts suggest that, as the world recovers, more than 100 million jobs could return to the sector during 2021,[2] giving a substantial opportunity to help vulnerable young people through upskilling and employment.

THE CURRICULUM The Sustainable Hospitality Alliance has used its established background in running a youth employment programme to bring together the skills commonly included across hotel employers’ training pro-

grammes, with technical expertise provided by IHCL (The Indian Hotel Company Limited) and worked with education specialists to create a free resource that can be used by community and training organisations around the world. It provides a range of core employability skills over the course of around 100 hours of teaching that are suitable for the hospitality industry and transferable to other sectors. This includes life skills, communications, digital training, English, interview skills, and an introduction to hospitality.

to build a fulfilling career in hospitality.”

The aim of the training is not just to give young people the skills and experience to find a job, but to develop their self-belief and confidence.

The curriculum was designed to ensure that it is accessible for people from different backgrounds. This includes a disability inclusion review supported by Inclusive Futures funded by UK aid, and trialled by young people with disabilities in Kenya and Nigeria. The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation were amongst the funders who supported the review of a more streamlined and sustainable program model. The curriculum has also been used to support young people who are survivors or at risk of human trafficking in India, supported by the Global Fund to End Modern Slavery (GFEMS) with funding provided by the United States Government.

Sustainable Hospitality Alliance CEO, Madhu Rajesh said: “We are committed to addressing youth unemployment which is having a devastating impact on one in five young people around the world,[3] leaving them extremely vulnerable to poverty and exploitation. As the UN Sustainable Development Goals demonstrate, partnership is essential to address the scale of this issue, and we’re proud to share our experience and resources to ensure that more young people are getting the support they need. We thank IHG Hotels & Resorts for their support, and all our partners for their part in the development and accessibility of this curriculum.” Yasmin Diamond, Executive Vice President, Global Corporate Affairs, IHG Hotels & Resorts, commented: “Travel and tourism has long been a thriving industry, typically accounting for one in 10 jobs around the world, and through our IHG Academy programme, IHG has expertise and a good foundation in driving community employment through skills development, education and mentoring. As we come through this pandemic and get back to better times, IHG is proud to support the creation of this new training curriculum, which provides crucial opportunities to those most in need in our communities, and a chance

Marsha, curriculum trainee, commented: “The training has enabled me to stop doing casual work of just washing people’s clothes and idling by sitting at the door of my house. This training has helped me see myself and the potential I have and that in all things I can make it in life.” “The programme has helped me to be different, to be a pioneer and a leader in the hospitality sector.” Eleanora, curriculum trainee

The core employability skills curriculum will be used as a key part of the Alliance’s youth employment programme in all its programme countries. The charity also intends that this should be a free resource that can be used by qualified, non-commercial organisations to further the reach and help support more disadvantaged young people to build a better future. The Alliance would like to invite anyone who is interested in this curriculum as part of their own youth employment initiatives, including hotels, non-profits, training organisations, funders or government departments, to get in touch on For more information, please visit

Brrit British B itish free itish fr f id egg id range liliqui liquid

Range Farm Liquid Egg products are produced from fresh free range, British eggs. Available as Whole Egg, Egg Whites and Yolk supplied in pallecons, BIB and cartons. To start cooking with ease, call 01249 732221 or email

Pubs to Lose Out on Over £5 Million with 1.5 Million Fewer Pints Sold During England Vs Ukraine Match Due to Restrictions BBPA issues rallying call to England fans to watch football at the local, as it warns of booking cancellations and staffing concerns hampering pubs’ recovery The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) has said that pubs are set to lose over £5 million in sales during the quarter-final UEFA EURO 2020 knockout match against Ukraine, because of the impact of restrictions which will mean over 1.5 million fewer pints will be sold during the match than if there were no restrictions. The trade association said the boost to pubs from showing the Euros was being greatly restricted by ongoing restrictions still in place on the trade, including one metre plus social distancing, no standing, table service only and the rule of six. According to the BBPA, a number of its members have actually seen Saturday bookings cancelled in the run up to the match. Members have also reported that beer sales are lower than they had hoped from the Euros games shown so far. Recovery remains in the balance for the beer and pub sector with many pubs across the country having to close or significantly reduce their opening hours due to staffing issues, caused by staff shortages and NHS Test & Trace ‘pings’ resulting in pub staff having to isolate, despite testing negative for Coronavirus on lateral flow tests. Reports suggesting that double-jabbed Brits won’t have to isolate for ten days if they get ‘pinged’ by the NHS Test & Trace app if they test negative on a lateral flow test will not work for the pub sector, the BBPA says, because 43% of pub staff are aged 18 – 25, meaning they are at the back of the queue for vaccines and will not have their second jab for months. With pubs struggling to breakeven still and remain viable in the face of ongoing restrictions, the BBPA is urging England fans across the country to support England by supporting their local and watching the match at the pub. Particularly as England fans will not be able to travel to Rome to watch the match due to restrictions there.

If England fans do go to their local to watch the match, the BBPA hopes they will buy 6 million pints during the game itself. Overall, on Saturday 3rd July when the game is played, it forecasts that 19 million pints could be sold. However, if restrictions had been lifted already it predicts this would have been nearer 24 million pints, showing the huge impact ongoing restrictions are having on the viability of the sector. Emma McClarkin, Chief Executive of the British Beer & Pub Association, said: “Restrictions on pubs are continuing to bite and because of this any boost pubs had hoped for from the Euros has been greatly weakened. “We expect pubs to sell 1.5 million fewer pints during the match because of the restrictions. Pubs will lose out on £5 million from that alone, which could be the difference to survival or closure for some. “As fans will not be able to attend the next match in Rome due to COVID restrictions, I urge England fans to support the team – and our pubs – by watching the game at their local where they can. “With England fans’ support, we hope that pubs will sell 6 million pints during the game itself. While that is far less than it would have been if restrictions were lifted, our pubs need all the support they can get right now. There is no better place to watch the match than down at the local. “Looking ahead, NHS Test & Trace is becoming a huge issue for our pubs. Already pubs are closing or greatly reducing their opening hours due to staff shortages caused by app pings – despite staff testing negative on lateral flow tests. “Reports that anyone with both jabs will not have to isolate from a NHS Test & Trace ping so long as they test negative on a lateral flow test will not work for our sector. 43% of pubs staff are aged 18 – 25, meaning they are at the back of the queue for vaccines and will not have their second jab for months. We urge the Government to work with us to find a sensible solution to this that still ensures staff and customer safety.”

Issue 64

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4 In 10 Brits Say Their Favourite Pubs Are Still Shut Because of COVID 20

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Issue 64

The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA), the leading trade association representing brewers and pubs, has revealed that 4 in 10 Brits say their favourite pubs are still closed due to ongoing restrictions.

The research, conducted by KAM Media on behalf of the BBPA, asked 1,000 Brits if their favourite pubs were still closed, with 40% of respondents (400) saying they were. According to the BBPA, pubs remain closed across the UK due to the current restrictions they face, which require them to ensure social distancing at all times, no standing and maintaining the rule of six to a table. It says that pubs still closed do not have the space to operate the social distancing and table service only rules viably, hence why they have remain closed. According to the survey, regular pub goers (those who visited a pub more than once a week) were most likely to find their favourite pubs still closed, with 55% saying their favourite locals were still closed. Based on the survey findings, at a regional level, Scots were the most

likely to have a favourite pub shut, with 54% of Scots saying their favourite pubs were still closed because of COVID restrictions.

nesses are unviable – making it so crucial that restrictions are removed.

This was closely followed by the East Midlands where 52% of survey respondents said their favourite pubs were still closed, and London where 51% of respondents said their favourite pubs were still closed. The original roadmap to reopening in England proposed by the Prime Minister aimed for all restrictions, including those on pubs, to be removed on June 21st. However, Boris Johnson has since delayed the removal of all restrictions to July 19th. In Scotland and Wales, pub goers and publicans are awaiting clarity from their respective Governments on when they can expect to reopen fully and recover, although Scotland has indicative dates alongside vaccine milestones. The BBPA says restrictions in all pubs across the UK must be removed as soon as possible if the sector is to recover from COVID. It says that under the current restrictions the overwhelming majority of pub busi-

Emma McClarkin, Chief Executive of the British Beer & Pub Association, said: “The current restrictions on pubs are flatlining their recovery before its even had a chance to begin. “It is very revealing that 4 in 10 Brits say their favourite pubs are still closed. Clearly there are a lot of locals out there still closed that play an important role in people’s lives. “Pubs and licensees are struggling to recover with the current restrictions they face and debts are accumulating. Every week the current restrictions stay and uncertainty continues, the likelihood of pubs being lost forever increases. “No ifs, ands or buts, pubs across the UK must open without restrictions as soon as possible. The Countdown to Freedom is on in England for pubs on July 19th, but the Wales and Scotland Governments must give more certainty to publicans.”

Edinburgh Hotel And Events Venue Invests In Dedicated Hospitality Workforce THE ORGANISATION behind Edinburgh’s largest independent hotel has secured the Scottish Living Wage Accreditation while also increasing its 57-strong team’s pension contributions to 7.5%. In a major boost to its hospitality teams, Surgeons Quarter bosses wanted to recognise its dedicated workforce who have had their livelihoods disrupted by the pandemic. It means that all staff, working across Ten Hill Place Hotel, as well as its events businesses who presently receive an hourly wage, will be paid a minimum of £9.50 per hour regardless of age or position. With 129 rooms, Ten Hill Place will become one of the largest hotels in Scotland to secure Scottish Living Wage – which differs from the National Living Wage. Scott Mitchell, Managing Director at Surgeons Quarter which is owned by the Royal College of Surgeons

of Edinburgh (RCSEd), said: “Now is more important than ever to invest in our workforce. “After an extremely difficult 18 months we’re in a fortunate position to be able to materially demonstrate our appreciation. The hope is that the team feel even more valued – and that it will allow for stability and growth as we start actively recruiting again anticipating business levels picking up very quickly in light of recent positive government announcements. “Providing a good standard of living enables employees to be amazing at what they do and we hope this will encourage our talented workforce stay with us for years to come.” The business said that 57 staff will be affected by the pension contribution and living wage accreditation which comes into force from June. The Living Wage is the only UK wage rate that is voluntarily paid by over 7,000 UK businesses who believe their staff deserve a wage which meets everyday needs – like the weekly shop, or a surprise trip to the dentist.

Local Brewery Offers Free Training to Help Pubs Recover Hucknall-based independent brewer Lincoln Green is offering free cask training sessions to publicans in the hope it will help the pub trade to recover from the pandemic and re-energise interest in the category. Lincoln Green Founder, Anthony Hughes said, “We’ve found some pubs are reluctant to stock cask after reopening – but the thing is, cask is the one product that consumers can’t buy from a supermarket. A well-kept pint in a pub is a thing of beauty and beats a bottle of beer hands down.” The UK’s hospitality industry has had a tough year with many venues forced to close for up to 9 out of the last 15 months. Real ale is unique to the UK, representing a significant part of its brewing heritage and is highly dependent on pubs for sales. The lockdown caused a major fall in volumes, which were reported to be down over 60% in 2020. This was an unprecedented impact for many brewers, with cask ale making up a large proportion of their production.

clear that some larger pub companies don’t see cask as a priority category at this time; Yet it’s often the cask ale drinker in a group who decides where to visit on a night out. Selling more cask can lead to selling more draught lager. Small brewers owe it to themselves to ensure their beers are served and promoted well.”, says Anthony Hughes. The training runs on a monthly basis and takes just three hours, covering an introduction to: • How to keep real ale in the best possible condition • How to promote real ale and attract more customers • How to match beer with food

The training runs on the last Thursday of every month with the first session on the 29th of July and is open to any member of the licensed trade:

“Independent brewers have a part to play in offering the skills required to keep cask in good condition - It’s

To book a place, call Lincoln Green Brewery on 0115 963 4233 or email The courses run 9.30am to 12.30pm at Lincoln Green Brewing Company, Units E4 and E5 Enterprise Park, Wigwam Lane, Hucknall NG15 7SZ.

Reconnect At This Year’s Caffè Culture

of the speciality coffee industry with over 70 expert panellists and speakers offering insight and debate on a host of critical issues within 4 distinct streams. New for 2021, ‘People & Culture’ has been launched in partnership with the Kore Directive and will highlight a number of crucial conversations around equality and inclusivity to promote a better future for the coffee industry.

The eagerly anticipated Caffè Culture will be throwing open its doors to welcome back 1,000’s of industry professionals to celebrate the first speciality coffee event of the year since the lockdown began. The show, which will host over 100 innovative brands will be taking place at the iconic Business Design Centre on 2-3 September and will provide an extensive and compelling programme packed with new feature content and sponsors. After a crippling 14 months, the hospitality sector is finally re-opening with a renewed sense of optimism and relief due to the strongest growth forecast in 70 years. The sector has been given an essential shot in the arm as consumers flock back to their favourite coffee shops to reacquaint themselves with old friends and family. As an integral part of the recovery, Caffè Culture will be providing a vital resource for coffee shop owners and operators who are looking at ways to stimulate their businesses. With its most wide-ranging programme to-date, visitors will be given the opportunity to immerse themselves in a series of live demonstrations and debates, barista competitions, workshops, speciality tea and coffee tastings, plus other sensory delights. An over-arching theme of the show this year is about bringing the industry back together, so to celebrate that Victoria Arduino will be inviting visitors to come and share a coffee with some of the UK’s finest roasters in their aptly named Roasters Village ‘Re:connect’. Continuing that theme, the curated Talks Programme will provide a full 360

For true speciality aficionados, ‘Coffee Studies’ and the ‘Roasters Forum’ are back. Nick Mabey of Assembly has curated a series of TED style talks and panel discussions to debate the issues surrounding ‘The Standardisation of Coffee’ and how the last 18 months of lockdown impacted the global supply chain and sustainability. New Roasters Forum sponsor DRWakefield, will be using the forum as a platform for reconnection, exploring how past, present, and future trends, ideas, collaborations and innovation can stimulate better coffee production, sourcing and roasting. With a host of expert voices from within the supply chain, ranging from producers at origin to roasters and leading thinkers working alongside coffee, the forum will be a series of engaging talks aimed at bringing the industry together through knowledge sharing and interaction. Bringing some necessary excitement and competition to the show, the SCA will be hosting their first championships in over 18 months. 20 competitors will battle it out by showcasing their complex and visually appealing designs to be crowned the SCA UK Latte Art Champion 2020 with the winner going on to represent the UK at the prestigious World Latte Art Championship in Taipei, later this year. Event Director Elliot Gard, comments, ‘After the devastating impact of the last 15 months, I’m delighted we can now get on with our lives and get back to business. We will be doing our upmost to deliver on our aim of reconnecting the industry, to stimulate growth and ultimately bring old friends and colleagues back together at what will be a fantastic celebration of the industry we have all missed and love’. Visitors can register for free at

Get accurate energy bills with smart meters Avoid estimates and only pay for what you use. Ask your energy

information you need to help reduce your consumption and

supplier if you are eligible for a smart meter.

therefore save money.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been incredibly challenging for

On top of that, smart meters can help save you time. They can

businesses across Great Britain. As firms begin opening up amid continuing restrictions, many are assessing their financial situation and focusing on how to operate in this difficult new trading environment. In these uncertain times, many businesses are looking for ways to save money and maintain a healthier bottom line. The good news is that getting a smart meter for your business is a small change that could make a big difference. Smart meters are a great way to gain more control and understand how much energy you’re using. Since energy is a key expense that businesses factor into their outgoings, identifying ways to reduce your consumption could help you save money. Smart meters are available for many businesses. Depending on your circumstances, your smart meter could come with an InHome Display (IHD), which will enable you to see up to date consumption in pounds and pence, making it easier to visualise how much energy you actually use. In fact, some business owners who have had one installed said it highlighted areas of spending they weren’t even aware of. This could give you the

automatically send meter readings to your supplier, so you no longer have to. That’s one less thing on your to-do list! Your energy supplier will be ready to fit your smart meter once your eligibility has been confirmed. They will arrange a date and time that is suitable for you and your business requirements. A trained installer will then call round to your premises and fit your smart meter, and after the installation process is complete, they can show you and your staff how it works and answer any questions you might have about it. Contact your energy supplier about eligibility for your business.

Tourism Export Emergency - UKinbound Presents Urgent Funding Request To Government 24

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Issue 64

• Maintain the UK’s global competitiveness both as a destination and as an open and growing economy • Retain valuable skills, knowledge and individual relationships that are not easily replaced. Alongside this, the Association is also calling for an extension to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme until April 2022. With 77% of tour operator and DMC staff still on furlough, and with no incoming business for the foreseeable future, the removal of the scheme from 1 October will have devastating consequences for the sector.

UKinbound has launched a fresh call to save inbound tourism through the creation of a ‘Tourism Export Recovery Fund’ to help businesses wholly reliant on international visitors survive until the return of the market in Spring 2022 and support the UK’s economic recovery. Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, inbound tourism businesses that rely on international visitors, particularly intermediaries such as tour operators and destination management companies (DMCs), have seen revenues fall by at least 90%. As a result of the current overly cautious restrictions on international travel which have caused a collapse in international visitors to the UK, these businesses are facing a second year with no business and no revenue.

Joss Croft, CEO, UKinbound, said: “The UK economy is losing £78m a day in exports due to a total collapse in international visitors, and failure to support this industry will have a detrimental impact on our national economic recovery.

Previously profitable and sustainable, tour operators and DMCs (who as intermediaries bring in over 50% of the £28.4bn export earnings from inbound tourism) have been hardest hit by the Coronavirus pandemic as they are reliant on international visitors for business and have been excluded from crucial support schemes as they fail to recognise different business models that do not have an obvious shop window or high street presence.

“Our borders have effectively been closed since March 2020, with previously profitable and sustainable businesses seeing their revenue drop by over 90% since 2019. These businesses have also been forgotten by the Treasury and left out of existing Government support schemes.

With 2022 shining a global spotlight on the UK as it hosts and celebrates the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, Festival UK 2022 and the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, UKinbound is calling for further, targeted support to ensure that the vast economic, cultural and societal benefits of these events can be realised by ensuring a thriving inbound tourism industry is in place.

“It is essential that Government provides targeted support to the UK’s 230 inbound tour operators and DMCs to ensure their survival until the return of the market, so that UK tourism can make its vital contribution to our national economic recovery and maintain its position as a desirable and globally competitive destination.

With a recovery for inbound tourism not projected until 2025 , UKinbound has submitted a proposal to Treasury for a Tourism Export Recovery Fund which would allow tour operators and DMCs to apply for a capped grant award based on their 2019 revenue levels. This investment, totalling £47 million for the UK’s c. 230 tour operators and DMCs, would enable these businesses that are at the heart of the UK’s tourism supply chain to survive until inbound tourism can safely resume at sustainable levels and return to profitability in 2022. The Tourism Export Recovery Fund will: • • • • •

Allow the sector to rebuild and reconnect with inbound markets Retain tens of thousands of jobs across the country, reducing dependency on Government support Provide valuable export earnings Retain a key driver of the UK’s economic recovery Retain a key mechanism for supporting the Government’s levelling up agenda

“2022 presents a fantastic opportunity for the UK to showcase its world-class welcome, but the country will not be able to fully reap the benefits without a successful inbound tourism sector in place to convert pent-up demand and interest into bookings and funnel business and revenue to all corners of the country and through multiple sectors.” Kate Nicholls, Chief Executive of UKHospitality, said: ““Hospitality and tourism are interdependent and face a long process of recovery from the devastation wrought by the pandemic, and are crucial to national recovery, but inbound tourism will take time to revive. The lower rate of VAT for hospitality has been crucial in supporting reopening but as we look to longer term recovery a Tourism Export Recovery Fund, alongside lower VAT, would massively significantly safeguard the businesses and jobs at the very heart of the tourism supply chain, while also boosting our international tourism competitiveness. With the Commonwealth Games, Platinum Jubilee and Festival UK among next year’s events, our hospitality venues are set to host incredible celebrations that will showcase Britain to the world - to capitalise on those opportunities it’s vital to protect the vulnerable businesses that can help optimise inbound tourism to celebrate with us.”

Hospitality Sector R&D Spending Held Firm In Q1 Despite Pandemic Fallout R&D spending in the hospitality sector held firm in the first quarter of this year despite the disruption caused by the pandemic, analysis of the latest ONS data, released by business tax relief consultancy Catax shows. The amount invested in R&D by accommodation and food service firms held steady at £20m between January and March this year — no change on the same quarter of 2020. The figures are not adjusted for inflation — with CPI running at 0.7% in the year to March 20212 — so this will have also had a marginal negative impact on the annual comparison. Despite being flat on an annual basis, the hospitality sector’s performance in the first quarter was better than UK industry as a whole. Total R&D spending by UK businesses dropped 3% annually to £9.7bn in Q1. The ONS published its Q1 2021 statistics for R&D spending yesterday. UK GDP for Q1 2021 was down 1.6% on the previous quarter. The industry had defied expectations last year overall, with 15.9% growth in R&D investment from £69m in

2019 to £80m in 2020. This was still lower, however, than the record high of £84m recorded in 2016. Many of the industry’s members will benefit from R&D tax credits on qualifying spending. This tax relief was introduced by the government in 2000 to incentivise innovation, and results in either a reduction in a limited company’s corporation tax bill or a cash lump sum. Many firms don’t realise the work they do qualifies as R&D, which is defined as any work that seeks to resolve a scientific or technological uncertainty, whether that’s a new process, product or service. Crucially, R&D work does not need to have been successful to qualify and claims can be made up to two years beyond the end of the tax year in which the work took place. Mark Tighe, CEO of R&D tax relief consultancy Catax, comments: “The hospitality sector may be starting from a low base compared to most industries, but it has still done well to hang on to the same level of R&D spend that it was recording before anyone knew what Covid-19 was. “We expect this picture to improve as life returns to normal and greater certainty gives firms in this sector the confidence and leeway to invest for the future.”

Teams Behind Harbour Brewing and Treleavens Join Forces on Three New Cornish Hospitality Ventures North Cornwall’s Harbour Brewing and Treleavens Luxury Cornish Ice Cream will be opening three new Cornish hospitality venues in the coming weeks. The joint ventures will see the creation of a new open-air bar and restaurant at Watergate Bay, the opening of the St Tudy Inn which has been closed since December 2020, and a new café in Wadebridge.

endeavour to create a pub with an outstanding food offering.” The St Tudy Inn has been closed since December 2020, but has a strong legacy as a foodie destination. The Harbour and Treleavens teams will maintain the food focus, while also reinstating the community pub element.

Harbour Brewing managing director Eddie Lofthouse said: “We opened The Atlantic bar and restaurant at Polzeath in 2020, and trading since then has been extremely strong. With this in mind and a little down time in lockdown, we started exploring other opportunities to expand our portfolio.

The new open-air bar and restaurant at Watergate Bay, which opened in early June, comprises food and drink offerings in converted shipping containers adjacent to the beach. Footlong Franks is serving up gourmet hot dogs, Nuvola Pizza is offering stone-baked speciality pizza, while Harbour runs the bar and Treleavens serves its signature luxury ice cream.

“The new venues are in such great locations, and the Harbour and Treleavens board members agreed that investing in the Cornish hospitality sector was a very positive step.”

The Treleavens team, headed up by managing director Mark Chrusciak, will take the lead on the new café in Wadebridge, located in a circular building in the heart of the town.

The new businesses will create many new jobs for the local community. Eddie continued: “We are keen to hear from those looking for a new challenge, and have a variety for roles available across each of the establishments, both front and back of house. “We are also looking to recruit a head chef at the St Tudy Inn, as we

The pub will open in early July, initially for drinks only while the culinary team is formed.

Mark said: “Locals will be familiar with the building on Eddystone Road – right in the centre of town, and passed by many Camel Trail users. Photographer: Adam Sargent

“The café, which we’re calling Luna, will showcase our artisan Cornish ice cream, alongside crêpes, smoothies, milkshakes, and great coffee.”

One Fifth of Leisure and Hospitality Workers Do Not Intend To Commute Again Post Pandemic 26

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Issue 64

Almost one in five leisure and hospitality workers do not intend to return to the workplace again post pandemic, largely due to ongoing concerns around infection control on public transport As employees across the UK are to set to embark on their return to the workplace following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions in July, new research reveals that many commuters are reluctant to return to their place of work in the coming months, mainly due to increased concern over infection control and social distancing on the daily commute. According to a nationally-representative survey into 2,000 UK workers, conducted by corporate transport specialist Kura, nearly one fifth (19.1%) of workers in the leisure and hospitality industry plan to never commute again post pandemic, with regional variations from 10.8% in London to 29.1% in Wales. The reluctance to return to the workplace stems largely from the travel to and from work, with nearly 60% of workers across the UK admitting that they hold real concerns around the commute post lockdown. This is particularly prevalent for the senior workforce, with Board-level (98%), Directors (85%) and Managers (77%) holding the biggest concerns over the future of the commute. Kura’s research uncovered that the key root to commuters’ concerns post lockdown is infection control and lack of social distancing on public transport. Across the UK, 36% of workers hold Covid-related concerns with regard to the future of the commute, and this percentage increases to 54.4% for those employees commuting in and around London. There is a strong cry for help with commuting from employees, particularly Graduates (70%) and Junior Executives (73%). Despite this, the commute is not a priority for the vast majority of businesses across the

UK, with just 16.4% of companies expressing desire to monitor or support employees on their commute going forward. Godfrey Ryan, CEO of Kura, comments: “As Covid-19 restrictions lift and employees are requested to return to the workplace, there will undoubtedly be more thought and consideration given to the regular commute. With increased awareness around factors such as infection control and social distancing, we will inevitably see a shift in the commuting landscape. “For public transport commuters in particular, the perceived lack of infection control, unreliability of service and overcrowding is hampering employers hopes of an office-based or hybrid workforce post lockdown. As these fears continue to prevent workers from wanting to return to the workplace, it is time for employers to step up and offer alternative travel support to their employees where necessary. “It is reassuring to see that the home to work journey is becoming an increasingly important consideration for businesses across London, with 30% expressing a desire to support their employees on the commute. Hopefully we will start to see other regions across the UK follow suit in the coming months, as the capital sets the precedent.” For more information on Kura and the research findings from the ”Commuting to 2025” report please visit

Wanis International Foods

tastes to cater for. The UK’s 17 million millennials, in particular, increasingly demand vegan options and exotic dishes from far flung corners of the globe. With products such as bulk flours, beans and pulses, canned goods, spices and seasonings, sauces and cooking ingredients (including Vegan options), together with a large selection of drinks and snacks, Wanis International Foods can meet the needs of the most adventurous chef and the most demanding customer.

Wanis’ award-winning 120,000 sq. ft. depot houses a unique range of over 9,000 different World Food and Drink products from West Africa, The Caribbean, USA, South East Asia and the Far East, as well those from closer to home together with a large selection of non-food essentials. With a dedicated catering aisle, chilled, and a frozen section offering specialist fish products, a walk around the aisles offers plenty of inspiration from across the globe to create new and exciting dishes.

Utilising unusual ingredients and creating fusion dishes seems to be the key to pleasing fickle patrons; one of this year’s star performers has been jackfruit, Wanis customer, Delroy Dixon of Rhythm Kitchen said: “I recently added a jerk jackfruit dish to the menu after seeing the recipe on the Tropical Sun foods website and it has been incredibly popular with my customers.”

Sourcing the right ingredients to create amazing food for your customers is sometimes one of the most overlooked parts of an Executive Chef’s role in the kitchen. It can be challenging for busy professionals to stay ahead of the game with their patrons’ ever-changing dietary requirements and increasingly adventurous

For further information email, call 020 8988 1100 or visit

Clued-up chefs have been heading to Wanis International Foods in East London for decades. Unlike many wholesalers, Wanis open their doors at 5am, are open at weekends, and being located a stone’s throw away from New Spitalfields Fruit & Vegetable market means visiting buyers can source all their fresh produce and catering ingredients first thing in the morning, and still be back in good time to prep for the first lunch service.

England Fans Bought Over 5 MILLION Pints During Match Against Germany 28

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Issue 64

As more and more individuals across the UK receive their vaccination, the BBPA is urging the Government to ensure no further delays to the roadmap and remove all restrictions for pubs on July 19th.

The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) said that England fans will bought an estimated 5.25 million pints on Tuesday 29th June when the Three Lions took on Germany in the knockout stages of UEFA EURO 2020.

Emma McClarkin, Chief Executive of the British Beer & Pub Association, said:

However, the trade association warned that the boost to pubs from beer sales during the match would be greatly altered by the ongoing restrictions still in place on the trade, including one metre plus social distancing, no standing and the rule of six.

“No matter the occasion, England versus Germany is always a big match. We hope England fans will buy over 5 million pints when watching the Three Lions take on Germany in this nail-biting knockout fixture.

The trade association said a number of its members had reported that beer sales were lower than they had hoped during the Euros games shown so far. Ongoing restrictions that greatly alter the experience of watching UEFA EURO 2020 at the pub and limits on the number of customers that pubs can host have impacted beer sales during the tournament and will continue to do so. Because of this, the BBPA estimates that beer sales during the England vs Germany match were 1.3 million pints lower than if the game was shown in pubs without restrictions. The trade association said this resulted in a loss of revenue to pubs in England of over £5 million during the game alone. Money that could be vital to the survival and recovery of brewers and pubs alike. Overall, the trade association said that an estimated 8 million pints were sold on Tuesday 29th June, with 5.25 million of those being served

“Whilst that is a very welcome boost to our trade, it is over 1 million fewer pints sold than if all the restrictions on pubs had been lifted on 21st June as per the original roadmap.

during the match itself. A recent survey of 1,000 pub goers by the British Beer & Pub Association and KAM Media found that 85% of pub-going football fans believe the current restrictions will negatively impact their experience of watching UEFA Euro 2020 at the pub this summer. Half said they would be more likely to watch UEFA Euro 2020 at their pub if all restrictions on pubs were lifted, despite 91% of football fans saying they missed watching matches at the pub during lockdown.*

“We know many pubs haven’t experienced the boost to their trade which they’d hoped for from the Euros. No standing and limits on group sizes, as well as social distancing, are severely reducing the number of people who can enjoy the Euros at the pub. “With that said, there is still no better place to watch live sport on the telly than at the pub. I implore Three Lions fans to support England and the pub by cheering on the Three Lions at their local! “To secure our pubs for future tournaments and national occasions like the Euros, there can be no further delays to the lifting of restrictions. On July 19th all restrictions on pubs must be lifted. We are counting down the days to freedom for our pubs.”

Minister For Employment Joins Hospitality Industry To Talk Kickstart and All Things Recruitment starters to reach the very top. For instance, the Government’s Kickstart programme opens the door for people to join businesses, both large and small, in the UK’s world class hospitality sector.

On Wednesday, Minister for Employment Mims Davies joined over 25 hospitality sector employers and trade associations for a virtual roundtable to discuss the Kickstart Scheme and wider Government efforts to support hiring in the industry.

Steven Alton, CEO of the British Institute of Innkeeping, commented: “It was hugely valuable for the Minister to hear directly from passionate BII members about how pubs can provide unique career opportunities in our highly skilled and vibrant sector. However, the challenges that they are currently facing, particularly surrounding staffing shortages, are being compounded by the additional employees needed to manage Covid restrictions, the significant impact of Brexit on the labour market and the business fragility of pubs with the majority still loss making with restrictions.

During the event, hosted by MP for Dudley South and Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group Mike Wood, the Minister spoke about the opportunities available through Kickstart – the Government’s landmark scheme which funds six-month job placements for 16-24 year olds on Universal Credit and at risk of longterm unemployment. She highlighted how the scheme has already seen over 36,000 young people kickstart their career – providing them the opportunity to build confidence and skills in the workplace. Kickstart employer Parkdean Resorts joined the call to share their experience of being involved. The company are giving young people a unique opportunity to launch a new career within the hospitality industry at one of their 67 parks across the UK. The Minister also spoke about the Department’s additional efforts to help employers in the sector recruit – including a partnership with UKHospitality to better promote jobs in the sector via the Department’s nationwide network of Jobcentres, the DWP’s SectorBased Work Academy Programme, and the government’s expanded apprenticeship and traineeship offers. Minister for Employment Mims Davies MP said: “We’re committed at DWP to working with the wide ranging employers in the hospitality sector. We are determined to fully ensure they have the support needed to fill local vacancies and to provide jobseekers with the right train-

ing and skills so they’re ready get into this great career and be part of this exciting sector. “We’re continuing to boost job prospects right across the country – and across all sectors – by working with employers through our Plan for Jobs.” Mike Wood, MP for Dudley South and Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group, said: “This meeting was an excellent opportunity to highlight the enormous job opportunities in the brewing, pub and hospitality sector whist discussing the challenges employers face as they adapt to Brexit whilst responding to the worst pandemic in over a century. “The minister clearly understands hospitality is not a “low skill” job but rather a career that offers enormous opportunities for new

Don’t Miss This Opportunity! Running a business right now in the pub or food industry has to be up there with one of the most difficult things you can possibly do! Covid has really hit our sector hard and lots of us have stacked up debt in order to keep afloat. So, how do we get out of this debt and become cash positive again? Karl Hunter (MD) at HFE Signs shared a few tips to help us in our recovery – Karl: We have to go back to the basic marketing fundamentals, for the pub and food sector it is essential to look forward and plan your marketing strategy throughout the year. You should be looking and planning events to get people through the door, this may include specials night, live music, 2 for 1 offers and/or seasonal activities such as valentines, mother’s day, Christmas deals and so on… The Euro 2021 Football is a red-hot opportunity right now, a simple banner outside to watch the live football will almost certainly bring in the crowds.

“It was incredibly encouraging to hear from Minister Mims Davies and colleagues from the DWP on the support that is being given via the Kickstart programme and other initiatives, and would welcome further collaboration to ensure the promotion of the trusted career pathways and development programmes that are available in our vibrant and exciting sector.” The Kickstart Scheme forms part of the Government’s multi-billionpound Plan for Jobs aimed at protecting, supporting and creating jobs. To help spearhead efforts to get Brits back into work the DWP has hired 13,500 new dedicated Work Coaches with recent employment figures showing a continued improvement in vacancies and the number of workers on payrolls. To find out more about the Kickstart scheme click Being forward thinking and having a mapped-out plan for your marketing events will relieve stress and give you confidence in the future. It is also important to measure and record the successes of each event to give you insight for the following years planning. HFE Signs have a full library of pre-designed printed banners for pubs and hotels, this is certainly worth a browse even if it is just to give you some ideas. All the pre-designed banners are printed to order and are delivered next working day – as they are printed to order you can change and customise the design at no extra cost – or if you prefer you can have a bespoke design made just for you at no extra cost! Planning you marketing also means you can take full advantage of the current Buy 2 Printed Banners Get 3rd Free – mix your designs for future events! Also, with this deal you get free UK delivery. HFE Signs are the UK’s preferred supplier for mail order Signs, Banners & Flags with a perfect 5 Star Trustpilot Rating (over 3500 reviews) – HFE are specialists in business and commercial grade printed banners with over 25yrs experience. HFE Signs also offer bespoke printed signs, warning signs, roller banners and much more – all products and prices can be found online at

Restaurant Staff Being Tipped Up To A Fifth More Since The Pandemic 30

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The British are known for being less than complimentary tippers, but with COVID-19 forcing many small businesses to close, it begs the question whether the UK is now becoming more generous in an effort to save local businesses.

The 2021 Tipping Index commissioned by card payment specialist takepayments Limited, surveyed circa. 2,000 consumeres[1] to compare their tipping attitudes from before the pandemic and now.

ping ranking position. Pre-pandemic takeaway delivery drivers ranked in fifth position, where as now they are the third most frequently tipped profession.

Despite the increase in the value of tips, sadly one fifth of Brits (20%) state that the pandemic has made them tip less than they used to as they can no longer afford to tip.

While waiters/waitresses rank in first position across all key cities, Newcastle is the only city in the UK to rank hairdressers/barbers above waiters/waitresses.

OVER A THIRD OF BRITS WILL NEVER TIP BY CARD AS THEY BELIEVE IT DOESN’T GO TO THE RIGHT PERSON Before the pandemic, Brits preferred to tip in cash (91%) as one quarter of respondents said they would bring cash especially to leave a tip and one quarter would only tip if they had spare change on them.

The annual index reveals how much consumers tip across different industries, whether people are more willing to tip when using card machines, what are the factors behind driving people to tip and if they have encountered the controversial “Covid Fee”.

Those who receive tips would prefer it when customers leave cash tips as over a third (35%) of Brits believe they leave a bigger tip when using cash.


Brits prefer to tip in cash as they feel more confident the cash goes to the person serving them (64%) resulting in over a third stating they would never tip by card for this reason (35%).

The findings reveal that despite the stereotype of Brits being terrible tippers, less than one in ten (7%) choose to never leave a tip. Over a third (34%) of Brits always leave a tip and three in five (59%) tip if they are impressed with the level of service.

However, as more places have gone cashless due to the pandemic, nearly three in ten (27%) Brits say tipping isn’t always possible due to places no longer accepting cash and one fifth (18%) no longer carry cash on them they would usually leave as a tip.

Of those who don’t leave a tip, over a third (34%) said they have already paid for the service and a further third (33%) said they don’t tip because they can’t afford to. For those that do, when asked what the main reason for leaving a tip is, nearly two thirds (63%) said they tip to show they are satisfied with the service provided, one in two (50%) said they tip if they like the person providing the service and one in three (33%) state they tip out of common courtesy. More than a third (37%) of Brits even said they would leave a tip if they were unhappy with the service and one in ten (11%) would tip if they “fancy” the person serving them!

TAKEAWAY DELIVERY DRIVERS MORE LIKELY TO RECEIVE A TIP THANKS TO THE PANDEMIC When it comes to the professions most favoured when tipping, respondents were asked to rank twelve professions which usually receive tips in order of who they tip most frequently before the pandemic vs. now. The findings reveal waiters/waitresses as the profession who are most likely to receive tips now as well as before the pandemic, followed by hairdressers/barbers. However, since the pandemic, takeaway drivers have seen their role in society become more valued which has been reciprocated in their tip-


When asked what professions Brits would tip if they could, Healthcare staff was the most favoured (31%) followed by supermarket staff (24%) and carers (22%).

WAITERS/WAITRESSES ARE BEING TIPPED UP TO ONE FIFTH MORE SINCE THE PANDEMIC When it comes to the amount Brits are tipping, the pandemic seems to have influenced Brits to dig deep into their pockets as more than a quarter (28%) state the pandemic hasn’t made them tip any less, as they feel sorry for people that are struggling and want to tip to help them. One in five (18%) said they are tipping waiters/waitresses and takeaway drivers up to one fifth more than they were before the pandemic and one in ten (14%) said they are adding one fifth more to a coffee/takeaway tip jar.

As businesses have had to introduce new COVID safety measures, some are opting to charge their customers for the extra expense as three in ten (31%) Brits state they have already encountered a COVID charge. The COVID charge could lead to a devasting impact on tipping habits as more than half (54%) said they would not leave a tip If they encountered a COVID charge and sixteen percent said they would leave a tip but it would be less than what the would usually tip without the charge. Sandra Rowley at takepayments Limited said: : “ The professions which usually receive tips are some of the industry’s hardest hit by the pandemic, so it’s great to see Brits being supportive and generously tipping, as well as recognising the professions that have been key workers during the pandemic. There is a misconception around card payments and businesses are able to separate tips from the cost of services when taking card payments..”

Tourism Sector Faces £6.2bn Loss from International Visitors This Year

Article supplied by Company Debt (

The UK’s struggling tourist industry faces another bleak summer with international visitor revenues set to drop by £6.2bn from prepandemic levels. This is another blow for an industry whose economic output for travel fell by 86% for travel agents and tour operators, between

February and December 2020, according to recent figures from the Office for National Statistics.

The 2021 tourism forecast by Visit Britain also noted: International tourism for 2021 is predicted to be at 28% of preCovid levels Just 2% more people will come to the UK than in 2020, 11.3 million visitors in total Even by the end of 2021, visitors will still not be anything near preCovid levels The progression of worldwide vaccinations remains the most crucial driver to getting the tourist industry back on track Domestic Tourism to Reach Just 56% of 2019 Levels this Summer Despite the apparent boom in staycations and countryside glamping holidays, the Visit Britain forecast shows that many people are still opting to stay close to home. Estimates suggest the tourist industry could see £51.4bn in domestic tourism spending this year. This is up 51% from 2020, but still at only 56% of spending in 2019. The forecase concludes “We do not expect an immediate return to

pre-COVID levels of spending in any domestic tourism journey purpose or activity type, although we anticipate different recovery rates in different areas; some could see a strong summer while other remain below baseline levels for much longer.”

Are The Food Trends That Emerged During Lockdown Here To Stay? 32

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With lockdowns having a huge effect on the food service sector, consumer routines and eating habits have inevitably had to change. Alastair Cupper from allmanhall (www,, the independently owned food procurement expert, looks at whether these changes are here for the long-term, or whether the food trends that emerged through the lockdown were just a fad.

to now include the re-opening of gyms and leisure facilities, there is less time for the leisurely food preparation that we saw in the early lockdowns and instead the focus will be on convenience. With an array of products promoting probiotic, anti-oxidant and superfood qualities, new launches such as cold-pressed juices and immune support shots are consistent across the market. We are even seeing the trend extend into the drinks industry, with launches of alcoholic versions of healthier drinks such as hard seltzer (alcohol and carbonated water) and hard kombucha – an alcoholic fermented cold tea. Yet there also seems to be a particular focus on the health benefits of raw ingredients such as ginger and turmeric. We may view this as a more lasting trend, particularly when looking at well-being not only in terms of our own bodies, but as a much larger scope of the environment and the traceability of where our food comes from.


Whether it is classified as a trend or as more of a growing sense of awareness and accountability, the topic of sustainability and our planet is a huge focus for the food industry and consumers alike. With every one of us having a responsibility to step up and do our part, many will be looking for guilt-free purchasing whilst understanding the story of where their food comes from and how it was made into the end product. As a visible change, the reduction of plastic and packaging waste is an ongoing process with manufacturers looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint. Many drinks companies are actively looking at the option of cans vs. plastic bottles.

At the height of lockdown there was a huge focus on home cooking and baking as flour sold out and people turned to the kitchen for a source of entertainment. Searching online for bread, pizza dough and scone recipes. As the BBC reports, supermarkets such as Waitrose, the Co-op and Tesco saw upward trends in the sales of dessert favourites such as rice pudding, custard powder, jelly and trifle. There was also an increase in sales for longer-life items including tinned fruit and vegetables, jarred pickles, tuna, spam and other tinned meats, and long-life milk. Whilst consumers may keep up their new-found cooking skills, it seems likely that the popularity of somewhat nostalgic tinned goods is a passing rather than lasting trend, driven more by the uncertainty of the lockdown period.

FUNCTIONAL FOODS Whilst comfort and indulgence may be a passing trend, the focus on health and well-being is one that seems likely to be a lasting change. Food products that boost immunity and have wellness properties are increasing in popularity as people pay more attention to their health and the goodness of their food. Balancing work and the general day-to-day


TRANSPORTABLE EATING Since last summer we have become used to eating and drinking outside as lockdown measures have restricted meeting friends and family in our homes. Whether in a park or a garden, the idea of food that is easy to serve and transport is a familiar concept. We have seen growth in the range of pre-mixed cocktails and spirits aimed at outdoor gatherings. And with picnics, barbecues and staycations lined up for summer, it is likely this is a trend that will last throughout the year.


Within the food service sector, an emerging trend from the pandemic has been the need for grab and go food options. With businesses adapting to takeaway methods, there has been no other alternative than to offer pre-packaged products. Yet reducing waste food packaging is key within the food service sector and so whilst grab and go is necessary, it is important that businesses are mindful of packaging choices. As hand sanitising is encouraged and customers look for reassurance that every measure is taken to reduce the spread of Covid-19, it could be likely that pre-packaged foods and meal options will still be available, even as the food service industry resumes. That said, many are looking forward to enjoying the social experience of eating-in after such a long time and it is possible that as confidences return and lockdown eases so will the need for such a focus on takeaway meals.

SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE As hospitality and the food sector returns to normal service, there will be a desire to drive business and make up the sales that have been missed over the past months. From looking to upsell on a drink or meal by adding a sweet treat or dessert, the idea of ‘buy now, eat later’ may become more apparent. We are familiar with the concept of subscription services from those such as Netflix, Gousto and Hello Fresh, all of which offer a product for a monthly fee; however this is starting to emerge in everyday food service too. Pret a Manger’s YourPret Barista coffee subscription offers up to five drinks a day for a fee of £20 a month, with choice from their organic coffees, teas, hot chocolates, smoothies, frappes and iced coffees. Leon also has a subscription offer, charging £15 a month for unlimited coffee, or £6 a month to enjoy 30% off all drinks, cakes and vegan dishes. The food trends of 2021 - whether passing or lasting - have certainly been influenced by the national lockdowns we have experienced since the beginning of last year. Yet some, such as the conscious move towards making more sustainable choices, are perhaps less trend-driven and more movements that have been slowly building momentum. There are trends that we will be happy to put behind us, but others that will continue to develop and will be seen as a lasting change on the way we sell, serve and consume food and drink.

Unique Pub Set on its Own Island to Enjoy Grand Reopening ONE of the UK’s most unique pubs is set to reopen its doors, 21 months after serving its last pint.

roundings, and we feel very privileged to have the opportunity to run a pub with such history.”

Based on the small island of Piel and surrounded by seal colonies, The Ship Inn is said to have had a presence on the island for more than 300 years.

Kirsty said: “The Ship Inn is such a unique pub and, along with the other directors of the Piel Island Pub Co, I’m really excited to be just days away from opening up.

On Saturday it will be serving local ales, spirits and a menu of pub favourites as a new team - the Piel Island Pub Co - takes to the pumps.

“We’re hoping for a summer of sun and adventure on the island and look forward to welcoming guests from near and far.”

Kirsty Ridge, the MD of popular Cumbrian pub company, Lakeland Inns, is a director of the new business. She said: “An awful lot of hard work has been put in by the team over the last few weeks as we have battled against the clock to get The Ship Inn ready to welcome guests once more. “We’re really looking forward to sharing a drink with island residents, local visitors and tourists from further afield, as we continue the work of those before us to make the pub and Piel a great place to be. “This is such a special place, from the majesty of the castle to the beauty of the sur-

Barrow Borough Council is the custodian of Piel Island and The Ship Inn. Councillor Ann Thomson, leader of the authority, said: "The grand reopening is uplifting news, particularly after the year we have all endured. "We pledged the pub would reopen as soon as possible after lockdown and we are delighted that this is set to happen on Saturday with a new team in place for the summer season who are championing locally made beers and spirits. “I hope people take the opportunity to visit the island over the coming months to enjoy and experience it's beauty, special atmosphere and unique surroundings. There’s simply nowhere else quite like it.”

Alliance Disposables Ltd Has Announced That it is the First Major Supplier Within the Hospitality and Public Sector to Become Employee Owned Alliance Disposables is a major supplier of catering disposables and equipment in the UK and Ireland and is pleased to announce that it is now employee owned. The company, which employs approximately 600 people between its Crewe headquarters and twelve depots around the UK and Ireland, was founded in 1999, and was previously majority owned by its founder directors. Alliance has grown significantly to a projected turnover of £130m in 2021 / 22.

Further adding “Prospects for future growth are looking exceptionally positive“ Chris Poston, Client Relationship Director and Group Board Director for Royce Peeling Green chartered accountants who advised Alliance on the EOT said: “The Directors considered a number of options for the future of the company, but concluded that the transfer of 100% ownership to an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) was the best fit for the culture and ethos which has been built up within the company. The directors are confident that employee ownership will further facilitate the continued growth and development of the business and provide secure employment for the team.” The day to day management and running of the company will not be affected by the change.

David Elder, Managing Director commented “Alliance has always been particular about maintaining a longterm relationship with its customers and staff.

The current Directors will continue to run the business and a trustee board has been established to provide a corporate governance framework which will ensure that the EOT acts in the best interest of the employees.

To ensure that those values can be sustained, necessitated us taking a more progressive approach, and this has resulted in the transfer of the business to employee ownership.

Alliance is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of non-food catering disposables and equipment, operating from a central NDC and multiple Regional depots. It recently opened a successful business in Ireland.

Often, the sale of a business results in significant disruption and change. We see this as a solid way of maintaining stability and to continue the growth and development of Alliance. We look forward to our employees sharing in the future success”

Customers range from hotels, pubs and restaurants to public sector NHS, leisure and care markets. The Alliance team were advised by Chris Poston of Royce Peeling Green, and Rebecca Grisewood and Rachel Dean of Gateley Legal. The EOT was advised by Emma Hickman of JMW Solicitors.

“Rumnaissance” Issue 64

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Its Not the Next Big Thing - It IS a Big Thing! grass that grows best in the steamy climates of the tropics. Numerous rums are made from molasses, a byproduct of sugar refining, but there are also rum styles made from the juice and the syrup of the sugarcane. Each base ingredient yields a uniquely tasting product. The first distillation of rum in the Caribbean occurred in the 17th century, when it was discovered that molasses, a by-product of the sugar refining process, could be fermented into alcohol, after which rum’s popularity soon spread to Colonial North America with the first distillery being established in 1664 on Staten Island, Boston. Rum started to play an important part in American politics but eventually its popularity declined due to restrictions on sugar imports from the British islands of the Caribbean combined with the development and rise of American Whiskey. Rum’s association with the Navy began in 1655 with the capture of Jamaica by the British fleet. Thanks to the availability of large quantities of domestically produced rum a seaman’s daily liquor ration was changed from French brandy to rum. Rum’s spiritual home is the Caribbean, especially Barbados, which has over a thousand rum shops at the last count.


“Rum is tonic that clarifies the vision, and sets things in true perspective.” Brian D'Ambrosio It’s a “Rum Market! While gin has in recent years become one of the industry’s great success stories, rum is now no longer seen as “the next big thing” it is the big thing! While the pandemic has devastated the on trade, the country now looks to be poised for a grand reopening, hopefully on to July 19. And with World Rum Day taking place on July 10 the stage is set for a new “Rumnaissance” Found on your typical drinks menu, rum is becoming exceedingly well-loved in the UK. In fact, it’s becoming so popular that it now ranks alongside whisky and gin as one of the UK’s favourite spirits! Annual rum sales in Britain topped £1 billion for the first time in 2018, with over 1 billion litres consumed. Coming in many guises and virtually all subcategories rum has grown in volume and value. Pre-Covid total spirit sales in the UK were worth £11 billion, along with gin, rum has driven this continued growth with almost 35 million bottles sold in the year prior to lockdown according to statistics from the Wine & Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) The WSTA crowned rum the ‘drink of lockdown’, with figures revealing that rum enjoyed the biggest growth across all spirits during lockdown. In the 3 months from April to June 2020, 38% more rum was sold than in the same period in 2019, equating to an extra 1.3 million bottles sold. Total rum sales were worth £119 million in the quarter alone. Over the last 12 months rum has enjoyed 8% volume gains and is now worth £430 million, placing it behind only whiskies, vodkas and gins in value terms. The biggest growth was found in the flavoured & spiced rum category, which between April and June grew 53% by volume to make up 3.4 million bottles of the overall category. The popularity of flavoured & spiced rums during lockdown saw the variety outsell white rums over a 3month period for the first time. These lockdown sales are the good news for the hospitality and on trade sector as the country seeks to return to normal trading in July 19. Pre-lockdown sales of golden and dark rum in pubs, bars and restaurants were up, with golden rum the most popular choice for drinkers – sales of dark rum worth £127 million, and sales of golden rum worth £383 million, an increase of 7% on the previous year The latest increase in sales attests to the growing appetite in the UK for rum and the increasing number of brands on the market. In 2006, there were around 50 rum brands on the UK market, but now that number is approaching 200, underlining that UK drinkers’ desire to experiment new and different brands is not confined only to experimenting with gin.

British-style rum is molasses-based and is heavier in body and flavour than the other styles. In Jamaica or Barbados much use is made of traditional, copper pot stills, resulting in smaller batches and more potent rums. They have a lot of congeners and esters (components that give alcohol its flavour). They also tend to have a longer fermentation, giving the cane wine (the fermented molasses) a more powerful flavour.

Miles Beale, Chief Executive of the Wine and Spirit Trade Association said: “It’s been another great year for rum sales in the UK. British drinkers have more choice than ever before when it comes to rum. Craft spirits are ‘of the moment’, and an increasing number of artisanal spirits producers are crafting their own interpretations of the spirit- often alongside their gin range. Rum has packed a punch in this year benefiting from the nation’s thirst for craft cocktails. We are pleased to see a rapid growth in the number of distilleries in the UK which has enabled our innovative spirit makers to expand their ranges with many introducing a rum into their portfolio. In turn, this has led to more and more rum bars emerging and established bars stocking a greater range of rums behind the bar.”


One of the clear advantages the rum category has making it popular with consumers is heritage provenance and premium variants. The younger generation has embraced rum and fuelling the rum boom. In fact, almost 80% of 25- to 34-year-old spirit drinkers are partial to rum!

Of all the rum-producing countries, France is the only one to have established a legal framework to regulate the production and labelling of rum in its overseas territories. Instead of using molasses, ‘French’ rum, usually called rhum agricole, is made with fresh sugar cane juice and it is often released un-aged. Agricoles tend to give out more flavour of the sugarcane.

Now seen as a sophisticated option rum can be light and frothy, spicy and flirtatious, golden and stylish, or dark and mysterious. It can be a young party animal happy to be mixed with cola or blackcurrant and not ashamed to wear an umbrella. But it’s just as happy reaching a grand old age and being sipped by connoisseurs in wood-panelled members’ clubs. It has various connotations, from adventurous pirates on the high seas, to fashionable millennial’s in some of the country’s trendy bars, to beach bars and alfresco dining Much like the success of the craft beer market, artisanal spirits producers have undoubtedly inspired the rum category, with high numbers of new artisan rum brands launching in the last few years. Unlike Scotch whisky and cognac, the rules around producing rum are more relaxed, giving rum manufacturers plenty of freedom and flexibility for innovation.

KNOW YOUR RUM • Colour: Clear when bottled directly from stills ranging to light gold or deep, dark amber when matured in casks • Region: Can legally be made anywhere in the world, typically the tropics where sugar cane grows most rapidly. Most of the world’s rum production occurs in Cuba, the Caribbean Islands, Latin America and India, But it is also produced the UK, Japan, Fiji, the Philipines and South Africa. but it is also produced in • ABV: Ranges from 37.5% – 75.5%+ • Maturation / Age: Many rums are aged, either for a short period or a few years, but not all rums will be matured • Made from: Must be made from sugar cane, most rums are made with by-product molasses or from freshly crushed sugar cane juice • Translation: There is no standard theory of origin for the word ‘rum’ though some suggest it stems from the last syllable of the Latin word for sugar, saccharum. The word ‘Rhum’ characteristically differentiates rum made with fresh sugar juice from rum made with molasses in French-speaking countries. Other names for rum include Nelson’s blood, kill-devil, demon water, pirate’s drink and Barbados water!

HISTORY One of rum’s defining characteristics is that it stems from sugarcane, the sweet, fibrous, often toweringly tall

from a range of different countries and in a variety of different styles. And as with other types of spirit, provenance is more important to rum drinkers than ever. “The words ‘provenance’ and ‘rum’ are starting to connect,” said Paul Stanley, director of Cloven Hoof Rum. Quality rums have a country of origin listed on the bottle. Nobody would drink a whiskey labelled ‘European’ would they?”

PREMIUM SPIRITS ARE SPREADING The trend towards upmarket brands in out of home drinking continues, with sales of premium spirits growing in double digits in the last year. Of the 964 spirit launches in the last three years, more than a third (329) have been in the premium category and nearly half (454) in the super premium category. But the trend is also evolving—most notably in the way that these brands are becoming more commonplace in mainstream as well as premium venues. Since premium spirit drinkers tend to be big spenders—with an average monthly on trade spend of £104.82, against £78.16 for standard spirit consumers—it is clearly a vital demographic to serve.

INNOVATION CAN BOOST COCKTAIL SALES Cocktails are a crucial factor in the ongoing success of spirits, and CGA data shows that sales by value have risen by 7.5% in the last year. But as Jones pointed out at the Spirits Summit, there is still plenty of headroom for growth. Making greater and more prominent use of popular spirit brands could be one way to achieve it, and with the stigma around draught or pre-batched cocktails now falling away, different serves may present another route.

Spanish style rum is also molasses-based, but with a shorter fermentation (so the cane wine is lighter), and distilled in column stills giving them a very smooth, mild character: they are described by terms reminiscent of the world of sherry, such as as ‘Anejo’ and ‘Solera’.


As craft rums come to the forefront, consumers are opting for the naturally sweeter spirit that lacks the “confronting” flavours in gin like juniper and wormwood. That is not to say rum is a one-trick pony, far from it in fact, the rum world is not regulated by a strict classification system that is imposed on beverages like whisky, which means there is enormous diversity within the category. This not only guarantees there will be a rum to suit every palate, but also you can continue to explore the exciting variety rum has to offer. And, tastes are changing, according to John Campbell, commercial director at Top Spirits, which imports and distributes the Relicario Ron Dominicano and Ron Palma Mulata de Cuba rums. “Tastes have changed and with more people travelling to countries like Cuba, experiencing the different styles and ranges, the consumers are then looking to share those experiences when they get home,” said Campbell. They are looking for a larger range of different styles and quality rums.” He added that if operators are going to meet this growing demand they should consider stocking rums

RANGE AND NPD NEED TO BE SMART The 20 million British adults who enjoy spirits out of home are more likely than average to be engaged and experimental with their drinks. CGA’s BrandTrack consumer research shows that well over half (58%) of spirit drinkers enjoy trying new brands when out. But with so many new options arriving on the market, operators need to be careful not to overload drinkers with too much choice. For suppliers, the challenge is to make new product development considered and compelling, Jones said. As stated above rum is an opportunity to increase sales in the same way that gin has in recent years. Outlets should consider creating a rum menu that features a range of simple mixed drinks, rum cocktails and some good sipping rums. Knowledge is key, the demand for rum is driven by an enthusiasm of top bartenders and growth in interest in cocktails says global rum ambassador Ian Burrell. “As a spirit rum has a huge breath of appeal, if you like spirits and don’t like rum then you just haven’t found the right rum he said!


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How The Hospitality Industry Can Use Technology to Capitalise on the UK Summer Staycation Boom By Danilo Mangano, General Manager Europe, SevenRooms ( Hotel operators up and down the country are eager to make up for lost time and see the hospitality sector thrive again. With a huge summer of staycations on the horizon after months of lockdown, it’s critical for hospitality venues to ensure they are ready to maximise the opportunities. The downtime of lockdown has offered many hospitality operators the chance to review their tech stack and identify solutions to help them build better relationships with guests, drive greater loyalty and ensure future profitability; all of which are going to be vital in the coming months. Having the right technology in place to exceed guest expectations is critical to success. However, a recent report found that many UK hotel F&B operators are missing the tech necessary to build deeper relationships with their guests. In fact, SevenRooms research found that more than one in ten of the UK’s leading hotels don’t have any online reservation systems in place to handle bookings for their F&B outlets. Without the right technology, hotel operators will be left behind as their savvier counterparts are able to build and maintain better guest relationships.


MAKE GUESTS FEEL SPECIAL WITH PERSONALISED OFFERINGS Once operators have captured that valuable data, they should be leveraging it at every point to provide a tailored experience. Having a 360degree view of each guest before, during and after their stay can be used not only across the restaurants and bars, but property-wide. A guest should be made to feel special at every interaction. This could mean adjusting a mini bar to remove allergens, offering a preferred bottle of wine at check-in, or simply a ‘welcome back’ to someone who has dined but never stayed at the property. These hyper-personalised interactions drive loyalty and repeat business with customers. Much of the focus for the last year has been on how venues have adapted operations to keep customers safe – which of course remains paramount. Today, hospitality operators should be focusing on how they can elevate the guest experience altogether to make it even better than it was before the pandemic. Hotels that can create unique and personalised offerings to attract consumers and provide meaningful, stand out experiences will come out stronger this summer and beyond.

KEEP AN EYE ON RESERVATIONS… AND THOSE WHO NO SHOW In hotel restaurants and bars, reservation, waitlist and table management not only help run a seamless service, but are also critical touchpoints for capturing guest data to use for future marketing and in-service personalisation. Leveraging these tools in markets where capacity remains reduced and demand ever-growing, operators can place clear time limits on bookings according to the number of guests, ensuring as many sittings can be accommodated as possible.

Where hotels are using front-of-house technology in their F&B operations, we’ve found over half are using third-party marketplaces to handle reservations instead of leveraging direct solutions. Operators that only work with third-party platforms to manage their guest experience miss out on being able to collect and own the data necessary to build direct relationships with customers that drive repeat business. Instead, they are beholden to third-party systems to drive business for them – a tricky position to be in.

These guest management systems also give operators the ability to better manage and monitor no-shows. The issue of guests not showing for bookings and failing to cancel is nothing new; it is a challenge that has long existed in the industry, but in this post-COVID world, a noshow has a much bigger impact on a business. For operators using thirdparty providers to manage their F&B bookings, there is no direct relationship with the guest, and so a no-show is all the more likely.

While third-parties certainly offer marketing benefits, relying wholly on them can be a very costly strategy in the long run. Not only do they take a fee per cover, but in using them, venues give up control of their most valuable asset: guest data. The data insights gained across the entire guest journey enable operators to deliver more tailored and relevant experiences. These personalized touches help build stronger relationships that ultimately drive repeat visits and greater profitability.

Having direct communication with the guest allows for better engagement in the lead-up to a restaurant reservation, beyond an email to confirm the day before. Some operators have also been quick to implement booking deposit processes or advance payments to help prevent or reduce no-shows, and guests are now more open to accepting these new rules in the name of supporting their favourite restaurants and bars. With the right technology platform in place, hotel F&B venues can man-

age these pre-payments, while also leveraging this opportunity to upsell offering breakfast or a bottle of champagne in the room, for example. If operators can use this process to provide a better guest experience while protecting important revenue, guests are likely to have a better stay overall.

DON’T FORGET YOUR LOCALS Engaging the local audience has never been more important – particularly for hotel operators that are likely to see a reduced influx of international guests this summer season. With consumers less likely to be travelling further afield, they are going to be more open to spending money closer to home, and while they may not stay the night, hotel restaurants can become a firm favourite. For many, supporting local businesses is a priority at the moment – and booking directly is one way for them to do this. In return, operators must use the opportunity to provide a memorable experience at every stage of the guest journey and ensure they are leveraging guest data effectively to build better relationships, encourage them to re-book and demonstrate the value in doing so directly. Now is the time for operators to ensure they are set up to meet the demands during this next phase of recovery. Consumers and venues alike are eager to return and enjoy the experiences that have been missing throughout much of the year. Having the right technology in place will offer hotels greater bandwidth to be able to focus on what they do best: delivering creative and exciting offerings that are sure to drive more meaningful guest experiences and memories in 2021 and beyond.

How Technology Can Help Hospitality Emerge Even Stronger From The Pandemic By Greig Johnston, CEO at employee engagement specialist Engage4 ( well end up being more manageable than it was before COVID-19, and we’re about to explore why.

A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD While the deskless hospitality workforce has been coping with distributed teams and complex shift patterns for generations, the deskbased workforce has had it comparatively easy. That’s because desk-based office workers tend to share the same communal space during the same hours of the day. Most will have their own desk or office, they’ll be easy to find during the hours of nine to five, and their work schedules are predictable. That is, until the pandemic forced nonessential desk-based businesses to ‘shut up shop’ and enable their teams to work from home, often with more flexible schedules and only occasional check-ins with management.

The hospitality sector is no stranger to juggling busy, fast-paced teams who are constantly on the move. When it comes to cohesion, team spirit and forming the cultural ‘glue’ that holds a business together, pubs, cafes, restaurants and hotels have, in many ways, been disadvantaged from the outset. With naturally high staff turnover, varying shift patterns and team members that often pass each other like ships in the night, mastering workplace culture and balancing team morale is a complex affair. Little did it realise, this ‘deskless’ sector has been preparing for a post-pandemic landscape the whole time, and we’re now seeing a technological shift that could see it bounce back even stronger and leaner than it was before. Onboarding, connecting and engaging with staff may

Suddenly, the desk-based sector faced the very same challenges that the hospitality sector had been coping with for years. It’s a shame that it took desk-based sectors being shaken to their core for large-scale innovation to happen. Still, a technological revolution is now on the horizon, and hospitality is one of the many deskless sectors that stands to benefit.

THE SHIFTING FOCUS OF TECHNOLOGY Prior to the pandemic, the deskless workforce that you find in hospitality attracted less than 1% of technological investment and innovation when it comes to business management, according to a report from Venture Beat. Just about every tool, platform, app or software package being developed was designed to help desk-based teams manage things like workflow, onboarding and employee engagement, while those in hospitality were largely left to fend for themselves. That’s surprising, given that more than 80% of the world’s workers are deskless, from lorry drivers and care workers to pub landlords and hoteliers, as

reported in research by venture capitalist firm Emergence. One small silver lining to be gleaned from the pandemic, despite how badly it has bruised the hospitality sector, is that the focus of this technological innovation and investment is now finally starting to shift. Because desk-based teams now share many of the same challenges that deskless workers always had, the scales are about to tip in favour of hoteliers, caterers, restaurateurs and pub and cafe owners.

BOUNCING BACK WITH TECHNOLOGY As the hospitality sector emerges from its long pandemic hibernation, it will find there are more options to choose from when it comes to onboarding and management of teams effectively. Many existing deskbased tools will have been adapted to cater for more agile and flexible working, and countless new ones will have emerged to help businesses wrest back control and keep their company culture strong. For instance, onboarding no longer has to be limited to filling out paper forms at a desk. There are already apps out there that will let managers onboard new team members flexibly and in their own time via their smartphone. Or allow staff members to connect via exclusive online communities that can also host business news, events and updates. Calendars, rotas and schedules can be shared and edited in real-time, allowing staff members to seamlessly swap shifts or request holidays from the palm of their hand. This technology is only going to get better as we emerge from the pandemic, but it’s up to hospitality businesses themselves to seek it out and take advantage. We often hear the UK government uttering the phrase ‘build back better’ when talking about a post-pandemic world. Thanks to new apps, tools and other technologies, the hospitality sector can take this literally.

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Archers Sweets Success With New Online Delivery Management System Leeds based Archers Sweets sells everything from traditional pick ‘n’ mix through to American candy, and has seen huge success since the opening of its first bricks-and-mortar shop in 2018. Owner, Natasha Archer, like many other business owners, found that the pandemic heavily impacted her business model, as when national lockdown hit, her delivery orders soared. Although delighted with the immediate jump in telephone order volume, Archer and her team started to become increasingly overwhelmed with delivery orders, leaving them little time to focus on the running of the shop. Archer needed to find a solution quickly that didn’t mean handing over her hard-earned profits in commission. That’s when she discovered leading POS platform, Foodhub. Joining Foodhub meant they had access to a world class EPOS system that would allow them to easily and effectively manage order volume. Instead of manually organising each customer order, the system allowed

them to fully digitise and streamline the process, affording staff less stress and more time to spend with customers in the shop.

monthly fixed cost, meaning our partners save significantly every month when compared to other rival platforms.”

24/7 support means help is always at hand should they require assistance with the system.

“As part of our EPOS offering, we provide a complete turn-key solution to get food delivery businesses online. Our clients receive their own e-commerce platform, order management system and access to thousands of Foodhub customers. It can really help businesses such as Archers Sweets evolve their e-commerce offering and allow them to be agile at a time when they need to most, alongside the cost saving benefits.”

Not only did Archer find that she was saving money and her team were less pressured, but the new system led to increased customer acquisition, as many local people appreciated being able to use the website to check the sweet treats available and then place an order ready to be picked up or delivered to the door. Natasha Archer, owner of Archers Sweets, said: “Signing up to Foodhub has massively helped the business. We’ve gained lots more customers since implementing the EPOS system and the staff are under much less pressure. Joining Foodhub is the best thing we ever did; it’s made our lives so much easier.” Ardian Mula, Foodhub’s CEO said: “We are delighted to have Archers Sweets onboard as one of our partners and thrilled at the level of success they have seen so far simply by using our order management system. In addition, Foodhub is the only major food ordering app that won’t charge a commission per order. Instead, our commission-free subscription model means they gain full access to our leading EPOS system for a

Say No To No Shows Guests not showing up to their booking is becoming a more common occurrence...

WELCOME BACK, HOSPITALITY Since partially reopening, the news from the sector is cautiously positive; most pubs and restaurants are busy – both bookings and spendper-head are up. There is, however, one problem that appears to be hurting pretty much every hospitality business. The issue is no-shows. People who book but don’t turn-up. This behaviour was never OK, but for businesses and their employees who have had such a tough 15 months, it’s a real kick in the teeth.

Foodhub is encouraging independent business owners to take advantage of the current appetite for e-commerce and delivery orders and sign up to the site. With Foodhub the full order value goes direct to the business as they do not charge a commission on orders. This is unique compared to other EPOS providers who charge up to 10% per transaction. Instead, Foodhub charge their partners a set monthly fee to trade with them, making for a much more stable and manageable cost. There are more than 20,000 takeaway & restaurant partners currently featured online at and through the apps available for iOS and Android.

SECURE BOOKINGS WITH A DEPOSIT OR PRE-AUTHORISATION Some operators are understandably concerned that changing the ‘contract’ with guests is risky. Many things have changed over the last year: habits have been broken and guests will understand the need to secure their booking with pre-payment, a deposit, or a card-swipe.

ADACTUS OFFERS SECURED BOOKING Adactus can help hospitality businesses implement the right secured booking service for your guests – whether that is full or partial payment up front (deposit), or a card swipe to authorise a charge in the event of a no-show – there is a solution that will work best for your operation. And, unlike other providers, we don’t charge a per-transaction fee: your costs are the same every month. Give us a call! Scott Muncaster, Managing Director, Adactus Telephone: 01844 269090, Email: or Web:

Hospitality Technology Heineken Shares Its Insights costs. With almost 1 in 3 pints served through dirty lines and 2% of all drinks poured ending up in the drip tray due to poor pouring and incorrect storage , you could literally see the return on your investment. Moving from 50% to between 90-100% of beer being served through clean lines could mean tapping into an extra £25,000 profit per year, per outlet .

No-shows are a threat to your restaurant’s recovery. Take a deposit or card swipe with Adactus SmartQ Bookings. Contact us: 01844 269090

John Gemmell, On Trade Category and Commercial Strategy Director at HEINEKEN UK offers advice on how hospitality employers can use technology to train their employees: Operators can take advantage of technology to train staff remotely and flexibly to ensure the highest standard of service as we move towards full reopening. Engaging with staff and employees in the current climate is crucial. In a recent CGA survey, 71% of Business Leaders said that employee engagement would be a key focus for ensuring a smooth reopening period . Hello BEER is a mobile app designed to allow operators to maintain staff engagement, improve cellar management and reduce wastage

In an industry with typically high staff turnover, training can be costly and time-consuming. From just £2 per learner per year, Hello BEER provides accessible and flexible mobile training – plus is available free to direct HEINEKEN customers through the HEINEKEN Benefits Bar. We know that well-trained staff are typically happier and more loyal, so HEINEKEN can help your bar staff deliver a great customer experience while also saving you money. It’s clear what consumers have missed during lockdown, and that’s the unbeatable pub experience and the quality of a perfectly poured pint. Excellently trained staff with correct beer and cider pouring practice will ultimately help you sell more great quality pints, keeping customers happy and making your outlet more profitable. The proper pub experience is one of a kind. Whether it’s a knowledgeable member of staff explaining a new dish on the menu or a freshly pulled pint, well trained staff offering a quality experience will help customers feel safe and fall back in love with the Great British pub.

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All-In-One Intranet Software from Oak Engage Working with some of the world’s biggest brands including Aldi, Five Guys and ITV, Oak Engage helps employers connect their workplace, engage their people and work better together through a mobile app and cloud-based platform. Oak Engage provides a range of internal communications tools that integrate seamlessly with office applications including SharePoint helping to improve productivity. Oak Engage are experts within the internal comms industry, a success that has been achieved by listening to their customers and developing applications that provide genuine value within the digital

Point of Sale Technology Designed for Hospitality ShinHeung Precision Co., LTD, (also called, SHC) is a leading corporation which provides the best quality precision machines. SHC was found in 1968 and have 16 affiliates in 11 countries. We have 25 offices and factories around the world with HQ and main factory located in South Korea. SHC maintains partnerships with Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Toyota and etc. with its own precision technologies accumulated over the years. SHC took over ECR business from Samsung in 2001, establishing SAM4S affiliate specialized in store automation products such as ECR, PC POS and Receipt printers, having its office in Seoul, Korea. We have human resources with knowledge of more than 30 years of experience in the store automation field. We now produce most sophisticated and diverse products to the world-wide market. Our store automation products

are extensively used in over 80 countries, having around 100 partners all over the world. Due to global pandemic, the demand for contactless product such as Kiosk for self-ordering & selfcheckout has increased rapidly. To correspond to the market’s demand, we have launched 15” and 21.5” Kiosk models for the market’s safety and businesses. Moreover, we plan on adding 32” Kiosk model in the 2Q of 2021. Since 2012, we have been attending retail technology related exhibitions such as EuroCIS, EuroShop, NRF, Computex, GITEX and etc. When we become a safer place for us to freely interact with each other, we would be more than happy to meet you in person and introduce our products. See the advert on the facing page for details.

All-In-One Intranet Software for the Workforce of Today

A cloud based intranet platform to keep your workforce connected, productive & engaged. Mobile ready with drag and drop functionality.

Empower your people

workspace. Oak’s intuitive suite of digital tools and expert support, allow businesses to stay connected with their employees. An all-inone solution that blends modern intranet practicality with the unique functionalities of an employee engagement app, Oak empowers employees to be the best that they can be. To arrange a demo or for more info, visit or contact them on

It's Time For You To Get Budget Proof By Dan Brookman, CEO of Airship ( and Toggle (

Now, I am an optimist. Those who know me, know that I have a passion for business and generally a positive outlook; especially around the hospitality sector that I’ve spent my working life in. My preset as a founder and entrepreneur is to push for business growth and to seek out opportunities, however there have been occasions over the last year when I shouldn’t have jumped as quickly as I did, consolidation and cost control would have been a better strategy. It’s a tough shout though when you’re pushing for growth. Budgeting though, enables control of costs and as long as you know the costs coming down the track, you can turn dials based on expected revenues. Right now the future remains uncertain but one thing we do know is there’s going to be an immediate boom for hospitality - we’ve seen it already in the volume of bookings and we’ve been incredibly lucky with sunny (if not chilly) trading. This boom might be followed by a lull, or further restrictions, or it might just all get back to normal. But whatever the future, the key now is to control

costs, maximise margins and make the most of this initial surge of customers. There’s going to be a deluge of new data and you are going to want to market to that data. Platforms such as Mailchimp charge based on the size of your lists, some platforms have additional broadcast charges alongside licenses; you succeed and then you pay more money for your success. Whereas Airship and Toggle are #BudgetProof. Any customer can sign-up and the price will be fixed for the length of their contract. This is no matter the size of your database (nor how it grows whilst we’re working together) or the amount of emails that you send. Or the revenue generated through Toggle. Or the amount of support that you use. Now’s the time to choose partners which won’t penalise you for your success. Where you won’t be charged based on volume, where you won’t be refused additional support when you need it. Choose one that wants you to succeed. Visit and

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CaterCloud Enhances its FREE Offering - The Secret Ingredient to Menu Management Success and Compliance with Natasha’s Law costing system offers a wealth of enhanced functionality to help caterers gain significant efficiencies in their operations, to control costs and profits. CaterCloud helps businesses ensure food safety remains a key focus. With food labelling regulations set to change in October 2021, as a result of Natasha’s Law, all England-based businesses working in the food industry will be required to clearly label all foods for direct sale, produced and packed on their premises with a full list of ingredients detailing the full allergen profile. Designed to help businesses prepare for this upcoming regulation, CaterCloud provides sub-allergen information and tagging; QR Code menu scanning for live allergen and nutritional information, along with the ability to print Natasha’s Law compliant food labels. CaterCloud also offers customers access to a range of accredited training for allergen awareness and food safety in conjunction with Allergy Accreditation.

Manchester-based, e-f group has released the latest enhanced feature version of its FREE TO USE cloud-based, menu management platform, CaterCloud.

Shop Local The easy-to-use, next generation allergen, nutrition, menu planning and

CaterCloud’s innovative functionality also boasts many other benefits to enable easy to use menu and cost management for caterers across the hospitality, healthcare, education and retail sectors. The flexible menu planner, with a drag and drop feature, allows the user to instantly evaluate rotational menus, costs and nutritional values using the nutritional database with 1,000s of ingredients. All this combined allows your business to assess its performance using the interactive KPI dashboards. The loyalty programmes were the backbone of the global operators’ distribution strategy’, but their power is stripped out when the frequent business traveller is grounded. As the pandemic makes its presence felt, the global players have had to cut their staff and pull back on their marketing as they moved into cash-preservation mode, just as their franchisees desperately needed that distribution support. Hoteliers have been forced to turn to different sources for guests, including construction and key workers, but without the history of looking for solid, reliable sources of revenue, their success is patchy. At Magnuson Hotels, the group has years of experience in bringing in the guests that others have passed by, allowing owners to outperform the market during the pandemic. In 2020, Magnuson Hotels’ local business strategy outperformed the USA RevPAR average by 3X, and largely via a foundation of local business for each of its hotels.

The hotel sector has realised that global brands means global marketing and when the global market falls away, they do not have the people or the experience to bring guests in through the door from alternative markets.

Tom Magnuson, Magnuson Hotels’ CEO, said: “With international leisure and the largest corporates grounded, hoteliers are having to look local to fill beds. “Traditionally, the big, global operators have built their businesses around

Users of CaterCloud have special access to the e-foods’ Buyers’ Club and benefit from its substantial buying power. The Buyers’ Club is made up of a network of trusted accredited suppliers across the UK. Users can purchase food and non-food goods from these suppliers and expect to generate savings of between 5 to 10%. Paul Mizen, Chief Executive, e-f group said: “During the pandemic we haven’t rested on our laurels and we’ve been working hard behind the scenes internally and with existing clients to innovate and enhance the features of our Catercloud system. With the hospitality industry, set to explode again, we wanted to be ready to offer that sector especially, this enhanced FREE software which will most certainly help catering managers and chefs maximise efficiencies, streamline processes and save costs. We continue to be at the forefront of delivering the innovate features the industry needs. As we’ve previously stated this is our way of giving something back to the industry upon which our business was founded.” CaterCloud is without doubt the smartest, most intuitive platform available to caterers. For more information go to or or see the advert on page 36. being able to fill hotels with the top-tier loyalty members, the road warriors who spend over 200 nights a year travelling. But that market does not exist at the moment and it is not clear when it is coming back.” ‘Our strategy always has been to secure 50% of your business base through local segments such as construction, government, transportation, security, medical. These segments always ravel 52 weeks a year, and will protect hotel owners though ups and downs.’ “What we have seen is that SMEs are sending their folks out on the road by car, and that the leisure traveller is also staying close to home, enjoying rediscovering what is around them. At Magnuson Hotels we have always looked for guests which others overlook and during the past year our local teams have been working with care providers and building firms, even monitoring development plans to see where demand will pop up. Where other companies have had to turn to the expensive OTAs, we’re proud to have been able to bring guests in without it costing the hotelier.” See the advert on the facing page for details, email or visit


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Table Tap Offers Exceptional Customer Service and Social Distancing at Dusk Top nouvelle restaurant and lounge, Dusk, Brentwood, has installed Table Tap, an innovative solution to help customers and waiting staff communicate from leading telecommunications company, Brentwood Communications. With a single tap on a button, customers can inform staff that a table is ready to order, pay the bill, or simply call for the waiter’s attention without leaving their seat. Sharif Uddin, Co-Owner, Dusk, says: “We have a large alfresco dining area and were concerned there may be crowding in bar areas, with customers ordering drinks or wanting to pay a bill. Thankfully, we decided to trial Table Tap to see if it could help customers socially distance and enable us to deliver excellent customer service.” He continued: “Table Tap has been great, it’s helped us keep customers in their seats, which is ideal for social distancing. We run a very fast-paced dining environment with 28 tables, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and thanks to Table Tap,

we’re able to be on top of our game.” Table Tap runs over a radio frequency and transmits a signal from a button placed on a table, which connects to a watch on a waiter’s wrist and can be set-up in just five minutes. James Miller, MD, Brentwood Communications, adds: “The idea for Table Tap came about after we installed similar technology into fitting rooms for Nike stores across Europe, which allowed people to alert staff it they wanted to swap items. We knew we could adapt this technology for the hospitality sector, which would be vital as premises re-open, helping customers to remain seated, stick to social distancing rules and still experience quality customer service.” Table Tap is available for free trials, visit

GonnaOrder, The Online Ordering System That Delivers ROI Looking for a cost-effective, highly configurable food ordering and payment solution for your business? LOOK NO FURTHER! GonnaOrder is here to support businesses becoming truly independent, streamlining their processes and gaining back control of their business.

THE FUTURE OF ORDERING IS DIGITAL While online ordering and delivery were already gaining momentum before the coronavirus outbreak, the pandemic accelerated their adoption. Interactive QR menus, online table ordering, and online payments—all solutions offered by GonnaOrder—are about to become the new norm at the restaurant of the future.

TECH ON THE TABLE: QR MENU & ONLINE TABLE ORDERING Using GonnaOrder’s self-ordering system, table ordering and QR menu technology will help you boost your sales by increasing table turnover and operate in a more efficient manner. Ordering through QR menus empowers your customers to safely order and pre-order faster from anywhere (their table, home, office or on the road). This will result in higher profit margins and greater customer retention—with an end-to-end seamless dining experience.


Third-party delivery companies are causing alarm for many restaurant, bar and pub businesses with their increasingly high commission fees. GonnaOrder not only help you break loose from third parties by digitally controlling customer data and menus with 0% commissions, but also allows you to build customer loyalty with a rich set of features (such as special offers, giveaways, discount vouchers).


0% commission online ordering app for takeaway and delivery Dedicated Consumer Mobile App Improved table turnover with an easy-to-use table ordering system Branded native iOS and Android App Streamlined operations with automatic order printing More repeat customers with frictionless loyalty features REGISTER FOR FREE TODAY! Try it for Free today! Visit: or contact our sales team at

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Stop The Spread – Keeping Your Customers Seated & Safe!

The perfect solution ffor or any business looking to mer e xperience with a add a buzz to their customer experience ice ce innovation! fantastic Covid compliant service or attention With a single tap customers can call ffor ect! and get the rapid response they expect!

All-in-One Payment and EPOS Solution Gives Hospitality Vendors Flexibility To Cash In On Post-Lockdown Demand

Improve customer experience No wasted server time Proven to Increase sales




7DEOH7DSLVDVLPSOHDQGǧH[LEOHZLUHOHVV         service button for hospitality, leisure and retail that will improve customer experience and boost sales




- 10x Table Tap Buttons - 2x Server Watches

- 20x Table Tap Buttons - 4x Server Watches

– anywhere a customer might want to ask


for a little help.


Customer taps to call for service


Server Recieves Message


Request is Completed



£10.00 PER WEEK

£15.00 PER WEEK



10x Table Tap Buttons 2x Server Watches Free replacements £95.00 deposit

20x Table Tap Buttons ns 4x Server Watches Free replacements £150.00 deposit

Request trial offer today




Anderson Zaks, an independent, UK-based multichannel Payment Gateway, together with leading EPOS provider SPARK EPoS, have launched a new mobile payment solution designed especially for the hospitality sector. With the UK lockdown now lifting, restaurant, pubs and cafes are preparing for a forecasted pent-up demand not seen since the ‘Roaring Twenties’ and post war boom. The new solution enables restaurants and cafes to extend their offerings with outdoor service options, including drive thru’s, mobile stores and pop-ups, as they welcome customers back within social distancing guidelines. The hospitality solution works on Android handheld devices and with wi-fi connectivity provides full order menu management, including kitchen printing and order and contactless pay at the table. Even if the wi-fi connection drops out in the middle of a field at a festival, the devices can still take transactions, which means no missed sales. The payment system is

integrated with stock control systems, so orders and payments can be easily reconciled with goods and produce sold for accurate stock management. Staff tips are also managed effectively, keeping staff happy. Iain High, CEO at Anderson Zaks commented; “The recent global disruption has been a difficult time for many businesses in the hospitality and retail sectors. However, experts, not just statisticians and economists, are forecasting a demand for travel, eating out and entertainment not seen since after the last two world wars”

For more information please visit:

Hospitality Technology Less Work and Better Results? Your Guests Hold The Secret

There’s a growing trend amongst your guests, and society in general, that can go a long way to helping you manage your property easier and more successfully. You may have noticed more and more people managing their home life, work days, and holiday trips online via their smartphones or computers. They make notes, keep appointments, research, socialise, do their banking, and book travel. The advantages of this are all based around convenience, speed, and simplicity. It keeps all their information in one place, lets them perform actions quickly, and reduces the chance of losing information or recording something inaccurately. Have you ever thought “there’s got to be an easier way to run my property”? Small accommodation providers can achieve this same

sense of convenience and simplicity with hotel management software. Eliminating your need for physical notebooks or ledgers, manual data entry, and time-consuming admin, software makes running your property as easy as using an app on a smartphone - as so many of your guests do. There will always be a perception that technology is complex and difficult to understand, and only people with a background in tech can understand it. This is not the case at all. In fact some providers design their software for exactly your property type, to the point where you can get started within a day. To learn more about how you can run your property better and get time back in your day, check out Little Hotelier - a solution built specifically for small accommodations. For further details visit the website at

The New Agency Fighting for a Greener Future Launched this Spring, Warrior Agency is an agency doing things differently and delivering a UK first in green services to help transition organisations to a more sustainable future. Founded by Lizzie McManus, Warrior Agency, is an agency supporting the hospitality sector with the usual PR, social media, influencer, digital marketing, design and website services, as well as offering Green Audits and a Green Consultancy service. Lizzie explains: “Warrior’s Green Audit looks at all elements of your business, offering ways you can reduce costs and carbon emissions. We help you plan a steady transition to a more sustainable future, all on

your own terms and in manageable stages. Warrior will be there every step of the way including project creation and inception, employee engagement, reviews, completion, accreditation, and public relations to share your positive news.” The Green House Hotel in Bournemouth was Warrior’s first client for the Green Audit, Olivia O’Sullivan, General Manager, commented: “We’d been searching for this service for several months, and couldn’t find it anywhere, so we were delighted when Warrior Agency launched and offered exactly what we had been looking for. Although The Green House Hotel is well-known for its green credentials, and has been voted the UK’s best eco-boutique hotel a number of times, it’s important to us that we don’t rest on our laurels, and we work hard to remain in that top spot.” To find out more about Warrior’s services visit or email


A bespoke service that helps your establishment reduce its: • Energy • Water • Waste • Carbon footprint A specialist in PR and Social Media for hospitality, Warrior Agency also promotes your positive changes to your audience.

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Outdoor Spaces Outdoor Events to Reengage Customers 42

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Written by Rebecca Brennan-Brown With the opening day for pubs here, holding an outdoor function creates an incentive for customers to attend and spend. Having outside space is an enormous advantage right now, as we know the infection rates significantly reduce outside. So how can you safely use your outdoor space for social events over the next few months?

BEER FESTIVALS Providing you have the right contacts to obtain traders, a beer festival is a great way to draw in customers. The weather need not be an issue; gazebos will solve that problem. A socially distanced beer festival will look different from usual, a reoccurring theme across all areas of hospitality. Consider asking customers to order from their tables rather than queuing for a drink to manage social distancing.

cancelled or rescheduled. Creating a mini socially distanced festival using your outdoor space could be a great way to entice music fans. Plus, it’s been so long since musicians have had any live jobs, they’ll jump at the change to play again.

OUTDOOR FILM NIGHTS Projector screens, blankets, warm drinks and food. Doesn’t that sound cosy? An abundance of outdoor cinemas are opening, but some people are concerned about being in such large groups of people. Smaller films nights will make those people feel more comfortable. The equipment is easy to come by, so tells guests to bring blankets, and make sure you have the hot chocolates ready.


disco kits are easy to come by and can be hired for a small cost.

WEDDINGS Many couples have cancelled weddings due to COVID, and are therefor getting married with fewer family and friends around. It isn’t currently legal to get married outside in the UK, but you can offer your outside space as a place to celebrate a couple’s wedding with their family and friends safely.

FOODFEST Again focussing on the elements people have lacked over the past few months, many are craving restaurant meals. With smart but straightforward technology such as QR codes, ordering food from a variety of different vendors while remaining safe is easy. Consider theming your food fest to a particular cuisine, maybe you have an Asian food-themed day and invite street food vendors from your local area. Owners and managers have the difficult task of managing alcohol intake, knowing that social distancing and safety measures are likely to slip as people have more to drink. Tokens or limits should be considered, with managers using their discretion on safe contact.



With all of these suggestions, it’s paramount that the marketing of such events is right. The hospitality industry has a huge challenge ahead to shift the attitudes of customers, as many people will still be concerned about safety. By addressing those concerns from the forefront, we can make customers feel comfortable in the knowledge that social distancing has been adhered to, and their safety is the paramount concern.

It’s been months since anyone has seen music live. Many people are absolutely gutted that all of their festivals, gigs and open nights have been

Clubs and bars will be closed for some time, so why not bring a safe version of this to your outdoor space? If you can find a suitable way of sectioning off your space so customers can be socially distanced, this is a great option. Silent

For more information, pase contact Rebecca Brennan-Brown LTD Website: Instagram:

Bingo is no longer just for pensioners. Since lockdown began, we’ve seen all ages suddenly take up bingo. With the addition of drag queen callers and attractive prizes, bingo can be an entertaining event. Again, the equipment isn’t difficult to come by; there are many callers online. Plus, as this is an activity which takes place seated, it’s easier to keep people apart.

Indigo Awnings - Commercial Grade Shading Products At Indigo Awnings, the UK’s market leader in external shading, we offer we offer commercial grade shading products and provide expert advice with unrivalled customer and after-sales service. With today’s trend in alfresco socialising and dining, we can offer you made to measure shading that will enhance the beauty, and accessibility, of your business.

Custom branded products by Indigo Awnings provide efficient weather protection, create extra outdoor space, and drive revenue by making it easier for customers to find your business.

ric shades and patterns to choose from, all of which can be printed with your branding. With the addition of quality infra-red heating and LED lighting you can create a whole new dining experience for customers to enjoy all year round, consequently, a healthy return on investment – simply creating “money from fresh air”, regardless of the weather!

We have a wide range of commercial grade retractable awnings, giant parasols and fixed roof structures that will enhance any outdoor area and thus the comfort of your guests. Crafted from the highest-quality materials, all our products are fully customisable and built to your required specification. Frames can be powder coated in a range of RAL colours, with a huge selection of fab-

Backed up by a national capability and support network, all installations are completed by our highly experienced fitting teams, ensuring continuity with only one point of contact for our customers to have the best experience possible. Contact our friendly Indigo Awnings team on 01352 740164 or at

Optimise Your Outdoor Areas For The Staycation Boom With 100% Recycled Plastic Furniture With nationwide restrictions having been gradually eased, ensuring your outdoor areas are fit for use has never been more crucial. Research continues to validate that meeting outdoors comes with a reduced risk of transmission. Introducing furniture outside to optimise your available space is a great way to stay compliant with government advice, whilst creating comfortable al fresco areas for your expectant returning customers to enjoy – just in time for summer. When considering your outdoor furniture, NBB recycled plastic is the perfect choice, as the material looks like timber but can last outside all year round without the need for annual maintenance. All our furniture is offered at competitive prices and comes with our market-leading 25-year warranty! It is extremely hard wearing, guaranteed never to split, chip, crack, or rot, and the non-porous properties make it easy to clean between uses. In fact, recycled plastic can last up to 5 times longer than its timber equivalent! The longevity of recycled

plastic makes it is the perfect cost-effective alternative for use within the hospitality and catering industry, where heavy use is expected following the further easing of restrictions. Furthermore, sales of our products have recycled over 35 million milk bottles to date. Not only does our recycled plastic furniture look great, but it has also helped many happy customers achieve their own environmental goals. So, if you’re looking for long-lasting furniture to make the most of your outside spaces, take a look at our eco-friendly range and place your order today. NBB Recycled Furniture 0800 1777 052


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Outdoor Spaces

Enhance Your Customers' Experience with Ambimedia range of outdoor high-brightness, weatherproof TV’s which allow customers to watch TV even in bright sunlight, whilst also extending WIFI networks and installing outdoor sound systems to enhance the outdoor areas in anticipation of the summer season and upcoming sports events. In addition to this, we also provide hand sanitizer stations with a built in advertising display, allowing venues to inform, advertise and promote to a captive audience whilst keeping your staff and customers safe.

Ambimedia Ltd provide audiovisual solutions for a range of environments such as retail, leisure, education, corporate and hospitality venues. We provide a whole range of services from specification and design to installation and maintenance and we have our own, award winning digital signage and background music platforms. We are experts in digital signage and work closely with our clients to create a customer experience which exceeds their expectations, whilst offering a cost effective, user friendly service. In recent months, we have helped many businesses adapt to the changing requirements of the new regulations imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have a

Call us today to arrange a survey with one our technical experts and let us help you transform you venue. T: 01246 906958 E: W:

CambridgeStyle Canopies

CambridgeStyle Canopies have an enviable reputation in the hospitality sector for providing shade and shelter solutions for pubs, hotels and restaurants across the UK. We specialise in offering the right covering solutions to maximise your useable outdoor space with our range of made-to-measure aluminium outdoor canopy systems. Our product range includes:

Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising

• Wall mounted non-fragile or glass roof canopies with up to 6m projection and unlimited length • Free standing canopies with up to 12m projection and unlimited length • Solisysteme Bio Climatic Pergolas with the latest Somfy

technology and up to 7.1m post span • Zip Screens and Sliding Glass doors • Heating and lighting upgrades for all canopy systems Contact us to discuss your needs and arrange a site survey so we can help identify the right solution for your business. We have all the necessary accreditations within the construction sector and provide a no quibble 10-year guarantee on all products to give you peace of mind. Together we can help get business going again! Emails or visit

Solisyteme is the inventor and historical leader of the Bio Climatic Pergola.

Since 1998 Solisysteme has designed and manufactured pergolas and innovates every day in order to provide customer with tomorrow’s Solar protection solutions.

• Protects from the sun and inclement weather • Provides natural ventilation • Regulates the temperature in adjoining room • Adjusts the brightness of the light by remote control • Heating and Lighting options

Beer Gardens, Roof Tops and much more

Cambridgestyle Canopies is a long established provider of outside covered areas to the commercial market sector and proud to be the sole distributor of the Solisyteme products throughout the UK.

We have trade partners in your area that can provide a full installation service if required.

Example: 4000mm x 3000mm remote controlled Bio Climatic Pergola with LED lighting supplied for less than £6,000 ex vat

Also a vast range of aluminium or steel canopies to your required specifications Enquire today!

CambridgeStyle Canopies Ltd 01353 699009 | | “WE’VE GOT IT COVERED - NOBODY DOES IT BETTER”

Previous Clients Include:

Outdoor Spaces

Environmentally Sustainable, Ecodek Solid Decking Boards With the increase in development of outdoor hospitality areas looking set to stay, more restaurants and bars than ever have been reviewing ways for customers to safely enjoy dining and drinking experiences out of doors, using environmentally sustainable, Ecodek solid decking boards. Whilst many hospitality premises have been closed during lockdown, and others open for the sale of take-away orders only, businesses have been using the period to research, consider and install suitable outdoor dining solutions that can accommodate premises’ customer capacity as regulations change and warmer months approach. With its solid composition - intended to prevent water and moisture from rotting the decking from within Ecodek is a long-lasting, ecologically sustainable solution that offers increased resistance to impact damage. Its

solid structure gives it greater noise absorption properties, so it’s quieter underfoot; helping to reduce noise levels in dining environments. Safer and more hardwearing than a wooden outdoor floor surface, Ecodek is a sustainable and effective alternative to hollow boards. It is simple to install, manufactured in the UK and supported with a 25-year guarantee. Split and rot resistant, this hardwearing decking solution is ideally suited to commercial purposes and can be relied upon for customer comfort and safety in both wet and dry conditions. For further information about the Ecodek composite decking solution, including design ideas, environmental credentials, and recommended installation partners, visit or speak to a product specialist on 01978 667840.

Bring In Much Needed Revenue with an Outdoor Menu This Summer

With pub gardens and outdoor seating due to open from 12th April, having an outdoor menu offering will provide a much needed revenue boost for hospitality venues across the UK. We have a wide range of products that will help you create the perfect outdoor kitchen, in any outside space. With the 'super deduction' tax allowance introduced in the 2021 budget, businesses can also reduce their tax bill by 25p for every £1 spent on new equipment purchases, so return on investment can be gained even faster! Crown Verity Professional Barbecues offer a high quality, adaptable cooking solution, with a wide range of add-on accessories for a varied menu. From the compact MCB30 to the MCB72 'King

of the Grill', there is a model for every operator.

Simply Stainless Tabling works alongside Crown Verity to create the perfect outdoor kitchen. Working with our fabrications division we can also offer you a bespoke stainless steel solution for any requirement. Hygiene and safety is still a huge consideration, our Mobile Hand Wash Station & Sanitiser Unit help you to provide hygiene facilities outside for all customers and staff to keep safe. R H Hall offer the full package... From site visit, design and quotation - to supply of the perfect outdoor kitchen!!! Contact our knowledgeable sales team on 01296 663400 or to help you choose the perfect equipment for any operation!

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Outdoor Spaces

Café Culture - Pavement Profit and public houses.

We design and manufacturer our own windbreaks and use the best materials available. For anyone looking long term that saves you money as you won’t be replacing cheap internet imports next season. It’s one area where it doesn’t pay to buy budget as the continual bumps and scrapes outdoor goods receive combined with the harsh British climate really needs something tough enough for the job. We also supply Markilux awning which are some of the best made in the industry and Uhlmann parasols another top rated German brand. We are an independent supplier serving the outdoor restaurant trade with supplies for outdoor seating areas. We have some large clients including Gondola group along with many smaller cafe bars, restaurants

Bespoke goods are also a speciality with custom made menu holders, waiter stations and planters all to you requirement. If we can help you do drop a line to

Cantilever Bars

Cantilever designs, manufactures and installs bars for the hospitality industry - and we have been doing so since the early 1990’s. We offer a complete service in bar design that includes operational planning, project management and installation.

Alongside so many of our clients, we found last year a challenge and we are pleased to be working again on many new and varied projects. It is great to share the growing confidence of our customers and be part of shaping the future of hospitality as we move out of lockdown. Reflecting the changing times our office has moved to Stonehouse, Gloucestershire and our team of designers are part of the new wave of flexible working arrangements and are geographically spread from Belfast to Bavaria. The majority of our current projects are UK based, but we have projects running in Paris, Italy and the USA. Our team is friendly, professional and dedicated – we can develop and undertake the full build of your

project or we can work with your design and build team and deliver the operational workings of the bar. We hope that 2021 is a successful year for everyone in this business of ours. If you have a project in mind, we love to chat about bars so give us a call. Tel: 01453732040 Email: Website:

Outdoor Spaces The Cinders ‘Classic’ Barbecue The Cinders ‘Classic’ barbecue has exceeded customers’ expectations for decades, due to its unique, patented design. It easily cooks 1000 burgers in one session but being a true workhorse is not its only selling point. Robust, reliable and low-maintenance are just three adjectives to describe a barbecue whose repair costs are typically non-existent over long periods, generating a healthy ROI for many years. The Cinders ‘Classic’ comes as a sixfoot long double grill (TG160), or a halfsized single grill (SG80), with both running on LPG and offering incredible food output for the price of the energy used. The user-friendly grills are easy-tolight and powerful, getting up to tempera-

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ture in around five minutes, to quickly feed a queue or facilitate an impromptu pop-up barbecue if great weather arrives. Cinders’ production values are impressive - not only offering a warranty for commercial use, unlike cheap imported barbecues, but also built to ISO 9001:2015 standards. The barbecues have internal self-cleaning too, removing the odious chore of post-barbecue clean-down. The grill merely needs to be left running for a few minutes to burn off residue, which is then brushed away or ejected. Once cool, the Classic can be folded down and easily stored away. Discover more at or call 01524 262900.

Sunshade Services Specialist Bespoke Outdoor Structures Sunshade Services specialise in the design, manufacture & installation of outdoor structures directly aimed at the hospitality sector. There are many things to consider when deciding which type of structure may best suit your needs including appearance, materials, safety, coverage required, planning issues and cost to name but a few. Having a totally flexible approach allows us to offer what we feel is the best all round solution to suit your individual needs. Every structure designed by us can be individually tailored to suit your requirements but allows us to meet any design requirements or site restrictions that may be placed upon.

Many of our structures can also be expanded upon in a modular fashion to allow further or extended coverage of large or awkward shaped areas allowing you to limit your capital expenditure as required. Please either call us on either of the numbers below or email your enquiry to & one of our sales team will get back to you as soon as they are free Contact us for your free no obligation quotation & start saving now. T: 01782 398848 / 07807 063734 e:

Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising



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Cleaning, Hygiene and Infection Control

Issue 64

New Campaign Dedicated To Ensuring Hand Sanitiser Practices Measure Up Skin health and hygiene specialist, GOJO Industries-Europe Ltd, has launched a ‘Hand Sanitiser Integrity’ campaign to help businesses sustain safe and effective hand hygiene practice. When hand sanitiser demand outpaced supply during the pandemic, many turned to dispensers and bottles that could be refilled from large sanitiser containers. According to a recent study 70% of businesses sometimes refill hand sanitiser system cartridges, and 60% of these plan to continue those practices when supply chains return to normal, post-COVID. However, they may not be the safest or most effective solution – and can actually pose a risk to public health. These ‘open refill’ dispensers are typically serviced by pouring product into them and are usually ‘topped-off’ from gallons or drums of sanitiser that are not equipped with pumps for individual, portion controlled product usage. Problems associated with this system include branded hand sanitiser products being refilled with other formulas, products mixing into unknown chemical combinations, inadvertent contamination or degradation, and product tampering. All of which can mean an uncompliant and potentially harmful end product. Furthermore, mixing hand sanitisers can result in a poor user experience, producing a watery or sticky product, and can also cause skin irritation , which can all contribute towards lower levels

of compliance. The wrong product could also jam the pump, rendering the dispenser unusable. To ensure hand sanitiser safety measures up, the integrity campaign recommends buyers should: • opt for products that meet key standards, including EN 14476 and EN 12791 • ensure the product is dermatologically tested • check that refills are sealed to prevent contamination. Smart, safe, and sustainable, PURELL® SANITARY SEALED™ refills simply snap into place on site. Since they are sealed at the point of manufacture, the product inside is protected from contamination. Dermatologically tested, PURELL’s scientifically advanced formulation has been proven to maintain skin health, whilst killing 99.99% of the most common germs that may be harmful. It has also passed key norm EN14476 in just 30 seconds . PURELL remains the market leader, thanks to its focus on formulation without compromise. For more information, call +44 (0)1908 588444, email or visit

Innovative Antibacterial Touchpoint Cover Hospitality Sector Getting Back In The Flow That's Helping Business Reopen Safely! Genesis Biosciences Calling On Businesses To Check Their Drains After Lockdown Global Hygiene company Veraco has become leading innovators in hygiene solutions for frequently touched surfaces like doors, hand rails and touch screens. Their Safe Pad™ range of antimicrobial touchpoint covers are trusted across sectors by the likes of Deutsche Bank, CBRE, Muller, COS, Unilever, Canary Wharf Group, Premierships clubs such as Wolverhampton Wanderers FC and many others. As hospitality and retail are reopening, they have launched the Veraco Clear Range™. They are designed for premium settings where it is important to integrate with the interior design but where hygiene safety is still critical. Veraco products contain a ‘Silver Ion’ technology that attacks harmful bacteria and viruses. The technology kills bacteria by reducing microbial growth up to 99.99 %. It breaks down the biological makeup and prevents its ability to reproduce, multiply and form bio-films.

Antimicrobial silver technology is not new and has been used in hospitals and critical care for a long time. The products work continuously on touch so they provide an important backup to other measures like cleaning and hand hygiene. George Strong from Veraco said “It is really important that we listen to the market and respond to what they tell us. Hygiene safety is critical everywhere but for businesses where the design experience is also critical, that shouldn’t have to be compromised. Our clear range is a perfect solution for restaurants, bars and hotels ” 020 8167 2854 See the advert on the facing page for further details.

With hotels, restaurants and cafés closed to the public for months, many commercial kitchens have been left idle and unused and so too have the properties’ drainage systems. As venues begin to reopen, business owners will need to ensure their premises continue to meet all regulations and hygiene requirements which includes maintaining clear drains.

For pubs, restaurants and all other businesses with commercial kitchens there are strict regulations in place for how waste products must be disposed of, in particular fats, oils and grease (FOG). This is to prevent them from reaching water systems and contributing to the increasing fatberg problem as well as blocked pipes, bad odours and potentially flooding. While grease traps are designed to stop FOG from entering the drainage system, regular maintenance to keep them operating efficiently and with minimal odours is essential. With kitchens dormant for some time, and grease traps left untouched, there is a

chance fatty deposits from prelockdown may have caused blockages which inevitably will require chemical or mechanical treatment.

Genesis Biosciences, which specialises in creating probiotic cleaning solutions, has developed a compact and effective system for easily maintaining drainage systems and grease traps. GD Ultra is a simple to use dispenser system which automatically distributes a daily dose of powerful beneficial bacteria that work to break down FOG. The dispenser can easily be plumbed in to the pipe to feed the probiotics in to the system. One 310ml GD Ultra cartridge will last for three months so once installed, it eliminates the need for manual dosing 'and can ultimately reduce waste disposal costs for those in the hospitality industry. To find out more about Genesis Biosciences’ grease traps and drain maintenance range, visit

Cleaning, Hygiene and Infection Control Issue 64

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Groundbreaking Health Technology Products Support Hospitality Reopening International, said: “We are looking forward to bringing our health technology to the UK. The announcement from the team at Fujita Health University in Japan further demonstrates that ozone sterilisation technology is a viable alternative to the use of chemicals for disinfection.”

A UK business partnership is bringing health technology to the hospitality industry to support businesses as the easing of lockdown restrictions begin. Scientists from Fujita Health University in Japan have confirmed that low concentrations of ozone gas can be used to neutralise coronavirus particles without causing harm to humans. According to the university research, low-level ozone gas in concentrations of 0.05 to 1.0 parts per million (ppm) could be key to neutralising the spread of coronavirus in healthcare settings such as examination rooms and waiting areas. It also provides hospitality businesses with an alternative method to sterilise the air and surfaces in their premises and delivery vehicles without the use of chemicals. Medklinn International, the health technology company that has pioneered research and development into negative ionisation and ozone in the sterilisation process, already provides air and surface sterilisation solutions in ASIA, the USA, Canada, Australia and Germany. Now the business is set to launch in the UK. Daniel Lu, chief technology and innovation officer of Medklinn

Jasun Envirocare Despite the lockdown Jasun has continued to expand its Air and Water hygiene division within the hospitality sector. Post lockdown Jasun has found that its multi-disciplined approach to air and water hygiene combined with the fact that as a filter manufacturer has allowed it to respond positively to client requests whilst others are struggling to meet deadlines and site requirements. Based in Waterlooville, Hampshire Jasun’s service division is able to provide support nationally with engineers covering the whole country. Where clients also require dire damper testing, which is a legal requirement, they are able to combine this with the other services and reduce overall costs. Jasun is working with some of the UK’s largest chains as well as offering its bespoke service to smaller operations, and even individual sole proprietor sites.

Steve Jones, Brand Manager Medklinn UK, said: “We’re really excited to be launching Medklinn UK. Our products are already used by some of the leading global brands in the hospitality industry, including Hyatt, Mandarin Oriental and Singapore’s Changi Airport. We believe that they will be particularly useful as we make steps towards easing restrictions and reopening the UK following the lockdowns over the past 12 months.” In addition to the latest breakthrough in neutralising coronavirus particles, Medklinn products are also proven to be effective in: • Killing 99.9% of harmful microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria, mould and fungi by destroying their RNA and DNA structure • Eliminating volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including those with adverse health effects • Neutralising allergenic organic compounds such as pet dander and the protein

During the lockdown we saw an interesting mix of business seeing hospitality work drop but at the same time we saw a massive increase in demand for air filters, which we make for all sectors including healthcare. Our broad spread of segments allowed us to offer stability to our existing clients and bring stability to new ones, many of whom have seen their service providers go out of business during lockdown. Call 02392 644700 or email

in the faeces of dust mites, which are often the cause of allergies Medklinn UK will offer a range of air and surface sterilisers designed for business use including: • Permanent units for spaces up to 1,000 sq ft such as hotel guest rooms, washrooms, offices and classrooms • Permanent units for large spaces of 3,000 sq ft or more such as hotel corridors, washrooms, restaurants, halls, offices, exhibition centres, supermarkets, food processing and manufacturing plants • Portable units for ad hoc treatments of indoor odours recommended for hotel guest rooms, restaurants and facilities management It will also offer ozone water systems (for washrooms, industrial kitchens, food processing factories) and integrated sterilisation systems (for public washrooms, food processing and F&B outlets and supermarkets). The consumer range from Medklinn will feature two products - one suitable for the home and travel and one for use in vehicles. For further information about Medklinn UK please visit or contact

Helping Hotels and Restaurants to Bounce Back Aspenprint, a leading design and print agency for the hospitality industry have been busy helping hotels, restaurants, pubs, cafes, bars and food outlets to reopen ready for a busy summer ahead, with many Brits opting for staycations within the UK. After a hectic 2020 providing clients with essential social distancing products such as protective screens, branded face masks and specialist wipeable menu material which can even go in the dishwasher, it’s looking like an exciting start to summer 2021. Popular items so far include giant branded deckchairs (perfect for social media snaps!), revamped interior and exterior signage, newly developed menu designs on a range of paper stocks and scores of branded greaseproof paper. Managing Director, Ian Shenton, comments; "We are

proud to expand our wide range of outdoor solutions to include branded parasols, cafe barriers, swing boards, PVC banners in a variety of sizes, as well as giant and normal sized branded deckchairs to ensure customers have the very best outdoor dining experience. We have also launched our new antibacterial laminate which is proven to kill 99.9% of germs which touch its surface and has been tested according to ISO21702 and ISO22 standards. This protective antibacterial coating can be added to menus, brochures, flyers, posters and more and has been really popular in helping our clients to re-open and stay safe. We’re really looking forward to a busy summer helping our clients to re-open." Follow Aspenprint on social media to stay updated with the latest product offerings. Contact Aspenprint for all your signage, design and print needs on 01202 717418 or visit or see the advert on page 7.

Technology proven to kill viruses and bacteria including Covid 19 at prices that don’t damage your profits

Versa Air+Surface Sterilizer Effective against

Bacteria & viruses

VOCs & toxic gases

Bad smells

Cross infections



Cost effective solutions for spaces 250sq ft - 3000sq ft and vehicles

Distributed by Tunnelight, Telford, UK |


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Cleaning, Hygiene & Infection Control Evaness 100% Biodegradable Consumables Range Consumable Supplies brand EVANESS is the only full range of biodegradable products for the catering industry, from various sizes and strengths of bin liners, to clingfilm and food/freezer bags. EVANESS is a derivative from the word ‘Evanesce” meaning to vanish and the technology used in the biodegradable range is scientifically proven to degrade the material if it gets into the open environment and then facilitate the secondary process of biodegradation, without causing micro-plastics.

brought about many concerns over how to store and handle a range of items, which were handled by many a person to avoid the transfer of viruses and bacteria. Consumable Supplies created a Grip Seal bag which incorporates an advanced British technology D2P by Symphony Environmental, which provides protection to the surface of the Grip Seal bag against microorganisms or viruses for the lifetime of the bag and offers a 99.9% Anti-Viral reduction after 1 hour of contact.

New recent additions to the product range include compostable bin liners which are manufactured to EN13432 certification for home and industrial composting, and the UK’s first ANTI-VIRAL Grip Seal bag, which although are nonbiodegradable are specifically designed to combat the transmission of viruses and bacteria.

Although the bag can be used for the storage and handling of any items you wish to protect, as the product is Food-Safe, it also offers its use to storing food. The initial bag size offered is 150mm x 200mm, so useful for smaller items and can form part of your existing health and hygiene protection routine.

The pandemic

Consumable Supplies strives to offer unique quality environmentally friendlier products at reasonable prices with a great no-quibble customer service. Free delivery on any order. See the advert opposite or visit

SanOZone Cleans Indoor Spaces of All Sizes for Covid Safety Ozone sanitising is the most effective way to deep clean residential environments of all sizes and it is easier, quicker, and more cost-effective than manual cleaning or fogging. Once in position, an easyto-use key-pad enables the operator to set the optimal ozone concentration for the size of the room. The system then automatically converts the ambient air into ozone that fills the room, sanitising floors,

walls, ceilings, surfaces and equipment. The complete sanitisation of an average sized room will take approximately two hours. This includes the production of ozone, maintaining the required concentration for total cleaning and then returning the room to its usual habitation state. SanOZone is one of the most versatile and efficient sanitisation systems available to healthcare, commercial property owners and facilities management companies. It offers many benefits over manual cleaning and we believe that it is three times quicker and more efficient than alternatives like fogging. See the advert below for details.

Why choose SANOZONE? ■ SanOzone generates Ozone and completes a deep and accurate sanitation cycle ■ Ozone sanitisation is cheaper and faster than alternatives like fogging ■ Swiftly cleans and sanitises rooms of all sizes, removing harmful microorganisms ■ Reaches every corner of location, acting more rapidly than other disinfecting agents ■ Machine generates ozone from the air, which decomposes to oxygen after use

SANOZONE CLEANS INDOOR SPACES OF ALL SIZES FOR COVID SAFETY THE MAIN BENEFITS OF SANOZONE ARE: • Highly efficient in the fight against Covid viruses • Effective against the majority of microorganisms tested • Requires only low volumes of ozone to kill bacteria, fungus, parasites and viruses • A standalone system that eliminates the need for chemical substances • More cost-effective than traditional cleaning operations or materials • Automatic cleaning cycle; easy to move from room to room SanOZone units are fully mobile, easy to programme for hourly or daily cleaning and have acoustic and visual warning indicators for safe operation. As it creates its own ozone, no chemicals or additional cleaning products are required. There are no ongoing costs.

SanOZone Easybox systems are available from Barbel now, with prices starting from £1,750 ex VAT for the Easybox 5

For more information, contact Barbel on 01629 705110, email or visit the website at


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Cleaning, Hygiene and Infection Control

Issue 64

Enhance the Perception of Clean with a Venue That Smells Great Now that the hospitality industry is coming out of lockdown, restaurant and pub managers need to ensure that premises are not only clean and safe, but also restore confidence for returning staff and diners. First impressions count, and can begin before people even see if a venue is clean. The sense of smell is the strongest of the five senses and one of the body’s front-line defence mechanisms, designed to set off alarm bells if a foul smell is detected. According to research, 75% of all emotions generated each day are due to smell, and we are therefore 100 times more likely to remember something we smell over anything we hear, see, or touch. A bad smell is a warning of a bad experience to come.

WASHROOM FOCUS In all premises, to feel safe, consumers need to see – and smell – that the washroom is immaculately clean, but poor plumbing or maintenance, or an inadequate cleaning regime can lead to unfortunate odours which are unlikely to receive 5-star reviews. However, in urinals it is the actual minute-byminute usage that can cause the biggest problem.

“We’ve been solving the most common hygiene issue in urinals for years, as randomly splashed urine causes a headache for cleaners, plus a bad smell and a reduction in hygiene standards. “But there’s something even more important at this unprecedented time. According to The World Health Organisation (WHO), Coronavirus can spread in an infected person's urine. This is called ‘viral shedding’, which means that if traces of contaminated urine become aerosolised and inhaled while using a urinal, the disease can infect others in the washroom1. That’s why P-Wave recently delivered a new angle on splash prevention, coupled with a major step forward in urinal deodorising technology with the launch of a new highly fragranced urinal screen.” To ensure washroom cleanliness and hygiene it is worth installing bio-enzymatic cleaning solutions in cisterns. They release billions of beneficial bacterial to consume bio-materials that cause odours, keeping the bowl clean, blue and fresh, while also reducing water consumption by displacing water that would normally be present. Toilet bowls should not be overlooked, and there are passive highly fragranced solutions which can be clipped over the outside of the toilet rim (under the seat) or hung anywhere.

PASSIVE AND ACTIVE AIR FRESHENERS Passive air fresheners are ideal for smaller areas where consistent fragrancing is important. From simple, highly fragranced units for installation in bins, the back of doors, under a desks or in washrooms, to more powerful units which can be placed near a door or any space with good air flow, the openair design ensures maximum surface area exposure for effective and efficient fragrance release.

Active air fresheners replace aerosols and are better for the environment. Systems are available to freshen small, medium and large spaces. Discrete wall or ceiling mounted systems can comprehensively freshen up to 16m3, and feature an intelligent fan which powers down when the lights go off to conserve the battery. For use in toilet cubicles, lifts, gyms and spas or even on a desk in an office, another motion-actvated solution delivers more targeted, clean and efficient air freshening in small spaces exactly when and where it’s needed, reducing fragrance overload, nasal fatigue, and aerosol residue. Also available are powerful, yet silent active fresheners which feature advanced micro-diffusion technology. Delivering coverage from 200m3 to 1200m3, one option features bluetooth control and advanced programming via smartphone or tablet, while the largest, features fully adjustable start/stop, diffusion and stand-by intervals as well as a weekend on/off function. “When specifying air freshening solutions, restaurant and pub managers also have the environment on mind and only choose and install products and consumables that are 100% recyclable,” says Mark. “As restaurants and pubs reopen, there’s no doubt that first impressions are hugely important and restore confidence. Owners and managers need to do all they can to ensure that staff and guests trust that premises are hygienic, safe and clean. Now is the time to address cleaning and maintenance issues, but also to ensure that premises smell clean and have a pleasant and inviting ambience.” For further information visit 1

Sundeala SD Safety Screens and Sundeala Safe Push Door Plates Sundeala have been manufacturing in the UK since 1898 and we are now proud to offer a wide range of products to help you create physical partitions and keep environments hygienic and safe. Our Sundeala FR Safe Push Door Plates are 100% coronavirus free in 5 minutes and are designed to be attached to doors with no-screw fixings making them easy to remove after use. Safe Push Door Plates require no cleaning and are fantastic for reducing the spread of viruses from high touch door surfaces. Available in 7 subtle shades, we can create bespoke sizes to fit any door and supply each pack of Door Plates with adhesive tabs to ensure easy installation. Our Sundeala SD Safety Screen is an environmentally friendly safety screen, perfect for encouraging social distancing in high foot fall environments to help prevent viral spread via droplets or aerosolisation. Sundeala SD Safety Screens are made from 100% recycled paper fibres and are highly porous as well as being extremely durable and robust. They are a practical, environmentally friendly way to assist with social distancing and

can be pinned with informational and/or decorative posters, signs and paper. Many products in our Covid Compliance range including Safe Push Door Panels and SD Safety Screens are made using our Sundeala FR Board. After undergoing ISO 17025 compliant laboratory testing we are delighted to reveal that our Sundeala FR Board (used extensively in circulation spaces, corridors and other high-footfall areas) is shown to be 100% safe from viral transmission from contact with the surface and 100% coronavirus free throughout after 5 minutes of infection, making it completely safe to touch, cut, sand and recycle. Sundeala FR Board is manufactured in the UK from UK waste materials. Sundeala notice boards protect the environment outside while improving the environment inside. For any more information or to find out how we can safeguard your spaces, contact our sales team on 01453 708689 /

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New Ground-Breaking ‘Always-on’ Room Sanitiser System Launched to Help UK Businesses Prevent Transmission of COVID-19 A new ground-breaking ‘always on’ air and surface sanitiser system has been launched to help hospitality venues get back to business by giving customers and staff complete peace of mind. PureSan continuously sanitises any indoor space whilst in normal use, preventing the transmission of harmful viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19. The PureSan window sticker will soon become the internationally recog-

nised hallmark of a space that is continuously sanitised and always clinically clean, ensuring both customers and staff feel safe in a ‘PureSan protected’ environment.

In addition to eliminating COVID-19, PureSan is proven to eradicate over 35 harmful viruses, bacteria and fungi.

The system has been certified and approved by the EPA and NSF, is approved for use on food contact surfaces with no rinse required [NSF rated D-2] and produces no harmful by-products.

PureSan has huge commercial benefits to help hospitality businesses recover from the pandemic, including raising customer confidence and footfall, and dramatically reducing staff absence due to sickness.

Each system has its own SIM card that enables the PureSan team to monitor and control the system remotely 24/7, ensuring hospitality venues can welcome customers inside with confidence. Tested by a UKAS accredited lab in many commercial environments, PureSan is certified and proven to create and maintain a clinically clean indoor area.

The system is highly cost effective with low monthly running costs and can often prove cost neutral with the low cost easily offset by an increase in revenue. For more information, please visit:

Engraved Table Numbers and QR Discs Facilitate Social Distancing as Pubs and Restaurants Re-Open The hospitality sector begins to re-open its doors after yet another long lockdown faced with the continued challenge to maintain social distancing. Government guidelines state pubs and restaurants should encourage the use of contactless ordering from table and should adjust their service approach to minimise staff contact with customers. Brunel has made a substantial investment in additional state of the art engraving equipment in order to produce individually etched table numbers and QR code discs which will provide clear markings and information for the public in order to satisfy the requirement for social distancing. The individually engraved table numbers and discs will enable customers to link to Apps or menus, reducing staff contact and eliminating the requirement for hard copies of menus. “We are working hard to keep the British hospitality industry going through these difficult times and we have invested heavily in new equipment to ensure that we can answer the increasing demand for our engraved products”, said Martyn Wright, managing director of

The Jade Air Purification System The Jade Air Purification System is among the most advanced and effective Air Purification Systems on the market today, bringing the clean, fresh and re-energising air to your business premises. Engineered to maximise the air change rate by moving large volumes without the air drag that often occurs in more inferior air purifiers. The top air outlet design allows air to cascade out the top and efficiently flow throughout the room while keeping the sound volume at an industry leading low level. It's as quiet as a standard household dishwasher. Household quiet, but with the strength to provide healthier air in even the most demanding of environments.

Brunel Engraving and founder of the company. “Many pubs and restaurants have been undertaking major renovations during the lockdown period and we have assisted with their efforts to maintain social distancing by supplying table numbers, QR code discs, signage, PPE Visors and distancing floor stencils which will be used in the new public areas as businesses open their doors to the public once again.” Established over 30 years ago, Brunel Engraving is a pioneering engraving specialist which leads the way in technical innovation. The company has ISO9001 accreditation and its highly skilled team of professional engravers is trained to the highest standards in the UK. In addition to rotary engraving Brunel offers laser engraving, chemical etching, anodic print, dye sublimation print, flatbed UV print and wide format UV print. For further information please contact: 01275 871720 Email: Website: See the advert on the facing page for further information. Our exclusive six stages of technology not only filter the air – we also sterilise it. We diminish everything that is in the air: bioaerosols, odours, gasses, disinfectants, particulates, moulds, viruses, bacteria and fungus. We also re-energise the air to combat fatigue and to give the air a ‘lighter’ feel. Headaches, fatigue, itchy eyes, dry skin, coughing, sneezing, and the need for inhalers are all ways polluted air can cause discomfort and inconvenience. We eliminate the causes of these problems. The Jade is designed with premium in mind, in its beautiful contemporary styling on the outside, its sophisticated technology on the inside, and its airflow performance throughout. Find out more or purchase your Jade unit at


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Amaryllis Cleaning Services It’s imperative that businesses within the hospitality industry are on their game. Given the current pandemic, quality clean is now a basic requirement necessary for the industry to function effectively, keeping both customers and employees safe.

Amaryllis Cleaning Services Would you like to entrust the chore of cleaning your business to professionals in order to save on time? Amaryllis Cleaning Services put the needs and requirements of our clients at the heart of everything we do.

Tel: 020 3722 6372 or 07306 888590 Email:

Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising

Amaryllis cleaning services has consistently been delivering to its clients, quality cleaning. Managing some of the most prestigious 5-star pubs and restaurant, Air B n B, hotels etc. Their portfolio management caters to extraordinary standards with meticulousness and attention to detail which cannot be faulted. The company and its staff has continuously gone beyond what’s required in delivery an exceptional service. Why choose Amaryllis cleaning? They have consistently catered to the hospitality industry, before the pandemic and will continue after such as “Their reputation is built on quality” The company makes their clients needs their priority. Amaryllis will assist businesses in the hospitality industry to maintain high standard, elevate those which are struggling at the moment through implementation of proactive viable cleaning

solutions and programs which are unique to their needs. Whilst the cleaning industry is now over run with companies offering the service, quality companies are hard to find. There is a difference with merely offering a service to meet the demand and catering to each company’s needs. Amaryllis cleaning services will improve the quality of your businesses and customer experience. They are a cleaning company of the highest standards which is reflected in their day-to-day operation, staff, policies, procedures and the service they provide. The company is multi-faceted. Offering day to day contractual and one-off cleaning services to hotels, Air B n B, Pubs, Restaurant, Bars, Clubs etc. So, whilst you plan for the future, pulling more customers through the door, selecting wine, ale, spirits for the coming events and seasons, opulently relaxing staycations, your loyal customers anticipates the next mouth-watering taste bud adventure, Amaryllis has already prepared you for tomorrow. Tel: 020 3722 6372 or 07306 888590 Email:

Swiftclean - Air, Water and Fire Compliance In a post lockdown world, as well as food and COVID safety, it is essential to safeguard indoor air quality, water cleanliness and fire safety.

Airborne fat, oil and grease, released by cooking, accumulates in layers in your kitchen extract ductwork, hood and canopy, creating a potential fire risk. This grease must be removed regularly by expert technicians, in compliance with TR19® Grease, which is issued by BESA. A simple wet-film test tells us if a clean is due post lockdown. If you don’t comply with TR19 Grease®, and there is a fire, your insurance provider may refuse to pay out and you could be prosecuted for negligence.

Similarly, you must protect your water system’s cleanliness and protect it from legionella outbreaks by complying with L8, issued by the Legionella Control Association. If you had to shut down due to COVID, your water system should have been recommissioned and flushed through. If your risk assessment is out of date, you must get it updated. Again, you could be prosecuted for negligence if you haven’t complied. Your indoor air quality should also be safeguarded by complying with TR19®, the leading guidance on ventilation system hygiene, also issued by BESA. Clean ductwork means cleaner, healthier air. Visit

Design and Refit

Bridge Art At Bridge Art, we are art consultants, committed to quality, aesthetic excellence and client satisfaction.

Working in collaboration with designers, the hospitality industry and private collectors, we offer art advisory, develop concepts and customise art programs to meet

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individual project needs. Not only do we work with a selection of artists to provide bespoke pieces, we also offer in-house design, producing original artwork, picture editing and professional printing. We pride ourselves on our bespoke picture framing service and have an extensive knowledge on a variety of mouldings, mounts, glass and fittings. Our experienced framers will work with you to accommodate your vision and budget, recommending frame and mount designs based on your project.

Art consultants committed to quality, aesthetic excellence and client satisfaction

We provide the full package, all under one roof, from project-brief to installation. To see more of what we do, you can find us on Instagram at @bridgeart1, or visit our website, If you have an upcoming project or want more information on what we do, do not hesitate to contact us on 01384 380585 or

7 Things to Remember About Commercial Refrigeration Whether you’re unaware of proper commercial refrigeration protocol or you’ve picked up bad habits along the way, there are many foodservice businesses and staff that forget the basics when it comes to running, using and maintaining commercial refrigeration. Any commercial refrigeration is a major investment for a business and so it’s vital to make sure it is used correctly, not only to increase lifespan of equipment but also, critically, for food safety.

This isn’t just a gimmick to create extra work for staff but is vital for food safety and to minimise food waste. 5.DO observe basic food storage rules. Ideally cooked and raw foods should be stored in separate equipment to avoid cross contamination. 6.DO remember that commercial refrigeration requires more attention than a domestic fridge freezer. Vents, condensers and filter areas will attract dust & dirt which must be periodically removed to ensure effective and efficient operation. Regular cleaning and maintenance are vital to performance and to prevent possible breakdowns.

1.DO know what foods should be stored at what temperature. For general produce aim for around 2°C to 5°C. Fresh meat and fish should be stored between -2°C to +2°C while frozen foods should be stored at -18°C or 7.DO pay attention to the climate class allocated to lower. It’s no good just keeping food cold, it needs to be equipment. This denotes the maximum ambient temperastored at specific temperatures to delay the growth of bac- tures that a unit can work in effectively and efficiently and teria and preserve freshness. so dictates where it’s suitable for use. For example, a fridge with climate class 3 is designed for maximum ambient 2.DO monitor and record temperatures. This is good practice for any HACCP plan and also promotes best prac- conditions of 25°C, which lends itself to positioning in a standard storage room. Fridges with climate class 4 or 5 tice and additional food safety. are suitable for use in maximum ambient temperatures of 3.DO clearly label all foods detail30°C and 40°C respectively, therefore ing the contents, prep dates, use by can be situated in the working kitchen dates and the member of staff createnvironment where it tends to be hoting the label. Colour coded day labels ter. are great for at a glance assessment Tele - 01455 815200 of what needs to be used first. Email - 4.DO observe stock rotation and Web - use the first in first out (FIFO) system. or

We provide the full package, all under one roof, from project-brief to installation. Find us on Instagram at @bridgeart1 or visit If you have an upcoming project or want more information on what we do, do not hesitate to contact us on 01384 380585 or


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Chairs with Classic Italian Style

When choosing chairs for your café or restaurant’s dining space, comfort is a key factor in ensuring your customers will return again and again to enjoy a meal. Not only that, the chairs you opt for must also stand up to the day-to-day demands made on them while looking stylish and providing great value for money. When it comes to ticking these boxes, Trent Furniture’s recently revamped Italia Bistro Chair is as popular as pizza among the customers who opt for it. A timelessly stylish ladderback design and choice of walnut or dark oak finish, means this chair is as equally at home in a traditional pub dining room as the

newest Italian restaurant in town. Not only that, it’s available in a wide choice of upholstery, including your own fabric if only a bespoke look will do. Alternatively, the Milan Crossback Chair is a great option, with the same great specifications and an understated, stylish look. Both these solid beechwood chairs pair perfectly with a wide variety of tables including shaker and cast-iron styles. To find out more about these versatile, environmentally friendly and fire-retardant crib 5 chairs, available from just £35.90, please visit or call 0116 2864 911.

Seating with Wider Appeal from ILF Chairs Hospitality has now got the Green light last to reopen outdoors from the 12th April. Will you be ready and able to cope with the rush? Will your Café, Restaurant, bar have the right outdoor ambience and comfort to stand out from the rest and make your customers want to come back? Never fear, ILF Ltd. have the solution with a comprehensive selection of outdoor chairs and tables in many finishes and colours which we are able to supply

quickly from either our UK location or our European location. We have selections of seating in aluminium, resin, plastic, polycarbonate, teak and imitation rattan plus, there are also tables and barstools for exterior use. Whatever your outdoor furniture needs might be we at ILF are here to help. Why not contact us on 01293 783783 or send an email to:-

Cemco (The Catering Equipment Maintenance Company) Cemco (The Catering Equipment Maintenance Company) first opened for business in 1990, and have been serving Dorset, Wiltshire, Somerset, Bath, and the rest of the South and Southwest, ever since. We offer a full range of services, including servicing and repairs for all commercial catering appliances, ranging from small local projects to major national work, and everything in between. Specialising in commercial Glasswasher and Dishwasher repairs sales and service our reputation is second to none. We can offer you a no obligation quote now, so contact us for more information. CEMCO also carry out repairs to commercial catering equipment Dishwashers, Glasswashers, Ovens Grills Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset and The Southwest. We

undertake repairs and servicing to ALL, types, makes and models of commercial catering equipment. A repair is often far cheaper then a replacement! 30 Years in this Industry gives us the edge over our competitors, with time served Commercial Catering Equipment Engineers our clients have found we save them the cost of purchasing new equipment time after time…why buy new when a guaranteed repair is often all your Catering Equipment requires… We are based in Bournemouth & Poole, covering the whole of Dorset, as well as Somerset, Hampshire and Wiltshire. Call 01202 377205 now, to arrange a site visit

Specialists in Servicing, Repairs and Maintenance of all Commercial Catering Equipment

Cemco undertake Service and Repairs to ALL Commercial Dishwasher and Glasswasher Manufacturers Including Hobart, Electrolux, Meiko, Winterhalter to name a few.

CEMCO carry out repairs, servicing and routine maintenance to all makes and models of commercial catering equipment, including dishwashers and glasswashers. We can also supply you with a new or used dishwasher …simply Contact Us for details of available Used Stock

We are based in Bournemouth & Poole and cover the whole of Dorset, along with the neighbouring counties of Somerset, Devon, Hampshire and Wiltshire.

Trust CEMCO for commercial catering dishwasher servicing!

Call us now, on 01202 377205 for a free quote to repair your dishwasher

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Flameless’ Unique Fragrance Diffusing Candles Flameless’ unique Fragrance Diffusing Candles use proprietary technology to give you the ambience and fragrance of real scented candles, slowly diffusing a natural fragrance made from essential oils, with the added benefits of safety and convenience. Simply use the Flameless remote control (included with each candle) to turn on your Flameless candles as you enter the room or control candles in high or difficult to access places, such as shelves or mantelpieces. The remote has a variable security timer that can be set for 4, 6, 8 or 10 hours so that your candles come on at the appointed hour and turn off after the set time. Flameless candles can safely go where real ones can’t, which makes them ideal for hotels, restaurants, bed & breakfasts, care homes and those places with young children, pets, the elderly and the

merely forgetful! Features Include: • Made in Real Ivory Wax • Exclusive Flameless technology creates a lifelike flame • Flameless diffusion system dispenses natural essential oil fragrances • Use with Flameless Fragrance Pods (sold separately) • 550 Hour Run Time • Includes Remote Control with variable security timer • Includes 2 x D Batteries • Height 21cm, Diameter 9.5cm Flameless Candle’s are exclusively distributed by Virtual Candles Ltd Email: Telephone: +44-1622-845-995 Web:

CardsSafe Pays for Itself!

The CardsSafe system is specifically designed to securely retain customer credit, debit and ID cards while the cardholder runs a tab or trial a product or service. Staff can retain customers’ bank cards, store them securely in the CardsSafe unit while their customers enjoy the facilities. When they are ready to return the items or pay their bill, they hand back the key, and their card is returned by staff. CardsSafe is now used by over 5000 major brands in the UK. In the hospitality industries, Young’s pubs, Hilton Hotels, and many independent restaurants and bars. The system helps them to increase spend, prevent walkouts and fight credit card fraud. “Average spend is up and chargeback has virtually disappeared after we installed CardsSafe, which really puts our customers’ minds at rest.” Timothy, Bar Manager at Youngs. For bars and restaurants, the CardsSafe system also helps to eliminate walkouts. For businesses who retain

cards, the temptation for their customers is eliminated, saving the establishment hundreds of pounds per year. To increase spend, there is a solution. Phil Dixon, previous advisor to the BII, was adamant that “If you want to increase spend, you must retain cards.” A simple solution, and one that could be a quick and easy win. CardsSafe is affordable and pays for itself. Each unit, which contains ten card drawers, can be hired for just £9.99 per month. Each hire comes with customer service troubleshooting and free replacement keys. Additional units can be added at any time. The question is, can you afford not to consider CardsSafe as a part of your business? “Turnover increased significantly after CardsSafe was installed, and the system easily pays for itself.” Siobhan, The Prodigal (Barracuda) Sign up to CardsSafe here Or call 0845 500 1040

Southern Contracts is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of industrial laundry, catering and commercial cleaning equipment. We work for many hotels, restaurants, holiday parks, cruise lines, care homes, offshore platforms, marine companies and local authorities, the NHS, the MoD as well as schools and colleges. Founded in 1964 to initially supply and maintain commercial laundry equipment, we are still family run today and are proud to have become a global supplier of not only laundry equipment, but also professional kitchen appliances and commercial cleaning equipment, to well known independent and national clients. We pride ourselves on delivering the very best products and service to our customers. By stocking the leading products of commercial washing machines, industrial tumble dryers, cleaning and catering equipment, we are able to offer independent and unbiased advice to ensure your purchase precisely meets your requirement and budget; our expert team of technical staff are on hand to ensure your business is supported through every aspect of your purchase. From initial advice on current government standards (eg. infection control for commercial washing machines and meeting government legislation with regard to kitchen appliances) we understand the importance of minimal disruption to our clients and cover all aspects of installation to customer training and ongoing maintenance service and repair.

For more information regarding our services for : • Laundry equipment • Kitchen appliances • Commercial cleaning equipment

Contact us now on 03301 222888 Follow us on : Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn



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Space-Ray - We Know Heat Space-Ray is an industry leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality infrared radiant and warm air heating systems. With electric heaters, radiant tube heaters and radiant ceramic plaque heaters we know we have the perfect heating solution for you. Our heaters are popular for large open areas and buildings such as patios, restaurants, outdoor and indoor bars, sports facilities etc. Space-Ray heaters can help to maximize the revenue potential of outside areas by providing targeted heat where you need it. Many of our heaters are IP55 rated to protect against the elements, making sure your heaters stay in top working condition no matter the weather con-

ditions. We take pride in our entire family of commercial heaters and our commitment to quality standards in the design, manufacture, and performance of Space-Ray products — heaters with low maintenance at a competitive price, and a proven record for long life. We have a dedicated and experienced external and internal sales team ready and willing to help satisfy your heating needs. Contact us now at, or 01473 830551

Capricorn Contract Furnishings See the advert on page 3.

Capricorn Contract Furnishings are now firmly established as one of the country's largest stockist and supplier of quality contract furnishings to cafes, bars, restaurants, pubs, clubs and hotels. Capricorn are based in a 40, 000 square feet showroom and distribution warehouse on the outskirts of Exeter in Devon. From within the distribution area we are able to offer a next day delivery service on thousands of products including tables , chairs , stools and lounge furniture.

Customers are encouraged to visit our large showroom to view an extensive range of furniture ideally suited for the leisure market. Here you can relax and let Capricorn help and advise you with your requirements. Opening hours for the showroom are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. For more information or a Capricorn Contract Furnishings catalogue and price list contact Brian Pengelly on 01395 233 320, or visit

Sims - The First Port Of Call For Banquette Seating We are a family run business with 3 generations of commercial furniture manufacturing experience. Unlike other suppliers we manufacture all our seating inhouse, no importing, no subcontracting. We have full control over every aspect from design to installation to ensure every product leaves our workshops punctually and to our reputable high quality. Proudly offering 2 versions of Banquette Seating, firstly our “Premium Made to Measure” Banquette Seating which is built to your exact design, shape and size, then installed by our professional installation team. You can have anything from floor to ceiling designs to seating that perfectly fol-

lows the walls in a period setting. Secondly our “Modular Banquette Seating” which is freestanding, set size units for you to mix and match to best fit your space. Manufactured and delivered to your doorstep ready for you to layout. Made to the same high standards as our premium range without setup costs, site visits and installation fees. Saving you up to 50% on competitors seating. Also, we offer a range of furnishings – tables, chair and bedroom furniture. To request a brochure or to discuss your requirement further please contact our sales team on 01945 450957 email

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Anything’s Possible with Saniflo Saniflo is one of the most widely recognised brands in the UK plumbing market thanks to its range of pumps, lifting stations and macerators that enable domestic and commercial customers to install bathroom, kitchen and washing facilities almost anywhere – particularly when gravity drainage is not an option. As well as models that are installed indoors to pump out waste, there is now a huge choice of models that can be sited outdoors and installed underground. These robust liftings stations pump black and grey waste from single buildings or multiple small buildings. Recent additions to the range include grease traps and water salvage pumps.

manufactures shower products for domestic and commercial settings. The range includes integrated cubicles that feature internal and external panels and door, shower tray, shower valve and head in one easy to install package. A range of contemporary shower enclosures and premium shower trays complete the portfolio.

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The company has an unrivalled reputation for after sales service which is enhanced by its unique nationwide network of 100 service engineers supported by the technical support team based at Saniflo UK. Visit for further information.

Saniflo’s sister company, Kinedo,

Simon Charles Auctioneers for you.

As one of Europe’s largest auction houses, and with over 70 years’ experience, we work with hospitality, manufacturing, leisure, and industry across the UK to bring quality new and used equipment to auction.

Join the 1000’s of businesses, large and small, who sell with Simon Charles Auctioneers every week, and connect your stock with our buyers. Whether your business is looking for an additional low-cost sales channel, or to increase revenue from surplus inventory, or simply looking to just free up warehouse space we can provide tailor made solutions

Having a re-fit or are-model? Then why not make money from the outgoing equipment? Give redundant commercial catering equipment a new lease of life and a new home by selling it through our auctions. We hold weekly online auctions and have a buyer base exceeding 280,000+ buyers. All our products sold quickly with 7-day payment terms. If you would like to know more, contact us now to speak with one of our specialist consultants at

Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising

OUT OF SIGHT, NOT OUT OF THE QUESTION. Where conventional plumbing fails, Sanivite®+ delivers the possibilities. With a powerful pump, four inlets and clever, compact dimensions, Sanivite®+ can connect to sinks and appliances from any concealed unit. So don’t dash your dreams of a kitchen island, make it a reality with Sanivite®+.

Anything’s possible. Visit to see how.

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Luxury Wood Flooring For Any Interior

Founded in 1975 Havwoods has become Britain’s foremost wood flooring company supplying architects, interior designers, and residential customers. Havwoods concentrates on engineered and solid wood flooring, cladding and joinery, as well as bespoke flooring solutions in all situations, in a wide variety of species and designs, and with every conceivable finish. Havwoods wood flooring can be found in the finest restaurants and hotels around the world, and their clients are offered a continuously evolving range of high-quality flooring designs creating spaces which are not just functional but beautiful. Havwoods selects only the very best products from the best manu-

facturers worldwide, and the result is a superior portfolio of floor covering products. Environment and sustainability are in the heart of Havwoods which is why the products are sourced only from sustainably managed forests. Havwoods’ sophisticated showrooms offer an exclusive, personal wood flooring experience providing customers with a first-class consultation and an opportunity to see and touch the wood flooring options in large panels. Call us on 01524 737000 or visit

Hybrid Heating For The Modern Property

EHC offer a comprehensive Range of Electric Products that are all controlled by the wellestablished DSR Technology Control System. It enables you to select a Hybrid Heating Solution from the range for the various rooms within your property to suit your design style and budget – the choice is yours. All DSR Controlled Heaters are manually operated using the “easy to use” Controller located on the Heater. They also have Wi-Fi capability that can be activated when you purchase the optional DSR Smart Gateway which will allow you to control your Heaters Anytime, Anywhere 24/7 up to a maximum of 30 Heaters per gateway using our free bespoke APP. The DSR Control APP has many features designed to enhance your comfort levels and provide essential information regarding your heating system. There is also an optional Power Meter Clamp available for Load Shedding Control.

Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising

Popular features within the APP • Setting Times to suit lifestyle • Adjust each room temperature

• Limit electricity consumption to avoid exceeding maximum power available • Monitor your electricity consumption history • View the Temperature history by room The comprehensive range of Heaters which are available in various Outputs are: • DSR Heat Retention Radiators • Edge • Ecostore • Visage The DSR range of heaters are ideal for the likes of Bars, Restaurants or Hotels as the DSR control system allows for each heater to be controlled remotely from a smart phone or controlled centrally from a PC at a hotel reception. This level of control helps keep running costs to a minimum and removes the inconvenience of staff members going from room to room to adjust heating temperature when customers check in or out. For further information or a free Brochure contact 01698 820533 or visit

Products and Services

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Electronic Temperature Instruments Launches Industrial Non-Contact Temperature Thermometer

Electronic Temperature Instruments (ETI), the UK’s largest digital thermometer manufacturer and exporter of electronic thermometers and temperature probes, has launched the RayTemp® HSE IR industrial thermometer for all types of workplace non-contact temperature measurement. Utilising innovative infrared technology with an easy-to-read LCD display and three-button keypad, RayTemp HSE can analyse Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) and play a key role in workplace infection control plans. By aiming at the target and pressing the measure button, RayTemp HSE displays the accurate temperature of any workplace surface.

Keeping Food Hot? We Have All The Answers First of all, you will want one of our world beating Kanga boxes and a Carbon Heater. You can then keep food hot indefinitely and fully comply with HACCP regulations. Sounds too good to be true? Well we only supply premium German manufactured products from stock at incredibly low prices. The insulated box manufactured from top quality expanded polypropylene is a dense closed cell insulation material but incredibly light to handle when empty for example the GN insulted box with a 117 mm internal depth only weighs just over a kilo and yet holds a massive 21 lts capacity. Now combine the Kanga box with a Carbon Heater and the magic begins, hot food all the time!

Our range of Carbon heaters offers two voltage options 12 volts for car operation using the cigarette lighter socket or 230 volt mains voltage for internal or external mains use. The big advantage of the Carbon Heaters they are absolutely fool proof just insert them in the bottom of the box turn on and forget, there are no consumer controls the temperature is pre-set at the factory at 75 deg C. The Carbon Heater is very light at only 700 grammes and does not take up much room only being 10mm thick. Dishes can be place on the Carbon Heater straight out of the oven up to 120deg C. Finally quick and easy to clean just wipe over with a damp cloth. Contact Catering Equipment Limited on Tel: 0121 773 2228 or visit or

Free Your Spirit with Mermaid Gin Mermaid’s relaunch in 2019 piqued the interest of many with its strikingly sculpted bottle, crafted entirely from plastic-free, recyclable and biodegradable materials. Since then, the Isle of Wight Distillery team have been busy, launching Mermaid Pink Gin in the summer of 2019 – a blend of their signature spirit with fresh strawberries grown on the island – followed by Mermaid Salt Vodka in September 2020, with its subtle savoury notes proving a favourite amongst bartenders and mixologists. All Mermaid spirits are island-inspired, using ethically sourced and local, wild-foraged ingredients, with fragrant rock samphire giving Mermaid Gin its signature ‘hint of sea air’. For the perfect serve, Mermaid Gin is complemented by Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Tonic, a slice or two of cucumber and just a few juniper berries to create an ocean breeze in a glass. Having gained plastic-free and Net Zero accreditations, the team also works closely with its charitable partners, the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust. The Mermaid crew has committed to supporting the restoration and protection of the Solent strait’s internationally important seagrass meadows. As part of the

‘#WilderSolent’ initiative run by Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, the Distillery team are now ‘marine champions’, monitoring and protecting the meadows in the Solent and acting as ambassadors for seagrass. At the Isle of Wight Distillery, home of Mermaid Gin, talented local artist Sienna Anderson has been refreshing The Mermaid Bar. Step inside this seemingly unassuming local pub and you will find a busy hive of activity where all Mermaid spirits are produced. Visitors are invited to relax, watch the stills in action, sample the range of island-inspired spirits and enjoy a Mermaid & Tonic on the terrace, overlooking the picturesque Nettlestone valley. To get in contact with the team for information on stocking Mermaid, as well as point of sale support and perfect serves, call 01983 613653 or email Kevin Travers, Business Development Manager at To find out more about Mermaid and the distillery’s spirit ranges, head to or check out their social media profiles @mermaidgin and @isleofwightdistillery or see advert on the facing page.

For lovers of speciality coffee, the updated WE8 automatic coffee machine is now even more perfect. The WE8 now prepares twelve different specialities at the touch of a button. It now offers macchiato, espresso doppio, special coffees and hot water for green tea at the touch of a button. The new fine foam frother is made from the highest quality materials and has a stunning look and feel. Specially designed for the preparation of speciality coffees with milk foam, it makes cappuccino and other beverages with the very best fine textured foam every time. Recommended maximum daily output 40 cups per day. The GIGA X3c / X3 G2 allows JURA to impressively

demonstrate Swiss innovation and professionalism down to the very last detail. Anywhere where a capacity of up to 150 cups is the order of business, the machine impresses users with its quality, functionality and reliability. Coupled with top performance in every respect, this results in a high tech automatic coffee machine that is ideally tailored to the requirements of hotel breakfasts, restaurants, bars and seminar / conference venues. Recommended maximum daily output 150 cups per day. Visit or email for further information or see the advert on page 5.

JURA - Speciality Coffee

Infrared thermometers can take surface temperatures at a distance, providing accurate temperatures without having to touch the object being measured. The RayTemp HSE incorporates a 1:1 optic ratio (target distance ratio) and a fixed emissivity of 0.95, making it more than suitable for a wide range of applications. Furthermore, each RayTemp HSE is housed in a robust

ABS case that contains Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology, maintaining hygienic values by reducing bacterial growth. The RayTemp can also measure forehead temperature. In this mode, the multi-colour display show’s readings in two seconds, implementing a traffic light system that specifies an individual's general wellness. Green for a healthy temperature and yellow or red indicating whether the person being tested may have a fever. RayTemp HSE can operate within cold or hot environments without issues so long as a quick and easy step is introduced. By allowing the instrument to acclimatise for no more than 30 minutes, this will improve readings and maintain accurate two second results. For more information on RayTemp HSE please visit: See the advert on page 4.

Celebration Packaging Introduces New Range of Reusable, Microwavable Hinged-Lid Food Containers In response to customer demand, Celebration Packaging is pleased to announce that is now able to offer customised reusable, microwavable hinged-lid food containers for back of house / kitchen food prep applications. The reusable containers are made from virgin polypropylene (PP) and can be sent for recycling.

can also be embossed with branding, subject to tooling charges. The new range is microwavable and the rectangular range features air vents in the sides and top lid to allow steam to escape when the food is being microwaved. To make the products reusable, they are top-rack dishwasher-safe, so can be used many times.

The new products are made from high-clarity virgin PP, which allows users to easily identify contents, speeding up meal preparation and avoiding service errors. The packaging is easy to use, as it is delivered nested and stackable, enabling speed of service, and features easy opening lid tabs and a hinged lid.

This new food-grade PP hinged-lid container range delivers on all three priorities as it significantly reduces the amount of plastic used in busy kitchens, can be 100% recycled at the end of its life, and is reusable.

Perfect for portion control, both the rectangular and round containers have 200ml capacity, and a 400ml (deep) round container will soon be available. Custom shapes and sizes are also available, and the containers

Further increasing the versatility of the new PP microwavable and reusable range, filled containers can also be placed in a freezer if required. For more information, visit

Putting reuse at the front of ‘reduce; recycle; reuse’

The Benefits of Custom Gift Vouchers for Your Business This Summer

Vouchers have been a successful lifeline for lots of hospitality businesses during the recent pandemic, providing additional financial support whilst being told to remain closed. They are expected to remain strong as businesses can now re-open and people are looking to spend their money on gifts and days out with their loved ones. People love to give and receive gift vouchers as gifts, and an attractive gift voucher design can act as a highly effective branding tool. Gift vouchers are a targeted form of marketing, and the receiver is almost certainly always motivated to use them. They tend to guarantee at least one visit and making a good impression when they do means you could end up with a brand-new repeat customer! There are many ways you can

keep track of your gift vouchers, whether that be manually or with a fully automated system. Vouchers are versatile and each one will come with an alphanumeric code to prove its individuality. Moreover, according to Reward-It, 72% of people spend 20% more than the original value of their gift cards. This means whilst you are getting improved up-front cash flow, you will most likely get further revenue when the customer redeems their voucher. Customised gift vouchers are increasingly boasting positive benefits to retailers beyond the price of purchase and redemption. Get yours today. For further information visit or see the advert on page 9.

Herald Bolsters Eco-Friendly Range

Having introduced a selection of 100 per cent compostable hot cups, with both double and ripple wall options, Herald is strengthening its commitment to providing its customers with a varied choice of premium, eco-friendly products this summer. The quality disposables supplier is offering a choice of greener products to meet the increased demand from the catering, pub, bar and food to go sectors, with outdoor events back on the agenda, post-Covid, and restaurants and cafes aiming to maximise their takeaway options. Recognising that many new customers are keen to provide fully sustainable and green products, Herald has

prioritised providing an additional ripple wall option to its line of compostable hot cups, along with a selection of sizes. The sizes – 8 oz, 12 oz and 16 oz – acknowledge the needs of existing customers who may want to to make the switch to the 100 per cent compostable product by complementing the lids that Herald currently has available. Other products in Herald’s eco range include a wider selection of single, double and triple wall cups and a choice of eco sip lids. For further information on Herald and its products, log on to or call 0208 507 7900 to order a copy of the new catalogue.


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Super Quick, Free Range, Super Easy Microsave and WINIA, A Perfect Match for Short Order Regeneration

Range Farm Liquid Egg products are ready to use, easy to handle, and provide convenience for those working in foodservice. All products are free range, 100% pasteurised and meet British Lion standards. Available in Whole Egg, Egg Whites and Yolks, with no product waste or mess - all your eggs in one carton! Range Farm Free Range Hens are free to roam and forage in the natural environment. Freshly laid, our eggs are processed at our state-of-the-art facility in Wiltshire and dispatched to customers in our fleet of refrigerated vehicles ensuring they arrive perfect and ready to use.

Range Farm Liquid Egg is sourced from 100% UK based farms so quality and continuity of supply is guaranteed. We are also conscious of our environmental responsibilities so please be assured that our cartons are recyclable. We provide a range of sizes and packaging according to the needs of our customers, with all Range Farm Liquid Egg products available in pallecons, BIB and cartons. To start cooking with ease and find out how we can meet your requirements, call 01249 732221 or email

See the advert on page 17.

Get Ready for the British Summer with a New Uniform From Kylemark There’s no denying that the world of hospitality has changed in the last year. With alfresco dining becoming ‘the new norm’, businesses have had to change and adapt; and with this uniforms too. Fleeces, softshells and gilets are now becoming standard as the British summer is, as we well know, not always predictable.

Kylemark have been supplying the hospitality trade with branded uniforms for over 24 years attracting happy customers such as Tom Kerridge, Restaurant Associates, Brasserie Blanc and Mellors. We pride ourselves in a service that helps the customer find that unique look, special to their hotel, restaurant or pub.

We are now delighted to introduce the County Collection; a range of classic UK made cotton canvas aprons that have been paired with a selection of shirts, waistcoats, trousers and tops. Combine this with our in-house branding we can supply you with a uniform from it’s conception to manufacture to delivery, making sure of quality every step of the way. We offer free embroidery, set-up and delivery when you spend over £100.

For more information contact our sales team on 01292 618344 or visit or see the advert on page 4.

The benefits of easy cleaning and large reductions in service costs of the Microsave microwave cavity liner are well known, but the advantages of this clever invention can sometimes be lost on smaller cavity microwaves, where the cooking capacity drops to less than ½ Gastronorm size with the Microsave inserted.

means that with the Microsave protecting the cavity, these ovens can still accommodate a ½ Gsatronorm or two 1/3rd Gastronorm dishes. Perfect for fast turnaround, different item cooking and still only a matter of seconds to clean the oven at the end of service. Regale are so keen to ‘spread the word’ they are offering three free gastronorm dishes with every 1500w and 1850w oven, whilst stocks last.

This is not an issue when the Microsave is used in conjunction with the excellent range of commercial microwaves from WINIA.

See the advert on page 30 or 01329 285518

The extra-large cavity of the 1500W & 1850W range ( 370mm x 370mm x 198mm WxDxH )

NINE ELMS No.18 - Quality Non-Alc For Lovers Of Good Food Award-winning NINE ELMS No.18 is a ruby velven – a new type of non-alcoholic drink, created in London, that has been specially designed to complement good food. Expertly crafted from the juice of four types of dark berry and aromatised with an intricate blend of 20 different botanical infusions and distillates, this intriguing non-alcoholic concoction is full of flavour and character. With juicy red & black fruits, uplifting herbaceous notes, warm earthy spice, gentle acidity and soft tannins, NINE ELMS No.18 is most enjoyable served with rich savoury dishes – try it with antipasti, charcuterie, chargrilled vegetables, roasted meats or cheese.

orange for a refreshing and stylish twist on this Summer's spritz trend. The striking 750ml bottle can be found on the menus of a growing range of London’s finest restaurants and bars, including Isaac McHale’s The Clove Club, The Frog by Adam Handling and Decimo at The Standard Hotel; a fantastic endorsement of this quality drink. Rapidly making a name for itself as the solution to “What to drink if you’re eating but not drinking?”, NINE ELMS No.18 is a truly inclusive drinking experience that brings people of all backgrounds and beliefs together, whether that’s over a meal, sitting at a bar or simply enjoyed al fresco this Summer.

A versatile serve, NINE ELMS No.18 is also the perfect ingredient for creating a range of sophisticated non-alcoholic cocktails. Try combining NINE ELMS No.18 with a good quality tonic, ice and a slice of

Property and Professional Help Is At Hand For Businesses Devastated By The Covid–19 Virus In 2020 The Government is backing a new lending scheme that is aimed at getting funds out to struggling businesses that have seen profits impacted by coronavirus and whilst hotels, restaurants and public houses along with B&B’s and other hospitality businesses all struggled through the lockdowns we are pleased to let you know help is at hand. Loans will be based upon 2018 & 2019 accounts, as opposed to last year’s figures. Repayments will be anything up to a 25 year profile, meaning repayments will be low and give the best chance for business recovery. Loans will normally be secured against the freehold, or long leasehold value, but can be used for any purpose including refinance, debt consolidation, providing additional working capital and even purchasing of another busi-

ness. Professional brokers, Global, have 31 years’ experience in introducing business owners to helpful and competitively priced banks, often not on the High St. but based in The City, with regional offices and a fresh modern way of working and providing business loans nationally. Global will help you with the funding options and chat to the lenders to obtain the best terms before presenting them too you. Once you choose a loan option, Global will work to obtain an approval from the lender prior to any business valuation, so you know the bank is supportive and wants to take the process forward towards a loan pay out. See their advert on this page and email them basic details of your requirements to see what may be on offer to you.

To advertise in



Guy Simmonds have purchasers URGENTLY seeking Freehold and Leasehold licensed property.



call our sales team on

01202 552333

or email sales@

Property and Professional

Capify - We’re Here To Support You For over 13 years, Capify has worked closely with the hospitality sector, providing them with much-needed funding when some of the more traditional routes for financing have been closed to them. Now is no different as we have a £50m fund to help your business recover as the economy begins to open up again.

CLH Digital


• purchasing new catering equipment Capify's lending criteria will consider the challenges of the past year for each business. Our flexibility means we will try and look beyond your credit history when assessing your application and instead, we will consider whether your business has the potential to deliver solid and sustained growth. If you'd like to find out how much finance you qualify for to help you continue your post-Covid recovery, click here - You'll be taken to Capify's website, where you can get a no-obligation quote within minutes. You'll also be able to find out more information about the business loan and the unique and straightforward repayments.

A Capify business loan is easy to apply for and can be approved and paid out in as little as 24 hours. Our business loan's flexibility means that you can use it for any business purpose, such as; • managing short-term cash flow issues • purchasing extra food and drink • making your premises Covid safe

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For those businesses not yet open, you can register your interest in the fund today. To find out more click here - - or call us on 0800 151 0980 to speak to one of our specialist finance sale team.

• hiring additional staff

Weekly Figures Analysis & Reporting Phoenix Specialist Risk Solutions Service from David Hunter David Hunter has been in the business for over 30 years, and with his vast amount of experience has become an expert in ensuring that businesses reach their full financial potential. For years he’s provided a bespoke Mentoring & Consultancy service to a select few, and he has always provided with that, free-of-charge weekly figures analysis and reporting … yes, weekly. David has now come up with a way of making his amazing Mentoring & Consultancy service more accessible to the wider market, and for a lower monthly fee. Instead of being charged for monthly consultancy, you can now access David’s knowledge and expertise via his already-established and very well-used weekly figures reporting system. He will send you weekly reports on how your business is doing and will

throw in FOR NO EXTRA CHARGE AT ALL, four half-day on site Mentoring & Consultancy visits per year (or two full days, depending on location). He will also always be at the end of a phone for you, or email, if you needed him, and he also has access to legal experts as well as a ‘’tried and trusted’’ Bowden Group Alliance colleague who can advise you … again FREE OF CHARGE … on how to save money on your utility bills. If you have a Pub, Restaurant or Hotel business which is facing financial or operational challenges … why not let David have a look, and help you maximise your full potential. There is no cost to David having a look at your figures, and letting you know what COULD be achieved. Call David Hunter confidentially on 07831 407984 or on 01628 487613.

Much like the mythological bird, Phoenix Specialist Risk Solutions was born from the ashes of an industry which has grown tired and disassociated from the people it is designed to protect. Phoenix is built to be different, our main focus is you.

We have built our business with care at the core of everything we do. We strive to offer a quality personalised service which is tailored to each individual’s needs — we listen to you, get to know you and aim to support you every step of the way. Your business is in most cases the biggest risk and the biggest asset you will ever have from the initial days of worrying about business levels and cash flow through to staff and HR issues and then back to business levels and cash flow, a revolving cycle. Within your business you will also have your trusted partners, your accountants and bankers, do you include your insurance broker? If not why not?

Commercial insurance should not just be about the lowest possible price, it should be with someone you can work with and trust, someone flexible to the changes your business faces and someone who can advise you of which covers you may like to consider and not just the ones which you are legal required to have. Does your business description on your policy actually match your business, are your sums insured reviewed and adequate, do you have seasonal stock increases? Have you declared the accurate turnover and wageroll? We work with you to help you establish and maintain an insurance program which meets your needs and provides the best value for money. See the advert on page 13 or visit

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CLH Digital - Issue #64  

CLH Digital - delivered to our readers online every Friday. This weekly edition will be available online for the duration of the Covid-19...

CLH Digital - Issue #64  

CLH Digital - delivered to our readers online every Friday. This weekly edition will be available online for the duration of the Covid-19...

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