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Issue 29

Chancellor Increases Financial Support for Businesses and Workers CLHNews

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Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced significant support measures for tier 2 businesses in the hospitality sector to ensure livelihoods and jobs across the UK continue to be protected in the difficult months to come, supporting jobs and helping to contain the virus. Chancellor Rishi Sunak has promised to “go further” as he announced three new measures to help workers and businesses get through the winter and a

coronavirus second spike. Speaking in the House of Commons, he said cash grants of up to £2,100 a month will be given to firms in Tier 2 areas, enough he says for all affected hospitality, accommodation and leisure premises. The measures will be retrospective, so any region which has been under enhanced restrictions can backdate their claim to August.

Chancellor said he would be increasing support through the existing Job Support and self-employed schemes, and expanding business grants to support companies in high-alert level areas. This builds on agreements reached with Local Authorities moving to Alert Level very high, with extra support for businesses, jobs and the economic recovery.


In recognition of the challenging times ahead, the



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Issue 29

Editor's Viewpoint


I am old enough to remember a 1970s public information advert. It was about a family who had a water leak in their house and the advert was advice and guidance on how to deal with the flood, and it ended with the line; “Well done! A lesson indeed on how to deal with a burst main. What a pity that you let it happen in the first place.” (Can anyone else remember that?) EDITOR

Peter Adams

Anyway, my point is that the Chancellor’s announcement yesterday is welcomed. It is a real shot in the arm for the beleaguered hospitality sector. This week has seen a lot of contentious debate, particularly with Mayor of Manchester Andy Burnham taking on the government head-to-head over funding.

However, the Chancellor’s announcement should not (and again it is only my opinion) have been necessary. After the hugely successful Eat Out to Help Out scheme the sector was finally getting back on track. We here at CLH have been as much at the coalface as anybody in the hospitality sector during this crisis, and have seen first-hand the lengths the sector has gone to so as to ensure that their premises are safe. We have seen sector suppliers rally to the cause and change methods of production to meet demand. In both print and our weekly digital publication we have introduced the most comprehensive selection of products and services to help the sector and reported all around the country how pubs bars restaurants and hotels have risen to meet the challenge. There is no evidence that I am aware of (and I have researched comprehensively) pointing to the hospitality and on trade sector be responsible for a spike in the transmission of Covid - none! As seen in this issue, the Scottish hospitality sector and Manchester are launching legal challenges to the government. Rightly so and I hope they are successful. Manchester’s night time economy adviser Sasha Lord nails it in his challenge - that there is no evidence

or justification in closing pubs and bars not serving food across the region “without any evidence” that such closures reduce transmission rates. The biggest concern is the long-term damage. I genuinely do welcome the Chancellor’s intervention, but am mindful and fearful of how the sector can recover if forced to endure repeated “ad hoc” lockdowns. There appears no long-term strategic plan for the sector. Short-term help, as stated above, is welcome and the Chancellor should be congratulated on the support he has given the sector since the pandemic broke, in particular the Eat Out to Help Out scheme. However, we need a long-term strategic plan. I have every confidence that there will be a point of recovery for the sector. But the sector needs and vision and it needs goals/incentives to work for.

PUBLISHED BY RBC Publishing Ltd Roddis House, Old Christchurch Rd, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH1 1LG

As lockdowns conclude (and they eventually will), people will be less interested in spending money on material possessions and instead are likely to spend on meals out, visits to the pub holidays, travel and experiences.


August certainly proved that point. The festive season is still 6 weeks away, and a lot can happen in 6 weeks. If transmission levels reduce over the next few weeks then I would urge the Chancellor once again consider a “Eat Out to Help Out over Christmas” initiative.

FAX: 01202 552666

I am sure that may bring a negative response from the naysayers, but if the legal challenges Manchester and Scotland proved to be correct and I suspect they will, that there is no science behind the lockdown and the sector is not responsible for transmission then there is no reason not to reintroduce one of the most successful hospitality initiatives in decades! So, I would urge you to get behind the #CancelTheCurfew campaign. The hospitality and on-trade have some very able organisations to support it, but we do not have a Minister for hospitality in the same way there are ministers for other industries. If we really want to make a difference then we have to make sure we keep the pressure on the government - and that means all of us! Once again we have on some of the industry’s leading lights and influential figures to provide the knowledge, insight and expertise to help operators trade their way through this crisis. And to repeat what I said last week, a country without a vibrant hospitality sector really is a country without joy!

01202 552333 @CLHNews CLHNews

EDITOR Peter Adams

SALES EXECUTIVES David Bartlett Guy Stephenson


PRODUCTION & WEB ADMIN Shelly Roche Published Publishedbyby

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Issue 29

CLH Digital


Chancellor Increases Financial Support for Businesses and Workers (...CONTINUED FROM FRONT COVER)

come news just when we needed it.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak said: "I’ve always said that we must be ready to adapt our financial support as the situation evolves, and that is what we are doing today. These changes mean that our support will reach many more people and protect many more jobs.

“The changes to the Job Support Scheme will help to safeguard hundreds of thousands of jobs and the grant support will provide a crucial lifeline for businesses struggling with low footfall and ongoing costs. It is excellent that the grant has been backdated to the date when the restrictions began to bite.

"I know that the introduction of further restrictions has left many people worried for themselves, their families and communities. I hope the government’s stepped-up support can be part of the country pulling together in the coming months."

JOB SUPPORT SCHEME (JSS) Recognising the pressure businesses in some sectors and areas are facing the announcement lightens the burden of keeping on staff. When originally announced, the JSS – which will come into effect on 1 November – saw employers paying a third of their employees’ wages for hours not worked, and required employers to be working 33% of their normal hours. The new support measures reduce the employer contribution to those unworked hours to just 5%, and reduces the minimum hours requirements to 20%, so those working just one day a week will be eligible. That means that if someone was being paid £587 for their unworked hours, the government would be contributing £543 and their employer only £44. Employers will continue to receive the £1,000 Job Retention Bonus. The Job Support Scheme Closed for businesses legally required to close remains unchanged.

SELF-EMPLOYED GRANT the measures also increase the amount of profits covered by the two forthcoming self-employed grants from 20 per cent to 40 per cent, meaning the maximum grant will increase from £1,875 to £3,750. This is a potential further £3.1 billion of support to the self-employed through November to January alone, with a further grant to follow covering February to April. Business Grants The Chancellor has also announced approved additional funding to support cash grants of up to £2,100 per month primarily for businesses in the hospitality, accommodation and leisure sector who may be adversely impacted by the restrictions in high-alert level areas. These grants will be available retrospectively for areas who have already been subject to restrictions, and come on top of higher levels of additional business support for Local Authorities moving into Tier 3 which, if scaled up across the country, would be worth more than £1 billion. These grants could benefit around 150,000 businesses in England, including pubs, hotels, restaurants, B&Bs and many more who aren’t legally required to close but have been adversely affected by local restrictions nonetheless. Commenting on the announcement, UKHospitality Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “This is a hugely generous package of support and very wel-

“This gives businesses a much-enhanced chances of being able to overcome the challenges and survive into 2021, to sustain businesses so they can begin to recover next year and play a vital role in helping boost the economy. “It is encouraging to see the Government listening to and understanding the plight of hospitality, which is dire. We are pleased to see that the measures extend to hotels and B&Bs, too. “It is important now that grants are processed as quickly as possible as businesses are on the brink after weeks of curfew and severe restrictions. “There is still a long way to go and we will be in close contact with the Government to make sure that our members, and the whole of hospitality, gets the support it needs and deserves. This is a significant step forward for us, though, and a hugely valuable lifeline for businesses to stay afloat and keep as many staff as possible in their jobs.” Emma McClarkin, Chief Executive of the British Beer & Pub Association, said: “This necessary and welcome support package will help thousands of pubs with tier two restrictions who otherwise faced devastation to their businesses. “The impact of restrictions has been immediate and deep on our sector, requiring an extensive response from Government. The measures announced today recognise this and that the tier two restrictions make most pubs and hospitality businesses completely unviable. “Having called for more support for businesses in our sector struggling under tier two restrictions, we warmly welcome these measures from the Chancellor today. They will help thousands of pubs and support thousands of jobs that otherwise were at real risk of being lost for good. “We welcome the enhanced Job Support Scheme package for businesses, which we hope will protect more livelihoods in our sector. People are at the heart of pubs and have been our priority throughout this crisis. “Additional cash grants for businesses under tier two restrictions also provide a crucial lifeline to our pubs, which we welcome. We look forward to seeing the detail on the grant delivery and hope these will remain under review in terms of covering actual fixed costs for businesses forced to close in tier three. “It is imperative these grants are made exempt from EU State Aid restrictions to ensure they reach all the businesses that need protecting. If they are not made exempt, then they simply won’t reach the businesses that need them. They must also be delivered quickly to ensure pubs do not permanently close due to lack of cash flow caused by not receiving the grants in time to save them.

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“The beer and pub sector has been under severe pressure since the beginning of the crisis. 90% of pubs are currently unable to make any profit. Our brewers are forecasting sales through pubs to be 50% down this year. Make no mistake more will need to be done to support Britain's brewers and those in the pub supply chain who currently do not benefit from grants, as well as regular reviewal of the restrictions - including the 10pm curfew - to stimulate public confidence and increase trade. This will require further stimulus measures including Business Rates, VAT and Beer Duty cuts in 2021 and beyond.” Nick Mackenzie, CEO of Greene King, said: “We welcome the announcement made by the Chancellor although we look forward to further detail on how local authorities will be distributing the new grants. It’s great that he has listened to businesses and acted as the restrictions imposed on the hospitality sector in Tier 2 areas, combined with the 10pm curfew, are having a crippling impact on trade. This is not sustainable, particularly for our pubs in city centres which are becoming increasingly unviable and this additional support will help to keep people in jobs and businesses open until we can get pubs fully operational again.” James Walters, managing associate at law firm Lewis Silkin, commented: “The Chancellor has today announced changes to the Job Support Scheme, which is due to replace the furlough scheme from 1 November. “This will no doubt help some businesses affected by current restrictions. “Changes are aimed at supporting businesses in Tier 2 – those who are struggling but not required, under current rules, to shut and whose leaders have described suffering the “slow death” of Tier 2. “Key for employers in the retail and hospitality sector is that employees will now have to work only 20% of normal hours, down from 33%, meaning an employee who normally works 5 days a week would only have to work 1 day a week to qualify. Also, employer contributions to employee hours not worked has reduced to 5%. This according to government calculations means that for an employee being paid £587 for their unworked hours, their employer would have to fund £44, with the Job Support Scheme covering the remaining cost. “However, many businesses may simply not be able to offer the minimum 20% of hours to some staff, meaning those staff will not qualify for support under the Job Support Scheme. “Also, there is an almost total lack of guidance on the Job Support Scheme. So, even if employers are able to offer minimum hours to some staff, it will be difficult for them to agree the necessary changes to working arrangements, which have to be made before the Job Support Scheme starts in a week’s time, until the guidance is published. “Overarching all of this for large employers is that we still don’t know what the full requirements of the financial impact test are, meaning it is not possible to assess whether they even qualify to claim under the Job Support Scheme, although we understand that further details of that are to be released imminently.”

Contact Tracing and the GDPR 4

CLH Digital

Issue 29

By Robert Cohen, barrister at 5 Essex Court ( As if COVID-19 had not already made life hard enough for the hospitality industry, recent news stories have highlighted that businesses may also be running a GDPR risk. In particular, reports indicate that the operators of Wagamama have been reported to the Information Commissioner (ICO) because of their handling of test and trace data. What then is the law on this issue, and should businesses be worried? The GDPR, of course, applies to all companies or people processing personal data. Businesses are likely to already have policies in place to address it. But those policies may need to be updated in the light of COVID-19. Collecting and storing

the names and addresses of customers does involve ‘processing’ their personal data. All such processing must be carried out in a way that complies with the GDPR. Of course, many businesses have sub-contracted the means by which they collect contact tracing details to other companies. This is fine, but it does not mean that the GDPR issues go away: the original business is still required to comply with the law. Anecdotal evidence suggests that some organisations have treated the names and addresses that they now hold as being a marketing windfall: an opportunity to get to know their customers and to tailor PR opportunities. This is really dangerous for the businesses concerned. It may get them on the wrong side of a hefty ICO fine or lead to court action. The GDPR says that when a business processes personal data it must do so “lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner”. Such businesses must also make sure that personal data is “collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and not further processed in a manner that is incompatible with those purposes”. It is a breach of these principles for a company to say that they are collecting personal data for contact tracing and then to use it for marketing. Doing so is not ‘fair and transparent’ and involves collecting data for a legitimate purpose and then using it ‘in a manner that is incompatible with’ that purpose. The possible issues do not end there. Data Controllers should be able to explain the lawful basis that they have for collecting personal data in

the first place. Unfortunately, answering this question will depend where the business is located in the UK: each of the Home Nations has adopted slightly different requirements. However, it will usually involve businesses being able to explain that they are required by law to collect the data or that they are collecting it for the purposes of legitimate interests that they are pursuing. It is also unlawful for a business to collect more personal data than is required or to retain the data that they collect for more than a limited period. Still more risks arise from security: any personal data that is collected must be stored in a secure manner. The ICO are aware of this issue and have issued guidance on the subject. That guidance, which is available on the ICO website , sets out a number of helpful suggestions. For instance, it indicates that contact tracing data should not normally be retained for more than 21 days. The ICO are likely to be understanding of isolated errors. But they will be much less tolerant of businesses which try and feed the data they collect into their marketing efforts: the regulation of electronic marketing is an area in which the ICO have always taken a robust approach. Is there a way round this? It is true that if a customer is given a completely free choice they can consent to their personal data being stored for a longer period and for marketing purposes. However, the ICO have regularly reminded companies that this must be a genuinely free choice. It is not acceptable to tick the consent box in advance, or to require individuals to opt out. It should also be de-coupled from the contact tracing process so that it is easy to provide contact tracing details without agreeing to marketing. The last thing that anyone needs at the moment is further costs and problems associated with COVID. The easiest way to avoid GDPR issues is by insulating contact tracing data from the rest of the business.

Is This The Future of the Office and Hospitality Industry? By Sanj Mahal, Co-owner of ANDCO ( “With high fixed costs, revenue concentrated around a few peak hours in the week, and rapidly changing consumer preferences, many town centre food and drink outlets were already facing serious challenges prior to COVID-19. “Now, as we question whether town centre working and commuting will ever return to ‘normal’, it’s clear that everyone based in the centre, rom independent coffee shops, big chains such as Costa, grab and go venues like Greggs all the way up to premium restaurants will all be seriously

impacted if they don’t innovate. “But there are a few interesting ways they can adapt and change to maximise their business. Take a look at the boom of dark kitchens, faceless restaurants where food is produced feels more like manufactured, a conveyor belt and not consumed — due to the rising popularity of food delivery platforms like Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Doordash. Adopting a ‘dark’ strategy in which grab-and-go food is produced helps to attract new customers among locals, and greatly improve revenue streams in off-peak hours yet creating a genuine face and personality to the brand. “Venues should also consider pop-up partnerships with new offerings that haven’t been considered before. Retail or catering pop-ups within hotel lobby areas could be a great way to capture footfall and spend. “In addition, hotels and restaurants can also hire out their private din-

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Manchester Hospitality Sector Launches Legal Challenge Over Lockdown Measures Issue 29

Greater Manchester's night-time economy adviser Sacha Lord has begun legal proceedings against the government over the tier 3 closure of hospitality venues which comes into effect today. Mr Lord has announced a judicial review began on Tuesday into the legality of implementing emergency restrictions on the hospitality sector - closing pubs and bars not serving food across the region - "without any evidence" it would bring down transmissions of Covid-19.The industry claims there is no scientific justification in closing venues.

CLH Digital


forced to close without any evidence that this will bring transmissions down. “These same operators have worked tirelessly to abide by Government rules from the outset. They have accepted quick-fire lockdowns and spent thousands implementing the Government’s own recommended Covid-secure measures.”

The challenge is being led by Kings Chambers and is supported by a group organisations, including The Night Time Industries Association, UK Hospitality and some of the region’s key venues, such as Alberts Schloss, Gusto and The Alchemist. Sacha Lord said: “I think I speak for all involved in Greater Manchester’s night time economy in saying both the Government’s handling of these negotiations and the outcome yesterday are not what we had hoped for. “We understand the public health need but fair financial support is crucial for those most severely affected and at risk of poverty and I am acutely aware of the disappointment felt both from our leaders and across the city region with the Government’s decision yesterday. “I am heartbroken that pubs and bars across Greater Manchester will now be

He also warned that the measures will not only cause “severe mental anguish and devastate” operators but will also affect other businesses, including taxi drivers, performers and suppliers, adding that it was “inevitable” the move will trigger an increase in household socialising, where transmission is “prevalent”. “Despite our calls, we have not been shown any clear, tangible scientific evidence to merit these closures,” he said. “In fact, the only evidence we have seen is from Public Health England, whose own data has shown hospitality venues attributed to just three per cent of COVID transmissions in the past week. “It is my belief that this new lockdown will recklessly destroy our night time economy. “Yesterday, we commenced a Judicial Review into the legality of implementing these emergency restrictions on the hospitality sector without scientific evidence. I will update on the progress of this case in due course.”

Mayor Of London Calls For Curfew Policy To Be Scrapped Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has called for the 10pm curfew to be scrapped now the capital is under Tier 2 coronavirus restrictions. Mr Khan said allowing restaurants to remain open beyond 10pm would support businesses by allowing them to increase bookings even with indoor mixing of households banned. The England-wide early closing order for pubs, bars and restaurants came into effect on 24 September, with prime minister Boris Johnson warning at the time that it could last as long as six months. In a statement Khan said: “I have said for a while that the current curfew rule needs to be rapidly reviewed. We saw the worrying consequences of increased social mixing on the streets and on public transport in the capital around 10pm immediately after its

introduction. “Now London and other parts of the country have moved into tier 2 and higher restrictions, which prohibit household mixing, the current 10pm curfew policy makes even less sense and should be scrapped. “Immediately scrapping the 10pm curfew would allow more sittings of single households in restaurants throughout the evening, helping with cashflow at a time when venues need all the support they can get. “The Government still haven’t got a grip on this virus and provided a functioning test and trace system. Ministers must give businesses the support they need to survive while restrictions remain in place. This includes access to a proper job retention scheme in line with the 80 per cent furlough scheme in place at the start of the pandemic.”

84% Of Restaurants Believe The Government Should Be Doing More To Support Their Business Issue 29

84 percent of restaurant owners and managers believe that the UK government should be doing more to help independent restaurants as 79 percent fear a second lockdown will negatively impact their business. That’s according to the latest research released by delivery platform Foodhub.

While the restaurant and takeaway industry is set to face ongoing challenges within the next year, over two thirds (72 percent) say they have seen a significant upturn in online orders. Additionally, 52 percent of respondents said their main goal was growth over the next year; with 42 percent aiming to become more sustainable. What’s more, 41 percent


future of hospitality.” Mostyn continues: “Our research has highlighted the concerns many within the market will undoubtedly have. However, it also found that the industry is remaining resilient and optimistic towards their growth. Providing delivery and takeaway options will be a way for these restaurants to continue serving their customers under restricted hours. For restaurants that didn’t implement a delivery or takeout service during the first lockdown, undoubtedly noticed a hit to their profit line. With restrictions to operating hours potentially lasting for another 6 months, now is the time for these restaurants to look to offer delivery or takeout options in order to future proof their businesses during these times.”

Despite new measures put in place in the Chancellor’s Winter Spending plan, 64 percent said this is not enough to support their business; with half of restaurants saying they would like another “eat out to help out” scheme. An additional 48 percent would prefer longer furlough, 41 percent would like further rates relief and four in ten want assistance with rent. Surveying restaurant owners and managers across the UK, Foodhub has uncovered the industry’s sentiment towards the current climate, its optimism for growth and key challenges expected within the new 12 months. Amongst its findings, the research revealed that 54 percent of operators are concerned about the next twelve months with 81 percent believing that Covid-19 is the biggest barrier to growth for the next year. When asked what other challenges restaurants would face within the next 12 months, 41 percent believe that a recession will harm trade, 26 percent believe restricted customer spending and 16 percent of operators are worried about mounting costs.

CLH Digital

say they would like the ability to offer discounts to improve spending while 34 percent are going to explore ways that technology can enable them to future-proof their businesses.

“With the Government’s new three tier restrictions in place, some of the worst hit regions are going to feel the strain of a second lockdown. This could potentially have a severe impact on restaurants and takeaways within these areas. In order to remain operational, these businesses need to have a contingency plan in place and begin thinking of ways to future proof their businesses while serving their communities,” Mostyn concludes.

Commenting on the research, Philip Mostyn, Chief Operating Officer of Foodhub said: “This year has been a challenging year for all sectors. The hospitality industry in particular has suffered a drastic blow since the first lockdown in March when many were forced to close down all operations. With new restrictions in place, these businesses are now being told that their hours will be reduced and undoubtedly sentiments across the sector are of uncertainty and anxiety on what this will mean for the

When asked if they provide a delivery or takeaway option, 88 percent of restaurants already offer some kind of takeaway service. Another 10 percent are investigating the options with many stating they wanted to better serve their customers (42 percent) and improve revenue streams (30 percent). Yet, 27 percent say that the biggest challenge around offering delivery is a lack of drivers (27 percent) and mounting costs (21 percent).

Tier System Further Blow To Food and Drinks Sales In High Alert Areas CGA figures reveal that year-on-year sales have been halved in middle-tier areas of England, and cut by nearly two thirds in top-grade regions

tion of the new system, though their sales were still down between 22% and 28% year-on-year between Thursday and Saturday.

Pubs, bars and restaurants in areas that are in the upper tiers of the government’s new COVID alert system have suffered an immediate drop in sales, CGA’s latest data shows. Businesses in the ‘Very High’ alert tier in England—where pubs and bars can only remain open if they serve substantial meals, and people cannot meet with anyone outside their household—saw their daily sales drop between 60% and 62% year-on-year from last Thursday to Saturday (15 to 17 October). This represents a 26% fall on sales compared with the previous Saturday, driven primarily by drinks sales, which fell 43% on the week before. While restrictions are slightly looser in the ‘High’ tier, businesses in these areas also saw a significant drop in trading, with sales down between 46% and 54% from Thursday to Saturday. Licensed premises in the first ‘Medium’ tier fared better after the introduc-

“These figures lay bare the instant and seismic impact of the new tiered system on hospitality,” says CGA group chief executive Phil Tate. “The loss of nearly two thirds of daily sales in top-tier areas like Liverpool is catastrophic for local operators, and with Greater Manchester now set to join them there is a lot more hardship to come. It is also alarming to see a sharp drop-off in second-tier areas, where businesses are battling relentless challenges without financial support. Urgent government help is needed if businesses and jobs are to be sustained through this rapid downturn in sales.” CGA’s data indicates a particularly steep drop in drinks sales in top-tier areas, where alcohol can only be served with substantial meals. Businesses in these areas saw drinks sales fall by 73% year-on-year last Saturday, compared to a 59% fall in second-tier regions and a 31% drop in all other places. Having already been impacted by the 10pm curfew, the spirits category has seen the sharpest fall in sales, which were down by 83% in ‘Very High’ areas.

Record-Level Of Profit Warnings Reveals The Impact Of Covid-19 On The Travel & Leisure Sector The Travel & Leisure sector issued more profit warnings than any other FTSE sector in 2020, according to EY’s latest quarterly analysis of UK profit warnings.

Outlook for recovery While there were just four profit warnings from the FTSE Travel & Leisure sector in Q3 2020, the third quarter is typically the quietest period for corporate reporting. In 2020, this was amplified by the significant fall in earnings expectations set earlier in the year and, of particular note for the Travel & Leisure sector, the increase in activity as both COVID-19 restrictions eased and government initiatives kicked in.

FTSE Travel & Leisure companies issued a record-breaking 63 profit warnings in the nine months to the end of September – nearly triple the number EY recorded during the whole of 2019 (23). 75% of the sector issued a warning in that time period, with 95% citing the impact of COVID-19.

Meg Wilson added: “For businesses to survive, cash management remains a priority, and Government support will continue to be necessary for some time. To address constantly changing patterns of demand, companies will need to rapidly transform their business models to be more flexible.

EY’s report found that profit warnings from the Restaurants and Bars sub-sector (25) were more than four times higher in 2020 than the whole of 2019 (6). Meg Wilson, Turnaround and Restructuring Strategy Partner at EY UK, comments: “COVID-19 has hit the travel and leisure sector exceptionally hard, both operationally and financially. The sector has done a great job at putting people first, including protecting customers and employees, but even the strongest of businesses are facing tough decisions. “Ongoing local and national restrictions and unpredictable demand continue to severely hammer the sector. Among businesses experiencing pre-existing issues, such as overcapacity, we have already seen a number of permanent closures, insolvencies and distressed sales. The greater the grip of the pandemic, the deeper the economic fallout and the longer the road to recovery.” The FTSE Travel & Leisure sector issued the most warnings in the

period to the end of September 2020, followed by: Retailers (49); Industrial Support Services (49); and Media (35). According to EY’s report, the total number of profit warnings issued by all UK quoted companies by the end of Q3 2020 was 524, setting a new record for the annual total after only nine months. The previous record was 506 profit warnings in 2001.

“Recovery will involve some significant restructuring across the sector, including resetting capacity and property costs, as well as addressing excessive borrowing. The restaurant sector was already dealing with overcapacity issues before COVID-19 and we now expect to see a further reduction of around 20-25% of branded restaurants. Reduced demand for business travel will also necessitate the repositioning and potential redevelopment of many hotel sites for alternative use. “Those who have the flexibility to weather this continuing storm, and can reshape, will find significant opportunity for growth and consolidation.”

Issue 29

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Sector Reacts To Scotland Hospitality Restriction Extension Coronavirus restrictions in Scotland which has seen the closure of pubs and restaurants in specific areas and a 6pm indoor hospitality curfew elsewhere are to be extended until November 2, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said.

ing these uncertain and distressing times.” CAMRA’s Director for Scotland Joe Crawford said: “The First Minister’s announcement of an extra week of pub closures and the prospect of further lockdowns and restrictions from 2nd November has come as a hammer blow to pubs and breweries across the country.

Ms Sturgeon has said that restrictions on hospitality north of the border will be in place for a week longer than previously stated.

“These businesses feel like they are being offered up as a sacrificial lamb without sufficient evidence that pubs – who have done everything they have been asked to track and trace customers and make their venues COVID-secure – are responsible for transmission of the virus.

The Scottish Government will publish a tiered system of restrictions on Friday, Nicola Sturgeon has said, and it will come into effect on November 2. Commenting, UKHospitality Executive Director for Scotland Willie Macleod said: “This is another catastrophic blow for Scottish hospitality. It is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to keep pace with the constant change in the restrictions they are operating within.

“The Scottish Government must urgently review and improve their support package to make sure all our pubs and breweries get the financial compensation and support they need to get through this extended closure period – and, crucially, also during the tiered restrictions that will follow.

“Many of these businesses are barely hanging on. They have had their revenue strangled or shut off altogether and many will have little or no cash in reserve. Extending the restrictions for another week could finish off those businesses that had just about manged to formulate a plan to see them through the initial lockdown.

“Businesses are going to go under and take valuable jobs with them. It is now vital that the Scottish Government outlines plans for additional support to keep the sector from being totally wiped out.

“The support on offer isn’t going to be enough to save the sector. The £40m announced by the Scottish Government was intended to cover a 16-day period to 25 October. That sum was inadequate when it was announced and it is only going to be diluted further.

“We are expecting an announcement tomorrow on the Scottish Government’s proposed tier system. That needs to be accompanied by a confirmation of how it intends to support businesses that continue to be hammered and some indication of the route map for businesses dur-

“In addition, ministers need to give breweries and pubs enough notice about their plans so people can plan and re-stock for opening their doors again. “Without a longer-term support package to make up for lost trade and reduced consumer confidence I fear that this could be the end for the beer and pub sector as we know it.”

Manchester & South Yorkshire To Enter Into Tier 3 Restrictions Manchester and South Yorkshire are to be placed into tier three restrictions beginning this weekend. Following days of intense negotiations Greater Manchester has now been placed into Tier 3 of the government’s lockdown system – meaning pubs and bars which do not operate as restaurants must shut. The Tier 3 rules also mean pubs and bars not serving ‘substantial meals’ must close.

In a Commons statement Health Secretary Matt Hancock confirmed the £60 million offer of extra financial support was still on the table and urged Mr Burnham to “pick up the phone”. He said: “Of course, we do not want businesses in Greater Manchester to be disadvantaged so that offer remains on the table.

South Yorkshire is to be placed into Tier 3 lockdown from 12.01am on Saturday also forcing pubs and bars to shut.

“Our door is open to further discussions with local leaders in the coming days about business support.”

It affects the council areas of Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield, Mr Jarvis told MPs.

In South Yorkshire Mayor dan Jarvis said a £41m had been agreed between the region and central government, hours after talks over a financial package for Greater Manchester broke down.

An offer of an additional £60m made to local leaders earlier in the day, already well below the £75m they said was needed was not confirmed by the prime minister, who said only that “other discussions undoubtedly will continue” on business support. However, Boris Johnson said the government had made a “generous and extensive offer” to help Manchester businesses. The region will now receive £22m, the baseline level for Tier 3 areas to cover Test and Trace and enforcement. The prime Minister later clarified this was “separate and additional” to other support the government was trying to agree for businesses in the area. He added: “Our door is open to continue that particular conversation.”

This is made up of £11m (£8 a head) of a standard package for testing and tracing, plus £30m of business support. Earlier this week Mark Halstead, managing director of Red Flag Alert, comments: “Unfortunately, the new local furlough scheme and cash grants will not be enough for many of the struggling bars and restaurants in the North of England to survive a Tier 3 lockdown. They simply don’t have the cashflow and financial health to sustain closing their doors again so soon after the easing of the national lockdown. “Many of these bars and restaurants are operating on the breadline and the highest level of the new lockdown system will prove the final nail in the coffin. There’s then the concern of how their insolvencies will affect the rest of the supply chain they owe money to. Closing bars and restaurants runs much deeper than the economic woe affecting the premises you see on high streets. It’ll end up costing suppliers’ tens of millions of pounds in write-offs over the coming months, which risks jobs and livelihoods nationwide.”


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Last week, it was announced that Manchester’s region’s Covid-alert level was ‘high’, meaning it would be categorised as a Tier 2 area. Mayor Andy Burnham said ministers “walked away” from talks at 2pm on Tuesday after offering the region a £60m support package for businesses and workers, below the £65m requested by Manchester.


How The Hospitality Industry Can Use AR To Engage Customers This Halloween 10

CLH Digital

Issue 29

By David Ripert, CEO and co-founder at Poplar Studio (www/

Halloween - usually a fiendishly busy fixture in the hospitality calendar - is only a couple of weeks away and promises to be frightfully different to previous years. With tighter lockdown restrictions spelling the end for traditional trick or treating and fancy dress events, business owners will need alternative ways to engage customers, maintain brand engagement and generally get the party startled.

way to engage customers is to create interactive games which draw attention to the product.

One way businesses can get ahead of the carve and differentiate themselves from competitors is through augmented reality (AR). Across many industries, AR’s ability to create an immersive, interactive consumer experience is changing the way brands and companies present themselves.

With COVID-19 restrictions making physical menus a thing of the past, many restaurants are turning to augmented menus instead. These are an interactive way for customers to explore menu items from the phone, enabling them to find out ingredients and calorie information without the need for excessive contact with a waiter.

WHAT IS AR? Before we go further, it’s worth taking a moment to establish exactly what AR is. AR changes the way customers perceive their physical environments by using virtual features like video and sound. It differs from virtual reality (VR) - which places users in a completely virtual world in that it enables individuals to experience an extra layer of information in addition to what they see around them. Usually accessed through a smartphone, AR’s capacity for storytelling allows businesses to enhance each customer’s experience. In the hospitality industry, AR is becoming a crucial technology for strengthening customer engagement. From promotional effects on social media to augmented menus, AR enables business to reinvigorate physical environments otherwise limited by social distancing measures. Halloween - with its links to the supernatural - represents an eerie-sistible chance to explore the opportunities AR can bring to hospitality businesses. Below, sink your fangs into some practical examples of what that might look like across various hospitality sectors.

INTERACTIVE HOTEL ENVIRONMENTS AR can let guests explore new dimensions to their hotel rooms, a particularly valuable feature as outdoor movement continues to be restricted by lockdown measures. At Halloween, who knows what might be lurking under the bed or behind the wardrobe - possibly an ancient Egyptian mummy or a ghoulish spectre. With AR, guests view their room through their smartphones and find out.

GAMIFICATION Launching a new product without being able to hold a physical launch event is a challenge. One alternative

Eerie AR experiences like this ‘The Thing’ hand - released alongside the 2019 ‘The Addams Family’ DVD can be really powerful when promoting new products. With Halloween, the possibilities for spooky Halloween-themed games - maybe involving carving pumpkins or collecting sweets - are truly endless.


As well as enhancing COVID-security, the integration of augmented menus into a mobile ordering app is a great way for restaurants to stand out from the competition at Halloween. Children love content which is interactive - menus with witches flying across or spiders crawling down the side are an ideal way to make the process of ordering food more fun.

TRAVEL GUIDES Interactive maps - where guests can point their smartphones at a map to access information about retailers or restaurants with special Halloween promotions - are another great way for hoteliers to integrate AR into their product. As well as maps, hotel rooms could be equipped with AR-based guides, which could inform guests of Halloween-themed activities or points of interest in the local area.

PORTALS Finally, one really effective way AR can be used to educate customers about products is through the use of portals - like this Jack Daniels campaign which transported users to its Lynchburg factory to learn about the manufacturing process behind the whiskey. Portals can instil a real sense of brand loyalty as customers find out more about your product. Halloween presents an opportune moment to get creative with portals - with travel still restricted, customers need alternative, spookier ways to discover background information about companies - perhaps they could be taken back in time to witness a company’s origin story unfold firsthand.

FINAL THOUGHTS However AR is integrated, the technology can really set businesses apart from their competitors. Customers - particularly those who are younger and more tech-savvy - are increasingly aware of the power of AR to improve experiences by enhancing their physical surroundings. Halloween - where everything is not as it seems - represents a great chance to (trick or) treat your customers to the future of hospitality.

‘Tier 3’ Risks Permanent Closure for 1 In 5 Northern Bars and Restaurants Tier 3 lockdowns across the north of England risk putting 3,754 bars and restaurants out of business, according to data from insolvency fintech Red Flag Alert. Analysis by the insolvency score experts predicts that a blanket Tier 3 across the North of England would spell the end for 22% of the region’s bars and restaurants. These businesses are fearing closure or very limited trading under looming Tier 3 COVID restrictions. Liverpool became the first UK city to be classed as ‘Very High Risk’ earlier this week, and it has been announced today (16.10.20) that Lancashire will also be placed into the very high alert level Tier 3. Greater Manchester continues to fight the Government’s plans to move it into the highest level of new local lockdown restrictions. The latest Red Flag Alert data shows that at the end of June 2020, the number of Northern England bars and restaurants in significant financial distress had increased by 4.5% since the national lockdown in March 2020. These are businesses with either County Court Judgements (CCJs) filed against them for missed payments or which are showing a consistent deterioration in financial performance including working capital, financial liabilities and losses. The 3,754 struggling bars and restaurants in Northern England account for 22.2% of the region’s 16,861 venues in this hard-hit sector. Nationally, the sector is already facing losses of £32.5million from invoices going unpaid because of failing companies going bust. This level of bad debt has risen by 37% from £23.7million at the end of June 2019. Mark Halstead, managing director of Red Flag Alert, comments: “Unfortunately, the new local furlough scheme and cash grants will not be enough for many of the struggling bars and restaurants in the North of England to survive a Tier 3 lockdown. They simply don’t have the cashflow and financial health to sustain

closing their doors again so soon after the easing of the national lockdown. “Many of these bars and restaurants are operating on the breadline and the highest level of the new lockdown system will prove the final nail in the coffin. There’s then the concern of how their insolvencies will affect the rest of the supply chain they owe money to. Closing bars and restaurants runs much deeper than the economic woe affecting the premises you see on high streets. It’ll end up costing suppliers’ tens of millions of pounds in write-offs over the coming months, which risks jobs and livelihoods nationwide.” Pauline Rigby, head of corporate and insolvency specialist at Forbes Solicitors in Lancashire, said: “Concerns about tier 3 restrictions go way beyond the immediate impact on bar and restaurant owners. We’re looking at entire supply chains which are at risk across the regions, along with the knock-on effect it has on consumer confidence. Companies that rely on trading with these venues also face losing significant amounts of revenue overnight and the risk of outstanding payments for goods and services already supplied going unpaid. They’re facing a significant ripple-effect of debt and are understandably looking to protect themselves and their employees against this.” About the Red Flag Alert data: • At the end of March 2020, there were 3,591 bars and restaurants in Northern England in significant financial distress. • The number of Northern England bars and restaurants in significant financial distress increased to 3,754 at the end of June 2020, representing a 4.5% increase. There are currently 16,861 bars and restaurants legally trading across the North of England. 3,754 of this total accounts for 22.3% bars and restaurants that are at serious risk of collapse if they experience disruptions to revenue and cashflow.

Scottish Industry Commences Legal Process Against Restrictions On Hospitality Sector Five of Scotland’s Hospitality Industry bodies have taken the unprecedented step of commencing the legal process against restrictions imposed on the licensed trade by the Scottish Government. The Scottish Beer & Pub Association, The Scottish Licensed Trade Association, UKHospitality (Scotland), the Scottish Hospitality Group and the Night Time Industries Association Scotland have joined forces to save not just the small to medium independent business, but also the large corporate multi-operators that operate within Scotland’s Hospitality Industry. All these operators are under intense pressure and are fighting for the very survival of their businesses and for the jobs that they provide. The Scottish Government was served with the pre action letter yesterday morning. It follows the trade bodies receiving an Opinion by prominent legal expert Aidan O’Neill QC advising that a Judicial Review would be warranted. The letter requests a response to legal challenges from the Scottish Government by 4pm on Wednesday 28th October 2020, failing which matters could move forward with a Petition for Judicial Review. In a Joint Statement the group’s spokesperson, Paul Waterson said:- “It is with regret that we now commence with this first stage in the legal process. We understand and entirely support the goal of suppressing the virus, but our sector is at breakingpoint.

“Despite having more mitigation measures than other sectors and the vast majority of operators going above-and-beyond in ensuring customer safety, our sector has been repeatedly targeted without consultation and without the evidence. “Anecdotal evidence is not the way to go about making government decisions and the sector should not be used as a balance to uncontrollable risks in other far less regulated and un- monitored sectors. “Evidence just published in Northern Ireland clearly states that the closure of hospitality only has an “0.1-0.2 impact on the R number” and that the lockdown there has been brought about to ensure behavioural and policy compliance in other areas. Effectively confirming that the hospitality industry has been held up as the sacrificial lamb. “The economic support offered to premises doesn’t come close to compensating the businesses and means jobs are being lost and livelihoods ruined. Any measures must be proportionate and be backed up by evidence, we do not believe that is the case here. “The industry simply cannot endure the extension of the current restriction, further restrictive measures expected from the 2nd of November or get into a stop start situation. facing the end of our industry as we know it. “The battle is now on to save the hospitality sector.”

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Delivering Into The Future 12 10

CLH Digital Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

Issue Sept/Oct292020

By Kam Phullar, Lead Strategist at Feed Agency ( accelerated the shift to digital shopping by roughly five years.

Few sectors have escaped the adverse consequences of the coronavirus pandemic but there’s no denying some have felt its dreadful force more than others – hospitality being one. And as the third-largest employment sector in the UK – with 3.2m people working in restaurants, pubs and hotels – that is a large swath of the population currently anxious about the future of their businesses and jobs. For an industry heavily reliant on in-person, location-specific experiences, the coronavirus-induced rapid move to online commerce has been confounding. An IBM report recently showed that COVID-19 has

atmosphere, views and sometimes entertainment. However, in recent years the rise of services like UberEats has been underlining people’s desire to eat together, while selecting their own meal options. Food delivery services are offering a critical service as a result of COVID-19, and interestingly they are making moves from impulse and occasion, towards regular and every-day. Even supermarkets have found a logistics lifeline – Aldi, Lidl and M&S Foods are all featuring in apps like Deliveroo, UberEats and JustEat.

But rather than being dejected by this changed behaviour, for the hospitality sector this could be a prime opportunity to innovate and get ahead of the curve – to deliver a level of customer experience we’ve been organically heading towards.

Innovations like dining experiences, diet-based and meal-prep are ways restaurants can turn impulse eating into more regular spending habits using delivery services. And we could soon see subscription models being offered, to make restaurant food more accessible and better able to compete with supermarket ready meals.

Though the conventional idea of hospitality focuses on people being in an environment where they can enjoy the company of others, eat, relax and unwind, trends pre-lockdown were pointing towards needing to take the experience to the customer – specifically by using delivery and courier services.

The logistics of the best way of entering the delivery market will differ across establishments and will come down to individual circumstances. For some restaurants, partnering with the in-app delivery services may make sense, but larger operations may see value in hiring their own fleet.

For the pub, both a challenge and a potential USP is its products. Drinkers accept that alcohol from a pub will be at a premium because they’re willing to pay for the opportunity to meet in a convivial environment. However, during lockdown many of the larger alcohol brands have pushed their off-trade offering (multi-packs and flavour innovations) to inspire those in supermarkets looking to fill a gap.

Of all the different businesses within the hospitality sector, hotels across the country may potentially have the most room to innovate, and depending on the services they offer, they could consider side avenues outside of traditional room hire.

Where pubs can win is by using their relationships with breweries to widen their product offerings to offer mixology and exploration packages for customers. Some pubs are already catching onto this idea, building on their more distinct and unique products, by offering DIY cocktail care packages that off licences and retail stores can’t replicate. Another deliverable service could be the classic pub lunch and Sunday roast. Pubs are famous for their carveries, which could offer a way to up-sell a meal experience with curated wines, beers and spirits – helping make enjoyable family or friend experiences within singular households. Similar to pubs, people gravitate to restaurants because of their

Spa services could offer care packages for at-home wellbeing, especially when paired with online gym or yoga classes – creating a perfect gift option as we move towards the holiday season. But also, the more practical services like dry cleaning and handy-persons could be whitelabelled and listed as new business ventures. And finally, similar to pubs and restaurants, they could introduce catering initiatives that could help new customers access food from prize winning chefs. These are extremely challenging times for the hospitality sector, but delivery services combined with innovation and some left-field thinking offer genuine opportunities. Ones that will keep businesses afloat and give customers leading much more restricted lives some welcome variety and joy, while their out-of-home lives are limited.

Wine of England Launch Their New Website Promoting English Vineyards There are over 400 commercial vineyards and wineries in England, and Wine of England has been founded to support them.

English and Welsh sales reached 5.5 million bottles in 2019, a 70% increase over the year before.

At Wine of England, we provide a great looking, usable platform for English wine lovers to discover the incredibly large number of wineries and vineyards that dot our hills and plains, and what they have to offer.

As more people become interested in drinking English wine, the more that people want to visit and experience vine growing and winemaking firsthand, or enotourism (wine tourism) as it’s known.

It is impossible to ignore the increasing popularity of wine on English shores, and we’re not talking about consuming it, which Britain has always been a world champion at, but producing it.

Although the trend is positive and an increasing number of wineries and vineyards are offering tours and experiences to the general public, wine tourism is still in its infancy in England when compared to other countries such as France, Spain or Italy.

For this reason, we decided to map all of England’s commercial vineyards and wineries and promote them.

Seb Elia, Co-founder of Wine of England, said: “We aspire to be an important source of information for English wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs and a link between them and English wine producers.”

English wine is serious business, not simply because of its ever-increasing quality, but also because of the growing audience of English wine consumers, domestically and internationally.


Scottish Hospitality Sector Launches ‘Save our Jobs’ Campaign Some of the top names in Scottish hospitality have launched a new ‘Save Our Jobs’ campaign calling for urgent support from Westminster and Holyrood to safeguard up to 100,000 jobs before the nationwide furlough scheme comes to an end in just 10 days’ time on 31st October.

“But the business imbalance affecting hospitality today which is being hit so much harder than many other professions will cause an even greater long term harm. “Our Hospitality teams, made up of all ages are losing their livelihoods. Our suppliers are being hugely affected. Supermarkets are not picking up the smaller artisans suppliers that feed the independent hospitality market. Our high streets are losing their heart and soul as meeting places for family, friends and businesses.

Michelin star chef Tom Kitchin, Nic Wood of pub and bar collection Signature Group, James Thomson of Prestonfield and The Witchery, Edinburgh’s Carina Contini and the Scotland-wide Crerar Hotels group are leading the campaign to appeal for urgent support from government before it’s too late.

“Our youth are losing out on the part-time jobs we have always provided for all future carriers from accountants to ballerinas.

Hospitality workers have shared their ‘Save Our Jobs’ selfies on social media using the hashtags #SaveOurJobs and #ScottishHospitality to highlight the faces behind the jobs under threat. Support has been drawn from across Scotland with hoteliers, restaurateurs, publicans and café owners joining forces in a drive to raise awareness of the scale of the crisis facing the industry. Many business owners are worried that they are running out of time to save vital jobs, many of which are held by people aged between 16 and 24 years old. People aged between 16 to 24 years old currently make up 50% of the hospitality workforce in Scotland, however, since February, youth unemployment has risen from 6.1% to 14.5% in Scotland. The ‘Save Our Jobs’ campaign is also keen to raise awareness of that scale of jobs at risk with restrictions not just affecting hospitality venues but the whole supply chain that depends on the industry, such as Scottish food and drink producers, logistical services and maintenance support. Industry leaders not only believe that more clarity is needed from the Scottish Government on who and when businesses will benefit from the funding made available, but that further financial compensation is required to protect jobs across Scotland. The hospitality industry are also calling to the government to find practical, evidence based solutions to remain open whilst keeping their staff and customers safe. Michelin star restaurateur and owner of Edinburgh’s The Kitchin, Tom Kitchin said: “We’re in really challenging times as an industry and now is

the time to act. The impact this situation is having not just on Scottish hospitality but also on our supply chain is enormous. I was speaking to a supplier yesterday and he was in tears. Many producers and even members of our team are in great stress and I have serious concerns for their health and well-being if this carries on. Everyone linked to our industry is affected by the restrictions and curfews and hospitality and tourism being such important corner stones of the economy cannot be wiped out. “Our industry is in a real need of help, especially having only just partly recovered from the first lockdown. We have worked so hard to keep our guests and diners safe in hospitality settings, taking all safety precautions needed to remain safe while enjoying good food and drink. Eliminating the risks of the virus is obviously our greatest concern, but there need to be a balance. For the hospitality future of Scotland.” Carina Contini is Owner of Contini George Street, Edinburgh; Cannonball Restaurant & Bar, Castlehill, Edinburgh; and The Scottish Cafe & Restaurant - located at the gardens entrance of the Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh. She said: “This virus has created a health and social imbalance. Our elderly have suffered hugely in both loss of their community and their well-being. The youth have suffered socially with their learning and friendships being hit the hardest.

“Our family businesses are losing their life-long investments. We are one of the largest contributors to all sectors of our community and economy. We need support to be able to fuel the nation’s recovery. Don’t allow all this good to be lost. It will be a much harder medicine to swallow that any virus.” James Thomson, Owner of Edinburgh’s Prestonfield House and The Witchery said: “Earlier this year I made the incredibly difficult decision to close The Tower in Edinburgh which I had had the pleasure to operate for 22 years. Due to the impact of Covid-19, we had to permanently close our doors which absolutely broke my heart. This resulted in a number of unavoidable redundancies which was a huge blow to all of us and the many suppliers and their staff whom we supported. I’m now very concerned that without adequate support, many hospitality venues will face the same future.” Nic Wood, Owner of Scotland’s leading pub, bar and restaurant collection, Signature Group said: “We hope this campaign will drive awareness to the plight of our young workforce as their employment prospects dwindle. We care about every member of our team and to not be able to save every job causes us a huge amount of distress. With the appropriate measures, hospitality can be a covid secure environment so we want to press that with the right support, the industry can reopen safely, thus protecting jobs.” To show your support for the ‘Save Our Jobs’ campaign, share your thoughts and photos on social media using the hashtag #SaveOurJobs and #ScottishHospitality.

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What Can The World Learn From China’s Food Waste Reduction Initiatives? 14

CLH Digital

Issue 29

home bags and to-go boxes for the leftovers. These are to be backed by extensive government messaging around frugal consumption and the problems with food waste. The president’s ambition is to make food waste a national priority by strengthening legislation, supervision and education. This, in turn, aims to significantly reduce food waste across China, reducing the projected food shortfall and preventing food poverty throughout the country. So, what can the UK learn from ‘operation empty plate’? Surely a food shortfall is not a concern that we need to consider? Unfortunately, food poverty is already a significant issue in the UK and, according to research, we are one of the world’s worst culprits for food waste. Each year we throw away an estimated 10 million tonnes of food – approximately 150 kilograms per person!

As part of an urgent programme to safeguard China’s food security, president Xi Jinping recently launched ‘operation empty plate’ – an initiative to minimise food waste. We spoke to Philip Simpson, commercial director at ReFood, about whether we face similar issues closer to home and what lessons can be learnt. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, increasing reliance on imports, devastating floods and rising tensions with the US, food shortages are becoming a real possibility across China. Experts are already projecting a national shortfall of some 130 million tonnes by 2025, highlighting the need for immediate action.

Alongside the financial implications and risk to our food security, this is having a catastrophic impact on the environment. When food is left to rot in landfill, it generates gases 21 times more harmful to the environment than CO2. When you consider the scale of this problem, it’s clear that we – like China – must do something to curb our food waste.

unavoidable food waste can deliver a 53% cost saving (when compared with traditional waste management alternatives). Finally, we need to embrace strict legislation – like China – to make the above ideas a part of our everyday lives. A national ban on sending food waste to landfill will be a critical part of our journey towards a more sustainable society. It would make our ‘throwaway culture’ a thing of the past and penalise those who fail to follow the rules, benefitting us all. Learning about China’s ‘operation empty plate’ campaign highlights how many of us take food supply for granted. We may acknowledge the farmers and appreciate a meal, but the fact that food is always available has lulled us into a false sense of security. Thanks to modern agriculture, food is currently an abundant resource, but that does not mean it is infinite. We must learn from the aggressive stance taken in China and follow best practice, implementing national change to make wasting food a thing of the past. There are clear environmental, financial and food security benefits to changing the way we approach the issue and if we do not act soon, the consequences could prove devastating.

The important question, therefore, is how best to tackle it. Firstly, we need to improve education. Food waste is not simply a problem for politicians to solve, it’s an issue we must all combat together. By educating the general public – and businesses nationwide – about the consequences of wasting food, we can make the issue a national cause.

With the threat looming, Xi Jinping has declared that wasting food is no longer an option. His latest national campaign, ‘Operation empty plate’, aims to drastically curb food waste by contravening Chinese hospitality customs and encouraging a new set of practices.

Secondly, we need to embrace new ways of thinking to minimise waste. Following the food waste hierarchy is key – prevent waste in the first place, re-use what we can, redistribute surplus and divert scraps to other uses (such as animal feed). We are already making great strides in this department, through national waste reduction campaigns, widespread adoption of charity redistribution schemes and numerous initiatives to reduce waste throughout the supply chain.

Part of the initiative, “N-1 ordering” is a system intended to stop rampant over-ordering, encouraging those eating out to order one meal less than the number of diners. Another recommendation is that restaurants offer half-size and smaller portions, while also accommodating take-

Thirdly, we need to provide a solution for the fraction of food waste that, as a nation, we cannot prevent. Things like gristle, bones and shells are ideal feedstock for food waste recycling, which turns discarded scraps into valuable green electricity and gas. For businesses, recycling

Working Lunches Could Be Exempt From Tier 2 And Tier 3 Lockdowns Due To “Loophole”

Working lunches could be exempt from recently introduced Tier 2 and Tier 3 coronavirus restrictions due to a loophole, raising the hopes of the beleaguered hospitality sector. People are prohibited from meeting inside pubs and restaurants in ‘high risk’ and ‘very high risk’ areas such as London, Liverpool and Greater Manchester. However, Downing Street and local authorities have suggested that meetings inside hospitality venues are allowed as long as they are for ‘work purposes’. Speaking to the Telegraph broadsheet a number 10 spokesman said that while current guidance advises people to restrict their social contact and work from home as much as possible, “people are permitted to meet indoors for work purposes in high or very high areas”. Earlier this week trade bodies reported that there will inevitably be mass redundancies and permanent closure of venues across the UK without appropriate package of support

Pub and hospitality trade bodies UKHospitality, the British Institute of Innkeeping and the British Beer & Pub Association revealed the grim results of their latest sector wide survey released yesterday. The findings, from this second survey of members of all three trade associations conducted by hospitality market research company CGA, paint a catastrophic picture, as the new 3 Tier system comes into force and has been extended to London, York, Lancashire and other areas, with further announcements expected imminently. UKHospitality chief executive Kate Nicholls said on Twitter that “there is an exemption for work-related meetings which are necessary, but it does not state where this can take place”. She added: “You are allowed to have a business meeting if in a separate room [or] discrete [area] but not over lunch or dinner in open restaurant”. She added: “As far as I can ascertain from government discussions the exemption for work purposes or business meetings allowing mixed households does not apply in the general restaurant or bar.”

Coastal BID Wants Minister For Hospitality Bournemouth Coastal BID is throwing its support behind a campaign to have a dedicated Minister for Hospitality in the government. The BID, which represents the coastal region from Tuckton to Westbourne, is dependent on the hospitality sector more than most. With the brief summer season now over, many businesses are banking on half term and Christmas to keep their heads above water. The sector believes it needs dedicated representation at the top table to fight for extra support through the coronavirus crisis and beyond. A petition to support the move has been launched and if

it reaches 100,000 it will have to be considered for debate in parliament. Paul Clarke, chairman of the BID and hotelier, said: “The hospitality industry employs around three million people, generates £130bn of activity and pays £38n in tax. “Despite the size of the sector it has no dedicated minister as the arts or sports have. “Such a role would be useful at any time, but with the lockdowns disproportionally hitting hospitality, now is the time to appoint one. “We need someone to fight for hospitality businesses and to secure assistance to keep them viable. “Lockdowns and restrictions could last for some time

and the fear is that many pubs, bars, hotels, B&Bs, guest houses, restaurants and other traders will go out of business. “In the areas we represent hospitality is huge and employs many people and boosts incomes of other businesses in the supply chain. “If you consider how many coaches visit the area loaded with tourists you can begin to understand the effect on the local economy when they don’t arrive. “A Minister at the Cabinet table would be able to make the case for hospitality, which is a vital sector.” You can sign the petition at

“Firebreak” Lockdown For Wales To Begin Friday Issue 29

This new lockdown measure will take Wales back to the restrictions introduced in March, with most businesses closing, and people being told to stay at home and work from home where possible.

CAMRA Director for Wales Chris Charters said: “Our pubs, breweries and cider-makers are still trying to recover from the first lockdown, and have been operating at reduced trade for months and have invested thousands of pounds of their dwindling reserves to make their premises COVID-secure.

The measures include:

Every business covered by the small business rate relief will get a


First minister Mark Drakeford said applications for financial aid will open in the first week of the lockdown and will be allocated “as quickly as we can”.

Wales is to impose a “firebreak” lockdown for 17 days from 6pm on Friday October 23, the Welsh government has announced.

• Non-essential retail, hospitality businesses to include leisure, pubs bars restaurants and to close • People told to work from home wherever possible, with exceptions for critical workers • Household mixing banned both indoors and outdoors, although those in social bubbles will still be able to meet • Primary schools open after the half-term week and secondary schools will open only to Year 7 and Year 8 pupils • Places of worship to be closed except for weddings and funerals • The circuit break will last until Monday 9 November To support businesses affected by the Covid restrictions during this two-week period, small and medium leisure and hospitality businesses that are forced to close will be automatically given a one-off payment of up to £5,000.

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“This announcement of a two-week closure is absolutely devastating news and is a real make or break moment for Welsh beer, cider and pubs.

£1,000 payment, with a further discretionary grant for smaller businesses who are under pressure because of the restrictions will also be available. The government previously announced that it was making an extra £80m available to help businesses deal with the challenges of coronavirus, which will be increased to £100m, and £20m of this will be ringfenced for tourism and hospitality businesses.

“Whilst grants from the Welsh Government are welcome and necessary, many fear that they won’t be enough to pay for both fixed costs and their staff wages as the UK Government’s jobs support scheme doesn’t kick in until next month. “The Welsh and UK Governments urgently need to work together to bring forward a comprehensive financial support package to cover this fire-breaker period – and the weeks and months following it to allow businesses to get back on their feet. “Without proper compensation we risk seeing pubs, breweries and cider producers closing for good before Christmas.”

The Bird in Hand Wins Top Community Award

The Bird in Hand in Wreningham, near Wymondham, has been awarded the top accolade of Business Community Champion of the Year at the South Norfolk Community Awards 2020.

Terry Stork said: “Big congratulations to The Bird in Hand team on this much-deserved award. This is truly a pub at the heart of its local community, providing services to local people that go far beyond just serving food and drink.

Pub is The Hub sponsored the Business Community Champion category, which recognised pubs who have gone above and beyond to help their communities during lockdown. This year the council’s annual Pub of the Year competition was replaced by a community award to reflect the impact of Covid-19.

“So many pubs have struggled in these challenging times and many have come up with fantastic initiatives to support their local community. “A huge thanks to South Norfolk District Council for running these inspired awards. These awards provide a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge the pubs that have gone that extra mile.”

As part of its close association with South Norfolk District Council, Terry Stork, Pub is The Hub’s East Anglian advisor, takes part in choosing the winner of the annual pub competition.

Alex Brake said: “We are over the moon. When Lizzie and I took over the business we wanted to put a strong community focus on the pub. The community has been fantastic and the feedback has been phenomenal.

This year’s virtual event saw Alex Brake and his sister Lizzie Brake, the co-owners of The Bird in Hand given the good news of their win during an interview on the council’s social media channels.

“That has inspired us to go as far as we can to help and the community has supported us.”

The pub has been in family ownership for the last 13 years with Alex and Lizzie taking over the pub and restaurant two years ago from their parents. During lockdown and throughout the pandemic Alex, Lizzie and their team continued to support the local community. They organised fundraising for the elderly, a takeaway meal service, delivered hot meals

to the most vulnerable, gave 400 toilet rolls to the community, sent 100 food parcels to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, and had free soup and rolls available for those most in need.

Alex and Lizzie are now talking to Pub is The Hub about a potential Community Services Project at the pub. The Bird in Hand won £250 for the community group of their choice, a bunch of flowers and an afternoon tea.

The New Celebrity Chef Credit Report Launches restaurants, and 4 Michelin Stars.

Source: Despite his fearsome reputation, few can argue against the relentless work ethic the 53-year-old applies to his culinary pursuits and business deals.

The world’s most successful celebrity chefs have been revealed in a new report by finance experts at, with Gordon Ramsey topping the list, scoring 98.5/100 on the chef. Taking a seed list of the top-ranking UK*, European** and foodie influencers***, the Celebrity Chef Credit Report reveals just how hard these chefs are working by scoring them against six career credentials, which include net worth, published cookbooks, Michelin Stars, Social media influence, TV appearances, and TV career length.

To date, Ramsay’s restaurants have been awarded an extraordinary 16 Michelin Stars in total (7 of which have been retained). While most of his exposure comes through his TV work, appearing in 32 TV shows and featuring in around 640 episodes overall, it is no surprise that the chef is estimated to be worth over £171 million. With 118 cookbooks, Jamie Oliver has an estimated net worth of £233 million – that’s a third more than Chef Ramsay and 14 times more than the top-earning female chef on the list Nigella Lawson who is estimated to be worth £15m – resulting in the Essex cheeky chappie taking second place.

Using a weighted ranking system, the study then assigned a score to each chef in the index, revealing the most successful celebrity chefs.

In third place is Italian stallion Gino D’Acampo, scoring 66 out of 120. D’Acampo rose to fame in the UK with his Italian inspired recipes and dishes securing him a whopping £7,787,500 fortune.

The Top 10 Most Successful UK Chefs Ranked

Top 10 Most Successful European Chefs Ranked:

Gordon Ramsay takes the number one spot as the most successful UK chef in the Celebrity Chef Credit Report, scoring 98.5 out of 120.

Crowned the hardest working chef in Europe, Massimo Bottura is estimated to be worth €200 million owing to his 15 published cookbooks, 6

Source: The chef’s net worth is 14 times more than the top-earning female chef on the list Anne-Sophie Pic who is estimated to be worth €4.26m. Raymond Blanc takes the second position in the study, scoring 54.5 out of 120. Blanc is the chef patron at Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons which boasts two Michelin stars. The restaurant’s seven-course set menu will set you back £194.00. In third place is two Michelin starred chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo, scoring 53 out of 120. Cannavacciuolo combines the dishes of north and south Italy at his restaurant Villa Crespi. He is one of Italy’s most wellknown chefs, thanks to his seven-year television career. With eight cookbooks released and an avid social media following of 2.8 million, it is no surprise Cannavacciuolo has raked up a €5.38m net worth. * ** ***

Cross-Border Sales: UK Food and Drink Firms Eye Global Market 16

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Issue 29

By Kunal Sawhney, CEO of Kalkine (

Drink Federation (FDF), Britain’s export of food and drinks in the top markets plunged in the first half of the year. The Great British Food Programme, in which Business West is tying up with Chinese digital marketing firm Regroup China and logistics company Elander, will support the UK’s food and drink enterprises to promote themselves through the Chinese social media platform WeChat. The social media channel has a 1.2 billion user base.

Considering these numbers, the food and drink companies in Britain have a big scope to expand their businesses at a greater length and grab a larger share in the Chinese market. Paul Rostand, the founder of Forest-based Great British Biscotti, said China offers a huge potential for growth for food services and even the retail segment. We have been seeing China as a target market for a long time.

The Great British Food Store, the specific mini programme, is set to launch next month and it aims to run as a cross-border global sales solution, allowing opportunities for B2C sales and export to China with the least hassle.

Echoing similar views, James Monk, Director at commercial services of Business West, said China was Britain’s sixth-largest export destination in 2019 and with the launch of The Great British Food Store, the food and drink companies in the UK can expand their businesses.

With this mini-program, the food and drinks companies in the South West of England can display and sell their products to Chinese consumers.



Undoubtedly, China is a lucrative market for UK’s food and drink companies. The demand for British food products from China has been surging over the years.

The autumn surge in coronavirus cases in Britain appears to have no solution as of now, with industries suffering to generate revenue and the government imposing new lockdown restrictions across the country.

According to the latest H1 2020 FDF statistics, China remains a big market for food exporters, with the UK exporting £344.8 million goods to China, an increase of 0.3 per cent.

Looking ahead, UK’s food and drink products can continue to thrive in the Chinese market; however, it could face challenges as sometimes accessibility can be a difficult task due to regulatory requirements.

Among various industries, the UK’s hospitality sector is severely impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak. The vibrant industry is on the verge of losing 300,000 jobs due to the pandemic.

Among Britain’s’ top 50 trade partners (in value terms), China saw year-on-year growth in food and drink exports of more than 20 per cent.

In view of the growing uncertainty in the market, not-for-profit company Business West, which provides support to startups and emerging businesses, has launched a scheme that facilitates food and drink enterprises in the South West of England to foray into the Chinese market.


In fact, an HM Revenue and Customs report stated that the food and drink exports to China have increased in recent years – nearly 6 times since 2010. The UK’s meat industry has seen substantial growth in terms of sales over the years. For instance, Britain’s meat exports to China (in terms of kg), were 3.6 million in 2010, and it has reached 137.9 million in 2019.

Moreover, the Covid-19 pandemic, which resulted in strict lockdown across the major economies, including China and the UK, has disrupted the trade flow. For the UK’s food and drinks industry, there could be a slight interruption in exporting food products to China for the time being due to pandemic.

The factor that triggered the launch of the scheme comes in the backdrop of the increasing demand for UK food and drink products in the Chinese market. According to a report published by the UK’s Food and

The top food products which Britain exported to China in H1 2020 included pork (£132.2 million sales), whisky (£40.8 million) and infant food (£19.2 million).

Another interesting form for the UK’s food and drink might be witnessed after Brexit. If Britain moves without a deal, then there could be a chance of British food products seeing a paradigm shift in the business model. Overall, Britain's food and drink companies appear to be going strong, and in the coming days, the export to China could grow further unless any disruption in trade, demand and supply surfaces.

Hawthorn Leisure Extends Rent Support In Response To Government Local Lockdowns go far enough. Pubs still have to cover all normal overheads, and ensure there is food on the tables of their own families at the end of the week. The grants made available by the various Governments, whilst welcome, fail to cover the weekly overheads most businesses encounter. To ensure pubs are able to come out of this Pandemic in the best possible position Hawthorn leisure are to support them as appropriate with the following packages in place: Hawthorn has extended its support to its pubs in response to local lockdowns. The company believes that Government support offered to pubs in Tier 3 in England, and to those affected by widespread closures in Scotland, and the Fire Break in Wales from this Friday, simply does not

• Pubs that move to Tier 3 or are subject to Government closure will have their rent credited at 100% for up to an initial 4 week period. At this point, we would expect Government support to increase, to recognise the impact of these measures across all parts of the industry. • Pubs in Tier 2 will be offered rent relief ranging from 33% to 80% based on the affordability of their rent against their turnover. • Pubs in Tier 1 continue to be eligible for our support grant where they can

apply for individual support where they are not able to meet all outgoings. Chief executive Mark Davies said: “The government support offered to pubs in tier three in England, and to those affected by widespread closures in Scotland, and the ‘fire break’ in Wales from this Friday, simply does not go far enough. Pubs still have to cover all normal overheads and ensure there is food on the tables of their own families at the end of the week. The grants made available by the various governments, while welcome, fail to cover the weekly overheads most businesses encounter. We are also offering all of our partners the chance to co-invest with us through our ‘Partner Investment Fund’ where we will match every £1 spent up to £5,000 each, which does not need to be repaid. This is to help improve outside space and increase internal covers to enable our pubs to maximise their trading opportunity against the ever-changing restrictions in place.”

Pubs & Restaurants Rally to Support Marcus Rashford’s Free School Meals Campaign Hundreds pubs, restaurants and café’s are, stepping up and offering free food this half term to those who’ve fallen on hard times. Hospitality businesses across the nation have flooded social media with gestures of free food. Earlier this week a motion to extend financial support for the poorest families through half-term and the Christmas holidays, by providing weekly £15 food voucher was defeated in the House of Commons. The motion put forward by Labour was motivated by a campaign led by Manchester United footballer Marcus Rashford, who is aiming to end child hunger in England, have experienced food poverty when growing up. The Manchester United and England striker who was awarded an MBE for his campaign is asking businesses to promote their food offers via the hashtag #endchildfoodpoverty, which is what a number of pubs and bars have been doing. His latest petition calls for free school meals for every child from a household on Universal Credit or equivalent, which according to Rashford, would mean that an additional 1.5 Photo by @cfcunofficial million children aged seven to 16 would be eligible.

Rashford says he has been “blown away” by the kindness and generosity shown by these businesses and is sharing a selection of examples of hospitality stepping up on his Twitter feed. Riddling Rack, a wine bar in Newton-Le-Willows, is another operator to reach out to its local area. “How terrible that many families can’t even afford to put a box of cereal on the table, let alone treat themselves to lunch out,” the venue posted on Facebook. “This half term we are offering free kids lunches or early tea to anyone who needs them and a tea or coffee for the parent. Total discretion guaranteed as we are offering table service, so please just mention to staff you are there for the free kids meal. We stand with Marcus Rashford to #endchildpoverty.”

“We don’t want any child in Hull to go to bed hungry,” posted Pearson’s Bar. “The government’s decision not to offer free school meals during holidays at this time is quite frankly heart-breaking. Whilst we try as a business to avoid mixing with politics, we can’t stand idly by whilst those less fortunate in the community struggle so we must do our bit to help.

Lib Dem Hull Councillor Jack Haines said: ""The story around free school meals is both heartbreaking and heartwarming.

“We will prepare as many packed lunches as we can, which can be collected during half-term from Mon 26th to Fri 30th [October]. No need to feel embarrassed, these are available with complete discretion, without questions or judgement, all we ask is that you send us a message and we will respond to as many requests as possible, these are totally free and you don’t need to purchase anything or even been a customer at Pearson’s before, we just want to do our bit to help!”

"It is heartbreaking that the Government has decided that feeding our country's children is not a priority.

"No child should go hungry and I have nothing but pride for the Hull business stepping up to make sure this doesn't happen as we approach half-term. "The leadership shown by Marcus Rashford and communities across the area is inspiring. "We have a duty to make sure children in desperate situations, in the 6th most wealthy country in the world, do not go without a substantial meal because their school is closed."

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Innova Identifies Top 10 Food and Beverage Trends to Accelerate Innovation in 2021 18

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Issue 29

Transparency dominates consumer demand in 2021. Increasing transparency to meet evolving ethical, environmental and clean label consumer demands is key. Brands adopting and pairing new packaging technologies such as invisible barcodes and near-field communication technology with creative, meaningful storytelling will be successful. The consumer lifestyle trend toward cleaner living is broadening and heightening expectations around what constitutes a clean label. Aspects include human/animal welfare, supply chain transparency, plant-powered nutrition and sustainable sourcing.


Transparency emerges as a clear winner in Innova Market Insights’ Top Ten Trends for 2021 with brands upping their game to meet evolving ethical, environmental and clean label consumer demands. Food trend specialists Innova Market Insights have unveiled its annual Top Ten Trends report. The comprehensive report equips manufacturers, retailers and brands with the latest insights to drive innovation and answer current consumer demands. Innova Market Insights’ Top Ten Trends for 2021 provides an in-depth delve into how the food and beverage industry has progressively evolved. As COVID-19 transforms our shopping and eating habits, staying ahead of the curve and keeping on top of the changing and sophisticated food and beverage landscape is of paramount importance. The pandemic has bolstered focus on overall health and immunity, with consumers seeking foods and ingredients that support personal health. Attention is now on the post-COVID landscape to explore how these new behaviors will shape the future of the food and beverage industry. “Transparency throughout the supply chain will dominate in 2021, with consumers searching for brands that can build trust, provide authentic and credible products, and create shopper confidence in the current and post-COVID climate,” highlights Lu Ann Williams, Director of Insights and Innovation at Innova Market Insights. Innova Market Insights’ top trends for 2021 are in response to the ever-evolving and consumer-centric food and beverage industry. Innova Market Insights anticipates leading trends and provides rich data to support brands with prompting revival or acceleration post-COVID-19. The new trends for 2021 are:

1. TRANSPARENCY TRIUMPHS The Innova Consumer Survey 2020 reveals that six in ten global consumers are interested in learning more about where foods come from.

5. IN TUNE WITH IMMUNE Ongoing anxiety stemming from COVID-19 will encourage consumers to prioritize their immune health into 2021. According to the Innova Consumer Survey 2020, six out of ten global consumers are increasingly looking for food and beverage products that support their immune health, with one in three saying that concerns about immune health increased in 2020 over 2019. Immunity-boosting ingredients will play a significant role in the coming year, while research and interest in the role of the microbiome and personalized nutrition as ways to strengthen immunity will accelerate.

As plant-based trends reach global phenomenon status, the “plantbased” definition is ever-evolving. Its rising mainstream appeal will drive expansion to different regions and categories in 2021, including accelerated demand for new formats, plant proteins and more sophisticated alternatives. Propelled by sustainability and animal welfare concerns, labgrown foods have the potential to disrupt the industry by mainstreaming the use of new technologies. The Innova Consumer Survey 2020 indicated that the top four reasons for considering plant-based alternatives were health, diet variety, sustainability and taste. As consumers are powering up on plant protein, opportunities and challenges relating to regional consumer preferences and sustainability expectations are attracting attention.

3. TAILORED TO FIT Personalized nutrition is in the spotlight as consumers look for food and beverage options that fit their unique lifestyles. Consumers expect a tailored approach to eating, with technological breakthroughs, constant new launches and exciting sensorial experiences providing the opportunity for customized lifestyles to extend to food and beverage consumption. Sophisticated personalized nutrition advice on functional foods is still expensive, but the emergence of tech platforms allows for comparable customer service via automation. The Innova Consumer Survey 2020 showed that 64% of global consumers have found more ways to tailor their life and products to their individual style, beliefs and needs.

4. NEW OMNICHANNEL EATING As foodservice and retail domains increasingly overlap, consumers can eat what they want, when and where they want it. Consumers are seeking convenience, richer experiences and accessible indulgence. Traditional hospitality is getting edged out, particularly with COVID-19 giving consumers more time to stay at home and sharpen their own culinary prowess. Increased home cooking is driving the use of convenient meal kits/starters and more sophisticated ingredients, resulting in new food experiences. The Innova Consumer Survey 2020 found 46% of consumers believe restaurant-branded products are a convenient way to attain the restaurant experience and flavors at home. Along with restaurant delivery growing, consumers can now directly access many specialty products that were previously only accessible via foodservice.

6. NUTRITION HACKING 7. MOOD: THE NEXT OCCASION 8. PRODUCT MASHUPS: WHEN TRENDS COLLIDE 9. MODERN NOSTALGIA 10. AGE OF THE INFLUENCER “The ever-evolving food and beverage industry has seen a significant consumer push for transparency throughout the supply chain, immunityboosting products and the use of technology. 2021 is a huge year for opportunities and innovation that meet these needs,” shares Lu Ann Williams. “Based on our latest Innova Consumer Survey 2020 and database findings, our Top Trends for 2021 reveal the latest need-to-know insights to enable brands to grow, innovate and lead in the food and beverage industry.” On Wednesday, 11 November 2020 at 4pm CET/10am EST, Lu Ann Williams will present the Top Ten Trends for 2021 that will impact the food and beverage industry over the coming year and beyond. Register to attend our upcoming webinar at

Membership Club Promises 2021 ‘Head Start’ for Cheshire Cat Group Despite trading challenges facing the hospitality sector well into 2021, one independent pub group is looking forward to a ‘head start’ to the new year thanks to a popular new scheme created using gift card platform Toggle.

The pub also looked after key workers, delivering free packages of essentials to local care homes and thanking the refuse collectors with a six-pack of beers. Bird said: “Everything we did during lockdown was about keeping our pubs visible and relevant; they couldn’t be meeting points any more, but they could still support their communities in other ways. People have told me that we helped to create some good lockdown memories locally, and they appreciate the efforts we made.”

Cheshire Cat Pubs & Bars launched its pay-ahead membership scheme for customers of the group’s six pubs, launched when they reopened after lockdown on 4th July and redeemable after 2nd January next year. The success of it speaks volumes for the fierce customer loyalty inspired by each pub, especially during lockdown.

Looking ahead, Bird says: “We want customers coming in to redeem their membership to have the best possible experience, so we’re training our team now to make sure the redemption process all runs smoothly. We’re also getting demand from customers who want to buy a membership as a Christmas gift for family or friends.”

Tim Bird, who founded Cheshire Cat in 2008 with Mary McLaughlin, explains: “We created the Cheshire Cat Pub Club after customers at several pubs asked how they could help us; they’d bought food or drink from us during lockdown and seen how we’d supported the local community, and they wanted to see us come through the other side.” By pre-purchasing a membership, customers provided a cash boost to the business, and in turn were rewarded with added value on their membership; if they bought a Gold membership at £250, for example, they received an additional £50 to spend in the pub next year. The Pub Club offers three levels: Bronze (£50), Silver (£100) and Gold (£250). Membership runs for a year from 2nd January, and customers can redeem in any of the six pubs at any point during 2021. A number of additional member exclusives, like a special bottle of wine, will also be offered at certain points in the year. Bird says: “We’re excited about the potential of Pub Club. It has longevity and flexibility, and most importantly it bonds our pubs with their communities, something that’s been at the core of our business since the start, and came to the fore during lockdown.” Having hit upon the Pub Club idea, the Cheshire Cat team turned to sector technology experts Airship, using their gift card platform Toggle to create the pay ahead membership cards, and add them to the pubs’ website. Bird says: “The three cards were set up quickly, and are easy

for customers to purchase. There’s flexibility in the system so we can offer the ‘value added’ element again for a limited time, or extend the scheme with a Platinum level.” The success of Pub Club has its roots in lockdown. When pub closure was announced in March, Tim and Mary moved at speed to adapt the business and two days later they’d turned The Roebuck at Mobberley, Cheshire, from a pub into a hub. The head chef started recreating some of the pub’s favourite dishes as ready meals for customers to take home, alongside draught and bottled beers, wines, groceries and other essential supplies. Bird said: “We took the view that if there was customer demand for something that we had in stock, or could secure through our supply chain, then we’d sell it at the hub. At one point while garden centres were shut we were doing a roaring trade in flowers and shrubs, and I was delivering bags of compost to customers!”

Andrew Whiteley, chief experience officer at Airship, said: “We’ve been delighted to see how operators have used the Toggle platform to connect with their customers, both during lockdown and since reopening. Cheshire Cat’s membership club is a fantastic example; it’s so much more than a gift card, rewarding customers for their loyalty and giving them reasons to visit the pub throughout 2021.” The Toggle platform allows hospitality businesses to quickly set up bespoke, branded gift cards. The service was made free to operators during lockdown, now charges are only applied after £1,000 worth of gift card sales. Users can be up and running in around 30 minutes, making gift cards available for customers to buy online and in-venue, send to recipients by email and post. Hundreds of pubs, bars and restaurants are live on Toggle, including: JW Lees, Yummy Pubs, Boston Tea Party, Brewhouse & Kitchen, Côte, Turtle Bay, San Carlo, Bob Bob Ricard, Park Chinois, Revolución de Cuba, Hickory’s Smokehouse, Ego Restaurants & Rosa's Thai Café. Visit and for further information.

Brrit British B itish free itish fr f id egg id range liliqui liquid

Range Farm Liquid Egg products are produced from fresh free range, British eggs. Available as Whole Egg, Egg Whites and Yolk supplied in pallecons, BIB and cartons. To start cooking with ease, call 01249 732221 or email

More Support Is Needed If Hospitality Is To Survive The ‘Second Wave’ 20

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Issue 29

By Johan de Jager, General Manager UK, Brigad ( The pandemic has been truly devastating for hospitality. The rules have been unclear, unfair and often quite frankly baffling. One of the most perplexing decisions made was the 10pm curfew introduced by the government a few weeks ago. The curfew has had both disastrous economic consequences and a counter-productive effect on the spread of the virus. Since this was introduced, sales at pubs, bars and restaurants across the UK have fallen by more than a third compared to this same period last year. Cases of the virus have also increased, which seems unsurprising given that consumers are forced out onto the streets and onto public transport at exactly the same time - and are often easily persuaded to carry on socialising in each other’s homes.

Controlled Ozone The Controlled Ozone range of odour control equipment from Ecovery Innovations has been designed to give Food Industry Operators a cost effective, easy to install and maintain method of reducing the cooking odours that they emit from their premises. The “Plug and Play” design of the injectors means that complaints about existing problems or planning permission objections can be dealt with quickly, effectively and within tight budgets. For the first time the food outlet can control the levels of cooking

Now the industry faces a further significant blow – the local Covid alert levels and three-tiered restriction system. While venues are still allowed to remain open in some of the UK’s major cities, the 10pm curfew, the restrictions on travel and banning the mixing of households makes recovering an even greater challenge. What appears to add insult to injury is the fact that the government claims to be basing these decisions on scientific data, but proof of this data is lacking. Hospitality venues are responsible for very little transmission of the virus compared to other aspects of daily life that have been allowed to continue with fewer restrictions. Schools and universities, for example, are seeing cases surge and while it’s understood that minimising disruption of education is important, it’s clear that these are significant areas of concern. The hospitality sector is one of the best prepared industries in terms of health and safety – sanitation, ventilation and social distancing measures are strictly enforced and there has been a huge amount of investment poured into making businesses safe and Covid-secure. Venues are subject to large fines if found to be in breach of the new rules, so ensuring compliance is, in many cases, essential. We are seeing no reductions in virus transmission as a result of the restrictions put in place so far, which suggests that they are not having the desired effect and are instead crippling an industry desperately trying to

odours that they give off. The Controlled Ozone units all have a variable output control as standard which means the operator can chose how much food odours they give emit. The Controlled Ozone injectors are installed into ventilation systems and monitor the air flow to ensure that they only inject the right amount of ozone to safely eliminate unwanted odours. External Ozone sensors are also available to add to the system, these will control the levels of ozone discharged through the extraction, which may well be a provision

get back on its feet. With this in mind, it’s feels completely unreasonable for hospitality to be so penalised financially. The industry shouldn’t be suffocated by restrictions that will cause irreparable damage. The demand from consumers is clearly there – people are desperate for life to return to normal and to be able to socialise with others outside of their household. Having Covid-secure hospitality venues allows the population to enjoy some form of normality safely. However, the restrictions enforced on consumers and on venues at the moment means many are often operating at a loss and that could make trading in future impossible. The action taken by the government yesterday to financially support businesses within tier restricted areas is a very welcome start. With the industry soon to be faced with the end of the furlough scheme alongside a lack of financial support towards rent and fixed costs, this grant will no doubt be a lifeline for many businesses. However, there still needs to be an immediate review of unnecessary restrictions such as the 10pm curfew, and its likely many more jobs have already been lost due to the delay of this support being granted. There is a second small window of opportunity to further decelerate the speed at which we are heading towards disaster for the industry and the wider economy, the effects of which will be felt for many years to come.

of the EHO or planning officer’s requirements of permission. Ecovery Innovations has had tremendous success across all types of food outlets including Fish and Chip Shops, Fast Food, Smokehouses, Asian Restaurants and Foodcourts helping many of them to gain planning consent or resolve disputes with neighbours. Contact us to see how we can help: Ecovery Innovations Ltd e. t. 0845 122 0724


Empty Chairs At Empty Tables

CLH Digital

Issue 29

How hospitality businesses can use distinctive photography to gain a competitive advantage By Jon Sharp, Creative Director at Big Cat Agency SETTING THE SCENE… Yes, the above is a Les Miserables reference. For those unfamiliar with the musical, let me set the scene. Standing in a café after a failed revolution attempt, the student rebel, Marius, sings of the empty chairs at empty tables where his friends were once sitting. Admittedly, a bleaker situation than we face today, but the result is quite similar. Covid19 and the subsequent restrictions have caused devastation to many hospitality businesses. So where do we go from here? Imagine, if you will, pre-Covid times: You’re walking down the high street with its hustle and bustle, sights and sounds, largely oblivious to the strangers walking past (instead of crossing the road to avoid them). Suddenly, you notice a woman wearing blue tights and a bright yellow polka-dot coat. Her strikingly styled red hair and green glasses add to the colour palette striding confidently towards you. Out of a sea of people, her ‘out of the ordinary’ style piques your interest.

In the sea of people, the colourfully dressed woman stood out. You noticed her and, what’s more, you’ll probably remember her – at least in the short term. The contrasting nature of being noticed from the rest is powerful: if everything is loud, be subtle to draw attention; if everything is serious, be humorous and shine through.

SHINING THROUGH THE DARKNESS This effect is true too for brands; those that ensure they’re noticed will have the best chance of surviving. Fail to be seen and everything else is immaterial. An area where many brands miss a trick is photography. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, yet a lot of the time photography is seen as a ‘nice to have’ but dismissed in the ever growing quest for efficiency. But that isn’t necessarily the right way to go. If you’re not commissioning photography, you’re most likely using stock. Millions of photos of varying quality – predominantly generic imagery, purposefully so, to appeal to the highest number of people possible. The same images to which your competitors have access. Where's the distinctiveness in following that crowd? Work with your art director to commission a photographer and get the perfect images for the job. Bespoke, ownable, assets will always be a better creative product. Be the UNexpected


Consumers paint pictures in their minds of how a future experience will unfold due to Expectancy Theory. Distinctive, high-quality photography can add perceived value to a brand, even change price sensitivity, and most importantly raise these consumer expectations.

The Von Restorff effect is a cognitive bias that makes us notice distinctiveness in context. Our brains work tirelessly to provide us with mental shortcuts to prevent mental exhaustion.

For example, Big Cat Agency recently helped launch Tandem, an incredible multi-room restaurant set over two floors with a celebrity chef whose menu took inspiration from multi-regional, Indian cuisine.

But why do we notice something like that? Just because of its difference?

We matched the art of great cookery with the art of attention-grabbing imagery. Each image translated the melting pot of textures, materials and colours of one of the uniquely themed rooms of Tandem allowing people to envisage a unique dining experience. The results: 5,000 pre-launch registrations, 450 VIP preview guests and received over £145,000 in PR coverage. The four ‘dine with the chef’ events sold out in under an hour and the venue was fully booked for the first six weekends, plus Big Cat won the bronze for photography in the advertising industry’s most distributed, shared and voted for award, The Creativepool Annual.

THE MORAL OF THE STORY So, my advice for brands looking to weather this storm is simple – stand out! Times are tough, money is tight – I get it – but almost always, applying creativity will provide a better result. And it doesn’t need to break the bank. That’s the beauty of creative solutions – they’re better with constraints. Fail to be seen or heard and you might just be the one left with empty chairs at empty tables.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jon Sharp is Creative Director at Big Cat Agency. Jon has spent the last 15 years using creativity to help brands get noticed. From global giants like Bentley to local heroes like Tandem, and everything in between. Jon has created stand-out brand identities and distinctive advertising campaigns for both B2B and B2C clients. The recently rebranded, integrated Big Cat Agency creatively applies human insights and behavioural science to their communications, boasting clients across many areas including Retail, Leisure, Hospitality, Health and Wellbeing, and Charity. Big Cat Agency: LinkedIn: Twitter:

127 Star Pubs Achieve Safe To Trade Award Star Pubs & Bars achieves approved Safe to Trade status across its managed operator pubs

Star Pubs & Bars Group has achieved ‘Approved’ Safe to Trade Scheme status across its 127 reopened Just Add Talent managed operator sites. A nationwide, independently-verified, COVID-19 safety standard, the Safe to Trade Scheme supports hospitality businesses in becoming COVID compliant, and has been launched by a team of top-ranking hospitality safety experts, including the former CEO of the Health and Safety Executive and Food Standards Agency. With customer and employee safety as its core, the Scheme works with pubs and bars to ensure that their premises and teams are COVID-secure.

The Safe to Trade Scheme accreditation forms part of a £25m Covid-19 support package put in place for its licensees by Star Pubs & Bars. The company has also trained its 80 BDMs on how to deliver safe, successful pub openings, so they can provide tailored consultations for licensees. Star Pubs & Bars Health, Safety & Operational Compliance Manager, Kevin Robertson comments: “The Safe to Trade Scheme gives our operators the tools to ensure that their team and premises are operating with Covid safety front of mind. It provides an independent verification that their Covid procedures are robust and highlights the extensive actions they have taken to protect the health and wellbeing of both their people and their customers.

Underpinned by an industry-led safety charter, the Scheme helps UK hospitality businesses to trade safely, while also demonstrating to customers and employees that they are going the extra mile to keep the environment safe. Experts from the Scheme have been working remotely with Star’s Just Add Talent operators to ensure their environments are Covid-19 compliant, covering all aspects of pub operations, including front and back of house, customer management and adherence to government Covid-19 public health guidelines. Each approved venue has been independently audited against the Scheme’s Safety Charter by an Environmental Health Practitioner and has passed a strict approval process. All these sites are subject to stringent health and safety guidance, which ensures their operation is continually monitored and remains Covid-secure on an ongoing basis. The Scheme further supports these venues, providing training, risk assessments and access to an advice line for any additional Covid-related safety advice. The scheme is also on offer to Star’s 2400 leased and tenanted operators.

“Membership of the Scheme not only ensures that operators are implementing Covid-safe practices to the highest standard but more importantly, it also guarantees that they are maintaining them too. All of which gives customers the confidence that they can visit our pubs and bars safe in the knowledge that they are visiting a Covidcompliant space.” Mark Flanagan who chairs the Safe to Trade Scheme governance board comments: “I’d like to congratulate Star Pubs & Bars on achieving approved status for their 127 managed operator pubs. Each approved site has been independently audited against the Safe to Trade Scheme’s Safety Charter, which has been built by a best-in-class expert board to ensure that venues adhere to strict health and safety guidance. “The Safe To Trade Scheme has assured advice status, which means that operators can be confident that their business is complying with the law and will receive protection from any Covid-19 related enforcement action. This is important when regulators have different views on what a business should be doing to achieve compliance.”

Herald Launches Brochure To Support New Product Range The company has recently expanded its sustainable offering, adding to its range of bagasse items to include square, round and rectangle plates, in varying sizes, along with bowls and hot boxes, chip trays, burger boxes, noodle boxes and other lunch boxes – all of which are in great demand. Quality disposables manufacturer and supplier, Herald is publishing a new brochure to support what is an extended product range. With extra lines introduced across multiple product categories, Herald is focusing on the catering and food to go sectors where demand is currently high.

Besides the bagasse products, the new brochure also includes Herald’s natural birchwood cutlery, stirrers and skewers and a complete cornstarch cutlery range – which looks and feels like plastic but is natural and completely biodegradable.

New products include a wider selection of single, double and triple wall cups and a choice of eco sip lids made from CPLA, a renewable material created from plants. These lids complement Herald’s 8 oz, 12 oz and 16 oz hot paper cups, which have long been a market favourite based on quality and price.

Managing director of Herald, Yogesh Patel explains how the company has felt its way through a changing market: “The past six months or so have been about us reacting to the changes and making sure we had the right

structure in place to support the catering and food to go sectors. As the nature of eating out shifted so dramatically, with pubs, cafes and restaurants concentrating on the take out market, there was a real need for a varied choice of auxiliary disposable products to support this new service offering and we have stepped up our supply to meet this need.” With over thirty years since its inception, Herald is renowned for its unrivalled breadth of product choice. The company has been careful not to sacrifice quality for price and adheres to a standard, refusing to stock products that fall below a certain grade in order to protect both reputation and customer expectation. For further information on Herald and its products, log on to or call 0208 507 7900 to order a copy of the new catalogue.


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Issue 29


Time to Cash in on Those Halloween & Guy Fawkes Profits account and keeping consumers there. Consider putting on a themed event, such as a fancy dress night, put on a band or if your outlet doesn’t permit this, then try offering a seaPumpkin carving originated from an ancient sonal serve. As Halloween is now the second Outside of the Christmas seaCeltic practice of bringing largest occasion for pubs after New Year’s Eve, son and bank holidays weekends home an ember from the month of October is the perfect time for the fire at the Halloween is the next biggest operators to capitalise on the growing popuSamhain festival. sales period for the on trade larity swooping the UK, says Nicola Randall, According to market analysts Senior Marketing Manager, Brothers Drinks Co Mintel UK spent £419 million on Ltd, “ It’s even estimated that throwing a celebrating Halloween in 2018, up by 5% from the £400 Halloween party can increase incremental spend by million spent in 2017. More than half (52%) of all Brits 30%, when compared with the average late-night cusjoined in with the Halloween spirit in 2017, with that tomer.” figure rising significantly for key demographics such as “This year, consumers are looking for new and excitmillennials (77%) and parents of under-fives (85%). Of ing experiences, of which a niche offering, as well as those that join in, more than half (56%) say they enjoy premium food and drink play a huge part. Operators taking part in Halloween activities. Halloween continues looking to boost their sales during this festive period to grow in popularity benefiting from the booming should be creative and experimental in order to attract leisure market, and is a perfect opportunity for retailers both new and existing customers, providing something to create experiences for customers,” said Chana different to their competitors. “ Baram, retail analyst at Mintel. “Once again, sales are set For Halloween 2019, Brothers have created a host of to increase as retailers dedicate more resources and Halloween themed cocktail recipes to help operators merchandise to this key seasonal event.” capitalise on consumers’ love of toffee apple. These When it came to Bonfire night last year, UK conrecipes include ‘The Poison Apple’ a heady mixture of sumers spent £316m, up 2% from £310m in 2017, Brothers Toffee Apple Cider and Amaretto! according to new research. Last year almost two in five (38%) Brits shelled out on products for Bonfire Night.

a Halloween inspired menu!

To remind you just how vital these 2 theme nights have been in the past:

"I'm a homicidal maniac, they look just like everyone else." WEDNESDAY, THE ADDAMS FAMILY It would an understatement to say that the current pandemic, and the subsequent restrictions and proposed lockdowns are having a devastating effect on the hospitality and on trade’s ability to plan and promote special events. Ordinarily the sector would be relishing two fantastic theme nights which not only brings the public out spending, also puts a bit of much-needed fun into our lives. Halloween and Guy Fawkes, both nights totally different requiring their own unique theme, but both nights great for packing in the punters. Both very much social occasions, absolutely wonderful fun, for adults’ families and children and great ways to increase sales during what can be a typically quiet time of the year, in the lead up to Christmas. However, the industry is of course facing its biggest challenge in living memory! Yes, things are going to be a quite bit different this year! So what we do? Roll over “do nothing and see what happens”, or demonstrate Halloween largely to the doomsters and originated from the ancient naysayers that the hospitaliCeltic festival of Samhain. ty and on trade sector is The festival symbolised the here to stay? boundary between the world Despite the current of the living and the world of the dead. adversity pubs/bars and restaurants have in the past

supported the United Kingdom through some of its darkest days and will continue to do so. The hospitality and on trade sector provide something no other sector provides and is an underpinning, inherent, integral part of communal British identity.

As fireworks take centre stage on The tradition of Bonfire Night, they account for the So, let us plan for Halloween and Guy Apple Bobbing dates back largest share (50%) of spend, with Brits Fawkes. Send a message, that there is to the Roman era. The first something to look forward to, and when person to bite into the apple burning through £155 million worth of bangers, rockets and Catherine Wheels the public needs us the most we are would be the next person last year. Other major areas of spend to marry, much like the here to put a bit of pleasure, cheer and include food/drink (valued at £62 mil‘bouquet toss' tradition enjoyment back into life! We here at lion) and sweets/chocolates (valued at at weddings. CLH have some free posters to down£39 million). load to promote your events at Overall, as many as three quarters (74%) of Brits say they enjoy attending public Bonfire Night events. But A good example of planning for Halloween is East while Brits clearly love the thrill of the celebration, a London where revellers are being urged to discover cautious 46% of Bonfire Night purchasers say that safeEast London's 'spook-tacular' pop-up at City Island & ty concerns put them off hosting a Bonfire Night party, Goodluck Hope. “Trick or treat yo’ self to this year's rising to half of women (49%), with people seeking a most Insta-worthy pumpkin patch, carving workshops and walking ghost tours - all Covid Compliant”! Visitors planned and organised event as a safer option. “As the smallest of the Autumn/Winter seasonal events, Bonfire are also invited to stop off at recently opened onsite Night presents a growing opportunity for the retail restaurant Homestead, run by Masterchef The Professionals Winner 2019, Sven-Hanson Britt, to enjoy market. With continued uncertainty surrounding the UK economy, today’s consumers are happier to spend on experiences. Bonfire Night is enjoyed as an event, with many people going to a public Bonfire Night display. There is a definite opportunity for food & drink retailers to combine a Bonfire Night and food event, as, apart from fireworks, food is the main product purchased for the event. These two events are less than a week apart, and in an age where analysts say that less people are making their visit to the pub, more time and effort spent in creating a unique themed evening one that cannot be replicated in the home will see revellers descend in large numbers, family, friends, work colleagues, there are many ways to create a unique celebration, an opportunity to stand out and attract custom. Emmy Webster senior marketing manager at Brothers Drinks says: “Halloween is now the second largest on-trade event of the year with over £400 million spent on the occasion. It’s a time of year not to ignore, and you may be missing out on crucial footfall opportunity. One in four people will attend some form of Halloween event this year and the people driving this are young millennials. Halloween isn’t just for kids these days, with the experience craving millennials celebrating and driving what is now the second biggest trade opportunity in the ontrade. With 9/10 alcohol occasions now only featuring one venue, theatre and experience is key to driving footfall into your

IT’S ALL IN THE PLANNING Get the message out now, market yourself! Are you displaying posters? Menu cards? Have you devised the menu for food and drink? Have you organised any prizes for best costume? Are you organising fun activities such as ghost walks, a murder mystery or a horror show, or a Halloween and Guy Fawkes themed quiz night? Or have you lined up any other entertainment? Have you put the events on your website? Are you taking advantage of social media? Great opportunities to get the message out. Can you tie the event up with a local cause? Raising funds for a charity, school, care home, we all love events with that feelgood factor of benefiting others. Never be too scared to peek!

Getting into the spirit of things

Dressing up your venue is an important step , and a little bit of fake cobweb can work wonders in creating the right environment . Having staff dress up a little for the occasion, can do wonders in setting the tone and showing that your venue is embracing the festivities as much as your guests. When it comes to costumes Halloween has the atmospheric edge over Guy Fawkes, however in recent years the Guy Fawkes costume, the mask in particular has become increasingly popular, so getting your staff into the spirit of things by dressing up, zombies, skeletons, goblins clowns, vampires for Halloween and the Guy Fawkes costume is catching up particularly with the “V for Vendetta mask“, are fantastic ways to create a stunning party atmosphere, but the secret is not to have your staff upstage your guests, so make their costumes good (but not too good)! Prop4Shows have got into the spirit of things. , Marketing director Lin Ford said, “We have a massive range of Halloween props to give your parties and events that eerie feel. We have many themed items available, so whether you’re doing Scary Clowns, Gory Dinner Party, Spooky Graveyard, Dungeons and Dragons or Haunted House, we have that covered, plus much more.


HALLOWEEN AND BONFIRE NIGHT Time to Cash in on Those Halloween & Guy Fawkes Profits


You can select from hundreds of products on our website, available for next day delivery. Our ranges also include many foliage, moss, fabric and rocks to complete your set. That aside, we have our vast selection of fake foods for decorating your open kitchen and eating areas, or even use it to create the best gory dinner party display! So don’t get caught in the dark; feed your frogs, tether your toads and wash out your cauldron to get ready for the witching hour!”

Spook the Drinks

Aside from getting your staff to dress up getting them to “push sales” is also vitally important. Halloween and Guy Fawkes themed food and drink are great revenue earners, furthermore your clientele will be expecting them. Point of sale is vital and can help increase footfall and drive Guy Fawkes Night or sales for any promotion. Bonfire Night. The Experience led consumers celebration marks the purchase 27% of on trade anniversary of a plot to blow serves and primarily shop by up the Houses of Parliament promotions and offers when in London in 1605, known as the Gunpowder plot. selecting drinks promotions are a key to trading up! Themed drinks and cocktails this time year or every bartenders dream. If there is a time of year when bar staff can have some fun with drinks then it is Halloween and Guy Fawkes, from putting a twist on a classic drink and giving a creepy name there is plenty that can be done so add some horror and humour, particularly given the current state of affairs in Parliament! Mulled ciders are always a favourite, going down well “warming the cockles” particularly for bonfire night!Strangely enough for Halloween people tend to like the really gory themed cocktails however when it comes to food you have to ‘Trick-Or-Treating' keep it appetising, so although originated from Medieval it may seem a good idea at England, where poor people the time brains, tongue, tripe would beg for sweet breads would be great ingredients and leftovers in return but probably not best sellers. for prayers for the Variations on existing menus family's souls. are probably the better way

to go, invariably it will have to include pumpkin which is great roasted and goes great with pasta, steak ribs and burgers are always a winner it’s all about being creative with the title. However, don’t forget to cater for those who are not drinking with a good range of soft drinks and “mocktails”. Amy Burgess trade communications manager at Coca-Cola European partners said “even for events without a family focus it is important to consider that many adults are now drinking less alcohol, with many as one in five now teetotal, highlighting the opportunity presented by soft drinks to increase sales during Halloween and bonfire night. To add a sense of occasion pubs and bars may wish to get creative with a soft drinks offering by creating non-alcoholic themed mock tails to suit the occasion”

Haunting Halloween Serves: Halloween Tiki Cocktail 20ml MONIN Falernum syrup 25ml Dark Rum 25ml Gold Rum 10ml Overproof 50ml Pineapple juice 3 dashes Angostura Bitters Dash of Grenadine Shake all ingredients together and strain into a chilled skull themed mug. Garnish with cold foam (120ml skimmed milk, 30ml Monin Falernum syrup, blended on slow speed on a spindle mixer) and beetroot powder plus the whole top of a pineapple.

Creepy Crawly Frappé 30 ml MONIN Chocolate Cookie syrup 1 scoop Le Frappé de MONIN Vanilla 120 ml milk 1 cup of ice Add all the ingredients to a blender and blend for 20 seconds. Pour into your cup and garnish with a selection of creepy crawly themed toppings.

MONIN Shares How To Sweeten 2020 With Halloween Treats It seems for the industry that all the tricks that could have been played this year, have already been played. So could Halloween be the treat that outlets need to help encourage business as usual? 1. The Theatre – It is likely that this year that where possible the fear factor will need to be inferred rather than physical, so atmosphere and music will be increasing important! But, consumers will still want to enjoy an element of theatre. So, think eco-friendly, single use decorations and or edible garnishes to help bring the theme to life! Single use or wipeable menus can also help communicate the Halloween theme, both with inspiring drinks names and the creative look and feel. Drinks can also play a leading role here, think Death By Hot Chocolate topped with whipped cream and served with an extra helping of chocolate shavings, or The Poison Apple Cocktail, with charcoal powder and an apple slice garnish. Incorporate flavours already available on the back bar to minimize wastage, but remember MONIN Pumpkin Spice syrup, MONIN Grenadine syrup and MONIN Blackcurrant syrup are great flavours and colours to carry through the Halloween theme. 2. Get everyone involved – While it’s possible that decorations may need be kept to a minimum for hygiene reasons, it doesn’t mean outlets can’t enter into the Halloween spirit. Encourage staff to dress up to help make the consumer experience as immersive as possible this year more than ever. It’s also important that staff have tried and tested all the drinks on Halloween specials menus to ensure that they are able to help customers identify the drink that’s mostly likely to hit the spot. 3. The element of surprise – At the heart of any good Halloween celebration is the traditional ‘Trick or Treat’. Outlets can have some real fun here, whilst engaging consumers. There’s an opportunity here to give guests a chance to take part in a game of trick or treat, with tricks including a special sour Halloween cocktail shot (it still needs to be enjoyable, but perhaps it combines more unusual flavour combinations or even edible insects) or a spooky appetizer which encourage guests to try something different, while treats can include discounts, buy one get one free on Halloween specials or a grand prize of a meal for two. 4. Make It A Family Affair - Halloween is not an occasion exclusive to adults, so look to involve families and encourage them out of home together. Special children’s menus will engage little ones, but don’t forget to include drinks too. Outlets could even provide a design or decorate your own element to a range of hot and cold drinks, by serving drinks with edible toppings such as popcorn or insect inspired sweets. Venues can even host a social media competition for the creepiest creation with a range of prizes on offer for the winner and the runners up. 5. Don’t let waiting times spook your customers – Increased footfall can mean longer queues and waiting times. Keep customers’ in good spirits by considering the length of time it takes to make each drink. Cocktails and no ABV options can be made in batches! For example venues could offer xxx, it’s simple to scale up or down to make the required volume. Alternatively consider preparing a No ABV Halloween themed cocktail in a Kilner jar which is ready to serve.

Technology and Software

Issue 29

CLH Digital

ROUND - The UK's Favourite Order & Pay App Since the re-opening of pubs and restaurants on the 4th July, the ROUND app has served and supported hundreds of thousands of customers across the country to order safely, securely and easily in its community of ROUND venues. In August, ROUND supported venues with a seamless ‘'Eat Out to Help Out' solution within the app, and helped over 40,000 diners save 50% on their orders! Customers can now also tip staff directly via the app, in addition to pay via Google Pay and Apple Pay, with many more exciting features to be announced shortly.

Why join ROUND? • Increased monthly spend of 29.9% by customers when

using a mobile order & pay app, according to a CGA report • £0 set up and £0 monthly fee - just a small % transaction fee • New and improved simple set up process • Complimentary tablet so you can easily manage the mobile orders Getting started is easy. Your venue could start taking mobile orders within a matter of days. To get started, or find out more, simply visit and tap ‘get started’.

Hotels, Inns and B&B’s are Migrating to Caterbook for Free!

For 20 years, the Caterbook brand has been a trusted tures based on their needs. name in accommodation software, providing innovative • Responsive, customisable booking engine embeds on your solutions to simplify your workload. Since the easing of own website. lockdown restrictions, our technology has been empow• Configure and assign unique per-rate deposit and cancelering accommodation businesses to re-open their doors, lation policies. whilst keeping staff and guests safe. • Housekeeping report shows type of room clean (daily, • Minimise staff / guest interactions with paperless online departure etc), with any linen and towels required each day. check in and check out. • Batch create, email or print all the day’s invoices in a sin- • Industry standard reporting metrics of RevPAR, Average Daily Rate etc. gle click. • Post food & drink items from your EPOS to the room bill • Take payments in real time using our built in PCI compliant payment gateway. for settlement on checkout. • Channel Manager links to, Expedia and • Use yield management to automate pricing changes many regional DMO’s. based on availability. To help get hospitality back on it’s feet, we are offering • Create and schedule custom guest email and SMS mesour Caterbook software for FREE until 1st January 2021 sages. • Additional individual staff user accounts included as stan- (see our website for details). dard, with activity logging. Call 01840 298298 or visit and • Role based access control restricts staff privileges to feasign up for a risk free 14 day trial account.

Introducing Toggle Introducing Toggle, a powerful gift card platform bursting with features to help you make the most of earning pre-visit revenue during the Covid-19 pandemic. Toggle offers high customisation with the freedom to sell not just gift cards, but experiences, special offers, products like at-home kits and more. Toggle handles everything

to do with your gifting; offering digital gift cards as well as beautifully designed physical ones that we can send on your behalf through our fulfillment service. Our expert customer success team is on hand to help you set up with lightning speed, introduce you to the platform’s features and ensure that you’re maximising on its tools by releasing new feature updates and campaign ideas. Toggle seamlessly integrates with Zonal, Access, Comtrex, Datasym and a host of other platforms. Sign up today and be selling tomorrow. Visit for more information.

Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising



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Technology and Software

Digital Contact Data Registration: Deliver Critical Information To Your Frontline Workers

German Company Launches App For Registering Visitor Data In Compliance With Data Protection Laws The German company Heidler GmbH has developed the app "CoReady" to allow customers to visit restaurants, hairdressing salons and all other companies, which are legally required to take customers’ personal details due to Corona. Visitors can register online and only store the data required by law. The app is free for all guests and customers. The one-time registration ensures a quick data collection in all participating companies. The data is automatically encrypted and stored in a database in compliance with GDPR. Upon entering the restaurant or shop the issued QR code has to be scanned by the respective guest. Additionally, menus, price lists and the shop's

website can be stored in the app. The fast dispatch of the data to the health authorities in case of a corona infection is guaranteed. After the minimum retention period has expired, the data is automatically deleted. The app offers the following advantages:

- Saving time in service, less effort and full focus on the guests - Simple logistics through digital accessibility - Drastic reduction of the bureaucratic effort - Increase of customer satisfaction More information and footage here:

Contactless, Branded Hotel App For Your Guests - Set Up In Minutes

Vamoos, the App for Hotels, makes it so simple for you to keep your guests, staff, and hotel safe, all while delivering the same magical experience they’re used to with better customer service than ever before. Through your own, branded hotel app, you will be able to:

- Create a full hotel directory with all the information your guests need at their fingertips

- Instant message back and forth with guests so reception needn’t be open - Encourage more bookings for activities, table reservations, tours, and much more - Accept virtual Do Not Disturb requests which guests can manage themselves - Share a list of local points of interest that your guests can visit that are open and safe - Allow guests to check themselves in and out remotely And what’s more, your own app can be set up and shared with guests in just minutes! Don’t believe us? Sign up for your free 1-month trial and see for yourself, and join the hundreds of other hotels around the world who have taken their guest experiences to new heights. Visit our website on for more information and to sign up, or contact the team on

OurPeople is a team communication and engagement platform revolutionising the way management teams within the hospitality sector communicate with their employees. Its technology connects staff in real-time, ensuring the right people are receiving the right communication at the right time. Primarily working within industries with a high number of deskless workers, the OurPeople platform allows secure and targeted communication to ensure employees are engaged, informed, and have the insight they need to do their jobs safely and properly, while increasing productivity levels at the same time. Each offering is bespoke for your team, whilst being safe, secure, GDPR compli-

ant and fully within company control. OurPeople bridges the gap to ensure you can get critical, up-to-the minute information to staff who may not have access to standard communication platforms during their daily work. The solution is more than just a messaging app however, it is your secret weapon to cut through the noise and deliver critical communication. Contact us to find out how OurPeople can help your business streamline the way it connects with the deskless workforce, removing unnecessary chatter and increasing productivity. Visit

Wi5 Mobile Order & Pay Solution for Your Business Wi5 is the industry-leading mobile Order & Pay solution for hospitality, that allows customers to easily place orders and pay for them on their own devices for both Order to Table and Pickup. We’ve invested heavily in our design and technology to ensure that we have the most intuitive, reliable and secure software solution on the market. There are now lots of solutions out there that offer some form of mobile ordering, but unless it’s a brilliant experience for both customers and staff, it will ultimately fail. Wi5 delivers a frictionless mobile experience without the

Quadranet Restaurant Intelligence Quadranet have been on a project to promote Restaurant intelligence. Intelligence is the collection of information to advance business. Covers have been the one measure used in restaurants for years, but now many more measures are available to management. Our booking system not only counts the number of covers booked, but from what source and by which promotion, including social media. We also give information on diners spend and items consumed. We let restaurants talk to their customers through a generic app, alternatively an API is available to use in the restaurant’s own app. Loyalty, discounts and push notifications are all pushed through the app. Our restaurants prefer to think of members rather than customers.

need for a cumbersome login process or downloading any apps, and we’ve made it as easy as possible at every step of the way. For businesses, we’ve made it simple to set-up and manage, whilst still providing the advanced functionality vital in the longterm for enterprise and SMEs alike, such as POS-integration. We’re also proud to be the only mobile Order & Pay solution to maintain the highest levels of security through ISO/IEC 27001 certification, the globally recognised standard for information security, meaning both operators and customers can depend on us. See the advert on this page for further details. Inhouse efficiency is also important. Rising staff costs must be countered by better efficiency. We have a time and attendance model that records hours. These hours can be compared to takings. Also, kitchen screens not only increase kitchen efficiency, but calculate the sum of standard minutes for dishes produced, compared to actual hours paid. Covid has accelerated the move to customers placing their orders on an app or website. Pay at table is also offered to diners who have little time, especially at lunch, and don’t want to wait for the credit card machine at the end of their meal. Disparate facts on their own, become intelligence in the new reporting suite combining monetary, time and resource measures to take your winning business to the next level. See the advert on page 22 or visit


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Festive Ordering

Christmas is Coming - It’s All in the Planning “Christmas is the Season for Kindling the Fire of Hospitality” change) state that people in England can meet in groups of no more than six, but pubs, cafes and restaurants will be allowed to stay open, so long as these groups do not mingle with other groups at each venue. Table bookings of more than six will not be allowed, and hospitality businesses are now legally required to take customers' contact details so they can be traced if a potential outbreak is linked to the venue. These new rules do, of course, create significant challenges, but one thing the recent Eat Out to Help Out initiative proved is that the country has not lost its appetite and desire to dine out whenever possible. So despite all the current uncertainty it is vital to prepare for the sectors busiest time of the year - Christmas! Christmas 2019 saw pub and restaurant operators enjoy positive sales growth over the festive season, with pubs enjoying the biggest uplift with collective like-for-likes ahead 5.1% against a 2.4% increase for restaurants. Christmas 2019 was fairly tumultuous as well - we had seen months of Brexit unrest and a general election. However, the British public shrugged that doom and gloom off and gave the hospitality and on trade sector the perfect boost. Analysing last year’s Christmas figures Karl Chessell, director of hospitality business insight consultancy CGA said: “This was all in stark contrast to the gloom hanging over retail, which according to the British Retail Consortium suffered its worst Christmas for a decade with zero sales growth,”. While it is “the season to be jolly”, Christmas 2020 for the hospitality sector in the wake of the Covid pandemic will be like no other Christmas since World War II. The government’s current rules (which may of course be subject to

“What these Tracker figures suggest is that consumers were more selective about where they spend their money, and were looking for memorable experiences – like going out for a meal or drink with family or

friends over Christmas – rather than just buying ‘things’,” added Chessell. Mark Sheehan, managing director of Coffer Corporate Leisure added : “The fact is the eating and drinking-out sectors had an excellent trading period in their busiest time of the year. Consumers escaped the political turmoil and headed for pubs and restaurants to escape the tedium. Pre booked sales in particular were strong and the months ahead are going to be tough but at this crucial time trading was robust.” And there is nothing to say that the public won’t embrace Christmas 2020 the same way. At the moment the government have issued new lockdown laws, but the festive period is still 11 weeks away and a lot can happen in 11 weeks. The government’s “Eat Out to Help Out” (EOTHO) was, as we know. a runaway success. with well over 100 million meals sold and while the government had set £500 million aside to cover the costs it raised half of that in taxes. Health Secretary Matt Hancock appeared to be optimistic on removing the restrictions for the festive period, speaking on Radio 4 he said "I really hope we can turn this round before Christmas. I think that, in a pandemic, Christmas is a long way off." "Three months is a long time in a pandemic and I very much hope this strong rule, together with the local action we've taken in places like Bolton, can work to turn things around by Christmas." So, it certainly not “crackers” to be thinking about planning for the festive season! December always has been a key part of the UK hospitality and on trade sector calendar, and if Health Secretary’s optimism comes to fruition then we could see a very busy Christmas period.


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Festive Ordering

Christmas, But Not As You Know It Delight Your Diners This Christmas with LillyPuds Bidfood shares festive food predictions for a ‘Christmas with caution’, as it launches its 2020 Christmas range

for fancy product innovation, but instead, that in these uncertain times, many of us are looking for touches of comfort to make us feel good. Whether that’s festive favourites, winter-spiced options, or mince pie variations and Christmas puddings to tempt consumers.


Foodservice supplier Bidfood, have launched its 2020 festive range, whilst also exploring consumers’ feelings around how they envisage their Christmas looking this year, through a recent Bidfood survey. According to the findings, this year we can expect a ‘traditional Christmas with caution’, involving socially distanced small gatherings, single serve food or personal buffet platters, as well as celebrating truly British traditions.

SUPPORTING LOCAL AND CELEBRATING BRITISH One of the consumer behaviours that has come out of the pandemic has been the rise in desire to ‘support local’ – from supporting local producers and businesses, to spending on UK experiences and British getaways. Whether it is due to the consumer’s desire to support the UK economy, or lockdown reducing international business and travel, people are really focusing on celebrating Britain and what it has to offer. Just over a quarter (26%) of consumers are looking forward to a Christmas meal that upholds true British tradition with all the trimmings – whether they dine in or venture out. The research illustrates that really, this isn’t a year

When asked about the research, Lucy Pedrick, Head of Insights, said: “48% of consumers ranked ‘feeling safe’ as their top priority when dining this year, so it is important for operators to blend good food and drink, with a safe environment to create a memorable experience. Now supplying direct to consumer, Bidfood’s offering this year has been designed with both operators and consumers in mind, acknowledging the increasing concerns of the general public amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.” As well as being physically safe this season, Bidfood is still looking at ways to be environmentally safe, with their entire cracker range this year being more sustainable than ever! Each cracker is easily recyclable, is free of single-use plastics and contains no glitter; the range also includes a number of crackers that support The Trussel Trust, with proceeds donated directly to the charity. Discussing the range, Vicky Tripp, Campaigns & Activation Manager, said: “It is important that, despite this years’ challenges, operators do not forget the importance of dietary requirements and consumer demand for vegan and gluten free options. “With this in mind, Bidfood has launched a range of options to appeal to those conscious consumers, from classic vegan wellington slices, as well as our gluten free and vegan Premium Selection mirrored chocolate truffle torte, which we’re particularly excited about.” See the advert opposite for details.

Following many years of making puddings for friends and family, LillyPuds was created in October 2015 by Alison Lilly to introduce a tried and tasted Christmas pudding recipe to diners. LillyPuds brings to market a festive delight that is easy to eat, light on the palate and with all the traditional spices and flavours to be expected of a Christmas pudding. The fruit and spice mix is blended with a local real ale, brandy, fruit juice and zest instead of using mixed peel. The increased fruit content and reduction of cheap fillers such as flour and sugar to the mix produces a dessert that is easier on the palate after a heavy indulgent Christmas lunch.

The range includes the Great Taste award-winning Premium Traditional (120g and 140g), Great Taste Gluten Free 120g and the Vegan/Gluten Free 120g puddings. The Premium Traditional and Gluten Free puddings are suitable for vegetarians and do not contain dairy ingredients. Loyal customers include West End 5* hotels and gastro pub chains throughout East Anglia. Products are available nationwide for delivery direct. E: T: 07792223301

Enhance Your Menu with Clearwater’s Frozen Lobster Meat Enhance your menu with Clearwater’s frozen Lobster Meat. Produced using a specialized high-pressure extraction system, this raw lobster meat delivers the same superb taste as live lobster, without any of the hassle, offering versatility and convenience for today’s foodservice operators. With no pre-cooking or shucking required, Clearwater’s sustainably fished Claw & Knuckle Meat comes in a 227g vacuum-packed pouch, which is ready to cook. The pouch can be inserted into boiling water or left to poach for several minutes, before serving in a recipe. Perfect for including in risottos, pasta dishes or even in a lobster roll. For more details contact

Wicked Wolf - Multi-Award Winning Artisan Gin Launched in September 2015 under the banner “The Spirit of Exmoor® ’, Wicked Wolf® Exmoor Gin™ is a premium craft gin made from 11 botanicals, distilled and blended on the banks of the picturesque River Lyn, North Devon. Wicked Wolf Exmoor Gin uses the combination of 11 exotic botanicals producing complex layers of citrus and pepper notes, finely balanced with the distinct flavours of juniper and coriander, resulting in a mature, premium spirit. Hibiscus, cardamom and kaffir lime leaves have been artfully blended with these traditional aromatics creating a full-flavoured, smooth gin. Pot distilled in a copper alembic still, Wicked

Wolf Exmoor Gin is filtered, bottled and labeled by hand in exclusive 100-litre batches.Each aromatic is prepared by hand, infused and distilled separately resulting in 11 individual distillates which are then skilfully blended. This allows for complete control over the strength of each flavour, and enables consistency across each batch. The gin is multiple filtered producing a 42% ABV, smooth, full-bodied and elegant spirit.Wicked Wolf Gin is best served with ice and lime over a sprig of thyme, but is equally at home neat with a block of ice or mixed with a quality tonic. For further information visit


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Hygiene, Health and Safety

How Spray Sanitisation Could Bring Back Consumer Confidence to the Hospitality and Travel Trade PORTiBAC, a new state of the art, medical grade disinfection ‘fogging system’ is launching this month to offer the hospitality and travel industries a safe environment for staff and customers and to return consumer confidence to these struggling industries. The new normal of ‘living with COVID’ in hospitality and travel has demanded new practices that hadn’t previously been undertaken. Once such innovation that has been thrown into the spotlight is the practice of ‘fogging’ or spraying large areas, to help eradicate 99.999% of viruses which could be living on a surface. The PORTiBAC spray systems use a unique sanitising solution, made in the UK to British Safety Standards, that is alcohol-free and contains no chlorides or ammonium salts, ensuring it is safe to use in all environments. The viricidal solution is bactericidal and effective against common harmful pathogenic bacteria including SARS-CoV-2 e. Coli and Covod-19 to 99.999%. An essential and effective tool in protecting and preventing the spread of pathogenic microbes, PORTiBAC joins in the battle to keep everyone healthy, especially during this current pandemic. Comments founder Mike Cohen of, which makes PORTiBAC: “Visible, effective sanitisation is vital during the economy’s recovery phase, and methods of fogging or spray sanitisation are essential to make all environments safer. Disinfection fogging is a method of application that rivals the conventional application of other cleaning chemicals. “Where annual disinfection and sanitisation may miss hard to reach areas, ‘fogging’ ensures that the micro droplets of disinfectant are dispensed to

cover all surfaces, penetrate cracks and crevices and high level objects”. PORTiBAC can reach the areas that other sanitising equipment cannot reach. PORTiBAC Spray Systems are easy to use by existing personnel - full training can be given, or there is the option to call in PORTiBAC’S sanitising squad who can undertake the task of fogging for you. Available in three different scents – fragrant cinnamon, tropical citrus and very vanilla, there are four fogging spray systems for the hospitality, leisure and travel trade :

PORTiBAC, 800ML CORDLESS SPRAY GUN £150 – ‘Certified to Kill Covid-19’ This cordless gun sprayer has a simple mission – to sanitise a pub/restaurant and all small to medium size spaces including buses and train carriages within minutes. With its easy to carry case, the PORTiBAC 800ML SPRAY GUN is ready to go anywhere. Available in 3 finishes – metallic matt gold, brushed silver and brilliant white. Comes with FREE 800ML solution. PORTiBAC 800ML bottles are available to purchase for easy replacements or 5L & 10L tubs are also available for easy refill.

PORTiBAC 200C CORDLESS - £825 Got a larger area to sanitise but no power points? The 200C is a cordless 2L fogging system that enables the user to move around easily and recharge

Make Your Premises Safe for the Environment, Staff and Customers LineClenze have the ultimate solution to make any hospitality and licensed on trade environment safe for staff, customers and at the same time protecting the environment. Our innovative decontamination process involves distributing superfine droplets of disinfectant into the atmosphere, to kill the bacteria and viruses in the air and, when the droplets land on any surface, it also kills the bacteria and viruses on that surface. DEW Disinfects only active ingredient is the same as our body produces when fighting an infection, so it presents no danger to humans, animals, plants or the environment. There is no need to evacuate an area being fogged, or to wear PPE. DEW Disinfect is highly effective at killing bacteria, viruses and fungi, without damaging the environment and it is entirely human-compatible, it can be used almost

everywhere where disinfection or sanitisation is required. DEW Disinfect leaves NO residue, in fact, it destroys biofilm and hormonal residues, then simply evaporates. We offer a number of different dispense mechanisms to enable DEW Disinfect to be used throughout your venue. These include:

• Fogging Machine for large areas • Room Mister • Vehicle Mister • Handheld Spray for localised use • Wall dispensers and small spray bottles for hand sanitisation For further details visit

• Reduce costs • Improve operational efficiencies • Raise bottom line profitability • Improve Quality


Specially formulated Eco-

Flow and temperature

Easy, Effective

electronic smart box

friendly beer line cleaner

sensor based dispense


which keeps beer

that uses active oxygen to

monitoring system,

Kills 99.995% of Bacteria,

lines cleaner for longer.

clean safely - replaces

offering the very best in

Viruses, Fungi and Spores

reducing cleans from 52

caustic cleaners.

terms of quality, reliability

100% biodegradable.

to around 13 per year.

and value.

Tel: 0800 170 1564 | Email:

when finished. Comes with 10L of Tropical Citrus scented solution to leave the whole area smelling clean and safe. Available in Matt Black.

PORTiBAC 1500 10L BackPack £450 From a wedding venue to a concert arena, football stadium to school, airport to train station, the PORTiBAC 1500 has a 10L capacity and 8 metre length cord, enabling this backpack fogger to make short work of a big area. When turnaround times are tight, equip a team with the PORTiBAC 1500 and a daunting challenge is quickly and effectively solved. Alternatively call in our PORTiBAC SANITISING SQUAD and they will arrive ready prepared to sanitise areas others cannot reach, making it simple to sanitised for your venue. Continues Cohen: “As people continue to return to hotels, bars and restaurants, even despite the new 10pm curfew, and passengers come back to the skies and stations, these industries must do everything they can to give these cautious returnees the confidence to become regular customers again.” Visit

The Hospitality Sector Needs To Heed New Cleaning Techniques With hotels, restaurants and cafés all now reopen to the public, establishing a thorough cleaning regime is crucial for the safe return of guests. The HoReCa sector has seen one of the biggest upheavals in its practices since the pandemic began; closing its doors, furloughing staff and installing new safety equipment and ongoing cleaning procedures to kill all virus’ whilst providing a safe environment for both customers and staff. Cardiff-based Genesis Biosciences has developed a unique anti-microbial, surface sanitiser that is proven to be effective against Covid-19 and is free from any harmful chemicals. Genesis’ Sanitiser – part of its Evogen Professional range – delivers safe, high performance cleaning and disinfection of all types of hard surfaces. The utilisation of

natural, biodegradable active ingredients offers an eco-benign alternative to many of the harsh chemicals commonly used for sanitisation. Genesis Biosciences is one of the few companies in the UK to have gone through rigorous external anti-viral testing to validate its surface sanitiser’s effectiveness against all enveloped viruses, including COVID-19 and other coronaviruses and has supplied more than 60 tonnes of product across Europe since the beginning of March. The sanitiser is available 1,000L IBC, 200L, 20L, 5L and 500ml concentrates offering a cost effective and environmentally responsible anti-viral solution for all applications. To find out more about the Evogen Professional cleaning range, or to purchase direct, visit

Hygiene, Health and Safety

We Have The Technology To Keep Your Business Safe! The FaceCam from Fusion is a technology breakthrough. Designed to accurately capture face recognition, temperature and mask data, this technology detects and alerts whether an individual has a fever and if wearing a mask is required will alert user if no mask is present. Software will also email management should a fever reading be taken. The software provided with FaceCam does allow for reporting. You can use these reports to set a date range and see everyone who has come into the building (and at what time) and what their temperature was at that time. The software can recognise enrolled staff members or alternatively record guests

and visitor photo along with detail of times and dates both in and out of the building By asking the member of staff that you’d like to enrol on the FaceCam stand them in front of the device and have their temperature taken. First take the reading without a mask on. After they’ve been enrolled the device will have no problem identifying them with a mask on. Watch our short video on our web site to see it in action. Message or call the Fusion team if you'd like to learn more or book a demonstration 01133 979 555.

Use Colourful Visual Communication Aids to Increase Safety, Productivity and Revenue in the Hospitality and Catering Sector

As the new industry landscape unfolds post-Covid, it’s critical for establishments in the hospitality and catering sector to adapt and evolve to meet the changing legislation and environments, whilst keeping their staff and customers safe. Throughout all of this, operating at maximum output is crucial in order to generate revenue and profits, and so productivity and efficiency matter. Beaverswood, a visual communication specialist, has developed a full range of smart and effective solutions that will help you to operate effectively and efficiently, in the safest manner. Considering all the aspects of running a business, looking after its customers, complying to government guidelines and keeping everyone safe, Beaverswood has developed a comprehensive

range of floor markings, perspex screens, seat markers and outdoor stencils, as well as impactful visual communication tools such as; labelling, signage and colourful noticeboards, which will help the hospitality and catering sector perform to the best of its ability. Beaverswood states there is a definite correlation between highly effective visual aids and revenue performance. “Not only do you make your customers feel safer, you enable your workforce to work smarter and therefore quicker”, says Product Manager Jim Roberts. “In turn, this means establishments can optimise their productivity, which positively impacts the amount of money they put through their tills’. For more information visit the full range of visual communication products at:

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Hygiene, Health and Safety

Issue 29

HandSanitiserProduct HandSanitiser SanitiserProduct

Tough On Germs But Gentle On Hands - Save Money On Highly Concentrated, Certified Hand Sanitiser With many people still apprehensive of returning to their everyday lives, there has never been a more important time to ensure the health of staff and customers. Hygiene is key to building staff and consumer confidence, increasing footfall and boosting dwell time – all resulting in increased revenue and profitability. We know that hand sanitisation is vital to avoid the transmission of harmful germs and as a result, most pubs and restaurants are ensuring that they offer hand sanitiser to customers on arrival at their establishment. Surveys have shown that consumers feel more comfortable eating out if antibacterial products were provided for free. There are many brands of hand sanitiser on the mar-

ket, with some as low as 60% alcohol. Medical grade sanitisers usually start around 70%. At 75% alcohol, Lonstin highly concentrated Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser gel is quick and effective at killing 99.9% of all bacteria. The certified, rinse-free, non-sticky gel has been specially formulated with antibacterial ingredients, which are effective at eliminating MSRA and E.coli, while leaving hands gently cleansed and refreshed. Providing everyday protection for your staff and customers. Take advantage of fast delivery and save money with great case or bundle deals from as little as 69p each (ex VAT). To find out more and order your certified hand sanitiser go to:




cubicles and enclosures and sister company of leading plumbing brand, Saniflo, has re-purposed its French factory to design and launch a new range of high quality glass protection screens and panels to ensure the safety and welfare of staff and the public. Using existing stocks of scratchAs the hospitality sector opens up resistant glass the new Kineprotect to visitors and customers following range includes table mounted lockdown many organisations are options in 75cm and 100 cm heights installing protective screens and pan- and a choice of five widths from 80 els to eliminate any risk of virus to 160cm. A useful countertop transmission. option features a wider space at the bottom to pass drinks and consumShower brand, Kinedo, a highly regarded European manufacturer of ables. A choice of highly portable,

floor mounted options includes tall, self-supporting panels are available in a range of widths. Manufactured from 6mm tempered glass the screens and panels will not warp or discolour and are easy to clean and maintain. Highly durable, the Kineprotect range provides an upmarket, professional solution that won’t diminish the aesthetics of the hospitality environment. All items are available for quick delivery and can be ordered online More information is available from the technical sales team on 020 8842 0033 or email:

Sanozone. The Easy Way To Sanitise Your Indoor Spaces


SANOZONE, which delivers the most efficient sanitisation performance in indoor spaces, is now available from Barbel. Manufactured by Vitaeco S.r.l., the world famous manufacturer of the highly regarded HotmixPro thermal blender range, SANOZONE sanitises rooms of many sizes in enclosed HRC sites, hotels, restaurants, bars, conference rooms and similar establishments where totally reliable and regular sanitisation is needed. SANOZONE is particularly suitable for hospitals and care home areas, where absolute cleanliness is mandatory, and in areas where it is difficult or impossible to deliver effective sanitisation throughout. The SANOZONE range of machines use Ozone (O3)



ÂŁ0 ÂŁ0.69 .69 (EX VAT) VAT) PER TUBE*

6WRFN XS QR RZ DQG VDYH PR RQH\ RQ RXU FHUUWWLĆ“HG KDQG VDQLWLVHU /Â…i Ă€ÂˆÂ˜Ăƒi‡vĂ€ii] ViĂ€Ă€ĂŒĂŒÂˆwi`] Ć‚Â˜ĂŒÂˆÂ‡ >VĂŒiĂ€Âˆ>Â? >˜` ->Â˜ÂˆĂŒÂˆĂƒiĂ€ }iÂ? vĂ€ÂœÂ“ ÂœÂ˜ĂƒĂŒÂˆÂ˜ ÂˆĂƒ ÂľĂ•ÂˆVÂŽ >˜` ivvvviVĂŒÂˆĂ›i >ĂŒ ŽˆÂ?Â?ˆ˜} ™™°Â™ÂŻ Âœv >Â?Â? L>VĂŒiĂ€Âˆ> ‡ ÂŤĂ€ÂœĂ›Âˆ`ˆ˜} ˆ`i>Â?] iĂ›iÀÀÞÞ `>Ăž ÂŤĂ€ÂœĂŒiVĂŒÂˆÂœÂ˜ vÂœĂ€ ĂžÂœĂ•Ă€ ĂƒĂŒ>vvvv >˜` VĂ•ĂƒĂŒÂœÂ“iĂ€Ăƒ° />ÂŽi >`Ă›>Â˜ĂŒ>}i Âœv v>ĂƒĂŒ `iÂ?ÂˆĂ›iÀÀÞÞ >˜` ĂŒÂ…i }Ă€i>ĂŒ V>Ăƒi ÂœĂ€ LĂ•Â˜`Â?i `i>Â?Ăƒ œ˜ ÂœvvvviĂ€ ‡ ĂƒÂœ ĂžÂœĂ• Ăƒ>Ă›i “œ˜iĂž œ˜ ĂŒÂ…ÂˆĂƒ ˜iĂœ iĂƒĂƒiÂ˜ĂŒÂˆ>Â? vÂœĂ€ ÂŽiiÂŤÂˆÂ˜} iĂ›iĂ€Ă€ĂžĂžÂœÂ˜i Ăƒ>vi >ĂŒ ĂžÂœĂ•Ă€ LĂ•ĂƒÂˆÂ˜iĂƒĂƒ°

9 .6 ÂŁ0 T) VAT) (ex VA e Tube Per Tub Per

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ÂŁ3.25 ( V (ex VA AT T) ) Per P er Bottle





technology, a gaseous form of Ozone that fills the room, reaching every corner of the space, santising surfaces and critical hard-to-reach corners homogenously, consistently and safely. The SANOZONE range of sanitisation machines are all equipped with the latest technology and customised disinfection programmes to suit your specific requirements. The running costs are considerably lower than any traditional disinfecting programmes and most importantly, there is no manual labour involved. For further information about the SANOZONE range, please contact Barbel on 01629 705110, email, or visit the website at

Hygiene, Health and Safety

Issue 29

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Monika Automates Hygiene Tasks for Staff and Customer Safety

Automation is an increasingly attractive option in today’s commercial kitchen. Although we are all conditioned to wash our hands, thoroughly and frequently, and improve hygiene in general, it can be hard to uphold such measures in a busy environment where pressures are greater than ever. This is where an automated food safety system can help. MonikaPrime can be programmed to give audible as well as visual reminders when a hygiene/infection control task is due – for example to clean down equipment, change cloths and even to alert staff to wash their hands or take customer contact details. By choosing to set an alarming and flashing ‘beacon’, staff can be in no doubt that a task is due and are more likely to complete it on time. Repeat or one-off checks can be

programmed, with verification by a line manager to ensure completion to a sufficient standard if required. UK Director of Sales Rag Hulait commented: “You can use MonikaPrime to drive and double check compliance with food safety and hygiene requirements set within your business. And if you add automated equipment temperature monitoring, you remove the need for staff to move around taking manual fridge and freezer temperature readings, touching surfaces that may be contaminated.” The MonikaPrime system also comes with easy to use software that gives you visibility of staff and equipment performance, so you can see areas for improvement on the way to confident compliance. For more information please contact Monika on 01664 420 022, or visit

WaterCare Proudly Introduce the New iX Water Range iX Water filters are the first truly eco-friendly, 100% recyclable cartridge filter in the market, offering Insert Refill Technology to provide a genuinely sustainable and cost-effective alternative to mainstream cartridge water filters. For use on coffee machines, water coolers, ice machines, vending machines, and catering applications. The iX range offers a comprehensive product in a cost effective, efficient, flexible, and stylish package.

measurable control.

WaterCare are extremely aware of the negative impact that waste plastic has on the environment, plus with the uncertainty of where the hospitality industry will be in the next 12 months following Covid-19 pandemic, WaterCare have created a product and program designed to not only reduce your costs significantly, but also recycle 100% of the expired media inserts and return these back into the marketplace – keeping costs & waste down, whilst creating

WaterCare are passionate about providing cost effective, eco-friendly solutions to water treatment. Their NEW, improved iX range of water filters, along with our Replace & Return Program provide an easy, responsible, and cost-effective alternative to current one-way systems.

The iXWater range now has a newly designed head for ease of maintenance. The iXWater head has quick shut off, flush valve and an optional digital flow meter. The head also has a variable bypass to allow some untreated water to be dialled back into the water supply which is essential for better coffee extraction and taste.

Discover the full iX Water range at eco-friendly-water-filters/ or call 01279 780250 to speak to a sales representative.

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Hygiene, Health and Safety

AcryBright Clearly Protecting Your Staff Protective screens and sneeze guards have become common place thanks to the Covid-19 outbreak. However, in a rush to get barriers in place, many businesses purchased materials without thinking about the longer term implications around quality and performance. These clear screens are going to be in place for some time to come. They will need to survive rigorous cleaning regimes with high-strength cleaning chemicals. These chemicals can cause damage, from small surface scratches through to potential warping or clouding of the screen. This kind of damage not only reduces the hygienic properties of the product but also affects its visual appeal, which can have a negative impact on the customer experience. Image credit: AcryBright

Hillbrush Antimicrobial Hillbrush is the UK’s largest manufacturer of cleaning brushes and specialist hygienic cleaning tools. Throughout the food supply chain there are significant risks of cross-contamination, no more so than within the factory environment where raw materials and ingredients come into contact with surfaces throughout production. COVID-19 will mean that cleaning regimes will need to be even more rigorous, not only to minimise the risk of cross contamination from pathogenic bacteria, such as Campylobacter and

Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising

AcryBright is a cell cast acrylic which provides optimum optical clarity and rigidity. Due to its ease of fabrication it is ideal for personal protective screens and has superb in-service durability too. AcryBright's chemical resistance and good surface hardness offer greater durability in service, withstanding cleaning regimes over and over and still maintaining its optical clarity. And should there be an accidental scratch, it can be refurbished with a polish back to a gloss finish. It is an excellent choice of material to provide protection for retail workers, counter and reception staff in stores, hotels, as well as office environments. To find out more please go to or see the advert on this page. E. coli, but also from Coronavirus transmission between co-workers. Using cleaning equipment that is fit for purpose and effective sanitising of equipment between use is one line of defence to prevent bacterial contamination. But a second line of defence that is increasing in popularity is the reduction of the threat of cross-contamination and the use of antimicrobial cleaning tools within the food production environment. Antimicrobial tools also increase the lifespan of cleaning tools and understanding of what equipment is needed for each cleaning task to ensure optimum results. Antimicrobial cleaning tools are specifically designed to prevent the growth and reduce the risk of bacterial cross-contamination, minimise foreign body contamination and support HACCP and 5S best practice with colour-coded segregation. While antimicrobial cleaning tools should not replace a regular cleaning regime, they enhance it, adding the additional level of protection that everyone is seeking in a post-COVID landscape. For more information on Hillbrush’s range of antimicrobial cleaning products visit

Hygiene, Health and Safety

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A Clean Start - Integrated Sanitising Solutions

With over 50 years of experience, ICE is the UK’s largest independent provider of industrial cleaning machines. We bring a simple, reliable brand and offering to the industry with straightforward equipment purchase, rental, service and approved-used solutions designed to meet the needs and demands of every customer, however small or extensive their budget. We have a huge range of scrubber dryer and sweeping machines suitable for all types of environments, from

standard robust equipment or high-end machines equipped with the latest technology, to robotic floor cleaning machines. Our ICE Co-Botics line is the industry’s first comprehensive range of robotic cleaning machines. We believe these innovations will help shape the way cleaning operations and functions are carried out in the future, but in a collaborative and cohesive way. The equipment has been designed to integrate into cleaning team operations, picking up the manual and repetitive tasks, which will then allow operators to focus on hygiene and sanitising activities to promote cleaner and safer environments. It’s not about replacing people it’s about embracing technology to deliver higher cleaning standards, infection control and ‘proof of clean’. Other innovations include our new sanitising and fogging equipment, which effectively sanitise and disinfect floors and the surrounding air, ensuring a safe and hygienic working environment. Contact us: 0800 389 3869

EAIS - The Ideal Solution T

EAIS are your one stop solution for all of your storage and handling needs. Our vastly experienced and award winning team are on hand to support our distributors and to help them overcome any challenge that they may face. We offer 16 different types of racking to choose from including chrome, nylon, stainless steel solid, perforated & wire as well as lift-out systems. All of these are available in wide range of sizes which will help to maximise every area of a busy commercial kitchen. Follow this up with a huge range of trolleys and transportation system you will find all that’s needed to support all types of commercial catering applications. We are proud of our ability to hold vast stocks of racking and

trolleys, allowing us to accommodate urgent next day delivery requests if required.

In addition to standard products one of our strengths is our flexibility. Our on-site in-house manufacturing facility allows us to offer bespoke items to our customers. Therefore if our standard product doesn’t quite tick your box our engineers and designers will work closely with a client to ensure the correct bespoke solution is offered. As well as supply only we can also offer an efficient and economical installation service with our highly experienced and qualified teams of fitters. For more information please visit our website –

East Anglian Installation Systems Ltd


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TTHE H E IDEAL SOLUTION SOLUTIO N Ea st Anglian Anglian Installation East Installation Systems Systems

TTel: el: 01553 765205 Fax: 01553 768464

Manufacturer and Supplier of p roducts supplied both to the Foodservice EAIS is a leading Manufacturer products are only meet the customer’s demands, but their expectations as well. Whether you a re looking for storage healthcare food sto rage shelving, rracking acking systems and ttrolleys, rolleys, or healthca re shelving and medical ttrolleys rolleys or bespoke products. Solution. roducts. EAIS will be your Ideal S olution. even bespo ke design p

East Anglian Installation Systems Ltd


East Anglian Installation Systems Ltd


Hardwick Norfolk East Anglian Installation Systems m, sOldm O Oldmedow Road, Ha rdwick Industrial Estate, King’s LLynn, ynn, No r folk PE30 4JJ



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Hygiene, Health and Safety

ATP Leads The Way For Hotel Cleaning Effectiveness As hoteliers navigate the swings between lockdowns and reduced capacity, and reopening floors, preparing rooms, and accepting more guests, they will need to take extra steps to ensure the safety of those guests and the employees who serve them. Key to that safety will be ensuring that sleeping rooms, conference areas, lobbies and lounges are cleaned and sanitized. While sanitising surfaces is just a small part of combatting the prevalence of COVID-19, hotels need to prove to guests that their facility is safe place to stay. Too often, monitoring of cleaning effectiveness has relied on visual inspection. This, of course, cannot detect unseen microbes. Cleaning and sanitation monitoring technology that uses adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy-releasing molecule found in every living cell, has been adopted by hotels and

other industries to monitor cleaning effectiveness. ATP monitors provide, in as little as 10 seconds, quantitation of the overall ability of cleaning chemicals and crews using them to clean a surface. One study estimates that 33 percent of the ATP picked up by monitoring is microbial in origin. Surfaces will vary according to sources of contamination and frequency of contact but reducing ATP levels often is enough to reduce infection. Hygiena’s EnSURE™ Touch ATP Monitoring System uses the UltraSnap™ test to collect samples from virtually any surface, delivering actionable, reliable results in seconds. Its portability and ability to upload to SureTrend cloudbased software lets you track and trace progress, without leaving the room! See the advert on page 19 or visit

Doesitall’s Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser is ECO-FRIENDLY as Our Formula is Alcohol Free

Doesitall hand sanitiser has a naturally occurring formulation with active ingredients that kills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria. Doesitall’s Alcohol Free, Anti-Viral & Anti-Bacterial hand sanitiser is a ready to use, high performance hand sanitiser solution. It is suitable for use on the hands, to remove potentially harmful viruses & bacteria. Benefits of using Doesitall hand sanitiser:

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• Includes hand softening agents and is beautifully scented leaving your hands soft with a pleasant aroma • Eco-friendly, due to our all natural formulation process, with active biological ingredients used as opposed to alcohol • Our naturally occurring ingredients are readily biodegradable and have no aquatic toxicity, thus they offer a greener alternative to conventional alcohol products

and minimise environmental impact Our hand sanitiser is fully laboratory tested and has passed BS EN 14476:2013 + A2:2019 standards concluding it is effective against 99.99% of viruses and bacteria including SARS + CoV-2. (Covid-19). Doesitall Hand Sanitiser is NonFlammable. It contains naturally produced active ingredients which is better for the environment. Our dual action virucidal formula prevents the chance of anti-microbial resistance occurring. Our 5L Eco refill system allows you to refill your own re-usable sprayers saving on harmful plastic waste. Protect your staff and customers, use Doesitall’s Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser with clinically proven confidence! See the advert below or visit

Hygiene, Health and Safety

Clean Air for a Safe Environment

During these uncertain times, we must be equipped with the right tools to fight contaminates. Axair offer state of the art air cleaning systems for any indoor environment to help improve air quality and prevent the spread of disease.

Wellisair is a patented air disinfectant air purifier with the innovative technology to disinfect, purify and clean the air and surfaces with nature’s mechanisms removing 99.9% of all hazardous elements.

How Does Wellisar Work? Wellisair uses technology that generates and expands hydroxyl radicals (OH) that by oxidation eliminates virus, bacteria, allergens, moulds, odours and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) up to 99.9%.

OH is a powerful purifying substance that is generated naturally by sunlight, ozone, and moisture in the air, and it harmlessly disappears along with other air pollutants. Once the oxidation process has started, the effect called “respiratory explosion” occurs, which consists of a series of cascade reactions that produce more hydroxyl radicals, this accelerates the process of eliminating viruses and bacteria. Wellisair produces the same chain effect that efficiently purifies and disinfects the air and surfaces of an area up to 60m2. The Wellisair is available to buy online at

To find out more about our clean air solutions please email or call 01782 349 430.

Viroblock™ Bedding - 99.99% Effective Protection The Fine Bedding Company are leading suppliers for the bedding industry with over 100 years of manufacturing experience. Their united purpose is to create better products for a better night’s sleep, priding themselves on their quality and sustainability commitments; continuously striving to have a positive impact on people and the planet. The hospitality sector has been impacted more than most by the measures taken to control the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, The Fine Bedding Company has developed a revolutionary new bedding collection to provide guests and hoteliers with peace of mind as the sector begins its long awaited return to normality. It’s been found that Coronavirus can live on textile surfaces for up to two days, and sleeping on a pillow previously occupied by an infected individual could increase the risk transmission. Their latest collection, including pillows, pillow protectors and mattress protectors, uses ground-breaking Viroblock™ technology which has been tested to be 99.99% effective against

SARS-COV-2 within 30 minutes of contact, the virus that causes COVID-19, alongside other common viruses, bacteria and yeasts in as little as 5 minutes. The entire collection has been tested to remain durable and effective for at least 15 washes at 40°C and has been certified as safe and sustainable, with all Viroblock™ ingredients being cosmetic grade, bio-based, OEKOTEX® certified and recycled. Contact the team to find out how their latest collection can provide you and your guests with the reassuring comfort of complete hygiene. Alternatively, shop their entire hospitality bedding collection at with an exclusive 10% off offer for Caterer readers using code SLEEPINCOMFORT at the checkout. Contact information: Website – Email – Phone - +44 (0)161 864 5632

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Hygiene, Health and Safety

Swiftclean - Air, Water and Fire Compliance In a post lockdown world, as well as food and COVID safety, it is essential to safeguard indoor air quality, water cleanliness and fire safety. Airborne fat, oil and grease, released by cooking, accumulates in layers in your kitchen extract ductwork, hood and canopy, creating a potential fire risk. This grease must be removed regularly by expert technicians, in compliance with TR19® Grease, which is issued by BESA. A simple wet-film test tells us if a clean is due post lockdown. If you don’t comply with TR19 Grease®, and there is a fire, your insurance provider may refuse to pay out and you could be prosecuted for negligence.

Similarly, you must protect your water system’s cleanliness and protect it from legionella outbreaks by complying with L8, issued by the Legionella Control Association. If you had to shut down due to COVID, your water system should have been recommissioned and flushed through. If your risk assessment is out of date, you must get it updated. Again, you could be prosecuted for negligence if you haven’t complied. Your indoor air quality should also be safeguarded by complying with TR19®, the leading guidance on ventilation system hygiene, also issued by BESA. Clean ductwork means cleaner, healthier air. Visit

Astreea - The Pedal Hand Sanitiser Introducing the Astreea® pedal hand sanitiser.

Touchless, fully mechanical and made entirely from medical stainless steel, this revolutionary dispenser requires no assembly, electrical outlet, or maintenance. It’s designed for both indoor and outdoor use, making it ideal for any public space. The Astreea® dispenser is different from typical plastic wall or post-mounted products. Its seamless steel body and mechanical operation make it almost indestructible. Units are maintenance-free, arrive fully assembled, and use any hand sanitiser product, making them an ideal solution during

these uncertain times.

• • • • •

12 month warranty • Anti-theft • Hands-free Genuine usage increase where installed Medical stainless-steel construction No electrical outlet needed Visitors see you are proactively making site safe • Highest quality materials • Universal use, can be filled with any hand sanitiser To learn more, visit or contact See the advert on page 2 for details. Track & Trace Solution

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Airship, the hospitality technology specialist launched, their Track & Trace solution back in July in aid of a swift and safe reopening for thousands of locations including football clubs, theatres and churches as well as bars, pubs and restaurants. As news from Government this week means that Track & Trace will be mandatory in the UK hospitality sector from September 18th, the demand for safe and secure Track & Trace will be higher still. A key benefit of is that when customers check in, they’re

given the option to opt in to receive the operator’s marketing emails. On average, operators are seeing a 25% opt in rate, with some as high as 50%, giving businesses a much-needed boost as they reopen. Operators already signed up to include: Caffé Nero, Camden Town Brewery, Costa Coffee, Crussh, Greggs, Hotel Chocolat, Leon, Mildreds, Mission Mars, Ole & Steen, Pret a Manger, Roadchef and Vagabond. Visit to sign up now.

Hygiene, Health and Safety Cyrus Todiwala Backs HyGenikx to Give Diners Confidence Issue 29

Like many restaurateurs, Cyrus Todiwala OBE DL has worked hard adapting his award-winning Café Spice Namasté restaurant to make it Covid-secure. Cyrus has implemented changes in accordance with government guidance, so returning customers can feel relaxed and confident to enjoy his signature Indian and Parsee dishes. As Cyrus explains in a new video interview with Mechline Developments (click here to view), if operators are to reassure customers and convince them to eat out, they will need to supplement manual cleaning with the latest technologies. In doing this, operators can prove they are going the extra mile to look after customers’ safety and wellbeing. Customers returning to Café Spice have been assured not only by the physical changes they have seen, such as sanitisation stations, a new layout for the dining room and disinfecting tables and chairs after each use, but also by the measures that Cyrus has implemented back of house.

Cyrus has installed several HyGenikx units, in the kitchen, cold rooms and changing rooms, to combat the hidden dangers that neither he, nor his customers, can see, such as viruses in the air and on surfaces. Working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, HyGenikx is specifically designed for hospitality and foodservice locations and effectively works not only against viruses, but also odours and bacteria, even when employees are in the room. These were installed in Café Spice Namaste to complement Cyrus’s already thorough hygiene routine. “The HyGenikx system helps people to do things in a better way. If I had my way I’d install it everywhere. It keeps the air and surfaces free of any bacteria and viruses which is a great plus point and in a restaurant environment it’s an added bonus to a customer. I show them the sticker we have and explain that we are looking after their interests and it makes people feel even more comfortable. It’s a one off investment that will make your place much better and

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safer for all the people that walk in and better still gives you something to shout about. “I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend HyGenikx to other hospitality businesses as it is the ideal complement to manual cleaning. It helps to protect customers and staff, extends the shelf life of fresh produce, controls odours and provides additional reassurance so our industry can move forward with confidence and return to some kind of normal.” HyGenikx utilises a combination of the most effective and refined air and surface sterilisation technologies available to eradicate viruses and bacteria throughout foodservice and hospitality environments. The HyGenikx range has models to suit every application, from front of house and all food areas, to cold rooms, washrooms and refuse areas. Models start from as little as £289 RRP. To view the Cyrus Todiwala interview go to

Visible and Enhanced Sanitisation Measures are Required if the Hospitality Industry is to Survive By Terri-Ann Boyle, Director of MYDIS ( industry’s resilience is a hygiene rating system to improve COVID security. Food, personal and environmental hygiene has always been of tantamount importance to the hospitality sector, but it has now become the lifeline of the industry.

BEST PRACTICE FOR HOSPITALITY BUSINESSES If hospitality premises can introduce robust sanitisation solutions to ensure COVID-secure environments, the government might be discouraged from implementing stricter measures on the sector or perhaps reduce some of the existing restrictions. With Cineworld announcing the temporary closure of its UK and US cinemas, it has become clear the sector cannot weather this storm without enforcing further sanitisation measures.

The hospitality sector has been crippled by the pandemic, but last month’s announcement of a 10pm curfew was the latest blow to the suffering sector. A number of venues have contested the move. G-A-Y nightclub in London has legally challenged the government, calling for a scientific justification of the new curfew. In Cumbria, a cross-party campaign has been launched to protect pubs from the impact of Covid-19, calling for the government to extend the furlough scheme in light of the increased restrictions. Businesses are being forced to adapt to the highly limiting circumstances in which they find themselves. The key to the

Hospitality premises must work alongside a trusted hygiene provider that delivers effective solutions using proven products. This will be central to instilling customer confidence and creating a safe working environment for employees. Consumers must be constantly reassured their health and safety is a priority. Combatting the ‘Fear of Going Out’ is as critical to the livelihood of hospitality businesses as the sanitisation measures themselves. There are sophisticated products available to support venues on their journey to creating a COVID-secure environment. MYDIS Portals utilise face recognition and mask identification technology to ensure anyone entering the premises is wearing a face covering, in addition to temperature gauges – a key functionality in helping prevent individuals who have contracted the virus from entering. Users walk through these booths and their outer layers are covered in a fine mist of vaporised disinfectant before entering the building. Hand-held fogging machines are also an effective solution for disinfecting high-use areas

KYDEX Puts Safety First To make hospitality spaces safer and reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission, many businesses have turned to innovative materials with hygienic properties built in. In this critical time for the sector, which is reeling from the damage caused by Covid-related shutdowns, any product that can help in the fight against the virus is worth consideration. While regular deep cleans with heavy duty chemicals will help, specifying and installing new surfaces that are resistant to bacteria and viruses will offer improved protection to staff and cusImage credit: Aristech Surfaces. tomers. KYDEX is one such product. It contains Microban, which provides antimicrobial protection. This halts the growth of bacteria and a broader range of viruses, organisms, protozoa, and fungi such as mould or mildew. This makes it significantly better for high-use surfaces when compared

inside the venue. A standardised hygiene rating system could also be a useful tool to guide businesses in implementing a robust suite of sanitisation and disinfection measures, while helping consumers understand the compliance of the venue before visiting. Measuring businesses against a shared framework allows for comparative reporting and facilitates consistent monitoring of key protocols. A high ‘COVID-secure’ rating would permit the most responsible businesses to stay open, rather than the blanket approach to restrictions promoted by the government so far. And of course, the government guidelines should be at the heart of all cleanliness practices for any hospitality business. Staff should sanitise their hands frequently, face masks should be worn indoors, and people should stay at least two metres apart, or one metre with a face covering. Although it may sound counterintuitive, particularly for luxury hospitality, businesses should make the invisible visible. Highlighting new sanitising measures of the premises is necessary to demonstrate the wellbeing of guests is the top priority. Clear signposting of hand sanitiser dispensers, labelling of one-way systems and staff observing strictly adherence to the guidelines are effective ways to underline that hospitality businesses are COVID safe. Catering to a diverse client base and their sanitisation needs should also be a priority for hospitality businesses. Providing hypoallergenic and alcohol-free hand sanitisers is a holistic way to guarantee hygienic practices amongst guests with sensitive skin. The hospitality industry must demonstrate a deliberate commitment to visible and improved hygiene standards. Making use of sanitisation and disinfection expertise to win back consumer – and government – trust could ultimately ensure the continued viability of the industry.

A Tool In The Test And Trace Arsenal Is Here The data can be inputted using contactless technology, customers simply generate and scan a QR code with their details on.

with an anti-bacterial product, which only prevents bacteria from growing on the surface. As an advanced thermoplastic, KYDEX can be moulded into any shape and matched with any colour – perfect for branded environments. While well known for its use in healthcare environments such as hospitals, it is also heavily utilised in the leisure and hospitality sector. It can often be found in a wide range of objects including furniture, counters (such as bar tops and reception desks), and doors, as well as in food preparation areas and washrooms. As a homogeneous product, any damage to the top layer does not negatively affect its antimicrobial properties or visual impact, which makes it perfect for high-traffic areas. Its ability to withstand tough cleaning products, without any staining, fading or surface damage, also make it perfect for a post-Covid world. To find out more please go to or see the advert on page 38.

An entrepreneur who wanted a better way for businesses to collect details of customers for the NHS Test and Trace requirements has developed an app – ‘COVID Collect’. Carl Blanchard of C3 Software in Bournemouth, Dorset, designed the system after writing down his details in pubs on sheets of paper. Understanding it was potentially capable of spreading Covid-19 and in breach of GDPR rules, he designed his superbly simple to use app. Any venue, sports club or premises that requires visitors to register for the Test and Trace system can now use ‘COVID Collect’. Data can be inputted on a device either by the customer or staff – it is then safely stored and can be sent to Test and Trace if required, details are deleted after 21 days to comply with GDPR and Test and Trace regulations

Carl said: “When I had to write my details down on a piece of paper, I saw a problem that had to be solved.’’ “Using a pencil means Covid could be spread and it would be easy for someone to take a photo of all the names and numbers on the list, which would be in breach of GDPR regulations.’’ “Inputting the data takes seconds – the details are stored safely and can be communicated to Test and Trace if necessary. “All businesses that require customers or visitors to give their details can use this app and it can be up and running in minutes.’’ “People already using it say it drastically reduces the burden of administration and frees up a lot of time.’’ COVID Collect is designed to be part of a business’s range of measures to help keep everyone safe. For more information or to purchase visit C3’s website at:


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Products and Services

Rio, The Top 10 Canned Drink, Loved By Super Quick, Free Range, Super Easy Your Customers and a Must Stock! It was back in 1994 that Hall & Woodhouse, the 243year-old Dorset based family brewer famed for its Badger Beer, launched a new, real fruit juice based soft drink called Rio. The brand proved an instant hit with consumers thanks to the high quality, super-fruity, unique tropical flavour which transports taste buds straight to sunny climes and happy times! Today Rio is a Top 10 Carbonated Adult Soft-Drink Brand in the UK* with consumers drinking over 1m litres** every month, and as a result Rio outperforms the Adult Soft Drinks market with 50%*** of total Rio sales going through the Foodservice & Catering industry. Not only that, but you won’t find Rio in Supermarkets because at Hall & Woodhouse we want to champion independent business’ by offering something different that your customers won’t find in the grocers! The regular Rio Tropical variant contains 10% real fruit juice and lightly sparkling spring water and Rio Tropical

Light is an alternate variant with no added sugar, with both available in 330ml can and 500ml PET bottle. There are 3 great reasons for you as a catering and hospitality business to stock Rio: 1. It will help all of us to keep backing smaller, independent business’ by offering them something exclusive that the supermarkets don’t have! 2. Rio is a Top 10 Adult Soft Drink Brand and is growing faster than the market so it’s guaranteed to outperform other products in your range. 3. Rio’s taste is unique and is the number one reason why consumers love it. Stocking Rio will help put cash in your till and smiles on the faces of your customers. What are you waiting for? See the advert on page 17 for details. Visit *Convenience IRI data to December 2019 ** Hall & Woodhouse ex-factory sales volumes 2019. *** Booker Sales Out data Feb 2020.

JURA JX10 - Speciality Coffee From A Pro The JX10 impresses with its versatility, user-friendliness and individuality. Offering 31 different speciality coffees, this master of its art covers both the full range of coffees finished with milk and milk foam and the entire spectrum of black coffees. Easy to understand modern graphics mean that even first time users will be able to navigate to exactly what they want. Different speciality coffees can be programmed and given names according to your needs. Maintenance of the JX10 is just as easy as operation. Integrated rinsing and cleaning programmes, used in combination with original JURA maintenance products, ensure TUV certified hygiene and cleanliness. Even the milk system in the JX10 is cleaned automatically at the touch of a button.

The machine also has a JURA Smart Connect integrated allowing state of the art automatic coffee machine operation via Smartphone and the free J.O.E.* app. Available accessories include Waste Water and Ground Eject, a Nayax Cashless System, a Cup Warmer Professional and a Data Communicator. The machine comes with a 12 month on-site warranty, parts and labour and prices start with the JX10 Package of machine with Cooler Housing and 2.5ltr Cool Control at £3050.00. MODEL shown is JX10 in platinum with Cooler Housing and Cool Control inside. Visit for further information.


What Is Possible With Video Surveillance - And What Is Not All bars have cameras – nowadays local authorities would not grant licensing without the essential, wide ranging security they can provide. But make no mistake, they cannot protect a bar operator from under-ringing. If you are offered ‘clever’ video with print overlay showing what is being entered on the till, it will probably also include fast scanning to view each time Vodka, house lager or whatever is sold. You will be told ‘if you are aware you have a stock issue with a specific product, then that is a useful feature’ – right? No actually - that is wrong! Fact is, if a bar operator has a stock issue with a specific product, the problem is because that product is dispensed but not sold. And this is where (EPoS) till connected dispense management provides information that cameras cannot. In a bar with hundreds of low value transactions the bar operator needs to know when a drink is dispensed but not registered – and cameras cannot inform anyone about that.

Beer or spirit monitoring dispense management must be fully connected to the EPoS system or it will not provide a full picture. With a timed record of every sale and dispense, and real time registration of drinks entered on customer accounts (bar, table or hotel room ‘tabs’), you can have an automated stock check every sixty seconds. With a draught beer display resolution of a tenth of a pint, surplus and waste are also separated from measures which are not sold. And all events are shown graphically in a bar chart. So when you have the technology to highlight you lost two house lagers, a Guinness and a double vodka at 15:17, whilst also showing who was working in which bar at the time, if you want to remove any further doubt, then you might have a look at your video. Searflo – it’s nothing like any PubCo sponsored alternative. Visit, or call 07528 819842 or see the advert on page 11.

Range Farm Liquid Egg products are ready to use, easy to handle, and provide convenience for those working in foodservice. All products are free range, 100% pasteurised and meet British Lion standards. Available in Whole Egg, Egg Whites and Yolks, with no product waste or mess - all your eggs in one carton! Range Farm Free Range Hens are free to roam and forage in the natural environment. Freshly laid, our eggs are processed at our state-ofthe-art facility in Wiltshire and dispatched to customers in our fleet of refrigerated vehicles ensuring they arrive perfect and ready to use.

Viessmann Refrigeration At Viessmann Refrigeration, we understand that effective, reliable and hygienic refrigeration underpins the efficient performance in any hospitality environment where large volumes of foodstuffs and beverages need to be kept at a constant chilled temperature and meet the HACCP safety regulations. The unique features of the Viessmann cold rooms includes panels with overlapped joints which are cam locked so there is no requirement to use silicone meaning our cold rooms can be extended from a nominal standard width to any length by adding floor, ceiling and wall modules to suit your specific size requirements plus this

Celebration Packaging’s EnviroWare® wooden cutlery is now available hygienically packed in a plastic-free wrapper. “With the current heightened focus on hygiene, resulting from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, we are pleased to offer one of our popular sustainable product ranges with an added hygienic benefit,” says Celebration Packaging Managing Director Nick Burton. “Our well-proven high quality, smooth wooden cutlery range is now available hygienically wrapped.” The EnviroWare® wooden cutlery range consists of a knife, fork and two sizes of spoon. Each piece is available individually wrapped, plus there is a popular meal kit option containing a knife,

‘Original Scratchings’ – MR PORKY’S BEST-SELLING SCRATCHING: RENAMED AND WITH REFRESHED PACKAGING. Previously called ‘Crackles’, the leading scratching in supermarkets has been re-named ‘Scratchings’ in line with consumer feedback, but the unique, triple-cooked recipe is unchanged and packs retain their distinctive gold look. Pack sizes and RRP: 65g RRP £1 / 6pk (6x16.5g) RRP £2

Producing mouth-watering scratchings since 1960, Mr Porky is No. 1 brand, with a 44% share7 and is going from strength to strength, growing at 5.1% YoY*. The new Mr Porky range now comprises of three products: ‘Mr Porky Hand Cooked Scratchings’ - A NEW PRODUCT With a delicious Great Taste 2 Star award-winning recipe, this new, premium product is hand cooked in small batches to be the ultimate pork scratching! This pack had the highest purchase intent of any pack in the consumer research and promises to become a top-seller. Pack sizes and RRP: 65g RRP £1.49 / 40g RRP £1

system prevents formation of dirt and water. An AntiMicrobial coating prevents the transmission and spread of potentially harmful bacteria and makes cleaning easier and more hygienic. Viessmann offers a wide range of energy efficient and durable refrigeration solutions including wall mounted, ceiling mounted and split systems so we can be flexible depending on your individual needs and site conditions. We recently introduced a remote monitoring system which will alert you to any issues in real time and prevent any stock losses. If you are looking for a cold room offering with full flexibility in configuration and design for hygienic and safe storage conditions then look no further. See the advert on page 5 or +44 (0)1952 457 157

Dining in the New Normal with Sustainable and Hygienic Wrapped Wooden Cutlery

Take a Fresh Look at the UK’s Best-Selling Pork Snacks

Tayto, the UK’s leading supplier of pork snacks1, has announced a refresh of all its brands with new-look packaging plus some exciting new products and formats.

Range Farm Liquid Egg is sourced from 100% UK based farms so quality and continuity of supply is guaranteed. We are also conscious of our environmental responsibilities so please be assured that our cartons are recyclable. We provide a range of sizes and packaging according to the needs of our customers, with all Range Farm Liquid Egg products available in pallecons, BIB and cartons. To start cooking with ease and find out how we can meet your requirements, call 01249 732221 or email

‘Crispy Strips’ - THE LIGHTER PRODUCT WITH UPDATED PACKAGING. This Great Taste award-winning pork snack has a lighter bite designed to attract new, younger consumers and create new pork snacking occasions. Pork scratchings tend to be consumed in the evening, especially at the weekend, so this lighter eat opens up daytime and on-the-go snacking without compromising on the crunch and taste of a scratching. Pack size and RRP: 35g RRP £1 Tayto also boasts another Great Taste 2 Star award winning brand Midland Snacks - which is delivering outstanding growth at +28% YoY** . The pinnacle of the traditional scratching, this is ultimate pub snack and is Tayto’s best-selling pubcard! These finest quality, traditional pork scratchings are hand cooked to taste as good as they look - with a traditional crunch and flavour that creates that special pub feeling which has stood the test of time. The updated packaging retains a traditional look that showcases this much-loved, artisanal British delicacy. For those looking for a lighter alternative to a traditional scratching,

fork, spoon and 22cm square brown paper napkin. The cutlery is made from wood from sustainable forestry and has full FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) chain of custody accreditation, while the unbleached paper wrapping is plastic free. “Many consider Celebration as the sustainable foodservice cutlery experts,” says Nick Burton. “We won a silver award for our EnviroWare® paper cutlery in the Innovation Challenge at the lunch! show at London’s ExCel last year. The judging panel said: “The EnviroWare® paper cutlery is a real contender for the future of foodservice cutlery”. For further information visit

Tayto’s The Real Pork Co. offers consumers and retailers the opportunity to widen their meat snacking repertoire. By double-cooking the finest rind - by hand - in small batches, The Real Pork Co. has created snacks with all the taste of a scratching but with a lighter texture. Crunch is the lightest eat – a delightfully airy pork puff. Crackling is a modern twist on a scratching but with a lighter, bubbly texture opening up pork snacking to those who are looking for an alternative to a traditional scratching. Both are smothered in a mouth-watering seasoning with no nasties (free from artificial flavours, colours, MSG and gluten). The new-look, premium packaging has been specifically designed to target younger, more affluent consumers who are looking to expand their snacking horizons. MERCHANDISING ADVICE Pork scratchings are synonymous with the pub and really are the ultimate pub snack. With 83% of pork snacks being consumed with a drink4 they are a ‘must stock’ item. Matt explains, “As licensed venues begin to rebuild their trade, maximising the revenue from each customer is vital. Adding a bag of scratchings to a drink can deliver around 50p per transaction - and they are VAT free! To maximise sales, pubcards should be prominently displayed behind the bar and Tayto can also supply bar runners and beer mats to help prompt customers to purchase. Given that space is at a premium in many bars, stick to proven brands such as Mr Porky - the nation’s favourite - and our best-selling pubcard - Midland Snacks Traditional Scratchings.” The new range will be rolling out across On-trade, all major mults and Convenience over the next few weeks. The packs may look different, but the terrific taste and quality aren’t changing – that unique taste can be passed on to generations to come! * IRI Market Place | Total GB | Total Crisps, Snacks & Popcorn | Value | MAT to 170520 |44.4% brand share ** IRI Market Place | Total GB | Total pork Snacks | Value | MAT to 17 May 20

Design and Refit

Capricorn Contract Furnishings Capricorn Contract Furnishings are now firmly established as one of the country's largest stockist and supplier of quality contract furnishings to cafes, bars, restaurants, pubs, clubs and hotels. Capricorn are based in a 40, 000 square feet showroom and distribution warehouse on the outskirts of Exeter in Devon. From within the distribution area we are able to offer a next day delivery service on thousands of products including tables , chairs , stools

and lounge furniture. Customers are encouraged to visit our large showroom to view an extensive range of furniture ideally suited for the leisure market. Here you can relax and let Capricorn help and advise you with your requirements. Opening hours for the showroom are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. For more information or a Capricorn Contract Furnishings catalogue and price list contact Brian Pengelly on 01395 233 320, or visit

Sims - The First Port Of Call For Banquette Seating We are a family run business with 3 generations of commercial furniture manufacturing experience. Unlike other suppliers we manufacture all our seating inhouse, no importing, no subcontracting. We have full control over every aspect from design to installation to ensure every product leaves our workshops punctually and to our reputable high quality. Proudly offering 2 versions of Banquette Seating, firstly our “Premium Made to Measure” Banquette Seating which is built to your exact design, shape and size, then installed by our professional installation team. You can have anything from floor to ceiling

designs to seating that perfectly follows the walls in a period setting. Secondly our “Modular Banquette Seating”

Ambimedia Audiovisual Solutions Ambimedia Ltd are working hard to provide our clients with audiovisual solutions which allows them to adapt to future needs, in the wake of the recent pandemic. Our Certified Technology Specialists have been working closely with manufactures to develop our product range in order to meet changing demands.

ENHANCING OUTDOOR SPACES In order to enhance outdoor areas in pubs and restaurants, we have provided solutions including outdoor high brightness

TV’s, outdoor sound systems and extended WIFI and CCTV networks. Whilst the future of how venues can operate indoors is unknown, enhancing outdoor spaces has been a key area of growth within the industry.

HAND SANITISERS WITH BUILT IN DIGITAL SIGNAGE DISPLAYS Most venues which you visit these days have hand sanitiser stations as you enter the building and we have gone one step further,

which is freestanding, set size units for you to mix and match to best fit your space. Manufactured and delivered to your doorstep ready for you to layout. Made to the same high standards as our premium range without setup costs, site visits and installation fees. Saving you up to 50% on competitors seating. Also, we offer a range of furnishings – tables, chair and bedroom furniture. To request a brochure or to discuss your requirement further please contact our sales team on 01945 450957 email Web

providing digital signage displays within the hand sanitiser stations allowing venues to provide information to customers in addition to product advertising.

DIGITAL MENUBOARDS & DIGITAL SIGNAGE Our award winning digital menuboard solution allows customers to instantly manage content on their screens from a PC or tablet. Choose from over 700 menuboard templates and over 3000 images or upload your own and publish the content to your TV’s. Visit and signup for a free account. We also have a full digital signage package available where we can manage the content on your behalf – please contact us for further information. T: 01246 906958 E: W:

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Café Culture - Pavement Profit

We are an independent supplier serving the outdoor restaurant trade with supplies for outdoor seating areas. We have some large clients including Gondola group along with many smaller cafe bars, restaurants and public houses.

made menu holders, waiter stations and planters all to you requirement. If we can help you do drop a line to

We design and manufacturer our own windbreaks and use the best materials available. For anyone looking long term that saves you money as you won’t be replacing cheap internet imports next season. It’s one area where it doesn’t pay to buy budget as the continual bumps and scrapes outdoor goods receive combined with the harsh British climate really needs something tough enough for the job. We also supply Markilux awning which are some of the best made in the industry and Uhlmann parasols another top rated German brand. Bespoke goods are also a speciality with custom

Drakes Bar Furniture UK Bar Furniture Supplier

We pride ourselves in providing the best quality items at great prices with fantastic customer service and can supply bespoke tailored made furniture such as booths, tables, seating or ‘off the peg’ items. Drakes Bar Furniture not only sell chairs, stools, tables we also design build and install all types of fixed seating, pews and booth seating for pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants and clubs. When fitting out a premise the seating is almost paramount for a successful space. Fixed seating, booth seating or banquette seating as its also called can come in variety of colours, finishes, types and styles. Below are just a few examples showing what we have done in the past. With clever planning, seating gen-

erates a great flow for customers and staff around a pub, restaurant, cafe or club. It can be used to divide areas, create new spaces in a room and offer intimacy allowing for the perfect social meet up. The beauty of bespoke fixed seating is that we can make the most of and take advantage of your space and features. We can come to your venue and measure up, give you advice and show you examples of our past work, finishes, types and styles. We have a wide range of Bar Furniture, including tables, stools, chairs, outdoor beer garden, fixed seating and banqueting furniture. If you require a bespoke quote either call us on 01422 839 690 or you can send us an email. See the advert below for details.

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CambridgeStyle Canopies Our product range includes:

CambridgeStyle Canopies have an enviable reputation in the hospitality sector for providing shade and shelter solutions for pubs, hotels and restaurants across the UK. We specialise in offering the right covering solutions to maximise your useable outdoor space with our range of made-to-measure aluminium outdoor canopy systems.

Brave New World I have been really pleased to speak again to our restaurant and pub customers as they gradually begin to open their doors and entertain customers. Naturally, they all face new challenges, and we are doing our best to assist. Using candles, and in particular, oil candles, can be more useful than ever now. When number of tables and diners are reduced, candles create ambience and atmosphere on those tables that are used and help create normality. They can also be used to show which tables are available for use, so rather than

• Wall mounted non-fragile or glass roof canopies with up to 6m projection and unlimited length • Free standing canopies with up to 12m projection and unlimited length • Solisysteme Bio Climatic Pergolas with the latest Somfy technology and up to 7.1m post span • Zip Screens and Sliding Glass doors • Heating and lighting upgrades for all canopy systems Contact us to discuss your needs and arrange a site survey so we can help identify the right solution for your business. We have all the necessary accreditations within the construction sector and provide a no quibble 10-year guarantee on all products to give you peace of mind. Together we can help get business going again! Emails or visit remove tables, you can just remove chairs, thereby increasing distance between people, but not making the restaurant look empty. And there are enough extra cleaning regimes required now, that you don’t need any extra mess from wax candles to be dealt with. Oil candles create no mess, and no waste. They also last for the whole of service, unlike t-lights, reducing the number of times staff may need to visit a table. Many people have used the lockdown to revamp, refurb or freshen up the restaurant, so now is the perfect time to upgrade to oil candles, from as little as £2.99 each. To see our full range, and request a sample, visit or call me, Mike, on 01279 731621

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CambridgeStyle Canopies have an enviable reputation in the hospitality sector for providing shade and shelter solutions for pubs, hotels and restaurants across the UK. We specialise in offering the right covering solutions to maximise your useable outdoor space with our range of madeto-measure aluminium outdoor canopy systems.

Our product range includes:

• Wall mounted non-fragile or glass roof canopies with up to 6m projection and unlimited length • Free standing canopies with up to 12m projection and unlimited length • SoliSySteme Bio Climatic Pergolas with the latest Somfy technology and up to 7.1m post span • Zip Screens and Sliding Glass doors • Heating and lighting upgrades for all canopy systems

Contact us to discuss your needs and arrange a site survey so we can help identify the right solution for your business. We have all the necessary accreditations within the construction sector and provide a no quibble 10-year guarantee on all products to give you peace of mind. Together we can help get business going again!

CambridgeStyle Canopies Ltd 01353 699009 | | “WE’VE GOT IT COVERED - NOBODY DOES IT BETTER”

Previous Clients Include:

Design and Refit

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Stay Safe and Stylish with Easy-Clean Pub Furniture

Now that the seasons have changed, creating a Covid-secure environment inside pubs and restaurants is more important than ever. The good news is that practical, easy-to-clean furniture needn’t come at the expense of style. Trent’s French bistro style Bella Chair is manufactured from durable steel and comes in a wide choice of colours with the option of wooden or upholstered seating, making it a chic and versatile choice. Alternatively the Napoli range of bistro chairs and stools is another great choice for stylish steel in chrome or black. Or why not opt for the elegant loopback design of the Rio Side Chair, also available in chrome or black? These chairs come in a choice of upholstery, with faux

leather ideal for comfort, style and ease of cleaning. Pair with an easy-towipe melamine table such as the black or chrome Pyramid Table for the ultimate combination of style and practicality. The Napoli and Rio chairs are available from £23.90 and the Bella Chair starts at just £21.90. The Pyramid Table starts at £50.90. To find out more about Trent Furniture’s great range of easy-to-clean furniture, please call 0116 2864 911 or visit

CFG Capabilities Inspire Customer Confidence Thousands of pubs, bars and restaurants up and down the UK have safely reopened thanks to the quick thinking and supply chain capabilities of the Contract Furniture Group (CFG). As the pandemic spread and lock down forced many to down tools, the team at CFG sprang into action to design, source and manufacture the range of PPE screens, sanitiser stations and safety signage it knew would be needed to get the hospitality sector back in business. The first few weeks of lockdown subsequently felt out of step with the rest of the country for the UK’s leading supplier of contract furniture, as CFG managing director Richard Bellamy confirms: “As most of the nation’s businesses effectively prepared to go into hibernation, we were frantically working to create products we knew would be essential to get this sector trading again. While others were forced to wind down at work, we were winding up the product development and produc-

tion activity for our social and sneeze screens. We quickly added sanitiser stations, masks, signage and various other essentials to the range, so remained in full flow. It turned out to be a good thing we moved so quickly as demand soon outstripped supply and at times it was a real challenge to keep up with orders. “With so many venues now using our PPE range to keep customers safe, we’re starting to get back to our core business of designing, fitting and furnishing pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels. Hopefully it won’t be long before the sector is buzzing again.” Contract Furniture Group has served the hospitality industry for over two decades. The size of its range and project capabilities remain unrivalled, and the firm still promises to never to beat any quote for products of the same quality. Visit to learn more, or call the team on 0115 965 9030 to discuss your contract furniture needs.

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Sun. Shade. Shelter.


ALL WEA WEATHER ATHER A THER | TERRACE COVERINGS W aterproof fabric or aluminium louver ed rroofs oofs Waterproof louvered Effortless control Ef fortless motorised rremote emote contr ol operation force)* Wind rresistant esistant upto Beaufort 12 (hurricane for ce)* infra-red Optional LED lighting & infra-r ed heating 5 year guarantee for peace of mind Make the most of your outdoor space with our innovative rretractable etractable provide shelter,, awnings and aluminium pergolas that pr ovide flexible shade and shelter alfresco allowing your clients to enjoy the alfr esco experience come sun, wind, rain or even snow snow..

t 0344 800 1947 e w cial *Wind rresistance esistance based on our louver louvered ed rroof oof Outdoor Living PodsTM


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Adveco AD: Tough, Highly Efficient Commercial Water Heating

Commercial hot water and heating specialist Adveco introduces a new generation of sleekly designed, tough and efficient modulating commercial floor-standing gas condensing water heaters that can be connected directly to a chlorinated mains water supply and will resist the naturally corrosive nature of soft water. Used in conjunction with a buffer vessel, the AD range of water heaters is designed to meet high semi-instantaneous hot water demands typically seen in hotels, leisure & sports centres, stadia and spas. Bill Sinclair, technical director, Adveco said, “The titanium-stabilised stainless-steel construction of the AD range’s heat exchangers is the perfect response to counter the concerns of corrosion in soft, or softened water applications. Compact, lightweight yet

still powerful, the AD’s patented space-saving design makes it equally applicable to both new projects or renovation work where a lack of space would traditionally stall or quickly drive up costs of a project.” The range offers models with one to four 70 kW heat exchangers, optimised to supply up to 160 litres/minute of domestic hot water (DHW). The AD can also be configured to operate in a cascade of up to eight water heaters. Models with multiple integrated heat exchangers offer load balancing for optimal long-life operation and inbuilt redundancy guaranteeing continuity of service. Premix burner technology ensures the AD requires less gas, making it more costeffective, plus helping to reducing harmful NOX and CO emissions. T. 01252 551 540 e.

CardsSafe - Protecting Assets ®

The CardsSafe® system is specifically designed to securely retain customer credit, debit and ID cards while the cardholder runs a tab or uses a service. CardsSafe® has revolutionised the way hospitality and leisure businesses manage their assets. It protects against theft and walkouts, streamlines services and reduces losses, which means it pays for itself! There are numerous benefits of using CardsSafe® for your business and over 5000 outlets in the UK agree! • CardsSafe® reduce costs and losses, makes card fraud is virtually impossible and ensures that equipment is returned • CardsSafe® is affordable and pays for itself! From just £9.95 (net) per unit per month + a one off admin charge.

• CardsSafe® ensures peace of mind and protects against fraud and theft • CardsSafe® increases staff trust and improves the work environment • CardsSafe® is easy to use with minimal training and quick to install • CardsSafe® is PCI & GDPR Compliant to standards 9.6, 9.9, 12.2 and 12.6 and protects card data from identity fraud and theft Please visit our website and create your own account quickly and securely. Or for more information, please contact the CardsSafe Customer Service Team. WEB: Phone: 0845 500 1040 Email:

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Design and Refit

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Increase Your Business Capacity with A Temporary or Semi-Permanent Structure

Creating extra space within a garden centre can often be a long drawn-out process but you can achieve this in just a few days by installing one of our temporary or semi-permanent structures. Our extensions fix seamlessly onto your current building or alternatively they can be used as a standalone structure.

requirements are a small crew and a forklift. With 100% of the structural elements being reusable, the environmental impact is negligible. See the advert below or visit

The structures can be fully operational and ready to accommodate your customers in just a few days with little to no disturbance to the day to day running of your business. One of the major benefits of using their Space Building System is it negates the need for expensive ground works prior to installation. Designed and manufactured in Wiltshire, the building is delivered to site in kit form and is built from the ground up, regardless of the terrain. The only

Square One Interiors Starting out in his garden shed, Jamie never thought that his new range of reclaimed furniture would become as successful as it has over the past 2 years. Having had a history in design and furniture design, an

idea was born and he decided to run with it. He loved the idea of a rustic looking, industrial range which was also eco friendly and sustainable. He soon found that a modern twist was also achievable, by using bright colours on the steel frames, as well as several different wood finishes which would compliment the overall design. Making furniture from scratch also had its benefits, as Jamie soon found that businesses would approach him with specific needs and requirements, meaning that he was able to provide a fully bespoke service, as well as offering design and advice. Since his humble beginnings in the garden shed, Jamie and the company have now work with hospitality operators, pubs, bars and hotels, as well as some large contract furniture companies and high street names. Our portfolio and workforce are growing and we are very excited to be working on some fantastic projects moving forwards, so watch this space! For more information visit

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Design and Refit

Engraved Table Numbers and QR Discs Facilitate Social Distancing as Pubs and Restaurants Re-Open The hospitality sector has begun to open its doors after the long lock down faced with a major challenge to maintain social distancing. Government guidelines stated that from 4th July pubs and restaurants should encourage the use of contactless ordering from tables and should adjust their service approach to minimise staff contact with customers. It’s a huge ask and one which Brunel Engraving, one of the country’s leading commercial and industrial engraving specialists, has been working on to kick start the industry. Brunel has made a substantial investment in additional state of the art engraving equipment in order to produce individually etched table numbers and QR code discs which will provide clear markings and information for the public in order to satisfy the requirement for social distancing. The individually engraved table numbers and discs will enable customers to link to Apps or menus, reducing staff contact and eliminating the requirement for hard copies of menus. “We are working hard to keep the British hospitality industry going through these difficult times and we have invested heavily in new equipment to ensure that we can

SD Screens

SD Screens is a new division of Sims Contract Furniture and our solution to support the hospitality sector in recovering from the aftermath of a global pandemic. Our aim was to manufacture a high quality, British made solution at a fraction of the price of our competitors. During lockdown we developed a range of Social Distancing screens to enable commercial premises to open their doors with ease, allow customers to return in a safe environ-

answer the increasing demand for our engraved products”, said Martyn Wright, managing director of Brunel Engraving and founder of the company. “Many pubs and restaurants have been undertaking major renovations during the lockdown period and we have assisted with their efforts to maintain social distancing by supplying table numbers, QR code discs, signage, PPE Visors and distancing floor stencils which will be used in the new public areas as businesses open their doors to the public once again.” Established over 30 years ago, Brunel Engraving is a pioneering engraving specialist which leads the way in technical innovation. The company has ISO9001 accreditation and its highly skilled team of professional engravers is trained to the highest standards in the UK. In addition to rotary engraving Brunel offers laser engraving, chemical etching, anodic print, dye sublimation print, flatbed UV print and wide format UV print. For further information please contact: Martyn Wright, Managing Director, Brunel Engraving Company Limited Tel: 01275 871720 Email: Website: ment with some boasting up to 95% capacity. The range is available in 2 different sizes, in 3 colourways with an optional wing to complement our well established Modular Banquette Seating range. Made from real wood, stained to your preferred choice of 3 colours and coated using a polyurethane lacquer, the screens are easy to wipe clean making turnaround time in-between covers an easy task. The screens arrive to you preassembled, all you need to do is screw on the feet and you are ready to open your doors. To order or to discuss your requirements please contact our sales team on 01945 450957, email us at or buy online at

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Property and Professional

“Secure Your Workforce Now”, Warn Legal Experts 12 Weeks Before Brexit With the UK set to leave the EU in a matter of months, leading lawyers are issuing a call to businesses across sectors to make 11th hour preparations to secure their workforces before Brexit. As of 31 December 2020, free movement will end, posing extreme challenges for care providers, which currently rely on EU migrant labour.

Tijen Ahmet, head of business immigration at law firm, Shakespeare Martineau (, said: “It’s getting close to the line now and the reality is that any business that employs Europeans from next year will find themselves in a tough position if they haven’t got the necessary sponsor licence and compliance processes in place by now.

Many UK care providers businesses have utilised migrant labour in recent years and come January, those businesses whose workforces have consisted of a large percentage of lower skilled migrant workers sourced from the EU, will run into difficulties as many salaries will not meet the new minimum salary threshold imposed by the government under the new system.

“Smaller companies may still be able to secure their workforce ahead of the Brexit date, however larger corporates whose workforces are made up of a high percentage of migrant workers have a tough task ahead of them. The Government hasn’t helped this process and with it taking up to six months to obtain a sponsor licence in some cases, even those businesses, which have been proactive risk getting caught out.”

After spending the past six months dealing with the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, the prospect of further Brexit-related workforce issues is the last thing the care sector needs. In order to prepare for the upcoming changes, businesses must do everything in their power to make last minute preparations where possible. These include ensuring that they have the necessary sponsor licence in place to hire skilled workers, regulating the status of their current EU workforces by ensuring that all those eligible have applied for, or are in the process of registering under the EU Settlement Scheme, and where possible bringing forward recruitment plans to hire Europeans, before the end of the transition period. After mixed messaging from Government throughout the Brexit process, a policy statement on the new immigration system was laid out in February this year with a ‘Further Details’ statement published in July 2020. However, with the Home Office swamped with applications and working through a significant backlog, businesses looking to apply for a sponsor licence may experience significant delays.

Phoenix Specialist Risk Solutions Much like the mythological bird, Phoenix Specialist Risk Solutions was born from the ashes of an industry which has grown tired and disassociated from the people it is designed to protect. Phoenix is built to be different, our main focus is you. We have built our business with care at the core of everything we do. We strive to offer a quality personalised service which is tailored to each individual’s needs — we listen to you, get to know you and aim to support you every step of the way. Your business is in most cases the biggest risk and the biggest asset you will ever have




Attractive Licensed Cafe & Restaurant Trading on a Predominately Day Time Only Basis Main Restaurant 45+ & Al Fresco Seating For 32 Impressive Town Centre Business All Serious Offers Considered

Immaculate Detached Village Guest House 5 Quality Ensuite Letting Bedrooms Superior 2 Bedroom Owner’s Accommodation Commercial Kitchens, Car Park & Gardens Profitable Lifestyle B & B Business

Substantial And impressive Character Inn Located In Highly Sought After Dorset Village Bar/Dining Area (50+) & Restaurant (32) 4 Stunning Letting Rooms & 3 Bed Owner’s Set In Over ¾ Acre With Extensive Car Parking


SOUTH DEVON COAST Exceptional Waterfront Licensed Café & Restaurant Impressive & Stunning Trading Location Main Café & Restaurant Seating 60+ Commercial Catering Kitchen & Ancillary Facilities Located In A Popular & Highly Sought-After Town

LH £75,000


TAUNTON, SOMERSET Stunning Waterside Licensed Restaurant Impressive Sales Of £540,410 Net Of VAT Refurbished Restaurant Areas Seating 74 Customers External Seating for 30, Well Appointed Kitchens Outstanding Town Centre Opportunity

LH £95,000


FH £650,000


EAST DEVON Well Regarded Free Of Tie Bar & Restaurant 3 High Quality Ensuite Letting Rooms Spacious 5 Bedroom Owner's Accomm Trade Areas Seat 94+, Commercial Kitchens Extremely Well Equipped and Well Presented

LH £45,000


SOMERSET TOWN Impressive & Well-Appointed Guest House Stunning Property With 9 Quality Letting Rooms Owner’s 3 Bedroom Cottage, Gardens, Parking Exceptional Home & Income Opportunity Extremely Profitable & Easy To Run B&B

FH £799,950


She continues: “If businesses want to employ Europeans in future, getting the ball rolling now would be hugely advantageous. Whilst the current system is in place, EU citizens can enter the UK with their EU passport or ID card and begin to work. As of January, that simply won’t be possible. “There are tough times ahead for us all, especially as the country grapples with the Coronavirus pandemic. The international talent pool is set to become much smaller, however there are steps which can be taken, even in the short term. The worst thing any business can do is bury its head in the sand and think that everything will continue as normal after 1 January 2021– any action is better than no action at all.”

from the initial days of worrying about business levels and cash flow through to staff and HR issues and then back to business levels and cash flow, a revolving cycle. Within your business you will also have your trusted partners, your accountants and bankers, do you include your insurance broker? If not why not? Commercial insurance should not just be about the lowest possible price, it should be with someone you can work with and trust, someone flexible to the changes your business faces and someone who can advise you of which covers you may like to consider and not just the ones which you are legal required to have. Does your business description on your policy actually match your business, are your sums insured reviewed and adequate, do you have seasonal stock increases? Have you declared the accurate turnover and wageroll? We work with you to help you establish and maintain an insurance program which meets your needs and provides the best value for money. See the website on the back cover or visit

10pm Curfew Tips Hospitality Jobs into “Freefall”


LH £35,000

However, Ahmet believes that whilst time is running out, it is still worth business owners and HR departments doing all they can to secure their European workforces today and before 30 June 2021 when the EU Settlement Scheme is due to close.


FH £675,000


EAST DEVON COAST Attractive and Well-Regarded Licensed Restaurant Busy Trading Position In Popular Coastal Town Main Restaurant Seating 42+ Customers Operating On Deliberately Restricted Opening Hours Strong Levels Of Trade & Potential For Daytime Opening

LH £45,000


NORTH CORNWALL Award Winning Free Of Tie Pub & Restaurant 4 Quality Letting Rooms & Superior 5 Bed Owner’s Trade Areas Seating 90 & Comm. Kitchens Recently Refurbished Throughout Stunning High Turnover Business Opportunity

LH £99,950


01392 201262

Vacancies in the hospitality and food service industries have been in freefall since a 10pm curfew was imposed on the UK’s pubs and restaurants, with Scotland’s new restrictions set to inflict further pain on jobseekers, according to new data released by job site, Indeed. Indeed’s analysis reveals that new job postings in the hospitality and tourism sector have fallen by 61% since the end of August and are down 9% since the 10pm curfew came into effect on September 24. A similar analysis shows that hiring in the food preparation and service sector has fallen by a quarter (26%) since the end of August, with an 11% decline since the 10pm curfew. The data also shows how the two sectors have endured several reversals of fortune in 2020. The number of vacancies plunged harder and faster than those in other industries at the start of lockdown, before recovering strongly after pubs were allowed to reopen at the start of July. Hiring accelerated during August as the Government’s ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ scheme set tills ringing in pubs and restaurants. Between July’s ‘Super Saturday’, when venues were allowed to re-open, and the end of August, the number of new vacancies in hospitality and tourism jumped by 159%, while the increase in food preparation and service was 122%. By contrast, the number of vacancies in other sectors is increasing and continues to inch closer to prelockdown levels. On Wednesday, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced new measures for Scotland, including pub

closures for the centre of the country, including Glasgow and Edinburgh, from today (Friday). Pubs and restaurants will not be allowed to serve alcohol indoors for 16 days, although they will be allowed to serve food and non-alcoholic drinks inside from 6am to 6pm. They can continue to serve alcohol outdoors up to the current curfew of 10pm. The UK Parliament is expected to vote next week on whether to keep England’s 10pm curfew in place. Jack Kennedy, UK Economist at Indeed, comments: “This summer’s encouraging signs of recovery in the food, drink and hospitality sectors slipped into reverse after the Government’s ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ scheme finished at the end of August. Since the imposition of a nationwide 10pm curfew a fortnight ago, the number of new vacancies has tipped into freefall. “The industry is now braced for even more pain, with Scotland ordering the temporary closure of some pubs and banning the serving of alcohol indoors at those that can remain open. “At their lowest point during lockdown, new job postings in these sectors were down 95% compared to their 2019 level. Progress has been made since then, but the gradual ratcheting up of restrictions even though they still fall short of a second lockdown - has curtailed employers’ hiring intentions. “Hiring levels continue to improve across the wider economy, but for Britain’s hardest-hit sectors it feels like a case of one step forward and two steps back.”

Property and Professional

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Meet Tia, from Waitress to Care Team Leader in Just 6 months! I joined Care UK four years ago after looking for a change from my waitressing job. I started as a Care Assistant and was new to care. I was provided with numerous training courses before I even started working on the floor, which helped me to gain an understanding of what working in care involved and the high standards expected. I felt confident in my role after my induction and really enjoyed spending time with the residents and the person centred approach Care UK have adapted. I was promoted to Team leader six months after starting with Care UK. I was provided with all the training and guidance i required to climb up the career ladder and I am now a Unit Manager. I feel the opportunities for career progression within Care UK are head and shoulders above other care companies and the support from the management teams within the homes is invaluable.

The most enjoyable part of my role is adapting new person centred approaches to care, finding out what approach works best for individual residents allowing all residents to feel safe and comfortable within our home. Working in care certainly has its challenges; we build strong bonds with our residents and relatives which revolve around trust and when they are no longer with us, it can often be a difficult time for us too. I feel well supported in my role and the whole home approach brings the team together during difficult times. Tia’s story is just one of hundreds of examples of people who have found their calling in care over the last few months. Search our vacancies and find out more about Care UK at or email

New Weekly Figures Analysis & Reporting Service David Hunter has been in the business for over 30 years, and with his vast amount of experience has become an expert in ensuring that businesses reach their full financial potential. For years he’s provided a bespoke Mentoring & Consultancy service to a select few, and he has always provided with that, free-of-charge weekly figures analysis and reporting … yes, weekly. David has now come up with a way of making his amazing Mentoring & Consultancy service more accessible

to the wider market, and for a lower monthly fee. Instead of being charged for monthly consultancy, you can now access David’s knowledge and expertise via his already-established and very well-used weekly figures reporting system. He will send you weekly reports on how your business is doing and will throw in FOR NO EXTRA CHARGE AT ALL, four half-day on site Mentoring & Consultancy visits per year (or two full days, depending on location). He will also always be at the

end of a phone for you, or email, if you needed him, and he also has access to legal experts as well as a ‘’tried and trusted’’ Bowden Group Alliance colleague who can advise you … again FREE OF CHARGE … on how to save money on your utility bills. If you have a Pub, Restaurant or Hotel business which is facing financial or operational challenges … why not let David have a look, and help you maximise your full potential. There is no cost to David having a look at your figures, and letting you know what COULD be achieved. Call David Hunter confidentially on 07831 407984 or on 01628 487613.

Roslyns - The UK's Leading Provider of Business Services to the Hospitality Industry

Roslyns are the UK's leading provider of business services to the hospitality industry. Established in 1992, we have built a solid reputation on high levels of service and attention to detail. We have a specialist team covering all aspects of service from accounts and payroll to stocktaking and business plans. Our clients range from small catering

operations, cafes, restaurants and pubs to hotel chains and pub companies. We offer transparent fees with an instant quote available through our website. To find out more you can go to or email

ANDREW GREENWOOD BUSINESS TRANSFER AGENT PROFITABLE FISH & CHIPS TAKEAWAY, AMIDST RESI PDE OF SHOPS, OUTSKIRTS OF GOSPORT, HANTS. Retirement sale – Estb. by Vendor 23 years ago. Eye catching shop, superbly fitted with 4 pan Florigo range. Rear potato prep rm. S/C & sep. metered 2 bed maisonette above. Gas CH. Yard with parking. T/O on application. High GP. Open 6 days & closed at 8/9 pm. Scope for website & deliveries. - £350,000 + S.A.V. Freehold (Ref. C.3805) 3.00 AM FULL ON-LIC. ‘FRINGE’ THEATRE & THEMED SPORTS BAR PREMISES, CLOSE TO THE GUILD HALL, IN CULTURAL QUARTER, CITY CENTRE, SOUTHAMPTON. Offering a rare opportunity. Suitable for many styles of trade. Ground flr themed Sports Bar has eye-catching folding door frontage, with pavement seating for 50. The bar has a standing capacity for 120 people & includes a fully equipped commercial catering kitchen (3-phase). First flr ‘fringe’ Theatre is decorated in style of a bygone music hall & has capacity for 177 people (standing). The first flr also has 2 bars & 2 staff bedrooms. 10 yr lease from March 2015 at £35,000 p.a. plus VAT. – OIRO £40,000 (Ref. F.3810) LOCK-UP DAYTIME COFFEE & RESTAURANT WITH UNEXPLOITED FULL-ON LIC, JUST OFF HIGH STREET IN CENTRE OF AFFLUENT NEW FOREST MARKET TOWN OF LYMINGTON, HAMPSHIRE. Character Grade II Listed Bldg in sunny courtyard. Offering a freshly prepared, ‘healthy eating’ menu. Suitable for many styles of cuisine. Furnished in a contemporary style with seating for 22 & courtyard seating for 30+. Rec. Gross T/O approx. £193,000 p.a. GP 61.5%. Open 8 am to 4 pm/5 pm. Closed Sunday. NB. Lic to 11 pm. SCOPE. 7 year lease from Sept. ’16 at £12,000 p.a. + VAT - New lease avail. – £125,000 + S.A.V. (Ref. C.3804) SOUGHT AFTER GUEST HOUSE, AMIDST PLEASANT RESIDENTIAL AREA, CONVENIENT FOR CITY CENTRE, SOUTHAMPTON. Wellmaintained, semi-detached property. Gas CH. D/G. 10 well appointed letting rooms for 19 guests & desirable 2 dble bed owners quarters. South facing rear garden. Retirement sale – same hands 20 yrs. Recorded T/O £100,000 p.a. (ex VAT). B&B only. - £675,000 FREEHOLD. (Ref: GH.3797)

romsey (01794) 522228

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