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Editor's Viewpoint

Welcome to the latest issue of CLH Digital

My first thought when I was made aware of our lead stor y, that a pub group was to introduce dynamic pricing, was Oh dear !

It is a bit of a can of worms, which is currently being hotly debated in the cour t of public opinion

Dynamic pricing is nothing new, although I must confess it was not something I was generally aware of As explained in our lead ar ticle , it is a practice commonly associated with airlines and hotels

While this bold move promises potential benefits for both business and customer, it also raises per tinent questions about the challenges faced by pubs in the UK today

Pubs in the UK have endured a rollercoaster of challenges over the past few years From crippling lockdowns and social distancing measures to staffing shor tages and supply chain disruptions, the industr y has been tested like never before The relentless strain on profitability has left many establishments searching for innovative ways to remain competitive and financially viable

Dynamic pricing, a strateg y that adjusts prices in real-time based on demand, could, at least according to Stonegate , offer some respite By optimizing revenue during peak hours, the pub group is clearly aiming to improve its overall sustainability and provide a better experience for its patrons

However, this approach comes with a mixed bag of positives and negatives


1 Increased Revenue Potential: Dynamic pr icing has the potential to sign ficantly ncrease revenue dur ing peak times This additional income can be reinvested in the pub, improving facilities and enhancing customer exper iences

2. Improved Customer Experience: Patrons may benefit from more affordable dr inks dur ing off-peak hour s , attracting a wider demographic and encouraging responsible dr inking

3 Adaptability: Dynamic pr ic ng allows pubs to quic kly respond to c hanging market conditions and trends , whic h is essential in today's unpredictable environment


1 Customer Backlash: The move towards dynamic pr icing may alienate loyal customer s , who could perceive it as a money-grabb ng tact c

The Caterer Licensee & Hotelier News Group is published

tion, however, no responsibility will be accepted for loss or damage Views expressed within

when compiling this publication to ensure accuracy, the publisher will assume no responsibility for any

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2. Complexity: Implementing dynamic pr icing requires sophisticated software and staff tra ning, adding a layer of complexity to pub operations

3 Ethical Concerns: There are concerns about vulnerable customer s being pr iced out dur ing peak times , leading to issues of inc lus vity and social responsibility

It was the ethical concerns which first sprung to mind for me Will it price loyal and regular customers out of the marketplace at peak times?

The industr y/sector is often seen as a refuge when times are difficult, and it’s no secret that pub numbers have fallen by more than a quar ter to just under 45,000 since 2000, and more than 1,000 closed last year

Presently, with mor tgage rates continuing to climb, I suspect the public are unlikely to be receptive of a “polite notice” in pubs that they need to pay more for the same drinks, or see the price of drinks increase round-by-round

I did read in the media that “ride-hailing apps ” such as Uber regularly increase prices when demand is high, but could the Uberfication of pub drinks be a step too far?

The decision has cer tainly ignited a passionate debate on social media platforms

While some pundits applaud the group ' s innovative approach and hope for more affordable drinks during quieter times, others are clearly war y of potential price hikes during peak hours

The question now is whether other pub groups will follow suit Given the financial pressures pubs are under it wouldn't be surprising to see similar experiments with dynamic pricing across the industr y However, the success of such a move will depend on the careful consideration of the unique characteristics of each pub, its customer base , and its location

In conclusion Stonegate's introduction of dynamic pricing is a bold move that highlights the ongoing struggles faced by UK pubs While it has the potential to boost revenue and improve customer experiences, it also presents challenges and ethical concerns As this experiment unfolds, the wider industr y will be watching closely to see if dynamic pricing becomes a trendsetter or cautionar y tale in the UK's ever-evolving hospitality landscape

One thing is for sure: the pub sector is in for an intriguing ride in the coming years as it navigates the path to recover y and innovation

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are not necessarily

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Pub Group to Charge More at Peak Times with ‘Dynamic Pricing’ Scheme



Signs have been left in Stonegate pubs running the scheme which aim to inform customers about why drinks may be more expensive

These signs read: “Dynamic price is currently live in this venue during peak trading season Any increase in our price today is to cover these additional requirements: To ensure we have enough staff, so you ’ re ser ved quickly, additional door staff for your safety, satisfying and complying with licensing requirements, extra cleaning routines and use of polycarbonate glasses Thank you for your cooperation”

A spokesperson for Stonegate , which has a total of 4,500 venues, said the company “Regularly reviews pricing to manage costs but also to ensure we offer great value for money to our guests”

“Across the managed business our dynamic pricing encompasses the ability to offer guests a range of promotions including happy hours, two-for-one cocktails, and discounts on food and drink products at different times on different days throughout the week ”

“This flexibility may mean that on occasions pricing may marginally increase in selective pubs and bars due to the increased cost demands on the business with additional staffing or licensing requirements such as additional door team members "


Pubs are continuing to face faced a period of instability, in the first quar ter of this year 150 pubs in England and Wales shut down In 2022, an estimated 560 pubs closed amid rising energ y bills and higher maintenance costs

Campaign for Real Ale (C AMRA) said it acknowledged the difficulty that businesses face but said that dynamic pricing could ultimately hur t pubs by confusing patrons

Tom Stainer, the Chief Executive of C AMRA, said: "We know pubs and brewers are having a difficult time at


the moment, but we don't think an extra charge penalizing customers that want to suppor t the industr y is the right solution,” Stainer commented “Our fear is that it could convince people to stay away "

“Many pubs already struggle to display prominent price lists for customers, which are more impor tant than ever for people who may be struggling to afford a pint with friends and family "

Steven Alton, chief executive of the British Institute of Innkeeping, which represents the independent pub sector, said the move was “indicative of the reality of operating costs right now where pubs are tr ying to find any oppor tunity to deliver decent margins”


Dynamic pricing It has been widely adopted in various industries, including airlines, hotel chains and ticketing companies like Ticketmaster, and is a strateg y that businesses use to set prices in response to changes in demand With dynamic pricing, prices can change based on a wide range of factors, including the time of day, the day of the week, special events, and even the weather

It has however, faced criticism According to a YouGov poll published in December, 71 percent of Britons oppose dynamic ticket pricing


The policy is set hit Scottish pub customers dispropor tionately due to different licensing laws and will see them will pay higher prices for longer

The Alcohol (Scotland) Act 2005 was implemented to reduce alcohol abuse and prohibit promotions such as Happy Hour, which the Scottish government says leads to “unhealthy habits” and harm

This par t of the legislation imposes a 72 hour price lock which requires venues to keep discounts or increases at that price for at least 72 hours, meaning that the Stonegate Group in Scotland will increase in prices on a Friday and keep them there until close on Sunday, in line with Scottish Government licensing laws but at the same time surpassing the length of time that English drinkers may experience

A spokesperson for Stonegate Group said: We are aware of the different requirements in Scotland under the Scottish Alcohol Act and we have the necessar y processes in place to ensure that we comply ”

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New Tipping Legislation: What It Means For Hospitality Businesses

With the Employment (Allocation of Tips) Bill having received Royal Assent in May new legislation is expected to come into force in the spring of next year

The legal changes come as research from HOSPA and UKHospitality suggests the UK public is ver y much in favour of tipping – with 81% of people claiming to be regular tippers

As par t of a study into public opinion, which came from a sur vey of 1 000 UK adults digging down fur ther found that 82% preferred that any tip goes directly to the person ser ving them – a statistic which suggests the public is in favour of the general principles of the new legislation; that of 100% of tips going directly to staff

The research also questioned the preferred methods of tipping – with the overwhelming preference (71%) being to see a tip added separately, while just 17% wanted to see it automatically added as a ser vice charge 9% of those who responded wanted to see tipping scrapped altogether, while a fur ther 7% felt a tip should be factored into the initial pricing (and not added as a ser vice charge)

With the changes to tipping set to impact businesses operating across the spectrum of hospitality HOSPA, the Hospitality Professionals Association, has shared what the implications are for hospitality operators, following an industr y debate which called on numerous fields of exper tise

From a legal perspective , this legislation has not yet been tested and remains open to interpretation with the majority of provisions within the act not set to come into force until secondar y legislation is established and a code of practice is released However, following the event,

HOSPA has outlined the key implications as to how things currently stand for hospitality operators:

• Operator s must now pay 100% of money earned through tips to staff meaning it is illegal to withdraw money earned from tips out of the poc kets of hospitality worker s , even direct costs to the business suc h as credit card c harges and administrative time

• It will be the duty of the employer to fairly allocate all tips , gratuities and ser vice c harges that are collected amongst worker s , employees and agenc y worker s

• Employer s must have a wr itten polic y that deals with tips in the workplace to be shared with all employees

• Employer s must keep a record of how ever y tip has been dealt with inc luding the tip amount and the amount that’s been allocated to worker s This record must then be maintained for a per iod of 3 year s from the date that the tip was paid

• Employees and agenc y staff can br ing a new c laim to the tab e dur ing employment tr ibunals regarding the allocation of tips

• New information requirements and an informat on request process means worker s can ask for information ever y three months as to how their employer is fair y allocating tips whic h will be a potential new administrative obligation for hospita ity businesses

• It s taxable From an employment tax per spective , it's fairly simple: it s taxable Whether through self assessment or taxed through a tronc arrangement – although there are national insurance contr ibution savings to be made through use of a tronc Elaborating on the point of taxes while talking at the HOSPA event Jackie Rober ts, Employment Tax Director at BDO, said: “From a tax perspective , businesses need to make sure that firstly the operation of tronc arrangements if they have those in place , are fit for purpose already as HMRC could come in and investigate at any point This new legislation is going to affect over two million workers who will have access to tips and didn't before creating a fair playing field I think it's now, more than ever, about making sure people understand what this all means, ensuring employees customers and employers are kept abreast with the new legislation ”

When asked how hospitality businesses can best prepare for the new legislation Charlie Barnes Head of Employment Law at RSM said: “It’s about getting ready, essentially Understanding what you ’ re doing now,

keeping an eye on what's happening with the code of practice and star ting to strategise As par t of this, you should star t bringing in all those impor tant stakeholders from HR, Payroll, Finance and Tax and just make sure ever yone has their views heard and that you always maintain an audit trail Once the plan is established and an audit trail is kept, it’s then impor tant to effectively communicate this to ever yone ”

A public consultation for employers on tipping practices is set for later on this year to help determine a formal Code of Practice that will come into force next year Once agreed, HOSPA will update its Tips, Gratuities, Ser vice Charges and Troncs guide to help employers make the right decisions

Jane Pendlebur y, CEO of HOSPA commented: “In shor t, 100% of all income from gratuity tips and ser vice charges has to go to the employee Hospitality businesses must prepare for fur ther change , as with the code of practice pending it remains to be seen how it will emerge definitively Hopefully though what comes out will be something that’s more transparent However there is concern that the consultation won’t reach as far as operators, and that the final code will fail to take into account their concerns

Additionally, the overarching purpose of the legislation is to encourage employment, so there s concern that, if agency workers are receiving higher wages as well as tips, this could cause a problem ”

Jane added: “With hospitality businesses across the UK already experiencing serious cost pressures through the rising cost of living and stock, and staff shor tage , this bill will be seen by many, especially those who use tips to boost revenue , as another cost pressure with the threat of tighter guidelines and greater penalties for poor compliance ”

Taking place at the BT Tower in London on Thursday, 29th June , HOSPA’s tipping event consisted of a panel including front of house representation legal and financial exper ts and a troncmaster who discussed the impact of the new legislation while also looking at the wider culture of tipping

The full debate can be watched via:

https://www youtube com/watch?v=zuv6XDZF5d0&ab channel=HOSPA

The research which questioned 1 000 UK adults was conducted by 3GEM Research and Insights on behalf of HOSPA and UKHospitality

For more information on HOSPA, please visit:

Craft Guild of Chefs Celebrates Over 100 Graduate Awards Achievers After 2023 Campaign

Nine talented and ambitious young chefs have made the grade in the Graduate Awards 2023 This successful year has taken the overall number of chefs who have passed the award to 102 The results were revealed at a VIP Awards evening at For tnum & Mason in front of examiners, sponsors, the media and industr y friends

The 2023 cohor t of Kitchen Graduate Awards Achievers is Jake Mills from Studio Frantzen, Nathan Cooper who works at Goldman Sachs, BaxterStorey, Chloe Williamson from Prestwold Hall and Georgia Hackett who is based at The Ar ts School Nathan Cooper was awarded the Highest Achiever and his mentor, Simon Webb, received the mentorship award for all his suppor t during the process

Achieving this prestigious award opens doors to competitions such as the Young National Chef of the Year and offers the chance to enjoy culinar y experiences

Ben Murphy, chef patron at Launceston Place said: “This awards ceremony brings an end to my first year as Chair of examiners and I’ve loved the whole experience

It’s impor tant to me to share my knowledge , skills and ideas with the next generation and this provides me with lots of oppor tunities to do so The four chefs who achieved the award will benefit so much from having this on their CV and I really hope those who didn’t achieve the award come back next year You learn so much from the whole process that will help you in your day-today work and future careers ”

The Graduate Awards Achievers receive a range of prizes to celebrate their success NOWAH has donated a prize for the pastr y chefs with four days in Italy They will have two days of one-on-one instruction from Pastr y World Cup Champion, Massimo Pica, at his renowned Pica Pastr y School in Milan In the evening, the chefs will have the chance to enjoy the sights of Milan and drinks overlooking the Piazza del Duomo They will also enjoy a visit to the KMP factor y, followed by a hands-on session in the preparation of various doughs followed by a full day of relaxation and sightseeing in the city of Venice

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Relaxed Takeaway Pints Rules Extended

Relaxed licensing regulations that allow pubs, restaurants and bars to sell takeaway pints without red tape holding them back have been extended

Al fresco drinking, first introduced widely during the pandemic , has allowed the public to suppor t their local pubs and business by having the choice to take away their drinks, providing a boost to local businesses and bringing in extra revenue

Under the relaxed regulations, which were due to expire in September and have been extended in Parliament this week any site permitted to sell alcohol on their premises can sell for off-site consumption too without the hassle of applying for a new licence Premises will also be able to continue to ser ve alcohol in the area covered by any pavement licence that they have

The extension, which will run for a fur ther 18 months, is par t of the government’s commitment to suppor ting the hospitality sector in taking ever y oppor tunity to recover fully from the impact of the pandemic as we grow the economy It follows the Brexit Pubs Guarantee announced in the Chancellor’s Spring Budget that secured the pledge that pubs will always pay less alcohol duty on drinks poured from draught, such as pints of beer and cider, than supermarkets going forwards

Policing Minister Chris Philp said: “It is vital that we do ever ything we can to suppor t British pubs They are a cornerstone of ever y community, and a beating hear t in our growing economy ” “The hospitality industr y has faced a tough couple of years, and by relaxing this red tape we will give our pubs and bars the suppor t they need to thrive ”

Michael Kill CEO NTIA Says: “The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) welcomes the extension of relaxed licensing regulations for pubs, restaurants, and bars, allowing them to sell takeaway alcohol without the previous red tape This 18-month extension, recently approved in Parliament, is a significant boost for the

industr y and the communities it ser ves ”

“The move is a proactive step towards our industr y ’ s revival, but we must encourage Government to take fur ther steps in considering a more pragmatic approach to deregulation and easements, allowing businesses to maximise trading oppor tunities at this difficult time ”

“These regulations, initially introduced during the pandemic , have provided a lifeline to businesses and local economies, enabling innovative ser vices like al fresco drinking Under the extension venues with existing alcohol licenses can offer off-site sales seamlessly eliminating the need for additional licenses and paperwork ”

The governments long term aim is to create a unified pavement license for outdoor alcohol consumption and during this 18-month period, it will collaborate with stakeholders and local authorities to develop a permanent solution

Before these provisions were introduced during the pandemic , licensing regulations meant that pubs with an on-site license would have to go through an additional process to amend their licence if they wanted to ser ve alcohol for off-site consumption, taking time , paperwork and costing them money Under the relaxed rules, any premises licence allows takeaway pints as standard This extension will alleviate uncer tainty over the status of off-sales for those premises affected and allow for long-term business planning The government’s ultimate goal is to create a unified pavement licence that includes licensing consent for the consumption and sale of alcohol in the outside pavement area During this 18-month period of the temporar y extension to the off-sales provision the government will work to make this a reality

The government will continue to look at a permanent solution that will best suppor t local pubs and bars by continuing the close work with industr y and local authorities The extension has been made through amendments to the Licensing Act 2003 and applies to both England and Wales

Champion Beer Of Britain Competition Returns

The first stage of voting for the Campaigns for Real Ale’s (C AMRA) next Champion Beer of Britain has officially opened, and C AMRA members are invited to have their say on which beers are the ‘ cream of the crop ’ before 1 November 2023

The Champion Beer of Britain award is one of the most coveted real ale competitions in the world Winning the prestigious title is the ultimate honour for UK breweries and has helped many brewers gain both national and international acclaim

At the most recent Great British Beer Festival in August 2023, the competition returned for the first time since the pandemic , bestowing Elland Brewer y ’ s ‘1872 Por ter’ the illustrious award Previous winners including Surrey Hills’ ‘Shere Drop’ and Siren Craft Brew s Broken Dream Breakfast Stout

Beer lovers now have until the 1st of November to make their submission on C AMRA’s Champion Beer of Britain platform, and can choose up to five beers across

each of the new categories This will take place alongside a series of rigorous regional heats, culminating in the final judging and announcement at the Trade Day of Great British Beer Festival 2025 All the heats and the final round of judging adhere to a strict blind tasting policy

This initial vote is exclusive to C AMRA members As well as getting to vote for their favourite beers, a C AMRA membership also provides a host of benefits, from enjoying social events organised by a local C AMRA branch and volunteering at beer festivals, to taking par t in grassroots campaigning effor ts

C AMRA Awards Director Laura Emson says: “I am ver y excited to announce the return of the Champion Beer of Britain competition The award undoubtably is the grandest of accolades a brewer can hope to receive The declaration of the winner at the Great British Beer festival is always one of the major highlights of the event ”

Issue 178 CLH Digital 5

Tourists Are In Growing Need Of Wellbeing Retreats: Enter The Rural Holiday

bucket list in place of the most popular city break With destinations such as Burgh Island offering boundless access to unspoiled shores unobstructed skylines and a rare breath of fresh air a brief trip to the countr yside can offer some natural relief to those deprived of green space


A countr yside retreat doesn’t mean forgoing the cultural squall of densely populated cities It instead gives tourists the oppor tunity to interact with more authentic , unique cultural experiences, such as engaging in local winemaking traditions in France , staying in cottages in Eastern Europe , and par taking in ecotourism in the rainforests of South America and Southeast Asia That’s not to mention the oppor tunity to visit UNESCO World Heritage sites across the world and glean the colourful histor y of these enchanting locations

The great British public has shown its unwavering resilience in recent times, battling through seemingly endless lockdowns and rising living costs There’s no denying that the ‘polycrisis’ (as dubbed by the World Economic Forum) of today has taken a toll on our mental and physical health, with many having foregone healthcare and other essentials to persevere Frankly, after such turbulence , we could all do with a wellearned break

Unsurprisingly, despite these concerns, holiday spending this year has risen, with 66% of adults having budgeted for a trip abroad in 2023 In par ticular demand for low-cost options such as package holidays has increased Yet, with many popular international destinations urban-based, Europe’s most popular cities are seeing unprecedented numbers of tourists, with destinations such as Athens Acropolis needing to implement crowd control policies; the number of visitors at the Acropolis this summer is 80% higher than in 2019

Long queues and overcrowded plazas are hardly a recipe for relaxation

89% of holidaymakers have cited travel as a stress point, with 61% complaining of large crowds, reducing the net benefit of a getaway The solution? Venturing off the beaten path and vacationing away from the crowds


Living in the countr yside has many proven health benefits: a longer life expectancy, higher quality of living, less stress and anxiety, less pollution, and more In fact, 90% of adults in England feel green spaces are truly essential to their wellbeing Yet, 52% of Brits find themselves out of nature’s reach

With nearly half of all travellers planning holidays for the sake of improving their health this year, rural getaways should be top of their

Rural tourism isn’t just a healthy, cultural experience for tourists, but an impor tant par t of suppor ting local economies It brings income directly to those who reside in these locations, and can help suppor t conser vation effor ts, fund development in underdeveloped areas and diversify streams of income for businesses that are season-reliant, for professions such as farmers At Burgh Island Hotel, we source 80% of the ingredients used in our kitchens from local producers, par tner with the island’s resident ar tists, and provide guests with passage to businesses on the mainland onboard our one-of-a-kind sea tractor ensuring our success suppor ts the community we rely upon


One doesn t need to go abroad to enjoy a countr y holiday either The United Kingdom is full of Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), 33 of which are in England alone , including popular holiday locations such as Cornwall, the Isle of Wight, and the Cotswolds, as well as UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the Lake District

The South and East Devon coast is one such place designated as both an AONB and a World Heritage Site , spanning the Jurassic Coast, the English Riviera, and the picturesque towns of Dar tmouth, Salcombe , and Bigbur y-on-Sea Home to Burgh Island this coastal hotspot ser ves as a wellbeing retreat for travellers to get away and improve their health Our picture–postcard island provides a one-of-a-kind experience , including a unique natural seawater mermaid pool, giving guests a refreshing alternative to the chlorine-filled indoor pools common in hotels, as well as a trail to a lookout point at the top of the island, allowing guests to soak in the stunning view of South Devon’s rolling hills and sun-soaked beaches with a healthy dose of fresh air


Staying closer to home offers a stress-free alternative to the overseas escape by alleviating the meticulous planning that goes into booking flights visiting popular spots and overcoming language barriers But this

convenience doesn’t take anything away from the experience and excitement of a trip Even rural locations such as Burgh Island are full of life and histor y as well as all the amenities and activities of a more traditional getaway

Famed for its ar t deco past, Burgh Island remains one of best sur viving examples of ar t deco architecture to this day and harbours untouched glamour unlike many ar t deco buildings in cities today It has also welcomed an array of iconic guests through its doors, including Josephine Baker, Winston Churchill, and The Beatles Likewise , the titular Poirot in 2003’s ‘Evil Under the Sun’ found himself on a health retreat on Burgh Island, the same location where Agatha Christie wrote the original novel in creative isolation As you can see our island has more than a few interesting stories to tell

As well as sharing its prominent past with today’s tourists Burgh Island continues to indulge and reinvigorate guests with its luxur y ser vice and off-the-grid location, providing holidaymakers with wellness treatments including a spa, massages, and facials, as well as the oppor tunities to remain active , with a croquet lawn and tennis cour ts on the island It may be remote , but the thriving town of Bigbur y-on-Sea is just a stone’s throw away, offering access to one of the countr y ’ s best destinations for water spor ts, as well as the Southwest Coast Path which stretches along its pristine coastline


In the midst of ongoing public health challenges it is impor tant for the hospitality sector to recognise the wellbeing needs of tourists Countr yside establishments are well positioned to accommodate these health-seeking guests, while suppor ting local economies and conser vation effor ts With holidaymakers finally seeking an alternative to city escapes, this could be the rural getaway’s big break

The Cheshire Cheese in Middlewich reopened last month following a combined investment of £250,000 from community pub company Admiral Taverns, and popular local licensee , Janice Oxley

The investment has enabled Janice to breathe a new lease of life into the pub, ensuring it can sit at the hear t of the community for years to come

The pub has undergone a major transformation inside and out Externally, the pub features brand new lighting and signage to greet customers, as well as a completely revamped beer garden The spacious outdoor area seats up to 120 people and hosts new furniture lighting a smar t wooden undercover area for year-round use as well as a newly updated bandstand for live enter tainment

At the helm of the Cheshire Cheese is passionate licensee Janice Oxley who has been running the pub for the last three-years Having grown up just down the road in Winsford, Janice is a popular local figure , with impressive knowledge of the surrounding area and her community This, combined with her experience in the hospitality industr y – which spans to more than a decade , including running other nearby pubs such

as The Turnpike – gives her the tools and knowhow to create a family-friendly social hub for ever yone to enjoy

Janice Oxley Licensee at

6 CLH Digital Issue 178
the Cheshire Cheese commented: “Running the Cheshire Cheese has been such an adventure so far and I’ve loved ever y second of it! Opening night was incredible , made even more special by the feedback I received from customers about the refurbishment – it really is looking fantastic I can’t wait to help it grow even more and see it continue to evolve into a vital community hub for my residents to enjoy ” Ashleigh Kirk Business Development Manager at Admiral Taverns added: “I’d like to thank Janice and her fantastic team, for all their hard work in bringing the refurbishment to life – it’s been such a pleasure working with them all The Cheshire Cheese is such special pub and I know she will continue to bring the best out of it and make it a cornerstone of community life We wish her the ver y best of luck and I can’t wait to see what the future holds ” Community Pub Reopens Following Transformational £300,000 Refurbishment

Research Finds Wider Menus And New, Emerging Food Trends

Menu length is driving spend, according to research from food & drink insight specialists Lumina Intelligence

The research has revealed menu counts and inflation have increased, with operators introducing new mains to drive spending New dishes have higher price points as operators premiumise and drinks prices have been boosted

Counts of items on menus have risen across all channels, with chain restaurants and pubs & bars leading this growth by expanding drinks menus

Restaurant main course counts have seen the largest boost in average items as operators focus on dishes that command the highest spend and are generally customers focus Pub & bar operators have focused on expanding alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks ranges, while QSR operators have prioritised menu innovation in the main course categor y to drive appeal of the highest-cost course Coffee & sandwich shop operators have increased the average number of mains they offer, driven by menu innovation from Greggs and Subway


Operators are now battling to align soft drink price increases with inflation, with the average price of a soft drink on a menu increasing by an average of +8 0% Chain restaurants have increased prices on menus the most compared with the same period a year ago, as food price inflation and energ y cost increases drive operational costs while consumers cut back on spending

Operators are now driving spend through new dishes, which are priced higher than same-line dishes last year

Same-line price inflation is relatively modest overall, although main dishes have seen the largest increase in price driven by restaurants and QSR QSR has focused price increases on additional courses with consider-

able price rises on desser ts, snacks and extras Snacks have seen the highest percentage increases, with operators boosting prices of packaged goods in line with cost increases


A wider variety of star ters are targeting incremental spend, including tapping into the growing trend for indulgence with cheese-based star ters and twists on classics Operators have also developed a wider range of more novel desser ts with for example desser t pizzas gaining share Premium ingredients such as truffle and saffron are being introduced in mains including pasta and fish dishes to communicate quality and boost value for money perceptions

Pubs & bars: Chicken-based star ters have gained share as a relatively inexpensive ingredient Chicken mains are a key focus for some operators with new trend-led international dishes such as Crispy Chicken Bao Buns (Slug & Lettuce) Variations of cocktails have carried the highest price inflation in Q2 as pubs & bars target higher spends, including new cocktails such as All Bar One s Strawberr y Spagliato , inspired by a viral TikTok video to appeal to the Gen Z audience

QSR developments: Operators continue to diversify menus to attract wider audiences, although burgers remain the most popular main dish Healthier, less calorific and higher-priced dishes are being introduced by some: evidence of targeted premiumisation while boosting health credentials Meanwhile , premium and trendled innovation is driving prices of drinks such as waters and smoothies

Coffee & sandwich shops: Sandwiches are losing share to more premium items such as wraps, which are on average 22% more expensive on menus The retro food trend has arrived at the sandwich and baker y channel, with new desser t items inspired by British classics – for example Greggs’ Sticky Toffee Muffin – proving a growing hit with consumers seeking a sense of nostalgia

Charity Beer Launched To Support Fight Against MND During International Rugby Tournament

Wolfpack Brewing Co has announced the launch of a charity beer that aims to raise both funds and awareness for the MND Association (Motor Neurone Disease Association), to coincide with this year ’ s international rugby tournament

The charity beer is a Session IPA, appropriately named ‘Second Row’ to honour the pivotal role the second row plays in a rugby team and mirror the brand’s principles of community and camaraderie

Wolfpack is a UK based brewer y co-founded by international rugby players, Al Hargreaves and Chris Wyles, and has exclusively par tnered with Stonegate Group to bring the charity beer to over 400 pubs nationwide The initiative fur ther honours the founders’ friend and fellow international second row player, Ed Slater, who was recently diagnosed with MND

A contribution of 20p from ever y pint of Second Row IPA sold will be donated by Stonegate Group directly to the Motor Neurone Disease Association

The beer is available from 8th September – 28thOctober, at par ticipating pubs throughout the rugby tournament

Al Hargreaves co-founder of Wolfpack Brewing Co said: “We are incredibly proud to be launching Second Row IPA in par tnership with Stonegate Pub Group We’ve set ourselves an ambitious target of raising £10,000 through sales of the beer to suppor t the MND Association – a cause ver y close to our hear ts as ex-rugby players

Equally as impor tantly, we also want to raise awareness of the disease via this campaign and would encourage people to visit the MND Association website to learn more about why the fundraising is so vital ”

Melissa Wisdom, Chief Commercial Officer at Stonegate Group, said: “We are proud to par tner with Wolfpack and stand with the rugby and MND community to launch Second Row IPA to raise both awareness and impor tant funds in the fight against MND We hope our guests really enjoy this beer and join us in suppor ting such an impor tant cause ”

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New Employment Programme Launched With Government

UKHospitality has joined forces with the Government to create a new employment programme designed to fill vacancies in the hospitality sector and create the next generation of hospitality leaders

The new employment scheme has launched in Liverpool to upskill and match jobseekers with hospitality roles

It offers fast-tracked training and work experience , enabling par ticipants to earn an industr y-recognised ‘Hospitality Skills Passpor t’

The pilot scheme is set to be rolled out across other cities in the UK to address labour shor tages with over 120,000 vacancies currently in the sector

The pilot scheme , launched in Liverpool before being rolled out to other major cities over the coming months, will see benefit claimants gain an industr y recognised accreditation, endorsed by leading operators including Greene King Marriot Hotels and ACC Liverpool

The Hospitality Sector-based Work Academy Programme (SWAP) combines a unique programme of learning launched jointly by the Depar tment for Work and Pensions and UKHospitality

The scheme is designed to provide tailored training for jobseekers from industr y exper ts allowing them to move into a career in hospitality while boosting workforce par ticipation in the sector and helping to grow the economy

Benefit claimants will complete qualifications and accredited training in areas such as health and safety food safety, licensing, and conflict resolution to add to their Hospitality Skills Passpor t – a digital pass which can be added to CVs to show employers jobseekers have the skillset required by the sector They will also receive training in confidence and asser tiveness to build personal skills and strength

Through practical, hands-on learning, jobseekers will reinforce their newfound skills with an oppor tunity to contribute to the industr y from day one by completing work experience placements with some of the industr y ’ s largest employers

Following the pilot launch in Liverpool plans are in place to expand to other cities across England and Wales including London, Manchester and Birmingham from October

The programme will culminate with a guaranteed job inter view for all par ticipants helping jobseekers with a valuable progression oppor tunity to apply their new skills and a pathway to apprenticeships

Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “Hospitality is a fantastic sector that offers a diverse variety of career oppor tunities, which is why it’s so well suited to helping people back into work We’re delighted to be par tnering with the Government to help run this exciting programme , which we hope can be a real positive for both jobseekers and businesses

Guy Opperman MP said: This innovative collaboration between DWP and UKHospitality is a national first and underscores our commitment to work with industr y to address challenges, fill vacancies and grow the economy

“The standardised and industr y backed Hospitality Skills Passpor t will help bridge the gap for those looking for work in the hospitality sector, helping jobseekers to boost their skills and kickstar t their careers ”

Chris Gamm, CEO of Springboard, said: “We’re delighted to be involved with the trial, giving unemployed people the skills to launch their hospitality careers, helping them find exciting jobs with engaged local businesses and showcasing what fantastic development oppor tunities our industr y offers through training and apprenticeships

Kent Pub Opens Community Café As Meeting Place To Support Locals

The opening of a new community café at The George in Bethersden Kent is helping to bring local people together, creating new ways for them to connect and bringing new meaning to the phrase ‘popping to the local’

The George Café, which launched a month after the pub reopened as a community enterprise , provides an oppor tunity for people living alone , mothers and toddlers, families, and groups to meet and socialise in a relaxed environment and welcoming space

The café was opened with the exper t help and a Community Ser vices Fund grant from Pub is The Hub, the not-for-profit organisation that helps pubs to diversify and provide essential local ser vices

The George Café also suppor ts local suppliers including Bloss coffee and Pluckley tea, with delicious cakes provided by some of Bethersden’s home bakers There are plans to extend its trading hours later in the year but it currently opens Wednesday to Saturday 10am to 4pm

An initiative to suppor t local ar tists is also being launched, giving them wall space to displaying pieces

which are also for sale

Michele Sadler, Community Officer for The George said: “The café has been a great success at bringing new customers into the pub as well as reconnecting the village as a whole , and helping people locally to overcome loneliness and isolation

There is a warm welcome for ever yone at The George Café

Tim Tempest, regional advisor at Pub is The Hub, said: “This pub is truly at the hear t of its community This café will become a focal point for villagers to come together and provide an oppor tunity for more social interaction in this rural area ”

This is echoed in feedback left by locals One recent visitor wrote: We are so pleased that it is becoming the focal point of the community again and the ‘ go to’ meeting point for people ”

The historic freehouse , which can trace its origins back to the 17th centur y, closed during the second lockdown in 2020 A group of village residents launched a campaign to buy the pub, setting up The George Community Ltd, a Community Benefit Society, in August 2021 and successfully taking over the pub in Februar y 2023

The Burnt Chef Project Launches Accredited Suicide Prevention Training Programme

The Burnt Chef Project, has announced the launch of two accredited suicide prevention training programmes SFA Lite and SFAUSI (Suicide First Aid through Understanding Suicide Inter ventions) in association with Suicide First Aid and MHFA England Simultaneously, The Burnt Chef Project has also introduced a Global Critical Incident Suppor t Ser vice to suppor t hospitality establishments that may have experienced a critical incident

These new additions are designed to complement the project’s already varied and specially adapted hospitality-specific training and suppor t por tfolio which is delivered on an international level through accredited internal trainers and with the help of external par tners These two new programmes can be delivered both vir tually and in person, while for added confidence SFA Lite is accredited by City & Guild Institute in the UK and SFAUSI is internationally accredited by City and Guild Institute in UK, Australia U A E and India

The launch coincides with World Suicide Prevention Day, which occurs ever y year on September 10th The day aims to focus attention on how we can create a world where fewer people die by suicide reduce stigma raise awareness and reinforce the message that suicides are preventable So much of people’s lives are spent at

work, and so it’s incredibly impor tant for businesses, managers and colleagues to be more aware , to consider the working environment and what they can do to prevent suicide

Speaking of the newly launched Suicide Prevention Training programme , Kris Hall comments:

“We’re proud to offer additional training and suppor t options which will aid organisations in suppor ting their wider wellbeing approach by training employees in Suicide First Aid and providing urgent therapeutic suppor t for teams who may experience a critical incident

This SFA Lite course is for employees at all levels to build the foundation of suicide awareness, tackle stigma and build confidence to inter vene with people at risk of suicide Ideal for those who want to help colleagues who may be in distress but also for those who work in hospitality venues and may be needing to inter vene with guests This is a significant step for The Burnt Chef Project in both its UK and global communities and we are ver y pleased we can extend our offering to include ser vices that allow us to be able to star t to prevent the alarming rate of suicide”

If you are interested in finding out more about the Suicide Prevention Training or would simply like to find out more about the ongoing work of The Burnt Chef Project, please visit https://www theburntchefproject com/training

Goldstar Plus Sponsor Management & International Recruitment - Doing it Right

The post Brexit ‘points-based system’ is an overly complex, contradictor y and largely unfathomable jumble that has subver ted commercial immigration ‘Skilled Worker’ visas have been has junked into an unchecked freefall where anything goes

The Home Office simply abandoned suitability and eligibility checks on a flood of sponsor licence and visa applications The approval of thousands of invalid applications has legitimised a lucrative open door for intentional and unintentional misuse

Many who believe they ve acted lawfully are now at risk of punitive Home Office action due to hidden irregularities

This is due to inappropriate hiring, legal misguidance and Home Office errors

Large scale non-compliance within the hospitality industr y sectors has become a wakeup call, especially in the current immigration focused political climate The hospitality industr y is again under intense focus as Home Office embark on ‘taking back control’

The extent of unchecked activity has led Home Office to roll out exhaustive retrospective on site legitima-

cy checks on sponsors and their workers These checks lasting 5 to 6 hours have already descended on the hospitality industr y all across the UK and mainly targeted at Asian themed restaurants, pubs, QSR brands and takeaway outlets

The inevitable tightening of Skilled Worker immigration is fast approaching and of concern to genuine law-abiding employers

Goldstar Plus is a management system that safeguards your sponsor licence by ensuring all activity to date has been according to the correct interpretation of sponsor rules, and retrospective corrections made where necessar y It also ensures you are able to pass the most stringent Home Office compliance checks, which do happen

As a hospitality immigration practitioner and recruitment agency you will find us ideally placed to supply you the professional Chefs and managers you want, and make sure it’s done right Whether you ’ re a single fine dining restaurant, multiple restaurant group, QSR outlet, events catering, hotel or any other, you will find us the

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ideal one stop shop Call 0203 930 8969, visit www goldstarchefs co uk or see pages 54-55 for fur ther information
‘Because just about ever yone is doing it wrong, and about to be caught out’
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The quality and cleanliness of your hotel and spa linens can be the difference between an awkward complaint at reception and a five-star review following your guest’s stay

If you ve ever struggled with getting your whites truly white again or wondered how to extend the life of your linens, WASHCO’s chemical expert, Craig Banham, shares with you some of his tips and tricks

Yellowing of White Linens

Fresh bed sheets are one of life’s simple joys so it can be frustrating when your once crisp whites begin to yellow While exposure over time to bodily fluids sweat and skin care products are often the main culprit your laundry processes can play a part too

In many cases this can be due to issues such as residual chemicals that turn yellow when they come into contact with heat or using too much detergent in your wash cycle


Using the right chemicals in your laundry process is key here One of the easiest ways to do this is to enlist the help of a laundry specialist who can implement an auto-dosing system which releases only the correct levels of chemicals for different cycle types Not only will this be paired to run seamlessly with your washing machine but will ensure you achieve the best results from your laundry too

Food-based Stains

Table linens and napkins will naturally fall victim to food stains but your bed sheets can too especially when running room service


To remove food-based stains, an emulsifier will often be needed to help remove any oils Your best chance at getting the stain out will involve setting the cycle at a minimum of 45C, running for at least 12 minutes at wash temperature

Fake Tan Marks

Did you know that fake tanners are costing hotels in the UK a staggering near £1 8m per year by leaving marks on linens? The new figures from Regenex also found that of the 1 120 tonnes of bedding and towels discarded by the industry each year 224 tonnes are marked with fake tan


For best results, set up a prewash with detergent and alkali boost, followed by a main wash with the addition of an emulsifier This should ideally run at a minimum of 70C for around 15 minutes You can then run a final wash at a minimum of 60C with hydrogen peroxide to remove any remaining stains

Residual Spa Oils

Essential oils – while great for the skin – can wreak havoc on your hotel’s towels and robes Some common issues include staining and greasy residues, as well as unpleasant lingering odours


Because essential oils are particularly difficult to wash out of towels and robes it is often best to start off the laundry process with a prewash We then recommend adding an emulsifier to your main wash and running this for at least 15 minutes at 70C or above For stubborn stains a final wash may be beneficial Here you can add in hydrogen peroxide which will help to brighten your whites

WASHCO are specialists in the supply, installation and maintenance of commercial laundry equipment for hotels. To find out more, get in touch with their expert team on


546 546

Visitor Levy Cap Essential To Scottish Tourism Competitiveness

Proposed plans like Edinburgh’s to impose a visitor levy of up to 7% will hit consumers in the pocket and highlights the need for a cap on charges

In its response to the Local Government, Housing and Planning Committee’s consultation on the Visitor Levy (Scotland) Bill UKHospitality Scotland has urged politicians to agree a cap on the number of nights a levy can be charged A cap would mitigate the impact a levy would have on Scotland’s appeal as a leading visitor destination

The bill seeks give councils powers to introduce a visitor levy, sometimes known as a ‘tourism tax’, helping they say, to generate funds to invest in local facilities and ser vices, helping to attract more visitors

UKHospitality Scotland has called for a limit on the number of nights that can be charged to be set at five nights in the same accommodation


- A guaranteed commitment, within legislation, that revenue raised through a levy be exclusively used to develop, suppor t or sustain tourism-related ser vices and facilities used by visitors - Businesses to be reimbursed, from the levy, for their costs in implementing and administering the scheme - These costs to be considered as par t of cost-benefit analysis, as par t of a levy’s introduction, and recognised

as having an impact on business investment

- An absolute requirement for local authorities to consult with industr y groups and businesses ahead of implementation and then regularly on progress where a levy is introduced

UKHospitality Scotland Executive Director, Leon Thompson, said: “Some of the proposals for the visitor levy are incredibly worr ying, with major implications for competitiveness and costs for our businesses charged with collecting and administering the scheme

“With no upper limit on the charge or ring-fencing of funds in legislation, there is a real risk that the introduction of a levy could see the costs to visitors spiral reduce investment by accommodation businesses and hit the wider visitor economy

“Not only will visitors be paying substantially more in destinations like Edinburgh under current proposals but businesses may also see a decline in visitor numbers as a consequence

“It is essential that as MSPs scrutinise the Bill they respond to the ver y real concerns of our businesses recommend the introduction of a cap, ensure that the Bill provides cer tainty on ringfencing net revenue for tourism activities and stipulate that provision be made for businesses to recover their costs from implementing a visitor levy scheme ”

Hospitality Action Launches Step-By-Step Guide To Wellbeing

A Step-by-Step wellbeing guide has been launched by UK charity Hospitality Action, as it encourages employees to sign up to its Walk for Wellbeing fundraising initiative

Developed in conjunction with Mental Health Exper t, Emma Keeble , the free guide offers tips and strategies for hospitality businesses to ensure their team’s wellbeing is prioritised in a post-pandemic era

It comes after a series of repor ts identified hospitality workers as some of the nation’s most vulnerable when it comes to mental health issues In March 2023 Wildgoose revealed that 64% of those in the hospitality industr y have experienced increasingly poor mental health at work over the past 12 months, compared to the previous year

Emma Keeble whose business Anchor People provides Mental Health First Aid training for hospitality businesses via Hospitality Action, said, “We are definitely getting better as an industr y at putting our people s wellbeing front and centre , but long, irregular hours, physically demanding shifts and ever-increasing customer demands continue to make hospitality a highly pressured environment This guide gives managers tangible step-by-step resources to make a big difference to their teams’ mental health and wellbeing – which ultimately benefit teams and businesses alike ” The guide is being launched as par t of the Walk for Wellbeing campaign, a nationwide movement to help

promote health and wellbeing within the hospitality industr y It can be downloaded for free via the Hospitality Action website

Speaking about the launch of the Step-by-Step guide , Craig Prentice , Creator of Walk for Wellbeing and founder of hospitality recruitment and talent par tner, mum, said:

“I know from personal experience how impor tant it is to have an understanding, empathetic work environment Even the smallest steps can make a big difference and we’d encourage all hospitality businesses to not only download this vital resource but also to sign up for this year ’ s Walk for Wellbeing and show their suppor t for an impor tant industr y wide issue ”

Five hosted 20km walks will take place in key cities across the UK on Sunday 8 October in London Bath/Bristol Birmingham Manchester Glasgow Those who can’t make that date can ‘Walk It Your Way’ at a location of their choice any time between Saturday 30 September and Sunday 15 October, encompassing World Mental Health Day on Tuesday 10 October Created with flexibility in mind, these challenges allow par ticipants to spend quality time on a long or shor t walk of their choosing with family, friends, colleagues and pets whilst helping raise awareness and critical funds for Hospitality Action

For more information and to register, please visit www walkforwellbeing org

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Should You Have A Customer Loyalty Programme?

income , they are looking for the best ways to attract new faces and improve customer loyalty with those already frequenting their venue So how can technolog y help hospitality businesses weather the storm and build a thriving community among their customers?

This is where customer loyalty programmes can slot in Few hospitality businesses are strangers to loyalty programmes in one form or another From the ver y simple and manual approaches - stamping a loyalty card and offering free drinks, or cashing in 5,000 points for a free extra night - to the highly complex multi-brand coalition systems, loyalty programmes deliver a proven return on investment

In fact Antavo’s Global Customer Loyalty Repor t 2023 indicated that companies with a successful loyalty programme generate 4 9 times more revenue than they cost That same research found that an overwhelming majority of businesses (88 5%) said they trusted their loyalty initiative to help them overcome the inflation crisis




There are lots of different loyalty programme approaches Many will take the traditional approach of offering discounts or vouchers in return for spend, but there are plenty of innovative ways to expand loyalty programmes that will help cement your business in customers’ mindsets and create loyal brand fans

For instance , offering third par ty rewards is an increasingly popular option Teaming up with an appropriate par tner and offering discounts or

freebies to their customers (and vice versa) is a good way to reach a new audience For example , a bar with no food offering might par tner with a nearby restaurant, helping both reach a new audience at a relatively low cost

Others, like KFC , have added gamification to their loyalty programmes, rewarding customers for time spent on their app playing online games By keeping the brand front-of-mind for customers, KFC has created a successful mini community and suppor ted its own sales


The great thing about loyalty programmes is that there are off-theshelf options which you can simply plug into your CRM It’s a good idea to look for a cloud-based SaaS (software as a ser vice) solution rather than something that’s hard wired as it will generally be cheaper and easier to install

Where the technolog y gets really interesting is its ability to track customer spending habits and star t to personalise offers in order to boost engagement or to reduce the chance of customer churn It might pick up that a person eats in your restaurant ever y Sunday - why not show that you acknowledge this loyalty with a free star ter or desser t voucher, or an offer to tr y another day or site for half price?

With technolog y giving you the data to map out how your customers interact with your brand, you can star t to establish a personalised loyalty programme - in turn making your customers feel seen and valued and more likely to return to you in future

Brakspear’s Honeycomb Houses Management Team ‘Takeover’ At The Lion In Bicester


The team at The Lion in Wendlebur y near Bicester swapped their aprons for par ty wear recently when a replacement crew from owner Brakspear’s head office arrived to run the pub and give them a well-deser ved night off

While the HQ team of seven, including chief executive Tom Davies, poured pints for the pub s regulars, the permanent team enjoyed an all-expenses-paid night out on Honeycomb Houses

Brakspear’s group of 10 managed pubs which includes The Lion

before returning to the pub for a nightcap The treat was a thank you from the Honeycomb Houses management to the team at The Lion for their hard work over the last six months, and a welcome to new general manager Theo Benson

As well as delicious food and drink, The Lion ser ves up live music monthly on a Friday and is active in the local community in par ticular through its fundraising for Bicester charity Nais House , which suppor ts young people with mental health issues

Benson said: “It was great to leave the pub for an evening and enjoy time together as a whole team At Honeycomb Houses, our approach is to treat colleagues as family, guests as friends , so as a relatively new addition, I need to know what makes my new ‘family’ tick – their favourite drinks, the

music they love A fun night out was a brilliant way to kick star t that process, and we all got to know each other a bit better

“The team have had a pretty tough few months as like so many pubs and restaurants The Lion has faced challenges around recruitment and the cost of living So to have their hard work recognised and rewarded by the Honeycomb Houses head office was a real boost to team morale And I think we all enjoyed putting our chief exec and finance director through their paces with our drinks orders at the end of their shift!”

Davies said: “We all enjoyed our night back at the sharp end of our business and it was cer tainly a good reminder of how hard our pub-based colleagues work – I think we all needed a foot spa afterwards! The team at The Lion make ser ving food and drink look easy but it requires real attention to detail and dedication to give ever y guest a great time

“We’re delighted that Theo has joined The Lion and look forward to seeing pub go from strength to strength as he helps his brilliant team continue to strive for excellence ”

The Lion star ted suppor ting Nais House this summer So far it has raised over £200 for the charity and has plans to stage fur ther fundraising activities in future

To Improve The Quality Of Your Drinking Water, You Need Additional Filtration

A Sediment filter takes the tap water through a 5-micron filter removing plant spores, dander, algae , rust, insecticides, and some bacteria

Carbon filters remove sediment and par ticles and nasty tastes, and odours

The activated carbon binds to the impurities taking them out of the water Over time the binding sites are filled, and the filter loses the ability to fur ther filter the water In some cases, bacteria can star t to grow on the filter so it is impor tant to change this filter ever y 4-6 months They remove impurities to around 2 microns in size , such as bacteria, moulds, and spores


We are

we ingest many par ticles of microplastics ever y week through our drinking water and food so there is now an expectation for filters to remove these smaller impurities as well Now businesses are looking at Ultrafiltration which can remove impurities to 0 001 microns in size , which includes pesticides and herbicides and Reverse osmosis filtration which can remove impurities to 0 0001 microns in size

These types of finer filtration will remove:

• 1 m cron: Med cal residues suc h as the pill bromine cr yptospor idium microplastics

• 0 2 micron Asbestos heavy metals suc h as cadmium copper and nic ke

0 1 micron Makeup, c lay, copier toner, paint, insecticide dust ead dust, skin flakes

• 0 001 microns: Dust, Pesticides and herbicides , nano-p astics

• 0 0005 micron: Viruses

Of course you can use distillation to purify your water this is where the water is vaporised so that it leaves behind inorganic minerals When the water recondenses, you have demineralised water, which is clean but with no taste , as the minerals have been removed with this process

The LUQEL Water Station has been

RO filter flush to remove build-up from the filter to keep it clean There is a thermal nozzle and UVC light to stop inbound bacteria and a stainless-steel casing to reduce any external bacterial growth Using state-of-the-ar t technolog y, this water dispenser can consistently guarantee clean drinking water time after time

Delivering the cleanest and best-tasting drinking water from the mains supply

more ar ticles on micro and nano
is said that
engineered in Germany to address these issues of micro impurities It uses sediment and carbon filters to remove the larger sediments as a hot tap would and then it uses a reverse osmosis filter to remove 99+% of these finer impurities from the water The LUQEL dispenser removes medical residues, heavy metals, insecticides nano plastics and viruses It also removes the mineral salts that give water its taste , so they use a patented micro dosing system that adds these natural mineral salts back into the water in specific quantities to be able to replicate the tastes of 30 different mineralised waters In addition, there is a
See the adver t on the facing page for fur ther information
12 CLH Digital Issue 178
technolog y suppor ts hospitality businesses in many and varied ways and plays an incredibly impor tant
role in helping
to thrive It’s always been impor tant as a business to use the best tools available to you but this has never been more crucial than it is today
businesses are facing a crunch The sector lost over 4,600 venues between May 2022 and May 2023; equivalent to a 4 3% reduction Pressures abound from all sides - customers are spending less (experiencing financial pressure themselves) while bills have skyrocketed As businesses battle over fewer customers with less disposable

Hoteliers Demonstrate Appetite For Change

The evolution of F&B has been brought to the front of minds this week, as the biggest names in hospitality met in Manchester to discuss the changes that need to be made to drive positive change in the industr y

Over 1,000 delegates attended the 20th Annual Hotel Conference , 15% of which represented some of the largest and most influential equity investors and hospitality funds from the industr y Across the insightful sessions hotel developers investors and owners discussed their optimism around the future of the industr y alongside their plans to navigate the tricky economic landscape in order to grow “A business that doesn't grow goes backwards Anything that doesn't move forward, is by iner tia going backwards” said Tom Ross CEO of Pig Hotels A sentiment that underpinned the theme of the event this year

’Adapt to Thrive’, demonstrating a shift to a more solutions-focused approach to ensure a sustainable but robust industr y for the future

With the conference looking toward building a successful future , a key theme throughout the event was the power of experience , and how positive experiences for guests, appropriate to the hotel segment, have the ability to transform offerings and improve the bottom line This was par ticularly apparent around F&B offerings in both restaurants and hotels

Kateline Porritt of Egg Soldiers commented: “When you ’ re offering an experience , you have the oppor tunity to bring food to life in an entirely unique way ” This sentiment was echoed in discussions led by hotel exper ts who emphasised the impor tance of creating an experience , whether through the introduction of a considered F&B concept; improving the working environment through training and technological suppor t or engaging the local community, to improve the chances of success

In panel discussion Live work play: building whole hospitality experiences Philip Lassman of Accor said

“hotels that consider locals as well as guests will reap the benefits

It s about building a hotel for the local community, get the place pumping for when the out of town visitors are in your neighbourhood They want to stay in vibrant places and if your lobbies are full and bars busy, then you ’ re going to attract those people ”

As well as keeping local communities close the impor tance for hoteliers to be aware of events within the local community from street festivals through to large arena events were discussed, Nick Russell, Director, IPW Ltd highlighted how there are numerous “ oppor tunities to link up arenas and hotel experiences” in order to build a more immersive experience for guests and drive revenues, par ticularly within F&B

The conference’s vision stage was honoured to welcome Greater Manchester’s Mayor, Andy Burnham, who discussed the role of hospitality in development, regeneration and growth of the city, explaining his plans to highlight the great employment oppor tunities available to the local community, and bringing in young talent from other areas

Manchester is the home of 24 hour par ty people , that is impor tant in itself, in terms of the visitor economy, the money that it brings in, and the jobs that are sustained, by hosting bustling nightlife” said Burnham

To enhance that experience there was a strong call for leadership training in the Work in Progress: Engage

Your Workforce and Increase Productivity session in which the panel discussed the impor tance of developing leaders who are attuned to the industr y ’ s unique characteristics and values is key to its continued success

La Gavroche’s Chef Patron Michel Roux Jr, closed the conference reminding delegates that to move forward and thrive requires adaptability “If it’s not working, change it and move on, you need to be nimble , fast and able to adapt quickly”

The Duke Of Cumberland Official Reopens After £1.8M Transformation

A nautical theme marked the official launch event for Shepherd Neame’s coastal pub The Duke of Cumberland in Whitstable on Tuesday (September 12)

Volunteers from Whitstable RNLI and Whitstable Coastwatch turned out in force to celebrate the reopening of the town centre pub, which has reopened after a stunning 14-week, £1 8 million refurbishment

To mark the occasion, both organisations received donations of £1,000 from Shepherd Neame’s Chief Executive , Jonathan Neame , while the first pint was pulled by Visit Kent’s Chief Executive Officer, Deidre Wells OBE

Dating back to 1867, the pub building has been completely refurbished, with care taken to retain and restore its original features which include a Grade II Listed bar while giving the historic venue a contemporar y and stylish feel

The pub which sits on a striking spot in the hear t of the bustling seaside town at the entrance to the High Street has been owned by Shepherd Neame since 1898

The 14-week renovation was completed to the highest standard with a classic feel of wood and leather complemented by a beach-inspired colour palette in recognition of its seaside location

There are now eight boutique bedrooms, each boasting its own distinctive style and character Whitstable has long been famous for its oysters, and each of the rooms is named after an historic oyster fishing vessel, known as a ‘yawl’ or ‘smack’, built in the town

Chief Executive Jonathan Neame said: “The Duke of Cumberland has been par t of our estate for almost its whole life – more than 120 years – and is a treasured jewel in our coastal crown, so it was essential for us to ensure that this refurbishment preser ved its unique heritage while also invigorating it with a contemporar y feel

“We are proud to be par t of Whitstable’s thriving community and hope that the impressive work that has been carried out here will ensure The Duke of Cumberland continues to ser ve customers for the next centur y and beyond

Visit Kent Chief Executive Officer Deidre Wells said: “I would like to thank Shepherd Neame for making our job at Visit Kent a lot easier because this really isn t going to be a hard sell! Shepherd Neame s investment in The Duke of Cumberland is a real boost for our county s tourism industr y The pub looks fantastic and I’m sure will prove hugely popular with customers, offering a unique place to drink, dine and stay in the hear t of Whitstable ”

Cooking Up A Solution

Saving Costs By Recycling Food Waste

Despite soaring energ y prices unaffordable commercial rent hikes and wage demands going through the roof, food waste is still widely considered one of the catering sector’s highest costs Philip Simpson, commercial director at ReFood, explains why recycling can help to make a notable difference to both sustainability credentials and the bottom line

According to insight from AI technolog y business Winnow, commercial kitchens typically throw away between 4-12% of all the food they purchase From plate scrapings and spoiled produce to shells, gristle , peelings and bones, the vast majority of unwanted waste is simply binned However, with landfill tax rates across England and Nor thern Ireland now sitting at a staggering £96 70 per tonne , combined with everincreasing budgetar y pressures resulting from the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic food waste is fast becoming one of the sector’s largest overheads – and by far its biggest headache

Is this perfect storm of market forces the final nail in the coffin for the UK’s struggling catering and hospitality sector, or is there an effective solution that could help to successfully offset bills? At ReFood, we believe the latter Indeed if waste is seen as a resource businesses have the oppor tunity to reduce their disposal costs alone by more than 50%


Food waste recycling sees food broken down in the absence of oxygen via anaerobic digestion (AD) to create renewable energ y and sustainable liquid biofer tiliser Nothing is wasted from star t to finish which means

that food waste can be easily diver ted away from landfill, with zero landfill tax charges to pay

For catering and hospitality businesses, this could see waste management bills effectively cut in half – a sizeable impact to operational overheads But the positives don’t end there Alongside the financial benefits, food waste recycling delivers a notable environmental impact too

When food waste rots in landfill, it releases greenhouse gas emissions with a global warming potential more than 21 times greater than carbon dioxide By switching from traditional waste management solutions to food waste recycling you effectively eliminate the issue

As the UK’s leading food waste recycler ReFood operates three state-

of-the-ar t facilities in Dagenham Doncaster and Widnes which collectively handle 480,000 tonnes of food waste ever y year Working with organisations operating across the food supply chain, including hospitality and catering businesses, our operations play a key role in diver ting unavoidable waste away from landfill

Harnessing the anaerobic digestion (AD) process, whereby food waste is degraded in the absence of oxygen our operations capture the methane released and use it to create renewable energ y The residual material, a liquid digestate , is used as a biofer tiliser to aid crop growth

As the sector looks forward to its long-awaited resurgence , tight overheads and uncer tainty over future customer demand means that savvy operators should be looking at effective ways to cut unnecessar y costs

Cutting waste relies on a multi-faceted approach to tackle it from multiple angles

If adopted in line with the principles outlined by the food waste hierarchy, food waste recycling recognises waste as the valuable resource it is A simple yet effective solution, businesses can diver t waste from landfill, improve profits and boost their green credentials alongside

See the adver t on the facing page for details of how ReFood can help your business

14 CLH Digital Issue 178

Avoiding a Scrum at the Bar; Last Minute Hospitality Talent Will Be Needed During the Rugby World Cup

Just as finishers in rugby are strategic reinforcements to get a team through the most challenging par ts of a match, integrating freelance hospitality talent into your team can also successfully raise your business game

The Six Nations Rugby Tournament earlier in the year drove pub footfall up by a third and beer sales to over 17 million pints on match Saturdays

This year s Rugby World Cup promises to be one of the most popular ever with fans, given that the matches are scheduled for the afternoons and evenings for UK viewers 15 million people in the UK watched England beat Australia in the 2003 final - and that was mid morning in the UK So, we can expect even more fan fer vour if the home teams do well in this year ’ s tournament, which promises to be a bonanza for the UK hospitality trade

How can you reinforce your team with competent workers, whilst also wasting as little time as possible? Should you turn to temping agencies hire on a shor t-term contract or call in casual staff to temporarily beef up your teams? Perhaps the best solution is a freelancer

Freelance jobs are by nature ever-evolving and freelancers have to deliver quality and reliability in order to ensure longevity in their business venture This extra drive is incredibly impor tant in industries where a general lack of motivation invariably leads to lower-quality ser vice and deliver y

Of course , the aim is not to completely replace your existing salaried staff with freelancers Quite the opposite Freelancers offer the possibility to suppor t and reinforce existing teams Ever y organisation in the ser vice industr y needs a permanent team that knows the place like the back of its hand, but finding dependable extra staff to complement the team at periods of exceptionally high demand can be tricky

Since 2016, hospitality freelancing platform and app Brigad has enabled thousands of high quality hospitality

businesses in London, Birmingham and Manchester - from the Berkeley Hotel to a raft of passionate independent cafes, restaurants and pubsto connect with the best self-employed hospitality professionals for this blended approach

Brigad gives the same advice to ever y business that they suppor t: recruit and train a permanent team that represents your business best, and when you need to, call for backup from a talented self-employed professional These people bring a new injection of energ y and passion about their career or craft, and are experienced enough to gel with existing teams for a shor t time to help with staff shor tages

In the hospitality industr y, ever y second saved is impor tant So, to avoid wasting time , Brigad puts you in contact with qualified freelancers for your shor t-term personnel needs All profiles are verified and approved by our team in advance Calling in a freelancer who can hit the ground running saves you precious time For a restaurant owner, that means less time taken away from looking after your customers

There are parallels between spor t and business The spor t of rugby has already shifted its approach from mere substitutes to finishers , highly skilled individuals that bring a specific exper tise on a flexible basis to relieve or complement the team Hospitality businesses would be wise to draw inspiration from it: the best performing businesses are now the ones who are agile and reactive enough to adapt their team strateg y, depending on the events happening And in this new paradigm, new solutions such as Brigad are emerging, enabling them to manage a blended workforce

Time is precious, but it only takes around 3 minutes to post a mission on the Brigad app, and 80% of missions posted are accepted in less than 2 hours Be prepared for the Rugby World Cup and secure suppor t to maximise takings during this busy period To book last minute talent now email:

St Austell Brewery Acquires The Bath Pub Company

South West based brewer St Austell Brewer y has acquired The Bath Pub Company in a deal which sees St Austell take over the operation of The Bath Pub Company’s four sites, fur ther growing and strengthening its 184-strong West Countr y pub estate

The Locksbrook Inn, The Moorfields and The Hare & Hounds bring the total number of sites in St Austell’s managed pub estate to 43 The Marlborough Tavern is now par t of the company ’ s leased and tenanted estate and will continue to be operated by Justin Sleath, The Bath Pub Company’s co-founder and commercial director St Austell chief executive Kevin Georgel said:

“We’re proud to become the new owners of such a high-quality and well-respected pub company in Bath We are fully committed to developing the quality and size of our pub estate As such we are investing significantly in our existing pubs while also acquiring new sites and businesses such as The Bath Pub Company The Locksbrook Inn, The Moorfields, The Hare & Hounds and The Marlborough Tavern all have a

strong alignment with our long-term plans and are a perfect fit for us in terms of market and consumer positioning ”

Joe Cussens, managing director and co-founder at The Bath Pub Company, added:

Justin and I are ver y confident that, as a company which shares our values, St Austell is the custodian best suited for the next stage of The Bath Pub Company’s development We’re ver y proud of the business as it is today and know St Austell has the resources and know-how to grow it fur ther to release the full potential of the pubs in the years to come ”

The acquisition fur ther strengthens St Austell’s presence in and around Bath, where it already owns four tenanted pubs, The Griffin, The Swan, The Hop Pole and The Salamander

The company also acquired Bath Ales in 2017, a deal which included a brewer y in Warmley and a local distribution network

A Voice For The Industry: HOSPA Welcomes New Addition To Its Board With More Than 25 Years Of Hospitality Experience

HOSPA the Hospitality Professionals Association is delighted to welcome seasoned hospitality professional William Gibbs to its board as it looks to call upon his wealth of industr y knowledge

Currently Hotels Director at Sir Richard Sutton Limited (SRSL) and last year ’ s winner of HOSPA’s ‘Inspirational Leader - Asset Management Project’ award, William will be looking to bring his rich skillset to the table , developed over an impressive hospitality career of more than 25 years

William has held a variety of senior leadership roles across some of the UK s most reputable hospitality outlets including The Hotel Collection, Westmont Hospitality Group, The Dorchester and Hamilton Hotel Par tners Now, alongside his role at SRSL, he will be looking to strengthen the offering of one of the UK’s foremost authoritative voices in hospitality

As par t of this new venture , he will utilise his strategic vision to suppor t HOSPA’s CEO, Jane Pendlebur y, and her team to establish long-term goals and priorities, ensuring its activities are aligned with the needs of the industr y and its members

Commenting on his new position, William said: “I am absolutely delighted to join the board of HOSPA and to offer my exper tise for the betterment of its members It has been an organisation close to my hear t ever since I star ted as a trainee accountant in Le Meridien Hotels, and it helped me in my career as I moved up the ladder in finance and across into operations HOSPA has opened so many doors either through contacts that have

become business par tners or colleagues that I have worked with I feel that this is now my chance to be able to give back to the organisation by utilising my board and leadership experience from SRSL ”

HOSPA is dedicated to helping specialist leaders develop their careers and network as well as keep up to date with industr y trends and developments Offering a wide and growing range of oppor tunities for members, it delivers an extensive calendar of networking meetings and webinars with the most notable of the year being HOSPACE, taking place this year on the 16th November at the Royal Lancaster London Jane Pendlebur y, CEO of HOSPA, added: “We’re all delighted to have William join us as our newest board member This is a really exciting time for the sector and his exper tise will be instrumental in making sure HOSPA puts its best foot forward in the ever-changing landscape of hospitality We will look to lean on his strategic exper tise and anticipate some really exciting developments over the coming years in which William will undoubtedly play a big par t!”

William continued: “I believe that HOSPA plays an impor tant par t in the continuous development of its members and I look forward to looking at ways in which we can grow the influence of the association and keep it forward-thinking I am passionate about hospitality, and I feel privileged to be joining the board of an organisation that has such a positive influence on our industr y

For more information on HOSPA, please visit: https://www hospa org/

16 CLH Digital Issue 178

Government & Industry Seek To Create Next Generation Of Hospitality Leaders

Jobseekers are now able to access a new Government-backed employment programme designed to fill vacancies in the hospitality sector

The pilot scheme set to launch in Liverpool before being rolled out to other major cities over the coming months will see benefit claimants gain an industr y recognised accreditation endorsed by industr y leaders including Greene King, Marriot Hotels and ACC Liverpool

The Hospitality Sector-based Work Academy Programme (SWAP) combines a unique programme of learning launched by the Depar tment for Work and Pensions (DWP) in collaboration with UKHospitality

The scheme is designed to provide tailored training for jobseekers from industr y exper ts, allowing them to move into a career in hospitality, while boosting workforce par ticipation in the sector and helping to grow the economy

Benefit claimants will complete qualifications and accredited training in areas such as health and safety, food safety, licensing, and conflict resolution to add to their Hospitality Skills Passpor t – a digital pass which can be added to CVs to show employers jobseekers have the skillset required by the sector They will also receive training in confidence and asser tiveness to build personal skills and strength

The programme will culminate with a guaranteed job inter view for all par ticipants, helping jobseekers with a valuable progression oppor tunity to apply their new skills and a pathway to apprenticeships

Minister for Employment, Guy Opperman MP said: This innovative collaboration between DWP and

UKHospitality is a national first and underscores our commitment to work with industr y to address challenges, fill vacancies and grow the economy

The standardised and industr y backed Hospitality Skills Passpor t will help bridge the gap for those looking for work in the hospitality sector, helping jobseekers to boost their skills and kickstar t their careers Through practical hands-on learning jobseekers will reinforce their newfound skills with an oppor tunity to contribute to the industr y from day one by completing work experience placements with some of the industr y ’ s largest employers

Following the pilot launch in Liverpool plans are in place to expand to other cities across England and Wales including London, Manchester and Birmingham from October

Kate Nicholls, Chief Executive , UKHospitality said: Hospitality is a fantastic sector that offers a diverse variety of career oppor tunities, which is why it’s so well suited to helping people back into work We’re delighted to be par tnering with the Government to help run this exciting programme which we hope can be a real positive for both jobseekers and businesses

Chris Gamm, CEO of Springboard, said: We’re delighted to be involved with the trial, giving unemployed people the skills to launch their hospitality careers helping them find exciting jobs with engaged local businesses and showcasing what fantastic development oppor tunities our industr y offers through training and apprenticeships

Trade Drinks Expo - 10th and 11th of October 2023

The UK’s only event dedicated to maximising your drink sales for on-trade and off-trade is coming to the ExCeL London on the 10th & 11th October with a brand-new look!

Your FREE ticket to the Trade Drinks Expo will allow you to meet thousands of like-minded individuals in the drinks sector

The ExCeL London is being transformed into the ultimate and exciting hub of innovation and trends, showing you what the future of the drink’s industr y holds We are ready to present you with the unmissable event of 2023!

Over the course of the two days of the show, there’ll be an

incredible range of suppliers showcasing their off-trade and ontrade innovative drinks and taking par t in seminars, teaching you about the industr y ' s biggest issues led by your favourite brands! Hear from the likes of Britvic and Four seasons who are ready to teach you the best tips and tricks the sector has to offer Not only that but you will be able to taste and experience all samples from our suppliers in our brand new Trail on Tap, as well as being exposed to endless networking oppor tunities!

Better still, this year ’ s instalment runs alongside 6 other industr y-leading events, THE biggest business growth event for the world of food and drink

Save the date and get your ticket here , we hope to see you there!

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Five Tips For Achieving Growth In An Inflationary Market

High inflation, steep energ y prices and cost volatility some of which is derived from supply shor tages continue to put pressure on the UK’s hospitality sector However, the number of closures seems to be slowing, and some operators have reset their businesses with growth in mind

ONS statistics have shown that the cost of food and non-alcoholic beverages in the year ending April 2023 soared to the second highest rate in 45 years, contributing to a wave of closures Even larger restaurant operators are feeling the squeeze , such as Prezzo, which recently announced plans to shut 46 of its UK outlets

Considering consumer spending could drop fur ther if the Bank of England chooses to go ahead with fur ther increases in interest rates later this year, restaurant operators may need to rely on the insights provided by real data to obtain a competitive edge


Before embarking on business adaptations to cut costs and boost revenues, restaurant operators need to conduct a holistic assessment of their cost base – both fixed and variable costs As par t of this, businesses should consider all of the data available to them, be that EPOS figures, customer footfall, energ y usage , the costs of goods and labour For bigger branded operators, this will require a detailed analysis of data associated with each site , in order to create a value map of the business identifying where profits and losses are being generated Analysing this data will inform both micro- and macro-level decisions to protect margins and reduce costs an effor t that businesses can reinforce by gathering information about customer preferences and satisfaction levels


Data har vesting is only the first step to securing a more stable market position With research showing that two thirds of UK consumers are reducing the amount they spend on eating out, it is impor tant that restaurant operators use insights about their customer base and operational costs to understand what the business’ demand levers are For instance , measuring the true cost of dishes, including not only the ingredients but also labour and waste , across different time periods, could help to identify the most profitable dishes and where there is scope to optimise the menu

Data-based insights can also be used to build a bespoke demand forecasting model, enabling restaurant

operators to predict demand levels at specific sites and at different times of day The model can then be used to inform decisions about how to modify products and ser vices – perhaps closing or reducing the menu on cer tain days of the week or adapting the menu for lunchtime ser vice Acquiring a clearer picture of the future will allow businesses to respond to any changes in demand in a more agile way


When it comes to adapting business models to suit consumer demand, it is impor tant to look for ways to cultivate customer loyalty With train strikes and hybrid work patterns continuing to affect footfall in city centres, some operators have seen revenues slide A potential remedy for this is for operators to make their business more attractive to the marketplace through the use of strategic discounts or special offers to draw people in and encourage them to return It may also be possible to differentiate the customer experience in order to attract customers from a specific demographic , for example , using app-based pre-ordering or at-table ordering for people who enjoy using such ser vices and those who have limited time Using social media to measure customer sentiment and comparing opening hours with peak times will equally help businesses to stay ahead of the game



Only one third of hospitality businesses are optimistic about the future as the ongoing conflict in Ukraine continues to push wholesale energ y prices higher If restaurant operators are to achieve growth and gain a competitive advantage , they need to tap into market intelligence to understand the local market drivers and what oppor tunities are open to them Coupled with an understanding of consumer expectations and trends this insight could inform pricing strategies and ensure operators make the right buying and selling decisions to optimise revenues For example , improving cost understanding could open up oppor tunities to buy seasonal goods locally, taking advantage of lower prices and delivering sustainability improvements for the business too by reducing transpor tation


Many restaurant businesses are feeling the effects of an industr y-wide labour shor tage , which is making it harder to attract and retain skilled staff To compete for talent effectively, businesses must focus on giving staff more flexibility and empowering them by giving them control of their working hours Offering free family meals, promoting a healthy work-life balance and offering flexible working hours can all make a difference and help businesses to attract and retain staff Openly communicating with prospective and existing staff to establish their needs is also key to alleviating fur ther pressure to increase the wage bill

With inflation showing little sign of slowing down dramatically the use of data-driven insights to facilitate informed decisions will allow restaurant operators to adopt a more flexible business approach and secure an advantage over their competitors

Setting the Stage for a New Era of Conscious

Consumption: Free From Food 2023 Returns to Amsterdam

Registration is now open for the for thcoming Free From Food 2023 which returns to the RAI Amsterdam from 21-22 November 2023

With the European free-from food market poised to grow at a C AGR of 8 7% by 20271 over 4000 visitors – including retailers traders manufacturers and technologists – are expected to descend on the two-day event, in search of innovative new products and inspiration from over 350 specialist exhibitors from more than 46 different countries


New for 2023, the legendar y Captain of the Categor y award – organised by the Food Personality and Trade Marketing Association (TMA) which rewards leading suppliers to the retail industr y – will take place on the show floor for the first time Aimed at categor y managers, as well as retail and trade marketeers the award is well-known to those operating within the European food and drink industr y Also recognising excellence in the industr y, the Healthy Innovation Award will return to celebrate outstanding innovations within the health ingredients sector Organised by Foodlog, the winners of these awards will be announced during a prestigious awards ceremony on 21 November 2023, demonstrating the industr y ' s commitment to excellence and progress

In addition, the Gezonde Innovatie Award – jointly sponsored by retailers Aldi, Alber t Heijn and Jumbo – will be a central feature of the exhibition this year The award will showcase an array of new and innovative health food products in the Innovation Galler y highlighting the impor tance of promoting health ingredients as well as providing a platform for emerging brands and products to gain visibility


The Big Table Group

1 https://www mordorintelligence com/industr y-repor ts/europe-freefrom-food-market

Over the past fifty years, there has been a huge shift in attitudes towards food and drink Europe’s market is increasingly organic , freefrom and plant-based, with the vegan food sector expected to grow from $29 19 billion in 2027 at a C AGR of 12 4%2 Some of the driving factors behind this include sustainability (30%) animal welfare (22%) and technolog y advancement (20%) meaning consumers are now looking for produce that meets these requirements

At this year ’ s event a diverse range of exhibitors covering current food industr y trends including free-from, plant-based, vegan, healthy, organic , functional and health ingredients, will showcase their innovative and exciting products that align with consumer dietar y preferences, health goals, and ethical values

These include Caremoli, a trailblazer in the free-from categor y, who will highlight its variety of gluten-free ingredients that can be used in a

wide range of applications, as well as Vitae Slow Drinks with its authentic plant-based vegan kombucha that is later flavoured by macerating fruits plants spices and/or roots In addition De Smaakspecialist is also exhibiting, showcasing its range of products of which 97 5% have no added refined sugars and 90% are also vegan

Also addressing the impor tance of conscious and health-focused consumption, Free From Food 2023 will invite a line-up of exper t speakers to take to the stage in the Free From Retail, Vegan & Plant-Based and Supplier & Insights Conference Theatres Here , attendees will be privy to a topical agenda, encompassing a wide range of presentations and panel discussions which equip them with actionable strategies to drive business forward in a highly competitive and rapidly evolving market More details of the educational programme will be unveiled in the coming weeks

Speaking about this year ’ s event Ronald Holman Event Director said:

“The free-from categor y is no longer considered a ‘fad’ Global demand is rising for products that suit changing consumer needs We’re expecting the Free From Food 2023 event in Amsterdam to be a resounding success, bringing together industr y leaders and professionals to collaborate as we shape the future of this exciting, dynamic and booming industr y As the event draws nearer, we ’ re looking forward to welcoming both exhibitors and visitors to celebrate innovation, promote health and sustainability, and set the stage for a new era of conscious consumption ”

2 https://www prnewswire com/news-releases/vegan-food-global-market-repor t-2023-301745495 html

Free From Food 2023 returns to the RAI Amsterdam from 21-22 November 2023 For more information and to register to attend visit:

Acquisition Of Trg’s


20 CLH Digital Issue 178
The Big Table Group the operator of Las Iguanas Bella Italia Banana Tree Café Rouge and Amalfi has announced the acquisition of The Restaurant Group’s Leisure Division The division includes the brands Frankie & Benny’s Chiquito Firejacks Coast To Coast Filling Station and EST which now takes The Big Table Group to operating over 220 restaurants across the UK The make-up of the leisure division as a whole complements The Big Table Group’s existing por tfolio operating across both the family and experiential dining markets The deal is expected to complete at the end of October 2023 Commenting on the acquisition Alan Morgan Chief Executive Officer The Big Table Group said: “Creating developing and acquiring brands that complement our existing por tfolio whilst offering widespread consumer appeal is a fundamental par t of our growth strateg y This exciting acquisition forms par t of that strateg y and we are delighted to be welcoming this new team in to The Big Table Group ” Last year, The Big Table – which is backed by leading private equity group Epiris – announced the acquisition of Banana Tree , as par t of its ongoing growth Under its ownership, Banana Tree has since grown from nine to 15 sites, with plans to open at least a fur ther three new locations before the end of the year
New Award Winning Technology can SAVE YOU 35% TO 55% ON COOKING OIL in deep fryers. REDUCING COSTS Increasing Margins We strongly believe in cutting costs without compromising quality. We look forward to the day that all food industries will join our Eco Friendly quest. Until then we will provide eco friendly solutions that will help them all to reduce their carbon footprint. Why spend all that money on oil, energy and labour when you can dramatically reduce these costs today? MONEY BACKGUARANTEE. 3 YEAR WARRANTY. Contact Louis Farry by phone or email: Tel. 07448 419664

Applying Agile to Optimise Hospitality Operations

The hospitality industr y has faced its fair share of upheaval in recent years

However, for too long, outdated approaches like rigid structures, bureaucratic layers, and detailed upfront planning (waterfall style) have stunted innovation and have resulted in disengaged staff Enter Agile - a mindset personified by 4 simple values and 12 principles that originated in the software development industr y as a solution to these ver y same challenges (see the Agile Manifesto) Embracing individuals and interactions in cross-functional collaboration, with rapid iteration in the face of constant change and volatility Agile provides a way to build complex systems using rapid feedback loops and typically yielding higher quality in shor ter time

These Agile principles have since spread beyond software , accelerating innovation across fields like manufacturing and marketing Now, the hospitality industr y is realising the benefits of adopting Agile to manage rising complexity and deliver transformative guest experiences Rather than following a rigid step-by-step recipe , applying Agile concepts allows hospitality teams to adjust ingredients and techniques on-the-fly to curate truly personalised ser vice With an Agile approach, hospitality firms can empower staff, leapfrog competitors, and gain a competitive edge


Hospitality firms face increasing volatility, uncer tainty, and complexity in operations and demands for personalised ser vice all in the face of fierce competition in the digital era While software teams in the tech world originally adopted Agile to deliver more value to end users within intricate systems, hospitality needs the Agile approach to handle rising complexity across ever y facet of the customer journey Just as Agile enables faster software innovation cycles, it can accelerate innovation for hospitality in areas like ser vice design and pricing optimisation based on guest feedback and data insights

For instance , a hotel manager can empower staff to instantly tweak processes based on guest feedback rather than waiting for corporate approval and sign-off Restaurants can continuously refine menus and pricing based on food costs, customer preferences, and local competition With rising complexity across the hospitality industr y, an Agile approach provides a way to adapt quickly to the latest market conditions


But how can the industr y embrace Agile? It’s crucial to remember this isn't a transformation that businesses have to take in one leap The biggest challenge is typically the mindset of the folks involved, from leadership to each worker We are so infused with thinking in absolutes and ever ything being knowable , that the ambiguity in the complex world we find ourselves in can be downright scar y Applying ever-more complicated processes to handle the unknowns quickly fails to deliver yet the common reaction is to add more to the process There is a simpler approach One that involves favouring individuals and interactions over process and tools In other words being excessivly communicative and collaborative and dampening the command-and-control ordertaker mentality where it doesn’t ser ve the end goal of needing to be creative and innovative to solve challenges in a timely manner

Fear not We can sneak up on the answer as our ver y own agile consultant Jon Kern, co-author of the Agile Manifesto, often quips Decision-makers can star t with small, incremental steps and do limited pilots rather than a full-scale , “big bang,” overhaul Useful star ting points are Agile trials in one depar tment such as menu design for a restaurant or housekeeping for a hotel

To secure leadership buy-in, align your Agile approach with hospitality goals like improving guest loyalty or employee retention Then empower pilot teams with resources and suppor t to learn and develop their own hybrid Agile practice Another fatal flaw in the Agile Industrial Complex is to roll out cookie-cutter processes and train staff to do them by rote and expect that training to produce magical results

It’s imperative to promote an Agile mindset, which involves being adaptable , communicative , collaborative , humble , curious, and open to change Make sure employees understand how the Agile approach benefits them through more engagement, input, and ownership over their work processes Allow teams flexibility in how Agile manifests day-to-day across different functions

Finally to determine success identify expected outcomes for each Agile pilot such as improved customer satisfaction scores, faster room cleaning times, or more effective marketing campaigns As initial projects demonstrate benefits it is easy to scale by rolling out similar effor ts across more par ts of the broader organisation With an empowered Agile culture , staff will identify new oppor tunities to implement Agile ways of working START SMALL - AND BECOME AGILE

In an age of complexity and disruption, applying the mindset of Agile values and principles can provide a competitive edge through guest experiences that truly delight and engage and just as impor tantly engage and empower staff Hospitality firms can embark on the Agile journey by star ting small with pilots focused on quick wins Within a few Agile iterations benefits often quickly become clear Even small rituals like discussing the challenges and seeking bottom-up input, daily collaboration with your teammates, and sharing progress and roadblocks can create more transparency and ownership for staff By taking those first incremental steps, hospitality firms can pivot toward the future with higher-quality experiences, faster innovation, and an empowered workforce

Increase Sales with Crisps and Snacks from Tayto Group

“Conser ving cash and maximising sales have never been more important to the on-trade Bar Snacks offer a brilliant oppor tunity to increase sales through the ‘double whammy’ of generating incremental sales AND boosting dwell time We know that less than 20% of people regularly buy a snack with a drink and the main reason for not doing so is ‘I just didn’t think about it

Prompting a purchase by displaying snacks prominently and getting staff to offer them, can make all the difference explains Matt Smith, Marketing Director for Tayto Group Ltd owners of the UK’s top pork snacks brands – Mr Porky and Midland Snacks – as well as the awardwinning hospitality-exclusive REAL Hand Cooked Crisps


Tayto Group are delighted to announce they have been awarded TWO 2-star Great Taste Awards for their premium hospitality-exclusive REAL Hand Cooked Crisps flavours – Sea Salt & Black Pepper and Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar

Great Taste - the world’s most coveted food and drink award - is recognised as a stamp of excellence among consumers and trade alike and celebrates taste above all else Two-star awards are given only to products considered “above and beyond delicious – OUTSTANDING!”

Adding to their already impressive list of Great Taste Award winning flavours – Sea Salt, Sweet Chilli and Roast Ox - is a real testament to the care and exper tise of the REAL Hand Cooked Crisps brand

By not offering a range of premium snacks, pubs could be leaving money on the table as Smith explains “Our research shows that most people either have no idea what they pay for pub snacks or expect to pay over £1 a pack, so venues can easily make over 50p profit per pack1 All it takes is for staff to ask Do you want some snacks with your drinks?”

Snacks also have the potential to increase sales of drinks Pork scratchings are a great example The perfect par tner to cider wine and especially premium beers and lagers their unique taste balances the sharpness and carbonation of some drinks, while the saltiness enhances the flavour and helps get your thirst on Scratchings really are the ULTIMATE PUB SNACK! In a 2021 poll, they topped the list when 2,000 pubgoers were asked to name their favourite pub snack This comes as no surprise as 83% of pork snacks are consumed with a drink The combination of a pint and scratching has been passed down generations and is fundamental to the Great British pub experience There really is no matching a scratching!

Premium crisps are another essential bar snack given 82% of pub goers eat them4 and consumers are willing to pay up to 30% more for premium over standard products Having products that aren’t available in supermarkets such as REAL Hand Cooked Crisps also enables venues to justify their premium pricing

It’s impor tant to cover a large range of ages and dietar y requirements with your snacks offering Pub goers are more and more conscious about what they – and their families – eat, and many follow a free from diet The premium REAL Hand Cooked Crisps range is gluten free , with no added MSG, suitable for vegetarians and six flavours are suitable for vegans too For younger family member, Animal Adventures are lightly salted animal-shaped fun snacks which are gluten-free , with no ar tificial preser vatives or ar tificial colours and suitable for vegetarians Ringos Puffs have also been launched - with a low calorie content and low salt levels they pack a flavour punch and the light bite appeals to all ages


Pub consumers look for brands they can trust and it’s impor tant to stock proven sellers! Tayto has a range of award-winning snacks to suit ever y pub:

– Mr Porky Original Scratchings – the No 1 brand from the most recognised name in scratc hings and a Great Taste award-winning scratc hing

– Mid and Snac ks Traditional Scratc h ngs – the No 2 brand6 and our bestselling pubcard – is also a Great Taste award-winning hand cooked scratc hings using a recipe that has stood the test of time

– Mr Porky Crispy Strips - a lighter bite , akin to cr ispy bacon r ind, for those who want all the taste of a scratc hing but a less hard texture , and another Great Taste award-winner

– REAL Hand Cooked Crisps – premium, award-winning, hospitality exc lu-

sive cr isps with strong flavour s and c haracterful pac kaging whic h really stands out and dr ives sales

Animal Adventures – vegetar ian, gluten-free , no added nasties , an malshaped fun snac ks that kids love

Ringos Puffs – The lighter snac k in Sweet Chilli and BBQ whic h is ow in calor ies and salt – a flavour pac ked snac k for all ages

Given that snac k sales increase by up to 80% when they are more visible7, Tayto provides pub-focused solutions suc h as eye-catc hing pubcards for pork scratc hings to be hung behind the bar and a range of FREE POS for REAL cr isps - avai able at realcr isps com/POS


Snacks offer a simple route to incremental sales - if customers are prompted to buy them with their drinks Thankfully there are a few simple tips for venues to achieve this:

Stoc k a range of proven, premium snac ks that have been developed for the licensed sector

o Award-winning pork scratc hing pubcards from Midland Snac ks and Mr Porky

o Premium REAL Hand Cooked Cr isps - whic h are exc lusive to the hospitality sector

o ‘Lighter’ options suc h as Animal Adventures for c hildren and Ringos Puffs for all ages

Get your team to prompt purc hase

o ‘Would you like some snac ks with your dr nks?’ s all it takes!

– Put your snac ks where customer s can see them

o Pubcards or c lip str ips behind the bar

o A full range of cr isps on the bar

o Bar runner s and coaster s are great eye-catc hing prompts

For fur ther information see the adver t on the facing page , Tel: 01536 204200 or visit www taytogroup com

22 CLH Digital Issue 178

Hospitality Leaders Call For Unity And Collaboration From The Industry…

….to improve the perception of hospitality careers and attract more young people

Senior leaders from the hospitality and foodser vice industr y came together at the Arena Summer Event for a roundtable , hosted by Nestlé Professional®, to discuss one of the most pressing issues facing the industr y – youth employment

10 exper ts in the fields of HR, operations and food and beverage were in attendance representing companies with a combined UK workforce of more than 130,000, including the likes of BaxterStorey, Greene King and Compass Group UK&I

Chaired by William Murray CEO, Anita Murray, the roundtable opened with Nestlé Professional highlighting the industr y ’ s perception problem –a key finding from its own research1 Negative stereotypes perpetuated by parents (47%) friends (35%) and teachers (34%) were identified as the main barriers preventing young people from considering a career in hospitality From unskilled roles and the lack of careers that exist to ‘limited’ progression oppor tunities, exper ts delved into the misperceptions to understand how they can be tackled head on

Before looking at potential solutions, the roundtable highlighted a key benefit of attracting young talent to the industr y Louise Gallant, Head of Publican and MP Recruitment at Punch Pubs, emphasised the fresh thinking that young workers bring She stated, “They’re naturally curious and want to question things,” highlighting their potential to embrace new technologies for smar ter and more efficient processes

However, it was agreed early on the industr y needs to redefine how it presents itself before realising the benefits of a younger workforce

“There’s a clear disparity between what we know, as people who live and breathe the industr y, and what the wider perception is”, said Graham Briggs, Head of Apprenticeships at Greene King Whilst referring to hospitality as a “ superpower ” and “contagious”, BaxterStorey’s Director of Food, Greg Bramwell, urged the industr y “to do a better job at promoting the skillset that young people can develop, from multi-tasking, problem solving and teamwork to communication, customer ser vice and attention to detail ”

Exper ts also highlighted the need for transparent communication about routes into the industr y – with no requirements to do A-levels or get a degree – as well as the oppor tunities available to fast-track career development and the monetar y rewards at different levels

Despite the ideas that were brought to the table , including a national bring your child to work day for hospitality, business leaders agreed the industr y has to, first, stop contradicting itself with siloed messaging on hospitality careers Managing Director of Nestlé Professional, Katya Simmons, explained how the industr y ’ s fragmented structure limits it from being able to deliver consistent messages about hospitality careers to young people “Put simply, we need structure to be able to create clear messages on topics like culture and career progression which from our research we know are two key drivers for young people”

The exper ts stressed the impor tance of collaboration and a unified approach to create an authoritative industr y voice and deliver a longlasting, powerful message to young people regarding the array of opportunities available to them

One initiative already uniting the industr y to inspire young people is the Choose Hospitality Pledge Co-founded by Nestlé Professional, Choose Hospitality, and Springboard CareerScope – the Choose

Hospitality Pledge aims to educate secondar y school students about the industr y ’ s wide range of entr y-level roles and training oppor tunities, the breadth of roles available – dispelling the ‘only chef or waiter’ myth – as well the many career pathways on offer

The roundtable concluded with a shared agreement on the challenges and potential solutions to improve the perception of hospitality as an aspirational career choice for young people The key takeaway, and a theme that cropped up throughout the discussion, was how does the industr y take a more unified and collaborative approach The panel agreed to join forces to create an open and honest dialogue with an industr y body to kickstar t the process of addressing the key issues raised


• Anita Murray, CEO, William Murray (Chair)

• Frank Coughlan, Executive Head Chef, BaxterStorey

• Amanda Scott, Director of Talent, Learning and D&I, Compass Group UK&I

• Greg Bramwell, Director of Food, BaxterStorey

• Louise Gallant, Head of Publican and MP Recruitment, Punch Pubs

• Cher yl Hope , Trading Director, Unitas

• Ross Baxter Senior HR Business Par tner Greene King

• Graham Briggs, Head of Apprenticeships & EP – People and Culture , Greene King

• Anthony Piercey Head of Food Deployment ISS

• Katya Simmons, MD, Nestlé Professional

• Katrina Harrison, Brand and Activation Lead, Nestlé Professional

Eight of London’s Top Chefs Unite in Aid of Industr y Charity

Relaxed Takeaway Pints Rules Extended

Eight of London’s Top Chefs Unite in Aid of Industry Charity

Some of London’s most talented chefs will unite for the first time to cook up a storm in aid of industr y charity Hospitality Action at Nobu Hotel London Por tman Square on Monday 6th November

Hospitality Action chef patrons, Jason Ather ton, Vivek Singh and Atul Kochhar will be joined by four of the prime movers on the London restaurant scene: Tom Booton Adam Handling Anna Haugh and Ben Murphy; along with one of the world’s pre-eminent pastr y chefs, Claire Clark MBE

The Winter Chefs’ Dinner will see guests delight in an exclusive canapé and drinks reception and four course gastronomic feast with wine throughout, while having the oppor tunity to meet the all-star London chef brigade Diners will also be encouraged to join the prize draw and fundraising auctions with exclusive experiences and overnight stays up for grabs

The evening will raise vital funds to suppor t those in the hospitality industr y who are facing crisis Between 2020-22, Hospitality Action awarded almost £460,000 to households in

London; the most suppor ted region (16 9%) for receiving a grant

Hospitality Action Patron and Executive Chef of The Cinnamon Collection, Vivek Singh, comments: “I’m delighted to suppor t Hospitality Action as having spent a lifetime in our incredible sector, this is the most welcoming and suppor tive of fraternities Ever y now and again, our own may fall on hard times and may need to be suppor ted; Hospitality Action do just that ” Anna Haugh Executive Head Chef and Owner Myr tle Restaurant said: “I’ve been asked to join forces with an incredible line-up of London-based chefs and I want to play my par t in raising crucial funds for this industr y charity The atmosphere in the kitchen is sure to be electric Hospitality Action works to suppor t people from our industr y in their time of need and I am proud to be giving a helping hand ”

Tickets for the Winter Chefs’ Dinner at Nobu Hotel London Por tman Square cost £150 per person and £1,500 for a table of ten and can be purchased online

Dreary July Figure Sparks Calls For Small Business Support In Autumn Statement

July saw GDP fall by 0 5%, dampening hopes of a third quar ter recover y in small business confidence levels

Responding to Office for National Statistics figures showing that GDP fell by 0 5% in July 2023 compared with the previous month, Mar tin McTague , National Chair of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), said:

“This fall in GDP will come as little surprise for small businesses, who have endured uncer tain trading conditions over a summer marked by poor weather and still-high levels of inflation

“It is dishear tening to see a fall in the three main sectors of ser vices, construction, and production, with the fall in ser vices especially eye-catching due to the dominance of the ser vice sector in the UK economy

“The steady increase in interest rates has tightened the screw for many small firms, with many repor ting consumer spending contracting as a result, and with firms carr ying index-linked debts seeing their repayments rise and rise hitting their margins

“This indication that the economy contracted at the star t of the third quar ter will dampen hopes of a more optimistic finding in small business confidence levels which stalled in the second quar ter following a large improvement at the star t of the year

“Our research also found that confidence levels and revenue growth were drastically different between sec-

tors, with small firms in retail and hospitality notably more pessimistic than professional, scientific and technical businesses, for example These disparities should be kept in mind so that firms in areas or sectors where growth is less for thcoming are not left out of sight, out of mind

“Looking forward, falling demand for goods and ser vices and inflation are seen as key challenges for small firms, and we can’t forget that energ y bills are still far higher than they were 18 months ago

“Given the falls in all three main sectors, the Autumn Statement will be a watershed moment for the Government in terms of proving its small business suppor t credentials A significant step would be to tackle late payments once and for all Outstanding invoices hold back both growth and stability for businesses and we will be looking for concrete steps to stamp out this scourge in the for thcoming response to a Government consultation on the topic

“Another way to encourage growth among small businesses would be to act to lighten the burden of business rates We would like to see the discount for retail, hospitality and leisure businesses extended for another year, and the Small Business Rate Relief threshold raised from £12,000 to £25,000 Reducing the rates burden would work as a motivating factor to re-energise the entrepreneurial spirit that’s so impor tant in a healthy economy

“Raising the VAT threshold from £85,000 to £100,000 could also spare both businesses and consumers from the double jeopardy of rising prices and taxes ”

24 CLH Digital Issue 178

August Sees Growth But Mixed Weather Dampens Trading

Britain’s managed restaurant, pub and bar groups overcame some dismal summer weather to record like-for-like sales growth of 5 3% in August 2023, the latest Coffer CGA Business Tracker shows

The Tracker produced by CGA by NIQ in par tnership with and the Coffer Group and RSM UK has now been in year-on-year growth for 11 months in a row However, August’s figure marks a drop from 7 8% in July Growth in the Tracker is at its lowest point since March and has dipped slightly below the UK s rate of inflation

Widespread cool weather kept many consumers indoors and made August a good month for the restaurant sector, where like-for-like sales finished 8 6% ahead of August 2022 With beer gardens and terraces emptier than usual, pubs recorded 4 9% growth Bars continue to be the worst performing of the three segments in the Tracker, with sales down by 7 5% year-onyear

For the 16th month in a row, London outpaced the rest of the UK for sales growth Managed groups ’ like-

for-like sales within the M25 were 7 1% ahead in August, compared to 4 9% beyond the M25

Karl Chessell, director – hospitality operators and food, EMEA at CGA by NIQ, said: “Against a backdrop of grey skies and cool temperatures, 5 3% growth represents a decent August for managed groups However persistent high inflation and the Tracker’s downward trajector y means year-on-year sales are marginally down in real terms There are signs that consumer confidence may pick up as we move towards the crucial Christmas trading period, but high costs are going to make trading conditions difficult in hospitality for some time to come ”

Paul Newman, head of leisure and hospitality at RSM UK, said: “Despite ongoing disruption to train ser vices that continued to impact London’s commuters, managed restaurant groups within the M25 enjoyed a stellar month with likefor-like sales up a lofty 10% in August With inflation levels heading in the right direction, interest rates likely to have peaked and an extended period of hot weather to star t September, consumers should feel buoyed to get together in local pubs to cheer on the home nations as they begin their challenge for the Rugby World Cup

Oakers Relay Charity Challenge

The Royal Oak in Chapel Ash, run by Terr y and Emma Cole , hosted a charity challenge that saw various community groups take par t in the “Oakers Relay” on 2nd September

The challenge was organised by the pair in suppor t of their favourite charity, the Midland Freewheelers, who are a biker group and members of the National Association of Blood Bikes (NABB)

They offer a 24/7 ser vice transpor ting blood, breast milk and urgent medical supplies – all for free The Royal Oak community has been raising money for the Blood Bikers charity for over eight years, and this time around felt they needed to raise the stakes to continue to secure funding for this great cause

On the morning of Saturday 2nd September ten bikers made their way to their first point at Ross on Wye while six cyclists set off for the first leg of the relay – a four teen mile trip along countr y lanes to RAF Cosford The bikers carried with them two relay balls, (a netball and a football) that were to be passed on to spor ts teams as par t of the challenge

RAF Cosford is the home of the Midlands Air Ambulance , where the Blood Bikers supply them with vital

blood top ups and medical supplies Like the Blood Bikers, the Midland Air Ambulance are charity funded Arriving at 11am on the Saturday morning, the bikers handed the relay balls over to the cyclists, and were even invited to the helipad to see the helicopter lying in wait to be called out!

Keen suppor ters of the local community, The Royal Oak are sponsors of the men ’ s football team and ladies netball team who took par t in the challenge After some fierce competition from both sides the teams along with a crowd of approximately fifty onlookers made their way back to The Royal Oak for celebration drinks They were met there by the runners who carried the relay balls along a disused railway track up Compton Hill, completing a three and a half mile run back to The Royal Oak to close off the challenge

Terr y and Emma once again pulled off a fantastic fundraising effor t for their chosen charity, doubling their goal of £1500 with the help of the community Next time they have said that the target will be doubled from the get-go, which is great news for the Free Wheelers and those who benefit from their ser vice!

Latest Tourism Statistics Published For Jan-March 2023

Latest statistics for Januar y to March 2023 show Brits have spent on average 12% more per trip on their domestic holidays in England compared to the first three months of 2022 British residents spent on average £263 per trip in England from Januar y to March 2023 with average trips in England lasting 2 8 nights Great Britain Tourism Sur vey (GBTS) results published today,12 September 2023 show that Brits spent a total of £5 3 billion overall on domestic overnight tourism trips in England from Januar y to March this year, up 3% compared to the same period last year when they spent £5 2 billion Brits took 20 3 million overnight tourism trips in England in the first three months of 2023, down 8% on the same period in 2022, when there were 21 9 million overnight tourism trips

VisitEngland Director Andrew Stokes said: “It’s great to see Brits fully back out experiencing all that England

has to offer from our picture perfect countr yside to our glorious coastline and from our cool cities and outstanding attractions to our histor y and heritage there is something to suit ever yone And with our research showing the cost of living having an impact on holiday choices, England also has options to accommodate ever y budget

“Domestic tourism boosts communities with the money generated going to local economies highlighting the impor tance of suppor ting tourism businesses from restaurants to B&Bs and from local playhouses to bars and pubs and extending the tourism season ”

To see the full GBTS repor t for Januar y to March 2023, as well as GBTS repor ts for the full year 2022 and April-December 2021, go to https://www visitbritain org/gb-domestic-overnight-tourism-latest-

Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company Set To Close Wychwood Brewery

Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company (CMBC) is to close Wychwood Brewer y in Oxfordshire from November this year

The company said the closure was in line with the break clause on CMBC’s lease with the landlord The brewer y, located in Witney in the Cotswolds, will continue to operate as normal for the coming months Wychwood brands such as Hobgoblin Firecatcher and Dr y Neck will continue to be brewed within the CMBC network

The company said it is providing suppor t to the six colleagues employed at the brewer y during the consultation period over the plans and will also explore any oppor tunities for redeployment within the business Paul Davies, chief executive of CMBC , said: “We understand the depth of feeling towards Wychwood Brewer y, and have tremendous pride in our team there Our number one focus is giving staff all the suppor t they need as we begin the consultation on this proposal

The UK ale market is an incredibly competitive space , and combined with a turbulent economic outlook for the UK, provides for a challenging environment for industr y to navigate By making use of the break

clause in our lease for Wychwood Brewer y, we can consolidate our brewing network to achieve greater efficiency and productivity, suppor ting ongoing investment in our people and business ”

C AMRA National Chairman Nik Antona said: “C AMRA never wants to see the closure of any brewer y, be it large or small, traditional or contemporar y, and too many across the UK are shutting their doors forever at an alarming rate Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company’s (CMBC) proposal to close Wychwood brewer y in Witney this November is the latest in a growing list of casualties at the hands of global brewers

Whilst it is hear tening to know that the Wychwood brand will continue in some fashion at CMBC and the iconic Brakspear Double Drop beer will live on at Banks’s, it is a great shame for Oxfordshire to lose such a classic , recognisable brewer y “Fresh off the heels of closing Jennings brewer y in Cumbria and selling off Ringwood brewer y of Hampshire , it is worr ying to see the UK’s brewing heritage slowly erode The diminishing consumer choice at the hands of the commercial giants is of great concern ”

Issue 178 CLH Digital 25

Dame Judi Dench, Janet and a Special Occasion at Chelsea Physic Garden!


Earlier this summer, when last I wrote , I told you about Chelsea Physic Garden You might recall that LittlePod’s favourite haunt in London was preparing to mark its 350th anniversar y I’m delighted to repor t that last week, I joined the team at this magical corner of the capital for the official celebration of what is a major milestone First established on the banks of the River Thames in 1673, the Garden can have seen few days like this with more than 1 000 people passing through the doors to see the newly-restored glasshouses The temperature was tropical as the sun shone on the hottest day of the year

What a treat this was and a special occasion that was not to be missed!

I m proud to be a patron at Chelsea Physic Garden – the CPG – and it was a great pleasure to catch up with Jen, who along with all the team has worked so hard on this long-running restoration project, and Jess, who is in charge of the Garden’s eight glasshouses I was thrilled to see a vanilla vine thriving in one of the 100-year-old glasshouses, which have been restored so beautifully, and which will last for the next 50 years Jess told me that she loves LittlePod’s natural vanilla paste and that she can’t believe the difference it has made to her creations in the kitchen I couldn’t have been more pleased!

I also met Dr Jonathan Holliday, a former Master of the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries the group that founded the CPG in the 17th Centur y and Tony Kirkham, a modern day Garden Trustee Tony introduced his friend, Jude , who

just so happened to be Dame Judi Dench! Truly it was quite the occasion

Judi spoke to us all about her love of Chelsea Physic Garden a place that she – like me – feels has healing proper ties Judi says that she hopes to visit more often and spend more time in the glasshouses and amongst all the newly-arrived plants Perhaps you ll bump into her or see her smelling the roses if you decide to visit

You should, for this is not just a place of peace , but also somewhere of great scientific impor tance , with much research carried out behind the walls that home a biome from ever y continent, as Tony was so keen to emphasise to all those gathered Given climate change and its impact upon us all I have no doubt that the work of all the volunteers and researchers at the CPG will be more impor tant than ever for the next generation and for all those who follow Thank goodness for all the apothecaries and for all those who value this unique garden It is no longer a secret, but a place for all so why not become a Friend of Chelsea Physic Garden? You should go at least once in your life You will not be disappointed!

If you do visit, be sure to say hello to Jess and to Jen and do look out for Dame Judi – who might just be found hiding in one of the Garden’s beautiful biomes

To Sue , the Garden’s Director, to Tony, and to all involved at the CPG, we send thanks vanilla hugs and best wishes for the next 350 years! Congratulations

National Pubwatch Extends Free Educational Film Series To Help Pubs

National Pubwatch (NPW), the voluntar y organisation which works to promote safe , secure and social drinking environments, has launched its latest range of free information films to help licensees and pubwatches

The educational videos offer free advice and help on a range of challenging issues such as whether Pubwatch membership should be a condition of a licence to how to promote The Ask for Angela initiative

These shor t films follow the five launched earlier this year which focused on the role of Pubwatch schemes and their powers

Steve Baker chairman of NPW OBE which suppor ts over 800 Pubwatch schemes, said: “I hope that these second tranche of films will provide people with an accessible way of obtaining answers to a range of issues I would urge anyone interested in understanding some of the complex issues faced by Pubwatch schemes, to spend a few minutes watching the films ”



How can we promote our Pubwatch?

Can our Pubwatch help promote The Ask For Angela Initiative? NPW provides a range of free public ser vice and educational films on its YouTube page

Its free training film called Suppor ting Vulnerable People , allows licensees to help take frontline staff through a variety of scenarios on how to ensure the safety of customers

The film can be viewed at https://www youtube com/watch?v=Qq54k2TUZIM&list=PLfg9 Y8V4FIBbL4baxSrCyHJ8VRiglM8G

72.9% Of Drinkers Have Changed Their Spending Due To Cost Of Living

When it comes to institutions in the UK, the pub sits at the top of the list, however, Wwth inflation and rising costs, the price of one of life’s most simple pleasures has been hiked to help hospitality operators combat the rising pressures within the sector

In a recent sur vey around affordability, DesignMyNight asked its users how much they spent on their last pint On September 12TH results confirmed that 72 9% of the public spent between £4 and £6 on their last pint Meanwhile , 15 6% paid £7 to £9 And 1% of people even said they spent £10 or more on their last brewski It’s become near enough impossible to find pints that echo the price tag of pre-Covid and 84% of the 1,500 sur veys stated that their spending habits have changed due to the cost-of-living crisis

In the sur vey, millennials have highlighted just how much hospitality means to them with 50% of people aged between 26 and 35 believing that drinking and dining is essential spending The hospitality sector is constantly on the lookout for ways to overcome obstacles while maintaining trade , the most recent coming from Stonegate on dynamic pricing where

drinks are ser ved at an increased cost during peak hours and a lower cost during quieter trading periods where they run other offers, such as happy hour

Brewing has become an expensive process and beer itself is an increasingly expensive commodity On closer inspection, there seems to be only a handful of venues across the capital that lower their pricing during quieter periods for beer when compared to cocktails or wine One of London’s most talked about food halls, Arcade , run £4 pints between 4pm and 6pm Tuesday and Friday and The Five Points Brewing & Taproom also lower their prices to £3 99 a pint from 5pm until 7pm on Thursdays and Fridays

Leighanne Bent Marketing Manager at DesignMyNight comments that “Nothing beats a crisp pint down the pub (whether that’s alcoholic or 0%) It’s something that has brought us together across hundreds of years and although people are becoming more aware of how and where they spend their money, positive behaviour remains on DesignMyNight Our users are showing a real hunger for coming together and this month we ’ ve seen a 4 76% increase in interest around craft beer ”

26 CLH Digital Issue 178
Should Pubwatch membership be a condition of our licence? Can the Pubwatch ban someone who is working in a members’ venue? How Can Our Pubwatch encourage active membership of the scheme?

Have you tapped into your sometimes over looked profit

Exclusive Elegance and Quality by Design

Benefiting from Fracino s extensive research and development programme , world class engineering skills and state of the ar t production technolog y, the new Romano-R is a genuine fusion of style and luxurious quality

Available in 2 or 3 group versions it boasts all the power technical qualities and reliability synonymous with Fracino products, in a stunning design to create the ultimate coffee bar furniture The Romano elegantly combines classic cur ves and retro styling with contemporar y materials and close attention to detail, ensuring a truly outstanding finish Featuring latest technolog y integration, the full width touch pad features ‘digital trace’ icons for the drink selection and a wide range of control features within the programme - including controlled on/off times for maximum energ y efficiency, coffee extraction displayed in volume and time for each espresso shot for precise drink quality, multi-lingual display selection and digital programme set-up for easy user adjustment capability

Our powerful combination of stylish design and creative technolog y enables discerning clients to choose a bespoke finish for their Fracino espresso machine Our exper tise caters for individuality –whether it be to enhance a theme or interior design, promote a brand - or simply to challenge convention

We offer the option to select a bespoke mirror finish in a range of lustrous colours, which draw out the beauty of the highly polished stainless steel, whilst an extensive range of dramatic solid colours – in a satin or matt finish – are available to complement and enhance the interior designer’s creativity and provide the finishing touch befitting the individuality of the exclusive luxur y restaurant and coffee bar

Transforming the purely functional into an enviable work of ar t; that s Romano!

sales@fracino com www fracino com

British Specialty Coffee Update: In-Store Tabletop Roasting Available Soon!

Around the 9th centur y, the coffee plant was discovered by a herder in the Ethiopian plains in today’s Jimma region He noticed his goats were exceedingly active after eating cherries from a small tree which today we know as Coffee Arabica This led to the invention of coffee from another region where this early innovator migrated to Kaffa, Ethiopia After several centuries the cherished trees arrived (or were discovered) in the Arabian Peninsula, and coffee was widely adopted by about the 12th centur y and sold in public places called “coffee houses ” These were lively places of intellectual discussions, where you would purchase a handful of green coffee beans upon entr y These beans were roasted in a closed rotating device called a “shish” over a charcoal fire for about ten minutes, then ground or crushed before pouring hot water through a filter or directly into the cup making Turkish-style coffee today

Those early entrepreneurs held the coffee plants and roasting techniques closely as they star ted wider trading of roasted beans into Europe (Sarajevo was quite instrumental in this) Coffee beans made their way into Britain about 1637 when a Greek student brought some beans to Oxford, where it was an instant hit among intellectuals and led to the founding of Britain s first coffee house The Grand Café Over the coming decades cafes proliferated across London and were referred to as “Penny Universities” because when you spent time in them, you would inevitably learn from others talking or lecturing about topics of the day Many impor tant cultural and business enterprises flowed from those coffee houses, such as the London Stock Exchange , Lloyd’s of London, and the Royal Society

Kava-Zone’s founder, Tom Ruddy, first saw an antique shish in 2007 while strolling around old town Sarajevo, where he worked as a private sector consultant with the United Nations He created this company to bring back and modernize the old coffee house culture with the shish devices, called nano-roasters by the specialty coffee industr y as their flagship coffee bean nano-roaster After such a long absence the time seems ripe given the “four th wave ” of coffee , fundamentally changing consumer habits and preferences driving the global specialty coffee revolution

Kave-Zone is launching its first Shish® through a new London-based company Mr Bean Coffee Ltd ® They are listing a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstar ter to fund the final expensive development work and production of the first molds for the Shish To par ticipate in this historic offering please send your email address and basic contact information to info@mr-bean coffee (copy to info@kava-zone com) so we can send an exclusive discount offer for VIP funding backers who will be the original suppor ters of record for this exciting retail hot beverage innovation oppor tunity The value propositions include new customer traffic , new revenue streams such as Shish® rental fees, green bean sales and residual income from retailer-controlled Shish® Craft Roaster


• Convert to specialty coffee

• Generate new revenue streams, profits

• Residual income from Shish Memberships

• Reduce staff costs

Mr Bean s Shish table-top coffee micro-roasters will be a game-changer for licensed establishments Roast-coolgrind-brew in under 15 minutes to make beans for 10 cups of coffee and live the historical origin of coffeehouses

We need supporters to help us revive this tradition Send us an email to info@mr-bean coffee and you will receive an exclusive invitation to purchase pre-production discounted roasters today

The newest innovation in hot beverages: in-store, table-top coffee bean micro-roasters!
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maker COFFEE Yep you read that correctly and with costs to produce a cup of coffee star ting from as little as 27p per cup per cup depending on your choice of coffee and equipment, from pods to give you a consistent top class drink ever y time without the need to train staff to barista standard or to beans freshly ground to the desired strength making the humble cup of coffee a winner as far as profit goes Sold as a rich Espresso whipped into a delicious frothy cappuccino, latte or a velvety smooth irish coffee A great Coffee menu is winner with your customers ever y time , enhances your customer satisfaction , gives the oppor tunity to create custom for different times of the day for instance a good coffee menu lends itself to cake and coffee mornings and retails anywhere between £1 75 to £3 50 per cup The oppor tunity from expanding your coffee menu is endless Forward Vending and Catering Limited have over 50 years experience in helping pubs and restaurants create a system just right for each site and are ready to help you find the best coffee solution for you so star t your profits coming in NOW!!! Call us on 0800 44 44 43 or email BILL@FORWARDVENDORS CO UK See the adver t on page 3 for details
Catering Coffee and Beverage
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Forward Vending and

Spirits and Cocktails


The sales data from the past five years shows that the demand for cocktails in the UK hospitality and on-trade market has grown steadily According to CGA, a leading data and research company, the sales of cocktails in the on-trade market increased by 7 5% in 2019 alone This figure indicates that cocktails have become a significant revenue generator for businesses in the sector


To capitalize on the growing trend for cocktails, operators need to ensure their menus include the best-selling cocktails The classics, such as the Mojito, Margarita, and Cosmopolitan, should be on ever y menu However, newer creations have also gained popularity, such as the Pornstar Mar tini and the Aperol Spritz These cocktails are often seen as refreshing and easy to drink making them popular with a wide range of customers


Cocktails have become a popular choice for customers in the UK hospitality and on-trade market over the past five years Bars, pubs, restaurants, and hotels across the countr y have noticed the trend and invested in their cocktail menus to cater to the increasing demand from customers who want to tr y

new and innovative drinks In this ar ticle , we explore how operators can capitalize on the growing cocktail summer trend and sell more , highlighting sales data, best-selling cocktails, new innovations, age groups and demographics, and popular spirit and mixer ingredients

To stand out from the competition and capitalize on the trend, operators need to invest in their cocktail menus and offer bespoke creations that cater to their customers' preferences The use of unusual ingredients such as herbs spices and fruit has become increasingly popular, as has the incorporation of local and sustainable ingredients Operators should also consider offering non-alcoholic options to cater to customers who do not drink alcohol


Operators should consider the age groups and demographics that are most likely to purchase cocktails when creating their menus According to CGA, cocktails are par ticularly popular among younger consumers, with 38% of cocktail sales in the on-trade market made by those aged 18 to 24 years old However, the appeal of cocktails is not limited to this

age group, with 29% of sales made by those aged 25 to 34 years old, and 23% made by those aged 35 to 44 years old


Operators should ensure their cocktail menus include the most popular spirit and mixer ingredients to cater to their customers' preferences The most popular spirit ingredients used in cocktails in the UK hospitality and on-trade market are vodka gin rum and whiskey However, other spirits such as tequila and mezcal have also become increasingly popular, as have non-alcoholic spirits, such as Seedlip Popular mixer ingredients include tonic water, ginger beer, and fruit juices, but more unusual mixers such as kombucha and coconut water are also being used to create innovative and unique cocktails

Whatever the time of year, it s impor tant for UK licensed on-trade establishments to capitalize on the growing trend for cocktails and attract customers with refreshing and innovative drinks


Mixologist's Garden: The Rising

Sensation Among UK Bartenders

freeze-dr ying technolog y offers months of ambient shelf-life for bars

The response from bar tenders has been overwhelmingly positive , with many praising Mixologist's Garden for its commitment to quality and sustainability

"Our mission is to empower bar tenders to create the Perfect Ser ve and delight their customers," said Stuar t Findlater, business director of Mixologist's Garden "We are thrilled to see the enthusiasm and passion that UK bar tenders have embraced our concept with It's incredible witnessing how our carefully curated selection transforms cocktail menus nationwide "

Mixologist's Garden a revolutionar y concept in the world of garnishes for professionals, is rapidly gaining popularity among bar tenders across the United Kingdom With its innovative freeze-dried technolog y, Mixologist's Garden has emerged as the go-to resource for bar tenders seeking to create unique and extraordinar y drink experiences

The Mixologist's Garden garnishes come in various Berries and Citrus to complement a wide range of cocktails and drinks The brand's products are all-natural, vegan-friendly, gluten-free and without any preser vatives ensuring that ever yone enjoys them, while

Mixologist's Garden par tnered with the most modern freeze-dr ying producers to achieve the highest quality We focus on quality at ever y stage of the process to deliver freeze-dried fruit suitable for delivering Perfect Ser ves "

Consumer research conducted in 2021 showed that over 80% of consumers prefer bars that pay special attention to making the Perfect Ser ve whereas in reality, only 42% of bars have any berries

For more information about Mixologist's Garden, please visit or contact the brand directly at hi@perfectyourser ve info

The Growing Popularity of Cocktails in the UK Hospitality and On-Trade Market 28 CLH Digital Issue 178


Here are some tips on how to sell more cocktails this year

1 Offer seasonal and unique cocktails: Customer s are always looking for something new and exciting to tr y, especial y dur ing the summer months Consider offer ing seasonal coc ktai s that utilize fresh, local ingredients or unique f avor combinations that will stand out on your menu

2 Host cocktail events: Summer is the perfect t me to host coc ktail events or masterc lasses to promote your menu and educate your customer s on the ingredients and tec hniques used to create your coc ktails This will not only attract customer s , but it will also create a loya following for your establishment

3 Promote on social media: Use social media to promote your coc ktai menu post photos and videos of your coc ktails , and engage with your customer s This will not only attract new customer s but also encourage

Spirits and Cocktails

repeat business

4 Offer happy hour : Happy hour is a proven way to attract customer s and encourage them to tr y your coc ktails Offer discounts or promotions dur ing cer tain hour s to encourage customer s to come in and tr y your menu

5 Collaborate with local distilleries or breweries: Collaborating with local distiller ies or brewer ies can create unique coc ktails and promote your par tner ship on social media This will not only attract customer s interested in suppor t ng local businesses but also create a buzz around your establishment

By following these tips, UK licensed on-trade establishments can capitalize on the growing trend for cocktails and sell more during the summer months

Don't be afraid to get creative and offer unique and refreshing drinks to stand out from the competition

Remember, summer is the perfect time to attract new customers and create a loyal following for your establishment

Introducing Pergola's Margaritas

Introducing Pergola's Margaritas, crafted with recipes originating from a traditional Mexican bar

We have two amazing options:

The Poolside Margarita (19 2% ABV) - A refreshing twist on the Classic Margarita, infused with Mint and Yuzu A tar t yet delicious drink!

The Sunset Margarita (18 4% ABV) - A delightful spin on the Tequila Sunrise , elevated with Cognac and Pomegranate The fruitier option!

The real Point of Difference of these Margaritas is their strength and versatility; they have been designed to work in multiple ways:

• Classic Margarita cocktails when shaken and ser ved on ice

• Frosty delights as Frozen Margaritas with crushed ice

• Refreshing Long drinks by pairing them with your favorite mixers .

Introducing Master of Malt Trade, the Award Winning Future Forward Drinks Wholesaler

“Our industr y is constantly evolving to meet customer needs so as a supplier you must be able to rapidly evolve your offering and ser vice to best suppor t these” explains Liam Belton, Trade Lead at Master of Malt Modern hospitality requires a modern approach, we strive to deliver a ser vice that keeps up with what we ourselves as consumers expect For us this is a focus on offering flexibility, simplicity and responsiveness to suppor t modern trading ”

• Embrace adventure by using them as Shots

It s many drinks in one bottle - perfect to tailor the drink to suit customers!

Why Pergola for the Catering Industr y?

We combine 100% agave Tequila, premium Cognac , Cointreau, and orange liquors; twinned with fresh juices and plant extracts while being Free from Allergens, Additives and Preser vatives

Available in 500ml and 200ml bottles, the versatility and freshness of our Margaritas are perfect to provide perfectly mixed cocktails & drinks that:

• Save time

• Reduce wastage

• Ensure consistent quality

• Control the strength and the kind of drink

Here's to creating unforgettable moments for your customers!

info@pergoladrinks com

Pergola Ready to Drink Margaritas

Master of Malt Trade stock and deliver an almost unrivalled range of over 15,500+ spirits, liqueurs, vermouths, sherries, bitters, wines and champagnes that are curated by their team of passionate specialists With an ethos of ‘by the industr y, for the industr y ’ , they have a focus on offering flexibility, simplicity and responsiveness to meet modern trading needs There is no minimum order across their extensive catalogue , they also offer national next day deliver y with an 8 30pm cut off time , as well as free deliver y on orders over £200 (ex VAT) With an innovative people centric approach their customer on-boarding and management systems offer a personal touch, with the convenience and accessibility of a multi-award winning digital platform

The hospitality landscape is changing; unpredictability around consumer attendance and spending habits means that businesses are having to become incredibly nimble and flexible, whilst closely watching cashflow It is with this foresight that Master of Malt Trade have extended their next day deliver y cut off time to 8 30pm, to offer their customers the ability to navigate whatever situations arise with ease and minimal impact on the following days, from last minute events to unexpected busy periods and running out of products

Master of Malt Trade pride themselves on a digital first approach and want to lead the future of trade wholesale by making it easier to discover and order new products They also have a flexibility of response in creating their own products, as par t of their sister business Atom Labs as well as wanting to take care of the future by working with responsible farmers who are sustainable in their methods and production, such as B-Corp cer tified Mijenta and the Oxford Distiller y

From caterers, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and hotels, to independent retailers, wholesalers and events companies, Master of Malt Trade is here to suppor t your business
Issue 178 CLH Digital 29

Plant-Based Dining

Serving the Future: The Flourishing Trend of Plant-Based Foods

In a world driven by conscious consumption and sustainability the hospitality industr y is undergoing a culinar y revolution that echoes the values of its diners The surge in demand for plant-based foods and the rise of vegetarianism and veganism over the past decade have reshaped menus and redefined dining experiences across the UK This seismic shift towards plant-based offerings isn't just a fleeting fad but a transformative movement that requires the keen attention of ever y establishment in the licensed ontrade sector This dietar y evolution has not only brought about changes in individuals eating habits but has also revolutionized the hospitality and licensed on-trade industr y As the demand for plant-based options continues to rise , the sector has had to adapt to meet the evolving preferences of consumers


The journey from plant-based foods being considered a niche offering to becoming a mainstream culinar y choice has been truly remarkable Over the past 10 years, the UK has witnessed a staggering growth in the demand for plant-based options According to industr y statistics the number of people identifying as vegan in the UK has quadrupled since 2014, and the vegetarian population has also seen a significant increase This shift is not limited to the health-conscious; it s a reflection of broader cultural and environmental considerations Over the past two years, there has been a remarkable surge in the adoption of plant-based diets among the British population, indicating a notable shift in public opinion and lifestyle choices

Approximately 23% of UK consumers are actively tr ying to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diets, with 9% identifying as vegan or vegetarian These figures position the UK as having one of the highest shares of plant-based eaters in Europe second only to Germany


A significant catalyst for this movement has been the yearly campaign known as Veganuar y, which encourages individuals to adopt a vegan lifestyle

for the month of Januar y Since its inception in 2014 Veganuar y has experienced exponential growth, with par ticipation increasing from 3,300 par ticipants in its first year to over half a million in 2020 This substantial increase underscores the growing public interest in plant-based diets The growth of Veganuar y, par ticularly over the past five years is a testament to the expanding appetite for plant-based dining experiences The campaign s impact is evident not only in the skyrocketing number of par ticipants but also in the response from the hospitality industr y Restaurants and pubs across the UK have begun to embrace the challenge incorporating innovative vegan and vegetarian dishes that cater to a diverse range of tastes This has sparked a culinar y revolution inspiring chefs to experiment with plantbased ingredients, flavours, and techniques


Generation Z, born into an era of unprecedented connectivity and information sharing, holds the key to the continued success of plant-based offerings This tech-savvy and socially conscious generation places a premium on sustainability, health, and ethical choices They are not just customers but brand advocates who wield the power of social media to amplify their preferences, with one food blogger and influencer, stating: "For Gen Z, dining out is an experience that extends beyond taste They want their choices to reflect their values, and plant-based options provide exactly that Sharing their dining experiences online is a way for them to spread the word and encourage their peers to make similar choices "


The transition to a more plant-based dining landscape presents a unique oppor tunity for chefs to showcase their creativity and culinar y prowess Chefs are faced with the task of devising dishes that appeal to the discerning palates of both dedicated vegans and flexitarian diners This involves not only sourcing high-quality plant-based ingredients but also mastering the ar t of flavour balancing and presentation From vegan "meat" substitutes to elaborate plant-based charcuterie boards, chefs are redefining the bound-


1 Diver se Menus: Embrace creativity by offer ing a wide range of plantbased options that appeal to different tastes and preferences From comfor t foods to globally inspired dishes , var iety is key

2 Quality Matter s: Don't compromise on quality Just like any other dish, plant-based offer ings should be f avorful well-presented and sat sfying

3 Collaborate with Exper ts: Par tner with culinar y exper ts who understand the nuances of plant-based cooking Their insights can elevate your offer ings and cater to discerning diner s

4 Educate Staff: Equip your staff with knowledge about plant-based ingredients and d shes They should be able to confidently guide customer s through the menu and offer recommendat ons

5 Engage on Social Media: Leverage the power of social media to showcase your plant-based offer ings Engaging v suals and stor ies can pique the interest of potential customer s

6. Flexibility and Customization: Allow customer s to customize their dishes , cater ing to var ious dietar y preferences and restr ictions

7 Sustainability Stor y: Share the sustainability journey of your plant-based offer ings Transparenc y about sourcing and environmental impact resonates with conscious diner s

In conclusion, the plant-based movement is more than just a dietar y trend; it's a cultural shift that reflects evolving consumer values The growth of vegetarianism and veganism in the past decade , par ticularly among Generation Z, underscores the need for the hospitality industr y to adapt and innovate By embracing this trend with creativity, authenticity, and sustainability at the forefront, restaurants and pubs can successfully capitalize on this thriving movement and ensure a delicious ethical and vibrant dining experience for all

Entice New Customers With Plant-Based Options

As customer's budgets continue to shrink, offering a complete range of quality, affordable plant-based options can be the difference between a customer choosing your establishment over another Although still only constituting a small percentage of the population, those who eat plant-based diets have significantly more power over where groups dine and shop A group of friends with one vegan friend will seek out

restaurants that offer an appetising selection of plant-based dishes to accommodate that person Similarly, a parent may choose to do their weekly food shop at the supermarket that offers the widest selection of plant-based options for their child

That's why it s so vital to get your range of plant-based options right - it has the impact to attract more customers to your business Plant Based World Expo Europe is back and ready help you navigate this! With so much innovation taking place at a dizzying pace , the plant-based sector can be hard to keep up with Products today are a world apar t from earlier versions, with closer texture and taste parity with meat and dair y than ever before

Europe s only 100% plant-based trade show will open at a new, larger location of ExCeL London this year

Taking place on 15th-16th November, over the two days professionals from the food and beverage industr y will be able to discover these innovative plant-based products hear from industr y leaders and pioneers and make vital connections to help their businesses Plant Based World brings together manufacturers from around the world, offering attendees the oppor tunity to taste products that aren’t yet available in the UK

In addition to over 275+ companies exhibiting their plant-based products and solutions the event hosts three content theatres which are open to all attendees The conference program will include speakers from key organisations in the sector, joining together to envision the future of the categor y The Culinar y Theatre will host sessions run by a mixture of industr y and celebrity chefs to provide a real-time showcase on how plant-based products can create exceptionally easy, and tasty, dishes New for 2023, it will also include sessions going back to the basics helping chefs reimagine pantr y staples to create enticing low-cost dishes

The event will also host a key buyer program offering curated meetings to match buyers with the products they are seeking during the show Registration is free for professionals working within the food and beverage sector simply visit the website and register to attend For fur ther information and to register please visit www plantbasedworldeurope com


Did you know that PEPPADEW® is the nation s favourite pepper brand?*

Or that 72% of consumers say they find the presence of known brands a sign of a quality establishment**? The Piquanté Pepper Tang y, crunchy and with a mild slightly sweet heat Peppadew® piquant peppers – small whole peppers bright red in colour –are the perfect way to bring an added burst of flavour to pasta, pizza, salads and sandwiches

The Piquanté Peppers are carefully picked and deseeded by hand, then infused with the unmistakeable PEPPADEW® flavour through our secret brine solution to keep their flavour and that satisfying bite Firm and crunchy pickled peppers with an impeccable balance of sweet and tang y flavours and a perfectly matched mild heat

They are 100% vegan, with no added preser vatives high in vitamin c and contains antioxidants

Harness the power of PEPPADEW®

Whole Sweet Piquanté Peppers - the nations’ favourite pepper brand!

Available now at Booker, Bidfood and KFF

If you ’ re interested in working with us, and want to discover how we can pep up your menu get in touch with us today: sales@peppaco co uk or find out more at www.peppadewfoodser vice

*Source: IRI SIG Grocer y O ives and Antipasti MAT 18/06/2022

**Source: Independent Toluna Insight w th 1 000 UK consumer s , Marc h 2022

30 CLH Digital Issue 178

Chef's Buyer's Guide

New Wine Vintages from Bacchus Wines PLDC

Bacchus Wines PLDC Ltd is pleased to offer new vintages by Chateau de Parenchère to excite customer palates

Bacchus Wines PLDC is an independent wine merchant that offers joyful and affordable wines to UK restaurants, caterers, bars, and wine enthusiasts Unlike larger wine merchants

Bacchus Wines have simplified the wine-selling business for hospitality venues Bacchus Wines PLDC is a boutique wine merchant but selects its wines carefully They work with wine estates who they know personally They also choose wines that are not faddy Their selection process is based on decades in the hospitality industr y, so they know what drinkers and diners will enjoy They cover all duties and

impor ts, so prices stay low, offering solid markup potentials to venues all over the UK

The small yet perfectly curated wine collection features the Magnificent Seven by the family-run Chateau de Parenchère New 2022 vintages have just been released and offer great ageing potential and great 'drink now ' options

The 2022 Blanc-Sec is a great all-rounder white wine , perfect for all occasions

La Roseraie 2022 is a rosé with delicate and tang y currant scents

The 2022 L'Equilibriste Rouge is a fantastic blend produced without adding sulphites and is excellent to drink now

Celebrate Summer in Style with LittlePod

LittlePod’s products are used by professional chefs all over the world, but when it came to creating a collection of real vanilla recipes for our new website , we found the answer on our doorstep in Devon

Boasting many years of Michelin-starred experience , Peter Gor ton is a long-time advocate for local food companies and having used our natural extracts and other ingredients in his dishes during a storied career, we were delighted when he agreed to join us as a LittlePod ambassador last summer

In addition to helping spread the word about our Campaign for Real Vanilla at various food events, shows and festivals, Peter created our Chef s Collection – 10 new recipes that showcase LittlePod’s products that we have used both on our website and our 2023 calendar

Keen to underline vanilla s versatility, Peter s recipes go beyond baking In demonstrating that this adaptable ingredient can be used in both sweet and savour y dishes, our Master Chef of Great Britain is inspiring more and more cooks to keep it REAL

I love using LittlePod and ever y chef should have it, explained Peter, one of Devon s finest chefs, who has trained and worked at some of the best establishments in Great Britain and around the world since embarking on a 43-year career that has also seen him own and run six restaurants “It is so versatile and saves so much time without compromising on quality ” www littlepod co uk

The 2022 Bordeaux Clairet is more substantial than traditional rosés, with a good body and exuberant fruitiness

2020 Bordeaux Supérieur Rouge is a classic blend with a good balance between fruit and tannin, red fruit and a long finish It won gold at Concours Mondial de Bruxcelles

Chef & restaurateur Jake S Watkins, commented, "I have been buying wines from Pierre-Loup DeCam of Bacchus Wines for over twenty-two years When I owned the Michelin-starred JSW Restaurant in Hampshire , and since retiring, I stocked my cellar with the joyful wines of Château de Parenchère They are my go-to wines, and I always receive excellent wines and ser vice "

If your customers enjoy top-quality wine with provenance from winemakers who respect the terroir and the environment, visit the Bacchus Wines PDC website You will receive significant discounts if you sign up for a trade account

For more information, please visit https://bacchuspldc com/ or call on 0845 500 1040

UK Champagne Sales Buoyant With Consumers Increasingly Trading Up

Lanchester Wines has par tnered with Champagne Moutard to bring its range of premium Champagnes to the UK trade CLH spoke with James Dainty from Lanchester Wines:

“Recent figures from Le Comité Interprofessionnel du vin de Champagne (CIVC) shows UK Champagne sales as steady with 28million bottles of Champagne expor ted to UK in 2022

Non Vintage Brut Champagne the big success of 2022 accounting for 78% of all UK sales and impor tantly British 18-34 years old buying more Champagne than a year ago This is great news for the sector as we expect they will continue drinking Champagne as they mature with their wine choices increasing in value inline with their income

Sales to supermarkets are on the decline but remain the go-to outlet for the big brands or value Champagne However we re increasingly seeing consumers trading up to more expensive Champagnes which are most often sourced from the high quality on trade venues or independent off trade outlets who are able to offer advice and information This trend isn’t specific to the UK

The Champagne region had two weeks of rains at the end of July/early August which can bring disease (Mildiou/Mildew), but

sun and warmer temperature are expected which will help the healthy growing of the grapes We do not yet know how har vest will go, but there is already quite a lot of grapes this year Vintage wines are ‘ a photograph of the year ’ a snapshot of unique climate conditions creating exclusive expressions The blending of these vintages to create something utterly new and bespoke is a skilled craft and what makes Champagne brilliantly unique

“Lanchester Wines has par tnered with Champagne Moutard which, alongside is excellent Grande Cuvée Brut NV, creates the only Champagne made with old vine Arbane – only two hectares of this extremely rare grape can be found in the whole of Champagne! This grape is also blended into its Cuvée Six Cépages Brut Nature Vintage 2011 which is created using six of the permissible Champagne grapes (Arbane , Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Petite Meslier and Pinot Blanc – the seventh grape being Fromenteau) which is barrel fermented followed by 10 years on the lees This is real craftsmanship and love for the wine , which the customer understands and translates to quality – this stands out for consumers who are seeking an exciting, unique Champagne ” www lanchesterwines co uk

32 CLH Digital Issue 178

Sustainable Resources

Destination Charging: Harnessing Cost-Free EV Charging to Amplify Footfall and Revenue

Did you know that when it comes to charging away from home , one in five electric vehicle (EV) drivers actively seek out locations that offer retail and hospitality amenities?

New research from Deloitte found the top amenities sought out by EV drivers while charging their vehicle include coffee and beverages (64%), bathrooms (56%), WiFi connectivity (55%), snacks and food options (43%) and a lounge or sitting area (42%) Interestingly the sur vey also showed that as much as a quar ter of EV drivers (one in four) are happy to wait up to an hour while their vehicle is charging Hotels restaurants and other leisure sites offer a perfect location for the installation of EV charging facilities, says Tom Davies, Business Development Director for the PoGo EV Charging network: “EV drivers seek out safe , comfor table places to wait while they charge their vehicle and most hotels, restaurants and pubs tick all the boxes for what the driver is looking for –

whether it s a business driver stopping for a coffee while they charge or a family breaking their journey at lunch time

“Adding EV charging to your parking area provides existing customers with an additional ser vice and suppor ts customer loyalty It also helps you to unlock the value of your site by giving other EV drivers a reason to stop, who will be only too happy to use your facilities while they wait and become new customers to you, ” he explains “EV charging doesn’t have to be a costly ser vice to provide PoGo offers fully funded EV charger installation for landowners, where we take care of the costs and oversee the whole process from install to the ongoing maintenance and the customer ser vice for drivers, so that you can reap the rewards of giving customers what they need

There are now more than one million electric vehicles on UK roads, and a new batter y electric car was sold ever y 60 seconds in the UK in the month of July EV ownership is reaching a tipping point, meaning that more and more customers will be expecting EV charging facilities Their loyalties

What Makes Wicker Such A Good Choice?

There are many key benefits to selecting sustainable wicker for your packaging and display options due to its environmentally and socially responsible nature

It’s a natural renewable resource , growing quickly to replenish what is depleted, unlike nonrenewable resources such as plastics or metals It s also biodegradable and minimal chemicals are used during production so wicker will naturally breakdown over time and return to the ear th without causing harm

1 Renewable Resource: Wic ker grows relatively quic kly and can be har vested without causing long-term damage to the environment

2 Biodegradabi ity: W c ker mater ials are biodegradable , break ng down natural y over t me returning to the ear th without caus ng harm

3 Durable and Long-lasting: Sustainable w c ker products are durable and can have a long lifespan if properly cared for

4 Aesthetic Appeal: Baskets , Shopper s and Hamper s have a natural, rustic , and complimentar y traditional aesthetic

5 Reduces Plast c Usage:

By c hoosing susta nable wic ker products over plastic-based alternatives , you help combat plastic pollution and its negative impacts on ecosystems

6 Indoor Air Qua ity: Natura w c ker mater ials do not offgas harmful c hem cals or contr ibute to indoor air pollution contr ibuting to a hea thier indoor environment

Aside from the most impressive credentials of the sustainability of wicker, it creates a really, useful, tactile container perfect for food, drink, gifts, or storage

From traditional hampers to storefront shopping baskets small bread baskets to deep storage baskets wicker will last for many years That’s what makes wicker such a good choice www candigifts co uk

01502 501681

will quickly align with businesses that share a similar outlook on sustainability and suppor t zero emission driving

“EV motorists are growing in number and it’s a target market that is only getting bigger,” says Tom “Catering for their needs now and building customer loyalty will put you a step ahead of the competition

PoGo is already working with a number of par tners to demonstrate the value of EV charging solutions, including a major par tnership with Kew Green Hotels to kick star t the hotel operator’s plans across the UK The agreement will see PoGo create 40 new accessible EV charging hubs at hotel brands including Holiday Inn Holiday Inn Express voco and Cour tyard by Marriott, that will provide a mix of ultra-rapid chargers to attract passing motorists, as well as overnight chargers to meet the needs of hotel guests

To find out more about PoGo visit https://pogocharge com or see the adver t on the facing page

Smart Soda UK’s High-End Healthy Hydration Solution Brings Sustainability

Benefits to No1 Soho Place

“The bridge tower perfectly delivers on the brief to dispense a range of low- and nosugar drinks, while at the same time eradicating plastic waste and reducing the client’s carbon footprint ” With healthy hydration and sustainability as par t of the brief, Smar t Soda UK has recently installed a purposedesigned self-ser ve multidrinks bridge tower dispensing system for Apollo Management International LLP at its new premises at No1 Soho Place , London Tricon Foodser vice Consultants was appointed as sub-consultants by the project management team at Gensler, the architects, with a brief to deliver a system that provided a free-issue self-ser ve hydration solution plus a wide range of non- and low-sugar beverages At the same time , they were looking to remove all plastic waste from the premises

“Apollo had experience of self-ser ve multi-drinks systems in its New York offices, but those mainly featured branded sugar y sodas, and the client asked us to find a supplier which could meet the brief, both for heathier drinks and a more environmentally friendly solution ” says Tricon Foodser vice Consultants Project Director

Chantal Bourquin-Quéva “We found Smar t Soda UK, which was able to offer more than just plain water and already provided a variety of dispense solutions We then began the process of designing something special which suited the unique needs of the client and the aesthetics of the building

“Sustainability is at the forefront of ever ything we do and we are always looking to implement systems where we can use reusable products and avoid disposables

The development of the bridge tower self-ser ve dispensing system has been a complete success We work with architects and interior designers so the look and feel of the Smar t Soda bridge tower drinks system is hugely impor tant Alongside the benefits of healthy drinks and sustainability gains all par ties have been impressed by the ease of installation – without too much disruption – and how flexible this solution can be , so we will be recommending similar solutions to other clients in the future ”

Tricon was also scoped with carr ying out the tender process to bring a caterer for the site on board, and BCorp cer tified Houston and Hawkes was selected


“We look after all of Apollo’s catering and hospitality needs from the restaurant to events, and that averages around 350 people a day,” says Houston and Hawkes general manager on site , Andre Welman

“The bridge tower saves space and time In respect of space-saving, we don’t need to store cans and bottles, or have rows of refrigerators, and we don t have to manage lots of deliveries Removing single-use plastic from the site also saves the time which would otherwise be devoted to separating and storing waste for collection for recycling

“With so many people using the system ever y day the choice and variety of drinks has proved popular, and at lunchtimes almost ever yone who comes through the door is using it On our side we also appreciate that the system is easy to clean and maintain

“As a B-Corp business, genuine sustainability gains are

hugely impor tant to Houston and Hawkes, so the bridge tower system is a perfect fit for us Eradicating single-use plastic , cutting energ y use for refrigeration, and reducing the number of deliveries to the site all make a positive and measurable contribution ”


The Smar t Soda bridge tower incorporates 10 Multiplex® CRAFTtaps Made from 100% stainless steel, each streamline post-mix valve tap delivers a durable and hygienic – easy-to-clean – dispense solution which ensures drinks are ser ved at a consistent cold temperature and a consistent taste ever y time

The development of the bridge tower was down to successful teamwork involving Tricon Foodser vice Consultants senior design consultant Stuar t Wilcox, working with cooling and dispense equipment specialists Multiplex Welbilt Halesowen, and Italian draft dispensing system specialists Global Fountain

“This is the first, and only, dispensing unit of its type in Europe , ” says Global Fountain’s Massimo Todeshini “It was great to have the oppor tunity to work on the development of a bespoke unit which we know is operating perfectly and has been so well received Despite the special nature of the unit, requiring the fitting of a lot of technolog y into such a small space , from the initial request to installation, took only eight weeks ”


Smar t Soda is the world’s first water company to offer functional pH-enhanced vitamin-infused sodas and flavoured waters – crafted with alkaline water, and made with only reduced British beet sugar – or no sugar at all – via a post mix dispenser

“We were chosen for this project as Smar t Soda is well known for helping companies demonstrate that they care about staff wellbeing through the provision of unlimited, healthy and sustainable drinks,” says Smar t Soda UK Operations Director Ian Webb

Smar t Soda is all about the consistent quality and taste of the drinks, hence we source the best equipment to deliver our beverages to the highest standard Our dispense solutions are delivered using a bag-in-box system – so the drinks are delivered in recyclable cardboard boxes Bag-in-box reduces carbon footprint by taking up less space and reducing weight in the supply chain

“In this way Smar t Soda eliminates the creation distribution, storage , and waste disposal of lorr y loads of plastic bottles and cans Each 5 litre bag-in-box drinks removes 120 (330ml) cans or 80 (500ml) bottles from the distribution chain

“Our client is delighted that the bridge tower perfectly delivers on the brief to dispense a range of low- and no-sugar drinks, while at the same time eradicating plastic waste and reducing the client’s carbon footprint In addition, Gensler, the architect for No1 Soho Place is pleased with the way that the unit complements the carefully designed aesthetics

www smar tsoda co uk

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Catering Equipment & Kitchen Fit-Out

Caterquip Ventilation – For All Your Commercial Catering Ventilation Needs

Caterquip Ventilation Ltd is proud to be celebrating their 23rd Anniversar y this year

This Warwick based company

kitchen design ser vice to help you build your ideal kitchen Projects under taken have included Olympic Villages Basildon Hospital, The Mitre Hotel at Hampton Cour t, The Truck Stop at Anglesey, The Lodge at Old Hunstanton Colleges

Schools, Hotels, Restaurants and Public Houses They ensure their systems are compliant with the current guidelines whilst maintaining an efficient and dynamic facility With extensive knowledge of manufacturing and installing ventilation systems, they can help you design the best kitchen within the space available Call: 01926 887167, visit: www caterquipventilation co uk, email: info@caterquipventilation co uk

Blue Seal Fryers and Oil Filtration

Operators should consider when purchasing a fr yer and their oil, the oil capacity against production rate , burner efficiency and recover y rate , as well as a true cool zone in gas fr yers to help prolong the oil life Blue Seal V ray Gas Fr yers are our premium fr yer and burner system, which come at a higher price compared to some competitors’ gas models However the fuel efficiency, cost saving, performance and stainless steel high build quality far out way the additional initial cost to the operator Blue Seal produce high performance thermostatic controlled gas & electric fr yers Our Evolution range gas fr yers GT60, GT46 & GT45 have a premium feature benefit of all using our patented “V’Ray” burner system This system uses infra-red technolog y radiating the heat into the tank, only heating the area of oil the baskets are sitting in This promotes incredibly fast recover y rates, high efficiency for limited fuel consumption provides a true cool zone in conjunction with the specially shaped tank The true cool zone prevents crumb and food debris that drops below the batter plates from continuous

cooking and carbonising, which in turn helps prevent the degrading of oil quality This all achieves considerable cost saving for the operator with fuel and oil, as well as time efficiency, producing the finished products

Blue Seal also offer an additional Filtration units that give a fantastic solution to improving oil life , have great mobility and space saving features as well as powerful pumps & full stainless steel construction Moisture fatty acids and food residue contaminate cooking oil spoiling fried food taste and causing the oil to smoke Blue Seal Filtamax removes impurities quickly and effectively maintaining consistent high cooking quality and considerable extension of oil life

The Carbon Pads remove sub-micron par ticles down to 0 5 microns – this is 100 times smaller than a grain of sand

Daily filtering of fr yer oil using carbon filters can massively increase the life span of the oil creating large cost savings and create more consistent finish and taste to the food product

Sparkling Glass Made Easy with the UC Excellence-iPlus from Winterhalter

Sommeliers know the impor tance of sparkling clean glassware

Ser ving fine or vintage wine in streaky or dir ty glasses reflects badly not only on them but the whole business The quality of the glassware your guests experience acts as a business card for your business The latest version of Winterhalter's UC Excellence-iPlus glasswasher guarantees that even the most delicate stemware can be cleaned to the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene , without the need for polishing

Winterhalter is often called "the home of glasswashing " thanks to its pivotal role in the development of professional glasswashing systems

The company is constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of the results its range delivers The current undercounter UC

Excellence-iPlus models combine a range of technical innovations that allows all kinds of glassware to be cleaned perfectly without the need of fur ther attention, like polishing, before they are used in ser vice

These include powerful insulation, eco-friendly chemicals, an integrated reverse-osmosis system and features that help to ensure hygiene like deep-drawn water tanks and rack guides specially designed to stop debris col-


One key to the UC Excellence-iPlus superior performance is the wash arm The wash arm reduces water consumption by up to 25%, which in turn reduces both energ y and chemical consumption This means an overall reduction in operating costs of up to 22%

A four stage filtration system removes even the finest par ticles from the water, reducing how often it needs to be changed while increasing its cleaning power The UC Excellence-iPlus can also be fitted with a hybrid water treatment system that offers both reverse osmosis filtration and a standard water softening system

Reverse osmosis removes minerals like calcium and magnesium which can cause streaks on glasses as they dr y, delivering the best possible cleaning results RO water gives the UC Excellence-iPlus the ability to clean glasses perfectly and means that they are ready for use straight out of the machine with no need for additional and time consuming hand polishing

All of this technolog y allows the UC Excellence-iPlus to deliver the wash results Sommeliers demand, without the need for laborious and expensive polishing This allows staff to concentrate on providing customers with the best possible ser vice

For fur ther details, call Winterhalter on 01908 359000, visit www winterhalter com/uk-en/ or email

Evolution Fryers and Filter Units
Premium Fryer and Bur ner System
ultimate solution for any catering establishment, perfect for pubs, hotels, restaurants, cafes and much more.
offers nationwide coverage for all your commercial catering needs: free site sur veys, quotations and designs (C AD) quality bespoke and standard fabrications, specialist knowledge of catering ventilation systems including input air, odour reduction
filtration and ESP) and sound attenuation
members of Constructionline and CHAS,
Ventilation have a strong hold in the marketplace often advising industr y professionals on ventilation systems to a DW172 specification & BSEN:6173
have strong relationships with
kitchen equipment suppliers, and they offer a
all leading
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The New DrainMinor C (Combi Oven Pump) Catering Equipment & Kitchen Fit-Out

There are significant advantages offered by the New DrainMajor C (Combi Oven Pump) manufactured by Pump Technolog y Ltd

The pump features a tank with its

The build quality of the submersible wastewater pump was also a discussion point, with the mechanical shaft seal arrangement between pump impeller and motor winding generally agreed as an advantage over a common lip seal/diaphragm arrangement especially considering the hot wastewater temperatures and potential grease which these units have to handle

It can be connected to multiple ovens or oven and sink combinations Also, multiple inlet connections can be cut onsite directly into the rigid Polyethylene tank without the need to manifold inlets outside of the tank and then feed into it via a single inlet This means that the installation footprint is just the size of the compact tank and potential leaks from knocked manifold piping and joints are eliminated

It looks like the New DrainMinor C is a real winner!

Midlands Warewash Solutions

Midlands Warewash Solutions, a new company specialising in the repair, ser vice , sales and installation of commercial dishwashing equipment With over a decade of experience in the industr y, the company ' s owner Mitchell Ward, who was previously at Winterhalter for 9 years as a technician and then Regional Operations Manager, brings unparalleled exper tise to the forefront Midlands Warewash Solutions aims to ser ve end users, distributors and manufacturers, establishing itself as a reliable and trusted par tner in the Midlands region Midlands Warewash Solutions prioritises excellence in ser vicing and repairing commercial dishwashing equipment With a focus on exceptional customer satisfaction, the company offers comprehensive solutions to businesses of all sizes, ensuring that their operations run smoothly and efficiently

Midlands Warewash Solutions is proud to par tner with leading manufacturers including Winterhalter Classeq and Maidaid By supplying products from these renowned brands the company ensures that clients have access to the highest quality equipment

The core ser vices offered by Midlands Warewash

Solutions include:

• Repair s and Maintenance: Midlands Warewash offer s prompt and effic ent repair ser vices for a wide range of commercial dishwash ng equipment We have the knowedge and exper tise to hand e var ous brands and models , ensur ing minimal downtime and maximum productivity

• Ser vice Contracts: The company offer s comprehensive ser vice contracts designed to keep commerc al dishwashing equ pment n optimal work ng condition These contracts inc lude routine maintenance visits , inspections and proactive troubleshooting providing businesses with peace of mind and min mising unexpected breakdowns

• Equipment Supply: Mid ands Warewash Solutions ser ves as a trusted supplier of commercial dishwashing equ pment, representing reputab e brands suc h as Winterhalter C asseq and Maidaid Clients can rely on Mid ands Warewash Solutions to provide them with topquality products ta lored to their specific needs

Contact information for Midlands Warewash

Solutions: www MidlandsWarewash co uk

Contact@MidlandsWarewash co uk 01384929099

Nestled in the heart of the West Midlands, we take pride in offering top-notch repair, servicing, sales, and installation services

With a deep understanding of the industry, our skilled technicians are dedicated to keeping your business running seamlessly Whether it's a sudden breakdown routine maintenance, or a new setup, we ve got you covered We specialize in catering to a wide range of businesses ensuring sparkling clean results every time

What sets us apart is our commitment to customer satisfaction Our responsive team is always ready to address your unique requirements providing tailored solutions that fit your operational demands and budget

No job is too big or small – we tackle each challenge with expertise and enthusiasm

From bustling restaurants to bustling hotels, our services span across the entire Midlands region Wherever your establishment is located – whether it's in Birmingham Coventry, or anywhere in between – we re just a call away

Experience reliability, efficiency, and excellence with Midlands Warewash Solutions Your success is our business

Introducing Midlands Warewash Solutions – the ultimate destination for all your commercial dishwasher and glasswasher needs WWW

01384 929099
clear side window was the large , triangular, low-level float attached to the pump by a rigid arm, external to the pump casing Because of the design of this float system the unit can cope with an exceptional quantity of grease fat and food par ticles before the reliable star t/stop operation of the pump is affected The triangular low-level float also means that inlet heights can be just 70mm from base to centreline , giving the appropriate inlet requirement for wall or central island Combi Ovens
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Outdoor Spaces

Keeping Food Hot? We Have All The Answers

First of all you will want one of our world beating Kanga boxes and a Carbon Heater You can then keep food hot indefinitely and fully comply with HACCP regulations

Sounds too good to be true? Well we only supply premium German manufactured products from stock at incredibly low prices The insulated box manufactured from top quality expanded polypropylene is a dense closed cell insulation material but incredibly light to handle when empty for example the GN insulted box with a 117 mm internal depth only weighs just over a kilo and yet holds a massive 21 lts capacity Now combine the Kanga box with a Carbon Heater and the magic begins, hot food all the time!

Our range of Carbon heaters offers two voltage

options 12 volts for car operation using the cigarette lighter socket or 230 volt mains voltage for internal or external mains use The big advantage of the Carbon Heaters they are absolutely fool proof just inser t them in the bottom of the box turn on and forget, there are no consumer controls the temperature is pre-set at the factor y at 75 deg C The Carbon Heater is ver y light at only 700 grammes and does not take up much room only being 10mm thick Dishes can be place on the Carbon Heater straight out of the oven up to 120deg C Finally quick and easy to clean just wipe over with a damp cloth

Contact Catering Equipment Limited on Tel: 0121 773 2228 or visit www clickonstore net or

Park and Urban Furniture

ational spaces across the world


Businesses, such as restaurants, cafes, and pubs can significantly boost their revenue by providing outdoor seating options

This strateg y appeals to a broader customer base , as many individuals prefer the refreshing atmosphere while dining or shopping

We have teamed up with some of the most renowned Scandinavian designers to develop products encouraging the local community to socialise and enjoy spending time outdoors Boasting a timeless aesthetic and improved usability, our park and urban furniture range will cope with heavy use and age beautifully over the years Suitable for all

The outdoor space creates a welcoming impression enticing potential customers to stop by and suppor t the establishment Additionally by offering outdoor seating, the business can accommodate more guests during busy times resulting in higher sales and quicker table turnovers

The improved customer experience fosters loyalty and positive word-of-mouth, fur ther attracting repeat business Consequently this elevates the brand's image , attracting more customers, and ultimately driving revenue growth

Email sales@hags co uk or visit www hags co uk

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weather conditions
outdoor recre-
weather conditions and environments Suitable for all
ments, it has added
to many

Cinders ‘Classic’ Barbecue

The Cinders Classic barbecue has exceeded customers’ expectations for decades, due to its unique , patented design It easily cooks 1000 burgers in one session but being a true workhorse is not its only selling point Robust, reliable and low-maintenance are just three adjectives to describe a barbecue whose repair costs are typically non-existent over long periods, generating a healthy ROI for many years

The Cinders Classic comes as a six-foot long double grill (TG160) or a half-sized single grill (SG80) with both running on LPG and offering incredible food output for the price of the energ y used The user-friendly grills are easy-to-light and powerful getting up to temperature in around five minutes, to quickly feed a queue or facilitate an impromptu pop-up barbecue if great weather arrives

Cinders’ production values are impressive - not only

Outdoor Spaces

offering a warranty for commercial use , unlike cheap impor ted barbecues, but also built to ISO 9001:2015 standards

The barbecues have internal self-cleaning too removing the odious chore of post-barbecue clean-down

The grill merely needs to be left running for a few minutes to burn off residue , which is then brushed away or ejected Once cool, the Classic can be folded down and easily stored away

To discover more call 01524 262900 or

Beautiful and Functional

Villiers designs and creates beautiful furniture and works of ar t Built with the finest materials and superb craftsmanship pieces are individually made to last more than a lifetime

Venturing into the great outdoors, the latest Villiers work features exquisite sculptures and large planters launched this year and available in zinc and stainless combinations as well as rust and stainless steel finishes Designed to breathe new life into external spaces the materials are chosen so they can evolve with time and exposure to the elements – each unique to its surroundings

Ever y Villiers piece is made to order, whether working to an existing design, or a oneoff bespoke commission Designs can be customised with different colourways, shapes and sizes, and planters can be supplied with trees, adding the final flourishes to achieve a signature look

With well-honed ar tisanal skills, Villiers combines traditional methods and machiner y with modern tools and technolog y One of the most valuable machines in the workshop is a 100-year-old power hammer, and blacksmithing is an integral par t of the production process –

an ancient metal working skill that they are keen to keep alive through the specialist exper tise of the team Alongside the new outdoor collection are beautiful dining and console tables, mirrors, lighting, and modern metal furniture , each designed to complement elegant and aesthetic interiors Villiers has built an outstanding reputation over 30 years with classic and contemporar y pieces displayed in the finest hotels private residences yachts and luxur y spas across the world Villiers will be exhibiting at Landscape , the industr y trade show at NEC Birmingham, 27th and 28th September 2023

The new collection of planters are currently displayed at the flagship Linley store in Belgravia You can view a selection of sculptures and furniture online at www villiers co uk and keep up to date with the latest designs and works in progress on Instagram


For enquiries and fur ther details about Villiers please contact the team at or telephone 01799 516680



You can view a selection of sculptures and furniture online at

Contact the team at or on 01799 516680

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Outdoor Spaces

With over 100 exhibitors to meet in-person and an exper t-led seminar programme , The Glamping Show 2023 promises to be an exceptional year, and must-attend event for those in the outdoor hospitality industr y

The only trade event dedicated to the glamping industr y The Glamping Show is the go-to event for anyone looking for products and information to suppor t, refresh or star t their outdoor hospitality business From structures of all kinds, shapes and sizes, to furnishings, hot tubs and business ser vices, this event is fer tile ground for gathering information, brainstorming and decision-making

The exper t-led seminar programme is entirely new this year, with relevant topics to help you along your business journey more than ever before Speakers at The Glamping Show include Sarah Orchard (Get Fully Booked & The Hudnall s Hideout Treehouse), Edward Busby (Crown & Canopy) Sarah Riley (Inspired Camping) Louis Thompson (Nomadic Resor ts) and many more leaders of the industr y

• “Has the g amping bubble bur st?”

• Will glamping win the race in a game-c hanging future for hospitality?

• “Farming to Glamping – Planning Permiss on & Business Rates ”

The battle for customers is tougher than ever, but with recent research suggesting 40% find the pub garden their Ultimate Happy Place , now is the time to make the most of your outdoor space and turn it into a haven for customers and a true talking point

Whether it’s covering a terrace bar, expanding your seating area or providing a truly unique standalone outdoor experience , our commercial awnings and Louvred roof systems can create a unique feature for your business and add not just a significant WOW factor, but an area to be used again and again

At Roché we offer award-winning retractable wall-mounted and freestanding awnings from leading German manufacturers Markilux and Weinor as well as the stunning Louvred Roof systems from both Renson and Weinor Our team of exper ts have over 20 years ’ experience in advising businesses on the right shading solution to suit a variety of outdoor spaces, and can help you maximise potential revenue by increasing usable

floorspace , both kerbside and in any garden areas you may have

All our products are made-to-measure and completely customisable to meet your exact requirements, with powder coated frames in a range of RAL colours and hundreds of weather-resistant fabrics to choose from Take advantage of accessories such as lights and infa-red heaters to create a desirable location for customers to relax and be comfor table while they enjoy evening meals or drinks For an added wow-factor you can add signwriting to help reinforce your brand and drive people into your premises who may have otherwise walked by without noticing

Our teams of engineers and sur veyors are based nationwide and use their experience to ensure each installation is completed to an extremely high standard

Call us on 0800 060 8844 to arrange a free site sur vey or visit www rocheawnings com

“It’s not just the structure , it’s the exper ience ”

• “With so many structures to c hoose from, how to make the r ight investment?”

• Green Glamping – Demystifying the journey to Net Zero

The expo at The Glamping Show has grown significantly over the past few

Café Culture - Pavement Profit

We create appealing and comfor table outdoor seating areas for your clients supplying ever ything required including:-

• planter s w th rea or faux plants

• cafe banner s and restaurant screens lighting

• heating

• c lassic neon signage parasols installed and repaired

• lent cular bladed roofed she ter s

• tables and c hair s

Our hardy planters are built to order using rot proof ar tificial wood planks This unique material is not only completely waterproof but is formed from UK factor y waste plastics and materials that would otherwise have gone into landfill They will last you countless years and are a genuine recyled investment

From our workshops in Kent we deliver

UK wide and are happy to visit and sur vey your site to to discuss your needs and prepare a drawing and quotation outlining what could be done all within your available budgets

We firmly believe the better you look on the outside the more customers will come to the inside so contact us on 01733 559437 or sales@cafeculture .biz

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years with over 100 exhibitors bringing the ver y best they have to offer, and thus an even bigger array of products and ser vices to supercharge your business – so you can tr y, test, compare and decide Over the course of three days, you will have the oppor tunity to get to know the people behind the companies No matter what accommodations your glamping business offers – treehouses to tents and ever ything in between – you will also find furniture , insurance , off-grid power, booking systems, consulting ser vices, accessories, and more With exhibitors coming in from all corners of the world, you can accomplish more in a day at The Glamping Show than you could in a year tr ying to do it on your own The Glamping Show 2023 is held at NAEC Stoneleigh, Coventr y on September 14, 15 & 16 Located in the hear t of the midlands, the venue has excellent road, rail and air access, making it easy to travel to, wherever you ’ re coming from Tickets to attend are free – to discover all our exhibitors and to sign up for your e-Ticket and join us head to The Glamping Show 2023 Offers Fresh Innovations from the Hospitality Industry Increase Your Revenue with a Commercial Shading Solution

Hospitality Technology

operators are opting to simplify menus and offer smaller por tion sizes Thus, the term ‘shrinkflaton’ – the process of reducing the size or quantity of product while the price of product remains the same or increases slightly

Streamline menus More than one third of hospitality operators plan to tighten up their menus with fewer dishes and less complex options A leaner menu helps stock control and supply issues with certain products It will also reduce stress for kitchen teams who are already struggling to keep up due to labour shor tages Research shows that 77% of consumers are happy to visit a restaurant offering a limited menu The size of a menu isn’t as impor tant as the quality of food you ser ve and the price you charge In fact, condensing your menu with easy to execute recipes allows you to focus on quality and presentation of dishes that deliver memorable experiences and drive repeat business

control and monitoring production levels Know what and how much you are selling, then make adjustments to the menu and eliminate dishes that aren’t selling

Ser ve smaller por tions but ensure customers still receive value for money Along with simpler menus, cutting back on por tion sizes is lowhanging fruit for addressing increasing food costs Shrinking por tions can be a good strateg y as it enables restaurants to keep pricing the same or slightly higher This is impor tant since consumers don’t seem to notice por tion sizes as much as they do price increases

Are you ready for shrinkflation? Hospitality operators need to find creative ways to cut expenses and improve their bottom line Quality and value will both play a crucial role in attracting customers Streamlining menus with simple , cost-effective items will no doubt help your cost-cutting measures in the months ahead

If you ’ ve dined out recently, you may have noticed a recent trend –reduced menu items, reduce por tion sizes and change recipes

As businesses battle inflation, increased food costs, staffing shor tages and soaring energ y prices, operators are looking for ways to satisfy customers and remain profitable

Raising prices may be necessar y to keep up with inflation, however, this practice alone may be detrimental as consumers are forced to cut back on non-essential spending that includes dining out at restaurants Instead

Monitor production levels

Overproduction is a common source of food waste and one of the biggest reasons why businesses fail to achieve the desired food margins Tracking sales is a good way to review your menu, create more efficient batching levels and eliminate dishes that aren’t selling

Reduce waste It’s estimated that food waste costs the restaurant sector nearly £700 million each year Overproduction is a common source of food waste and one of the biggest reasons why businesses fail to achieve the desired food margins There are many ways to cut down on waste – from keeping a stock inventor y to keeping an eye on por tion

Par tnering with Enhance Hospitality is the best financial decision you will make

See the adver t on this page for fur ther information

AK Techotel has been the leading supplier of Proper ty Management Systems to the European hotel market for the last 40 years and have entered the UK market with a bang Establishing themselves in Yorkshire , National Operations Manager Alistair Brown states “It seems logical that eventually Techotel would reach the UK shores, and have found that there is definitely a need for what we can provide , the timing was great as their is definitely an oppor tunity here and with recent installations it shows Picasso may be what has been missing”

“We like to think of ourselves not as a one size fits all supplier, but more of a bespoke package builder where we build the elements of the Picasso PMS around your wants and needs”

“Take for example the recent development of our digital assistant ’Mona’, we could see that the hotel users of the future did not want to wait, they wanted ever ything now, at their finger tips, or in this case on their phone , so we took the entire reception process and revolutionised the front desk, ever ything that used to slow down the check in at a traditional hotel reception is now performed digitally, by the PMS and by “Mona””

Alistair continues “Mona is really pushing boundaries in changing the norm, leading the way in a world where contactless reception is now almost expected, we have gone several steps fur ther We have seen the evolution of the traditional role of front of house move from the computer screen to more meet and greet, adding the traditional extra touch to the guest experience that the UK Hotel market is well known for, Mona allows the hotel reception to do just that”

In recent years AK Techotel have developed a whole range of products for the hotel market, to go alongside their staple product, their Proper ty Management System Picasso

Picasso is the PMS that AK Techotel have developed supplied and suppor ted throughout Europe

since 1983 The features that have recently been released include their entirely integrated Channel Management System, their commission free online booking engine , their mobile housekeeping and maintenance application and their mobile bar and restaurant system that can now be operated from the phone , to name but a few

Having seen how Europe have sprinted ahead with mobile technolog y within the restaurant and bar industr y, Techotel decided that they should look to integrate their handhelds with Picasso, where not only it is linked to the Bar and Restaurant Module ”Appetite”, but is also able to provide the waitering staff with up to date information regarding the requirements of the hotel guest So for example , if a guest is celiac , they would only need to record this once The information would be available not only on their hotel booking, also at the dumb water but also in the hands of the staff who are ser ving the guest

Visit www techotel ie or see the adver t on the facing page for information

Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising

Blame It On Shrinkflation: Hospitality Operators Shrink Menus and Portion Sizes 42 CLH Digital Issue 178
The release of the Mobile EpoS is just one extra feature that helps Picasso stay ahead of the competition Alistair Brown concludes “ we are not just the Hotel system of today but we are already thinking and developing what the Generation Zeds are going to require in the future and personally I cant wait to see where it takes us ”
AK Techotel Property Management Systems

Hospitality Technology

Could Cobots be the Answer to Crippling Staff Shortages?

Staff shor tages continue to plague the UK hospitality industr y, with little sign of improvement on the horizon

Triggered by Covid lockdowns and compounded by Brexit, the shor tage of workers is forcing many restaurants to restrict trading hours, and hotels to leave rooms uncleaned on cer tain days a week

According to trade body UKHospitality, vacancies remain 48% higher than preCovid

The organisation’s chief executive Kate Nicholls said: “The workforce shor tage is creating a serious crisis Nearly half of businesses are reducing trading hours per day, and a third are having to close on some days each week ”

So what is the answer to the recruitment headache facing the UK’s hotels and restaurants? How about making a robot (or “cobot” to give them their more apt moniker due to their collaborative work alongside humans) your newest recruit?

Softbank Robotics general manager Stefano Bensi explained: “With a cobot on hand, menial and time-consuming tasks are taken care of autonomously Staff have more time to concentrate on higher-value , more intricate jobs like touchpoint cleaning (in the case of a robotic vacuum cleaner) or spending more time with customers (in the case of tray deliver y robots)

“We know that in the hospitality industr y it’s a real struggle to recruit and retain staff: robots can help add additional suppor t to existing teams, plug labour gaps and shor tages, and work when necessar y to improve processes ”

Softbank’s cleaning robot Whiz can memorise up to 600 cleaning routes, vacuum 1,500 sq m of carpet on a

single charge , and be programmed to clean at any time of day

It is equipped with a 3D camera and a lidar (light detection and ranging) system - the same kind of technolog y used in self-drive cars

Rather than taking the human interaction aspect away from restaurant ser vice , Softbank’s tray deliver y robots simply look after the “bussing” side of the job (bringing and removing dishes) meaning staff are present in the dining room at all times and able to respond quickly to customers needs

Bensi said: “Because the waiter isn’t constantly going to and from the kitchen, stuff just happens: customers can order that extra bottle of wine , a side , a pudding, and suddenly you have the average price per sitting going up, and the table turnaround time going down, because when the customer is ready to ask for something it can happen straight away ” For hotels offering room ser vice , Softbank’s W3 robots can be programmed to integrate with the lifts and will call the guest to aler t them once their order is outside their door

It’s true to say that many hotels and restaurants adopted technological aids to help them through the pandemic , with operators forced to adopt automated methods to keep guests and staff safe

Could it be the time has come for operators to recognise that technolog y isn’t limited to helping with bookings, ordering and payments? Perhaps it could also provide hospitality businesses with new team members - and quite possibly help them stand out from the competition too

To find out more , visit https://emea softbankrobotics com/

MemSec™ EPoS - User-Friendly & Feature-Rich EPoS System for the Hospitality Trade

MemSec™ EPos produce one of the most user-friendly yet feature-rich EPoS systems currently available to the hospitality industr y

For over 25 years, MemSec™ EPoS has provided IT solutions to customers in the hospitality industr y We provide each customer with a system tailored to their individual requirements at a competitive price

One of the most impor tant factors in MemSec™ EPoS s approach to systems development is the recognition of the types of users our customers are likely to employ Unlike in an office environment, hospitality staff cannot be expected to be computer literate , and staff turnover

levels can be high

We therefore design our programs to be useable with the minimum amount of training, and by staff of all ages and abilities

As well as providing software that users love , we install all the requisite hardware to ensure that you get the best from our programs Various configurations are available to suit your requirements and all are available via rental or purchase schemes

For fur ther information, see the adver t on this page or visit

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Hospitality Technology

3R (EPOS) Solutions

3R is a leading provider of Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) solutions, offering both integrated counter top and wireless payment solutions, as well as Mobile Top-Up ser vices With competitive rates and durable , secure hardware , 3R’s signature EPOS software , CES Touch, is a game-changer for businesses seeking to optimize their day-to-day operations and streamline their financial

repor ting

Another essential feature of CES Touch is its full Stock control functionality which enables businesses to manage their inventor y effectively This feature ensures that businesses can maintain optimal stock levels avoid overstocking or understocking, and keep track of their stock movements accurately

In addition to these features, CES Touch offers intensive operator management and in-depth financial repor ting which is vital for businesses seeking to manage their staff and finan-

cial performance effectively With full cloud business analytics, CES Touch also provides businesses with realtime insights into their sales, inventor y, and customer behaviour, enabling them to make data-driven decisions to optimize their operations

CES Touch also links directly to a wide range of Symbol Groups, including Londis, Booker, Premier, Budgens, Shop Local, Best-one , and NISA, allowing businesses to take advantage of automated promotions and price changes This feature is par ticularly useful for businesses looking to offer competitive pricing and promotions while maintaining profitability

At the hear t of 3R s offering is their commitment to excellent customer ser vice , providing 24/7 suppor t, 365 days a year Whether you ’ re a small business owner or a large retailer, 3R’s EPOS solutions and CES Touch software are sure to provide you with the tools you need to succeed

See the adver t below for details

CardsSafe Continues to Support Hospitality Businesses

CardsSafe remains one of the most affordable ways to help hospitality venues up-sell onsite by offering a secure and trusted way to operate customers' tabs

Established over twenty years ago CardsSafe is designed to securely retain customer credit debit and ID cards while the cardholder runs a tab It s a simple, affordable and effective system that does not capture data and is GDPR compliant It allows staff to upsell, protect customers bank cards and give them extra peace of mind that their cards are held professionally while running a tab

Two decades later over 5000 UK venues trust the CardsSafe system from Young's pubs golf courses Hilton Hotels Lord s cricket ground and many independent restaurants and bars

"Average spend is up, and chargeback has virtually disappeared after we installed CardsSafe, which really puts

our customers minds at rest

Timothy, Young s Bar Manager

CardsSafe remains on the side of hospitality and leisure venues by continuing to freeze prices for the past eight years At just £9 95* per month rental for a 10-drawer unit, the system pays for itself Just one £120 walk-out, which CardsSafe could have prevented as it acts as a deterrent for dine-and-dash, is the rental price for a unit per year CardsSafe continues to support hospitality businesses during periods of economic uncertainty They also offer customer ser vice and free replacement keys, which can be sent out anytime

So what are you waiting for? If you want to increase profits and the bottom line, reduce losses and help build stronger relationships with your customers, contact CardsSafe and lock in great prices today!

For more information please visit

Or contact the sales team on 0845 500 1040

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Issue 178 CLH Digital 45

Products and Services

As one of the UK’s leading foodser vice providers, here at Bidfood we have a passion for great food and are always focused on going the extra mile for our customers Being the best is a key par t of our ethos, and we strive to deliver ser vice excellence making life easier for customers and helping them grow

The success of our customers is paramount to us and we believe that providing great ser vice is more than simply dropping off deliveries, it’s about adding value Our exper tise , industr y knowledge , nutritional advice and guidance on food standards and legislation help to keep our customers ahead of the cur ve

As we know in the food ser vice industr y the festive season doesn’t just star t and stop on the 12 day lead up to Christmas Therefore operators need to be prepared and ready well in advance for what is most wonderful but also busiest time of the year


Preparation is key in the build up to Christmas and is something that should be taking place months in advance

With all sectors requiring similar produce at the same time suppliers can often be left with unavailability To avoid this happening it’s crucial to work closely with account managers and suppor t teams to plan menus in advance and to make sure products are readily available


Christmas time is all about having a fun and sprinkling a little magic , and what better way to do this than with a dedicated festive menu Guaranteed to get consumers excited and also provides an excellent upsell oppor tunity

with over 1 in 3 willing to paying more for festive specials versus regular menu options

Despite Christmas foods being ladled in tradition it shouldn’t mean that your festive menu is predictable In fact to ensure no consumer is left out a variety of ‘musthaves’ are needed to go alongside the festive offering Classic comfor t foods, winter warmers, indulgent choices and a few usual favourites should all piece together to make the perfect Christmas menu A slow-cooked shor t rib of beef with rich French onion gravy lends itself perfectly to this Or for a sweet treat, a twist on the cult classic , sticky toffee Christmas pudding drizzled with toffee sauce is sure to be popular with consumers

While many take the festive period as an oppor tunity to indulge , there’s still a demand for lower calorie options as well Operators need to ensure that while they offer plenty of indulgent treats they re not forgetting the health conscious consumer either The same is true with meat-free options Although we think of turkey, gammon and ham around Christmas, vegan and vegetarian dishes aren’t to be forgotten about either, our phat vegan mushroom & leek pie is a delicious perfect meat-free main that consumers will love!


And remember, it’s just as impor tant to have a strong drinks offering, both hot and cold Applying a festive twist to a premium drink by infusing with alcohol or providing a limited edition option are all likely to be popular A gingerbread latte , Baileys hot chocolate or a hot apple cinnamon cider will all be a hit amongst consumers

See the adver t on the back cover or visit www bidfood co uk

Food Safety and Confidence

Navigating the intricacies of food allergies and safety regulations can be a daunting challenge for any food producer or business This is where Allergen Checker steps in offering a comprehensive solution that not only streamlines compliance but also enhances customer confidence What truly sets Allergen

Checker apar t is its innovative QR code system

In a world driven by convenience this feature empowers your customers like never before A quick scan of the QR code , placed conveniently on your menus or a printout of the individual labels for your packaging, opens up a world of accurate allergen information Customers are no longer left in the dark; they can make informed choices tailored to their dietar y needs, fostering trust and loyalty

Our platform’s significance goes beyond just meeting current labelling regulations including Natasha s Law It anticipates the future with the potential enactment of Owens Law, ensuring your business remains ahead of compliance requirements With Allergen Checker you ’ re not just adapting; you ’ re thriving in an evolving landscape of food safety

A Simple 3-Step Process

• Add Ingredients Begin by seamlessly inputting your ingred ents into our user-fr iendly system Our platform becomes your

vir tual food cupboard, housing accurate a lergen data for eac h ingredient This initial step lays the foundation for precise al ergen information

• Create Dishes: W th your ingredients catalogued, crafting dishes becomes a breeze As you create dishes Allergen Chec ker automatically generates detailed allergen information for eac h one Th s real-time accurac y ensures that you ’ re providing the most up-to-date information to your customer s

• Generate QR Codes & Labels: The magic unfo ds as you effor tless y generate QR codes and abels for your d shes and products These become your br dge to customer transparenc y and conf dence Place them on menus or pac kaging enabling customer s to access comprehens ve allergen information instantly

In a world where allergen transparency can make or break a customer’s dining choice , Allergen Checker is your ultimate ally Join a community of forward-thinking businesses that prioritise safety, build trust, and elevate the dining experience

Say goodbye to allergen-related stress and hello to a new era of culinar y confidence Explore Allergen Checker today and unlock a safer, more informed, and truly satisfying dining journey For fur ther information see the adver t on the inside front cover or visit www allergenchecker co uk

New Award Winning Technology Can Save You 35% To 55% On Cooking Oil in Deep Fryers

If you own a restaurant or a kitchen with a deep fr yer, then you might be surprised at how much you spend ever y year on cooking oil Have you ever calculated this direct cost? If you haven’t, then you should, because Canadian Company, Eco Friendly Chef Corp is helping thousands of professional kitchen operators to dramatically cut their oil costs in half

A new innovative product called OiLChef is revolutionizing the food industr y The award-winning OiLChef device is one of the most sophisticated technologies available in the world for deep fr yers today It is not a filter or a chemical but rather a device which is simply installed in your deep fr yer in less than 10 seconds!

Putting the OiLChef in your fr yer will give you a competitive edge and attract more consumer dollars Your fried food items will absorb less oil and therefore will con-

tain fewer calories Good for the consumer, good for the bottom line

Reduce carbon footprint: It will minimize your environmental impact through a reduction in energy and oi consumption

Faster ser vice: Food cooks qu c ker

Reduce food waste: Food is cr ispier and holds ts shape and texture for longer Great for food deliver y Zero flavour transfer : It prevents flavour transfer between different foods be ng cooked in the same oil

Kitchen smoke and fr ying odour s: It reduces the smoke and odour s of fr ying in your kitc hen/restaurant Creating a more pleasant working and dining exper ience and minimizes the workload on your air filter ing systems and maintenance

Health & safety: It reduces the smoke point of your oil, and thereby lower s the r isk of a deep fr yer fire Also, staff nteract on with c hanging the fr yer oil is cut down by at least half, reducing r isk of accidental burns and oil spillage

Reduce operating costs: It gives you the oppor tunity to cut down or move away from costly monthly additives required to improve o l quality Fewer people hour s are required eac h month for fr yer c hanges

For fur ther information visit www oilchef co uk

See page 19 or contact Louis Farr y by phone or email: louis farr y@oilchef com or Tel 07448419664

5 Top Cellar Management Tips That Will Save You Time and Money

Allergen Checker: Empowering
46 CLH Digital Issue 178 Savings can simply be made by adjusting your cellar management Here Clear Brew has outlined a few useful management tips to help you reduce beer waste and save money 1 Beer is classed as food and should be treated in line with Health and Safety Legislation Regularly checking the date on beer and rotating older stock to the front will help to reduce the amount of beer wasted 2 The cellar should be maintained between 11-13 C If it's too cold, your ales may become hazy and flat Too warm results in fobbing wastage poor product quality and ultimately reduced profits 3 Cellar hygiene is crucial for protecting beer quality and preventing waste This includes cleaning the cellar maintaining the beer lines and ensuring that all associated equipment is functioning correctly Using a company such as Clear Brew which provides a fully managed 3-weekly ser vice will also help reduce waste and water, chemical and gas usage 4 Stock control is impor tant for preventing beer wastage If needed order smaller container sizes and ensure a keg is used within 5 days and a cask in 3 days 5 Turning off all dispense gases at the end of the day not only reduces risk if there is a leak overnight, but it also reduces the chance of kegged products becoming over-carbonated, which in turn can impact yields and profit More information can be found at or see the front cover Bidfood Celebrates The 12 Months Of Christmas With The Launch Of Its Festive Range

Design & Refit

Pennyhill Park, par t of the Exclusive Collection has unveiled four private spa cabanas with copper bathtubs and personal spa loungers as par t of its offering The luxur y cabanas, designed by Sparcstudio, are like a luxur y hotel room set in nature

“We’re delighted to elevate our spa experience at Pennyhill Park even fur ther,” explains Graham Copeman, General Manager at Pennyhill Park “With the introduction of four bespoke luxur y cabanas, it’s the perfect oppor tunity for guests to indulge in the best and feel at their best ”

Each elegant space features its own private copper bathtub and personal spa lounger There is also a coffee machine a fridge with stocked soft drinks phone charging point and lockable storage for personal belongings

A tablet is provided so guests can order food and drinks to be delivered directly to them

The cabanas feature a neutral backdrop of materials accentuated with pops of colour on the bespoke inbuilt sofa Beverley Bayes Creative Director at Sparcstudio comments “We are delighted with the final product We worked closely with the client team to create the fully bespoke design with the aim of creating a luxurious guest experience much like you would expect in a treatment room or hotel suite

“Durability and ability to withstand the elements was a key factor in the design detailing and materials,” add

Mayfair Furniture

Mayfair Furniture will be celebrating 11 years this year of providing the UK’s fastest



The team used millboard decking and a wall cladding system with solid surface tops from Caesar stone exterior grade fabrics in the soft furnishings add a pop of colour The roof louvre panels are fully waterproof and are remote controlled Together with the blinds, these provide a sense of privacy and shade

“We specified grasses to soften the edges of the cabanas providing privacy whilst herbs add a subtle aroma explains Bayes After twilight a soft warm glow of light from concealed LED strip lighting brings the design to life

Sparcstudio is a privately owned spa and interior design practice which specialises in the creation of award-winning Spa, Fitness, Wellness and Hotel facilities The team has just been voted Top ID company 2022 by NEWH Examples of the team’s work includes the £14 million Sopwell Cottonmill Spa; South Lodge Spa for the Exclusive Collection; Dormy House Spa and Calcot spas in the Cotswolds; Aqua Sana Forest Spas; Champneys Mottram Hall, and Third Space at Tower Bridge They recently completed works on an £8 million new Harrods Hair and Beauty spa on the 5th floor of the Knightsbridge store

time to time hospitality and leisure establishments like to give themselves a fresh new look That's why not only do we supply contract furniture , but when it's time for your establishment to go through a refurbishment we also offer a complete clearance ser vice We ll organise ever ything from a suitable time and date , professional clearance staff to remove contract furniture whether fitted or unfitted Along with our sister company Caterfair who provides commercial catering equipment for your kitchens we are the ideal people to speak to when you are looking to refurbish 01733 310115 sales@mayfairfurniture co uk www mayfairfurniture co uk

commercial furniture Supplying all kinds of establishments from high end hotel chains to small local takeaways We keep in stock a huge variety of items ready for immediate dispatch, and can fulfil a wide range of bespoke orders We deliver to all areas of the UK, Ireland & Europe
not just
supplier ; we understand that
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Sparcstudio Collaborates with Pennyhill Park on the Launch of New Luxury Cabanas Issue 178 CLH Digital 47

RapidFit by Rearo is an instant solution for washroom surfaces

Designed to accommodate time-constrained commercial washroom projects Rearo’s ‘offthe-shelf ’ RapidFit range is the perfect fast solution for projects requiring toilet cubicles or vanity units

Washroom design plays a vital role in the overall appearance of your company branding and can have a lasting impression on visitors – that’s why Rearo offers a dedicated core range of nine high-pressure laminate décors within the commercial washrooms


The RapidFit finishes were hand selected by the Rearo design team, with colours and textures chosen to ensure compliance with The Equality Act and future-proofed for a minimum of three years The colour choices take into consideration the needs of people with disabilities, including visual impairment, by ensuring neighbouring expanses of colour, such as walls and doors, are distinguishable by using contrasting colours Par ticularly popular within the hospitality sector, RapidFit washrooms are ideal for pubs restaurants and hotels

RapidFit toilet cubicles, vanities, and IPS are available in either an MR MFC or Compact Grade Core


It's Not Time To Sit Down Yet

Well at the end of a busy night it is, and for your hard-working customers it s essential that they have something welcoming, comfy, and attractive to rest their wear y bones Investing in new seating for your premises during unclear financial times can be a tough decision, but with small new bars, restaurants, cafes, and fast food establishments opening all the time , and with new trends appearing, it might be exactly what you need to either attract a new crowd or keep existing customers We can either work with you to come up with designs for your seating or take ideas from your interior designer and build your dreams efficiently effectively and on time within budget Drakes have been providing bars, pubs, restaurants,

cafes, clubs, and hotels with high-quality furniture for decades We employ over 15 joiners, upholsterers, polishers and designers who are capable of installing fixed seating and bespoke joiner y, full refurbishments, or simply making bespoke stools for the front of the bar Our dedicated team are either timeser ved officially trained craftsmen or externally based professionals Got you interested? Let us give you a free quote or ask for professional advice We are available for a chat Monday – Thursday: 9 00 am > 4 00 pm and Friday: 9 00 am > 12 00 pm on 01422 839 690 If you prefer, email us at sales@askdrake com, and of course please visit our website www askdrake com to see some of our range and past work We are also available on Facebook and Instagram, so give us a follow!

ted by a five-year manufacturer guarantee , MR MFC is ideal for light to medium-traffic spaces For higher traffic areas requiring a little added durability, choose the RapidFit Impact range Completely water resistant, this solid-grade laminate core is ideal for humid and wet environments and backed by a comprehensive ten-year guarantee Cubicles are supplied as a flat pack, ready for a quick and easy installation and all RapidFit components are available to buy individually to offer a variety of installation possibilities Matching IPS can be made to order in only 3-4 weeks Ask your fitter/joiner y/plumbing contractor or architect to get in touch for free sample packs and design and specification assistance Or order your RapidFit washroom now 0141 440 0800 commercial@rearo co uk www rearocommercial co uk Do You Need a FAST, Easy-Fit Washroom Upgrade? 48 CLH Digital Issue 178
& Refit

Design & Refit

Indoor Dining & Bar Furniture

As Autumn beckons, our focus moves to creating memorable , visual and comfor table indoor hospitality spaces to enhance your customer experience , dwell time and your revenue

But what suits your venue ’ s style?

Woodberr y longtime exper ts in supplying outdoor furniture have now launched a range of indoor furniture based on client favourites

This first indoor range sees dining, bar and café furniture in 4 distinct styles TRADITIONAL

If your venue is more traditional with cosy interiors and a focus on wooden furniture , Woodberr y has you covered with a range of dark

wood dining and bar furniture SCANDI-STYLE MINIMALISM

For sleek, minimalist interiors, there is a range of design-led light oakcoloured chairs and pedestal tables Each chair has a distinct design style that can easily be mixed and matched


For stand out, quirky industrial look interiors, Woodberr y has developed their iconic outdoor designs for indoor use Gabion cage base tables can be filled with your choice of filling Or if long communal tables work best for your venue , the Discover y Range Tables and Benches have black metal legs and chunky wood effect tops


Featuring brightly coloured mix and match metal chairs colourful vintage distressed tabletops, and marble effect pedestal tables This bistro range offers subtle Parisian elegance or bright colourful vintage vibes

Woodberr y is keen to understand what furniture works best for your needs so please talk to the friendly team about your requirements

For an indoor furniture brochure call our team or download a copy from the Woodberr y website 01926 889922 mail@woodberr y co uk www woodberr y co uk/brochures

Adveco FUSION - The Next Generation Of Packaged Low-Carbon Electric Water Heating

Commercial hot water specialist Adveco announces the arrival of the next generation of FUSION electric water heating for hotels and restaurants

FUSION-E is a tough, high-efficiency electric water heater

FUSION-T extends the system with the addition of a systemintegrated heat pump and advanced controls Both ranges can be fur ther expanded with the addition of an electric immersion for greater resilience (FUSIONEplus and FUSION-Tplus)

FUSION star ts with all new specially designed single(ATSI) or twin-coil (ATST) corrosion-resistant stainless steel high-pressure indirect cylinders Offering capacities from 200 to 500 litres, the cylinders feature dedicated mounting points for Adveco’s ARDENT electric boiler making FUSION a more compact, space-saving option Supplied with pre-built pipework the latest generation of FUSION is now faster and easier to install

For the FUSION -T renewable variants the

monobloc air-to-water FPi-32 heat pump (ASHP) is used as a source for system preheat Contribution from the ASHP is maximised via the bespoke FUSION Control Box These controls smar tly balance the two heat sources, meaning the electric boiler is not required to work as hard to raise flow temperatures to the required 65°C Electrical demand on the boiler is reduced by as much as 30%, delivering operational savings and reducing carbon emissions by up to 71%

Where hot water demands become a business-critical ser vice , FUSION systems can also incorporation an additional backup immersion (FUSION-Eplus & FUSION-Tplus) for enhanced resiliency Controls are fur ther extended to incorporate SMS output to advise building managers of a fault scenario and automated engagement of the immersion backup to guarantee business-critical hot water supply

Issue 178 CLH Digital 49
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Design & Refit

Additional Ranges as ILF Continue to Expand

sent to them directly from the website and they will reply within 24 hours They hope you will enjoy the experience of viewing their easy to navigate website and they look forward to helping clients get the best products for their hospitality site

Make a Style Statement With Stacking Chairs

When planning events and catering for busy periods in your venue there s nothing more useful than stacking chairs Often, the temporar y nature of these chairs is reflected in a basic design, which isn’t suitable for ever y occasion However, the good news is that Trent Furniture supply a great choice of stacking chairs, which look good enough to be par t of the furniture on a permanent basis!

The brand new Loopback Stacking Chair is the newest addition to Trent s bestselling Bentwood range which is inspired by classic Parisian 19th centur y bistro style This chair features all the effor tless elegance and durability of the original Loopback Side Chair, but with the ability to stack up to eight high when not in use With a chic and versatile walnut finish, it’s available with a wooden seat or with an upholstered seat pad in a choice of over 100 fabrics including vinyl and faux leather

Another great choice for stackable chairs with style as well as functionality is the York Crossback Stacking Chair Perfect for venues with a contemporar y rustic vibe , this chair is full of character and is available in a great choice of walnut, light oak, vintage oak and dark oak, with 15% off currently available on the vintage and dark finishes Again, stackable up to eight chairs high when not needed, it’s the perfect addition for busy bars, restaurants, cafés and more Choose from a simple wooden seat or add upholstered seat pads in a fabric of your choice to complement your colour scheme Whichever stacking chair you choose for your bar, restaurant, pub or café, you can be assured of great value and contract grade durability that’s built to last in a hospitality setting To find out more about Trent Furniture’s great range of stylish stacking chairs, please call us on 0116 2989 927 or fill in our contact form at www trentfurniture co uk email terr With the ever-growing success of the ILF Chairs website , 2023 has seen an increase in their stock chairs to 8 ranges available in different Faux and Velvet upholster y and selection of frame colours, plus an 8 colour stock range of Egger laminated 25mm table tops in a selection of sizes A full range of table bases in metal and stainless steel are also kept in stock In addition, a new range called Boutique , elegant seating with frames in Ash, Walnut and Beech and offering a full selection of stain finishes and fabrics Their new online website offers both indoor and outdoor seating and table solutions Divided into Contemporar y seating Boutique Barstools Lounge Seating Period Seating Outdoor seating and tables plus Indoor Dining & Coffee height tables offering a great selection of products to view at your leisure Also included now is an extensive range of stock seating, barstools, table bases and table tops Most made to order indoor seating and indoor wooden table bases and tops can be finished to any customer specification Outdoor items offer a variety of colours within the same product style Also included is a link to priced chairs and table bases plus a selection of priced made to order seating in a selection of Faux Leather upholster y colours and wood frame colours These products can also be supplied to customer specification just ask for details Enquiries can be
Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising 50 CLH Digital Issue 178

Battling Staff Shortages? Here’s How A Service Lift May Help

Staff shor tages have been a challenge for British hospitality businesses, with data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showing a 56% increase in staff shor tages in the accommodation and food ser vice sector compared to pre-pandemic levels

To tackle this issue businesses have had to turn to technolog y to ensure they can operate efficiently with fewer staff members One option that can be easily implemented is the addition of ser vice lifts to business premises These lifts can move items like food, beverages, laundr y, and luggage more efficiently between floors, reducing the manual time and effor t required for tasks This can help businesses run smoothly even with smaller teams, preventing waiting times from becoming unacceptable for customers Service lifts like the Microlift or Trolley lift can also reduce the risk of injury for staff and improve staff wellbeing by reducing physical strain making the workplace more inclusive for those with disabilities or mobility issues

Many business owners may be under the impression that a service lift is expensive and disruptive to install, but this is often not the case at all Microlifts from Stannah are compact, structure-supported and quick and easy to install These reliable and hard-wearing products are designed for operation 24/7, 365 days a year, supported by regular service visits from our expert local engineers

So even when staff shor tages bite , great ser vice can still be provided to your customerswithout the heavy lifting With a durable and reliable Stannah lift sharing the load, your staff will be well-protected ever y day and able to do more than ever before

As manual handling is such a risky business Stannah has compiled a comprehensive Manual Handling Guide detailing how business owners can reduce the risks of staff injur y and prevent fur ther shor tages due to injur y

For more information visit: resources stannahlifts co uk/manual-handling

Saniflo's Sanibest Pro Provides Robust Service For Guest House

Saniflo UK - a leading designer and manufacturer of macerators, pumps and lifting stations - continues to solve some of Britain's quirkiest plumbing issues while providing best-in-class technical consultation to ensure the right product is specified first time

In March 2023, a 100-year-old twostorey guest house apar tment above commercial premises in Inverness received a new Sanibest Pro to replace a non-Saniflo macerator that had been changed three times in seven years and had required multiple repairs and maintenance due to clogged blades

The exper ts at Saniflo advised the proper ty owner that the Sanibest Pro, although usually specified for commercial applications, would suit this domestic scenario because a more powerful product was required to dispose of items that clog blades, such as wet wipes

The Sanibest Pro occupies the same space as its defunct predecessor, so no additional plumbing or pipework was required Matt Watson, Saniflo National Sales Manager, recommends that customers call the Saniflo technical team to doublecheck their requirements as ever y situation differs, and there may always be a better solution He says: "Our engineers often attend call-outs where a product has been misspecified We would always recommend a commercial product for an application like this, par ticularly when members of the public use the facility Guests often don't follow disposal guidelines and put bulky items down the WC; they don't tend to worr y as they do in their homes so mitigating for that is impor tant "

Reader Enquiries: 020 8842 0033 or go to www saniflo co uk

Design & Refit Issue 178 CLH Digital 51

Education and Training

What Does A Future Employer Look Like? YOU

At GBS, we aspire to create an environment where our students can explore new possibilities realise their true potential and make progress towards the careers they want

The entrepreneurial spirit is at the hear t of ever ything we do at GBS We provide students and staff with a platform to discover new ideas and innovations creating the oppor tunity to find solutions that elevate our institution and the communities we ser ve

Many of our students are older and are returning to education later in life and half of our student base are small business owners As people move on in life other responsibilities become more impor tant than a longstanding desire to return to higher education GBS has created a feasible way to get back into the classroom with flexible learning designed to fit in with our student’s lifestyles

We provide the ideal educational space to gain new

skills and experiences, build confidence and realise their potential for a brighter future Our students have worked hard to reach where they are , and they possess high aspirations for their futures The only thing they were missing was the right oppor tunity at an institution that believed in their potential and provided the flexibility to suppor t their busy lifestyles GBS has stepped in to be that institution, with a great desire to see people from a wide variety of backgrounds get the oppor tunities in education that they deser ve

We are working towards the change we want to see in higher education and the wider world and the progress we have made is the ambition that will take us to the next level

Immtell - Navigating Immigration, Delivering Solutions

At Immtell we understand the unique challenges that the UK's catering and hospitality industr y faces particularly in staffing We are here to help you bridge these gaps by unlocking global talent, bolstering your workforce , and driving your business forward

Immtell is more than an immigration consultancy We are your strategic par tner aiding you in navigating UK immigration laws and procedures

A significant par t of our ser vices involves helping businesses acquire and maintain Home Office sponsor licenses enabling you to legally employ workers from outside the UK

At Immtell, we provide guidance on the Prevention of Illegal Working legislation, underscoring the impor tance of conducting compliant Right to Work checks This is not just a statutor y requirement, but a vital component in mitigating the risk of incurring a potential fine of £20,000 per illegal worker Moreover, non-compliance

could lead to substantial reputational damage which can have a far-reaching impact on your business Our suppor t ensures you understand and adhere to these regulations keeping your business secure and reputation intact

In addition to assisting businesses, we help potential employees navigate the visa application process We aim to facilitate a smooth transition for those seeking to work in the UK creating a more efficient hiring process for ever yone involved

For more information, contact Gavin Webster, Director at Immtell, at info@immtell com, or visit our website at www immtell com We look forward to par tnering with you and helping your business thrive

Increasing Customer & Staff Loyalty In One Easy Step

Repeat custom & Staff Retention Star ts

With Great Training

Times are tough and businesses are constantly looking for new areas in which they can save money Retaining customers is cheaper than acquiring new ones so customer loyalty is vital to profits How can you encourage customers to stay for another pint?

Simple , by ensuring it’s the best pint they’ve ever had! How do you do this? By ensuring staff are fully trained and reaching their potential Investing if your staff will also have a knock on affect on staff retention If staff feel valued, they are less likely to leave So customer loyalty and staff loyalty are inextricably linked

This is something Chemisphere UK are ver y aware of and is one of many reasons behind the opening of their brand new Training Academy at their Trafford Park head office The unique facility brings together classroom training with real hands-on practical training in their purpose-built fully operational training cellar This set-up means delegates can learn all the theor y and then put it into practice immediately – honing their skills until they get it right

“It is a widely held belief within the industr y that quality standards could be , and should be , higher We have always believed and suppor ted this” said Linda Adamson, Marketing Manager at Chemisphere

Chemisphere is primarily a manufacturer and supplier of detergents for beer line cleaning and ware-washing and over the years has become increasingly aware of worr yingly low industr y quality standards This is where the idea of the training academy was born Now up and

running and welcoming delegates on a wide range of courses the academy is helping to raise quality standards across the industr y

The training academy and the wide range of courses it offers is led by brewing industr y luminar y Allan Stevenson “What Allan doesn’t know about beer, beer quality and the industr y as a whole isn t worth knowing! said Linda Adamson Allan added My background in quality training and being one of only a handful of International Draught Masters in the world means we are offering the highest standard of training by an accredited trainer

Delivering the perfect pint star ts with immaculately clean beer lines and glassware – and that’s where Chemisphere feel they can really make a difference They are so committed to the industr y ’ s mission that they are slashing the prices of their courses for the first 12 months to make them accessible to ever yone and encourage as many companies as possible to educate themselves correctly They want this to be the year of the beer and are doing all they can to spread the word

They offer a wide variety of training courses, from one hour Perfect Pint courses to day-long Masterglass courses for technicians and quality teams – there is a course for ever yone from as little as £10 per person* They also have the knowledge and flexibility to create bespoke training courses to meet your unique needs –either at the Training Academy or at your premises

Visit www chemisphereuk com/trainingacademy for more information

*based on maximum number of de egates be ng booked on cour se

towards a
Visit www globalbanking ac uk for fur ther information or see the adver t on the following page Issue 178 CLH Digital 53
better society for all is the reason why
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Property, Professional and Recruitment

Hospitality Businesses Look For Green Growth Opportunities

With many smaller hospitality businesses continuing to struggle in challenging operating conditions, owners are looking for new ways to achieve their growth aspirations As sustainability climbs up the agenda for consumers and policy-makers, hospitality operators are recognising the business benefits of going green

Our most recent Business Confidence Sur vey found that 73% of hospitality businesses are falling behind their turnover forecasts for H1 2023 Yet with 64% aiming to grow their revenues over the next 12 months new growth oppor tunities are needed One such oppor tunity can be found in a focus on sustainability, which can attract new customers, boost profitability and suppor t global net zero ambitions


The first step to a greener kitchen is investing in more energ y-efficient equipment – and while the initial capex is higher, energ y savings pay off in the mid-term Electrification especially is transforming modern kitchens Energ y Star repor ts that induction kitchen appliances deliver about 85% of their energ y to the food being cooked compared to 45% for gas appliances, as well as reducing the amount of energ y needed for ventilation


Changing demands of today’s hospitality customers are also driving oppor tunities A recent study by Foodprint from Nutritics found almost

half (45%) of UK consumers feel a venue s commitment to sustainability is an impor tant par t of deciding where to go and spend money Indeed, sustainable considerations are expected to have profound impact on menu design, especially for younger consumers

Each year, The Unilever Food Solutions Future Menu Trends Repor t canvasses the opinion of 250 professional chefs, to determine the trends it feels will shape the food and beverage industr y For 2023, it predicts that vegetables will see a “promotion from side-dish to main event” in response to increasing numbers of vegan vegetarian and flexitarian diners looking for well-crafted plant-based foods

67% of its operator panel also predict that sourcing local ingredients that help to reduce the carbon footprint of restaurant dishes is a trend that consumers are increasingly looking for Indeed, the National Restaurant Association s 2022 State of the Restaurant Industr y repor t

indicating that one third of restaurant customers are more likely to choose establishments that source ingredients grown locally and organically


While reducing single-use plastics and increasing recycling are important in demonstrating greener practices, businesses should look at the impact of cutting food waste The average hospitality business throws away more than 100kg of food ever y week half of which is preventable repor ts Sustainability Victoria


Pursuing energ y and waste efficiency not only reduces overheads but prepares hospitality businesses for an increasingly sustainably-conscious consumer base Adapting your business to meet these oppor tunities will likely require some investment At Capify we offer a range of business loans and have helped thousands of small businesses meet the oppor tunities of a changing business landscape

Check to see if you ’ re eligible for one of our loans with our online eligibility checker Or, if you’d prefer to talk to a member of our team, we’d be happy to guide you through the process

Give us a call today on 0330 822 4906, visit or see the adver t on page 15

Hospitality Businesses Can Use Finance to Access New Tax Incentives

The UK Government recently launched ‘Full Capital Expensing’; a new tax incentive designed to encourage business investment This Capital Allowance enables hospitality firms to fully write-off the cost of qualifying purchases in the same year the asset was purchased

This equates to a saving of 19% or 25% of the asset s purchase price (depending on your tax rate) The allowance can be claimed on a wide range of equipment by incorporated businesses, with the Annual Investment Allowance accessible under similar rules by unincorporated businesses

For example , a pub refurbishing with £30,000 of qualifying equipment would

deduct £30,000 from their company profits and pay Corporation Tax on the remainder At a 19% Corporation Tax rate , the company would now pay £5,700 less tax, a saving equivalent to 19% of the purchase price Using a business loan or a hire purchase agreement allows the full expensing allowance to be claimed Por tman Asset Finance is both a lender and a broker, able to provide both hire purchase agreements and business loans, methods that allow capital allowances to be claimed We have been helping pubs restaurants and hotels spread the cost of new equipment, fund refurbishments and cover unexpected operational costs since 2007 Por tman also provide finance leasing, shor t term and flexible loans as well as tax loans and equipment refinance , helping hospitality businesses to boost cashflow or capture oppor tunities in today’s challenging environment If you re looking to fund new equipment, refurbish your premises or boost cashflow, talk to the exper ts at Por tman Call: 01604 669359 Visit: www.por tmanassetfinance
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Goldstar Chefs

The loss of EU free movement and flexible working work-life balance are among the leading causes behind the dramatic labour drain in hospitality industr y

Attracting and retaining Chefs is the Achilles Heel of running a hospitality business

The ‘ new normal’ job market has evolved to working from home , shor ter hours and weekends off Desk jobs and transpor t are attracting hospitality workers by the droves with higher pay and a better work-life balance

Many EU-nationals who worked in the industr y have either returned to their home countries, or have chosen other occupations after gaining UK


Much of UK’s hospitality industr y to date has been shaped by migrant labour

It seems only those coming to UK for a better life have the motivation and willingness to work in demanding roles, and at reasonable salar y levels

The government has modified skilled worker immigration allowing employers greater scope to hiring foreign nationals

Whilst the bar for EU nationals has raised it’s been lowered for non-EU nationals This has made it unattractive for EU’s due to visa costs However, it remains appealing to people from non-EU countries who have a different perspective of coming to work in the UK

Goldstar Chefs are nationwide recruitment organisation and hospitality immigration specialist busy procuring skilled Chefs from around the world for UK’s varied and diverse hospitality industr y Sectors include Restaurants, Hotels, Events Caterers, QSR brands, Pubs and any foodser vice operation that needs Professional Chefs

Goldstar Chefs gives you an optimal and cost effective staffing break-

Protect Your Pavement Licence

not require separate planning permission Be aware these Pavement Licences are due to expire on 30 September 2023

through that can transform your business Discover the most potent and productive avenue to attract and retain Chefs

Our team are intuitive business-minded people who are on your side , who understand your problems, see what others can’t, and give you solutions, answers and of course , the Chefs you want

You too can have dedicated professionals who are passionate committed and be assets in your business Chefs specialising in Worldwide cuisines as well as British are ready and waiting

You get more than CV’s You will see skill demos on video as well as other visuals We do meticulous skill checking, and enable your direct involvement in the vetting and selection process You get superior practical knowhow and simply the best care and attention

Are you having Chef headaches? The cure is Goldstar Plus Contact us now, we ’ re at your ser vice 24/7 We will visit you in person any where in UK

Make the call and get your life back!

Call 0203 930 8969 or www goldstarchefs co uk

outside seating on an area owned by the local authority, it will need authorisation In the past, that has been by a Local Authority Highways licence but the pandemic saw the introduction of what was originally intended as a temporar y scheme to help with business recover y after lockdowns with a favourable new lower cost, fast-track Pavement Licence system which does

There are plans afoot to make the Pavement Licence system permanent through the Levelling-up and Regeneration Bill, but that is still making its way through Parliament However, Regulations extending the scheme have been issued, and at the time of writing we are waiting for these to come into force When they do all holders of a Pavement Licence should reapply for their Licence If approved, most will then continue until 30 September 2024 although local authorities can grant for a shor ter period (no less than 3 months)


Why Use a Specialist Hospitality Consultant?


With over 30 years of industr y experience in the

sector, The Bowden Group’s Managing

David Hunter will work with you to address the following

If your business could benefit from outside seating and you have not yet applied, you need to check the Regulations to take the best advantage of this system To be eligible, your business must use (or propose to use) premises for the sale of food or drink for consumption on or off the premises Such businesses include pubs, cafes bars restaurants snack bars coffee shops and others A Pavement Licence allows furniture on a designated area of the highway (which includes a pavement) for your customers to eat and drink in that area

A completed application form and suppor ting documentation, such as a layout plan, details of the furniture to be used and public liability insurance will be required A public notice must be displayed on the premises for 7 days with a fur ther 7 day determination period If the local authority does not determine the application within that period it will be deemed granted subject to the national conditions attaching to all grants (such as no obstruction and smoke free areas) and local conditions

figures if they are available We then help you to identify strategies to manage costs and overheads associated with the core Profitability of running a Hospitality business

The largest overhead, even higher than Cost of Sales, is the Labour cost, so, with detailed analysis of your wages and being able to understand ‘’the way your business actually works’’ we can ensure that you are maximising the labour usage in your business Budgeting, Forecasting, Menu Management, Stock Controls, Purchasing, and controlling Variable Costs are just a few of the other areas that David Hunter, your Restaurant Consultant, will work on with you, and improve with you MANAGING PEOPLE

Before making an application for either a new licence or a renewal, you will need tocheck the requirements of your local authority as they can have:

• their own application form and payment methods for the £100 fee their own cr iter ia for the public notice

• spec fic requirements for the accompanying documents and plan

their local conditions whic h you will have to comply with

You will apparently benefit from having a Pavement Licence when the Levelling-up and Regeneration Bill is made law, as the fees proposed under this legislation are £350 for a renewal, but £500 for a new application You will also have the benefit of the use of thisvaluable trading area in the meantime

Please contact Karen Lush or the Licensing Team at Trethowans on 023 80321 000 if you would like assistance in applying for a Pavement Licence or other licensing matters

ed more than ever From ‘’Managing the Managers’’ through to Ser vice and Kitchen staff, your team needs careful and skilful Management, Motivation, guidance and Development



Managing people brings with it a whole set of new skills that are now need-

We will help you build a workable , planned Marketing Strateg y From Digital Marketing such as Social Media marketing Websites eMail Marketing and online adver tising, to print design, Promotions and offline adver tising, your Hospitality business should be constantly working on all things Marketing If your business is actually struggling, or if you just feel that it could be doing some things better, give David Hunter a quick call on 07831 407984 to arrange a ‘’Free of Charge’’ initial consultation (please quote CLH Offer), when David will discuss with you what could be achieved if you ask us to work with you

EAST DEVON VILLAGE Popular Village Pub/Restaurant New Free Of Tie Lease Available Renowned High Quality Business 3 Bedroom Owners Apartment Sales In Excess Of £500 000 Net LH NIL PREMIUM 4837 DEVON ESTUARY TOWN Established Licensed Restaurant Much Sought After Location 44+ Covers Newly Fitted Kitchens Prominent Trading Position Excellent Reputation & Reviews LH £75,000 2160 01392 201262 www stonesmith co uk T H E W E S T C O U N T R Y S P E C I A L I S T S THINKING OF SELLING? C ALL FOR A FREE VALUATION DARTMOOR, DEVON Village Store & Tea Gardens Spacious 4 Bedroom Family Home Easy Lifestyle Hours Gardens With Stables & Garage Potential To Develop Business DUCHY LH: £325 000 2149 DEVON COUNTRY VILLAGE Profitable Inn With Letting Rooms Bar Areas (32+) Dining Room (43) 4 E/S Letting Rooms 3 Bed Owners Gardens (50+) and Parking (50+) Sought After Devon Village FH £445 000 4758 NOR TH DEVON VILLAGE Impressive Character Village Inn Bar/ Restaurant Areas 94+ Garden 88+ Spacious 4 Bed Owners Accommodation Recently Extended and Refurbished Most Impressive Business & Home FH £399 950 4838 NR SALISBUR Y WILTSHIRE Superior Free Of Tie Village Pub Stunning Riverside Setting 3 Bed Family Sized Apartment Extensive Gardens & Parking Strong Levels Of Trade LH £65 000 4840 DARTMOUTH DEVON Impressive Waterside Restaurant Extremely Profitable Business Restaurant 32+ Catering Kitchens 2/3 Bed Family Sized Apartment Town Centre With Stunning Views LH £125,000 2158 NORTH CORNISH COAST Renowned Countr y Inn With 6 Acres 8 Letting Rooms & Letting Cottage Bar & Restaurant Areas 150+ Free Of Tie Leasehold Opportunity Sales In Excess Of £500,000 Net LH £99 750 4841 CORNWALL VILLAGE Freehold Pub Investment Detached Village Inn Rental Income Of £18 000 pa Lease With 11 Years Unexpired For Attention Of Investors FH £195,000 4836
Property, Professional and Recruitment
elements: Profitability, Operational Strateg y, Staff Management, Marketing and The Future of your business PROFITABILITY & OPERATIONS
exper ts will analyse your entire operation and also its key operating
because we can help your business to succeed What a wonderful summer! The ability to sit outside and enjoy refreshments has been a huge benefit to businesses and their customers If you have
SH AFTESBU RY, DO RSET • Beautifu & Substantia Thatched Vi lage Inn Character Trad ng Areas Together w th 6 Wel Presented En-Su te Letting Rooms Desirab e 2 Bed Owner s/Manager s Apar tment • Pretty Outside Trading Garden/Cour tyard & Large Car Park to the Rear A High Vo ume & Ver y Well Established Freehouse Priced to Se l OFFERS IN THE REGION OF £600,000 FREEHOLD REF: 4672 PRICE: £25,000 LEASEHOLD REF: 4714 SOUTH HAMS, D EVO N Charm ng Free of T e Countr y Inn S tuated in Beautifu South Hams • Tradit ona Pub w th a Contemporar y Style & 5 First C ass En-Suite Letting Rooms • 2 Character Main Trad ng Areas, Commerc al K tchen & Back of House Space Secondar y Outs de Bar Trad ng Outs de Terrace & Newly Instal ed Pergola • Beer Garden with Uninterrupted Views of the Ro l ng Countr yside & Car Park PERRANPORTH, CORNWALL Stunn ng 17th Centur y Tradit ona Corn sh nn Successful Business Oozing with Character and Atmosphere 2 Welcoming Trad ng Areas We l Equ pped Commerc a Kitchen Attractive Owner s Accommodat on Outs de Seating Areas with Sunny Aspect & Car Park PRICE: £75,000 LEASEHOLD REF: 4711 TO RQ UAY, D EVON • Takeaway/Restaurant/Café Oppor tun ty Near to Torquay s Harbourside Current Permission for Hot Food Takeaway but Suitab e for Sit n Dining Fitted Out to a Good Standard with Commerc a Extraction System Recent y Revamped by the Current Landlord – Ready for Tenant F t Out El g b e for 100% Sma l Business Rates Rel ef - View ng Highly Recommend ANNUAL STARTING RENT OF £10,000 REF: 4601 PAIG NTO N, DE VO N Smar tly Furn shed Licenced Café/Bistro/Bar • Fabulous Locat on on Pa gnton s Torbay Road Internal Seat ng for 58 Bar Ser ver y & Commercial Kitchen Beer Garden Seating 15 & Covered Seating to Front for 12 Self-Contained One Bedroom F at (Currently Let) & Garage PRICE: £65,000 LEASEHOLD REF: 4624 MIN EHE AD, SOMERSET mpress ve Detached Tudor Sty e Proper ty n Fabulous Locat on Long Estab ished Well Appointed L cenced Restaurant with Outs de Seating • Commercial kitchen with Prep Area and Wash Up Room • Except onal Self-Contained 4 Double Bed Accommodat on • Pr vate Parking for 4 Cars and Outbui dings PRICE: £600,000 FREEHOLD REF: 4265 PRICE: £1,500,000 FREEHOLD REF: 4656 SOU TH HAMS, D EVON Stunn ng Coasta Pub & Pr vate Beach Situated in the Beautiful Heybrook Bay Stunn ng nterior Des gn & South Facing Outs de Terraces, with 180 Degree Sea V ews Two Ful y Refurb shed Owner s/Letting Apartments w th Elevated Sea V ews • Fu ly Refurb shed One Bed Staff/Manager s F at Very Prof table Business with Huge Potential to Push Revenue Further NEW! PRICE: £125,000 LEASEHOLD REF: 3684 NR SALCO MBE, DE VO N Award Winning Restaurant in Idy l c South Hams Location • Panoramic Coasta Views over Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty • Trad ng 11 Months of the Year Local Repeat Custom with Huge Tour st Boost • Contemporar y nter or Design & South Facing Terrace NEW!
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