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www CLHNews co uk CLHNews CLHNews CLHNews Issue 161 THE LEADING PUBLIC ATION FOR THE HOSPITALITY SECTOR & LICENSED TRADE Hospitality Sector Bounces Back to Highest Growth Outlook in 12 Months Almost two fifths of small businesses in the hospitality sector are predicting growth in the next three months (38%), more than twice the propor tion compared with last quar ter and on a par with the figure 12 months ago (40%) according to new findings from Novuna Business Finance’s Business Barometer The positive news continues when looking at those businesses projecting contraction or closure which is at its lowest level since 2021 (14% vs 12% Q4’21) This comes at a time when fur ther interest rate increases from the Bank of England could dampen the recover y of small businesses, while firms are also under pressure from high costs of energ y, raw materials and rising staff wage bills (CONTINUED ON PAGE 3 )

Welcome to the latest issue of CLH Digital

As Summer approaches, it makes a pleasant change to lead with a really positive stor y regarding the sector bouncing back I am sure that quite a few operators will feel that it doesn’t, at the moment, feel that way Being based in a coastal tourist destination one does get to see first-hand increases in pubs, bars and restaurants and general increased footfall around the town

There is no doubt in my mind that Bournemouth is busier, which hopefully, as our front page stor y indicates, means that the UK's hospitality sector is poised for a highly anticipated and bustling trading season

With much needed luck pubs restaurants and hotels will see increased footfall and spend par ticularly as the nation rediscovers the joy of domestic travel and embraces the popularity of Staycations

This is something I have cer tainly done in recent years Staycation has been a wonderful oppor tunity, something I should have done a long time ago!

The ongoing uncer tainties surrounding international travel have led many individuals and families to opt for Staycations, providing a significant boost to the domestic hospitality industr y

And we really do have it all, from picturesque coastal towns to idyllic countr yside retreats, wonderful hostelries, some of the best restaurants in the world We have , I think, one of the most diverse countries with so much to offer!

We also have a stor y in this issue (see page 11) about the National farmers Union encouraging the hospitality sector to link up with local suppliers Local economies that heavily rely on tourism will, should this initiative take off, experience a much-needed economic boost creating employment oppor tunities and suppor ting small local businesses that have endured challenging times

That said the latest vacancy figures from the Office for National Statistic show that vacancies in hospitality fell by 22% over the last year and by 9% in the last quar ter

However vacancies in the sector remain at 132 000 which is still 48% higher than preCovid levels

132 000 vacancies is a staggering amount Just imagine how much revenue for the Treasur y would be generated if just half of those vacancies are filled

I have long believed that the government should consider adding hospitality workers to the shor tage of labour SoL occupation list We repor ted in March that the government is considering such a measure It has made a huge difference in the adult social care sector when overseas workers were added to the list

In simple terms, the Shor tage Occupation List (SOL) highlights the jobs which the government considers to be in shor t supply and therefore allows employers to recruit workers to fill those vacancies and is updated ever y six months or so by the Migration Advisor y Committee (MAC) and employers can apply for a Skilled Worker visa for any migrant worker who is offered a job in an occupation on the SOL

UKHospitality CEO Kate Nicholls has long argued for hospitality to be added to the list E earlier this year the trade body provided compelling evidence to MAC and responded by saying Ongoing labour shor tages are crippling hospitality businesses, forcing them to reduce their hours and costing the industr y billions in lost trade

She added that “with shor tages in the sector two-thirds higher than pre-pandemic , it’s clear there aren’t enough active people in the economy to fill all the roles we need, despite the extensive work the sector is doing to recruit domestically, including the economically inactive ”

I cannot for the life of me understand with the busy summer season approaching emergency measures to add hospitality workers to the list have not been fast tracked!

Once again please do watch the space - we hope to be putting on this in coming issues

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2 CLH Digital Issue 161
EDITOR Peter Adams

Hospitality Sector Bounces Back to Highest Growth Outlook in 12 Months


The recover y this quar ter reverses a steady trend of decline over the past three quar ters with the propor tion of businesses anticipating contraction last quar ter exceeding those of growth (34% vs 24%)

sectors hit especially hard during the Covid era In the Agricultural sector, the percentage of small business owners predicting growth has risen from 22% to 30% over the last 12 months with positive growth forecasts in retail up from 25% to 31%


Jo Morris Head of Insight at Novuna Business Finance comments:

Despite the clouds that have been gathering, with low consumer confidence , high costs and an uncer tain economic outlook, the results give a sense that businesses in the hospitality sector can see light at the end of the tunnel Nationally, the percentage of small businesses predicting growth has been remarkably steady at between 27%-30% for the last four quar ters Whilst this suggests resilience , the picture does var y considerably by industr y sector – with our latest data also revealing that those small businesses who arguably had the hardest time over the past few years were also those more likely to be predicting growth as we move towards summer

shows that occasions where consumers were purchasing chips grew by 2 4% and burgers by 1 8%, as consumers purchased pub classics

Nationally the percentage of small businesses predicting growth remained consistent on last quar ter at 32% – meaning hospitality exceeded the national average figures for growth

The Novuna Business Finance study has been tracking small business growth predictions against prevailing market conditions ever y quar ter since 2015 At the star t of each quar ter Novuna asks a representative sample of 1,200 small business owners about their growth predictions for the next three months At a time of unprecedented economic strain and market uncer tainty, the growth projections are a positive indication of recover y from the sector, with the pronounced dip in those businesses contracting only adding to this positive outlook

Across the countr y, the picture by sector told a varied stor y Hospitality was not the only sector to bounce back with signs of muchneeded recover y for small businesses in Agriculture and Retail – two

“In the current economic climate , many enterprises are focusing on financial strength as the platform from which to plan business growth For many, this involves managing late payment and protecting cash flow and many enterprises also see 2023 as a time to invest – in new equipment and capabilities For established businesses looking to drive growth in 2023, Novuna Business Finance is committed to helping them fulfil their true potential We understand the growth cycles that small businesses go through and we have both the products and toolkits to suppor t their growth ambitions ”


Earlier this year data from the Lumina Intelligence Eating and Drinking Out Panel confirmed that the UK's food and beverage market is showing signs of recover y, with consumers priorities shifting towards socializing, resulting in a 3-percentage-point year-on-year increase in pubs and bars' share of occasions

Consumers, the research revealed are rapidly returning to pre-pandemic behaviours, resulting in an increase in pub occasions The data also

"We are delighted to see that the UK's food and beverage market is showing signs of recover y after a challenging year With the easing of Covid fears consumers are returning to pre-pandemic behaviours, which is resulting in an increase in the penetration within the market," said Sorcha Simons, Insights Manager at Lumina Intelligence


The hospitality sector is also looking forward to a staircase in room this summer, with research from PROOF Insight predicting that this year, the number of Brits preferring to staycation in the UK rather than go abroad for their holidays has increased to 39% up from 27% last year

More holidaymakers in the UK will provide a necessar y boost not only for hotels but other venues too PROOF Insight found that in 2022 69% of those taking a UK holiday visited a pub and 65% visited a restaurant Operators in coastal areas look set to benefit the most, with 55% choosing coastal towns last year

Overseas visitors holidaying in the UK are also expected to add to the boost in sales for hospitality Early forecasts for the coming year from Visit Britain show projections that Britain will see record levels of inbound visitor spend of £29 5bn

Issue 161 CLH Digital 3
Growth outlook among small businesses n hospitality and leisure

Are Staycations Here To Stay In 2023?

For the past few years, increasing numbers of people have opted for a UK staycation Firstly, fuelled by the pandemic meaning travelling abroad was off the cards Now this is a continuing trend we see as a result of the cost-of-living crisis People are looking for more affordable options Ahead of the summer months we take a look at whether the staycation trend is set to stay on the agenda for another year


AGO Hotels star ted the year positively, with recent months seeing an uptick to 64 3% across UK hotels in Februar y Prior to this, in December and Januar y we saw an increase in bookings of 53% too, suggesting consumer confidence is continuing to remain high, despite hikes to general living costs

We are a company operating mostly within the budget economy sector, as people have focused on tightening their purse strings and cutting unnecessar y costs our hotels have delivered an affordable option allowing people to travel to UK hotspots without breaking the bank This is especially impor tant given how research from Zonal/Insight CGA found 44% of people are planning to avoid hotel stays overseas due to increasing costs


For hoteliers ready to meet the demand of the next expected staycation boom, its imperative to deliver value with good ser vice As money has become tighter for people , those booking a staycation in the UK will want to make sure they get the best experience Affordability and ser vice will remain the most impor tant factors, so this must be on the minds of anyone owning and running a hotel From the moment the guest books, to the time they check out, in a competitive market, guests will be looking for a reason to stay loyal to a brand In times when businesses and employees are stretched, it will be key to remember ever ything comes back to the guest experience


Despite occupancy rates appearing strong and an expected increase in staycation demand, the industr y continues to face severe operational challenges and pressure which is consistently being addressed, to ensure businesses can sustain and deliver profit The recent budgets have failed to provide suppor t to businesses and we as well as many others in the hospitality industr y are preparing for possible setbacks in response to the new Energ y Bills Discount Scheme Increased occupancy rates during the summer months will offer shor tterm options, though a long-term solution must be implemented to help business owners in the hospitality sector

The next few months will be telling when it comes to the staycation trend, and one thing remains for cer tain – our hotel teams re committed and ready to offer a comfor table and affordable option for all

£1m Raised for Macmillan Cancer Support Emergency Grants Appeal

Pub company and brewer Greene King has today announced it has raised £1m for Macmillan Cancer Suppor t’s Emergency Grants Appeal, a pledge it made at the star t of 2023

The funds raised through charity activity in over 1,600 Greene King pubs, hotels and restaurants and across its suppor t centres and breweries could help almost 3 000 families with a financial grant The money will help people living with cancer manage unexpected or additional costs related to their diagnosis during the cost-of-living crisis

According to the leading cancer suppor t charity, 83% of people living with cancer in the UK – almost 2 5 million people – experience some kind of financial impact from their diagnosis, and for those affected, this reaches an average of £891 a month

Sal Dunford, 46, from Bolton, was diagnosed with breast cancer in Februar y 2022 aged 45, and is currently on long-term sick leave She lives with her husband, who has had to take on a second job to keep a roof over their heads – Sal’s only income at the moment is a Personal Independence Payment

Speaking about her current financial situation, Sal said:

“Ever since receiving my cancer diagnosis the cost-of-living crisis has been relentless My diagnosis was hard enough and with money worries on top, it’s been really, really difficult We have no disposable income and have had to tighten our belts on food, water, travel and we haven’t been able to turn the central heating on, even when we ’ ve really needed it

“When things got tough, Macmillan stepped in and was a real lifesaver, helping me keep my head above water by providing us with benefits advice and a one-off grant I can’t tell you how helpful this was – I really don’t know where I’d be without that suppor t ”

The charity’s Emergency Grants Appeal provides those living with cancer with practical financial assistance – helping them to pay necessar y expenses such as fuel to get to hospital appointments or suppor t with food

and heating bills

The number of people with cancer suppor ted by a Macmillan grant in the first three months of this year jumped to more than 13,000, an increase of 28% compared with the same time last year

Nick Mackenzie , CEO at Greene King, said,

“We’ve been proud par tners of Macmillan Cancer suppor t for over ten years now In that time , we ’ ve seen some incredible stories of our team members going above and beyond to raise money to suppor t people living with cancer

“This huge fundraising achievement is thanks to the power of all the many smaller donations that happen daily across our pubs from the £1 dropped into the collection tin on the bar to the 25p donations that are added at the till, they all add up and really make a difference It’s no surprise that our generous customers and passionate teams have come together once again and raised the £1m in just a few shor t months

Claire Rowney Executive Director of Fundraising, Marketing and Innovation, at Macmillan Cancer Suppor t, said:

We couldn t be more grateful and proud of ever yone at Greene King for raising an incredible £1 million for Macmillan’s Emergency Grants Appeal

Macmillan Grants are a lifeline for so many and the funds raised by Greene King will help us suppor t even more people living with cancer through the cost-of-living crisis

This is yet again another amazing achievement from Greene King colleagues I would like to thank them for their phenomenal fundraising effor ts and their continued commitment to do whatever it takes to suppor t people living with cancer ”

Greene King has suppor ted Macmillan since 2012, raising over £14 5m in the last 11 years of its par tnership with the cancer charity

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4 CLH Digital Issue 161
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CAMRA Calls on Minister to Save High Street Pubs

The Campaign for Real Ale has said that the government’s levelling up proposals could put the future of pubs at risk and is called for planning rights to be protected

In 2017, C AMRA helped pubs in England gain landmark protection, giving communities the right to have their say through the planning process before a pub is conver ted or demolished

Now, C AMRA says, this protection is at risk from a new scheme being proposed as par t of the Government’s levelling up plans The High Street Rental Auction scheme aims to bring empty buildings –including pubs – back into use , by letting Councils auction off the lease

These leases would allow pubs to be conver ted to other uses, divided up into multiple units, or gutted of their bars, cellars or other integral features Concerningly, there would be no obligation to reinstate the pubs fittings at the end of the lease – in fact developers would be able to apply to make the conversion permanent

This could be devastating for urban pubs, and C AMRA National Chairman, Nik Antona has written to the Minister for Levelling Up, to ask her to think again about these plans

Commenting, Nik Antona said: “The goal of bringing disused pubs back into use is one shared by C AMRA, but it is vital that High Street Rental Auctions are used to suppor t and rejuvenate urban pubs not to turn valued community venues over to the highest bidder

“We know that pubs can increase and expand footfall on the high street, and give communities a place to come together but we need Government to understand this too

“I’ve asked the Minister to ensure that pubs keep their planning protections under this scheme , so that communities can still have their say ”

MP Jonathan Gullis Visits Stoke on Trent Pub

A local community pub in Stoke on Trent, The Ford Green hosted a visit from the MP, Jonathan Gullis last week on Friday 12th May following fantastic fundraising effor ts from the Operator Jane Bushell to raise a lifesaving defibrillator and blood kit Jonathan is the chair of the newly formed APPG (All Par ty Parliamentar y Group) for Defibrillators

MP Jonathan Gullis, commented: “It was fantastic to visit The Ford Green pub and see first-hand the results of the excellent fundraising effor ts, led by manager Jayne , that have seen over £2,000 raised for a defibrillator and bleed control kit

As Chair of the newly formed APPG (All Par ty Parliamentar y Group) for Defibrillators, I was so impressed to see this fundraising target achieved in such a shor t space of time It demonstrates how The Ford Green sits at the hear t of the local community

Already seen at one of Proper Pubs’ other venues in the city, defibrillators save lives and it is so encouraging to hear their targets of fundraising for one at all of their pubs

It was great to round off my visit by tr ying my hand at pulling a pint and I look forward to visiting again

ver y soon ”

Stephanie Briggs Business Development Manager at Admiral Taverns commented: “It was a pleasure to meet MP, Jonathan Gullis last week and highlight the fantastic work our pubs across the countr y are doing to raise money to ensure their communities have access to lifesaving defibrillators Community pubs provide a place to bring people together to suppor t each other and it’s great to see this being recognised A huge congratulations to our wonderful operator, Jayne and her amazing community who have all come together to create this success ”

Jayne Bushell, Operator at the Ford Green, commented: “I really enjoyed hosting MP, Jonathan Gullis at the Ford Green last week and appreciate him taking the time to visit us Community pubs are more than just a place to drink they are the social hubs of their communities providing a safe and warm place to meet with friends, constantly raising vital money for charities like we have done here with our defibrillator and blood kit It was a good oppor tunity to highlight what more could be done to suppor t pubs and their local communities I hope to see Jonathan again soon

Issue 161 CLH Digital 5

Checking In to the Future: Navigate Operational Challenges in the Changing Hotel Landscape

Britain’s hotel industr y has faced no shor tage of hardships that have tested its resilience: World Wars, economic meltdowns and, most recently, the pandemic

Even today, establishments are contending with the rise of alternative accommodation, changing sentiments towards sustainability, a severe talent shor tage , and the rapid pace of technological development

Given the sheer number of issues hospitality currently faces, this might be the most challenging period in its long histor y Undoubtedly, operational obstacles lay ahead but as the industr y has shown time and again, with the right approach, there is nothing it cannot overcome


A world of accommodation options is now just a quick Google search away With the rise of apar tment hotels and rental sites such as Airbnb, the market has never been more competitive

To stand out, hotels must identify what they offer that no other establishment can At Burgh Island, we ’ re for tunate to be located on our own tidal island that grants guests access to Devon’s unspoiled shores They can spend their mornings swimming with sharks and afternoons dipping in the island s natural rock pool Coupled with a packed schedule of enter tainment from black tie balls to murder myster y weekends and eye-pleasing rooms draped in ar t deco masterpieces, our hotel offers much more than a place for travellers to rest their heads

However hoteliers should not only consider the positive aspects of their establishment’s individuality Often these unique features will present operational challenges that no amount of prior experience could have prepared us for At Burgh for instance we frequently find ourselves cut off from the mainland and the transpor t links it provides The solution? The world’s one and only third generation hydraulic sea tractor which provides guests with a unique experience before they have even

made it through our doors


Where guests once turned a blind eye , most are now conscious of the environmental cost of their itineraries A recent repor t from the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) found that 69% of travellers are actively seeking sustainable options in 2023

To appeal to the conscious consumer hotels must implement sustainable practices throughout their operations Embracing clean energ y such as solar, wind or even tidal for coastal establishments, or sourcing ingredients from local producers will show potential guests that you truly share their concerns

For establishments such as Burgh Island that have ser ved guests for decades, our histor y is such a large par t of our charm However, when it comes to the future of our planet, hotels cannot afford to get stuck in the past Some 59% of consumers will walk away from businesses that fail to act on climate change , according to Dentsu International, so mod-

ernisation is not a choice , but a requirement


Technolog y is providing a world of new oppor tunities for hoteliers

With 43% of UK hospitality businesses currently operating with fewer employees than required, solutions such as automated check-in booths provide relief to overburdened workers Likewise with 48% of travellers stating personalised experiences are more impor tant than ever according to IHG, AI is able to sift through vast amounts of data and extract invaluable insight to finetune each guest s stay

However, despite the oppor tunities that tech offers, hospitality still requires the human touch not just in how it treats its guests, but also its employees When times are tough, it’s those front of house that carr y most of the burden, dealing with unexpected issues and juggling roles that aren’t in their job description

While saddening, it’s unsurprising that 68% of hospitality workers have experienced poor mental health according to a recent Hospitality Action sur vey Simple measures, such as flexibility when planning rotas and offering adequate training can go a long way As hoteliers it’s our responsibility to ensure our employees are happy and well, and we must put this above any and all operational issues we may be experiencing Not only is it the right thing to do, but happy employees make happy customers

Like an unruly guest that has had one too many cocktails, the myriad of challenges hoteliers face is unpredictable and difficult But staffing shor tages, rapid innovation and changing demands are nothing the industr y hasn’t dealt with countless times before Rather than closing the door in the face of change , welcoming it with open arms will make it far easier to deal with the operational challenges that accompany it

Stonegate Group Unveils New Sports Bar Brand

Stonegate Group has officially opened the doors to Clubhouse 5, a state-ofthe-ar t spor ts bar that will provide fans with an experience second only to being at a live game

Spread across two floors inspired by spor ting nostalgia, and adorned with spor t ar twork, retro football shir ts, and memorabilia, Clubhouse 5 offers each fan the best seat in the house , with 4k UHD screens and SKY Q Technolog y providing the best possible pub-going experience It is also equipped with Sky Spor ts Recap and will give customers the ability to watch dynamic highlights of a live event as it’s happening, then seamlessly jump back to the live action

The official launch event of Clubhouse 5 took place earlier this week with the help of footballing legend Wayne Bridge who hosted the ultimate night of European football with a screening of the Champions League Semi-Final matchup between Manchester City v Real Madrid

In a prime location just off London’s famous Leicester Square (5 Lisle St, London WC2H 7BF), Clubhouse 5 will be the go-to for spor ts fans and city revellers The venue is a shor t walk from both Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus tube stations

Former Chelsea, Manchester City, and England defender Wayne Bridge said: “What a venue! Clubhouse 5 is an unbelievable place to watch the football, the tech they have is unreal and not something I’ve seen at the pub before It was a pleasure to drop in and chat with the fans and share a few beers and the food on

offer is so good from burgers to wings, it’s a great place to stop by with your mates ”

Stonegate Group Marketing Director, Melissa Wisdom said: “We are excited to launch Clubhouse 5 in the hear t of London’s enter tainment district, bringing the stadium experience to the bar for all spor ts fans We have taken what we know is most impor tant to fans and amplified those elements to deliver the best possible spor ts viewing experience

Fans will be able to experience all games broadcast in 4K UHD on our range of state-of-the-ar t screens, including a four-metre video wall where we will access all interactive elements of spor ts broadcasts through Sky Q, perfect for Formula One We know how impor tant it is to have a strong food and drink offer and we have carefully curated a focused menu of knockout burgers and wings alongside a wide range of premium draught beer and draught cocktails through Black Lines All of this can be ordered to table in seconds through our NFC-enabled web-based ordering platform so you don’t have to miss a minute of the action We can’t wait to host fans from around the world over what is an amazing summer of spor t including The Ashes, Women’s Football World Cup, and Men’s Rugby World Cup!”

Building on We Love Spor t s par tnership with #HerGameToo, which aims to help raise awareness, educate , and create a welcoming environment for female spor ts fans, Clubhouse 5 will be an inclusive venue , open to ever yone , and will be an official #HerGameToo pub

Two Major Milestones Celebrated at Punch Pubs & Co

There have been some impressive milestones at Punch Pubs & Co recently with two major anniversaries being celebrated, with two landladies across the independent pub company ’ s 1,300 strong por tfolio being honoured with gifts on behalf of the business, congratulating their combined 55-year commitment to running a great pub

On Saturday 22nd April

Leicestershire landlady Sheila Wyllie – described by many as a champion for the locals –marked her 25th year anniversar y running The Nags Head pub in Enderby

As an honorar y member of the Loughborough-based Rainbows Children s Hospice , and a regular fundraiser for the local community, Sheila has amassed a huge customer base and continues to run the pub with the same enthusiasm that she star ted with over two decades ago

Crediting the locals, her loyal staff and family, including stepchildren

Trudy and Terr y, who have suppor ted her over the years, Sheila said: “For me , it’s all about getting ever yone involved We have a great community and local customer base and I love to keep ever yone happy ”

To celebrate her magnificent milestone , Punch Pubs Operations Manager Christian Gregor y presented Sheila with an array of gifts including her ver y own branded pale ale – which can now be found inside the bar of the village hotspot

Christian said: Sheila runs a great pub She is welcoming to ever yone and is a pillar of the community The Nags Head is a fine example of the Great British pub, and we are proud to work with Publicans like Sheila ”

Fur ther up the UK, Christine Bintcliffe was celebrating her admirable 30-year anniversar y having first stepped into the pub trade 35 years ago

A much-loved landlady of The Carnfor th Hotel in the city of Lancaster, Christine , alongside her trusted sidekick and sister-in-law Dot Bintcliffe , has followed the pub through a three-decade long transition taking on various changes from the smoking ban to Covid restrictions, all in her stride

With a passion for making the locals happy, Christine regularly hosts live music acts and suppor ts calendar events with seasonal par ties for both adults and children to enjoy

Christine said: “Despite the changes over the last 30 years, the essence of running a good pub remains the same Knowing your customers and being the face of the business is key to its success

My favourite par t of the job is having a laugh and a joke with the regulars and I have no plans to give up the trade I love ”

In recognition of her impressive milestone , Christine , hosted an extravagant event on Sunday 23rd April to celebrate with her family and loyal customers She also received an honorar y plaque and a bottle of brandy from Punch Pubs & Co Operations Manager Rebecca Davies, who said: “Christine is a well-loved Publican, famous for her humour and it has been my pleasure to present her with a plaque for an incredible 30-year achievement She truly is the spirit of The Carnfor th Hotel ”

6 CLH Digital Issue 161

‘Significant’ Drop in Vacancies, but Shortages Continue to Hold Back Growth

The latest vacancy figures from the Office for National Statistic show that vacancies in hospitality fell by 22% over the last year and by 9% in the last quar ter Vacancies in the sector remain at 132,000, which is still 48% higher than pre-Covid levels

Responding to these figures, UKHospitality Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “The drop in hospitality vacancies we have seen over the past year is testament to the huge effor t the sector is putting in to develop our own talent and help people back into the labour market, such as investing in skills and creating more flexible working patterns

“While a 22% drop over the past year is significant, it remains the case that vacancies remain stubbornly high and way in excess of pre-Covid levels

“We continue to hear that worker shor tages are forcing venues to reduce opening hours or trading days, demonstrating that vacancies are not reducing quickly enough to fulfil hospitality’s enormous potential

“One of the most meaningful actions Government can take to fur ther reduce vacancies would be to add more hospitality roles, such as chefs, onto the Shor tage Occupation List We will be making this

case as par t of the Migration Advisor y Committee’s review and would urge them to bolster hospitality s representation on the list ”

The shor tage of staff is significantly impacting the UK hospitality trade , causing numerous challenges for businesses across the sector

The industr y was hit hard by the pandemic with extended periods of closure , restrictions, and reduced capacity As a result, many employees either lost their jobs or moved to other sectors that were less affected Although the easing of restrictions and reopening of businesses brought some hope for recover y, the shor tage of staff has become a major obstacle The prolonged closures and uncer tainties have caused a shift in employment preferences, with individuals seeking more stable and secure career options

This has made it challenging for hospitality businesses to attract and retain skilled workers, leading to increased workloads for existing staff, compromised customer ser vice , and, in some cases, closures of establishments unable to operate effectively with limited personnel

Issue 161 CLH Digital 7 Read all the latest news from the licensed industr y at www.catererlicensee .com @CLHNews www facebook com/catererlicensee

Allergy Insights: The Implications for Food Business

Research published by Dr Hazel Gowland unveiled prosecutions for food allergen incidents increased almost ten-fold over a period of six years, with peanut being the most common allergen involved, followed by milk and egg Fur ther to the significant increase and with public consciousness of allergens at an all-time high, Rob Easton, Head of Environmental Health at Shield Safety and Fellow of the Char tered Institute of Environmental Health shares an insight into the latest trends in food allerg y incidents and the implications for food businesses

Fur ther research conducted by Shield Safety echoed Dr Gowland’s findings Senior Safety Consultant Vicky Wood, recently led a team of Environmental Health Practitioners in reviewing over 2000 allergen incidents over a four-year period The research discovered that the most common cause of allergen incidents was peanut (23%), followed closely by gluten (20%) and then milk (13%) An explanation for the higher rate of prosecution for peanut incidents could be the more severe immediate symptoms repor ted by allergic consumers to peanuts compared with gluten Of the 2 000 incidents reviewed there were only 4 cases of sulphites, 3 of celer y, and 1 of lupin

To consider how we are able to manage allergens more in a business, it s impor tant to look at the food value chain – the process in which a company adds value to raw materials to produce products eventually sold to customers, from dish design to deliver y of the food As par t of the research, a number of ‘hotspots’ have been recognised throughout that journey, sharing a strong over view of the primar y reasons for the allergen incidents in the business and enabling controls specific to that area to be put into place


Whilst there is still the critical need to identify and communicate the

errors that have possibly occurred to be picked up It may be that someone hasn’t appreciated that there’s a par ticular ingredient within a dish, so the reassurance of an independent review of the information will leave you confident that what is going to the consumer is correct


Communication is key Researched revealed that with 10% of cases explored the communication of the allergen taken from the front of house , was not passed to the kitchen We are also seeing that the wrong food is delivered to the customer

EPOS systems can be exceptionally useful in communicating allergens but, it’s also impor tant to back this up with personal interaction The clear marking and segregation of food on pass also needs to be considered Are you ensuring that the dish not containing allergens is separate , marked and clear? Following that, then making sure that this is communicated to the consumer upon deliver y, whether that’s in a restaurant or a takeaway

deliberate inclusion of the four teen regulated allergens, research indicates that peanut, milk and nut allergens are more likely to cause severe symptoms and lead to legal actions Businesses may wish to focus on these allergens when designing dishes and menus, considering how the ingredients containing the allergen are avoided or substituted, and therefore eliminating the hazard early in the food journey Incorrect information contained in the matrix used to communicate allergens is also a primar y reason To address that as a food business look to implement one source of the truth; by having one point of data entr y and one point of communication to the customer, the oppor tunity for human error is then eradicated To strengthen that fur ther, there is great value in having an independent review of the matrix, allowing any

An increased prevalence of vegan products is also presenting a challenge representing a risk to consumers who are highly sensitive to milk and eggs Many customers will order a vegan product with the assumption that is free from milk and eggs; whilst the product may not include milk and egg as an intended ingredient, the necessar y segregation may not be in place and therefore trace amounts of the allergen may be present in the food and at a level that can cause a reaction It is important for food businesses to be aware that customers are using vegan claims as a method of avoiding food with allergens and consider if they can reduce the risk to zero for cross-contamination or how the risk is communicated to the customer

BII Licensee of the Year 2023 Finalists Announced!

The British Institute of Innkeeping (BII) has announced their six finalists for this year ’ s Licensee of the Year Award (LOYA)

Sponsored by Sky the Licensee of the Year competition is widely regarded as the most rigorous and hard-fought award for individual licensee operators in the UK

Since the launch in Januar y this year licensee operators have been entering the competition showing the judges evidence of how they have been building their businesses, teams and communities, with a focus on their resilience , sustainability and diversification

This year, the entries have been of a par ticularly high standard, making it even more difficult for our team of judges to decide who to take through to the finals

Selected from a field of over 300 entrants, our six finalists have been selected on the basis of their community impact, sustainability and diversification, exceptional myster y diner visits, financial and online audits and face-to-face inter views in their pubs with judges, Sue Allen and Ashley McCar thy

The 2023 Licensee of the Year Award finalists are as follows:

• Samantha & Mark Robinson – Queens Head Hotel – LA23 1PW

s – The Pig & Whistle – SW18 5LD

• Ollie Coulombeau – The Turk’s Head – TW1 1LF

• Joe Buc kley & Flo Pearce – The Tollemac he Arms – NN6 9NU

• Tommy Fox – The Barrelman – DD1 2AJ

To learn more about the finalists, please visit https://bit ly/LOYA2023

Steven Alton, BII CEO commented: “Our Licensee of the Year Award is the most prestigious & hard-fought award, showcasing the dedication and excellence in our sector The final six are of an incredible standard

“We are ver y proud that the awards offer a value-added experience to all those involved Our finalists will have had the oppor tunity to evaluate their businesses at ever y stage from myster y customer repor ts and judging visit feedback right through to our final judging day at Sky HQ on Monday 19th June

“I want to take this oppor tunity to congratulate all involved and wish them the best of luck for the final stages of the competition ”

All six finalists will be presented with a trophy at the BII Summer Event on the 20th of June where the winner of Licensee of the Year 2023 will be crowned

Stained Glass Window Honours Thomas Becket’s Link to Brewing Heritage

Exper ts at Canterbur y Cathedral have created a unique stained glass window which commemorates the link between Thomas Becket and brewing

The one-off window incorporates the Worshipful Company of Brewers’ original coat of arms, which featured Becket – who is their Patron Saint – and the current one , which features Becket’s step mother

The window’s creation was a labour of love for Director of the Cathedral’s Stained Glass Studio, Leonie Seliger, who worked single handedly on the unique design and turned it into a colourful stained glass work of ar t

Leonie who has worked at the studio – which marks its 50th year this year – for 32 years said the project took nine months from the design stage through to completion of the leaded window “It is a bit special It has been a labour of love for me ” she said “To create something so unique which incorporates Thomas Becket, for us at Canterbur y Cathedral, that is pretty special It is where he met his grisly end!”

Many thousands of pilgrims visited Becket s shrine at Canterbur y drinking ale at inns en route His arms were therefore included in the Company’s first coat of arms, but were later replaced with a subtle indirect ref-

erence during the Reformation, when direct references to him had to be erased

Combining both, the new heraldic design features three chuffs, with red legs and beaks, which are on Becket’s coat of arms, along with three goldrimmed tuns – large beer casks – and a female moor with golden hair, holding three barley sheaves in each hand, who is believed to represent Becket’s stepmother

Leonie used processes to create the window which have largely remained unchanged for centuries Her studio contains items such as a swan quill, badger brush and squirrel brush

“Some processes really haven’t changed for hundreds of years, although we use modern glass cutters ” she said “But if you transpor ted us back we would know how to use the ancient cutters!”

The completed stained glass window was officially received on behalf of the Company at the Mar tyrdom in the Cathedral – the spot where Becket met his death – by Jonathan Neame , Shepherd Neame Chief Executive , who holds the title of the Company s Master this year

Receiving it in his role as Master, Jonathan Neame said: “It is stunning and a beautiful piece It perfectly commemorates the connection between Thomas Becket and the brewers The Brewers Company has a long and impor tant heritage within the Brewing industr y ”

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Mic helle Gilmour – The Old Windmill – CV1 3B A • Lee & Ker is De Villier

Tsunami of Appeals Proves Business Rates System Just Isn’t Working Says Colliers

Latest business rates appeal figures announced this week reveal that the business rates system and in par ticular, CC A, the “ new ” Check Challenge Appeal Business Rates Appeals System, clearly isn’t working, according to rating exper ts at Colliers- as businesses rushed to register their appeals as the 2017 Rating list came to an end Many of those appealing were in the retail and hospitality sectors

their business rates bills and are prepared to negotiate the complex CC A (Check Challenge Appeal) system to challenge them Webber points out that resolving these appeals will need a deluge of time and resource spent by the VOA

face the trauma of tr ying to negotiate the system and appeal their business rates As the latest figures show, with similar numbers of appeals against the 2017 list as that of 2010, the discontent with business rates bills has not gone away

According to government statistics

845,670 Checks (the first par t of the appeal process) were registered over the six years of the 2017 list (1st April 2017 to 31st March 2023) with 132 690 or 16% of these registered in the last quar ter (Jan 1st to March 31st 2023) of the list aloneas businesses rushed to beat the deadline This was nearly seven times as many checks registered in the previous quar ter, when 19,660 were registered

As a result 97 610 Checks were outstanding by 31st March 2023 up from 10,610 the previous quar ter

According to John Webber Head of Business Rates at Colliers these high figures illustrate the extent to which businesses are unhappy with

“ Such high numbers show that the system isn’t working and that CC A has not been the answer the VOA claimed it would be “ says Webber “CC A was brought in to stem the number of appeals made and to process them quickly Yet appeal figures are now averaging over 140,000 a year and are as high as ever Businesses still remain bogged down tr ying to get them resolved

According to government figures there were 1 085 million appeals registered in the seven years of the 2010 list CC A was brought in in April 2017 to stem the demand and make appeals easier but the system was so cumbersome and complex that many businesses got frustrated and bogged down that they gave up going through the new appeal system

“Appeal figures fell in the early days not because CC A was working as the VOA claimed “ says Webber “but because many businesses could not

Delivery and Takeaway Sales Down Again but Decline Slows

Britain’s managed restaurant groups saw deliver y and takeaway sales drop 1% year-onyear in April, the new Hospitality at Home Tracker from CGA by NIQ shows

Year-on-year trading has now been negative for 17 months in a row, following a boom in 2020 and 2021 as a result of COVID-19 lockdowns Deliveries and takeaways by value attracted 14% of groups ’ total sales in April sharply down from 24% in April 2022

However, the new Tracker indicates that year-on-year comparisons are easing April’s 1% decline compares with 6% in Februar y and 3% in March raising confidence that demand for deliveries and takeaways is star ting to stabilise despite ongoing pressure on consumers ’ spending

Year-on-year trading has been par tly protected by rising menu prices, while volumes have fallen significantly Groups deliver y

order volumes in April were 10% below the same month in 2022, while takeaway and click-and-collect orders contracted by 9% With inflation in double digits, the value of trading is much fur ther behind in real terms

Karl Chessell, CGA s business unit director – hospitality operators and food, EMEA, said: “Seventeen successive yearon-year drops in deliver y and takeaway sales par tly reflects the steady return of consumers to restaurants since late 2021 But with our Coffer CGA Business Tracker showing only modest growth in eat-in sales during that time amid ver y high inflation, there is no escaping the fact that total sales have been significantly down in real terms Conditions will remain challenging for some time , but with signs that inflation and household bills may ease in the second half of 2023 we remain ver y confident about the long-term outlook for hospitality ”

Webber points out the current 2017 figures would be even worse if many businesses had not been given the two-year business rates holidays they received during the Covid period and the government had not “outlawed” the millions of appeals registered as an MCC (material change of circumstance) due to the pandemic’s impact on business

He concludes, “The VOA keeps tr ying to frustrate ratepayers in appealing their rating assessments, but even with the hurdles in place businesses are continuing to challenge their assessments in vast numbers The suggestion that CC A is working has been blown out of the water with these statistics! The burden of business rates is too high and the lack of transparency about how their bills are arrived at is the root cause of this shocking number of people appealing their assessments ”

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Tackling the Pressures That Face Hospitality Workers

Hospitality is an exciting and dynamic career, packed with progression and oppor tunity It is a passion that allows people to thrive socially and professionally However, as with any career, we frequently fail to prioritise our well-being both inside and outside of the workplace A recent study found that 23 8% of employees in the hospitality industr y experience mental health problems This is frequently associated with working in a high-stress environment, unpredictable schedules and lengthy periods on your feet

Fur thermore the cost-of-living crisis has had a profound impact on individuals working in the hospitality industr y exacerbating the challenges they face in their daily lives with financial stress and pressure to make ends meet Of course , addressing these challenges requires a comprehensive approach, including initiatives to improve wages and the provision of accessible benefits, which may not be a quick fix However, there are small steps that hospitality workers can take to improve their overall wellbeing


In the world of hospitality, the demands are relentless, often stretching our working hours into the depths of the night Without proper rejuvenation and sufficient sleep this can be exhausting and take its toll on the individual The hospitality industr y thrives on people who can effor tlessly multitask think on their feet and radiate an upbeat personality while engaging with customers and ensuring a positive experience for them However, to embody these qualities and safeguard our mental health and overall wellbeing, there is one essential requirement: a good night’s sleep

To ensure you are following a healthy sleeping routine , we must strive for consistency It is impor tant to follow a regular sleep schedule that allows your body to rest In addition, tr y to incorporate activities that do not consist of digital devices Instead, tr y to read a book or have a soothing hot bath to settle before bed

Following this routine will ensure you awaken ready to conquer the day, embodying the ver y best versions of ourselves both within and beyond the confines of work


One of the main benefits of hospitality is the social aspect of the role Working outside of the regular 9-5 hours can lead to strong bonds with your co-workers, fostering a healthy and suppor tive work environment

As a result, it is critical to lean into your peers and speak up if you are stressed or depressed Connecting with others can help us feel more at home and reduce feelings of loneliness Talking to someone you trust is a great way to get rid of any negative feelings you are having

It is critical to put this into practice outside of the workplace Volunteering is an excellent way to meet new people Giving your time to help others can provide you with a sense of purpose , allow you to meet new people and boost your self-esteem Alternatively if you have a hobby or a passion joining a class or group is a fantastic way to meet people who share your interests


Taking care of your personal health can make you feel physically and mentally better This includes eating a nutritious diet Working irregular hours may result in unhealthy eating habits; however, it is critical to find time to eat three balanced meals per day This is critical for your energ y levels and can negatively impact your work performance Hospitality can require a lot of running around on your feet, so it is critical to fuel yourself properly

Even though hospitality is an active role that requires constant movement, it is equally impor tant to maintain this physical activity outside of the workplace This could be as simple as going for a walk to connect with nature Spending time in nature can help you improve your mood and reduce stress and anger

Hospitality, like any career, has its challenges It requires resilience and determination Having this can open the job to a long-standing career, full of exciting oppor tunities It gives us the oppor tunity to meet new people ever y day and build on vital skills To ensure you are getting the most out of yourself it is crucial to nur ture your mental health and take the time to ensure you are recuperating

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Fall in Hospitality Vacancies Moves Dial Away from Recruitment Issues but Other Challenges Remain

According to the latest ONS employment figures, vacancies in the food and accommodation sector decreased to 132,000 in April from the previous month Vacancies were also down 0 2% to 429,000 in Q1 2023 compared to the previous quar ter and saw an even sharper decrease when compared to the same period last year (down 12%) However, these vacancy figures are 56% higher than pre-pandemic levels in Q1 2020 showing the trajector y of growth in job roles since the pandemic

Total employment in the sector was down 0 5% to 1 68 million in Q1 2023 but up 6% when compared to the same period in 2022 Earnings increased 4 9% to £471 55 in Q1 from the previous quar ter and were up 7 4% from the same period last year

Paul Newman, par tner and head of leisure and hospitality at RSM UK, said: The fall in job vacancies in the sector is encouraging and slightly moves the dial away from recruitment issues to other challenges such as high energ y costs and food inflation

‘The near 5% increase in payroll will in par t be reflective of increased demand but will also mark the lull before the storm with National Minimum Wage hikes in April approaching 10% (for those aged 23 and over) set to place additional cost pressures on the sector Not to mention a 12th consecutive rise in interest rates, high inflation and the general cost-of-living impacting consumer spending It’s clear there’s appetite from consumers to eat and drink out as shown by the latest Coffer CGA Business Tracker, but challenges remain to translate top line sales into bottom line profitability

‘The rest of 2023 will be layered with oppor tunities and challenges Sadly, while pub and restaurant closures have been commonplace since the pandemic , vacancy numbers show there are employment oppor tunities for those with experience , especially as the sector heads into the busy summer trading period However, whether they decide to stay in the sector or look elsewhere for a new role will have a big impact on total employment in the sector

‘Recruiting and retaining staff in a tight labour market means the sector would benefit from initiatives such as the loosening of rules for migrant labour being introduced for the construction sector, and wider societal benefits including access to affordable childcare suppor t to help parents back into work ’

Steve Sweetlove , pay and people par tner at RSM UK, said: With vacancies falling by a fifth year-on-year but numbers in employment rising only slightly, it seems likely that operators are finding other ways to fulfil consumer demand whether by limiting opening hours or continued investment in technolog y

‘The industr y lost a swathe of people during the pandemic and operators have had to work hard to entice workers back In an extremely competitive labour market, the sector has pushed up wages, with growth frequently above the national average , and this quar ter is no different Attracting and retaining the right people will almost cer tainly continue to be a challenge as we head into the busy summer season A focus on your employer brand will be crucial to convince workers to be on your team rather than the restaurant or hotel across the road ’

NFU Seeks Stronger Link Between Farmers and Hospitality Sector

Farmers and food producers are being urged to work together with hospitality businesses in their area, to help them build British produce into their brand identity

Entitled Food, farming and hospitality: Why the British stor y matters, a new repor t from the NFU outlines the ways that British-sourced produce can add value to hospitality businesses building on the strength of the farm-to-fork stor y

In a roundtable meeting of leading industr y figures from the food, farming and hospitality sectors, the group heard of the challenges the hospitality sector has faced over the past 18 months, including the continuing cost-of-living crisis and backdrop of increasing inflation

It was highlighted that food, drink and hospitality businesses can reap the benefits of sourcing local produce , par ticularly in light of changing consumer buying choices that favour sustainable and locally sourced products

NFU president Minette Batters said: “British farming, food and hospitality are intrinsically linked, and this repor t sets out our vision of how British food can add value to hospitality brands and why they should build the farming stor y into their business

“Developing relationships between the out of home sector and British farmers and growers will create even more oppor tunities to ser ve up local food that is safe and fully traceable , providing the provenance the public increasingly appreciates – as well as helping to strengthen our domestic food security

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Small Firms in Hospitality & Retail in the “Crosshairs” as GDP falls in March

impact that subdued economic performance is having on small firms

Insolvency rates for the year so far are running at a high level, which spells bad news as the ripple effect of each company lost will affect others, impeding their own effor ts to sur vive and thrive It’s likely that the level of informal closures is also high

Responding to Office for National Statistics figures showing that GDP fell by 0 3% in March 2023 compared with the previous month, but rose by 0 1% in the three months to March Tina McKenzie Policy Chair at the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), said:

“The GDP fall in March sets the capstone on a disappointing first quar ter for the economy

“The monthly fall in the retail and wholesale sector’s output is especially eye-catching and will not have been helped by March’s cold weather, which will have dampened sales Small retailers are also highly exposed to inflation, with less negotiating power than their larger rivals Consumer-facing ser vices, including retail and hospitality are running at almost 10% below pre-Covid levels

“Small firms made up a lot of ground over the first three months of this year according to our Small Business Index research, but their overall confidence reading ended up in pessimistic territor y, with those expecting growth slightly outnumbered by small firms bracing for a hit to their prospects

“The propor tion of small firms repor ting a fall in sales over the quar ter outweighed those who said their revenues rose The domestic economy was the most commonly-cited barrier to growth showing the

“The base rate was increased twice in the first quar ter, and yet again , turning up the margin pressure for many small firms with index-linked debts, and making new funding harder to come by hampering investment and growth plans

“With the cost of living crisis still in full effect small businesses reliant on consumer spending are feeling the pinch, with retail and hospitality businesses far less confident than the average for all sectors, according to our figures With the Energ y Bill Relief Scheme phased out, some businesses in these sectors are now staring down the barrel of a tripling in their energ y bills for April Coupled with consumers ’ limited capacity to absorb higher prices, the situation looks precarious for those firms

“It must be emphasised that economic pain is not evenly distributed – many small firms in different sectors and par ts of the countr y are thriving, but many others are finding it ver y hard going indeed Policies intended to help small firms expand and develop must be a priority for the Government – but are rather thin on the ground at the moment

“We know what is needed to help small firms –reform of pre-profit taxes like business rates, tackling late payments once and for all, and allowing small firms stuck on energ y contracts with sky-high rates to ‘blend and extend’ their contracts If no action is taken thousands of small business owners ’ dreams will be needlessly dashed, and the economy will suffer as a result

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International Hospitality Market Primed for Activity Surge

A sur vey of hospitality investors from around the globe shows signs of growing confidence in the hotel sector and suggests the market is readying itself for a surge of activity following a three year slump

The overall index score in the Hospitality Investor Sentiment Index Q2 2023 revealed an increase of 3 7 points from last quar ter to 51 9 The most positive set of results since the sur vey was relaunched in early 2022 Signs of greater confidence in both leisure and corporate accommodation demand were present in the survey of senior decision makers at the world’s leading investment firms For leisure , confidence rose by 12 points to 58 6 while the position of investors on corporate demand followed a positive trajector y from Q1 2023 and rose from 59 to 61 4 points

The biggest focus for investment remains on urban markets with interest in resor ts rising slightly However, while the market may be readying itself for a flurr y of activity investors are concerned that the increased competition for stock could push up prices

The sur vey also noted investors are increasingly positive about the prospects for revenue growth over the next 12 months, with respondents whose capital originated in Asia and Europe (excluding the UK) the most positive Growth was expected from all revenue streams, including food and beverage and MICE, as well as

hotel bedrooms

The latest edition of the quar terly sur vey was launched just ahead of the International Hospitality Investment Forum (IHIF) which took place in Berlin on 15-17 May

Under the headline theme , For tune Favours the Bold, IHIF 2023 will bring together 2,400 forward-thinking professionals including investors owners operators and developers to forge deals network and glean valuable insight from exper ts in economics, investment, development, asset management and hospitality

Joe Stather, VP market lead, operational real estate at Questex Hospitality, said:

“The overall index score tipping into positive territor y is a clear signal of increased optimism investors as operational fundamentals continue to improve and there is an expectation of increased hospitality returns

“The significant upturn in the sentiment regarding consumer demand regarding both the corporate and leisure segments, has resulted in greater investor interest in full-ser vice hotel stock, but as in previous quarters, the limited availability of stock and pricing remains an issue for some buyers and with above-average inflation underpinning high interest rates in the shor t term, the challenges around debt are going to leave some investors struggling to make acquisitions stack up

Welsh Tourism Hailed at Prime Minister’s Questions

To mark Wales Tourism Week, Virginia Crosbie MP (Ynys Môn) thanked ever yone working in Welsh tourism and recognised its economic impor tance

Mrs Crosbie detailed the contribution tourism makes to the Welsh economy through generating £6 billion in economic activity and accounting for 10% of all jobs in Wales

In response , the Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden made a commitment to suppor t tourism in Wales

UKHospitality Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “The iconic sights of Wales attracts visitors from around the world, as well as at home , and contributes enormously to the Welsh economy

“It was fantastic to see Virginia recognise that contribution in the House of

Commons today, par ticularly during Wales Tourism Week, and I’d like to thank her for the suppor t ”

Virginia Crosbie , Conser vative MP for Ynys Môn, said: “Tourism is the most impor tant sector of the Welsh economy and deser ves recognition for the significant contribution it makes to the countr y, not just during Wales Tourism Week but all year round

“The millions of visitors to Wales each year putting money into the local economy and suppor ting local jobs are so impor tant to communities The hospitality and tourism businesses that make their experience what it is are par t of the fabric of Wales and I was delighted to thank them all today at Prime Minister’s Questions ”

Issue 161 CLH Digital 15

Bristol Hoteliers Outline Plans To Tackle Recruitment Crisis

Hoteliers in Bristol are stepping up their effor ts to tackle a recruitment crisis which has hit the hospitality sector par ticularly hard in recent years as well as affecting other industries

A new HR forum together with a possible mentoring scheme , and fur ther strengthening ties with the City of Bristol College are among the ideas being implemented by the Bristol Hoteliers Association (BHA), and being led by its Head of People , Alison Mansfield

A combination of Brexit and the Coronavirus crisis had a huge impact on staffing for the hospitality industr y and recruitment has continued to be a huge challenge post-pandemic

At its recent AGM, the BHA agreed that stepping up its effor ts to encourage young people to consider a career in hospitality is a major priority over the next year

Raphael Herzog, who was re-elected as BHA chair, a post he has held since 2019 said: “Alongside the cost of utilities and products our biggest challenge is recruitment, and in par ticular attracting young people to make a career out of hospitality, rather than see our sector as a gap year or shor t-term option

“One of the thing we are doing is launching an HR/people forum in July, which will bring together more than

a dozen leading HR managers ever y six-to-eight weeks to drive people success in the city

“The forum will work closely with colleges and apprentice providers and organise events to promote the hospitality sector as an exciting industr y for people to forge enjoyable and rewarding long-term careers

“We are also hoping to launch a mentoring scheme , involving ‘shining stars’, and executive leaders, to inspire and encourage others

He said the BHA will continue to lobby local MPs to fight for the city s hospitality businesses and will continue to give back to the city – in addition to the ser vices and accommodation they provide – by suppor ting local charities and organisations

Mr Herzog added: For the businesses that have sur vived the perfect storm of Brexit and the pandemic , organisations like the BHA are more impor tant than ever, providing suppor t and a collective voice which continues to campaign to secure the suppor t needed to ensure our sector thrives and continues to make a significant contribution to Bristol’s economy ”

At the BHA AGM, the following officers were elected:

o Chairman: Raphael Herzog (De Vere Tor twor th Cour t)

o Vice Chairman: Chris Falcus (Mercure Holland House)

o Treasurer/secretar y: Greg Csikos (Hampton by Hilton Bristol City Centre)

To find out more about the Bristol Hoteliers Association, visit, www bristol-hoteliers co uk

Bidfood Calls Upon The Wider Industry to Follow Suit as it Sets Ambitious Target of Ukraine Food Support

As we are now well into the second year since the war first broke out in Ukraine , foodser vice provider Bidfood has set an ambitious target as it continues to par tner with Hope4 and supply valuable food and drink aid for those affected by the ongoing conflict

Originally uniting when the war first began, food packages were sent to Moldova, which became a place of refuge for many fleeing the conflict Now on their seventh load of suppor t Bidfood has donated approximately £400,000 wor th of products, and are now not only providing their own stock, but working with and encouraging suppliers, customers and even competitors to fund and donate as well

So far the seven suppor t loads have provided around 73,000 meals for those in need, and Bidfood is determined to increase this to provide £1,000,000 wor th of food equivalence suppor t, working out at around 200,000 meals, in addition to the multi-million meals that Bidfood has donated to UK charities

This not only suppor ts Bidfood’s ESG goals both internally and externally but also assists in clearing stocks The work makes a real difference to some of the poorest people in Europe , many of whom have had to flee their homes because of war ; and is a cause that Bidfood Senior Leadership Team passionately believe in

The food dispatched has consisted of mostly ambient products with items such as canned veg, canned and jarred meat pasta biscuits and snack products as well as canned drinks and bottles of drinking water These donations have been distributed to Ukrainian refugees those in desperate pover ty in Moldova and people remaining in war torn areas of Ukraine who are unable to escape the conflict

Bidfood’s Supply Chain and Technical Ser vices Director Jim Gouldie recently visited par ts of Ukraine which had been recaptured, from Russian occupation to see the impact the suppor t Bidfood and Hope4 is having on those affected He commented:

“This has to be hands down the most humbling experience for me To be able to join forces with Hope4

who are doing such incredible work to suppor t the people of Ukraine affected by this ongoing conflict is just amazing to see

“It was fantastic to see first-hand how we were also having a positive impact, offering suppor t at such a difficult time , but it’s crucial that this suppor t continues and doesn’t dwindle as unfor tunately the humanitarian needs are rarely shown on our TV screens any more

“Now I’m home , it’s more impor tant than ever for me to raise awareness of the situation and share how others can get involved Our goal as a business is to provide £1 000 000 of food and drink suppor t but how powerful could our level of suppor t be if the wider industr y were able to play a par t too

Bidfood and Hope4 have also worked together to suppor t those affected by the recent ear thquakes in Turkey and Syria, supplying similar food packages as well as sleeping bags, blankets and old freezer suits to keep those without a home warm at night

Speaking about the par tnership, Chris Lomas, CEO of Hope4 said: “At a time of desperate need to suppor t star ving families and Ukrainian refugees fleeing the devastation in their homeland, Bidfood has stood up to the challenge of suppor ting those who have nothing and have continued to do so, even when this devastation is no longer making daily news

“We at Hope4 are humbled by the incredible suppor t we get from Bidfood; but sadly we recognise these challenges are getting worse not better We invite all from across the industr y whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer or foodser vice operators to join with Bidfood, and us all to help suppor t one of the largest humanitarian crises Europe has ever seen ”

Follow the link to listen to Jim Gouldie talk through his work with Hope4: https://www youtube com/watch?v=qXEccMfcjzI

If you have any questions on what you can do to suppor t Hope4, or would like to par tner with us for sending food out to Moldova and Ukraine please feel free to contact Jim directly: jimgouldie@bidfood co uk

P&G Professional: Reduce Energy Without Compromising Results

16 CLH Digital Issue 161 Against the backdrop of the current energ y crisis and impending net zero targets, companies are now more aware than ever as to how much their practices are impacting the environment Customers are also increasingly conscious of the products businesses use , and how sustainable they are However, an emphasis on sustainability should not come at the expense of product performance Businesses need commercial solutions that can save energ y and conser ve energ y without compromising results P&G Professional’s trusted brands – including Ariel® Professional, Lenor® Professional, Fair y® Professional, Flash® Professional– are formulated to provide an outstanding clean even with one wash, shor t cycles and low water temperatures, giving professionals confidence that their business will always shine For example , Ariel® Professional is specifically formulated to provide an outstanding clean, even at colder temperatures, meaning businesses can save energ y and in turn save money on bills, while still achieving a spotless clean In fact, making a simple change such as switching temperature from 60°C to 30°C can save up to 60% on washing machine bills! Learn more on: https://pgpro co uk/en-gb/ *Cost of e ectr city saved for aundr y when wash ng at 30C vs 60C c yc e and for automat c d shwash ng when us ng a shor t c ycle (average 47C) vs a normal c yc e (average 57C) P us cost of gas saved f l ng n a 10L bucket of water at 20C vs 50C for surface c eaning and a 45L sink at 20C vs 46C for hand dishwash ng Energy cost sav ng based on average H1 2022 electricity and gas pr ces (inc taxes) for bus nesses n the Un ted Kingdom source Eurostat (Statistics for European Comm ss on) Based on 4 washes per day (1460 per year) for both hand and automatic dishwashing 1 wash per day (365 per year) for surface c ean ng and 10 oads per week (520 per year) for aundr y

Avoid Products Ending Up ‘Piggy In The Middle’ of Trade Mark Disputes

An ice cream parlour in Hitchin, Her tfordshire recently received a ‘polite request’ from Marks & Spencer to change the name of one of its new ice cream creations

The family-run ice cream business had repor tedly only star ted making its Perky Pig Gelato using Percy Pig sweets a week earlier, but quickly received a letter from the multinational retailer to change the name of the pig-themed ice cream

Such a situation may well raise questions and eyebrows amongst enterprising hospitality businesses What is a ‘polite request’? Do large businesses really need to take this kind of action against much smaller operators? Are Marks & Spencer over-reacting and being heavy-handed?

Similarly, the circumstances may even encourage other small and midsized businesses to push the boundaries when it comes to creating new products and ser vices These types of ‘David and Goliath’ incidents can generate column inches and brand awareness for the perceived underdogs The best advice for businesses is to avoid going down this route and to focus instead on being original

M&S’ handling of this matter is textbook The ‘polite request’ is, essentially, a formal communication that adopts a friendly, but firm tone It’s likely that a letter will have been issued that asks the ice cream parlour to immediately cease-and-desist using the Percy Pig brand name This will have been based on the potential infringement of a number of trade marks that are owned by over Percy Pig, which has significant brand equity and has taken over 30 years for M&S to develop

Not all brand owners are as friendly as M&S, and onerous under takings are often required to be signed before a case such as this can be settled The ‘polite request’ provides oppor tunity for the recipient to properly think about their position and the value of abiding If they a decide to comply (as the ice cream parlour did), it’ll likely draw a line under the situation, and could save a business from an expensive spat It may also, despite the perceived favourability of being an underdog in these types of battles, also save a brand from public backlash In any alleged case of trade mark infringement, it is always wor th remembering that the defending brand owner is likely enforcing an asset that has garnered its own popularity and loyalty

Of course a business may well want to challenge a cease-and-desist request If they do they may want to ensure there are sufficient differences between any brands and products being called into question This requires an understanding of the Trade Marks Act 1994 (and sometimes laws relating to passing off, designs and copyright), as well as the presentation of robust explanations that counter any possible infringements

There will be many variables to consider in such a challenge , including whether there exists any potential for confusion amongst customers, as well as possible deception and misunderstanding that risks damage to the defending brand

Ensuring originality during product research and development can help brands avoid the complexities, costs and risks associated with cease-and-desist requests One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to under take proper due diligence during the early stages of innovation This should involve clearance searches regarding product names shapes and representation (and that of its packaging materials) and whether there are any existing products already on the marketplace that are similar or sold under similar brand names

There will be instances where there might be some level of similarities in existence and it’s wor th considering professional advice to evaluate the difference between what constitutes a similarity and an infringement Determining this early-on can prove the first step to building a successful brand, which car ves out its own identity and revenue earnings in competitive markets It can save a brand from ending up in the middle of trade mark dispute that can otherwise dampen progress and growth

Commenting Andrew Andrea CEO said: “The strateg y which we outlined 18 months ago is progressing well and generating positive results which is pleasing Our H1 performance clearly demonstrates that consumers remain as keen as ever to celebrate – and socialise within – the Great British Pub The macro environment is becoming increasingly stable and recent evidence suggests that both the cost outlook, and consumer confidence are steadily improving The actions we are taking are building a demonstrably better business and Marston’s predominantly community pub estate continues to benefit from changing consumer lifestyles

We continue to deliver upon our clear strategic objective to reduce debt and progress our path to profitability, albeit the seasonality of our trading profile means that the majority of the Group’s profit is characteristically H2 weighted We have invested ahead in H1, to capitalise on the benefits of this in H2, and remain on track to meet our operating profit, cash generation and debt reduction targets for the year We look forward to delivering fur ther positive progress as the year unfolds and remain confident that we have the strateg y and the team in place to do so, maximising the oppor tunities open to us in the future and delivering shareholder value

18 CLH Digital Issue 161 If you own a restaurant or a kitchen with a deep fr yer, then you might be surprised at how much you spend ever y year on cooking oil Have you ever calculated this direct cost? If you haven’t, then you should, because Canadian Company, Eco Friendly Chef Corp is helping thousands of professional kitchen operators to dramatically cut their oil costs in half A new innovative product called OiLChef is revolutionizing the food industr y The award-winning OiLChef device is one of the most sophisticated technologies available in the world for deep fr yers today It is not a filter or a chemical but rather a device which is simply installed in your deep fr yer in less than 10 seconds! Putting the OiLChef in your fr yer will give you a competitive edge and attract more consumer dollars Your fried food items will absorb less oil and therefore will contain fewer calories Good for the consumer, good for the bottom line Reduce carbon footprint: It will minimize your environmental impact through a reduction in energy and oil consumption Faster ser vice: Food cooks quic ker Reduce food waste: Food is cr ispier and holds its shape and texture for longer Great for food deliver y Zero flavour transfer : It prevents flavour transfer between different foods being cooked in the same oil Kitchen smoke and fr ying odour s: It reduces the smoke and odour s of fr ying in your kitc hen/restaurant Creating a more pleasant working and dining exper ience and min mizes the workload on your air filter ing systems and maintenance Health & safety: It reduces the smoke point of your o l, and thereby lower s the r isk of a deep fr yer fire Also, staff interaction with c hanging the fr yer oil is cut down by at least ha f, reducing r isk of accidental burns and oil spillage Reduce operating costs: It gives you the oppor tunity to cut down or move away from cost y monthly additives required to improve oil qua ity Fewer people hour s are required eac h month for fr yer c hanges For fur ther information visit Contact Louis Farr y by phone or email: louis farr y@oilchef com or Tel 07448419664 New Award Winning Technology Can Save You 35% To 55% On Cooking Oil in Deep Fryers Marston’s Report 10% Revenue Growth and Operating Profit Increase Pub group Marston’s who operate 1,440 pubs has repor ted a 10 1% increase in revenue to £407m in its interim results for the 26 weeks to 1 April 2023, reflecting the business’ continuing recover y Like-for-like sales for the period were up 10 7% compared to last year and up 17 9% compared to the 2020 financial year Drink sales continue to perform well and food sales were “encouraging” with the gap between the two narrowing the group said despite the economic environment During the period, the group generated £24 3m from “ non-core strategic disposals” with the intention to conver t the remainder of its tenanted and leased estate to turnover-based models in the medium term This year, the group said it expected to dispose of £50-60m of non-core and unlicensed proper ties in total Underlying* Total* 2023 2022 2023 2022 Tota revenue £407 0m £369 7m £407 0m £369 7m Pub operating profit £43 1m £39 9m £43 1m £45 9m Income/(loss) from associates £2 2m £(2 0)m £2 2m £(2 0)m Profit/(loss) before Tax £(3 6)m £(7 5)m £(38 1)m** £25 6m Net profit/(loss) £(2 9)m £(6 1)m £(28 8)m £19 4m Earnings/(loss) per share (0 5)p (1 0)p (4 5)p 3 1p Net cash inflow/(outflow) £11 5m £(8 9)m N AV per share £0 98 £0 71 * Al act v ties re ate to continu ng operations **Inc udes a £34 5 mi ion net oss n respect of nterest rate swap movements a par t a reversa of the £109 2 m l on net gain repor ted in FY2022
New Award Winning Technology can SAVE YOU 35% TO 55% ON COOKING OIL in deep fryers. REDUCING COSTS Increasing Margins We strongly believe in cutting costs without compromising quality. We look forward to the day that all food industries will join our Eco Friendly quest. Until then we will provide eco friendly solutions that will help them all to reduce their carbon footprint. Why spend all that money on oil, energy and labour when you can dramatically reduce these costs today? MONEY BACKGUARANTEE. 3 YEAR WARRANTY. Contact Louis Farry by phone or email: Tel. 07448 419664

Martyn’s Law Progresses as Government Publishes Draft Legislation

The UK will be better prepared for, and protected from, terrorist attacks under new draft laws published by government

The draft Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill sets out the requirements that, under Mar tyn’s Law, venues and other organisations will have to meet to ensure public safety ‘Mar tyn’s Law’ is a tribute to Mar tyn Hett who was killed alongside 21 others in the Manchester Arena terrorist attack in 2017

The draft bill will be subject to pre-legislative scrutiny by the Home Affairs Select Committee , ahead of formal introduction

In December 2022, the government announced that Mar tyn’s Law will introduce a tiered model for cer tain locations depending on the capacity of the premises or event and the activity taking place , to prevent unnecessar y burden to business The legislation will ensure venues are prepared for, and ready to respond in the event of an attack

Security Minister Tom Tugendhat said:“The threat from terrorism is enduring In recent years we have seen terrorists target the public at a broad range of locations causing deaths and casualties amongst innocent people going about their ever yday lives,

This is a significant step forward for Mar tyn’s Law and our ability to fur ther protect the public I welcome the committee’s scrutiny to ensure that this legislation is propor tionate while enhancing our national security ”

Figen Murray mother of Mar tyn Hett said: “This is an impor tant step forward to a safer countr y Mar tyn’s Law will end the ridiculous situation where venues have legal obligations for how many toilets they have but no obligation to keep their customers protected

“Of course Mar tyn’s Law won’t stop all terror attacks, but it will make crowded places better protected and prepared, and make the terrorists job that bit harder

Almost six years after the Manchester Arena attack it’s now critical this bill is passed into law as quickly as possible and in the strongest form possible

British Retail Consor tium Assistant Director, Graham Wynn, said: “Given the number of retail premises, Mar tyn s Law is par ticularly relevant to retailers We have appreciated the Home Office s willingness to make adjustments to the bill – such as the move to make capacity the basis to meet changing needs – as well as

make it more practical and propor tionate

It will be impor tant to ensure all operational details work effectively – such as how the tiers operate at the margins After closer examination of the detail, we look forward to the oppor tunity to provide additional suggestions as appropriate during the Parliamentar y process ”

The government is committed to working closely with businesses and other stakeholders to ensure this legislation is propor tionate whilst also being effective Dedicated guidance and suppor t will be provided to ensure those in scope can meet their responsibilities ProtectUK already hosts a range of exper t advice , training, and guidance

The standard tier will apply to public premises with a maximum capacity of 100 or more people , whilst the enhanced tier applies to public premises and events with a maximum capacity of 800 or more people Limited exemptions to the capacity requirements apply to education establishments and places of worship Guidance and training materials will also be available to premises with a capacity of under 100, should they want additional suppor t

Standard tier premises will be required to under take basic , low-cost activities to improve their preparedness, including terrorism protection training and evaluating the best procedures to put in place in order to minimise impact

Enhanced tier premises and events have fur ther requirements in recognition of the potential consequences of a successful attack This will include appointing a designated senior officer who must regularly review the security of the venue

An inspection and enforcement regime will be established to promote the requirements for each tier In the event of non-compliance , sanctions and ultimately penalties will be issued to premises

Mar tyn’s Law will extend to and apply across the whole of the United Kingdom and has been developed following extensive consultation with the public , businesses and campaign groups The significant majority agree that those responsible for publicly accessible locations should take measures to protect the public from potential attacks

Call For Carbon Footprint Labelling On Food Packaging As A Majority Of Young Adults State They Would Choose More Sustainable Eating Habits If This Information Was Available To Them

A new UK wide sur vey has found that over half of all young adults agreed they would choose to eat more sustainably if carbon footprint labelling was included on food packaging And with the government committed to reducing UK greenhouse gas emissions by almost 80% by 2035 these findings suggest that carbon footprint labelling could play a key role in reducing consumption of high carbon foods such as beef and lamb

And it’s not just the younger generations who would be willing to choose sustainable eating habits, with over one in three adults (37%) aged 55 and over agreeing that they would choose to eat more sustainably given the information on menus

The research was commissioned from YouGov by the Vegetarian Society and their Chief Executive Richard McIlwain said: Carbon footprint labelling could be a game-changer in the fight against climate change and it is hear tening to see that so many young people are eager to make sustainable choices We are therefore calling on government and food manufacturers to act urgently in rolling out clear carbon labelling on food

packaging And the sur vey could not be more timely, coinciding as it does with this year ’ s National Vegetarian Week, with thousands of people across the UK signing up to tr y great tasting, low carbon veggie and plant-based foods”

Last year, the National Vegetarian Week campaign inspired people to switch over 70,000 meat-based meals for veggie and plant-based dishes, saving over 100 tons of carbon

In 2023 the Vegetarian Society aims to encourage even more businesses schools local authorities supermarkets and individuals to take par t in the week Ever yone signing up to the campaign website receives a free digital ‘Make Your Meals Better by Miles’ booklet, which is carbon-calculated and packed with delicious recipes

For more information about National Vegetarian Week (15th-21st May) and the Vegetarian Society visit www nationalvegetarianweek org and www vegsoc org

Alliance Online Reviews the Latest Buffet Trends and Products

As temperatures star t to rise and winter becomes a distant memor y, the UK hospitality and tourism sectors begin to look to the beginning of the late spring and summer seasons With one of the largest up and coming trends of 2023 being buffet style dining Alliance Online talk through the newest products to help you take advantage of this theme


Buffets areas are a staple of most hotels, especially ones which offer breakfast and lunch options With refined options for crocker y cutler y and glassware it seems only right to match them with an equally premium food display area

So, if you ’ re looking to add a touch of sophistication to your display offering we firstly recommend items from Craster’s new range of Fare Display Trolleys The system is fully modular meaning it can be tailored to your par ticular taste and layout along with various shelves pots and rails allowing you to build exactly what you


If you are already happy with your buffet area but want some new ways of displaying the food itself, then Craster have you covered on that front too by way of their Tilt Buffet range The selection comprises of multi-level stainless-steel riser frames and matching presentation plinths and bowls The plinths can be made of either walnut white marble or grey marble whilst the bowls come in brass, grey ceramic and white ceramic giving your displays a stylish and contemporar y aesthetic


The next buffet trend hitting the industr y is vintage ser veware and pieces which evoke feelings of retro and rustic vibes One great range which perfectly encapsulated this antique aesthetic is GenWare s Vintage Steel collection

The selection of products include classic black with golden handle mini

ser ving fr ying pans, saucepans, and oval dishes along with copper ser ving cups and ramekins and finished with accenting industrial steel pieces too


Finally we come to our last trend which is the inclusion and rise in popularity in melamine buffet solutions The durability and versality makes it perfect for catering ser veware but the finish ensures that the material doesn’t look plastic A prime example of a sleek and modern use of melamine is the Hoxton range from Dalebrook with its matte finish and wide variety of dishes and platters making it perfect for any hotel or restaurant buffet area

For more information on any of the ranges included or other options available for buffet solutions contact Alliance Online on 01270 252333 or email us on

co uk

20 CLH Digital Issue 161

Southern European Hotels Continue To Shine

According to Savills latest research, European hotel transaction volumes in Q1 2023 were down 18 6% YoY to total €3 1bn, with the slowdown being primarily driven by Europe’s biggest hotel investment markets, UK and Germany However, Q1 2023 volumes in France were up 136 2% year on year and although Spain repor ted year on year declines in Q1 2023, activity remained robust and up 25 1% against the Q1 pre-pandemic average

Two par ticularly large transactions took place in Paris over the last few months which helped boost volumes, including Dubai Holding buying out their Joint Venture par tner Henderson Park on the Westin Paris Vendome for a repor ted €650m Meanwhile in Spain, volumes were suppor ted by continued investor appetite for resor t assets

Marie Hickey, Director Savills Research, comments:

“While France and Spain continue to shine , considering slower activity in other markets and high debt costs prime yields have moved out Savills prime European city yield average with a management contract operating structure moved out 16bps in Q1 2023 against Q3 2022 levels

“Higher yielding city markets in the Iberian Peninsula and Central and Eastern Europe are showing greater resilience to upward yield pressures with prime management contract yields in those markets out by only 8bps on Q3 2022 levels ”

Richard Dawes, Director in Savills Hotels Team,

EMEA says: “Investment volumes continue to drag and we expect that activity will remain a bit weaker through to late summer, with positive momentum shifting into Q4 At the same time , we should not forget that operational performance in Europe has and continues to be exceptionally strong across most key destinations which is underpinning the market ”

“As a result we think that 2024 is likely to be the year where investment volumes pick up in line with historical norms again because investor appetite for the asset class remains strong ”

22 CLH Digital Issue 161
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‘Nothing Off the Table’ as Parliament Debates Allergy Safety in Hospitality

Calls to improve allerg y labelling in the hospitality sector are being considered with “nothing is off the table” according to a health minister

Neil O’Brien Parliamentar y Under Secretar y of State at the Depar tment of Health and Social Care added the Government will also “look closely” at proposals for a national allerg y tsar

His comments came as MPs used a parliamentar y debate to suppor t two campaigns after they were suppor ted by thousands of people who signed two epetitions

The first petition, organised by Tanya EdnanLaperouse and Emma Turay, called for the appointment of an allerg y tsar to act as a champion for the one in three people in the UK living with allergies

Tanya’s daughter Natasha Ednan-Laperouse died aged 15 in 2016, following an acute allergic reaction to a baguette containing sesame seeds Shanté TurayThomas Emma’s daughter died aged 18 in September 2018 from a severe allergic reaction to hazelnuts

The second petition was organised by Emma Kocher, whose brother Owen Carey died after eating a chicken burger, which had been marinated in buttermilk, while celebrating his 18th bir thday

The petitions call for the listing of allergens on the face of all menus to be a legal requirement alongside a condition that front of house teams proactively enquire about allergies

Mr O’Brien, responding to a debate in Westminster Hall, said food businesses are “under the same legal obligation” to provide information at the point of sale indicating the presence of 14 major allergens

The minister said the Food Standards Agency (FSA) is working to ensure all consumers can “make safe and informed choices about the food that they buy adding: “The Carey family is already driving awareness on these issues and the issues that people with lifethreatening allergies face

“The FSA has met with the family several times over the last few years and absolutely recognises the ver y positive impact that just the campaign for Owen’s Law is already having

“We need to consider all the changes we might make to the law carefully to make sure there are better safety outcomes for allergen sufferers and to avoid any kind of unintended consequences for consumers

Mr O’Brien said a workshop with the families and others will take place at the star t of June to look at how we go fur ther”, adding: “I’m not in a position to make an announcement today but ever yone agrees there is room to do better and nothing is off the table at this point in time

“We are thinking about a number of different issues as we think about how to improve our labelling for people who have serious allergies

“One of the challenges – and these are not arguments against doing anything, they’re just issues that we have to grapple with as we work out how to make progress – is how do we avoid dangerous outof-date information being on menus, par ticularly for smaller businesses, smaller restaurants which have more frequent changes to their ingredients We can’t have false reassurance ”

Professor Sir Stephen Holgate , a trustee of Natasha’s Foundation and one of the world’s leading allerg y researchers, said: “Allergies are at epidemic levels in the UK Despite this growing burden of disease , there has been little investment in NHS allerg y ser vices for the last 20 years A shor tage of allerg y specialists and clinics and inadequate allerg y training among GPs means many patients with allergies fail to get the care and suppor t they need

Appointing an allerg y tsar to act as a champion for people with allergies would be an impor tant first step in addressing this unmet need ”

Conser vative MP Steve Brine , who chairs the Commons Health Committee , earlier said: “To avoid other families suffering the same awful loss that Owen’s family and Natasha’s family have experienced, it is absolutely essential that the Government looks at what more can be done to pull together all of this work that’s been done over many years to ensure that people with allergies have the information they need to make informed decisions about what they can and cannot eat ”

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What Is Seasonal Eating and Why Is It An Important Catering Consideration?


In the case of the environmental impact we can take the humble spring onion as an example A huge propor tion of spring onions consumed across the UK are impor ted from Thailand meaning it has travelled approximately 5,900 miles to get to our supermarkets Eg yptian spring onions are also shipped into the UK From a sustainability perspective , this clearly has an impact on the environment especially if the mode of transpor t is airfreight Long distance travel may mean increased environmental costs for us however its impor tant to note that the food miles argument in its most simple state is defunct The transpor tation of food only accounts for a small percentage of the value chain when it comes to emissions A shipped spring onion will have a lower carbon footprint than one grown out of season in a hot house in the UK, requiring extensive resources to recreate the growing conditions needed

onion example is that it has had to travel for days to get to the point of being eaten, meaning it has star ted to age

Unfor tunately, this aging leads fresh foods to lose their nutritional density This means that you don t get the same nutritional benefits that you would have if you had eaten it when it was freshly picked And it is not just a small change or deterioration One research associate at the University of Austin repor ted that fruit and vegetables found in supermarkets are anywhere from 5% to 40% lower in vitamins and minerals

If you can base menus on food that is both in season and local you are potentially increasing the nutritional density and quality of the meals you ser ve Although you might be choosing ingredients from a smaller pool, it is still impor tant to focus on variety ensuring you are delivering a variety of nutrients which will suppor t overall health including gut health

Many of us have heard the term ‘seasonal eating’ but it is hard to fully understand what that means with the vast choice and array of foods so readily available to us, year-round Tess Warnes, dietitian at food procurement exper t allmanhall (https://allmanhall co uk/) looks at the impact of moving towards more seasonal eating

As consumers we expect to be able to buy a huge variety of foods that come from all corners of the world, and at all times of the year A quick inspection of food labels will show the range of countries food come from: tomatoes from Spain, sweet potatoes from South Africa and asparagus from Mexico But is having this availability such a good thing, both through the impact on the environment, and on the quality of the product being bought

Foodsteps, the ground-breaking carbon impact assessment technolog y business, sets out to help foodser vice and catering providers understand the environmental impact of the food they include on their menus Via its platform caterers can upload recipes in order to understand their environmental impact via a clear rating system and carbon footprint per ingredient allmanhall has an exclusive par tnership with Foodsteps, and together they aim to make data accessible , allow informed decisions on the environmental impact of menus, and create a more sustainable food supply


When it comes to the quality of the produce , if impor ted it will mean that by the time we actually eat it, it will be days, if not weeks old

In general fruits and vegetables are picked at the peak of their ripeness and also, the peak of their nutritional status The problem in our spring


With the majority of fresh produce being available almost all year round it can be hard to decipher what is actually in season and what isn’t There is a host of information available on web sites such as:

• Seasonal UK grown produce - Vegetar ian Society (vegsoc org)

• What's In Season When? (lovebr itishfood co uk)

• Seasonal calendar - BBC Good Food

When deciding on menus, there is a strong case for buying seasonal, both from the environmental impact and because of the quality of the product Tess suggests, “Use cookbooks based on seasonal eating, or the abundant online resources available to create tasty quality meals If this is too daunting then using a specialist like allmanhall to help create menus, which take the stress out of having to come up with recipes using ingredients you may be less familiar with cooking ”

24 CLH Digital Issue 161
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Cider has been a beloved drink in the UK for centuries, with a rich histor y and a strong cultural association with summer and outdoor drinking In this ar ticle , we explore the British love affair with cider, including its popularity in pubs, bars, and beer gardens, the histor y of the drink, the demographic age groups that consume it and cider sales data for the past ten years We will also provide tips and advice on how pub bar owners can increase sales

Cider has a long and storied histor y in the UK with the first recorded mention of the drink dating back to the 13th centur y It was traditionally produced on small farms and orchards, and each region had its own unique cider-making methods and varieties of apple

In recent years cider has experienced a resurgence in popularity, with a growing number of craft cider producers and a renewed interest in traditional cidermaking methods


Cider has long been associated with young people and summer drinking, with the drink being popular among students and festival-goers However, recent data suggests that cider is increasingly popular among older age groups as well

According to a study by Kantar Worldpanel the number of people over the age of 45 who drink cider has increased by 50% in the past decade This suggests that cider is no longer just a drink for young people , but is now enjoyed by a wide range of age groups

Cider is a popular drink in pubs, bars, and beer gardens across the UK, par ticularly during the summer months Many pubs and bars now offer a range of ciders, from traditional farmhouse varieties to craft ciders and flavoured ciders

According to data from CGA, cider sales in the ontrade sector (pubs bars and restaurants) have increased by 1 6% in the past year This suggests that cider remains a popular choice for drinkers, despite competition from other drinks such as craft beer and gin

years with data from the National Association of Cider Makers (NACM) showing that cider production increased by 5 5% in 2019

UK is now the world's largest producer and onsumer of cider, with sales of the drink reaching £3 5 billion in 2019 This represents a significant increase from ten years ago, when cider sales were just over £2 billion Craft cider has been a major driver of the crease in cider sales, with many consumers king out ar tisanal and traditional varieties of the drink According to data from Nielsen, sales of craft cider increased by 10 4% in the past year, however, mainstream ciders continue to grow with an uplift of 2 1% for mainstream cider brands


When considering your cider selection, star t with the apple – ensure you have a well-loved premium brand on the bar such as Thatchers Gold

The key to success is quality – offering consumers a brand synonymous with con sistent quality and ensuring a perfect ser v ever y pint will maximise rate of sale and keep your cider drinkers coming back for more Thatchers Gold has the highest rate of sale of any draught apple cider

The right range with the right profile will help maximise revenue from ever y visit too as you ’ re able to set a higher price point for premium and premium plus ciders across both apple and flavoured styles

Apple cider remains king, accounting for 3 out of ever y 4 draught cider ser ves, with premium brands showing the strongest growth so you see how vital it is to make the best choice with one or two taps on the bar


Charlie Fr yday Categor y Director UK On-Trade for HEINEKEN UK says: “Over 870,000 pints of cider are bought in the UK ever y day (CGA Strateg y, MAT 16/07/2022) Draught ser ves dominate here , with mainstream apple brands such as Strongbow Original and Inch’s Apple Cider, remain best-sellers across most outlet types as mainstream apple cider remains the fastest selling cider categor y (CGA Strateg y: GB MAT Value Share 2YA vs TY (03 12 22)

However, premium cider is on an upward trajector y, providing a lucrative oppor tunity for pubs Value sales of premium draught apple and flavoured ciders have grown by 7% and 195% respectively in the last five years (CGA Strateg y MAT TY vs 4YA 16/07/22) To maximise cider sales, operators should look to suppor t mainstream draught offerings with a selection of premium apple as well as exotic flavoured ciders on draught This does not mean bottled cider should be overlooked, as packaged brings in over £5,800 to the average outlet ever y year (CGA November 2022) ”

If you have strong consumer demand for apple cider in your outlet, consider a second apple tap in a different style – Thatchers Haze complements Thatchers Gold with a sweeter flavour profile

James Palmer, Head of OnTrade , Thatchers Cider said Cider is an impor tant categor y in any pub, at all times of year – if you only have one tap of cider make sure it’s a brand people want to see

We ll be suppor ting our brands with high profile marketing campaigns this spring and summer

We work with our customers to get their range right for their drinkers Depending on if they’re a high tempo outlet or countr y pub it’s impor tant to offer a choice of cider styles, one or two taps, Gold and Haze , with our alcohol-free Zero in the fridge And Fusion

for fruit cider customers

We do see drinkers come into cider from other categories over the summer months especially as they explore fruitier options!

With that in mind, we ’ re expecting Thatchers Blood Orange to boom this summer as it is the leading trending flavour across the UK


According to Westons’ eighth annual Cider Repor t:

• On-trade cider sales were wor th £1 863 4M (+61 5%) in 2022, as the premium and crafted sub-categor ies continue to outpace mainstream cider s

• Draught cider sales hold steady, at 76 2% of the market Apple continues to make up the major ity of the draught categor y (75 4%) and anecdotally it is recogthat draught cider s are seen to offer better value or money dur ing times of auster ity so we can expect this performance to be maintained, if not exceeded, in 2023

• Bag in Box continues to reinvigorate draught ranges , as the cask ale categor y remains in dec line and allows outlets to showcase an interesting and fully stoc ked bar


Trends that will continue growth throughout 2023 and into next year include:

• Premiumisation picks up pace – this long termtrend is continuing and accelerating, as consumers are increasingly interested in the authenticity, craft and connoisseurship of cider This sub-categor y is showing the most growth and value potential growing from 12% of the categor y in the on-trade in 2021, to 14 4% of total volume sales at the end of 2022

• Quality cues – During periods of economic uncer tainty, consumers in the ontrade will be looking for a quality drink that matches the occasion and so cider ranges must deliver this message – especially when compared with other categories

Lead with apple – Apple cider remains the most popular cider type , driving the categor y in value and volume Flavoured ciders have stabilised at around a third of the categor y, with dark berr y taking a significant share of this

• Low & No – this sub-categor y is steadily growing and, in the on-trade , is wor th £26 9M, having doubled over the past three years While no and low alcohol cider is behind the total overall

categor y, more consumers are becoming interested in alternative offerings


Cider is best drunk in pubs, bars, and beer gardens, par ticularly during the summer months when customers are looking for refreshing fruity drinks to enjoy outside

According to industr y data cider accounts for around 20% of total alcohol sales in pubs making it the second most popular drink after beer In 2020, pub and bar sales of cider totaled £1 5 billion, up from £1 2 billion in 2011


As the summer months approach, pubs in the UK will be looking for ways to increase their sales of cider, a popular drink among customers during the warmer weather Here are some tips for pub operators to increase their cider sales:

MARKETING: Promoting the pub s cider selection through social media and adver tising is an effective way to draw customers in Posting pictures of chilled glasses of cider and adver tising promotions such as happy hours and discounts can create a buzz and increase interest in the pub's cider selection

FESTIVALS: Hosting cider festivals can also be a great way to generate interest in the pub's cider offerings These events can be adver tised through social media and posters in the pub Hosting tastings and having knowledgeable staff on hand to answer questions about the different types of cider available can help customers learn more about the product

and find new favourites

PROMOTIONS: Offering promotions such as 2for-1 deals or discounted pitchers of cider can encourage customers to tr y different types of cider and increase sales Running themed nights such as Cider and Cheese Night or Cider and BBQ Night can also be a fun way to showcase the pub's cider selection and encourage customers to tr y new flavours

FOOD PAIRING: Pairing cider with food can also be a way to increase sales Offering a food menu that pairs well with different types of cider can create a unique experience for customers and encourage them to tr y different types of cider For example , a sweet cider may pair well with spicy wings, while a dr y cider may be best paired with a cheese board In addition to these tips, it's impor tant for pub operators to ensure that their cider selection is varied and includes popular brands as well as local and craft options Providing tasting notes and descriptions can also help customers choose the cider that is right for them

Overall, with the right marketing, events, promotions, and food pairing, pub operators can increase their sales of cider during the summer months and beyond

Cider sales in the UK have been on the rise in recent
Cider sales reached £3.5 billion in 2019
ciderrepresents 76 2% of all cider sold in the on trade
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Glebe Farm: The Purest British Oats

Pure , locally grown, gluten-free: Nobody does oats better

Oats are a natural superfood They are packed full of the vitamins, minerals and soluble fibre that helps suppor t a healthy gut and they are also naturally gluten free

Unfor tunately, many of the oatbased products on supermarket shelves today are milled and manufactured at facilities that also process grains like wheat, barley or r ye This leads to contamination of the oats meaning they lose their purity and become unsuitable for the 1 in 100 of those who are coeliac or the estimated 10% of UK consumers now following a gluten-free diet

It was this gap in the market that saw sister and brother team Rebecca and Philip Rayner dedicate themselves to producing truly gluten free oats An independent Cambridge farm and dedicated glutenfree site since 2010, Glebe Farm is the only farm in the UK growing and milling gluten free oats

Glebe Farm’s wonderfully pure British oats are ready to be used by manufacturers and bakers, and are also used in their gluten free oat drink, PureOaty The

Chef's Buyer's Guide

PureOaty range has been designed as the perfect pairing for barista quality coffee , but is also great with cereal or in a smoothie The range includes: PureOaty Barista

PureOaty Creamy & Enriched, and PureOaty Organic Barista

Packed with all the delicious flavour, creamy texture , and delightful frothiness that characterises the best oat drinks, unlike many others on the market, PureOaty never uses concentrate or syrup The only ingredients you’ll ever see on the car tons are oats, water, sunflower oil, and salt

And it’s not just oat drinks, the same oats can be found in Glebe Farm’s own brand of gluten free porridge oats and granolas

100% sown, grown, milled and packed in the UK, the second-generation farmers at Glebe Farm know where ever y single oat that goes into their products comes from That means ever y oat leaving the site is guaranteed to be of the best quality and 100% gluten-free Even better, being British grown and produced means they have the lowest food miles on the market, making them the top choice for sustainable oat products For more information, please visit www glebefarmfoods co uk

PEPPADEW® - the UK’s No 1 pepper brandi - launches new PEPPADEW® Bites exclusively for foodser vice

With 9/10 consumers looking to indulge when eating outii and 87% of consumers saying they’d order the new bitesiii, PEPPADEW® s latest innovation is set to take menus by storm Made in the UK these delicious new bites balance the sweet, tang y flavour of their signature whole Piquanté Pepper, with a smooth soft cheese filling, coated in a crisp, pankostyle crumb 100% vegetarian they meet the demand for tasty flexitarian options, as consumers continue to move away from meativ Extremely versatile , they’re perfect for star ters, sides, tapas,

There is a better way to feed our future Founded in 2009, Beyond Meat pioneered plant-based meat that is crafted to look cook and taste like its animal counterpar t while being better for people and the planet Today, we ' re growing the plant-based movement globally


Through small, ever yday choices -like shifting to plant-based meat- ever yone has the ability to make a meaningful impact on some of the most pressing issues our world faces today: human health climate change , constraints on our natural resources and animal welfare With products in retail and foodser vice

outlets, we re making plant-based meat more accessible to the ever yday consumer BETTER FOR YOU

OUR PROCESS: Through a simple process of heating, cooling, pressure and mixing, we ' re recreating the meaty taste and texture you love about animal meat

OUR INGREDIENTS: Our quality, plant-based ingredients -like peas and brown r ice- contain no GMOs , antibiotics , hormones or c holesterol They're also pac ked with nutr ients , providing you with a great source of protein and other impor tant benefits you get from animal meat

Beyond Meat products enable you to Eat What You Love™ no sacrifice required

For example compared to 80/20 ground beef , our iconic Beyond Burger contains 35% less total and saturated fat fewer calories and a comparable micronutrient profile BETTER FOR OUR PLANET

Plant-based meat is far more sustainable to produce than animal-based meat Compared to a 1⁄4lb U S beef burger, producing an original Beyond Burger uses*:





Visit for fur ther information

*As of June 2021

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bar bites, or as an addition to sharing-platters Conveniently frozen they can be ready in 3-4 minutes making them the quick and simple way to pep up your menu Crucially these delicious bites can also drive margin as over 50% of consumers would pay more for PEPPADEW® Bites than jalapeño poppersii and each 5kg case offers a £200 return Their frozen format, 18month shelf life and versatility help minimise waste , providing a sustainable and cost-effective choice Speaking of the PEPPADEW® innovation, Lukasz Lubasinski, Commercial Director, PEPPACO Ltd said: Now more than ever ever y par t of your menu needs to taste great, work hard and most impor tantly drive spend and margin PEPPADEW® Bites is an exciting, flexible and premium new product that works across a range of eating and drinking occasions as well as major trendsvi - from indulgence and meatfree to sustainability ” PEPPADEW® Bites are available through leading wholesalers including Bidfood KFF and Eden Farms Visit www.peppadewfoodser vice for more information New PEPPADEW® Bites - The Ultimate Bite to Pep Up Menus & Profits PureOaty: Good for the Planet, Good for You Beyond Meat - Serious Sizzle Made From Plants www peppadewfoodservice co uk

Chef's Buyer's Guide

Bacchus Wines PLDC Announce UK-Exclusive Deal with Champagne House Paul Lebrun

Bacchus Wines PLDC Ltd an independent wine merchant offers wines to restaurants caterers, bars, pubs and wine enthusiasts The UK-based wine wholesaler sells top-quality, award-winning wines at prices that hospitality businesses can appreciate They have excellent relationships with family-run winemakers in France and the team personally select their wines to ensure top quality at great prices In addition, they handle the impor t of wine into the UK, solving all freight and trade agreement issues

Bacchus Wines are pleased to announce its UK-exclusive par tnership with champagne house Paul Lebrun Founded in 1902, the Maison draws its inspiration from multi-generational winemaking know-how Their Champagnes are top in their class and have beaten the biggest brands on the market in taste tests

Bacchus Wines Co-Founder Trond Rornes told us, "We are ver y excited to bring the fantastic Champagnes by Paul Lebrun to the UK market The Champagne house has been exper tly making Champagne for generations, and we love the unique character and the rich taste of Chardonnay their Champagnes offer We know our customers will love this Champagne as much as we do "

Over the decades, the Vignier-Lebrun family have adopted a progressive outlook to understand bet-

Ariela’s Gelato

Gelato is more than just icecream – it’s a pure taste of Italy

A truly ar tisan treat, Ariela’s Gelato is the perfect way to indulge in an authentic desser t that is as delicious as it is decadent

Made with only the finest ingredients, our Gelato is never loaded with ar tificial additives and preser vatives Instead, we make sure that you are receiving the healthiest, most natural Gelato in keeping with Italian tradition And unlike mass-produced ice-cream, ar tisan Gelato is carefully crafted from the hear t

When you forget tradition you lose taste; and without the ar tisan, you lose the ar t But with Ariela’s Gelato, you experience – and can taste

a true labour of love

Ariela’s Gelato was born out of a desire to recreate a world that was taken for granted back in Italy For founder and owner Ariela Cesana, after moving to London, it was impossible to get a true taste of home: “I was so frustrated when I couldn’t find a Gelato in London

like the one I grew up with – so I decided to just make it myself! And since 2006, Ariela has been on a journey to bring the luxurious taste of Italy to the UK

Made in small batches using only the purest, highest-quality ingredients our Gelato uses the same traditional processes that can only be found in an authentic Italian Gelateria for a truly ar tisan, lovingly crafted, authentic Italian Gelato

What really sets Ariela s Gelato apar t is the ar tistr y and exper tise that can only come from true experience and passion The base of our Gelato is pasteurised, poured into batch freezers, churned, then extracted and decorated by hand one by one , flavour by flavour

Care goes into ever ything we do to make sure you and our customers receive the truest Gelato experience , and when it comes to creating our range , we ’ ve been passionate about pursuing perfection Each flavour is a carefully crafted blend of natural ingredients that have been painstakingly tried and tested to ensure you get flavour, not flavourings

For fur ther information see the adver t on this page

ter and look after the unique terroir to grow exceptional Chardonnay grapes for their cuvees The grape variety is grown on their chalky soils south of Épernay and on the soils rich in rolled pebbles in Sézanne , which are rare in the Champagne vineyards These exceptional terroirs must be protected and respected to produce their outstanding Champagne , which is necessar y to achieve their Grand cru classification

Private Chef Tim Whittam told us, "I ser ved the Extra Brut champagne at my supper club The Champagne solicited much praise from the diners!"

Small yet perfectly curated, the Bacchus Wines PLDC collection is handpicked and personally selected by the founders They choose quality wines with provenance and integrity, with the utmost impor tance on the ar t of winemaking rather than mass production In addition, they offer prices and ser vice hospitality businesses can appreciate For more information, please visit https://bacchuspldc com/

The Next Generation of Fries Have Arrived… and They Are REALLY Crunchy!

Lamb Weston has launched its latest potato innovation; REALLY Crunchy Fries!

Created to satisfy growing demand for unique sensor y dining experiences and sustainably-minded quality ingredients, and designed for the next era of dining out, these ground-breaking coated fries promise an unbeatable long-lasting crunch sensation that no other fr y can rival, appealing to diners that want the ver y best food experiences

When choosing to eat out, 1 in 2 diners in the UK want food experiences they can’t get anywhere else^ and right now 75% of diners crave indulgent foods that offer sensor y pleasure as a means to boost their mental wellbeing and make them feel happier and UK operators want addedvalue products that offer a ‘ wow factor’ moment for their guests whether in-restaurant takeaway or home deliver y

Lamb Weston’s UK Marketing Manager, Pete Evans, says; “Expectations on foodser vice operators have never been higher Guests want to be wowed like never before and ever y element of a dish needs to deliver a great quality sensor y experience that goes beyond just taste! Our industr yleading innovations in frozen fries over the past 25 years have created a legacy for world-famous potato solutions in

quality, taste and heat-holding capabilities, but now the time is right to elevate the fr y experience to a new standard in indulgent, sensor y potato enjoyment!”

Sensor y research by acclaimed audiologist Natan Bauman, MD, revealed that the sensation of crunchy food stimulates feelings of enjoyment and excitement in our brains † This makes crunchier foods more pleasurable to eat, so REALLY Crunchy Fries means really satisfied diners!

Pete Evans adds; “We set out with clear vision to create the crunchiest fr y we ’ ve ever made and with REALLY Crunchy Fries we have cracked it! This is a really new and really exciting product that is uniquely different in appearance and mouthfeel, offering an unbeatable fr y experience for diners and an unbeatable product solution for forward-thinking foodser vice operators

Ready to experience REALLY Crunchy Fries for yourself?

Visit https://pages lambweston eu/en/really-crunchy-fries to request a sample now

Sources/References: ^ Foresight Factor y Consumer behaviours towards din ng OOH 2022 †C Spence 2004 – Journa of Sensor y Stud es The Role o Auditor y Cues in Modulating the Perceived Crispness and Staleness of Potato Ch ps 2004
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Discover the Power of Chefs’ Most Trusted Bouillon* Chef's Buyer's Guide

Chef Tom Kerridge has joined forces with Knorr Professional Bouillons to launch a new online training hub for chefs ‘The Base’ contains exclusive recipes video tutorials and training tools that will help other professional chefs to improve their skills in the kitchen

As the new Creative Director for Knorr Professional Bouillons, two Michelinstarred Chef Tom has also developed a range of classic recipes with modern seasonal twists, each using products from the range in a different way The dishes showcase the versatility of Knorr Professional Bouillons, from delivering depth of flavour at the base through to a seasoning boost, meat rub or salt replacement

Plant-Based Egg Alternatives from OGGS®

With plant-based diets a growing trend, it’s more impor tant than ever to ensure that menus are as inclusive as possible This Veganuar y, over 600,000 people signed up to go vegan for a month Eggs were the second most missed product over this time (14% of par ticipants), with options when eating out being the major barrier to sticking to the pledge (26% of par ticipants)

Enter OGGS®, creators of OGGS® Aquafaba and Scrambled OGGS® Scrambled OGGS® is an egg alternative for breakfast and brunch menus made from chickpea protein Simply shake , pour and cook in minutes for a breakfast scramble to take centre stage on vegetarian or vegan brunch You can also create omelettes, quiches and so much more with Scrambled OGGS® Producing 60% less CO2e than eggs, it s not just kinder to animals, but the environment too

OGGS® Aquafaba is an egg white alternative made from chickpeas, an innovative solution to removing egg whites

from cocktails With six months shelf life and a neutral flavour profile OGGS® Aquafaba functions exactly the same as egg whites in cocktails, while removing an allergen from your menu With 72% less CO2e than eggs, you can create the same delicious drinks without the egg using OGGS® Aquafaba for a more inclusive and environmentally friendly cocktail menu Will at 31k in Nottingham said: “Ever y other drink we sell is a cocktail, and 1 in 4 for those calls for a foam That s 100 cocktails a night which would call for 100 eggs Thanks to OGGS® , we ’ ve saved 100 discarded yolks and 100 broken eggs shells each shift - and the hassle of rinsing spilled egg whites! OGGS® is hassle-free in use , taste-free in cocktails, and guilt-free as it helps us lower our environmental footprint

For more information contact trade@loveoggs com

Tom said: "Using bouillons in kitchens isn’t about cutting corners It’s about bringing the best out of the ingredients in a dish, adding an extra dimension to your food and making this food accessible and achievable for chefs of all levels ”

Knorr Professional’s Bouillons are available in Powder Paste and Jelly formats offering chefs versatility and flexibility in usage and application, plus consistent depth of flavour ever y time


See the adver t on the facing page for details

*Aggregated UK wholesaler value sales 52 w/e 27th Januar y 2023

Riso Gallo - Sensationally Sustainable!

Riso Gallo is the first international rice brand to have produced its rice from sustainable agriculture , making their premium best-selling risotto completely sustainable from field to fork!

Established in 1856, Riso Gallo is the oldest Risotto rice producer in Italy and has been delivering its premium rice to consumers around the world for over six generations

Known to many as Italy’s first choice , Riso Gallo is one of the longest sur viving rice companies in Italy and is still growing A family run business, it is now in it’s 6th generation

The company has uniquely created its own Circular Economy within it’s rice production, collaborating with innovative star tups to give new life to the byproducts of the rice mill which produces the delicious range of rices of the Riso Gallo Brand Rice House is an Italian initiative in which the secondar y materials in rice cultivation are used to build

ethical houses

Rice by-products are even used by Mogu in a range of designer furniture production

The Albini Group to develop a process of ‘Off the Grain’ dye for fabric When the Nero (black) rice is processed for the food industr y the by product of the deep grape coloured water is used as a natural dye

All Riso Gallo plastic vacuum packaging is now suitable for recycling, following the launch of a new eco-sustainable , low environmental impact plastic Riso Gallo are the first company to adopt this sustainable packaging

The Gallo Risotto Traditional Arborio Carnaroli and the Carnaroli Rustico are now in packs using FSC cer tified cardboard outer to protect the grains Riso Gallo is committed to reducing and monitoring greenhouse emissions and uses energ y from renewable cer tified resources

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mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising

Cleaning and Hygiene

Choosing Washroom Equipment & Minimising Costs

wear and corrosion it s also hygienic and easy to clean

Behind-the-mirror systems are an especially durable option With all the working elements set behind a mirror, dispensers aren’t subject to accidental knocks and scratches and they stay well-protected against tampering and vandalism

Providing customers with attractive and properly equipped washrooms is essential for an organisation’s image and, of course , for legal compliance Often however, the costs of maintaining those facilities can far exceed the costs of installing them

Typically, the biggest expenses are associated with consumables: the ongoing costs of the soaps, paper towels and toilet tissue used in washroom dispensers and equally, the time and labour costs associated with checking and replenishing them

Consequently it is often helpful to choose larger-capacity dispensers They will reduce the need for regular inter vention and impor tantly help to ensure that guests don’t find them empty when they need them

In high-use environments, damage and breakdowns can be costly too, so it makes sense to choose well-constructed dispensers made of robust materials Stainless steel is an excellent choice; it resists accidental damage ,

Such systems may cost more initially, but they should greatly outlast less sturdy alternatives and by requiring less maintenance and fewer repairs and replacements they should incur substantially lower costs overall Good washroom equipment can also make an important contribution to the customer experience Guests will be quick to notice poorly equipped or badly maintained facilities; the condition of the washroom can say a lot about a business Specifying more reliable washroom equipment will make an impor tant difference , but stainless-steel products offer another attractive feature: they can be produced in a variety of styles and finishes –brushed, painted and lacquered – to match existing corporate branding

Finally, many businesses are keen to promote sustainability and here , stainless steel dispensers afford another benefit Made from 60% recycled content they can be fully recycled at the end of their long working lives Moreover, Dudley Industries’ products are made in a factor y using 100% renewable energ y, so their carbon impacts are fur ther reduced For added peace of mind they are also suppor ted by up to 10 years ’ warranty For fur ther information see the adver t on this page

edencleen from Cleenol

edencleen from Cleenol reaffirms our commitment to our credentials for environmental guardianship, and represents an evolution of what has been an integral par t of our DNA

The range covers the essential needs to cover 80% of daily cleaning and include: a washroom cleaner and toilet gel cleaner and urinal deodoriser an all-purpose surface sanitiser, a degreaser and a washing up liquid, a no rinse floor degreaser a window cleaner and a laundr y detergent and fabric softener

Combining carefully formulated products with appropriate packaging, using recycled material or recy-

clable componentr y the range s mostly colourless liquid and low fragrance usage are designed to convey a transparency and straightforwardness of our approach which will be a hallmark of all edencleen products and associated ser vices

Careful use of enzymatic formulations and more traditional chemistr y brings a por tfolio of products that s finely attuned to delivering effective cleaning which when used as instructed helps maintain a neutral environmental impact

See the adver t on this page for fur ther information

Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising
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Cleaning and Hygiene

Legionella Risk Assessments

Legionnaires disease can cause serious illness and even death, it was named after the 1st major recorded outbreak at a conference/gathering in the United States

The bacteria are present in all water and become an issue when the right conditions for them to proliferate exist These are; an ideal temperature and some stagnation the perfect temperature is mid to high 30 degrees


Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) L8 recommends that an initial Legionella risk assessment is carried out and then a suitable water management scheme is put in place and followed This will include monitoring of outlets and water tanks and may include regular water sampling and disinfections The Legionella risk assessment needs to be carried out to BS8580 by a competent i e trained person

The bacteria is ingested by human beings in the form of an aerosol and then infects the lungs, the symptoms are similar to flu and also Covid 19 The mild illness is called Pontiac fever and will generally be flu-like and may dissi-

pate without treatment The more serious illness can involve hospitalisation including ICU and even death

Public Health England confirms there were 503 cases of Legionnaires' Disease in 2019 for England and Wales – an average of almost 10 cases a week (Latest available data)

The most common sources are from showers or other equipment, such as cooling towers, that produce an aerosol Stagnation is also a major factor in increasing the risk, to mitigate this any low use/seldom used outlets should be run off weekly Temperature monitoring is also advisable , both of these actions MUST be recorded

In summation: A current Legionella risk assessment and appropriate water hygiene management and monitoring scheme will prevent the bacteria proliferation within the systems and therefore significantly reduce the risk to Staff and public health Steve Dillon (Advanced WMSoC Legionella Risk Assessor) Managing Director Stokefield Water Treatment Ltd

See the adver t on this page for details

Tork Offers Both Hygienic and Sustainable Skincare Solutions

Tork, a leader in professional hygiene solutions have launched two new innovative soaps to cater to specific demands and improve sustainable performance in the hospitality market The two new high-quality refills come in foam and liquid formats, are dermatologically proven and cer tified with the EU Ecolabel

Alongside the increasing demand for effective hygiene solutions, the demand from customers for truly sustainable products is on the rise1 Besides helping to secure the new hygiene standard through outstanding handwashing solutions, Tork is developing products that support a circular society and our soaps are generally designed to reduce environmental impacts such as water consumption or waste

The new Tork Clarity Hand Washing Foam Soap helps promote a healthy and hygienic workplace: 99% of the ingredients are from natural origin2 and designed with sustainability in mind 7 of 9 ingredients are sourced from vegetable origin, the full formula is readily biodegradable3 and therefore an environmentally con-

scious choice

The hands of chefs and kitchen staff are subject to heavy wear and tear, especially in the dining and catering industr y The new Tork OdourControl Hand Washing Liquid Soap is special designed for professional chefs so they can focus on preparing and ser ving safe food The soap helps prevent the transfer of food residues via the hands while also helping to remove food odours such as fish and garlic It

Both come in factor y-sealed one litre bottles with single use pumps that provide a hygienic clean hand wash and help reduce risk of cross-contamination The bottles collapse as the contents are used, helping to reduce the waste volumes by 70%4

The demand for skin-friendly and sustainable hand hygiene products is increasing and Tork offers the perfect product combination to ensure the new standard of hygiene

Please visit: www tork co uk

10% DISCOUNT if you place an order quoting Caterer Licensee & Hotelier

All other water hygiene management carried out including:

• Disinfections, domestic and process water sampling

• Softener installation and maintenance

• ACOP L8 monitoring

Issue 161 CLH Digital 35
risk assessments have been a legal requirement since 2001. Do you have an up to date one? Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising If not, contact Steve on 07415713982 or
have qualified risk assessors carrying out the work to BS8580

Products and Services

Williams Helps You Look Good and Save Energy

With the release of the latest versions of its Gem Multideck range , Williams Refrigeration is highlighting the advances it has made in the energ y efficiency of its products as well as the range of customisation options that allow operators to create their perfect display

Williams Multidecks are designed to maximise available display area and performance while delivering cost savings through energ y efficient operation

The Gem range can be customised to suit a huge range of applications Customisation options include LED strip lights, inset within the ticket holders, which enhance the display while using little energ y and generating minimal heat There are also night blinds security shutters front doors either

sliding or hinged, rear loading doors for easy restocking of goods, impulse snack selection baskets for added merchandising potential, food tray slides, glass shelves and mirrored panels, all of which mean they can be specified exactly to the customers requirements Fur thermore , there’s also the option of remote refrigeration and the ability to multiplex units

Along with these quality of life options Williams provides a range of aesthetic customisation that allows Multidecks to match existing décor A wide selection of colour combinations is possible and the Gem Multideck range is also compatible with Williams’ Chameleon vinyl wrapping system – which means the specifier can create a merchandiser that can look like it’s a piece of ar t or made of bricks or wooden the sky s the limit (speaking of which, it can look like the sky, too)

Improving energ y efficiency has become one of the most impor tant factors in choosing new refrigeration equipment recently with rising energ y costs and the need to increase environmental sustainability bringing this issue into sharp focus for many businesses The new models are TUV cer tified, fully EcoDesign- and MEPS-compliant, and use a combination of reengineered airflow features, heat exchangers and green refrigerant to produce Williams most energ y efficient Multidecks to date

The latest open fronted Gem Multidecks include features designed to maintain the interior thermal envelope , thanks to a cur tain of cold air drawing down over the front of the unit This includes a newly developed honeycomb profile for the top air discharge system that helps to keep the cold air directed within the display, and redesigned bottom air inlets which improve the temperature stability of the lower shelves

While these latest open fronted models minimise energ y use thanks to their design, if real energ y efficiency is a priority then units with doors can deliver fur ther substantial improvements In tests, hinged doors help to decrease the energ y requirements of Williams Multidecks by up to 60% compared to the open-front equivalent, with clear double-walled glass providing excellent product visibility

Natural hydrocarbon refrigerant reduces energ y consumption thanks to its excellent thermodynamic proper ties, with low GWP (Global Warming Potential) and zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) The Multideck’s operating temperature range is from -1°C to +7°C , making it suited to a wide choice of chilled food display

Williams Refrigeration offers a comprehensive range of commercial refrigeration including gastronorm cabinets and counters specialist baker y equipment, coldrooms, multidecks and blast chillers

To learn more about Williams extensive product range visit www williams-refrigeration co uk

For just £175 a month*

Aqilla Helps Independent Hotel Reach a Level of Financial Control to Rival Global Groups

When Sage 200 Extra Online was withdrawn, it was the perfect oppor tunity for Rober t McCluskey, Financial Controller at The Spa Hotel in Tunbridge Wells, to implement new accounting software that would offer advanced financial analysis reduce the time spent on manual tasks, and gain a competitive advantage for this independent hotel He chose Aqilla’s cloud-based accounting software to help achieve these strategic goals

Explaining his reasons for choosing Aqilla, Rober t said, Having come from larger hotel groups, I m used to working with the level of financial analysis you get from bigger applications QuickBooks was never going to do it, and the bigger packages are out of my range , but Aqilla is in that middle space where you can get lots of functionality from quite a light product and a low cost of ownership


The 70-room independent hotel has several revenue streams, including a Spa and Leisure Club, restaurants, conference ser vices and events Different business applications are in place to suppor t each depar tment; the hotel management system covers bookings and housekeeping, and a spa and leisure club system manages therapy bookings and memberships There is also a food and beverage till system, which stores information to help manage stock and predict purchasing needs in line with historic trends

There are around 2,000 metrics that can potentially be har vested and analysed daily for improved financial control The data from each system is currently impor ted into Excel However, it wasn’t possible to upload Excel data into Sage This meant that the financial analysis could only span the volume of data the accounts team could manually input each day – on average , just 30 lines Par ticularly impor tant following the impact on the business caused by the pandemic improved financial analysis would help the hotel control costs increase efficiencies and make more accurate predictions


Sage’s limitations meant that Rober t could only tap into a small percentage of the total data available to him limiting his range of performance measures and the quality of the insights from such a small data pool Aqilla’s Excel Add-In means that Rober t can combine 100 per cent of his data in Excel before impor ting it to Aqilla

He explained I was only able to manually input about 30 lines a day Now I have almost 100 automatically uploaded that I use to check costs and performance

He continued, “With Aqilla, I push a button, and it takes seconds to populate the data The sheer volume it can handle is incredible and it gives me the kind of detailed insights you d expect from a much larger system It saves me an insane amount of time maybe as much as two hours a day that I can spend improving efficiency ”

Rober t also uses Sharperlight, a self-ser vice BI tool integrated with Aqilla that draws information out for repor ting purposes He explained how it saves time tr ying to find the source of discrepancies, “I’d often get to the end of the month and wonder why my spreadsheet is different to the accounts Drawing repor ts from Aqilla via Sharperlight means my repor ting is always in sync ”

Quantifying some of the advantages the finance team have experienced since switching to Aqilla, Rober t added, The daily banking process used to take two and a half hours with Sage With Aqilla, it takes less than an hour The bank reconciliation process at month end that used to take three or four days now takes me less than half a day ” Streamlined, accurate accounting and access to cross-company data can help hospitality businesses recover from the challenges of Covid and get through today s turbulent economic times Summing up, Rober t says, Our accounting needs are basic; bank rec , general ledger and purchase ledger Mainly, I want to get large volumes of data in and out of the system fast The level of analysis we can get from Aqilla and our ability to combine data from various sources gives us a real advantage I’ve got big system analytics from a fast and light mid-range system It doesn’t matter if it’s 10 or 100 lines, I push a button on the toolbar, and the data is in ” For fur ther information email or visit

vanilla Smooth yet complex, with a hint of sea air, delicate caramel notes and vibrant fruity spice

This smooth and sophisticated rum gives soft vanilla, gentle spice and a hint of sea air on the nose , with honeyed caramel notes, vibrant cherr y and a sea salt finish to taste

Ser ving Suggestion: Fill a glass with ice and a measure of Mermaid Spiced Rum Top with premium Ginger Ale and garnish with a sprig of fresh mint and a maraschino cherr y for a refreshing and sophisticated ser ve

Purchase from the Isle of Wight Distiller y on 01983 613653 at office@isleofwightdistiller y com or via www.isleofwightdistiller

36 CLH Digital Issue 161
Beer Piper, home of the automated beer line cleaning system,
a package
to make beer line cleaning simpler
are offering
more consistent and ultimately cheaper by focusing on
t, a
app and por tal
beer line cleaner with fresh water directly into the lines, ensuring the correct dilution rate regardless of flow The superior quality chemicals used and supplied by Beer Piper ensure lines are immaculate and allow customers to ser ve the best pints possible Another advantage of this is that with time customers can go longer between cleans The automated nature of the system also means that there is no need to manually mix these chemicals thus reducing the associated risks to staff No CO2 is required with the Beer Piper system so the surging costs of CO2 in the UK need not be a concern The system also uses much less water than a manual clean so this also adds to the cost savings being made As does Beersave – a function unique to an automated line clean as it allows the beer that would usually be wasted and poured down the drain before a clean to be sold, ensuring even more money is saved Visit www beerpiper co uk for more information *up to 10 taps Beer Piper Putting Quality First To Deliver Cost Savings For Customers The star t of the year is always a good time to reflect on what you did last year and what worked best for you in terms of both bringing in the footfall and ultimately profits Planning your promotions throughout the year is always good practice with any business and for our market sector we have to focus on events around the year and of course seasonal activity such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day HFE Signs have a range of pre-designed Pub Banners which are great to give some ideas There is no better way to adver tise your promotions than Printed Banners from HFE Signs – with great deals such as Three 8x3ft Printed Banners for just £108 delivered you can’t go wrong! Fur thermore if you order printed banners by 11am they are delivered next working day and if that isn’t good enough, the design is free too For more information on Printed Banners check out today or see the adver t on page 5! Is It Time For Some Fresh Promotions? Mermaid Spiced Rum Introducing Mermaid Spiced Rum, the latest spirit from the Isle of Wight Distiller y Tropical island blends crafted for sipping on island time Carried on trade winds across the Atlantic from the sunny Caribbean and discovered basking in golden light on Isle of Wight shores, then married together with local fruits and spices Mermaid Spiced Rum is crafted from a carefully selected blend of sugar cane and molasses rum from Trinidad and the Dominican Republic , distilled in column stills and aged between 2 - 5 years in oak bourbon whiskey barrels Inspired by a long histor y of shipwrecks bringing Caribbean rum to our island shores, the unique spirit was created to honour heritage and folklore Infused on the Isle of Wight with fragrant rock samphire , fresh white cherr y and apricot, honey from our beehives and black salt from our floodtides Gently spiced with local holy grass, cassia and
customers will receive a beer piper automated cleaning unit and all chemicals delivered bi-monthly This amazing deal also includes installation, training, technical suppor
free hygiene star ter pack, discounts on other products, as well as use of the dedicated
The Beer Piper system is easy to use and can result in major cost savings for customers by reducing the amount of time staff spend on the task – a Beer Piper clean takes just 8 5 minutes! Not only does the system improve staff efficiencies, but it also ensures consistent high quality cleans are achieved ever y time The sealed system mixes the neat

Products and Services

The Hielo® Wine Cooler“Style as Well as Substance”

Old Jamaica, The UK’s Number One Ginger Beer Brand

Old Jamaica the UK s number one ginger beer brand, has the perfect range of soft drinks to appeal to all those who like to mix it up All of our drinks pair perfectly with gin, vodka, rum and whisky; in fact almost any spirit you can think of, there’s an Old Jamaica product that can pair perfectly with it!

From Old Jamaica Ginger Beer – with Regular Light and Extra Fier y to choose from – through to our recent launch of our Ginger Ale as well as a Rhubarb & Ginger Ale we are the OG s of ginger beer and the only brand that uses authentic Jamaican root ginger across our range

Blue Star Foods

Blue Star Foods have been catching processing and selling crab meat for almost thir ty years, offering a quality product and long shelf-life throughout this length of time!

Sustainability - All the crabs we catch is wild caught and fully sustainable , only adult male crabs are kept for processing

Packaging- Our patented recycled pouch packaging

is that it is really aesthetically pleasing, modern with that wonderful hint of elegance and “panache”, and, clean, and hygienic , without any “drips”, no water marks on your table from condensation running down the side Highly recommended indeed!

And for anyone interested the menu for the night was:

Panfr ied scal op with Chor izo and a lemon butter

Paella - Home-made of cour se!

Orange Caramel Creams: Flan de Naranja

For fur ther details on the The Hielo® Wine Cooler visit www icecooldesign com or see the adver t on the back cover of this issue

enable us to give our customers a long shelf-life of 18 months from production

Quality- We guarantee our crab meat will taste and look as it would the day it was caught due to our unique pasteurisation system and rigorous quality control practices

Strike the Gold Foods Ltd were appointed the UK distributor twelve years ago who both the food ser vice & retail sectors with the range of crab meats

See advert page 13 or visit www bluestarfoods com or www strikethegoldfoods co uk for further information or telephone 0800 987 5431

In addition to ginger beers, Old Jamaica has a range of Sodas too Our Tropical Soda joined the family in 2021, with Grape Soda, Cream Soda and Pineapple Soda continuing to delight consumer tastebuds across the country! All of the products in the Old Jamaica por tfolio deliv-

er a bold and unique flavour meeting the increasing needs of UK consumers, as one in four consumers already mix Old Jamaica with alcohol

Terri Cooper, senior commercial manager at Old Jamaica, said: “We’re excited to see Old Jamaica continue to be the UK’s no 1 ginger beer brand and consistently tap into consumers ' growing demand for quality versatile flavoursome mixers that pair perfectly with a variety of spirits and are suitable for all occasions

A wide-ranging communications strateg y will suppor t the brand throughout 2022 and aims to broaden Old Jamaica’s brand appeal, increase awareness, and position the brand as the authentic alternative to the ‘ norm ’ within the soft drinks categor y Visit www oldjamaicagingerbeer com or www refresco com or see the adver t on page 12

Exclusive Elegance and Quality by Design

Benefiting from Fracino's extensive research and development programme world class engineering skills and state of the ar t production technolog y the new Romano-R is a genuine fusion of style and luxurious quality

Available in 2 or 3 group versions, it boasts all the power, technical qualities and reliability synonymous with Fracino products, in a stunning design to create the ultimate coffee bar furniture The Romano elegantly combines classic cur ves and retro styling with contemporar y materials and close attention to detail ensuring a truly outstanding finish Featuring latest technolog y integration the full width touch pad features digital trace icons for the drink selection and a wide range of control features within the programme - including controlled on/off times for maximum energ y efficiency coffee extraction displayed in volume and time for each espresso shot for precise drink quality, multi-lingual display selection and digital programme set-up for easy user adjustment capability

Our powerful combination of stylish design and creative technolog y enables discerning clients to choose a bespoke finish for their Fracino espresso machine Our exper tise caters for individuality –whether it be to enhance a theme or interior design promote a brand - or simply to challenge convention

We offer the option to select a bespoke mirror finish in a range of lustrous colours, which draw out the beauty of the highly polished stainless steel, whilst an extensive range of dramatic solid colours – in a satin or matt finish – are available to complement and enhance the interior designer s creativity and provide the finishing touch befitting the individuality of the exclusive luxur y restaurant and coffee bar

Transforming the purely functional into an enviable work of ar t; that’s Romano!

sales@fracino com www fracino com

See the adver t on page 7

We’ve supplied our wonderful hampers and baskets to discerning customers to fill with their own speciality food and wine for many years Whether you use traditional wicker hampers with lids or packing trays made from bamboo all are woven from natural materials which are sustainable reusable , biodegradable and recyclable The versatility of quality baskets has kept them in use for centuries, so aside from being incredibly eco-friendly, they are excellent value for money

And now to compliment your hamper why not add one of our new beautiful hand-tied eco-friendly satin bows?

These clever bows are made by recycling used plastic bottles into yarn, which is then woven into a soft sheen satin ribbon It looks fabulous and feels just as satin ribbon should The ribbon is made in England and the bow is hand-tied here too!

The design is a 2-loop 2-tail bow, which means it's never upside down! The bow is created using a 70mm wide ribbon and is securely attached to the 50mm wide long strap On the back of each bow is a tab of double-sided tape to secure to your basket The ribbon strap is 135cm so it will fit ever y hamper and basket we supply and once secured in place , just cut off the excess

The recycled yarns we use are cer tified by GRS The GRS is the Global Recycled Standard Oeko Tex, the global industr y standard for textiles has also cer tified the product In a nutshell the manufacture and use of recycled yarns promote sustainability and reduce environmental impact through the reduction in waste

Contact us on 01502 501681 or email salesdesk@candigifts co uk

Alternatively, visit our website www candigifts co uk or see the adver t on page 2

Hygiene is critical when providing food and drinks in reusable glass bottles plastic cups pints flutes bowls plates cutler y and containers



The critical difference between plastic and traditional crocker y is hygiene Crocker y is dense and retains heat, plastic does not, so it is much harder to dr y Stored plastic cups, pints and food containers must be dr y to prevent hygiene issues Any residual moisture will eventually lead to mould growth

The key is achieving 0% residual moisture when cups bowls food containers etc leave the dishwasher


Existing dishwashers can be conver ted to wash plastic cups and containers for immediate reuse

A weighted grid for light cups converts Meiko’s single basket M-iClean H and double basket MiClean HXL hood-type dishwashers into cup washing machines, with a maximum capacity of up to 1,500 cups/h (M-iClean HXL)

Adveco Gas To Electric Decarbonisation Jamu Wild Water

Hotels and restaurants intending to replace existing gas-fired domestic hot water (DHW) systems with more sustainable electric technologies as par t of a decarbonisation strateg y should invest in data gathering first recommends hot water specialist Adveco Live Metering is a simple to install, non-invasive onsite ser vice provided by Adveco that generates consistent six minute data 24 hours per

replacement system from Adveco will receive a 50% refund on the cost of implementing the initial Live Metering ser vice

Talk to Adveco about booking Live Metering at your proper ty

https://adveco co/products/live-metering/ or see the adver t on page 5

Jamu Wild Water is on a mission to rewild hydration from the inside-out The Devon based natural soft drink brand takes inspiration from natures larder and aims to reinvigorate menus and grocer y shelves with healthy sparkling drink options

Their sparkling water range features three delicious flavours –Lemon, Blood Orange , and Raspberr y Each flavour comes bursting with British-grown botanicals and prebiotic fibre to actively suppor t gut-health

Tahi Grant-Sturgis, Co-ounder of Jamu Wild Water says: “where Jamu differs from other gut-loving beverages such as kombucha and kefir, is that it isn’t fermented, as a result we find a wider following among young

The option of a dr ying table

people and consumers that find fermented drinks more challenging

The subtle sweetness and flavour profile that the new range offers, suggests it will work just as conveniently as a low calorie mixer, offering a refreshing and clean alternative to complement botanical and crafted spirits Jamu Wild Water prides itself in its zero policy, that is - zero sugar, ar tificial additives, preser vatives and plastics The company is committed to making healthy and sustainable products that give back to nature through their 10% of profits pledge , which suppor ts rewilding projects and ser ves to enrich the lives of young people through nature-led experiences Balancing flavour, wellness benefits, and it s strong nature-led mission, Jamu is set to bring a premium offering to the ever-increasing healthy and eco-conscious consumer

speeds up the dr ying of cups Undercounter cup washing can also be achieved with Meiko’s M-iClean U, which uses a weighted grid for lightweight cups Meiko also provides wash baskets tailored to wash plastic bowls and food containers GLASS BOTTLES The move to reusable bottles highlights the need for dishwashing machines with high-volume capability Meiko s undercounter Bottle Wash System is currently the most productive on the market (April 2023) washing 16 at one time or up to 640 bottles per hour A dedicated bottle wash rack and adaptor that swaps with the bottom wash arm quickly switches from dishwashing to bottles The Meiko Bottle Wash System takes bottles up to 114 mm wide and 370 mm tall, making a vast choice of bottles available It is suitable for all Meiko M-iClean undercounter machines in use since 2009 For fur ther information see page 9 or visit www meiko-uk co uk Washing and Drying Reusables For Safe, Hygienic Foodservice Can Your Hamper Packaging Be Sustainable? Absolutely! Take A Look At Ours... Equally impor tant as style with any product is substance! And The Hielo® Wine Cooler meets both requirements From Manhattan to the Mediterranean the Hielo® wine cooler is a simple and stylish new way to keep wine chilled on any hospitality tabletop, using natural cooling technolog y that’s as simple as it is effective The minimal design of the Hielo® is inspired by luxur y Manhattan dining – where soaring stone-and-metal skyscrapers touch the blue sky Add that to the rich tradition of Mediterranean cultivation that supplies the finest flavours to customers all over the world, and the Hielo® is an elegant marriage of urban sophistication and rustic integrity Designed with intelligence Using just 5 ice cubes through thermal conductivity the Hielo® wine cooler maintains a perfect temperature , and at 223mm tall and with an internal diameter of 105mm the Hielo® wine cooler can also accommodate larger and wider bottles such as Bollinger and Laurent-Perrier champagnes CLH editor Peter trialled one earlier this month on what he refers to as date night ! And is delighted to say this really is a fantastic and far superior cooler It takes just 5 ice cubes in the bottom to keep the temperature of your wine cooler for longer, or, until you have finished the bottle! The real advantage
day from existing hot water systems to accurately understand actual usage including critical peak demands and their profile shape Adveco s specialist engineers will visit to fit the meter and assess the proper ty The data will then be processed and a repor t generated with design recommendations for a replacement system that meets the exact needs of the building New designs by Adveco will show carbon reduction and outline new operational costs Accurate to the actual demands of the proper ty, Live Metered designs avoid excess capital costs associated with oversizing and ensures operation within the limits of the existing electrical supply of the building Businesses which opt to purchase the recommended
Visit www jamuwildwater co uk or see page 23
Issue 161 CLH Digital 37

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Luquel - Revolutionising the World of Water

In the UK we are lucky that the water boards ensure that the water supply into our businesses is healthy to drink To do that they often have to add chlorine to kill bacterial growth in the pipes Whilst it does protect us, it can also impact both the taste of our water, and the taste of the food we cook in the water

The taste impact is so huge that many businesses are now purchasing hot taps and dispensers to remove the chlorine taste That’s a great step forward, but caterers and restaurants can go fur ther

There are other water dispensers on the market, such as the LUQEL water dispenser Rather than just using an active carbon filter, this system uses a reverse osmosis filter as well, which removes impurities at a more micro level The filtration system removes the chlorine through its sediment and carbon filter but then it also removes smaller bacteria viruses heavy metals medical residues hormones and micro and nano-plastics through its RO filter As we are seeing on many B2B platforms plastics in water is a trending issue that is not going away It s not just about the issues of the plastic on our environment, but also about the issue of the micro par ticles in our bodies

Unlike other RO filtration systems the LUQEL system then micro-doses natural mineral salts back into the water creating 30 mineralised waters The water temperature range can be changed from 4 to 95 o C and the carbonation can also be amended between still, low, medium and high carbonation Offering a business high quality, great tasting water that they can be sure is cleaned to the highest quality A mineralised water system that can deliver 30 different tastes without the need for purchasing storing and recycling of bottles or cans

A healthy mineralised water for both our bodies and our businesses

Celebrate Summer in Style with LittlePod

Summer is almost upon us and here at LittlePod we ’ re looking forward to celebrating picnic season in style!

Proud winners of the 2023 King’s Award for Enterprise (Sustainable Development), we ’ re on a mission to spread the word about REAL vanilla and its impor tance to the planet, whilst livening up hampers across the land

Be it a picnic in the park lunch on the lawn or a back garden barbecue LittlePod products will make your al fresco creations – both sweet and savour y – shine like the summer sun

LittlePod s responsibly-sourced products are great for the kitchen and the planet

alike and in choosing to keep it REAL, you ’ re making a difference to the farming communities in the Equatorial regions and, much fur ther afield, to the wider world

Did you know that the precious vanilla orchid replenishes the soil in which it grows? In choosing to purchase REAL vanilla, you can help to preser ve biodiversity in the rainforest regions protecting the fragile ecosystems that are so impor tant to us all

LittlePod makes it simple to make a difference so please join our Campaign for Real Vanilla and create something special this summer! Look us up online at and follow @little pod on Instagram

DL Mechanical is a Nottingham-based business specialising in plumbing and pipe fitting engineering ser vices The company works with a broad por tfolio of clients in the commercial and educational sectors designing, engineering and installing new pipework for water, steam & condense , oil and gas, soil and vent, rainwater among a range of other ser vices

An FE college in Nottinghamshire called on DL Mechanical’s exper tise to advise on a change of use project that would improve the facilities for mechanics apprentices Changing a classroom to a workshop required the installation of a wash down area A site sur vey confirmed that no drains were in the immediate vicinity of the required area, so an alternative solution was found

With advice from local plumbers’ merchant, Willbond, a Saniflo Sanispeed+ grey water lifting station was specified to discharge the water from the new washdown area With its robust 400-watt motor and low activation level of 95mm, the unit was connected to a Zip water heater and the washdown areas to discharge hot and cold waste water

through small bore pipework up 3m to an adjoining pipe This ran by gravity to a soil and vent pipe some 60m away

Terr y Fisher, Mechanical Contracts Manager at DL Mechanical, oversaw the project; The Sanispeed+ pretty much enabled the project to go ahead Bar drilling a bore hole – which would have been prohibitively expensive – a pumped solution was the only way forward The Saniflo unit is a simple plug and play solution, so proved easy to install and it has been working efficiently and effectively from day one ”

The Sanispeed+ is ideal for pumping waste water from appliances and sinks in light commercial applications and with four inlets it connects to a range of appliances It has a working temperature of 35°C but can handle temperatures up to 75°C for shor t periods It has a quiet motor and can be installed below counters or in cupboards out of sight if required

Reader Enquiries - Tel: 020 8842 0033 / www saniflo co uk

Flavour Blaster - Add Theatre to Every Serve

A DEVICE adding the wow factor to cocktails has taken the international market by storm after being inspired by the childhood experience of blowing bubbles

Flavour Blaster Pro which creates aroma filled bubbles on the top of drinks, is now used by professionals in Michelin Star Restaurants and Five Star Hotels around the world As well as leading mixologist and Flavour Blaster ambassador Simone Caporale owner of Sips 3rd best cocktail bar in world

The professional aroma gun is sold to more than 40,000 customers in 150 countries, thanks to its use of innovative technolog y

Its success is the result of a collaboration between hospitality entrepreneur Colin Myers and manufacturing guru, Rober t Flunder who came up with the initial concept to add some theatricality to the drinks experience And the resulting creation was


Aromatic Bubble Garnish

down to Colins fascination with the concept of edible bubbles which would use authentic aromas rather than synthetic flavours

Australian-born Colin, who previously worked in the bar and leisure industr y in the UK, spent four years helping to develop the product which he describes as “ an inner child gadget

The company uses a leading company in New York to prepare its aromas, which are distilled from actual fruits, herbs and spices rather than being ar tificially produced

“The ultimate in theatrical mixolog y ”

For fur ther information visit www flavourblaster com

Girbau UK Launches Under Counter Washers and Dryers

Known for its robust commercial and industrial laundr y equipment, Girbau UK has launched its first professional grade Under Counter washers and dr yers that fit underneath standard 900mm height counters Both machines combine energ y efficiency, ease of use and compact size with high quality, durable construction making them ideal for hospitality applications

The new Under Counter washer’s stainless steel Active Drum™ has hourglass lifters that guide loads to gentler central areas for better load balance and reduced wear on delicate items It is available with a choice of 6kg or 8kg capacity with either a pump or gravity drain All

models have a 180-degree opening door for easy loading and unloading

Quiet long-life operation is assured by the washer’s sturdy Quattro™ construction with durable shock absorbers that allow vir tually vibration-free high-speed spinning The washer features cast iron stabilisers for higher spin speeds, better water extraction and increased spin efficiency It has an easy-to-use LCD user interface and 28 flexible programs including disinfection, mop, microfibre , allerg y settings and three customisable programs It also comes with in-built ser vice diagnostics and a delayed star t function

The Under Counter dr yer can also be stacked on top of the washer to save space The 6kg capacity model is available in both condenser and vented versions and the 8kg model is vented The Sensi Dr y system automatically determines the right dr ying time , saving energ y and assuring fabric care Its auto programs save energ y as the running time is automatically adjusted according to load size and the required dr yness

Butterfly dr ying ™ tumbling in a figure of eight movement, non-stop in one direction stops clothes from bundling and ensures long life durability of the motor and belt The lint filter has an automatic indicator to remind users to clean it for energ y efficiency and safety

The dr yer ’ s memor y function remembers the last program used including any chosen settings so if nothing needs to change you can simply press star t for the next load

The new under counter washer and dr yer are available to order from Girbau UK

Saniflo Sanispeed Facilitates Workshop Change Of Use 38 CLH Digital Issue 161

Hospitality Technology

MCR Systems

Epos Now

3R (EPOS) Solutions

3R is a leading provider of Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) solutions, offering both integrated counter top and wireless payment solutions, as well as Mobile Top-Up ser vices With competitive rates and durable , secure hardware , 3R’s signature EPOS software , CES Touch, is a game-changer for businesses seeking to optimize their day-to-day operations and streamline their financial repor ting

Another essential feature of CES Touch is its full Stock control functionality which enables businesses to manage their inventor y effectively This feature ensures that businesses can maintain optimal stock levels avoid overstocking or understocking and keep track of their stock movements accurately

In addition to these features, CES Touch offers intensive operator management and in-depth financial repor ting,

which is vital for businesses seeking to manage their staff and financial performance effectively With full cloud business analytics, CES Touch also provides businesses with real-time insights into their sales, inventor y, and customer behaviour enabling them to make data-driven decisions to optimize their operations

CES Touch also links directly to a wide range of Symbol Groups, including Londis, Booker, Premier, Budgens, Shop Local, Best-one , and NISA, allowing businesses to take advantage of automated promotions and price changes This feature is par ticularly useful for businesses looking to offer competitive pricing and promotions while maintaining profitability

At the hear t of 3R’s offering is their commitment to excellent customer ser vice , providing 24/7 suppor t, 365 days a year Whether you ’ re a small business owner or a large retailer, 3R’s EPOS solutions and CES Touch software are sure to provide you with the tools you need to succeed

See the adver t below for details

MCR Systems has over 40 years of experience in providing hospitality, catering and leisure organisations with enterprise management solutions that directly improve the efficiency of their business operations We do this by combining high-quality software and cutting-edge EPOS technolog y MCR Systems T: 0116 299 7000 E: enquiries@mcr-systems www mcr-systems co uk See the adver t the facing page
Epos Now is the ultimate POS system for any business Our cloud-based system is designed specifically for restaurants, cafes, bars, and other hospitality businesses, with features and functions that cater to your unique needs With Epos Now, you can streamline your operations, improve efficiency, and boost your bottom line Our system is easy to use and customizable allowing you to tailor it to suit your specific needs And because it s cloud-based you can access your data from anywhere , at any time , on any device But that's not all – we also offer excellent customer suppor t and a range of additional features to help you grow your business From marketing and loyalty programs to integrations with other systems and software we ' re committed to helping you succeed So if you ' re looking for a POS system that s tailored to your business, easy to use , and backed by excellent customer suppor t, look no fur ther than Epos Now Talk to us today and see the difference it can make for your business For fur ther information call 0800 2 945 945 or visit www eposnow com Epos Now is the ultimate POS system for any business Call 0800 2 945 945 or visit for further information Our cloud-based system is designed to cater to your unique needs Get started today from £0 upfront!
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Hospitality Technology

Replace Your Allergy Matrix, Reduce Risk and Make Your Customers Happier, All In a Simple App

Our simple but affective app provides the chef the ability to keep a live updated menu with allerg y information held within it Customers simply login to the app and view the menu filtered to only show those dishes that are safe for them to eat

This app significantly reduces the risk of incorrect communication between customers & staff, especially when mistakes can be so easily made , and these mistakes can cost lives

Up to “20% of the population experience some reactions to foods” (The British Dietetic Association) so it’s no longer a minority issue , eating out should always be enjoyable ii should also always be safe


You can either find the restaurant’s menu by their unique allerg y menu code on their menu or website or you can find restaurants in your location on a map

logo can also be uploaded to ensure the menu follows the restaurants brand


• Meet regulations for allergy information in one simple step

• Ensure your menu allergens are always accurate and up to date

• Improve your customer exper ience for allergy sufferer s , vegans and veggies

No need to re-pr nt menus if you c hange ingredients

• Handy email reminder s to c hec k your menu

• Stop front of house staff making mistakes

• Keep your customer s safe from harm

How it will make a difference

Many of us now limit the types of food we eat, for some it’s simply because it will kill them, for others, it’s for health or moral reasons However, it’s become a complex task to eat out these days, ensuring the food you have ordered is what you can eat Some restaurants provide different menus but simply don’t cater for the complexity such as they may provide a gluten free menu but not a gluten free & dair y free menu combined Some restaurants provide complex matrixes, but nothing which is user friendly or easy to understand and the majority provide nothing at all, and rely on front of house staff communicating correctly the information, which is ver y prone to mistakes

It’s then ver y simply to filter the menu by the list of standard allergens or click the vegan or vegetarian option The menu then displays showing only the items that you can eat, making a simple and easy to understand menu


There is an easy account area, where the menu and dish information can be maintained via computer or mobile phone The allergies are assigned to each dish and it can be updated whenever it’s needed An email is also sent out once a month to ensure the allerg y information is checked and the menu confirmed that it is still up to date The company

Castra Solutions - Wired and Wireless Solutions

At Castra Solutions we understand the impor tance of reliable and high-speed WiFi for businesses of all sizes

Our WiFi solutions are designed to provide seamless connectivity and exceptional performance , ensuring that your employees and customers can stay connected at all times

In the hospitality industr y, having a reliable and highspeed WiFi network is essential to meet the needs of guests who expect seamless connectivity during their stay With the rise of mobile devices and the growing importance of online reviews, hoteliers cannot afford to overlook the impor tance of providing a top-notch WiFi experience

One of the biggest challenges in hotel WiFi is providing coverage throughout the entire proper ty from

It’s so hard to ensure accurate communication between customer and the person preparing the food and Allerg y Menu helps to reduce this risk When failures happen in the communication, it cause have serious side effects for the customer and can even kill them Taking steps to reduce this risk is essential to all food establishments

For fur ther information visit www allerg ymenu uk

guest rooms to public areas This requires careful planning and optimization of the network, including access point placement signal strength and interference management By working with Castra Solutions hotels can ensure that their WiFi network is designed to meet the unique needs of their proper ty and guests

In addition to providing reliable WiFi hotels can also use their network to enhance the guest experience and generate revenue For example hotels can offer premium WiFi ser vices for guests who require faster speeds or more bandwidth or provide access to streaming ser vices and other enter tainment options

In conclusion providing a reliable and high-speed WiFi network is essential for hotels looking to meet the needs of their guests and stay competitive in today's digital world By working with a Castra Solutions and taking steps to optimize and secure their network, hotels can provide a seamless and enjoyable WiFi experience that enhances the guest experience

Call us today on 0300 124 5005 or visit www castrasolutions co uk

40 CLH Digital Issue 161

Using Payment Systems to Increase Recession Resilience

Having star ted its post-pandemic recover y, the hospitality industr y is now bearing the brunt of record inflation, impacting both its own costs and consumer spending

Last year more than 32 pubs in England and Wales closed for good each month due to factors such as rising energ y costs adding pressure and, according to the International Monetar y Fund (IMF), the UK economy is set to perform the worst out of all advanced economies in the year to come In real terms, this means that prices for customers and businesses aren’t set to stabilise any time soon

This is worr ying for hospitality managers Wages are climbing higher than any other industr y in the UK, and energ y bills are set to soar by up to 82% by spring this year All this paints a bleak picture so how can the industr y respond?


During the pandemic , digital payment systems were praised for helping the sector to bridge the gap between customers who were eager to return to ‘normality’ while adhering to guidelines and feeling safe

Whether this was through pivoting towards a takeaway model with PayFac technolog y or adding QR codes to menus to make it easy to order and pay via mobile devices the use of this type of technolog y has now become commonplace

As we reach another crisis point in the industr y it’s impor tant to approach it with the same sense of innovation – but not before getting the basics right first


With digital payments now widely accepted, the priority for business owners must now be to move towards stability and security Of course , flexibility is

still a key factor – customers may ask to split the bill more often as their budgets become tighter Doing so with their card (or digital wallet) gives them a much better oversight of their spending but that does come with some risks too

Customers who are spending at your venue , or making a payment online , want to know that their payments will be quick easy and safe High profile data breaches are often making headlines, which cause the victims’ reputation to take a hit and are costly to fix

While these are on a large scale turning your attention towards investing in a secure payment system can help to reduce the risk of data being lost, while also providing reassurances to your customers that their sensitive financial information is protected


Beyond point of sale , the way that payments are managed internally can also be transformed by digital systems, and doing so could put your business on a stronger financial footing

Cash flow has always been king but as wholesalers contractors and other suppliers also cope with the challenges faced by the sector, intelligent automated systems could help to highlight any missed payments before the problem becomes too big to solve

The leisure and hospitality industr y can bring a lot of joy to people’s lives, whether it’s suppor ting catchups with friends, hosting special moments or giving people a base to explore new cities

Yet when times are tough financially, it s a luxur y that many people choose to – or sometimes have no choice but to – go without Last Christmas 61% of people who were cutting back on spending chose to do so on gatherings, such as meals out

As decisions over where and how to spend disposable income become more challenging with the rising cost of living, the hospitality sector can ill-afford giving potential customers any more reasons to save their money With a few simple switches to your payment systems, it s possible to ensure you remain a first-choice when customers want a treat both during and beyond the current economic crisis

No More Trips To The Bank - And Your Cash Taken Care of with Loomis

ment cash flow information - a true end to end solution

Par ticularly popular is the Loomis SafePoint Compact, recently launched and exceptionally well received at the National Convenience Show in May Measuring just 610 x 200 x 460mm (HxWxD) Safepoint Compact fits easily into most busy environments and offers low-cost weekly terms which include ser vice and maintenance

tant issue which can diver t valuable personnel time and attention away from delivering the best possible standard of ser vice and product to customers

So, if someone told you no more cash counting and reconciling, reduced shrinkage and no more trips to the bank, how would that sound? Pretty good we hope!

Loomis has a comprehensive range of cash management solutions which are perfect for busy and dynamic environments - there is a menu of options to choose from but right now the most popular choice of businesses in the retail sector is a Loomis smar t safe package - including an ‘intelligent safe’ which will validate notes, count and reconcile cash, trigger automatic secure collections and provide valuable manage-

With cer tain packages and banking par tners Loomis is also able to offer Same Day Value , with takings credited to the bank account on the same day There are also other Loomis options available to help cash management run more smoothly, including cash collection and coin and note deliver y Yet again mo more trips to the bank!

With Loomis taking care of your cash, you can focus your attention exactly where you want it to be - on retaining customers attracting new ones - and developing a successful business


Hospitality Technology Issue 161 CLH Digital 41 SafePoint Compact also counts your cash, checks for counterfeit bank notes and triggers automated professional crew. CASH MANAGEMENT MADE EASY! No more trips to the bank AND less shrinkage. £34 y *Same day credit facility is dependent on business banking arrangement. **Please contact us for further details. • Low-cost smart safe. • Weekly cost includes service & maintenance. • Compact dimensions: 610x200x460mm (HxWxD). With SafePoint Compact there’s NO need to visit the bank, NO need to cash-up at the end of the day & all contents of the compact smart safe are insured by Loomis! ASH COLLECTION b JUST CLICK ON THE AD AND FIND OUT MORE... om only frro n week** per 34 4 e ar f smart sa on & all c o a NO need t o NO need t SafePoin hWit Loomis! y y L ed b e insur ompac the c f ts o ten t the end o o , visit the bank ther ompact t C oin t the f s ’ eher ost smart sa Low-c fe. CO CTIONLLEEC CASH ncludes (H ompactC e.tenanc & main ost includes servic c T xWxD). service Loomis y dependen acility y edit f cr y e da am*S MORE... T t. **P o.ukoomis.c.lwww enemang t arr details. further or tact us f on ease c t First of all, the team at Loomis just want to acknowledge the great news that pub and bar takings were up by 26 7% over the coronation weekend Fantastic news, a much needed boost for the sector - and probably a lot more cash to reconcile , secure and bank! Indeed for ever yone in the CLH sector, be that hoteliers, pubs, bars and restaurants, takeaways or cafes, managing cash safely and efficiently is an impor
business s
Contact us today on 0845 309 6419 for more
and get your
cash flowing

Outdoor Spaces

Feeding the Growing Appetite for the Al-Fresco Dining Experience

Ever yone wants to spend more time in nature – exper t advice from Unalome’s Ako Ardalan (www unalomeinterior com) will help you transform any space , small or large , for your guests this summer

Warm evenings and sunny days mean al fresco dining is on the menu

Thanks to new laws that allow restaurants and bars to extend their seating areas onto pavements, the oppor tunity for outdoor dining and socialising has reached new heights just in time for the summer months

So whether you ’ re designing for breakfast on the rooftop terrace or envisioning a captivating space for your esteemed hotel guests, look no fur ther, as I present to you a collection of tips that will ser ve as your ultimate guide to creating the perfect outdoor living experience this summer Prepare to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature-inspired designs and witness the seamless blending of indoor and outdoor spaces, promising an effor tless space to relax in the sun


The first and perhaps simplest trick to elevating your outdoor space is to integrate the natural surroundings By incorporating plants, flowers, hanging baskets, or even more immersive elements like ver tical gardens, you can effor tlessly breathe new life into your outdoor area When strategically positioned, vibrant flowers illuminate your overall décor, taking it from bland to beautiful These organic components not only invigorate your outdoor space but also evoke a profound sense of tranquillity and serenity, creating an environment where your guests can unwind and fully immerse themselves in the unparalleled beauty of nature


Despite forecasted warmth and sun, the weather is often unpredictable Consider this when designing For large patios, retractable awnings can protect from the sun ' s rays during the day, whereas canopies offer shelter from freak tropical downpours! When choosing suitable weather protection, make sure they not only ser ve their purpose , but also blend harmoniously with the colour scheme of your hotel, restaurant, or bar Let your chosen shelters become an extension of your impeccable taste and style The Unalome Cabana furniture range , for example , blends luxur y with function The cream sofa offers the perfect place to relax under the canopy

Unpredictability calls for adaptability Consider the possibility of cooler evenings and be prepared to wow your guests with style and comfor t Patio heaters, fire pits or perhaps offering snug blankets not only add undeniable aesthetic appeal to your al fresco setting but allow you to extend outside living into the autumn months


If your space allows, take your guests’ dining experience to the next level, incorporating a cooking or bar area From specialist pizza ovens to BBQs, outdoor cooking is sure to captivate your guests, making for a memorable experience A well-designed cooking space encourages not only excitement but also interaction with guests If your space is limited opt for a socialising hotspot such as a small bar where guests can enjoy their conversations with a drink in hand The Unalome Arunika Mini Bar is crafted from galaxy black granite , sustainable teak wood and outdoor rope This compact yet stylish bar provides the ideal focal point for socialisation whilst adding a touch of elegance to your outdoor setting


Sustainability is key when deciding on outdoor furniture You want your pieces to be as durable as possible to ensure longevity and minimise waste Sustainably sourced teak or aluminium withstand the elements from weather or beverages, whilst being environmentally friendly

Sustainability is a trend that is here to stay By prioritising eco-friendly options you not only align with the eco-movement but also ver y likely the preferences of your guests Knowing that your furniture has been responsibly produced and obtained through ethical means can create a positive impression and even spark conversations with your guests


Finally, take the indoors outdoors! It's the little touches that will spark joy in your guests’ outdoor dining experience By adopting homely touches customers are sure to feel more comfor table Think about adding an outdoor rug that can act as a great focal point for zoning larger spaces Much like in your home , lighting can make a huge difference to your space and really sets the mood Fair y lights strung across trees or canopies can add a romantically rustic feel Alternatively, larger lanterns placed strategically around the dining area provide a soft glow and create a cosy ambience that will encourage your guests to stay longer

By incorporating these exciting ideas, your outdoor space can transform into a lively and vibrant hub of socialisation Don't forget to crank up the tunes and offer mouth-watering food It's time to create unforgettable moments and enjoy the sunny days to the fullest!

At SBI Ltd, we ’ re a wellestablished, family-run business, based in Kent

Since 1998 we have been ser ving trade & private customers homes, schools, hospitals, hotels & pubs, delivering a great ser vice for over two decades

Our friendly and professional teams are located across the UK and ready to supply & install any of the following:

• Made-to-measure awnings , victor ian & contemporar y verandas , glass verandas , glass rooms & canopies

• Carpor ts , ver tical screens , manual, electr ic or solar-powered secur ity shutter s & roller garage door s

• Conser vator y sail blinds louvred roof pergolas aluminium fencing and more

Our professional advisors and installers at SBI will be more than happy to help you create the

perfect solution for your shade and shelter requirements We offer a full contract installation ser vice to private and trade customers who are not equipped or do not have sufficient time to carr y out installations If you re looking for branding or personalisation, we ’ ve got you covered Our popular vinyl graphics or traditional hand-painted signwriting are especially useful for businesses and trade customers, schools and colleges In addition to ser ving homeowners and domestic customers, our contracts division suppor ts hotels, pubs, clubs, restaurants, coffee shops, schools, colleges, universities, government buildings, hospitals and other organisations Call Now: 0800 074 2721 or visit www sbiproducts co uk SBI Ltd Are A Family Business You Can Rely On Read all the latest news from the licensed industr y at www.catererlicensee .com @CLHNews Issue 161 CLH Digital 43

Outdoor Spaces

Utilising Outside Spaces to Benefit the Bottom Line

The mainstream media presents a gloomy picture of consumers spending power, drawing conclusions about the ‘inevitable’ impact on hospitality industr y

But while some bars and restaurants have already suffered as a result of the cost of living crisis, those that are strong, innovative and resourceful can sur vive And as the weather warms and the evenings lengthen there’s ever y reason to shake off the winter gloom

One of the ways in which this can be achieved is using existing outside spaces to create the facilities that ever yone looks forward to as the summer approaches Inviting alfresco hospitality, whether in the traditional café culture style or something more alternative presents numerous oppor tunities for diversification

And even when the summer disappoints, shelters, heaters and cosy blankets can still make the experience safe and enjoyable

It goes without saying that maximising your outdoor space means maximising your profits But it can also help attract passing trade , and options such as awnings can provide cost-effective adver tising for your events and suppliers

So its wor th considering what can and can t be achieved within planning law In the most simple terms, there are three categories of consent: no planning permission required; temporar y uses and structures that fall under the categor y of ‘permitted development and those which require full planning consent through the standard planning application process

Without planning consent hospitality owners and managers may introduce a variety of temporar y and moveable structures to help diversify and extend their offer - such as moveable play equipment, tables and chairs, large parasols and patio heaters

Since Covid, permission has existed for ‘temporar y ’ structures (essential-

ly anything which can be moved if required) for a limited period of 28 days per year This may sound restrictive , but 28 days is ever y Saturday for half a year or ever y Saturday and Sunday in June July and August This use would cover the use of a marquee , pagoda or jumbrella

Then there’s Class BB, which allows for 120 days’ use of temporar y structures following prior approval by the local planning authority This allows for any of those features listed above to be used outside on a daily basis over the summer

The prior approvals process is not complicated or time-consuming In ver y simple terms, the legislation requires that the structures do not exceed 3 metres in height or occupy more than 50% of the footprint of the building or 50 square metres

Change of use planning consent which falls under Permitted Development Rights frequently covers other changes that might be necessar y to host al fresco dining For example , louvred roof systems offer a new and unique way to expand and improve outdoor areas: with motorised blades that can rotate up to 135° they can open up to allow a directed yet natural airflow, while also providing shade by responding to the sun ’ s position They can also be shut if needed providing a water tight seal to prevent the tables and chairs becoming wet

Permanent awnings outdoor rooms and pods fall under this

"Can We Sit Outside Please?"

Over 79% of UK diners have attested that they would spend more time and money in a restaurant if they incorporated outdoor dining

Integrating outdoor dining into your establishment is a no brainer decision especially when you consider the al fresco movement across the UK and return on investment oppor tunities For example , when discussing predictions for the rise in al fresco dining in 2022, Janice H Dobson, Business Development Director at Archatrak, said: “Restaurant owners can look at it mathematically they know the value of ever y seat they offer and I encourage my clients to ask themselves, ‘what could 8 extra seats, 12 extra seats, 20 extra seats, mean for your business?’ Often, they’ll find that, in a relatively shor t period of time , these outdoor areas can pay for themselves and continue generating revenue years afterward

The maths is simple; seating 16 people under a 4m x 4m parasol, at an average spend of £12 50 per head

categor y Similarly, these provide a great oppor tunity for diversification and all year-round protection from sun, wind and rain You might also want to consider louvered bioclimactic pods Similar to louvred roof systems these are retractable fabric roofs with aluminium blades which twist when operated to be opened, and let light and air in and out or closed to form a ceiling In some cases extensions, conser vatories and the creation of rooftop terraces can be achieved through permitted development rights, but it is impor tant to seek advice on this as whether permitted development rights or full planning permission is required will impact on timing

To ser ve the extra footfall, additional parking might be provided on adjoining land Under the principles of ‘temporar y ’ use this is allowed for up to 28 days without planning consent; for more than 28 days, change of use consent it required

For bars which don’t provide food but may want to extend their offer or even host a food festival, there’s the oppor tunity for street food vans This doesn’t require planning consent specifically, though licensing for food safety may be required

The industr y calculates that even a ver y simple outdoor space can increase revenue by up to 30% - in most circumstances, as ver y little cost

Make First Impressions Count with Major Plants

’ re looking at £2400 or £9,600 a month! Multiply that by 12 and your revenue would increase by £115k per annum Assuming 50% gross margin, the investment of 1 parasol could provide a profit contribution of £57 6k per annum which is a welcome statistic in these economically tr ying times

What’s more , our zero deposit leasing options allow for payments to be spread over 2-5 years

So taking a 4mt X 4mt parasol with a moveable base , impor t, deliver y and fitting, the monthly payment over 36 months would be

44 CLH Digital Issue 161
equals £200 If you were to turn these 3 times a day that would equal £600 If we multiply that by a realistic 4 days of the week, you
£184 09 or
£42 98 As
your potential R O I massively
no deposit figure
are you waiting for?! 01352 740164 www indigoawnings co uk enquiries@indigoawnings co uk First Impressions Count! Major Plants Limited specializes in providing cost effective visually striking hanging baskets rental and maintenance ser vices In business over 10 years our company grown through word of mouth via our satisfied and expanding customer base We know that busy businesses have enough work to do without tr ying to remember whether the flowers have been watered, fed, or tidied up Calling in the exper ts like Major Plants Limited means that you can get on with your business while we ensure that outside your plant arrangements and presentation never let you down Whether you are seeking an alternative quotation to compare with an existing supplier or are looking at external flower arrangements for the first time our flexible agreement and personal ser vice will give you a piece of mind reliable suppor t for your business Please get in touch! 0800 111 4014 –
equivalent of
outweighs this

Keeping Food Hot? We Have All The Answers

First of all, you will want one of our world beating Kanga boxes and a Carbon Heater You can then keep food hot indefinitely and fully comply with HACCP regulations

Sounds too good to be true? Well we only supply premium German manufactured products from stock at incredibly low prices The insulated box manufactured from top quality expanded polypropylene is a dense closed cell insulation material but incredibly light to handle when empty for example the GN insulted box with a 117 mm internal depth only weighs just over a kilo and yet holds a massive 21 lts capacity Now combine the Kanga box with a Carbon Heater and the magic begins, hot food all the time!

Our range of Carbon heaters offers two voltage

Cinders ‘Classic’ Barbecue

The Cinders ‘Classic’ barbecue has exceeded customers’ expectations for decades, due to its unique , patented design It easily cooks 1000 burgers in one session but being a true workhorse is not its only selling point Robust, reliable and low-maintenance are just three adjectives to describe a barbecue whose repair costs are typically non-existent over long periods, generating a healthy ROI for many years

The Cinders Classic comes as a six-foot long double grill (TG160), or a half-sized

options 12 volts for car operation using the cigarette lighter socket or 230 volt mains voltage for internal or external mains use

The big advantage of the Carbon Heaters they are absolutely fool proof just inser t them in the bottom of the box turn on and forget, there are no consumer controls the temperature is pre-set at the factor y at 75 deg C The Carbon Heater is ver y light at only 700 grammes and does not take up much room only being 10mm thick Dishes can be place on the Carbon Heater straight out of the oven up to 120deg C Finally quick and easy to clean just wipe over with a damp cloth

Contact Catering Equipment Limited on Tel: 0121 773 2228 or visit www clickonstore net or www kangaboxuk com

single grill (SG80), with both running on LPG and offering incredible food output for the price of the energ y used The user-friendly grills are easy-to-light and powerful, getting up to temperature in around five minutes, to quickly feed a queue or facilitate an impromptu pop-up barbecue if great weather arrives Cinders production values are impressive - not only offering a warranty for commercial use , unlike cheap impor ted barbecues, but also built to ISO 9001:2015 standards The barbecues have internal self-cleaning too removing the odious chore of post-barbecue cleandown The grill merely needs to be left running for a few minutes to burn off residue , which is then brushed away or ejected Once cool, the Classic can be folded down and easily stored away To discover more call 01524 262900 or www cindersbarbecues co uk
Issue 161 CLH Digital 45
Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor Spaces

Café Culture - Pavement Profit


completely waterproof but is formed from UK factor y waste plastics and materials that would otherwise have gone into landfill They will last you countless years and are a genuine recyled investment

From our workshops in Kent we deliver UK wide and are happy to visit and sur vey your site to to discuss your needs and prepare a drawing and quotation outlining what could be done all within your available budgets

We firmly believe the better you look on the outside , the more customers will come to the inside so contact us on 01733 559437 or sales@cafeculture .biz

Maximise Your Outdoor Space with Patio Heaters

At Space-Ray, we can help you maximise the potential of your outdoor space and extend its use beyond sunset and the inevitable drop in temperature

Specialising in heating solutions for external areas, Space-Ray’s range of gas fired and electric heaters offer you the option to choose the product best suited to your applications:-

The Coldblocker gas fired radiant heater, is ideal for covered outdoor spaces and is rain proof to IP44 Fitted with a tinted glass front, which not only offers flame protection, it also gives the heater a stylish sleek appearance when not in operation

The Linea electric radiant heater offer IP55 level of protection along with remote control and glass front, it is ideal for the smaller space where gas is not avail-

able , or a viable option

Our SURA Plus and AQUA ranges of electric heaters use high quality Dr Fischer shor twave radiant lamps also offer an IP55 rating making them durable and weather resistant The Sura plus range is remote controllable

The Eclipse range of zero glow electric radiant heaters are perfect for those intimate areas where no additional light is required Ceramic heating elements are utilised which provide a gentle level of heat from the sleek and stylish fully black heater Suitable for covered outside areas and offer protection levels of IPX4

Check out our outdoor heating website for fur ther

46 CLH Digital Issue 161
table outdoor seating areas for your clients supplying ever ything required including:• planter s with real or faux plants • cafe banner s and restaurant screens • lighting • heating c lassic neon signage • parasols installed and repaired • lent cular bladed roofed shelter s • tables and c hair s Our hardy planters are built to order using rot proof ar tificial wood planks This unique material is not only
create appealing and comfor
Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising

Outdoor Spaces

With warmer weather star ting to appear what better way for your customers to enjoy the sunshine than sitting outside and relaxing TDP’s furniture , made from recycled UK plastic waste , will be ready and waiting, as it doesn t have to be stored away for the winter or be treated for the new season Our range of furniture includes picnic tables dining sets benches and chairs as well as planters and children s furniture All products benefit from a 20-year warranty and ver y low maintenance, with no annual staining or treatments required It will not rot or splinter is ver y stable and extremely durable lasting for decades in even the busiest of areas TDP has been supplying environmentally friendly products to the industr y for over 30 years We are the choice supplier for those who want outdoor furniture that lasts and to date we have saved over 4,000 tonnes of recycled plastic waste from landfill By producing our furniture from recycled plastic rather than wood, we have saved over 10,000 trees from being felled We manufacture all our furniture in Derbyshire Ever ything is handcrafted and as such you can order your furniture in custom colourways and we can include branding, establishment names, table numbers and other key information as either engravings or plaques Our furniture is longer-lasting and easier to maintain than their wooden alternatives, meaning you buy them once and they will last a lifetime for your business From your first contact with us, to taking deliver y, we want the whole experience to be both enjoyable and stress free We’re here to help so please do visit our website www tdp co uk, give us a call on 01629 820011 or drop us an email at info@tdp co uk To take advantage of our 10% discount off RRP please give us a call and quote CATERER!
Enjoy the Sunshine with 10% Off Our Maintenance Free Outdoor Furniture!
A bustling terrace is the product of wellplanned design star ting with your furniture Finding quality outdoor furniture that is durable and comfor table but stylish, is a key par t of the concept when planning your new hospitality or leisure venue Increasingly, terrace or patio areas are becoming an outdoor restaurant to match the atmosphere and vibe of their indoor equivalent Al Fresco dining is a choice , not a last option because inside is full and is an oppor tunity for you to generate more income twelve months of the year Think four seasons in one terrace! From retro to rattan, colour blocking and social seating, to fully sustainable options, Satelliet UK can provide a tailor-made solution to fit with your brand and style without compromising on quality Each of the offices Glasgow and Ash Vale have a knowledgeable team who can advise you on materials, set ups and layouts to suit your outdoor space Satelliet Originals is the core collection that arose from the need to create a unique and versatile product range with its own recognisable signature This collection features heavily in the most recent outdoor catalogue: from contemporar y Taco to classic Terra, the Originals are designed with the end user in mind Ever y product in the Originals collection embodies hospitality, quality, strength, diversity, individuality, inspiration, relevance and functionality That is the promise of Satelliet Originals You can view the latest Terrace catalogue with over 200 pages of inspiration including the latest collections as well as timeless classics, tips, and interviews with hospitality owners and decision makers by visiting
Issue 161 CLH Digital 47
SATELLIET-UK Hospitality Furniture

Outdoor Spaces

We’ve waited a long time for summer 2023 to star t Make the most of pent-up demand for pub gardens and outdoor hospitality Create a profitable outdoor space!


Is your venue all set for long summer afternoons and evenings with customers enjoying a drink or two? Do you have different areas for drinking versus dining? Outdoor bar height tables and stools can add capacity easily without taking up much more space Optimise walls with bar height shelves and stools seated to them if space is tight If your venue is more traditional add some old barrels

Country Benches - High Quality Benches

48 CLH Digital Issue 161
Countr y Benches is run by a vastly experienced and time ser ved tradesman who has been ser ving in the trade for over 25 years The business was star ted 15 years ago and we have provided our ser vices independently ever since In this time he has developed the business into being family run, amassed a loyal customer base and welcomes new customers on a regular basis Countr y Benches creates high quality benches, picnic benches and garden furniture We only work with the best quality of wood to bring you the highest standards of benches and garden furniture Countr y Benches can create benches to exact specifications as well as offering a large variety of standard design garden furniture Call Countr y Benches to see what we can do for you
based in Bedfordshire we cover the whole of the United Kingdom on trade offers Countr y Benches is also pleased to be able to offer you a deliver y ser vice for smaller orders with a deliver y cost In addition to this Countr y Benches can offer you these prices much cheaper than our competitors Our ser vices are great value for money and are of the absolute best quality All our products are built to order and delivered within seven days and we also operate a "payment on deliver y " basis So contact us today so that we can build your order to your exact specifications For details call 07446 101657 or email countr ybenchesltd@aol com SPECIAL OFFER Buy 11 get 1 FREE!
for drinkers to stand to OUTDOOR DINING If you ’ re catering outdoors this summer do you have enough of the right furniture to suit your customers and the food you ser ve Can you add more tables chairs benches or picnic tables to your outdoor space? Lightweight tables and chairs are ideal for flexibility being movable to accommodate different size groups If you are tight on space you could line walls or fences with bench seating and put pedestal tables to form dining sets OUTDOOR LOUNGING Outdoor lounge furniture encourages a longer dwell time higher spend and a more premium experience Does your outdoor space allow for outdoor lounge furniture? Choose lightweight outdoor sofas and armchairs with weatherproof cushions for a flexible lounge seating set up SHELTER & SHADE Sun or rain we never know what the British summer time will bring Ensure you have plenty of parasol umbrellas for shade and don t let rain stop play with weatherproof shelter provisions With so many outdoor shelter options available , it is easier than you think to incorporate outdoor shelter to your garden areas Contact Woodberr y Outdoor Furniture suppliers Woodberr y are long-time exper ts in supplying outdoor furniture to the hospitality trade We offer a wide range of hardwearing furniture shelters and parasols to help our clients maximise their outdoor spaces Call our friendly team on 01926 889922 or visit the Woodberr y website www.woodberr Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising Sunny Days
= Great


CONCEPT bars have enjoyed a surge in businessrecently supplying bespoke stainless steel bar counters to their valued customer Parkdean Resor ts Their expansion and commitment to improving their hospitality offer ; not only to satisfy the rising expectations of domestic customers and popularity of staycations; has ensured they remain the UK’s largest holiday park operator - with 66 parks in stunning coastal and countr yside locations up and down the countr y

CONCEPT bars have over 30 years ’ experience in bespoke stainless-steel bar design, manufacture and installation and have remained at the forefront of the UK hospitality industr y venues throughout this time They were delighted to work on the exciting new venues across the Parkdean estates Each has its own par ticular style , and it was CONCEPT’s mission to provide the ideal bar setup to maximise speed of ser vice , customer satisfaction and efficiency - and ultimately enhanced sales for the operator

The refurbished bars offer exciting new cocktail menus (allowing staff to show-off their skills!), a range of national and regional draught beers and lagers, draught soft drinks, fruit slushies, plus a full coffee offer The stainless

Design & Refit

steel counters allow for speed of ser vice , optimised design easy cleaning and the upmost hygiene

Regarding this successful collaboration, CONCEPT bars managing director Neil Coombes said: “At CONCEPT bars, we pride ourselves not only on the quality of our product and our ser vice , but also on our ability to listen to our clients We realise their vision - always offering the best advice and our in-house , experienced manufacture and installation teams always ensure a quality offer”

“We have worked on many previous specialist bar projects and this brief was to provide a first-class operational stainless-steel working bar within fantastic new and imaginative schemes, moving customer expectations to new levels”

Neil added It was a privilege to work with such a skilled team again to deliver projects to such fine detail and assist in providing more fabulous venues for Parkdean Resor ts

To discuss your bar - whether it be a new design or upgrading your existing equipment please contact CONCEPT bars on 01484 852666 or email us at info@conceptbars com

Additional Ranges as ILF Continue to Expand email terr

With the ever-growing success of the ILF Chairs website , 2023 has seen an increase in their stock chairs to 8 ranges available in different Faux and Velvet upholster y and selection of frame colours plus an 8 colour stock range of Egger laminated 25mm table tops in a selection of sizes A full range of table bases in metal and stainless steel are also kept in stock In addition a new range called Boutique , elegant seating with frames in Ash, Walnut and Beech and offering a full selection of stain finishes and fabrics

Their new online website offers both indoor and outdoor seating and table solutions

Divided into Contemporar y seating, Boutique , Barstools, Lounge Seating, Period Seating, Outdoor seating and tables plus Indoor Dining & Coffee height tables, offering a great selection of products to view at

your leisure Also included now is an extensive range of stock seating, barstools, table bases and table tops Most made to order indoor seating and indoor wooden table bases and tops can be finished to any customer specification Outdoor items offer a variety of colours within the same product style

Also included is a link to priced chairs and table bases plus a selection of priced made to order seating in a selection of Faux Leather upholster y colours and wood frame colours These products can also be supplied to customer specification, just ask for details

Enquiries can be sent to them directly from the website and they will reply within 24 hours They hope you will enjoy the experience of viewing their easy to navigate website and they look forward to helping clients get the best products for their hospitality site

bar design consultants bespoke stainless steel manufacture full design & build specialist refrigeration unique wine wall displays With over 30 years experience of bar design tel +44 (0)1484 852 666 info@conceptbars com www conceptbars com
Issue 161 CLH Digital 49 Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising

50 CLH Digital Issue 161

Design & Refit including tables, chairs, stools and lounge furniture suitable for pubs, restaurants, cafes etc Customers are encouraged to visit our large showroom to view an extensive range of furniture ideally suited for the leisure market Here you can relax and let Capricorn help and advise you with your requirements Please call office to arrange appointment For more information or a Capricorn Contract Furnishings catalogue and price list contact Brian Pengelly on 01395 233 320 or visit

Trevillion were delighted to work once again with Exclusive Collection delivering a “fresh new look” for their Michelin starred restaurant at The Manor House Bybrook at The Manor has held a Michelin star since 2017 and the hotel were keen to achieve a crisp contemporar y environment to compliment the culinar y style of Executive Chef Rober t Potter Taking inspiration from the exceptional surroundings produce grown in the hotels kitchen garden and the river from which the restaurant takes its name , Trevillion have delivered a scheme that evokes a true sense of calm within a building full of heritage

A new wine room star ts the journey having a rich décor intentionally contrasting the light environment of the restaurant Eurocave wine fridges sitting on a

light oak floor, surrounded by “bottle green ” textured wallcovering presents the perfect sense of “Theatre”

The bespoke designed carpet influenced by the flowing Bybrook that runs through the hotels grounds, provides a soft aesthetic for the main restaurant and continues to “flow” across the room and into the adjacent Brook Room Natural oak tables with dark timber & aged bronze pedestals are surrounded by chairs with a simple silhouette

All are upholstered in a textured faux hide , combined with a tactile boucle velvet & perfectly finished with a tiny light oak “foot”

Bespoke planters offer a subtle screening between diners & large scale glass wall lanterns, mirrors and two overlarge chandeliers provide elements of “sparkle” & layers of ambient light

An existing collection of three fret cut leaves together with two new commissioned pieces of Ar t dress the now papered walls adorned with a pattern chosen for its “nod” to the formality of a traditional “knot garden” and the surrounding landscape

The adjacent Brook Room has been furnished with subtle differences to emphasise its own character yet remains an integral par t of the main dining room Plain textured cur tains are trimmed with the embroidered pattern that furnishes the bay in the restaurant and wall lights featuring an indulgent rocklike cr ystal have been chosen to balance the aesthetic of the featured stonework all providing the perfect place to dine ! For fur ther information visit

Closing Down Sale - 25% Discount on All Stock Items Established in 1972, Trevillion interiors has worked within the design industr y to become a leading international design practice within their field Supplying architectual interior design solutions for both new build and refurbishment projects B M Trevillion Interiors Ltd, The Old Library, Old Cross, Hertford, SG14 1RB For enquiries, please contact 020 8367 9494, email or visit

The Manor Hotel – Bybrook Restaurant After over 30 years of trading Capricorn Contract Furnishings are closing down due to retirement As a result we are offering customers a 25% discount on all stock items (excluding special offers) while stocks last Just quote CAT 2023 when contacting the office Capricorn Furnishings are based in a 30, 000 square feet showroom and distribution warehouse on the outskir ts of Exeter in Devon From within the distribution area we are able to offer a next day deliver y ser vice on thousands of products

Top Engraver Supports Hospitality Sector with Etched & Printed Table Numbers & QR Discs

One of the UK’s most professional and technically advanced engraving and etching supplier, Brunel Engraving, is providing a rapid response to the growing demand for etched table numbers and QR code discs in the pub and catering industr y

The company has made a substantial investment in additional state of the ar t equipment and related software in order to produce a wide range of individually engraved and printed table numbers and discs

The numbers and discs enable customers to link to apps or menus eliminating the requirement for hard copies of menus and making it quicker and more convenient for customers to order “Our investment in additional equipment and software

If you want to build trust and relationships with your customers, CardsSafe can help The system wirelessly and securely holds customers' bank cards while they run a tab As a result staff can spend more time with customers upsell and build valuable relationships

Customers will also feel more relaxed knowing that their cards are safe

The CardsSafe system is specifically designed to securely retain customer credit, debit and ID cards while the cardholder runs a tab As a result, the technolog y not only protects against credit card fraud but also eliminates walk-outs and allows for checking the validity of bank cards

The CardsSafe system has now revolutionised how hospitality businesses manage their customers' payment obligations Their wireless technolog y

has ensured that our customers in the hospitality sector can benefit from high quality products with excellent swift ser vice at a fair price Our ISO9001 accreditation means that ever y job, no matter how large or small goes through the workshops with this expectation level, and the continuous amount of 5 stars we receive on Trust pilot, highlights this commitment” said Tom Pycock Sales Director of Brunel Engraving

In addition to rotar y engraving, Brunel offers laser engraving, chemical etching, anodic print, dye sublimation print, flatbed UV print and wide format UV print

T: 01275 871 720


W: www brunelengraving co uk

can be safely tucked away behind the bar, POS or ser vice station The units are easily installed, and the system does not capture data, so it never breaches GDPR CardsSafe helps pubs, bars and restaurants avoid losses, and it helps to increase profits by allowing staff to upsell to their customers That's why over 5000 venues trust CardsSafe to manage their customer food and drink tabs and leisure facility hires From Young's pubs to Hilton Hotels the London Golf Club Lord's cricket ground and numerous restaurants and bars utilise the CardsSafe system Timothy, Young's Bar Manager, explains, "Average spend is up, and chargeback has vir tually disappeared after we installed CardsSafe , which really puts our customers' minds at rest " CardsSafe is affordable! Each unit contains ten card drawers that can be hired for just £9 95 per month In addition, each hire comes with customer ser vice troubleshooting and free replacement keys Additional units can be added at any time Avoid losses with CardsSafe® and reap the benefits today! For more information, please visit www cardssafe com Or contact the sales team on 0845 500 1040 Avoid Losses, Increase Profits and
Relationships with CardsSafe® Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising Design & Refit 52 CLH Digital Issue 161

Design & Refit

Make the Most of Your Space with Bar Stools

Long synonymous with the Great British Pub, bar stools are a great way to maximise your space and provide flexibility with your seating in any hospitality setting

Tall bar stools such as Trent Furniture s Tall Brass Rail Stool encapsulate timeless pub style in a choice of walnut or traditional dark oak, with the option to add upholstered seats in a wide choice of fabrics With at-bar eating and drinking an increasingly popular trend in restaurants and bars, the Tall Shaker Stool, available in hard or button top is the perfect contemporar y alternative

Healey and Lord

Healey and Lord Limited specialise in the supply of high quality sanitar yware to commercial and hospitality projects around the world

Our commercial product ranges are available to suit both modern and classically styled schemes We have a full range of toilets, wash basins, urinals, taps and accessories in a variety of finishes All products are available from stock and are made in the UK or western Europe

We have an extensive range of no-touch washroom products including toilets, taps, accessories and urinal controls that are available in a range of finishes to complement any scheme

Standard-sized bar stools such as Trent’s Small Wooden Stool are a perennially popular choice for pubs Available with hard, piped or button tops, these versatile and durable stools will be the hardest working furniture in your venue

Easy to move around, bar stools also add visual interest to your space when paired with chairs and sofas

With 20% off many of Trent Furniture’s bar stools, now is a great time to boost your seating capacity with new bar stools To find out more about our extensive range , please call us on 0116 2989 927 or fill in our contact form

We regularly work with design and hospitality professionals to specify good value , durable washroom schemes for high profile venues

We also offer a range of high-quality design focused disabled toilet and washroom equipment to suit all projects

We have an extensive range of less able products designed to complement modern and traditional schemes perfectly

Recent projects we have supplied include The Shard, The Tower of London, Windsor Castle Lords Cricket Ground, The Queens Club, Battersea Power Station, The Globe , The Connaught Hotel, Whites in London, The Garrick Club and the Hurlingham Club

Please contact us on +44

(0)1603 488709 or at sales@healeyandlord co uk or visit our website at www healeyandlord co uk for more details

Classic & contemporary designer sanitaryware & accessories

Made in the UK and Western Europe

w w w h e a l e y a n d l o r d c o u k Tel: 01603 488709 | E-mail: sales@healeyandlord co uk
All products are available from stock
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Commercial Kitchen Fit-Out

Why LP Group Mixers Are A Top Choice for Artisan Bakers

LP Group mixers are trusted across the globe to deliver highquality, assured dough production

The Italian machiner y supplier has harnessed decades of engineering and manufacturing experience to create industr y-leading models that produce excellent dough results for bakers Its latest lines of fixed bowl solutions are ideal for ar tisan use , such as at small restaurants and bakeries, with an array of different sizes suited to dough handling production from 40kg to 250kg

“LP Group produces fantastic mixers for consistent, high-quality ar tisan baking using specialist doughs,” says Steve Merritt, managing director of EPP exclusive distributor of LP Group mixers in the UK and Ireland “We’re pleased to offer its comprehensive range of high quality, robust mixers, which are perfect for small bakers and Italian pizzerias The ability to produce at a smaller scale (whilst maintaining consistency) affords additional flexibility Bakers can even make batches of just half a dozen loaves or a handful of pizza bases –ideal for smaller requirements, or to use as

experience in the refrigeration industr y and have each spent many of those years installing gaskets and hardware for a range of styles, brands and sizes of fridges

Fridge Seals Direct proud to be UK's no1 supplier of replacement fridge and freezer seals We fabricate for a wide variety of commercial fridge & freezers The management team at Fridge Seals Direct have over 30 years of

From restaurant kitchens to food warehouseswe have experience in dealing with fridge & freezers of all sizes and scales To learn more about fridge seals, be sure to explore our range of extensive guides on how to replace a refrigerator door seals Otherwise , find your specific guides in how to identify, meas-

experimenting and testing, all with less wastage

All LP Group fixed bowl spiral mixers feature a tough steel construction and reinforced motors, built for many years of use Its intuitive models have been designed for low maintenance and easy dough extraction and they can be extensively customised to suit individual requirements The mixers are capable of handling many types of dough, but are especially suited to ar tisan dough mixtures with hydration greater than 55% with European flour

Its Star Mixer line – designed for 40kg or 60kg dough capacity – features an easy-to-use control panel with double scale electro-mechanical timer (which can be upgraded to an optional electronic control panel with bypass selector) and models can even be colour customised – ideal for reinforcing company branding, from kitchen to table Meanwhile , the VIS line is designed for dough capacities from 60kg to 250kg

LP Group mixers are available in the UK and Ireland from baker y equipment specialist EPP For more information, visit www eppltd co uk

ure , install or maintain your fridge or freezer door seal

Our reputation in the industr y along with our commitment to providing a high-quality gasket without having to buy from the factor y allows us to have competitive pricing and fast turnaround time Tr y us out, order your door gaskets from us and discover a better way to do business We are here to help you

Mobile Kitchens Ltd specialises in the hire of temporar y catering facilities and foodser vice equipment Ideal for events or to provide temporar y catering facilities during your kitchen refurbishment, our versatile units and equipment offer an efficient and economical solution to the caterers’ needs Production Kitchens Preparation Kitchens Ware-washing Units Dr y Store Units Cold Rooms and Restaurant Units are available as individual units in their own right or they can be linked together on site to form a complete complex Alternatively, we can offer modular, open-plan facilities, usually for larger, longer-term hires We offer a free design ser vice , and project management from concept through to deliver y and installation on site plus full technical suppor t throughout the hire period The standard specification of our Medium Production Kitchen unit includes a six burner oven range , salamander grill, twin basket fr yer, undercounter fridge , undercounter freezer, hot cupboard, double bowl sink unit with integral hand wash basin, storage racking, plus ample power points to plug in Microwaves, Food Processors, Toasters etc Internal equipment can be interchanged, and clients can effectively specify their preferred layout We have many tried
pleased to put
your project So if you
an event then why not
us a call
provide advice and put forward a competitive proposal For fur ther information or to arrange a site visit email: sales@mkhire co uk or call us on 0345 812 0800 or visit our website:
and would be
forward our
or need to cater for
and we ll be happy to
Temporary Catering Facilities For Events & Kitchen Refurbishments 54 CLH Digital Issue 161
Fridge Seals Direct

Cooking Suites

and flavour to food items

With most manufacturers investing their R&D into high efficiency technolog y & solutions, to replace gas equipment long term there is no doubt that electric powered appliances are the future

Caterquip Ventilation – For All Your Commercial Catering Ventilation Needs

Caterquip Ventilation Ltd is proud to be celebrating their 23rd Anniversar y this year

This Warwick based company offers nationwide coverage for all your commercial catering needs: free site sur veys, quotations and designs (C AD), quality bespoke and standard fabrications, specialist knowledge of catering ventilation systems including input air odour reduction (carbon filtration and ESP) and sound

• Be ready for your inspections

• Damaged fridge seals are unhygienic

• Make your fridge more energy efficient with a good seal on your fridge

• We provide custom seals for cold rooms, discontinued models, and units with no identification information

• Next-day delivery service

• Discounted prices on large orders

phone, and email support 07936807320

Commercial Kitchen Fit-Out Evolution Fryers and Filter Units The Premium Fryer and Bur ner System The ultimate solution for any catering establishment, perfect for pubs, hotels, restaurants, cafes and much more Blue Seal have noticed over the last few years a definite increase in demand for electric equipment This expansion is predominantly for new site install, where the site has the power supply for 3phase and the operator is looking to future proof the kitchen and incorporate a full electric line up, including high efficiency induction hobs etc This complete electric specification also avoids the complication & cost of expensive gas regulation canopies and interlock systems Electric equipment is also generally easier and cheaper to Install, routinely maintain, as well as having a longer life span in some cases This encourages the large chain restaurants to invest in high efficiency, low carbon sites There has not, however been any downturn for demand on gas equipment in general especially twin tank gas fr yer units, chargrills, ranges and griddles The running cost of gas is on the increase , however it is still cheaper running cost than electric & there are a huge quantity of commercial kitchen sites in the UK that do not have the 3phase power supply to run a high performance electric cook suite A more common general application is a balanced mix of high efficiency induction equipment and gas equipment such as char grills/ solid fuel grills/ high efficiency gas fr yers, which give the operator a unique equipment performance or finish
attenuation Affiliated members of Constructionline and CHAS, Caterquip Ventilation have a strong hold in the marketplace often advising industr y professionals on ventilation systems to a DW172 specification & BSEN:6173 They have strong relationships with all leading kitchen equipment suppliers, and they offer a kitchen design ser vice to help you build your ideal kitchen Projects under taken have included Olympic Villages, Basildon Hospital, The Mitre Hotel at Hampton Cour t The Truck Stop at Anglesey The Lodge at Old Hunstanton, Colleges, Schools, Hotels, Restaurants and Public Houses They ensure their systems are compliant with the current guidelines whilst maintaining an efficient and dynamic facility With extensive knowledge of manufacturing and installing ventilation systems they can help you design the best kitchen within the space available Call: 01926 887167, visit:, email: info@caterquipventilation co uk Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising Issue 161 CLH Digital 55

Commercial Kitchen Fit-Out

The New DrainMinor C (Combi Oven Pump)

There are significant advantages offered by the New DrainMajor C (Combi Oven Pump) manufactured by Pump

Technolog y Ltd

The pump features a tank with its clear side window was the large , triangular, low-level float attached to the pump by a rigid arm, external to the pump casing Because of the design of this float system the unit can cope with an exceptional quantity of grease fat and food par ticles before the reliable star t/stop operation of the pump is affected

The build quality of the submersible wastewater pump was also a discussion point, with the mechanical shaft seal arrangement between pump impeller and motor winding generally agreed as an advantage over a common lip seal/diaphragm arrangement especially considering the hot wastewater temperatures and potential grease which these units have to handle

It can be connected to multiple ovens or oven and sink combinations Also, multiple inlet connections can be cut onsite directly into the rigid Polyethylene tank without the need to manifold inlets outside of the tank and then feed into it via a single inlet This means that the installation footprint is just the size of the compact tank and potential leaks from knocked manifold piping and joints are eliminated

It looks like the New DrainMinor C is a real winner!

Kitchen Extract Hygiene – A Burning Issue

One of the biggest challenges in keeping a commercial kitchen spotlessly clean is the regular cleaning of the canopy, fan and extract ductwork This must be tackled, not only for the sake of hygiene , but also for fire prevention and compliance

Airborne fat, oil and grease is a natural by-product of even the healthiest diet Carried in the steam that rises from cooking, grease and oil par ticles are drawn into the kitchen extract system to be vented away to the outside As the exhaust stream cools, grease is deposited on the metal surfaces of the hood, canopy, filters, canopy plenum, fan and ductwork

Should a kitchen fire reach the extract ductwork or a flash fire occur in the extract system, then the accumulated grease deposits can act as fuel, helping to spread the fire The ductwork itself can also help to spread the fire , acting as a chimney through which smoke and

flames can travel, spreading the danger to the other par ts of the building

To counter this potential fire risk operators of commercial kitchens are required to comply with a new standard for the fire safety management of grease accumulation in kitchen extract systems, TR19® Grease

Compliance is also essential to ensure that you don t compromise your buildings insurance If a fire should break out and the ductwork can be shown not to have been cleaned in accordance with TR19® Grease many insurers will now refuse to pay out on a claim

Ensuring legal compliance , a reduced risk of fire and greater hygiene in your kitchen are items which should always be on ever y maintenance menu www swiftclean co uk

triangular low-level float also means that inlet heights can be just 70mm from base to centreline , giving the appropriate inlet requirement for wall or central island Combi Ovens
56 CLH Digital Issue 161

Why Use a Specialist Hospitality Consultant?



With over 30 years of industr y experience in the Hospitality sector, The Bowden Group’s Managing Consultant David Hunter will work with you to address the following elements: Profitability, Operational Strateg y, Staff Management, Marketing and The Future of your business PROFITABILITY & OPERATIONS
exper ts will analyse your entire operation and also its key operating figures if they are available We then help you to identify strategies to manage costs and overheads associated with the core Profitability of running a Hospitality business
largest overhead, even higher than Cost of Sales, is the Labour cost, so, with detailed analysis of your wages and being able to understand ‘’the way your business actually works’’ we can ensure that you are maximising the labour usage in your business Budgeting Forecasting Menu Management Stock Controls Purchasing and controlling Variable Costs are just a few of the other areas that David Hunter, your Restaurant Consultant will work on with you and improve with you MANAGING PEOPLE
people brings with it a whole set of new skills that are now needed more than ever From ‘’Managing the Managers’’ through to Ser vice and Kitchen staff your team needs careful and skilful Management, Motivation, guidance and Development MARKETING
Marketing Strateg y From Digital Marketing,
marketing, Websites,
your Hospitality business should be constantly working on ‘’ all things Marketing’’ If your business is actually struggling, or if you just feel that it could be doing some things better give David Hunter a quick call on 07831 407984 to arrange a Free of Charge initial consultation (please quote CLH Offer), when David will discuss with you what could be achieved if you ask us to work with you
help you build a workable , planned
such as Social Media
eMail Marketing and online advertising, to print design, Promotions and offline adver tising,
Answer: because we can help your business to succeed TEIG NMO UTH , D EVON • Stunn ng Ground F oor Lock Up Restaurant Turnkey Operation E egant & nforma F ne D ning Restaurant Beaut fu ly Refurbished Throughout Fu ly Equ pped Commerc al Kitchen and Anci lar y Spaces • Per fect Husband & W fe/Coup e Operation Of Poss b e nterest to Investors Look ng to Create a Leasehold Renta Income PRICE: £150,000 FREEHOLD REF: 4582 GUIDE PRICE: £750,000 - £1,000,000 LEASEHOLD REF: 4523 PAIG NTO N, DEVO N • Fabulous Waterside Bar/Cafe/Restaurant Oppor tunity on Preston Seafront Prev ous y a Thr ving Bus ness En oying a Unique Location Spacious Open Plan Bar/Restaurant Over Spi l Restaurant/Funct on Room • Ground F oor Beer Cel ar & Large Outside Commercia Terrace w th Sea V ews • For Sale by Informal Tender - Bids to be Rece ved by 12pm, 28/4/23 BISHOPSTEIGNTON, DEVON Beautiful y Presented Grade I Listed V l age Freehouse E evated Pos tion Overlook ng the Teign Estuary in South Devon • Character Ma n Bar Lower Bar/Din ng Room & Librar y Sunny Trade Terrace to Front w th Par t a V ew of the Te gn Estuar y Spacious and We l Presented F ve Bedroom Private Accommodation PRICE: OIEO £350,000 + VAT FREEHOLD REF: 4420 TO TN ES, D EVON Tasteful y Refurbished Licensed Café/Restaurant/Bar Seating 40+ Over Two Trade F oors • Re axed & Welcoming Atmosphere • Marked Increase in Turnover Under Current Ownersh p • Renowned for Providing Qua ity Handmade P es PRICE: £60,000 LEASEHOLD REF: 4525 TOR QU AY, DEVO N Substantial & Prominent Town Centre Freehold Pub Avai ab e For Sa e • Excellent Locat on Surrounded by a Mix of Both Commercial & Resident a Uses Spacious Character Main Bar together w th Outside Cour tyard Area Secondar y Ad o ning Annexe Bui d ng w th Potent a to Conver t • F ex b e 4 Bed Liv ng Accommodat on PRICE: £225,000 + VAT FREEHOLD REF: 4580 WOO LACO MB E, DEVO N Stunning Bar/Restaurant Situated in the Hear t of Woo acombe w th Sea Views • Wel -Estab ished Business w th Very Impressive Trad ng Figures Stunning Inter or Des gned nterna Trading Area with 60 Covers Beautifully Refurb shed A fresco Deck ng Area w th Sea Views & Circa 70 Covers Rema nder of 999 Year Long Lease at Peppercorn Rent (Ef fect ve Freeho d) PRICE: £525,000 LONG LEASEHOLD REF: 4437 PRICE: £600,000 FREEHOLD REF: 4265 MI NEH EAD, SOMER SE T mpress ve Detached Tudor Sty e Proper ty n Fabulous Locat on • Long Estab ished Well Appo nted Licenced Restaurant with Outs de Seat ng • Commercial kitchen with Prep Area and Wash Up Room Except onal Se f-Contained 4 Doub e Bed Accommodat on Pr vate Parking for 4 Cars and Outbui d ngs NEW! NEW! NEW! ANNUAL RENTAL OF £24,000 REF: 4464 N EWTO N AB BO T, DE VO N • Of Interest to Exper enced Creat ve Caterers • Fantast c Oppor tunity to Create a High-Qual ty Restaurant n Un que Setting Fabulous Locat on with n a Grade I Listed Bu ld ng New Lease w th Head Rent of £24 000 Per Annum Ser vice Charge of 15% of the Rent to Inc ude al Ut l t es PLYMOUTH DEVON Roadside Café & Restaurant Busy Prime Trading Location 100+ Covers Commercial Kitchen Huge Potential For New Owners Extensive Car Park & Gardens LH £80 000 2141 CORNWALL VILLAGE Freehold Pub Investment Detached Village Inn Rental Income £18 000 pa Lease With 11 Years Unexpired Attention Of Investors FH £195 000 4836 01392 201262 www stonesmith co uk T H E W E S T C O U N T R Y S P E C I A L I S T S THINKING OF SELLING? C ALL FOR A FREE VALUATION DARTMOUTH DEVON Impressive Waterside Restaurant Extremely Profitable Business Restaurant 32+ Catering Kitchens 2/3 Bed Family Sized Apartment Town Centre With Stunning Views LH £125,000 2158 SOMERSET COUNTRY VILLAGE Destination Countr y Pub & Restaurant Bar/Restaurant Areas 66+ Garden 60+ 2 Bedroom Owners Accommodation Landmark Trading Position Profitable Business With Potential FH £349 950 4794 DARTMOOR DEVON Village Store & Tea Gardens Spacious 4 Bedroom Family Home Easy Lifestyle Hours Gardens With Stables & Garage Potential To Develop Business DUCHY LH: £325,000 2149 DARTMOUTH DEVON Exceptional 30+ Cover Restaurant Being Sold Fully Fitted & Equipped Prime Town Centre Position Previous Strong Trading Levels Must Be Viewed LH £39 950 2157 SOMERSET TOWN Landmark Inn With 16 Letting Rooms Bar & Restaurant 82+ Kitchens Owner s Apartment Car Park Free Of Tie Leasehold Opportunity Impressive & Profitable Business LH £75,000 4829 EXETER DEVON Stylish 78+ Cover Restaurant & Bar Furnished To A High Standard Potential To Develop Own Cuisine City Centre Trading Position Strong Turnover of £650 000+ LH £50 000 2146 DEVON VILLAGE Substantial Character Village Inn Sought After Trading Location Bar/ Restaurant Areas 66+ Garden 80+ 3 Letting Rooms Owners Accommodation Tremendous Potential Throughout FH £380,000 4834 The UK Government recently launched ‘Full Capital Expensing ; a new tax incentive designed to encourage business investment This Capital Allowance enables hospitality firms to fully write-off the cost of qualifying purchases in the same year the asset was purchased This equates to a saving of 19% or 25% of the asset’s purchase price (depending on your tax rate) The allowance can be claimed on a wide range of equipment by incorporated businesses, with the Annual Investment Allowance accessible under similar rules by unincorporated businesses This means you can get that new equipment, refurbish your premises install an alarm or air-con at a significant effective discount For businesses who prefer to spread the cost of their equipment or project, using either a business loan or a hire purchase agreement allows the full expensing allowance to be claimed Portman Asset Finance is both a lender and a broker, able to provide both hire purchase agreements and business loans, methods that allow capital allowances to be claimed We have been helping pubs, restaurants and hotels spread the cost of new equipment, fund refurbishments and cover unexpected operational costs since 2007 Por tman also provide finance leasing, shor t term and flexible loans as well as tax loans and equipment refinance , helping hospitality businesses to boost cashflow or capture oppor tunities in today’s challenging environment If you ’ re looking to fund new equipment, refurbish your premises or boost cashflow, talk to the exper ts at Por tman Call: 01604 669343 Visit: www.por tmanassetfinance Hospitality Businesses Can Use Finance to Access New Tax Incentives Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising Property and Professional Issue 161 CLH Digital 57
*Approximate saving when compared to a standard ice bucket Report by sustainability consultancy CARBON FOOTPRINT T: +44 (0) 1747 859333 E: HOW IT WORKS: Place 5 ice cubes into the Hielo Cooler The Ice sits between and below the three internal plinths Take chilled wine or Champagne from the fridge Place bottle on the three internal plinths Cooler maintains the temperature for up to one hour Looks familiar, works differently. No drips or mess Eco credentials This is a carbon assessed product