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Issue 129

Hospitality at Heart of Economic Growth, but 'Support Critical'


Leaders of trade bodies representing pubs, brewers, bars, restaurants, hotels and consumers have written to the Chancellor following the mini-budget last week, highlighting the urgent need for further support to safeguard hospitality businesses In the letter to Kwasi Kwarteng, representatives from across the hospitality industry thanked the Chancellor for his support following the business energy



price guarantee, as well as his recognition that energy was not the only challenge to growth. They also recognised the positive approach he plans to take to reduce the huge burden of excessive business regulations and welcomed the freeze to alcohol duties.




Issue 129

Editor's Viewpoint

Welcome to the latest issue of CLH Digital There is a storm at the moment over Prime Minister Liz Truss and her Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini budget last week. Before, I have to say, it has had the opportunity to succeed or fail. Given the current state of the economy sometimes it is difficult to remain balanced and objective. Like every industry we have seen enormous increases in printing costs (as well as others) but print is our biggest overhead, and costs have gone through the roof. So we are as angry as any other company!


Peter Adams

My major concern is the threat to interest rates. I have said in previous posts that I was a hospitality operator owning a wine bar/bistro here in Bournemouth during the 1980s and early 90s.

Interest rates then were horrendous, 12% up to 15%. In fact, they were always between 10% and 12% throughout the 8 years I had my business.

Prime Minister and Chancellor, with some bookmakers taking bets she might be gone by Christmas! A pretty sad state of affairs. And if the Chancellor really wants to claw back some good “PR” and instigate a policy that will certainly pay off in the long term then, I repeat, cut VAT in hospitality. Kate Nicholls, chief executive of UKHospitality, said immediately after the Chancellor’s budget, that higher interest rates would “simultaneously diminish discretionary spend for consumers while making borrowing more expensive, exacerbating the already challenging trading environment for our businesses”. And that is absolutely right on discretionary spending. If interest rates go as high as predicted, along with impossibly high energy costs, it will be a final nail in the coffin that is hospitality. One simple shift of policy could advert that. So my advice to the Chancellor would be “meet your critics face on and stare them down”.

The consequence? I just about got by! Any profits eaten up (no pun intended) in interest.

Any reversal in the policies announced last week would not only make difficult economic times more difficult, it would be politically disastrous for any confidence in the country’s recovery

In this budget, to my mind, I have seen nothing more than giving with one hand and taking back even more with the other.

Only my humble opinion, but I think these policies need the opportunity to see if they will work.

Abolishing the proposed increase in corporation tax will, of course, benefit large corporations. With smaller independents (like us) it will make virtually no difference.

Another report which took my eye was the one on page 11, which states that the UK pub and bar market is set to value £22.5 billion in 2022, 98% of its 2019 value with restriction’s and further virus mutations hampering market recovery in 2021.

Earlier this week a senior Bank of England official warned “significant” increases in interest rates will have to be imposed by the central bank in response to tax cuts put forward by Kwasi Kwarteng in his mini-budget. The Bank’s chief economist, Huw Pill, said the chancellor’s planned tax cuts would act as a stimulus and increase inflationary pressures, with the result that interest rates would need to go higher than previously forecast, and some economists have said that if interest rates rise to levels now expected by financial traders, who are forecasting the Bank’s base rate rising to nearly 6% by spring 2023, it will have a huge devastating impact on the hospitality sector. And this once again is where the Chancellor holds the initiative. Lower VAT in hospitality. Do not be held to ransom by the Bank of England. Already the storm clouds are gathering and the vultures circling for our newly installed

A full year of unrestricted trading is expected to fuel growth of +£8 billion this year, though further growth prospects have been thwarted by the immediate challenges around consumer behaviour amid the cost of living crisis, surging inflation and energy costs. Yet another indication of the sectors resilience, and another indication of how it could flourish if it were freed restrictive taxation. Once again I would ask the favour - we are trying to maximise our advertisers reach as much as possible, without them would not be possible to run CLH NEWS, so please do follow us on Twitter, Facebook and our newly created Instagram, and encourage as many people you know in the trade to subscribe to our digital issue. Further details can be seen at

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Hospitality at Heart of Economic Growth, but 'Support Critical' Issue 129

(CONTINUED FROM FRONT COVER) They warned however, that these measures were simply not enough to safeguard the future of the sector. The combination of pandemic specific debts, minimal cash reserves, ongoing staffing issues and escalating inflationary costs across all areas for hospitality businesses, all against a backdrop of the cost-of-living crisis, was having a devastating impact. In particular, small hospitality businesses operating at the heart of every community in the UK now face the biggest threat to their survival. In the letter, the trade associations called on the Chancellor to recognise the vulnerability of the sector by providing urgent support in two key areas: • An immediate reduction in the headline rate of VAT for hospitality on all food and drink sales • Cancellation of business rates for the remainder of this financial year In a joint statement the industry leaders said: “Whilst the announcements made in the mini-budget will go some way to supporting our sector, the stark reality for many businesses is that they will still be facing energy costs of at least double those of 2021. At a time where crippling inflationary pressures across all areas of their businesses are already threatening their survival, this is not sustainable. Targeted support for hospitality businesses at the heart of their communities in villages, towns, cities and high streets across the UK will now be critical to ensure they can play a key role in the Government’s growth and levelling up agenda.” “We need a plan for wide-ranging support that is in place for more than six months, allowing these businesses time to plan for their futures. The current uncertainty facing hospitality businesses is a huge barrier to growth and the immediate support we are calling for will give many the breathing space they need to ensure their survival past this winter.” Read the in full Letter Here

THE CHANCELLOR'S PLAN Last week the Chancellor announced a raft of measures to boost economic growth including: • The basic rate of income tax will be cut to 19p (down from 20p) in April 2023. The tax on highest earners will also drop from 45 per cent to 40 per cent. • The 12.5 per cent rise in National Insurance will be reversed from 6 November. • Corporation tax will remain at 19 per cent instead of rising to 25 per cent, as was previously expected from April 2023. • No stamp duty will be paid on the first £250,000 of a property, and £425,000 for first-time buyers. Kwarteng said this will be a permanent cut, effective from today. • Low-tax and low-regulation investment zones will be established to accelerate new development. The government is



working regional authorities including Tees Valley, West Midlands, Norfolk and the West of England. • The unit price on electricity and gas bills will be capped for six months (October 2022 to March 2023) under the Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS).

HOSPITALITY FUELLING CITY CENTRE VIBRANCY The call for further support follows a report earlier this month which revealed that pubs, bars and restaurants are continuing to drive the post-COVID-19 recovery of Britain’s top cities. Research from CGA by NielsenIQ and Wireless Social highlighted footfall and sales performance steadily increasing but cautioned that with soaring costs for consumers and businesses, the hospitality sector needs urgent support to help keep urban centres vibrant. CGA client director Chris Jeffrey said: “Restaurants, pubs and bars are integral to city-centre life, especially at a time when so much of retail has moved online, and they are at the heart of Britain’s recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. But as these figures show, that recovery is increasingly threatened by the impact of soaring fuel and food costs on businesses and consumers alike. Trading is likely to remain challenging for some time to come, and hospitality needs and deserves urgent support from government on energy bills, taxes and more if it is to continue creating jobs and investment in the country’s city centres.

ENERGY COSTS FATAL TO PUBS This week London Mayor Sadiq Khan warned that the cost-ofliving crisis could be "fatal" for London's pubs and restaurants. The Mayor said spiralling energy costs, staffing shortages and fewer customers were already hitting the capital’s hospitality businesses and bosses were as worried about the looming economic crisis as they were about closures during the pandemic. Ahead of the Labour party conference in Liverpool he said: “London bars, restaurants and cafes are telling me that they are as worried about the looming crisis as they were about the effect of the pandemic on business. “The combination of rocketing food and supply chain costs, customers’ disposable income being hit by the cost-of-living crisis and increased business costs mean this period could be fatal for many of London’s favourite hospitality businesses. “If the Government is serious about wanting economic growth they must support hospitality and other struggling industries - which provide so many jobs and huge revenues to the exchequer.”

Chancellor's Mini-Budget: There's More Left To Be Desired 4


Issue 129

By Kunal Sawhney, CEO of Kalkine (

The mini-budget that the new Chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng, presented has been met with mixed views. Among the measures is a planned reversal of the corporation tax increase introduced by the previous Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, and the cancellation of the rise in national insurance, among others. The announcement primarily aims to provide relief to the people reeling from the soaring cost-of-living crisis. The hospitality industry welcomes several sections of the Chancellor's announcement. The reversal in national insurance rise announced six months ago is excellent news for the sector and its customers. It will help the businesses save money they can put into growth, while the customers will be able to afford the services of the industry as they'll get to keep more of their money. Moreover, the rise in alcohol duty rates has also been frozen for another year, and the Chancellor has promised reforms to modernise these duties and publish a consultation on it. However, Kwarteng's "Growth Statement" fails to address the immediate concerns of the hospitality industry. For months, trade bodies and leaders from the sector have been urging the government for support through VAT cuts and business rate reforms, but the government is yet to implement them. While the mini-budget includes VAT-free shopping for foreigners to encourage more spending, it is not enough to revive the sec-

tor that first took a major hit from the pandemic and then from inflation. While corporation tax cuts may sound good for some, they wouldn't make much difference to businesses that aren't making profits. In the current economic scenario, inflation is hitting decades-old records, and people have cut down on leisure spending, leading to a huge impact on the hospitality industry. In fact, the Bank of England's decision to raise the interest rates has negatively impacted the already struggling hospitality sector. It makes borrowing expensive for businesses and limits consumer discretionary spending, aggravating the situation. Earlier, the government had announced support for businesses against the high energy bills. For six months starting October, there will be a cap on energy bills under the Government Energy Bill Relief Scheme. Overall, the combined measures will help to ease the crisis to some extent, but there's a lot to be done. Especially when businesses are dealing with things like rising supply chain costs, labour shortage, and falling number of customers, the government should offer more assistance to the hospitality sector to help it recover. The Chancellor's commitment to infuse growth into the ailing economy and make the UK a competitive tax regime is appreciated. Still, he also needs to focus on providing targeted support to sectors that need it the most.


New Campaign Launch: Pubs Welcoming Creativity Creative Lives is partnering with Pub is The Hub and CAMRA to launch a national Pubs Welcoming Creativity campaign. This campaign will see publicans across England opening their doors to regularly host a variety of creative activities run by local groups - anything from knitting circles to ukulele groups or poetry corners!

during what could otherwise be quieter nights in our pubs. As natural hubs to their local communities, pubs are the obvious venue for creative groups. This is an incredibly difficult period for pubs which are facing a double-whammy of a cost-of-living and cost-of-goods crisis, so we'd like to encourage pubs to use

We know that there are lots of creative activities that already happen in pubs, as a great way to make use of quieter nights and bring in new customers. We also know that there are many volunteer-led creative groups who have lost their regular meeting spaces during the pandemic, and will be looking for a warm space to gather, have a drink together and practise their craft as the evenings start to get darker.

this toolkit to tap into new customers. There's plenty of ways to get involved, connect with your local community and support our locals - whether that's in a local knitting circle or at a CAMRA social!"

To kickstart this campaign, Creative Lives has produced a Welcoming Creativity Toolkit for Publicans. Pubs across England are now invited to self-certify as a ‘creativity-friendly venue’. The first 100 pubs to register will receive a free Welcoming Creativity pack in the post! This pack contains a ‘We welcome creativity here!’ window poster, and a ‘creativity-friendly venue’ badge for front doors and behind-the-bar. These visual aids will encourage local creative groups to start up conversations about hosting their creative activity at their local pub. The posters are customisable with contact details, opening times … or any other useful information for potential creative partnerships! For pubs looking for a bit more support to get started, the free online and downloadable Toolkit for publicans also includes five inspirational case studies of pubs across England already welcoming creative activity. In addition, the Toolkit contains a curated selection of some of the free downloadable Creative Lives briefings, such as: ‘Risk assessment: event management’, and ‘How to write a press release’. They’ll also find readymade text and pictures to use on social media, to attract creative groups and to promote their activities. CAMRA National Chairman Nik Antona said: "It is fantastic to see these initiatives to encourage pub-going

John Longden, Chief Executive of Pub is The Hub, added: “Many pubs are already well set up with spaces for welcoming creative groups to host their activities. These groups are often in desperate need of a warm and welcoming environment in which to get together, and meeting in a pub offers an ideal solution.” Logden continues: “We are proud to see a growing number of publicans and managers at pubs that Pub is The Hub has supported with projects to diversify their services, helping to host creative activities such as craft groups meeting in a community café or activities being hosted at a pub’s craft cabin.” Creative Lives is inviting creativity-friendly pubs to join our online Pubs Welcoming Creativity peer support group, for those who would like to talk through ideas in a friendly online environment. Please get in touch with for more information. Click here to self-certify as a creativity-friendly venue and receive our Welcoming Creativity pack in the post, available for free to the first 100 pubs to register. Access our free online and downloadable Welcoming Creativity Toolkit for publicans. If you’d like to help spread the word about this campaign, please use the hashtag #CreativityFriendlyPub or #CreativeLivesHere. Social media messages can be shared from the @CreativeLivesCL’s account.

A Visit to The Showman’s Show 2022 is a Must For Anyone Within Hospitality The Showman’s Show will return to Newbury Showground on the 19th - 20th October 2022 with hundreds of exhibitors showcasing thousands of products and services. The show delivers practical solutions, handy hints and inspiration in abundance. For anyone working within the catering and hospitality sector it presents an excellent opportunity to meet new suppliers and discover the latest innovations and technologies. Exhibitors include state-of-the-art temporary structures perfect for adding additional areas to existing venues or corporate hospitality facilities; caterers, bespoke concessions and catering equipment; the latest sound and lighting solutions; furniture hire companies; theming, visual spectaculars and finishing touches to name but a few.

Visitors can expect to meet companies launching new products, alongside showcases and demonstrations of existing solutions. It’s also a great melting pot for ideas, with the chance to talk to the experts in their field face to face and interact with products and services in a live environment which is really useful for making purchasing decisions. A visit to The Showman’s Show is an absolute must for anyone involved in events and hospitality. You can find more details about the show and exhibitors by visiting or see the advert on the facing page. To register to attend The Showman’s Show 2022 please click

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Drinks Sales Down Year-on-Year, but Energy Caps Bring Relief Drinks sales fell just behind the levels of 2019 and 2021 in an unusual week for the On Premise, CGA by NielsenIQ’s latest Drinks Recovery Tracker shows. Average sales in managed venues in the seven days to Saturday (17 September) were just 1% behind the same week last year—though they were 6% off the levels of September 2019, and even further behind after adjustments for inflation. The week was dominated by mourning for Queen Elizabeth II and the run-up to her funeral, and trading conditions in London were particularly atypical. The week started well, with generally warm weather helping to lift daily sales to between 1% and 9% above 2021 levels from Sunday to Wednesday (11 to 14 September). However, year-onyear sales were than down by between 2% and 5% from Thursday to Saturday (15 to 17 September).

Beer and cider continued a good run of year-on-year growth, with sales in both categories finishing 7% ahead of the same week in 2021. Spirits sales were down 16%, against a tough comparative week last year when consumers were celebrating the full reopening of the On Premise. Sales of wine (up 1%) and soft drinks (down 1%) were both very close to last year. “In a difficult week for many people in the On Premise the pattern of trading just below previous years continued,” says Jonathan Jones, CGA’s managing director, UK and Ireland. “The government’s relief on energy bills for households and businesses is a welcome boost to both consumers’ spending and operators’ margins—but it remains to be seen whether it will be enough to shore up trading as the summer draws to a close and the nights draw in.”

Labour’s Pledge to Abolish Business Rates to Save the High Street

Rating Experts at Colliers Say Labour’s proposals remain “woolly” and that “reform not abolition” of the system is needed Although the Shadow Chancellor, Rachel Reeves said at the party conference this week that Labour plans to “abolish business rates” “So, Labour will level the playing field. We will abolish business rates and replace them with a fairer system fit for the 21st century.” it is not yet clear what it would replace the system with. Labour is unlikely to spell this out this side of an election but has hinted that a new system will be based on a valuation process, probably a mix of land and rental value. It is also believed to be supporting – Removal of downward transition following the next revaluation – Small business rates relief to be extended to those whose premises have rateable values up to £25,000, rather than £15,000 at present. This could be paid for by increasing the rate of digital services tax. – An extension of the 50% relief from April 2023 up to £110,000

calling for- for years- and we would include a wider reform of reliefs and reforms to the appeals system. Labour does seem to be listening to businesses who have expressed their frustrations with the current system, cries that both the Conservative government (and Lib Dems when in coalition) have been ignoring. “However, if Labour is looking at a tax based on a valuation process (probably a mix of land and rental value), we do not think this would work as the tax would probably be levied on landlords. Business rates were set up to pay for the amenities and services that businesses use in the community so there should surely be no dispute that such businesses should pay something for these services. The additional tax could also backfire. Landlords would most probably recuperate the money by hiking up rents charged to occupiers. “We would therefore have a system whereby businesses would end up paying more to the landlord but unlike the present system would be unable to appeal against their combined rent and rate bills that the landlord would introduce. So how would they benefit?” Labour’s plans could just complicate the system and lead to more confusion in the appeals system.

John Webber, Head of Business Rates at Colliers commented, “Whilst we would support Labour if introduced significant reform to the current system, we would not support total abolition or any form of Land Value tax.”

Webber continued, “Whilst we agree we need to look at other means of shoring up the tax take, we are not in any way in favour of a total abolition of business rates – a tax, which provides £26 billion net to the exchequer. Business rates as a tax has been around for 400 years- it’s only the last 20 that it has been tinkered with so disastrously.

Labour has been talking about more frequent revaluations, instant reductions in bills where property values fall, (so no phased downwards transition following a revaluation), rates to be more closely aligned to economic change, to reward businesses that move into empty premises, (thereby helping the high street) and to incentive green improvements to businesses.

Total abolition would be naïve. Business rates is the one “certain” tax. Given the economic situation in which the UK finds itself, with sterling in plummeting, no politician worth their salt would suddenly get rid of this the most certain of taxes. This would also be the last thing the IMF would want to hear.

Webber comments, “These are all good aspects of reform of the system that we in the industry have been

Colliers’ view is that the current system must certainly be radically reformed, but not thrown out altogether.



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NO-SHOWS, NO MORE? - Likelihood of No-Shows Has Almost Halved, Reducing the Cost Of No-Shows by £5bn a Year The latest figures from leading hospitality tech provider Zonal and data and insight firm CGA by NielsonIQ reveal the likelihood of no-shows has almost halved, from 11% to 6%. The research also shows that the number of consumers making reservations and honouring them has increased by 15 percentage points, reducing the cost of no-shows to the hospitality sector to £12.6bn – saving the industry £5bn a year. The new research marks the one-year anniversary of Zonal’s #ShowUpForHospitality campaign, which found that customers not showing up for bookings was costing the industry an estimated £17.6bn a year in lost revenue, with one in seven people not turning up to their reservations and not informing the venue. The campaign highlighted the effect and harm no-shows cause to hospitality businesses already struggling to survive after the pandemic and tried to educate consumers on the financial and operational impact caused by not turning up for a booking. Olivia FitzGerald, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Zonal said: “While no-shows continue to have a costly impact on the hospitality industry, something which is felt even more

keenly by already hard-pressed hospitality businesses, it is welcome news that the number of people honouring their bookings has increased. Now that we’re a year on from the launch of #ShowUpForHospitality, it’s clear that the industry’s efforts have resulted in a significant reduction in noshows. “Pubs, bars, restaurants and cafes play a pivotal role in our communities and everyday lives, so it’s important to raise awareness on how crucial it is to support them and always show up for hospitality. At Zonal, we’re continuing to work with our customers to provide seamless booking technology to mitigate the risk of lost revenue.” CGA client director Andy Dean says: “ A year on from the launch of the campaign has shown consumers the damage inflicted when they don’t turn up to their bookings, and it’s extremely positive to see the number of noshows has almost halved during this time. On Premise, businesses face a multitude of challenges right now and its important as we head into winter months and beyond that consumers continue to embrace their bookings and support hospitality businesses.”

London Nightclub Puts Inclusivity at the Forefront as Black History Advocate The Night Owl, an independent nightclub renowned for its soul and retro music, is celebrating the history of its Finsbury Park venue for National Inclusion Week 2022.

“Our second Night Owl venue, opposite Finsbury Park station, was launched during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has since been met with open arms from the local community and musicians alike.

Formerly the renowned Silver Bullet, which closed in 2016 after much protest from the local music scene, The Night Owl’s London venue has since welcomed performances from celebrated soul artists including Leee John and Omar.

“An extensive list of individuals are supporting us on our journey. From Jermain Jackman, local labour councillor and winner of The Voice series, to Leroy Logan MBE, founding member of the Black Police Association.”

The venue is a strong supporter of Black history, having taken inspiration from Motown music which played an important role in racial integration in the 1950s. The Night Owl is empowering communities through its events, performances, and partnerships with the likes of ILive Community Radio, a local radio station which represents the diversity of the UK and European music scene.

Leroy Logan MBE commented: “As a patron of Voyage Youth and the current Chair of Transition 2 Adulthood, it has led me to work with young people within the Finsbury Park area, giving me an insight into the need for safe and secure spaces for people to socialise and enjoy themselves.

Arith Liyanage, CEO and founder of The Night Owl, said: “Having been born in London and a man of colour myself, I’ve always been keen to support Black history and ensure my business follows suit. We have policies in place to support and encourage both employee and customer diversity.

“One such venue in the area is The Night Owl, providing an eclectic mix of music events within a vibrant positive atmosphere. Since launching during the negative Covid era it has become a positive source of fun, making Finsbury Park a cool place, which has been desperately needed since I was a youngster in the area during the 60’s. Long may it continue!”

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Pubs Miss Out on £155million Summer World Cup Boost UK pubs missed out on a staggering £155 million summer World Cup boost, new analysis from small business insurance provider Simply Business has revealed.

forced to close before they can reap the rewards of the World Cup and festive period sales boost. The analysis from Simply Business comes as pubs continue to close at an alarming rate, with pub numbers now at their lowest on record as inflation and rising costs eat into profit. The changes to VAT and business rates announced in this year’s Spring Statement will have also significantly hit the pockets of owners in these industries.

The hospitality sector was already among the hardest hit by Covid-19, losing an eye watering average of £40,000 each due to the pandemic – almost double the £22,000 average losses reported by UK small businesses. Pub and brewing businesses across the UK are now at risk of closure due to out of control energy bills, with upwards of 300% price hikes reported. Figures compiled by Simply Business found that, had the men’s England team reached the final of the World Cup this summer, an additional 38 million pints of beer would have been consumed in the UK. With the average price of a pint in the UK at £4.07, this has resulted in pubs missing out on a huge £154,660,000 in total. If England hadn’t reached the final, pubs would have still expected to see 14 million extra pints poured during the group stages alone (3-5 million pints per England group game), meaning pub owners across the UK would still have missed out on a guaranteed summer boost of up to £57 million. Though the winter competition will still attract punters, there is concern that the full effect of World Cup trade will not be felt, with pubs already naturally seeing an upturn in trade due to the festive period. The change in timing for the tournament has left a number of business owners concerned that they will have to choose between Christmas parties and World Cup viewings.

Alan Thomas, UK CEO at Simply Business, said: “Pubs and independent hospitality businesses play an integral role in both our local communities and the success of the wider UK economy.

Ben Stanford who runs The George & Dragon in Much Wenlock comments: “The lack of summer tournament football has resulted in lost revenue, as we would have been showing all of the home nations games. I’m not sure how the rest of the year is going to pan out – the impending increase in energy costs could result in the pub closing all together. With the current cost of living situation, I’m not sure we’ll make much extra by showing the football in December.” News of the government’s plans to cap fuel costs for businesses was welcomed in the SME community, as small business owners have been calling for an energy price cap for businesses. Pub owners in particular were looking to use the cap as a starting point to prevent them being

“Having been hit disproportionately by the impact of the pandemic, owners are now having to contend with soaring costs and rising energy prices – for many, this summer has been about survival as their recovery from the impact of the pandemic continues. “This makes the lack of a summer World Cup an even bigger blow. Now more than ever, small businesses needed a boost. The surge in trade – to the tune of up to £155 million for UK pubs – would have come at a critical time for hospitality owners, many of whom are working hard to stay afloat while battling the impact of a surging cost of living. “Looking ahead, as the winter World Cup overlaps with the festive season – another crucial time of year for the industry – pub owners will be forced to prioritise. For many, profits will inevitably be down, with publicans seeing their two busiest times of the year rolled into one.”

The Hop Inn in Hornchurch wins CAMRA’s National Cider & Perry Pub of the Year Award The Hop Inn in Hornchurch has won CAMRA’s National Cider & Perry Pub of the Year Award, which recognises the best pub or club that promotes and encourages the sale of quality real cider and perry across the country. The award will come as no surprise to regulars, with the micropub boasting at least ten real ciders and perries on tap. It’s owned by Phil Cooke and Alison Taffs. Alison is a drinks educator and an advocate for cider, having recently set up the London Cider & Perry Club to help foster interest in and knowledge of this special drink. Alison & Phil said: “We are absolutely thrilled to win the national Cider & Perry Pub of the Year competition! The Hop Inn is small and fairly new, having opened in 2019 and going straight into a pandemic. The last few years have been tough, so to receive this accolade is quite amazing for us and our small team. Alison added: “I know how good real cider and perry can be, and I want it to be viewed with the same enthusiasm & respect that we see across other drink categories. We have so many talented producers in this country who are creating things that are just extraordinary, and I love sharing these amazing drinks with our

visitors.” CAMRA’s Competition Co-ordinator, Sarah Newson said: “It is a huge achievement for any pub or club to win such a major accolade. Its success is a testament to the hard work and dedication that Alison has put in towards bringing cider to the table. “The Hop Inn was chosen by judges not only because the staff were very knowledgeable about real cider and perry, but also because they felt like regulars upon entering. With an incredibly warm welcome and a large range of real ciders and perries served at top quality and temperature, the Hop Inn really was the clear winner in this competition.” The Hop Inn in Hornchurch will be presented with the award on Friday 30th September at about 1:30 pm kicking off the start of CAMRA’s Cider Month promotion in October, which celebrates this unique drink during the harvest season. Other finalists in the competition were The King’s Ditch in Tamworth, Pebbles Tavern in Watchet and the Queen’s Head in Allens Green, Herts.

















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Convenience Reigns King as Food Delivery Sales Soar Over Takeaways Britain’s consumers have switched from pick-up food takeaways to third-party deliveries, continuing the habits they picked up during COVID-19 lockdowns, the latest CGA Hospitality at Home Tracker reveals. The monthly report shows delivery sales at managed restaurant, pub and bar groups in August 2022 were 13% higher than in August 2021. By contrast, takeaway and click-and-collect sales were 25% down from one year ago. Compared to August 2019—the last comparable month before the COVID-19 pandemic—delivery sales were 263% higher—more than five times the growth of 49% for takeaways. Deliveries accounted for nearly 15 pence in every pound spent with managed groups offering delivery in August 2022, while takeaways attracted only seven pence. The Hospitality at Home Tracker shows how total at-home sales have fallen since COVID restrictions ended, but remain much higher than pre-pandemic levels. Combined delivery and takeaway sales in August 2022 were 8% down on August 2021—the tenth month of year-on-year decline in a row—but 102% ahead of August 2019. The shift away from takeaway or click & collect services highlights the opportunities for outlets who don’t

currently offer delivery – however these operators need to consider how the quality of the delivery service can impact their brand. CGA’s exclusive Food Insights report shows that consumers’ expectations about the quality of their food deliveries from restaurants have increased. Two in five (42%) consumers say they would be less likely to order from a restaurant again if they got an unsatisfactory order—and while 13% would hold their delivery company responsible for the failure, nearly three times as many (35%) would blame the restaurant. Karl Chessell, CGA’s business unit director – hospitality operators and food, EMEA, said: “Restaurant closures and COVID concerns led many consumers to order in food and drink instead of going out in 2020 and 2021, and while restrictions have ended it is clear that delivery habits are here to stay. The convenience of third-party platforms means people no longer need to leave home to pick up their food but instead enjoy door-to-door delivery.” This data suggests pubs, bars, restaurants, and takeaway outlets that don’t yet offer a delivery service are missing out on significant sales. For those that do so, there are now three big challenges: growing delivery sales without compromising in-venue trading, meeting consumers’ high expectations about food quality, and managing relationships with delivery platforms to protect profit margins and maintain customer loyalty.”

Bowood Hotel Receives 4 Red Star Rating from AA – Recognising it as One of the Best in Britain

A Wiltshire hotel has been awarded coveted four Red Star status by the AA – with the assessors’ annual release of its hospitality standards recognising it as ‘Inspectors’ Choice’, which sees it rated as one of the best hotels in the British Isles. Bowood Hotel, Spa and Golf Resort, which sits at the heart of the 2,000-acre Bowood Estate, has been awarded highly sought-after four AA Red Star accreditation, with inspectors noting the excellent level of quality on offer and the outstanding hospitality and service. Previously assessed as a four silver star hotel, the latest assessment saw this rating retained, but with the recommendation that it be noted as Inspector’s Choice ‘Red Star’ status – a mark of excellence that serves to set it apart from other four-star rated hotels. The AA has been recognising and rewarding accommodation since 1908, with its star rating introduced in 1912 to help guests more easily determine the quality of a hotel’s services and facilities. Assessing more than 4,000 hotels across Britain & Ireland, the AA’s unique Merit Score provides consumers with a means of comparing hotels with the same star rating – enabling them to appreciate the features that set a hotel apart from its competitors. Alongside its principal hotel offering, Bowood’s amenities include its two AA Rosette Shelburne

Restaurant, its luxurious The Spa at Bowood, and its renowned golf course, which is the official PGA golf course & academy for the South West. As part of the accreditation process, the AA inspector assessed three key elements: overall quality, critical areas (cleanliness, hospitality, service, bedrooms, bathrooms and food), and the provision of service & facilities. To achieve a four Red Star rating, each element must meet the requisite standards, with Bowood achieving five for overall quality – something that highlighted the exceptional nature of the hotel’s offering and provided the platform for its Red Star recognition. Jeff Condliffe, General Manager at Bowood Hotel, commented, saying: “I am extremely proud and delighted to receive the AA Red Star accolade. This is an incredible achievement for us, and in particular recognises the hard work and commitment of the entire team at Bowood who continually strive to exceed expectations and offer the highest possible levels of service.” “My focus has been implementing the relevant changes that would allow us to achieve Red Star recognition. Bowood is a wonderful hotel with enormous potential, and to see it realised is incredibly rewarding, but it’s a genuinely deserved accolade that’s only possible thanks to our exceptional team – of whom I’m very proud to be a part!”

The UK Pub & Bar Market is Set to Value £22.5 Billion in 2022, 98% of its 2019 Value Issue 129

According to the new Lumina Intelligence UK Pub & Bar Market Report 2022, the UK pub and bar market is set to value £22.5 billion in 2022, 98% of its 2019 value with restriction s and further virus mutations hampering market recovery in 2021. A full year of unrestricted trading is expected to fuel growth of +£8 billion in 2022, though further growth prospects have been thwarted by the immediate challenges around consumer behaviour amid the cost of living crisis, surging inflation and energy costs. Outlet prospects are weaker in 2022 than previous forecasts, though 2024 is expected to mark the end of net closures

It is expected that six net sites will close every week in 2022, with the independent segment of the market is expected to see outlet decline of -1.5% – with less support for these operators leading to unviable sites. Lumina Intelligence forecasts decades of pub closures to net out in 2024, before positive growth in 2025 sees the market boast 42,729 sites. Investment in estates, digital services and technology will be key growth drivers. Sustainability, innovation, training and digitalisation are being prioritised by hospitality business over the next 12 months. Each of these investment areas will aid operators to drive spend per head whilst creating more efficient operations in the front and back of house, contributing to

cost management

Value will be a key focus for pub operators and consumers across the next 18 months



Recovery in the economy and consumer confidence will foster pub market growth to total £23.9bn in 2025F

There has been a +5ppt increase in consumers being value-led, with value for money also increasing as a top consumer need. Good value equates to more than low prices and operators are targeting expansion on more premium pub concepts and to deliver value through good quality products and services.

Food-led pubs will tap into non-traditional day-parts, kitchen gardens and more aspirational cuisines to increase sustainability credentials and drive volumes and spend from consumers. There is a crucial need for wet-led pubs to create a point of differentiation to at-home consumption as consumers reduce drink-only occasions and the number of drinks per occasion.

Pub & bar restaurant operator drink price inflation is outpacing food inflation

Commenting on the results, Senior Insight Manager at Lumina Intelligence, Katherine Prowse, said:

Drink prices on menus have increased +8% from April to July 2022, mostly driven by increases in alcoholic beverages including la ger and cider.

“Despite a tough few years, a year of unrestricted trading is expected to see the market gain back £8 billion of lost value from the pandemic.”

Operators have been able to cushion food increases through menu management including removing more costly items. Pub & bar restaurant menu sizes recover to pre-pandemic levels Pub & bar restaurant menu sizes have grown +32% year-on-year, to an average dish count of 86 items, just -2% smaller than in Summer 2019. Operators are mitigating challenges through careful menu management including utilising customisable options and premiumisation.

“The market is facing a new challenge around the cost of living crisis, surging inflation and energy costs. However strong pub operators are expected to continue investing in estates to drive spend per head with the FIFA World Cup offering opportunity to capitalise on an extended festive season” Find out more about Lumina Intelligence’s Pubs and Bars report at

Win A Brand-New Synergy Grill By Submitting Your Gas/Electric Bill! The team behind Synergy Grill Technology is excited to have launched a nostrings-attached competition which will see one lucky winner snap up a brand-new Synergy Grill (ST600) worth £6,400. In order to be in with a chance of winning this fantastic prize, UK chefs and operators simply need to fill out this short entry form: . Here, entrants will be asked to submit a few contact details as well as provide details about what they are currently paying for gas or electric (per kWh) at their venue. Justin Cadbury, Chairman of Synergy Grill Technology, is delighted to be giving UK chefs and foodservice operators the chance to be part of the Synergy community by giving away a free Trilogy grill: “With energy efficiency and sustainability being at the very core of the brand, it is key for us at Synergy Grill that we steer operators through these times where scarily-high gas and electric prices have the power to bankrupt foodservice businesses. Simply put,

with a full tank of gas, a Synergy grill will cook 3000 burgers, in comparison to just 1000 on a traditional alternative. By allowing operators the chance to become the owner of a super sustainable Synergy Grill for free, we are demonstrating our commitment to supporting all foodservice operators.” Synergy Grill’s revolutionary, patented burner technology allows operators to cut gas consumption by a massive 59% in comparison to commercial gas a grills of a similar size. When you quantify this astonishing figure into monetary value, operators are looking at potential savings of over £9,000 per year, equating to a staggering £48,000* worth of savings over a five-year period. Synergy’s patented heat capturing combustion system delivers this massive financial saving by ensuring that the high heat is focused directly on the food, therefore requiring less energy and providing both an economical and sustainable grilling experience. To enter this competition, please follow this link: and submit all fields in the form by 10th October. T&C’s apply and are stated on the website.

Guests with Disabilities Should Not Be Overlooked 12


Issue 129

By Howard Lewis, General Manager of Novotel Liverpool Paddington Village hotel (

The Novotel Liverpool Paddington Village hotel is part of Liverpool’s vision to cement the city region as an international destination of significance for the healthcare and technology industries. As part of this is our commitment in making the hotel accessible for all guests, to be able to enjoy a stay in Liverpool and enjoy the luxuries of a modern hotel.

environment that is both practical, accessible, and elegant in equal measure to all our guests. When we opened our doors back in July, one of our first visitors was a couple coming to celebrate their daughter’s graduation.When asked about our accessible rooms, the woman’s father, who is disabled, remarked on how ‘any parent with a son or daughter studying in Liverpool should be able to come and take them out for tea’ without having to concern themselves with where they are going to sleep. Hearing remarks like this is exactly why we want to continue to support disbaled people here at Novotel Liverpool Paddington Village.

It’s estimated that there are over 250,000 people living in the UK who require help to get in and out of bed. However, in the whole of the UK, there are only 16 hotels that have bedrooms with adequate ceiling hoists, and for some disabled people, this could tip the balance between visiting Liverpool or not. Indeed, at the Novotel Liverpool Paddington Village hotel, we are in a strong position to welcome more disabled guests, with 13 of our bedrooms wheelchair accessible, and one includes a state-of-the-art bed hoist. In short, the team and I are extremely proud to have opened Liverpool’s first hotel room with a hoist thanks to our partnership with Liverpool city council. I believe that operators are missing out by failing to accommodate disabled guests. To me, it seems hard to believe that such a market could be overlooked, notwithstanding the importance of providing an accessible space for all customers. With this in mind, Purple - a disabled user-led organisation - estimates that the hospitality sector could lose out on

£1m to £2m per month by failing to support disabled guests.

Moreover, unique to Novotel Liverpool Paddington Village is its 39 long-stay, apartment-style accommodation - the first property in the UK to feature this new, modern concept - and designed in partnership with key health and education stakeholders in the Knowledge Quarter, specifically for patients, students and relatives attending the nearby hospitals and universities. What this highlights is my team’s commitment to both disability inclusion, but also the healthcare sector in general.

It appears that a lot of operators have a long way to go when it comes to accommodating people with disabilities, which is why I am proud that the Novotel Liverpool Paddington Village hotel is making some steps in addressing this issue. In short, my team and I have tried to design an

I want the Novotel Liverpool Paddington Village hotel to lead the way in helping disabled people feel more included, respected and supported by the hospitality sector. I only hope now that more hotel operators follow suit.

Hotel Rates and Occupancy Drop but Sector Gets Some ‘Breathing Space’ with Energy Price Cap

UK hotels saw a sharp decline in occupancy rates, daily rates, revenues per room and gross operating profits in August as the costof-living crisis continues to tighten its grip on consumer spending, according to the RSM Hotels Tracker. The data, compiled and produced by Hotstats and analysed by RSM UK shows that occupancy rates of UK hotels dropped to 72.8% in August compared to 77.1% in July. UK hoteliers also saw average daily rates (ADR) of occupied rooms shrink between July and August from £269.47 to £217.66 in London and £166.98 to £143.02 in the rest of the UK. Revenue per available room (RevPAR) of UK hotels saw the biggest monthly drop since the impact of the omicron variant in late 2021 with London hotels worst hit with a £56.24 drop to £150.91. Rising staff costs continue to put pressure on the sector. Payroll costs, as a percentage of room revenue, rose sharply from 23.5% last month to 28.3% in August. The reduction in revenue, along with the continued increase in costs have resulted in gross operating profits of UK hotels seeing nearly a 10% drop to 35.5% in August compared with 45% in July. London hotels saw

a bigger monthly drop to 38.9%, down from 51% in July. Chris Tate, head of hotels and accommodation at RSM UK, said: ‘While the hotel sector does ordinarily see a drop in occupancy rates in August, this was more pronounced than usual. The fallout from the cost-of-living crisis is becoming entrenched in falling consumer confidence and this is reflected in room rates and occupancy showing a sharper drop than normal at this time of year. ‘What is encouraging, however, is that while the drop in average daily rates is significant, it remains higher than the same period in 2019. And, there are some positives for the sector as it heads into the winter and beyond. The government’s recent announcement of an energy price cap, albeit a six-month reprieve, will go some way to give hotels crucial breathing space as they have seen their utility costs per room rise. ‘While the recent fall in sterling is not universally good news for the UK, this may be one sector that stands to benefit. Falling exchange rates make the UK an attractive, cheaper destination for overseas visitors especially those from America and we would also expect to see a rise in domestic tourism with consumers increasingly priced out of overseas travel.’

The International Drinks Expo - 19th & 20th October The International Drinks Expo is back and better than ever! 2021 was a hugely successful show, come and see for yourself this 19th & 20th of October! The expo is ready and raring to go for industry professionals to project profits and see growth and success for your business! Get a FREE ticket now, and you will be exposed to countless opportunities to see your drinks business thrive! We are so excited to host this expo at the ExCeL in London for what will be the most important event in your business calendar! The event will give you access to hand packed exhibitors and their plethora of innovative products, ideas and strategies, inspirational seminars, panel debates, innovation awards, networking opportunities and much more!

The UK’s only event dedicated to maximising your drinks sales is also running alongside 5 other industry-leading events, collectively forming #FES22, THE biggest business growth event dedicated to the world of food & drink. This is the chance to connect with fellow business owners, like-minded professionals and industry leaders! Hear from your favourite drinks brands by attending our keynote theatres, this could be the advice you need to see exponential growth and success! Hear from representatives from BrewDog, Club Soda and Bournemouth 7’s, many more, become the competition you’ve always envied! So what are you waiting for? Secure your FREE ticket now, and we will see you on the 19th and 20th of October!

Helping Staff Manage The Rising Cost Of Living – What’s Your Legal Obligation? 14


Issue 129

By Gareth Matthews, employment law partner at MLP Law ( The rising cost of living is never far from the news agenda, and hospitality employers will undoubtedly be conscious of the impact on their teams. As pressure to increase wages and provide other financial support may be set to rise, it’s useful to understand what legal obligations hospitality businesses have – and what else you can do to help struggling employees.

Given the sector’s area of focus, chances are there is often food available, and businesses have the facilities and expertise to provide meals or snacks for employees. Even making unserved food available to staff can help alleviate financial pressure for those who are struggling. If considering this option, you should check to ensure the provision is not taxable as a “benefit in kind”. In most cases, where the provision is offered to all employees and consists of free or subsidised meals of a reasonable value at a workplace canteen (or vouchers that cover the cost of buying these meals) then the provision will not be taxable.

Legally, as long as you are paying your employees in accordance with their contracts (and at least the minimum wage) or above and are paying them for all the hours they’ve worked, you will meet your obligations.


However, in the face of the present well-documented recruitment challenges in the sector, employers will naturally be looking at ways they can support their staff and help them to navigate the coming months. Not only will this help steady the ship by giving team members a more stable employment environment, but it will help to build your business’ reputation as a caring employer.

There’s a gap in the education system when it comes to teaching good financial health and this may provide employers with another opportunity to support their teams and demonstrate their commitment to their staff. Partnering with an adviser or IFA to deliver some financial education – introducing ISAs, pensions, saving schemes and so on – can help your team develop a better financial profile.

From the financial to the pastoral, there are various ways managers can help their employees in these times.


PAY INCREASES Perhaps the most obvious solution – a pay rise. However, not all businesses will be in a position to offer this, nor to keep offering rises as inflation continues to increase.

ADVANCES IN PAYMENTS Some hospitality businesses are already taking this approach, allowing employees to take an advance on their wages to help them with unexpected bills or cashflow problems. The concept is similar to a payday loan – but much safer and without the sky-high interest rates.

LOOSENING CONTRACT RESTRICTIONS Many hospitality businesses are traditionally reluctant to allow their employees to take on second jobs, especially with their competitors, and may include contractual clauses to prevent this (notwithstanding that exclusivity clauses are prohibited for zero hours workers). There can be good reasons for this, including ensuring compliance with the Working Time Regulations (WTR).However, this may be the time to consider easing those restrictions off to allow employees to earn extra income. The only caveat from a legal perspective is to make sure that employees working multiple jobs have enough break time to comply with the WTRand don’t end up working a day shift straight after a night shift elsewhere, for example.


Improving your benefits package can also help make a difference to your team and help them feel supported by their employer. Benefits such as private dental care and health insurance can all make life easier for employees – for example, offering a private GP service can mean that staff don’t need to miss shifts for medical appointments, thus helping to make sure they don’t lose additional income as they keep themselves well. Benefits platforms that offer discounts or loyalty points for purchases can also be beneficial.

WHEN LEGAL OBLIGATIONS KICK IN Employers have a legal obligation to protect their employees’ physical and mental health, so if staff are struggling with the cost of living crisis and come to their employer for help, it’s important that this is properly considered and acted upon as a way to protect their health. If you don’t take relatively small steps to help people survive this crisis, then you may find yourself in a legal sticky spot. As an employer, you are obliged to make reasonable adjustments for people with disabilities, for example, and this extends to mental health illness too. It is often reported that mental health problems increase in times of recession, so employers would be well minded to take decisive steps to tackle the cost of living crisis to support their teams. MLP Law advises multiple hospitality businesses in the UK on all elements of employment and corporate law. Get in touch to discuss your business’ requirements.

Ten of the Best: Top Ten Kitchen Porters of 2022 Announced The top ten kitchen porters in the UK have been announced, as part of the Kitchen Porter of the Year competition organised by Winterhalter UK in association with The Caterer.

Two highly commended KPs will also win a cash prize, and every KP who enters will receive an Oliver Hardy KP of the Year branded apron in recognition of their duties.

The competition, now in its ninth year, was created with the aim of recognising the importance of KPs to catering and foodservice. Since 2013 it has gone from strength to strength as restaurants, pubs, hotels, schools and contract caterers have nominated their staff to celebrate and recognise the hard but vital work they do. In advance of the grand final where the overall winner will be revealed, the ten finalists have been announced. The judging panel includes James Horler, chief executive of Ego Restaurants and chairman of Notes Music & Coffee and Ping Pong; Hayden Groves, chef consultant; Deborah Homshaw, managing director of education and healthcare at CH&CO; Stephen Kinkead, managing director of Winterhalter UK; and Lisa Jenkins, managing editor of The Caterer. "We've had eight winners of this competition now and it's been fantastic to see how the contest highlights the job that KPs do," says Stephen Kinkead. "It's back-breaking work that deserves due recognition." Deborah Hornshaw is a new addition to the jury for 2022. "I was impressed with the breadth of experience, professionalism and care from all the many nominators," she says. "To read the outpouring of such depths of appreciation and respect from each of the nominee's own teams was indeed moving. Long may that pride in the job be heard

The top 10 finalists are:

From left, Lisa Jenkins, James Horler, Stephen Kinkead and Deborah Homshaw.

and recognised. It truly cements my belief that our kitchen porters are pivotal in the success of our industry's kitchens in so many diverse ways." This year the overall winner will take home £1000, and a celebratory meal for the KP, their friends and family in a casual dining restaurant of their choice. Meanwhile, the winner's place of work wins one of Winterhalter's products worth up to £8000.

Discover the Future of Plant-Based

Gerry Daly, head kitchen porter, Cameron House, Loch Lomond, Scotland Moustapha Diongue, kitchen porter, the Langham, London Andrea Geraci, kitchen porter, Apricity, London Geoff Goater, kitchen porter, Rick Stein, Cornwall Marcin Kwasniewski, head kitchen porter, BaxterStorey, London Roy Madden, kitchen porter, Daish's Esplanade Hotel, Scarborough Victor Shooter, head kitchen porter, Baxterstorey, British American Tobacco, London Remy Tingson, kitchen assistant, the Red Lion, Fuller's, London Michael Toader, head kitchen porter, Victory Service Club, London Lango Wyaba, supervisor, Act Clean at Le Cordon Bleu, London Winterhalter provides a total solution for dishwashing and glasswashing, from pre-sales advice to after-sales service, training and maintenance, with sustainability fitted as standard. Alongside its market-leading dish washers and glass washers, the company's range includes utensil washers, advanced water treatment machines, and cleaning detergents and rinse aids. For further details, call Winterhalter on 01908 359000, visit or email

With so many new plant-based products being launched, how do you decide which ones suit your business? Instead of juggling samples, tastings and emails, the show is your chance to meet with 200+ plant-based suppliers under one roof. You can speak with the right contacts, taste the products, and access all the information you need to make your decisions.

It’s undeniable, what once was considered ‘fringe’ is now well and truly mainstream. The demand for plant-based food options has skyrocketed since 2017, and the category is continuing to experience strong year on year growth. With more businesses offering plant-based options, the competition is fiercer than ever, and an easy way to stand out is to offer a wide range of innovative products on shelves and menus.

Alongside the expo is a world-class conference programmed for buyers and chefs eager to learn more. The educational sessions are designed to support the buying journey, providing top-line insights into the next trends, opportunities and challenges that will affect your business in the coming months. They will be led by world class speakers, from the biggest chains and foodservice giants to some of the world’s largest food manufacturers and thought leaders.

Plant Based World Expo Europe is the only 100% plant based B2B trade show to bring together buyers and suppliers from across foodservice, hospitality, retail, and public sector catering. Returning to Olympia London on November 30th December 1st, 2022, it’s a one-stop solution for keeping your business competitive in one of the fastest growing food categories.

Trade professionals can register to attend for free on the website at Follow @plantbasedworldeurope and #PBWE on Twitter and Instagram for ongoing conversations and updates about the plant-based market. See the advert on page 8 details.

Travel Means Business 16


Issue 129

Attitudes towards travel are increasingly positive, according to the latest Hotel Guest Survey from BVA BDRC.

The study reported an increase in those who had already booked to travel both domestically and overseas, as restrictions were lifted, with business travel on the increase. HGS also found that Airbnb was one of the most recognisable brands across the countries surveyed, but that hotel brands remained the favoured booking choice for corporate travellers. City breaks, rather than beach holidays, were now back in favour for the domestic leisure traveller, while overseas leisure guests were heading for the beach, followed by cities. When booking, going direct to the brand websites and using an OTAs both gained ground in terms of value perception, while review sites fell. James Bland, director, BVA BDRC, said: “The past few years have seen travel plans subject to government restrictions as a result of the pandemic, then, in the UK, border issues provoked by Brexit. “It has been a frustrating time for travel, but, as friction eases, so will the volume of travellers. Our study shows that, particularly when on city breaks at home or abroad, this means a stay in a hotel. With inflation continuing to rise, value will be a motivating factor.” Looking at the health of brands across the survey, Airbnb was very popular in most of the categories, but there was also strong local weighting favouring domestic brands such as NH in Spain, Ibis in France and Premier Inn in the UK. In the economy segment, Ibis remained one of the most recognised brands, particularly in European countries, with Novotel and NH strong in the mid market segment. Hilton and Melia found favour in the upper full service segments, with Four Seasons, InterContinental and Sofitel popular in luxury.

Looking at how the brands were viewed, Hampton by Hilton was strong on comfort and design, while Holiday Inn Express was recognised as being strong on ESG. There was a greater spread on the brands in the mid market, recognising the disparate state of the segment, but Best Western was strong on general perceptions. In the upper full service segment CitizenM and Hoxton were both popular, illustrating the growing popularity of lifestyle. For luxury, Waldorf Astoria and Ritz Carlton were both well recognised across the segment, while Westin was noted for its ESG policies. There was also a strong awareness of the master brand, or brand family, over the individual brands in the group’s portfolios. Despite being the smaller group than global leader Marriott International, the Hilton stable had more brand awareness. The master brands have continued to add to their stable, with a growing focus on collection brands, which allow access to the groups’ distribution platform, but with fewer, if any, brand standards. Bland said: “There is rarely a week which passes when one of the large global operators does not launch a new brand, allowing them to offer owners and customers more options. “While some of the smaller brands don’t make it into double figures, this does not seem to be confusing the consumer. On the contrary, Hilton’s addition of ‘by Hilton’ to its brands means that the parent group is all the more strengthened in the mind of the guest, giving more weight to the company’s loyalty programme, which binds these flags together.”

Talented Welsh Junior Chefs Preparing for the Culinary World Cup A team of talented, young chefs will be flying the Welsh flag with pride at the Culinary World Cup in Luxembourg in November. The Junior Culinary Team Wales will be competing against 15 other teams from around the world at the high profile culinary event, which runs from November 26-30. The competition comprises two different elements: a Restaurant of Nations hot kitchen when teams must prepare a three-course menu 70 people and a ‘Table of Fire’ which will see teams prepare four different kinds of cold and hot finger food, a cold, festive fish or seafood platter, hot main courses and dessert for 12 people.

“The squad shows a good blend of skills, knowledge and youth,” said Michael. “Their development over the last 12 months has been fantastic at every practice and they are raising the bar in terms of their work ethic and dishes produced. “We are arranging a series of training weekends and practise lunches and dinners to perfect the dishes in the lead up to the Culinary World Cup. “Our mission is to keep developing young Welsh chefs who will hopefully progress into the Senior Culinary Team Wales in the future.”

Wales presents its ‘Table of Fire’ on Sunday, November 27 before heading into the hot kitchen the following Tuesday.

Graham Tinsley, MBE, the Culinary Association of Wales’ culinary director, said:

Junior Culinary Team Wales is managed by Michael Evans, a lecturer at the Grŵp Llandrillo Menai campus in Rhos-on-Sea campus and coached by Danny Burke, co-owner of Olive Tree Catering, Runcorn and former Senior Culinary Team Wales captain.

“The junior team has great potential because the chefs are very dedicated, are practising hard and have created some great dishes. “They have gelled together really well under the leadership of Mike, who is a good organiser and Danny, who is a very good chef with a lot of competition experience.”

HRC Announces Monica Galetti as Chef Ambassador for 2023 Hotel, Restaurant & Catering (HRC), the business event for hospitality and foodservice professionals, has announced that Monica Galetti will be the show’s Chef Ambassador for 2023. Monica Galetti is one of the best-known female chefs in London. Born in Samoa and raised in New Zealand, she developed an early interest in food and trained as a chef in New Zealand. In 2000 she came to London to work for Michel Roux Jr at Le Gavroche. Her talent was soon recognised, and she became the first female sous chef at Le Gavroche and then Michel Roux Jr’s Head Chef at Le Gavroche Tropiques in Mauritius in 2005. After a total of 12 years at Le Gavroche, Galetti left in 2015 to spend some time with her family and focus on finding a site for her first restaurant in London. Over the past seven years she has become a familiar television personality, as the inimitable presenter and judge on BBC2’s highly popular MasterChef: The Professionals. As part of her role as Chef Ambassador for HRC 2023 Galetti will be taking part in a must-attend keynote session on the show’s Vision Stage and will be a guest

judge for historic chef competition International Salon Culinaire. Galetti commented: “I’m delighted to join HRC and International Salon Culinaire as Chef Ambassador for 2023. Now, more than ever, it’s so important for hospitality professionals and chefs to come together, network, learn and continue growing this fantastic industry. There’s nowhere better do to this than at HRC.” Ronda Annesley, Event Manager for HRC, added: “We’re so excited to have Monica on board as Chef Ambassador for HRC 2023. Alongside an illustrious career at the forefront of culinary innovation in the UK, Monica is an advocate of rising industry stars and a champion of quality ingredients. She will be a fantastic addition to our 2023 event and an ambassador that epitomises many of the values the show holds dear.” HRC will take place alongside IFE, International Food & Drink Event, IFE Manufacturing, The Pub Show and historic chef competition International Salon Culinaire on 20-22 March 2023 at ExCeL London. To find out more about the event, and to subscribe to the HRC Connects newsletter, head to

Are You Still Hand Polishing Cutlery? The difficulty in finding and keeping good employees in our industry has seen an unusually high interest in our products. A cutlery polisher used to be seen as a luxury item for those requiring a higher quality finish to their cutlery than hand polishing, now it's seen as a must-have as most restaurants are operating with reduced labour which is costly.

Taking washed, still wet cutlery, handfuls at a time are placed into the polisher where the cutlery is immersed in a bed of crushed corn. This corn absorbs water and polishes the cutlery for 30 seconds before exiting under a UV lamp (which kills bacteria and viruses including Covid19) ready to place on the table. It will polish a basket of washed cutlery in 2 minutes (up to 3500 per hour for our mid-sized polisher). With a rental cost of just £3.57 per day, it's less than 20 minutes of staff time so it’s worth looking at your costs and seeing if we can be of service to you. You can see a video of the polisher working on our website at

Our Glass Polisher is the same process and although it’s quicker than hand polishing, the benefits are more about health and safety. Some thin glasses are impossible to hand polish safely with good results, our Glass Polisher can safely polish with impressive results. 5 spinning brushes polish both the inside and outside of the glass, hot air is continuously blown so the brushes remain dry allowing the same brushes to be used all day long. The quality of polishing makes a great difference when glasses are on display. Our all-inclusive, noncontract rental plan is risk-free and will save on costs during the unprecedented times our industry is currently facing. If a rental scheme isn't for you, you can purchase with a 2-year noquibble full parts and labour warranty. We have been doing this since 1999, some customers have had the same machine since we first started, serviced regularly the Nicem cutlery polisher will last pretty much indefinitely. We still offer a free trial if the above is of interest, just contact us; at or 01474 873 892 For those reading who have a Nicem Cutlery polisher, our grain and service deal runs until the end of October 2022, contact us for more information.

Maximising The Benefits Of Your CSR 18


Issue 129

By Carly Sells, Director at Charity Escapes (

The hospitality sector is advised that embracing corporate social responsibility (CSR) is good for business. However, many companies wonder how it will benefit them - apart from generating a feelgood factor. Not an unfair question. The cost of being charitable can soon add up. There is for example, the time it takes dealing with requests received from charitable organisations asking for support either in cash or kind.

tion to do this. Charity Escapes was established to both help good causes maximise fundraising opportunities and to make CSR easier and more measurable for hospitality businesses. We match-make hospitality businesses, of all-sizes, willing to donate prizes, such as a hotel stay, afternoon tea, or cocktail making master class, with charities that are organising fundraising events. Venues find that outsourcing part of their CSR work to Charity Escapes is advantageous on several levels. Not only does it boost the reputation of the hospitality business, but Charity Escapes also takes care of all of the admin, which can be onerous and time-consuming if dealt with in-house.

We’re in tough economic times, with spiraling inflation including the recent announcement that food prices have soared by a record 10.6 percent - a vivid indication of the current cost of living squeeze. For an industry that has had a tough time in the last few years, the bottom line is ever more important.

Any approaches by a charity to a hotel or hospitality venue can be quickly and easily redirected to Charity Escapes for it to handle. It means that a charity never has to be turned down, and we can match donations to a charity which best represents the brand of the doner.

Equally, in the current fiscal climate, charities are facing unprecedented pressures with rising running costs, falling public donations and inflation eroding the value of grants and contracts — while at the same time demand for their services is soaring.

This includes collating publicity reports – charities are asked to post on social media about the donation – and report back on how much money was raised. Businesses see the value of their donation in black and white.

Indeed, the advisory group Charities Aid Foundation recently revealed that 60 percent of people plan to cut discretionary spending, while nearly nine-in-10 (86 percent) charity leaders anticipate that demand for their services is likely to increase.

Outsourcing CSR to Charity Escapes also involves the businesses receiving hard evidence from us as to how worthwhile supporting good causes is.

Since being established by entrepreneur and philanthropist Jeremy Middleton, Charity Escapes is proud to have helped third sector organisations to raise more than £750,000. The interest in Charity Escapes’ services continues to grow; the number of charities wanting to work with us is rocketing. This is reflected by the fact we have seen enquiries more than double in the last year. This includes an unparalleled number of requests coming in through our website

For businesses, such as hotels, restaurants and other hospitality venues, there needs to be more to supporting good causes than creating a warm fuzzy feeling.

During these unprecedented times, charities have an even more important role to play in society when things get tough with many existing to fill gaps left by Government.

There is evidence available that demonstrates multiple benefits and a real return on investment can be possible when it comes to donating to charity events. But many businesses neither have the time, ability or inclina-

We are confident that with the help of the hospitality sector, even in the current challenging times, we can continue to help charitable organisations make a difference.

Breweries and Pubs Showcase Team Member Experiences for National Inclusion Week

Businesses from across the brewing and pub industry will be showcasing what inclusion means to team members as part of National Inclusion Week this week (26 September – 2 October). Designed to celebrate inclusion and encourage action to create inclusive workplaces, the week will see everyone from publicans to brewery operation managers sharing their experiences of what inclusion means to them in the brewing and pub sector. The celebration comes just three months after the British Beer and Pub Association launched its #OpenToAll Charter, a sector-wide commitment for businesses, to help them embrace inclusion and celebrate diversity across all their sites. In one of the short videos used to showcase staff experiences from across the sector, Tracey Bowen who runs The Unicorn Inn, a Star Pubs & Bars pub in Hanley said: “I am proud to offer a welcoming and safe venue for everyone at The Unicorn Inn, and inclusion to me means being respected for who I am.” Aivy Nguyen, Quality Manager at Budweiser Brewing Group’s Camden Town Brewery said: “As a woman in the leadership team at Budweiser’s brewery in Enfield, I feel I’m always empowered to be my most authentic self, with no barriers. To me inclusion means equal access and opportunities which I feel I have at Budweiser.” The videos also showcase some of the initiatives brewers and pubs are taking to ensure diversity and inclusion throughout their workforce and within their venues. Ben Jenkins from Asahi talks of the organisation’s Shine programme which looks to champion diversity and meet targets for senior level diverse leader-

ship by 2030. Lucy Hartery who works at Molson Coors talks of her experience of announcing she was transgender almost four years ago and describes how the reaction she received from her employer was nothing short of ‘superb’. Another showcases Vee Muli, a General Manager for Greene King from north Devon who has taken part in the organisation’s reverse mentoring programme. She notes how the experience of mentoring Greene King’s Chief Executive Nick Mackenzie has helped them both ‘grow as people’. Emma McClarkin, Chief Executive of the British Beer and Pub Association said:“The opportunities that exist within brewing and pub businesses are diverse and so it is right that those businesses also have a diverse and talented workforce. We recognise how an inclusive workforce ensures people can thrive and be their very best selves at work. “Our members are not only embracing inclusion but championing it throughout their businesses and we want to showcase that, so everyone feels welcome in our industry not only as a team member but as customers as well.” The week will also see a diversity & inclusion toolkit for BBPA members being made available, created in collaboration with diversity consultants Inclusive Employers; one of a series of steps the British Beer and Pub Association and its members are doing to act and raise awareness about diversity and inclusion within the brewing and pub sector.

Jangro Launches New Catering And Hospitality Catalogue Jangro, the UK and Ireland’s largest network of independent janitorial distributors, is delighted to launch a brand new catalogue, dedicated to the commercial caterer and hospitality sector. Available now in a compact A5 size, it is packed with many new sustainable choices. These include disposable food packaging, cutlery and drinkware that are made from recycled materials and are also compostable, biodegradable, or recyclable.

more sustainable cleaning products.

From mixology, dispensing and serving essentials for bartenders, a large range of glassware (entry-level to fine dining), through to front of house essentials, including crockery, cutlery, oven to tableware, and presentation displays, the new catalogue has it all.

Jangro is also proud to offer products for hotels, from brands including Elsyl, and Taylor of London, as well as ranges that are 90% natural. Other features include an array of different signage, fire safety equipment, first aid, waste management, plus washroom essentials including baby change facilities.

It caters for everything required within commercial kitchens, including equipment and furniture such as ovens, cookers, toasters, dishwashers, juicers and blenders, as well as cook and bakeware, storage and kitchen utensils. For staff, there is an array of uniform and PPE on offer, including chef’s clothing, headwear, hand protection, and footwear. Also included are kitchen hygiene supplies, which are essential to avoid cross-contamination and the risk of foodborne illness. The catalogue covers all chemicals, paper products, and cleaning products, including the new ntrl range, Jangro’s innovative line of natural and

All ntrl products use raw materials that are derived from plant-based extracts; their natural formulas are 100% biodegradable, contain zero petrochemicals, and can reduce the product’s carbon footprint by up to 85%.

Jo Gilliard, CEO of Jangro comments “We are thrilled to unveil our new Catering and Hospitality Catalogue. It may be a more compact size than previous editions, but it is absolutely bursting with everything a catering business might need for its establishment. What’s more, we have included more sustainable options than ever before, helping our customers to make responsible choices and meet their own sustainability goals.” For more info or to order a free copy visit or call 01204 795 955.



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How Memes Can Be Used To Motivate Employees, Strengthen Brand Awareness, And Improve Engagement By Max Kraynov, Group CEO of FunCorp, an entertainment tech developer Driving engagement, whether it be an internal initiative, or a social media campaign, can be daunting. Trying to strike a balance between getting your own desired message or instruction across, while at the same time attempting to build a relationship with an individual or group, presents a challenge in terms of how genuine your communication comes across, as well as its intended impact. While retail marketers, leadership teams, and HR, are always trying to find innovative ways to make connections with staff and customers - they could benefit from simply taking note of how their target audiences prefer to communicate online.

for the visual learners, it’s a faster way of retaining notes and information.

GlobalWebIndex data reveals that 54% of Gen-Z, 41% of Millennials, and 21% of Gen-Xers seek out or engage with new memes on a daily basis. In my position at FunCorp, an entertainment tech developer since 2004, I’ve had a front row seat in seeing how the creation of memes has become not only a mainstay of pop culture, and a lens through which news is viewed and immortalised, but also how they’ve been used to persuade and inspire.

Domino’s are a great example of this. They know that people tend to over indulge when consuming their products - and they also know at some point, most of their target audience have experienced a ‘food baby’ (bloating and discomfort) as a result. By creating a meme about it, Domino’s revel in the silliness of the situation, while making it intrinsic to the brand, and tell us ‘Yes, we know this happens. Yes we experience this too. Yes, we’re people.”

Conversation in the workplace can often feel routine, with the exchange of the same work or ‘how was your weekend?’ pleasantries, and the same post-meeting summaries - which often devolve into an unnecessary post-meeting meeting. This Truman Show style of mundane, repetitive interaction can make people feel like they’re in a rut - and engagement with work begins to taper off. Sometimes it’s just better to let the GIFs do the talking. Shorthand communications like memes are great for memory and engagement. Using a clever or funny meme that sums up a bunch of bullet points in a presentation slide (not a dry stock icon), will create a reaction, and that reaction or feeling is what stays with people. Your employees may see a related image, or a different version of your meme posted elsewhere, and have the positive association with work reinforced, and

For engaging customers and strengthening your brand, memes can be a great unifier - being relatable never really goes out of style. While memes can cover controversial topics and cause tension or division if used politically or either side of the pop culture references, most of them stem from expressing commonly shared feelings about how we experience the everyday. The brands that most successfully leverage memes for engagement always take into account their current and target demographic, the media they consume, and have an awareness of self. Self acknowledgement, or even self deprecation through memes is more effective than simply saying you're great - because where's the fun in that? Being able to make fun of yourself, making your humour more observational and authentic than promotional and desperate will always win out.

If memes are used in a genuine, non pandering way, it reminds the viewer that there are actual people behind the company - and that’s what people rate to, not a sales pitch. Memes can centre around a colleague or customer groups’ favourite shows, music, or topics they enjoy. By observing how others use memes, you tap into their sense of humour, what they respond well to, how they’re likely to engage in conversation - all of which forms essential knowledge for working out your own engagement strategy. From lightening the load throughout the working day, to making people aware of the personality of your brand, or even just being an effective tool for establishing tone (an essential in the world of hybrid and remote work, where plain text can be harder to read exact intent or emotion) - keeping things playful with a meme helps to break down walls. It can lead to inside jokes, expedite relationship building with customers and employees (including the remote ones), and ultimately create connections by meeting people on their level all of which is essential to achieving successful engagement.

The Food Movement Putting Dorset on the Map Set up by farmers for farmers, they are a not for profit that supports local Dorset food producers, farmers and fishermen that are creating real local food & drinks. They encourage them, promote them, bring them together as a community & also host an annual awards ceremony to celebrate the best of the best. There are lots of possible award categories to win including Cheese, Dairy, Meat, Fish, Bakery, Drinks, Honey, Jams, Chutneys & Condiments, Hospitality, Farm Shops, Innovation & Diversity, Conservation & Sustainability, Business Growth & Development Award & potentially a Champions Award too. The awards are loyally sponsored by a lot of Dorset’s small businesses that want to support and strengthen Love Local Trust Local’s work. From local solicitors and estate agents to farmers and furniture makers, this is an event full of local Dorset organisations working together to keep our British food industry on the map. “What a fab evening with great friends & gongs. We had an amazing night – thank you so very much!” Lizzie’s Baking Bird, Winner of the Love Local Trust Local Sweet Baking Award “Thank you so much, I feel very honoured to have won this wonderful award.” Bee Nice Blooms, Winner of the Love Local Trust Local Flowers, Fruit & Vegetables Award

The 2022 Love Local Trust Local Awards have just closed for entries and the tough job of judging & tasting has started. The awards event will take place on 9 February 2023 at Kingston Maurward College and meanwhile, the ongoing campaign for supporting our wonderful farmers, fishermen and food producers is busy spreading the local food message all year round If you’d like to get involved then email the team at Love Local Trust Local on To enter or find out more, you can visit or email us at or follow us at Love Local Trust Local on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, for all our latest news and updates.

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RECONDITIONED & SECOND USER CATERING EQUIPMENT EKE EQUIPMENT LIMITED • We have a comprehensive range of Re-conditioned Catering Equipment in stock • We can supply most of the markets leading names in New Equipment at competitive prices • Full Service & Installation facilities by fully qualified engineers • We can also supply modular fridge & freezer rooms

Telephone with enquiries:

Tel: 01273 492488

Email: Mobile: 07860 274243



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Back in 2018 at Open Farm Sunday on Rawston Farm in Dorset, they were inundated with visitors saying that they’d lost trust in the food they were seeing on the supermarket shelves. An idea formed and Love Local Trust Local was created.

Eat. Drink. Think. 22


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Taste and nutrition company Kerry has hosted a first of its kind summit for senior leaders from the foodservice sector, sharing new research, knowledge and insights into the importance of sustainability in the industry. The event unpacked the opportunity that exists to integrate sustainability, taste and health into a successful proposition for consumers. The event was hosted in London on Thursday 8th September and showcased Kerry’s new proprietary research, which looks at consumer sustainable nutrition needs, attitudes and decision-making barriers and drivers in foodservice when eating out of home. The qualitative and quantitative research examines the current reach of sustainable nutrition with consumers and shares actionable recommendations on how foodservice operators can integrate sustainability, indulgence and health into a winning proposition. With over half (55%) of consumers reporting that they are now eating more sustainably since the COVID-19 pandemic, foodservice has a central role to play in helping consumers make more informed, sustainable choices. Thought leaders from across the sector who provoked inspiring conversations throughout the day and included sustainable chefs and influencers Thomasina Miers, Arthur Potts-Dawson and Max La Manna, as well as innovative foodservice operators such as MAX Burger, Brakes, Guinness & innocent, as well as The Sustainable Restaurant Association, Nesta and Nutritics. Commenting on the findings, Daniel Sjogren, VP Foodservice at Kerry said: “To truly accelerate the creation of a world of sustainable nutrition, we need to make the business growth agenda and sustainability one conversation. Our industry needs to act now and provide healthier and more sustainable food and beverage offering, that deliver on taste expectations of consumers and ultimately are better for the planet and society. People are integrating sustainability into their everyday choices and becoming significantly more proactive in living a more sustainable life. As a result, there are great opportunities for foodservice operators to respond to these new needs and expectations and grow their businesses successfully with a more sustainable

model.” Key findings from the new research include: · Sustainable Tipping Point - for the first time the majority are clearly indicating strong sustainability preferences and displaying a sense of frustration around the difficulty in making more sustainable choices. 65% of consumers report that they are looking for sustainable options made easy, whether through more information or a greater range of options, so that they can feel more empowered to make the better, more sustainable choice. · Deliciously Sustainable & Healthy - Taste is the most important factor for people in OOH consumption. Many people still believe they may be missing out on deliciousness if they choose a more sustainable option. This serves as a strong reminder that consumers are unwilling to compromise. Always delivering a great taste promise is key for Foodservice to drive confidence in more sustainable options. · Sustainably Healthy - The majority (59%) of consumers believe that sustainably sourced meals and drinks are healthier for you. And these foods, produced locally or in-season for example, are often considered to be higher quality and to deliver greater nutritional benefits. Nutritional claims are also becoming more important to the consumer than ever before, especially claims with low/reduced sugar content. Explicitly linking sustainability to healthier options could help drive demand. · The Power of your menu - Drawing on behavioural science, a menu experiment was created with different menus labelling price or CO2 emissions or calorie content to demonstrate that these labels or visual nudges can impact consumer choices. Foodservice operators have an opportunity to drive sustainable choices through low-cost menu design interventions and message framing, especially given that consumers actively want the industry to make sustainable menu choices easier for them. · The Sustainability Premium – There is a strong belief that acting sustainably comes at a cost, and there is willingness to pay more for sustainable food and drinks with 51% agreeing that they are happy to pay more. Where there is a sustainability premium, consumers need a greater understanding of why it exists and the cost differential must be defendable and is clearly communicated. Daniel Sjogren added: “Consumers want to see more sustainable choices on menus – that is what they are telling us. This summit and research insights helps us and our customers to better evolve the sustainable offerings and communications to meet consumers’ growing expectations without compromising on taste and nutrition.” “I believe that our sustainability ambitions can be achieved if we embrace a more collaborative approach throughout the value chain of bringing food and beverages solutions to the consumers. At Kerry we are excited to partner with customers to bring this to life.”

World Steak Challenge 2022 Results Revealed Round Room at the Mansion House in Dublin and were judged blind by a panel of over 60 independent experts including Richie Wilson, well-known TV chef and Executive chef of FIRE Steakhouse and Ioannis Grammenos, Executive chef and Meatologist of Heliot Steak House in London.

The 2022 World Steak Challenge results are hot off the grill following this evening’s event at the Round Room at the Mansion House in Dublin. After a full day’s technical judging at FIRE Steakhouse & Bar, a Japanese Wagyu was crowned the overall winner and was a clear cut above the rest also taking the World’s Best Sirloin and World’s Best Grain-Fed. A firsttime entry from Japan, the winning melt in the mouth steak is an A4 grade, 30-month-old female from Starzen Co. Raised in the Kagoshima region with a warm climate and abundant water, this ‘Akune Gold’ is carefully cultivated resulting in the highest quality Wagyu steak.

Ed Bennington, World Steak Challenge, said:

The World’s Best Rib-Eye went to Australia’s Jack’s Creek, previous 2021 Best Fillet, Best Rib-Eye and Grain-Fed winners. The 32-month-old pure bred Wagyu was grain fed and praised by judges for being tender, juicy and full of buttery flavour. The winning fillet steak was revealed as the MFC Carni female from Poland. Grain fed and obtained by a cross breed of Polish Holstein and Black Angus, the steak is well-known for its intense flavours, sweet aroma and unique tenderness. The Best Grass-Fed steak in the world went to a full bred Dexter from Linden Foods, Northern Ireland. Sold in M&S, this 30-day matured rib eye was described by judges as being very tender and rich. Now in its 8th year, this year’s competition heated up with more entries than ever before from top steak producers and suppliers worldwide. Ireland took the most medals with a total of 54, followed by England with 36 and Finland with 28. This year’s challenge took place in conjunction with the official host partner, Bord Bia, the equipment partner, Synergy Grill Technology and the judging partner, FIRE Steakhouse. The awards were announced at the

“We are thrilled to have a new winner for this year’s World Steak Challenge. It is very exciting to have our first Japanese entry and consequently the winner of World’s Best Steak. The vast number of entries from across the globe truly showcases the quality of steak on an international scale.” Mark Zieg, Beef Sector Manager at Bord Bia, said: “We are proud to welcome all the producers from around the world here to Ireland, where grass-fed and sustainable farming practices is core to our beef industry. We export 90% of our beef to over 50 markets around the world, even as far as Japan and the USA so it is very important to get our origin known and be recognised on the basis of quality and taste. In an environment like the World Steak Challenge with top producers, chefs and judges we feel it is the ideal opportunity to share our values in producing top quality beef.” Richie Wilson, Culinary Director of FIRE Steakhouse, said: “It was a privilege to welcome the World Steak Challenge to Ireland and to have FIRE Steakhouse & Bar as the venue of choice for the 2022 judging process. To have the world’s best beef cooked and served by our excellent team to a panel of industry experts was an absolute honour — a massive congratulations to all of the 2022 winners!”

Get Great Wines to Tell Your Story Heather Scott is Senior Business Manager at Lanchester Wines ( “Great wines tell a story. But, more importantly, great wines tell your story. “Creating a wine list that reflects your venue and elevates your offering with food pairings can be vital at a time when we’re all feeling a squeeze on spending. “The key to success is working closely with your wine merchant – and indeed all your suppliers - to identify how to maintain an optimum offering while maximising value, both for your customers and yourself. Look for a wine merchant, such as Lanchester Wines, who can provide an extensive wine range including high quality bottled and boutique bulk wines from all corners of the world. We work directly with some of the leading wine producers to make sure we’re always offering highest quality wine at the best price.

“Your wine merchant has extensive knowledge as to which wine regions are offering the best value right now, which wine varietals are on-trend with consumers and which wines are similar to these ‘super varietals’ but could offer better value. For example, the very poor 2021 harvest of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc caused prices to skyrocket. Because of our great supplier relationships, we had advance warning and were able to quickly develop a South African Sauvignon Blanc called Moloko Bay which has a similar flavour profile to Marlborough, and which has proved a success with consumers. “This ability to adapt will be vital while we continue to navigate supply chain uncertainty (across the board, not just wine) and shipping issues. However, this can be somewhat negated by offering of a fluid wine list, with manager’s specials and exclusive offers. Again, your wine merchant can provide staff wine training to equip your team with the skills and knowledge required to provide your customers with unparalleled wine service.” For more information on Lanchester Wines, please visit

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Calorie labelling on menus has changed people’s out-of-home food choices with research from CGA by NielsenIQ revealing that half of consumers (49%) would change their food selection if they felt the menu showed it was too calorific—and nearly two in three of those people would switch if their dish contained more than 1,000 calories. Six months after the government introduced mandatory calorie labelling for businesses with more than 250 employees, the new ‘Food Insights 22’ report from CGA by Nielsen IQ highlights how consumers feel about these measures and explores how pubs, bars and restaurants can shape their offerings to appeal. Two in five think they are a positive step to improving the nation’s health, but over a third think they will have a negative impact on people with eating disorders and the rest are indifferent. Consumers are similarly split on their views of calories as a choice factor—between those who sometimes or almost always track them (46%) and those who rarely or never monitor them (54%). Consumers aged 18 to 34 are nearly twice as likely to pay attention to calorie information than those aged 55 or over. ‘Food Insights 22’ provides much more actionable intelligence on consumers’ attitudes to calorie labelling,

including: • Nearly one in six (15%) of 18 to 34 year-olds now follow a calorie-controlled diet, compared to just 8% of those aged over 55 • Consumers who would change menu choices because of high calories are much more likely to choose another dish (48%) than get a smaller portion (33%) • When tracking calories and reducing courses, similar numbers say they would prioritise a starter (39%) or dessert (36%) to go with their main. Karl Chessell, CGA’s business unit director – hospitality operators and food, EMEA, said: “Our report shows how crucial it is for suppliers and operators to understand the ways calorie labelling affects consumers’ decision-making. Venues need to find the right range of low-calorie food and drink options to appeal to those who watch their calories carefully, without compromising choices for those who have no interest in doing so. Menu design and communications—both physical and digital—are crucial too, and suppliers have a big role to play in supporting operators’ strategies.”

The Original Smartphone Quiz That’s Driving Footfall and Sales In Thousands of Pubs In theory, Thursday night at the Black Bull in York should be one of the pub’s quieter nights of the week, falling as it does just before the weekend. But the reality couldn’t be more different. “We run a Thursday evening quiz using SpeedQuizzing and it’s now one of our busiest nights, with revenues up by about 80% and more than 35 four-person teams competing each week,” says manager Jill Clarke. She’s not alone. The Black Bull is just one of over a thousand hospitality venues hosting weekly quizzes using SpeedQuizzing, an interactive app-based quiz platform that’s revolutionising the pub quiz and driving footfall, sales and fun in pubs and bars all over the UK. It has been described as offering all the excitement of a quiz and game show rolled into one, and, when you speak with SpeedQuizzing co-founder Alan Leach, it’s easy to understand why. “We created Speedquizzing to be fast-paced, entertaining and hassle-free, both for pub hosts and players alike. “Games are hosted in each venue via our platform using a laptop, and

instead of using a pen and paper, players answer the questions in real-time through our app, which they download for free. There’s no need to keep score as that’s done automatically and our customers love the fact that our quizzes are cheat-free, with our software making it easy to set time limits on how long teams have to answer each question. “In keeping with the game show style of our quiz games, individual buzzer sounds can also be allocated to each team, while hosts can also use a variety of sound effects to add to the upbeat atmosphere.” Its digital question packs, which come free with every SpeedQuizzing activation, are another key point of difference, with every pack being completely unique – ensuring no host will ever receive the same question pack as another host. “They can be tailored by topic, age range or level of difficulty, meaning quiz hosts can perfectly cater to the needs and requirements of different audiences,” says Alan, “and with the World Cup just around the corner we’re already starting to see increasing demand for our football themed quiz packs.” For more information, visit

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UK’s Top Hotels, Restaurants and Chefs Unveiled at AA Hospitality Awards 2022 The UK’s best hotels, restaurants, and their teams have been revealed at the AA Hospitality Awards tonight in a glittering ceremony at Grosvenor House in London. Returning with an in-person ceremony for the first time in three years, and hosted by TV presenter Gabby Logan, the awards honoured the best hospitality establishments in the UK across twenty-six categories, including AA Restaurant of the Year, AA Hotel of the Year, the newly launched AA Accessible Award, AA Spa Hotel of the Year, AA Wine Award, AA Chefs’ Chef, AA Lifetime Achievement Award and AA Housekeeper of the Year. Simon Numphud, Managing Director at AA Media said: “It was great to be back at Grosvenor House after three years and to celebrate the greatest hospitality establishments across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The past few years have been incredibly tough for the hospitality sector, from lockdowns to travel restrictions, supply chain issues to the rising cost of living, but these awards have highlighted how our industry, time and time again, has worked tirelessly to overcome adversity and create unforgettable experiences for the public. We would like to congratulate all the winners and shortlisted establishments for their hard work, passion and dedication to providing hospitality to the highest standards.”

THE WINNERS OF THE AA HOSPITALITY AWARDS 2022 ARE: CHEFS’ CHEF Mark Birchall, Chef Patron of Moor Hall, Aughton, Lancashire RESTAURANT OF THE YEAR England – Socius, Burnham Market, Norfolk London – Chez Bruce, London SW17 Wales – Gem 42, Newport Scotland – The Cellar, Anstruther, Fife HOTEL OF THE YEAR England – Grantley Hall, Ripon, North Yorkshire London – Pan Pacific London, London EC3 Wales – Llanerch Vineyard, Hensol, South Wales Scotland – The Balmoral, Edinburgh Northern Ireland – The Rabbit Hotel & Retreat, Templepatrick, County Antrim RESTAURANT WITH ROOMS England – The Angel at Hetton, North Yorkshire Wales – Crug Glâs Country House, Solva, Pembrokeshire Scotland – The Bonnie Badger, Gullane, East Lothian Spa Hotel of the Year Lime Wood, Lyndhurst, Hampshire HOTEL GROUP OF THE YEAR The Pig Group SMALL HOTEL GROUP OF THE YEAR Iconic Luxury Hotels ACCESSIBLE AWARD Rudding Park, Harrogate, North Yorkshire SUSTAINABLE AWARD Swinton Estate, Masham, North Yorkshire FOOD SERVICE AWARD Hélène Darroze at The Connaught, London W1 FINALISTS: Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester, London W1 Lympstone Manor Hotel, Exmouth, Devon WINE AWARD England – The Vineyard, Newbury, Berkshire Wales – The Grove, Narberth, Pembrokeshire Scotland – UNALOME by Graeme Cheevers, Glasgow COLLEGE RESTAURANT OF THE YEAR Senara Restaurant, Truro & Penwith College FINALISTS: The Brasserie, Milton Keynes College The Classroom, Cardiff & Vale College LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD John Williams MBE OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION AWARD Northcote: Obsession, Langho, Lancashire

HOUSEKEEPER OF THE YEAR Diane Payne from Rockliffe Hall in Darlington, County Durham NEW 4 ROSETTES Bohemia Restaurant, St Helier, Jersey The Dining Room at Whatley Manor, Malmesbury, Wiltshire Edinbane Lodge, Edinbane, Highland The Fernery at The Grove, Narberth, Pembrokeshire The Glenturret Lalique Restaurant, Crieff, Perth & Kinross Grace & Savour, Solihull, West Midlands The Ledbury, London W11 Ormer Mayfair, London W1 Social Eating House, London W1 NEW 3 ROSETTES Arkle at Chester Grosvenor, Chester, Cheshire The Chubby Castor, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire Coast Restaurant, Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire The Dipping Lugger, Ullapool, Highland The Dower House Restaurant at the Royal Crescent Hotel, Bath, Somerset The Flitch of Bacon, Little Dunmow, Essex The Great House, Lavenham, Suffolk HAAR, St Andrews, Fife Hammer & Pincers, Wymeswold, Leicestershire The Jackdaw, Conwy Langshott Manor, Horley, Surrey The Loch & the Tyne by Adam Handling, Old Windsor, Berkshire New Yard Restaurant, Helston, Cornwall Opheem, Birmingham, West Midlands Rafters Restaurant, Sheffield, South Yorkshire Restaurant 22, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Restaurant 8, Birmingham, West Midlands Restaurant Folium, Birmingham, West Midlands The Seacliff Restaurant, Sandy Cove Hotel, Ilfracombe, Devon The Sir Charles Napier, Chinnor, Oxfordshire The Victoria Oxshott, Leatherhead, Surrey White Swan at Fence, Burnley, Lancashire NEW 5 RED STARS Cameron House on Loch Lomond, Balloch, West Dunbartonshire The Grove, Narberth, Pembrokeshire NEW 4 RED STARS Bowood Hotel, Golf & Spa, Calne, Wiltshire Congham Hall Hotel and Spa, Grimston, Norfolk Homewood, Bath, Somerset Rothay Manor Hotel, Ambleside, Cumbria Storrs Hall, Windermere, Cumbria NEW 3 RED STARS The Bildeston Crown, Bildeston, Suffolk Glewstone Court Country House, Ross-On-Wye, Herefordshire The Pig in the South Downs, Arundel, West Sussex The full list of this year’s AA Hospitality Awards winners can be found at:

CHEFS’ CHEF – MARK BIRCHALL This unique award, introduced in 1996 and sponsored by, is a popular and coveted title. It offers all AA Rosette-awarded chefs the chance to decide which of their peers deserves the ultimate recognition of their performance over the past twelve months. Born in Chorley, Lancashire, Mark Birchall trained at Runshaw College and was previously Executive Chef of L’Enclume. Mark also won the Roux Scholarship in 2011, and he then staged at El Celler de Can Roca, Girona. Mark is now Chef Patron at Moor Hall, which under his patronage has been awarded five AA Rosettes. Moor Hall was also crowned ‘Restaurant of the Year’ at the Estrella Damm National Restaurant Awards 2021, retaining the title from previous years. Mark Birchall commented: “Thank you so much. It means a lot. It’s lovely to be among so many people. I’m

very lucky I’ve got a great team around me.” Simon Numphud, Managing Director of AA Media said: “We are delighted to honour Mark Birchall with the AA Chefs’ Chef award at the AA Hospitality Awards this year. We would like to congratulate Mark for his hard work and determination over this year, and the last 20 years of his career.”

RESTAURANT OF THE YEAR The AA Restaurant of the Year recognises restaurants that provide cuisine of a truly excellent standard, as well as demonstrating innovation and ambience and providing a high standard of hospitality. The English Restaurant of the Year Award is sponsored by Cobra.

HOTEL OF THE YEAR, ENGLAND – GRANTLEY HALL, RIPON, NORTH YORKSHIRE Andrew McPherson, General Manager at Grantley Hall, said: “On behalf of the owners, management and whole team at Grantley Hall we are absolutely thrilled to receive this prestigious award. Grantley Hall is still a relatively new business which has navigated the challenges of Covid only months after opening our doors for the first time. It has been a tough three years - as it has been for all of our industry colleagues. and this award tells us that despite the challenges we have faced, and continue to face, we are getting things right. We have created a very special property and the teamwork tirelessly every day to deliver exceptional customer service to our guests. This award is for the Grantley team.” An AA Inspector said of Grantley Hall: “Grantley Hall offers a wonderful fusion of contemporary style and historical character. The original hall dates back to the 17th century and now boasts award-winning restaurants along with a state-of-the-art luxury gym, wellness centre and spa. Arriving through the manicured grounds and gardens there is a real sense of luxury and exclusivity.”

RESTAURANT OF THE YEAR, ENGLAND – SOCIUS, BURNHAM MARKET, NORFOLK Natalie Stuhler and Dan Lawrence, Owners of Socius, said: “We’re so proud of our incredible team who work tirelessly to ensure we are constantly growing and delivering a memorable experience to all our guests. This really does mean the world to us, and we couldn’t be more grateful to everyone who has helped us in our journey to get here. A huge thank you to not only our amazing team, but also our customers for getting us to this stage with their continued support. At a very trying time for our industry, our team have shone through it all and this award really is the cherry on top.” RESTAURANT OF THE YEAR, LONDON – CHEZ BRUCE, LONDON SW17 Matt Christmas, Head Chef at Chez Bruce, said: “I think we just try and cook the nicest food and give the nicest service we can. Thank you to the AA.” An AA Inspector said of Chez Bruce: “A fixture on the London dining scene since the mid-nineties, Chez Bruce is set in a small row of shops and has the airy charm of a neighbourhood restaurant. The dining area spans two rooms with plenty of natural daylight, and the mood is elegant and subtly refined, much like the food. Seasonally changing menus provide the very best modern dishes, based loosely on classical and regional French/Mediterranean cuisine.” RESTAURANT OF THE YEAR, WALES – GEM 42, NEWPORT Twin Brothers Chef Sergio and Pasquale Cinotti said: “Winning this award recognizes hard work and a job well done. It is a celebration of the long hours the team put into their culinary project. Winning this award is a huge honour and will act as a great motivator for the whole team. Furthermore, it is an indication that the team is working and moving together in the right direction. This for us is not a point of arrival but a new starting point, from where we intend to live up to the level of success that this award demands.” RESTAURANT OF THE YEAR, SCOTLAND – THE CELLAR, ANSTRUTHER, FIFE Billy Boyter, Chef & Co-Owner of The Cellar Restaurant, commented: “I’m not the type of chef that is driven by accolades or awards. However, having The Cellar named as the AA’s Restaurant of The Year for Scotland is an incredibly humbling and special moment. Especially when you look at the standard of some of the restaurants we have in Scotland now. I know this means a lot to all of the team. I could see how proud they were once I shared the news with them. And I know this means a lot to my parents. They have put as much into this restaurant as anyone. If it wasn’t for them The Cellar wouldn’t have even been here. They really do deserve it as much as anyone.”

HOTEL OF THE YEAR The AA Hotel of the Year Award is the AA’s ultimate accolade for hotels in the UK. It is awarded to hotels that are recognised as being outstanding examples of their kind. From the small family-run hotel to the most ambitious commercial ventures, hotels of every size and style are potential winners. The Hotel of the Year Award for England is sponsored by Temple Spa, the Scottish Hotel of the Year is sponsored by GigRealm, while the Hotel of the Year for London is sponsored by Entegra.

HOTEL OF THE YEAR, LONDON – PAN PACIFIC LONDON, LONDON EC3 Anne Golden, General Manager at Pan Pacific London, said: “I am delighted, honoured and incredibly proud of the Pan Pacific London team who have worked so hard. Their passion and support for the hotel and for each other is nothing short of outstanding, and every single member of the team has contributed to Pan Pacific London in winning this award.” An AA Inspector said of Pan Pacific: “Located in the heart of the City of London, moments from Liverpool Street this impressive 43-storey bronze tower is home to the luxurious Pan Pacific London. Since opening in September last year, the hotel has hit the ground running, led admirably by general manager Anne Golden. The overall level of hospitality and service has a wonderful humility and grace.” HOTEL OF THE YEAR, WALES – LLANERCH VINEYARD, HENSOL, SOUTH WALES Ryan Davies, Managing Director of Llanerch Vineyard Hotel, commented: “We are extremely proud to hold the title of Hotel of the Year, especially as a small, family-run business. It is a testament to the incredible hard work and dedication of our fantastic team, who go above and beyond to ensure our guests have the best possible experience every time they visit. I took over the vineyard 11 years ago with no experience in hospitality, but I was determined to create something really special. With an amazing and very talented team at my side, we created a B&B, an award-winning restaurant and bar, two wedding venues and popular wine tasting and vineyard tours. The hotel then opened in 2019 offering 37 luxury rooms and became the first vineyard hotel in the UK. To be named Hotel of the Year just three years later is incredible. I’d like to thank everyone that has supported us from the start, throughout the challenging times of the pandemic and now as we continue to grow and look forward to an exciting future.” HOTEL OF THE YEAR, SCOTLAND – THE BALMORAL, EDINBURGH Richard Cooke, General Manager at The Balmoral, commented: “We are both proud and humbled to have been awarded this accolade. To have recognition for our passion and enthusiasm of providing our guests with memorable five-star experiences is an extremely rewarding feeling for the team. I am honoured to work with such a dedicated team of ladies and gentlemen. With them, The Balmoral will go from strength to strength, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire team for their hard work in what has been a challenging few years for all of us.” HOTEL OF THE YEAR, NORTHERN IRELAND – THE RABBIT, TEMPLEPATRICK, COUNTY ANTRIM Lynsey Gordon, General Manager at The Rabbit, said: “We are proud and honoured to be recognised by the AA at these most prestigious awards. This is a fantastic endorsement of all the hard work that has gone into the extensive redevelopment at The Rabbit Hotel & Retreat. This award reinforces our unwavering commitment to deliver an outstanding experience and recognise the talents, dedication and efforts of our team. We are incredibly grateful to all our guests for their support and we look forward to creating many more memory-making moments at The Rabbit Hotel & Retreat.” (CONTINUED ON FOLLOWING PAGE)

Issue 129 RESTAURANT WITH ROOMS OF THE YEAR Introduced in 2017 and sponsored by eviivo, the AA Restaurant with Rooms of the Year award recognises an AA-rated guest accommodation that is also a dining destination. RESTAURANT WITH ROOMS, ENGLAND – THE ANGEL AT HETTON, NORTH YORKSHIRE Michael Wignall, Chef Patron at The Angel, commented: “Winning the AA Restaurant with Rooms of the Year means the world to us. We have all been through a difficult couple of years, we opened late 2018 and by early 2020 Covid had hit. Winning this is fantastic recognition of all the hard work and efforts that our team have put in, to make The Angel what it is today. We are all honoured and proud to follow in the footsteps of so many other amazing restaurants in the past and to receive this from such a long established and esteemed organisation, such as the AA.”

ble honour. At Rudding Park we are instinctively inclusive and we endeavour to maintain the dignity of every guest. The only reason for them to feel special is because of their visit to Rudding Park and the experiences we offer – not to be singled out due to having a disability. Our philosophy is to continually invest to ensure the products and services are of the highest standard and accessible to all. By ensuring guests with access needs are accommodated, it has improved accessibility for all. Rooms that have been adapted have shown a 30% increase in occupancy and one of our accessible rooms, (271) is our most in demand room! Embracing accessibility is absolutely the right thing to do, but it is also the businesswise thing to do. You sleep easy at night and make more money. It’s a win/win. Winning such a prestigious industry award voted by our peers and highprofile industry judges is a fantastic endorsement and will allow us to raise awareness of the benefits how important this is.” SUSTAINABLE AWARD – SWINTON ESTATE, MASHAM, NORTH YORKSHIRE Introduced in 2010, the AA Sustainable Award recognises an independent establishment or group which has demonstrated a clear commitment to sustainability, integrated its approach as a fundamental part of their business and really champions this across its team and customers.

Iain Shelton, CEO of the Swinton Estate, commented: “It is fantastic to be recognised by the judges for the efforts we make at Swinton and we continue to hold sustainability at the very core of what we do.” RESTAURANT WITH ROOMS, WALES – CRUG GLÂS, SOLVA, PEMBROKESHIRE Janet Evans, Owner of Crug Glâs, said: “Winning this award means everything to all of us at Crug Glas. We are a team with a goal in mind - to make sure that all our guests have the experience they came for and more. Our aim is to surpass their expectation within all aspects of The Country House and for our guests to leave but wanting to return in the future. Our fantastic staff work tirelessly to make sure that everyone that walks in through our front door has an experience that they want to share and recommend, our staff are an extension of our family, and we could not be prouder that they have helped to achieve this incredible accolade. This award symbolises everything that we work hard for, and it is an honour to receive it.” RESTAURANT WITH ROOMS, SCOTLAND – THE BONNIE BADGER, GULLANE, EAST LOTHIAN Tom Kitchin, Chef at The Bonnie Badger, said: “This is a really proud achievement for our entire team. Having been up and running for three years now, we have worked hard to lead the way in hospitality, offering an exceptional experience to our guests whether they are staying, dining, or visiting us at The Bonnie Badger. We are constantly evolving our menus and we believe our passion and commitment to working with the Scottish seasons really shines through in our menus and experiences on offer to our guests. We never sit still and we always strive to constantly innovate when it comes to the guest experience too, offering a calendar of immersive and exciting events and constantly improving every aspect of our guests’ journey.”

SPA HOTEL OF THE YEAR – LIME WOOD, LYNDHURST, HAMPSHIRE The AA Spa Hotel of the Year Award recognises an outstanding spa offering within a hotel, delivering both an excellent overall product and spa experience. Kenneth Speirs, Managing Director of Lime Wood, said: “With the difficult past few years behind us it’s wonderful to see the caring and relaxed art of hospitality return to Lime Wood. This is a tremendous recognition by AA Hospitality for the dedication, commitment and care delivered by the whole team. Being appreciated in such a way is a great source of motivation for everyone and encourages us all to reach for higher goals.”

ACCESSIBLE AWARD – RUDDING PARK, HARROGATE, NORTH YORKSHIRE New to this year, and sponsored by Blue Access Award, the AA Accessible Award seeks to recognise a hotel that has gone above and beyond in making their property as accessible as possible, while proactively promoting their accessible credentials to consumers. The award not only recognises high quality accessible provision through the physical elements of the property but also, of equal importance, its approach to guests with accessible needs through tailored services, staff training and guest engagement. Peter Banks, Managing Director at Rudding Park, said: “To win the AA Accessible Award is an incredi-

FOOD SERVICE AWARD – HÉLÈNE DARROZE AT THE CONNAUGHT, LONDON W1 Sponsored by Taittinger, this award recognises restaurants that deliver excellent standards of restaurant service and hospitality. Teams will deliver technical service skills and food and beverage knowledge of the highest standard.

Chef Patron Hélène Darroze said: “It is an honour to receive this award. My team are an important part of such achievement: Executive Chef Marco Zampese and General Manager Mirko Benzo, who have been working with me at The Connaught for over eight years. It is a wonderful recognition for the whole team.”

WINE AWARD This award recognises an outstanding contribution to promoting, understanding and appreciating wine. Nominees are judged on the quality of their wine list and their ability to inspire customers to make wider and more adventurous choices in selecting wines. The award is sponsored by Matthew Clark.

This is a hugely prestigious award presented in recognition of the large hotel group that has a proven track record of striving to ensure the very best levels of service, food and accommodation across the range of properties. Attention to detail is imperative and a committed and structured approach to future development is essential. The award is sponsored by Vision Linen. The Pig Group commented: “Winning such a significant award, AA Hotel Group of the Year is the perfect culmination of the past 10 years – a tangible recognition of The Pig’s position in the market a decade on and crucially, real recognition for the enormous cast of characters that make up the entire Pig story. Our immediate ‘family’ – our core team of close to 1,000 employees who work tirelessly to ensure every guest has the best time. Equally as important are the connections forged with our wonderful local suppliers; it’s a two-way relationship that plays an essential part of The Pig experience. And it’s not just the brilliant farmers, fisherman, foragers and winemakers who we rely on but a whole myriad of other creative people who we work with, and of course, most importantly, the PIG guests – they all play their part in making The Pig what it is.” SMALL HOTEL GROUP: ICONIC LUXURY HOTELS Sponsored by Sky Business, the AA Small Hotel Group Award is presented in recognition of the small hotel group that has a proven track record of striving to ensure the very best levels of service, food and accommodation. Attention to detail is imperative and a committed and structured approach to future development is essential.

Andrew Stembridge, Executive Director of Iconic Luxury Hotels, said: “Although a decade in the making, Iconic Luxury Hotels as a hotel collection is a mere five years old and therefore, I couldn’t be prouder to have collected the AA Small Hotel Group of the Year Award this evening, with many of my longstanding senior team by my side and in front of the ‘great and good’ of the hospitality industry. Although each of our individual properties is undoubtedly familiar with the recognition and prestige that comes with an array of accolades, this particular award is a significant milestone for us as a collective and testament to our 900 strong team, whose shared Iconic DNA, ensures that we constantly deliver exceptional experiences for our guests and team alike. With clear aspirations to grow the Iconic Luxury Hotels brand over the coming months, this award represents a wonderful recognition, which we are immensely grateful for.”

WINE AWARD, ENGLAND – THE VINEYARD, NEWBURY, BERKSHIRE Andrew McKenzie, Managing Director at The Vineyard, said: “All of the wine team at The Vineyard are delighted that our unstuffy approach to serving the whole gammit of wine, from the everyday to some of the very best wines in the world, has been recognised as the way to get guests engaged and involved. A proud moment.” WINE AWARD, WALES – THE GROVE, NARBERTH, PEMBROKESHIRE Alexios Stasinopoulos, Head Sommelier at Grove of Narberth, commented: “It’s such an honour for The Grove to be recognised for our wine offering. There’s no greater joy for me and the team than helping our guests discover new flavours and contexts, and I’m delighted that we have had the opportunity to build and maintain a continually evolving wine list that allows our guests to do so. Wine is a wonderful thing, and wine knowledge is one of the most powerful means of getting people together – I love it!” WINE AWARD, SCOTLAND – UNALOME BY GRAEME CHEEVERS, GLASGOW Callum McCann, Graeme Cheevers and Stuart Bonis, Managers of UNALOME, said of their win: “We would like to thank both the AA Guide, our loyal customers and hard-working staff to be recognised for this achievement in the short space of time we have been open. It has made this an even more monumental year for the restaurant.” COLLEGE RESTAURANT OF THE YEAR – SENARA RESTAURANT, TRURO & PENWITH COLLEGE First awarded in 2016, the AA College Restaurant of the Year Award has been developed in conjunction with People 1st to recognise accredited colleges within the AA College Rosette Scheme that have shown outstanding achievements in a realistic working environment.

Senara Restaurant, Truro & Penwith College commented: “We are so so privileged to have this award for 2022-23 for College Restaurant of the Year. Thank you so much to AA Hospitality.” HOTEL GROUP: THE PIG GROUP

LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT – JOHN WILLIAMS MBE, THE RITZ The AA Lifetime Achievement Award, introduced in 2006, recognises professionals within the hospitality industry who have committed their lives to the pursuit of perfection within their discipline. Winners of this award are to be congratulated for making significant fundamental contributions to the industry which have had a notable impact and must have demonstrated a lifetime commitment to progress in their field. A veteran of the industry, John Williams has been in the hospitality trade for more than 40 years. Born in Tyneside, the son of a fisherman, Williams was passionate about food early on in life, studying at South Shields College and Westminster College. He began his career at Percy Arms Hotel, Otterburn in 1974, joining The Ritz London as Executive Chef in 2004. Today, he heads a team of 64 chefs cooking in the grand French style. He has an MBE and a CMA from the French Government for services to French cuisine, the first British chef to receive such an honour. John Williams MBE commented: “It is truly the greatest honour to have been recognized by the AA, the leading authority in the hospitality industry, thank you! I’m over the moon. I’ve been the Executive Chef at The Ritz since 2004 with my main objective to run the best hotel restaurant and offer the finest hospitality in Great Britain. My philosophy has always been to strive for perfection, knowing you’ll never get there. I’m very lucky to have a brilliant brigade of Chefs working with me, whose passion is to deliver the very best experience to every guest who comes



into The Ritz Restaurant, every day. It’s been a challenging couple of years, but I really believe the entire experience that we are offering in The Restaurant is the best it has ever been.” Simon Numphud, Managing Director of AA Media said: “We are delighted to recognise John Williams MBE with our prestigious AA Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s AA Hospitality Awards. This is a huge milestone and one very much deserved. John should be incredibly proud of his significant contributions to the industry for more than 40 years. We are pleased to be celebrating his career tonight and we are incredibly thrilled for John.”

OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION – NORTHCOTE: OBSESSION The Outstanding Contribution Award was created to reflect and acknowledge the work being done in the face of new challenges being presented to the hospitality industry. In 2020, the AA honoured UKHospitality CEO Kate Nicholls for her tireless work throughout Covid ensuring the hospitality industry had a strong, clear voice to Government, while in 2021 the award went to Chairman of the B&B Association David Weston, for his tireless work on behalf of the B&B sector to ensure their challenges were heard. This year, the AA has chosen to recognise Northcote for their Obsession programme, a culinary event that celebrated its 20th anniversary last year and has contributed over £200k to hospitality action over this time. The award is sponsored by Travel Exchange Great Britain (TXGB). Lisa Goodwin-Allen, Executive Chef of Northcote and Craig Bancroft, Managing Director of Northcote, commented: “We are absolutely delighted that Northcote’s Obsession event has been recognised with the Outstanding Contribution Award. For twenty-two years Obsession has grown in stature to become one of the leading global gastronomy events. However, it’s more than just an event, it brings people together in the industry to deliver outstanding hospitality and friends are made for life. Following the challenges we have all been faced with, Obsession22 proved hospitality was back and to raise over £70k for Hospitality Action made it even more special. Our thanks to everyone who has been involved and we cannot wait to welcome chefs, their teams and our guests to the 23rd Obsession!” Simon Numphud, Managing Director of AA Media said: “We are very happy to announce Northcote on winning the AA Outstanding Contribution Award at the AA Hospitality Awards for their Obsession initiative. As we don’t always designate a winner for this award, this is a remarkable achievement and one very well deserved. Congratulations to Lisa Goodwin-Allen and the whole team.”

HOUSEKEEPER OF THE YEAR – DIANE PAYNE FROM ROCKLIFFE HALL, DARLINGTON, CO DURHAM Recognising outstanding commitment and performance, identifying a housekeeper who goes above and beyond the call of duty, the AA Housekeeper of the Year is sponsored by Sealey. Diane Payne, Executive Housekeeper at Rockliffe Hall, said: “I am absolutely delighted have won this award. After a very difficult couple of years, I am incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved. To be shortlisted for this award is testament to the hard work, dedication and commitment shown by the wonderful housekeeping team here at Rockliffe Hall.” An AA Inspector said of Diane Payne: “Diane is a highly experienced Head Housekeeper and has led the team at the AA Five Red Star Rockliffe Hall for over five years. She heads up a team of 35 housekeepers to deliver the highest housekeeping standards which we have regularly observed on our annual inspections.” The full list of this year’s AA Hospitality Awards winners can be found at All AA Hospitality Awards winners will be included in The Restaurant Guide 2023, published by AA Publishing.



Issue 129

Supporting UK Hospitality Businesses To Unlock A Sustainable Tomorrow HELPING HOSPITALITY BUSINESSES ACHIEVE NET ZERO The UK government has made it clear that to achieve net zero carbon by 2050, everyone must do their part–both in business and at home. For hospitality businesses where heating and hot water contributes significantly to their overall energy consumption, it’s clear that taking steps to convert to low carbon energy sources will have a positive impact. What’s more, with customers becoming more aware of how their lifestyle choices impact on the environment, hotels have a lot to gain in terms of increasing revenue and improving reputation by actively reducing their carbon footprint. Looking ahead, as part of its commitment to offer our customers 100% sustainable energy solutions by 2040, Calor continues to take steps to encourage our hospitality customers to make the switch to bulk Futuria Liquid Gas – helping to support the hospitality industry across the UK deliver on their sustainability goals for today and tomorrow.

To join the Futuria of off-grid energy visit


Ahead of the government’s proposed phase out of fossil fuel heating installations in off-gas-grid homes and small businesses starting in 2026, and in larger off-gas-grid nondomestic buildings from 2024, UK hospitality businesses are facing increasing pressure to explore alternative, sustainable fuel sources. Alastair Lovell, Head of Sustainable Fuels at Calor discusses how sustainable fuels can not only help reduce carbon emissions but can also support businesses looking to future-proof operations. Annual energy costs for the hospitality sector are in excess of £1.3 billion1, and result in carbon emissions of more than 8 million tonnes per year2. On top of this, the industry is considering, waste management, ongoing staff shortages and the sustainability credentials of the items and products they use on a day-to-day basis.

boilers are still commonly found in off-grid pubs, hotels and bars across the UK. Yet, what is often a simple and straightforward switch from oil to bulk LPG can immediately cut CO2 emissions by up to 17.8%4, compared to oil, making it ideal for rural hospitality businesses where electricity is simply not viable because of limited supply to the location. For those businesses looking to further improve their sustainability credentials, Calor’s Futuria Liquid Gas offers hospitality businesses a reliable bulk supply fuel source which also makes a positive impact on reducing carbon emissions.

SHOWING SUSTAINABILITY Despite the ongoing cost of living crisis, research continues to indicate consumers are increasingly making purchasing decisions with businesses and brands based on their sustainability credentials. In fact, latest research has shown that 65%3 of shoppers think about sustainability before making a purchase. Against this backdrop, and as the hospitality industry, just like many other business sectors, work towards the government’s net zero legal obligation, it makes good business sense to explore sustainable practices and solutions as a way to attract new customers, as well as contribute to the success of net zero. As one of the most carbon intensive fuel sources, oil-fuelled

Calor has been Parkdean Resorts’ main LPG fuel supplier for many years, and in 2022 both companies embarked on an opportunity to improve the sustainability of Parkdean Resorts’ gas supply and reduce CO2 emissions together. Through the partnership, Parkdean Resorts will become the first holiday park company to use Futuria Liquid Gas. More than 14% of the total LPG supplied by Calor to Parkdean Resorts will be Futuria Liquid Gas by the end of 2022, rising to nearly 25% by the end of 2023. Jane Bates, Director of Procurement and Sustainability at Parkdean Resorts, said:

Futuria Liquid Gas (previously BioLPG) is a sustainable fuel made from a blend of waste, residues and sustainably sourced materials. While there is currently a price premium when compared to standard LPG, bulk supply of Futuria Liquid Gas, when at a 100% blend, can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 86% (kgCO2e/kWh) when compared to using heating oil and up to 80%6 compared to conventional LPG. Globally, 85% of people7 indicate that they have shifted their purchase behaviour towards being more sustainable in the past five years. As the sector continues to face uncertainty, those businesses which are able to clearly demonstrate their commitment to sustainability will ultimately be the ones who are able to attract the more environmentally conscious consumer. One of the ways we’re supporting customers here is through our Green Gas Certification Scheme. The independent scheme ensures traceability of all bulk Futuria Liquid Gas delivered to, and used by, our hospitality customers, while also highlighting the amount of CO2 saved.

“We own and operate 66 award-winning holiday parks, with 3,500 acres of land including forests, peatbogs, rivers, beaches and headlands in some of the UK’s finest beauty spots. We’re committed to caring for our people, parks and planet to create a positive environmental impact on nature and resources, and to acting responsibly for the long-term sustainability of our business, and it’s important to us that our suppliers can help us deliver against these sustainability commitments. “Working with Calor to supply Futuria Liquid Gas to our parks will be a big step towards achieving our first milestone of a 25% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2025. We have a well-established relationship with Calor, and this partnership represents a key initiative in our industryleading strategy to create truly sustainable parks.”

SOURCES: 1&2 3 4 5&6 Table provided by kind permission of GemServ based on emission factor calculations prepared by BEIS 2021. Based on 100% BioLPG allocation. 7

Independent Night Time Economy Businesses are Being Marginalised says NTIA 30


Issue 129

The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) has accused the government of marginalising independent and night-time economy businesses. It said while trade associations battle for support now and in the next Budget, representation is leaning towards the exclusion of certain businesses across the sector, marginalising true independents. Frustration, the NTIA says is growing as interest rates rise and the pound plummets to all time low, businesses across the country are feeling the pressure, particularly hospitality and night time economy SMEs and independents. (Pubs, Live Music Venues, Nightclubs, Venues and Bars) and adds that it is “clear that representation is leaning towards the exclusion of certain businesses across the sector, marginalizing true independents.” Michael Kill CEO NTIA says: “We fear that Independent hospitality and night time economy businesses are being frozen out of future support! As was the case during the pandemic with VAT cuts only aligned to food, soft drink and accommodation.” “At that time wet lead businesses were marginalized by the Government, and we fear that they will continue

to be, whilst the predominance of representation in Government is influenced by wealthy corporations and the trade associations that back them.” “It’s about time the true night time economy and hospitality sector made up of Independents, predominantly small medium enterprise businesses are heard and considered by the Government.” “We will only have true parity when the likes of VAT cuts and targeted financial relief are inclusive, and beneficial to all businesses across the sector, not exclusive to certain types of business.” “Under the current cost constraints a huge proportion of the hospitality and night time economy businesses will be lost in coming weeks and months. Leaving many to become an opportunity for cheap acquisition by corporations with financial scope to expand their empires.” “The rhetoric suggesting that the rich will get richer is all but true in our sector as we move into darker times, we must fight for fair and inclusive support for all within the Government, in the fight for survival.”

Today (September 30) is the Last Day for Paper Banknotes The Bank of England will be withdrawing legal tender status of paper £20 and £50 banknotes after 30 September 2022. After this date businesses will no longer be accepting these banknotes as payment. All polymer banknotes carrying a portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II remain legal tender, and the public can continue to use these as normal. A further announcement regarding existing Bank of England banknotes will be made once the period of Royal mourning has been observed. After 30 September 2022 you will not be able to use paper banknotes. However the following options will remain available: • If you have a UK bank account, you will normally still be able to deposit them at your bank, or into your account at a Post Office.

• You can exchange certain withdrawn paper banknotes for polymer notes at a limited number of Post Office branches. This is a new service, and the full list of branches is on our website. • You can exchange withdrawn banknotes with the Bank of England, including by post. Although the majority of paper £20 and £50 banknotes in circulation have been replaced with new polymer versions, there are still over £5 billion worth of paper £20 featuring the economist Adam Smith, and nearly £6 billion worth of paper £50 banknotes featuring the engineers Boulton and Watt, in circulation. That’s more than 250 million individual £20 banknotes, and more than 110 million paper £50 banknotes.

Stonegate Group Team Members Celebrate Graduation from Learning and Development Programme Stonegate Group has recently celebrated the graduation of 34 team members from its internal learning and development programme, Accelerator. The class of summer 2022 celebrated their career achievement with a graduation ceremony held at Stonegate’s Academy in Birmingham. The group of 34 graduates celebrated alongside each other, Stonegate Success Coaches and HR Director, Tim Painter, who also presented the graduates with their certificates. Tim Painter said: “Congratulations to each of our team members that have graduated in this cohort of the Accelerator programme, this is a great career achievement.” The Accelerator programme is part of Stonegate’s award-winning Albert’s Theory of Progression and provides team members in

Deputy Manager roles, with the fundamental skills to progress within their careers and into General Manager roles. The programme consists of a range of modules, both education and group learning, which aids the development of individuals current skills and well as learning new ones. Tim added: “The Accelerator programme is just one of the outstanding opportunities Stonegate provides to its teams and we are committed to providing more opportunities like this. All the learning and development opportunities Stonegate provides support the ethos of bar to boardroom, ensuring everyone in the business has the opportunity to learn new skills and develop within their careers. With our team members advancing within their roles and the company, it enables them to play a part in our vision of raising the bar on the British pub, being the best for our people, guests and communities.”

Vision Linens Launches New Loyalty Program Vision Linens, leading textile supplier and distributer, has launched a new loyalty program across its ecommerce site, Vision is best known for supplying textiles to some of the biggest names in hospitality and retail, including Accor, IHG, Hilton and John Lewis & Partners. What many may not realise, is that Vision’s ecommerce site enables accommodation providers, as well as everyday consumers to buy the same ethically sourced, high-quality products, direct from Vision and delivered straight to their door. The Visionaires Members Club is completely free to join and rewards its members for every interaction they have on the online shop. The more its members spend and the more they share online, the more points Vision will offer to redeem against its products. Visionaires can earn one Reward Point for every £10 they spend online.

Additional points can be earned when you initially register for an account as well as reviewing products, referring friends and for social media interactions. In turn, Reward Points can be redeemed against any products listed on the website, with no minimum order value. It’s as easy as that. The benefits continue to flow, you’ll be the first to know about Vision’s sales, promotions and new products, as well as handy industry tips. As a member you can view your full order history and quickly reorder the same products without having to find them and add them to your basket. So, what are you waiting for? Click here to sign up and create an account with us. *Terms and conditions apply.

Scotland’s Pubs Face ‘Unprecedented Challenges’ as Sector Calls for Urgent Increased Government Support



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The (SLTA) Scottish Licensed Trade Association today releases a snapshot survey of the challenges facing Scotland’s pubs and bars. This latest survey, which represents over 10% of Scotland’s on trade premises and contains key insights into the significant impacts of a tide of unprecedented challenges, highlights that nine in 10 outlets will need government support to survive the winter. Colin Wilkinson, SLTA managing director, said: “Our snapshot survey covers all types of licensed premises and is an indicator of the key issues facing the wide range of small to large businesses which trade within the wider hospitality sector. “Our survey is based upon quantitative research from over 600 outlets covering the length and breadth of the country and is supported by major food and drink chains and independent pubs, bars and hotels in Scotland’s hospitality sector. “Many of our respondents are still carrying significant Covid debt and are dealing with the challenges of Brexit, but we are now facing even bigger hurdles with rising costs, staff shortages and enormous increases to energy costs – with one in four anticipating an increase in energy costs of over 500%, despite the Chancellor’s announcement on capping wholesale energy prices.” Mr Wilkinson warned:

“For many outlets it won’t be economically viable to remain open and one in 10 of our respondents plan to close during the winter months and nearly one in two expect to reduce opening hours. Our sector is a crucial part of the tourism industry and reduced opening hours will have a knock-on impact for Scotland’s wider food and drink sector, and for employment within the sector. “Our pubs and bars have worked very hard post-Covid and Brexit to showcase Scotland’s hospitality industry, but with a tsunami of rising costs and low consumer confidence we urgently call on local and national governments to help us through the winter. “We must protect the jobs that outlets provide directly and the associated jobs in the wholesaling, brewing/distilling and food-producing sectors.” Executive summary of key challenges • Staffing: 40% of outlets are employing significantly fewer staff, while recruitment post-Brexit remains an issue • Trading Conditions: 5% of outlets have not re-opened post-Covid, while 50% are trading at significantly lower levels than pre-Covid • Covid Debt: one in two of hospitality outlets are carrying significant Covid-related debt • Rising Costs: particularly energy which business owners have identified as the biggest threat to their businesses. One in four of venues are facing an increase in energy cost of over 500% • Economic Outlook: with rising energy costs, 45% of outlets expect to reduce their opening hours which will impact on tourism and employment • Government Support: support is urgently needed, with 87% of outlets requesting government support to survive the winter

Buzzworks to Close All Venues for Annual Wellbeing Day Independent restaurant and bar operator, Buzzworks Holdings, will close its entire business on Monday 3 October for an annual Wellbeing Day for its workforce.

escape rooms. Kenny Blair, Buzzworks Holdings MD, said:

The sixteen prestigious venues across Scotland will close their doors giving over 650 team members the opportunity to meet up, get to know each other in the great outdoors and take part in activities to help boost mental health and wellbeing.

“We love asking our people for suggestions on what else we can do to create a happy, positive working environment that stays with them after they finish their shifts and head home, and our Wellbeing Day forms just one part of an ongoing programme of initiatives that support our people both within the business and in their personal life.

Having built an upstanding reputation throughout Scotland for excellent food and customer service, Buzzworks is well known for supporting the communities it operates in as well as placing an emphasis on its team wellbeing.

“The two are intertwined and it’s something we are always mindful of. Now more than ever, it’s important that we all look after our own wellbeing so we in turn can look after those that matter most to us.

This year the Buzzworks team have raised more than £10,000 so far for a variety of good causes, including running the Troon 10k and completing the Mighty Stride at this year’s Edinburgh Kilt Walk.

“Throughout the past year many of our people have given back to the local communities we operate in either by volunteering or taking on a variety of fundraising challenges, so with this in mind it’s time to give back to them and reward our people with a day that focuses on them.”

To thank them, Buzzworks, which has been recently named in The Best Companies to Work For in the UK list, has invested over £12,000 to allow the team across the business to enjoy time off together and boost their wellbeing – funding a wide range of activities including hill climbing, golfing, pottery painting and

As a way of giving back and saying thanks to its team for all their hard work this past year, the familyowned business will close every venue in its portfolio on Monday 3 October.

Riso Gallo’s Fantastic Young Risotto Chef Competition is Now Open for Entries for 2023! Now in it’s 6th year, the competition has gone from strength to strength and is a fixture on the culinary calendar for many. Open to young chefs aged 17-23 from UK and Ireland, either already in our wonderful profession or still in education, the competition offers the opportunity to win a 3 day culinary stage at the esteemed Michelin starred Il Luogo aimo in Milan and see at first hand the Gallo rice mill. Established in 1856, Riso Gallo is the oldest Risotto rice producer in Italy and has been delivering its premium rice to consumers around the world for over six generations. Riso Gallo is the first international rice brand to have produced its rice from sustainable agriculture, making their premium best-selling risotto completely sustainable from field to fork - something which align well with our choice, for the 2nd year, to hold our final at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, itself reknowned

for its green credentials. In addition to the competitive element the competition is known for its fun, excitement and sheer enjoyment in the cooking, and chefs at the top of their game from around the country willingly give up their time to judge the young chefs’ work and offer, in many cases, ongoing support and encouragement long after the last spoon has been served at the Final. With heats around the UK and Ireland, scheduled for January & February culminating in the stellar final in early April the whole thing is a celebration of all things rice and risotto and is just a joy to take part in. For more information please see or see the advert on page 11.

Get Snacking Sorted 34


Issue 129

Q&A with Matt Smith, Marketing Director for Tayto Group Ltd (

(Owners of market-leading Mr. Porky and Midland Snacks scratchings, REAL hospitality-exclusive premium hand cooked crisps and Golden Wonder family favourite Animal Adventures).

brand awareness in a recent survey of Craft Gin Club members, they’re proving incredibly popular with the 25-34-year age bracket. And our new improved mouth-wateringly meaty Roast Ox flavour has just won a Great Taste 2002 Award! • Family favourites - Golden Wonder Animal Adventures are lightly salted animal-shaped fun snacks, they are gluten free and have no artificial colours or preservatives.


Scratchings really are the ULTIMATE PUB SNACK! They topped the list when 2,000 pub-goers were asked to name their favourite pub snack.5 This comes as no surprise as 94% of pork snacks are consumed with a drink6. The combination of a pint and scratchings has been passed down generations and is fundamental to the Great British pub experience. There really is no matching a scratching!


Premium crisps are another essential bar snack, given a consumer survey showed that 82% of pubgoers eat them4. As a partner to a gin & tonic, hand cooked crisps are the top snack - preferred five times more than nuts and premium crisps1. Offering hand cooked crisps are that bit more special than everyday (flat) crisps and consumers are willing to pay up to 30% more for premium, over standard snacks7 - a treat for both customer and licensee!


Bar Snacks offer a brilliant opportunity to increase sales through the ‘double whammy’ of generating incremental sales AND boosting dwell time. 80% of people don’t regularly buy a snack with a drink - and the main reason for not doing so is “I just didn’t think about it”8.

We recently asked consumers what appeals to them the most, when looking for a snack to accompany an alcoholic drink1, and they said:

Good crunch and texture Premium quality Strong flavour A bigger bag to share with others A brand that you wouldn’t eat every day It’s important to cover a large range of ages and dietary requirements with your snacks offering. Pubgoers are more and more conscious about what they – and their families – eat. 4 in 10 Brits regularly shop the free-from fixture2, buying local and British-made are key purchase drivers for food3 and the flexitarian diet is set to be the No. 1 diet in 2022 (more popular than calorie counting) 3.

Nearly 3 in 10 pub-goers want to see pubs offer a better range4, so here’s a short list of the most popular snack types and flavours:

• Pork scratchings – an especially popular accompaniment to a lager, beer or cider drink. Midland Scratchings are traditional hand cooked scratchings and the ultimate pub snack! Mr. Porky is the the UK’s No1 pork snack. The Nation’s favourite includes a range of textures and bite sizes to tempt and tantalise! • Hand cooked crisps - particularly favoured by Gin drinkers. The staple favourites of Sea Salt and Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar are must-stock flavours, alongside Cheese & Onion (of course!) 1. To widen appeal, consider hot and meaty flavours for younger male clientele and flavours like Sweet Chilli too 1. These flavours, not usually eaten at home, offer something familiar but different - a less traditional alternative. The premium REAL Hand Cooked Crisps range is gluten free, with no added MSG, suitable for vegetarians and six flavours are suitable for vegans too. With 82%


We also know that seeing is believing - and visibility can improve snack sales by 80%9.

Prompting a purchase by displaying snacks prominently and getting staff to offer them, can make all the difference.” explains Matt Smith, Marketing Director for Tayto Group Ltd, owners of the UK’s top pork snacks brands – Mr. Porky and Midland Snacks – as well as the award-winning hospitality-exclusive REAL Hand Cooked Crisps.

By not offering a range of premium snacks, pubs could be leaving money on the bar as Smith explains, “Our research shows that most people either have no idea what they pay for pub snacks, or expect to pay over £1 a pack, so venues can easily make over 50p profit per pack8. All it takes is for staff to ask, “Would you like a snack with your drinks?” Snacks also have the potential to increase sales of drinks. Pork scratchings are a great example. The perfect partner to cider, wine and especially premium beers and lagers, their unique taste balances the sharpness or carbonation, while the saltiness enhances the flavour and helps get your thirst on!


Pub consumers look for brands they can trust and it’s important to stock proven sellers!

Tayto has a range of award-winning snacks to suit every pub:

– Mr. Porky Original Scratchings – the No 1 brand10 from the most recognised name in scratchings and a Great Taste award-winning scratching – Midland Snacks Traditional Scratchings – the No. 2 brand10 and our best-selling pubcard – is also a Great Taste award-winning hand cooked scratching using a recipe that has stood the test of time – Mr. Porky Crispy Strips - a lighter bite, akin to crispy bacon rinds, for those who want all the taste of a scratching but a less hard texture, and another Great Taste award-winner – REAL Hand Cooked Crisps – premium, award-winning, hospitality-exclusive brand. 100% vegetarian, no added MSG and 100% gluten free - with strong flavours and characterful packaging which really stands out and drives sales. – Golden Wonder Animal Adventures – vegetarian, gluten-free, no added nasties, animal-shaped fun snacks that kids love! Given that snack sales increase by up to 80% when they are more visible9, Tayto provides pub-focused solutions such as eye-catching pubcards for pork scratchings to be hung behind the bar and a range of FREE POS for REAL crisps - available at Snacks offer a simple route to incremental sales - if customers are prompted to buy them with their drinks. Thankfully there are a few simple tips for venues to achieve this:

– Stock a range of proven, premium snacks that have been developed for the licensed sector o Award-winning pork scratching pubcards from Midland Snacks and Mr. Porky o Premium REAL Hand Cooked Crisps - which are exclusive to the hospitality sector – Get your team to prompt purchase o ‘Would you like some crisps or pork scratchings with your drinks?’ is all it takes! – Put your snacks where customers can see them o Pubcards behind the bar o A full range of crisps on the bar or visible on the back wall o Bar runners and coasters are great eye-catching prompts SOURCES:

1.Craft Gin Club Members Survey | March 2021 2.Harris Interactive | 2017 3.Bray Leino Food and Drink Report | 2021 4.Norstat | Consumer Usage | March 2019 5.Perspectus Global Poll | March 2021 6.Norstat | June 22 7.CGA Strategy Research | 2016/2017 8.Norstat | Nov 20 9.HIM! Foodservice 2016 10. IRI Market Advantage | IRI All Outlets GB | Pork Snacks | Value to 52 w/e 15-Jan-22.

JD Wetherspoon Appoints CBRE and Savills to Sell 32 Pubs



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to the market. These venues are well configured and fitted to a high standard which will make them appealing to a broad range of potential buyers.”

Pub operator JD Wetherspoon has confirmed the appointment of CBRE and Savills to sell 32 of its pubs. The properties, which comprise a mix of 10 freehold and 22 leasehold units, are located in strong town and city centre locations across England and are being considered for sale either individually, in small packages or as a portfolio.

Toby Hall, Senior Director at CBRE, adds: “The excellent mix of locations in this portfolio is rarely seen in the market. With more than half of the portfolio located in London and the South East and other strong locations in the South West, Midlands and North we believe the pubs represent an excellent opportunity for existing pub operators and new entrants”.

Paul Breen, Director in the Licensed Leisure team at Savills, comments: “ Following the success of our earlier marketing campaigns for JD Wetherspoon we are delighted to be launching these 32 properties

Full details of the properties are available at

Ultimate Brunch & Cocktail Event Features Innovative Plant-Based Egg Dishes by Kirk Haworth & Pritesh Mody

sharpness with trending flavours, they’re perfect at showcasing the luxurious frothiness of OGGS® Aquafaba, which is so popular with consumers right now.”

Plant-based egg innovators, OGGS®, welcomed celebrated chef, Kirk Haworth, and Channel 4 mixologist, Pritesh Mody to host their Ultimate Brunch and Cocktail Event on 13th September. Serving casual dining operators, hotels and pubs, Haworth and Mody showcased delicious plant-based brunch recipes using Scrambled OGGS®, and trending cocktails made with OGGS® Aquafaba.

“Sustainability continues to boom, and eco-aware consumers are increasing seeking low carbon alternatives. Plus, we’re seeing more operators trying to eliminate eggs from recipes. Our products are an easy swap for eggs. This means even more people can enjoy low carbon dishes and cocktails, with 60% and 70% less co2e than eggs, and which have all the qualities of eggs but none of the guilt associated.”

During the afternoon in Mission Kitchen, New Covent Garden, wellknown vegan advocate and co-founder of London’s high-end Plates restaurant, Kirk Haworth used Scrambled OGGS®, to create mouthwatering brunch dishes including a Breakfast Porridge Sponge served with Jam, coconut yoghurt and berries and a Scrambled OGGS® Superfood bowl.

Kirk Haworth, Chef and Co-Founder of Plates London says, “Eggs are a classic brunch dish, so it’s been great sharing my ideas for showstopping brunch dishes that help operators add the wow factor. Scrambled OGGS® are incredibly easy to use and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much like the real thing they are.”

Scrambled OGGS is perfect for brunch menus and will help operators elevate menus and widen the appeal of recipes, through reducing allergens while catering for growing numbers of vegan and plant-based diners; without compromising on taste. ®

Scrambled OGGS is a liquid plant-based egg made from chickpeas. Easy to use and versatile, it can be used like-for-like cooking with eggs. A proven source of protein, it whips up perfectly to create fluffy scrambles, savoury omelettes and creamy carbonaras. ®

OGGS® Aquafaba is 100% aquafaba, a reliable product with the perfect foam. As well as being an ideal egg alternative for popular frothy cocktails like espresso martinis and whisky sours, it can be used to create desserts from mousse to meringues and pancakes and batter. Pritesh Mody brought along his shaker from Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch Kitchen, to demonstrate his selection of deliciously frothy cocktails, Yuzu Sour and Garibaldi, perfect for both pre-made mixes

Pritesh Mody, leading drinks experts and TV mixologist from Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch Kitchen says,

and freshly made cocktails. Hannah Carter, founder and CEO from OGGS®, says, “We know brunch is hot right now, so we were excited to bring Kirk and Pritesh onboard for our Ultimate Brunch. Kirk is uncompromising on flavour and a strong innovator of plant-based dining, and we particularly loved his Breakfast Porridge Sponge served with Jam, coconut yoghurt and berries which elevates Scrambled OGGS® to a whole new level.” “Pritesh is super creative and his premium Yuzu Sour and Garibaldi cocktails added real sparkle to the occasion. Providing an elegant

“Frothy cocktails are on trend right now, providing a premium experience for consumers when they go out. OGGS® Aquafaba is easy to use and foams up a treat – adding a smooth creamy foam that doesn’t affect any flavours in the cocktails.” OGGS® Egg Alternative Aquafaba can be bought in one litre cartons (the equivalent to 20 eggs) from Brakes, Ritter Courivaud Ltd, Vegetarian Express and Country Range. Scrambled OGGS® is available in 330ml bottles, equivalent to 3 servings, from Brakes.

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Chef's Buyer's Guide

Easy Cook for an Easy Life Few ingredients in a chef's pantry provide more interesting textures or more versatility and profit potential than rice. Did you know that rice is the most popular grain on the planet and the primary dietary staple for more than half the world’s population? Despite the soaring inflation of food, US grown rice remains one of the most cost-effective ingredients in the food service pantry. US rice is very high quality and an ideal option when seeking to diversify your menu offering whilst crucially increasing your profit-per-plate margins; from Thai, Indian, Brazilian, Salvadoran, Chinese, Spanish, Turkish cuisines and beyond. With rice on your menu, you can take your patrons around the world. Rice is an economical choice for chefs and operators as commodity prices continue to increase. The ongoing Ukraine conflict has resulted in a global shortage of wheat resulting in huge price increases of bread and pasta, whilst the cost of potatoes has also risen significantly. Rice dishes are always popular, are ideal for diners seeking gluten free dishes and work exceptionally well when trying to maximise profits, particularly if using the grain as the main ingredient on the plate, adding smaller amounts of higher cost ingredients. Our top tips to keep your profit margins healthy: 1) Increase Vegetarian Choices. Rice lends itself perfectly to plant based and vegetarian menu options. 2) Rice is a fantastic tool in achieving a full-looking plate to help adjust portions as the price of costly

proteins continue to sky rocket. 3) Embrace World Foods – customers increasingly want to try new and unusual dishes – so look to the Caribbean, Africa and Asian to create low cost, high-margin rice-based meals. 4) Cut down on waste by repurposing leftovers, prepped ingredients from a previous service can be utilised to create dishes like fried rice and stir-frys. Tropical Sun USA Rice is: • A free from food with no GMOs • Contains 15 essential vitamins and minerals • One cup has 23% of your daily recommended folic acid • Gluten free Tropical Sun USA Easy Cook Rice is cultivated in the southern American states of Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri and Texas. Tropical Sun USA Easy Cook Rice is steamed before milling. This process allows the rice to harden therefore making it less sticky, so the grains remain separate when cooking. As a result, this helps the rice to retain much more of its nutritional content, which is normally lost during cooking. Tropical Sun USA Rice is available in catering size packs of 5kg, 10kg, 20kg and 40kg from Wanis International Foods, either from their huge wholesale cash and carry in East London or for nationwide delivery. For more information, please visit; email or call 0208 988 1100

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Plant-Based Bottomless Brunch With Oggs ®

With plantbased diets a growing trend, it’s more important than ever to ensure that menus are as inclusive as possible. This Veganuary, over 600,000 people signed up to go vegan for a month. Eggs were the second most missed product over this time (14% of participants), with options when eating out being the major barrier to sticking to the pledge (26% of participants). Enter OGGS®, creators of OGGS® Aquafaba and Scrambled OGGS®. On a mission to remove unnecessary eggs from the food chain, OGGS® products are perfectly designed to provide your customers with delicious alternatives that are better for the planet and the animals. Scrambled OGGS® is an egg alternative for breakfast and brunch menus made from chickpea protein. Simply shake, pour and cook in minutes for a breakfast scramble to take centre stage on vegetarian or vegan brunch. You can also create omelettes, quiches and so much more with Scrambled OGGS®. Producing 60% less CO2e than eggs, it’s not just kinder to animals, but the environment too. Restaurants including Bill’s and Shepherd Neame are already using Scrambled OGGS® to innovate

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across breakfast and brunch menus, from indulgent vegan full English breakfasts to plantbased carbonara. OGGS® Aquafaba is an egg white alternative made from chickpeas, an innovative solution to removing egg whites from cocktails. With six months shelf life and a neutral flavour profile, OGGS® Aquafaba functions exactly the same as egg whites in cocktails, while removing an allergen from your menu. With 72% less CO2e than eggs, you can create the same delicious drinks without the egg using OGGS® Aquafaba for a more inclusive and environmentally friendly cocktail menu. Will at 31k in Nottingham said: “Every other drink we sell is a cocktail, and 1 in 4 for those calls for a foam. That’s 100 cocktails a night which would call for 100 eggs. Thanks to OGGS® , we’ve saved 100 discarded yolks and 100 broken eggs shells each shift - and the hassle of rinsing spilled egg whites! OGGS® is hassle-free in use, taste-free in cocktails, and guilt-free as it helps us lower our environmental footprint.” For more information contact

Chef's Buyer's Guide

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Fylde Fresh and Fabulous Based in the heart of the Fylde countryside Fylde Fresh and Fabulous Ltd are a well-established family run business with over 30 years of history growing and processing potatoes. We are passionate about what we do. We grow, harvest, store, process and deliver fresh chips and potato products under the Triple F brand to customers the length and breadth of the country. We operate 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We are BRC AA accredited and Red Tractor approved, making us a reliable supplier to the foodservice industry.

POWERED BY POTATOES Fylde Fresh are committed to supporting the environment. We have our very own anaerobic digester which is uses all of the peelings generated from the potato process. This produces biogas which powers the site and the local community and produces a fertilizer for growing next years spuds.


potato products direct to your door via a network of distributors across the UK. We offer a number of fresh potato products from fresh chips to whole peel and quarter cuts. Our chilled products take all the hassle out of food preparation. Products can be delivered fresh daily. There’s no waste, prep time, labour cost or mess. All you need is chilled space. We aim to take the stress out of potato preparation. Why not contact us today for a free sample. Just email and one of our sales team will be in touch directly to deal with your enquiry. FFF chips are now available to buy online from our website For all the readers of Caterer Licensee Hotelier Magazine we are offering a 10% discount off any purchase of either FFF chips or 20mm chunky chips online. Simply add discount code CLHM001 when purchasing any of these two products from our website

We provide national coverage, delivering our fresh

We’ve Got A New Website! What Do You Think?

Its official, we have done it! Our new website fresh from the oven as it were – we think it has turned out rather splendidly. Truth be told, this has been some time in the making. But the best things come to those who wait.

It will give us fresh impetus and the means to add more LittlePodders to our growing family. It will help us to showcase our products and support vanilla farmers in the Equatorial regions. It will enable us to underline our most important message: that if you choose to use real vanilla, you will make a difference to our world.

Some of our personal highlights include the hummingbird that buzzes around our beautiful homepage and all our delicious new recipes from our chef ambassador, and Master Chef of Great Britain – The Peter Gorton Collection . We would like to know what YOU think, so please, pop the kettle on, have a good look around and do get in touch and share your thoughts. Make sure you continue to join us on Instagram (follow @little_pod and use our hashtag #CampaignForRealVanilla). Visit

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Spirits, Mixers and Cocktails Cocktails Defying Cost of Living Impact 40


Issue 129

seen cocktails listing branded spirits on menus when visiting bars and/or restaurants in the past 3 months, and 44% have subsequently ordered these cocktails.

The post-lockdown return to market has seen a growth in demand for premium serves amongst treat-seeking consumers. But, the price of cocktails is rising, against a broader market backdrop of growing inflation and a cost-of-living crisis. As a result, consumers are increasingly focusing on price and value. And their price-consciousness highlights a renewed onus on pricing and promotional mechanics for the category. CGA by NielsenIQ’s survey of 1,000 nationally representative GB On Trade cocktail drinkers revealed that 19% of GB consumers drink cocktails out of home. Out of 9 million cocktail drinkers, 67% are very likely or quite likely to pay more for a higher quality cocktail, (+7pp vs Q1 2021). Many consumers are undecided on the cocktail they will choose before visiting. But, the most important factors when choosing a cocktail are – 1. flavour(s) 2. ingredients 3. is already tried and tested 4. on promotion 5. price compared to other cocktails The cost challenges currently facing bars, pubs and nightclubs mean that costs are being squeezed, and some price rises will have to be passed on. These cost expectations have grown across the On Premise, with consumers expecting sharp increases to prices on each drink in restaurants (+£1.18) and nightclubs (+£1.51) vs Q1 2021. This includes significant increases in expected price points for cocktail serves, with inflated prices especially in the nightclub sector.

“VALUE FOR EXPERIENCE” Despite cost of living increases, consumers are still planning to prioritise

food and drink spend, but they are increasingly “value led”. For a significant proportion of consumers, this means “value for experience”, for example – is the price worth paying for? Value is considered to be more important than price, however value doesn’t necessarily mean cheaper, but can be considered synonymous with quality. To this end, high-quality, premium cocktails that are part of a memorable experience will keep visitors coming back. Price is also important to consumers, even if it’s not the most important factor in choosing a cocktail – with 56% of consumers purchasing this drink type on promotion every time or almost every time they go out for cocktails (+8pp vs Q1 2021). In addition, non-cocktail drinkers are 32% more likely to be tempted by an offer to change to the category. Phillip Montgomery, director of client services – UK & Ireland, said: “Many consumers are alleviating the rising cost of cocktails by focusing more on the availability of deals and promotions, as they assess the value outlets are offering. So, offering cocktails at great value is important for operators and suppliers hoping to appeal to a much broader consumer base, rather than just competing for consumers who actively seek high quality cocktails.”

BRANDED SPIRITS The latest CGA Consumer Impact report shows that in the past month 2 in 5 consumers have visited the On Premise 3 or more times and 56% of consumers’ last trip to the On Premise was within the past week. Visitation levels remain positively steady compared to the previous month, however 38% of consumers have been out for a drink-led visit, up +2pp compared to July; likely driven by consumers wanting to make the most of patio season and the warmer weather. Significantly, the report reveals that almost 3 in 5 cocktail drinkers have

Flavourful Fun Fast Frozen Cocktails We’ve all been there. Queuing at the bar for up to 30 minutes as the bartender uses their mixology skills to make a huge order of complex cocktails from scratch. You don’t want this for your thirsty customers. With an Absolute Frozen Cocktail Machine, you can forget never ending queues. It takes upto 1 minute per cocktail! To make them, you add alcohol, neutral slush then flavoured syrup to the cup. All in under 1 minute. It’s really that simple. The possibilities are endless. There’s no ‘order 2 of the same cocktail’ catch in a 2-4-1 deal because of the slow process. Your customers can order lots of cocktails in one round without holding up the queue. Your whole menu can be made with just one Absolute Frozen Cocktail Machine thanks to the neutral base syrup in the bowls. Our extensive range of syrups cater to everyone’s tastes, from fruity flavours like strawberry, to sweet flavours like pink lemonade and sour like sour cherry.

Among consumers who have ordered cocktails including branded spirits in the past 3 months, 2 in 5 have done so every time/almost every time they have visited the On Premise – highlighting the influence this brand exposure has when positioned as a key ingredient in a preferred cocktail type. There is still significant room for growth in this area for brands to entice consumers to try a branded spirit in a cocktail, by optimising this crucial part of the consumers’ path to purchase – 52% of consumers order cocktails with branded sprits only occasionally when visiting bars and/or restaurants. Typically, when ordering spirits, 43% of spirits drinkers order by specific brand, while just over a third (33%) order the category generally, and 24% do so depending on the situation. This presents suppliers with the opportunity to engage loyal brand consumers, and to drive consumers to trial brands when presented in a range of cocktail serves. Matthew Crompton, regional director – North America, said “Casual dining chains continue to be the most visited venue type in the On Premise, with over half of consumers visiting the channel in the past 3 months. Working effectively with target outlets to get branding and branded descriptions on menus can help boost visibility further to influence cocktail choice. It’s important for suppliers to consider the effectiveness of branded and non-branded options when building On Premise strategies with operators and independents.” Steady Level of Consumer Visits On Premise satisfaction remains high across the board, particularly around quality of service. The research also suggests operators and suppliers can expect steady levels of consumer visits to bars and restaurants in the upcoming month, and new opportunities to entice target consumers to repeat purchase and trial brands.


Not only are you serving a lot quicker, these fun drinks will have them coming back for more. Once they’ve tried one of your frozen cocktails, they’ll be returning again and again to try the whole menu. Plus, you can sell frozen cocktails for a significant markup so profiting from each cup is inevitable! We’ve put together a CLH readers promotion; a package worth 2,000 drinks for FREE! Within this, you get high-quality Absolute Slush/Cocktail Syrups (choose from the standard package or opt for whatever flavours you’d like), glassware and P.O.S material, including menus and an A board to promote your fantastic drinks. With this package you can earn profits of £10,400 as your only cost is the alcohol, based on 1 x 25ml shot per cup. After this Lease or purchase an Absolute Frozen Cocktail Machine from us at Absolute Drinks. We supply and install the equipment, provide service throughout and sell stock and supplies! Get in touch for a free quote or appointment with a rep – 01942 607 634,

Spirits, Mixers and Cocktails

Cocktails Defying Cost of Living Impact (CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE) “Being able to truly understand the nuances of consumer preferences, need states and motivations to influence effective decision-making is key to success. On Premise occasions are important to consumers, and suppliers and operators need to be able to cater to the needs and expectations during visits,” said Matt Crompton.

WHAT ARE THE UK’S FAVOURITE COCKTAILS? Well, earlier this year on trend online retailer IWOOT conducted an analysis to see what are the top cocktails of 2022.

Issue 129



To determine the rankings, the team looked at the previous 12-months of Google Search Data and calculated the monthly average for each cocktail. These average totals were then stacked up against one another to determine the winning beverage. The UK’s most popular cocktails • • • • •

Porn Star Martini (108k Monthly Google Searches) Espresso Martini (92k Monthly Google Searches) Piña Colada (71k Monthly Google Searches) Cosmopolitan (66k Monthly Google Searches) Mojito (57k Monthly Google Searches)

‘Mix Like An Italian’ With The New Range Of Premium Mixers From Sanpellegrino As cocktail consumption continues to surge and popularity of low and no alcohol serves continue to rise, Sanpellegrino brings its 90 years of drinks experience, natural quality ingredients, exceptional citrus heritage and unique sparkling bubbles to the super premium mixers market with its new range. Superbly balanced bitter-sweet, crisp and vibrant flavours, presented in beautifully premium glass bottles, the Sanpellegrino mixers range includes Tonica Citrus, Tonica Oakwood, Limonata, Aranciata, and brand-new Ginger Beer and Tastefully Light Tonic. Since 1932, Sanpellegrino has crafted Italian sparkling drinks with selected and refined ingredients, masterfully mixed by Italians to create authentic, refreshing premium drinks with a distinctive citrus flavour. The new range aims to bring people together in the Italian way through the traditional aperitivo drinking occasion. The six premium sparkling drinks are made to uplift

shared drinking occasions, whether mixing into a cocktail, elevating a mocktail or serving over ice with a slice; inviting consumers to savour their drinking moments in style. Michela Tasso, Sanpellegrino UK Brand Manager says: “We can see that early evening consumption from 5 to 8pm – known in Italy as the aperitivo moment - keeps growing and that a strong cocktail offering provides great benefits to outlets; with cocktails accounting for 7% of total venue food and drink sales in 2021, compared to just 4% in 20191. Italian to our core, this ‘aperitivo hour’ is something we have always embraced at SanPellegrino and are delighted that we can now enhance this moment with the launch of our new Italian mixers range. Indeed, for moments to savour, mix like an Italian.” Available to purchase online and in the on-trade directly from Nestle Waters. See the advert on this page for details.

Bottleproof Cocktails – Allowing All Venues To Serve Quality Cocktails Bottleproof Cocktails have been supplying their premium range of pre-made bottled cocktails exclusively to the hospitality trade since 2016. Customers include hotels, theatres, restaurants, pubs and events venues across the UK. Why choose Bottleproof? Well, they have a range of over 25 cocktails including 0% cocktails and they only supply the on-trade. Plus they have received a list of awards as long as your arm from IWSC, Spirits Business and LSC. Their cocktails are, as Charlie Anderson, co-owner of Bottleproof says, “created to replicate the perfect bar serve. They are all full abv and we only use premium ingredients and branded spirits just as a top bar would. We don’t add any preservatives, flavourings or colourings so they really are the real deal with no synthetic tastes” Bottleproof cocktails are now served in some of the UK’s best hotels, pubs and restaurants and the reason, other than the taste, says Mark Thompson, co-owner, who heads up sales, is ”they can be served in less than 30 seconds, require no training (other than

how to use a cocktail shaker) and allow venues far greater stock control. Both Charlie and I have either worked in or supplied the ontrade for over 20 years and we understand the hospitality business. I think the fact that our cocktails are an on-trade exclusive is really appealing to our customers. Also, the post lockdown staffing difficulties have seen many venues really struggle with staffing and serving cocktails with un-trained staff has been a real issue. Bottleproof’s cocktails have provided a solution” In addition to their range of cocktails, Bottleproof also make many bespoke cocktails for customers, including a cocktail designed specifically for hotel rooms that requires no ice and no shaking! With a range of 0% cocktails as well, Bottleproof really can allow trade venues a full and balanced cocktail list. And Eco-friendly Paper bottles options….. Bottleproof Cocktails are available either direct or through selected trade wholesalers. For more details, visit or email



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Outdoor Leisure

Sovereign - Bringing Imagination Into Play

With decades of experience in the play industry, Sovereign pride themselves on the quality and longevity of their outdoor play equipment. Perfect for busy, family-friendly establishments, Sovereign’s flagship range of timber towers have infinite play value are a great addition to any outdoor area. We think you’ll love: Popular for a reason, the Captain Mannering (named after a pub local to Sovereign’s Essex headquarters) incorporates four tower units to give extra space and capacity to satisfy older and more active children. It provides a challenging play environment which will inspire endless possibilities for imaginative play. A truly impressive addition to any play area. The Republican Bench and Table Set is designed with commercial areas in mind. Built with our robust planed

Pop-Up for Profit! ‘Pop-up’ barbecue means paring back to folding gazebos and collapsible tables, two or three cool boxes with thermometers thrown in and a hand wash within easy walking distance. At all levels of operation, initial costs can be much lower, outdoor areas can still be multi-purpose and storage space is kept to a minimum. Spot the ‘deliberate’ mistake in the cartoon. BIG TIP: HSE don’t like cool boxes sitting on the ground, even with lids!

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Whilst Cinders gas barbecues fold flat for easy storage, the popular Classic TG160 model is capable of over 1000 burgers a day at a large event, - which must be the fastest pay-back on equipment ever! Made in Britain and with a two-year warranty for commercial use, the work-horse TG160 will also hum away in the corner of a beer garden with our flat griddle on one

and pressure treated timber, this set is perfect for high traffic areas and a great edition to beer gardens and outdoor seating areas. Ideal for smaller areas, the Foxtail features a slide, rock climber and a fireman’s pole to keep children entertained for hours! The Thumper is a truly impressive addition to any play area, this tower incorporates many of the features seen in other models, with the addition of a further deck area that allows extra space and capacity to satisfy older and more active children. With a 20 year warranty on all timber products, 25 year warranty on all metal products and the option for Sovereign Compliance inspection and maintenance packages, Sovereign equipment will bring joy to children and families for years to come. Find us at side and a couple of gastronorms on the other, to deskill and make life a little less fraught. Smaller half sized models also available – Have a great summer and remember, POP-UP for EASIER PROFITS.

Outdoor Leisure

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Authentic Spanish Sangria – Now In A Can!

Sangria Solsueño, an authentic Spanish sangria, is now available in a 330ml slimline can, bringing a ray of liquid sunshine to the UK market and beyond.

Crafted in the Denominacion de Origen protected region of Jumilla in Murcia, Spain, Solsueño is a 5% abv, bright red, easy-drinking liquid, and is instantly recognisable as a genuine sangria. Tim Smith of Solsueño explains, “the advantages of a ready-made liquid are consistency, time saved in preparation and no wastage. Solsueño is ideal for all indoor and outdoor settings, available as a single-serve reflecting modern consumption patterns and in a format which is innovative and convenient. It can, of course, be added to a jug for the sharing experience

with ice and fruit’’

Solsueño is vegan, gluten free and uses only natural ingredients, plus is packaged in an eco-friendly can format. With high awareness levels of sangria amongst UK consumers, and the travel challenges faced in recent years, Solsueño is bringing a much-needed taste of Spain to the UK! To receive a free Solsueño sample pack and back bar display unit, limited to the first 100 requests, visit: Find out more at or get in touch via email

Keeping Food Hot? We Have All The Answers First of all, you will want one of our world beating Kanga boxes and a Carbon Heater. You can then keep food hot indefinitely and fully comply with HACCP regulations. Sounds too good to be true? Well we only supply premium German manufactured products from stock at incredibly low prices. The insulated box manufactured from top quality expanded polypropylene is a dense closed cell insulation material but incredibly light to handle when empty for example the GN insulted box with a 117 mm internal depth only weighs just over a kilo and yet holds a massive 21 lts capacity. Now combine the Kanga box with a Carbon Heater and the magic begins, hot food all the time!

Our range of Carbon heaters offers two voltage options 12 volts for car operation using the cigarette lighter socket or 230 volt mains voltage for internal or external mains use. The big advantage of the Carbon Heaters they are absolutely fool proof just insert them in the bottom of the box turn on and forget, there are no consumer controls the temperature is pre-set at the factory at 75 deg C. The Carbon Heater is very light at only 700 grammes and does not take up much room only being 10mm thick. Dishes can be place on the Carbon Heater straight out of the oven up to 120deg C. Finally quick and easy to clean just wipe over with a damp cloth. Contact Catering Equipment Limited on Tel: 0121 773 2228 or visit or

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Outdoor Leisure

Moda, Where Outdoor Furniture Really Means Business Unlocking the potential of your outdoor space can be a seriously good business move. Whether you need a place to close deals with clients, a second meeting room or a nineteenth hole par excellence, taking your work outside offers huge attractions. And as the UK’s leading luxury outdoor furniture brand, Moda is ideally placed to help turn your vision into reality. Having started out as a family-run company in 2014, Moda has quickly established a reputation for innovative furniture solutions with exceptional customer service. This has led to a growing demand for their services from an increasingly diverse client base, as a greater variety of commercial sectors have looked to transform their outdoor spaces.

A TAILORED APPROACH With a dedicated Commercial team, Moda’s clients can choose from a vast collection of furniture sets to meet all business requirements.

UNIQUELY MODULAR, UNIQUELY MODA Your outdoor space can change from one day to the next, which is where Moda’s flexible modular systems really come into their own. All of their furniture ranges

Monster Mesh

Monster Mesh is a leading events and construction branding company, specialising in supplying large format printed products.

We specialise in large format full colour and dye sublimation printing for weather resistance, strength and durability. Our top-quality products match the service you should expect, and we supply direct to brand owners, event management, construction, and signage com-

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have a number of modular configurations that can be customised - move them around your business areas, expand your collection, split them up or put them together to complement your changing commercial requirements.

SMART FURNITURE TO DRIVE BUSINESSES FORWARD With their all-weather materials and uncompromising build quality, Moda furniture collections are meticulously engineered to withstand the demands of the modern workplace - and the great British weather. Every item of luxury outdoor furniture is designed exclusively in-house. This allows Moda to offer a perfect balance of both style and substance that can be enjoyed all year round. What’s more, Moda’s market leading three-year commercial guarantee offers commercial clients peace of mind and their aftercare policy and maintenance packages reinforces their commitment to client satisfaction. Take the first step to maximising the use of your outdoor space. Talk to one of Moda’s Commercial Business Development Managers. Tel: 033 3363 7015, email: or visit

panies. We can provide a range of custom designed and printed products for HERAS fence covers, PVC and ACM Hoarding panels, PVC and mesh banners, and large scale scaffold wraps. We have been in operation for 4 years now, continually growing year on year thanks to both new and return clients. At Monster Mesh we agree that your brand needs to generate the right impact. Getting an eye-catching design is the most important when displaying your banner amongst others, so at Monster Mesh we offer a complete in-house design service. Most of the time this is a free service where our team of designers will take your logo and a brief sample of text to create your individual design. Throughout our years of experience in large format design, we have learnt several ways to produce the impression you desire. The majority of our products include free delivery and typical lead times are just 7 working days, with some products available through our 5-day express service. To find out more, please visit

Bolsius Professional Helps Operators to Unlock Revenue As consumers flock to pub gardens and restaurant terraces, Bolsius Professional has released a new guide for operators keen to capitalise on their outdoor spaces. Combining stunning exteriors, design tips and costeffective ideas, ‘Investing in outdoor: attract and retain customers to grow revenue’ provides ideas and guidance on creating a compelling multi-sensory outdoor experience for customers. The premium candle specialist has launched the report in response to changing market dynamics over the past few years. This includes, the government relaxing of pavement dining laws during the pandemic, which allowed restaurants, pubs and bars to serve food alfresco and new legislation plans to make this permanent, representing a valuable opportunity for operators with outdoor spaces. Paul Christodoulou, National Account Manager UK & Ireland Out of Home and Hospitality at Bolsius Professional and Member of the Institute of Hospitality said, “Outdoors is most definitely in – and now more than ever. Before, outdoor spaces were a ‘nice to have’ – used almost exclusively when the British summer finally arrived. However, as a result of the pandemic, savvy pubs, bars and restaurant made the most of their outdoor space in recent years, and they are now seen as an opportunity By investing in your outdoor space and creating a welcoming atmosphere customers want to stay in and revisit again and again, operators are not only able to serve more covers over the summer months, but growth their full offering through additional year-round space. To support, we’ve pulled together a selection of tips and ideas for operators, from furnishings to foliage and comfort to candles we’re helping them to unlock revenue through expanding into this typically under-utilised area.”

Bolsius Professional is a leading candle manufacturer, with an extensive range of indoor and outdoor candles designed specifically for restaurants, bars and hotels. To discover more about their candle range, and to download a copy of the Bolsius Professional guide ‘Investing in outdoor: attract and retain customers to grow revenue’, go to

Products and Services

Your Perfect Print Partner Bournemouth-based Aspenprint is the leading provider of design and print to hotels across the UK. The talented team are competent at working with big name brands and adhering to brand guidelines, as well as creating bespoke designs for smaller boutique hotels. In addition to providing a graphic design service they also have a large 20,000 square foot print facility filled with digital and litho machines as well as large format and finishing department to cater for all manner of print projects. Aspenprint’s wide range of hotel products includes Christmas brochures, Wedding brochures, key card holders, door hangers, branded chocolates, menus, menu covers, branded pens, outdoor banners, giant

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deckchairs, gift vouchers, branded merchandise and everything else a hotel might need to maximise its marketing and boost bookings. Managing Director Ian Shenton commented; “We’ve been in the print business for over 50 years and have a strong team of staff who all know the hospitality industry inside out. We truly understand how to market a hotel through effective use of design and print, and can turn projects around within a matter of days. We pride ourselves on building a solid working relationship with our loyal clientbase. Our ever-expanding product range keeps customers coming back to us month after month, and our excellent customer service and high quality design and print keeps them more than happy to use Aspenprint." For more information please visit their website at or request a free sample box of hotel related design and print by emailing

Better Beer, Better Business A Compostable Straw That Does

Operating in over 3000 venues nationwide, Clear Brew are the beer line cleaning professionals that you can rely on to help reduce waste, save money and time, and improve the quality of the draught products you serve your customers. At Clear Brew, we understand that recent challenges such as staff shortages and inflation can add pressure to a business. We are pleased to be able to help over 3000 licenced premises across the country by providing a fully managed, regular beer line cleaning service. Our experienced technicians maintain dispense quality across both keg and cask lines on an extended frequency. During each visit, your local technician will carry out a full line clean and cellar check to ensure your products and equipment are kept in top condition. Our labour inclusive system comprises of a specialised water fed mixing unit, that uses no electricity or propellant gas, combined with inhibitor technology and market leading chemicals. This results in a service that is guaranteed to save your venue money, reduce your waste and improve the quality of your draught products.

INTRODUCING OUR NEW CELLAR REPORTING APP Our service now includes our new cellar reporting app, paired with our fully managed beer line cleaning service this adds real value to any operator in todays licenced sector. The app has been designed to provide our customers with information related to their cellar and bar on each and every clean. Customers are able to view the ullage, water, labour, and chemical savings they are making on each clean, they will see that standards are being maintained within the cellar and all associated equipment is being cleaned and checked and any possible

concerns have been highlighted. The Clear Brew service combined with the cellar reporting app allows our customers to be confident that their beer, bar, and cellar are being well maintained and managed.

OUR GUARANTEES 1. Guaranteed to reduce ullage, improve your carbon footprint and save you money. 2. Guaranteed to improve beer dispense quality, protecting yields and sales. 3. Guaranteed to relieve the stress associated with organising staff. 4. Guaranteed to provide professional, fully trained operators. 5. Guaranteed to carry out the first clean FREE of charge and provide a service without any contracts or upfront costs. ‘Great service, always on time and great value for money. Would recommend to any venue big or small. Saves a lot of time and energy when we are all busy.’ Lloyd Price, Proprietor.

START A CONVERSATION WITH CLEAR BREW TODAY We are so confident in our cleaning method that we don’t request a contract and provide an initial survey and clean completely FREE of charge. During this first visit we will measure your ullage and produce a full quotation that will clearly show how much you can save. BII members’ exclusive offer: 10% off your beer line cleaning for the first 12 months. (QUOTE REF BII10) 01209 219889 See the advert on page 9.

There Is No Planet B At BioPak, creating sustainable packaging that puts the planet first is at the heart of what we do. Singleuse packaging can be unavoidable, but we can help reduce the negative impact on the environment.

stock. Our warehouse is full to the brim of our standard stock, so give us a ring whenever you need anything. We also offer next-day delivery services, so it’ll be with you in a flash.

As well as being manufactured in an eco-friendly way, and commercially compostable and recyclable, BioPak single-use packaging has a host of other benefits, like guilt-free convenience. It also saves the water and energy required to sanitise reusables, and eliminates the need for cleaning labour.


There is no planet B. That’s why it’s our mission to produce the most sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging on the market. So what’s in it for you?

YOUR OWN ACCOUNT MANAGER At BioPak, our account managers are fully dedicated to our customers. They’ll be there every step of the way, right from when you get in touch. They can advise you on the best packaging solutions for you, and generally just be a helping hand whenever you need them. You’ll have access to our free samples service, and our enquiry lines are open from 8:00am - 5:30pm.

NEVER RUN OUT OF STOCK We mean it when we say you’ll never run out of

Composting is the perfect organic recycling solution for food scraps and food contaminated packaging for the foodservice industry. That’s why we’ve created Compost Connect - taking the trouble out of composting. Ask us for more information.

MARKET LEADERS Our market-leading products are used by some of the world’s leading food and drink businesses and are unrivalled for their durability, quality and end-user experience.

MARKETING SUPPORT Work with our in-house creative and digital marketers to produce campaigns and collateral that clearly conveys the positive difference you are making. From brochures to social media assets, we’ve got you covered. Visit or see the advert on the facing page.

Not Go Soggy in Your Drink?

Agave Fibre Straws are a new 100% plant based compostable straw. Made entirely from natural fibres of the Agave plant, a biproduct left over as a waste material when making Tequila. Manufactured sustainability in Mexico, they are naturally biodegradable and compostable at end of life. They are also vegan friendly and gluten free. Agave straws break down naturally in as little as 12 months, but unlike paper they do not disintegrate or go soggy when submerged in drinks. Instead, they provide a similar drinking experience to plastic. This makes them the perfect choice for bars & restaurants serving high-end cocktails or smoothies, delivering a much-improved drinking experience for your customers. Not only is the experience improved, but unlike other ecofriendly alternatives such as PLA, they do not need any special waste separation or an

industrial process to be recycled. They break down naturally in the presence of oxygen and sunlight, meaning they will disintegrate in landfill or ocean conditions without any negative impacts on the environment. In Mexico, the relationship between the Agave plant and the people has been long intertwined. Within the region there are hundreds of variations of the plant in different shapes and sizes but in recent years, the plant has been mostly used to produce alcoholic beverages. Introduction of Agave straws to the UK market is the result of a collaboration between Penka & Buzz Catering which aims to continue a long-standing local tradition whilst creating a truly sustainable product that contributes to solving a global environmental issue. For sales and more information visit us online at or see the advert on page 15.

How to Cut Water Use, Bills and CO2 in One Simple Step Hospitality businesses could slash CO2 footprints, cut water use by hundreds of thousands of litres each year, and annually save over £1,200 on every three urinals operated, simply by switching to waterless technology. These findings have been released by Smarti Environmental, the UK’s leading waterless urinal business, following one of the driest and hottest summers in living memory, leading to water shortages, and drought measures across the UK. The savings are possible with the installation of Smarti Environmental’s eco-friendly waterless Vortex triple seal valve (TSV), which has been designed to cut urinal running bills by over half, at the same time as eliminating bad urinal smells, and blockages commonly experienced in flushing urinals. Ending the need for water, the eco-friendly, retro-fit Vortex valve typically saves 100,000 litres of clean water and 105kg CO2 per urinal, per year. It also prevents airborne infections caused by flushing urinals, which have been shown to spread 500,000 germs per inch, per flush, landing on skin, surfaces and clothing, spreading viruses including Covid-19, influenza and norovirus. The Vortex TSV fits 98% of all urinals, which means that businesses can retain their existing urinal bowls, and it also provides the fastest draining waterless urinal solution on the market. Utilising an eco-friendly bio-block enzyme ring and integrated bio-tablet that breaks down uric acid and bio

film proteins, the valve not only makes urine PH neutral a world first - but it also prevents costly and damaging back-fill flooding caused by the chemical reaction between urine and water, which leads to uric salt and biofilm build-up that often blocks flushing urinal waste pipes. With the ability to be fitted in under a day, Smarti’s waterless urinal solutions offer a great way to cut costs, carbon and water use simply, easily and with the minimum of fuss, enabling hospitality businesses to function even during periods of water shortages. Visit or call 01392 311 202 for a no obligation washroom survey and quote. See the advert on page 3 for further details.

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Ozone Clean Ozone Clean is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Ozone generating equipment to the hospitality sector as well as many other industries for Odour and Infection control. We supply a range of generators suitable for all applications both industrial and domestic that can effectively treat small to very large areas. Our company is multi internationally award winning and has rapidly built a strong reputation within Hospitality and other industries since our inception in 2005. Our goal is centred on supplying products that are efficient, safe and cost effective, backed up by an excellent service ethic and after sales operation. We have over 850 clients and 11 million rooms per year being treated with our equipment. In manufacturing we only use the highest quality parts which enables

Products and Services us to say that we still have machines that are still in use after 15 years. Therefore, our range of products are the most efficient and reliable on the market. Due to the efficiency and reliability of our flagship products the OC1500 and OC700, at a cost from 28p per day, we have empirical evidence, that by using Ozone Cleans range of products you will be able to enjoy an ROI within 12 months, often sooner. Genuine and provable results. This is achieved by the permanent removal of Odours, Bacteria, Mould and Viruses in as little as 5 minutes. Peace of mind, efficiency and reliability go hand in hand with Ozone Clean and don’t forget by using our OC range you will be having a positive impact on the environment as opposed to the traditional methods which have a high energy or chemical consumption. Should you decide to buy either our OC1500 or OC700 we will offer you a 15% discount exclusive to this article. Just quote OZO15. Web: Call : 020 8883 2756 Emails:

Denby Launches 'Kiln' Tableware are tested extensively and form part of Denby’s 10-year chip warranty.

‘Kiln’ tableware launched this year is a true celebration of British craftsmanship from iconic potters, Denby. Using age old pottery methods, Kiln has a calming colour palette of chalk white and hues of oatmeal and grey with a hand- decorated freckling glaze effect. Beautifully uncomplicated, Kiln creates a perfect setting to make food look stunning, the new freckling technique is designed to frame food yet is uniquely different on every piece. Kiln’s fully vitrified stoneware includes a new collection of serving bowls and platters in organic asymmetrical forms which make great statement pieces. There are also classic place setting items such as coupe plates, which are known as the ‘Chef’s plate’ as they are great for presenting food, that can be comfortably stacked and withstand use in a busy restaurant. Denby rigorously tests its products to tough industry standards and the pattern performs well against stringent hospitality criteria without looking like standard hospitality ware. Plate and bowl rims

Produced from local Derbyshire clay, each piece of Kiln’s artisan pottery is handcrafted by 20 pairs of hands at Denby’s original 200year-old pottery by craftsmen whose skills have been handed down over generations. Kiln shares Denby’s environmental attributes and is the conscious choice for hospitality venues who prefer to support “Made in England” ceramics. Denby was the first UK pottery to be zero to landfill on process waste and holds ISO14001 which is awarded when sustainability and the care of the environment form an integrated part of the production process. Kiln has all Denby’s inherent strengths, is freezer and dishwasher safe and can be used in the oven up to a temperature of 250ºC. For more information on Denby for Hospitality, visit www.denbypottery/hospitality or see the advert on page 6.

The Sausage Man Launches the Optimum Grab and Go Sausage Solution with Sausage2Go Launched at this year’s Casual Dining Show, The Sausage Man’s Sausage2Go unit, presents the perfect hot-hold solution for caterers across all sectors wishing to offer hot dogs as a quick serve or grab and go option. Specialists in authentic, premium quality German sausages, The Sausage Man, offers five bestselling sausages from its extensive range to kick off the Sausage2Go launch; choose from delicious Bratwurst, Bacon Krakauer, Cheese Frankfurters, Chilli Beef or Vegan Hot Dogs to entice custom. All sausages are fully cooked, ready to eat and reheat, and are supplied chilled or frozen, benefiting from a long shelf life. The sausages are offered for sale accompanied by high quality brioche baguettes from bakery brand St Pierre. The Sausage2Go unit, made by Flexeserve, the specialists in hot-holding, flexible merchandising solutions, facilitates the latest ground-breaking, patented air recirculation technology, retaining heat without over-cooking for perfect food condition, superior flavour and texture, and no moisture loss throughout the day.

Sausage2Go couldn’t be easier to use; no catering experience is required, and user-friendly control panels set over individual zones can be independently used to allow greater energy efficiency. Unit sizes range from countertop to freestanding with front and rear loading options, tailored to individual needs. Branding and packaging featuring The Sausage Man’s eye-catching visuals will also be available to further enhance the offer. For operators, the unit couldn’t be simpler to use and is especially useful for quick serve situations; on using the Sausage2Go unit at Ashton Gate Stadium Bristol, Dave Gorwill, Concessions Manager was impressed by its efficiency and by the popularity of The Sausage Man’s product; “When we launched the 150g Porky Hot Dogs from The Sausage Man, we were surprised how quickly they sold - we had to cook more before kick-off! We restocked again for the break and the fans seemed to love the sausages so much that this will become one of our biggest selling food items.” For product information, inspirational recipes and to find your foodservice distributor go to, email or call 01322 867060.

Commercial Kitchen Fit-Out FloorTech - At the Forefront of Flooring Technology ®

SUPER CLEAN, PINHOLE FREE, RESIN FLOORS Choose a FloorTech® commercial kitchen floor and protect the welfare of your staff.

Trazcon® has certified slip ratings and has superb upgrade potential for future modifications.

Our FloorTech flooring systems are HACCP certified ensuring that our customers have the most hygienic floor system. ®

Unit 6 Thames Trading Centre,Woodrow Way,Irlam,Manchester M44 6BP.

E: | T: Int 0161 775 2942 W:

Commercial kitchen floors are constantly being exposed to spillages such as fats, oils, grease, detergents and acids. Add heavy footfall to mix and you have the potential create an extremely hazardous environment. By choosing a FloorTech® commercial kitchen floor you are protecting the welfare of your staff by investing in the safest flooring system on the market. Trazcon® has certified slip ratings and has superb upgrade potential for future modifications e.g. increase anti-skid, change colour scheme etc. Our FloorTech® flooring systems are HACCP certified ensuring that our customers have the most hygienic floor system. Trazcon® Decór is primarily used in commercial kitchen and food prep areas, mixing baking & rooms, chill rooms, ingredient stores, connecting corridors, gowning rooms and washrooms, thereby creating a safe and fit for purpose working environment.

E: T: Int 0161 775 2942 W:


Commercial Kitchen Fit-Out Stephens Catering Equipment Stephens Catering Equipment were awarded the contract for the commercial kitchen Fit Out at Clayton Hotel, Bristol. Stephens worked for McAleer & Rushe Construction on the installation of a highly efficient kitchen, servery, and kitchen extract system for the new hotel. The full remit included: Berto’s Cooking Equipment, Rational self-cleaning combination ovens, Foster Refrigeration, Moffat Fabrication, Hobart Warewashing, and the extraction system was completed by Bridge Air. Stephens Catering Equipment (SCE) are the premier catering and food service equipment firm in Ireland and the UK, with 50 years track record of delivering some of the most prestigious landmark projects across the market. Working with a variety of clients from concept, design, build, install and commissioning thereafter to maintain and service the equipment to ensure clients

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objectives are consistently met. The SCE team are delighted to have played a role in the completion of this impressive project, which saw the Clayton Hotel located in the heart of Bristol open its doors in March 2022. Stephens Catering Equipment has extensive experience across all sectors but is particularly specialised in delivering optimal food service solutions for the hospitality industry. Commenting on the project, Ian Manson, Sales Director of Stephens Catering Equipment said, “We were delighted to design, install, and project manage the Fit Out of the Clayton Hotel, Bristol. We wish them great success in the future.”

We are proud to have designed, supplied & installed catering equipment to Clayton Hotel, Bristol

T: 028 25861711/ 0141 2660031 E:

Cut Bin Collection Costs Large bins of food waste are costly to collect and cause hygiene, health and safety, pest and smell issues.

Regular collection costs are rising but one way to cut these costs and improve hygiene is by switching to onsite food waste processing. Meiko’s BioMaster range features a hygienic stainlesssteel hopper which can stand alone or be built into tabling. BioMaster pulverises all typical food waste including oil, grease, liquids, fish skins and flowers. This is then pumped automatically to on-site sealed storage for collection by tanker. Collections could change to being every few months instead of weekly or fortnightly, saving a small fortune. Meiko BioMaster uses minimal water, is simple and safe to operate, cuts labour and saves floorspace by



replacing scrapping bins and wheelies. BioMaster stops food waste going to landfill and prevents discharge of food residue and fats from plate waste to drains.

EFFICIENCY: BioMaster processes all typical kitchen food waste including oils and fats. The slurry is pumped to storage tanks. Multiple small users such as a high street parade of food retailers or a food court could share BioMaster. LABOUR: BioMaster inlets prevent double handling. They can be sited in kitchens, prep areas and dishwash, saving labour and improving ergonomics by reducing secondary handling. SUSTAINABLE DESIGN: There is no need to place BioMaster into a stand-alone location. It can slot into the kitchen. Inlets can be placed within counters or in line with the dishwasher to replace scrapping bins. For further information see the advert below or visit E: T: 028 2586 1711 / 01412 660031

Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising

Commercial Kitchen Fit-Out

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Commercial Kitchen Fit-Out with Williams By Malcolm Harling, sales and marketing director, Williams Refrigeration The combination of modular, compact drawers with variable temperature controls and a front venting refrigeration system makes the VSWCD1 an extremely flexible option that can be fitted in to the tightest spaces, providing easy access to fresh or frozen ingredients right where the kitchen brigade need it.

These days kitchen space is getting squeezed, as foodservice operators look to increase their restaurant areas to get in more customers. The logical result of which is that, despite being smaller, the kitchen has to produce more meals. A new commercial kitchen fit out often has to comply with what the Foodservice Equipment Association (FEA) calls 20:20 vision: 20% more productivity from 20% less space. All of which means there’s a big demand for equipment that can help maximise the available space – such as the Chef’s Drawer from Williams Refrigeration. The latest version of these individual refrigerated drawers is the VSWCD1, a variable temperature unit that can be switched from chilled to frozen storage, keeping pace with a business’s changing needs.

Depending on the selection of castors or legs, the height of the individual drawer can be adjusted by over 70mmm, between 456mm and 530mm. Each VSWCD1 measures 1100mm wide by 670mm deep. Despite its compact size each drawer can hold 2/1GN pans up to an impressive 150mm in depth, compared to 100mm for some competitor models, giving it a capacity of 105 litres. Another advantage is the ability to stack two units beneath a standard worktop, creating an even more flexible storage solution. The body and removable drawers are constructed from robust, foodsafe stainless steel. The Chefs Drawer uses natural refrigerant and eco-friendly high performance, high density polyurethane insulation, meaning it can operate in ambient temperatures as high as 43°C. To learn more about Williams extensive product range visit

THE ALL NEW - SPH515 Hood Type Dishwasher The latest SPH515 hood type dishwasher from Smeg Foodservice, has a new and patented hood lifting design, making it one of the lightest in the industry and effortless for all operators in any installation. Fitted with the all-new 3 stage, interlocking water filtration system, the SPH515 ensures excellent wash performance and results. As standard, the machine has a drain pump, break tank and rinse and booster pump – ensuring safe, reliable and consistent results with every wash. The hood mounted soft touch con-

trols are easily accessible and provide simplicity for understanding and operation of the machine. For time sensitive sites requiring rapid throughput, there are 7 dedicated wash cycles with the fastest cycle being just one minute. The powerful wash pump delivers a superior wash and due to the machine’s soft start function, it does so without damaging delicate items. Thanks to the SPH515’s doubleskinned, fully insulated hood there is reduced noise and lower energy consumption. Visit www.smegfoodservice.

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Commercial Kitchen Fit-Out

New DrainMinor C (Combi Oven Pump) Creates Considerable Interest

R-TEC Services & Innovation Ltd. (previously known as Rational Technical Services UK Ltd.) demonstrated its Combi Oven equipment to commercial kitchen operators at the recent HRC ExCel London Exhibition. On the stand was a working demo of a Rational Combi Oven and the New DrainMajor C (Combi Oven Pump) manufactured by partner Pump Technology Ltd. This proved a focal point for Combi Oven manufactures, installers, maintenance engineers and users alike. Potential users were shown a number of significant advantages that this combi oven drainage pump offered. Very noticeable when viewing the exhibition demonstration tank with its clear side window was the large, triangular, low-level float attached to the pump by a rigid arm, external to the pump casing. Because of the design of this float system the unit can cope with an exceptional quantity of grease, fat and food particles before the reliable start/stop operation of the pump is affected. The triangular low-level float also means that inlet heights can be just 70mm from base to centreline, giving the appropriate inlet requirement for wall or central island Combi Ovens.

The build quality of the submersible wastewater pump was also a discussion point, with the mechanical shaft seal arrangement between pump impeller and motor winding generally agreed as an advantage over a common lip seal/diaphragm arrangement, especially considering the hot wastewater temperatures and potential grease which these units have to handle. It can be connected to multiple ovens or oven and sink combinations. Also, multiple inlet connections can be cut onsite directly into the rigid Polyethylene tank without the need to manifold inlets outside of the tank and then feed into it via a single inlet. This means that the installation footprint is just the size of the compact tank and potential leaks from knocked manifold piping and joints are eliminated. It looks like the New DrainMinor C is a winner and will soon be featuring in combi oven installations everywhere.

Cemco (The Catering Equipment Maintenance Company)

Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising Specialists in Servicing, Repairs and Maintenance of all Commercial Catering Equipment

Cemco undertake Service and Repairs to ALL Commercial Dishwasher and Glasswasher Manufacturers Including Hobart, Electrolux, Meiko, Winterhalter to name a few.

CEMCO carry out repairs, servicing and routine maintenance to all makes and models of commercial catering equipment, including dishwashers and glasswashers. We can also supply you with a new or used dishwasher …simply Contact Us for details of available Used Stock

We are based in Bournemouth & Poole and cover the whole of Dorset, along with the neighbouring counties of Somerset, Devon, Hampshire and Wiltshire.

Trust CEMCO for commercial catering dishwasher servicing!

Call us now, on 01202 377205 for a free quote to repair your dishwasher

Cemco (The Catering Equipment Maintenance Company) first opened for business in 1990, and have been serving Dorset, Wiltshire, Somerset, Bath, and the rest of the South and Southwest, ever since. We offer a full range of services, including servicing and repairs for all commercial catering appliances, ranging from small local projects to major national work, and everything in between. Specialising in commercial Glasswasher and Dishwasher repairs sales and service our reputation is second to none. We can offer you a no obligation quote now, so contact us for more information. CEMCO also carry out repairs to commercial catering equipment Dishwashers, Glasswashers, Ovens Grills Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset and The Southwest. We

undertake repairs and servicing to ALL, types, makes and models of commercial catering equipment. A repair is often far cheaper then a replacement! 30 Years in this Industry gives us the edge over our competitors, with time served Commercial Catering Equipment Engineers our clients have found we save them the cost of purchasing new equipment time after time…why buy new when a guaranteed repair is often all your Catering Equipment requires… We are based in Bournemouth & Poole, covering the whole of Dorset, as well as Somerset, Hampshire and Wiltshire. Call 01202 377205 now, to arrange a site visit



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Design and Refit

Make First Impressions Count with Major Plants get on with your business while we ensure that outside, your plant arrangements and presentation never let you down. Making sure your business looking good is our business!

First Impressions Count! Major Plants Limited specializes in providing cost effective, visually striking, hanging baskets rental and maintenance services. In business over 10 years our company grown through word of mouth via our satisfied and expanding customer base.

Whether you are seeking an alternative quotation to compare with an existing supplier or are looking at external flower arrangements for the first time our flexible agreement and personal service will give you a piece of mind reliable support for your business. Please get in touch! 0800 111 4014 –

We know that busy businesses have enough work to do without trying to remember whether the flowers have been watered, fed, or tidied up. Calling in the experts like Major Plants Limited means that you can

Catering for Children More Important Than Ever The hospitality industry is ever evolving, and even more so post-covid. Most families are now back to eating out on a regular basis, however, their requisite for restaurants has changed. Families are seeking clean, reliable, and hygienic facilities to accommodate their youngsters which now plays a huge role when selecting an appropriate dining venue. As a consequence of changing consumer habits, the demand for such facilities is growing from the hospitality industry. Helo is a leading UK supplier of both commercial highchairs, booster seats and baby changing units. The brand has been trusted to deliver quality, reliable furniture to the hospitality, leisure, and school sectors since 1999. All our products are rigorously tested to ensure they meet current British Standards.

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Helo offers an extensive range of commercial highchairs suited to any environment, ranging from the Eurobambino through to the Simplex Highchair. Many

high-street chains purchase the Eurobambino – Helo’s bestselling highchair. The Eurobambino is constructed from Rubber Wood and is available in a variety of finishes making it suitable for all decors, ranging from classic wood stains to more vibrant options. Further, the highchair is stackable up to 4 units thanks to its exceptional strength and design, this allows for compact, discreet storage in any location. On top of highchairs, Helo also supplies commercial baby changing units. These units are manufactured to the highest quality standards which helps create a safe, versatile, and longlasting, baby changer. Both our horizontal and vertical units are tested up to 100kg and include dual-purpose, heavy-duty fixings for guaranteed peace of mind. For more information visit Home - Helo Commercial High Chairs ( or give us a call on 01284 772400 or and we’ll do what we can to help.

Mayfair Furniture

Design and Refit

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Ireland & Europe. We are not just a supplier; we understand that from time to time hospitality and leisure establishments like to give themselves a fresh new look. That's why not only do we supply contract furniture, but when it's time for your establishment to go through a refurbishment we also offer a complete clearance service. We'll organise everything from a suitable time and date, professional clearance staff to remove contract furniture whether fitted or unfitted. 01733 310 115

Mayfair Furniture will be celebrating 10 years this year of providing the UK’s fastest and affordable commercial furniture. Supplying all kinds of establishments from high end hotel chains to small local takeaways. We keep in stock a huge variety of items ready for immediate dispatch, and can fulfil a wide range of bespoke orders. We deliver to all areas of the UK,

London Roof Garden Boasts Toilet Block Thanks to Saniflo The Queen Elizabeth Hall at the iconic Southbank Centre has a stunning roof garden and café overlooking the Thames. Filled with wildflowers and attracting bees and insects from all over London, it is a place to socialise, dine and even work when the weather is fine. Early in 2022 the team running the venue came to a consensus that the distance of the nearest WC’s was hindering the experience for clients and staff alike; customers had to descend the winding staircase back to the Royal Festival Hall in the main building. Richard Riley from building contractor, Eleven London, was contracted to construct a wooden toilet block with two separate WC’s and hand basins. With no gravity drainage available in proximity of the new block, a pumping solution was going to be the only way to discharge the waste away to the nearest soil

stack some 40m away. With input from the Saniflo technical team, including a visit to site to assess the potential run of pipework, a Sanicubic Pro 2 lifting station with twin pumps and a wireless alarm was specified and installed by Richard and his plumber. This powerful unit uses alternate pumps when operating normally, but in the unlikely event of a pump failure can switch to single pump operation in order to provide continuity of operation at all times. A wireless alarm offers early warning of any issues. The unit is installed in a cupboard to the rear of the block and provides quiet, efficient operation. The installation of the roof garden toilet block has proved to be an excellent investment with the whole space enjoying more visitors who stay for longer. For more positive solutions and inspiration, visit

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Design and Refit

Electric Water Heating & Hard Water Electric-only designs for water heating provide a simple-to-install, cost-effective, and familiar technology that delivers lower carbon emissions, addresses regulatory changes on new gas connections and improves indoor air quality (IAQ). For the high-grade heat required for domestic hot water (DHW) applications, there is a notable use of electric immersions, but this can have a catastrophic impact on a system if located in one of the hard water areas that span approximately 65% of the UK While excellent as backup heat sources in commercial boiler-fed indirect cylinders, immersions are not advised as a primary heat source in hard water areas where limescale will typically form on the heat exchanger or heating element. The high temperatures accelerate scale formation which can lead to costly system failure in as little as six months. When hot water is essential for

operations it’s a cause for concern. An electric boiler, such as the Adveco ARDENT, heats water using immersion heaters located in a small tank within the boiler housing rather than directly installed into a hot water tank. This creates a sealed ‘primary’ loop to an indirect coil in the cylinder, eliminating the common problems of direct electric heating. The electric boiler heats the same water continuously so there is only a small, finite amount of scale in the system which will not damage the elements. The electric boiler additionally offers a level of redundancy that is not achieved with a single immersion heater, and with significantly less scale, reliability also improves drastically reducing maintenance demands for operational savings.

CardsSafe - Protecting Assets Lock in Our Old Prices Today! Until January 2023, CardsSafe unit rental will remain at just £9.95 per month. We have been helping restaurants, bars, pubs, golf courses and other venues to securely retain their customer bank cards while they run a tab for almost twenty years. Since we introduced rental contracts in 2008, we’ve kept our prices as low as possible at just under a tenner a month and this has never increased. However, due to significant increases in both our cost of goods and related costs, we plan an increase in January 2023. Our existing customers will continue to benefit from our low prices, so if you’re considering CardsSafe for your business, or need additional units, lock in at just £9.95 per month (per unit) for the duration of your contract. Our cost-effective wireless technology has revolutionised how the hospitality industry manages their customers’ obligations, and we are trusted by over 5000 brands in the UK, including Hilton Hotels, Young’s pubs, Lord’s and golf resorts, including the London Golf Club. There are many benefits to using CardsSafe in bars,

restaurants and pubs:

• Managing customer tabs • Helping to increase spending, therefore profits • It is a significant deterrent for walkouts • Offers protection against credit card fraud – helps to build trust! • Pays for itself by reducing charge-back and walkouts • No data capture required to use • Customers have peace of mind that their bank cards are kept safely, and they keep the unique key! “Turnover increased significantly after CardsSafe was installed, and the system easily pays for itself.” Siobhan, The Prodigal London. CardsSafe is affordable! Each unit contains ten card drawers that can be hired for just £9.95 per month. Each hire comes with customer service troubleshooting and a number of free replacement keys. Additional units can be added at any time. The question is, can you afford not to have CardsSafe as a part of your business? For more information, please visit Or contact the sales team on 0845 500 1040

From Concept to Fit-Out with CFG A COMPLETE SERVICE The Contract Furniture Group offers pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels an end-to-end fit out service; from theme concepts & interior design, to bespoke joinery and final fitting. Recent projects range from the creation of a new private dining space in an exclusive restaurant, to the complete refurbishment of hundreds of bedrooms & public areas for an international hotel brand. Specialist divisions including customised fabrication, soft furnishings and installation mean the firm is well positioned to plan and execute all types of work on time and on budget.

WELL ESTABLISHED. WELL POSITIONED Formed in the late 1990s, the Contract Furniture Group has consistently grown to become one of the leading trade-only manufacturers and distributors of quality furnishings, fixtures and fittings for the hospitality industry. Its creative team relentlessly tracks the latest trends in interior design for commercial environments; and its sourcing team utilises suppliers around the world to ensure customers can achieve stunning results whatever the level of investment.

DELIVERING ON A GLOBAL SCALE The Contract Furniture Group holds around 30,000 stock items at any given time. As well as the ability to supply on demand, the business prides itself on its capacity to produce tailored and completely bespoke solutions to meet specific client requirements. Highly

skilled upholsterers work on- and off-site to quickly turn classic and contemporary furniture designs into individualised collections to meet brand standards. Experienced craftsmen create and fit custom-made installations including bars, flooring, fixed seating, lighting, case goods and all other elements of a complete commercial venue fit-out. With it’s creative and craftsman capabilities, Contract Furniture Group truly sets itself apart from other suppliers. Whether businesses need instant, low-cost replacement items, or unique design-led pieces to really make a venue special, Contract Furniture Group has the experience and expertise to deliver. For information or to order visit

Design and Refit

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Get Ready for Winter with Cosy Pub Furniture

As the nights draw in, the prospect of a fireside pint at the pub becomes more and more appealing. Creating a warm and convivial atmosphere is a must to tempt the punters in over the cold months, and the good news is that with Trent Furniture, cosy can be very cost effective. Sturdy construction and contract grade foam make our Portobello Tub Chair the perfect choice for comfortable seating in any pub, restaurant or lobby. The muted hues of the Autumn upholstery option creates an inviting atmosphere, while brown faux leather is easy to wipe and matches any décor scheme. Even bet-

Keep It Cool

ter, these versatile chairs can be used with low coffee or pub tables as well as dining tables. Sofas are another great way to create a warm and appealing space where customers will want to settle in for the evening. Trent’s timelessly stylish and hardwearing brown faux leather Chesterfield Sofa is available in two or three seater options and is the perfect companion to the matching Chesterfield Armchair. For more information on Trent Furniture’s large and varied range of cosy furniture please fill in our contact form or call us 0116 2989 661.

As you can see from our photo, we also hire and supply fridge/freezer trailers be it for Glastonbury, weddings, additional space for peak season or emergency use if a cold room fails. Please feel free to call 01237 423304 and discuss your needs.

Keep it Cool are the South West’s leading Independent Aircon, Refrigeration and Catering company, with almost 20 years of trading with small family concerns to large multi- nationals. We specialise in the very latest Co2 refrigeration systems, giving the highest energy efficiency and lowest environmental impact. Whilst our Air con team, install market leading air con systems with high energy efficiency heating and cooling to cafes, pubs and large offices. Our catering teams fix, repair appliances and also fit new kitchens from small to large.

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The South West’s leading Independent Aircon, Refrigeration and Catering company Please feel free to call 01237 423304 and discuss your needs



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What can a TROLLEY do for you?

What Can a TROLLEY Do For You? The elegant service trolley is an essential element of high tea. You could say this popular tradition in the hospitality world isn’t complete without it! Euroservice’s range of trolleys are a perfect complement to this popular service and will add

BOOST YOUR SALES ENHANCE YOUR SERVICE SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY! Standard or custom-made trolleys with your own choice of:

• COLOUR • SIZE • STYLE at affordable prices!

that touch of class. Hotels, conference centres, restaurants and coffee shops are sure to find a model to suit their décor. uroservice trolleys range from very traditional designs to more contemporary models. Any trolley, any size, any colour!

Trolleys are invaluable to good service and with a choice of style and colours to suit your environment, you are sure to find the right trolley for you. Contact our friendly sales team today and find out how much a trolley can do for you! Freephone: 0800 917 7943 e:

Additional Ranges as ILF Continue to Expand email;

With the continued success of the ILF Chairs comprehensive website, ILF have now added to the 2 chairs already stocked in 7 colours, a stock armchair in 7 different Faux colours, matching the chairs, plus a 6 colour range stock of Egger laminated table tops in a selection of sizes. A full range of table bases are also kept in stock. Their new online website offers both indoor and outdoor seating and table solutions.

Freephone: 0800 917 7943 e:

The use of a trolley will not only enhance your service but alleviate all too frequent staff shortages to ensure a swift and elegant service.

Divided into Contemporary seating, Barstools, Lounge Seating, Period Seating, Outdoor seating and tables plus Indoor Dining & Coffee height tables, offering a great selection of products to view at your leisure. Also included now an extensive range of stock seating, barstools, table bases and table tops.

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Most made to order indoor seating and indoor wooden table bases and tops can be finished to any customer specification. Outdoor items offer a variety of colours within the same product style. Also included is a link to priced chairs and table bases plus a selection of priced made to order seating in a selection of Faux Leather upholstery colours and wood frame colours. These products can also be supplied to customer specification, just ask for details. Enquiries can be sent to them directly from the website and they will reply within 24 hours. They hope you will enjoy the experience of viewing their easy to navigate website and they look forward to helping clients get the best products for their hospitality site.

Design and Refit

Sparkle Interiors, Interior Design, Professional and Online

man can receive all the information and updates they need, any changes immediately handled and issued back by e mail to all that are concerned. All the above changes mean the costs for the client, designer, QS and contractor have been reduced significantly or completely eliminated in some cases. This is why Sparkle Interiors is able to save the client so much on fees. Visit our website today to enquire, or contact us directly to find out more. Contact Email: Tel: 07957762280 Sparkle interiors has been set up to help our clients create fantastic interiors while saving on expensive designer fees.


The interior design industry has been evolving in recent years, companies have had to adapt along with many other professions. One of the main affects is on designers having to work remotely. For us its meant that we’ve been working on projects where actual site visits have not been a possibility, but this actually has had many positive effects on our process for both us and our clients. For example, briefing meetings can take place via video call, with plans, mood boards, etc discussed and edited live through screen sharing. All types of drawings can now be completed within a matter of days, rather than weeks with how easy it is now to share information. Gone are the days of visiting the site every week, holding long face to face meetings with all the contractors and any unnecessary steps that traditionally are there for the sake of it. Solutions to on site issues can also be addressed with our new online focused process, as the site fore-

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Design and Refit

Imaginative and Integrated Interior Design, Vicaima Makes It Real!

Vicaima, as one of the leading European exponents of contemporary joinery solutions, including interiors doors, doorsets, wall panels and associated furniture products, have just introduced a new brand for professionals called Infinity. Combining their extensive experience within this sector with the latest technological advancements in image realisation, they present a major step forward for the world of interior design, enabling creative vision to be made real, with imaginative design composition that encompasses multiple elements. No longer constrained by conventional limitations, Infinity provides scope for interior design professionals to think beyond what they thought was possible, towards what they would ideally like to achieve. Whether creating a theme that brings rhythm and repetition, or a more dramatic and contrasting vision with pronounced statement pieces, Infinity can make it real.

Once the design and hues have been chosen, it is then a matter of selecting which joinery elements can be combined to reflect the desired theme. Here Infinity broadens horizons and uniquely permits creators to match and play with individual pieces in a way that has traditionally been limited. Blending integral building elements such as interior door assemblies and decorative wall panels, with more ephemeral components like wardrobes and furniture to achieve the perfect balance. While flexible aesthetic design is the hallmark of Infinity, it should not be forgotten that as a Vicaima brand, superior quality and performance are integral to all elements. Exceeding industry recognised standards and in the case of doors and doorkits, third party fire accredited to both TRADA and the British Woodworking Federation, all products are environmentally produced and FSC certificated. Infinity marks a new era in design for interiors, whether in public, commercial or residential applications. Expanding, evolving and elevating both the creative process and eventual project realisation by combining visionary image technology with industry leading joinery manufacture, to achieve outstanding results. For more information or to request a brochure visit

Infinity permits almost endless possibilities when it comes to visual aspect, with choice of colour, tone, pattern and even the perception of texture. This enables interior designers and specifiers complete flexibility when aiming to deliver bespoke project solutions. However, for those professionals looking for insight from the Vicaima experts in trends and fashions, Infinity’s top three collections offer a myriad of fresh inspiration. Select from either wood, stone or metal for an immersive experience which includes among many others, Spalted Maple, Terrazo Amber and Antique Patina.

Property and Professional

Capify - We're Here to Support Your Hospitality Business For almost 15 years, Capify has worked closely with the hospitality sector, providing business owners with much-needed funding. We’ve been there through some difficult times – like the 2008 recession and Covid-19, and have continued to lend even when the banks have said no. We’ve recently conducted a Business Confidence Survey and found that cash flow and cash reserves are key concerns for business owners across the UK. Over half of those who responded also said they lack confidence in their existing banking partners to meet any future borrowing needs. We’re proud to have created an accessible business loan which is both quick and easy to apply for, and, once approved, the funds can be paid out in as little as 24 hours.

Laceys Solicitors Whether your business involves supplying alcohol, providing music, or late night refreshment to the public, every hospitality establishment (from restaurants, to hotels and bars, from off-licences to fast-food restaurants) needs to be properly licensed before it can start operating.

However, with the hospitality industry being so highly regulated, if you are looking to buy, sell, change or apply for a new licence in relation to the services your establishment provides, it can be confusing to know which you may need. This is where we can help. Laceys can assist with all types of premises licence applications in England and Wales, be it to obtain a new licence for a previously unlicensed premises, to transfer, or to vary an existing licence (should you wish, for example, to amend any conditions, approve a new layout plan, or appoint a new designated premises supervisor). We will prepare each application, engage with the responsible authorities, deal with any notice require-

The finance can be used for any business purpose, whether that’s: • Managing short-term cash flow issues • Purchasing extra food and drink • Hiring additional staff • Purchasing new catering equipment Our flexibility means we will try and look beyond your credit history when assessing your application and instead, we will consider whether your business has the potential to deliver solid and sustained growth. If you’d like to find out how much finance you qualify for, visit You’ll be taken to Capify’s website, where you can get a no-obligation quote within minutes. You’ll also be able to find out more information about the business loan and the unique and straightforward repayments. To find out more visit or call us on 0800 151 0980 to speak to one of our specialist finance sale team. ments and help ensure that your business is properly licensed. Should it be necessary, we have many years’ experience appearing before licensing committees, as well as at licensing appeal hearings at the Magistrates’ Court. We also have a strong success rate of representing clients whose licence has been subject to a review by the local authority and mediating on their behalf. With our connections, networks and in-depth industry knowledge, our team of licensing solicitors have a national reputation to provide you with reliable, responsive and relevant legal advice, whatever your licensing needs. If you need any further information, or would like to discuss a particular licensing matter you have, please either visit us at or contact Philip Day directly on or 01202 377800 and he will be happy to help.

Property and Professional

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Why Use a Specialist Hospitality Consultant? Answer: because we can help your business to succeed. with detailed analysis of your wages and being able to understand ‘’the way your business actually works’’ we can ensure that you are maximising the labour usage in your business.

With over 30 years of industry experience in the Hospitality sector, The Bowden Group’s Managing Consultant David Hunter will work with you to address the following elements: Profitability, Operational Strategy, Staff Management, Marketing and The Future of your business. David will also be on hand to give you extra (and this can be without any extra charge) support through our Sprowts4Mentoring system, to analyse, every single week, your business performance figures … giving you weekly analysis and concise reports, with appropriate guidance, to optimise your business’s Sales, Profitability and Staff Management.

Budgeting, Forecasting, Menu Management, Stock Controls, Purchasing, and controlling Variable Costs are just a few of the other areas that David Hunter, your Restaurant Consultant, will work on with you, and improve with you.



Our experts will analyse your entire operation and also its key operating figures if they are available. We then help you to identify strategies to manage costs and overheads associated with the core Profitability of running a Hospitality business. The largest overhead, even higher than Cost of Sales, is the Labour cost, so,

Managing people brings with it a whole set of new skills that are now needed more than ever. From ‘’Managing the Managers’’ through to Service and Kitchen staff, your team needs careful and skilful Management, Motivation, guidance and Development.

And YES … Covid19 changed a lot of things. We need to learn from those things! Right now we are experiencing massive increases in the cost of the raw materials that we buy … both Food and Drink. We will take that fully into consideration. When was the last time that you fully and meticulously costed out and priced correctly, every dish on your menu … both Food and Drinks?

We have a very good record in helping Hospitality business owners to implement processes that improve how they manage their people, which in

turn benefits the owners as well as the Team Members themselves. We can help you to manage ‘difficult’ people situations, to improve your operational planning, to recruit, train and manage your team better, creating a more productive, pleasant and ‘’retaining’’ working environment.

MARKETING We will help you build a workable, planned Marketing Strategy. We don’t do fancy, posh or expensive … we just recommend what our experience says will actually work for your business. It’s no longer enough to rely on word-of-mouth and repeat business. You need to employ a wealth of skills in a number of areas to ensure that your Marketing is attracting new customers and engaging with existing customers. From Digital Marketing, such as Social Media marketing, Websites, eMail Marketing and online advertising, to print design, Promotions and offline advertising, your Hospitality business should be constantly working on ‘’ all things Marketing’’. If your business is actually struggling, or if you just feel that it could be doing some things better, give David Hunter a quick call on 07831 407984 to arrange a ‘’Free of Charge’’ initial consultation (please quote CLH Offer), when David will discuss with you what could be achieved if you ask us to work with you.

The Westmorland Inn, Bowness-On-Windermere Comes on the Market The Westmorland Inn is quite simply a brilliant business that is only available as the owners wish to retire. With a highly rated restaurant & pub for the past 4 years on Trip Advisor, the new owners can be assured of a great business moving forward. With a large lower ground floor restaurant, fully equipped commercial kitchen, bar area with additional mezzanine area and then 8 great en-suite letting rooms. Is this a bar, with a restaurant and letting rooms, a restaurant with a bar and rooms or a B & B with bar and restaurant, we'd suggest all 3. The restaurant offers good traditional food, the cosy bar has a range of 5 real ales, draft lagers, wines, spirits and a large selection of gins together with everything else one might expect. Each of the 8 letting rooms are en-suite and are neatly presented and furnished. The business is currently owner operated but managed allowing the new owner to do as little or as much as they





Set In Around 2 ½ Acres

Licensed Thai Restaurant

Country Village Destination Inn

Well Renowned Country Village Inn

High Street Trading Position

Bar Areas (32+), Dining Room (43)

Restaurant Areas (40+)

4 En-Suite Letting Rooms, 3 Bed Private

Al Fresco Seating For 120+ & Car Park

Commercial Catering Kitchen

Car Park (50) Patio & Beer Garden (50+)

Exceptional Business Opportunity

Impressive Turnkey Opportunity

Character Restaurant Areas (94+)

LH £95,000


LH £15,000


Separate 3 Bed Detached Cottage

FH £695,000





Impressive 120 Cover Café/Takeway

Detached Country Inn & Restaurant Award Winning Business Bar/Restaurant (60+), Al Fresco Seating (50+) 3 Ensuite Letting Beds & Owners Apartment Commercial Kitchen, Car Park & Garage

High Quality Licensed 78 Cover Café

Impressive 6 Figure Net Profits Trading Day Time Only Outstanding Catering Business Well Presented & Equipped

FH £625,000


FH £625,000


Substantial Trade Levels & Net Profits Run Under Full Management Spacious Owner’s/Manager’s Apartment Outstanding Business Opportunity

LH £265,000





Beautifully Restored Country Village Inn

Attractive Licensed Restaurant

Substantial Former Farmhouse

8 Quality Ensuite Letting Bedrooms

Busy Prime Trading Location

Refurbished To High Standard

Lovely Restaurant Areas (65+)

Restaurant Seating 42+

Flexible Business & Home Opportunity

Al Fresco Seating Area (76)

Well Equipped Catering Kitchen

Offering 6 Individual Bedrooms

Strong Turnover & Profits

Deliberately Restricted Opening Hours

Sauna, Hot Tub, Gardens & Private Parking

FH £625,000


LH £39,950



FH £549,950


01392 201262

like. Also, with opening hours starting at 1pm except Sundays which opens earlier for Sunday lunch there is scope to enhance the business. If the new owner wanted to open and offer breakfast and lunchtime food this would increase both the food and beverage sales within the business as the letting rooms are on a room only rate. To the rear of the property is an adjoining 3 bedroomed house, for either the owner to live on site or as staff accommodation. All in all, this huge building amounting to over 6000sq ft or 560m2 needs to be seen to appreciate. Prominently positioned on Lake Road, just before the Royalty Cinema towards the top of the popular tourist village of Bowness-On-Windermere on the main road leading from Windermere to Bowness. To book a viewing call 01539 444461 or see the advert on this page for further details.