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Sector Confidence Falls as Cost-of-Living Crisis “Bites”


Confidence among restaurant, pub and bar leaders and operators plunged over the second quarter of 2022 after costs soared for both businesses and consumers, according to a new survey. CGA and Fourth’s second-quarter Business Confidence Survey reveals that only 23% of leaders are now confident about the next 12 months for the general market—barely a third of the total of 65% at the last survey in March.



The proportion of leaders feeling confident about their own business, while falling by 15 percentage points since the last survey, remains much higher at 53%. This may reflect a greater optimism among the multi-site leaders making up the survey cohort, in comparison to the less financially stable independents which make up much of the wider market.




Issue 121

Editor's Viewpoint

Welcome to the latest issue of CLH Digital Our front-page story makes interesting and disturbing reading. Confidence in the sector has plummeted. Last month we were pleased to publish a similar survey which revealed confidence was riding high at 65%. Now it is fallen to just 23%. A positive aspect of the survey is that a proportion of leaders remain confident about their own business, and while that has fallen compared to the last survey, it remains much higher at 53%.


Peter Adams

What did concern me was the fact that the survey reveals greater optimism among the chain outlets, compared to the independent sector, which as regular readers know is our “bread-and-butter “ and which makes up much of the wider market.

I have researched and seen nothing, absolutely nothing from either candidate, which is not only disappointing, it is rather galling. One simple statement from either candidate saying that they intend to reduce hospitality VAT for 2 years to 12.5% would be a vote winner at the next election. Everybody gains, not just hospitality operators. It means more money in the pockets for the wider public, it means they are able to go out more often, and to take their minds off these rather troubling times!

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Another story which caught my eye was a survey which revealed that the hospitality sector is the UK’s most stressful industry (see page 5).


I think many working in the sector would sympathise with that. It can be extremely stressful not just for employees, but particularly for owner operators who have to do a multitude of tasks to keep the business going, often without any holidays or general time off, and now having to paddle a canoe through this financial storm.

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Almost 90% of larger businesses remain profitable, for now at least. Approximately half (53%) say profitability is at or above pre-COVID-19 levels.

That said, the sector can be and often is hugely rewarding, which is why so many people like to give it a try!

One could argue that this is in spite of government mismanagement, over taxation and other factors affecting the economy.

People from any social background can enter the profession which offers great opportunities for career progression, travel, making new friends and is often fun, so it is not all doom and gloom!

Equally concerning in the same article, we also reveal how industry leaders see the current interest rate rise is a potential “final straw”.


We hope in the next couple of issues to include articles from industry observers and experts on how to spot signs of burnout, how to reduce stress and get a better worklife Being “old school” in the hospitality sector, and having a bar/restaurant myself in the late balance, in spite of this current economic crisis! 80s and early 90s, I can remember the days of interest rates being 12%, and as high as Following on from my comments last week, once again I am happy to hold my hands up 15%. Difficult times though they were, and I often felt I was working just to pay back the bank, back then we didn’t face the multitude of problems the sector faces now - staffing and admit that I got it wrong over women’s football! What a wonderful win and boost it problems, supply chain problems, train strikes, work from home, and energy costs. was for the country and for the on trade. Looking back, the working-from-home issue would have forced my business to go under. Not far from where I live there is a great sports bar, where I went along to watch the It was a popular town centre wine bar/bistro and we had office accounts with many town game (as I often do with premiership matches and champions league football) and what centre businesses and the lunchtime trade was vital. an atmosphere. The sector is facing a perfect storm, and I’ve yet to see either leadership candidate offer So very well done ladies the nation is proud of you! any indication whatsoever how they intend to support the sector. Once again I would ask the favour - we are trying to maximise our advertisers reach as I didn’t hear back from the letters I wrote to both leadership candidates, and to be fair I much as possible, without them would not be possible to run CLH NEWS, so please do didn’t expect to. I am sure their time is consumed with mainstream media and hustings, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and our newly created Instagram, and encourage as many but as explained last week I did write to both candidates to see if they would like the people you know in the trade to subscribe to our digital issue. opportunity to explain to our readers what they intend to do to give the sector badly needed support. Further details can be seen at The Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News Group is published by RBC Publishing Ltd, Suite 4, Roddis House, Old Christchurch Rd, Bournemouth, Dorset. Contributions are welcome for consideration, however, no responsibility will be accepted for loss or damage. Views expressed within this publication are not necessarily those of the publisher or the editorial team. Whilst every care is taken when compiling this publication to ensure accuracy, the publisher will assume no responsibility for any effects, errors or omissions therefrom. All rights reserved, reproduction is forbidden unless written permission is obtained. All material is assumed copyright free unless otherwise advised.

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EDITOR Peter Adams

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Sector Confidence Falls as Cost-of-Living Crisis “Bites” Issue 121

(CONTINUED FROM FRONT COVER) The Business Confidence Survey shows most of these larger businesses remain profitable for now. Nearly nine in 10 (88%) leaders report that their company is currently operating at a profit, and half (53%) say profitability is at or above pre-COVID-19 levels. However, business leaders anticipate that cost inflation will compromise consumers’ spending. On average they predict a 6% drop in sales and a 12% impact on profit margins over the next 12 months. The Survey also highlights the labour shortages that continue to beset hospitality. Leaders say an average of 11% of their roles are currently vacant—up by two percentages since the first quarter of 2022. Competition for staff has pushed up pay levels too, by an average of 10% in the last 12 months alone.

BUSINESSES “LEFT FRAGILE” Karl Chessell, CGA’s director – hospitality operators and food, EMEA, said: “After a solid first half of 2022, this Survey shows the squeeze on hospitality businesses is tightening. The full impact of the cost-of-living crisis remains to be seen, but leaders are aware that it is likely to reduce guests’ visits over the rest of the year. While many hospitality venues currently remain profitable and popular, businesses that have been left fragile after COVID-19 lockdowns will now be seriously concerned by the impact of rising costs over the coming year.” Sebastien Sepierre, managing director – EMEA, Fourth, said: “With the constant barrage of challenges hospitality businesses have to contend with, it is a testament to the skills and dedication of leaders and their teams that so many remain successful in the face of this. “However, this Survey highlights just how incredibly delicate the situation is. Confidence is dropping among business leaders, whose operations are swamped with pressures from all angles, not least rising costs and labour shortages.

“Smart solutions and ingenuity are required to navigate these challenging times and ensure hospitality businesses continue to provide customers with the enjoyable social experiences they crave whilst remaining profitable.

INTEREST RATE INCREASE COULD BE ‘FINAL STRAW’ Sector leaders are also warning that yesterday’s (August 4) interest rate increase to 1.75% could be too much for some smaller businesses to bear. Colin Wilkinson, managing director of the Scottish Licensed Trade Association (SLTA), said: “The last thing businesses need just now is for the Bank of England to increase the interest rate to its highest level since December 2008. Businesses have been feeling the squeeze since the pandemic hit two-and-a-half years ago and are already grappling with paying off debts incurred during Covid. This could be the final straw. “Many businesses have also incurred extra costs in finding staff who left the hospitality industry during the pandemic and because of Brexit, while those beginning to find their groove again over the summer have seen their efforts thwarted by ongoing train strikes. “At a time when the Scottish hospitality industry should be upbeat with the festival season under way and warm, sunny weather encouraging people to get out and about again, the mood is decidedly downbeat as business owners speculate over what the next barriers to recovery will be.” Mr Wilkinson added: “The outlook really is gloomy for hospitality businesses who don’t want to pass on rising business costs to their customers who are facing the same soaring cost increases to their energy, fuel and food bills. However, for some there is no choice and finding the right balance is proving exceptionally difficult for many. “SLTA has previously described the combination of all of these mounting overheads, skills shortages and concerns about the economy as cre-



ating a ‘perfect storm’ – the reality is that the storm has not yet reached its peak. “We need to see a host of urgent measures to help businesses, including a reduction in the rate of VAT and lower business rates.” Mr Wilkinson also called on the next Prime Minister to adopt a “business first” agenda. “The next leader of the Conservative Party and our new Prime Minister must immediately adopt a sharp focus on the economy and put business first in order to protect businesses and jobs, and stimulate economic growth,” he noted.

SECTOR "CAN’T CONTINUE TO PASS ON COSTS" Mr. Viv Watts, cofounder of AGO Hotels and property investor, said: “It’s understandable that there is a pressing need to manage inflation, but it is disappointing that the tool the government is using to combat this – via the central banks – is interest rates. Currently we are facing supplyside issues and raising interest rates will not solve this. The result, instead, is simply making things unaffordable for people and pushing them into a territory of not being able to continue to afford those things that they previously consumed; especially, even small luxuries, like travel and holidays. “For the hotel sector as rates rise, we are feeling the pinch. Business costs rise but we can’t continue to pass these costs to customers who are struggling to cope with soaring prices. Difficulties in finding staff have also only added to cost increases. “No-one has a silver bullet to control inflation but instead of raising rates, the government needs to seek solutions to tackle supply side issues, specifically on food and energy issues. By taking its current approach, they are simply treating a sprained ankle by breaking a finger – using this to distract from the bigger issue.

How Can Hotels and Restaurants Deal with Soaring Energy Prices? 4


Issue 121

By Kunal Sawhney, CEO of Kalkine ( The hospitality industry is yet to fully recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and get in better shape. Several challenges have hit the sector - skyrocketing inflation has forced people to cut down on discretionary spending, there's staff shortage because of Brexit and workers generally preferring more stable jobs, and the extreme weather, which has forced several restaurants to reduce their opening hours. Other challenges that the sector must negotiate are the impending rise in business rates, increasing rent, and the prospective return of 20% VAT in April. High inflation hasn't just affected households; it has also severely impacted businesses. Higher prices mean restaurants will either have to bear the extra costs or pass them on to the customers, who are already exercising caution while spending. The rising energy bills have put hotels and restaurants under pressure, causing them to raise their prices or cut trading hours. To mitigate the challenges, hotels and restaurants are looking at different approaches. A recent poll by trade organisations UKHospitality, the British Institute of Innkeeping (BII), the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) and Hospitality Ulster found that 76% of the businesses are raising their prices or reducing their electricity and gas consumption to deal with rising costs. On the other hand, 38% have slashed their business hours. The energy bills are expected to rise again later this year and then again next year, which means there's no relief in sight for the business anytime soon from high bills. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that nothing can be done about them. There are a few changes that businesses can make to reduce their energy and gas consumption—for example, switching to renewable energy wherever possible.


Businesses that use renewable power would have the upper hand over those that don't, as they will get cheaper energy. Switching to green technology can save a considerable amount of money for hotels and restaurants, which are already struggling to tempt customers when they are raising their prices. Using solar panels alone would bring down electricity bills significantly. Additionally, using renewable energy will also mean a reduction in carbon emissions, lowering the businesses' carbon footprint. Similarly, switching to heat pumps can save energy and also benefit the environment.

CHALLENGES WITH RENEWABLE ENERGY While renewables provide several advantages, they do come with a few challenges. First of all, they need a huge investment. While they will eventually pay for themselves in some time, a business needs significant capital to get started with renewable energy. For solar panels, there is ample space required for installation, and just a couple on the roof won't do. Moreover, the power generated using solar panels must be stored somewhere as the sun shines during the day and hotels are busier at night. Businesses should also steer clear of greenwashing, which is inflating the green credentials or, simply put, ideas that look green but aren't.

VOLTAGE OPTIMISATION Another way that hotels and restaurants can explore to save on electricity bills is limiting the amount of energy they are using. For example, managing or optimising the voltage used by a business can bring the overall usage down. There are intelligent devices available that maintain and alter the supply entering the premises on demand, so appliances that can operate on a lower voltage will use lesser energy. These solutions also qualify for 100% tax relief.

CONCLUSION The hospitality sector has seen some difficult times in the last two years, and it will take some time for them to recover. Inflation is expected to rise more in the foreseeable future, which means hotels and restaurants will have to look for innovative ways to minimise their energy bills and deal with other challenges.

Beer is the Ultimate Drink of Choice for Rugby Fans According to a YouGov survey conducted on behalf of the Campaign for Real Ale, beer is the ultimate drink of choice for rugby fans.

Having spent nearly two decades playing professional rugby, Tom is now a Brand Ambassador for Genius Brewing, championing light craft beers to beer lovers looking for a low-calorie, healthier option.

Out of people that watch rugby, 42% say that beer is their drink of choice – scoring far ahead of alternatives such as cider (14%), wine (8%), spirits (6%), soft drinks (17%) and water (6%) and other (6%), underlying the unique relationship between the sport and beverage.

Greg Bateman is a recently retired rugby union player, from Dragons, Leicester Tigers, Exeter Chiefs and London Welsh. While at tigers he founded People’s Captain, a brand that aims to use the social nature of craft beer to bring people together. He’s since dedicated himself to brewing positivity and creating a constructive social impact for the UKs mental health.

To celebrate these findings, CAMRA is teaming up with leading Sports Travel Operator MSG Tours – an Official Travel Agent for the Rugby Union World Cup 2023 – to offer £3,000 worth of sports travel vouchers to one lucky visitor at the Great British Beer Festival, taking place this week at Olympia London.

Catherine Tonry, Great British Beer Festival organiser adds:

The vouchers will be redeemable through MSG Tours and can be used towards any rugby travel packages including the Six Nations and official travel packages to Rugby Union World Cup France – complete with hotels, flights, transfers, and inclusions.

“It was a real pleasure to welcome Greg and Tom down to the festival this week, and we’re delighted to be working with MSG Tours to offer festival-goers an exclusive chance to experience a sports travel package to remember. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for passionate rugby fans to get their hands on tickets for the most sought-after global rugby packages, and we hope they will join us in marking their calendars for a chance to win the grand prize!”

Festival attendees can enter the prize draw on-site – included free as part of their ticket price – while enjoying a huge range of cask and craft beers, ciders and perries. All they need to do is find one of the competition codes at the festival and enter it at

Commercial Director Kev Smith from MSG Tours said: “We’re incredibly excited to be working with CAMRA to promote their flagship event, the Great British Beer Festival. Rugby and beer have a natural affinity and we’re keen to explore this with a long-term partnership to support the cask beer sector.

Launching the competition, ex-rugby union players Tom May and Greg Bateman went to the festival grounds to talk about beer and sport.

“The winner of this exclusive ticket and travel package will have a unique opportunity to create a bespoke tour just for them with our supportive and hands on staff. We encourage all passionate rugby supporters to head down to the festival this summer for their chance to win a trip of a lifetime!”

Tom May is a former rugby union player with a nineteen-year long career including two caps for England.

Gloucestershire Pub Celebrates Decade of Community Ownership The Fleece in Hillesley, Gloucestershire, has celebrated its 10th anniversary as a community-owned pub with a beer, cider and music festival.

Mykel are continuing the good work. And here is to another ten years of success.”

The event, which ran on 22 to 23 July, saw Pub is The Hub regional advisor Reg Clarke present Hillesley Community Pub chair Tristan Moore, with a plaque celebrating its success and strong links to the local community.

The Fleece Inn dates from the 17th Century and was the last remaining pub in the parish of Hillesley and Tresham. In 2011, the pub closed for trading after the regional chain that owned the pub failed and the building was under threat of redevelopment. Residents in the village came together to see what they could do to retain the pub and to make it a hub at the heart of the community.

Publicans Rebecca and Mykel Cameron took over the running the pub last year, which saw a visit from HRH Prince of Wales in 2018. “It is such a privilege to run a pub that has such a wonderful history in such a strong community and that plays such a vital role in the village,” said Rebecca. “The celebration of this amazing milestone for the pub was a great community event. Everyone is so proud of the pub’s success over the past decade.” Pub is The Hub advisor Reg Clarke said: “This pub remains a crucial part of the village and publicans Rebecca and

Five families underwrote the purchase and 120 members of the community contributed to the funding and became shareholders in Hillesley Pub Company. The freehold purchase was completed in June 2012 and with overwhelming local support from the village, the pub was refurbished and redecorated in order to reopen its doors again as a freehouse, all within five weeks in July 2012.

Issue 121

Hospitality is UK’s Most Stressful Industry, With 57% Reporting High Levels of Stress


Hospitality is the most stressful industry in the UK with a staggering 57% of employees reporting workplace stress, ranking ahead of industries such as Retail, Transport and Education.


The industry scored a dreadful 0.0/10 for workplace stress, as well as 2.9/10 for health and wellbeing, and 0.7/10 for the measly average yearly salary of £20,015. In fact, it was recorded that hotel workers felt a very high level of stress each day, which could be down to the physical expectations throughout the day, such as heavy lifting, short and irregular breaks, as well as dealing with the public.

Caffè Bellissimo

The same can be said for the health and social care sector, as this kind of work usually involves being on your feet all day, as well as helping people out of chairs and beds. Overall, this industry ranked second when it came to stress levels, with an alarming score of 56.30%. At the other end of the scale, the industry that had the lowest record of stress was the information and communication sector, with a score of 47.50% overall. This is a fairly surprising result, as articles have highlighted that the constant need to learn and improve skills causes mounting pressure for IT employees. Here is how the other industries ranked below: Sharing his thoughts on this matter, Martin Preston, Chief Executive and Founder at Delamere said: “Stress in the workplace is disastrous for many reasons, one of them being that burn out can actually lead to being less productive and making mistakes. In industries that deal with machinery or are based in dangerous environments, this could have catastrophic consequences. “Untreated stress and work burnout, which is made worse by the toxicity of grind or hustle culture, can lead to severe cases of anxiety and other mental

health conditions – which could then, in turn, lead to an employee needing to go off work sick. The mental health of employees should always come first for a business, which is why it can be unprofessional and detrimental to contact employees outside of working hours or suggest that people work overtime for no extra income. “This kind of mentality contributes directly to hustle culture, and could lead to employees feeling that they have failed if they ever take a break. Keep all communication within paid hours, and try as much as possible to build relationships with your employees outside of work – this will allow employers to get to know their workforce as human beings with emotional needs, and will in turn make their employees feel more comfortable when voicing concerns.”



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Enhancing Customer Experience By Improving Employee Performance 6


Issue 121

By Laura Leyland, Managing Director, Fresh Perspective Resourcing ( Positive customer experiences are the bedrock for success in any sector, especially the hospitality sector, generating repeat business, positive reviews, recommendations and, ultimately, a healthy profit. Survey after survey shows that how a customer views their experience is shaped by the interactions they have with hotel staff. Where it’s not the number one factor, it’s almost always in the top three and as we look towards a summer of staycations, it’s time to take heed of advice, top tips and experience so venues emerge with positive customer reviews this season. So, what can hospitality businesses do to ensure their people are appropriately representing their brand? Can employers insist on defined, certain ways of working; or are individuals an unknown quantity who want to do their own thing? The truth is that while it’s often said that your people are your best asset, you can’t think of them in a way that you can, say, a kitchen appliance, a beautiful walled garden, or interior decor. They are not disposable, replaceable things over which you have full control. The good news is that appreciating your employees as people will not only help you to bring out the best in them but will give you, as a business owner, a much more rewarding experience. And that, in turn, will translate into an excellent customer experience and reviews on social channels. Start by recognising that your people have wants and needs outside of undertaking their work tasks and that in the modern workplace, you as their employer bear some responsibility for fulfilling them. Individuals have basic needs, including being healthy (both mentally and physically) and enjoying their time at work. You can help meet these needs by offering access to mental health services, such as wellbeing programmes and paid-for counselling. You can extend this to physical health with contributions to gyms and fitness clubs, and by stocking and making available fresh fruit and water, or even getting a mobile massage van in the car park!

As well as making a variety of resources available, it’s important to check in on your team to ensure they’re keeping well. You can encourage openness by leading by example, showing that you too are a human being with vulnerabilities. Beyond their health and wellbeing, individuals are always more committed to their work when they feel a sense of belonging, knowing that they are making a worthwhile contribution. You can meet these needs by encouraging them to take on more responsibilities, asking for their input when key decisions are made, and taking time to personally thank them for their efforts. Most people also have bigger ambitions than their current job. You can work this to your advantage by creating personal development plans, and providing the training and qualifications they need to progress in their careers. Listen to them, listen to their personal career targets and put plans in place to support them in their goals, weaving them into the business goals where possible. Some employers worry about investing in staff who may leave and take their new skills elsewhere. But an employee who has been nurtured in this way is much more likely to show loyalty. Their value to your business grows too, as they become better equipped to work to a higher standard. The return on investment in training is almost always positive. If you aren’t personally able to work side-by-side with your team on a day-to-day basis, you can create team leads, work buddies or mentors in which your employees are encouraged to offer help to and learn from each other. Ask them to check in on others, especially younger employees or those newer to the business, and to offer constructive guidance, advice and support. This not only improves everybody’s skill sets but gives the more senior members a greater sense of responsibility and accomplishment. All in all, these systems are fantastic for team-building, too. Specific team building activities are also important, they help your people create bonds and relationships with each other and their superiors, breaking down barriers and opening communications channels, which creates a more harmonious and seamless way of working together, which will be positively reflected in the quality of their customer service. Ultimately, the way your team operates will be largely shaped by the tone you set. If you show appreciation, your team will feel valued. If you treat them as people and show that you too are more than the person who hires, fires and gives orders, you’ll foster loyalty. Invest in your team and they’ll give more back to your organisation. Show that you enjoy where you work and the people you work with and they will do the same. All of this makes a happy, high performing and collaborative team, which leads to amazing work, efficiency and progression – which in turn looks after your customers.

Scottish Hotel Group Renews Support for Unpaid Carers Through Respitality Initiative worked closely with us to personalise the breaks they have pledged, as they want to ensure that unpaid carers experience the most special and worthwhile time at their wonderful facilities.

A leading Scottish hotel group has pledged to support Shared Care Scotland’s Respitality initiative for a second year. Crieff Hydro Family of Hotels is set to donate eight overnight stays for two people, one at each of the hotels in the family, as well as a variety of activity passes.

“To be able to offer breaks of this calibre and size means we can support unpaid carers around the country to make lifelong and fun memories with their friends and family, which will have a tremendous and positive impact on their health and wellbeing.

The activities include five 1881 Gin distillery tours for carers and a plus one at Peebles Hydro Hotel, 20 family passes for Action Glen adventure park at Crieff Hydro Hotel, ten one-hour passes for two people for paddle boarding or kayaking at Loch Earn Watersports Centre and five onehour activity passes for two people for a choice of segway, archery or air rifle sessions at Peebles Hydro Hotel. Nic Oldham, Head of Customer and Commercial at Crieff Hydro Family of Hotels, said: “We had some amazing feedback from carers and their families who visited us last year which helped to cement our decision to support this wonderful charity once again in 2022. “Everyone needs some time out to relax or have the chance to have fun and our donation will help to make that a possibility for some of Scotland’s unpaid carers who don’t often get a break from the amazing support they give a loved one. “This year, our pledge includes more of the fantastic activities we have on offer across our hotels such as paddle boarding, kayaking, archery and segway riding.” Kerry Donaghy, Respitality Manager at Shared Care Scotland said: “We are delighted the Crieff Hydro Family of Hotels have chosen to support our Respitality initiative for a second year. The hotel group have

“We hope that our relationship with the Crieff Hydro Family of Hotels will continue for many years to come, and that it will inspire other businesses across Scotland to see the value of giving back and pledge their support to Respitality.” Last year, almost 100 unpaid carers in Scotland enjoyed time at Crieff Hydro Family of Hotels for some much-needed fun and recuperation as part of its involvement in the initiative. Respitality provides a welcomed short break from routine for unpaid carers which has proven to be vital for both their physical and mental health and wellbeing. Coordinated by Shared Care Scotland since 2014, the Respitality initiative facilitates complimentary leisure breaks for unpaid carers. The initiative sees kind and passionate businesses in the hospitality, leisure and tourism sector to donate breaks, which are then passed onto unpaid carers by carers’ organisations across Scotland. Funded by the Scottish Government and supported by local businesses, the initiative currently operates in 19 local authority areas in Scotland. Since launching in Scotland, Respitality has facilitated breaks for more than 3,700 unpaid carers with the support of over 400 businesses.

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Research Reveals Over Half of People Think the Average Price of a Pint is Now Unaffordable Issue 121

A survey of the UK public commissioned by the Campaign for Real Ale has found a 10% jump in the number of people who say the average price of a pint is unaffordable. In 2019 42% of respondents to a YouGov survey for CAMRA said the cost of a pint at the bar was unaffordable – but that figure has jumped to 52% when the survey was repeated last week. It comes as the nation’s pubs are facing rising prices, skyrocketing energy bills and a dip in consumer spending power – prompting CAMRA to issue another plea to government for action to save the UK’s pubs. Urgent action is now needed to address the cost-of-living and cost-ofgoods crisis, which is making it harder than ever before for pubs to stay afloat post-pandemic.

CAMRA would like to see: 1. The new, lower rate of tax for draught beer apply to containers of 20L and above, so that all pubs and small brewers can benefit 2. An energy price cap for hospitality businesses, to tackle astronomical increases in bills 3. A cut in VAT on food and drink served in pubs, clubs and restaurants, to boost consumer confidence 4. Reform of the Pubs Code for England and Wales, to bring more tenancies under the protections of the Code and give more tenants the right to buy beer on the open market at a competitive price. The new Prime Minister should also use the forthcoming Budget to prioritise introducing the new system of alcohol taxation as quickly as possible – specifically the preferential rate of duty on draught beer and



cider served in pubs which could see a lower rate of tax on drinks served in licensed premises – helping them to compete with the likes of supermarket alcohol. Commenting, CAMRA Chairman Nik Antona said: “The news that half of people think the average price of a pint is unaffordable is a cause for concern for the future of the Great British pub. “Businesses that have survived the pandemic are now being threatened again by inflation and spiraling energy costs – just as consumers are dealing with the cost-of-living crisis and reigning in their spending. “As well as encouraging everyone to continue to support pubs, social clubs and taprooms, CAMRA is calling on governments across the UK to urgently take action to safeguard the future of the UK’s beloved locals.”

Hexham Pub Reopens Following £700,000 Investment The Coach and Horses, in Priestpopple, Hexham, has reopened following a transformational £700,000 investment. Owned by community pub company Admiral Taverns, The Coach and Horses has received the company’s biggest investment in Admiral’s history to date, in partnership with Northumberland County Council and Historic England. This phenomenal, combined investment has breathed a new lease of life into the pub, enabling an extensive interior and exterior refurbishment.

Fiona Beck, Licensee at The Coach and Horses, said: “I have loved every minute of running The County Hotel with Admiral Taverns so when the opportunity to take over The Coach and Horses came up, I couldn’t refuse it! It had always been my dream to become my own boss and run my own pub so the fact I now run two incredible Hexham pubs is fantastic. I am so excited to reestablish its presence within the area and showcase its refreshed look to new and existing customers.”

Alongside Admiral Taverns’ and the licensee’s – Fiona Beck – total investment of £460,000 the pub was awarded £240,000 by Northumberland County Council and Historic England through the Hexham High Streets Heritage Action Zone scheme (HSHAZ). The aim of the scheme is to revitalise the town’s historic centre making it a more attractive, engaging and vibrant place for people to live, work, invest and visit.

Admiral Taverns’ Business Development Manager, Stephen Birkett, commented: “We are absolutely delighted with the refurbishment of The Coach and Horses. It looks fantastic! It’s been a pleasure working alongside Northumberland County Council and Historic England and supporting Fiona to bring her vision come to life. I have no doubt that she is the perfect licensee to take the pub forward, a cornerstone of her community and she has really bought people together. We wish her the best of luck and can’t wait to see what the future holds for this brilliant local pub.”

Licensee, Fiona Beck is a passionate operator with 30-years of experience in the hospitality industry, both working in and running pubs. Around six and a half years ago, Fiona took on her first pub with Admiral Taverns, The County Hotel in Hexham and has created a sophisticated, destination pub and hotel for locals and tourists to enjoy. Following her success, she is keen to create somewhere that perfectly compliments The County Hotel and to foster a friendly local where everyone feels welcome and fantastic service is a given.

Jules Brown, from Historic England, said: “Grants are available to help renovate and restore some key historic buildings, which help to give Hexham such a strong sense of place and character. It’s great to see the funding being used to bring buildings like The Coach and Horses back to life, so they can be used and enjoyed by local people and visitors alike.”

ComPaCK - THe sTaNdard THaT maKes THe dIFFereNCe

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The Compack glasswashers have simplicity and robust performance in mind. Where the need for just washing glasses is the main aim this is the machine for the job.

• Electronic control with push buttons for high efficiency and easy to use • 350, 400 and 500 basket machines available • 120 seconds washing cycle • Ecoclean control system for partial clean water refill at every wash cycle • Built in drain pump included • Complete with built in adjustable detergent & rinse aid dispensers • Guarantees hot rinse thermostop • Thermal protection for wash tank and boiler • Light function button with self diagnostic

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• Electronic control DIGIT with temperature display • 4 washing cycles • Ecoclean control System for partial clean water refill at every wash cycle • Built in drain pump included • Complete with built in adjustable detergent & rinse aid dispensers • Guarantees hot rinse thermostop • Thermal protection for wash tank and boiler • Built in softener (only on D50S and D55S) • Colour coded function button with self diagnostic • Evolute Electronic control with lCd display

ComPaCK Pass THroUGH dIsHWasHers


For all models

• Self-diagnosis with errors solution, precise setting of the detergent dispenser, different temperature setting for each cycle • Ecoclean control system for partial clean water refill at every wash cycle (only with built in drain pump). • Thermal acoustic double door • New inclined and deep-drawn welded tank • Door reinforcement brackets • Adjustable rinsing arm rotation speed • Fully stainless steel made wash and rinse arms for low maintenance, heavy duty, all corrosion resistant • Removable double filtering system for wash and drainage cycle

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• Electronic control with LCD display • 4 individual programmable cycles • Ecoclean control System for partial clean water refill at every wash cycle • Built in drain pump included • Complete with built in adjustable detergent & rinse aid dispensers • Break tank – AA air gap – Wras approved • Guarantee rinse temperature 85⁰C at constant pressure • Self cleaning cycle on drain down • Thermal protection for wash tank and boiler • Built in softener (only on BT55S) • Self diagnostic


UK One of Europeans’ Favourite Holiday Destinations for August 2022 Issue 121

The recovery of tourism is fully confirmed, after the hard years of the pandemic, it seems that the fear of the coronavirus has been left behind and the desire to travel and enjoy a well-deserved holiday is stronger, and, according to the powerful flight and hotel search engine searches for flights have increased by 250%, while those for hotels have increased by 330% in the first seven months of this year 2022. In fact, searches for August 2022 holidays are already 30% above those for the same month in 2019. In addition, users spend 50% more time searching for different solutions, budgets and alternative dates to find the offer that best suits their needs. And a big number of Europeans who have decided to travel during the August holidays in 2022 are going to the United Kingdom, its cultural richness, popular customs, beautiful landscapes, magnificent castles, green hills, good hotels and infrastructures and its restaurants and pubs have made thousands of Europeans look for its cities to enjoy their August holidays. Jetcost UK regularly analyses the searches done through its website, so the data obtained are very reliable, as they are real searches and not surveys. The data analysis the results of flight searches for the month of August 2022, indicate that a large majority of tourists have opted for England and especially for its capital, London, which has been chosen in the first place by the Germans, Spanish, French, Italians, Dutch and Portuguese tourists. Three cities in the North West are at the top of Europeans’ searches for a few rest and leisure days, with Manchester being the second most wanted city in the UK for the Portuguese tourists, third for the Germans, French and Dutch and fourth for the Spanish and Italians. Liverpool is ranked number four for the Dutch, six for the Spanish and French, seven for the Portuguese and eight for the Germans and Italians. In addition to Manchester and Liverpool, Blackpool is also highly defendant, being the ninth most searched by the Dutch. In the West, the second largest city in England, Birmingham is the fourth favourite city for the Portuguese, the fifth for the Germans, French and Dutch, the sixth for the Italians and the seventh for the Spanish. In the East, Nottingham is the seventh most searched by the Dutch, tenth by the Spanish and eleventh by the Portuguese. In the South West of England, two cities stand out, especially the green capital of Britain, Bristol, which is the fifth most popular destination in the UK for the Spanish and Italians, seventh for the Germans and French and eighth for the Dutch. Newquay, one of the most beautiful places on the Cornish coast, is the sixth favourite city of the Germans and the twelfth of the Portuguese. Leeds, the third largest city in the UK, is the eighth most popular city for the Portuguese and is ranked 10th for the French and 12th for the Spanish and Dutch.



Newcastle is the most popular city in the North East of England for European tourists, with the Dutch and Portuguese ranking it ninth, while the Spanish rank it eleventh. As for Scotland, its capital Edinburgh has been the Scottish city most searched by Europeans for their August holidays this year, and one of the most requested in the UK, being the second most searched by the Germans, Spanish, French, Italians and Dutch travellers and the third by Portuguese. In addition to Edinburgh, Glasgow is also in high demand, ranking number three for the Spanish and Italians, number four for the Germans and French, and number six for the Dutch and Portuguese. Inverness is the third most popular Scottish city, ninth for the Germans, Spanish and French, tenth for the Dutch and eleventh for the Italians. Finally, Aberdeen is in the top twelve for the French. Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland is the most searched city in the country and one of the most searched for cities in the UK, ranking 7th for the Italians, 8th for the Spanish and French, 10th for the Portuguese and 12th for the Germans. As for Wales, Cardiff is the most searched destination in Wales, and is the tenth destination most searched in the UK by the Germans and Italians. London is not only the favourite holiday destination for Europeans in the UK, according to Jetcost, but also for the British, as it ranks first in terms of searches. In addition to London, 4 other British cities are among the top 25 most searched in the world to spend these days of rest and leisure, such as Manchester (7), Edinburgh (9), Newquay (10) and Glasgow (21). The sun, beach and sea destinations in Spain are among the preferences of the British for their days of leisure in August, Alicante occupies the second position, Malaga the third, Barcelona the fourth, followed by Palma de Mallorca (12), Tenerife (17), Ibiza (22) and Lanzarote (25). On the other hand, the capitals and large cities of the main European countries are other top destinations on the list, Amsterdam (5), Faro (6), Dublin (8), Lisbon (13) Paris (14), Athens (15), Rome (16). Those who searched long-haul destinations have chosen Bangkok (18th), Dubai (19th) and Cairo (23rd). Ignazio Ciarmoli, Jetcost’s Marketing Director, said: “Normality is here and with it comes the millions of tourists who visited every summer before the pandemic. UK´s cities remain major global tourist destinations, with their cultural richness, attractions, coastline and landscapes, popular traditions, castles, churches and monuments, and good hotels and infrastructures continuing to attract a big number of tourists. On the other hand, many Britons have also chosen national cities for their holidays, in addition to the main European cities and Spanish sun and beach destinations, where their good prices, rich gastronomy and nightlife continue attracting UK tourists”.

Challenging Times Continue For The Hospitality Sector 10


Issue 121

By Louise Corcoran, senior associate, and Lucy Trott, senior knowledge lawyer, of Stevens & Bolton LLP ( The Government’s monthly insolvency statistics for June 2022 paint a picture of an economy that is still struggling to return to pre-pandemic profitability. Company insolvencies were 40% higher than for the same period last year and 15% higher than in June 2019 (i.e. pre-pandemic levels), with the increased level of insolvencies being largely driven by the higher number of creditors’ voluntary liquidations. The challenges facing the economy will be felt to varying degrees across all industry sectors. However, for several reasons, the hospitality sector appears to be bearing the brunt more acutely than others - in the twelve months ending in Q1 2022, the hospitality sector was one of the worst-affected in terms of insolvencies. With soaring prices and the energy crisis set to continue, this trend looks set to continue. So, what is behind the continued upward trend for insolvencies?

ECONOMIC PRESSURES With the cost-of-living crisis and inflation reaching a 40-year high of 9.4%, consumers have had no choice but to decisively tighten their belts. Discretionary spending has been one of the first areas for households to cut back on when many are struggling to meet even the most basic of living costs. The significant number of employees continuing to work from home under new ‘hybrid working’ arrangements has further exacerbated the situation - as lunchtime footfall in many town and city centres, which many hospitality businesses have historically relied upon, has dropped significantly. There is some evidence that June sales were bolstered for many hospitality businesses owing to the good weather and the long Jubilee weekend in particular, but given the prevailing economic headwinds and other emerging challenges, it is likely that this is just a temporary boost. Inflationary pressure on wages coupled with problems recruiting staff, increases in raw material costs, supply chain issues (particularly in relation to the supply of food following the war in Ukraine) and the huge increase

in the cost of energy means that the overheads of businesses have also increased – leaving many businesses coming out of the pandemic struggling to operate profitably. Hospitality businesses face the difficult decision as to how much of their additional costs can be passed on to customers at the risk of deterring further spending. Recent industry analysis estimates that just 37% of restaurants and bars are currently profitable, prompting some in the sector to call for urgent Government assistance. A measure widely seen as successful during the pandemic was the temporary reduction in VAT across the hospitality sector to stimulate consumer spending. It remains to be seen whether the Government will seek to implement a similar measure to ease the continuing pressures the sector is facing, albeit this could fuel further inflation. A new Prime Minister might bring hope of an improved business rates system as a way of restoring the UK’s highstreets.

WHAT OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE FOR BUSINESSES? Given the current challenges, it is more crucial than ever that hospitality businesses keep a close eye on cash flow so that any potential difficulties are spotted at an early stage. This will facilitate early engagement with stakeholders (such as suppliers, landlords or lenders) with a view to reaching a consensual solution. It is also open to businesses to take these steps pre-emptively – for example, by seeking to agree new payment terms with suppliers, restructuring existing bank lending or seeking a change to rental obligations under existing leases with landlords. Where the financial issues become more serious, hospitality businesses may need to consider a formal insolvency process. Administrations have increased significantly in the last year and can be an effective mechanism for rescuing the viable part of an underlying business. The processes introduced pursuant to the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020 - namely, the Part 26A restructuring plan and the Part 1A moratorium – may also be potential options. However, recent evidence suggests that the moratorium has been infrequently used (perhaps in part because it is only suitable for businesses than can meet their pre-moratorium debts) and that the restructuring plan is too expensive to appeal to small to medium sized businesses. The popularity of company voluntary arrangements has dipped slightly within the last year, although this may still prove a useful tool for businesses which operate from multiple leasehold premises, some of which are unprofitable. Regardless of which option struggling hospitality businesses choose to adopt, seeking professional advice and engaging with creditors and other stakeholders at an early stage is crucial to ensure that the most appropriate strategy can be formulated before a business reaches a critical impasse.

Issue 121



130,000 Vacancies in Travel & Tourism Threaten UK Economic Recovery says WTTC in New Report The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) warns the Travel & Tourism sector’s recovery is at serious risk as nearly 130,000 jobs go unfilled across the UK.

says more support is needed to fill these vacancies, which will in turn boost the economy through its contribution to the country’s GDP.

According to the global tourism body, the UK is expected to see a shortfall of 128,000 jobs, with one in 14 job openings expected to remain vacant. Restaurants and hotels are struggling to find staff but the UK government, unlike countries like Portugal, are refusing to allow in temporary workers in from oversees.

During the second half of 2022, data indicates that labour supply will continue to fall short of demand – with the gap projected to further increase in the third quarter of 2022 as demand approaches pre-pandemic levels.

Critical staff shortages are now acute within transportation – particularly across the aviation industry – which is struggling to cope with the post-pandemic travel demand. Before the pandemic in 2019, 1.8 million people were employed in Travel & Tourism in the UK by 2020 over 200,000 had lost their jobs*. Julia Simpson, WTTC President & CEO said:

“Now visitors are arriving to find restaurants, hotels and entertainment venues without staff, and we will lose these travellers and their dollars to other countries. “Big brands cannot understand why countries in Europe are bringing in skilled workers like chefs, but the UK Home Office is not deploying the flexible ‘point system’ visas they promised. “The sector was one of the hardest hit in the pandemic, losing 50% of its value, it needs Government action now.” “In retail, UK stores are still reeling from the decision by the UK Government to axe VAT Refunds for visitors. It means tourists can save 20% on goods by choosing Paris instead of London. The Chancellor of the Exchequer needs to look at this urgently.” Despite the UK government’s furlough scheme, which provided much needed relief to the sector, WTTC

Some of the key measures identified in the report for both governments and the private sector to address the talent gap are: 1. Facilitate labour mobility across international borders, with more favourable visa policies 2. Enable flexible and remote working where feasible – allowing part time or contractor-based opportunities, where possible 3. Ensure decent work and competitive employee benefits and average pay increases across the sector 4. Attract talent by improving the perception of jobs and promoting viable career paths with growth oppor• MICROWAVES • EXTRACTION CANOPIES • tunities 5. Develop and support a skilled workforce through comprehensive educational programs, as well as upskilling and reskilling current talent EKE EQUIPMENT LIMITED 6. Adopt innovative technological and digital solutions to alleviate pressure on staff, improve daily operations • We have a comprehensive range of Re-conditioned and an enhanced customer experience Catering Equipment in stock The global tourism body believes by implement• We can supply most of the ing these measures, Travel & Tourism businesses markets leading names in New Equipment at will be able to attract more workers. This in turn would enable the sector to meet the ever-growing consumer demand and further speed up its recovery, which is the backbone to generating economic well-being across the country.

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“The UK recovery is at risk. The government is not using the flexibility in the visa system to attract workers to the UK. Travel & Tourism contributed by nearly £235 billion to the economy and employed almost two million people.

Last week WTTC revealed that up to 1.2 million jobs across the EU will remain unfulfilled, with hospitality, air transport, and travel agencies being the most affected.


The UK’s hotel, entertainment, and aviation industries are forecast to be the worst affected, facing unfulfilled vacancies of 18% (one in six), 12% (one in eight), and 11% (one in nine), respectively.


Licenses and Consents for Outdoor Dining 12


Issue 121

Good news for the hospitality sector on an extension to the temporary measures

By Simon Barry, Associate Director, Boyer (Cardiff) - As the UK embraces the exceptional summer weather and with the post-pandemic trend for alfresco dining being maintained, the demand for outdoor seating is of significance importance to the continued recovery of the hospitality sector. Currently, within England, a temporary pavement licensing regime is available through the Business and Planning Act 2020 in response to COVID-19. The temporary pavement licence requires content from the local planning authority, following a fast-tracked application, at a reduced cost. Consequently the fee for applying for a licence is capped at £100, and the determination period is reduced to 10 working days as set out in the Government Guidance, consisting of five working days for public consultation, and then five working days for the local planning authority to consider and determine the application. The Guidance notes that, ‘If the local authority does not determine the application within the 10 working day period, the application will be deemed to have been

granted subject to any local conditions published by the local authority before the application was submitted’. Until 22 July 2022, this temporary measure had an expiry date of the 30 September 2022, beyond which the temporary licence would no longer be valid. If businesses wanted to extend their use of pavement furniture beyond the end of September 2022, they would have needed to reapply under Part 7A of the Highways Act 1980 or equivalent provisions in any Local Act. Within Wales, pavement licenses are provided in a combination of Memorandum of Agreements which, like England, seeks to streamline the process and have a consultation period of 28 days or via the more traditional Part 7A of the Highways Act 1980. Fortunately that temporary measure has been extended by a further year, following a recent announcement. The importance of the external pavement seating to the recovery of the hospitality industry was highlighted in the recent Queen’s Speech, which noted that there will be a move towards making the streamlined pavement license process permanent. The new Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill, published in May, proposes that the existing temporary measures on pavement licensing are made permanent. While it is encouraging to see that the Government is intending to make the changes permanent, this will not be confirmed until the Bill is enacted, thought to be in early 2023. However, the recent confirmation of the extension to the temporary licence under the Business and Planning Act 2020 (Pavement Licences) (Coronavirus) (Amendment)

Regulations 2022 is a positive. The importance of the extension was considered in Grand Committee debate at House of Lords (14 July 2022) in which the significant benefits that the external pavement seating provides was clearly highlighted. Baroness Bloomfield of Hinton Waldrist noted that, ‘extending the temporary pavement licences provisions through the regulations is necessary to support hospitality businesses. This is particularly important when we consider just how badly hit by the pandemic the sector has been, and these temporary pavement licence measures have already been very successful in supporting the sector in its economic recovery. Extending the provisions will enable this success to continue and provide much-needed certainty to businesses in their planning for the coming year.’ Prior to the new Act the temporary measures remain in place until 30 September 2023. But the good news for the hospitality sector is that following the announcement on 22 July, there will be no requirement to bring chairs and tables inside on 1 October as we had feared, thought the regulations do not automatically extend licences that have already been granted under the current provisions, so businesses will need to apply for a new licence if they wish to have one in place during the extended period. It is hoped that by the time the new extension expires, it is expected that the Levelling Up and Regeneration Act will have made these allowances permanent.

Research Reveals Extent of Household Cutbacks on Eating Out and Entertainment UK households are cutting back on dining out and activities this summer as the impact of the cost-ofliving hits, according to new data from intelligence platform Vypr. Its July survey of 5,000 consumers from its 65,000 strong nationally representative panel has identified the extent to which rising costs are impacting spending and consumer sentiment. 52% of consumers say they are cutting back on eating out and takeaways. This compares to 30% trimming spend on groceries and just 16% on coffee. In addition, consumers stated that they are reducing their spending on days out and looking for cheaper and alternative activities, including taking homemade picnics and drinks on outings. With mounting living costs and the imminent October energy price cap rise, the Vypr data shows spending behaviour has already seen major change. Days out and leisure trips are facing cutbacks by households, with 45% looking to reduce their spending with 11% completely stopping going out. However, home drinking is likely to continue, with only 37% of consumers stating that they would cut back on alcohol purchases compared to spending on eating out or ordering takeaways – reinforcing that alcohol in the home hasn’t been as affected. Ben Davies, founder of Vypr, comments: “Hospitality and leisure businesses need to

respond to the customer mindset and develop new propositions in this undeniably difficult operating environment. “For example, with pump prices determining people’s travel choices, we may see spend increase on hospitality in the suburbs rather than in traditional tourist and hospitality locations, such as city centres.” He added: “It’s important to look at real-time data as consumer behaviours are subject to fast-moving economic trends. Brands can look to adjust offers and products to reflect consumers’ spending abilities. “Our data on consumer decision-making from this year indicates we can expect to see further impact on consumer spending, so now is the time for the sector to plan and test, in advance of circumstances that can be foreseen.”

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Hospitality Headcount Hits Two Year High – But Leaver Rate Remains Major Cause for Concern Issue 121

Hospitality staffing numbers are nearing pre-pandemic levels, but a series of factors such as increasing rates of pay, high staff turnover, and the changing make-up of the workforce, are piling pressure on employers.

The latest data from Fourth, the leading industry provider of inventory and workforce management solutions, shows there are now more people working in hospitality than at any time in the last two years. The overall staffing headcount in pubs, bars, hotels, restaurants, and quick service restaurants (QSRs) is up 21.7% compared to June 2021. However, the industry is still having to replace the 6% of the labour force who leave every month. And with rates of pay rising sharply – up 8.5% for pub workers and 6% for restaurant employees – operators will be keen to ensure they attract and retain top talent. The data, which is pulled from a database of more than 700 companies across the restaurant, pub, bar, and hotel sectors, reveals that: • Hospitality headcount in 2022 has grown in double-digit percentage points versus every month in 2021.

throughout 2022, which has had a high of 6.4% and a low of 5.4%.

• Pubs are experiencing the highest leaver rates: 8.4% in April and 7.1% in June. Hotels are the most stable with a 5% leaver rate. • Back-of-house workers in pubs and restaurants now command more than £10 per hour. • Younger workers (18-20) are enjoying faster growth in hourly rates of pay. A 20-year-old back-of-house pub worker was earning 13.8% more in June 2022 than 12 months previously. Collective hours worked continue to show healthy signs of growth. Across the sector, hours worked in June 2022 were up 17.3% versus June 2021 and 449.2% against June 2020, when hospitality was largely closed in the UK. Hotels are benefiting from the return of inbound tourism and business trips. They saw 34.4% more hours worked in June compared to the same period last year. Again, pubs are showing slower rates of growth in this area, with a 0.7% increase in hours worked in June versus 2021. QSR (25.8%) and restaurants (10%) are still experiencing double-digit growth in hours worked. Fourth’s research also shows how the make-up of the hospitality workforce continues to evolve.

• The rate of growth in staff numbers in pubs has slowed compared to other sectors. It was up by just 1.9% in June. This contrasts with hotels (27.3%), QSR (25.8%) and restaurants (25.7%). Pubs initially bounced back faster than other types of venue when restrictions were lifted.

EU workers now account for just 26.3% of the workforce, compared to 43.2% in January 2019 and 35.9% in July last year.

Hospitality continues to have a high rate of staff turnover – 5.7% of the entire workforce left in June 2022. This is reflective of the rate

There has been significant growth in the percentage of British and Non-EU staff. Non-EU workers now account for 17.9% of the entire



hospitality workforce (up from 11% in January 2019). British representation has gone from 45.8% to 55.8% in that period. However, the data shows signs of a slowdown in the growth of British workers in hospitality, as it has only gone up by 0.7 percentage points since January 2022, when they accounted for 55.1% of the workforce. Sebastien Sepierre, Managing Director – EMEA, Fourth, said: “The latest data in the Fourth Hospitality Workforce Report reveals genuinely encouraging signs. With businesses finally able to enjoy a prolonged period of uninterrupted trading, we are seeing consumers return to venues in strong numbers. This in turn has led to continued growth in sales, staff headcounts, and the collective hours worked. However, the industry is continuing to contend with post-pandemic challenges, such as supply chain disruption, the cost-of-living crisis, rising inflation, and labour shortages. “Staff are in a position to demand higher wages from operators, which places even more emphasis on recruiting intelligently and the importance of retaining talent. Due to long-term perceptions about unsociable working hours and conditions, the incredible career opportunities that hospitality presents are not always obvious to newcomers or to those outside the trade. This perception needs to be addressed by the industry collectively. “There is a job to do here in communication but also in harnessing technology to drive processes and help operators hire, onboard, engage and retain team members. Businesses will ultimately have to be smart with their labour scheduling strategies to ensure consumer demand continues to be met and the guest experience doesn’t suffer.”

A Visit to The Showman’s Show 2022 is a Must For Anyone Within Hospitality The Showman’s Show will return to Newbury Showground on the 19th 20th October 2022 with hundreds of exhibitors showcasing thousands of products and services. The show delivers practical solutions, handy hints and inspiration in abundance. For anyone working within the catering and hospitality sector it presents an excellent opportunity to meet new suppliers and discover the latest innovations and technologies. Exhibitors include state-of-the-art temporary structures perfect for adding additional areas to existing venues or corporate hospitality facilities; caterers, bespoke concessions and catering equipment; the latest sound and lighting solutions; furniture hire companies; theming, visual spectaculars and finishing touches to name but a few.

Visitors can expect to meet companies launching new products, alongside showcases and demonstrations of existing solutions. It’s also a great melting pot for ideas, with the chance to talk to the experts in their field face to face and interact with products and services in a live environment which is really useful for making purchasing decisions. A visit to The Showman’s Show is an absolute must for anyone involved in events and hospitality. You can find more details about the show and exhibitors by visiting To register to attend The Showman’s Show 2022 please click

Extreme Weather and The Hospitality Sector 14


Issue 121

How to manage operations in heat waves and cold snaps

4. Consider your distribution strategy.

As the UK battles record temperatures, many climatologists believe extreme weather will become the future norm. The foodservice and hospitality sector is one industry which is directly impacted by conditions outside. So how will businesses need to evolve to meet changing demand as the mercury rises and falls?

The proliferation of direct-to-consumer apps can enable even the smallest business to trade online and reach a wider audience. The pandemic has also encouraged many smaller traders to consider their own online ordering and pick-up/ delivery operations. Investment in a secure online ordering portal (on your own site or via a third-party) can provide a valuable revenue stream when adverse weather impacts footfall.

Here are five top tips to help hospitality and foodservice businesses mitigate the business risks of a changing climate:

1. Use data to identity trends and forecast future demand spikes and troughs

5. Look after your staff Staff can often make the difference between a positive and a negative hospitality experience. So, be aware of worker wellbeing and look after your staff rota with plenty of scheduled breaks, water provision and regular health checks on all, especially those who may be most at risk from extreme heat - the elderly, pregnant or those with underlying health conditions.

Businesses need demand analytics, not just weather forecasts, to understand and address drivers of sales volatility. It is likely that, in extreme heat, customers’ menu choices will differ from those in more benign conditions. Lighter meals, more cold foods and non-alcoholic drinks will be more popular in peak summer, for example. Equally, when the temperature drops, or rain is falling, consumer behaviours and menu choices will change in-line with the conditions.

2. Consider seasonal menus As the weather changes, so do consumer tastes. But supply chains may also become more robust (and cost-effective) if your menu adapts to seasonal availability. Ingredient costs, especially if locally sourced, will fluctuate with the natural growing or rearing cycle. Carefully monitoring your input costs through cashflow management software such as Agicap ( can enable you to adjust your procurement or pricing strategy to mitigate seasonal cost increases from

your suppliers.

3. Invest in equipment With the right equipment, you can make outside areas more suitable to covers all year round. Heating and coverage can keep your gardens and covered patio spaces commercially viable throughout rain and cold. The same is true of internal dining, where air conditioning or open facades can be a welcome relief from scorching temperatures outside.

Adapting your operations and embracing change will result in a more effective and efficient business; one that is better equipped for today and the future. This will equate to a better customer experience and have a positive impact on your bottom line. If you would like to secure funding to invest in the future operations of your restaurant, hotel or catering business, you may consider a business loan. To get a free no-obligation quote, and find out more about our innovative business loan, contact Capify on 08001510980 or visit

Call for Action as Insurance Premiums Rise and Coverage Shrinks, Report Finds Small business’s are encountering widespread problems in their dealings with the insurance market, amid rising premium costs, a new report has found. FSB’s new publication, Paying a premium? Reforming the insurance market to work for small firms, looks into the price of insurance and whether the products on offer are suitable for small business customers. The findings expose concerns about whether the insurance market is performing adequately for small firms and self-employed people. With high inflation putting general pressure on small firms’ bottom lines, the report’s finding that a clear majority (60%) have seen their insurance premiums rise in the last year is an illustration of the cost squeeze facing small businesses, who cannot in most cases operate without various forms of cover. Over half (52%) of those whose premium costs have risen say that the rise is 11 per cent or greater, while some individual businesses have seen cost rises far in excess of that – particularly following a claim. The pandemic brought many underlying problems with insurance into sharp relief, as small firms had to fight hard for their business interruption insurance to be honoured, leading to significant uncertainty and worry at a time when they were already fighting to survive. Other types of insurance, particularly professional indemnity insurance (PII) – which is very often a trading requirement for firms in areas such as accounting or architecture, among others – have seen their markets harden, restricting access to cover and the protection afforded to customers in the wake of COVID-19. The report includes numerous recommendations for regulators, insurers, and the Government on how to resolve or improve many of the difficulties small firms face around insurance, including: • The Government should work together with insurers and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as the regulator to agree specific conditions for forms of Government support that should not be taken into account when calculating business interruption insurance claims. • The Financial Conduct Authority should be explicitly required to consider intervening in a market if it becomes clear

that there is a segment/sector of businesses that are unable to obtain insurance. • The Government should convene discussion with relevant sector-specific regulators and professional associations, to ensure that PII requirements that are imposed as a condition of being able to practise are assessed so they do not disadvantage small businesses. The FCA should carry out a market study of PII, given recent price increases and market hardening. • The Government should use the Procurement Bill to remove barriers for SMEs in accessing public procurement opportunities. This should include commitments not to impose unlimited liability for public contracts, to share risk reasonably, and to ensure that both PII and public liability insurance requirements in public contracts are proportionate to the size of the contract. FSB National Chair Martin McTague said: “Cover for risks of all kinds – from fire to flood to less tangible dangers – is vital to small businesses’ continued ability to trade, but our report indicates that there are problems lurking under the surface which, if left unaddressed, could further hamper small firms’ ability to compete on an equal footing. “Rising cover prices leave firms caught between a rock and a hard place, forced to pass on higher costs to customers, or to cut back on investment and expansion – or even to risk opting for a lower level of cover, which may leave them painfully exposed if the worst should happen. “Long, complex contracts present difficulties to smaller businesses without a whole department dedicated to deciphering legalese, and runs the risk of small business customers believing they have purchased adequate policies, when in fact they have not. “Meanwhile, procurement processes which mandate unnecessarily high levels of insurance for relatively small contracts put them out of the reach of small businesses, once again leaving them on an uneven playing field. “Our recommendations, taken as a whole, will help to make insurance easier and more cost-effective for small businesses to access, allowing them to be sure that, by paying for a premium, they are getting a premium product in return, one suited to their business’s particular needs.”

Monika Welcomes New Senior Team Member Monika, the experts in connecting teams and equipment, is delighted to welcome James Hall as the new Director of Development and Support, as they look to future growth of the business.

James will be working alongside Monika’s senior leadership team, including Executive Chairman, Tim Gamble, Managing Director UK & Europe, Lorraine Gamble FIH, and Director of Operations UK & Europe, Keith Hopewell, to build on Monika’s success over the last 30 years, helping to develop new solutions to address the evolving needs for the company’s customers. James brings a wealth of knowledge to the company. Having worked initially as an engineer, and then as a director & CTO working across a range of communication and safety critical technologies, in a range of companies from start-ups to global corporations – he is well placed to direct the future development of Monika’s portfolio of products and services. James’ new role at Monika will entail working with the development and support team to bring in new skills and experience that will enable Monika to develop further innovative solutions to broader markets, whilst supporting long standing customers in getting the most out of

their current systems. James said:

“I’m very excited about my new position here at Monika. I believe my experience will really lend itself to my new role, and I look forward to working with the Monika team to build on their successes to develop the innovative, practical and cost-effective solutions that our customers will need.” Tim Gamble, Executive Chairman of Monika is happy to have James on the Monika team; “With Monika celebrating our 30th anniversary, we’ve had a lot of opportunity for internal reflection, where we’ve been able to recognise several longserving team members and promote staff to new positions. I think James will be a real asset to the team, and provide some great fresh perspective to the company. We look forward to supporting him in his new role.” For further information visit



Issue 121

Fair Tipping Policies Can Help Drive Customer Footfall By Katy Moses, MD, KAM ( three quarters (74%) of them claiming that they were never told the reasons for this. It should be a warning sign, and a wakeup call to the hospitality industry that staff are questioning the amount of noncash tips they are receiving. It suggests a clear lack of transparency and trust in the processes which are currently in place. Furthermore, 1 in 3 staff said they also see tips held back for reasons such as to cover the cost of breakages, to cover tax, to go towards basic staff salaries and to go towards staff uniforms. It’s clear that some businesses are using non-cash tips and service charges as a way to fund basic staff remuneration rather than in addition to their base. The majority of customers agree that it’s unfair that a business can keep a percentage of non-cash tips for any reason. Unless you've been living under a rock for the last couple of years, you will have noticed that there is an employment crisis in the hospitality industry. We all know that retention is better than replacement- and that competition for GREAT team members is fierce. Our recent research, in partnership with TipJar, shows the surprisingly significant role which fair and transparent tipping can play in attracting both employee and actually also customers.

In fact, providing fairer tips could also improve footfall for businesses with 1 in 2 customers being more likely to visit a venue if they knew ‘non-cash’ tips were being shared fairly. This rises to as high as 63% for Gen Z and 60% for Millennial customers.

As a nation, tipping may not be as embedded in our culture as the US, but Brits do believe it has a rightful place within UK hospitality. The research showed that only 1 in 10 UK consumers are against the concept of tipping, with the vast majority actively supporting the act of rewarding staff for a job well done. The survey of 500 customers and 250 hospitality staff showed however a concerning lack of trust in contactless tipping in the hospitality industry with the majority of staff (84%) worrying they are not getting their fair share of credit/debit card tips and service charges. In addition, their concerns are likely exacerbated through experiencing malpractice with findings revealing two thirds (66%) of staff say they have knowingly had tips held back or had deductions taken from their tips, with almost

is a key driver of venue choice. Effort and contribution should equal reward. There shouldn’t be any mystery around how non-cash tips get distributed amongst staff members. A lack of transparency can create a lack of trust. A lack of trust can impact on both staff happiness and staff productivity. It can ultimately end up in a situation whereby tips, which should be a motivator, end up as a demotivator to staff performance. I recently chatted to James Brown, founder of TipJar, about some of the implications of this research and he stressed how the modern employee wants transparency and fairness (that goes for the modern customer too by the way!) He thinks the industry doesn’t have a problem with tipping, but a problem with transparency which is influencing where people are choosing to work and whether employees are choosing to stay. (You can watch the chat in full here at The industry needs to ask itself: "Are we doing the right thing by our team?" "Are we doing that in a transparent way?" AND- it may sound mercenary, but- "Are we telling our customers that we're doing the right thing?"

There is a clear need, in the current climate, to make a career in hospitality an attractive proposition. We know the influence that high skilled and highly motivated staff can have on the customer experience. Great service is a key factor that differentiates a night out from a night in and

The research has shown strong sentiments that a fairer, more transparent tipping process will not only alleviate feelings of mistrust but improve satisfaction and retention for staff and can also drive footfall from customers too. Readers can access the full research whitepaper– A Fair Share- at

BrewDog Founder Warns of Looming Crisis

James Watt co-founder and chief executive of Scottish brewer and retailer BrewDog, has said the current inflationary pressures the sector is facing have the potential to destroy more businesses than the pandemic. Writing on LinkedIn, James Watt said it now costs BrewDog 25% more to make a case of its Punk IPA beer today than it did last year, adding that the brewer had seen "huge increases" in the price of electricity, gas, transport logistics, wages, malted barley, hops, and packaging materials like aluminium and cardboard. : "We would never compromise on the quality of our beer and we want to do all we can to manage our prices and offer great value to our customers but unfortunately our beers are going to become a little more expensive. The only other option would be to compromise on the quality of our beers or our commitment to sustainability which we simply will not do," he said.

blaming pandemic restrictions and increased internal investment. Watt said the official inflation rate of 9.4% was "nothing like the full picture" and would soon "catch up to the brutal reality that so many businesses are facing". He wrote: "We are a strong business. We will manage our way through this new challenge. But make no mistake, this crisis has the potential to destroy more businesses than the pandemic, crippling the UK economy over the medium to long term. "With the UK facing the slowest growth rate of any of the world's developed economies it is clear the government needs to do more to help UK businesses. Instead of this squabbling between the leadership candidates and their supporters, how about they all start addressing the real issues? They are wasting time, when action is needed now." Founded in 2007 BrewDog operates over 100 bars worldwide.

Parkdean Resorts and Calor Join Forces to Reduce Co2 Emissions with Calor Futuria Liquid Gas BrewDog reported a £5.5m operating loss in 2021, down from a £6.8m loss in 2020, with the brewer

The UK’s leading holiday park operator, Parkdean Resorts, has announced plans to switch its energy supply to Calor Futuria Liquid Gas (previously bioLPG) through a pioneering partnership with Calor. Calor has been Parkdean’s main gas fuel supplier for many years, and the companies identified Futuria Liquid Gas as a mutual opportunity to improve the sustainability of Parkdean’s gas supply and reduce CO2 emissions. The partnership will form a key part of both organisations’ sustainability commitments, with Calor’s ambition to become a fossil free business by 2040, and Parkdean’s own commitment to creating a positive environmental impact on nature and resources and reduce its CO2 emissions by 25% by 2025 and net zero by 2040. Through the partnership, Parkdean Resorts will become the first holiday park company to use Futuria Liquid Gas, a co-product of biodiesel production made from a blend of waste, residues and sustainably sourced materials. Forming a key part of Parkdean Resorts’ wider work to care for its parks, people and planet, and reduce CO2 emissions, more than 14% of the total LPG supplied by Calor to Parkdean Resorts will be Futuria Liquid Gas by the end of 2022, rising to nearly 25% by the end of 2023. Parkdean Resorts has made a significant sustainability commitment by agreeing the new partnership with

Calor, which will be a big step on the path to Net Zero. Jane Bates, Director of Procurement and Sustainability, Parkdean Resorts, said: “We’re doing a lot of work to care for our people, parks and planet and using Futuria Liguid Gas will be a key factor in reducing our CO2 emissions. It’s important to us that our suppliers can help us deliver our commitments, and we’re delighted to partner with Calor in providing this solution, which will be a big step towards achieving our first milestone of a 25% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2025, and represents a key initiative in our industry-leading strategy to create truly sustainable parks.” Alastair Lovell, Head of Sustainable Fuels at Calor said: “Calor is delighted to partner with Parkdean and supply Futuria Liquid Gas as a renewable fuel source to their sites. “Parkdean Resorts is a leader in the leisure industry, creating sustainable staycations for its customers. This partnership demonstrates our shared values as we strive to reduce carbon emissions - and will have a significant impact in achieving our sustainability commitments.” To find out how Calor can help you reach sustainability targets, visit



Issue 121

Leveraging Technology in Times of Change - How Food and Beverage Manufacturers Can Benefit from the Cloud

By Janez Sodja, Loftware ( Director of Field Sales, EMEA

A NEED FOR CHANGE In today's post-pandemic world, economic volatility, shifting politics, and a climate emergency are all forcing companies to operate with greater agility and pace. This is no different for organisations operating in the food and beverage sector. In order to maintain business and obtain a competitive edge, these organisations must have their finger on the pulse of external affairs to be able to pivot and adapt to changing landscapes.

AN EVER-CHANGING LANDSCAPE - THE FOOD AND BEVERAGE SECTOR The last few years have marked a period of significant change for food and beverage manufacturers. Already heavily regulated, this sector has seen a raft of regulatory changes across the globe. These aim to ensure that food labels offer consistency and traceability whilst also, and most importantly, informing consumers about the contents of the food and drinks they are consuming. To summarise just some examples, In April 2022, the UK saw the introduction of mandatory calorie labelling on menus for all out-of-home food businesses with over 250 employees. Prior to this, in October 2021, “Natasha’s Law” came into effect, aiming to strengthen standards around allergens and food safety. Meanwhile, in the US, the FDA recently updated The Nutrition Facts label requirements to help consumers make better informed food choices. In Mexico, the regulation NOM-051-SCFI/SSA12010, which was published in 2020, also updated the required commercial and health information contained on food and beverage labels. Manufacturers and distributors of all sizes must grapple with this challenging and ever-evolving regulatory landscape – not only the requirements that already exist, but also those that have just or will imminently come into effect. For example, on October 1st 2022, vegan meat products will need to abide by new regulations on their labelling across France. In the UK, there have been calls for an industry-wide carbon labelling scheme to outline the climate impact of each product on supermarket shelves. Similarly motivated by a drive towards

sustainability, other UK retailers, including Marks & Spencer, have recently decided to scrap ‘best before’ dates on fruit and vegetables to reduce food waste. Such changes to labelling can be complex, especially if goods are manufactured, distributed, and sold across several markets, all with different regulatory rules. Fortunately, the cloud enables companies to manage multiple variations with ease.

THE ANSWER LIES IN THE CLOUD This onslaught of regulatory changes has prompted many food and beverage manufacturers, as well as partners and suppliers throughout the supply chain, to recognise the importance a cloud-based labelling strategy. By adopting the cloud, food businesses can manage limitless variations and dynamically change labels based on what needs to be displayed, thus simplifying the route to compliance and avoiding potential penalties and fines resulting from food labelling errors. The good news is that deploying a cloud-based labelling solution is quick and easy and such a solution could be fully operational in time for these imminent regulation changes. Adopting a cloud-based labelling solution not only future-proofs organisations against upcoming changes to label content, whether that be from consumer demand or regulatory changes, it’s also a strategic enabler of supply chain agility and business operations, ensuring the movement of parts and products – upstream and downstream – without delays or disruptions. Cloud-first labelling improves scalability, configurability, standardisation, and reliability across the enterprise. It can also provide businesses with improved cashflow – this is illustrated by Loftware’s Top 5 Trends report for 2022, a survey of 1000 professionals from organisations across all major industries and 55 countries, which found that 83% of industry professionals believe they would generate significant cost savings by consolidating under a single labelling solution.

ARE YOU READY FOR FUTURE CHANGES? Many businesses are already leveraging the cloud to thrive in the present and prepare for the future. According to our research, 42% of businesses have already moved to the cloud for their enterprise applications. What’s more, almost three quarters (73%) of companies believe the cloud will be the preferred method for labelling applications within the next three years. This compares to just 50% of respondents reporting their company’s likelihood of adopting a cloud-based solution a year ago. As society continues to face unprecedented economic and environmental challenges, those businesses that are yet to adopt the cloud risk lagging behind their peers. Among other business-boosting benefits, they will miss out on greater agility, cost savings, and guaranteed compliance no matter what the future brings.

Majority of Customers Have a Positive Experience with Customer Services Robots The majority of customers have a positive experience when dealing with service robots, according to new research from Durham University Business School. The study found that interacting with robots triggers emotions of joy, love, surprise, interest and excitement for customers, whilst discontent is mainly expressed when customers cannot use service robots due to them malfunctioning. This research was conducted by Dr Zhibin Lin, Professor of Marketing at Durham University Business School, alongside colleagues from Smith School of Business, Queen’s University, Audencia Business School and Jimei University. The researchers wanted to understand consumers’ emotions which arose as a result of robot-customer encounters, and whether these were positive or negative experiences.

Professor Zhibin Lin says, “Service robots have been increasingly adopted in hospitality service settings in recent years and large hotel chains have gradually adopted their services for housekeeping and butler services, interacting with customers and fulfilling concierge and front-desk tasks. Previous opinion has been that customers felt uneasiness and discomfort when being served by robots, however this research suggests that customers actually, on the whole, have more positive interactions with robots and enjoy the experience of being served by one”. Catering to customer’s emotions is particularly important in consumption experiences. In the hospitality industry it is important that customers are not just served, but they also have a positive experience too. For managers, this research offers insight into the type of experience that customers have when confronted with a robot server instead of a human one.

To do so, the researchers extracted a sample of 9,707 customers reviews from two major social media platforms (Ctrip and TripAdvisor), encompassing 412 hotels in eight countries. By using a machine learning model to identify the hotels which had been reviewed on their own robot-powered customer service, the researchers were able to determine the emotion a customer felt when experiencing robot customer service i.e. joy, anger, surprise.

The research clearly shows that using robot servers can be a huge differentiator for a hotel chain, creating a novel and unique experience for customers. The research states that the majority of customers have positive opinions and experiences with robot servers, showing strong support for the implementation of customer service robots.

The feeling of ‘Joy’ was felt by over 60% of customers when dealing with robots in a customer service role. ‘Fear’ was the second most felt emotion by customers, encompassing 28% of the reviews. Whilst other feelings of anger (5%), neutral (4%) and sadness (1%) featured in the reviews.

However, negative experiences are still experienced. Therefore, Professor Lin warns that managers must learn from such occurrences and focus on improving service quality, increasing functionality and humanrobot interactions.

The results of the study also showed that many customers chose these specific hotels due to the fact they operated with customer service robots, showing that hotels can not only use them for convenience but also a selling point to customers too.

The researchers also recommend that hotel chains ensure that the adoption of robots does not impact on employment numbers, and that they also do not promote themselves as a ‘robot hotel’, as this is likely to create high expectations and potentially disappoint customers.

Worlds no.3 Vodka Brand Appoints UK Distributor MASPEX, the Leading Polish food group have announced the appointment of Paragon Brands as the distribution partner for their ubrówka premium vodka Brand. Maspex acquired ubrówka as part of the purchase of the CEDC Business from Roust Corporation (who acquired the brand in 2013) in February 2022 - returning the brand to full Polish ownership and severing all ties to Russia. ubrówka is the no.3 vodka brand in the world by Volume (in 2021) and the worlds no.1 Polish Vodka Brand, sold in over 130 countries, with a history dating back over 500 years. Zubrowka Bison Grass is typically served in the iconic ‘Apple-Zu’ cocktail made with cloudy apple juice. Chris Jones, MD of Paragon Brands, commented ‘we are honored to have been chosen by Maspex to represent this iconic global brand within the UK, where the vodka category is currently in strong

growth as consumers switch out of the declining Gin category and seek out premium vodka brands with heritage and a point of difference’. Marcin wiatło & Aleksandra Zygmunt, country managers at Maspex and Members of the Board of Directors at Maspex UK Ltd commented: We are very happy to be working with Paragon brands representing the ubrówka porfolio in the UK, they bring a wealth of industry experience and reach for ubrówka and we look forward to growing the brand together in the UK. For more information about the Zubrowka range or Paragon Brands, visit +44 (0)161 390 0019

Hoteliers Urge New PM to Cut VAT Issue 121

Hoteliers in Bristol are urging whoever becomes the new Prime Minister to cut the rate of VAT to help their businesses survive the post-pandemic threat of soaring costs. The Bristol Hoteliers Association (BHA) spoke out in the wake of a report from industry body UKHospitality and business property advisor Christie & Co which revealed operating costs in the hospitality sector have risen to 55.2% of annual turnover (before rent), the highest level since 2007. Prices in the UK are rising at their fastest rate for 40 years, with UK inflation hitting 9.4% in June. The BHA has long been calling for a reduced rate of VAT for hospitality and leisure businesses and has renewed that call in the wake of growing financial pressures. BHA Chair Raphael Herzog said: “Even with lockdown restrictions lifted, many hospitality businesses have been unable to open fully due to staff shortages. “The effect of both Brexit and pandemic lockdowns – which saw staff find new roles elsewhere – means some kitchens have had to stay closed. “Add to that the increase in minimum wage, increased costs of food supplies and the soaring energy prices, and we are still along, long, way from the road to recovery. “Some hotels are seeing their gas bills rise from £10-12,000 per month, to around £50,000. “Whereas a quality steak would cost £5.50 not too long ago, it now costs £10. We’ve seen year-on-year price increases of nearly 40% for bakery/flour purchases, more than 60% for dairy, more than 45% for eggs



and egg products and 20% for laundry. “These are just a few examples of the soaring costs we are facing and why we are calling for long-term Government help.” In July 2020, the Government announced a temporary 5% reduced rate of VAT for the hospitality industry. This was increased to 12.5% in October 2021. In April this year, VAT returned to its full rate. Mr Herzog said: “We will soon have a new Prime Minister and we are hoping that he or she will look to re-introduce a reduced rate of VAT for hospitality businesses. “This would be a significant step towards supporting struggling hotels, restaurants, pubs and others. “We are all facing soaring operating costs at a time when many household budgets are being stretched and more and more people are finding it harder to afford to be able to enjoy all that the hospitality sector has to offer. “At the end of last year, the Government announced grants of up to £6,000 for hospitality businesses. But that would only cover us for what we lose in one day with a conference booking, as an example. “We need the Government to reintroduce the reduced rate of VAT – at least temporarily but ideally on a permanent basis. “Right now we have very little revenue, increases in costs and continuing staff difficulties. It’s very hard to operate a business in the current climate, with more money going out than coming in. “We need more support, not only from the Government, but from other companies and customers to help with our long-term recovery from the impact of the pandemic.”

Riso Gallo’s Fantastic Young Risotto Chef Competition is Now Open for Entries for 2023! Now in it’s 6th year, the competition has gone from strength to strength and is a fixture on the culinary calendar for many. Open to young chefs aged 17-23 from UK and Ireland, either already in our wonderful profession or still in education, the competition offers the opportunity to win a 3 day culinary stage at the esteemed Michelin starred Il Luogo aimo in Milan and see at first hand the Gallo rice mill. Established in 1856, Riso Gallo is the oldest Risotto rice producer in Italy and has been delivering its premium rice to consumers around the world for over six generations. Riso Gallo is the first international rice brand to have produced its rice from sustainable agriculture, making their premium bestselling risotto completely sustainable from field to fork - something which

align well with our choice, for the 2nd year, to hold our final at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, itself reknowned for its green credentials. In addition to the competitive element the competition is known for its fun, excitement and sheer enjoyment in the cooking, and chefs at the top of their game from around the country willingly give up their time to judge the young chefs’ work and offer, in many cases, ongoing support and encouragement long after the last spoon has been served at the Final. With heats around the UK and Ireland, scheduled for January & February culminating in the stellar final in early April the whole thing is a celebration of all things rice and risotto and is just a joy to take part in.

One in Five Nightclubs Closed Over the Past Three Years, CGA Reports Recent figures released by NTIA through CGA have shown the huge impact on nightclubs across the UK over the last 3 years, with only 1130 nightclubs left across the UK, which is down substantially since the pandemic and subject to further change in the current economic climate. The Midlands and North have been hardest hit, with some key independent businesses being lost, all of which play a significant role in supporting the wider The Night Time economy which generates £112 billion in revenue per annum (6% of the UK’s total). The culmination of pandemic debt, growing energy bills, workforce challenges, supply chain, increased insurance premiums, landlord pressures and product cost increases have created a perfect storm. Operating cost pressures coupled with consumers with less disposable income have seen the early stages of a recession with slowing ticket sales and visitor frequency. There is still some way to go to see the true impact of cost inflation on businesses, with over 53.8% of respondent businesses still to renew energy contracts. Michael Kill CEO NTIA says: “Late night economy businesses were one of the quickest sectors to rebound during the financial crash many years ago, harbouring an abundance of resilience and entrepreneurial spirit.”

For more information please see

“It’s without a doubt that these businesses, particularly nightclubs, have a huge part to play in the regeneration of high streets in towns and cities across the UK.” “Beyond the generation of footfall through trade, domestic and international visitors to clubs support the local economy in secondary and tertiary purchases through accommodation, travel and retail. “It is also key to recognise that these businesses play a key part in people’s decision making process from choosing a University or College to influencing investment choices for businesses relocating or expanding, to accommodate for a young workforce.” “Not forgetting the important part they play in people’s, physical, mental and social well being.” “The Government needs to recognise the economic, cultural, and community value of clubs and the wider night time economy. We must protect these businesses, using every means possible, and recognise their importance before it’s too late.” Labour’s Shadow Levelling Up Secretary, Lisa Nandy said that reopening once loved nightclubs in struggling towns and city centres could help to revive the high streets and boost the economy. “Every single town has a lost nightclub they feel very strongly about, that was part of our history and our heritage” she said.

Managing Packaging Waste: Why Recycling Should Be The Last Resort 20


Issue 121

By Josephine Liang, co-founder of the UK's first tech-enabled reusable container scheme Caulibox ( disposal is down to confusion around local rules, and misconceptions about what is and isn’t accepted in recycled waste. For example, in London, the differing rules between boroughs can result in both households and businesses disposing of waste incorrectly due to misunderstandings. Many of us dispose of items in the general waste that could have been recycled, and vice versa.

not allow scaling of commercial composting. Unfortunately, most compostable packaging isn’t accepted into the food waste stream, and so ends up in landfill. Caterers and offices need to create a precise waste stream to dispose of compostable packaging effectively. However, the cost and labour associated with the transportation of compostable waste makes it expensive to create these waste streams, and is why reusables are supported by companies like Veolia.

Contamination risks Another issue setting back the efficaciousness of recycling is contamination. It is easy to make an effort to recycle and feel we are making a difference, but many of us are lazy about properly researching the correct plastic type that can be recycled. Contamination can refer to the accidental disposal of low grade plastics into the recycling waste, which could render batches of recycling useless. This can be a result of genuine mistake, as 86% of households in the UK put one or more items in the recycling that cannot be recycled. Recycling is something that we are all encouraged to do to help achieve sustainability and tackle the climate crisis. A 2021 study found that 88% of people in Britain claimed to be recycling regularly. Although this sounds positive on paper, in practice, is recycling enough to manage our packaging waste? Sadly, the myths surrounding recycling and how we should recycle our waste have permeated narratives around eco-friendly waste practices, evidenced by how less than 10% of all plastics are recycled. If we are not recycling effectively, then we are not achieving sustainability.

RECYCLING MYTHS: Are we recycling properly? When trying to operate an eco-friendly business, waste disposal can be a challenge for on-site caterers, and adopting a sustainable infrastructure can be a hard task. The rules around disposal and recycling can be intricate and challenging to navigate. Much of the challenge in proper waste

It also refers to recyclable materials that have not been properly cleaned and contain remnants of food in them. Recycling contamination can result in problems for recycling machinery maintenance, devaluation of the recycled products, and reduced recycling all together, as often these items are sent straight to landfill if they have not been suitably prepared to be recycled.

Considering all the limitations of recycling in tackling the climate crisis, we must start by attempting to reduce the waste we are producing. Implementing reusables into your business will significantly reduce waste production, as the durable materials allow them to be used hundreds of times. Effective recycling practice requires us to thoroughly wash our single use plastics, so why not invest in durables that can be washed and repeatedly used again? Adopting reusables into catering organisations as standard practice to decrease disposable waste will help in creating a sustainable infrastructure that achieves green goals. This will help simplify sustainable practice for employees, maximising effectivity. Other benefits of reusables for caterers include cost effectiveness. Unlike single use packaging, reusables are not created as cheaply as possible, but instead are built with sturdiness that is long lasting. This means investing in packaging less frequently.

Problems in the recycling industry Issues within the industry outside of consumer control also further reduce its impact on sustainability. Plastic in particular can be harmful, and many plastics that are approved to recycle contain dangerous chemicals and toxic additives, so cannot be repurposed into food grade packaging. This begs the question, why is the food catering industry still frequently using single use plastics that create 11 billion pieces of waste annually? Compostable packaging has similar limitations in its sustainability, predominantly due to issues within the current infrastructure which does


Of course, we cannot avoid recycling all together, and some single use items will be used and disposed of. To maximise your organisation's efficiency in recycling, ensure that you are educating employees and customers on effective recycling practices and labelling different bins and waste points clearly to make disposing of waste accurately as simple as possible. Making it easy for staff will maximise sustainable efforts. Normalising these actions may also, in turn, impact the way that employees dispose of waste in their households, further promoting sustainability.

The International Drink Expo is Returning in October The International Drink Expo makes its much-anticipated return to London’s ExCeL on 19th & 20th October, forming THE ultimate event to help you boost your profits, build your brand and grow your business. The event will give 3,000 industry-defining leaders access to 200 exhibitors and their plethora of innovative products, ideas and strategies and inspirational seminars. Panel debates are an integral part of the show as you can hear from industry professionals discussing important topics and issues that will help you stay above the curve and your competitors! The Innovation Awards are also a chance to see the most creative ideas, products and services that could inspire you and your business! The UK’s only event dedicated to maximising your drink sales is also running alongside 5 other industry-leading events collectively forming #FES22, THE biggest business growth event dedicated to the world of food & drink. A FREE ticket will grant you access to all 6 events - see

this is an opportunity to broaden your understanding of the industry and this will allow you to expand profits across all sectors! The International Drink Expo is the place you want to be to find innovative ways to stand out from your competitors, boost sales and find the hottest ideas to attract new customers. The International Drink Expo aligns your ideas and products with the strategies and connections to execute them into profitable action. You will definitely be going home with newfound inspiration and top tips from industry experts so that YOU can transform your business. Whether you’re an independent establishment or a large chain, we can’t wait to see you all there under one roof for THE drink's event of the year, are you ready to maximise your drinks sales? So what are you waiting for? Save the 19th & 20th October in your calendar and secure your free ticket now at

Manchester City Centre Hotel Occupancy Rates Rocket to 75% in June and July Thanks to Jam Packed Music and Sporting Schedule The jam-packed sporting and music schedule has contributed to hotels across Manchester being almost full throughout June and July. That’s the view of Chairman of Manchester Hoteliers’ Association (MHA) Adrian Ellis. He believes ‘concerts and sporting events have helped hotel occupancy rates rocket to 75% in June, higher than pre-pandemic levels.’ A number of acts have graced the city’s stages including The Killers, Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran and Alicia Keys as well as the return of PARKLIFE Festival resulting in hotels being fully booked following a challenging two years on the back of COVID-19. The city has also welcomed the 2022 Women’s Euros competitions with two matches played at Old Trafford. Adrian commented that ‘hotels have benefited from an influx of visi-

tors, as has the rest of the city, especially restaurants and bars.’ He said: “Some of the city's largest venues such as Emirates Old Trafford, AO Arena, Old Trafford and Etihad have hosted a number of events this last month. It has been great to see such an array of visitors from around the globe to see special musical talent as well as the return of the hugely popular PARKLIFE Festival. “The success of the Lionesses at this year’s Euros has also brought a wide range of visitors into the city to the fan zone in Piccadilly Gardens, all hugely beneficial to the hospitality industry across Manchester.” He added: “I am incredibly optimistic about the future influx of visitors to Manchester especially with the return of the football season in August and PRIDE Festival in August, all which will bring in further business across the city.”

Call for Next Prime Minister to Deliver for Independent Breweries Issue 121

The Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) has called on the two final contenders for Prime Minister to support the small and independent brewers, one of the UK’s manufacturing success stories that has been hit hard in recent years. In letters sent to both Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss, SIBA’s Chairman Roy Allkin has asked the next PM to commit to delivering the planned changes to alcohol duty by February next year, to ensure that brewers and community pubs can get the support they need. Last year the Treasury set out ambitious changes to the alcohol duty system which many independent brewers have already factored into their business plans. Final details were expected to be announced in the Summer, but have now been pushed back to at least the autumn, leaving brewers in limbo and putting the delivery of these changes at risk. SIBA Chairman Roy Allkin said: “With the uncertainty the brewing industry faces, it is vital that the next



Prime Minister delivers for the UK’s independent brewers. Many brewers have already started preparing for the alcohol duty changes but don’t know if they will survive under the next Prime Minister. “I have written to both Rish Sunak and Liz Truss asking them to commit to the reforms to alcohol duty but also go further and enhance the draught duty rate to bring the support the hospitality sector needs to survive and thrive into the future.” SIBA is asking the two leadership candidates to not only deliver changes on time by 1 February 2023, but furthermore to introduce the Draught Duty Rate as soon as practically possible. This new rate offers a duty discount on beer sold in pubs and offers a gamechanger for the sector. SIBA has is also calling for the new PM to go further with the scheme by extending the discount to 20% and including the 20 and 30 litre containers used by small brewers and community pubs. “It is absolutely vital that the proposed draught duty rate applies to the twenty and thirty litre containers most often used by small brewers, or risk this preferential rate only being of use to Global lager brewers.” Allkin added. This comes as the sector faces a great deal of uncertainty with the combined impact of supply constraints and price increases as well as still being on the road to recovery from the pandemic.

Weather Gives Drinks Sales a Fortnight of Two Halves Drinks sales in Britain’s On Premise have fluctuated widely over the last two weeks, with the heatwave bringing mixed fortunes for pubs, bars and restaurants.

ing on Saturday (23 July) ended the week on a high, thanks in part to the popularity of a major Ultimate Fighting Championship event screened in pubs.

CGA by NielsenIQ’s latest Drinks Recovery Tracker shows average sales by value in managed venues in the seven days to Saturday (16 July) were 0.4% ahead of the same week in 2019—a reasonable improvement after drops of between 1% and 7% in the last three weeks.

Cider sales are usually strong in warm weather, but this category also had a mixed fortnight, with trading up 18% on 2019 in the week to 16 July, but down by 7% in the following seven days to 23 July. Spirits (up 6% then down 1%) and beer (up 2% then down 5%) followed a similar pattern, while soft drinks were down in both weeks, by 3% and 9%. The wine category suffered by far the most, as sales tumbled 21% and 17% across the two weeks.

However, sales dipped back by 6% in the following week (to Saturday 23 July). While high temperatures usually boost drinks sales by attracting people to beer gardens and other outdoor areas, the record-breaking temperatures proved too much for some consumers, prompting them to avoid travel and hot venues and drink at home instead. Some venues were closed because of the extreme heat. As temperatures steadily rose, drinks sales were in 2022-on-21019 growth by 6% and 4% on Sunday 10 and Monday 11 July. They hovered just below pre-COVID-19 levels for most of the rest of the week, before moving 9% ahead on Monday 18 July. But as the heatwave reached a peak, sales dipped by between 10% and 14% every day from Tuesday to Friday (19 to 22 July). Positive trad-

“It’s not often that we see sunny weather have a detrimental effect on drinks sales, but the recent heatwave was just too much for some consumers and operators”, says Jonathan Jones, CGA’s managing director, UK and Ireland. “As always there will have been winners and losers, but overall it’s been a tough summer so far for the On Premise. With more pressures to come from rising costs and rail strikes, operators and suppliers will be hoping for more sunshine but bearable temperatures, and plenty of staycations to give sales a desperately needed boost in August.”

The Great British Beer Festival Triumphantly Returns to London The Great British Beer Festival (GBBF) is making a triumphant return to London tomorrow, following an unplanned two-year hiatus due to COVID19. Taking place at Olympia London from 2-6 August 2022, it’s return is a hugely positive sign for the industry. With nearly a thousand different cask ales, craft beers, real ciders, perries and wines under one roof, there’s plenty to celebrate. H ere’s wha t you ca n expect a t this yea r’s festiva l: A chance to sample a huge range of fantastic drinks Cask beer is a rare find outside of the UK and this year we will be featuring the best of the best. We are welcoming back the cream of the crop with

our favourite brewery bars such as Titanic, Adnams, Siren and Harvey’s. New brewers such as Brew 61, Black Storm, Iron Pier, Ossett, Saltaire and Three Tuns will also be on show. This is in addition to more than 350 breweries represented on the CAMRA bars. In addition to sampling the best of the best from across the UK, visitors can also try American cask beer – a rarity in the US itself – at the ‘Bieres Sans Frontiers’ bars and a huge range of international beers. There will also be a vast range of craft beer, real ciders and perries, and the unveiling of a new “Gin & Fizz bar, featuring over 30 brewery gins. The full beer list is available here:

Star Goes Big and Early on World Cup Support

With new research revealing that nearly 50% of people who will watch the World Cup this year plan to do so in a pub, Star Pubs & Bars is launching its biggest ever package of sports support to help its pubs maximise the event.

Heineken UK. Given the timing of the World Cup, many of the materials and activities will have a Christmas theme, and there will be guidance on how to successfully stage the World Cup and festive season simultaneously.

According to Star’s research, atmosphere is a major reason why fans prefer to watch sports in pubs, with three quarters (76%) saying this was the case. Creating an experience that customers cannot replicate at home to encourage them into pubs will be a focus of the programme of support.

Says Caren Geering, Central Operations Director for Star Pubs & Bars:

The comprehensive package incorporates funding discounts on Sky subscriptions, an online hub offering insight on executing sport brilliantly, and fresh point-of-sale material to enable Star pubs to establish themselves as the ‘go to’ place for sport in advance of the World Cup. In addition, Star Pubs & Bars and Heineken UK are investing £200,000 in World Cup packs and promotions for Star pubs to deliver a fantastic experience for fans. Star expects more than 1,000 pubs to snap up its free World Cup kits, which are worth over £60 each and will feature items such as bunting, external signage and social media assets. 150 sports-focused pubs will also benefit from a World Cup makeover and special promotions from

“Our advice is to plan now for the World Cup. People will gravitate to a pub with a great reputation for sports when choosing where to watch the tournament. Promoting and screening other sporting events well in the run-up to the World Cup is essential to build this. Sky is synonymous with sport and is an important part of the mix, which is why we’re funding discounts on subscriptions to enable as many pubs as possible to subscribe. “This year’s World Cup is unique as it’s over the festive season. Many pubs are planning for Christmas already, and it’s vital they consider how they will incorporate the World Cup to maximise both occasions. Whilst hosting celebratory meals, Christmas parties and sports screenings at the same time is a great revenue booster, it is logistically challenging. We’ll be giving lots of ideas on how to approach it.”

How Can Hotel Owners Fend Off Fraud? 22


Issue 121

By Brian Moore, Director at Global Secure Accreditation (

The latest figures from the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) revealed that fraud and computer misuse have increased by 47 percent, exceeding pre-pandemic levels. These offences do not follow lockdownrelated patterns of reduced victimisation, so are offsetting reductions in other types of crime, such as burglary and assault. This is unwelcome news for hotel owners, as it is well known that the hospitality sector is a hotspot for fraudulent activity, with recent reports suggesting that between five and six percent of annual revenue is lost to fraud. But it is not just money that hotels stand to lose; they also run the risk of ruining their reputation. If hotels wish to ensure a five-star guest experience, it is therefore imperative they protect their properties properly.

IN THE NICK OF CRIME Fraudulent bookings are guaranteed to rob of hotels of their hard-earned revenue. A guest may try to scam their way into a free stay using either a false identity, a stolen credit card, or both. When the card is inevitably reported missing by the owner, the hotel will be hit by a chargeback, meaning the money is recouped by the credit card issuer. The best way to avoid fraudulent bookings is to cross reference the guest’s personal information with their credit card, as well as doing a quick Google search and scan of their social media profiles to ensure everything checks out. If you want to be more thorough, you could run a full background check involving criminal records and credit scores, though this comes with added time and costs. It may seem obvious, but if the guest’s credit card does not match their ID, it is likely they are using a stolen credit card. Same-day bookings are also a big red flag, as criminals will try to use the card as quickly as possible before it gets cancelled. If the credit card and ID do check out, employees should immediately process the guest’s payment, preferably through a global payment fraud prevention system to pick up on anything that might have been missed

through a manual check. For extra security, keep the guest’s credit card information and charge them a damage deposit. Hotels are also tempting targets for hackers because of the valuable personal and banking details stored on hotel reservation systems. Computer system breaches impact a hotel’s finances, its reputation, and requires them to hire consultants to analyse the severity of the attack and procure new system protection. Hotels can reduce these risks by adopting basic measures to ensure that access to customer information is restricted to a small number of authorised staff who have undergone appropriate due diligence checks; encrypt credit card data; ensure its Wi-Fi network is appropriately secured; enforce Payment Card Industry standards; and, finally, securing its payment systems.

COLLABORATE AGAINST CRIME Good security is not only a moral obligation, but an indispensable part of good service. It only takes one lapse in security to damage a hotel’s reputation. Incorporating discreet security measures into your premises – like hard-to-see cameras, access controls to certain floors, and briefing staff to be security-conscious – is a great way of offering subtle reassurance to guests. Criminals scouting the property may also feel threatened in this type of environment. Fraud risk also extends to knowing your staff. A recent audit of ours found multiple staff members to have dubious documentation and employment histories, so a rigorous selection and induction process can help weed out any potential risks early on.

EXCEED EXPECTATION WITH ACCREDITATION Reputable accreditation schemes instil credibility, trust, and confidence in hotels, assuring guests of a truly five-star experience. These schemes also go beyond quality, legality, and safety to include other benchmarks of service, such as amenities and company culture. While such robust measures are time-consuming and incur costs, intercepting fraudulent activity at the earliest opportunity is a long-term benefit that cannot be understated.

About the author: Brian served in the police service as an investigator for 34 years, rising to the rank of Chief Constable of Wiltshire Police and, subsequently, Director General of the UK Border Force. Brian was the UK national policing lead for the prevention of all forms of violent crime and was awarded the Queen’s Police Medal for distinguished service. Before joining GSA, Brian served on the Board of a leading private sector organisation, where his responsibilities included investigating malpractice in the construction products sector. Brian is currently a PhD candidate researching international good practice in respect of the role of whistleblowers making public interest disclosures.

Local Community Pub Reopens Following £189,000 Investment The Black Bull, a local community pub in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, reopened on Friday 29th July following a £189,000 investment. At the helm is passionate operator, Cheryl Hallcro, and the investment was funded by leading community pub company Admiral Taverns, who own 1,600 pubs across the country. The Black Bull is part of Proper Pubs, the community wet-led division of Admiral Taverns, which has more than 170 pubs across England, Scotland and Wales. Cheryl Hallcro took over the pub in February this year, after falling in love with the hospitality industry three years ago when she first worked in a pub. She commented: “We are over the moon with the results of the refurbishment at the Black Bull, it looks better than we ever imagined. It’s essentially a brand-new pub – I’m so thankful to Admiral Taverns for the investment and their ongoing sup-

port. Opening night was fantastic, it was great to see so many new faces and I can’t wait to meet more locals over the coming weeks.” Opening night included a special performance from popular Newcastle duo, ‘Another Story’, with nearly 100 residents visiting the pub to see the new look. Cheryl also has plans to host weekly karaoke evenings every Friday throughout the year. Martin Wood, Business Development Manager at Admiral Taverns, commented: “The Black Bull is well and truly back on the map. The refurbishment looks amazing and has created an authentic pub, which can cater for more people all year round, in a relaxed and welcoming environment. I wish Cheryl and the team every success for the future and am confident the pub will thrive at the heart of its community.”

New Faces At One Of Arkell’s Oldest Pubs

An award-winning husband and wife team have taken over The George at Kempsford, a pub that has been with Arkell’s Brewery since 1861.

Chef Roger Hawkshaw and front of house, Emie Hawkshaw, their two children, and Mojo the old farm border collie took over the pub in March and with the brewery’s help did a full kitchen refurb which is now complete and Roger can be let loose in the kitchen with some of his signature dishes as well as his take on pub classics. The George Inn is one Arkell’s Brewery’s oldest hostelries, bought by brewery founder Thomas Arkell in 1861 for the princely mortgage of £350. An article sits on the wall of the famous Wiltshire pub detailing its past owners and in reference to the Arkell’s mortgage it states that those party to the agreement were, amongst others, a veterinary surgeon from Meysey Hampton, a shopkeeper a local yeoman, and the famous brewer himself – Thomas, from Swindon. Roger and Emie have moved from The Winterbourne in Winterbourne Bassett, a successful community pub. Roger has worked under the likes of Chris Tanner and at one

Michelin starred New Angel where he was sous chef to John Burton-Race. Since then, he has gone on alone to pick up two AA Rosettes and further Michelin recognition. Emie has worked in customer facing roles for over 18 years, ranging from managing a bespoke retail operation to Michelin and three Rosette restaurants. The lure of The George and village life was too much, she said. “Both of our boys have been enrolled into the great local school and we are enjoying meeting so many of the locals, it is a lovely place to live and bring up a family.” Roger echoed Emie’s thoughts and said: “We open for the week on a Tuesday night where we serve ‘Bits and Pizzas,’ something we started when we had no kitchen. Then for the rest of the week we have a dedicated lunch and evening menu, which has gone down really well so far, I am able to change it on a regular basis to keep it fresh for the locals and those that come to visit.”

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CLH News

Issue 121

Price Increases Could Lead to Losses if Affordability Trend is Side-Lined Price inflation has affected all areas of the foodservice value chain, from raw material prices to the final menu product. This has put significant pressure on consumers in the UK, as the cost-of-living crisis has forced cutbacks on spending, says GlobalData. The leading data and analytics company notes that in order to help manage their household budgets, consumers may choose to omit or adapt some of their usual spending occasions such as eating out and other leisure activities. Ramsey Baghdadi, Consumer Analyst at GlobalData, comments: “In response to this challenging economic environment, restaurant operators such as McDonald’s are going to find a tough audience in the UK, as many people are forced to tighten their purses. Value positioned businesses such as McDonald’s and Pret a Manger, in particular, are going the opposite way in terms of affordability and will suffer losses if they raise their prices dramatically as living wages take their toll on consumer expenditure.” These operators are at a higher risk of backlash from patrons than a premium positioned restaurant due to three main factors: consumer expectations, dining occasions and overall out-of-home experience. According to the latest survey from GlobalData, close to two thirds* of UK consumers are worried about their financial situation. Therefore, regular promotions and discounts or even introducing a range of lower-priced items will be necessary in the long-term. Brands and manufacturers will need to determine the position they are going to take to help consumers through financial uncertainty and retain their loyalty. Middle ground, mass-market and challenger positions,

where there is less differentiation, are more likely to feel the squeeze so it will be important to be distinctive in the offering made to consumers. Baghdadi continues: “Full-service restaurants continue to have a leg up in this regard as their customers are often willing to pay more for a premium experience and special occasions – something that a chain targeting the daily lunchtime rush based on affordability and convenience simply can’t match.” As financial and economic uncertainty continues and recession is a possibility on both national and global levels, consumers will continue to find ways to spend less. A range of consumer strategies and behaviors will have to be adopted as individuals and households decide what concessions they will have to make and what compromises they are willing to accept. Baghdadi adds: “Low price points remain a key indicator of value for money for consumers. When considering tighter household budgets, a significant number of consumers will focus on low costs of individual items to try and manage their total spend. Quick-service restaurants like McDonald’s may witness a loss if prices of affordable/money-saving meal options are raised, as a high percentage of consumers are likely to continue budgeting long-term. “Given the rate of inflation, fast-food operators may lose customers to homemade lunches and retail meal deals if they can’t meet consumer expectations – putting many between a rock and a hard place.”

James Calder to Step Down as Chief Executive of SIBA After 3 years as Chief Executive of SIBA, and 5 years with the trade association in total, SIBA’s board has today confirmed that James will step down on 1st August to take on a new challenge.

SIBA has provided more benefits to members, revamped its beer competitions and saw a hugely successful return to Liverpool for BeerX 2022 under James’ leadership.

Under his tenure, SIBA has supported every independent brewery in the UK through COVID, providing them with the latest information, support and guidance.

“It has been an immense privilege to lead SIBA through the most difficult period in its history. I am especially proud and grateful to the team I have led. I am sad to be leaving SIBA, but I am also proud of what we have achieved. I wish SIBA, it is its members, and all independent breweries across the UK well.”

In Scotland SIBA secured the Scottish Brewery support fund and in England, Wales and NI, lobbied successfully to ensure breweries were prioritised for financial support. James has also overseen negotiations with Government over the future of Small Breweries Relief, securing changes which protect more breweries whilst ensuring the system allows the potential for growth and positive reform.

James said

Chair of SIBA, Roy Allkin said “Through unprecedentedly challenging times for the brewing and hospitality industries over the last few years, James was always keen to ensure that SIBA’s members were fully represented and that the sector wasn’t left adrift. James will be an asset wherever his career takes him.” Chair of the executive committee Francis Patton said “I have enjoyed working with James over the last three years and under his leadership SIBA has become closer to its members and helped many brewers through challenging times during the pandemic. I wish him well in his future career.

Excellion Capital Arranges £110m Credit Facility for Pub Operator Red Oak Taverns Excellion Capital, a boutique investment and advisory firm focussed on real estate and asset-backed investments, has arranged a six-year £110 million whole loan for Red Oak Taverns (Red Oak), an independent pub company operating 208 primarily leased and tenanted pubs across the UK. The debt facility refinances Red Oak’s existing debt and provides fresh capital to drive their future growth plans. £50 million of the facility serves as an acquisition facility to drive the purchase of new assets and new investment, including capital expenditure into the existing estate.

tions totalling 34 pubs during lockdown in 2021 alone. It is predicted that, this year, the hospitality industry will regain 93% of 2019 sales to reach £91 billion.

Founded in 2011 by Executive Chairman Aaron Brown and CEO Mark Grunnell, Red Oak has grown considerably over the past decade, successfully expanding its estate from its initial portfolio of 32 pubs. The new credit line enables management to continue to expand and to drive performance across its portfolio at a time when pubs have faced a challenging climate.

“Red Oak has proved to be an extremely strong operator in a challenging industry, and we’re glad to assist them in a transaction which will help turbocharge their next stage of growth.”

During 2021, more than 400 pubs closed in England and Wales, with a further 200 closing in the first half of 2022. Red Oak successfully bucked the industry trend over the past decade and during the pandemic, with the company completing five acquisi-

“We are pleased to have secured this facility and it has been a pleasure to work with Excellion. Our new financing provides us with the capital to continue to expand our portfolio and helps us along the next stage of our journey.”

Ashley Marks, Managing Director of Excellion Capital said: “It was a pleasure working with Red Oak, who really impressed us both with the quality of their management team and their operations, especially given the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Mark Grunnell, Co-founder and Chief Executive of Red Oak said:

Double Accolade For Southern Contracts

SOUTHERN Contracts is thrilled to receive not one, but two awards for their performance over the past year.

Electrolux Professional have announced Southern Contracts as their Laundry Partner of the Year 2021 which is awarded to the top selling Partner of commercial laundry appliances across last year. Southern Contracts have also been awarded Electrolux Professional’s Special Achievement Award for 2021. This is bestowed upon the company with the highest national sales of their food and laundry professional products. To have been given these two awards is quite amazing when the whole of the country was in lockdown during this period, with hospitality, care homes, schools, cruise ships and holiday venues all closed to the outside world. Adam Elphinstone, MD of Southern Contracts, said: “We have a very long and special relationship with Electrolux Professional and are proud to work with their products for both provision, installation and servicing. As we continue to emerge from the last couple of years we look forward to an optimistic future and all our clients being able to fully open up their businesses in this bright new world ahead.”

Mark Rogers, Regional Business Manager for Electrolux Professional, added: “Electrolux Professional have dealt with Southern Contracts for over 30 years and during that time they have established themselves as always being one of our leading distributors. We have always found them to be a first class and professional partner. “I have worked with them personally for over 4 years and can always rely on them to provide the right solution and fantastic after-care for any customer, from a wide variety of sectors, across the Marine environment through to Care Homes, Hotels and Schools. “Due to their many years of experience, they have a wide breadth of knowledge covering both the laundry and catering environments and although they are a company that can deal in a global marketplace, they still give the first-class friendly care of a family run business for both their remote and local customers.” For more information about products and services on offer, contact Southern Contract’s expert team of technical staff to provide guidance and advice through every aspect of your purchase and ongoing commitment to service, please telephone 01202 422100 or visit

New Data from UKinbound Reveals UK Summer Travel Trends 26


Issue 121

UKinbound’s latest Business Barometer Survey, conducted with its members in June/July 2022 suggests that the resurgence of the UK’s inbound tourism industry is being led by couples and empty nesters from international markets, but supply chain capacity and staffing issues could slow down recovery.

Businesses stated that couples and empty nesters were the fastest returning international demographic, closely followed by families. Additionally, the US market continues to recover the strongest, with more than one in three businesses seeing growth from this market. In contrast, businesses were asked, looking at the remainder of the year, what they expect to be their biggest barriers to recovery. Supply chain capacity was a leading concern, closely followed by the recruitment and retention of staff. The UK’s international competitiveness, alongside inflation and energy costs, were also highlighted as concerns. However, 78% of UK tourism businesses stated that were confident about the upcoming 12 months, compared to just 11% in April 2020. The survey also asked members to compare their 2022 summer forecast (July, August and September) to the same time pre-pandemic. Over half (54%) expected international visitor bookings and numbers to be lower than pre-pandemic, while, one in five expected them to be higher during this period. Nearly a third of inbound tourism businesses are expecting higher revenue levels compared to pre-Covid,

however this trend was not shared across all businesses. 71% of attractions and 57% of tour operators expect to have lower revenue compared to pre-pandemic. Joss Croft, CEO of UKinbound commented, “From couples and empty nesters to families, it’s fantastic to see international consumers returning to experience the UK’s diverse tourism offering. The opening of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham this week is just one of the many reasons international visitors are choosing to holiday in the UK this year. “We’ve also seen real pent-up demand from the US market, with people taking their deferred 2020 and 2021 holidays in the UK this summer, but international tourism is very competitive, and we can’t assume this boom will continue.

“Our industry is facing a number of challenges to its recovery, with supply chain capacity being heavily affected by businesses’ ability to secure the skilled staff that they need, alongside inflation and rising energy costs. “Additionally, if we are to retain our crown as a world-leading tourist destination, and the economic benefits that come with this, we need to ensure that the UK has competitive visa, immigration and border systems, invests in the promotion of Britain abroad and that visitors receive a first-class welcome.” “Looking forward, it’s critical that the impending new Government implement policies and funding that support the recovery and growth of businesses across this sector.”

Consumers Back Changes to Legal Definition of Cider to Help Save Orchards Members of the public polled by YouGov have given their overwhelming support to a call to change the rules on as the minimum amount of juice required to be in a pint of cider, in order to improve quality and safeguard the nation’s orchards. A YouGov survey found that 93% of people think that the preservation of traditional orchards is important – with 87% of respondents supporting raising the ‘minimum juice content’ of cider to help halt the decline of orchards. To be taxed and sold as cider, the Treasury currently requires a product to have just 35% juice – this is known as the ‘minimum juice content’. CAMRA is calling on the Treasury to raise the minimum juice content for cider to 50%. This modest increase would help improve cider’s value perception, integrity and reputation – and provide a renewed demand for acres of orchards bearing tannin-rich apples that are currently being wound down due to a lack of demand. CAMRA has shared an open letter to the Treasury urging to take action and is encouraging consumers to back the campaign by visiting the Great British Beer Festival, which opens its doors to the public this week at Olympia London. Despite its name, the festival also boasts a huge selection of real ciders and perries, as well as a brand-new programme of cider tastings at its Discovery Bar. Festival goers can learn more about the ingredients, techniques and people behind Britain’s best beers and ciders.

CAMRA’s Cider champions have organised a mouthwatering evening schedule of informal cider and perry tastings each evening, including: • An introduction to session and traditional craft cider in kegs and why your local should have them on the bar with Gabe Cook (The Ciderologist) and The Real Al Co. • The art of blending cider with Albert Johnson, Ross Cider • Let’s Talk Bubbles: How Sparkling Cider gets fizzy – with Alison Taffs of The Hop Inn and Hop Shop Hornchurch • East meets West in one City – with London Cider Club and The Real Al Co. Real Ale, Cider and Perry Campaigns Director Gillian Hough said: “Real cider and perry is undergoing a renaissance. Here at The Great British Beer Festival, we have a range of some of the very best range of homegrown products all in one place. Come and explore our fantastic cider and perry range, debate the future and discover what our cider and perry makers think. “As consumers refocus on the emerging UK cider and perry craft market, it is fantastic to see that nearly 90% of the public support increasing the minimum juice content for cider and perry. If HMRC regulations changed, it would guarantee consumers that our cider and perry were quality products containing more juice than water. It would authenticate all UK-made cider and perry’s as pure, natural products. Demand for freshly pressed juice from UK orchards would also benefit our environment and in turn our mental health, at a time when sadly many orchards are being wound down due to a lack of demand.”

Hubbard Advice On Keeping Your Ice Machine Clean As summer gets into high gear the ice experts at Hubbard Systems highlight the importance of keeping your ice machine safe and hygienic with a schedule of regular preventative maintenance. Ice machines continually process water, which means they are at risk of becoming contaminated if not cleaned and maintained. High quality ice machines like the range from Scotsman include design features that help to keep them operating at peak efficiency. However, it is vital to institute a schedule of maintenance and cleaning on a daily, weekly and monthly basis as well as regular visits from trained service engineers. Ensuring staff are trained in how to use and maintain your ice machine is the foundation of maintaining ice hygiene. Regular training and refresher sessions should be scheduled to make sure staff knowledge remains fresh.

ICE MACHINE MAINTENANCE TIPS · The ice storage bin should be fully emptied and cleaned every couple of months. This will ensure that ice is kept in perfect condition until needed.. · The water filter cartridge should be replaced at least once a year, although depending on local water quality and usage levels this might need to be more frequent. · After cleaning either the storage bin or changing the filter, the fresh water system should be flushed through before use to remove any residual contaminants. · While a good quality water filter will dramatically reduce the build up of scale on the evaporator, if you have very hard water it may still occur. Removing scale from the evaporator will keep the ice being made as pure as possible. This is usually a job for the service engineer. · Check the evaporator for build up at the same time as you clean the storage bin. Ice with scale can look milky or cloudy. · The air filters can often be overlooked in maintenance schedules, but should be cleaned regularly to guarantee the machine’s cooling capacity is working at optimum efficiency.

ICE HANDLING TIPS · Correct handling technique is vital so ice reaches customers in peak hygienic condition. Make sure ice never gets touched with bare hands and is only removed with a scoop.

· The scoop itself should be only stored in a tub of sanitiser between uses, not left on top of the machine or in the ice storage bin. · As well as this they should ensure that it is never contaminated by foreign bodies like bottle tops or labels. If glass enters the storage bin it’s vital that it is emptied and cleaned thoroughly.

LOOKING AFTER ULTRAVIOLET SANITISING SYSTEMS Ultraviolet sanitation systems have become increasingly common in ice machines since the pandemic. They provide an extra level of security by using the natural power of UV light to destroy viruses and bacteria, preventing the growth of mould, mildew, slime, and stopping odours The XSafe system is one of the key safety features fitted as standard on the Scotsman range of ice machines. Unlike many other UV systems it is capable of working throughout the machine, even in a storage bin filled with ice. Over time the effectiveness of the UV lightbulb reduces, and as the XSafe system runs constantly Hubbard Systems recommends getting it changed every 12 months. This will ensure the bulb and the XSafe system is always working at its full potential. Arranging for a qualified engineer to regularly service your ice machine can take a lot of the guesswork out of these regular maintenance tasks. The dealer or retailer who supplied the machine should be able to help, either by providing service themselves or by recommending a third party. If in doubt, Hubbard System’s sister company HTG Service can provide service for the full Scotsman range and most popular makes of ice machine. For specialist advice on looking after your ice machine, contact the ice experts at Hubbard Systems on 01473 350000. There are also a variety of specialist cleaning and maintenance guides which can be found in the downloads section at Hubbard Systems is the UK distributor for the market-leading Scotsman range of icemakers and the Friulinox range of refrigeration products, which are available via dealers nationwide. Hubbard Systems is part of HTG Trading Ltd. For more information and details of local stockists, call Hubbard Systems on 01473 350045, email or visit



Issue 121

Heating Solutions

Gas Water Heating & Sustainability If you are wrestling with meeting calls to be more environmentally aware as a business, then it is worth understanding that a limitation on new gas grid connections for heating systems becomes effective this year. However, this mandate does not apply to already connected buildings. For the time being, if a hospitality business uses gas and is intending to refurbish premises then it can upgrade to new condensing gas-fired appliances until 2035 without fear of breaching new buildings regulations. This provides a safety net while assessing new low carbon technology options prior to the 2035 deadline. Opting for a heat pump based all-electric hot water system is going to considerably reduce emissions, but comes with additional capital costs, despite the government’s boiler replacement scheme which is open to small businesses. For those ‘on gas’ it is well worth considering the implementation of solar thermal preheat for gas-fired systems if you wanted to make sus-

tainability commitments with proven and genuinely renewable technology. But with so many companies already using gas, and aware of the cost implications that come with system replacements, Adveco has developed two new ranges of direct-fired condensing water heaters – the AD and the ADplus for instantaneous demands. Both ranges provide a compact, floorstanding design that is easy to introduce into an existing plant room. High efficiency translates into 30% savings in fuel consumption, making it more cost-effective, while reducing emissions. Both AD and ADplus exhibit ultra-low NOX and CO emissions. So long as there is an existing gas connection, the AD & ADplus can help bridge towards the next generation of more cost-effective sustainable technologies, such as hydrogen in the gas grid.

AHTIDAIKIN Heat Recovery Solutions • ENERGY PRICING IS AT HISTORICALLY HIGH LEVELS • CHOOSE AHT/DAIKIN AS YOUR STRATEGIC PARTNER • PREPARE FOR THE CHANGING COST OF ENERGY AHT/DAIKIN have leading edge energy saving solutions including fully heat recovered technology.

AHT/DAIKIN provide low GWP, high efficiency products. The lowest GWP in the market (R290).

Our refrigeration systems can be used to power instore heating.

AHT Cooling Systems (UK) Ltd

Drastically reducing energy usage and providing up to 95% of all heating.

Email -

Phone - +44 1280 826 600

Chef's Buyer's Guide

Issue 121


Fylde Fresh and Fabulous Based in the heart of the Fylde countryside Fylde Fresh and Fabulous Ltd are a wellestablished family run business with over 30 years of history growing and processing potatoes. We are passionate about what we do. We grow, harvest, store, process and deliver fresh chips and potato products under the Triple F brand to customers the length and breadth of the country. We operate 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We are BRC AA accredited and Red Tractor approved, making us a reliable supplier to the foodservice industry.

POWERED BY POTATOES Fylde Fresh are committed to supporting the environment. We have our very own anaerobic digester which is uses all of the peelings generated from the potato process. This produces biogas which powers the site and the local community and produces a fertilizer for growing next years spuds.

Whitby Seafoods Founded back in 1985 by Graham Whittle, Whitby Seafoods are a buccaneering, privately owned, family business based in Whitby - a real place with a rich history as a fishing port. Graham founded the business with a quest to create ‘proper’ Scampi, using Langoustine tails responsibly sourced from the waters around the British Isles. This ‘quest for the best’ ethos remains, and we continue to be obsessed with top-notch seafood and remain market leaders in quality. We are the beacon brand for scampi and are the UK’s largest buyer and manufacturer of scampi. Simply put, we sell more scampi than anyone else anywhere else, with a whopping 1 million portions of Whitby Scampi being eaten by discerning seafood lovers each week! Being experts in what we do has enabled us to remain as the number 1 brand in foodservice since the company began. Whitby Scampi has become a famous

WHAT WE OFFER We provide national coverage, delivering our fresh potato products direct to your door via a network of distributors across the UK. We offer a number of fresh potato products from fresh chips to whole peel and quarter cuts. Our chilled products take all the hassle out of food preparation. Products can be delivered fresh daily. There’s no waste, prep time, labour cost or mess. All you need is chilled space. We aim to take the stress out of potato preparation. Why not contact us today for a free sample. Just email and one of our sales team will be in touch directly to deal with your enquiry. FFF chips are now available to buy online from our website We are offering all Caterer Licensee readers a 10% discount off their first order. Simply quote discount code CLM22 on the website to take advantage of this offer. dish in pubs and restaurants throughout the land, gracing the very best menus as a signifier of discernment. To bring a touch of the seaside to your establishment, we offer free point of sale items including greaseproof, napkins and swingboards available with the purchase of our flagship Whitby Scampi. Not only is our point of sale wonderfully eye catching, but it’s also a signifier of quality to those looking for something delicious to eat. Our point of sale has been a firm favourite with many of our customers over the last 10 years. Here is what some have had to say: “Whitby branded POS where I am does work- I’m based opposite 1500 caravans so when it’s nice and they are sitting outside with the branded serving items it really does make a difference” “Having Whitby POS has helped promote our scampi sales dramatically. Presentation is key to encourage return business and for positive reviews with images too. The Whitby Scampi POS products help us achieve this.” If you want to hook into our point of sale, call 01947 606101 or email with proof of purchase to claim.

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Macduff - Wild About Shellfish Macduff’s wild-caught Hebridean Langoustines come from the pristine, rich waters of the Outer Hebrides, off the west coast of Scotland, where the warm flowing Gulf Stream meets the cool currents of the Arctic and Greenland Sea. Here, fishing boats depart for short one- to two day trips, ensuring only the freshest langoustines are landed. At the factory, langoustines are washed, size graded and carefully hand-packed. This state-of-the-art facility is equipped with an Advantec freezer, a high velocity air freezing

technology that allows the rapid and efficient freezing of langoustines within 25 minutes or less, locking in freshness. They are then hand-packed by our dedicated team, resulting in rich, vibrant-orange langoustines with a firm texture and uniquely sweet delicate flavour. Popular amongst chefs in fine dining restaurants, Macduff’s West Coast Hebridean Langoustines are a true shellfish delicacy. FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT THE MACDUFF OFFICE NEAREST YOU: Mintlaw Sales Office: +44 (0) 1771 624000, Windsor Sales Office: +44 (0) 1753 858 188,

10 Years of Foodie Flavours

The Club – Food Procurement Made Simple create supply chains that work for you, reducing offgrid purchases, optimising your quality and commercial control.

for Vegans & Vegetarians, Glutenfree, Dairy-free, Egg-free, no added sugar and made in the UK.

They set out to bring professional, manufacturing grade natural flavourings to the home and small business market. Ten years on and Foodie Flavours have established their brand bringing high strength flavourings to serious foodies and small businesses across the UK and beyond.

Taste and aroma are the senses that define and help us recognize the things we love to eat and drink. Foodie Flavours’ professional quality natural flavourings are crafted by experienced flavourists using quality materials sourced from around the world. Consistent taste profiles are a must for food & drink producers and Foodie Flavours products are all manufactured to strict GFSI compliant quality standards. As well as ever popular Raspberry, Vanilla, Caramel and Orange - their extensive range includes a wonderful Rhubarb, Sweet Hazelnut & Chocolate, Passion Fruit, Ginger, Cinnamon, Chilli and many more. All are natural flavourings or extracts, suitable

Loved by Chef’s as great ‘kickers’ for their mouth-watering recipes. Valued by hospitality for their low cost in use and consistent flavour profiles. With sizes available to buy online in 15ml, 200ml, and 1 litre or more Foodie Flavours give a very flexible advantage to customers. Quick delivery from stock as well as samples and made-to-order flavours round out the service from this innovative company.

Insight – Our insights and the wealth of data at our disposal help you make the right decisions for your business.

What is The Club? We created The Club as an easy-to use procurement tool to deliver sustainable supply chain savings to a wide variety of businesses who buy food and drink. The Club champions cost reduction, optimises quality and service levels, and simplifies processes to effectively manage your organisation’s developing needs. Think of us as part of your team, without the cost, working in harmony with your business and helping it grow.

Foodie Flavours has built a reputation for quality, strength and friendly advice. Their flavourings are used in cooking, baking, confectionary, desserts, chocolate, fudge, ice cream, cocktails, beers, ciders, spirits, soft drinks, snack bars and much more.

What are the benefits?

Check out their website at not only for great natural flavourings, but also some great recipes and guides on how to use flavours.

Saves Time – We are always working in the background - so you don’t have to - ensuring you don’t overpay for your items.

Lower Costs – Rapidly accessed savings that drive benefit straight to your bottom line. Professionally negotiated and carefully managed, our team puts you ahead of the market.

Supply Chain Control – We work with you, to

Resources - Access to a team of procurement experts and a dedicated commercial manager to keep you up to date with the marketplace, review dashboards and supplier performance. Flexibility – You are unique, constantly growing and evolving. Regular reviews ensure the solutions in place are appropriate, for now and for the future. Tech – Powerful, efficient online ordering and reporting system, that can be accessed anywhere through your desktop, phone or tablet powered by Fourth. No Cash Outlay – We collect our fixed fee directly from suppliers, so you always know exactly what we earn. Peace of Mind – First class supply chains take time and expertise. Our team of procurement specialists have been creating sustainable supply chains that deliver savings and add value since 1998. Visit or see the advert below.

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Products and Services

Are You Looking To Make Your Menus More Sustainable? Are you looking to make your menus more sustainable? We’re proud to present Grass 95 – a paper that is ecologically responsible without compromising on the print quality! Grass 95 is a new and exclusive grass-based paper from Online Paper. Give your customers a truly authentic experience by printing your menus, flyers and more on this unique paper. Made from 70% FSC wood pulp & 30% grass pulp, Grass 95 is recyclable, compostable and eco-friendly. It has a wonderful look and feel that will add credibility to environmentally conscious restaurants and businesses. With one side of the paper coated for inkjet printers and the reverse optimised for laser printers, Grass 95 is a fully versatile paper that can suit any restaurant or

office setup. Achieve fantastic prints with rich, crisp text and detailed images on any printer. You’re guaranteed to produce high quality results without the large costs and time-restraints of outsourcing your printing, keeping both sustainability and economics at the forefront. Don’t have a printer yet but thinking about bringing one into your business? As suppliers of Canon printers and ink, Online Paper can help get you set up. The team have a wealth of knowledge and can answer any questions on the world of paper and printing whilst finding you the best prices. Call Online Paper on 01892 771245 to discuss your requirements or request a free sample of Grass 95. You can also visit to explore the whole range of products.

Going Waterless Could Cut Hospitality Sector Urinal Running Costs By More Than Half At The Same Time As Slashing CO2 Hospitality businesses could save over £1,200 on their annual water bills for every three urinals converted to waterless technology, at the same time as slashing CO2. The findings have been released by Smarti Environmental, the UK’s leading waterless urinal business, to coincide with Water Saving Week 2022 . The savings are possible with the installation of its newly launched eco-friendly Vortex triple seal valve (TSV), which has been designed to cut urinal water bills by over half, at the same time as dramatically lowering carbon footprints, eliminating bad urinal smells, blockages and eradicating the spread of infections caused by flushing urinals. The smart-tech, eco-friendly, retro-fit Vortex valve ends the need for water in urinals, saving on average 100,000 litres of clean water and 105kg CO2 per urinal, per year. It also prevents airborne infections caused by spray during flushing, which has been shown to spread 500,000 germs per inch, per flush, landing on skin, surfaces and clothing, spreading viruses including Covid-19, influenza and norovirus. The Vortex TSV, which fits 98% of all urinals, enables businesses to retain their existing urinal bowls while cutting annual running costs by over 50%, compared to conventional water-flush alternatives. Confirmed as the fastest flowing waterless urinal

Bottleproof Cocktails have been supplying their premium range of pre-made bottled cocktails exclusively to the hospitality trade since 2016. Customers include hotels, theatres, restaurants, pubs and events venues across the UK. Why choose Bottleproof? Well, they have a range of over 25 cocktails including 0% cocktails and they only supply the on-trade. Plus they have received a list of awards as long as your arm from IWSC, Spirits Business and LSC. Their cocktails are, as Charlie Anderson, co-owner of Bottleproof says “created to replicate the perfect bar serve. They are all full abv and we only use premium ingredients and branded spirits just as a top bar would. We don’t add any preservatives, flavourings or colourings so they really are the real deal with no synthetic tastes” Bottleproof cocktails are now served in some of the UK’s best hotels, pubs and restaurants and the reason, other than the taste, says Mark Thompson, co-owner, who heads up sales, is ”they can be served in less than 30 seconds, require no training (other than how to use a cocktail shaker) and allow venues far greater stock control. Both Charlie and I have either worked in or supplied the ontrade for over 20 years and we understand the hospi-

solution on the market, the fully recyclable, British-manufactured, hygienic one-way multi valve system, traps all odours so that the foul drain smells become a thing of the past. No other waterless urinal technology is as effective. The Vortex valve also accelerates the flow of urine down into the drainpipe, and includes an eco-friendly bio-block enzyme ring and integrated bio-tablet tablet which breaks down uric acid and bio film proteins during use, preventing costly and damaging back-fill flooding and blocked pipes by making the urine PH neutral – a world first! Visit or call 01392 311 202 for a no obligation washroom survey and quote. See the advert on page 7 for details.

Introducing 8Track: A New UK Made Premium Spiced Rum Upbeat Spirits, a new independent drinks company based in Cornwall, introduced an exciting new spiced rum – with the launch of 8Track. The refreshing new spiced rum boasts a full flavour, smooth, zestful spirit – balanced with fresh citrus and warm spice – offering a premium, allnatural and high-quality product. Owing its name to the iconic 20th century eight-track recording kit used by artists ranging from the Beatles to David Bowie, 8Track was born from a shared love of music, togetherness, celebrating good times. 8Track is designed to be enjoyed served straight, on the rocks, with a quality mixer or as the base of a cocktail. Made from a base of fine Guyanese rum, the bespoke blend is infused with Seville oranges, vanilla, cloves, ginger and cinnamon to create a unique spirit that is already winning many fans. In its first 12 months of trading, 8Track is now served in over 700 bars and pubs and has won several awards, including a Gold at the recent London Spirits Competition. 8Track is showing its commitment to celebrating and supporting independent music by partnering grass-roots music festivals and venues and also by show-casing unsigned music artists in 8Track’s social media and through “8Track Presents” nights at music pubs from Cornwall to London and Manchester. Striving to do better for the planet, 8Track uses only lightweight recycled glass bottles (which are 100% recy-

Bottleproof Cocktails – Allowing All Venues To Serve Quality Cocktails

clable) and is partnering with paper packaging pioneers, FlexiHex - to offer a sustainable packaging solution that’s plastic free. Standing out from the crowd, the fun-loving and exciting new rum is presented with a bold and bright label design – encapsulating its ‘good times’ philosophy. 8Track signature serves include:

Back to Black: In a tall glass, squeeze in the juice of half of a fresh lime. Drop two lime wedges into the glass and top with ice cubes. Pour in a double measure of 8Track and pour over cold cola. Stir with a barspoon and start sipping – with nonchalance. Twisted Fire Starter: Fill a tall glass with ice and add a measure or two of 8Track. Pour over ginger beer, stir with a barspoon and garnish with a twist of lime. Feel the heat. Night Fever: Fill a tall glass with ice cubes, followed by a measure of 8Track. Top-up with Mediterranean tonic and garnish with a slice of fresh orange. Guaranteed to keep you cool, on the hottest of dancefloors. 8Track is available nationwide in the UK through regional and national wholesalers including St. Austell Brewery, Inn-Express and Baby Bottles. 8Track has also recently won a listing with Nectar. Visit for details.

tality business. I think the fact that our cocktails are an ontrade exclusive is really appealing to our customers. Also, the post lockdown staffing difficulties have seen many venues really struggle with staffing and serving cocktails with un-trained staff has been a real issue. Bottleproof’s cocktails have provided a solution” In addition to their range of cocktails, Bottleproof also make many bespoke cocktails for customers, including a cocktail designed specifically for hotel rooms that requires no ice and no shaking! With a range of 0% cocktails as well, Bottleproof really can allow trade venues a full and balanced cocktail list. And Eco-friendly Paper bottles options….. As to the future, Charlie says, “we are really working on improving and encouraging sustainability and from August 2022, we will be the first cocktail company to make some of our cocktails available in environmentally friendly paper bottles. These ground-breaking paper bottles are 94% more recyclable than glass and reduce the carbon footprint by up to 6 times. Plus they significantly reduce the commercial waste collection costs of venues compared to bottles” Bottleproof Cocktails are available either direct or through selected trade wholesalers. For more details, visit or email

Have Fun in the Sun with Smashed 0% AF Drynks ing delicious alternative to booze. The hospitality sector is still playing catch on offering ranges of alcohol free drinks which appeal to consumers who want to flex their drinking. Our insight shows that consumers want to be able to flex their drinking so offering a choice of drinks options makes good business sense. Drynks Unlimited produces Smashed which is Britain’s only 0% beer, lager and cider range. The summer BBQ season is the perfect time for hospitality venues to offer alcohol free drinks to customers. Our triple gold award-winning duo of 0% British ciders – Apple and Berry - offer refreshment and a quality experience that tastes just as good as an alcoholic cider. They have no added sugar so are much more drinkable than sweeter alcoholic alternatives. Our Smashed range of 0% beers, lagers and ciders can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere and perfect for summer drynking. We’ve had great customer feedback on our Smashed drinks at summer events as they offer a thirst quench-

Our ambition was always to create a range of 0% beer, lagers and ciders which catered for everyone, whatever their tipple of choice. We use real beer, cider & lager as their base (5.2% ABV) to offer a genuine alternative allowing consumers to enjoy the “taste belief” that you are drinking the real thing. Alcohol free drinks are a positive purchase showing that you can have fun without drinking alcohol. This step-change in messaging is vital if we are to grow the total market in the UK in the long term. For further information visit or see the advert on page 7.

The Quiz Platform That’s Defeating Cheats and Driving Footfall and Sales In Thousands Of Pubs The concept behind SpeedQuizzing was simple: an easy-to-use digital pub quiz platform and app that eliminates opportunities for players to cheat. But as the original smartphone quiz, SpeedQuizzing has not just had a resounding impact on defeating the quiz cheats – it’s transformed quiz nights in thousands of pubs and bars across the UK, driving footfall and sales. Speaking with SpeedQuizzing co-founder Alan Leach, it’s easy to understand why. “SpeedQuizzing games are designed to be fast-paced, entertaining and hassle-free, both for pub hosts and players alike,” says Leach. “Games are hosted in each venue via our platform using a laptop, and instead of using a pen and paper, players answer the questions in real-time through our app, which they download for free. There’s no need to keep score as that’s done automatically, and we’ve done our best to eliminate opportunities to cheat too, with our software making it easy to set time limits on how long

teams have to answer each question.” It's been cited as the saviour of pub quizzing by many publicans, including Mark Pinckney who runs The Deramore Arms in York. "From taking the faff out of preparing for and hosting quizzes, through to driving some of our biggest crowds of the week, SpeedQuizzing has transformed our pub quiz night.” Alan is proud of the role SpeedQuizzing plays in helping pubs and bars to thrive, with the company recently launching its first ever national advertising campaign, in partnership with TV’s Paul Sinha, aimed at helping more people to find their nearest smartphone pub quiz through It’s the only quiz provider to publicly promote individual events on behalf of pubs and bars, and its giant billboards advertising the site can currently be seen next to some of the UK’s busiest motorways. For more information, visit or see the advert on page 2.

Products and Services

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New Additions to the Weetabix Portion Pack Range By David Bone, Foodservice Channel Manager, Weetabix Catering for the differing needs of consumers at breakfast can be a tricky business. We know that they want taste but are concerned about the healthiness of their breakfast so delivering tasty healthy cereals has always been a focus for us. Weetabix Original is and will always be a low sugar, high fibre cereal. It is low in salt, fat & sugar to aid a balanced diet, fortified with vitamins and iron. It is by definition, HFSS & CQUIN compliant. Our more indulgent products such as Weetabix Chocolate, Chocolate Crispy Minis and our new launch Weetabix Melts also share strong nutritional credentials with the parent brand. Cereal has a lot of versatility – it’s quick and convenient but can also be personalised with additional toppings and different milks, which taps into the trend for personalised breakfasts. This is a great option for caterers to allow consumers to customise their breakfast cereal, offering variety in the morning. Cereal is also still the number one breakfast product - it offers great value for money, which will be important both to consumers and caterers in the months ahead. Whether you’re expanding your continental breakfast offering or looking for convenient options to serve, our new portion pack range helps caterers satisfy convenient individual servings, regulate portion control and provide lower volume service.

London Roof Garden Boasts Toilet Block Thanks to Saniflo stack some 40m away.

The Queen Elizabeth Hall at the iconic Southbank Centre has a stunning roof garden and café overlooking the Thames. Filled with wildflowers and attracting bees and insects from all over London, it is a place to socialise, dine and even work when the weather is fine.

Early in 2022 the team running the venue came to a consensus that the distance of the nearest WC’s was hindering the experience for clients and staff alike; customers had to descend the winding staircase back to the Royal Festival Hall in the main building. Richard Riley from building contractor, Eleven London, was contracted to construct a wooden toilet block with two separate WC’s and hand basins. With no gravity drainage available in proximity of the new block, a pumping solution was going to be the only way to discharge the waste away to the nearest soil

With input from the Saniflo technical team, including a visit to site to assess the potential run of pipework, a Sanicubic Pro 2 lifting station with twin pumps and a wireless alarm was specified and installed by Richard and his plumber. This powerful unit uses alternate pumps when operating normally, but in the unlikely event of a pump failure can switch to single pump operation in order to provide continuity of operation at all times. A wireless alarm offers early warning of any issues. The unit is installed in a cupboard to the rear of the block and provides quiet, efficient operation. The installation of the roof garden toilet block has proved to be an excellent investment with the whole space enjoying more visitors who stay for longer. For more positive solutions and inspiration, visit

Weetabix Original and Weetabix Chocolate are now available as two-biscuit portion packs in the classic Yellow Box format Weetabix Crispy Minis Chocolate Chip is available in a 40g portion pack. Convenient, easy to prepare, hygienically packaged and portable, Weetabix’s portion packs are ideal for breakfast serving occasions. Weetabix On the Go breakfast drinks are a great way to offer a convenient way to start the day for customers. Available in deliciously smooth chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or banana flavours, our Weetabix On the Go range all provide the protein, energy, and fibre of a typical Weetabix cereal with milk. Alpen cereal bars also offer a perfect snacking boost to offer any time of day, offering a high in fibre snack in a range to tasty flavours. See tbe advert on page 15 for further information.

‘Mix Like An Italian’ With The New Range Of Premium Mixers From Sanpellegrino As cocktail consumption continues to surge and popularity of low and no alcohol serves continue to rise, Sanpellegrino brings its 90 years of drinks experience, natural quality ingredients, exceptional citrus heritage and unique sparkling bubbles to the super premium mixers market with its new range. Superbly balanced bitter-sweet, crisp and vibrant flavours, presented in beautifully premium glass bottles, the Sanpellegrino mixers range includes Tonica Citrus, Tonica Oakwood, Limonata, Aranciata, and brand-new Ginger Beer and Tastefully Light Tonic. Since 1932, Sanpellegrino has crafted Italian sparkling drinks with selected and refined ingredients, masterfully mixed by Italians to create authentic, refreshing premium drinks with a distinctive citrus flavour. The new range aims to bring people together in the Italian way through the traditional aperitivo drinking occasion. The six premium sparkling drinks are made to uplift shared drinking occasions, whether mixing

into a cocktail, elevating a mocktail or serving over ice with a slice; inviting consumers to savour their drinking moments in style. Michela Tasso, Sanpellegrino UK Brand Manager says: “We can see that early evening consumption from 5 to 8pm – known in Italy as the aperitivo moment - keeps growing and that a strong cocktail offering provides great benefits to outlets; with cocktails accounting for 7% of total venue food and drink sales in 2021, compared to just 4% in 20191. Italian to our core, this ‘aperitivo hour’ is something we have always embraced at SanPellegrino and are delighted that we can now enhance this moment with the launch of our new Italian mixers range. Indeed, for moments to savour, mix like an Italian.” Available to purchase online and in the on-trade directly from Nestle Waters. See the advert on page 11. 1 CGA Managed Volume Pool August 2021

Food Waste Dryer Slashes Hospitality Food Waste Costs Hospitality costs are up all over the place with utilities, fuel, food, staff and product costs all contributing to the inflationary pressures. Two years of pandemic have hit everyone hard and getting sales back to normal has been a struggle. So where can you cut costs and increase profits without cutting service and putting off customers? One answer is in waste disposal and in particular food waste disposal. Waste contractors are paying more for fuel and are passing the cost on to customers like you. You can fight back by reducing the amount of food waste you dispose in general waste. Reduce the wheelie bins and your bills will go down. The Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer is taking the country by storm, saving catering and hospitality owners around 80% in food waste disposal costs. Hotels, restaurants and hospitals have all taken advantage of the easy-to-use technology which has been in the UK for over ten years now. The concept is very simple: you load the food waste throughout the day and turn it on at night when it’s full.

KP Snacks - Sport in Pubs & Bars

With summer on the way, families are looking forward to sporting entertainment and activities. As the Official Team Partner of The Hundred – an action-packed 100 ball cricket competition – KP SNACKS is encouraging families to get active this summer and for pubs and bars to support the exciting tournament. In 2021, the tournament’s first year, The Hundred captured a broadcast audience of 16 million. This year's tournament, which will feature on Sky Sports and the BBC, looks to build on this success. The partnership features KP Snacks’ leading brands including popchips, Butterkist, POM-BEAR, Tyrrells, KP Nuts, Hula Hoops, McCoy’s, and Skips, across the team shirts of eight men’s and women’s teams competing in the

The machine extracts the water from food waste, (typically about 80% of the weight) overnight, leaving a dry powder, only 20% of it’s former weight and volume. The dry powder can go into general waste but it is a fraction of the original wet food waste. Simple and effective. There are seven models from 20kg to 350kg daily capacity so even small premises can benefit from the technology as the smallest unit is about the size of a small fridge. It is a ‘plug and play’ solution: you just need a power socket and a nearby sink drain for the extracted water to drain off. “This really is the future of food waste disposal. The dry powder is collected for recycling so no food waste goes to landfill. Not to mention the substantial savings from disposal” said David Boyd from Eco-Smart. For more information and a brochure go to or call 01522 692888

fast paced tournament. Hula Hoops, McCoy’s and Tyrrells ranges feature engaging cricket-themed designs to further promote the partnership. From tasty nuts, perfect when paired with a cold beer, to premium crisps, KP Snacks has a popular and recognised portfolio to help bars drive sales. As the number one supplier of Bagged Snacks , the KP Snacks portfolio is perfectly placed to trade up drink only visits while customers enjoy a spot of televised cricket this summer. Watching sporting events whilst enjoying a drink and snack is the perfect opportunity for pubs and bars to drive sales and success. Familiar brands that are matched to your customer base are extremely important in driving snacks sales and the KP Snacks portfolio is extensive, offering something for everyone. See the advert on the facing page for more information or visit

Coffee and Hot Beverages

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Capitalising on the Growing Coffee Trend With demand for coffee in the UK continuing to grow, the ability to offer a quality coffee product can set a pub/bar or restaurant apart from the rest. Coffee has long been part of the social scene in the UK. According to Project Café UK 2021, the branded coffee shop sector was worth £3.06bn in revenue last year, with 9,159 outlets in operation. That means each outlet made more than £327,000, despite the impact of Coronavirus. In 2019, the figure was more than £390,000. What used to be mainly an after-dinner drink is now something to be enjoyed any time of day and as a social event – “let’s meet for coffee”. So, post pandemic it’s more important than ever to capitalise on this growing market. The good news is that both coffee and tea continue to see an increase in demand within the pub/bar and restaurant sector, with the Tetley Tea Report revealing that coffee is the third most popular drink in pubs, with tea coming in at sixth. The report’s findings highlight how coffee and tea have both seen an increase in consumption, largely as a result of breakfast becoming a more critical part of a pub’s offering. Pubco Wetherspoon has long since embraced this market, offering a broad breakfast menu, and pre-pandemic were selling upwards of 50 million hot beverages a year. As the landscape of British pubs and beer has seen a dramatic change, pubs have looked for and found innovative ways to ensure the market remains current and attractive to consumers, and by opening earlier in the morning pubs have reinvented themselves slightly, giving them more of a coffee shop atmosphere. Britain’s increasingly mobile workforce are often looking for a place outside the home/office to get some work done and setting up in a pub with WiFi can be an enticing idea for some. Pubs should see this growing demand as an oppor-

tunity to take advantage of a product that will bring in customers at times of the day that traditionally see low demand for alcoholic beverages. The opportunity to offer coffee in the morning and at lunchtime, combined with the low cost of production means that pubs can make the most of a product that should fit perfectly in their environment.

STANDING OUT Selling coffee successfully in a pub environment is only going to be possible if you take the option seriously, and that means well-trained staff, a visually appealing machines, and high-quality coffee. It means taking pride in your product and creating the right ambience. What coffee shops may have, which pubs often lack, is a bright, light-filled interior. However, with more pubs introducing comfortable seating and with many having the benefit of attractive gardens and outside seating, there are clearly ways of promoting any pub as a daytime coffee bar.

DIVERSE TASTES Pubs and bars do, however, face continuing challenges when it comes to the diverse tastes of consumers. They now need to cater to the ever-changing alcohol market, as well as those seeking out venues where they have a greater choice of non-alcoholic beverages. It is key for owners to meet consumer demand head-on, as failing to do so will see younger generations turn their back on them. It is important to constantly assess the market and understand the changing tastes of consumers. While it is difficult to know what the next five years will hold, the statistics indicate that the out-of-home hot beverage market remains growing one. With consumers’ growing desire to stay fit and healthy, the trend only looks set to gather pace. Ultimately, operators in the hospitality sector that can gauge rising consumer interest and subsequently cater for it will have the best chance of success.


Cleaning and Hygiene

Mechline’s 5 Star FOGS Solution at The Landmark “Obviously the most important thing for us is that any FOGS system is compliant with regulations, meets industry standards and ensures we maintain the highest possible hygiene levels. We were also looking for something with a proven track record, that is efficient, cost-effective, long lasting and odour free! We were clear that any FOGS solution must also be easy to maintain and require minimal input from staff. After the design team reviewed available options, they agreed to proceed with Mechline’s proposed FOGS system which consisted of BioCeptor, GreasePak and Food Waste Strainers.”

The five-star Landmark Hotel opened its doors in 1899 and for the last 123 years has provided an oasis of luxury in central London - welcoming guests into their iconic Winter Garden, an eight-story courtyard covered by a glass roof. The Winter Garden Restaurant is just one of many dining areas in the Landmark which includes The Mirror Bar, Great Central Bar, Garden Terrace, plus private dining in the Empire Room, Grand Ballroom and Tower Suite – all of which are served by the main kitchen and its 62 strong brigade. Following a six-month refurbishment programme, the Landmark recently reopened its kitchen after a complete transformation of the layout, operations, facilities and equipment. The refurbishment was led by Executive Chef, Gary Klaner who worked closely with project managers Berkeley Projects. Gary’s objective was simple – a new kitchen with quality equipment to optimise efficiency, so his brigade could continue to achieve the exemplary culinary standards The Landmark is renowned for. A key consideration for Gary was the installation of a complete system to manage the Fats, Oils, Grease and Starches (FOGS) - a natural by-product of the foodservice industry which is strictly regulated. Gary shared what his priorities were when reviewing various FOGS management options:

Mechline’s BioCeptor system combines the power of GreasePak’s BBA approved, biological treatment solution and its naturally occurring, nonpathogenic bacteria, with the FOG Intercept and Treatment unit (F.I.T). The result is that drains are kept clear and free-flowing as FOGS are permanently degraded into smaller compounds so they cannot reform or solidify – providing the level of FOGS management performance Gary required. In addition, Mechline’s easy-to-use Food Waste Strainer, with its innovative basket design, helps to prevent food waste sediment getting into drains in the first place - and when used with the BioCeptor system can prolong intervals between servicing in comparison to a standalone grease trap. Oliver Tuff, Project Director at Berkeley Projects, commented: “After the complexity of striping out the existing facilities and the installation of a completely new kitchen Mechline’s products were very

easy to fit and the products themselves are very flexible. For example, the BioCeptors have universal fittings, which makes plumbing incredibly simple. There are no electrics to consider, which makes connection and placement much easier. After the products were installed the Mechline’s service team were a great help with the commissioning and helping with staff training programmes. In terms of costs, the systems represented great value to the client.” Six months on, Gary Klaner has been delighted with the decision to use Mechline’s products in their new kitchen as he explains: “The greatest compliment is that we don’t really have to be involved in any day-to-day process. The Mechline FOGS systems are in, working, and being well maintained. Our involvement is absolutely minimal. They’re discreet and just work efficiently in the background. I can’t praise Mechline’s service team enough; they were very attentive and had great engagement with the onsite team. It’s great to just have an odour free kitchen and clear drains!” Oliver concluded, “We’ve had great feedback from the team around Mechline’s whole end-toend service. We already recommend Mechline FOGS solutions with every confidence and will continue to do so with future clients.” Mechline’s experienced team are available to advise on the best solution to suit your requirements and can be contacted on 01908 261511 or via email on See the advert on page 33 for details.



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Cleaning and Hygiene

Hospital-Grade Air Purification Made Portable

Rensair is a specialist in portable air purification, protecting and enhancing lives through clean air. Our patented technology, which combines H13 HEPA filtration with germicidal UVC light, was originally developed to meet the strict standards of Scandinavian hospitals and is now trusted across all sectors. It is independently validated by scientific research laboratories, including Eurofins, Norconsult, and Oslo University Hospital. Rensair air purification units destroy a minimum of 99.97% of airborne viruses, including coronavirus, and meet all the standards recommended by the UK SAGE committee. A powerful fan ensures effective air circulation, cleaning up to 560m3 of air per hour. In a test to determine Rensair’s performance in reducing the concentration of MS2 bioaerosols as a proxy for SARS-CoV-2, a particle reduction rate of 99.99% was recorded in 30 minutes (Danish Technological Institute, March 2021). We collaborate with clients to develop the optimum

indoor air quality for meeting building requirements, as well as government recommendations for mitigating the risks of Covid transmission. We take into account floor plans, existing HVAC systems, occupancy rates and noise tolerance, before recommending a tailor-made solution based on our portable, modular units. Rensair has been included in Newsweek’s list of Best Infection Prevention Products 2021. To make the list, a selection committee evaluated the product against several criteria: effectiveness; safety; successful real-world implementation; the quality of research studies demonstrating the product's effectiveness; and the stability of the company (to support future implementations). Rensair’s mission is to provide clean air for every space and to help the hospitality industry get back on its feet after the pandemic. +44 (0)20 3973 8927

Eliminate Odours and Sanitise Rooms

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15 minutes is all it takes to remove bacteria, viruses and unpleasant odours from indoor rooms and spaces. Don’t just mask bad smells, permanently eliminate them with the MAG Room Sanitiser. It’s safe, it’s sustainable, it requires no chemicals, plus it’s quicker and 3,000 times more effective than other cleaning methods. Hygienic indoor air quality is seen as an essential part of every business and we all have a responsibility to look after our staff, visitors, guests and clients. Monkeypox, Covid-19 and other airborne viruses will continue to come and go so regular air purification is important as nobody knows what the future holds. As well as sanitising the air and surfaces in a room, MAG’s sanitising machine guarantees to remove odours however strong including smoke, cooking, alcohol, body odour and incontinence. It’s used by care homes, hotels, pubs, restaurants and thousands of businesses in the UK and across the world. How does it work? Ozone is safely created and

destructed within your preferred time frame. Simply wheel the ozone generator into the room that needs sanitising, plug in the machine, start the cycle, leave the room and when you re-enter you will be pleasantly surprised by the extra fresh fragrance. It’s very simple, completely safe and free product demonstrations are available across the UK. Ask about our 5 star feedback and testimonials. Andrew Morgan, Managing Director of Morgan Care shares “Great sales experience with a pre-order demo and very efficient order & delivery service. Would have no hesitation in recommending MAG Ozone”. For more information contact MAG Ozone Ltd on 01353 883025 or Did you know the MAG Group also provides commercial washing machines and tumble dryers? Find out more at Visit product/ozone-sanitation/mag-ozone-generator



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Hospitality Technology

Discover Gen Z Recruitment with Placed The Placed app offers a refreshing solution to the frustrating and recurring problem of recruitment in hospitality. The service sector's fast-paced and high churn nature requires employers to look for quality candidates perpetually. Yet, the outdated, time-consuming job boards and ‘staff needed’ signs make this search disjointed and an almost impossible one. Instead, Placed lets technology do the hard work, match-making the employer to the candidate. This innovative talent attraction platform revolutionises the way employers target, attract and retain staff. AI technology automates recruitment by using an algorithm to match the most compatible candidates to the most compatible employers. This is based upon shared values, expectations, and job title (taking a leaf out of the dating app’s books!) At just 24, Jennifer Johansson came up with this ingenious solution whilst working in the industry herself. She saw first-hand the difficulties employers had attracting the right talent and set out to simplify the recruitment process. She gained vital backing from some excellent investors such as the Chairman of Burger King and former Chairman of Wagamama, and since then has raised over 3 million in funding. Placed alters the focus from abstract facts on a CV and lets the candidate’s personality do the talking. After all, skills can always be taught but the people-orientated environment of the service sector makes the search for friendly, engaging, and pas-

sionate people essential. Candidates can build their profiles by completing quizzes to help employers find like-minded people that will suit the role. Likewise, to attract candidates they can browse employer brand pages and discover their attractive core values such as sustainability, diversity, and inclusion. A key consideration for GenZers when applying for a job.

This novel and fresh approach to job-seeking appeals to the mobile-first lifestyle of Gen Z, it makes finding a job an enjoyable and interactive experience. Having CVs be optional makes the application short and sweet; candidates can apply to job posts in minutes, resulting in the average time from post to hire only 9 days! Not only does it make job-seeking easily accessible but Placed is also striving to rewrite the narrative that hospitality is an unattractive sector to enter. They are exposing all it has to offer and the prosperous doors it can open as a long-term career. With over 300,000 enthusiastic candidates eager to jump headfirst into the service sector, Placed sees a 70% view-to-apply rate, compared to 10% with job boards. It is attracting thousands of young job seekers looking to kickstart their careers by unveiling its vibrant, sociable, and nurturing culture. It is the modern solution to recruitment that hospitality has been longing for. Get more insightful tips on how to attract and retain talent by booking a demo with Placed today at

How Label Printers Keep Food Safety Standards High and Compliant expiry dates quickly and accurately, using thermal print technology without the need for inks or toners. Aaron Hopkinson, product and solutions manager for labelling at Brother UK, explains how technology is helping Portable label printers like the ones offered in Brother’s TD line of printers offer hyper-fast connectivity caterers and hospitality businesses to keep food safety stan- through a wireless platform without any extra clutter around the machine - perfect for food prep environments. dards high, while allowing kitchens to comply with new legMore kitchens are adopting labelling technology like our TD range following the introduction of Natasha’s Law. islation. But it’s true that they have a broader role to play in food safety. In October of 2021, the UK government changed the law surrounding how food allergens need to be labelled in certain instances for customers, meaning many caterers have had to adapt the way they do business. Natasha’s Law requires that pre-packaged for direct sale (PPDS) food be clearly labelled with information on all potential allergens present and made to stand out so a customer can tell at a glance what they’re about to eat. Businesses that fail to comply risk a £5,000 fine, alongside the reputational damage that a serious allergen incident could create. Brother has delivered tailored solutions for the food service and hospitality sectors for many years. Our label printers make it easy to create labels for compliant allergen content, ingredients, barcodes, branding, pricing and

In research we conducted in 2020, around 90% of businesses were still handwriting 'day-dot' labels as part of their stock rotation. This involves manually recording open dates and discard dates on colour-coded labels, with each colour denoting a day of the week to signal when it must be used by. It’s a process prone to human error, where an efficient labelling solution can reduce the likeliness of mistakes involved with monitoring food and keeping consumers safe. We’ve partnered with Nutritics, providing third party software to enhance user interfaces, making use of Nutritics database of more than 750,000 ingredients to manage recipe and menu information – helping staff to easily manage stock rotation and day-dot labelling. Learn more about how labelling technology can be used to boost food safety standards here:

Hospitality’s ‘Soft Power’ Is Key To Weathering Endemic Labour Shortage

By Jennifer Johansson, founder and CEO of Placed App (

Another week, another story about the grim outlook for the hospitality sector, beleaguered by labour shortages and restaurant closures. Last month, Westminster City Council announced a £1m scheme to drive recruitment within London’s hospitality and tourism sectors. But are interventions like this substantial enough to address the engrained issues that lie at the heart of hospitality’s recruitment woes? Covid has seen hospitality businesses struggle more than twice as much as other industries to fill vacancies (ONS, 2021). This is, in part, exacerbated by Brexit but also as a result of negative perceptions regarding jobs in hospitality. Hybrid working, now widely the norm, is giving people an alternative to the hard slog of shift work demanded by industries such as hospitality and care work. With mental health issues being a particular feature of the pandemic, people desire employment that fosters better work-life balance, more flexibility and more well-being benefits from their employer. Consumers are being choosier in who they shop and work with – particularly in light of how badly some corporations have treated their customers or staff at times of great adversity. Candidates want to work for a socially responsible and caring employer. It is the strength of this ’soft power’ that will determine how well and effectively businesses can attract talent in these turbulent times. I’ve worked in the hospitality sector since I was 14 and I’ve always been curious about the industry’s UK’s recruitment problem. It’s a vibrant, sociable, exciting and creative industry in which to work if

you’re a people person. In my native Sweden, if a graduate has ambitions to build a career in hospitality, no one challenges, belittles or judges this desire. They’re not considered to be over-qualified and the sector is not perceived as an unattractive one in which to enter. When it comes to growing professionally in nearly all sectors, one always starts off at the bottom and progression occurs with hard work and experience. Hospitality is no different in this respect. Yet the UK hospitality industry’s image ‘problem’ is preventing prospects from considering a longterm career in the sector and has, in some respects, contributed to the industry’s perpetual high-churn rate. When it comes to recruitment, the applicant now has the upper hand. This is not such a bad thing. The wielding of such power may force organisations, including those in high churn sectors, to innovate their propositions to attract personnel that will drive their success. Innovation rarely happens when one operates within their comfort zones. Covid and Brexit have definitely not given the hospitality industry an easy ride. There has never been a more opportune moment for an industry reset; where businesses in the sector may reappraise how they can draw in talent, not just through policies and operations that show themselves as responsible employers with wellbeing, work life balance and flexibility at the heart of their employee engagement schemes. There also needs to be a wider effort to position hospitality as a rewarding career route

where wait staff et al. can envisage a pathway towards sitting in the highest offices of an organisation one day, give or take the right attitude and training to support them on that journey. And of course businesses need to publicise all the compelling reasons why people should apply to work with them. Prior to starting my business, back when I was working for a luxury concierge service and talking to managers and owners of hospitality businesses every day, I saw how they were always recruiting for positions. It was hardly modern and completely misattuned to the way Gen Zedders consume information and look for work. Herein lies a problem to their recruitment strategy that is easily solvable if technology is employed and a more considered effort was made to show how they are appealing employers. Then there’s the cost of working in hospitality and the unshruggable belief that hospitality jobs pay poorly. Money is king, so the saying goes, and never has this been more apparent in a world where cost of living is rising exponentially. Yet the pandemic has revealed two things within us: firstly, a greater appreciation for the intangible things in life that money can’t buy and, secondly, an even greater intolerance for businesses and brands who fail to support the community in their greatest time of need. In a new values-driven world, it is the hospitality businesses that are able convey themselves as caring, responsible employers that will win the war for talent.

Hospitality Technology Pizza: A Story As Old As Thyme 42


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Step 3: Release the pizza. 7,000 names were quickly gathered meaning it was time to rock. Airship drip fed 7,000 ‘Release the Pizza’ emails over 7 hours, including a link to a ResDiary booking form inside. ResDiary, the booking platform, effortlessly facilitated booking across the opening 6 weeks.

Mission Mars, known for their Mancunian music venues Albert Hall, Albert’s Schloss, and their northern pizza brand Rudy’s, began their southern expansion by opening their first Rudy’s in London’s Soho last year. The first hurdle to their new venture; their fame hadn’t quite reached the south… yet. So, in order to get their name on the streets of London, they did what anyone would do: Give away 10,000 free pizzas. Here’s how they did it. Step 1: Speak to the people. Wireless Social, a WiFi super-power, helped Rudy’s use Facebook’s ‘look-a-like’ advertisement service in order to find new, potential Sohonian customers, based on their Manchester database. Step 2: Fill the bucket. Targeted ads reached potential Rudy’s lovers and offered the opportunity to grab a free pizza. These suitors were sent to an Airship form, so they could fill in their details to then be added to an Airship holding group, waiting to be contacted about their free pizza.

Within the first two hours of emails, 6,040 pizzas had been claimed with the first 3 days of trade being fully booked within 17 minutes. It went so well that Rudy’s decided to give away an additional 3,400 pizzas. Airship, Wireless Social and ResDiary created a flawless ecosystem that brought this project to life. Now, Rudy’s in Soho is livelier than ever and has truly made a mark on the capital. How do we know? Following the ‘Pizza for All’ campaign, the attendees were contacted and asked to leave a review through Feed It Back. The response was so positive that Rudy’s is now no. 26 on TripAdvisor for London Pizzerias. Book a demo at or see the advert on the facing page.

Employees Working Longer To Keep Hospitality Afloat Hospitality employees are working around six hours a week longer than before the pandemic to keep pubs, restaurants and bars afloat in the current unprecedented staffing crisis, according to research from workforce management specialist Bizimply. Average hours worked per week have increased from 19 to 25, with employees in food-led businesses putting in an average of 28 hours while fine dining restaurants are typically asking staff to work 40+ hours a week. The figures are based on recent user data from hundreds of Bizimply customers in the UK and Ireland, equating to thousands of outlets and tens of thousands of employees, across pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, cafés and fast food outlets. Bizimply CEO Conor Shaw said: “Employers are relying on goodwill from staff to work longer hours and keep their doors open to customers. In this competitive labour market, they need to be prepared to reward that

Technology for People’s Sake We’ve taken our knowledge and experience from working with the biggest names in the UK hospitality sector including Pizza Hut Restaurants, TGI Fridays and Bella Italia, to create a suite of customer experience products for small and medium-sized organisations that improves the guest journey. Our solutions are tailored to a hospitality business’s specific requirements, budget and time demands, plus they are scalable and built with future needs in mind. We’ve helped a lot of clients on their digital journey. We understand your business’s needs, which is why we’re a partner, not a supplier. Adactus is a people-first organisation. Our team is at the heart of our success. Everything we do is centred around people; whether that is how we operate as a business, or ensuring that the team is happy with a clear vision of the role they play in the future growth of the company or the development of our software and product offering. We ensure all products we develop meet people’s needs – from our clients’ needs to their customers’ needs.

commitment with improved pay and conditions, and a better work-life balance. “Using technology like ours to manage staff rotas and payroll can be a huge help. It frees up managers to spend more time front of house, helping their team members. “It also allows employers to give their staff earlier notice of their shifts, meaning they can plan their lives better. And, as payroll is automated, staff are paid accurately and promptly for any extra hours they work. The result is a happier, more motivated and loyal workforce.” Bizimply’s software helps hospitality businesses reduce the amount of time spent creating staff rotas and sorting out payroll. They estimate a time saving of up to six hours a week using their technology to draw up rotas, compared to using Excel or similar. For a free demonstration or more information: This includes our customer solutions product range – Intelligence, Reservations, Orders. Customer Intelligence – enables companies to become a customer-centric data-driven business with a CRM system that provides a single view of the customer and intelligent data analytics. Data is collated and organised from all customer touchpoints for a tailored customer experience, improved business development and much more. Customer Reservations – offers a business-adaptable service to ensure no sale is lost. Many customers want the certainty of a confirmed booking, and businesses are then able to better plan service and offer a more personalised welcome. Customer Orders – provides a range of restaurant/food service ordering features, including Order at Table, Waiter Service, Kiosk, Click and Collect, Delivery and Drivethru. This product helps businesses improve the consistency and quality of the customer experience offered. With thousands of hours work gone into creating these products, it is a powerful engine which will help increase sales and improve your customer experience. To find out more contact us: 01844 269090



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Outdoor Leisure Marmax and South Causey Inn Marmax have been supplying a wide range of high-quality recycled plastic products to the South Causey Inn for over 10 years. Over the years Marmax have supplied South Causey Inn with numerous outdoor products including: Bistro Planters, Circular tables, Traditional seating, Sloper chairs, Heavy duty picnic benches and Harrogate table and chairs. In fact, there are very few establishments that are as great an endorsement of Marmax! The products come with a 25-year manufacturer’s guarantee and despite knowing they can pick up the phone and call Marmax with any issues, they have never done so. Sustainability is at the core of the South Causey Inn’s ethos and is particularly important to their customers.

With Marmax products all being made from 100% recycled HDPE plastic, they were the perfect partner to provide sustainable and durable furniture for the inn and its accommodation. Marmax Products are easy to clean to help stop the spread of germs as well as coming in assorted colours, the now black benches match the black windows and doors. South Causey Inn display the Marmax tags on their products and this has resulted in direct approaches to Marmax from their customers. Marmax plan to work with the South Causey Inn to develop new products for the hotel and restaurant market. Interested in working with us too? Contact Marmax using the contact form here:

A Special Offer from Fenton Timber Fenton Timber was established in the late 1990’s by Jim Miller who sadly passed in 2007, since then the business has continued under the management of Alex Spencer, with Ade Tate overseeing manufacture… who were both staff members from the early days of the business. Fenton’s USP is delivering fully assembled, weather treated “ready to use” Picnic Benches/Tables and associated Garden Furniture to the License Trade, Schools and the Leisure Industry… all year round. Along with the License Trade, as COVID lockdown closed all of our customers, Fenton had a rollercoaster ride over 2020/2021, with no customers, then material shortages, then the roadmap out… but were still able to provide furniture to every customer we promised, by the advised times we promised.

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The benefits of purchasing from Fenton Timber is not just the fact we deliver all of our own goods, with our own transport and staff… but that we also guar-

antee our goods and operate all year round. It might sound strange selling garden furniture during the winter! Aside from customers whom might have outdoor functions, Guy Fawkes/bonfire night… Christmas etc.. there are also unfortunate times whereby customers have been flooded and suffered losses, and we are there to assist getting them back up on their feet. As readers of the Caterer & Licensee – you can also take advantage of our current offer – 20% off RRP on Supreme and Octagonal Tables (while stocks last)… so call us free on 0800 085 6447.

Outdoor Leisure

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Moda, Where Outdoor Furniture Really Means Business

Unlocking the potential of your outdoor space can be a seriously good business move. Whether you need a place to close deals with clients, a second meeting room or a nineteenth hole par excellence, taking your work outside offers huge attractions. And as the UK’s leading luxury outdoor furniture brand, Moda is ideally placed to help turn your vision into reality. Having started out as a family-run company in 2014, Moda has quickly established a reputation for innovative furniture solutions with exceptional customer service. This has led to a growing demand for their services from an increasingly diverse client base, as a greater variety of commercial sectors have looked to transform their outdoor spaces.

A TAILORED APPROACH With a dedicated Commercial team, Moda’s clients can choose from a vast collection of furniture sets to meet all business requirements.

UNIQUELY MODULAR, UNIQUELY MODA Your outdoor space can change from one day to the next, which is where Moda’s flexible modular systems really come into their own. All of their furniture ranges

have a number of modular configurations that can be customised - move them around your business areas, expand your collection, split them up or put them together to complement your changing commercial requirements.

SMART FURNITURE TO DRIVE BUSINESSES FORWARD With their all-weather materials and uncompromising build quality, Moda furniture collections are meticulously engineered to withstand the demands of the modern workplace - and the great British weather. Every item of luxury outdoor furniture is designed exclusively in-house. This allows Moda to offer a perfect balance of both style and substance that can be enjoyed all year round. What’s more, Moda’s market leading three-year commercial guarantee offers commercial clients peace of mind and their aftercare policy and maintenance packages reinforces their commitment to client satisfaction. Take the first step to maximising the use of your outdoor space. Talk to one of Moda’s Commercial Business Development Managers. Tel: 033 3363 7015, email: or visit

Add A Taste of Sunshine to Your Barbecues "Sun on a Beach” sauce from Spirit of Aloha 65 is just the thing to add that tropical, spicy, summer flavour to any meal. Inspired by and using many of the same all-natural ingredients as Spirit of Aloha 65’s tropical spirit, our sauce is made from roasted pineapples, ginger, and a handful of other tropical spices including scotch bonnet chilli to give it a comfortable level of heat, suitable for most palates, so the complex flavours don’t get lost or hidden by the chilli. Tasty, handcrafted and made in small batches in the

UK using fresh ingredients only our highly versatile sauce is great for using as an ingredient for marinading etc. but also straight out the bottle as a dipping or pouring sauce. It’s a perfect accompaniment for any barbecued or grilled food. Vegan, gluten-free and all-natural, Aloha 65 “Sun on a Beach” must be tried. For more information or a sample bottle please contact

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Outdoor Leisure

Bolsius Professional Helps Operators to These Are The Last Gazebos You Ever Need Unlock Revenue in their Outdoor Spaces To Buy. At Least Not For 15 Years Or So As consumers flock to pub gardens and restaurant terraces to bask in the sizzling sunshine, Bolsius Professional has released a new guide for operators keen to capitalise on their outdoor spaces. Combining stunning exteriors, design tips and cost-effective ideas, ‘Investing in outdoor: attract and retain customers to grow revenue’ provides ideas and guidance on creating a compelling multi-sensory outdoor experience for customers. The premium candle specialist has launched the report in response to changing market dynamics over the past few years. This includes, the government relaxing of pavement dining laws during the pandemic, which allowed restaurants, pubs and bars to serve food alfresco and new legislation plans to make this permanent, representing a valuable opportunity for operators with outdoor spaces. Consumers are keen to get out and socialise with friends and family, with the frequency of visits for pub-goers expected to return to pre-pandemic levels this year . What’s more, one in four (27%) of these pub goers say that they expect outdoor areas and almost half of UK consumers that go to pubs or restaurants say they would prefer to sit in an outdoor area – even if the weather was ‘just okay’ . Paul Christodoulou, National Account Manager UK & Ireland Out of Home and Hospitality at Bolsius

Professional and Member of the Institute of Hospitality said,

Delivered in July 2010 and still giving our customers a lovely relaxing area providing sun and rain protection.

“Outdoors is most definitely in – and now more than ever. Before, outdoor spaces were a ‘nice to have’ – used almost exclusively when the British summer finally arrived. However, as a result of the pandemic, savvy pubs, bars and restaurant made the most of their outdoor space in recent years, and they are now seen as an opportunity. By investing in your outdoor space and creating a welcoming atmosphere customers want to stay in and revisit again and again, operators are not only able to serve more covers over the summer months, but growth their full offering through additional yearround space. To support, we’ve pulled together a selection of tips and ideas for operators, from furnishings to foliage and comfort to candles we’re helping them to unlock revenue through expanding into this typically under-utilised area.” Bolsius Professional is a leading candle manufacturer, with an extensive range of indoor and outdoor candles designed specifically for restaurants, bars and hotels. To discover more about their candle range, and to download a copy of the Bolsius Professional guide ‘Investing in outdoor: attract and retain customers to grow revenue’, go to

• UK’s only 100 Mph Stormproof Guaranteed Gazebo • 100% Waterproof Self Cleaning Canopy • 4 Sizes from 2.40m [ 7’ 10” ] x 2.40m [ 7’ 10” ] • Options - 40 colour choices & side screens • 5 Year Guarantee

• Designed & Carefully Made in Yorkshire by Us Investing in high quality all weather protection gives you a fabulous rate of return [ paid for in less than 4 weeks ] - prices start at £1,915 ex vat WHITE PAVILION Hospitality Gazebos 01653 695 285 The New Inn, Tresco , Isles of Scilly • Sturdy & Strong - Good for 15+years years of service

Pop-Up for Profit! ‘Pop-up’ barbecue means paring back to folding gazebos and collapsible tables, two or three cool boxes with thermometers thrown in and a hand wash within easy walking distance. At all levels of operation, initial costs can be much lower, outdoor areas can still be multi-purpose and storage space is kept to a minimum. Spot the ‘deliberate’ mistake in the cartoon. BIG TIP: HSE don’t like cool boxes sitting on the ground, even with lids! Whilst Cinders gas barbecues fold flat for easy storage, the popular Classic TG160 model is capable of over 1000 burgers a day at a large event, - which must be the fastest pay-back on equipment ever! Made in Britain and with a two-year warranty for commercial use, the work-horse TG160 will also hum away in the corner of a beer garden with our flat griddle on one side and a couple of gastronorms on the other, to de- See the advert on the facing page for details. skill and make life a little less fraught. Smaller half sized models also available – Have a great summer and remember, POP-UP for EASIER PROFITS.

Outdoor Leisure

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Sample Specialist Sausages at Casual Dining Visiting Casual Dining? Be sure to drop by stand number CD310 to sample the delicious range of gourmet German sausages from The Sausage Man. Specialists in premium quality German sausages, The Sausage Man, will be presenting a variety of bestselling products from its extensive range. Made to authentic, regional German recipes, using the finest cuts of meat sourced from award-winning butchers across Germany, these superior sausages provide caterers with a winning product that ensures consumer satisfaction. A selection of all-time favourites will be available to sample at the show - choose from traditional Bratwurst, a range of Frankfurters - Krakauer Bacon,

Monster Mesh Monster Mesh is a leading events and construction branding company, specialising in supplying large format printed products. We specialise in large format full colour and dye sublimation printing for weather resistance, strength and durability. Our top-quality products match the service you should expect, and we supply direct to brand owners, event management, construction, and signage companies. We can provide a range of custom designed and printed products for HERAS fence covers, PVC and ACM Hoarding panels, PVC and mesh banners, and large scale scaffold wraps. We have been in operation for 4 years now, continually growing year on year thanks to both new and return clients. At Monster Mesh we agree that your brand needs to generate the right impact. Getting an eye-catching

Vienna Beef, Cheese or Chilli Beef and the ever-popular Pork Hot Dog. Special diets are also catered for; try the tasty Halal Turkey Hot Dog and Vegan Hot Dog whilst visiting the stand. All sausages can be enjoyed hot or cold as they are fully cooked, as such, caterers benefit from a safe, stable product that is easy to prepare and quick to serve, even with limited catering equipment and the smallest of catering spaces! For product information, inspirational recipes and to find your foodservice distributor go to, email or call 01322 867060 design is the most important when displaying your banner amongst others, so at Monster Mesh we offer a complete inhouse design service. Most of the time this is a free service where our team of designers will take your logo and a brief sample of text to create your individual design. Throughout our years of experience in large format design, we have learnt several ways to produce the impression you desire. The majority of our products include free delivery and typical lead times are just 7 working days, with some products available through our 5-day express service. To find out more, please visit

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Top Engraver Supports Hospitality Sector with Swift Service for Etched & Printed Table Numbers & QR Discs One of the UK’s most professional & technically advanced engraving and etching supplier, Brunel Engraving, is providing a rapid response to the growing demand for etched table numbers and QR code discs in the pub and catering industry. The company has made a substantial investment in additional state of the art equipment and related software in order to produce a wide range of individually engraved & printed table numbers and discs. The numbers and discs enable customers to link to apps or menus, reducing staff contact and eliminating the requirement for hard copies of menus. Although no longer a legal requirement to order remotely, this is something which the government is still actively encouraging and can improve table service through the reduction of queues. In addition to their engraved products, Brunel Engraving has teamed up with a number of UK based Mobile Ordering Platforms to develop full colour labels, these are supplied alongside each companies

developed app and are suitable for internal and external environments.

“Our investment in additional equipment and software has ensured that our customers in the hospitality sector can benefit from high quality products with excellent swift service at a fair price”. In addition to rotary engraving, Brunel offers laser engraving, chemical etching, anodic print, dye sublimation print, flatbed UV print and wide format UV print. For further information please contact: 01275 871720 Emal:

On top of this, there are different finance options available to help you buy. If you act quickly, you can grab yourself a bargain. LeisureBench are now manufacturing their own recycled plastic furniture using 100% UK recycled plastic materials. The range includes benches and a wide variety of picnic tables in both ‘A’ Frame and 8 seat square designs. LeisureBench Limited is one of the UK’s leading suppliers and installers of commercial quality outdoor furniture, selected from manufacturers worldwide for strength. Longevity and excellent value for money.

They will all be hard wearing, easy to maintain, and a strong powder coated underframe will guarantee them for 15 years.

Now is the right time to buy, to take advantage of Summer Special offers on selected products across their extensive range, together with bulk buying incentives.

You can see all the latest offers by logging into or emailing their dedicated sales team at

Customised and bespoke furniture is also available.


Not long ago we noticed that in our local park there was adequate seating for the non-disabled but none for the wheelchair-user, the more we looked the more we saw a complete lack of effort in complying with regulations and laws specifically brought in to counter this ignorance and discrimination. We decide to act, our plan was:

Up to 15% discounts are currently available on Aframe and round picnic tables, polypropylene chairs, dining sets, made from a range of materials, Rattan furniture and much more.

“Working alongside App Developers and introducing the full colour range of products has really exceeded our expectations, the demand for our products has significantly increased despite the relaxing of Covid restrictions and are displayed all over the UK” said Tom Pycock, Sales Director of Brunel Engraving.

Inclusive Furniture • Make our products both 'accessible & 'inclusive'.

There’s A Great Deal Going On At LeisureBench

• • • • • • •

Design furniture with the wheelchair-user in mind Act within both the Disability Act and the Equality Act Provide quality products for non-disabled and disabled alike. Consider the elderly Make the products affordable Make rental to events an option Use sustainable products where possible We then thought we need to provide picnic benches and outdoor furniture for people who use wheelchairs. There is definitely a need for disabled, easy access outdoor furniture. All made robustly to take the knocks from wheelchairs

and manufactured from sustainable wood from environmentally friendly sources. They also need to make the user feel inclusive. For many businesses not only is it their legal duty under the discrimination acts people who happen to use wheelchairs also happen to enjoy sitting outside in fine weather, they are also appreciated in public places as well as private homes & gardens and places where care is a first priority Peter Cubbin

Claire House - The Wirral

At Inclusive Designs we believe in addressing the needs of disabled people as a first choice, not an afterthought. We manufacture outdoor furniture which is specifically adapted to accommodate wheelchair-users. This creates a more inclusive environment - no longer stuck at the end of the table! We make a wide range of models to match your needs as well as matching them with traditional tables. Our heavy duty wooden picnic benches are suitable and fully treated for long-term outdoor use. All our stock is manufactured in the UK using red wood from sustainable sources. We are also the trusted suppliers to the National Trust and many local authorities. We offer free delivery to all parts of the UK.

Commercial Kitchen Fit-Out

Issue 121


Kitchen Extract Hygiene – A Burning Issue One of the biggest challenges in keeping a commercial kitchen spotlessly clean is the regular cleaning of the canopy, fan and extract ductwork. This must be tackled, not only for the sake of hygiene, but also for fire prevention and compliance. Airborne fat, oil and grease is a natural by-product of even the healthiest diet. Carried in the steam that rises from cooking, grease and oil particles are drawn into the kitchen extract system to be vented away to the outside. As the exhaust stream cools, grease is deposited on the metal surfaces of the hood, canopy, filters, canopy plenum, fan and ductwork. Should a kitchen fire reach the extract ductwork, or a flash fire occur in the extract system, then the accumulated grease deposits can act as fuel, helping to spread the fire. The ductwork itself can also help to spread the fire,

acting as a chimney through which smoke and flames can travel, spreading the danger to the other parts of the building. To counter this potential fire risk, operators of commercial kitchens are required to comply with a new standard for the fire safety management of grease accumulation in kitchen extract systems, TR19® Grease. Compliance is also essential to ensure that you don’t compromise your buildings insurance. If a fire should break out and the ductwork can be shown not to have been cleaned in accordance with TR19® Grease, many insurers will now refuse to pay out on a claim. Ensuring legal compliance, a reduced risk of fire and greater hygiene in your kitchen are items which should always be on every maintenance menu.

Monitoring Device Reduces Oil Usage by Up to 52% in Whitbread Pubs Overspending and misuse of food oil is a pressing issue in the curren economic environment. Most restaurants change their oil either based on colour (when it goes dark/black, using single-use test strips and a simplistic colour chart) or schedule (twice a week – because it has always been done that way). The first approach relies on guesswork and subjectivity, and leaves businesses at risk of acrylamide build-up – a customer-harming, cancer-causing chemical. The second approach unnecessarily discards perfectly usable oil – a costly and unsustainable outcome, given that oil is one of the largest contributors to carbon footprints in commercial kitchens. Fortunately, there’s a third approach from Klipspringer, used by the likes of Five Guys, Wasabi,

McDonalds, Chopstix, and Whitbread to refine their frying process, conduct eco-friendly practices, and cut their oil usage by half. Interested? Enter Food Oil Monitors. By providing objective, easyto-read data, these oil testing devices remove all guesswork when it comes to changing your oil. This means…

• Significant reductions in oil usage and costs • Enhanced fried food quality and consistency • Greater sustainable practice • Assured customer safety • No more ongoing cost of test strips • Increased working life of oil amid rising prices Kitchen staff across almost all Whitbread venues now use the Food Oil Monitor for daily checks. Before, oil was changed prematurely, but since implementing Klipspringer’s digital solution nationwide, Whitbread have seen an average reduction in oil usage of around 30%, with some sites reporting savings of up to 52%. Does your restaurant, pub, or hotel kitchen still use a subjective oil monitoring system? Want to modernise your approach and reap the rewards? Contact our hospitality team: 01473 461 800 or see the advert on the back cover for details.

Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising




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Commercial Kitchen Fit-Out

Smeg Foodservice UK is Thrilled to Announce the Launch of its New ALFA43 Electronic Oven Range Smeg convection ovens represent the perfect solution for modern catering services, coffee shops, bakeries and supermarkets that require a compact oven with peak performance. Perfect for baking and reheating, from pastries and morning goods to sausage rolls and lunchtime pasties, it is the ideal compact solution for busy catering venues. The ALFA43 electronic oven range offers rapid and uniformed heat distribution for maximum speed and even baking. Features include a dual speed fan with humidification, multi-step cooking and the ALFA43XE1HDS model has a USB port for the upload and downloading of recipes via an app. The fast heat up and temperature recovery systems lower energy consumption and maintain stable cooking temperatures and the ovens’

large, triple-glazed door, with a middle glass to help keep external temperature low in accordance with regulation and help minimise heat loss. The Smeg electronic convection ovens are made with a full stainless-steel external construction and an enamelled internal cavity. The ovens capacity allows for 2/3 GN or 4 trays at 435 x 320mm. With outside dimensions of (W x D x H) 602 x 584 x 537mm, the ALFA43 ovens are compact and perfect for smaller kitchens whilst still maintaining top functionality and performance. Email for further information.

New DrainMinor C (Combi Oven Pump) Creates Considerable Interest R-TEC Services & Innovation Ltd. (previously known as Rational Technical Services UK Ltd.) demonstrated its Combi Oven equipment to commercial kitchen operators at the recent HRC ExCel London Exhibition. On the stand was a working demo of a Rational Combi Oven and the New DrainMajor C (Combi Oven Pump) manufactured by partner Pump Technology Ltd. This proved a focal point for Combi Oven manufactures, installers, maintenance engineers and users alike. Potential users were shown a number of significant advantages that this combi oven drainage pump offered. Very noticeable when viewing the exhibition demonstration tank with its clear side window was the large, triangular, low-level float attached to the pump by a rigid arm, external to the pump casing. Because of the design of this float system the unit can cope with an exceptional quantity of grease, fat and food particles before the reliable start/stop operation of the pump is affected. The triangular low-level float also means that inlet heights can be just 70mm from base to centreline, giving the appropriate inlet requirement for wall or central island Combi Ovens.

The build quality of the submersible wastewater pump was also a discussion point, with the mechanical shaft seal arrangement between pump impeller and motor winding generally agreed as an advantage over a common lip seal/diaphragm arrangement, especially considering the hot wastewater temperatures and potential grease which these units have to handle. It can be connected to multiple ovens or oven and sink combinations. Also, multiple inlet connections can be cut onsite directly into the rigid Polyethylene tank without the need to manifold inlets outside of the tank and then feed into it via a single inlet. This means that the installation footprint is just the size of the compact tank and potential leaks from knocked manifold piping and joints are eliminated. It looks like the New DrainMinor C is a winner and will soon be featuring in combi oven installations everywhere.

Cemco (The Catering Equipment Maintenance Company)

Cemco (The Catering Equipment Maintenance Company) first opened for business in 1990, and have been serving Dorset, Wiltshire, Somerset, Bath, and the rest of the South and Southwest, ever since. We offer a full range of services, including servicing and repairs for all commercial catering appliances, ranging from small local projects to major national work, and everything in between. Specialising in commercial Glasswasher and Dishwasher repairs sales and service our reputation is second to none.

Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset and The Southwest. We undertake repairs and servicing to ALL, types, makes and models of commercial catering equipment. A repair is often far cheaper then a replacement! 30 Years in this Industry gives us the edge over our competitors, with time served Commercial Catering Equipment Engineers our clients have found we save them the cost of purchasing new equipment time after time…why buy new when a guaranteed repair is often all your Catering Equipment requires…

We can offer you a no obligation quote now, so contact us for more information.

We are based in Bournemouth & Poole, covering the whole of Dorset, as well as Somerset, Hampshire and Wiltshire.

CEMCO also carry out repairs to commercial catering equipment Dishwashers, Glasswashers, Ovens Grills

Call 01202 377205 now, to arrange a site visit

specialists in servicing, repairs and maintenance of all Commercial Catering equipment

Cemco undertake Service and Repairs to ALL Commercial Dishwasher and Glasswasher Manufacturers Including Hobart, Electrolux, Meiko, Winterhalter to name a few.

CEMCO carry out repairs, servicing and routine maintenance to all makes and models of commercial catering equipment, including dishwashers and glasswashers. We can also supply you with a new or used dishwasher …simply Contact Us for details of available Used Stock

We are based in Bournemouth & Poole and cover the whole of Dorset, along with the neighbouring counties of Somerset, Devon, Hampshire and Wiltshire.

Trust CemCo for commercial catering dishwasher servicing!

Call us now, on 01202 377205 for a free quote to repair your dishwasher

Design and Refit Refurbishing? Refurbish with Pro Auction Ltd



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Pro Auction is a well established professional firm acting for both corporate & private clients conducting sales throughout the UK and internationally.

our clients work with us because they know we have their best interests in mind. This trust is built from our shared values and understanding of what is most important to them.

as a result, we serve a diverse clientele across the following sectors: • • • •

Hotel, Leisure and Hospitality. Manufacturing Industrial Plant and Machinery Retail and Wholesale Stocks Luxury Goods, Prestige & Branded Products

We conduct sales by auction, tender and private treaty, supported by web based marketing and conventional promotional campaigns that reach the buyer quickly efficiently and professionally ensuring each and every sale is a success.

We can assist with the valuation, removal and sale of assets surplus to your requirements.

Contact us for full details: Pro Auction Ltd on 01761 414000

Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising

Looking to refurbish or sell surplus furniture, fixtures and fittings, from your hotel bar or restaurant ? Pro Auction has a long history of helping both corporate and private clients source and sell valuables across the UK and internationally.

integrity, expertise and customer-first attitude are the three pillars upon which we continue to grow.

Trust underpins our entire operation and our clients stay with us because they know we keep their best interests front and centre.

For us, the auction process is a journey and one which we take with our clients. Ours is a results-driven service underpinned by solid technology, expert advice and a willingness to turn the first contact to repeat customer to a trusted friend.

This trust is built from our shared values and understanding of what is most important to them. Our comprehensive service is based on the needs of our clients. Our expertise in valuing, marketing, and selling surplus assets means our clients can achieve the best prices and end result with minimal effort. Our

Pro Action pride ourselves on our consultative, problem-solving service and our tradition of exceeding expectation.

Contact us today for a free no obligation appraisal. Pro Auction Ltd (T) 01761 414000 (E) (W)

Benefits of CardsSafe for Your Business

The CardsSafe system is specifically designed to securely retain customer credit and debit cards while the cardholder runs a tab. As a result, staff can securely keep customers’ bank cards while customers enjoy the facilities, allowing the team to up-sell onsite. The CardsSafe units are wireless, which means they can sit discreetly behind the bar or POS. In addition, the system does not capture data, so it never breaches GDPR.

MAJOR BRANDS TRUST CARDSSAFE Over 5000 brands in the UK use CardsSafe. Young’s pubs, Hilton Hotels, Lord’s cricket ground, and many independent restaurants and bars utilise the system. Benefits to using CardsSafe in bars, restaurants and pubs:

• Managing customer tabs

• Helping to increase spending, therefore profits • It is a significant deterrent for dine & dash • Offers customers security against credit card fraud • Pays for itself by reducing call-back • No data is captured • Wireless • Customers have peace of mind that their bank cards are kept safely and keep the unique key! “Average spend is up, and chargeback has virtually disappeared after we installed CardsSafe, which really puts our customers’ minds at rest.” Timothy, Young’s Bar Manager

CARDSSAFE IS AFFORDABLE! Each CardsSafe unit contains ten card drawers that can be hired for just £9.99 per month. In addition, each hire comes with customer service troubleshooting, free replacement keys, and additional units can be added at any time. The question is, can you afford not to have CardsSafe as a part of your business? For more information, please visit Or contact the sales team on 0845 500 1040

Scott Willis Designs Scott Willis Designs (SWD) is a new and innovative interior design business which specialises in design, build and fit out of licensed premises. With particular expertise in Audio, Lighting and AV design, its owner and principle, Scott Willis, has nearly 20 years of experience in this sector having worked extensively across the UK and Ireland on commercial and private designs and installations, many of which feature in award winning venues. In the short time it has been established, SWD has already advised on numerous signature developments and redevelopments.

INTERIOR DESIGN This can range from a simple space plan layout with or without fabric or materials selection, through to the most detailed design package incorporating full workshop drawings. We use the newest and most innovative CAD software and produce complete concept boards, colour studies and detailed proposals for suppli-

Design and Refit

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ers, tradesmen & tender returns.

DESIGN, BUILD & FITOUT Exactly as described and more commonly referred to as “Turn Key”. We provide the designs and involve the client at every stage of the process. Ensuring our clients are completely happy with the overall concept is absolutely fundamental to us. We then tender the project to a number of tried and tested contractors, provide you, the client, with an overall fit out package price including project management.

PRO AUDIO, LIGHTING & AV SYSTEMS Having supplied and installed all sizes and scales of PA systems - from the largest nightclub systems, to the smallest, best value domestic systems. We have the experience and expertise to advise you on all the options available and offer some of the best pricing within the industry. From supplying a flat screen for your Bar, an audio system for your Hotel or a Lighting system for your Nightclub, you’ll be catered for on a 1 to 1 basis. Visit for further information.

Make Your Business Stand Out with Mr Wood’s Fossils Edinburgh’s famous fossil shop was founded in 1987 by fossil hunter Stan Wood. Matt Dale began as manager before buying the business in 2006. Over the years, the business has forged an international reputation for quality and value, and Matt travels widely to carefully select stock from all over the world. While the shop has a wide-ranging customer base, from the collector to the fascinated tourist, it also helps museums and universities source display specimens and handling collections. Fossils and minerals can be beautiful natural objects, a combination of aesthetic and curiosity factors making for appealing decorative pieces. There’s the age, for one thing. Fifty million year old fish, meteorites as old as the planet – a sense of perspective to accompany

the natural beauty. The iconic spiral shells of ammonites, rich, earthy tones of slabs of fossil wood, or the framed tooth of a giant shark or dinosaur – something a little different and a memorable talking point. These aren’t manufactured products, of course. Every example is a unique individual, and it can be a very subjective appeal, which means it’s always worth taking a closer look and choosing carefully. It can take a while to make your way around the shop, in the city’s historic Grassmarket in the Old Town. If you can’t make it there in person, there’s a website with a good range of the smaller lines to explore, and you can always contact the shop to ask about other possibilities. 0131 220 1344 /

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Design and Refit

Imaginative and Integrated Interior Design, Vicaima Makes It Real!

Vicaima, as one of the leading European exponents of contemporary joinery solutions, including interiors doors, doorsets, wall panels and associated furniture products, have just introduced a new brand for professionals called Infinity. Combining their extensive experience within this sector with the latest technological advancements in image realisation, they present a major step forward for the world of interior design, enabling creative vision to be made real, with imaginative design composition that encompasses multiple elements. No longer constrained by conventional limitations, Infinity provides scope for interior design professionals to think beyond what they thought was possible, towards what they would ideally like to achieve. Whether creating a theme that brings rhythm and repetition, or a more dramatic and contrasting vision with pronounced statement pieces, Infinity can make it real. Infinity permits almost endless possibilities when it comes to visual aspect, with choice of colour, tone, pattern and even the perception of texture. This enables interior designers and specifiers complete flexibility when aiming to deliver bespoke project solutions. However, for those professionals looking for insight from the Vicaima experts in trends and fashions, Infinity’s top three collections offer a myriad of fresh inspiration. Select from either wood, stone or metal for an immersive experience which includes among many others, Spalted Maple, Terrazo Amber and Antique Patina.

Once the design and hues have been chosen, it is then a matter of selecting which joinery elements can be combined to reflect the desired theme. Here Infinity broadens horizons and uniquely permits creators to match and play with individual pieces in a way that has traditionally been limited. Blending integral building elements such as interior door assemblies and decorative wall panels, with more ephemeral components like wardrobes and furniture to achieve the perfect balance. While flexible aesthetic design is the hallmark of Infinity, it should not be forgotten that as a Vicaima brand, superior quality and performance are integral to all elements. Exceeding industry recognised standards and in the case of doors and doorkits, third party fire accredited to both TRADA and the British Woodworking Federation, all products are environmentally produced and FSC certificated. Infinity marks a new era in design for interiors, whether in public, commercial or residential applications. Expanding, evolving and elevating both the creative process and eventual project realisation by combining visionary image technology with industry leading joinery manufacture, to achieve outstanding results. For more information or to request a brochure visit

Lifeforms Design Lifeforms Design provide a full range of interior and architectural design services across the hospitality, leisure, retail and commercial industries. Whether big or small, every project is given the same dedication and commitment so as to provide our clients with the desired results. Our approach is creative and flexible - clients return to us because we take the time to understand them and can realise their vision. Our creative interior designs for bars and restaurants provide spaces that stimulate, invigorate and engage users. With years of experience and projects covering bars, cafés and restaurants, through to bespoke interiors for retail outlets and office spaces, we are the right people for the job. We are able to create inspired design solutions to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Design and Refit From concept to completion, being unique isn’t easy in a world dominated by visual influence. Having worked for 20 years creating environments for people to engage with, now more than ever it is important to create something that appeals to all the senses. The rise in social media has created a setting where design makes up people’s everyday life, often to the point of not realising it. Our job is to deliver such design aspirations whilst ensuring the original brief is adhered to. Experience gained allows us to direct ideas using an understanding of how a unit can feel day to day. Numbers of covers, quality of materials, furniture, lighting, acoustics are just some of the aspects which need to be considered to ensure the end product does more than look good on an Instagram post, although one should never underestimate how important that is as well! See the advert on the facing page or visit

Second Clearance Showroom

If you are someone that loves a bargain, take a trip down to our second outlet showroom in Clacton, to get inspired for your next interior project. Up to 80% off on popular styles and fabulous home décor pieces. With new lines, added every week and available to you whilst stock lasts; discover popular ranges like the Sylvia velvet kitchen stool (£70), and its eye-catching silhouette – helping to elevate your kitchen island to the next level. Or consider the Malmros dining chair in black (£57), with its padded faux leather seat and curved Scandi style - it’s easy to see why this is the first choice for customers looking to revamp their dining table.

However, if you are someone that is simply after soft furnishings and home accessories, our Clacton second outlet has that covered too. Add a funky element to your living room with our collection of rugs, coat hangers and more. Or create that high-end, ambient feel in your dining space with our lighting range - from

pendants and floor lamps to table and wall lights. Whether you’re into Industrial, Mid Century, Scandinavian or Contemporary styles, the Clacton second clearance showroom is open 6 days a week and offers ontrend pieces - from chairs and stools to lighting, sofas, and tables - it’s simple to design a life you love with Cult!

*Please note: The products in our Clacton showroom are largely discounted as they may be a customer return, exdisplay model, refurbished or have visible marks (i.e small dent or scratch). However, all are complete and in good condition but cannot be sold as new. Want to take a look? Visit our outlet: Unit 1 Brunel Road Gorse Lane Industrial Estate Clacton on Sea Essex CO15 4QW Call us: 01255879896

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The Fine Bedding Company

As a fourth generation British business our family of innovators have spent more than 100 years pioneering bedding, better for people, business and the planet. We have been using trailblazing technology throughout the era’s, from delivering durability for cruise-liner mattresses’ in 1912, to creating our carbon-neutral factory in 2000. Our united purpose is and has always been, to create and deliver a better night’s sleep for your guests. Sustainability is the heart of our business and a continuous thread throughout the whole process. From responsible sourcing of eco-friendly materials, our award-winning eco-factory where manufacturing is powered by 100% renewable energy, right down to our 100% recyclable packaging. Our Vegan Down range is the perfect solution for hote-

liers who want high end luxury without compromising their environmental credentials. This range looks, feels and replicates natural down in a more environmentally friendly way. The Vegan Down’s design creates a sumptuous down like layer of superfine fibres which are encased in sustainably sourced 100% BCI cotton, the sewn through cassette construction traps air for warmth, volume and breathability, it’s washable, hypoallergenic and the microfibres are manufactured from GRS Certified recycled PET plastic bottles. Today, our production practices are modelled on the BCorp framework as we work towards certification, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to ethical and environmentally friendly production for a better tomorrow.



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Design and Refit Make the Most of Summer with Outdoor Furniture High quality contract grade furniture is important in any venue, but none more so than in outdoor seating areas, where it needs to look good while lasting through many unpredictable British summers.

Trent Furniture supply a huge range of outdoor furniture for pubs, cafes and restaurants. A firm favourite is the Monaco Stacking Chair. Available in wood effect, aluminium or a strong woven synthetic wicker finish in natural, black, red or green, this durable and stylish chair looks great in any outdoor setting, can be stacked up to 10 high, and is currently on offer from only £39.90. Alternatively, the Plaza Chair is a cool and contemporary choice for your outdoor seating.

Hardwearing black synthetic rattan is handwoven over a rust resistant aluminium frame to create a durable chair that pairs effortlessly with the hardened glass-topped Plaza Table.

For beer gardens, nothing beats the traditional picnic bench. Trent Furniture’s new Chunky Picnic Table is available in three sizes, starting at just £145.90. The 4cm thick rustic oak-finished spruce wood with smooth timber slats provides the ultimate in durable comfort. For more information, please call 0116 298 9842 or fill in our contact form at

New Ranges Launched by ILF email; With the ongoing success of the ILF Chairs comprehensive website, ILF have now added a stock armchair in 7 different Faux colours plus a 4 colour range stock of Egger laminated table tops in a selection of sizes. Their new online website offers both indoor and outdoor seating and table solutions.

Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising

Divided into Contemporary seating, Barstools, Lounge Seating, Period Seating, Outdoor seating and tables plus Indoor Dining & Coffee height tables, offering a great selection of products to view at your leisure. Also included now an extensive range of stock seating, barstools, table bases and table tops. Most made to order indoor seating and indoor

wooden table bases and tops can be finished to any customer specification. Outdoor items offer a variety of colours within the same product style. Also included is a link to priced chairs and table bases plus a selection of priced made to order seating in a selection of Faux Leather upholstery colours and wood frame colours. These products can also be supplied to customer specification, just ask for details. Enquiries can be sent to them directly from the website and they will reply within 24 hours. They hope you will enjoy the experience of viewing their easy to navigate website and they look forward to helping clients get the best products for their hospitality site.

Design and Refit

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Castelan Commercial Services Set the Standards

We caught up with Rob Jackson, from Castelan Commercial Services to ask what have been the key drivers to Castelan’s success in hospitality restoration after Covid. "Our Commercial Division works on many projects across the UK- helping our hotel clients and working tirelessly together to provide cover in social care with the following services -

1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

Carpet/hard floor cleaning Upholstery cleaning Bath tub restoration Re-Upholstery service Environmental cleaning

“During the COVID crisis we expanded our cleaning services to include carpet & upholstery cleaning, re-upholstery services, mattress cleaning, bedroom deep cleaning (environmental) and bath tub restoration. Not only did we offer greener, safer cleaning products, but we found we were really effective at doing the work -and being competitive at doing this was a bonus." If you need any assistance with the restoration of your fixed assets or have any questions around restoration ideas, please contact Rob Jackson who will be happy to help. Contact Email: M 07787 847 353 or T 0330 024 0433

Demand for Hospitality Furniture Outstrips Supply for Many in the Industry The ever increasing need to differentiate and refresh hospitality interiors has led to shortages of outdoor furniture and extended lead times on anything made to order. All sizes of business from local pubs to large hotel chains are feeling the pinch, and having to pay a premium for any available models they can find that fit their concept. These are challenging times for suppliers too, as managing director of the market leading Contract Furniture Group, Richard Bellamy, confirms: “Timber, fabrics, plastics, transport – you name a cost and it’s gone through the roof. Our margins have always been thin, so trying to find ways to keep our prices down is tough – especially when our customers rely on us being the most cost-effective supplier around. “We’ve seen demand skyrocket in the last couple of years, while many of our competitors have struggled to keep up. The market consolidation has seen us grow, but also limited buyers’ options – which has subse-

quently put further pressure on supply chains and the cycle continues. Luckily for us we work exclusively with a number of European manufacturers, so our lead times have not been as badly affected as others. We’re seeing some pretty big players having to quote over fourteen weeks to get bespoke upholstered seating, which is just far too long for most people. I’m not saying we can return to the three or four weeks we used to work to, but happily we’re nowhere near those kinds of delays.” With the summer upon us and the need for outdoor furniture imminent, it seems inevitable that there will be a clammer for different ways to kit out new spaces or replace damaged items. Forward planning for furnishings has never been so business critical for the hospitality industry. Thankfully there are still contract furniture suppliers out there agile enough to deliver when the unexpected occurs and we need solutions fast. See or the advert on this page.

Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising




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Property and Professional

Capify - We're Here to Support Your Hospitality Business For almost 15 years, Capify has worked closely with the hospitality sector, providing business owners with much-needed funding. We’ve been there through some difficult times – like the 2008 recession and Covid-19, and have continued to lend even when the banks have said no. We’ve recently conducted a Business Confidence Survey and found that cash flow and cash reserves are key concerns for business owners across the UK. Over half of those who responded also said they lack confidence in their existing banking partners to meet any future borrowing needs. We’re proud to have created an accessible business loan which is both quick and easy to apply for, and, once approved, the funds can be paid out in as little as 24 hours. The finance can be used for any business purpose, whether that’s:

• Purchasing extra food and drink • Hiring additional staff • Purchasing new catering equipment Our flexibility means we will try and look beyond your credit history when assessing your application and instead, we will consider whether your business has the potential to deliver solid and sustained growth. If you’d like to find out how much finance you qualify for, visit You’ll be taken to Capify’s website, where you can get a no-obligation quote within minutes. You’ll also be able to find out more information about the business loan and the unique and straightforward repayments. To find out more visit or call us on 0800 151 0980 to speak to one of our specialist finance sale team.

• Managing short-term cash flow issues

Why Use a Specialist Hospitality Consultant? Answer: because we can help your business to succeed.

With over 30 years of industry experience in the Hospitality sector, The Bowden Group’s Managing Consultant David Hunter will work with you to address the following elements: Profitability, Operational Strategy, Staff Management, Marketing and The Future of your business. David will also be on hand to give you extra (and this can be without any extra charge) support through our Sprowts4Mentoring system, to analyse, every single week, your business performance figures … giving you weekly analysis and concise reports, with appropriate guidance, to optimise your business’s Sales, Profitability and Staff Management.

the labour usage in your business. And YES … Covid19 changed a lot of things. We need to learn from those things! Right now we are experiencing massive increases in the cost of the raw materials that we buy … both Food and Drink. We will take that fully into consideration. When was the last time that you fully and meticulously costed out and priced correctly, every dish on your menu … both Food and Drinks? Budgeting, Forecasting, Menu Management, Stock Controls, Purchasing, and controlling Variable Costs are just a few of the other areas that David Hunter, your Restaurant Consultant, will work on with you, and improve with you.



Our experts will analyse your entire operation and also its key operating figures if they are available. We then help you to identify strategies to manage costs and overheads associated with the core Profitability of running a Hospitality business.

Managing people brings with it a whole set of new skills that are now needed more than ever. From ‘’Managing the Managers’’ through to Service and Kitchen staff, your team needs careful and skilful Management, Motivation, guidance and Development.

The largest overhead, even higher than Cost of Sales, is the Labour cost, so, with detailed analysis of your wages and being able to understand ‘’the way your business actually works’’ we can ensure that you are maximising

We have a very good record in helping Hospitality business owners to implement processes that improve how they manage their people, which in turn benefits the owners as well as the Team Members themselves.

We can help you to manage ‘difficult’ people situations, to improve your operational planning, to recruit, train and manage your team better, creating a more productive, pleasant and ‘’retaining’’ working environment.

MARKETING We will help you build a workable, planned Marketing Strategy. We don’t do fancy, posh or expensive … we just recommend what our experience says will actually work for your business. It’s no longer enough to rely on word-of-mouth and repeat business. You need to employ a wealth of skills in a number of areas to ensure that your Marketing is attracting new customers and engaging with existing customers. From Digital Marketing, such as Social Media marketing, Websites, eMail Marketing and online advertising, to print design, Promotions and offline advertising, your Hospitality business should be constantly working on ‘’ all things Marketing’’. If your business is actually struggling, or if you just feel that it could be doing some things better, give David Hunter a quick call on 07831 407984 to arrange a ‘’Free of Charge’’ initial consultation (please quote CLH Offer), when David will discuss with you what could be achieved if you ask us to work with you.

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Issue 121


Margate Old Town Hall to be Offered for Lease

Margate is home to a vibrant and expanding creative sector. Its Old Town has become a year-round mecca for art lovers who visit Turner Contemporary and numerous independent galleries as well as the cafés, restaurants and vintage and contemporary shops that surround the cobbled Market Place. As Margate is served by high-speed trains from London, with a journey time of just 90 minutes, a new generation is now discovering this original seaside escape. We enjoy a year-round demand for high quality serviced accommodation, driven in part by the Dreamland live music programme, the annual Margate Soul Festival and the area’s reputation as a stunning location for film and photoshoots. The Grade II listed Old Town Hall sits right in the cen-

tre of Margate’s Old Town. Completed in 1898, the magnificent neoclassical structure served as the headquarters of Margate Borough Council and court building until Thanet District Council was formed, moving to larger, purpose-built premises in 1974.Since then, it’s been used as the Mayors Parlour and evidence of this can be seen inside with many a wall adorned with fine portraits and photographs of past Mayors. Thanet District Council is now looking to let the entire building on a long lease as part of its capitalisation of its property asset register. Sitting as it does, centre stage in Margate Old Town Market Place, surrounded by bars, restaurants, art galleries and quirky independent retailers, it is expected it will attract a high level of interest. The building would suit conversion to a boutique hotel, business centre or retail. The council is open to innovative proposals (subject to the relevant planning) but these must demonstrate a strong sustainable business model and be fully funded. The property is being offered on a long lease with a guide price of £75,000 pa. Please note that the Margate Museum building does not form part of the lease. Block viewings will be taking place over a six-week period. To book a viewing contact Dave Tappy, Commercial Director at Oakwood Commercial via email: or by calling 01843 222704. Full and final bids must be submitted to Oakwood Commercial in writing or by email by 1200hrs on Tuesday 12 August 2022.

The Westmorland Inn, Bowness-OnWindermere Comes on the Market

The Westmorland Inn is quite simply a brilliant business that is only available as the owners wish to retire. With a highly rated restaurant & pub for the past 4 years on Trip Advisor, the new owners can be assured of a great business moving forward. With a large lower ground floor restaurant, fully equipped commercial kitchen, bar area with additional mezzanine area and then 8 great en-suite letting rooms. Is this a bar, with a restaurant and letting rooms, a restaurant with a bar and rooms or a B & B with bar and restaurant, we'd suggest all 3. The restaurant offers good traditional food, the cosy bar has a range of 5 real ales, draft lagers, wines, spirits and a large selection of gins together with everything else one might expect. Each of the 8 letting rooms are en-suite and are neatly presented and furnished. The business is currently owner operated but managed allowing the new owner to do as little or as much as they like. Also, with opening hours starting at

1pm except Sundays which opens earlier for Sunday lunch there is scope to enhance the business. If the new owner wanted to open and offer breakfast and lunchtime food this would increase both the food and beverage sales within the business as the letting rooms are on a room only rate. To the rear of the property is an adjoining 3 bedroomed house, for either the owner to live on site or as staff accommodation. All in all, this huge building amounting to over 6000sq ft or 560m2 needs to be seen to appreciate. Prominently positioned on Lake Road, just before the Royalty Cinema towards the top of the popular tourist village of Bowness-On-Windermere on the main road leading from Windermere to Bowness. To book a viewing call 01539 444461 or see the advert on this page for further details.

Catering Partner Needed for Oxford Masonic Hall

Oxford Masonic Hall Company Limited was established in 1943 to provide accommodation for Masonic Lodges meeting locally. In 2016 they acquired their current premises (Cardinal House, in the village of Marsh Baldon, South Oxfordshire). Our provision of accommodation for & services to these lodges enables them to focus more of their time on their charitable activities (nationally, Freemasonry donated over £50m to charitable causes in 2020 and provided over 18 million hours of volunteering time). These new premises were extensively renovated and updated by the Company and includes a fully-equipped, professional grade kitchen. Use of these premises for the caterer’s other commercial purposes is encouraged, with details to be agreed.

Currently some 20+ Masonic Lodges meet at the premises, a total of 70+ meetings estimated for the year commencing 2022. Using 2019 as an example of ‘usual’ trading, over 2200 meals were served in this period. The board considers that 2000 meals per year may be considered a good ‘lower estimate’ of masonic meals required throughout 2022, with the belief that as the impact of Covid-19 reduces this number will increase over the coming years. The company also actively promotes its facilities for third party useage for social, commercial and charitable purposes and so the total provision of meals is likely to be somewhat higher than this. The directors are looking to appoint a new catering contractor to provide services (via the company) to its members and other users of the premises. We hope that our future catering partner would consider this relationship as a source of secure, repeat business. If you would like to discuss this request for tender (or our process) in any further detail, please get in touch with: Mr. Tom Boardman-Weston, Director Or Mrs. Tara Buck, Centre Manager

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