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…yours to dream, yours to think, yours to learn and yours to achieve… now and in your life to come…


About Us Our Vision Rayat London College aspires to be a leading international provider of higher education to the quality standards expected of UK universities.

Professor C. Michael Wilkinson Principal “…We welcome all people who are imaginative and enthusiastic to come learn with us and prosper…”

Our Mission To achieve our vision, Rayat London College provides an excellent, state-of-the-art well funded learning environment in London;

Why RLC?

recruits high quality students locally and from around the world; maintains a faculty of teachers with first class qualifications, established teaching careers, active research records and business experience; develops a distinctive and attractive curriculum that meets contemporary needs; satisfies fully all quality assurance requirements set by the Quality Assurance Agency; promotes excellent relations with all stakeholders especially students, their parents and sponsors.

Our Enterprise Culture Rayat London College (RLC) promotes enterprise. Our culture is entrepreneurial – we promote personal, corporate and cultural change by acting creatively and innovatively in all we do.

OUR EDUCATIONAL MODEL RLC conceives of learning as a strongly mediated human activity. It is the process whereby people draw upon the resources of their environment, and their own faculties, to promote fresh understanding. Our educational model is student centred. We encourage the development of inter-personal skills while mastering critically a corpus of knowledge and its associated methodologies. We prepare people from all backgrounds, across the broad sweep of a common learning curve, to meet their immediate needs for knowledge and prepare them to contemplate and manage future worlds. The result is a human being who can meet and resolve often conflicting demands. The RLC graduate is a proactive leader, an enterprising person with high ethical standards and a commitment to serve mankind.


OUR WAY Delivering our promise We promote interactive learning through direct human encounter and electronic means. Our programmes are designed to be relevant for today and the likely needs of tomorrow. Augmented by visiting speakers from the world of business, field trips and other direct encounters with the world of work our learning achieves state-of-the-art functionality and strong contextual relevance. Always imaginative and creative our students learn to be innovative and entrepreneurial both in mind set and action. Conscious that our students will graduate into the highly competitive global job market we prepare them with the necessary skills to succeed. Our tutors are mindful that learning can be an exciting and enjoyable experience and seek to cultivate the ardent love of learning in every student. We always guard against the many challenges our students face and help them to cultivate their own strategic responses to life’s often conflicting demands.


USHA GURUNG, Nepal, BA Business Studies “… it was a long way from the mountains of Nepal to the heights of learning here at RLC. I made it and aim to graduate BA (Hons) Business Studies very shortly…”

Dinesha Rajapakshe, SRI LANKA, MBA 2010 “… as a banker I had worked in Sri Lanka and London. To advance my career I looked around the many MBAs in Europe and chose to study at RLC. I found the facilities and staff support outstanding and thoroughly enjoyed my time at the College. I recommend Rayat London College’s MBA to all students. It enabled me immediately after I graduated to get a senior position in a UK London-based finance company…”

Filomena Martins, Angola, Professional Programme “…My experience at RLC has been fantastic. The atmosphere is really friendly. The staff and lectures all are helpful and we have so many facilities.”


The Challenge Undergraduate courses At this level of learning the student is typically introduced to the foundations of a discipline, developing the necessary knowledge and skills to first describe, then compare and contrast and finally to critically evaluate a body of extant knowledge. The key challenge is to arrive at a comprehensive understanding of the subject as it exists and to perceive how that knowledge might be extended.

Postgraduate courses Typically, postgraduate courses exist to allow either (a) an in-depth study to be made of a discipline already known to the student, or (b) a study to be made in a discipline unknown to a student who is a graduate in another discipline. Importantly, our Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) is a masters’ programme designed to give people who are, or aspire to be, managers the academic knowledge and skills necessary to enhance their management practice. As well as from graduates, we welcome applications from those who by working have equivalent knowledge and skills. Rayat London College is also keen to receive applications from those who would like to undertake doctoral studies leading to the completion of a research-based thesis.

Professional courses As the name implies, these courses prepare our students for the business professions such as banking, accountancy, marketing and human resource management.


Your future! Graduates from Rayat London College are well equipped to influence locally and globally by: working and leading in for-profit and not-for-profit environments acting entrepreneurially operating ethically in all they do supporting others to achieve their full potential giving selfless service in their home communities enriching the lives of others wherever they may be

Heston Park House 32 – 42 New Heston Road Heston Middlesex TW5 0LJ United Kingdom Telephone +44 (0) 20 8754 3330 Fax +44 (0) 20 8754 3331 Email

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Rayat London College MBA and BA courses validated and awarded by the University of Wales, UK. For further details regarding the University and its validation services, please log on to: or email:

Rayat London College Prospectus  

Rayat London College Prospectus

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