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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Local soldier serves as liason Reservist welcomed home from Afghanistan

Subdivision problems discusssed in Bethel Resident seeks help from village



Sun staff

Sun staff

Army reservist Sergeant Josh Miller recently returned from Afghanistan where he served as a civil affairs liaison between the military and the local population. The 2000 Glen Este graduate said he was focused on grass roots efforts to build infrastructure and promote local businesses in the Kunar Province near the Pakistan border. “There’s a big push for renewable energy. It’s more expensive to start but it’s easier to maintain,” Miller said. “We also provide business development micro-grants.” Miller said the grants are used for businesses that will fit the community, such as potato farms. The Army is also taking on projects that are in line with the Afghan culture. “We have refurbished Mosques and built schools, we do what fits with in the culture,” Miller said. Afghanistan poses a unique problem for soldiers like Miller because much of their rural government is tribal based and the tribal leaders are unaccustomed to yielding to a higher level of government. He compared his role to that of the county commissioners in the sense that he was asked to coordinate projects that affect the whole community.

University of Cincinnati beginning in January. He said he is unsure what specific field of study he would like to pursue, but he would like to continue to be involved in civil affairs. “There’s such a broad scope of things you can get involved in,” Miller said. “With civil affairs you can get involved in what ever you want.” The Clermont County Commissioners honored

Bethel Village Council discussed the difference between village zoning regulations and private subdivision restrictions at the request of a resident of Easter Valley subdivision. Albert Wass, who lives at 314 Faith Way, asked the village to halt construction on the home of his next door neighbor because he said the home is to be built too close to the street, according to the subdivision restrictions. “This lot 13, for over two years the residents have been told it’s too small to build a house,” Wass said, “because they started building a bigger house on the other side of it. That swamp back there stopped the bulldozer operator. He told us ‘I’m not going back there and taking those trees down.’ They changed the house plans. They built a house closer to the street. So now they shrunk this lot 13 so there’s not 80 feet side to side where they want to build.” Lot 13 has an angled property line to the west. Wass said the plat requires that a home must be back far enough from the street to so that there is an 80 foot distance between the property lines at the start of the home. Village Solicitor George

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Army Reserve Sergeant Josh Miller was recently welcomed home from Afghanistan. From left are Clermont County Commissioner Bob Proud,Clermont County Sheriff A.J. “Tim” Rodenberg, Thank You Foundation Executive Director Sarah Rieke, Congresswoman Jean Schmidt, and Commissioner Ed Humphrey.

“We have to appease both sides and there is a lot of politics involved,” Miller said. Miller performed a similar role in Iraq where he served in 2006 and 2007. At that time he was stationed in Baghdad. “It was a lot easier in Iraq because they already had infrastructure in place,” Miller said. Miller said that during both his deployments support from home made his service easier. “The support is crucial. When you’re over there you

don’t want to be distracted by the things at home,” Miller said. Little things like his father mowing his grass or packages of American treats from the Yellow Ribbon Foundation were very important to him. Miller thanked the Whole in My Heart support group, the Yellow Ribbon Foundation, the Thank You Foundation and the Veterans of Foreign Wars for their work in supporting the troops and their families.

He said he is very grateful for the support Clermont County residents show to their soldiers. “Regardless of their feelings on the war they support our soldiers to the end,” Miller said. “And that’s what America is all about because whether you agree or not you are entitled to your opinion and you are not penalized for voicing that opinion. Thank you and keep it up.” Miller will be using the G.I. Bill to take classes at the

Niehaus tells Chamber of Commerce state cuts are coming Which programs will be going under the knife not specified BY BRETT ROLLER Sun staff

State Senator Tom Niehaus addressed the Clermont Chamber of Commerce and students from the Live Oaks campus of Great Oaks Career Center Friday, Nov. 12. The Senator from New Richmond will likely be elected as President of the Senate when the Republicans choose their leaders on Nov. 30. Niehaus said the GOP is already hard at work preparing for the power shift in

January. He emphasized the Republicans’ focus on fiscal responsibility and creating a business friendly environment in the state. “We clearly heard the voters last Tuesday and we will work to bring fiscal responsibility back to Ohio,” Niehaus said. “This is a very interesting time in terms of transition and a very challenging time in terms of the budget.” Newly elected Governor John Kasich will need to work

with Niehaus and state Representative William Batchelder, who has been named speaker of the now Republican controlled House of Representatives as they put together the next biennial budget for the state. With the loss of so-called bailout money from the federal government the General Assembly will be looking at an $8 billion budget deficit next year. “That’s going to be quite a challenge,” Niehaus said. “I see representatives from local schools and a number of government agencies here today and I’m sure they’re all worried about how we will bal-



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ance the budget and get spending under control without new revenue coming in.” Niehaus said that while there will be no tax increases, the state is anticipating new revenue from each of the four voter-approved casinos as early as 2011 and he said video lottery terminals are once again being considered for approval at Ohio’s horse racing tracks. Niehaus said the casino funds will likely replace the local funding the state will need to cut to balance the budget. Additionally, he said state revenue is up $100 million See Niehaus, Page 2





State Senator Tom Niehaus spoke to the Clermont County Chamber of Commerce about the future of the state budget and the Ohio Republicans' commitment to fiscal responsibility.

Beauty Spot Our photographer snapped this shot at East Fork State Park recently. The Clermont County Beauty Spot is one of a series of weekly pictures published from nominations from our readers. If you know of a spot, public or secret, in the county you think is without compare, tell our photographer where it is located by calling (513) 732-2511, Ext. 119, or submit a photograph of that special someplace.




Page 2 - The Sunday Sun - November 28, 2010

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Continued from page 1 except for maybe in 2007 and 2008,” Niehaus said. Increased revenue will not be enough to make up for the 16 percent deficit in the current $51 billion budget, and so all local agencies that receive revenue from the state will be considered for budget cuts. “I’m not a fan of an across the board 16 percent cut because the inefficient programs will look at it as no big deal while those that are already running efficiently will be effected greatly,” Niehaus said. Instead, the General Assembly leaders will meet with Kasich to evaluate each and every state funded program. Niehaus said they will look at the need the program was designed to meet and if it is not delivering the services it should they will explore other ways of meeting that need. One such program of interest to the chamber of commerce members was the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. Ohio is one of the few

remaining states in the country with a public BWC system. Niehaus could not say right now if there are any programs that may be eliminated entirely or turned over to the private sector, but he said they may find a few before the budget is finalize. “There may be a program that was created 10 years ago to meet a legitimate need, but now that need no longer exists,” Niehaus said. “It’s too early to tell what will happen. The voters have asked us to re-evaluate everything we’re doing to make sure each program is providing the services the program was designed to.” Governor Ted Strickland’s biggest emphasis during his tenure was on education and he heralded the education changes made in the biennial budget passed in 2009 as a major step forward, especially the emphasis on his evidence based model and mandatory all day Kindergarten. As a new Governor takes his place many schools are uncertain of their future. “There has been no discus-

sion of education reform yet, but I think the evidence based model will go away,” Niehaus said. “The problem with it was none of us could find the evidence and if you talk with schools who were forced to add all day Kindergarten, like Milford, their students didn’t show a need for it.” Niehaus said there is substantial evidence that providing educating experiences to children at a young age is vital for their development but parental involvement will have the biggest impact along with small class sizes. According to Niehaus each community should be allowed to decide for themselves what methods will have the greatest impact on the children they serve because what may work well in Bethel may not work well in Milford. education “Strickland’s reform was not true reform,” Niehaus said. “It was a union jobs bill.” Education is one of three services that make up about 75 percent of the state budget, what Niehaus referred to as Ed, Med, and Incarceration. He said it will be impossible balance the budget without making cuts to education, Medicaid, and the prison system. Mental Health and Recover Board Director Karen Scherra expressed her concerns over rumors that General Assembly would be focusing on consolidating a number of state agencies and the effect that would

have on the operation of the local agencies that receive funding through them. Niehaus said there are always a large number of rumors flying from Columbus and nothing has been decided yet. However, he said consolidation is one option they may consider. He pointed to the cooperation between government agencies in Clermont County as a fine example of how consolidation can work well at the local level. “Money has been spent very efficiently as resources have dwindled over the last 10 years,” Niehaus said. “It wasn’t always like that. What we will be doing in Columbus is asking how do we leverage our resources so they will provide the most benefit.” Niehaus said he has already begun working hard with the new administration in preparation for Jan. 1. “There is a concerted effort to work together now and not wait until January,” Niehaus said. “There has not been a good working relationship between the house and the Senate over the last couple of years. Now there’s no excuse.” While Niehaus currently serves in the second highest position in the Senate as the President Pro Tempore, as President he will work with the governor and speaker of the House of Representatives directly on a regular basis and will be in a position to have a greater impact on policies.


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Bethel: Restrictions Continued from page 1 Leicht said the 80 feet requirement is stipulated by the subdivision restrictions and as long as the home is 40 feet from the street it will comply with the Bethel zon-

ing regulations. “All we have authority to do with our police power is to make sure the code is followed as far as setback. Now, as far as the subdivision may have more stringent regulations than our zoning code. We cannot enforce those more stringent regulations. It is not our position to enforce subdivision regulations (or restrictions),” Leicht said. Mayor James Dick pointed out that Wass had asked the village to intervene on behalf of the property owners previously to address the drainage issues within the subdivision that Wass said led to his neighbor’s home being moved closer to the street. “This seems to be, in all frankness, running in the same direction as the drainage issue, if I could be so blunt, in which you seem to want the village to be involved in private property matters,” Dick said. “Your anger would be much more effective if it was directed at either the builder or the developer, those persons that are responsible for the enforcement of things that are within the subdivision development plan that are outside of our zoning code. Coming here and looking for the people who work for the public and are on the public dime to go and insert themselves into a private matter is not somewhere our village is going to go.” Leicht said it is possible that when the subdivision was laid out it is possible that it fell under a zoning code that required homes to have a width of 80 feet at the building line, however the zoning code was changed in 2006 and that requirement was dropped. He said if property owners bought land in the subdivision anticipating that the requirement would be in place when their neighbors built their homes, they would need to go to civil court so determine if they can enforce that requirement.

Continued from page 1 Miller at their Monday, Nov. 22 meeting. “We want to commend you serving and welcome you home,” Commissioner Bob Proud said. “We are so dag gone proud of you.” Helping welcome Miller home were Frank Morrow of the Veterans Service Commission, Clermont County Sheriff A.J. “Tim” Rodenberg, Thank You Foundation executive director Sarah Rieke, and Congresswoman Jean Schmidt. Schmidt thanked Miller for giving up his time, talent, and treasure to serve his country.




The Sunday Sun - November 28, 2010 - Page 3

This drawing shows how to shear just above last years fork, and also shows the most natural mounding shape. (Illustration by Marjorie Boehme)

How to shear shrubs BY STEVE BOEHME The best time to shear or trim evergreen shrubs like holly, boxwood and yew is in the late fall or winter. It’s too late in the season now for them to grow new shoots, so you don’t have to worry about winter burn on tender new growth. Flowering shrubs can be sheared back now as well, with a few exceptions. There’s a right way and a wrong way to shear or trim shrubs. Whether you like them in tidy and neat geometric shapes or want them to look less formal but still well-groomed, there are certain rules you should follow. First, the shape you select should be widest at the bottom. This is so that sunlight can reach the entire plant for as many hours as possible for best foliage and bloom. If you undercut your shrubs you create shadows where the plants cast shade

on themselves, and they will get spindly and thin at the bottom. We like a mounding or “gumdrop” shape best. It looks natural because most shrubs naturally grow wider at the base and narrower at the top, like a pyramid. Another rule is to cut back each year to just above last year’s cut. Each time you cut a branch the plant forms a fork, doubling or tripling the number of branches. This makes the plant fuller and fluffier, with more blooms. If you are afraid to shear far enough the plant will get gangly and misshapen. If you shear back too far, cutting last year’s forks off, the plant can be damaged and have bare spots or long suckers. Naturally mounding flowering shrubs like spirea, potentilla, viburnum and barberry bloom on their new growth and will bloom more heavily if they are sheared

back. Plants that carry their flower buds through the winter, like lilacs and forsythia, are the exception and should be sheared after they bloom each spring. Forsythia doesn’t look good sheared into shapes, and will not bloom nearly as well. It wants to put out long, graceful shoots in every direction like a fountain. Every few years you should really cut it back almost to the ground after it blooms. The same is true of pussywillow. Butterfly bushes, crape myrtle and shrub roses (like Knockout) should be left alone until they start to sprout in spring, and then cut back hard to the healthiest new shoots. Cutting them in fall or winter invites winter burn, and can even kill butterfly bushes. At best you’ll have a lot of winter kill and have to trim them a second time in early spring. One other point is that once evergreen shrubs get big enough to crowd each other you should let them join into an “informal hedge,” rather than maintaining a gap between each plant. Narrow gaps don’t let enough sun in, so you’ll wind up with bare spots for your trouble. It’s easier and more attractive to let the plants grow into each other and just shear the outside. Steve Boehme is the owner of GoodSeed Nursery & Landscape, located on Old State Route 32 three miles west of Peebles. More information is available online at or call (937) 587-7021.


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Young hunters across Ohio again enjoyed success during the seventh annual Youth Deer-Gun Season, held Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 20-21, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), Division of Wildlife. Hunters, aged 17 and under, harvested 9,024 deer during the special twoday season, as compared to 9,331 last year. Counties reporting the greatest number of deer killed were Tuscarawas-434, Knox416, Holmes-337, Washington-274, Licking267, Guernseyand Harrison265, Belmont-222, and Ashlandand Coshocton-196. In Clermont, 133 deer were killed.

The Division of Wildlife estimated 40,000 young hunters took to the state's fields and forests during the two-day season, which provides a high-quality hunting for younger experience Ohioans. The youth deer-gun season

was open in all 88 counties. Details on youth hunting opportunities and all Ohio deer hunting seasons can be found in the 2010-2011 Ohio Hunting Regulations, available where licenses are sold. It can also be viewed online at


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Ohio’s young hunters productive during special two-day deer hunt



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November 28 1802: This month, Houton Clarke opens the first tavern in Bethel. 1943: This week, Admiral Thomas L. Gatch of Milford returns home. He commanded the battleship South Dakota that sank three Japanese cruisers and a destroyer in the Battle of Guadalcanal. November 29 1837: The Woodville Post Office office is established. 1897: The Clermont County Historical Society is formed for the first time. 1971: The Appalachian Highway opens between Batavia and Williamsburg. November 30 1893: Katie Ellis dies in Williamsburg. She wrote an eyewitness account of Morgan’s Raid. 1907: The Olive Branch Post Office is discontinued. December 1 1818: Gen. Presley Neville dies in Neville, the village named in his honor. 1912: The Williamsburg Presbyterian Church is dedicated. 1935: The razing begins of the old Clermont County courthouse in Batavia. December 2 1803: The area of Tobasco and Withamsville is sold to Timothy Day and remained in his family until 1945. 1846: Gen. Thomas Hamer dies in Monterrey, Mexico. The first school teacher in Withamsville (1818), he was also a U. S. congressman. 1932: The first game is played in the new Moscow High School gymnasium. The boys lose to Amelia 3219 and the girls lose to Amelia 14-3. December 3 1811: The final payment is made for the third county jail in Williamsburg. 1950: Sumner Powers Funeral Home opens in Amelia. 1965: The first game is played in the new New Richmond High School gymnasium (Bethel-New Richmond Road), a 46-45 win over Deer Park. December 4 1811: Union Township is established. 1854: J. S. McKinney, the first superintendent of Amelia schools, is born in Chilo. 1981: Bethel-Tate High School’s Todd and Tim Shinkle become Clermont County’s first brother duo to make the all-Ohio football team at the same time. This information was taken from “The Clermont County, Ohio, Bicentennial Book of Days” written in the year 2000 by Clermont County Historian Richard Crawford .


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When my Joni lost her life, I didn’t think I could handle it. But with Tim’s precious love and help, I’m now able to keep my candle lit. Joni was my first born, And eventually we became best friends. I felt that losing her was “The Ultimate Loss” But I’ve learned that our love never ends. We grew up more like sisters, I was just a child when she was born. And at each other we both have sworn. Joni always made it hard on herself, Living up to being a dingy blonde. But she was such a loving person Who could hold to a special bond. Just to show you what I mean, At 12, with the death of her dear friend, She carried Lisa with herself Up until the very end. Seldom is felt that strong of a bond, No doubt this is quite rare. But she loved her own family even more, And to our Lisa, “Your Mother Did Care.” Family ties is where true love lies But one may take too much for granted. Looking at life selfishly Can get the family balance slanted. A mother’s love is everlasting, Joni and I will never part. She will always be --- “Right Here With Me, Living --- Within My Mind and Heart.” Mom

Today in Clermont County History

Sporting women from local outdoors club make donation to WWII widows Eastern Hills gun club raised funds at its annual event

Parents of Jerry Wells going to prison Mother given maximum sentence

Bed bugs found in Bethel school buildings Insects found thought to be isolated cases

SporTS UC Clermont volleyball qualifies for National Tournament Amelia, Clermont Northeastern, Goshen win championships On Newsstands now through Tuesday, Nov. 30.

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❑❑❑ The Williamsburg Garden Club will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 7 at the home of member Lucy Snell for their annual Christmas party. Members may invite a guest. The program for the evening will be presented by the owner of Details Boutique in Newtown. The specimen is to be a needleleaf evergreen branch. Members are to bring a donation for the Clermont Battered Women's Shelter. Please RSVP to (513) 724-7559 if planning to attend. The Club will participate in the Williamsburg Christmas Walk on Friday evening, Dec. 3 at the Community Building beginning at 6 p.m. The public will have the opportunity to bid on Christmas wreaths, swags and arrangements created by club members. All proceeds will be used for community beautification projects.

the club’s website at For more information write or call Bill Pursel at (513) 4775708. ❑❑❑ Kitchen of Hope in Bethel offers free meal each week Everyone is invited to a free meal 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. each Saturday at the Kitchen of Hope. The Kitchen of Hope is located at Bethel United Methodist Church and its doors are open to anyone who wants a hot meal. Those who are elderly, young, unemployed, underemployed, in need of a hot meal or just in need of fellowship are invited to attend. The church is located 402 West Plane Street, in Bethel. ❑❑❑ A general support group offering a safe place to share your experiences coping with mental illness meets every Wednesday from 12:30 - 2 p.m. at Emmanuel United Methodist Church, 4312 Amelia Olive Branch Road, Batavia. For more information call (513) 732-5418. ❑❑❑

❑❑❑ A support group for parents that have lost children, The Compassion Friends, meets the fourth Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. at St. Timothy Episcopal Church, Beechmont Ave. ❑❑❑ The Clermont County Historical Society and Harmony Hill Association (Williamsburg Historical Society) museums will be open to the public the first Saturday of the month from 1 4 p.m. The museums are located at Harmony Hill, 299 S.Third Street, Williamsburg. The Harmony Hill Association display features William Lytle, Father of Clermont County, and Williamsburg’s history. The Clermont County Historical Society archives will be open for research of Clermont County history. Also at the site is the Lytle Diary House, the oldest building in Clermont County. There is no admission charge. The museums can also be visited by making an appointment. ❑❑❑ The East Fork Wood Carvers meet from 6 - 9 p.m. the second and fourth Monday of every month at the Union Township Civic Center. New members, and anyone interested in learning how to carve, are welcome to attend. For more information call John Dotson at (513) 7531389.

The Disabled American Veterans Clermont County Chapter 63 and its auxiliary will hold monthly meetings on the second Monday of the month. Meetings are held 7 p.m. at the American Legion Post 237, located just off old state Route 32 on Memory Lane in Batavia. All disabled veterans are invited to attend the meetings. ❑❑❑ A caregiver support group will meet from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. the third Tuesday of the month in the activity center at Thomaston Woods, 1460 Thomaston Drive, Amelia. For information on this group or any of the support groups sponsored by Clermont Senior Services, call Linda Tennison, certified bereavement facilitator, at (513) 724-1255. ❑❑❑ AARP 3435 Clermont County Chapter regular meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month at 1 p.m. at the American Legion post 72, located at 495 Cincinnati/Batavia Pike in Mt. Carmel. Issues concerning members, such as new legislation and community needs are discussed and if possible, acted upon. Additionally, each meeting ordinarily includes a speaker on topics of special interest to seniors, and/or entertainment. Light refreshments are served. ❑❑❑

❑❑❑ The Commodore 64 and 128 are still alive and kicking! They’re even using PC’s as slaves to increase their storage capacity, can be expanded to 16 megs and made to operate 20 times faster than their original speed. E-mail For more information call Roger Hoyer at 248-0025. ❑❑❑ The Clermont County Chess Club meets at 7:30 p.m. every Tuesday at the Withamsville Church of Christ, located at 846 Ohio Pike. All are welcome. Visit

❑❑❑ qqq A widow’s support group meets from 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. the fourth Thursday of each month at Union Township Activity Center (in the Union Township Civic Center), 4350 Aicholtz Road, Eastgate. For information on this group or any of the support groups sponsored by Clermont Senior Services, call Linda Tennison, certified bereavement facilitator, at (513) 724-1255. ❑❑❑ Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. Clermont County Chapter 649 meets at 7:30 p.m. the second Thursday of the month at the Union Township Civic Center. For more information call (513) 722-1970 or visit ❑❑❑ The Eastside Goldwing Road Riders Association Chapter E-2 meets at 7:30 p.m. the first Thursday of each month at the New England Club, 8135 Beechmont Ave. Come join the fun, all are welcome. For more information, call Bill Martin at 732-3528 or go to web site at ❑❑❑ The Clermont County National Alliance for the Mentally Ill Support meetings for family/ friends are held on the second Thursday of every month. The business meeting will be held at 6 p.m. The support meeting begins at 7 p.m. at the conference room, 1088 Wasserman Way, Batavia. ❑❑❑ The Bethel Ministerial Association operates a community clothing store that offers free used clothing to those in need. The store is located at 234 W. Plane Street in Bethel and is open from 1 - 4 p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. on Saturdays. Volunteers are needed to help in sorting the clothes. Childrens clothing is always needed.


❑❑❑ The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints will be hosting a Celebration of Christ at 6:30 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 5 celebrating the Birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Walk through Nativity scenes, listen to testimonies of Christ, see the manger and listen to beautiful music along with a free video and homemade pie. At 8 p.m. join in watching and listening to the world acclaimed award winning Mormon Taberacle Choir broadcasting live from Salt Lake Visit

The Clermont Sun

By now, you’ve probably heard that some news agencies have proclaimed the Cincinnati area the “Bed Bug Capital of America.” Is the problem really that bad locally? “I don’t think so,” said Assistant Clermont County Commissioner Health Julianne Nesbit. “The problem does exist in our area, but it isn’t what I would call a major problem.” She said bed bug reports have been pretty steady in recent years. “They have been reported in schools, businesses, hotels, motels, and homes. These bugs are hitchhikers, hopping rides on clothing and second hand furniture, and in other places occupied by people. Females can lay up to 12 eggs a day. They survive by drinking our blood.” In 2010, 64 residential bug complaints have been logged at the Clermont County General Health District. According to the Central Ohio Bed Bug Task Force, bed bugs are tiny parasites, brown in color, flat, and only 1⁄4 inch long. “The bugs hate light, so they feed on people at night, generally while they are sleeping,” said Nesbit. “Their bites itch, but do not spread disease. While they can live in any area, they are generally found in the bedroom, so check mattress seams, behind bed boards, in dresser drawers, and where carpeting joins the wall for signs of the bugs. Blood spots on sheets or mattresses, visible bugs, their skeletons, or eggs, and a sweet but musty smell are all signs that you could have a problem and should call in an exterminator immediately.” The Bed Bug Task Force

❑❑❑ The Military Order of the Purple Heart #156 and Auxiliary meet at 2 p.m. the first Sunday of the month at American Legion Post #513, 7947 Hamilton Avenue, Mount Healthy. All veterans are welcome. For more information call John Erby at (513) 777-1538 or Kim Stahl at (513) 625-6721.

A bed bug engorged with blood.

reports that using a household bug bomb can actually result in the bugs scattering and making the situation even worse! How can you prevent bed bugs from invading your home? Nesbit said that used mattresses should be avoided and second hand clothing should be placed in a sealed bag until they can be washed and dried in a hot setting for 15 to 20 minutes. “When staying at a hotel, make sure you check the room thoroughly, before bringing in

your luggage,” she said. “If you are a renter, notify your landlord immediately after spotting them; if they refuse to treat, you can file a complaint with the Health District.” For more information about bed bugs, visit the Clermont General Health County District Web site at www.ClermontHealthDistrict. org and click on “Bed Bugs” under the Hot Topics tab or visit the Central Ohio Bed Bug Task Force Web site at www.CentralOhioBedBugs.or g.

Bethel, Ohio 513/734-7401 When the care is needed, The care is here.


NO RENT UNTIL JANUARY 1ST, 2011 Seniors 50 and Older As Well As The Disabled

Eastwood Rd. and St. Rt. 32



The Clermont Sun’s obituaries online at

Attorneys at Law 108 S. High Street Mt. Orab, OH 45154 937-444-2563 or 1-800-364-5993

Weekly meetings will be held of the Milford Job Search Focus Group from 8:30 - 10 a.m. Tuesdays at Milford Christian Church 844 State Route 131 Milford, Ohio 45150. This group will have three main focuses: Career Education; Networking; Character Development. Reaching out to unemployed men and women in the surrounding area. For more information contact Karen Tracy at The Depression Bipolar Support Group meets from 12:30 - 2 p.m. Wednesdays at Emmanuel United Methodist Church, located at 4312 Amelia Olive Branch Road, Batavia. ❑❑❑ A monthly meeting of the TOPS Support Group will be in Mt. Orab at St. Michael’s Church, S. High Street each Monday. Weigh in is from 5:45 - 6:25 p.m. The meeting will be held from 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. For more information call (937) 4446908 or write

The Mental Health Association, Suicide Prevention Coalition of Clermont County & Clermont County Mental Health & Recovery Board sponsor a monthly support group for survivors after suicide. Meetings are held at the Clermont County Mental Health & Recovery Board on the third Monday of each month from 6 - 8 p.m. The group offers support to individuals who have been affected by the suicide of a family member or friend. For more information, contact the Mental Health Association at (513) 724-9111.

City singing your favorite hymns and inspirational stories of our savior. The church is located at 3581 state Route 125 West, Georgetown. ❑❑❑ Service





Miracle Moms of Greater Cincinnati is a support group for moms and dads that have experienced infertility. The group meets the third Tuesday of every month, from 7-9 p.m. at Hyde Park United Methodist Church at Grace and Observatory, on the second floor in the Little Theatre. Different speakers and topics monthly. For more information call 5984791 or e-mail

Owensville United Methodist Church have changed. Services are now at 9 a.m. for contemporary service; 10:30 a.m. for traditional service. Childrens programs are provided at each hour. Call Pastor Mike Smith for more information at (513) 732-2208.

Santa’s Workshop 2010 by Fayetteville PTO Friday, December 3rd • 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Saturday, December 4th • 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Fayetteville Elementary School Gym 601 South Apple • Over 20 Craft Vendors • Many Great Items for the Christmas Shopper • 20+ Themed Gift Baskets and Holiday Turkeys to be Raffled Away • Get Your Picture Taken with Santa on Saturday • Great Food and Munchies • Purchase your Holiday Poinsettias

Here’s your chance to share The Clermont Sun, the county’s favorite hometown newspaper, with a friend or relative at the rate of only $8.00 a year. You’ll save $18.00 off the regular newsstand price, AND the recipient will have the convenience of having their very own copy of The Sun delivered Mail or bring the coupon each week in their mailbox.This offer below with payment to: is for subscriptions in Clermont, The Clermont Sun Brown and Hamilton Counties only. Not good for out of state. You can 465 E. Main St., Batavia, OH 45103 or subscribe by phone: sign up for as many years as you 513.732.2511 or wish. If you already subscribe, your online at expiration date will be extended.






per year.

Yes! Enter my subscription for ____year(s) for only $8.00 per year. Mail to:

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Attn: Ginny 465 E. Main St. Batavia, Ohio 45103


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Church Events Faith United Methodist Church, located at 180 N. Fifth Street in Batavia, will hold its annual Christmas Bazaar and Luncheon from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Friday, Dec. 3. Chicken and beef barbecue sandwiches, homemade soup, salads and homemade desserts will be available. Crafts and home baked goods will also be on sale. Carry-out will be available by calling (513) 732-2027 the day of the bazaar. For more information call (513) 732-2027 or (513) 947-1422.

Bedbugs may not be a major problem in our area


❑❑❑ The Clermont County Stamp Club meets twice each month at SEM Laurel Recreation Center, 203 Mound Street in Milford. The first Tuesday of each month for an informal meeting and the third Wednesday for a formal meeting. For more information call (513) 752-3817.


A benefit for Mel Rudd will be held from 6 p.m. - 1 a.m. at the Batavia Fraternal Order of Eagles 2289, state Route 132. Admission is $10, donations payable to the M.R. Benefit Fund. There will be a spaghetti dinner for $5, and there will be a split-the-pot, raffles, and games.

For further information or questions please call








Page 6 - The Sunday Sun - November 28, 2010


Cherry Grove Lanes Activities Cherry Grove Lanes, 4005 Hopper Hill Rd., is having several ongoing and upcoming activities. Rock-N-Bowl is Friday and Saturday nights, 11:30 p. m. 2 a. m., at $15 per person (minimum four people per lane). A Thursday 3-Person League will continue until Dec. 9. The cost is $10 per person per week with three games per night and the shoe rental is included. The Thursday Late Three-Man Handicap League will take place at 9:30 p. m., at a cost of $15 per person. Teams are needed for the following leagues: Monday Merchants (five-man), Tuesday Mix (four people), Tuesday Five-Lady, Thursday (five-woman), Merchants Friday Mac (five-man), and Sunday Mixed Couples. For more information, call 528-7888. Gymnastics Central Classes Gymnastics Central, 299 Haskell Lane, Batavia, has announced the classes it is offering. Pre-School Gymnastics: (2, 3, and 4 years of age). Gymnastics: Level 1

(5 and 6 and 7-10). Level 2 (5 and 6 and 7-10). Level 3 (no age indicated). Tumbling and Trampoline: Level 1 (5 and 6, 7-11, and 10-up). Level 2 (712 and 10-up). Level 3, Level 4, and Advanced (no age indicated). The school year sessions: Session 2 (November - Dec. 17). Session 3 (Dec. 20 - Feb. 26). Session 4 (Feb. 28 - Apr. 30, 2011). Session 5 (May 2 June 25, 2011). For more information, call (513) 947-0540. St. Bernadette Softball Sign-ups are taking place for men’s and mixed couple’s softball leagues to be played on the St. Bernadette fields in Amelia. Classes for Prospective Volleyball Officials The Southern Ohio Officials Volleyball Association is offering instructional classes for new officials at the Trinity Christian Fellowship Church, 3730 Cobb Rd., near Williamsburg. Additional class dates will be confirmed to accommodate the student’s schedule. Students will meet all the requirements (25 hours classroom and on court instruction) to become a licensed Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) official after passing the test. The cost is $120 and includes books, materials, and OHSAA registration. To register or for more information, call Tim Engel (513) 235-2470. National Weightlifting Championships hosted by Clermont County Clermont County will be the site of National Weightlifting Championships that will take place at Holiday Inn Eastgate, Dec. 10-12. The competition will involve the United States championships in two lifts, the snatch and the clean-and-jerk. Competitors will be men and women of all ages and there

SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY If you are unable to work or you have been denied Social Security we may be able to help. KELLY & WALLACE Attorneys at Law 108 S. High Street Mt. Orab, OH 45154 937-444-2563 or 1-800-364-5993


The Auto Painting And Collision Specialist Work Completed On Time

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3995 Commercial Blvd. • I-275 & Beechmont Ave. • Behind Ford Dealer

will be a team competition, too. Ohio Youth Soccer The United States Youth Soccer Workshop will take place in Louisville, Ky., Feb. 24-26, 2011. You may register online on the U. S. Youth Soccer website at The United States Soccer Foundation Grant Application is ongoing. To learn about different grant types visit Following are Ohio State Youth Soccer Association Tournaments: Sanctioned Cincinnati Soccer Alliance Invitational (Nov. 13 & 14, w w w. c i n c i n n a t i s o c c e r a l, and Blast FC College Showcase 2010 (Nov. 27 & 28, Public Address Announcer Clinics Princeton High School will be the site of a clinic for those who want to learn about public address announcing. The clinic will be from 9 a. m. - 12 p. m. where Tom Kinder, the announcer for the Cincinnati Bengals, will host the clinic. The clinic is sponsored by the National Association of Sports Public Address Announcers (NASPAA), the professional association for sports public address announcers. It is for public address announcers of junior high school, middle school, senior high school, college, and youth football. The Ohio High School Athletic Association is sponsoring two scholarships to the clinic and it will pay the registration fees of the first two adults to register who bring with them a high school student announcer. The clinics will address the announcer’s role, announcing expectations, Do’s and Don’ts of announcing football, how to handle emergency situations, as well as scripting and working with a spotter. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in voice training and announcing exercises. A football official will review new rule changes, officials’ hand signals, and ways that officials and announcers can work better together. “Sports public address announcers should enhance the spectators enjoyment of the game without inserting themselves,” said Brad Rumble, NASPAA Executive Director. To register or for more information, contact Amelia High School Class of 1966 Reunion The Amelia High School class of 1966 is planning its 45-year reunion that will take place at the Mariemont Inn. In order to secure the facility, reservations must be made as soon as possible. The cost is $45 per person and payments can be made to Linda Schneider Ruark, 6564 Sherman Ave., Cincinnati, O. 45230 or Pat Young Stinchcomb, 7128 Iron Kettle Dr., Hamilton, Ohio 45011. For more information, contact Brenda Totten at or call (513) 300-7352. Coaches Associations make proposals The Board of Directors of the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) recently heard proposals from three coaches associations. The Golf Coaches

Association asked for the starting date for practice to annually be the first Monday of August and that regular season competition be permitted to begin four days after the start of practice. Tennis Coaches The Association asked that the draw and seeding dates for the boys and girls sectional tournaments take place one week prior to the start of the respective sectionals. The Volleyball Coaches Association made four proposals. That the annual starting date becomes the first Monday of August, that the Foundation Match be allowed any time from the first Monday of August through the last Saturday of the regular season, that the official state tournament ball should be a black/white/gray Molten ball with OHSAA, NFHS, and OHSVCA logos, and that the school name and/or mascot be permitted along the top and/or bottom of the net. East Fork and Stonelick Lake State parks Seasonal Fishing Tournaments and other events For information on the Boar’s Head Crappie Tournaments, call (513) 7241211. For information on the Tuesday Evening Bass Tournaments, call (513) 7060175. The Stonelick Stargazers will be gathering. For a calendar of events or more details, call Scott Naylor (513) 5755556 or the Observatory (513) 321-5186. For camping reservations or other camping information, call (513) 625-6593 (Stonelick Lake) or (513) 724-6521 (East Fork). For more details, maps, and other brochures for East Fork State Park and Stonelick Lake State Park, call (513) 734or e-mail 4323 East.Fork.Parks@dnr.state.oh. us. Nothing but Net Sports Complex Upcoming Events The Nothing but Net Sports Complex, 4343 Mount Carmel-Tobasco Road, Union Township, will be holding a men’s basketball league. The league will consist of eight games and an end of season tournament. The games consist of two 20-minute halves and the clock is stop and go the final two minutes of each game (unless the winning team is ahead by 15 or more points). There will be five minute overtimes if necessary. The games will be played on Thursday nights. The registration fee is $300, plus a refundable $50 forfeit fee. Teams pay referees directly ($25 per team). Zumba Classes Schedule Zumba, a Latin dance, is being taught at the Clough United Methodist Church, 20 10 Wolfangle Rd., Anderson Township, corner of Clough Pike and Wolfangle Road. The class times are Mondays 6:30 p. m., Wednesdays 9 a. m., and Fridays 9 a. m. Classes are also taking place at Nothin’ But Net athletic complex, 4343 Mount CarmelTobasco Rd., Union Township. They will take place on Thursdays beginning at 6:30 p. m. Classes are $5.

The experienced instructor is Susan Hardoerfer, a stellar athlete, who lives in Union Township and is an Amelia High School graduate. Her husband, Gary, is a member of the Clermont County and Milford High School Sports halls of fame. Each class is $5. For more information call Susan (513) 379-4900 or email Milford High School Seeks Sports Hall of Fame Nominations The Milford High School Athletic Boosters are seeking nominations for the high school athletic hall of fame. Please send nominations to 1 Eagles Way, Milford, Ohio 45150 or contact Mark Trout, athletic director, (513) 5752208 or at Nominations and forms can be found online at For more information, contact Trout. Ohio South Olympic Development Registration Form Age requirement: Boys and girls: U 12 (born Jan. 1, 1997, or later), U 13 (born Jan. 1, 1996, or later), U 14 (born Jan. 1, 1995, or later), U 15 (born Jan. 1, 1994, or later), U 16 (born Jan. 1, 1993, or later), and U17 (born Jan. 1, 1992, or later). The registration fee is $75. Mail a check to Ohio South Youth Soccer Association, 25 Whitney Dr., Suite 104, Milford, Ohio, 45150. For more information, call (513) 576-9555. Clermont Northeastern and Owensville High School Sports Hall of Fame Nominations Nominations are now being accepted for the Clermont Northeastern High School and Owensville High School Sports Hall of Fame. Nominations can be picked up in the high school office or printed off the CNE website ( Please return the form to the high school. Bethel-Tate High School Seeks Sports Hall of Fame Nominations Nominations are now being accepted for the Bethel-Tate High School Sports Hall of Fame. Nomination forms can be picked up in the high school office. For more information, call Wayne Stacy, athletic director (513) 734-2271. Williamsburg High Hall of Fame Nominations Nominations are now being accepted for the Williamsburg High School Sports Hall of Fame. Nominations can be found on the Williamsburg High School web site or picked up in the high school office. For more information, call Jim Dyer, athletic director (513) 724-2211 extension 318. Ohio High School State Athletic Association Football Championships The Ohio High School Athletic Association Board of Directors has approved Stark County and Columbus as the sites of upcoming state championship football games. Stark County (Canton, Fawcett Stadium, and Massillon, Paul Brown Stadium) will be the site for the 2012 and 2013 championship games and Columbus, Ohio Stadium on the campus of Ohio State

The Ohio River Valley Annual Barrel Tasting Tour, Saturday, November 27


Seven Southern Ohio Wineries Open Their Cellars To Sample Unrelease Vintages And Award-Winning Wines Seven southern Ohio wineries have teamed up for the "Annual Ohio River Valley Barrel Tasting Tour." The winemakers at Kinkead Ridge Estate Winery (Ripley), MerandaNixon Estate Winery (Ripley), Harmony Hill Vineyards & Estate Winery (Bethel), Burnet Ridge Winery (Cincinnati), Henke Winery (Cincinnati), Woodstone Creek Winery (Cincinnati) and LaVigna Estate Winery (Higginsport) will open their cellars to feature barrel sampling of unreleased vintages. Currently released award winning wines will also be available at the tasting counters for those interested in purchasing that special holiday gift.

This is a very traditional event common in California and Oregon, for families and friends to tour their local wineries, taste current and upcoming releases and meet the winemakers. More information is available at Hours and tasting fees vary by winery. Cincinnati Magazine is featuring this event as the #2 Top Pick in the November issue.

University, will be the site for the 2014 and 2015 championship finals. The dates will be Nov. 30Dec. 1, 2012, Dec. 6-7, 2013, Dec. 5-6, 2014, and Dec. 4-5, 2015. Ohio High School Athletic Association Names the Five W’s of Interscholastic Athletics The following was published in an issue of the OHSAA (Ohio High School Athletic Association) Magazine. “Who? We’re educational athletics, not big-time promoters. “What? We’re the builders of tomorrow’s community leaders, not farm clubs for college and professional teams. “When? We’re an afterschool activity, not a yearround endeavor. These are programs that allow kids to be kids. “Where? Our games should be played locally. There’s plenty of healthy competition where kids can learn and grow through athletics in most of our backyards. We don’t need national schedules to accomplish our purposes. “Why? Because it’s the only right way to do it. Schools offer these programs because they enhance the educational experience of the young people who participate.” Ohio High School Athletic Association Mission Statement The Ohio High School Athletic Association’s mission is to regulate and administer interscholastic athletic competition in a fair and equitable manner while promoting the values of participation in interscholastic athletics as an integral part of a student’s educaexperience. The tional OHSAA represents its member schools by recognizing and promoting academics, the safety of participants, good citizenship, and lifelong values as the foundation of interscholastic athletics. Ohio High School Athletic Association Tournament Officials Selection Process The assigning for Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) sports tournaments through the district level is overseen by the OHSAA District Athletic boards, but many other people are involved including coaches, athletic directors, assigners, and OHSAA staff and commissioners. OHSAA administrators take over the selection of officials for the regional and state levels. Tournament officials are assigned based on rating and votes from those involved in their sport. All head coaches of varsity teams are required to rate officials on a one to five basis. Athletic directors, assigners, local associations, and athletic board members then vote for officials. These people are given a limited number of votes to vote for whomever they wish. Their votes are then added together to get an official’s total number of votes. The votes and rankings will be used in the next year’s tournament selection process. In order to officiate a tournament game, an official must have officiated a minimum number of regular-season games, participated in their local and state meetings, and not be a coach or assigner to work the regional or state level. The list of eligible officials is then sent out to the district athletic boards to assign for sectional or district games. Local resident Jerry Fick has been selected by the OHSAA to serve as the Statewide Director of Officiating Development in softball. Ohio High School Athletic Association The Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) has approved starting and ending dates for high school football for the 2013, 2014, and 2015 seasons. The 2013 and 2015 seasons will see practice begin Aug. 5 with the first game being able to take place Aug. 26 (most openers will probably not take place until Aug. 30), and the state finals will be Dec. 6 and 7. In 2014, practice will begin Aug. 4 and the first game may take place Aug. 25 (most openers probably will take place Aug. 29) and the state finals will be Dec. 5 and 6.



Milford High Athletic Fundraiser A fundraiser is taking place to benefit the Milford High School boys basketball players and program. Each ticket has a one in 300 chance of winning $10,000. Each ticket costs $100 and also gets a person a gift and a meal for two. The winner will be chosen in a reverse raffle. There will also be numerous door prizes and special items for the first, 100th, and 200th tickets drawn. The drawing will take place Dec. 11, 6 p. m. in the high school cafeteria. Tickets can be purchased at the Milford Athletic Department during school hours. For more information, call (513) 576-2208).


Sports Briefs

The Sunday Sun - November 28, 2010 - Page 7

Obermeyer. “Our technicians check furnaces and appliances to see if there is any danger of carbon monoxide or other dangerous fumes. They insulate water tanks, attics, and sometimes floors. Homeowners also receive energy efficient light bulbs and tips on how to further reduce their heating and cooling costs.” For more information on the Weatherization Assistance program, and to obtain an application for

their home energy bills,” added Tami Obermeyer, energy coordinator of the Clermont Weatherization program. Those eligible for the Weatherization program (homeowners or renters) will receive a computerized energy audit to help determine which areas of their home can be more energy efficient. “One hundred eighty two Clermont County homes have already been approved for the program,” said

assistance, call (513) 7358811. “Assistance for the HEAP program is based on household size, income, location of the residence, and the type of fuel used,” said Boothe. “Those eligible for HEAP receive a credit or a voucher which is applied through their utility bill.” HEAP is available now until March 31, when the program ends. “This year we also have the Emergency Home Energy Assistance

Programs, or E-HEAP program in place,” said Boothe. “This program can help eligible households with a onetime payment of up to $350 for wood or coal, and $600 for oil or propane. For homes that heat with natural gas or electric, and have a disconnect notice, the maximum benefit is $175. Eligible households must meet federal income guidelines.” Those eligible for the E-HEAP program have had their utilities disconnected,


faces the threat of disconnect, or have 10 or fewer days supply of bulk fuel remaining. It allows a one-time payment per heating season to restore or retain home heating services. For more information about the HEAP and EHEAP program, call (513) 732-2277, extension 3. To download an application for the HEAP program, the Website visit


513-732-2511 ext. 105

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Hay and Wood Shavings for Sale

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Applications are currently being accepted for Clermont Community Services’ Weatherization Assistance and the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP). “We are expecting a large number of individuals and families to ask for heating and weatherization assistance this year,” said Joyce Boothe, Clermont HEAP coordinator. “Low income families that are eligible for the weatherization assistance can save an average of 35 percent on

Don’t Toss It... Sell It in the Classifieds!

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WE D ESI G N W EB SI TES ! C o nt a ct S h i r l e y

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Home energy audit and HEAP applications available

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The Clermont Sun Publishing Co. reserves the right to correctly classify, edit, cancel or decline any advertisement without notice.

Responsibilities: The Clermont Sun Publishing Company is seeking a sales/marketing representative to sell current web-based advertising and marketing solutions to business customers. Must be very creative and enthusiastic about web-based technology. Candidate would be responsible for creating own leads. Web design, graphic design, or copy editing skills welcome, but not necessary. People skills and positive attitude are required.

Please e-mail resume’ to:


Report all errors or misclassifications immediately. We will assume responsibility for only one incorrect insertion.

Will not be accepted after deadline. Deadline is 1 PM on Tuesday unless changed due to holiday.

QMRP HOME MANAGER Williamsburg Residential Alternatives has an immediate opening for a Home Manager to manage a home of 8 adults with developmental disabilities. Duties would include managing staff; assuring active treatment occurs daily; daily oversight of the home. 1 year experience with the population required; supervisory experience preferred. Varied shift full time position in Williamsburg, Clermont County. Must have valid driver’s license and no felony record. Please send resumes to: Fred N. Dooley, Assistant Executive Director 348 West Main Street Williamsburg, Ohio 45176 (513) 724-1177 Phone (513) 724-3943 Fax EOE M/F/D/V


300 - APTS. UNFURNISHED 303 - HOUSES FOR RENT BATAVIA: 2BR, $525/MO., $300 deposit, quiet family friendly, new carpet, central a/c, eat-in equipped kitchen, laundry, balcony. Off-street parking. 513-561-4014.

BEST CHOICE Home Care: Mt. Orab, Ohio is seeking qualified persons for Full-time and Part-time Home Health Aides. Requirements: Must be at least 18 years of age or older, must have a high school diploma, GED, or 2 years work experience working with the elderly; must have a valid Ohio Driver’s license and auto insurance. Prefer STNA or HHA but will provide training if needed. Must be willing to travel to assignment and process a genuine love working with the elderly. Employment depends upon a clean fingerprinting record. Wage and benefit package is based upon experience. Please call for an interview at: 1-877-656-8526 or 1-937-444-7053.

2BR, BETHEL EQUIPPED kitchen, no steps. NO PETS! Available immediately. 513-724-7991, 513-724-6017, 513-307-4079.

DRIVERS: CRYOGENIC Transportation Avg. $1000-$1200. Regional Tanker Work!! Great Pay, Benefits, Hometime!! CDL-A w/X End. 2yrs. exp. 866-339-0072. DRIVERS: REGIONAL Operation. Out & back runs. Florence, KY. $1100 gross pay/wk Guaranteed! Assigned truck, Paid Orientation, Fuel card, PrePass. Must have: TWIC Card. CDL-A w/Haz & Tanker End. 18/mo. current TT exp. $1000 Sign-On. Highway Transport Chemical EOE/M/F/V/D Apply Online:

Looking for

EXPERIENCED Interior Trim Carpenters

GEORGETOWN - 2 & 3br apartments available for immediate occupancy. 2br, 1ba, c/a, all kitchen appliances, w/d hookup, $560/mo & util., $560/dep. 3br, 1.5ba, 1-car att. garage, c/a, all kitchen appliances, laundry room, $675/mo & util. $675/dep., 513-253-8170 or 513-616-3504. LARGE 1BR apartment in the Village of Batavia, all utilities paid, non-smoking, $560/mo. 513-732-3960 or 513-732-9159. LYTLE TRACE Apartments, Williamsburg, OH. Unfurnished, age 62+, 1br, secure building, utilities included, rent subsidized, laundry room, community room, library, cozy living. Call 513-724-3358.

MILFORD, NEAR 275, now leasing spacious 2br apartments & town homes. Ask about specials. 513-576-9232. MT. ORAB Candlelight Apartments 2br Townhouse Starts at $565.00 Visit our website:

Visit us at:

CLEARWATER HAS 2-houses for rent, 2br, 1ba, $500/mo., also, 3br, 1ba, $550/mo., deposit required. 513-276-5307.


937-444-0820 UPSCALE ANDERSON Township law office seeks experienced personal injury Paralegal, full-time, 3yrs. minimum experience, degree a plus, must have proficient office skills. Send confidential resume & salary requirements to: Attn: Personnel E-mail:

3BR, 1.5BA ranch house in Cherry Grove, $850/mo., $650/dep. E-mail: Call 716-338-6499

FELICITY - 4br house, newly remodeled. $700/mo., $700/dep. EASTGATE - 1 & 2br, 513-312-5736. $99.00 Deposit. Pool, heat, water, small pets in selected apartments, MT. ORAB - 2br, 1ba on large shaded corner lot 513-528-1540/ w/1-car garage, covered 513-314-9230 front & back entries, newly painted & cleaned, central heating & air. “FALL DEALS ARE Home is located at 216 GOOD DEALS” Smith Ave., convenient to Unfurnished Efficiency all shopping & Hwy. 32. $319 $575/mo., $575/security 513-724-3951 deposit. 1-yr. lease w/references required. Call FELICITY between 937-379-1304 GARRISON PLACE 8am-6pm for questions & SENIOR viewing appointment. APARTMENTS 62 & OVER BETHEL/FELICITY Rent Subsidized 3200sq. ft. 1850’s farmFree Utilities house on a 125 acre golf Secure Bldg. course. 3br, 2ba located at On-site laundry Colonial Pines, 1278 St. Pets allowed Rt. 222, Bethel, $890. 513-876-3590 513-967-2472. TTY 800-750-0750

For More Info. Call



A PART-TIME R.N. is needed to assist MDS Coordinator. Please send resume to Health Facilities Engineers, 12745 Elm Corner Rd., Williamsburg, Ohio 45176.

DRIVERS/CDL TRAINING w/Central Refrigerated. AVG $35K-$40K 1st Year! Offering Special CDL Training to Military! 877-369-7894.

or call 513-532-5291 or 937-515-3092



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UPTOWN BUILDING, prime location, 2000sq. ft., great for retail or office space. Call 937-205-1678 for details.

400 - HOUSES FOR SALE FARM WITH nice 1.5 story older home w/basement, 3 car detached garage, barns & 20 rolling acres with large rock lined creek and woods, great for hunting or farming, more or less acreage available, Bethel New Hope Rd., 1 mi. from Clermont County line, Western Brown but close enough for Bethel. Asking $215,000 513-734-6349 or 937-444-6925 Dan (May also sell for less with fewer acres)

403 - MOBILE HOMES FOR SALE 1995 SINGLEWIDE mobile for sale in Apple Creek MHP, Lot #128, 3br, 2ba, new HWH, fridge, newer carpet, $7,000, 513-260-2832.

405 - LOTS & ACREAGE BEAUTIFUL 50ACRES W/large rock lined creek & woods, great for hunting or farming. More or less acreage available. Bethel New Hope Rd. 1-mile from Clermont County line, Western Brown but close enough for Bethel.

Asking $199,500 Dan 513-734-6349 or 937-444-6925 (Smaller parcels also available) HURDLE LAND CO. 1-800-962-0697

504 - BUSINESS SERVICES AMERICAN WATER Proofing Provide all basic water proofing needs Interior & Exterior Free Estimates & low rates! Call: Kyle Wagner 513-722-6842 ODD THINGS DONE Bobcat Work - Rock Hound Excavation Grass Seeding Yard/Brush Clean-up Lawn Mowing Bush Hogging Wiring Installation Telephone Jacks Installed Painting Large or Small Jobs Call 513-724-2920 PROFESSIONAL SEEKING work at home. Retiring April 2, 2011. Seeking work at home opportunities. 30 years experience as a Human Resources & Personnel Security Specialist. Will do office work as well. Please call 513-304-7683 if I may be of service to you.

SIMON’S LANDSCAPING leaf removal, curbOWN YOUR home! side leaf pick-up, free esStop renting. Owner will timates. 513-235-4146.

finance. $2,000 down payment/$463 per month. Home is located at 216 Smith Ave. in Mt. Orab on 3 city lots; low taxes; convenient to all shopping & Hwy. 32. - 2br, 1-car garage, central heating & air, corner lot, great neighborhood. Call immediately. This one will go fast at this price. You can afford to OWN!! Call 937-379-1304 between 8am-6pm for more details. Application and references required.

HOME CARE ASSISTANTS Interim HealthCare, the Nation’s Leader in Home Care is seeking Home Care Assistants Throughout all areas in Clermont County. * 1 year experience preferred * Free company training * $10/hr. plus incentives * Healthcare Insurance * Bonus/Referral Program ALL APPLICANTS WILL BE INTERRED INTO OUR CHRISTMAS RAFFLE!!! CALL NOW FOR IMMEDIATE INTERVIEWS!!

Ron Durham/HR Mgr. 513-984-1110 ext. 115



BE DIVINE WITH SPARKLE & SHINE HOUSE CLEANING SERVICE! I am pleased to announce that Sparkle & Shine is welcoming new customers in the Clermont County area for house & business cleaning needs! We offer a variety of cleaning package deals to meet your financial budget & a flexible schedule too. Holidays will soon be here & everyone needs that extra helping hand to make their house sparkle & shine before guests arrive! Call today to schedule your free consultation to find the right deal for you & ask for Dee! 513-923-7875

2-3 YR old goats; Purebred Nubian Does w/Nubian Doelings at side. 2 yr old Doe Bred to Freshen in June. Yearling Doe open, born June 11, 2006. Call after 5pm for prices. Interested calls only, please. Call 937-764-1260.

PROFESSIONAL DJ 22 years experience **Bridal Special** Call 513-732-1664

611 - WANTED TO BUY EASTGATE COMPUTER CREW We buy & sell used laptops, desktops & monitors. Shop located in front of Eastgate Walmart 513-843-7393



615 - MISC. FOR SALE 2-FOUR WHEELERS TXL 50, $300, Red Cat 125, $400, Yamaha PW50 Dirt, $400, Werner Ladder 12x24 Ext., $40. 513-536-7305. Williamsburg. 55 GALLON plastic barrels. 513-876-3334.

BEAUTIFUL WHITE Maggie Sottero wedding gown, size 8, never worn, $800 OBO Also, Chapel length veil never worn, $75 OBO For more information call:


POMERANIAN PUPPIES, 8wks. old, 5-cream & white, 1-brown, $150/ea. Call 937-509-7169.

MEDICAL ASSISTANT/RECEPTIONIST 40 hrs/wk - Mt. Orab Graduate from MA program required. At least one year medical office experience desired. PRN DENTAL HYGIENIST PRN hrs/wk - Mt. Orab/Seaman Graduate of an ADA accredited dental hygiene school and licensed as a Registered Dental Hygienist by the Ohio Board of Dental Examiners. General operator’s license in Radiology required. One year experience as a Dental Hygienist required. We offer an excellent benefit package Apply online by visiting our website at: Email resumes to: Or fax to: 513-576-1018 M/F/D/V Equal Opportunity Employer

“CHANCE” 1.5 Year Old Black Lab mix. Has all shots, neutered, housebroke. Very energetic, very friendly, good with children, loves everybody!

FREE to good home!! Call: 513-315-8160



9FT. CHRISTMAS tree GE Decorator’s Best pre-lit Columbia Fir, 1200 GE lights, quick & easy assembly. 937-378-5069.

INDIAN ARTIFACTS, old indian beadwork, Navajo rugs, antique knives, swords, old guns and es937-515-2692 tates. One call, buys it all 937-695-0755 evenings. FORD PARTS, motors, transmission. For sale, 612 - SPORTING GOODS lumber from 1830’s MOSSBERG SHOT- home, oak, all parts. GUN Model 930, semi 937-289-1040. auto w/fully rifled deer barrel & scope. Also has PROTECT YOUR smooth barrel w/screw in Home with chokes will take 2 3/4” or INTERACTIVE 3” shells. New condition. MONITORING! Comes w/owner’s manual *Instant Security Alerts & 14 Sabot Slugs. *Live Video Monitoring $400.00. 937-378-6873. *Remote Access 613 - PETS AND SUPPLIES Affordable Wireless AKC REGISTERED System, Low Cost Toy Rat Terriers, 3-feMonitoring, males, 2-males, Saddle Installs in Minutes. Back Tri Color, Sire & Order Today. Call Now. Dam on premises, born 800-584-0246 Feb. 28th. Need homes Promo Code: 154557 now, $150/ea. w/regisFRONTPOINT tered papers. SECURITY 513-575-0671. gid=mizami100

MORKIES, ADORABLE, sweet bundles of joy, father 3.2 lbs, mother 8 lbs, 1st shots, vet checked, pictures on request, $400/ea. 513-456-6310.

HEALTHSOURCE OF OHIO, A network of community health centers offers quality care close to home, has many opportunities now available.

BOARDING/ TRAINING Tennessee Walker Stud Services


506 - CLEANING RESIDENTIAL CLEANING or just needing some spring cleaning, great rates, and even better references. Call for a quote, or for more information. 513-255-4342.

BLACK & white Tuxedo cat, Charlie Chaplin mustache under nose, name is CC. REWARD! 513-734-4656.

702 - MISC. NOTICES EAT. PARTY. SHOP Discover the possibilities with Tastefully Simple. Independent Consultant Holly Strunk 513-560-1355 hstrunk

513-720-7982 BIG JIM’S JUNK CAR REMOVAL (513) 304-2280 I Pay CASH for Junk Car’s, Trucks & Vans!! 808 - AUTOS FOR SALE

DonÕt Shell Out a Lot of Cash; Use the Classifieds.


MARK WANTS running, wrecked, dead cars and trucks. Now paying $150 - $400/cash for complete vehicles. FREE TOW! 937-446-3021 or 513-739-0774 JUNKED, WRECKED unwanted autos, autos, trucks, motorcycles, etc., some towed free, cash paid for some. Call 513-734-1650

901 - SALES

GARAGE SALE - The Traden Post - Selling & Trading Plus Cash. Bring in what you have to trade. 9012 Tri County Hwy., Sardinia, Ohio 45171. 937-446-2813.

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November 2010 • Page 1

with The Clermont Sun Publishing Co.

From one hand to another...

Clermont Senior Services support driver, Pat Shoemake, gets to deliver noontime meals to customers with a smile, flowers or, as most recently, a pumpkin for several weeks during the fall and spring. She is able to do so thanks to the efforts of caring students, staff and volunteers at Loveland Primary and Elementary Schools. Granny’s Garden School encourages students to grow plants, tend gardens at the schools and sponsor several community service

projects. Roberta Paolo is founder and executive director of the program. One of Granny’s projects is the Bouquets on Wheels program where flowers picked from the gardens are gathered into bouquets and distributed to homebound seniors through the Mealson-Wheels program, sponsored by Clermont Senior Services. For their last week of the fall season, students decorated small pumpkins that were dropped off to Pat by Rebecca Oehler, events

assistant for Granny’s Garden School. “It is important for me to be involved with the bouqueton-wheels by delivering the flowers to Pat for her to deliver through Meals-onWheels,” Oehler said. “I know they bring smiles and (spread) cheer to the seniors.” Arletta, one of Pat’s customers, appreciates the grsture. “It makes me feel like it is spring. I certainly enjoy the students sending me flowers. Who wouldn’t?”

Delivering the flowers is rewarding for Pat. “It makes me feel good to see the seniors’ smiles, especially those who have tears in their eyes. I think it is nice for students that age to think about doing something for older people.” For information on programs sponsored by Clermont Senior Services, please call (513) 724-1255. Or for information on Granny’s Garden School, please call (513) 324-2873.

Holiday Gift Ideas

Pat delivers a pumpkin to one of her Meals-onWheels customers.

Looking for a thoughtful, creative and affordable gift for a family friend or loved one? Below is a list of gift ideas that are fun for the whole family to make. Beaded Wreath Ornaments Materials: 16-20 gauge craft wire, wire cutters, plastic translucent beads (wire must pass through holes easily) festive ribbon, fishing line Instructions: Cut wire to desired length and curl one end to keep beads from slipping off wire. Slide beads onto wire until desired circle is completed. Twist ends together and wrap loose wire between beads. Tie ribbon around wreath at the top. Attach fishing line for hanger. (Candy canes also can be made by this method.) Line box or gift bag with tissue paper and place ornaments inside. Cookie Cutter Candles Materials: Honeycomb wax sheets of various colors (found at craft stores), cookie cutters that can stand up, wicks, scissors Instructions: Use cookie cutter to cut out 10 wax shapes; divide into two stacks of five.

Stretch wick from bottom to top, overlapping the top of the candle by at least an inch. Place second stack over first stack and wick and firmly press together. (If the stacks do not seal together, take the layers apart, gently warm each one with a blow dryer, then stack again in two piles and place wick as instructed above.) Trim wick to ½ inch. Set the candle up and smooth bottom for standing. Suggestion: Fill small basket or wooden box with colorful shredded paper and arrange candles. Place basket/box in clear cellophane bag, gather together and tie with festive ribbon. Themed Gift Baskets Does a friend or loved one enjoy cooking, crafts, sports or gardening? Why not create a themed basket personalized especially for them? For the Baker: Fill a rectangle cake pan with ingredients to make her/his favorite dessert, along with wooden spoons, oven mitt, recipe cards,

and other baking needs. For the Crafter Quilting: Transfer 48 favorite photos onto 6 ½inch white cotton squares, include gift card to fabric/department store, along with copies of original photos. Quilter will enjoy turning photo squares into personal memory quilt she can snuggle under during the blustery days of winter. Suggestion: use calico material to line basket; enclose in cellophane basket bag, tie with ribbon. Sewing: Fill sewing basket with thread, needles, patterns, batting, yard goods, personalized labels, and gift card to fabric store. Knitting/Tatting/Crochet ing/Embroidering: Fill basket with skeins of yarn or embroidery thread, various sizes of knitting/crocheting/embroidery needles, pattern books, etc. Scrapbook Enthusiast: Stuff basket with stickers, card stock, textured paper, craft scissors, glue sticks, photo albums and more. For the sports fan: Help recipient show team spirit by filling a duffel bag with hat, t-shirt,

shorts, spirit sticks/towels, stadium blanket sporting favorite team logo or athlete’s number.(Could include tickets to sporting events.) For the Gardener: Fill terra cotta pot with garden gloves, garden tools, knee pads, seed catalogs, copies of popular gardening magazines, and a gift card to local nursery. Pen Pals: Fill basket with stationery, stickers, greeting cards, ink pens, postage stamps that reflect person’s interests (nature scenes, dogs, cats, birds, sports, etc.). Family Entertainment Night: Include items for a fun and entertaining evening at home: DVD, microwave popcorn, liter of soda, decks of cards, board games, gift card for favorite pizza delivery. Treats for Pets: Put together a basket of treats and toys for your friend’s feline, canine or feathered friend. Snack/Tea Time: Pack a basket with sweet treats and snacks. Or select a nice tea cup and saucer

To place an ad: Call Shirley at 732-2511 To contribute stories and photos: Call Sharon at 724-1255

Clermont Senior Services support driver, Pat Shoemake, receives hand-decorated pumpkins from Rebecca Oehler, events assistant for Granny’s Garden School. set, complemented with assorted teas and cookies. Fill a basket with homemade candies, cookies, cupcakes, and jellies. Other Gift Ideas Senior Safety Kit: Don’t let a loved one or senior friend be left out in the cold during an emergency,. Put together a safety kit that includes: emergency radio, bottled water, flash light or portable lantern, extra batteries, nonperishable food items, warm blankets, first aid kit, emergency candles and lighter, along with other necessary items. If putting together an emergency kit for the car, include emergency flares, bag of kitty litter and small collapsible shovel.

• Ranch Style Living • 1 Bedrooms Starting From $449

Gift Card Tree: Attach gift cards for fast food restaurants, department stores, coffee shops, gas stations, movie theaters, and museums to small tree. Coupon Book: Create coupons offering services, such as: free New parents: babysitting services. Elderly: gutter cleaning, lawn mowing, leaf raking, help with spring and fall cleaning, clearing flower beds, planting flowers, homer-cooked dinners and desserts, providing transportation to the store, doctor, beauty or barber shop, to visit a friend, or an invitation to take a Sunday drive or attend your family’s holiday dinner. Staple or clip coupons together.


Amelia Court APARTMENTS You’ll love the neighborhood.

• Private Fenced Patios

We are STILL your best choice for PT, OT, Speech and Cardiac Therapies in Southern Clermont County. Receive the care you need to get home. 322 South Charity St., Bethel, Ohio 45106

• Stackable Washer/Dryer In Each Apartment Home

1381 State Rt. 125 #1B • Amelia, OH 45102


Phone: 513/734-7401 ask for Mary Leggett



The Best in Retirement Living!

Tired of maintaining your home? At Eastgate Village meet new friends and participate in fun activities.

Several apartment sizes and floor plans to choose from. 177 West Main Street Amelia, OH 45102 513-753-6130

200 Western Avenue New Richmond, OH 45157 513-553-4132

315 Plane Street Bethel, OH 45106 513-734-2228

776 Old State Route 74 (Across from Eastgate Mall)

(513) 753-4400


Clermont County’s Only 5 Star Approved Nursing Home

Page 10 - The Sunday Sun - November 28, 2010


From the office of Linda L. Fraley, Clermont County Auditor, for the week ending October 1, 2010. BATAVIA LT Zaring Builder II, LLC to Fischer Dev. Co. II, Inc., Autumnview Dr. Millstream Dr., Greenhill, Batavia, OH 45103, 24 Lots, $374,797. Fischer Single Family Homes II, LLC to Robert & Linda Ross, Trustees, 4614 Steeplechase Dr., Batavia, OH 45103, 0.2874 acre, $234,901. David & Molly Cooper, et al to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., 3927 Little Creek Dr., Amelia, OH 45102, 0.2580 acre, $86,667. Fausto Colon & Carmarie Guzman to Wells Fargo Bank, NA, 2145 Picketside Dr., Batavia, OH 45103, 0.2250 acre, $140,000. Robert & Rebecca Gredig to Kristine & Chad Wierzbinski, 1561 Creekside Rd., Amelia, OH 45102, 0.2320 acre, $189,900. Vista Meadows Dev., LLC to NVR, Inc., 4578 Vista Meadows Dr., Batavia, OH 45103, 0.3790 acre, $23,500. Vista Meadows Dev., LLC to NVR, Inc., 2388 Vista Lake Dr., Batavia, OH 45103, 0.2760 acre, $20,000. Patricia Dennier & Linda Cannon to Kristen Hostetler, 489 Maple Port Way, Unit G, Cincinnati, OH 45255, $84,000. Forest Glen PUD, LLC to Fischer Dev. Co II, Inc., Leafwood Ct, Forest Glen, Glenstream, Batavia, OH 45103, 19 Lots, $308,203. LT Zaring Builders II, LLC to Forest Glen Land Holding, LLC, Millstream Dr., Batavia, OH 45103, 30.8900 acres, $232,000. Ronald & Roberta Ward to Bruce & Victoria Wenstrup, 1406 Ohio Pike, Amelia, OH 45102, 1.0400 acres, $350,000. Jack Wieland Builders Inc. to Vanessa & Steven Hartman, 1247 Autumnview Dr., Batavia, OH 45103, 0.2347 acre, $323,731. Lee & Kissick, CPA, INc. to Lewis Lee, 217 Apples Way, Batavia, OH 45103, $100,000.

Fischer Attached Homes II, LLC to Sharon Merz, 4554 Winners Circle, Batavia, OH 45103, $217,405. Fischer Attached Homes II, LLC to Emily Weinstock & Brandt Stout, 4552 Julep Way, Batavia, OH 45103, $104,740. FRANKLIN Bogie/Green Farms, LLC to Jeremiah & Tonya Swisshelm, Bogie Green Lane Lot 5, Felicity, OH 45120, 5.000 acres, $10,000. GOSHEN The Estate of Harold Carson to Maci Frederick, 7265 Thompson Rd., Goshen, OH 45122, 2.3900 acres, $120,000. Santo & Ramona Carrozza to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., 1226 Obannon Creek Ln, Loveland, OH 45140, 0.5140 acre, $230,000. Federal National Mortgage Assoc. to George Nelson, 1643 Woodville Pike, Loveland, OH 45140, 0.5300 acre, $69,000. M/I Homes of Cincinnati, LLC to Maureen Jacob, 1533 Quarterhorse Circle, Loveland, OH 45140, $109,609. NVR, Inc. to Charles Shannon, III, 6076 Marsh Circle, Loveland, OH 45140, $109,215. NVR, Inc. to Darla Noertker, 6058 Marsh Circle, Loveland, OH 45140, $124,590. Coy Peters, et al to Willard Peters, 6878 Goshen Dr., Goshen, OH 45122, 2.000 acres, $130,000. Wendy Joseph, Trustee to Stone Chapel Holdings, Ltd., R. Shiloh Rd. & 6848 Cozadale Rd., Goshen, OH 45122, 4 Lots, $50,000. Phyllis & Ray Redmon to Charles Hartman, Jr., 6295 St. Rt. 132, Goshen, OH 45122, 0.5240 acre, $74,900. MIAMI Equity Trust Co. Custodian to Andrea & Johnny Cook, 6551 Clearfield Ct., Loveland, OH 45140, $205,000. Circle M. Limited, LLC to David & Wendy Moeller, Meijer Dr., Milford, OH 45150, 3.1750 acres, $153,750. Wells Fargo Bank to Mark Robinson, 6197 Branch Hill

Miamiville Rd, Loveland, OH 45140, 1.2300 acre, $169,100. C. Douglas Garrett & Joyce Webster to Christopher Garrett, 5576 Mt. Zion Rd., Milford, OH 45150, 0.6800 acre, $60,000. Philip Deerwester to Michael Flynn, 6269 Branch Hill Miamiville Rd., Loveland, OH 45140, $170,000. Susan Schehr to Eriz Zimmerman, 5995 Deerfield Rd., Milford, OH 45150, 0.6020 acre, $95,000. Ronald Dean Earley to Edward & Marjorie Beckett, 5988 Meadow Creek Dr. Unit 6, Milford, OH 45150, $79,000. Conrad Meadows, LLC to NVR, Inc., 1604 Meadow Springs Ct., Milford, OH 45150, 0.3490 acre, $32,900. NVR, Inc. to Gary Neal, 1143 Hayward Circle, Milford, OH 45150, $196,965. Conrad Meadows, LLC to NVR, Inc., 5633 Wittmer Meadows Dr., Milford, OH 45150, 0.7070 acre, $82,400. Greycliff Development, LLC to NVR, Inc., 5647 McCormick Tr., Milford, OH 45150, 0.2990 acre, $43,500. Charles & Brandy Brown to KYNY Investments, LLC, 552 Blackhawk Trail, Loveland, OH 45140, $171,000. Federal National Mortgage Assoc. to Elmer & Naomi McMurray, 1137 Valley Forge Road, Milford, OH 45150, $111,300. Adam Bolinger to Phillip & Patricia Werley, 6336 Lake Ridge Ct., Loveland, OH 45140, 0.4944 acre, $157,000. MONROE 32 Storage, LLC to Donald & Cindy Suter, Lot #3 Joseph’s Run, New Richmond, OH 45157, 4.3560 acres, $30,000. Donna Belcher, Successor Trustee to Daniel & Jennifer Kissing, 2055 Weil Rd., Moscow, OH 45153, 5.0010 acres, $303,000. PIERCE John & Carol Robinson to Kirby Fontaine, 1639 Concord Rd.,

Amelia, OH 45102, 1.000 acre, $65,000. Joseph Kocon to Donald & Mary Lang, 3494 West Legendary Run, Cincinnati, OH 45245, 0.5640 acre, $369,000. Ryan & Bethany Graham to Carolyn & Daniel Link, Sr., 3424 Cole Rd., Amelia, OH 45102, 0.6890 acre, $124,987. Christopher & Lorie Lewis to John Jewell & Jennifer Schuster, 949 E. Legendary Run, Cincinnati, OH 45245, 0.2800 acre, $345,000. STONELICK Tammy & Earl Nunn, Jr. to Ferdinand Fite, St. Rt. 131, Goshen, OH 45122, 3.0360 acres, $25,000. TATE Mark Giar & Patricia Weyman Giar to Michael Mullins, 2097 Bethel-Maple Rd., Hamersville, OH 45130, 1.00 acre, $23,333.34. Kenneth Cook to Lynda Behymer, 2540 Bantam Rd., Bethel, OH 45106, 1.6240 acre, $80,150. Deutsche Bank National Trust Co, as Trustee to John Duncan, 151 Ruth Lane, Bethel, OH 45106, 0.5010 acre, $45,500. Marian Canter Tilbury to Charles & Patricia Gorby, 3317 Vic Joy Dr., Bethel, OH 45106, 0.4590 acre, $95,000. Michelle & Larry Pickelheimer, Jr. to Darlene & Lawrence Pickelheimer, Sr., Sugartree Rd., Bethel, OH 45106, 2.00 acres, $10,000. UNION Jane Gristock, et al to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., 1188 Shayler Woods Dr., Batavia, OH 45103, $130,000. Robert & Penny Gephart to Aubrey & Donna Fuller, 4307 Cider Mill Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45245, $149,900. Villas at Waterford Glen, LLC to Mary Catherine Welty, 3831 Portrush Way, Amelia, OH 45102, $184,940. Robert Gene Scalf to Ronald & Tammy Gibbs, 612 Carefree Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45244, $62,000. SWDC, LLC to NVR, Inc., 955 Shephard Woods Ct., Milford, OH

45150, 2.7550 acres, $42,500. SWDC, LLC to NVR, Inc., 950 Shephard Woods Ct., Milford, OH 45150, 2.200 acres, $42,500. M/I Homes of Cincinnati, LLC to Deana Lane, 4149 Ronald Creek Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45245, 0.1930 acre, $268,764. Charleston Signature Homes, LLC to NVR, Inc., 1210 Beechwood Pl, Amelia, OH 45102, 0.3790 acre, $31,500. Guardian Savings Bank, FSB to Antonio Cittadino, 4238 Zagar Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45245, $56,800. Michale Tossey, et al to Charles Ludwig, 4295 Larma Lane, Cincinnati, OH 45245, $74,000. Raymond & Beth Conway to Matthew & Johanna Parker, 4490 Stratford Ct., Batavia, OH 45103, 0.2380 acre, $213,500. Paul & Frank Settembre to Lydo Properties No 3, LLC, 4784 Klatte Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45244, $74,125. Russell Gilmore to Gerald Schick & Constance Perme, 496 B. Maple Leaf Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45255, $85,000. WASHINGTON Donna Yuenger to Arnold & Susan Moore, 4226 St. Rt. 743, Moscow, OH 45153, 6.1600 acres, $190,000. Carol Meyer to Joseph & Suzanne Khan, 1855 Moscow Cemetery Rd., Moscow, OH 45153, 90.0710 acres, $420,000. WAYNE Louis Allen, et al to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., 2717 Springhill Dr., Goshen, OH 45122, 5.1090 acres, $73,334. Charles Hokanson & Sharon Barger to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., 2657 Lake Pine Drive, Goshen, OH 45122, 12.0130 acres, $86,667. Mark & Michelle Vickers to John & Cherylanne Skoinicki, St. Rt. 133, 4.8040 acres, $42,000. WILLIAMSBURG Lisa Anderson to Matthew & Victoria Donthnier, 3324 Concord Hennings Mill Rd., Williamsburg, OH 45176, 2.4290 acres, $245,000. AMELIA VILLAGE

Michael & Jenny Hinninger to Household Realty Corporation, 18 Amelia Park Dr., Amelia, OH 45102, 0.3720 acre, $95,000. Velta & Christopher Stanley to Jason Steel & Charmaine Ramlogan-Steel, 7 Meadowland Dr., Amelia, OH 45102, 0.2690 acre, $148,000. BETHEL VILLAGE Freedom Homes to Nathan Snyder, 307 Faith Way, Bethel, OH 45106, $124,880. FELICITY VILLAGE Charles & Beverly Mcintyre to Alfred & Ruth Dahlheimer, 320 Poplar St., Felicity, OH 45120, 0.1930 acre, $29,000. Federal National Mortgage Assoc. to Phillip Burton, Sr., 103 Vine St., Felicity, OH 45120, 0.1930 acre, $40,000. NEW RICHMOND VILLAGE Frances Dean to Dan Boggess, 1099 Bethel-New Richmond Rd., New Richmond, OH 45157, 1.6400 acre, $61,000. Maple Street Homes, LLC to Matthew & Gabrielle Ollendick, 107 Union Station Way, New Richmond, OH 45157, $150,856. WILLIAMSBURG VILLAGE Louis Collier, Surviving Trustee to James Cameron, 850 Southwynd Trail, Williamsburg, OH 45176, $125,000. Michael & Patricia Brown to Dan & Cheryl Colonel, 214 North Third Street, Williamsburg, OH 45176, 0.9100 acre, $28,000. Stephen & Holly Matthews to Donald & Janet Booth, 180 Gay St, Williamsburg, OH 45176, 0.2750 acre, $140,400. LOVELAND CITY Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp to Gary Lay & Linda SporingLay, 114 East Loveland Ave, Loveland, OH 45140, 0.1380 acre, $75,000. Mary Ann & Robert Johnston to Veronica & Thomas Wiggenhorn, 508 Wakefield St., Loveland, OH 45140, 0.1720 acre, $22,000. MILFORD CITY Milissa Michel to Lance & Lauren Olmsted, 738 Elizabeth St., Milford, OH 45150, 0.1660 acre, $119,900.



Property Transfers


Toss it, SELLIT.


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The Sunday Sun - November 28, 2010 - Page 11



Now that winter is almost here, you probably see “Flu Shots Available” signs at many of your local pharmacies. Whether or not you decide to get a flu shot depends on your individual situation, of course, but you may benefit from the idea of immunization in other areas of your life — such as your investments. Specifically, you may want to help “immunize” your portfolio, as much as possible, against some of the volatility we’ve seen in the financial markets over the past couple of years. How can you do this? Here are a few suggestions: • Diversify, diversify, diversify. If you were to only own stocks, your portfolio would, at times, see some big gains — but at other times, you’d take some big hits. If you just owned bonds, you’d probably see fewer fluctuations than if you just owned stocks — but you’d almost certainly never get the gains you need to help achieve your goals. If you kept all your money in cash instruments, you’d protect your principal, but you’d eventually lose ground to inflation. In short, you can’t succeed as an investor by putting all your money in one type of asset. You need to spread your resources among stocks, bonds, and cash

A Christmas Musical Magnifying The Light of The World Presented by the Bible Baptist Church, Mt. Orab Adult Choir

Sunday Evening, December 5th 6:30 pm Please join us for a time of fellowship afterwards in the Multi-Purpose Building with Christmas cookies, candy and fudge.

investments. And even within each of these categories, you need to diversify. For example, try to own a mixture of growth stocks and income-producing stocks; short-term and long-term bonds; and a variety of cash instruments. While diversification, by itself, can’t guarantee profits or protect against loss, it can give you opportunities for potential success and help shield you from severe downturns that, at any given time, primarily affect just one asset class. • Know your risk tolerance. If you frequently find yourself surprised, or perhaps dismayed, at the fluctuations in your portfolio, you may be overestimating your risk tolerance. If you familiarize yourself with your investments before you buy them — and you should — then you probably shouldn’t be surprised at how they perform. So, if you own growth-oriented stocks, you need to accept the inevitable shortterm volatility in exchange for potential gains over the long term. But if you’re constantly worried over temporary setbacks, you may be taking on too much risk for your comfort level. If this happens, you may need to rebalance

your portfolio to better accommodate your true risk tolerance. • Maintain adequate cash reserves. Having sufficient cash in your portfolio can help you combat volatility in at least two ways. First, since cash essentially doesn’t fluctuate in price — though it may lose value over time, relative to inflation — its very presence can help stabilize your portfolio. And second, if you have enough cash in your investment mix, you may be less likely to dip into your long-term investments to pay for short-term needs, such as a major car repair, a new furnace and so on — and the less you disrupt your investments, the more progress you can make toward your goals. It’s not possible to fully shield your investments from volatility all the time. But by taking the steps described above, and by maintaining a long-term perspective, you can strengthen your portfolio’s resistance, and improve your own responses, to the effects of price fluctuations. And that’s a healthy way to invest. Article submitted by S. Christian Wilks, an Investment Representative Edward Jones, with Milford.

Events to be held at the Taft historic site

Bible Baptist Church, Mt. Orab Dr. Charles H. Smith

William Howard Taft National Historic Site will celebrate a Victorian Christmas with free events starting the day after Thanksgiving and into early January 2011. The house where William Howard Taft was born and grew up will be decorated to reflect the mid-Victorian period from Nov. 26 through Jan. 2, 2011. On Saturday Dec. 18, children are invited to stop at the

site from 11 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. During this time children can learn about the traditions of Christmas and make holiday crafts to take home. Father Christmas will also visit the site and children will receive a free photograph taken with him. The program is free and open to the public. The celebration will culminate on Jan. 2 when the Friends of the William Howard Taft Birthplace host the annual New Year’s Open

House. From 1-4 p.m., the public is invited to visit the house and enjoy holiday refreshments, just as the guests to the Taft house would have done in the 1850’s at the birthplace of the nation’s 27th President. William Howard Taft National Historic Site is located at 2038 Auburn Avenue and is open daily from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., but will be closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Days.


Take steps to help immunize your portfolio


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2010 YUKON


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WAS $56,854

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Sunday Sun 11-28-10  

Resident seeks help from village State Senator Tom Niehaus spoke to the Clermont County Chamber of Commerce about the future of the state bu...

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