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IPTAY STAFF If you have any questions about IPTAY or would like to learn more about how IPTAY supports Clemson student-athletes, please visit or contact us at or 1-800-CLEMSON.

Jean Armitage, Administrative Coordinator

Davis Babb, Chief Executive Officer

Janice Cantinieri, Director of Stewardship

Gay Copeland, Administrative Coordinator

Bobby Couch, Director of IPTAY Major Gifts

Linda Davis, Administrative Specialist

Aaron Dunham, Associate Director of IPTAY Major Gifts

Travis Furbee, Director of IPTAY Annual Fund

Lauren Gaulin, IPTAY Assistant Director

Connie Gilreath, Development Coordinator for Athletics

Bert Henderson, Director of IPTAY Planned Giving

Reed Kramer, IPTAY Assistant Director

Robin Lay, Accountant/Fiscal Analyst

Lindsey Leonard, IPTAY Assistant Director

Bob Mahony, Executive Director of the Block C Club

Robyn Massey, Administrative Specialist

Jill Richard, Accountant/Fiscal Analyst

Kyle Shields, Premium Seats Coordinator/ Major Gifts Officer

Ford Williams, Assistant Director of IPTAY Major Gifts

Jason Wilson, IPTAY Assistant Director

The future of IPTAY is YOU! Just as it was envisioned by Rupert Fike in 1934, IPTAY is about a loyal fan base of supporters at all levels. Gifts of all sizes, from those of Tiger Cubs to multimillion-dollar leadership gifts, serve to support student-athletes. Brandox Cox, IPTAY Assistant Director of Parking


Without IPTAY support, you might not be sitting in a state-of-the-art stadium, surrounded by other fans in solid orange, cheering on a strong team of Tigers. And across campus, student-athletes in 18 other sports would not be able to take to the field, arena or water proudly wearing the Tiger Paw.

IPTAY 2017 Membership Guide  
IPTAY 2017 Membership Guide