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IPTAY st IN THE 21 CENTURY IPTAY provides millions of dollars in support for 19 varsity sports and various other programs that help enrich the lives of Clemson student-athletes. In the last 10 years, scholarship costs for student-athletes have risen by 84 percent! And the cost of academic support operations has risen by 57 percent. IPTAY MEMBERS TODAY PROVIDE: 33 Annual scholarships 33 Nieri Family Student-Athlete Enrichment Center 33 Student-athlete enrichment programs 33 Facility subsidies 33 IPTAY operations 33 Nutrition services 33 Strength & conditioning 33 Reserve funding for priority needs 33 Endowment funding 33 Special programming for student-athletes 6

IPTAY 2018 Membership Guide  
IPTAY 2018 Membership Guide