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THE MELVIN AND DOLLIE YOUNTS SOUTH CLUB AND WESTZONE CLUBS The South Club and WestZone Club seats allow you to experience Clemson football the way it should be: outdoors, hearing the crowd roar, the band play and the cannon fire. Retreat to the club lounge when necessary, for the climate control, private restrooms, food and beverage, HD TVs or to access your personal beverage locker.

AMENITIES ‚‚ ‚‚ ‚‚ ‚‚ ‚‚ ‚‚

Open-air seating Climate-controlled club lounge Flat-screen TVs throughout club lounge Complimentary gameday program Personal locker with iced cooler Chairback seating with cup holder

CONCEPT ‚‚ Access to club2two hours prior to game and one hour after the game

‚‚ Cups, mixers and ice provided in the locker area

The Melvin and Dollie Younts South Club

‚‚ All-inclusive pregame buffet and appetizers at halftime

‚‚ Private men’s and women’s restrooms

HOW TO QUALIFY Currently all seats in the Melvin & Dollie Younts South Club and WestZone Club have been sold for the 2017 football season. To qualify and be added to the waitlist for the Melvin & Dollie Younts South Club or the WestZone Club, one will be asked to sign a capital gift pledge form for the minimum of $25,000 per pair. In addition to being at the IPTAY ($3,200) Annual Fund level or above. This pledge is payable over five years, may be tax deductible and will contribute to your IPTAY Priority Points. For a pledge form, please contact Kyle Shields, Director of Premium Seating, at or 864-6563945.

WestZone Club

IPTAY 2018 Membership Guide  
IPTAY 2018 Membership Guide