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“To Infinity and Beyond with Images”

Cleide Frazão  Nascimento  

The Image  Conference  -­‐  Brasilia  –  DF   October  25th,2013  

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I used these images as an ice breaker. How else would you use them for?

Grammar & Writing

I used the picture of a tree with a group of Intermediate students.

They were supposed to write a story using the tree and the grammar point they had been studying, which was USED TO.

They could write about a real past memory or use their imagination..

When I was a child, I had good memories about my past. But there is one thing that I´ll never forget. It is my favorite place, "the park�. Until today, my parents go with me and make picnic, play and talk there, every Sunday. I really love this park. (Julia Serpa)

In the middle of a forest, near a big city, there used to be two trees. These trees used to shelter small creatures like little fairies, they lived there for many years and they were responsible for protecting the forest and controlling the seasons. One day, men from the big city wanted to destry the forest with machines to cut down the trees and remodel their houses, but the fairies were too small to defend themselves in a fight, so they reclaimed the source of power they had to protect the forest. In the end, they resolved the problem peacefully with the agreement they both left the forest in peace. After that, the place turned into a sacred place for both, representing their love for nature. This used to be a story told from generation to generation about those trees. (Maria Fernanda)

Sometimes we just forget about how powerful life is and appears in different ways, like a tree, for example. A tree used to be a seed first and it can be a seed for a long time without growing but it doesn´t mean that it doesn´t have any life. It´s like the sun. It´s not because it´s night that the sun is dead. A seed used to be a frozen form of the tree. Then, the tree grows and it´s as complex as an animal life. The tree is there, it can´t talk, it can´t move, it can´t demonstrate its life, but it´s breathing and nurturing, every single day, and it´s because plants exist that there are other forms of life. (Thainá Leão)

Mary was sitting under the trees. She used to think and read in a calm place. She used to see birds and the sunset. Mary thought it was beautiful. She would run on the long streets around the trees, sometimes she felt alone but the books had all kinds of characters and everytime she read a book, she used to have a new adventure. (Amanda)

Think of a creative way to teach grammar using images. Then, share your idea with your partner.

Story Telling

“…if something made sense to us or engaged us emotionally, we also can recall amazing amounts of detail.” “The Art of Changing The Brain”

Vision is central to any concrete experience that we have. In many ways, our brain is a Instructions “seeing” brain. “The Art of Changing The Brain”


Don’t Slouch.

Sit Up.

Don’t Run.


Don’t Push.

Wait in Line.

Don’t Interrupt the others.

Raise your hand.

Don’t Litter.

Use the trash can.


Please Thank You

Cultural Aspects

When teaching Ivocabulary Halloween, students have a illustrated about and wrote a story. hard time trying to grasp the word COSTUME. Instead of resorting to L1, which is something we end up doing, how would you make them understand it?

I illustrated and wrote a story.

MY SUPER DUPER COSTUME Illustrated by  Cleide  Nascimento  

Today I  went  shopping  for  a  Hallloween  costume.     I  liked  the  Hulk  costume  but  it  was  too  scary.  

Then I  tried  on  the  zombie  costume   but  it  was  too  ugly.  

The wizard  costume  was  cute  but     it  was  too  hot.  

The vampire  costume  was  too  dark.    I  like  fesOve  colors.  

I also  tried  on  the  mummy  costume     but  it  was  too  cheap.  

The Frankenstein  costume  was  too  expensive!     I  like  Halloween  but  not  so  much.  

I finally  made  up  my  mind  and  picked     the  LiTle  Red  Riding  Hood  costume.  

It’s perfect  for   trick  or  treaOng.  

After showing them the story, I asked students which their favorite costume was and handed out the images as coloring sheets, so students could color and display them on the walls.

“…language has special characteristics that make it a wonderful tool for learning and an almost essential tool for demonstrating what we have learned. But at its heart, language is also about images.”

“The Art of Changing The Brain”

This presentation will be available at:


“ The Art of Changing the Brain” by James E. Zull

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Dani Lyra

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To Infinity and Beyond with Images  
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