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The Link Between Nutrition & African American Skin Care

One of  the  first  signs  of  poor  nutrition  is  unhealthy  skin.    The  saying  “You  are  what   you  eat”  is  cliché,  but  true  when  it  comes  to  African  American  skin  care.    The  skin  is  a   reflection  of  the  body’s  overall  health  so  it  makes  sense  that  your  diet  will  affect  the   appearance  of  your  skin.  We’ve  included  some  foods  and  why  they  are  good  for  your  skin!  

Good fats are  essential  for  healthy  and  beautiful  skin.    Because  our  bodies  don’t  

naturally produce  these  fats,  we  need  to  make  sure  good  fats  are  incorporated  into  our   regular  diets.    Healthy  skin  is  able  to  retain  water  and,  as  a  result,  appears  bright  and   youthful.    Good  fats  strengthen  the  skin  cells’  membrane  to  keep  water  and  nutrients  in  and   allowing  any  waste  to  filter  out.    Strong  skin  cell  membranes  also  keep  the  skin  firm  and   lessen  the  chances  of  getting  wrinkles.    Good  fats  also  increase  blood  flow  to  the  skin,  which   increases  the  amount  of  nutrient  going  into  the  skin.    Since  we  know  that  more  nutrients  in   the  skin  give  the  skin  a  healthy  glow,  make  sure  to  incorporate  good  fat  into  your  diet.     They  can  be  found  in  avocados,  olive  oil,  nuts,  and  fatty  fish.       Getting  enough  protein  in  your  diet  is  essential  to  having  healthy  skin.    Protein  

contains certain  amino  acids  that  increase  the  body’s  collagen  production.  This  is  excellent   for  African  American  skin  care  as  it  helps  to  keep  the  skin  looking  younger  for  longer.    Not   only  does  protein  help  the  health  of  your  skin,  it  helps  hair  and  nail  also!  Eat  poultry,  meat,   eggs,  beans,  and  seafood  to  get  your  daily  dose  of  protein!    

Fibrous foods also  play  a  role  in  healthy  skin.    These  are  foods  like  corn,  beans,  

whole wheat  bread,  broccoli,  apples,  nuts,  and  berries.    Fiber  works  by  getting  rid  of  toxins   that  affect  the  entire  body.    Toxins  can  cause  acne  and  break  outs  on  the  skin.    Incorporating   more  fiber  into  your  meal  plan  can  improve  your  entire  health,  and  show  huge   improvements  to  be  seen  on  the  face.     The  not-­‐‑so  secret  to  attaining  overall  health  is  to  maintain  a  well  balanced


Getting the  right  amounts  of  the  right  food  will  automatically  increase  the  health  of  Black   skin.  Daily  vitamins  also  work  to  give  the  skin  a  boost  of  health.      

The Link Between Nutrition and African American Skin Care  

Your diet can directly affect your skin. This article explains how diet is related to African American skin care.

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