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8 Questions to Ask Yourself When Fighting Acne 1

How often do you clean your makeup brushes? If you can't remember the last time you gave your brushes a good cleanse, they are way overdue! The bristles of the brush can hold onto bacteria that transfers onto your skin. Along with bacteria, the build up of product can clog the pores, and cause acne.


Do you use hair products that are heavy or oily? Anything that goes on your hair, can trickle down onto your face and cause a breakout. If your favorite hair product is not getting long with your skin, you may notice acne forming along your hairline and forehead. Be sure to pay extra attention to those areas when cleansing your face to avoid product buildup.


Do you break out when travelling? Sometimes all it takes is an environment change to cause a break out. Differences in locations, such as water and air quality can be harsh on the skin. Luckily, acne from traveling does not take long to clear up. If you are travelling to somewhere dryer than you are used to, be sure to stay hydrated.


Have you sanitized your cell phone? Think about how much we touch our cell phones, and how many surfaces our cell phones come in contact with. Now think about how much you talk on the phone. If you enjoy long phone conversations (and even if you don't) be sure to sanitize your phone every now and again. The bacteria combined with the phone's heat, have been said to cause acne breakouts. This can be easily fixed by wiping the screen with a cotton ball and a bit of rubbing alchohol.


How often do you wash your bedding? We spend a lot of hours in contact with our pillow cases, so it is pertinent that they remain clean. Oils from our hair and face can easily transfer onto our pillows. If you wash your face at night, sleeping on a dirty pillow case will only put those toxins back onto your skin. So remember to wash your pillowcases and bedding regularly.


Do you sleep with makeup on? Sometimes after a long day, we just want to knock out on the bed and go to sleep. However, taking two extra minutes before bed to cleanse the face, can be very effective. If you sleep with make up on, the products will have all night to clog into your pores and create stubborn zits.


How many glasses of water have you had today? Water is important in maintaining the health of all bodily functions, including skin care. When the body is dehydrated, the skin becomes dry and even flaky. The dead skin can clog pores and cause a breakout. If your face is currently broken out, increasing your water intake can help to clear existing blemishes.


SPF is your friend! It is always great to soak up the sun and enjoy the warm weather. Just be sure to take take precaution because too much sun exposure can make the skin dry and flaky. To make up for this dryness, the body produces more oil, and sometimes to much oil is produced which only clogs pores.To avoid this, make sure you're always wearing sun screen, regardless of your skin color.

8 Questions to Ask Yourself When Fighting Acne  

We are giving you 8 different reasons your acne may be breaking out, and the solutions to those reasons.

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