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2009 - Participant Activities in Africa Participants can be Members

or Guests

. Members can provide an Activity Summary report in addition to creating activities.

ALGERIA Members' Activity Summaries Alger

Scouts Musulmans Algeriens (SMA) For the fourth year, the Scouts Mussulman's AlgĂŠriens celebrated the Clean Up the World campaign under the theme "Communities Uniting to Combat Climate Change" with the participation of approximately 600 Scouts, leaders and non-Scouts Working together, the Scouts cleaned up three forest areas removing 1,650 bags of waste. Their waste removal activity also included the planting of 50 trees to symbolise their commitment to nature. Local support provided by: AssemblĂŠ Populaire Communale, mosques, forest services, the environment services.

Other participants in Algeria are: Ain Beida



Association Hippone Pour le Developpement Collectif Sarl el Bouni Plastique


Emir Khaled Groups


Association Essaada de BouSaada

Sidi Bel Abbes

Scout Bachir Ibrahimi Lamtar SBA Algerie


Association Ecologica de Skikda

BENIN Porto-Novo

Groupe Scout Magellan de Porto-Novo

BURKINA FASO Members' Activity Summaries Ouaga

Club des Amis de la Nature de Ouagadougou CANO The Club des Amis de la Nature de Ouagadougou (CANO) organised the 2nd edition of the "Camp International de Formation Reboisement Tourisme et Sport (CIFORTS)" from August 6-17, in DanoDiebougou. The camp was held in order to educate young people about environmental issues and give them a sense of responsibility towards caring for the environment. Approximately 150 youths from across Burkina Faso participated in the event.


SOS Energie Burkina Faso

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2009 - Participant Activities in Africa In 2009, SOS Energie Burkina Faso carried out a reforestation project in Kossoghin in cooperation with the APID-Burkina and AJSD-Nong Taaba associations, which resulted in the plantation of more than 600 trees. A component of the project focused on educating participants on how to care for the saplings once they had been planted. In addition to this project, the organisation also hosted a program organised in cooperation with the Institut universitaire de technologie, de Grenoble in France where students from the university travelled to Burkina Faso and worked with the organisation to grow Jatropha plants for producing biodiesel and also constructed a solar oven. Local support provided by: the Ministère de l’Environnement et du Cadre de Vie of Burkina.

Other participants in Burkina Faso are: Bobo - Dioulasso

Association pour un Developpement Durable Burkina Faso (ADD)


Club Environnement et Assainissement C.E.A


Humaniste sans frontières

CAMEROON Member Activity Summary Bamenda

Paradise on Earth - Agricultural, Constructional and Environmental Development Working with the Regional Delegation of the Environment and Nature Protection and other local NGO’s, the group Paradise on Earth - Agricultural, Constructional and Environmental Development organised a tree planting activity. More than 1,000 seedlings were donated throughout 10 local communities, so that trees could be planted where they were needed most. The group also continued their program of recycling motor tyres and teaching participants how to recycle tyres to be used as roof tiles and waste bins as an alternative to burning disused tyres. Local support provided by: Fon of Santa Mbe and Bafut villages, Mr. Achili Achu - former Prime Minister of Cameroon, community volunteers.


Benevolent Association for Protection of the Environment and the Socially Underprivileged (BAPESU) For the third year running, the Benevolent Association for the Protection of the Environment and the Socially Underprivileged (BAPESU) organised a clean up activity on September 19 as part of Clean Up the World Weekend. The weekend activities saw the participation of 45 volunteers who worked to clean up Tubah Division in Bambui in three different locations. Prior to the clean up a ten minute talk was given to the participants on the importance of maintaining a clean environment. Specific clean up activities included cutting the grass that served as a habitat for mosquitoes, with the clipping subsequently used as organic manure at BAPESU's tree nursery.


Centre pour la Protection Durable de l'environnement au Cameroun (CEREP) During 2009, the Centre pour la Protection Durable de l’Environnement au Cameroun (CEREP) organised activities within 15 rural communities, reaching approximately 300 people. Activities organised focused on a range of issues, including - natural resource management, biodiversity and forest regeneration. A highlight of their activities was a tree planting event held in support of World Environment Day, June 5. Local support provided by: délégation régionale du ministère de l'environnement, local radio RCDM, the local municipality and SNV.


Groupe d'Initiative Commune d'Agriculture Biologique (GIC BIO) Groupe d’Initiative Commune d’Agriculture Biologique (GIC BIO) participated in Clean Up the World and World Environment Day for the first time in 2009. The group organised an awareness raising campaign that focused on the causes and consequences o global warming. In addition to this event, other activities carried out throughout the year included, tree planting and clean up of the local riverbank. Overall, approximately 1,500 people took part in the activities organised. Local support provided by: the Délégation Départementale de l’Environnement et de la Protection de la Nature.

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2009 - Participant Activities in Africa Kumba

Africa Youth for Peace and Development Cameroon Members of Africa Youth for Peace and Development Cameroon worked with church groups and schools, to carry out a tree planting activity in Kumba. Over 250 trees, including cocoa, coffee and orange trees were planted by 110 volunteers. A series of waste management activities were also held, with many community members learning ways to use house-hold green waste as compost. Local support provided by: PA ESEMU (The Emperor).


The Organisation for Gender, Civic Engagement and Youth Development (OGCEYOD) An 8 day awareness raising program was organised in commemoration of World Environment Day by the Organisation for Gender, Civic Engagement and Youth Development. 12 youth and women’s groups attended the program, which was also broadcast on the local radio station in Limbe for other community members to enjoy. Local support provided by: Association of Youths for a Sustainable Environment and Development (ASYOUSED) Cameroon, HYSACAM, Global Foundation for Environmental Education (GLOFEED) Limbe, Limbe City Council (LCC).

Other participants in Cameroon are: Bamenda

Nkwen Progressive Multi Purpose Farming Group


Rural Development Foundation (RUDEFO)


Forestry, Agriculture, Animal and Fishery Network (FAAFNET) Grassroots Initiative (GRIN) Cameroon


Alcod Pogie (AFAD POM WATER) Global Sports Alliance Douala Cameroun Groupe d'Initiative Commune des Agriculteurs Reseau Espoir Jeunesse




Food Forestry and Environment Protection and Conservation Society Forestry & Environmental Conservation Society (FOECONS)



Mutengene -Tiko

Cameroon Environmental Protection Association (HIGH - TECH CEPA)


Synergie Jeunesse et Développement (SYJEDE)


Actions Vitales pour le Développement durable

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2009 - Participant Activities in Africa CONGO Brazzaville

Association Congolaise d'Education et de Prevention contre les Maladies et la Drogue en sigle ONG A Association Pour l'Environnement et Développement de la Jeunesse (APEDJ)/ Association For Enviro


Aide Jeunes du Congo


Each for All the Green Space Forum de la Jeunesse Consciente pour le Développement (FJCD) Foyer Agricole de Kishiongo Les Amis de la Nature et des Jardins (ANJ) Programme de developpement pour la Gestion de l'Environnnement PGED


Amis de la Nature pour l'Education et la Conservation de l'Environnement (ANECE)


Eclaireuses-Eclaireurs De Cote d'Ivoire ( EEDCI) Greencastafrica ONG Vivre Sainement

EGYPT Members' Activity Summaries Hurghada

Madinat Makadi Resort, Golf & Spa At Madinat Makadi Resort, Golf and Spa in Hurghada the management worked to raise guest awareness about environmental issues through a series of events. These events included documentary screenings in different languages, monthly cleaning campaigns and the planting of a tree each day by a guest with the help of the resort’s staff. Local support provided by: EEAA "Egyptian Environment Affairs Association", "HEPCA" Hurghada Environment Protection & Conservation Association.

Other participants in Egypt are: Al Qahirah

Arab Office for Youth and Environment (AOYE)




United Nations Youth Club

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2009 - Participant Activities in Africa Maadi



Solymar Paradise Beach Resort

ETHIOPIA Member Activity Summary Durame

Taza Two Durame Area Scout Association Participating in the Clean Up the World campaign for the first time in 2009, Members of the Ethiopia Scout Association - the Taza Two Durame Area Scout Association, carried out a tree planting activity in Durame in an effort to restore native vegetation in the area.

Other participants in Ethiopia are: Adama

Conserve Ethiopia Association

Addis Ababa

Ethiopia Scout Association

GABON Cap Esterias

cap nature environnement


Nouvelle Nature Conservancy

GAMBIA Member Activity Summary Serekunda

Global Unification the Gambia Global Unification the Gambia, carried out a range of Clean Up the World activities in 2009. The first occurred on March 12, when 200 students participated in an interschool quiz to learn about environmental sustainability and the impacts of Climate Change in Gambia. This was followed by the "Global Week of Climate Action" from October 22-24. Tree planting activities, clean ups and a symposium focusing on youth and climate change were all carried out during the week long event. This was followed by the "No Plastic Bag Day", held on November 18, whereby more than 50 school children took part in an activity to remove plastic bags and other non-biodegradable waste from the streets of Serekunda. This activity also presented the opportunity to raise awareness amongst community members of the need to avoid using plastic bags where possible. Finally, the "Life is Green" tree planting initiative was also carried out throughout the year. As part of this initiative, more than 500 seedlings were donated to the Kotu Secondary School, so that trees could be planted in the school campus grounds by the students and staff at the school. Local support provided by: Banjul Breweries Company ltd, Vision Development Foundation, National Disaster Management Agency, DBC Printing Press, National Environment Agency , Department of State for Forestry, Kanifing Municipal council.

GHANA Members' Activity Summaries Assin Foso

The Lost Talent Foundation Ghana

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2009 - Participant Activities in Africa The Lost Talent Foundation worked with local schools and youth to organise as series of Clean Up the World activities. Clean up activities were carried out over 2 weeks and involved the participation of approximately 20 schools. In addition to this a tree planting activity was also carried out with more than 260 volunteers taking part. Local support provided by: Assin North Municipal Assembly, Cecilia and Sammy Memorial Clinic,volunteers from abroad.

Other participants in Ghana are: Accra

Alliance for community Trees-Ghana Carevision International Free World Foundation Friends of Environment and Humanity Foundation Friends of Environment Animals and Resources safeEARTH organisation Town and Country Sanitation


Liberation Women Development Association (LIWODA) Ghana


Youth In Action Today Foundation (YATOF) Kanda

Forum for Young Achiever's International


Solid Kids and Teens Club Young People We Care (YPWC)


Beroea Sevices Mission International Generational Thinkers International


Ghana National Youth Coalition on Climate Change

GUINEA Members' Activity Summaries Conakry

Sauvons l'Environnement The NGO Sauvons l’Environnement established a waste collection service for the Conraky hospitals and surrounding regions in 2009. An awareness campaign concerning deforestation that has been occurring in the areas of Mamou and Labe, was also carried out in primary and secondary schools in order to inform students of the problems associated with unsustainable farming practises. Local Support provided by: SOTELGUI.

KENYA Members' Activity Summaries Chuka

Save Mount Kenya Forest From Extinction Group.

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2009 - Participant Activities in Africa Working under Africa's second highest mountain, members of "Save Mount Kenya Forest From Extinction Group" were able to plant an enormous number of seedlings to help protect an endangered forest. Over the last four years, the group has planted over 600,000 seedlings, including 150,000 seedlings in 2009. This has been a significant step in protecting a forest that has been under threat from charcoal burning and timber harvesting. Local support provided by: the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife. Mombasa

PUSH -People United to Save the Harbourline PUSH - People United to Save the Harbour Line, expanded their clean up activities beyond the beach this year and carried out a clean up of the harbour area in Mobassa, in an attempt to discourage dumping of waste along the shoreline. In addition to this, a beach clean up was also held on September 19 in support of Clean Up the World Weekend. Members of PUSH worked with local NGO, Green Futures to clean a section of the beach at Kisuani in Mombassa. Local support provided by:Whitesands, Severin, Tamarind, Griama Hotels, Keen Klleners, MCI, GBHL.

Other participants in Kenya are: Bomet

Tumaini Outreach Singers


African Christians Organisation Network Mashambani World Watch


Muungano Development Gateways


Climate Link Kenya Kalelon Welfare Association Group


Marakwet Youth Network


Good Fella Youth


Motobo Environment Live Programme


Kangmoo Taekwondo and Millis Foundation


Agape Love International


Christian Women Partners (CWP) Dunga Environment Conservation Team - DECTA


Environment Trust of Kenya Kenya Online Journalists Association (KOJA) Kenya Watersports Trust

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2009 - Participant Activities in Africa People United to Save the Harbourlines Nairobi

Brookhouse International Schools(prep) Concorde Self Help Group Destiny Africa Health and Environmental Awareness Leaders (HEAL) Hoywik Programmes Kawangware Urumwe Youth Group Kids Venture-Kenya Laikipia Wildlife Forum Mathare Youth Sports Association Mulembe FM Ray of Hope Rongai Ereto Youth Welfare Association We Have a Dream Foundation


Education Supplements International Youth Wildlife and Environmental Movement (YWEM)

Narok Town

Maa Community Foundation


Kiini Sustainable Initiative (KISI)

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2009 - Participant Activities in Africa


Children Center International In 2009, the ‘Children’s Centre International’ located in the town of Ganta in Liberia conducted several activities. These included HIV/AIDS awareness, school materials distribution for orphans, the proving of a safe drinking water and toilets, location of waste sites for the community and distribution of materials to mothers and families. Four towns including Buutuo, Goagrotuo, Saclepea and Ganta in four districts benefited from this program. Local support provided by: International Bible Church Liberia, Life in Sport Liberia, Hon. Evins KoahRepresentative of District Number 6.    


Ever-Green Church Aid Program The Paynesville and Redlight marketplaces were the selected sites for the "Clean Up Paynesville City" activity conducted by the Ever-Green Church Aid Program. Approximately 50 volunteers, including market stall owners, community members and youth groups from neighbouring communities worked together to clean the market place areas on December 5. This clean up marked the first of a series of monthly clean ups carried out in Paynesville. Local support provided by: Paynesville City Council, Environmental Protection Agencies in Liberia.

Other participants in Liberia are: African Network for the Prevention and Protection Against Child Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN) Liberi Creative Children in Arts Movement for the Promotion of Gender Equality in Liberia (MOPGEL)


Libyan Scouts and Guides Movement

MALAWI Lilongwe

Centre for Community Empowerment and Development Environment Africa Malawi Office


APEE- Association for the Promotion of Environmental Education


Association des Amis du Val D'Ifrane: Ifrane-Maroc Centre de l'Environnement et du Développement Régional




Santé et Environnement

NIGER For more information about Clean Up the World visit and

2009 - Participant Activities in Africa Konni

EDER Niger

NIGERIA Members' Activity Summaries Abakaliki

Neighbourhood Environment Watch Foundation (N.E.W) In 2009, Neighbourhood Environment Watch Foundation (N.E.W) conducted a range of activities in Ebonyi state. With 35 volunteers participating, N.E.W was able to improve the sanitation in 13 local government areas. Subsequently, two climate change workshops were organised followed by the planting of 2,000 trees on three different sites. Finally, regular press releases were sent out promoting environmental awareness and a weekly television program was created reaching 10,000 viewers. Local support provided by: Office of the Special Adviser to the Governor on Environment, Ebonyi State Environmental Protection Agency, Enyida Development Centre, Ohaozara Local Government. Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria, Ebonyi State Chapter On October 21, the Ebonyi state chapter of Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria, organised a one day seminar on the environment for Secondary Schools in Ebonyi State. The objective of the seminar was to educate students on the need to combat pollution along with understanding its causes and consequences. In attendance were representatives from various secondary schools in Ebonyi State and invited guests. Local Supprot provided by: Neighbourhood Environmental Watch, Rural Link International.


Environmental Management Corps (EMC) A tree planting campaign that resulted in 1,770 trees being planted across 10 locations in Ekiti state, was carried out by Environmental Management Corps (EMC). Approximately 300 sign posts were also erected near the trees, displaying a range of messages to discourage dumping of waste in local waterway systems. EMC also continued their awareness raising campaigns throughout the year, by holding public talks each Friday focusing on issues of water pollution and the importance of tree planting. This was complemented by their publications regarding the environment, health and safety issues, featured in local magazine; "Mineral Links". Local support provided by: Nigeria Institute of Town Planners - Ekiti State Chapter, Mineralinks.


Local Youth Assembly of Nigeria In May, members of the Local Youth Assembly of Nigeria worked with students from the Department of Environmental Science at the Gateway Polytechnic University in Ibadan, to organsie an environmental education seminar. Approximately 50 students attended the seminar and learnt about energy conservation practices and the effects that bush burning can have on the environment in relation to climate change. Following the seminar, students went on to develop a community environmental programme to be used to raise levels of public awareness about environmental sanitation, climate change and the UN’s Millennium Development Goals ( MDG’s). Local support provided by: Gateway Polytechnic, Carnation Healthcare Services.

Kano City

Gamesquare Foundation Gamesquare Foundation located in Kano participated in the Clean Up the World campaign for the first time in 2009. The group organised a roundtable discussion entitled; "Nature and You" in June to mark World Environment Day. Held at the British council premises, more than 100 participants attended the event to discuss the effects or climate change in the northern part of Nigeria and to offer solutions to try and combat this issue.

Lagos State

Nature Cares

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2009 - Participant Activities in Africa For the third year running, ‘Nature Cares’ (a group located in the suburb of Ikeja in Lagos) partnered with local government to organise a series of clean up events. As part of "Clean Up Ikeja" and "Clean Up Ifako" approximately 500 volunteers helped to remove waste while raising awareness about the need for a clean environment. Local Support provided by: Ifako-Ijaye, LGA of Lagos State Nigeria. Otukpo

Society for Life and Human Development Initiative (SLHDI) In 2009, the Society for Life and Human Development Initiative (SLHDI) participated in Clean Up the World in Otukpo, a small community in central Nigeria. The "Clean and Green" program was organised with support from Blossom Development Initiative. The event included 965 volunteers including children, youths, students, the Red Cross and finally women and men from different fields. This year’s activities included: native tree planting, erosion control measures, waste removal and environmental education programs. Local support provided by: Blossom Development Initiative, NYSC.

Other participants in Nigeria are: Aba

Blueprint Concepts and Environmental Services Health & Environmental Care Initiative Vision Bearers Youth Organization


International Youth Peace Tourism & Development Initiative (IYPTDI)

Benin city

Environmental Protection And Food Program






TUCCAN Foundation


Afrimat Ventures Children and the Environment (CATE)

Niger Delta

Green Ambassadors Foundation


Green Plus Africa


Young Elite Foundation


Babs Educational Consults


Eden Society International Foundation

For more information about Clean Up the World visit and

2009 - Participant Activities in Africa Owerri

Owerri Zonal Youth Assembly, OZYA Society For The Protection of Nature And Environment

Port Harcourt

Green Fingers


IFESNET - Africa




Convention des Jeunes de Pikine

SEYCHELLES Desroches Island

Desroches Island Seychelles


Seychelles Scout Association

SIERRA LEONE Member Activity Summary Kenema City

Humanist Watch Salone (HUWASAL) To celebrate National Tree Planting Day, Humanist Watch Salone organsied a tree panting activity working in collaboration with civil society partners, local councils and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security. In addition to this, the group also work with their local council on an ongoing clean up activity which was held in Kenema City on the last Saturday of each month. Local support proivded by: Kenema City Council, Kenema District Youth Coalition, Coordination for Action and Empowerment and Women's Center for Human Rights and Democracy.

Other participants in Sierra Leone are: Freetown

BIBWEG Health Development Organisation - Sierra Leone Conscience International Sierra Leone SAVE - Saviour and Volunteers for the Environment Student Educational Network Sierra Leone Youth Assisting Youth Network Organisation Youth Vision Sierra Leone

SOMALIA Member Activity Summary Mogadishu

Somali Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation Agency (SERRA) The Somali Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation Agency (SERRA) organised both waste collection and tree planting in the war torn area of the lower Shabele region in Somalia. Specifically, 27 volunteers from both SERRA and local communities worked in the Internally Displaced Persons’ (IDP) camps along Afgoye corridor to plant approximately 100 trees. Local support provided by: Afgoye local administration and volunteers.

Other participants in Somalia are: Somali Rehabilitation and Development Agency (SORDA) For more information about Clean Up the World visit and

2009 - Participant Activities in Africa

SOUTH AFRICA Member Activity Summary East London

Friends of Chintsa Starting in May 2009, the Friends of Chintsa group along with the local primary school, Chintsa East Public School collected waste and provided bin bags to residents in Chintsa East township each week. Prior to the start of their project, local residents had no municipal support and no ways of getting rid of waste. However, in less than a year 1,000 bags of waste was collected and rubbish bins were installed in areas where waste was at its worst. Local support provided by: Volunteer Africa 32 Degrees South, CERPA (Chintsa East Rate Payers Association), Chintsa East Primary School.


Plastics Federation of South Africa A beach clean up campaign was organsied by the Plastics Federation of South Africa from September 15 to October 30 in Cape Town. Approximately 7,746 volunteers removed waste from the beaches, underwater areas and waterways along the Northern, Western and Eastern Cape. A focal point of the month long activities was Clean Up the World Weekend on September 19, whereby 1,200 volunteers worked together to collect approximately 5,200 kgs of waste from the beach in Kwazulu Natal and along the Umgeni River and Beachwood Mangroves area. All of the material collected at each clean up was separated, sorted, weighed and recorded as part of the international ocean conservancy effort to record an analyse the most prevalent waste items in waterways and marine systems. Local support proivded by: Government departments, local municipalities, aquariums, diving clubs, 4x4 clubs, cultural and educational institutions, Friends of the Liesbeeck, Overstrand Conservation Foundation, Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, Nature's Valley Fund, Dyer Island Conservation Trust, Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan, Pick n Pay, ABI/Coca Cola, local schools and householders.

St Francis Bay

The Recycling Lady Members of The Recycling Lady, a small group consisting of three volunteers, worked together over the course of the year, to collect a total of 15 tonnes of waste through beach clean ups and separated and sorted the waste for recycling or disposal. This was complimented by awareness raising activities, with group members visiting local schools and giving talks to both students and teachers about the benefits of recycling. Local support provided by: Haywire Electrical, Dunes Guest House, Farols Restaurant, Cape St Francis Mini Market, Source Deli & Kitchen, St Francis College.

Other participants in South Africa are: Buffalo City

Sophumelela Youth Development Centre

Cape Town

Little Green Fingers






Dusi Umngeni Conservation Trust (DUCT) Lower Mpushini Valley Conservancy Sikhuthele Community Project

Port Elisabeth

Eastern Cape Parks Board & Schools

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2009 - Participant Activities in Africa Port Elizabeth

Zwartkops Trust




Meriting Green Club

SUDAN Gedaref

Communication in Solid Waste Program or Women Forum (home visitors)


Tanzania Youth and Environmental Network (TAYEN)


Zanzibar Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ZSPCA)


Association Regard Sur Demain Centre de Recherche d'Etude et d'Appui Technique (CREAT) Magnificat Environment Association (MEA) Pae Togo (Pour un Avenir Ensoleillé)

Village de Danyi-N'

Femmes Volontaires Debout pour le Developpement Durable (FVDD)

TUNISIA Bousalem

Jeune Chambre Economique Bousalem Tunisie


Reseau des Amateurs de l'Environnement


Association de l'Environnement de Tazarka


Association tunisienne de la science du Sol - ATSS-

UGANDA Member Activity Summary Kampala

Uganda Management Assistance Programme (UMAP)

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2009 - Participant Activities in Africa Tree planting activities, which resulted in more than 20,000 trees being planted at different locations across the country, were carried out by members of the Uganda Management Assistance Programme. This was organised in addition to awareness raising and environmental management activities that the group carried on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

Other participants in Uganda are: Green Savers Makerere University Katikamu South Students Association. Nature Palace Foundation Uganda Scout Association Kampala City

Foundation for Integrated Rural Development (FIRD)


Bwera Youth and Environmental Pollution Association

Lira Town

Hope Revival Agency for Rural Devevelopment (HORARD)


Sounds Of Hope Children and Youth Centre

Mukono town

Beacon of Hope Uganda


Rural Urban Community Development


Kaunda Square SDA Youth Ministry United Nations Youth Association of Zambia - Green Section (YUNA-ZAMBIA)

ZIMBABWE Member Activity Summary Kwekwe

Scouts Association of Zimbabwe The Scouts Association of Zimbabwe organised the "Kwekwe Clean Up Campaign", a series of waste removal activities held in support of Clean Up the World Weekend, at various locations throughout the city of Kwekwe from September 15 -24. To assist with planning for the clean ups, the association formed the Kwekwe Environment Forum - comprised of Scouts, business representatives, government departments, NGO’s and schools, who all lent their support to the activities. Scouts worked with the city Mayor and council to identify the sites where clean ups were required. The Mayor’s involvement in the week long activities also continued on September 24, when he participated in a clean up at a one of the designated sites. In addition to the clean up activities in Kwekwe, Scouts from 5 other provinces in Zimbabwe: Matabeleland, Mashonaland, Masvingo, Manicaland and Midlands, also organised a series of waste removal activities focusing on areas around suburban shopping centres.

Other participants in Zimbabwe are: Bindura

Progressive Environmental Awareness Club


Community Awareness Trust

For more information about Clean Up the World visit and

2009 - Participant Activities in Africa Harare

Environment Africa Youth 2 Youth in Zimbabwe

For more information about Clean Up the World visit and

2009 - Participant Activities in Asia Pacific Participants can be Members

or Guests

. Members can provide an Activity Summary report in addition to creating activities.

AUSTRALIA Members' Activity Summaries Adelaide

Frank Ford (Ford Residents Group) The Frank Ford Resident's group carried out a clean up at Glenelg Beach in Adelaide in support of Clean Up the World Weekend. Volunteers from the group worked together to remove waste from the waterways and beach front areas, filling approximately 6 bags of waste. Local support provide by: Local council.


Vaka Takitumu Kuki Airani o Queensland Inc. Members of the Vaka Takitumu Kuki Airani o Queensland Inc. association organised a community clean up of the school grounds of Marble Park High, in celebration of Clean Up the World Weekend. More than 50 volunteers lent their support to the activity and helped to remove waste, including bottles, paper, plastic and aluminium cans from the grounds. Local support provided by: Queensland Cook Islands community of Mangaia.


Global Clean-up Project - Melbourne Year round clean up activities were carried out by the Global Clean-up Project - Melbourne, in 2009. Members of the group worked in co-operation with local councils, park rangers and railway waste management teams to clean beaches, parklands and railways station car parks in Malvern and Lilydale. In total, more than 800 bags of waste was collected from the clean ups.

Noosa Heads

Team E.M.U Team E.M.U (Environment.Maintenance.Union) a group of Japanese students learning english in Australia, organised a clean up of the beach area in Noosa, for their particpation in Clean Up the World. The clean up was organised to not only keep the beach and surrounds clean, but it also presented an opportunity to get to know the local community better. Local support provided by: Noosa Integrated Catchment Association.


St Andrew's Socioreligious Justice/Fraternity In Truth Inc Activities ranging from clean ups to tree planting and educational activities were conducted throughout the year by St Andrew's Socioreligious Justice/Fraternity In Truth Inc. A clean up of the Parramatta River was carried out for Clean Up Australia Day in March and during Clean Up the World Weekend in September, whereby 150 volunteers collected 80 bags of waste. Approximately 80 volunteers took part in a National Tree Day activity in July, planting 400 trees in Lane Cove National Park. The group also organised an information session at the Ryde City Council Waste Management Department, for volunteers from the group to attend, so that they could learn about composting and recycling techniques in order to reduce amount of household waste in their homes. Local support provided by: City of Ryde Council, Eastwood Rotary Club, Sydney Westren Lions Club, Eastwood Korean Chamber of Commerce, Sydney Korean Business Association, Korean Catholic Cummunity and Putney residents groups.


Clean Up Australia

For more information about Clean Up the World visit and

2009 - Participant Activities in Asia Pacific In March 2009, large numbers of community groups, schools and businesses across Australia participated in Clean Up Australia Day. Clean up activities were carried out at 7,000 registered sites at parks, rivers, waterways, bush land and beaches across the country. More than 630,000 people participated as part of the campaign, working together to collect an estimated 8,000 tonnes of waste and making a practical contribution to improving the environment.  Local support provided by: McDonalds, Veolia Environnement, Commonwealth Bank.Sponsors: Sanyo.Suppliers: Prochoice Safety Gear, QANTAS, Shop-a-docket, Stockland. Global Children Incorporated Global Children Incorporated continued their Environment and Nature Program in 2009, to provide environmental education in seven village public schools in Bali, reaching more than 1,400 children. In addition to the educational activities, waste management bins for compost, plastic and paper were installed at each school, with a weekly waste disposal service being set up to ensure the waste was properly disposed of. Local support provided by: Eco Bali.

Other participants in Australia are: Brisbane

Cook Islands Queensland Association Inc.


St Mary's Primary School Broome


Trinity Beach State School Year 4 students

Cocos (Keeling) Isla

Cocos Islands District High School


Australian Land Based Anglers Association Defence Environment Team - Shoalhaven


Risdon Vale Primary School

Lake Macquarie

Quigley Sustainability Landcare Group


Clean Up Southern Beaches


Hobsons Bay City Council Melbourne Bodhgaya Support Group

Melton South

Friends of Toolern Creek


Friends of the Children Foundation


Shearwater - Mullumbimby


Scouts Australia


Clean Up the World DECC/Lane Cove National Park Dive 2000 - Neutral Bay Sydney

For more information about Clean Up the World visit and

2009 - Participant Activities in Asia Pacific Friends of Rambutso Inc. (FOR) Shangri-La Hotel Sydney Townsville

Marine Wildlife Australia Sea Turtle Foundation

BANGLADESH Members' Activity Summaries Dhaka

Safety Assistance For Emergencies (SAFE) More than 1,000 volunteers participated in activities organised by Safety Assistance For Emergencies (SAFE), in support of various international environmental event days throughout the course of the year. The First activity occurred on World Water Day, March 22, with awareness raising activities being carried out a local schools in Dhaka. Earth Day on April 22 and World Environment Day on June 5 were both selected as days to hold beach clean ups at Kuakata and St Martin beaches. This was followed by another beach clean up at Cox's Bazaar on Clean Up the World Weekend from September 18-20. Finally, the group worked with schools in the Dhaka area to organise a sanitation and environmental awareness raising event to observe Global Handwashing Day on October 15. Local support provided by: Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation, Dhaka City Corporation, Bangladesh Olympic Association, Volunteer Aid, Environment Club IUB, Bangladesh Tourism Expansion Forum, Earth Club NSU, Bangladesh Adventure Club, Wateraid Bangladesh, Jatrik, ATN bangla, Raidio Aamar, local schools and community groups.

Other participants in Bangladesh are: Comilla

Youth Education Club


Go Green Green Bangla Coalition (GBC) Leo Club of Dhaka Heaven Plus Volunteer Aid


Australian High Commission, Bandar Seri Begawan


Let's Clean Up Panaga Beach


British Embassy, Phnom Penh

Siem Reap

ISSR's Ecowarriors

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2009 - Participant Activities in Asia Pacific CHINA Members' Activity Summaries Shanghai

Green The World Overcoming a day of heavy rain, participants of Green the World in Shanghai went about a day of tree planting. Bringing together fifty volunteers, the group worked in a polluted construction site planting 20 large trees. In addition, Green the Earth is also working on a campaign to increase the rate of tetra pack recycling, participated in earth hour, worked to promote World Water Day and intend to grow 'magic beans' to promote Chinese Tree Day. Local support provided by: Shanghai High School International Division, Minhang Ministry of Environmental Protection, Shanghai Landscaping Committee Tetra pak recycling, Shanghai High School International Division, Xuhui Ministry of Environmental Protection, 2010 Shanghai Expo.

Other participants in China are: Beijing

Love Without Borders (Beijing China)




Shanghai Rendu Management Consulting Co., Ltd

FIJI Navua



Service EEV, Commune de Faa'a


Scouts et Guides de PolynÊsie Française - groupe APETAHI


150th Scouts St Stephens Stanley Hong Kong


Green Power

INDIA Members' Activity Summaries Bhopal


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2009 - Participant Activities in Asia Pacific The Maitri group from Bhopal organised a series of activites in support of Clean Up the World in 2009. The first activity, a tree planting event, took place during the evening of World Environment Day at Swarna Jayanti Park. A climate change awareness raising activity was also carried out in partnersip with the local office of the Centre of Environmental Education. Particpants received information kits and were asked to suggest ways that they could postively contribute to combating climate change. In August, the group organsied an educational day for 40 children coinciding the Ganesh Utsav celebrations. A drawing competiton, focusing on climate change, was held. Medals were awarded to the owners of the best drawings and consolation prizes were given to all particpants that attended the event. Local support provided by: Center of Environmental Education - Bhopal Office, Beema Kunj Residential Society, WWF- Madhya Pradesh state office. Faridabad

Green the Gene "The World is Ours - Let's Clean it!" campaign was organised by Green the Gene to clean up and plant trees alongside the Yamuna river in New Delhi. Approximately 500 volunteers collected waste from the river and its banks, which was then sent for proper waste disposal. Local support provided by: Eicher Group, Department of Horticulture, Centre of Environment Education and Residents Welfare Association of Faridabad.


Sarvjan Sukhaya Seva Samiti - Vasundhara, Ghaziabad During February, July and September 2009, relatives got together for a “Family Plantation Drive” – involving close to 100 families. Planting the saplings in three different areas of Vasundhara in Ghaziabad, families also agreed to take care of the trees as they grew. Together, these family teams were able to plant close to 1,000 saplings during the year. Local support provided by: Municipality of Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam, Yashoda Hospital, Jain & Company, Residents' Welfare Association of Vasundhara, Vanasthali Public School, Durga Banquet Hall, Shagun Jwellers, Carbon Minus Delhi, Sharma Electricals.

Other participants in India are: Ahmedabad

South Asia Youth Environment Network


National Forum for Environmental Studies and Conservation (NESCO)


Avcleanup Group


Education And Recreation Towards Healthier Planet (Earth) Mukthi


VEDIC - Vivekananda Educational Development Institute for Citizens


Kalyan Regional Community Science Centre , Bhavnagar








Pasumai Thaayagam (Green Motherland)


Green Youth Foundation


Development Links Foundation DHRUVH Social Awareness Forum Talismanic Youth

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2009 - Participant Activities in Asia Pacific Gandhinagar

Nisarg Community Science Centre


Paryawaran Sachetak Samiti


CECOWOR (Centre for Coordination of voluntary Works and Research)


Delhi Public School Gurgaon


Society For Promotion of Tourism (SPOT)


Young Eco Friends



Kalipatnam Village

Association for Environment Conservation, Advocacy and Solutions (AECAS)


Green Planet



Kondotty, Malappur

Centre for Action on Development


Kotagiri Wildlife Association


JCI Ettumanoor


The Green Globe Org

Mangalore city

Nature Club, St Agnes College


Nature Club, Meerut College, Meerut




B.D Somani International School Earthkeeper IndusInd Bank Limited




Nature and Wildlife Conservation society, Nagpur, India

New Delhi

Amity International schools

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2009 - Participant Activities in Asia Pacific The Indian Heights School Noida



Chak De


The Green Brigade We Aim High!


Javahar Navodaya Vidyalaya -Porbandar


Ryan international school


Saurashtra Education Foundation (SEF)


Clean Himalaya Society


Society for Community Development Project (SCDP)




Green Hopes

Theni District



Women and Child Development Society


Eco Brigade



INDONESIA Members' Activity Summaries Surabaya

AV Peduli

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2009 - Participant Activities in Asia Pacific Under the banner of "Conserve Biodiversity, Conserve the Culture", AV Peduli organised a wide range of environmental activities in Surabaya. Activities included: a walk to work/school day to raise awareness about air pollution; the "Say YES to Eco-Bags" campaign whereby students made fabric bags as an alternative to plastic bag use and students also took part in a tree planting activity while in native costume. As an active environmental NGO operating since 2005, AV Perduli Indonesia has been able to plant around 2,500 trees mostly in and around schools.

Other participants in Indonesia are: Banda Aceh

Gank Lampuuk, Banda Aceh, Indonesia


Australian Consulate General, Bali Bali International School


Pondok Ekiot Ketewel


Daughters of Charity Indonesia


Kuta Karnival - be SMART and START Campaign

Kuta (Badung)

Bali Hotels Association


Komunitas Hijau Biru (Blue Green Society)


Singapore School , Medan Affiliated to Singapore International School ( Indonesia )


Kir Smansa Nunukan


Purna Caraka Muda Indonesia Riau (PCMI - RIAU)


Tanam Untuk Kehidupan (Planting for Life) (TUK)


Tunas Hijau

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2009 - Participant Activities in Asia Pacific Tabanan

Clean Up Tabanan


Green Tree

West Jakarta

EGA briefings

IRAN (ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF) Members' Activity Summaries Tehran

Progressive Schools for Protection of Environment (PSFPOE) Three schools across Tehran took part in the environmental education activities organised by Clean Up the World Member - Progressive Schools for the Protection of Environment (PSFPOE). Students and teachers from the Abou Ali Sina Educational Complex participated in an awareness raising activity concerning pollution in their local area. Following this, participants took to a city park to conduct a clean up of the area. Topics concerning renewable energy were the focus of a project carried out at the Rabbani Educational Complex, with a wind turbine and solar panel also being installed in the school. Finally, students from the Soroush Educational Complex participated in a climate change awareness raising event, whereby the students painted two posters highlighting the causes and consequences of global warming. Local support provided by: Abou Ali Sina Educational Complex, Rabbani Educational Complex, Soroush Educational Complex.

Other participants in Iran (Islamic Republic of) are: Soodeh Educational Complex

JAPAN Member Activity Summary Obu-Shi

Obu International Association This year's activity titled: "Let's Make the World a Cleaner Place, Starting with Obu!" focused on the clean up of four areas over two weekends in September. Around 630 volunteers participated across the four sites, collecting approximately 370kgs waste that was taken to a local processing facility while recyclables such as plastics were sorted. Volunteers at one venue also organised a session for children to see and learn about life in their local river. Local support provided by: Ishigase Community, Yoshida Community, Obu Community, Seirei no Kai, Kamisamaike Area Conservation Society, Herb no Kai, Obu Chamber of Commerce, Obu Lions Club, Obu Rotary Club, Boy Scouts, Toyota Industries Corporation, Obu Hokokai, Aisan Industry, Aichi Chita Nogyokyodokumiai, Obu Junior Chamber of Commerce, Elementary and Junior High Schools, City of Obu.


Japan Environmental Action Network (JEAN) To celebrate their twentieth anniversary in 2009, JEAN organsied the "The Bi-Annual Spring And Autumn Clean up Campaigns". Occurring in spring and autumn, the campaign attracted the support and participation of 35,000 volunteers at 268 clean up sites at beaches - including shoreline and underwater locations, alongside river banks, lakes and various inland sites. In addition to collecting waste, JEAN also recorded the amount and type of waste collected at the clean ups, to assess the amount of waste that is accumulating in marine environments.These results were used to contribute towards the organisation’s awareness campaigns to alert government, industry and the general public about the problem of marine waste and to encourage responsibility for ones actions towards the environment and to seek solutions to these problems. Local support provided by: Amway Nature Center, Ei Publishing Company Co.Ltd, Foundation of River and Watershed Environment Management, Greenstyle, Japan NUS Company, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance and Smile Heart Club of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co.Ltd, NETOFF Inc, Philip Morris Japan, K.K. Sapporo Breweries Ltd., The Beverage Industry Environment Beautification Association.

Other participants in Japan are: For more information about Clean Up the World visit and

2009 - Participant Activities in Asia Pacific Kure city


Onna Village

NPO Okinawa O.C.E.A.N. (Ocean Culture & Environment Action Network)


Scout Association of Japan


Regional Coordinating Unit of Northwest Pacific Action Plan (NOWPAP) Toyama Office

KIRIBATI Bikenibeu

Environment and Conservation Division


Northwest Pacific Action Plan (NOWPAP) Regional Coordinating Unit, Busan Office


UNEP National Committee for the Republic of Korea


The Ban Nok Environmental Community Action Group

MALAYSIA Member Activity Summary Kuala Ketil

SMK Teloi Kanan (Teloi Kanan Secondary School) In Perak, approximately 40 students managed to plant 30 thousand mangroves at Kuala Gula. Planting activities were conducted on several days including May 22, June 6 and September 19. Activities were joined by Friends of Mangrove Forest, Scouts and students from SMK Teloi Kanan. Local support provided by: Global Environment Centre, Friends of Mangrove Forest.

Other participants in Malaysia are: Ampang

Natures Heritage

Kuala Lumpur

Community Recycle for Charity


Swinburne Green Club


World Youth Foundation

MALDIVES Lhaviyani Atoll

ProDivers Maldives, Kuredu Island Resort



NAURU For more information about Clean Up the World visit and

2009 - Participant Activities in Asia Pacific Aiwo District

Nauru Adventist Youth

NEPAL Kathmandu

WATO (We Are The One) - Nepal WATO (We Are The One) worked on the "GIP - Global Inventory Project" in partnership with the Blacksmith Institute, in order to carry out water quality assessments of different water sources across the country. 15 different sites ranging from local river and groundwater systems in 9 local communities were all tested to assess the level of water quality and possible sources of pollution in each system. The tests were organised in an effort to collect data and information to be used to gain support for future solutions to improving the water quality in these areas.

Other participants in Nepal are: National Anchor Association Nepal (NAAN) National Youth Service Population Women and Environmental Development Organization (PWEDO) Youth Engagement in Sustainability Kumaripati, Lalitur



Youth Awareness Environmental Forum


Thark Bahadur Shah

NEW CALEDONIA Members' Activity Summaries Dumbéa

Lycée du Grand Nouméa 25 students and community members participated in a clean up of the school grounds of the Lycée du Grand Nouméa, on October 24. Over the course of three hours, 35 bags of waste was collected. As this activity was the groups first clean up event, they are looking forward to building on this year's expereince to organise more activites and get the community involved, next year.


Association pour la Sauvegarde de la Nature Neo-Caledonienne The Association pour la Sauvegarde de la Nature Neo-Caledonienne, held their annual "Operation Clean Up New Caledonia" activity in 2009 at the Parc de la Rivière Salée in Noumea on October 16. Working with local schools and municipalities in the area, the clean up pimarily focused on removing wastefrom a mangrove area along the river. In addtion to the clean up, the association also distributed 50,000 biodegradable shopping bags made from potato starch, to the community to discourage plastic bag use.

Other participants in New Caledonia are: Association les Gaiacs Mocamana, L'Esprit Nature

NEW ZEALAND Members' Activity Summaries Christchurch

2WAYS Co. Ltd.

For more information about Clean Up the World visit and

2009 - Participant Activities in Asia Pacific The annual "Clean Up Christchurch Avon Riverbank" activity organised by 2WAYS Company, took place on September 19, to celebrate Clean Up the World Weekend. Approximately 50 volunteers, ranging from 3 - 70 years of age, came together to clean the riverbank and collected a total of 110 kgs ( 8 bags) of waste. Cigarette butts, plastic bags and beer bottles were the most common items collected during the clean up. Local support provided by: Christchurch City Council. Nelson

Chandler The Chandler group continued their clean up and tree planting efforts in 2009 by carrying out a clean up of Poorman's Stream in Nelson and tree planting activity in a nearby nature reserve. School children from local schools also took part in the clean up to remove waste from in and around Poorman's stream. The group also placed traps in the reserve where the trees were planted, in an attempt to remove any rats from the reserve, so that native birdlife would be encouraged back to the area. Local support provided by: NELMAC, Broadgreen Intermediate School, BLOG - Birdlife on Grampians.

Other participants in New Zealand are: Auckland

Campbells Bay Beach Cleanup Rutherford College Enviro Group

Havelock North

Havelock North Scout Troop


Wehi Whanau


The Scout Association of New Zealand


Coastal Scientific Society Pakistan


Bakht Bibi Welfare Society


National Volunteer Movement


Rotary Club Jhang Saddar


Karachi Planters


Chotok Health and Rural Development


FCCU Earth Watch Club Healthy Environment Human Development Organisation Social Empowerment Foundation (SEF)


Social Alliance for Friendly Environment


Global Mass Community (Welfare Organization)

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2009 - Participant Activities in Asia Pacific PAPUA NEW GUINEA Port Moresby

The Ela Murray International School The Voice

PHILIPPINES Member Activity Summary Iligan City

The Grassroots Democracy Institute and Resource Center Working closely with the local community, the Grassroots Democracy Institute and Resource centre organised a series of clean ups throughout the year. Firstly, a coastal clean up was organised as part of a local community improvement project to get "out of school youths" involved in making a positive contribution to their community. In addition to this, the institute also arranged another coastal clean up, working with fishing communities in Iligan City and Lanano del Norte. Local support provided by: Iligan City local government units of Kiwalan, Dalipuga, Acmac and Sta. Filomena, TESDA.

Other participants in Philippines are: Bacolod

St Joseph School - La Salle


Akbayan ng mga Kabataan sa Palikpikan (AKKAP) Inc Akbayan ng mga Kabataan sa Palikpikan Inc. (AKKAP) Ang Nagkakaisang Mamamayang Kostal ng Balayan (ANAK-BALAYAN) Bagong Unyon ng Kaunlaran Para sa Likas-yaman, Organisasyon at Dagat Inc. (BUKLOD) Barangay Diez Small Fisherfolks Association Inc. (BDSFA) Fisherfolk Association of Gimalas Inc. (FLAG) Fishery Law Enforcement and Assistance Team, (FLEAT) Inc. FREEDOM Inc. Navotas Fisherfolk Organization Inc (NFO) Palikpikan Association for Social and Community Advancement Inc. (PASCA) Pinagkaisang Damdamin ng mga Kababaihan sa Niogan Inc. (PDKN) Samahan ng mga Babaing Mag-iisda na Mangingisda sa Palikpikan Inc. (SBMP)

For more information about Clean Up the World visit and

2009 - Participant Activities in Asia Pacific Samahan ng mga Inang Kaagapay sa Pag-unlad (SIKAP), Inc. Samahan ng mga Kabataan Para sa Kapaligiran Inc. (SKPK) Samahan ng mga Magbubukid sa Sitio Luya ng Barangay Palikpikan Inc. (SMSL) Samahan ng mga Maliliit na Mangingisda sa Palikpikan Inc. (SMMP) Samahan ng mga Mangingisda Laban sa Kahirapan ng Barangay 8 Inc. (SAMALAKAB) Samahan ng mga Mangingisda sa Barangay San Juan Samahan ng Nagkakaisang Kababaihan sa Baclaran Inc. (SNKB) Samahan ng Nagkakaisang Kababaihan sa Carenahan Inc. (SNKC) Samahan ng Nagkakaisang Mangingisda sa Carenahan Inc. (SNMC) Sama-sama sa Ganap na Pag-unlad Inc.(SAGAP) San Piro Youth, Inc (SPY) Seaside Envisions Advancement: Hope for Organization, Sustainability, Resources and Environment I Women Association for the Improvement of San Piro Inc (WAIS) Cainta

Kalipunan ng mga Kabataan Para sa Kalikasan (KALIKASAN)


NEC Toppan Philippines


Senior Scouts of Jose J. Leido Jr. MNHS (BSP)


CCE Foundation Inc.

Cebu City

University of Cebu, Banilad Campus, College of Nursing - Community Extension Services and Develop


Avila Family

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2009 - Participant Activities in Asia Pacific Davao City

Davao Reef Divers Club, Inc.

Digos City

Youth Business Education Enhancement Program (BEEP!)

Dipolog City

Clean Up Dipolog!


Clean Up the Philippines Movement Inc.


Banking and Finance Students Mabini Campus Manila (BBF 3-10D) Boy Scouts of the Philippines Center for Global Warming Studies


Nature Explorer Club

Municipality of Mois



Girl Scouts of Narra del Norte District


Delbros AB Normal Club

San Pedro

Friends of Laguna Lake

Surigao City

Provincial Government of Surigao del Norte Surigao Dive Club

Tagum city

4H Club & Volunteer Association of the Philippines (VLAP) Davao del Norte Youth for Environment in School Organization ( YES-O )


Local Government of Urdaneta

SINGAPORE Member Activity Summary Singapore

The Singapore Scout Association For the third year running, the Singapore Scouts participated in the International Coastal Clean Up in Singapore’s Pasir Ris Park. Starting in the third week of September, approximately 100 volunteers took part in removing 180 kgs of waste from a 1.87km of coastline. While the clean up was taking place, a water testing program was run along with education about marine conservation. Local support provided by: The Singapore Scout Association, North East Area, Tampines District, Waterways Watch Society, Greenview Secondary School, East Spring Secondary School, Siglap Secondary School, Ngee Ann Secondary School, Beatty Secondary School, Bishan Park Secondary School, East View Primary School, Casuarina Primary School, and Meridian Primary School.

Other participants in Singapore are: Australian High Commission, Singapore Cuon Scout Group For more information about Clean Up the World visit and

2009 - Participant Activities in Asia Pacific Waterways Watch Society

SOLOMON ISLANDS Member Activity Summary Honiara

Australian High Commission, Honiara Solomon Islands Over two hot summer days in the Solomon Islands, a group of locals worked together with the Australian High Commission to clean up the streets and beaches of Honiara, the nation's capital. The "Honiara City Youth Clean Up Honiara" event was held during Clean Up the World Weekend in September. Starting on the September 19, around 60 volunteers collected over seventy bags of waste. Finishing in the Children's Park, they enjoyed refreshments donated by a local business. The following day a further 50 volunteers, including 30 local school children, collected two truck loads of waste from Turtle and Bonegi beaches. These activities were able to raise awareness on several levels, as the Red Cross Special Development Centre was able hold an environment education session for disabled students. These students then planted trees donated by the Honiara Beautification Committee. The activities were also followed by letters to newspaper editors and a commitment by the local council to remain focused on its "Keep Honiara Clean" campaign. Local support provided by: Australian High Commission, Solomon Islands Red Cross, Honiara City CouncilYouth Division, Honiara Beautification Committee, UNDP, Live&Learn and Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands.

Other participants in Solomon Islands are: Solomon Islands Youth for Change (SIYC)

SRI LANKA Members' Activity Summaries Colombo 7

Australian High Commission, Colombo, Sri Lanka The Australian High Commission (AHC) in Colombo joined forces with local communities and members of the Sri Lankan Navy, as part of a number of activities to celebrate Clean up the World Weekend from September 18-20. A recycling campaign was initiated by the AHC with the Maris Stella College in Negombo, to raise youth awareness or for environmental protection and conservation. On September 19, a beach activity was organised by the AHC in partnership with local NGO - PEACE. Staff from the AHC worked together with 15 Officers from the Sri Lankan Navy and 25 local volunteers to clean up a stretch of Crow Island in Mattakuliya, Colombo. Local support provided by: Maris Stella College Negombo, Protecting the Environment and Children Everywhere (PEACE), Sri Lankan Navy.

Other participants in Sri Lanka are: Malabe

PeaceStars Org

TAIWAN* Members' Activity Summaries Taipei

TTU ME(Tatung University Mechanical Engineering)

For more information about Clean Up the World visit and

2009 - Participant Activities in Asia Pacific "Clean up the Yang Ming National Park", a waste removal activity conducted in Yang-Ming National park was organised by students from the Tatung University Mechanical Engineering Faculty. Employees from CHT Taiwan also lent their support to the activity by volunteering on the day. Local support provided by: CHT Taiwan.

THAILAND Member Activity Summary Bangkok

Australian Embassy, Bangkok On October 3, the Australian Embassy Bangkok teamed up with the Plant-A-Tree-Today Foundation, to celebrate Clean Up the World Weekend. Over sixty embassy staff and family members, children from the Klong Toey slum community and Australian religious sister, Sister Joan Evans all participated in an tree planting activity in the ecologically sensitive area of Bangpu Recreation Centre, Samut Prakarn. Participants started the day’s activities with a walk through the mangrove forest and cleaned up the area by collecting waste along the way. Following this, a lesson on how to plant mangrove saplings was conducted and participants put their knowledge into practice to plant approximately 200 mangrove saplings. Local support provided by: Plant-A-Tree-Today Foundation Thailand.

Other participants in Thailand are: Pattaya

The Regent's School, Pattaya


The Merryuana (Sustainable Life Skill Learning Group)

TONGA Nuku'alofa

Waste Authority Ltd


Youth Environmental Network of Uzbekistan


Australian High Commission, Port Vila Live & Learn Environmental Education, Vanuatu Office Tagabe River Management Committee Vanuatu Police Force - Crime Prevention and Community Safety Office

VIET NAM Member Activity Summary Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City Environmental Protection Agency (HEPA) Approximately 500 volunteers took part in clean up and tree planting activities, organised by the Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) Environmental Protection Agency, for their participation in Clean Up the World Weekend on September 26. Under the banner of the "Ho Chi Minh City Community cleaning up to combat climate change", these activities took place in the Phu Nhuan district and were complimented by an awareness raising activity, whereby cyclists took to the streets, posting flyers at points around the city and distributed an estimated 6,000 leaflets to the public, calling on communities to take responsibility for keeping their local environments clean and healthy, rather than seeing this as solely being a government responsibility. Local support provided by: Government Departments, Unions and Communities across Ho Chi Minh City.

For more information about Clean Up the World visit and

2009 - Participant Activities in Asia Pacific Other participants in Viet Nam are: Danang

Danang EPA

Ha Noi

Bayer Young Environmental Envoy (BYEE) VACNE


Vietnam Environment Administration Vietnam Environment Protection Agency (VEPA)

Ho Chi Minh City

Australian Consulate General in Hochiminh city Vietnam Saigon International College - SIC

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2009 - Participant Activities in Europe Participants can be Members

or Guests

. Members can provide an Activity Summary report in addition to creating activities.


Stadtgemeinde Weiz

BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA Member Activity Summary Bijeljina

NGO Eko Put (Eco Way) Bijeljina Participating in the Clean Up the World campaign for the first time, NGO Eko Put- Eco Way combined their clean up activities with an awareness raising event to highlight to their community, the problem of waste in the environment. From September to December, volunteers from the organisation were joined by members of the Eco Union of Bijeljina, to carry out a series of clean ups of the Drina River. An assortment of waste, including plastic bottles were removed from the river. Photos of the waste collected were then used by the organisation as part of a street performance to raise awareness about the need to keep nature clean. Local support provided by: SES (Eco Union of Bijeljina), Local Council and Local Schools.


Organization of Bulgarian Scouts


Scout Club Madarski konnik Shumen

CROATIA Member Activity Summary Komiza

Mali Zeleni & Bisevo (Little Green Man & Bisevo) Participating in Clean Up the World for the first time in 2009, Mali Zeleni & Bisevo organised a clean up on the Croatian island, Bisevo. Over the course of 15 days, a group of 12 volunteers worked in hot 40 degree Celsius temperatures, to collect approximately 300 bags of waste and other large items - including a stove and a refrigerator, from Porat and Mezoporat beaches and surroundings. Thanks to the volunteer’s efforts, the beaches and surrounding areas were not only left cleaner and had greater protection from fire hazards, but the local community and tourists on the island were also made aware of the need to respect public spaces by keeping them clean for all to enjoy. Local support provided by: Foundation for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficency, SplitskoDalmatinska County, Komiza County.

Other participants in Croatia are: Cabar

OS Petar Zrinski Cabar


Rotary Club Prague International

FRANCE Member Activity Summary Blanquefort

Meduli Nature In the quiet town of Blanquefort near Bordeaux in France, a group of volunteers organised a garbage collection day at three sites within the town. Working at the woods of Tanais, the street and Lindberg Road Perric and Lake Ford volunteers were able to remove 3 tonnes of waste, of which ten percent was recycled. The event was held with the support of the local council. Local support provided by: La municipalitĂŠ de Blanquefort.


Association Cap Marseille

For more information about Clean Up the World visit and

2009 - Participant Activities in Europe From September 19-20, Cap Marseille organised their 10th annual clean up event of the Old Port of Marseille, in support of Clean Up the World Weekend. Titled "Rencontres des Passionnes de Mer", the event was organised to bring the community of Marseille together to increase awareness of the need to protect the environment, in particular the harbour and to celebrate the maritime heritage of Marseille. Volunteers took to the water on traditional boats and cleaned the port area. In addition to the clean up, an exhibit was held at the l’Ecole Méditerranéenne de l’Environnement (the Mediterranean School of the Environment), to inform the community of problems associated with waste in marine environments. Local support provided by: Marseille Provence Métropole Ville de Marseille, Conseil Général, Conseil Régional Associations des Canotiers Boud de mer Office de la Mer et ATM.

Other participants in France are: Bordeaux

Lycée Jean Condorcet


La Main Verte


Le Jeune


Eclaireuses et Eclaireurs Unionistes de France (EEUdF)


Syndicat d'Agglomération Nouvelle Ouest Provence

Lignan de Bordeaux

La Poubelle Verte


Vivre Porte Des Aspres


BSR Berliner Stadtreinigung


Stadtreinigung Hamburg


Green - Ocean e.V

GIBRALTAR* Members' Activity Summaries Gibraltar

Environmental Safety Group

For more information about Clean Up the World visit and

2009 - Participant Activities in Europe In 2009, volunteers organised by NGO the Environmental Safety Group organised a cleanup of Gibraltar. Mobilising 700 volunteers, the Environmental Safety Group was able to remove 100 tonnes of waste from 20 sites both on land and in marine environments. Crews were able to reach difficult sites using both abseiling and diving. Being held for the fifth year in a row, the cleanup activities focused around Gibraltar's most famous landmark, the Gibraltar Rock. In addition to the clean up day, both a parade and an exhibition was held. The exhibition in particular was well received, as it featured eye catching art made from waste and a large screen that showed documentaries about previous years' cleanups. Finally, school children received awards for their environmental posters. Local support provided by: Bonita Trust, Hassan's International, Open Day Trust, WE CARE, Rotary Club, Tarik Shipping, Image Graphics, Interbuild, Master Services, Morrisons.


Clean Up Greece

Ionian Islands

Life Amphibious


Sitia, Crete

ITALY Member Activity Summary Milan

Legambiente Onlus From September 25-27, Legambiente Onlus organised their 16th edition of "Puliamo il Mondo" (Clean Up the World) - a three day clean up campaign across Italy. Approximately 700,000 volunteers from 1,700 municipalities worked together to remove waste from 4,500 locations across the country. Local support provided by: UPI (Italian Provinces Union), Federparchi (National Parks Federation), Anci ( National Association of the Municipalities), Ministry of the Enviroment, Ministry of the Education, the European Commision - representation in Italy.

Other participants in Italy are: Rome

Comune di Roma - Dept. Environmental Policy


Ik Prik Mee (Join the Clean Sweep)



Green Bay Magazine

POLAND Members' Activity Summaries Warsaw

Our Earth Foundation - Fundacja Nasza Ziemia

For more information about Clean Up the World visit and

2009 - Participant Activities in Europe In their sixteenth year participating in Clean Up the World, Fundacja Nasza Ziemia (Our Earth Foundation) carried out the "Let's Help the Earth - Every Day" campaign in 2009. With a focus on promoting simple ways to protect the environment and live more sustainably, the campaign focused on a range of events and educational campaigns. Approximately 150,000 volunteers worked together to remove over 340 tonnes of waste across the nation. While waste was removed from a range of sites, the clean up included the complete liquidation of 400 wild waste dumps. In addition to the waste removal events, education campaigns were held on the topic of reducing water and electricity use along with the benefits of recycling. To promote the campaign, 60,000 posters were printed and distributed to 1,000 groups including local governments, schools and social organisations throughout Poland. This year's campaign, resulted in the removal of waste from Poland's streets, local parks, national parks, forests, school areas, beaches, river banks, lakes, and the Baltic Sea (with the help of divers). Local support provided by: National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, Vattenfall, British Council, Clear Channel Poland, Coca-Cola HBC, Plastics Europe Foundation, KOBA, PTK Centertel, Polish Chamber of Commerce, Rekopol, DB Schenker.     

Other participants in Poland are: Lodz

37 Junior High School in Lodz

PORTUGAL Members' Activity Summaries Funchal

Camara Municipal do Funchal From September 16 to 19, the Funchal City Council held their "From the Sea to the Mountain Cleaning Campaign" in celebration of Clean Up the World Weekend. Over the three days of activities, approximately 153 volunteers including army personnel, firemen, children from community centres and city council workers participated, collecting more than 2.3 tonnes of waste which was sent to a treatment facility. The clean up areas included streams (João Gomes, Carne Azeda, Santa Luzia and São João), quarters (Romeiras, Palheiro Ferreiro, Canto do Muro, Quinta Falcão and Santo Amaro), beaches and streets, all situated in the municipality of Funchal.

Horta - Faial

Observatorio do Mar dos Acores - OMA The "Limpa A Fondo" (Clean Up Fondo) activity, organised by Observatorio do Mar dos Açores, took place on October 17. Focusing on the city's harbour, a group of divers removed waste including tyres, bottles, plastic bags and cans from the water. After the clean up, local Environmental Awareness Raising Centre, Ecoteca, worked with school students to separate the waste for recycling and educate the students about waste management practics.. Local support provided by: Horta's City Hall, Dive Azores, CNH - Clube Naval da Horta, DOP - Departamento de Oceanografia e Pescas da UAç, Ecoteca, Norberto Diver, Clube do Mar do Faial, APTO S.A., Capitania do Porto da Horta, Policia Marítima, Red Cross, APEDA - Associação de Pescadores de Espécies Demersais dos Açores, Lotaçor, EBI António José Ávila, Casa de Infância de Stº António and Escola Profissional da Horta.


Câmara Municipal de Oeiras Câmara Municipal de Oeiras carried out a series of clean ups at Praia de Paço de Arcos ( Paco de Arcos beach) for Clean Up the World Weekend on September, 20. Approximately 60 volunteers took part in the clean up, collecting 100 kgs of waste. The Diving School of Lisbon (EML) also supported the event, by carrying out an underwater clean up at the beach. Local support provided by: Department of Environment, Diving School of Lisbon (EML), Tetra Pak Iberia, ISS Pest Control, BDF - Beiersdorf, Nestlé Portugal and Matutano.

Other participants in Portugal are: Funchal

Clube Naval do Funchal


Câmara Municipal de Loures

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2009 - Participant Activities in Europe Paredes


Pedreira - Nordeste

Sociedade Portuguesa para o Estudo das Aves

Povoa de Varzim

La Câmara Municipal da Póvoa de Varzim

Vila Praia de Âncor

Lions Clube De Vila Praia De Âncora

ROMANIA Members' Activity Summaries Bacau

Asociatia Iubim Natura October 14 and 15, saw the second inception of ‘Natura Fest 2’, an environmental education festival run by Iubim Natura (We Love Nature) in the city of Bacau in north eastern Romania. The festival included public awareness through fliers along with films and games along the topic of recycling and waste management. The event also included a raffle where 90 prizes included recycled paper, ecological bulbs, T-shirts, caps and key chains with the Iubim Natura logo were given out. An environmental benefit of the event included the reduction of pollution by banning traffic during the weekend in the city centre. Iubim Natura’s motto for the event was "Ecology starts at home". Local support provided by: CeRe, APM, ARMP, Directia Apele Romane Regioanal Siret, the City Council, the Local Council. Scoala cu clasele I-VIII Buda-Rachitoasa The Scoala cu clasele I-VIII Buda-Rachitoasa school organised the "La nature, ma maison, ma vie" ("Nature, My Home, My life") campaign for their Clean Up the World activity in 2009. Working with fellow Clean Up the World Members, Asociatia Iubim Natura, approximately 100 students took part in a clean up and greening project along the Zeletin river in Bacau.The school also organised a paper collection drive to recycle the waste paper collected from the clean up, as well as paper used at the school, in order to demonstrate to students and the community the importance of recycling waste paper as a means to preventing deforestation. Local support provided by: Asociatia Iubim Natura.


Renaud Investments SRL For the second year running, the awareness raising event "Style & Nature", to encourage people to take action on environmental issues and live more sustainably, was held in Bucharest on December 10. Activities held at the event were based on the chosen theme; "let's make a change together". More than 200 people attended the event and had the opportunity to partake in activities such as calculating their carbon footprint, recycling projects, ice skating on an eco friendly rink and attending an educational program on waste management projects in Romania.The British Embassy in Bucharest also lent their support to the event by assiting with screening the film concerning climate change and it's possible consequences; "The Age of Stupid". Local support provided by: Eve Magazine, Generatia Verde, TVR, DRAFTFCB, White Club, British Embassy Bucharest.

Other participants in Romania are: Iassy

Gradinita PP23 lasi


Scoala de Arte Si Meserii Pancesti


Eco High School Mihail Sadoveanu

RUSSIAN FEDERATION For more information about Clean Up the World visit and

2009 - Participant Activities in Europe Members' Activity Summaries Michurinsk

Scouts of Michurinsk In their first year particpating in Clean Up the World, the Scouts of Michurinsk, a local branch of the Russian Association of Scouts, organised an education hour and a clean up of the local river - the Lesnoy Voronezh. While cleaning the banks of the river, the volunteers were approached by many local people who were curious about their activities, raising local awareness about clean up events.The Scouts hope that these continued efforts will not only create a cleaner environment, but also help to overcome the inertia in society in regard to waste issues. Local support provided by: Liceum of Michurinsk, Information Center of Michurinsk.

Other participants in Russian Federation are: Moscow

Educational Center No 654 Russian Association of Scouts/Navigators




UNESCO Bashkortostan




Slovak Union of the Protectors of Nature and Landscape (SZOPK) Presov

SPAIN Members' Activity Summaries Alicante

Area de Medio Ambiente de la Excma. Diputación Provincial de Alicante For the second year running, the Area de Medio Ambiente de la Excma. Diputación de Alicante, organised a series of clean up days throughout the province of Alicante during September and October. In total, more than 700 volunteers from local schools and communities across 13 municipalities in the province collected approximately 11,400 kgs of waste. Each of the municipalities involved lent their support for the event by identifying sites for the clean ups to be carried out at and collecting the waste from each site for proper disposal. Local support provided by: Ayuntamiento de Alfaz del Pi, Ayuntamiento de La Algueña, Ayuntamiento de Aspe, Ayuntamiento de Beniarrés, Ayuntamiento de Biar, Ayuntamiento de Cox, Ayuntamiento de Ibi, Ayuntamiento de Los Montesinos, Ayuntaiento de La Nucía, Ayuntamiento de Penáguila, Ayuntamiento de San Isidro, Ayuntamiento de Villena, Ayuntamiento de Xixona.


GEA, Grupo de Ecologia Activa The Cádiz branch of the Spanish environmental organisation - Grupo de Ecología Activa, organised a clean up of Caleta beach and the area surrounding San Sebastian Castle. Approximately 20 volunteers worked together to remove waste from the area. Plastic bottles, rope and 3 kilos of batteries were among some of the items of the waste collected.Thanks to the efforts of all involved, participants believe that they helped to raise levels of awareness among visitors to the beach of the importance of caring for the beach and keeping it clean for all to enjoy. Local support provided by: Ayuntamiento de Cádiz .

Covas - Viveiro

Asociacion Medioambiental (Punta Arnela)

For more information about Clean Up the World visit and

2009 - Participant Activities in Europe The Asociacion Medioambiental Punta Arnela, celebrated Clean Up the World Weekend by carrying out a beach clean up and beach study in the municipality of O Vicedo. 6 bags of waste, largely consisting of plastic items were collected from the clean up and sent for processing at a waste disposal centre. As the association largely focuses its activities on marine conservation, a study of sea shells found along the coastline in this area was carried out with a guide being produced for the association's own reference.


Sociedade Galega de Historia Natural Delegación Ferrol (SGHN Ferrol) Sociedade Galega de Historia Natural Delegación Ferrol worked with local diving associations to conduct three clean up activates of the ports of Mugardos, Ferrol and Cediera in Coruña, Galicia. Large amounts of waste were removed during the clean ups and the volunteers involved believed that they had made a significant effort in helping protect the marine life in the ports from the threat of waste entanglement. Local support provided by: Los ayuntamientos de Mugardos y Cedeira, las cofradias de pescadores y asociación de armadores.


Federación de Asociaciones de Scouts de España (ASDE) Local Scout groups across Spain carried out different Environmental Education programs in 2009, to educate youth about a range of environmental issues. One of the programs titled: "La Maleta Verde" (the Green Bag) program, focused on issues of climate change and desertifcation. Educational workshops were combined with outdoor activites to educate particpants about living more sustainably and taking action in their daily lives to promote protect and conserve the environment. Local support proivded by:Organizaciones Federadas en las 15 Comunidades Autónomas.


Aulaga Asociación de Educación Ambiental y Ecologia Social A clean up along the banks of the Guadalmedina de Málaga river was carried out by Aulaga to celebrate both their 10th year of particpation in Clean Up the World and 10 year anniversary of their organisation. Approximately 76 volunteers collected 112 bags of waste and other items including shopping trolleys, car batteries and plastic chairs and tables. A highlight of the years activities included an appearance on the televison program, "Málaga en Antena", during which the organisation spoke of their invovlement in Clean Up the World and their continued efforts in improving urban environments.


Programa de Voluntariado Ambiental en Espacios Naturales de la Region de Murcia, Spain The Programa de Volunariado Ambeintal organised a series of activities across 15 municipalities of the Murcia region, in support of Clean Up the World Weekend. In total, more than 15,000 trees (specifically Pine and Palm species native to the area) were distributed to volunteers to be planted during the weekend. An information booth was set up in each municipality to distribute the trees to volunteers and to provide participants with information about tree planting and tips for caring for the trees to ensure their continued growth. Local support provided by: los ayuntamientos de Cartagena, Totana, Albudeite, Ulea, Jumilla,Fortuna, Torre Pacheco y Yecla Todos de la Región de Murcia, la Consejería de Agricultura y Agua, el personal de Mantenimiento de los espacios naturales.


GEA - Delegación de Sevilla (España) Working in the town of Los Palacios in Sevilla in Spain, Delegación de Sevilla transformed two former landfill areas into green zones via reforestation. Secondly, the group worked to clean up Olivar de Aljamar Tomares, an urban area in the outskirts of Sevilla removing several tons of waste. This waste was subsequently sent to recycling centres. Local support provided by:Ayuntamiento de Los Palacios - Área de Juventud, Ayuntamiento de Tomares Área de Medio Ambiente, Club Maratón de Tomares, Junta de Andalucía - Área de Medio Ambiente.

For more information about Clean Up the World visit and

2009 - Participant Activities in Europe Other participants in Spain are: Alcoy

Grupo Scout Sant Jordi


IES Bernat Metge Nueva Acrópolis Barcelona

Corbera de Llobreg

NACS - Friends of Nature


SADECO (Saneamientos De Cordoba, S.A).

La Canonja

La Canonja 3 - Poble, Paisatge i Sostenibilitat

La Carolina

Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de La Carolina


La Familia en Acción - Time to Act


Área de Participación Ciudadana Inmigración y Cooperación al Desarrollo del Ayuntamiento de Málaga



Palma de Mallorca

Es Racó de Ses Idees Govern de les Illes Balears Voluntaris Sense Fronteras Illes Balears - The Balearic Islands Volunteers without Frontiers


Ayuntamiento de Posadas


Grupo 5/14


Rover's de valencia

SWEDEN Members' Activity Summaries Stockholm


For more information about Clean Up the World visit and

2009 - Participant Activities in Europe An environmental education campaign addressing climate change was conducted by Enprohnet, in 2009. A clean up event and series of educational workshops were attended by volunteers, helping to raise levels of awareness of how communities can combat climate change.

Other participants in Sweden are: Löddeköpinge

Greenbag Scandinavia


Life-Link Friendship-Schools Association

SWITZERLAND Members' Activity Summaries Zürich

Stiftung Praktischer Umweltschutz Schweiz Pusch For the year fifth running, the Swiss foundation for environmental management (Stiftung Praktischer Umweltschutz Schweiz) coordinated the national action day Aktionstag "Wahre Werte" ("True Values"). On May 15 and 16 over 300 communities, schools and enterprises organised local activities and events. The principal focuses of the action day were: how to avoid waste, recycle waste, correctly dispose of it along with advice on effective composting. A wide range of different activities took place: waste was collected, separated and recycled, toys were created from recycling material, and finally flea markets or visits in waste disposal enterprises were organised. Local support provided by: Federal Office for the Environment, several Swiss recycling organisations and associations, McDonald's Switzerland.

Other participants in Switzerland are: Geneva

World Organization of the Scout Movement

UNITED KINGDOM Barton-upon-Humbe

SHWAP Volunteer Group


The Reef-World Foundation


Keep Wales Tidy


Ballougry Integrated Community Playgroup


Kind SEED centre


Oakleigh School Roehampton Church School Conservation club


Friends of Victoria Park, Stretford Manchester City Council RNCM People and Planet

For more information about Clean Up the World visit and

2009 - Participant Activities in Europe Norton

Norton Wildife Watch




Environclean Community Group


Forton Parish Council


Keep Scotland Beautiful

Thames Ditton

1st Weston Green Scout Group

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2009 - Participant Activities in Latin America & Caribbean Participants can be Members

or Guests

. Members can provide an Activity Summary report in addition to creating activities.

ARGENTINA Member Activity Summary 9 de Julio

Solidaridad Ciudadana Solidaridad Ciudadana coordinated a clean up of 2 communities - Barrio Hèroes de Malvinas and Barrio de la Boca in the 9 de Julio Municipality in celebration of Clean Up the World Weekend. Approximately 34 volunteers including 20 school students participated in the activity to remove waste from streets and parkland. Local support provided by: Escuela Nº2 Hipolito Irigoyen, Sociedad de Fomento, Escuela Nº 12 Barrio, Centro Integrador Comunitario Ciudad Nueva, Secretaria de Servicios Públicos de Municipalidad de 9 de Julio, empresas agroindustriales, comecios, docentes y vecinos.

Buenos Aires

Agenda Joven On December 13, Agenda Joven conducted an arts festival called "ReciclArte" on the banks of the Luján River, in the Delta del Tigre in Buenos Aires. This activity involved the performances of 50 artists to raise awareness about environmental issues, for the more than 1,000 participants who attended the festival. The objective of "ReciclArte" was to promote the need for recycling and support the intentions of the UN Climate Conference using an artistic language. Fine art projects including painting, drawing, sculpture presentations, theatre, dance and music were coupled with visual art exhibits including, photography, video and film exhibits all formed part of the festival. In addition, a song was composed to celebrate Clean Up the World in different languages. This event served to sensitise people from different walks of life about our individual and collective responsibility towards the environment. Local support provided by: Agua y Juventud Internacional, Acuerdo Ciudadano con la Tierra, MAPO (Movimiento Argentino de Producción Orgánica), Sabe la tierra, Directorio verde, Reciclarte Argentina, Ecobrisa,,Municipio de Tigre, Escuelas locales, Artistas. Biblioteca Popular ' Albino Capponi' Lobos (Prov de BsAs) Argentina A Workshop for children aged between 8-10 years, focusing on environmental protection and sustainability was organised by the Albino Capponi Lobos Library, in the city of Lobos. The activities carried out included a clean up of one of the cities parks and children attending the workshop also performed in an awareness raising segment that was filmed for screening on local television and radio networks. Local support provided by: canal local de televisión , radio local.

Chos Malal

Grupo Ecologico Sendero Ambiental Three clean ups were organised in July, August and October in Chos Malal, by members of Grupo Ecologico Sendero Ambiental. In total, approximately 450 volunteers took part in the activities and collected more than 2 tonnes of waste. The waste collected was either returned to compost or taken to recycling centres for processing. In addition to the clean ups, the group planted 1,500 trees, including acacias, ash and ponderosa pine species, throughout the course of the year. These activities were complimented by awareness raising events; for the 10th year running, an educational program "Centinelas del Ambiente" ("Environmental Guardians") was broadcast on radio stations in the region. An estimated 1,200 students from 12 schools participated in the environmental programs conducted by the group. Finally, approximately 60 participants took part in a triathlon, whereby participants were required to Cycle for 20 kilometers, complete a 20km rowing challenge along the river, followed by a 10 km run - held along a mountain trail. In the days prior to the triathlon a clean up was carried out on the circuit with the idea being that the triathlon was an opportunity to show people the benefits and the enjoyment that clean recreational areas can provide. Local support provided by: la Patrulla Ambiental Escuadrón 30 de Gendarmería Nacional Argentina, Municipalidades de Chos Malal - Las Ovejas - El Cholar, cámara de comercio de la localidad de ChosMalal, zona sanitaria III del Hospital Regional Chos Malal, LRA 52 Radio Nacional Chos Malal, Diarios La Mañana y el Rió Negro, Radios FM; Uno, Activa, Patagonia, Palatina, San Sebastian, Trai Mahuida, video cable local Noticiero del Norte de Chos Malal.

For more information about Clean Up the World visit and

2009 - Participant Activities in Latin America & Caribbean Ciudad Autónoma d

ARMONÍA Jardín de Infantes - Escuela Primaria Bilingüe The ARMONÍA Jardín de Infantes - Escuela Primaria Bilingüe School, organised two activities during the school year that involved the participation of students, parents and the wider community. Firstly, the school worked with their local community in Palmero and the local recycling centre, la Cooperativa el Ciebo on the "Reciclar es Coopeara (Recycling in Cooperation) program. Each Monday, students at the school would bring in household waste that could be recycled, such as paper, plastic and glass. The waste was then collected by the recycling centre for proper disposal. This activity was complimented by a workshop in which reusable bags were made. Titled the "Bolsas con Historia" (Bags that tell a story) project, the school donated fabric to a psychiatric hospital, so that patients could sew reusable bags for the students. The bags were then distributed to students and with the help of their families, they decorated the bags with slogans or symbols that best represented what the Environment means to them. Local support provided by: Fundación para la Educación en Valores Humanos Armonía,

Concepcion de la Si

Agrupación Jesuítica Santa María Gendarmería Infantil 220 young people took part in activities organised by the Agrupación Jesuítica Santa María Gendarmería Infantil, in 2009. Both seed and tree planting activities were held in celebration of Earth Day from April 18-25. World Environment Day was observed from June 5-6, with participants adding new plants to the centre’s garden. The film "Home"was also screened as part of the weekend’s events. This was continued with educational workshops conducted during Clean Up the World Weekend on September 19, with all participants receiving a booklet with tips and ideas to conserve the environment. A clean up, held on October 4 at El Barrio Militar del Escuadrón 8 Alto Uruguay concluded the year’s activities, with 85 bags of waste being collected. Local support provided by: La Delegación San Javier del Instituto Nacional de Tecnología.


Cuerpo de Guarda Ambiente Honorario Municipal For the seventh consecutive year, el Cuerpo de Guarda Ambiente Honorario Municipal worked with the Volunteer Fire Department of Villa America to conduct various clean up activities. In October, a clean up was carried out at the Arroyo Quebrada del Infirenillo in Cordoba, with 50 volunteers collecting approximately 300 kgs of waste. This was followed by a clean up in November of the Los Molinos dam, whereby 300 volunteers removed more than 20 tonnes of waste and planted 6,000 trees in the area surrounding the dam, which was recently affected by forest fires. Finally, the year’s activities concluded in December with a clean up of the banks of the la Quebrada dam in Río Ceballos, with 1,000 volunteers collecting 2000 kgs of waste during the month long clean up. Local support provided by: Secretaría de Ambiente de la Provincia de Córdoba, Comuna de Villa Ciudad de América, SUOEM (Sindicato de empleados Municipales Córdoba), empresa CRESE (Córdoba recicla Sociedad del Estado).


Fundacion Familia Solidaria

For more information about Clean Up the World visit and

2009 - Participant Activities in Latin America & Caribbean Fundación Familia Solidaria continued to carry out activities in 2009 that form part of a three year environmental improvement plan, working in association with other environmental organisations in Cordoba. As part of this plan, a clean up was conducted of a canal that supplies water to residential areas in a district of Córdoba. In addition to this, the group also carried out tree planting activities in 7 suburbs, whereby trees were planted in public spaces. Local support provided by: Fundación Argentea, Politeia - Centro de Estudios. General Pico

Asociacion Civil Cooperar For the second year running, the association participated in the "Proyecto Por una Ciudad Limpia" campaign, organised in support Clean Up the World. Education workshops were held in schools with the aim of raising awareness about the proper management of household waste. In addition, a project on composting and vermiculture was organised along with a ecology themed digital photography contest. In total, 141 students participated in the activities, from six different schools. As a result of these activities, students learned the concept of the "3 R's": Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in order to minimise household waste . Local support provided by: Escuela no.104 de Villa La Angostura, Escuela no.50 de Ojeda Escuedla no.51 de Faluch, Centro de Sky Cerro Bayo, Inmobiliaria Muelle de Piedra.


Escuela Los Arrayanes No. 1390 y No. 3103 In September, students and teachers from the Escuela Los Arrayanes No.1390 y No.3103 school set up information stands in Libertad Plaza, Rosario in order to raise awareness amongst the local community about a range of different environmental issues and ideas for living sustainably. Topics featured included recycling, waste management practices, climate change and tree planting. In addition to the information stands, students also placed posters displaying environmental messages around the city and handed out pamphlets and green shopping bags to passersby. Local support provided by: Canal 5, Municipalidad de Rosario. Grupo Norte Rosario On September 18, for the third consecutive year, the "A Limpiar Rosario" campaign was carried out with the aim to create awareness about environmental care and cleanliness in Rosario. To complement this campaign, the "Campaña de Bolsas Reutilizables" (The Reusable Bag Campaign) was also carried out, with brochures and reusable bags being distributed to the community in order to promote the use of reusable bags. Local support provided by: Municipalidad de Rosario, Cámara de Supermercadistas y Autoservicios de Rosario, La Segunda Seguros.

Other participants in Argentina are: Adelia María

Instituto Adelia María


Terra Nova

Buenos Aires

Agustina Simon Escuela Nª 2 DE 11 Nautico Escobar Country Club Recolectora del Plata SA Torresolar SRL

Ciudad Autonoma d

Scouts de Argentina


Ambientalistas Unidos

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2009 - Participant Activities in Latin America & Caribbean Cordoba- Capital

Grupo Scouts Niño Jesus de Praga

Deán funes

Ambiente Deán Funes

El Calafate

Gendarmeria Infantil - Escuadra lago del desierto


Jovenes Por El Futuro


Zona 8 Scouts de Argentina


Manos Limpias

Jesus Maria

Groupo Scout 926 Malvinas Argentinas

Junin de los Andes

Taller de Reciclado, Centro de Educacion Integral San Ignacio y Fundacion Cruzada Patagonica


Colegio Nuestra Señora (3º Año B Secundaria)

Mar del PLata

Fundacion Reserva Natural Puerto Mar del Plata


Proyecto 4R

Argentina- Brasil-El Salvador(reducir, reutilizar, reciclar y reemplazar.) Miramar

Municipalidad de General Alvarado


Colegio Bilingüe Neuquén


Instituto Juan Anchorena


Centro Educativo Maria Josefa Gonzalez Casero Patrimonio Natural Pilar

Puerto Madryn

Fundacion Patagonia Natural


Club de Ciencias Don Bosco




Asociacion Amigos Del Arbol

San miguel de Tucu

Tucumán limpio

Santiago del Estero

Siendo Humanos

For more information about Clean Up the World visit and

2009 - Participant Activities in Latin America & Caribbean Sunchales

Jardin de Infantes N° 118

Tres de Febrero

Comunidad Rover Cura Brochero, Grupo Scout Santa Teresita


Fundación Väinö Auer

BARBADOS Member Activity Summary St Thomas

Future Centre Trust Participating in Clean Up the World for the first time, Counterpart Caribbean @ the Future Centre organised an island wide clean up event, "Clean Up Barbados". More than 700 volunteers cleaned up 26 different sites across Barbados. Working along the coasts and gullies of the Caribbean island, volunteers were able to collect 42 tonnes of waste in a single morning. This waste was then sorted, with organisers discovering that as much as half of it was recyclable. Volunteers who participated in the event included local community groups, Scouts and Girl Guides, corporate groups and a contingent from the Barbados Defence Force. Local support provided by: Virgo Communications, SBI Distribution, RPI Recycling, B's Recycling, Virgin Holidays Caribbean, First Caribbean International Bank, West Coast Mall, M.Pact Incorporate New Tech signs, Nation News, Starcom Network, Realtors, Peter Boos, Toshiba Office Supplies, Nassco Ltd, Good time Snacks, RBC Reinsurance Green Team, Wibisco, Tall Ships, Caycee Hess, National Conservation Commission, Sanitation Service Authority, Almond Beach Casuarina, Accra Beach Hotel, Barbados Light and Power Co Ltd.

BOLIVIA Member Activity Summary Santa Cruz de la Si

Distrito Scout de Santa Cruz -Asociación Scout de Bolivia A clean up of an urban park in the centre of Santa Cruz and an environmental education fair about climate change were the activities chosen by the Scouts of the Santa Cruz district for their participation in Clean Up the World this year. More than 300 Scouts attended both the clean up and the fair, which both took place in the park on same day. Local support provided by: Alcadia Municipal de Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Enmacruz.

Other participants in Bolivia are: Cochabamba

Asociacion de Scouts de Bolivia

La Paz

Grupo Scout Ajayu Janihuiri




Distrito Scout Tarija - Asociación de Scouts de Bolivia

BRAZIL Members' Activity Summaries Bahia

Org. Socio Ambientalista Joguelimpio

For more information about Clean Up the World visit and

2009 - Participant Activities in Latin America & Caribbean A series of beach clean ups were organised by the Joguelimpio organisation in support of Clean Up the World Weekend. Working under the title of the “Joguelimpo com Nossas Praias” campaign, a total of 2210 volunteers from 6 municipalities in the state of Bahia - Mata de São João, Salvador, Maraú, Cairú, Porto Seguro and Caravelas, came together to remove 5,923 kgs of waste from 60 kms of beaches and coastlines. Local support provided by: SEMA - Secretaria Estadual de Meio Ambiente, Unijorge, Tivoli Praia do Forte Eco Resort, Thalasso Spa e Itacaré Eco Resort, Ministério do Meio Ambiente (Projeto Orla e Campanha "Saco é um Saco"), Projeto Tamar, Instituto Baleia Jubarte, Grupo Patrulha Ecológica e Prefeitura Municipal de Mata de São João. Itanhaém

Ecosurfi Clean ups at 6 locations in Itahhaém were organised by Ecosurfi on September 19 during Clean Up the World Weekend. Over the course of two hours, 5 teams of volunteers worked to remove more than 1,000 kgs of waste from the following beaches: Praia do Sonho, Cama de Anchieta, Praia dos Pescadores, Ilha das Cabras, Morro do Sapucaitava and Praia da Saudade. The majority of the waste collected on the day was plastic and Styrofoam waste. After the clean up, all volunteers involved in the activity came together to make a giant human peace symbol to demonstrate their desire for a ecologically sustainable future and to attract the attention of authorise and the community in general, of the current threats towards marine life in our oceans. Local support provided by: Restaurante Tia Lena, Itaprint - Impressão Digital, Academia Corpo e Forma, Litoral Sul Águas, Gordo Eventos e contabilidade Belas Artes, Global Garbage, Greenpece - campanha de Oceanos, ETEC - Escola Técnica Estadual, ASSU - Associação Socioambiental Somos Ubatuba, Ecogalera.


Projeto Araras A clean up was held for three days along the Araras river in Araras. Titled the "Festival da Limpeza " and working under the theme - "Clean Water. Life for the whole world", 80 volunteers took part in the clean up and collected approximately 300 tonnes of waste from the streets, hills and river. Students also participated in the clean up by helping to clean the river and their school grounds. The local waste management company, Comdep also lended their support to the event by installing new waste bins throughout Araras. In addition to the clean up activites, a series of environmental education seminars were held at five schools. Approximately 1,200 students attended lectures, movies and exhibitions to learn about recycling, solar energy and energy and water pollution issues. Local support provided by: Comdep, Bramil Supermarket, Arcoflex, Recanto das Araras Inn, Televisual Comunicação, Inea, Águas do Imperador, ONG Projeto Água, Araras Gourmet Restaurant.

Rio de Janeiro

Programa Na Praia - On the Beach Program Celebrating their 7th year participating in the Clean up the World campaign, Programa Na Praia carried out their annual beach clean up event in celebration of Clean up the World Weekend on September 19. A series of beach clean ups were held at more than 40 localities in Brazil, primarily in the state of Rio de Janeiro and in various localities throughout the states of São Paulo, Distrito Federal, Pernambuco, Santa Catarina and Mina Gerais. More than 5,000 volunteers worked together on the day to remove approximately 32 257 kgs of waste, from beaches and waterways across the states. Much of the waste collected was placed into the 25,000 biodegradable and compostable corn based plastic bags, made specifically for the clean up event. Local support provided by: Instituto Ecológico Aqualung-IEA, Secretaria de Meio Ambiente da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro - Prefeitura RJ, Chemtech, Outback, Secretaria de Meio Ambiente e Pesca de Cabo Frio, Caenge Ambiental, Eco Atitude, Instituto Lagoa Social, Wise Up, Secretaria de Meio Ambiente - Prefeitura do Recife / Emlurb, Metrô Rio, JW Marriott Hotel RJ, Ipiranga, Banco do Brasil, Secretaria de Meio Ambiente Prefeitura de Cubatão SP,Sushi Carioca, Hotel Intercontinental Rio, Jeep Tour, Fun Dive, Ascolpra, Praiasa, ColégioPalas, Rede Marriott Brasil, Hotel Porto Bay, Viktor Gym, Hotéis Arco, Piratas do Mergulho,UFRJSurf, Revista Surfar, AL Technology, Gali Consultoria Ambiental, Lojas Aqualung, Basf, Antilhas, Produtora Supervídeo, Guarda Municipal, Greenpeace Brasil, Lagoa Viva, Defensoresda Terra, OI FM, Governo Federal, Ministério do Meio Ambiente - Projeto Orla, Unicard, Agência Rio de Notícias, Videoclipping, AmigançaProduções, Programa Na Praia, Aqualittera.

For more information about Clean Up the World visit and

2009 - Participant Activities in Latin America & Caribbean Vera Cruz

Canto Ecologico Canto Ecológico celebrated Clean Up the World Weekend by organising a clean up of the coastal area of Cacha Pregos on the island of Itaparica. Members of the group and volunteers from Rio de Janeiro worked to remove marine debris from the shoreline. This clean up was part of an ongoing activity carried out by members of Canto Ecológico, who conducted ongoing clean ups of the island, in an effort to remove the debris and waste that is regularly washed up onto the shoreline.

Other participants in Brazil are: Joinville

Instituto COMAR - Conservação Marinha do Brasil


Cultura Inglesa-Farol


ASA - Amazônia Socioambiental

Mogi das Cruzes


Rio de Janeiro

Amigos de la playa Centro de Estudos do Mar Onda Azul Ltda Instituto Ecológico Lagoa Viva Patrulha Ambiental Projeto Mergulhar


CAOS Federação de Bandeirantes do Brasil - Núcleo Santos

São Paulo

S.O.S. Praias Brasil

Vera Cruz Ilha de It

Grupo Ecologico Sementes do Viver


Cayman Eco

CHILE Ciudad de Osorno

Red Ambiental Ciudadana de Osorno


Centro Cultural, Social y Deportivo Wenantu

San Antonio

Amigos por la Ecologia


Acción Ecológica Chilena Proyecto Recikla

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2009 - Participant Activities in Latin America & Caribbean COLOMBIA Members' Activity Summaries Bogota D.C

Fundacion Mordisquitos de Vida Fundacion Mordisquitos de Vida conducted their Clean Up the World Activities with the assistance of the Metropolitan Police of Bogota, this year. Clean up's, tree planting activities and several educational talks were all carried out of part of the joint program. A particular highlight of activities was the "YIRA" project, where police worked with the group to create a local recycling service to make it easier for people to recycle waste in their community. Local support provided by: Policía Metropolitana de Bogota (Colombia), Estación Restrepo, Secretaría de Medio Ambiente, Alcaldía Mayor de Bogota D.C, Alcaldia local Antonio Nariño, IDRD, E.A.AB, Policia ecologica, asojuntas, Secretaria distrotal de ambiente, bibliotecas, y colegios publicos y privados.


eRECICLAJE eRECICLAJE worked with the Nutribios organisation to promote and incorporate a waste grinding facility the "Mini Relleno Sanitario", to be used as a means of recycling waste products by grinding the waste down and converting it into bricks to be used as building materials. In September, the headquarters opened with a walk to collect waste in the "Quebrada Altavista y La Cangreja" in Medellín, an urban green zone in the centre of the city. This waste was then put through the "Mini Relleno Sanitario" process and used to create recycled waste based bricks. The community benefited by becoming aware of the necessity of waste reduction, observing different farming alternatives, wastewater purification, reforestation, restoration of eroded soils, forest protection and learning to grow and harvest healthy foods. Local support provided by: Corporación Nutriclaje, Club A.I.R.E, Mendocino Ecological Learning Centre.

Other participants in Colombia are: Acopi-Yumbo

Brigada Eco-Aritex


Plasticos Nissy Tejares del Norte


Colegio la Amistad Sedes BYC Grupo Corpas


Union de colegios por nuestros humedales

Bogota D.C.

Club Amigos de la Ecologia Corporacion el Andinista


Voces Ambientales

la Hormiga


For more information about Clean Up the World visit and

2009 - Participant Activities in Latin America & Caribbean Manizales

Educando a los universitarios SEIKA - UCM




Organización Nacional de Ecoclubes de Colombia


Grupo de Investigación en Planificación Turística y Desarrollo Sostenible. UN-GIPTDS


Corporación Ambientalista Hojas de Hierba Corporación Red Nacional de Mujeres Comunales, Comunitarias, Indígenas y Campesinas de la Repúb


Corporación para el Desarollo de Tunía (CORPOTUNIA)

Planeta Rica


Puerto Asis

Fundación Ecologica de Putumayo

san jose del guaviar


Santiago de Cali

Fundacion por una Colombia Mejor


Por un turbo limpio, Por un turbo mejor


ECOLMA Escuela Colombiana de Medio Ambiente


Asociacion para la creacion y difusion de arte y educacion ambiental para niños TEATRO MAGICO AM

COSTA RICA Members' Activity Summaries Moravia

Asociacion para la Integracion y la Accion Regional (ACIAR) The Asociacion para la Integracion y la Accion Regional (ACIAR) organised a series of activities at the metropolitan park, La Sabana in San José for their participation in Clean up the World. From June 5- 6, a combined environmental education workshop and clean up was held at the park in support of World Environment Day. Approximately 400 volunteers worked together to clean the parkland over the course of the weekend. During Clean Up the World Weekend, members of ACIAR and supporting groups carried out another clean up of La Sabana Park and also of the areas - Los Hatillos and Tamarindo beach. 250 volunteers participated on this occasion and collected approximately 450 kgs of waste. As 86 kgs of the waste collected was discarded plastic bottles used for beverages, the organisers noted that an anti-litter campaign directed at visitors to the park, is needed to help stop the littering problem. Local support provided by: Scotiabank, COOPRENA, ANDE, Comision Interinstitucional para la Getion Ambiental, CIGA, la empresa Corporacion Tecnica y Financiera, COTESA y ACIAR, Instituto Nacional de Turismo, Horizontales, el Hotel Barcelo Palma Real, la escuela infantil Costa Rica, el programa de niños Super Heroes Ambientales de la Municipalidad de San Jose.

For more information about Clean Up the World visit and

2009 - Participant Activities in Latin America & Caribbean Other participants in Costa Rica are: Dulce Nombre, La U

Escuela Infantil N.P.San José


Asociacion Mercedes Norte

San Jose

Asociacion Ambiental VIDA

CUBA Members' Activity Summaries Ciudad de la Haban

Gobierno Municipal de Playa In 2009, several activities were organised support of the Clean Up the World campaign. Educational lectures and tree planting activities were conducted in cooperation with the group, "Acualina Project"for Earth Day in April and World Environment Day in June. This was followed by the "Salva tu Pedacito"coastline clean up organised for Clean Up the World Weekend on September 19. 17 kilometres of the coastline in the Municipality of Playa was cleaned by approximately 12,000 volunteers. The day’s activities attracted much media interest, with coverage of the activity being featured on television, radio, print and internet networks. Local support provided by: Proyecto Acualina, el INDER, el Club de Motos Clásicas y miembros de la FCAS (Federación Cubana de Actividades Subacuáticas), el MINED municipal, el Instituto de Oceanología, el Centro de Investigaciones Marinas, el Acuario Nacional, ACSUR, ProNaturaleza.


Reserva de Biosfera Cubana - Ciénaga de Zapata From September 18 to October 31 an educational initiative "Conozcamos nuestras costas y playas" (Let’s get to know our coasts and beaches) was conducted by Reserva de Biosfera Cubana - Ciénaga de Zapata, in Palpite. A tree planting activity resulted in 40 Magle Rojo saplings and 35 Caleta grape trees being planted at Estación Hidro biológica station. Signs displaying environmental messages and garbage cans were placed around the town and community talks were all organised as part of this initiative. The month long activities concluded with a literature and plastic art competition for children, titled: "El Litoral, las playas y el Hombre" (Waste, the beach and Humankind). Local support provided by: 4 Escuelas Primarias ubicadas en las zonas costeras, Escuela de Hotelería y Turismo, Hotel Playa Girón, la Casa de Cultura municipal, el proyecto sociocultural Teatro del Bosque, la Direcciones Municipales de Cultura, Servicios Comunales, Educación, guías y especialistas de las áreas Protegidas, la Prensa y la Emisora Radial Local.

San Antonio de los

Foro de Medio Ambiente Dr Jorge Ramón Cuevas de ProNATURALEZA A week long activity focusing on educational workshops and tree planting took place in the municipality of San Antonio de los Baños from December 9-12. The workshops focused on highlighting current environmental problems affecting the Ariguanabo River and plans to ensure its conservation. Tree planting and clean up activities held along the river bank and in Paso del Soldado Park, concluded the week long activities with an estimated 100 volunteers taking part.


Centro de Servicios Ambientales de Matanzas

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2009 - Participant Activities in Latin America & Caribbean For their first year participating in the Clean Up the World campaign, the Centro de Servicios Ambientales de Matanzas held activities to raise awareness of the importance of caring for the beach and coastal areas. Group members and volunteers set up information stands at beaches throughout the summer to inform the public about marine litter and the problems associated with it. A beach clean up was also held during Clean Up the World Weekend in September, with participants removing waste from both the beach and the shoreline area. Local support provided by: El Centro de Buceo Internacional "Barracuda", el Ministerio de Educación, la Unión de Jóvenes Comunistas.

Other participants in Cuba are: Morón

Centro de Creación de Capacidades de Ciencia, Tecnología y Medio Ambiente.

Santa fé



Jarabacoa Limpio

Santo Domingo

Fundacion Vida Azul

ECUADOR Guayaquil

Club Rotaract La Puntilla Programa de Reciclaje de Ceibos Norte- Guayaquil

Nueva Loja

La educación ambiental en la amazonia

Paroquia Gonzáles

Ecológico Cultural Wambra Páramo


Rotaract Club Reales Tamarindos


Cuidando el Medio Ambiente


La Ruta del Zapamiche

GUATEMALA Members' Activity Summaries Guatemala

Generacion Verde Guatemala Joining Clean Up the World for the first time this year, participants worked to clean the Port of San Jose beach on September 19 during CUW Weekend. Around 40 volunteers removed waste from the coastal area that was subsequently sent to recyclers. The following day, a tree planting event was conducted, bringing an end to the weekend's activities.

Other participants in Guatemala are: Puerto Barrios


For more information about Clean Up the World visit and

2009 - Participant Activities in Latin America & Caribbean Totonicapán

Grupo Hormigas

GUYANA Member Activity Summary Georegtown

Scout Association of Guyana For the first time, the Scout Association of Guyana made their regular coastal clean up part of the Clean Up the World campaign. Taking place on Clean Up the World Weekend, a Coastal Clean Up activity was conducted to reduce the waste along the coastal shore of Guyana. Around 200 Scouts and parents worked together to clear the local beaches of debris including bottles, plastics, Styrofoam cups, plates and boxes. No only were these an eyesore on the local beach, but they also harmed the local population of endangered sea turtles. Local support provided by: Mayor & City Council, GuyberNet, WWF (Guyana), Guyana National Zoo, Decinco Trading, Sterling Products, Survival Supermarket.

Other participants in Guyana are: Georgetown

St. Stanislaus College Scout Group


Club Socio-culturel pour l'Epanouissement des Jeunes


International Caribbean Institute (ICI)

MEXICO Members' Activity Summaries Ciudad Juarez

Juarez Limpio Asociacion Civil For the fifth consecutive year, Júarez Limpio Asociación Civil organised the "A Limpiar Júarez: Rio Bravo Frontera USA-Mexico" campaign, to celebrate Clean Up the World Weekend in September. More than 9, 000 volunteers participated in the week long campaign that saw clean ups and conservation activities being carried out at 85 sites on both sides of the Rio Bravo - at Júarez in Mexico and El Paso in the USA. Activities carried out included clean ups of public spaces, parklands and schools, graffiti removal activities, printer cartridge collection services and a range of environmental awareness raising talks. Local support provided by: United Way, Gobierno Municipal de Juarez, Gobierno del Estado de Chihuahua, GEN, Coca Cola, CISCO, Cehlider, Grupo Cementos de Chihuahua, Home Depot, SELIC, Universidad Autonoma de Cd. Juarez, Fundacion Pedro Zaragoza, Leche Lucerna, Pinturas TECH, Construcentro de Chihuahua, EXA radio, Del Rio, Arte en el Parque, Alianza Municipal de orden y Limpieza (AMOR por Juarez).


Los amigos del biologo Members of the group, los amigos de biologo, conducted a clean up of the Nacataz River, a popular tourist destination, for their participation in the Clean Up the World campaign. Tyres, plastic bags and other types of plastic waste were all removed from the river. Where possible, the group sold the Recyclable waste collected to a waste disposal facility and used the funds towards purchasing gloves and bags for future activities. Local support provided by: La Guera Tacos.


DIF Nuevo León- Programa Desarrollo Integral del Adolescente

For more information about Clean Up the World visit and

2009 - Participant Activities in Latin America & Caribbean The "Mejorando mi comunidad mejorando mi ambiente"("Improving my community improving my environment") activity was organised by the DIF Nuevo León - Programa Desarrollo Integral del Adolescente, during Clean Up the World Weekend from September 18-20. The aim of the activity was to get young people in Monterrey involved in a program that would encourage them to take greater responsibility in looking after their surroundings. Approximately 150 youths and adults took part in activities that ranged from a clean up of various gullies throughout Monterrey, to recycling programs and educational workshops focusing on climate change and water conservation. Local support provided by: Agencia Estatal del Medio Ambiente, Ayuntamientos municipales. Nezahualcoyotl

Grupo Ambiental El Patio de mi Casa An environmental educational centre was set up by the group, El Patio de mi Casa, in Nezahualcóyotl, in June 2009. The centre was set up to provide indigenous communities in the area with free access to resource materials including - videos, photographs, maps, books and other resources focusing on a range of environmental issues.


Red Juvenil Autogestiva Mexiquence A.C Approximately 30 members from the Red Juvenil Autogestiva Mexiquence A.C group and an additional 100 volunteers from other organisations worked together on various environmental initiatives throughout 2009. The group worked in collaboration with the Plan de Ayala organisation, to set up a collection service and centre for depositing recyclable waste for the community in Toluca.This was complimented by an awareness raising campaign, the "Bici Tour" (Bike tour) whereby the group worked with other organisations, to promote bike riding as a safe and effective form of transport in Valle de Toluca. Local support provided by: Ayuntamiento de Toluca. Proyecto Pachamama, Undia AC, Fundacion Tlaloc.


Pro Yautepec, A:C: Starting in October, Pro Yautepec A.C organised monthly cleanups of the public park and main street and surrounds of Yautepec. Titled the “¡Queremos un Yautepec limpio!” (We want a clean city – Yautepeuc!) activity, approximately 50 community members lent their support to the group’s activities. The types of activities carried out included; clean ups, graffiti removal, gardening and weeding overgrown public spaces and creating environmental awareness in the community in order to create a space that encourages people to maintain their own environment. Local suport provided by: El Ayuntamiento Municipal.

Other participants in Mexico are: Autlan de la Grana

Docentes unidos por un planeta viable


Vive en Armonia A.C.

Cd. Valles

Jovenes por un mundo verde

Ciudad Lerdo

Area Protegida Parque Estatal Cañon de Fernandez

Cocorit Cajeme

Ecologia y Reciclaje de Sonora

El Salto

Agrupación Un Salto de Vida A.C

estado de mexico

los verdosos

Gomez Palacio

Direccion de Ecologia y Proteccion al Ambiente



For more information about Clean Up the World visit and

2009 - Participant Activities in Latin America & Caribbean La Paz



Centro de Investigación Ambiental Las Truchas


CECyTE Eco27 Fundación Cultura Verde


DIF Nuevo Leon, Programa Jovenes

Nuevo León

Universidad de Monterrey


Sociedad Ecologista Hidalguense AC


Cobach 04 Seybaplaya 'Ing. Santos Efren Yam Keb'


Dirección General de Medio Ambiente

Tuxtla Gutiérrez

Proyecto GAIA


Salvemos al Cocibolca


Los Hijos Del Rio

Pearl Lagoon

Saint Augustine Anglican Church Women of Pearl Lagoon


Cuidades Limpias Gente Sana

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2009 - Participant Activities in Latin America & Caribbean

PARAGUAY Member Activity Summary Departamento de It

Agrupacion de Jóvenes Lideres Agrarios Cooperativistas (AGRUJOLIAC) Participating in Clean Up the World in 2009, youth group Agrupación de Jóvenes Líderes Agrarios Cooperativistas, organised the "Rincón Verde" (Green Corner) activity and distributed 380 saplings to 19 different youth groups for planting. In total 480 volunteers were involved in planting the trees. In addition to this, recycling initiatives including setting up a battery recycling service and a construction program to turn waste items, such as plastic bottles into household furniture, were also organised by the group. Local support provided by: la Cooperativa Colonias Unidas Agrop. Ind. Ltda., el Proyecto de Conservación del Acuífero Guaraní.

Fernando de la Mor

Grupo Scout General Genes - Paraguay Scouts from Grupo Scout General Genes conducted a clean up in the south section of Fernando de la Mora city. The "Caza de Bazura"(waste hunt) took place on Saturday September 19 in celebration of Clean Up the World Weekend. Approximately 1 tonne of waste was collected during the clean up. Local support provided by: El Diario ABColor de Paraguay.

Other participants in Paraguay are: Asunción

Reciclando Todo Vecinos unidos por el Arroyo Morti


Comision Vecinal Costa Dulce

PERU Members' Activity Summaries Arequipa

Instituto de Proteccion de la Ecologia y Medio Ambiente (IPEMA) Public awareness and education campaigns focused on climate change adaptation and mitigation were the primary activities organised by Instituto de Proteccion de la Ecologia y Medio Ambiente (IPEMA), in 2009. Creating and distributing informative brochures and posters, holding competitions including; banner making, painting and poetry competitions, were some of the activities organised that gave participants the opportunity to express their thoughts on issues related to climate change. A march through the streets of Arequipa was also conducted by the group, with participants displaying their banners and posters to voice their concerns about climate change to wider community. Local support provided by: ONG Labor, Empresa Minera Cerro Verde, Movimiento Ciudadado Frente al Cambio Climático, la Autoridad Ambiental Regional.


Asociacion de Scout del Peru (ASP)

For more information about Clean Up the World visit and

2009 - Participant Activities in Latin America & Caribbean Various clean up activities were organised by the Scout Association of Peru throughout 2009. Commencing in February 2 on International World Wetlands Day, a clean up and a tree planting activity was conducted at the Ventanilla Wetlands and Villa Marshes, both located to the north of Lima. Approximately 7 tonnes of waste was collected from the clean up activities. The day also presented the opportunity for Scouts to learn of the importance of conserving wetland ecosystems. Scout groups from Ventanilla, Los Olivos, Ancón, Chorrillos, San Juan de Miraflores and Chiclayom all participated in the event. Later in the year, Scouts across the Lima district came together again to participate in Clean Up the Word Weekend. As part of the weekend's activities, Scouts worked with The Miraflores Municipality, on September 19, to conduct a series of clean ups at selected municipal parks and hold an awareness raising campaign promoting healthy habits such as using bicycles as means of transport. An estimated 1,000 Scouts and members of various community groups took part in the weekend activities. Local support provided by: Ministerio del Ambiente, Gobierno Regional del Callao, Municipalidad de Miraflores, de Chaclacayo, de Tacna, Moquegua y Arequipa, FONAM (Fondo Nacional del Medio ambiente), CPN radio a traves del programa - Te Quiero Verde, REPSOL, CEGMA. Comite Ambiental Juvenil - CAJU Perú Members of the Comite Ambiental Juvenil joined forces with local volunteers and organised a clean up of "Lomas de Lúcumo", a coastal hill ecosystem home to a wide diversity of flaura and fauna. Approximately 200 volunteers collected 18 bags of waste, which was taken to local council for proper disposal. Local support provided by:El Comite del Circuito Ecoturístico de las Lomas de Lúcumo del Centro Poblado Local, Municipalidad Distrital de Pachacamac, Ministerio del Ambiente y el Programa de Voluntariado de la Secretaría Nacional de la Juventud - MINEDU. Institución Educativa Nº .120 Manuel Robles Alarcón Students, teachers and family members were involved in the activities organised by la Institución Educativa N º 120 Manuel Robles Alcaron School, in Lima. Two projects - "Huertos Escolares" (“School Garden”) and the “De la Chacra a la Olla” ( From the Farmhouse to the Pot) projects, continued in 2009 and achieved great results with the school winning a prize for growing extra large radishes and pumpkins in their garden. These results were achieved thanks to addition of compost to the plants from the school compost system and the use of an organic milk based fertilizer that discouraged bugs from eating the vegetables. Local support provided by: Parents of the school and local community members.

Other participants in Peru are: Arequipa

Centro de Ciencias y Proyectos del Medio Ambiente (CIMAVERDE)


Grupo Scout Nº 71


Grupo Scout Alberto Prado - Urubamba 490 - Cusco


Agencia de Noticias Ecopress Asociacion Civil de Apoyo a las Comunidades Pesqueras y Aquicolas del Peru Jovenes de Buena Voluntad

San Juan de Miraflo

A reciclar se ha dicho


Asociación Peruana para la Conservación de la Naturaleza Trujillo (APECO-Trujillo)


Asociación Regional de Mujeres Ingenieras

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2009 - Participant Activities in Latin America & Caribbean PUERTO RICO Mayaguez

Campus Verde


Club Ambiental Plaza Del Caribe


Amigos del Ambiente Inc.


Canouan Green Team


Mayaro Environmental Wave

Princess Town

Realize Road Environmental Club


Pájaros de Sol

VENEZUELA (BOLIVARIAN REPUBLIC OF) Member Activity Summary Caracas

Red Verde de Venezuela Red Verde de Venezuela carried out their first Clean Up the World activity "Salvemos a las costas de Barlovento"(“Let’s Save the Barlovento Coastline”) by conducting a clean up of Majagua, Higuerote and Edo beaches in Barlovento. Approximately 50kg of waste was collected from the clean up, removing plastic bottles and bags and other marine debris from the coastline. Local suport provided by: Asociaciones civiles, consejos comunales, personas de manera individual y profranqucias.

Other participants in Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) are: Barcelona

Cooperativa Gente de Playa Fundacion Armonia Global


El Comunicador Ambiental - MOVEV Sociedad de Ciencias Naturales La Salle

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2009 - Participant Activities in North America Participants can be Members

or Guests

. Members can provide an Activity Summary report in addition to creating activities.


Burin Peninsula Environmental Reform Committee

North Vancouver

West Coast Clean Up Our World

Port Alberni

Alberni Elementary Climate Change Club

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Member Activity Summary Brewster

Keep Putnam Beautiful Members of Keep Putnam Beautiful worked together to clean up and beautify communities across Putnam County, New York. Approximately 413 people from 94 groups removed waste from more than 200 kilometres of streets and sidewalks across the county. In addition to the clean ups, local sponosrs provided funding for the group to purchase 8 large waste disposal bins, which were painted by local artists and distributed for use in the community.


Green Up Vermont Green Up Vermont, organised the annual Green Up Day on May 2. The state wide clean up day, held on the first Saturday in May encouraged participants to "clean up, fix up and spruce up" their communities. An estimated 200 groups and approximately 15,000 volunteers participated in the day to collect a total of 40,000 bags of waste. Local support provided by: Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts Associations, Brownies, Cub Scouts, 4-H, local elementary schools, Rotary clubs.

Other participants in United States of America are: carlsbad

Carlsbad Cares

Garden Grove

3d Youth Outreach


Team Polar Bears


Lamar Environmental Club


Marine Ventures Foundation

Kansas City

Center For Equitable Education

Long Beach

Long Beach Camp Fire USA Adventure Level

Los Angeles

Natural Earth





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2009 - Participant Activities in North America Mountain View


New Orleans

Sacred Heart Environmental Club

North Hollywood

Tomorrow Foundation

Rancho Santa Marg

Project AWARE


Summer of Power


Ouida Springer Elementary

San Diego

California Center for Sustainable Energy

Santa Monica

The Daily Ocean

Snow Hill

Greene County Young Scholars Program


North Stafford High School Interact Club

Staten Island

Wagner College Green Community


Washington Irving Intermediate School


Washington Environmental Team

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2009 - Participant Activities in West Asia Participants can be Members

or Guests

. Members can provide an Activity Summary report in addition to creating activities.

IRAQ Samawa

Work for Peace

ISRAEL Members' Activity Summaries Jerusalem

Clean Up Israel Clean Up Israel continued their educational initiatives and clean up activities throughout 2009, by organising a series of beach clean ups, site rehabilitation projects, the Green Schools and Adopt a Site programs to attract widespread community participation and raise levels of public awareness concerning environmental issues, across Israel. A focal point of the activities was the Annual Passover Clean Up Campaign, held prior to the Passover holiday in March. A further clean up of the beaches in the city of Ashod was also organised in support of Clean Up the World Weekend, in September, whereby, staff from the Australian Embassy, including the Australian Ambassador to Israel, and more than 400 Israeli school children worked together to remove waste from the city beaches. Local support provided by: The Australian Embassy in Israel, Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection, Marine and Coastal Division, Israel Nature and National Park Protection Authority, Regional Associations for Environmental Protection,The Ministry of Education, Israeli Defence Force, Jewish Agency - Taglit - Birthright Israel, Masa - Institute for Youth Leadership, EcoOcean - Marine Research and Education, Israeli Yachting Association, Kayak4all - Jaffa Port, The Daniel Amichai Centre for Rowing and Nautical Studies - Yarkon River,Tel Aviv.       KKL-JNF 180,000 volunteers participated in KKL-JNF's 9th national clean up day campaign, carried out in Israel. A total of 1,800 tonnes of waste was collected from forests, parks and communities in 170 municipalities across the country. Locations where clean ups were held included the Jezreel Valley region and the Jesus Trail in the north of Israel, Rishon LeTzion in central Israel and Park Yeruham in the South of the Country. The Mayor of Rishon LeTzion, Dov Tzur, Australian Ambassador, James Larson and KKL-JNF World Chairman, Efi Stenzler, lent their support to the event by attending the opening ceremony and addressing volunteers at a clean up in Rishon LeTzion.

Other participants in Israel are: Tel Aviv

Australian Embassy, Tel Aviv

JORDAN Member Activity Summary Amman

Australian Embassy - Amman, Jordan

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2009 - Participant Activities in West Asia The "Clean Up and Save the Forests Campaign", to protect Jordan's forests from littering and degredation. was carried out by the Australian Embassy in Amman for their 2009 participation in Clean Up the World. The Minister of the Environment, school students, embassy staff, local NGO's and companies from the private sector were among the 500 participants that attended a clean up event organised in support of their campaign. An estimated 300 bags of waste was collected on the day and sent away for recycling. Their event received widespread media coverage, including national TV and newspapers. Local support provided by: Ministry of Environment, Greater Amman Municipality, The Rangers (Environment Police), Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, Walking Jordan, The Royal Film Commission, UMNIAH, ARAMEX, Digital Colours, Feras Printing Press, Aqua Treat. Jordan Environment Society (JES) A series of public awareness campaigns aimed at encouraging the public to reuse and recycle certain types of solid waste (cans, paper, plastic and glass) were accompanied by various clean up activities organised by the Jordan Environment Society (JES). 500 participants attended the campaign launch on August 8, with he Greater Amman Municipality Mayor Eng. Omar Maani and the Parks Department (GAM) lending their support to the event. In total, an estimated 15, 000 participants were involved in activities organised by JES throughout the country. Local support provided by: Municipality of Greater Amman, United Arab of Emirates Embassy, Jordan Kuwait Bank, Jordan Engineer Associations, Jordanian Free Zones Corporation, White Cement Industry, National Electric Power Co., Municipality of Zarqa, Coca-Cola Co., Marwa Water Co., Star Plastic Co. The Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan (JREDS) Focusing on Jordan's scenic beaches, members of the Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan collected over 5,000 kgs of waste over two days. Beginning on the October 17, 75 divers helped to clean up the Gulf of Aqaba east of the Sinai Peninsula. Removing over 1,000 kgs of waste, these activities were followed on 18th by a group of 1,000 volunteers who removed a further 4,000 kgs of waste from the beaches in the area. Local support provided by: The Arab Potash Company, Aqaba Special Economic Authority, Ministry of Environment, Aqaba Development Corporation, Saraya Aqaba, Lafarge - Jordan Cement, Movenpick Hotell, Play FM Radio.

KUWAIT Shwaikh

Kuwait Dive Team (of the Environmental Protection Society)

LEBANON Members' Activity Summaries El Mina

Environmental Scout Organization The Environmental Scout Organisation of Lebanon registered their environmental program carried out at the Palm Island Nature reserve in Tripoli, for the Clean Up the World campaign in 2009. Titled the "Let Me Breathe Campaign", more than 100 scouts participated in a clean up conducted along the coastline of the island reserve, removing various glass, plastic and aluminium waste items from the area. In addition to the clean up, a series of tree planting activities were carried out in November and December whereby 115 Scouts planted 1,300 trees in El Bireh Akkar - an area that has suffered widespread deforestation due to logging. Local support provided by: Mr. Mohammed Nohad Azayla.

OMAN Muscat

National Hospitality Institute SAOG


Asdiqaa Jeddah (Jeddah Friends)

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2009 - Participant Activities in West Asia A clean up of the Jeddah Waterfront at Corniche, was carried out for the third year in a row by members of Asdiqaa Jeddah (Jeddah Friends). Various activities were conducted throughout the year. Approximately 17 divers carried out an underwater clean up during the months of January and September, an additional 450 volunteers took part in a shoreline clean up for Earth Day in April and in addition to the clean ups, 50 school students took part in a tree planting activity. All of the activities carried out were part of a wider campaign to keep Jeddah and its environment clean and healthy. Local support provided by: Jeddah Municipality. Nazeeh & Wartan Campaign - AlBAIK Working on the scenic Jeddah Peninsula, ALBAIK ran a number of campaigns in 2009. Firstly, ALBAIK engaged youth with a street awareness activity where they, talked to more than 100,000 motorists while raising campaign signs. In addition, a team of 100 volunteers from WAMY (World Assembly of Muslim Youth) and the Friends of Jeddah spent a month on the Corniche, clearing litter from the beach and engaging visitors in the anti-littering campaign. Finally, 57 scuba-divers volunteered to clean up the seabed, removing objects dangerous to bathers and the marine environment. These included items such as cans and bottles, rubber tires and other trash. Local support provided by: WAMY - Youth Volunteer Groups, Jeddah Municipality, MBC Group.


Green Damascus Association


Al-fareeq attawi litanzif allaziqya


Australian Embassy, Ankara, Turkey The Australian Embassy in Ankara organised an event in collaboration with the Yeni Turan Elementary School in Ankara's Đskitler neighbourhood, on October 23. An essay and painting exhibition focusing on environmental themes was held at the school to raise levels of awareness about different environmental issues. This was followed by a clean up activity where by students worked with local officials, including the Deputy Mayor of Altındag and Australian Ambassador to Turkey, Mr Peter Doyle, to clean up a site nearby the school. The day's events captured the attention of the media, with much coverage of the activity appearing in local and national networks. Local support provided by: Environment and Forestry Provincial General Directorate, Ankara's Altındağ Municipality, En Yeşil Ankara Derneği (Greenest Ankara Association), Türkiye Tabiatını Koruma Derneği (Protection of Turkey's Nature Association) and Migros. Guides and Scouts of Ankara An educational awareness raising camapign about climate change was organised by the Guides and Scouts of Ankara and promoted to an estimated 1,000 Scout Troops across Turkey. In response to this campaign, many Scout Troops carried out a range of activities to educate younger Scouts about climate change and the Copenhagen confrence that took place in December. Local support provided by: European Union Informatiom Center, Golbasi Dostları Dernegi. Scouting and Guiding Federation of Turkey The Scouting and Guiding Federation of Turkey organised a range of activities for local Scout and Guide groups in 2010. Working to the guidelines of WOSM's World Environment Program, national camps, competitions and educational programs took place throughout the year. All educational materials were translated into Turkish, so that this information could be distributed to Scout leaders across the country. The main activity, "the Green Finger Campaign" took place during the annual national camp: Erdogan Gurbiyik. In addition to this, the federation conducted the "Big Award Environmental Activities" competition. A total of seven Scout groups participated in a photo competition, whist another 21 groups carried out a range of waste collection, recycling and tree planting activities, to compete for the title of the "best environmental unit" in Turkey.


Australian Consulate Canakkale, Turkey

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2009 - Participant Activities in West Asia On September 28, staff from the Australian Consulate in Canakkale worked with students from the Gallipoli Anatolian High School and students visiting from Mount Clear College, in Victoria , Australia to carry out a tree planting activity, on the school grounds in support of Clean Up the World Weekend. Approximately 15 pine trees were planted, creating a green space for the students to enjoy. After the activity, the Australian Consul and First Secretary to Canakkale, Andrew Koc-McDonald spoke with participants about Clean Up the World and the role that DFAT plays in supporting the campaign. A plaque was also placed on the site to commemorate the event. Local support provided by: the Australian Consulate Canakkale (sponsors) , Turkish National Education Department, Gallipoli Municipality, Gallipoli Anatolian High School, Mount Clear College, Ballarat, Victoria.

Other participants in Turkey are: Izmir

Zeytinalani Primary School Environmental Protection Club


Vali Ihsan Primary School


Scouts and Guides Yalova Province

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Members' Activity Summaries Dubai

Dubai Municipality A four day clean up campaign was carried out by Dubai Municipality from October 27-30. Over 24,000 participants from government agencies, NGO's, community groups, schools and businesses cleaned up desert areas, beaches, streets and public spaces to collect approximately 5,199 tonnes of waste, including abandoned machinery and vehicles. Among the participants were divers from the rescue department of the Dubai Police force who worked to remove waste from Dubai Creek and port area. The clean up campaign also marked the start of a new campaign against cigarette butt littering, whereby 50,000 portable ashtrays were distributed to visitors at tourist sites across the emirate. Local support provided by: Gulf Eternit Industrie,ETA - Zenath Recycling & Waste Management, Grand Hyatt Dubai,DUBAL - Dubai Aluninium Compan,Gulf & Safa Dairies, CP (LLC), Al Pha Emiraes, TCS Express Worldwde, British American Tobacco, Western Union,Union Paper Mills,Trashco, Dulsco, Byrne Equipment Rentals, Fujeirah Plastic Industries, Al Ain Water, Abela & Company. Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) The 8th edition of "Clean up UAE" campaign organised by Emirates Environment Group (EEG) took place on 12 December, 2009. Across the Emirates, over 15,000 volunteers extended their support to make the campaign a record success collecting 65 tonnes of waste in a nation-wide clean-up operation that was carried out at 70 locations across the country, including schools, shorelines, desert and wadi areas, ports and heritage sites.     Emirates Marine Environmental Group (EMEG) For the second year in a row, Emirates Marine Environmental Group (EMEG) organised three clean up events during October and November. Volunteers from schools, corporations and other groups collaborated in gathering a total of 16 tonnes of waste. Six tonnes were collected at Al Silah town and more than eight tonnes at Hamriya Port, both through underwater waste removal. Finally, a beach clean up was held at the Ghantoot reserve in Dubai, collecting approximately two tonnes of debris. All waste was handed to Dubai municipality for segregation and management. Local support provided by: Dubai Municipality.

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2009 - Participant Activities in West Asia SFEA INTL. (Society of Filipino Engrs. & Architects)

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