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RECKLESS DEVOTION: Offers readers a daily opportunity to journey deeper into the heart of God, accompanied by Rolland and Heidi Baker’s insights, which stem from a deep intimacy and dependence on Jesus. Filled with profound truths that affirm our identity as beloved children of God, we are encouraged to go deeper with Him, trusting Him more radically, taking more risks in faith, and living life to the full.

Helping Children Understand the Bible I love writing for children. Their imaginations Alexa Tewkesbury, are so alive children’s author and active. It’s a privilege and a challenge to come up with characters and stories, and different ways of presenting these, that will feed, grow, and hopefully satisfy those imaginations too. The stories I write are intended to reflect both children’s makebelieve worlds and their realities, with Bible retelling that is fresh and simple. My hope is that, through reading them, children will begin to grasp the excitement and possibilities of a life lived with God as their Father and Jesus right by their side.

Topz Secret Holiday Diary

Sav e


Full of holiday games, activities and stories, this book will keep children entertained while learning about their faith over any holiday season. RRP: £5.99 NOW £4.99 ISBN: 9781782591559

Pens Activity Bible

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With puzzles and lots of colouring-in fun, the Pens Activity Bible takes children on a journey through 27 key Bible stories. RRP: £8.99 NOW £6.99 ISBN: 9781782591535

Welcome to Take Note: We are always looking for more, for something truly ‘out of this world’! As Christians, we know that Jesus is who we are really looking for. Our Christian lives are voyages of discovery as we come to understand more about who God is, who we are in Christ and how that affects our situations. Join us in this issue as we set out to learn more with these challenging titles. Beware: adventures lie ahead! - Amanda Lutes, Take Note Editor

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Now: £6.99


Now: £4.99


Everything a Child Should Know About God by K. Taylor ISBN: 9781909611627

Think Systematic Theology for young children explained in a clear understandable manner. That sums up this great children’s book. We made it our Book of the Month because it is so popular. One local pastor thinks it is a wonderful resource.

John Keble, Christian Books, Dunstable


My Very First Prayers by G. Mercer & L. Ede ISBN: 9781860249020

Tough Questions About the Bible by Joel R. Beeke ISBN: 9781781912300

A large format board book with some lovely pictures, this makes an excellent introduction for young children on what prayer is and how to pray. The title is slightly deceptive as there are no actual prayers in it; instead, it’s a teaching book that will help a child understand what prayer really is. It also gives everyone plenty of great ideas for prayers of their own.

How can we get answers to tough questions? This is an excellent little book looking at 68 tough questions children ask about God and the Bible. We thoroughly recommend this book and have used it in our youth work ministry to great effect. Buy one for your youth group.

Kate Hayes & Diane Langley, CLC Bookshop, Stockport

John Keble, Christian Books, Dunstable

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A ‘must-have’ for any adventure:

THE BIBLE ESV Kids Compact Bible Owl ISBN: 9781433543920 Sword ISBN: 9781433543913

Fantastic compact Bibles with excellent print quality and with great ‘leathersoft’ covers. These Bible editions are not just for children, but would be great for everyone. Look out for the larger ‘Thinline’ editions with similar cover designs.

Each: £14.99

John Keble, Christian Books, Dunstable


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NLT Large Print Slimline Ctr. Column Ref. Bible

KJV A.W. Tozer Bible

(Burg. Bonded Leather)

(Hardback) ISBN: 9781598567229

ISBN: 9781414338484

This beautiful leather NLT Bible combines the easy-to-read NLT translation with clear 10 point text. It is a slimline edition, so it is not too bulky or heavy, and includes centrecolumn cross reference for easy navigation of the text.

A beautifully produced Bible offering wonderful selections from Tozer’s own works that cover Scripture, challenges and reflections. With column references, Words of Christ in red, colour maps and concordance, this is a fantastic devotional tool indeed.

This pocket-sized edition of the NIV—the world’s most popular Bible translation—comes in a modern, contemporary design. It includes a tactile, soft imitation leather cover. Its small size and magnetic clasp make it perfect for taking everywhere: in your pocket, handbag, or rucksack.

Luke Hughes-Bunger, The Hub, Walsall

Melanie Carroll, Unicorn Tree Books, Lincoln

Luke Hughes-Bunger, The Hub, Walsall

NIV Blue Soft Tone Bible with clasp (Im. Leather) ISBN: 9781444787986

Establishing a firm foundation... Holy Fire by R.T. Kendall ISBN: 9781621366041

One of the best books about the Holy Spirit I’ve read—and I’ve read a fair few! If you really want to know who the Holy Spirit is, what He does and why He’s so important, then this is a must read. RT’s insight Now: into this wonderful and, sadly, £8.99 sometimes forgotten person of £9.99 the Trinity is wonderfully fleshed out and scripturally sound. This is a book I will read time and time again—more than likely with a highlighter and notebook by my side.

Faith and the Creeds: Christian Belief for Everyone by Alister McGrath ISBN: 9780281068333

This is the first in the Christian Belief for Everyone series by McGrath, and it’s a non-denominational guide to the life of faith for the member of the congregation. We could Now: not hope for a better guide £6.99 £8.99 as McGrath uses stories— his own reflections as well as examples from culture— to help us understand why and what we believe about Faith and the Creeds.

Esme Stackhouse, CLC Bookshop, Wolverhampton

The Character of God by David Pawson

Now: £5.99 £6.99

Lucinda Sparrow, CLC Bookshops, Cambridge

Jesus: Name Above All Names

ISBN: 9781909886056

by Ann Le Tissier

With so many varying opinions about God, even among Christians, Pawson has put together this helpful ‘A to Z’ book about God’s multi-faceted character. By linking the divine attributes to the letters of the alphabet, they are much easier to remember, especially in difficult times. Let this book be a stepping stone to strengthening your relationship with God. Don’t just believe in God; know Him.

ISBN: 9780857460851

Now: £7.99 £8.99

Lynne Magee, CLC Wholesale, Alresford


Are you looking for something for your personal time of ‘reflection’ or for a group setting? These 32 ‘thought-provoking’ Bible studies about Jesus are bound to make an impact and each offers suggestions for further study and prayer. It’s definitely at the top of my recommendations list. Amanda Lutes, Take Note Editor

Your purchases from this magazine enable your local bookshop to help CLC support Christian literature ministries in over 50 countries around the world.

No matter your church denomination — be a ‘Reading Congregation’! CLC asked best-selling author, Richard Bewes, to share about the importance of having a congregation that reads. Here’s what he had to say: “Hey, what ever made you put that title on your youth fellowship bookstall?” It was decades back. I had arrived as new assistant minister at a well-known evangelical church, and it was my first evening with the youth. The book in question was entitled The Date of Ezra’s Coming to Jerusalem.

It is ultimately a matter of vision. By his writings, Alexsander Solzhenitsyn did as much as any to bring about the fall of the brutal Soviet regime. It was his Christian faith that framed his world-view. In his acceptance speech of the Nobel Literature Prize, he cited a Russian proverb: ‘One word of truth shall outweigh the whole world.’

How true this has been in the case of writers like Luther, Bunyan, Wilberforce or Billy Graham! Today it seems to be the Christians of “Monograph, eh? That sounds China and Iran that are clamouring like some kind of fire-screen.” for Christian literature. To what extent is this true in the case of your The fact is that a revolution own local church here in Britain? has taken place in evangelical Who runs your bookstall? How publishing since those days when often are its contents monitored The New Bible Commentary and and replenished? Which books a few fine titles by writers such are your new believers introduced (Russian proverb) as R.A. Torrey, Guy King and to? Who is appointed to announce F.B. Meyer virtually provided the ‘The Book of the Month’ at church entire bookstall menu on offer.... services? Who writes the book review in the plus, of course, Tyndale Monographs. monthly newsletter? Go today to the Christian Resources Exhibition Let us salute the writers, the publishers, and the or any Christian convention such as Keswick, Christian bookshops of today who make so much Spring Harvest or New Wine, and you are possible. It is the easiest thing for any church to confronted by an avalanche of new books— access the written word, but we must question in all forms of publication. Bible doctrine, the strength of our own excitement and vision for discipleship, biographies, commentaries, books. Can we see them as an essential means of devotion and outreach—all are covered.... and establishing for ourselves and our fellowships an the question arises, how do these books get to unassailable Christian world-view with which we, the bookshelves of our churches across Britain? too, can outweigh the world? “Ah,” came the reply, “This is the latest Tyndale Monograph.”

‘One word of truth shall outweigh the whole world.’

Reading Congregations We’re delighted to announce the launch of Reading Congregations, a new opportunity for churches. Reading has become something of a lost art among Christians today but, at CLC Wholesale, we’re convinced that Christian books can spread the good news, encourage us in our faith, and help us grow in godliness. With this in mind, we aim to help you get your congregation reading again. Offering great titles at affordable prices, Reading Congregations is designed to encourage small groups and whole church families to commit to reading the same book together. As they do so, our hope is that congregations will grow as a body and rediscover the joy of reading Christian books. For the launch of Reading Congregations, we’ve chosen two stories of personal journeys to faith reviewed below.

Read together, Explore together, Grow together...

We’re offering each of these titles in packs of ten books at £24.99 per pack. To take part in Reading Congregations, use the order form and take it to your local Take Note bookshop (see back cover) or order online at We pray that Reading Congregations will reignite a love for Christian literature in your church. Yours faithfully, Chris Magee, Head of CLC Wholesale

ONLY £24.99

ONLY £24.99

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packs of 10 for us.

packs of 10 for us.

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In More Than A Carpenter, Josh McDowell shares his own quest to discover who Jesus really is. With more than 15 million copies sold, More Than A Carpenter answers common questions of seekers and sceptics, and challenges readers to investigate the identity of Jesus for themselves.

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for a pack of 10!

One Step Beyond is the autobiography of former criminal Gram Seed, who gave his life to Jesus while recovering from alcoholism, drug addiction, and a six day coma. Transformed beyond recognition, Gram started to take his new faith to the prisons and offender communities to which he had once belonged.

Books for the deeper Christian life - Trusted Authors - Clear Message An inspiring look at Ephesians, opening our eyes to the process of Christian living and maturity in three words: Sit, our position in Christ; Walk, our life in the world; Stand, our attitude toward the Enemy. New! Study guide included. An invaluable tool for the growing disciple, both new and mature Christians.


Author: Watchman Nee ISBN: 9780875084190

NOW: £6.50

RRP: £7.50 ISBN: 9780875089904

This great Christian classic unfolds the central theme of Christ: our life. Starting from key passages in Romans, Nee reveals the secret of spiritual vitality that should be the normal experience of every Christian. His emphasis on the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ contains fresh insights that have proven a blessing to many.

Now: £7.99

Now: £5.99




Against the Odds


Gate Crashing

Fear No Evil

by Carmel Thomason ISBN: 9781841017396

by Brian Heasley ISBN: 9781910012093

by David Watson ISBN: 9781444793192

Filled with stories of forgiveness and healing, a ‘reflections’ section, and information on places that can help, this book gives practical aid on how to handle adverse situations. It’s true we live in a fallen world, but the examples found in this book show us how to be overcomers.

I’ve yet to get my hands on this book for review, but I can hardly wait to read it! It’s a biography from the 24-7 Prayer leaders, Brian & Tracy Heasley, and their ministry in Ibiza. From the ‘buzz’ I’m hearing about this book, its stories will truly impact one’s perception of prayer and prayer life.

Good to see a reprint of this classic as its message is still up to date! It has been a help to many walking the same path. Our God is unchanging even if our circumstances differ. He can be as personal to each one of us as He was to David. ”Never fear the worst— the best is yet to be” (Page 135)

Pauline Williams, CLC Bookshop, Sheffield

Chris Magee, CLC Wholesale, Alresford

Pauline Williams, CLC Bookshop, Sheffield

Travel through time with a clever companion Save


2010, East London Sam Pennington has no father, his mum’s on the bottle, and he’s stuck in council housing in East London. His only escape from his broken home and situation is the boxing ring. There Sam meets Jerry Ambrose, a professional trainer, who teaches Sam not only about jabs and pulling punches, but about what it means to be a man. 9781414389493, £9.50



1936, Hollywood USA Abra Freeman falls prey to Hollywood’s allure. Once there, she quickly learns what’s expected of an ambitious girl with stardom in sight. Abra gets what she thought she desired, but now all she wants is a way back home. 9781414391397, £9.99



1940s, Europe Jacob Weisz is a Jew in Germany. When the Nazi regime takes power, Jacob is forced into a carriage on the train to the Auschwitz death camp. As World War II rages on, Jacob is forced to rely on his wits and a God he’s not sure he believes in to escape from Auschwitz and notify the world of the atrocities of Fascism. 9781414391380, £9.99

52 Men of the Bible by Carl Beech

AHA by Kyle Idleman

ISBN: 9781782591542

ISBN: 9780781410496

Discover new things about the Bible men you thought you knew and meet others that you have never noticed. Packed with fun facts about men throughout the Bible, you are sure to learn something you didn’t know before!

AHA - Awakening, Honesty, and Action. Many Bible characters started well, but then went their own way. Some responded to God’s gentle but persistent warnings as He sought to draw them back. A few waited until the warnings Now: became louder, while others £8.99 ignored them with obvious £9.99 consequences. God is a loving Father who, by giving us free will, allows us to stray at times, but always gently and firmly brings us to the AHA moment when genuine repentance and action take place. David experienced it, the Prodigal experienced it, and we are no different.

Dan Balsdon, SACREdplace, St. Austell’s, Cornwall

Geoff Wallace, Maranatha Christian Bookshop, Uxbridge

Now: £6.99 £7.99

A snappy presentation of information on this old yet ever exciting topic. Bible heroes or not, well known or obscure, all can teach us about our God and His story through Scripture. Useful as a first introduction to Jesus and Scripture or as a reminder. Written for guys, but we girls can help our men by reading it! Penny Rivett, CLC Bookshop, Ipswich

Taking a CL

OS ER look!

BIG GOD by Orlando Saer ISBN: 9781781912942

Now: £5.99

God is much more enormous than we realise. In this compelling book, discover how the Bible’s view of a big God helps us tackle issues like ‘free will’ and suffering. I’m so glad we are featuring this book as I think it’s brilliant!

TEN by John Pritchard

Now: £7.99 £9.99


Sarah Williams, CLC Wholesale, Alresford

ISBN: 9780281067640

‘TEN’ is a book of lists. Ten things we believe and pray—one per chapter. Its purpose is to deal with the many issues that bother Christians and non-Christians in relation to evangelism. A very challenging but encouraging book that would be really interesting to use in a small group situation. Lucinda Sparrow, CLC Bookshop, Cambridge

‘Every page is rich with the Kingdom of God as lived reality’ James Catford Chairman of Renovaré, Britain and Ireland

The Divine Conspiracy Offer Price £7.99 RRP £9.99 9780007596546


The Divine Conspiracy Continued RRP £9.99 9780007589937

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Take Note 2014: Issue 3 (Aug/Sept)  

Welcome to Take Note: We are always looking for more, for something truly ‘out of this world’! As Christians, we know that Jesus is who we a...

Take Note 2014: Issue 3 (Aug/Sept)  

Welcome to Take Note: We are always looking for more, for something truly ‘out of this world’! As Christians, we know that Jesus is who we a...

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