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ISBN: 9781414348384 RRP: ÂŁ18.99

Welcome to the first Take Note highlighting a product on the front cover. This, however, is not just any product; this is ‘The Way’ NLT Bible! Realistically, we all know that life is full of challenges. ‘The Way’ Bible encourages you to know that you can survive in these struggles. Here are three reasons to get excited about ‘The Way’: 1) ‘This is my story’: Interspersed throughout the NLT text are testimonies of twenty-first century Christians. QR codes link you to online videos on the website where you can learn more. 2) ‘Lament’: How do we trust God when we don’t understand what He’s doing? Sometimes knowing you are not alone is enough. With links to videos and a supportive online community, these heartfelt laments are written by Christian contributors. 3) ‘Buy one, get one free to give away!’ Let’s not keep this amazing story to ourselves. Give your free copy to a friend and help them find The Way. In this issue of Take Note, you’ll find titles which can help us all to become better disciples. As graciously forgiven sinners and adopted children of God, we long to serve Jesus more. We hope these books will encourage and challenge you as you follow Him.

Chris Magee, Head of CLC Wholesale

The Word One to One - Volume 1

The Crazy Way by Carl Beech

(Pack of 10) ISBN: 9781782591429

(Pack of 6: 2 sets of 3 books) ISBN: 9781909611214

Informal, visual and accessible, The Word One to One series helps Christians share the Bible with friends. Each study lays out a Bible passage, explaining unfamiliar ideas and highlighting key points. Now: £5.99 £7.99

£4.99 Sarah Williams, Trade Marketing Coordinator, CLC Wholesale

First Steps by John Robertshaw ISBN: 9780951890752

£2.99 OR

5 for £10

I’ve been in the church all my life and sometimes take for granted those things about the Christian faith that I have understood for such a long time. I so often neglect the people that don’t have that same understanding. First Steps is an excellent group study resource, walking through basic Biblical principles for the Christian life.

Dan Balsdon, SACREdplace, St. Austell’s, Cornwall

A brilliant booklet to give to your male friends, telling in an eye-catching format how Jesus can transform lives. Backed up by real life stories of men who were totally changed — a former Premier League footballer and an SAS Major — not people you’d normally expect. Carl Beech has the knack of writing in a way to catch the attention of men.

Malcolm Swift, Lighthouse Bookshop, Highworth, Swindon

I’m A Christian, Now What? ISBN: 9781415873236

I’m very excited about this new 90-day devotional journal (A4 size) that takes children through the basics of the Christian faith and all that entails. It’s a great, interactive way to help them learn how to apply the fundamentals of faith to their daily lives.


Amanda Lutes, Take Note Editor, CLC Wholesale

Available at all participating UK Christian bookshops or online at

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Now: £9.99

Slogging Along in the Paths of Righteousness

Psalms 13-24 Dale Ralph Davis Dale Ralph Davis plunges right into the middle of King David’s hard times with a study that is resonant for our lives today. ISBN 9781781913048 £8.99 £6.99

Code: 5060256820994 Equipped to Serve

Richard Bewes What makes a Christian worker? What does it mean to give your life to Christian work? Bewes’ answer was built from a lifetime of ministry. ISBN 9781781912867 £8.99 £6.99

Was.Why £12.99 I Am Not An Atheist Facing the Inadequacies of Unbelief David J. Randall Eleven Christians – including a biologist, a psychiatrist, a journalist, and a debater – travelled on eleven diverse paths to faith in Jesus Christ. ISBN 9781781912706 £9.99 £7.99

Code: 0818728010528

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Now: £14.99

Now: £7.99



Now: £12.99

Finding God in the Psalms by Tom Wright ISBN: 9780281069897

Open Your Bible

ISBN: 9780755489916

This book brings the Psalms back into focus and importance and centres us on prayer once more. Tom Wright draws on his own experiences of how the Psalms can work in the actual dayto-day business of living. Wright brings the Psalms to life, displaying their power, passion, jubilation, misery, sensitivity and powerful hope.

The Bible is a big book – and it can be hard to get to grips with on its own. So here is ‘Open your Bible’, a Bible guide to help you understand and apply what you read in the Bible to your life. This is a great resource for anyone wanting to start to dig deeper.

David Lock, Manna Christian Bookshop, Streatham

Dan Balsdon, SACREdplace, St. Austell’s, Cornwall

The Story of the Holy Land by Peter Walker ISBN: 9780745955827

ISBN: 9781619580763


Join Peter Walker for a visual tour of the lands of the Bible. From the times of the Old Testament prophets, through Jesus and his followers, right up to the 21st century, this full colour book is a highly visual and informative trip into the environments we have read about so often.

Luke Hughes-Bunger, The Hub, Walsall

An excerpt from the introduction of

Getting Into God:

Practical Guidelines for the Christian Life Author: Stuart Briscoe, ISBN: 9781619581524

As the name implies, a Christian is related in some way to Christ. He or she belongs to Christ, is identified with Christ in much the same way that an Asian is related to Asia or a musician is identified by his music. Christ being who He is, there is no difficulty seeing that mere humans are highly privileged to have a relationship with Him—the eternal Son of God. They also accept the fact that the relationship must be on His terms and not theirs. Herein lies a problem for some people. They feel they can be Christian without relating to Christ on His terms. So they profess Christianity but know little of what Christ taught, less of what He promised and even less of what He requires. Professions of this order are highly suspect and should be carefully scrutinised by all concerned. Christ taught that the Father had sent Him into the world to bring people to an experience of God which they once enjoyed and subsequently lost. To do this, it was necessary for Him to die on the cross for sin, be buried to show the reality of His death, and to rise again from the dead as a demonstration of God’s acceptance of His sacrifice and an illustration of the extent of His victory over sin, death and hell. It was on the basis of this teaching that Christ was free to make His demands. First, He demanded repentance. He left no illusions in people’s minds as to what He felt about sin and how He expected people to call sin sin and turn from it. Then, He insisted on faith—faith and dependence that stopped trusting anything or anyone but Himself for blessing and meaning. Third, He talked forcefully of repentance and faith becoming visible in terms of commitment to Him and what He was doing—the kind of


£6.50 £7.50

commitment that would gladly acknowledge and accept His authority. A commitment like that of the centurion’s soldiers, who would go where he said to go and do what he told them to do and come when they were told to come (see Luke 7:8). All this ‘coming’ and ‘going’— not to mention the ‘doing’—is demanding, for it can mean going where you don’t want to go and doing what you have no desire to do and coming to Him when there are other things you prefer to do at that time. But there is a resource to help in these difficult situations: the Holy Spirit. It is He—the third member of the Trinity—who lives within the repentant, dependent, committed Christian. He is there to stimulate, clarify, strengthen, encourage and, where necessary, prick. His function is to keep the Christian moving along in experiences ever-leading into deeper discoveries of what God wants to do. But besides this remarkable spiritual resource, God has given us many helps, pieces of equipment, practical aids, “means of grace.” Call them what you will, so long as you use them. The Bible, prayer, fellowship, the church in all her functions—all are intended to aid the Christian in being what he became a Christian to be.

3 for 2 on Children’s Titles Simply buy any three titles from this wide range of children’s and young people’s resources from CWR, and receive the cheapest product free. These special board books with beautiful pictures introduce young children to the God who loves them and cares for them.

My Picture Bible – Board Book 9781853456251 £5.99

My Picture Prayers – Board Book 9781853456268 £5.99

Harry’s Hideout: Glorious Mud & Minibeasts 9781853459894 £4.99

Precious Princess: Starry Night & On the Beach 9781782590552 £4.99

50 Barmiest Bible Stories 9781853458521 £5.99

50 Juiciest Bible Stories 9781853459849 £5.99

Join Daisy and Harry in their adventures as they travel through the portal of their special book to Bible times.

Colourfully illustrated with zany cartoons, each story in the 50 series ends on a cliffhanger so children have to look up one or two Bible verses to find out the ending.

3 F




Professor Bumblebrain – brilliant and barmy Bible buff – challenges children to stretch their grey cells as they uncover mind-boggling facts about God and His Word. Professor Bumblebrain’s Bonkers Book on Prayer 9781853459481 £6.99

Professor Bumblebrain’s Bonkers Book on Parables 9781853459474 £6.99

These Topz Secret Diaries are full of fun as the Topz characters help boys and girls discover things about themselves and God with questions, quizzes, engaging puzzles and more. Boys Only - Topz Secret Diary 9781853455964 £5.99

Just for Girls - Topz Secret Diary 9781853455971 £5.99

These 60 days of undated devotionals for boys and girls (aged 11–15) contain extracts from popular issues of YP’s. Bold Brave Faith - Boys’ Devotional 9781782590996 £4.99

Live Love Dream - Girls’ Devotional 9781782591009 £4.99

NLT Compact Bible White Imitation Leather

Now: £10.99 £12.99

NIV Pocket White Gift Bible Boxed HB

ISBN: 9781414353722

ISBN: 9781444703061

A beautiful gift for those special occasions which require a white Bible. With silver gilded page edges and an embossed spine, it comes in a sleeve with a silver printed pattern, has a presentation page and page marker. Just right for weddings, dedications, baptisms!

Compact and with silver edged paper, this is a perfect, white, hardback Bible for special occasions confirmation, baptism, even weddings or perhaps as a special treat for yourself! This keepsake Bible also comes with a matching white box .

Penny Rivett, CLC Bookshop, Ipswich


Now: £11.99 £14.99

Melanie Carroll Unicorn Tree Books, Lincoln

NIV Pocket Black Bible with Zip

Bonded Leather

ISBN: 9781444701661


for every occasion Now: £20.99 £24.99

This is a brilliant Bible to take out with you as the zip fastening and leather cover make it really sturdy. This is one of the best Bibles of its size for ease of use. Its gold edged paper make it a great gift, especially for men! Kay Adlington, Food for Thought, Clay Cross

NLT Large Print Compact Bible TuTone

Brown/Tan Leatherlike ISBN: 9781414312583


The absolute best of both worlds — finally a Bible that can claim to being both compact and large print! If you’ve not yet seen this beautiful NLT Bible, be sure to check it out the next time you visit your local Christiian bookshop. Please note it is also available in a variety of other covers. Amanda Lutes, Take Note Editor, CLC Wholesale

ESV Anglicised Compact Bible with Zip

Now: £12.99 £15.99

NIV Tiny Pink Soft-tone Bible with Zip

Purple Imitation Leather

ISBN: 9781444749755

ISBN: 9780007480081

A treat for yourself or a great gift, this durable and small-sized Bible in the popular NIV is perfect to take anywhere. It is wellloved by females of all ages. How can you resist?

A beautiful compact ESV Bible in a zipped cover with an intricate embossed design. This Anglicised edition is so much easier to read. The ESV translation is growing in popularity and recommended by many church leaders and universities for its accuracy and clarity. Pam Kerr, CLC Bookshop, Inverness

Handbag sized with a cute butterfly decorated purple cover that zips up to keep the pages at their best. A regular favourite among women. Susan Wallbridge, CLC Bookshop, Dundee

Now: £10.99 £12.99

Brenda Sleath, The Vine Trust Bookshop, Andover


Your purchases from this magazine enable your local bookshop to help CLC support Christian literature ministries in over 50 countries around the world.

Now: £7.99

Now: £9.99



Now: £5.99 £6.99

The Majesty of Prayer

A Book of Prayers to Keep Forever by Lois Rock

Encompassing God

ISBN: 9780745947556

by David Adam ISBN: 9780281070589

by John MacArthur ISBN: 9780736938419

‘Lord teach us how to pray’ Jesus’ disciples requested. How often might we echo their words! This book offers patterns to follow and challenges to think upon. A delightful gift book, suitable for confirmations, baptisms and many other occasions.

Encompassing God is a new collection of contemplative and reflective prayers and meditations from David Adam, one of the great intercession writers of our generation. Through these prayers, you will draw near to God and be surrounded by Him.

If you are looking for a unique gift book for someone in your life, then The Majesty of Prayer is just the thing. Buy one for a friend and one for yourself. It would be beautiful as a coffee table book—or to jumpstart your daily devotions.

Alan Hilll, Peterborough Christian Bookshop

Luke Hughes-Bunger, The Hub, Walsall

Angela Adams, CLC Bookshop, Coventry

Give Books, Give Life!

Have you ever thought how a Christian book might impact someone with no faith? We know the power of the written word and can put our hands on a myriad of Christian books to help us, whatever our need. But what about our non-Christian friends? Wouldn't it be good if these books were available to everyone? The good news is you and your church could be the key to make that possible.

Charity no. 255001

Christian bookshops across the UK have teamed up with the national charity, Speaking Volumes, to give you the chance to place Christian books at the heart of your community—at a fraction of the normal cost. You can give to a public library, school, prison, hospice, playgroup, drop-in centre, even your own church: anywhere that the books can be borrowed and read by people in your community. Through the scheme, Speaking Volumes matchfunds your purchase so you pay just half the normal cost. There are currently 70 bookshops partnering with Speaking Volumes, but it's easy for any Christian bookshop to get involved, simply by contacting Speaking Volumes. All you need to do is choose a library where your gift will be appreciated and decide with them which books you’ll give from the wide range of Speaking Volumes’ titles. There are DVDs and audio-books available too. You can pick your own titles—or select a collection. Use the catalogue on the scheme website,, or request a printed copy from your local Christian bookshop. Then, take your order to your bookshop. They will charge you 50% of the value and claim back the other 50% from Speaking Volumes. You can also order free book protectors and book plates. All we ask is that you order more than ten items to keep administration costs low. You'll be surprised how keen people are to receive free Christian books. Libraries really appreciate that you’re partnering with an established national charity, and schools are often desperate for contact with a local church to help them deliver religious education. Pop into your local Christian bookshop to learn more or contact the Speaking Volumes office directly.

Make a difference to your community: make a gift of Christian books today.

Endorsements: The books have been great! Some are in the RE section of the library. I kept some for my assembly resources, especially key Bible stories. Thank you! School in Spitalfields, London

We gave the books to the primary school where we meet on Sundays. Consequently, we have been invited to take some school assemblies. Wey Christian Fellowship Thank you for the bumper box of books and DVDs you sent us. We get children of all ages through this centre. I think they will serve to bless, guide and provoke (to faith?) many, many children here. I’m particularly looking forward to seeing parents reading the children’s Bibles to their little ones. Chaplain, pre-deportation family centre

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Key Resources To Help you Grow

Rose Pamphlets: Clear, Concise and Full of Helpful Advice

ISBN: 9781890947637

ISBN: 9781890947712

ISBN: 9781596361959

£2.99 Each


Full Pack of 5 for £10 ISBN: 9781596364400

ISBN: 9781596360358

ISBN: 9781596364561

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Take Note 2014 Issue 2 (May/June)  

This newest issue of Take Note is filled with amazing Bibles and books for all ages that are aimed at helping us all become better disciples...

Take Note 2014 Issue 2 (May/June)  

This newest issue of Take Note is filled with amazing Bibles and books for all ages that are aimed at helping us all become better disciples...