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nded Recomme to keep gift ideas focus! Christ in

Oh, give thanks to the Lord! Call upon His name; Make known His deeds among the peoples! Sing to Him, sing psalms to Him; Talk of all His wondrous works! Glory in His holy name; Let the hearts of those rejoice who seek the Lord! Seek the Lord and His strength; Seek His face evermore! 1 Chronicles 16: 8-11 (NKJV)

Favourite 2012 Releases! Who Is This Man? By John Ortberg An eye opener into the impact Jesus has had on our history, and in our lives and relationships.

Twelve Unlikely Heroes By John MacArthur Now: £7.99 £9..99

Dan Balsdon, SACREDplace St. Austell, Cornwall

Now: £8.99

“An excellent book looking at how God used unexpected people in the Bible and what He wants to do with us. A very challenging book; the chapter on Jonathan and friendships is excellent.” John Keble, Christian Books, Dunstable

Book Trailer:

ISBN: 9781400274840


ISBN: 9780310275954

Change Your Words - Change Your Life By Joyce Meyer

Lead Me Holy Spirit by Stormie Omartian “Join Stormie in an exploration of hearing God speak into every area of your life, letting him lead you, guide you and transform you.”

“We know that words are powerful tools for good or ill. Joyce helps us to make our words constructive, healthy, and healing. As always, her teaching is Bible based.” Now: £9.99 £12..99

Penny Rivett, CLC Bookshop, Ipswich ISBN: 9781444745207

How God Became King by Tom Wright

Dan Balsdon, SACREDplace St. Austell, Cornwall

Now: £8.99

ISBN: 9780736944106


The Lion’s World by Rowan Williams

“Jesus is the God of Israel and became King of the whole world at the cross. The role of the church today is to share that message through mission ‘in the power and joy of the spirit’.” Richard Morris, CLC Bookshop, Birmingham “Tom Wright has the ability to break down complex theological themes into concepts that are understandable and easier £12..99 to read, ponder and digest.” Geoff Wallace, ISBN: Maranatha C. B., Uxbridge 9780281061464 Now: £9.99

Available at all participating UK bookshops or online at Promotional prices valid only while stocks last!

Now: £5.99 £8..99

Explore the moral landscape of the Narnia series with Williams as he offers an astute guide to their spiritual subtexts. Aspects of the author’s life and thoughts, and on key themes in his other novels, paint a richly textured picture of Lewis’ aims and achievements. ISBN: 9780281068951

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Welcome to Take Note, the promotional magazine that contains

Favourite Fiction Authors:

Now: ÂŁ5.99 ÂŁ8.99

resources that you can rely on to assist you, your family and your friends in discovering or developing a deeper Christian life.

Are you stuck or unsure as to what to get for a loved one this Christmas? Perhaps you’ve already picked up what they want for Christmas but feel the need to add something that will encourage them in their Christian walk. Well, then this issue of Take Note is for you, as it contains a list of well-loved resources (and a few new ones!) that we hope will bring some inspiration to your search. If needed, be sure to ask your local shop team for some more assistance by simply sharing a few key points about your loved one. They have an amazing wealth of knowledge in what’s really been a hit over the years through customer feedback and their own personal experience and giving. Amanda Lutes, Editor

Now: ÂŁ5.99 ÂŁ7.99

The Shack By Wm Paul Young 9780340979495

Redeeming Love By Francine Rivers 9781854246592

New: ÂŁ7.99

Nov. 22/12:


ÂŁ14.99 ÂŁ17.99

Cross Roads By Wm Paul Young 9781444745979

Illusion By Frank Peretti 9780857213266

Too cold to go out?

Why not enjoy a fun night ‘IN’ with friends & family... Escape (DVD): Doctors Paul and Kim Jordan are


struggling to find peace in their lives after the tragic loss of their baby’s life. Paul persuades Kim to escape reality and flee to the exquisite islands of Southeast Asia, but paradise turns into a nightmare when he is kidnapped by human traffickers in need of a skilled doctor. With life and death in the balance, fellow prisoner, Malcolm, challenges Paul to stop running from God. Will Paul realise that trust in God is his only hope for escape and reunion with his wife? Price: £12.99 5060049640396

T r a i l e r

Brother White (DVD): James White, an Associate


Pastor at a mega church in California, always, wanted his own church. He jumps at the opportunity to become pastor of an impoverished Church in Atlanta, but his family aren’t enthusiastic about his assignment. Neither is the congregation itself, but they have to learn to trust each other and pull together in time to save the church! A warm, heartfelt family comedy. Price: £12.99 5060049640365 

T r a i l e r

‘One Year’ Devotionals & Mustard Seed by Angus Buchan (One Year Devo) “A brilliant way to start your day with an encouragement and word from the Bible. A must have for anyone’s daily walk!” Sarah Edwards, CLC Bookshop, Cambridge “I was very inspired by this book and most readers will struggle to only £12..99 read one page a day!” Neil MacLennan, CLC Bookshop, Aberdeen 9780857211262

Now: £9.99

NKJV The Gaither Homecoming Bible


Now: £24.99



Scan the QR code below to hear the Gaither ‘family’ share about their decision to create this devotional Bible. May you be filled with hope and find encouragement in your daily walk with the Lord. 9781418549923

Inspiring Women Every Day (One Year Devo)


ver ble co i B a ot add your gift? W hy n plete to com arge): ints (L 7 r p t o o • F 080795 ): 978031 (Large Jesus f o s e • Nam 310803850 9780 ium): y (Med p p u P h • Plus 310519799 9780

Now: £6.99 £8.99

Discover a full year of hope and encouragement with this wellloved series of daily readings all under one cover. Each month a different female author writes on a topic or Bible book that expressly relates to women. 9781853455681

Grace for the Moment by Max Lucado

Morning & Evening Edition (One Year Devo)

“Beautifully bound exterior and great Lucado insights inside make this a grace filled Christmas gift! Melanie Carroll,


£12.99 £14..99

Unicorn Tree Books & Crafts, Lincoln 9781404113749

Did you know that Christian literature ministries are expanding rapidly in Latin America? The CLC team in Venezula is not only looking to open another shop in their country soon, but they are also sending their current leaders over to Bolivia to begin a new work there!

Bibles Make Incredible Presents! NIV Bible for Children

NLT Love Languages Devotional Bible

“This Bible includes an audio book CD (MP3) of SU’s Big Bible Story plus the fantastic ‘puppet’ pictures from the book. Score!”

“A wonderful engagement or wedding gift for a special couple in your life. A great way to start thinking about how to honour God when starting a life together” Kay Adlington, £16.99 Food For Thought, Clay Cross £18..99 9780802408532 Now:

God’s Great Blessings by Patricia Raybon



£13.99 £15..99


NIrV Large Print Bible 9780310720218 “An easier to read NIV version which is especially useful for Bible students for whom English is not their first language...” Brandon Stephenson, CLC Bookshop, Guildford Now: £19.99 £24.99

Unlocking the Bible by Colin Smith

Now: £8.99 £9.99

(One Year Devo) Edinburgh native, Colin Smith, has been the Senior Pastor at an American church for the last 15 years. In that time, he has brought a strong emphasis on God’s Word to his congregation. Join him for a new year of discovery through the Bible. 9781414369358

“an attractive Bible that is great for those of us with waning eyesight.” Brian Taylor, CLC Bookshop, Newcastle

ESV Global Study Bible

NLT One Year Study Bible A very popular Bible for study groups! Take 30 minutes each day to read, reflect and apply these scriptures to your life and then come together as a group to discuss what’s impacted you the most that Now: week! Develop a real time of £17.99 fellowship and discovery! £19.50 9781414339221



(One Year Devo)

A beautiful gift that is very encouraging and helps readers to develop a stronger faith as they learn to stand on God’s promises. It even contains a weekly ‘Deeper Thinking’ journalling section!

Justin Dummer, CLC Bookshop, Newcastle


If ever there was a Study Bible that truly reflects CLC’s mission purpose, this might just be the one! Scan the code to discover why...


£12.99 £18..99


NLT Premium Value Bible Series


Need a beautiful Gift and Award Bible but have a fairly tight budget? We highly recommend the new NLT Premium Value series from Tyndale! They really are lovely and affordable, ranging from £6.50 - 12.99 Check out the Personal Slimline editions at just £7.99: Brown - 9781414364674 Red - 9781414364681

What are the core values of your life?

Faith • Sacrifice • Holiness • Fellowship

These values have enabled CLC International to make the message global for over 70 years!

Top Picks for Christmas

New! £8.99

I am Loved

by Claudette Schlitter 9781860248603

New! £9.99

Miracle (CD) by Third Day UK release date Nov. 2012 083061094621

New! £4.99

Prayers for Boys

by Gabrielle Mercer & Lara Ede 9781860248726

New! £8.99

Seriously Funny 2 by A. Plass & J. Lucas 9781850789673

New! £14.99

October Baby (DVD)

New film about forgiveness 602341005296


The Little Drummer Boy by VeggieTales 5060256820697

New! £7.99

Runaway, Red Beret And Reverend by John Alexander 9781780780177

New! £9.99

Joy (CD) by Steven C. Chapman UK release date Nov. 2012 602341017725

New! £4.99

Prayers for Girls

by Gabrielle Mercer & Lara Ede 9781860248641

Great gift ideas from:

New! £14.99

Light of the World

Resin Candle Holder w/lid Lift the lid and find a tea light! P10878

New! £14.99

Be still and know

Resin Candle Holder w/lid Each comes in a beautiful gift box! P10882

New! £14.99

For I know the plans...

Resin Candle Holder w/lid A great keepsake for any occasion! P10886




My Prayer Journal

My Praise Journal

Journal: Heart Glad

Spiral Journal P42378


Give Thanks (Psalm 106:1) Tall Ceramic Mug 0780308049634

Spiral Journal P42361


Be Strong (Joshua 1:9) Stainless Steel Mug 0780308049030

Spiral Journal 0703800040541


I Know the Plans (Journey) Tall Ceramic Mug 0780308049610

Discover & Share Jesus Why I Love Baby Jesus (Bb) Illust. by Daniel Howarth This attractive boardbook is a great teaching resource for your little one! Help them discover true characteristics of Jesus as well as learning the names of animals through the lovely illustrations. Now: £4.99



My Christmas Picture Bible Activity Book by B. James & K. Kallai Nagy

“As well as the picture activities that the title suggests, you can also make your own calendar for the rest of the year!” Susan Wallbridge, CLC Bookshop, Dundee

Now: £3.99



The Nativity (HB) by M. Thomas & M. Peluso “A beautifully illustrated book that makes you feel a part of the event. With scripture too, this will be a bedtime favourite in many a home.” Chris Magee, CLC Wholesale

Now: £4.99



Susanna’s Christmas Wish:

by Jerry Eicher

Now: £5.99 £6..99


“Enjoy Amish fiction, like I do? Jerry Eicher’s Amish series is quickly becoming popular here (UK) as he has a great way of writing about the differences in opinion and lifestyles. I would definitely recommend giving this Christmas novel a try to see if you’ll enjoy more of his work.” Debbie Pennells, CLC Wholesale

This Season!

‘Shop-in-a-box’ Project


Pens at Christmas “This is a great little book for pre-schoolers. Very popular colourful characters share the Christmas story in a fun way. This book will help the younger kids to understand the Nativity story.” Neil MacLennan, CLC Bookshop, Aberdeen


Now: £1.99 £2..49


Story of Christmas Stickerbook

by A. Taylor & D. Petrilli (with re-usable stickers) This new sticker book from SU is not just great for kids, but also as a resource for Sunday School. The stickers are re-usable and the pages are laid out as background scenes for each part of the story. A wonderful addition to storytelling time. 9781844277667

Now: £2.99 £3..50

Christmas Story Action Bible by Sergio Cariello (Pack of 25 booklets)

“Ace artwork with teen appeal makes this a perfect Christmas giveaway for churched or unchurched!” Melanie Carroll, Unicorn Tree Books & Crafts, Lincoln 9781434703019

Pack: £15.99

Interested in going one step further and supporting an international Christian bookshop? With CLC’s ‘Shop in a box’ project, that’s exactly what you can do! This project takes shipping containers and converts them into bookshops with very low overheads so that they can eventually be self-sustaining in areas desperate for Christian resources. Currently, we are establishing a bookshop (as seen below) on the Scripture Union’s premises in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. If this is a project you, your house group or your church would be interested in supporting, why not visit the Stewardship’s secure online giving site below? For more information, please contact Liz Patten at:


His Name is Jesus (Boxed Giftbook) By Max Lucado

This wonderful collection of Max Lucado’s work displays the life of Jesus from birth to ressurection. It’s not only an amazing book graphically, it is really powerful in its content and witness! 9781404186736

Secure online giving:

Now: £12.99 £15..99

Youth Favourites The Action Bible by Sergio C.

Now: £14.99 £16..99

Back by popular demand! “Marvel Comics meets Scripture — the style of these classic action comics fuses perfectly with God’s word to get all ages reaching for the Action Bible.” David Rees, Books Alive, Hove 9780781444996

Wake Up Generation

by Paige Omartian

Children’s Favourites Lightkeepers Boys or Girls Collection


by Irene Howat Why not pick up these wellloved biographies in their complete boxset for girls or for boys? Right now you’ll save £10 by purchasing these titles in their boxsets instead of individually!


Boys: 9781845503185 Girls: 9781845503192


The Jesus Movie DVD (Read & Share) “A beautifully animated story of the life of Jesus from birth to resurrection. Perfect for very young children.”

“A wake-up call to break out of apathy and into passion for God, Paige’s book is a must-read.” Jane Shaw, CLC Bookshop, Leicester

Now: £7.50 £8.50



Snapshots 365

Pilgrim’s Progress (DVD) “A great family film that runs true to the book and is very much age appropriate. I highly recommend.” Now: £9.99 £14..99

Justin Dummer, CLC Bookshop, Newcastle Product Code: 400005D

TeenTalk (Guys or Girls) by Sharon Witt

Now: £4.99 £5..99

“The TeenTalk series covers all the basic aspects of ‘growing up’ in an easy to understand way, and all from a Christian perspective. A definite must-have through these challenging years.” Clarissa Hodge, CLC Bookshop, Kingston Girls: 9781860248146 Guys: 9781860248153

Making The Message Global!

Pam Kerr, CLC Bookshop, Inverness 023755412799

Now: £6.99

Now: £6.99 £8..99

“The first full year issue of Snapshots went down so well, this new edition is sure to follow suit. Much better than the three monthly small booklets it has replaced.”


Karen Markwell, CLC Bookshop, Ipswich

The Jesus Storybook Bible Deluxe Ed. by Sally Lloyd Jones

Now: £13.99 £15..99


This gift set combines the well-loved Jesus Storybook Bible (HB) & audiobook read by David Suchet.

Anything you purchase from this magazine means that your local bookshop is helping CLC to support Christian literature ministries in over 50 countries around the world.

A little Christmas cheer on every page £12.99

£5.99 £5.99




£4.99 £3.99











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