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SAMPLE CAREERS Scientist: Work in a lab or in the field, studying plants, animals or the physical world, and making new discoveries on everything from medicines to new planets. Mathematician: Use formulas, mathematical theories and the latest computer technology to solve theoretical and applied problems.

Actuary: Work in the insurance industry, using knowledge of statistics and business to determine the risk of events occurring. Laser/Photonics/Optics Technician: Install and troubleshoot lasers and optical systems used in many industries. Nanoscience technology (technicians): Use high-end technology to work at the nanoscale (at the molecular and atomic levels) in research and development in medicine,defense or manufacturing. See our Nanoscience Technology fact sheet.

Electronic Information Technology (technicians): Design, install and support local area networks, wide-area networks, network segments and the infrastructure for Internet or intranets.

Electrical Engineering Technology (technicians): Work with engineers on the design, assembly and testing of a universe of products, from cell phones to life-saving medical equipment. Careers are also available in sales.

Mechanical Engineering Technology: Design, test and troubleshoot machines, mechanisms and other hot technology in the areas of robotics, mechatronics and automated systems.


Educational Level

Median Salary


Bachelor’s degree or higher



Doctorate degree


Photonics Technician

Associate degree


*Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degrees were not designed for transfer to four-year schools. However, courses in A.A.S. programs may transfer to specific institutions. See for details. **Source: The National Center for Photonics Education at


CLC Career Brochure  

Great careers begin at the College of Lake County!

CLC Career Brochure  

Great careers begin at the College of Lake County!