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Calvary Faith Ministries News letter DECEMBER 2009

Dear Friends, Greetings to you all from CFM, India. I thank God for the great fellowship and love that He has planted in our hearts to be united for the sake of His kingdom. There has been some awesome things that God has been doing through CFM India and I am very excited to share it with you through this news letter, so that you can join with us and praise God and thank him for his faithfulness. Moreover we have our son with us for this Christmas which we are very happy about. He is here for his Christmas holidays and for his one month internship in India as part of his studies. Please keep him in your prayers. May God bless you all.

Rev. Ellis William

In His Service, Rev. Ellis William., Founder/Senior Pastor—CFM, India.

Ministry trip to Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand I had a blessed ministry with praise evangelical church with Ps K. Stephen at Singapore . He is a wonderful man of god having powerful ministry . I really enjoyed their ministry and I encouraged the people with Gods word. My friend David & Elizabeth Immagie hosted me well. In Malaysia I preached 3 days in Jesus loves church at Klang where Pr. Ravi arranged these ministries and I preached only among Hindu’s and Pr. Henry arranged this meeting at Kualalumpur. Please pray for the blessings of these nice people. In addition, I had an amazing time in Thailand preaching and teaching in a Pastors Conference. We had delicates from Philippines, Cambodia, Loaw, Burma, Tanzania, Sweden, Myanmar & Thailand. It was a powerful conference and the pastors were delivered from stress and burdens. Praise be to God.

Regional pastoR’s Meet We had our regional pastors meet on 8th December for our 17 regional pastors. They shared with us the amazing things that God has done in the growth of their regional churches life. We thanked God together for all his blessings trough our CFM Network Churches. Finally we blessed our regional leaders & their wives with special Christmas & New Year gifts.

Project @ K. Poondi Village, India. Rev. Ellis visited our CFM life center located in K. Poondi village on the 01st December 2009. About 42 kids who are being benefited by our life center where gathered and Rev. Ellis blessed them with Chocolates and other Christmas gifts. Around 6 PM on the same day we distributed some new clothes and Christmas gifts to 10 aged widow women and 2 aged men on behalf of CFM. They were so happy and thankful. At 7 PM we had gospel meeting and around 35 people were gathered from K. Poondi village and also from a neighboring village called Karumankenaru. Pr. Caleb and Rev. Ellis preached the gospel and prayed for the people. At the end of the evening we served food for all the villagers and we had an amazing fellowship getting to know the people. We dropped the people of in our cars who came from neighboring villages. I thank God for all his goodness through this project. People have started to realize the love of God and has started to reflect as an overwhelming joy and happiness in their lives.

Upcoming Event: We are going back to K. Poondi as our kids are throwing a Christmas Fun Night and they have wonderful gifts waiting.

CFM INDIA UPCOMING EVENTS From the 20th till the 23rd of December we have planned to organize series of Christmas Celebrations in our CFM life centers. Our Target for these programmes is to reach the Hindus through the Christmas Celebration nights which will create an opportunity for them to hear the gospel.

CFM @ Kakan Colony Our target is to reach 45 to 50 non Christians. We already have about 20 kids studying with us through free tuition center.

CFM @ Karur We have about 105 kids being benefitted through free tuition center. In addition our target is to reach 75 to 80 non— Christians from this area.

CFM @ Tanjore

Please pray for our needs

Our target is to reach 30 children and 45 – 50 non—Christians through this center.

In our K. Poondi CFM life center, we are now conducting our programmes in the open terrace upstairs. But due to rainy season it is very difficult for us to continue doing it. So please pray for 1600 USD to put a strong roof upstairs. Lets hope and pray that God will meet this need.

Hospital Ministry Our hospital ministry project is going very well by the grace of God. We had a Hindu sister named Anitha who got healed through our hospital ministry. Praise be to God.

Youth Counseling Project Every Friday of the week we have counseling programme for the youths. This programme is specialized to help the youths with pre marital counseling.

A new beginning… Grace Children's Home We have planned to bless our Grace Children’s Home kids with Christmas gifts and fun day.


Mr. Vaitheyanathan who is high class Brahmin get loss in business and went for suicide but our church member brought him to our Church . Rev Ellis shared the gospel and prayed for him now he has accepted Christ as his personal savior and attending our church regularly. Moreover 90 percent of his business is coming up really well and God has honored his faith. Praise be to God for this new soul and continue to uphold him in your prayers, that he will be deeply rooted in God and will grow and bear fruits for the extension of the Kingdom and bring glory to His name.

Mr. Vaitheyanathan & Rev. Ellis

Urgent Prayer Need Brother John Suresh Babu has been a member of Church for past 10 years. He came from a strong Hindu background. He is the only Christian at home while his wife and children have chosen to remain as Hindu’s. Due to this brother John faces a lot of opposition at home, but he is a great man of faith, strong for God and actively involved in our church. Last week unfortunately brother John experienced a severe heart attack and he was admitted in the hospital. He is now kept in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The doctors have told that he needs a bye pass surgery. So its time for us to keep brother John in our prayers. Let us pray for his healing and that God will see him through during the time of surgery. Also keep his wife and 2 children in his prayer and lets pray that they will see that our God is a faithful God.

CFM wishes you a Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year. May the Lord bless you during this season and also will expand your ministries and life in a newer dimension in the New Year 2010. For questions & comments please E mail us at or call us at 0091-431-2458331 Visit us at

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Ministry trip to Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand We had our regional pastors meet on 8 th December for our 17 regional pastors. They shar...

CFM&CFAC Offical Newsletter: Edition/December 2009  

Ministry trip to Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand We had our regional pastors meet on 8 th December for our 17 regional pastors. They shar...