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MARCH 2019

Christ Lutheran Church • Highlands Ranch, CO • Gathering † Gifting † Sending

CLC Kids Choir to Sing for Palm Sunday Exciting news! This spring we would love to have the CLC Kids Choir sing for Palm Sunday weekend, April 13 & 14. We will sing at the Saturday evening 5pm service as well as the 9:30am service on Sunday. We will rehearse during the Wednesday night Lenten meals. The meals run from 5:15-6:45pm, so rehearsals will begin at 5:45 and go to 6:15. This will hopefully give you that chance to eat before or after (whichever works best for your family). We will have four rehearsals: March 20 & 27, and April 3 & 10. We will do one song by ourselves and one song with the Adult Choir. In order to participate, you will need to be in attendance for at least 3 out of the 4 rehearsals. Please let Peyton,, know if you are interested in participating. We’d love to have you.

Lent, Holy Week & Easter Schedule Ash Wednesday Services March 6 at 12 noon and 7pm featuring the CLC Handbells

Lenten Mid-Week Meal

Each Wed. March 13 to April 10, 5:15-6:45pm

Lenten Mid-Week Worship

Each Wed. March 13 to April 10, 7-7:45pm

Palm Sunday Worship April 13 & 14 featuring the CLC Kids Choir

Maundy Thursday

April 18 – 7pm 1st Communion, Crossroads Band and Praise Team leading Music

Festival Choir for Holy Week and Easter Do you like to sing but are afraid you can’t commit to choir for an extended period of time? Then we have a solution for you. We are starting a new music ministry called the “Festival Choir!” This choir will help lead worship for most services during the Festivals (Holy Week, Easter, Christmas, Pentecost, etc…) We will rehearse on Thursday nights at the beginning of regular Choir rehearsal time from 7-8. Rehearsals will begin on Thursday March 7. This year, in addition to lots of the traditional music for the season, will be doing lots of music from the African American tradition; Spirituals, gospel songs and Hymns. I know you will love this music. Please consider joining us for this new music opportunity.

Good Friday

April 19 at 12 noon and 7pm A Tenebrae Service - led by CLC Festival Choir

Easter Worship

April 20 - 5pm Featuring the CLC Festival Choir and Brass April 21 - 6:30am Sunrise Service 8:00am Featuring the CLC Festival Choir and Brass 9:30 am Featuring the CLC Festival Choir, Brass and Crossroads Band 11:00am Featuring the CLC Festival Brass, Crossroads Band

STAFF: Pastor Eric Allert, Lead Pastor Ext 107 Pastor Gail Mundt, Executive Pastor Ext 108

Come and Worship the Continued Journey of God

Peyton Strouth Director of Worship & Music Ministry Ext 109

from Pastor Allert

Gary Knutson, Director of Youth & Family Ext 105

The Bible comes to us not as a systematized series of doctrines, nor as a list of moral absolutes—it comes to us as living history, present and future... Oh, sometimes I wish the Word of God as found and proclaimed in scripture was a bit more like a ‘manual’ on how to address each and every situation in life—and indeed lots of churches and good intentioned pastors preach exactly that sort of understanding of scripture. You know what I’m talking about: Have trouble with your teen—check out Proverbs. Need a faith jump start—go to Ephesians. Not sure where to invest that $100,000— go see your pastor!

Samantha Sweitzer, Office Coordinator Ext 100 Deb Morgans, Director of Preschool Ext 300 Brittany Marshall, Bookkeeper Ext 106 Karen Patz, Volunteer & Care Coordinator Ext 110 Ally Williams, Connections Coordinator Ext 101 Allyson Evans, Christian Education Coordinator Ext 103

CHURCH COUNCIL: Brian Martin, Council President Nancy Sullivan, Council Vice President (Liaison to Personnel Committee) Liesl Farrier, Council Secretary Jeff Bergstrom, Church Treasurer (Liaison to Legacy & Endowment Committee) Tom Coates (Liaison to Safety & Security Ministry, Stewardship Team) Bill Doyle (Liaison to Adult Education Ministry) Jennifer Gunther (Liaison to Equipping & Outreach Ministry) Steve Hoemann (Liaison to Worship & Music Ministry) Christine Kleen (Liaison to Youth & Family Ministry) Pete Koury (Liaison to Property & Maintenance Committee) Deb Tronrud (Liaison to Hospitality & Fellowship Ministry) All articles, photos and notices for the next issue of CrossWord are due by the 15th of the month. Send to Editor reserves the right to edit for content and space.

No, this way of looking at scripture as a manual has never worked for me—I love scripture too much to reduce it to a kind of instruction booklet that I might see in a box of my son’s Legos. Scripture is (for the most part) narrative. It is the events of God’s people and how they’ve seen and understood God to be at work in themselves, their neighbors and the world. It is the story of ordinary broken people who struggle with issues of faith, vocation, obedience and what it means to be God’s people. It is the detailed accounts of how God continually comes to us—especially in Jesus Christ—and is at work to bring light from darkness and to bring faith from fear. Indeed, for my value, the golden thread throughout scripture is the faithfulness and love of God! The Word of God is not meant to be distilled into some kind of ‘super-condensed elixir,’ a kind of spiritual moonshine that goes directly into the bloodstream. No, the Word of God is more like a fine meal that is to be digested sumptuous morsel by morsel, an extravagance of texture, sight, taste and sound. Scripture at its best calls us into the detailed events, makes them a part of our own past history and future journey - so we begin to see ourselves as the reluctant Moses, the murmuring Israelites, the tentative Peter, the courageous Ruth, the receptive Lydia. In the midst of it all we see the promise of God. Enter Lent and Holy Week. Each year we are called anew into the story of God in Jesus Christ. I again invite you to come and worship with us each and every opportunity during these special Lenten weeks ahead, looking into the mirror with reflections of love. Come and worship with us this year during the eventual Palm Sunday in April, experiencing the tension of the crowd which wants a Messiah—but one on their terms! Journey with us further on Maundy Thursday as Jesus gives us the sacrament of the altar and a new commandment. Walk with us through the solemn way of the cross and the passion of Good Friday. Then, as you have entered fully into the narrative again, join us for Easter and shout the Alleluias that open your heart to the God who has made us a part of His history. - Pastor Eric

Message from Pastor Gail By Jenny Allert, MSN Ed., RNC-OB

Response Team I want to thank everyone who has volunteered to be a part of our new team that will help care for our members and visitors should a medical emergency happen. I wanted to take this time to let everyone know how this new process will work. You may notice on some nametags a red strip or a red strip with a cross. These individuals have volunteered to help in an emergency and have the training to do so. The red strip indicate those trained in CPR/first aid and the red strip with the cross are those who are licensed medical professionals. If there is a medical emergency and any of these individuals are present they will be able to handle the situation until emergency response can arrive. Please follow the direction of these individuals or seek them out if needed. In addition to identifying members to help care for any medical emergencies we also received a Thrivent grant to put together 3 church and 3 youth group (to travel with our youth on trips) “stop the bleed” kits. These kits are specifically for injuries with excessive bleeding. After some tragic national events, a large research study on how to save lives when it may take time to get emergency help was done, it showed in many of these unfortunate events up to 60% of lives could have been saved. Having the ability to stop or slow bleeding with the proper equipment can save lives. There is now a national campaign to train individuals the same way we train individuals in CPR in the proper way to stop bleeding. These kits will be located next to three first aid kits. In the near future we will hold a stop the bleed training for anyone interested in learning these skills. Thank you again to everyone who has been and is willing to be a part of this team. I know these aren’t “fun” topics but should we have an emergency I am glad we have a team of people ready and willing to help care for our church family.

My Continuing Education for 2019 was spent in Egypt with my husband, Randy, colleagues and friends from Europe and the Mideast. Currently there are 7 ELCA pastors serving in Europe and the Mideast! They are a part of the AICEME (Association of International Churches in Europe and the Mideast) of which I am an “alumni”. These 7 are serving in Cairo, Jerusalem, Geneva, Bratislava, Oslo, Copenhagen and Berlin. We had an amazing journey filled with laughter, story-telling, worship, song, prayers, learning, touring and experiencing the beautiful country and people of Egypt. In the days and weeks to come, I will be sharing with you pictures and stories of our time there. Some of the places we experienced: Garbage City, Cave Churches, a few of the 150 monasteries, Anaphora Retreat Center, the Hanging Church, Ben Ezra synagogue, Egyptian museum, Giza pyramids and sphinx, Luxor Temple…We traveled by plane, bus, van, horse & buggy, boat, and ship. (I skipped the camel ride!) And we walked! We listened to knowledgeable and wise teachers. And we ate delicious Egyptian food. If you click on this link, you can read the Living Lutheran magazine article which tells of the United Church of Cairo, where we worshipped on Friday, February 8. (Because Friday is the day of worship in a Muslim land.){%22issue_id%22:559861,%22pag e%22:38} Please join with me in keeping our Coptic Christian sisters & brothers in prayer as they continue to be a vital and loving part of God’s ministry in Egypt and throughout the world.

Welcome Back!

Gary Knutson, Director of Youth & Family ministries, is returning from his sabbatical on Shrove Tuesday, March 5 (just in time for the pancake supper and the kick-off of the Lenten mentoring event!). We welcome Gary back and look forward to hearing of his experiences.

Adult Forums Pastor Gail has a dream to offer Adult Forum’s to the CLC community – and beyond. Forums that focus on a particular subject or theme, information provided by experts, explorations of cultural, relational or justice issues, informative topics, and an opportunity to grow in discipleship by diving into theological and biblical reflections. She envisions presentations being made by congregation members and others from the wider social, cultural, medical, financial and/or theological community. And, she needs your ideas, enthusiasm and support! If a time set aside for learning and exploring speaks to you, please contact Pastor Gail and offer to be on the Adult Forum Visioning Team. Email:

A Big Thank You from Outreach Uganda! Everyone at Outreach Uganda thanks CLC members for their dedicated support of the child sponsorship program which gives over 800 Uganda children the opportunity to attend school. We’re thankful for the seven new sponsors who signed up this year as well as over 75 continuing sponsors who have supported the program for multiple years. We could do nothing without your help! If you would still like to sponsor a child, it's not too late. We have several younger children, age 6 to 10, who still need sponsors as well as several students hoping to transition from primary school to 7th grade. Please call Outreach Uganda's office at (303) 683-8450.

Uganda Summer Trip Carol Davis, CLC member and founder of Outreach Uganda, will be in Uganda from July 2nd to August 4th. So far, one Highlands Ranch elementary teacher is signed up for volunteering at the Agwata school for the first two weeks including a one day stopover at the closest national park. We would love at least one more person to join us. Estimated cost including airfare is expected to be $3100 to $3400 although airfares are currently very low which could make the cost lower. Contact Carol at (303) 683-8450 or for more information. We are also looking for a good used digital camera to donate to the Agwata school for their use. Please let us know if you have one that you would be willing to donate.


7th and 8th Grade Confirmation

Sunday school classes are continuing to have fun while learning all about Jesus! We have classes for all grade levels, 3 year olds through 6th grade. All children are welcome to join at any time! We also invite adults to sign up to teach! If you are interested in attending or teaching, please contact Allyson Evans (

Confirmation during Lent is still on Wednesday evenings but each confirmand will be meeting with their mentor! Come to Lenten dinner with your family and then spend some time talking with your mentor! Don’t forget, our Mentor Kick Off is Tuesday, March 5 at 7:00. Come enjoy pancakes from 5:15-6:45pm and then meet your mentor! Don’t forget to bring a parent for Mentor Kick-off! If you have questions, please contact Gary Knutson (

Mission Trip

First Communion Classes

High School Youth, it isn’t too late to join us on this summer’s Mission Trip! We are heading to Panama City Beach, Florida to help with Hurricane Michael clean-up efforts. We will leave Highlands Ranch on June 27 and return to Highlands Ranch on July 8 or 9. The more high schoolers the better! Please talk to Gary Knutson if you have questions (! Dynamite, our youth group for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders, will be meeting on March 10 from 5:00-6:50pm in the Fellowship Hall! Come join us for dinner, crafts, games, devotional, and Bible Blitz. This is a great way to spend time with your friends at church! Come join the fun! If you have questions please contact Allyson Evans ( or Gary Knutson (


6th, 7th, and 8th Graders! It is time to sign up for camp! Spend an amazing week at Sky Ranch Lutheran Camp, June 9-14. Join us to build community through intentional confirmation programming. Experience camp programs - high ropes, worship, and more - while getting to know new friends in cabin groups. Time is set aside each day for congregations to gather! CLC’s registration deadline is Wednesday, April 10 for your paperwork and first payment. Please contact Gary Knutson ( or Allyson Evans ( for more information. You can also go to for more information.

Has your child shown an interest in receiving holy communion? Then this class is for you and your child! The two session class will take place March 31 and April 7 from 12:15-2:30pm. Lunch will be served. If your child is interested in receiving Holy Communion please let Gary know via email ( We ask that a parent attend class with their child. First Communion will take place on Thursday, April 18 during the Maundy Thursday service at 7:00PM.

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL ROAR! Life is WILD. God is GOOD. Vacation Bible School is just around the corner! Our dates this year are July 22-26 from 9:30-noon. CLC members, MOPS and Preschool Families will start early registration April 9. Stay tuned for more information in the next few weeks! If you have any questions or would like to volunteer please contact Allyson Evans (

High Schoolers, it’s Lenten Dinner time! If you are attending our mission trip this summer (or if you aren’t), please join us on Tuesday, March 5 to kick of Lenten Dinner Season! Let’s flip some pancakes! See you all at 4:00pm on Tuesday, March 5!

Hello from the Preschool THANK YOU for helping us reach our goal at the Book Fair! We are using our funds toward our end of the year picnic for our families and a few classroom supplies. We always deeply appreciate the shopping the church family does at the Book Fair to help with our school! We continue to register for Fall classes and we cannot believe how fast time is moving. We will talk about the Lost Sheep and Washing Feet during our Chapel time this month. We love watching the children grow in Jesus. They are so much fun every day! We will be singing for the congregation in April - looking forward to sharing our children with you! We wish everyone a healthy Spring as we prepare for the arrival of Easter. Summer Camp Registration begins! Summer camp is available to all children 3 years through 7yrs. old. There will be ten weeks of camp this summer held from Monday through Thursday either 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. or 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Please jump on our website for camp information at or we can email you information. Please let us know if you would like us to send at There is a $25, one time supply fee per each child regardless of how many sessions you attend. This fee is all you need to

reserve your space and payment is due when your camp session begins. We can let you know what other paperwork might be required if you are not currently attending the preschool. The themes are Beach/Ocean, All things Art, Animals, All things Outdoors, and Sports. We will have outdoor water fun and hoping to have some critters visit this summer! We will have a funtastic time! **Camp does not meet over Vacation Bible School week which is the week of July 22nd** Registration for VBS will come from church this month. A blessing for all children: “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it” (Mark 10:14–15). Many blessings, Deb and Blair

ATTENTION COFFEE LOVERS! CLC’s Military Ministry, as one of its fundraisers, has Magnus Coffee available for you to order online at The coffee is available in whole bean, ground, or K-cups (in both a recyclable and a biodegradable cup), and comes in Hazelnut 3.0, Revelation Blend (medium roast), The Dark European (dark roast) and The Righteous Deceiver (decaf ). The company was started by Sam Boyer (of Boyer’s Coffee and Brother’s Coffee) and was developed with the idea of creating a way to give back to the community, with a particular emphasis on veteran programs. They source, roast and grind only 100% organically grown beans. The Brew Turbulence® - Unique design allows water to truly brew all the coffee. The coffee is roasted, packed and shipped direct – no sitting on store shelves for weeks or months and gives you a level of freshness that will surprise you – you can literally smell the difference in each package. AND, there is 33% more coffee in every K-cup! Also, you can set up an auto-ship program, if desired.

Pastor Eric’s Seasonal Reading List Giving to God: The Bible’s good news about living a generous life, by Mark Allan Powell 12 Rules For Life: An antidote to chaos, by Jordan B. Peterson Discipleship, by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Calling all Volunteers! Please join us for the annual Volunteer Appreciation Event. This year the event looks different, and we hope you will be a part of it all. On Saturday, March 9, every CLC member from high school on up who has volunteered in any capacity in the past year is encouraged to join us for an evening of fun and fellowship. The agenda for the evening includes heavy appetizers and beverages for dinner, accompanied by a string quartet, a comedy improv group to entertain us, and, of course, recognition of our amazing volunteer corps here at CLC. Invitations have been mailed; if you have not received yours, please contact Karen Patz at so she can send one to you immediately! Please RSVP to Karen Patz no later than March 3.

Does anyone here at CLC grocery shop?

“I love to be in the spotlight and only volunteer for the recognition it brings me,”

said no Lutheran church member ever!

CLC has so many amazing volunteers, several of whom do so much work behind the scenes. If positions outside of the spotlight are your preference, please consider joining one of three teams: Altar Guild (prepping the communion elements), baking communion bread (we provide a recipe), or Attendance Recording (come to the church office sometime during the week to record the previous weekend’s attendance). These ministries each provide vital service to the life of this church and we need reliable people to join all three groups. Please contact Karen for more information or to volunteer.

Of course we do! What if you could buy groceries and give back to CLC at the same time? Now you can! We have new reloadable King Soopers cards available for $10 each. Five percent of the money loaded onto KS cards comes back to the church. Imagine if 20 families each loaded $200 onto their cards each month. Of that $4000 spent, $200 would come back to CLC. That’s $2400 in free money to CLC just because some people bought groceries! Many thanks to the families that already take advantage of this wonderful program!

A Message from Dennis Gereaux: Last fall CLC had a used book sale and Fair Trade event featuring products from the Uganda group, knitted items from Chicks with Sticks and beautiful quilts from our quilters, as well as items representing several other ministry groups. It was very successful, raising over $7000 for various church ministries. We are planning another similar event this coming fall and want to include church members who are artisans and crafters to join us. Space will be limited and an application will need to be submitted. More information will be coming soon in the bulletins and CLC newsletter. Please contact Dennis Gereaux at or Karen Patz in the church office, if you have questions.

Thank You! Many thanks to several GENEROUS donors who contributed wine or monetary donations for wine and communion supplies. We are so blessed at CLC to have magnanimous people who give so freely to support worship and all the various ministries around the church. Thank you!

This month I’m doing something a little different. It still includes SOFIA but in a new way. A lot of people bring me their travel-sized toiletries. You know the ones that you just can’t help but take? Well, if you are decluttering your home because of Marie Kondo, you can bring those to me! Do you remember service day? Well I had laundry pods sitting in my office since then. Oops! I finally donated all of those items to Catholic Charities! Katie, who is their Client Services Advocate, (Stories Of Faith In Action) came and got those items last week. This past week we received a thank you note explaining how much those items meant to them and how they will be helping Douglas County families in need. Thank you for all of you that participated in the Laundry Pod service project and the people that bring me their toiletries!


My second SOFIA is to Field Elementary. In December we received a Thrivent action team grant to support the STEAM program. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. The 5th graders at Field wanted t-shirts to say they were participating in this day. The school reached out to us to see if we could make that happen and, of course, we said “yes”! We applied for the grant (Thanks Steve Strom!), and we supplied money from our Outreach budget to make it happen! Thank you to all who donate funds to Outreach and support our ministry there! The 5th graders at Field wanted to say thank you for helping them. So check out their thank you notes on the bulletin board outside of the Fellowship Hall!

Ally Williams

Happy Birthday Gigi Dieffenbaugher Jackie Becker Sara Oscai Elizabeth Bohan Janice Korte Remington Dockter Camilla Coronato Eric Terrell Sonja Beauchamp Grant Wischer Lucille Roinestad Lance Malburg Erik Hanson Dana Elkins Peyton Freitag Chad Aaberg Bob Sweitzer Rylie Wieseler Rick Boyer Samantha Gordon David Pierce Luke Marxhausen Turner Lineberry Evan Schaeberle Harrison Covert Cynthia Marxhausen Jordan Hegre Olivia Deane Moore Lauren Ashley George Maldenado

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Thrivent Choice Dollars This quarter CLC members contributed $2,810 Thrivent Choice Dollars toward CLC’s ministries. Please make sure to designate your choice dollars by March 31st. If you have questions, please contact Steve Strom (CLC Member/Thrivent Congregational Advocate) at or Chad Aaberg (CLC Member/Thrivent Financial Rep.) at

Catechism & Discipleship:

ADULT CONFIRMATION CLASS Pastor Eric’s class about Martin Luther’s Small Catechism will take a brief hiatus and will resume after lent.

Thank you!






FRIDAY 8a MOPs New to You Sale 8a Preschool

8a Worship 3 9:30a Adult Education 9:30a Sunday School - 3 years to 6th grade 9:30a Worship 11a Worship 7p AA Meeting

6:30a Men's Breakfast Group 8a Preschool 9a Counters 5:30p ADVANCE! (off-site) 7p Boy Scouts 645 7p Personnel Meeting

Daylight Savings Begins 10 8a Worship 9:30a Adult Education 9:30a Sunday School - 3 years to 6th grade 9:30a Worship 11a Worship 5p Dynamite 7p AA Meeting

6:30a Men's Breakfast Group 8a Preschool 9a Counters 9a Mission Quilters 7p Boy Scouts 645

8a Worship 17 9:30a Adult Education 9:30a Sunday School - 3 years to 6th grade 9:30a Worship 11a Worship 7p AA Meeting

6:30a Men's Breakfast 18 Group 8a Douglas County Spring Break 8a Preschool Spring Break 9a Counters 7p Boy Scouts 645 7p Legacy & Endowment Mtg.

8a Douglas County Spring 19 8a Douglas County Spring 20 Break Break 8a Preschool Spring Break 8a Preschool Spring Break 5:15p Lenten Dinner 4:30p Caregivers Support 5:45p Kids Choir Practice 12p VNA Foot Clinic 7p Lenten Midweek Worship 5:30p Crossroads Band 6:45 Women of Joy 7p BLAZE 7p Praise Team

7:45a Preschool Book Fair 24 8a Worship 9:30a Adult Education 9:30a Sunday School - 3 years to 6th grade 9:30a Worship 11a Worship 7p AA Meeting

6:30a Men's Breakfast 25 Group 8a Preschool 9a Counters 9a Mission Quilters 6p Soul Sisters Outing (off-site) 7p Boy Scouts 645

8a Preschool 12p VNA Foot Clinic 5:30p Crossroads Band 7p BLAZE 7p Praise Team

8a Worship 31 9:30a Adult Education 9:30a Sunday School - 3 years to 6th grade 9:30a Worship 11a Worship 12:15p First Communion Class (class 1 of 2) 7p AA Meeting

4 8a Preschool

5 Ash Wednesday

4:30p Caregivers Support 5:30p Crossroads Band 7p BLAZE 7p Praise Team 7p Shrove Pancake Supper 7p Women’s Book Club (off-site)

11 8a Preschool

5:30p Crossroads Band 7p BLAZE 7p Council Meeting 7p Praise Team

6 8a Preschool

7 8a Preschool

13 8a Preschool

14 8a Preschool

8a Preschool 9:30a MOPS 11a Preschool Chapel 12p Preschool Jump Bunch 12p Worship Service - Ash Wednesday 1p Preschool Chapel 7p Lenten Midweek Worship Ash Wednesday

12 8a Preschool

8 Baptism - Beckett Liam


Hammill at 5p 8a Maintenance Team Work Day 5p Worship 6p Volunteer Appreciation Event


8a Douglas County Spring 21 8a Douglas County Spring 22 5p Worship Break Break 8a Preschool Spring Break 8a Preschool Spring Break 6p Handbell Choir Practice 7p Celebration Choir


27 8a Preschool

10a Visitation Team Meeting 11a Preschool Chapel 12p Preschool Jump Bunch 2p Preschool Chapel 5:15p Lenten Dinner 5:45p Kids Choir Practice 7p Lenten Midweek Worship

12p OWLS Luncheon 5p Parents Night Out


9a Chicks w/Sticks 5p Preschool Parents Night Out 5p Worship

15 5p Worship

6p Handbell Choir Practice 6p Military Ministry 7p Celebration Choir

12p Preschool Jump Bunch 5:15p Lenten Dinner 7p Lenten Midweek Worship

26 8a Preschool

11a Preschool Chapel 6p Handbell Choir Practice 7p Celebration Choir

SATURDAY 1 New to You Sale - MOPS

2p Preschool Chapel 6p Handbell Choir Practice 7p Celebration Choir

28 8a Preschool

7p MOMSnext

29 5p Worship


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