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We Welcome Fall


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FROM Janine’s DESK

The Editor-at-Large shares her thoughts

“You Can’t Go Home Again” is a novel by Thomas Wolfe about an author who wrote a book which contained tidbits about his hometown -- and maybe the tidbits were a mite too truthful because when he returned home after writing it, the townspeople weren’t very happy with him and things just weren’t the same. I began to think about the title of this book, which has become a catchphrase unto itself. It is a phrase that conjures melancholy in most hopelessly nostalgic people like myself...but actually, just like almost everything else, the phrase and the acceptance of it holds a bright side.

It” replica leather jacket from 1982...but just those simple acts will not transform who we are now to who we were then. No, you can’t go home again...if you go back, it will never be like the first time. Remember the bright side I talked about earlier? Well, the fact that it isn’t the same means that we’ve lived and enjoyed a life full of wonderful new experiences since then. We’ve grown and lived, loved and laughed. We’ve said hello and we’ve said goodbye. Through it all, we’ve progressed and came to know that home is where our hearts are right now. All we’ve got is here and now - and that’s home.

It’s fall of the year...and many of my peers are saying goodbye to their children as they leave them behind in apartments and college dorm rooms across America. When these new college students leave their “Where you come from is gone, Happy Fall! Enjoy our fall issue, as where you thought you were usual chock full of splendoriferious childhood homes, some of them going to was never there, (yes, I make up words) photos and leave their childhood rooms intact, and where you are is no good articles. Helpful hints -- what colors filled with stuffed animals, school unless you can get away from do I wear this fall that is all the rage? and sports memorabilia and their it. Where is there a place for Traveling abroad in the fall -- and twin bed with their favorite blanket. As they turn to look back at their you to be? No place... Nothing how do you get the children out of outside you can give you any the house on time now that school rooms before leaving, they somehow believe when they come back to this place... In yourself right now is has started? Business, health and all the place you’ve got.” inspirational tips are here at your room, they’ll metamorphose into the ~ Flannery O’Connor, Wise Blood fingertips and, of course, you will child or teenager they were when learn what Classy Living Society has they inhabited the room. Yet, truth been doing! be told, they won’t. Because once they begin to live the college life, and that of a young adult out on their own, I’d also be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the newest the room may look the same when they return (that is, addition to the Classy Chronicles team - our new if the parents haven’t turned it into a guest bedroom or Assistant Editor Shiwana L. Rucker. Ms. Rucker is fulltv room), but they themselves will be forever different time student (and soon to be graduating!), majoring -- their experiences have reshaped them and their very in English at the University of Phoenix. Her writing lives into something altogether different and brand new. has been featured on the award-winning blog site, No, you can’t go home again. “The Sophisticated Life,” “Free to be Unpluckable” and in ministry newsletters. She is also the author of a When thinking of all the great experiences that warm published collection of poetry, “I’m Finished.” Visit her our hearts about our past (and hopefully we all have website at! I am tickled been blessed with many of those), we realize that the journey life has taken us on has changed us forever. We to have her as my partner in crime! Welcome Shiwana! can go back to old homes and places, former haunts, our 1970’s hairstyle, or don our Michael Jackson “Beat

Janine Lattimore




Issue 14 September - October 2016


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Janine Lattimore


Shiwana L. Rucker


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We Welcome the Fall

Oh, fall - that time of year when people start to reflect on life and the remaining time they have to make those New Year’s promises a reality before the stroke of midnight at the end of the year. Our priorities start to shift as we begin to notice the greens around us transforming into bright, beautiful hues slowly dying. This time of year marks not only the start of fall but a time when these changes set the stage for the dark coldness of winter. It marks the beginning of the cycle. There are lessons that can be attributed to the coming of Fall. Here are three to ponder: 1. Balance Darkness with Our Light. I bet you didn’t know that on the autumn equinox, day and night are the same lengths. We have the same number of light and dark hours. This signifies the need for us to balance our light with our darkness. Time and again, we fear darkness and bask in the light. Fall is a good time to consider our darkness (whatever it may be), and embrace it. Acknowledgement of darkness releases light and brings balance. There are times when there is no key for embracing our darkness. It can be a daunting and difficult task especially if we are starting from a point of absolute darkness. Try quieting the noise around you. In our darkness, we are always alone, so get by yourself. Gather some “you time,” and use it to extinguish the busyness in your life and become one with who are in and out of the light. 2. Let Go and Relish. As we watch the leaves float gently to the ground in the fall, we are reminded that the cycles of nature are reflected in our lives. Autumn is a time for letting go and releasing those things that have been a burden to us. It is the perfect time to practice getting out of our own way and allowing our souls to recharge. Again, another challenging task, but remember this. In the art of acting, in order for the actor to achieve her goal, she must “get out of the way,” remove herself, so that the character she is to be can come to life. Similarly, the writer and the painter have to get out of the way to allow their work to flow from ink to pad and from brush to canvas. The key is to get out of your own way. Being able to let go, to give up, to surrender those things we hold onto to no avail, comes from inside of us. It gives us an overpowering sense of freedom. When we give into that freedom, we open ourselves to others. So fall is also the perfect time to give our time and our talents. Let go of you, and rechannel to recharge. 3. Accept the Temporary. Fall reminds us of the temporariness of everything. We experience the promise of life in the spring and the blossoms of summer. Now, the leaves fall to the ground and the naked branches on the trees are reminiscent of the passing of all things. When we consider the changes of fall, we become appreciative of the beauty around us. A quote I read once says, “Death is the mother of beauty.” Simply put, if we treasure the beauty of a sunrise, of an upstate autumn along a winding road, of a budding new relationship, of a child’s hug or a forehead kiss because those things are temporary as is life, we should take the time to enjoy them. Fall also reminds us of death and the challenges we face to live each day to the fullest. When we remember that life is a journey, and when we open ourselves to the light of the sun, the magic of the moon, and to the human experience, we become as the leaf giving permission to the wind to carry us from experience to experience until we rest solemnly amongst the blades of grass.  n Shiwana L. Rucker CLASSY DES7GNMGZ CHRONICLES


the travel corner


in the Fall Arguably, one of best times for travel would be during the summer months...the sun is always out, beaches are usually packed with people, there plenty of things to do. Not to mention there is plenty of HEAT almost everywhere you go. Yes, summer is definitely the most optimal time or best time to travel. So much so that travel companies put a premium on prices for summer travel -- and rightfully so based on all of the above listed reasons. Summer travel is KING!!!!

Paris, Franc

i a p S , a i v o Seg

For the savvy traveler, or travelers that love to be low key and take in more sights than sun, summer is not as friendly as expected. When planning to see certain sites, the crowds may be too large and you may find yourself waiting in a long line at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Or the heat may be a factor -- such as the extremely high temperatures in Athens, Greece, which could make your sojourn to climb to the top of the ancient Acropolis a pretty miserable venture. As some may know firsthand, if you don’t trek up to the top before midday, the sun and heat bouncing off of the old marble stone can be quite unbearable for some. Yes, summer may be KING, but it is king at a cost - to your pocket AND your person. There is another time of year I have found to be excellent when it comes to travel. A time when there’s not as many people in certain places, or in areas of a specific exhibition or attraction. A time when the sun is not constantly beating down on you. What’s more, you can pretty much relax wherever you may be in the world. What time of year is this you ask…? I introduce you to: THE FALL!



Zhang Jia Jie,China


n i a p S , a i Segov


On a recent trip to Spain, I encountered some of the best weather imaginable. I didn’t have to wear a big bulky coat, nor did I have to deal with excessive heat. There were no lines at the popular attractions and I was even able to squeeze in multiple locations on that one visit to Spain. I began to think about past trips to Europe, Asia and South America during the fall and around that time of year. These trips were all by far the most enjoyable and pleasurable. Now, surely it wasn’t just because it was cool outside -- it was also because the fall made each location look extremely picturesque. The morning dew on the old cobblestone in cities in France, or the weeping willows found in many of the parks and greenspace in China, and the leaves on the trees and streets in various cities in Spain were spectacular. Because of the fall weather, it made each of these locations into absolutely fabulous backdrops for photographs. On a recent fall trip to a quaint city in Spain called Segovia, I was snapping pictures, and showed some of my shots to a fellow traveler and she said, “Wow, that looks like a postcard!” At that very moment, I had an idea -- instead of posting and sending pictures to people who would probably never look at them again, I decided to create my very own Postcards from the Fall. I immediately printed the photos, had them labeled and began sending them to friends and family around the world. Now every trip I take during the fall, I’m always searching for the perfect shot I can use as new Postcards in the Fall entries. Yes, summer IS a great time of year for travel and you will produce some of your fondest memories in the sunshine. But do not overlook the magnificent postcards you can create by traveling during the fall. Craig Henry The Travel Junkees Instagram: @thetravelhjunkees



Fall Fashion 2016

The Fall

Color Palette

Are you ready for the fall and winter color palette? The colors of the season are warm and vibrant, rich, deep and sophisticated. Looking forward to seeing Airy Blue with the look of light blue ice, giving a feel of serenity.




cool and calm deep blue, signifying strength and depth.


can be paired with any of the fall colors, with its soft gray contemporary look.



Aurora Red

is the punch color of the season. It is a warm, rich bold red that catches the eye. Who dares to wear Aurora Red?

Dusty Cedar

– think rose quartz with a dusty warm rich pink tone. This color is very soft and feminine.



Warm Taupe

is translated as a timeless, stable and grounded hue.

Spicy Mustard

– now there’s an unusual color for the fall! It offers an uplifting zesty yellow quality. CLASSY DES7GNMGZ CHRONICLES


Lush Meadow

is like looking into the deep wilderness of green botanical jewel tones.

Potter’s Clay

is a win-win – this russet color speaks of the season with its orange undertones. Potter’s Clay can be used as a strong foundation with its earthy richness.

How many of these shades are already in your wardrobe? You’d be surprised to find a few pieces that already fit the bill! We are in LOVE with the new fall color palette! n DeAna Danzy 14





LINEN AND SANDALS An Evening of Appreciation - Table for 10 Our wildly passionate leader and founder of Classy Living Society, Mrs. LaShanda Pitts decided that she wanted to show her appreciation to the CLS women of leadership who play an important role in the success of the organization. We had no idea what events would unfold on the evening of Saturday, August 6 -- all we knew were our instructions to meet at Sole Spa in Buckhead, wear linen pants and sandals and arrange to park our cars for approximately seven hours. Pleasantly surprised by the invitation, we could not imagine what was in store for us that evening. Much like the passengers arriving at Fantasy Island (without Tattoo and Mr. Roarke, of course), we arrived at Sole Spa with excited anticipation. We, the proud sisters of leadership and volunteers of CLS were gifted with an appreciation evening so grand we will never forget it! We laughed, we cried, we ate, we drank, we were pampered, we were chauffeured. We talked, we were inspired, we felt valued, we received gifts and we loved on each other. LaShanda, you started this amazing journey and allowed us to be part of something much bigger than ourselves. Nothing we do at CLS is done for reward or praise. As like-minded women, we simply possess similar humble spirits -- to give our time and efforts in the hope that we can impact our community in positive ways. To have our efforts recognized in such a generous and thoughtful way really touched our hearts. Being part of this volunteer community has given us another purpose. We have bonded as sisters with one common goal. Speaking for myself and on behalf of my leadership sisters, we are extremely humbled and honored that you have entrusted your vision -- your baby -- to us. Thank you so very much for always letting us know how much you value our service. It was another fabulous night to remember... an experience that only you could put together. n Simone Darlington





cls biz zone



has a Name, it is

Wonder: noun, won·der \’wen-der\: something or someone that is very surprising, beautiful, amazing, etc.







even with my businesses, my nonprofit is what I love the most because I get to help others.” Her mission is to “empower and support women and entrepreneurs in personal and professional development through legal support, taxation, and business consulting & management.” She accomplishes this through her plethora of businesses and her non-profit: The Childress Group, LLC is a company Yaminah started that combines her J.D. and love of contract law, her business degree, IRS background, and mediator certificate. She is a business consultant who “helps people realize their dreams and helps them get started. InteleTravel travel business where she serves as an Independent Travel Agent.

As a kid, I remember watching the Wonder Woman television series thinking, “I want to be like her.” Every little girl, at some point, desired to be Wonder Woman. In fact, she was created, according to William Moulton Marston, Ph.D. the creator of the female superhero, “to set a standard of strong, free, courageous women; to combat the idea that women are inferior to men, and to inspire girls to self-confidence and achievement in athletics, occupations and professions monopolized by men” because “the only hope for civilization is the greater freedom, development, and equality of women in all fields of human activity.” He says, “Wonder Woman is a psychological propaganda for the new type of woman who should, I believe, rule the world.” Shouldn’t we all strive to, at least, change some part of our world? Yaminah Childress does.

The mother of three girls (ages 16, 10 and 6) and a little prince on the way, entrepreneur, consultant, philanthropist, artist, writer, mentor, scholar with three degrees (an Associate’s Degree in Education, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and a Juris Doctorate (J.D.) in Law), and a superhero with a huge heart, is living up to the qualities of a Wonder Woman. “I call myself a social entrepreneur, but I am more of a philanthropist than anything because



YANY Cosmetics line is operated alongside her 16year old daughter, Shania. The company is designed to “help build confidence in girls of color.” The Dream It Forward Foundation is where her heart is. The mentoring foundation was created with the idea behind the term “Pay it Forward.” She explains, “When you are blessed to come out of situations and are able to move forward in your life, you owe it to others to pay it forward. As a single mom, Yaminah started as a non-profit for single moms and has grown into a mentoring program for all youth 18 and younger that also services single moms. They offer: • Mentoring at Hampton High School by adult mentors who shape and train mentees into leaders and mentors for the kids at Hampton Elementary • Mentoring at Hampton Elementary School • Food Program that started in 2015 in partnership with the FDA • Dream Angel Project that fills the Christmas wish lists of children of five single moms through an application process that has grown to hundreds of applicants.


I’m not saying I’m Wonder Woman, but you’ve never seen Wonder Woman and I in the same room.” ~ Yaminah Childress, J.D. The I AM Empowerment Women’s Conference was started in 2013 to encourage and motivate women of all ages. The annual conference is open to women “from all walks of life who have a story to share” and women opened to listening and who are looking to become unstuck in different stages in their lives. The conference is held in Atlanta, Indiana, and Chicago with hopes of adding a different city every year. I AM Empowered Class (E-Class) is an extension of the Childress Group but helps others by offering a costeffective approach to receiving business consulting. WHEW!! With all that she does, when does she have time to sleep? I had to ask. “Believe it or not, I do sleep.” She says, “I have always been like this, always on the go.” Yaminah is an inspiration in her own right, but credits her children and her friend, Lori, for providing inspiration. “It has been all God. I hate to say this because it sounds so vain, but it is the truth, but I had to learn to do everything on my own, but now, I have my children and they inspire me more than they will ever know.” Yaminah’s final words to anyone who reads this: “The things that I do, I do because I was called to do them. We are blessed with talents and gifts that you cannot put a price tag on. So I say to others, know your value, believe in yourself, do what you are called to do. If you try, you cannot fail. Never be afraid to walk in your purpose.” In her spare time, (What spare time, right?) Yaminah paints to liberate the starving artist that lives within her. Beautiful, surprising and amazing! Yaminah is a WONDERful woman looking to change the world and the lives of the people who inhabit it.

n Shiwana L. Rucker

Editor’s Note: Read her informative business article “The Tree & The Business – An Organizational Life Cycle” on page 26!



Time Management Basics

the Mommy corner


arly mornings, homework, football practice and bedtime - Oh MY! It’s fall -- and school is back in session. The hustle and bustle of the daily grind can be exhausting! I have found myself angry and upset because my kids were “accidently” leaving their homework at home, or forgetting to take their lunch box to school. On top of all the other daily items, figuring how to juggle it all was becoming overwhelming. After talking with a few other moms, I discovered the only way to get my sanity back was to get organized. Here are few things that I have done in the Parker Household to get my sanity back and enjoy the school year.

Remember that tomorrow starts the night before. I realized that if my morning starts off crazy that my day will be downhill from there. I have made it a point to make sure the kids pick out their clothes, and I make their lunches the night before. This allows me to take these two things off of my list in the morning. Get up before everyone else. I work from home -- but that doesn’t mean I just sit around all day! By the time the kids get on the bus and I finish my morning coffee, it is meeting after meeting and I never have time to shower. I make it a point to wake up before everyone to spend a few moments with myself. I take this time to meditate and get myself ready. This allows me the opportunity to get ready for the day without everyone asking me 100 questions. Meditation. I know you have heard it over and over again -- but it works. I use an app called Calm ( a suggestion from another mom) that helps me get in the right headspace before everyone gets up. I am no expert, but it has helped me stay calm in the midst of the daily chaos. Chore charts and List. I invested in a chore chart for the kids and a checklist of things they need to do each day. This allows me to be nice in the morning instead of yelling...I mean reminding (lol) them about everything they need to do each day. Now I just tell them to look at their checklist. Get everyone involved. I began having family meetings to get everyone involved. In these meetings, we discuss what is coming up for the week and what chores are needed to be done. It is not formal, but it is a great way to get everyone’s help in getting things done. This is also a time to discuss things that might be bothering anyone. It is important for everyone to feel as if they are a part of the process of this business called family. This is equally as important whether you are a single parent or if you are married. You will lose your mind trying to do everything yourself. We are not superwomen...we are moms and we wear a lot of hats each day. Our families need us and we need them. So...get organized! Enjoy these years because they fly by! Vanessa Parker, PinkBoss, Inc. | 888-326-5550



Emotional Health Fear and Authenticity Your emotions are a powerful tool; used either to negatively drive your behaviors or, if harnessed, help you to create your own positive experiences. As you take this opportunity to learn more about emotional health, picture your feet being anchored to a moving sidewalk. As the sidewalk moves forward, you are willfully bound to the sidewalk -- you are moving, yet you do not have control of your movement. Similarly, if your emotions become your foothold, even though you are moving along in your life, you do not have control of your movement -- your emotions do. Take this colorful example. Nikki is conversing with her significant other. Nikki: “I had such a long week. I’ve been looking forward to this weekend. We can cook a nice dinner and cuddle.” S.O.: “Yeah, it’s definitely been a long week. It may be nice for you to spend time with your girls. We can spend Sunday together.” Nikki: “What?! I’ve been looking forward to this all week. I wanted to spend it with you! S.O.: “I’ll make it up to you. I just need some rest this Saturday, since the last several weekends have been busy.” Nikki: “WHAT?! I make time for YOU when I’m exhausted!” Nikki is angry and explains why she feels this way, and her significant other tries to assuage her concerns, to no avail. Nikki goes to bed that night feeling sad, but notices the more she thinks about it, her heart starts racing and thoughts jump to “What if he doesn’t think that I am… “. Instead of going further, she jumps to anger again and stays there. How familiar are you with fear? The physiological sensations of tightened muscles, shortness of breath, increased blood pressure, racing heartbeat, dizziness, and, most commonly, the inability to focus on anything,

except the feared future event. Fear. Do you recognize fear? If so, what do you recognize first - the physiological sensations, thoughts, or your automatic response of avoidance? Nikki’s anger was her secondary emotion. Anger is the emotion she experienced because she felt sad. This gives us an idea of how she processed the conversation, but it does not give us the why. Let’s take a step back: her primary emotion was sadness. As she sat with the sadness, her heartbeat and thoughts raced. She even began a thought: “what if…”. This sounds like the start of feeling anxious, doesn’t it? Instead of sitting with the sadness and observing her thoughts, she cuts it off and avoids it. She jumps to anger, a comfortable emotion for her. Honestly, who welcomes fear?! However, fear holds the key to something more. Continued: Nikki’s thoughts to herself “I’m angry because he hurt me. What did his words mean to me? They meant that I wasn’t worthy of the sacrifice of his time this weekend. Why is this so bad? Because it means that he views me as worthless or, at least, unworthy to some degree…. So, do I believe that I’m unworthy of something to some degree? No,... BUT, well, I treat myself like it from time to time... Is that why I responded like this? This makes feel me sad.” Fear robs you of the key to authenticity; authenticity with yourself and others. To find the key, you must be willing to be mindful - present in your surroundings and yourself. This is how you find the key, and are able to begin learning how to unlock the door to assessing your needs and finding happiness. All of your emotions serve a purpose. Say “yes” and regain your foothold! n Crystal Hardy




CLS in the City

& ine iscuss

The lovely and courageous creator of such hit television shows as Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder and Grey’s Anatomy, Shonda Rhimes chronicled her journey to learning “how to dance it out, stand in the sun and be your own person” in her highly acclaimed book “Year of Yes.” In her book, Ms. Rhimes tells how she was able to overcome and face her fears by committing herself to saying “YES” to doing and being all of the things she was afraid of. The ladies of The Classy Woman Reads converged upon Soho Restaurant in the trendy section of Vinings near Atlanta. The goal of the evening was to enjoy sisterhood bonding over dinner and wine, and partake of great discussions with the group about Ms. Rhimes musings about her year of learning how to say yes.

The evening’s discussions were facilitated by CLS sister Karen Seward, and as discussion questions were asked, the ladies offered their viewpoints on the many subjects discussed in the book. Many of the ladies shared personal anecdotes that mirrored the content of the book. The atmosphere of sisterhood and love granted each woman an air of vulnerability to express, just as Ms. Rhimes did in her book, the many ways in which they said yes, faced fears and difficulties, and how each found the ability to dance it out, stand in the sun and be their own person. Through CLS in the City, an innovative partnership of Classy Living Society designed to promote local establishments, the book club women discovered a wonderful restaurant in Soho Atlanta. Dining amid lovely flowers, candlelight and a charming tablescape designed by Laik Experiences, the ladies were seated


for private dining in the Sun Room, where they enjoyed various American dishes and great wines. Soho is known as a local favorite of Vinings and the bar is a popular gathering place. The restaurant boasts an extensive beer and wine list and a highlight is Wednesday night’s “Flight Night,” a time when wine lovers can enjoy various wines from around the world. Soho has a dish for every palate - from seafood to steak to vegetarian choices and of course, delish desserts. As Classy Living Society continues to highlight restaurants throughout the Metro Atlanta area, they will continue to meet and discuss the book selections of The Classy Woman Reads at various venues. In doing so, the sisters of this wonderful book club will have the opportunity to try new venues throughout the city on a quarterly basis, dine with girlfriends, and participate in lively conversations about the book of the quarter. Stay tuned for more news and reports on upcoming Dine and Discuss events! n Janine Lattimore

FOOD. WINE. PEOPLE. Located in historic Vinings, SOHO has been a neighborhood favorite since 1997 and offers a seasonal New-American menu, inspired wine list, wine & tapas paired weekly and creative cocktails. Attentive service, an award-winning wine bar and open kitchen all contribute to the high-energy buzz. Guests can dine al fresco on the charming patio, casually at the vibrant bar, or on the quaint enclosed Sun Porch overlooking the Vinings Jubilee Courtyard. Private dining areas are available for business functions and special events. 24




the tree and the business An Organizational Life Cycle

Like a newly planted tree changing during the four seasons, a small business goes through a life cycle very similar. The key to running a successful business is to know which phase of the cycle you are in, and to make adjustments accordingly. Take a look at each phase below to determine which one your business is currently in. Seed Phase: The seed phase is when you are first starting your business. You have an idea and are ready to launch, or may have already launched. Like a tree, you plant the seed into rich soil, birthing your ideas, and look forward to the growth. But, are you ensuring that the seeds you plant have the best chances of survival? Ask yourself these questions to maximize your likelihood of success. • Have I created a SWOT analysis? A SWOT analysis will help you identify your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. • Have I created a business plan? A business plan is a written statement of your business goals, attainability of those goals and a plan to reach them. • Have I done my market research? Researching the market will ensure that your product or service is needed in your targeted area, identifies your target audience, and helps you keep in pace with market demands. Keep in mind that your business plan and market analysis are two of the most important aspects of successfully running a business, but not the only necessities. Always ensure your business is legally sound with the right licensing, entity, and insurance as required by your state business authority, or you may 26


find yourself closing shop, before you even begin. Growth Phase: The growth phase is what we all look forward to, usually happening two to three years after startup (the Seed Phase). Profits are increasing, customer base is growing, and opportunities become more available. However, during this phase, the risks also increase. Think back to the tree. While leaves are blossoming, and the stump and branches are getting taller and longer, the tree is susceptible to adverse conditions: climate change, lack of rain, and poor sunlight - all of which can counteract its growth. So is the same in business: you may be confronted with new competition, lack of resources to move forward, lack of time (especially as a sole owner), or you may simply lose momentum. In order to continue past the growth phase, ask yourself: • Do I need to revisit my business and/or marketing plans? • Do I need to hire a management team, or rehire an effective team? • Do I have enough funding? If not, what avenues are available to attain additional finances? • Do I need to hire additional staff? • Am I being innovative and flexible in my approach to new products and services? Asking yourself these questions will guide you into strategic thinking on how to move forward. During the growth phase you should work with experts in your field of necessity, work with your management team and staff, and never attempt to do everything alone.

Aging Phase: This phase of business includes an established business that is maturing. During this phase, businesses may have consistent year-over-year profits and expansion opportunities, but competition is still intense. Some businesses at this stage have consistent revenues, but are not actively increasing their profit margins. Like the tree that is tall and strong, with luscious foliage, it is still getting old and remains affected by outside stimuli. At this stage of the business game, you must decide whether or not you will continue to expand, roll out new products or services to keep customers coming and engaged, or if you have reached the point where you want to close up shop. To decide where you are in life and business, ask yourself: • Are there more products I want to “roll-out” or services I can offer? • Am I ready to retire? • Am I still mentally or emotionally invested in the business? • Do I have other life plans that may conflict with the day-to-day operations of my business? During this phase, questions become more personal to where you are in your personal life. Most businesses do not reach this phase until years and years into operations. Many of us are mentally and emotionally invested in our “babies” so we don’t want to let go. But, be very real with yourself to determine what’s next. Death: The final phase of the business cycle, like the end of the tree’s life cycle is death. While death may sound scary, it’s not as bad as you may imagine. When a tree dies, it becomes nourishment through decomposition, helping to feed and fuel other life sources. The same can be said about your business. When you have reached this phase, you have options.


It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” ~ Charles Darwin Consider the following: • Selling your business to the highest bidder, possibly to an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, or competitor. • Passing the business along to your heirs, friends or family members to keep your legacy alive, without the burden of investing more time and energy. • Dissolve the business, and liquidate all of your assets. Dissolution is a legal process that will require you to inform the State business authorities and pay off debts, before banking the remaining profits. Whichever route you choose, find comfort in knowing that you have had a great run, have successfully operated a business through all the phases, and can now sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Remember, everything has life cycles or seasons. Equipped with the knowledge of which you are in makes dealing with the changes a lot easier. n Yaminah Childress, J.D



LENA WRIGHT 404.933.9474



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n On Saturday, September 17, 2016, Classy Living Society officially launched in Los Angeles, California, on what could not have been a more perfect day! It would only be fitting for CLS to host our first West Coast event in downtown Manhattan Beach’s first hotel, Shade! Zinc restaurant, located inside the hotel, offered an unforgettable, chic venue situated in the heart of Manhattan Beach only two blocks from the ocean -- offering a taste of coastal living and California cool. As ladies arrived in all shades of yellow, greeting one another warmly, the excitement grew. It was almost as if we knew how special and monumental this day would be! For our founder, LaShanda Pitts, the Los Angeles launch solidified her unwavering faithfulness and dogged determination that not only would CLS go beyond amazing community-focused work in Atlanta; it would expand into neighboring cities -- and the world! The day had come for her to return home and present the bountiful gift of Classy Living Society -- and the 30 women in attendance were eager to accept! The private dining room of the terrace was abuzz with introductions, familiar reconnections, reminiscent reunions with old friends and new friendships being born. As always, we celebrated the cause by giving back. CLS partnered with the Dream Center to donate love kits to women housed in the residential recovery home for adult female survivors of domestic human trafficking. Founded in 1994, The Dream Center is a volunteer-driven organization that finds and fills the needs of over 80,000 individuals and families each month. We were honored to have Ra’Chelle from the Dream Center speak about their programs and outreaches, which are aimed to fill the needs of Los Angeles residents. They provide such efforts as mobile hunger relief and medical programs, residential rehabilitation programs, a shelter for victims of human trafficking, transitional housing for homeless families, foster care intervention programs,



job skills training, life skills, counseling, basic education, Bible studies and more. One of our first California members, Brenda Gonzalez, shared her story of being a survivor of domestic violence and encouraged ladies who are passionate for a cause to consider joining CLS as a way to marry their passions with action! It was awesome to watch ladies chatting among themselves, asking pointed questions to our speakers and demonstrating all around how eager they were to get involved and give back! CLS has at the center of our mission, a focus on transforming the lives we touch within our membership and throughout the communities we serve. We do so through socialization, innovation and volunteerism with a firm commitment to provide a positive sisterhood bonding environment for women to give back, mentor our youth, and care for those who might otherwise be overlooked and neglected. The Yellow Blouses & Brunch was indeed a buffet for each of our five senses as we dined on small plates boasting decadent delights. Pairing our yellow blouses with bubbly mimosas, we raised our glasses to toast our amazing sisterhood journey, each of our past efforts and most of all, looking forward to sharing CLS’ bright future with lovely ladies from the Sunshine State! n Tarrah Gales





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Kenya M. Griffin

& God’s Amazing Grace

Most people know the first stanza of “Amazing Grace,” the gospel hymn. Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, That saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now I’m found, Was blind, but now I see.




he words Amazing Grace are not just lyrics, but words that define Kenya M. Griffin’s life’s purpose. It also happens to be the name of the dance company she founded in 2006, the Amazing Grace Dance Company, an Atlanta-based liturgical dance company. If you have ever seen a performance by the troupe, it is clear why the name is so fitting.

As Founder and Artistic Director, Kenya is a 2016 nominee of the coveted R.I.C.E. – Rising In Community Excellence Award in the category of Music and Arts. The R.I.C.E. Awards, founded by C. Chandon Carter in 2010 and derived from The Gospel Choice Awards, is given to individuals who display awareness about the needs of the community. Nominees are “innovative and charitable visionaries who recognize the importance of their presence and contribution to the greater Atlanta community and beyond.” This happens to be why Kenya is so deserving of the nomination. As one of 36 nominees – six nominees in six categories chosen from 42,000 total nominations – Kenya feels honored just to be nominated. “Even if I don’t win, to be chosen out of so many nominations is such a great honor, and I’m just grateful.” The work she does through Amazing Grace and as a community servant exudes passion as she talks about her community involvement. As a part of her company and her ministry, Kenya mentors young people in dance through her Amazing Grace Youth Ministry that serves 15-20 children ages 6-12. “It is so necessary for kids to see and do and experience more than just going to church and listening to the word. Dance does that.” She also volunteers with organizations that serve people who suffer from HIV/AIDS and mental illness. She spends time, provides lunches, and serves as a liaison between patient and doctor as a certified peer counselor. Internationally, Kenya and her company have served as mentors in Ghana with Wings of Praise and in Nairobi where they taught dance for seven days to citizens who, otherwise, would not have had the opportunity to dance. When asked where she draws her inspiration, Kenya humbly answers, “Life. Just life. I was diagnosed with severe depression three years ago. That, in itself, has been a journey in trying to stay balanced. Trying not

to stay into self-pity. It has helped change my way of dancing and my creativity. And, the people that I dance with, they all have stories that inspire me more than anything.” Kenya also draws her inspiration from some of the greats in the African American dance community. “In terms of who I kind of model for influence and inspiration, I would have to say definitely [the late] Alvin Ailey [of the renowned Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater] and Katherine Dunham. I am also inspired by Atlanta-based dancers and choreographers Patdro Harris and Juel D. Lane.” Kenya M. Griffin continues to pursue balance in her busy life. “Community service helps me recharge, it is people pouring into me and empowering me. I needed a diversion from dance and from my ministry. [That’s why] I joined CLS. It gives me the opportunity to give back alongside likeminded women.” Giving plays an integral part of who Kenya is as a dancer, a servant, and a person. She offers free dance classes on the second Sunday of the month from January through April that gives ministries the opportunity to learn from professional dancers. It gives them exposure that they wouldn’t have otherwise. “My studio is a safe place. There is no judgment. I want people to feel like they’ve learned something and to grow.” When asked what she wants people to know about Kenya M. Griffin, she hesitates then softly says, “I am unbreakable. I am a very passionate and compassionate person. Very strong-willed and ready to help if I believe in the cause. I try to meet people where they are. I’m just trying to be the best person that I can be. It is God’s Amazing Grace.” We think that sums up the woman in a nutshell. n Shiwana L. Rucker




Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” ~Elizabeth Andrew

Community Outreach



Summer is in full swing, and so are the efforts of Classy Living Society! July began with CLS partnering with Project Open Hand Atlanta. Project Open Hand prepares packages and delivers 5500 meals every day for disabled and homebound individuals as well as seniors. Volunteers joined Project Open Hand’s packing assembly line, portioning food into individual containers and snack bags. The 3-hour volunteer effort resulted in 1350 prepared meals. CLS is a sisterhood that supports sisterhood. Sisters By Choice, a breast cancer organization that addresses the disparities surrounding breast cancer, sponsored the 12th Annual Pink Ribbon Walk at Piedmont Park and CLS, being sisters by choice as well, showed up and showed out to support the cause, yet again! Volunteers distributed water to the walkers at the water stations.



Classy Living Society is all about style and class, and we are committed to sharing our personal style choices with those that are less experienced. So what do we do? We go shopping! Personal Stylists were needed for the YMCA Back to School Shopping volunteer effort, and CLS answered the call! Volunteers helped underprivileged children look great for school by being their personal stylists. The classy ladies of CLS put together outfits and helped the children with their self-esteem. Family is important, so CLS looks for opportunities to involve our families in our volunteer efforts. Atlanta Food Festival - Back to School Event was one of those efforts! The volunteer time slot was flexible, and kids were welcomed! Our sisters and their families had lots of fun! Georgia Cares strives to bring hope, build resilience and give every child the opportunity to thrive. CLS Cares as well! Child

victims of Sex Trafficking and Exploitation are robbed of the freedom to make choices, have a voice, and live their lives without the horrors of abuse and rape. CLS has an ongoing commitment to give them their freedom back and assist them in becoming healthy, productive members of society. CLS partnered with Georgia Cares to put on the 5k Color Me Free Run and took a stand against Child Victims of Sex Trafficking & Exploitation. Volunteers passed out water and helped with the registration of runners. Across town in Lilburn, our sisters concluded July’s efforts by volunteering with G.E.M.S at the Back to School Fair. Volunteers helped to give out free school supplies to young ladies. Classy Living Society’s volunteer efforts consistently evolve, and August was the premiere month for our Virtual Volunteer Efforts! Not only are we making moves by being physically in the community, but we can also be there virtually! For the entire month of August, CLS offered an amazing opportunity to earn virtual volunteer hours! Virtual support of the Sisters Empowerment Network cause allowed those of us who could not be physically present, be virtually present. Sisters Empowerment Network, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose mission is to educate women and girls on how to become self-sufficient. Volunteers’ hours were earned by posting their Vision and Mission as well as their upcoming events for Sisters in Need via Facebook, Twitter, and



any other social media channel, promoting their Kroger fundraising opportunity and tagging photos and videos from their upcoming or past events. Our other virtual effort for August was with ALS Association. ALS leads the way in research, care services, public education and public policy - giving help and hope to those facing the disease. CLS supported the association by posting their vision and mission on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media channel. Volunteers also posted their hashtags, #EveryDropAddsUp, and #EveryAugustUntilACure as wells as their videos of upcoming events. Summertime is family time! Our sisters and their families came out to the Chattahoochee Nature Center to assist in providing other families with an all-around good time! Volunteers helped with crafts, face painting, greeting, assisting with sprinkler games, handing out canoe paddles and helping to seat people for puppet shows. Volunteers are an integral part of what makes AG Rhodes Health & Rehab Atlanta a huge success. Classy Living Society loves its seniors and always answers the call to be of support to the happiness and well-being of the residents. CLS came out in full force to provide meaningful activities and programs that are therapeutic in nature. Activities included BINGO, arts & crafts, holiday projects, games, parties & socials, and group visitations. The Ultimate Wine Run Supports the Achieving My Dreams Foundation. AMDF provides scholarships of up to $5,000 annually to high school students showing leadership potential and demonstrating financial need to attend an accredited four-year college or university of their choice. CLS volunteers helped with check in, race information, sales and providing the runners/walkers with their wine! Not only are the sisters of CLS willing to pack meals, but we will also deliver them! Project Open Hand prepares and delivers thousands of meals for disabled persons and seniors all over the metro Atlanta area. CLS volunteers used their vehicles and gas to deliver carefully prepared (based on the person’s diet requirements) meals to very grateful recipients. What a humbling experience! Chic is CLS! Our sisters, in their chic summer attire, chugchugged on out to the Hampton Train Depot to assist with the I Am Women’s Empowerment Conference. Volunteers assisted with setting up, clean up and ticketing. Indeed, we have a heart for those in need! CLS came out to support a great cause by partnering with the Salvation Army. Volunteers helped to sort and bag groceries for those families in need.



“We are free to breathe” is a partnership of lung cancer survivors, advocates, researchers, healthcare professionals and industry leaders that are united in the belief that every person with lung cancer deserves a cure. CLS is always looking for opportunities to learn about organizations that care and so we came out to their 7th Annual 5k to do just that! Across town at the Cobb Galleria, our CLS sisters spent time at the Small Business Market Expo and Job Fair. Volunteers helped with registration and checking in participants as well as stuffing bags with expo information to hand out to the participants. August was a wrap! As summer winds down and school is back in session, CLS is sensitive to busy moms, so we kicked off September with more Virtual Volunteer Hours! Our volunteers were able to support RiteAid KidCents Foundation by posting their Vision and Mission via Facebook,Twitter, and any other social media channel. Signing up for the RiteAid Foundation wellness + with Plenti program also helps with the foundation’s fundraising efforts! September brings us to Falcons season so what do we do? We support the Atlanta Falcons Track Club with their Rise up and Run/Walk Like MADD 5K presented by Northside Hospital! This is MADD’s (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) signature fundraising event, and CLS was there to help raise awareness and funds to help eliminate drunk driving. Serving Our Seniors is one of our favorite things to do, and so we are back at AG Rhodes Atlanta in September! CLS volunteers provide a variety of enrichment and therapeutic activities for the residents such as BINGO, arts & crafts, holiday projects, games, parties and socials, and group visitations.

The NFL Players Association Metro-Atlanta Chapter hosts their 20the Annual Celebrity Golf Tournament and the sisters of CLS are spot on! Golfers had the opportunity to play alongside pro sports Hall of Famers, current NFL players and celebrity entertainers to raise funds for the NFLPA Scholarship Program. The program is designed to provide additional funds to high school graduates who did not receive an athletic scholarship to attend college. Back at the Chattahoochee Nature Center, a competitive team building afternoon that includes canoeing and other activities is underway for corporate teams. Volunteers for this event were spread out to various locations and could volunteer in more than one area. CLS advocates health and wellness, so we jumped at the opportunity to volunteer for the Race for Rest 5K & Bed Race in September! All proceeds went to the Furniture Bank in support of the vision for all individuals and families to have furniture necessary to create a safe and secure environment that contributes to health and well-being. CLS volunteers assisted with some roles including handing out t-shirts, registering, water stations, etc. Across town, we are back at Project Open Hand. CLS volunteers used their vehicles and gas to deliver meals within the metro Atlanta area. Once again, in September, we are back at the Chattahoochee Nature Center for Outdoor Skills Day! This event is designed to help participants enjoy being outside this Fall. Volunteers helped to teach some basic outdoor skills, whether they were new to the outdoors or a seasoned scout. Classy Living Society wrapped up September’s volunteer efforts at Clarkston UMC Food Pantry. Our sisters helped to sort and prepare food baskets for families in need while bonding in the spirit of giving back!





Agnes amison


spot light DES7GNMGZ





gnes Jamison is one classy lady who sees the best in everyone. Agnes is an optimist; and this trait has helped her remain a driven educator for children with special needs for 24 years. She truly believes that education is an expansive tool that can be used to effect change in the world. Agnes has a true passion for the special education population, and it is evident by the many lifelong bonds she has formed...not only with her valued students, but also with their families. She continues to receive phone calls, texts and emails from those families that she holds so dear to her heart. If asked about the many accolades and credits that she’s received over the years, her conversation will always go back to the students. They are, and always have been, her priority.

Agnes was born in the small town of DeWitt, Arkansas and was the youngest of nine children. At an early age, her family knew that she would be using her spiritual gifts to help others. She and her older siblings always played school together...with Agnes being the teacher of course. She remembers how her father always wanted one of his children to teach and he got his wish with his youngest daughter. She was a natural! Agnes received her undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Education degree in Special Education at the University of Central Arkansas. She earned her Master’s degree in Foundations of Education at Troy University and her specialist degree in Educational Leadership at Nova SE University. Agnes has lived in Atlanta for 15 years and she considers herself the Number One Falcon’s Fan! She’s at every game and has “everything Falcons” at her home. Agnes has a variety of interests as she enjoys traveling, reading, cooking and especially shopping. She has 2 children...a lovely daughter Jo Elle and a handsome son Kwesi. But the love of her life is her precious gem...her grandson Kason. Kason is his grandmom’s shadow, and she doesn’t make very many moves without him. CLASSY DES7GNMGZ CHRONICLES


Agnes enjoys a full and abundant life of volunteering and serving others. She’s consistently volunteered at Securus House, a domestic violence shelter for women and children near Morrow, Ga. This dedicated lady is also very active in her church and she works with numerous ministries, including the children’s ministry on a regular basis. We wanted to learn more about this classy lady -- her strength, her motivation and her outlook on life... Being an educator takes up a lot of your time. How do you find a balance between working...volunteering... and having some time for yourself? Finding the right balance between work and play can be difficult if you don’t have your priorities straight. I find that if I take time out for me, all other areas in my life seem to fall into place. It may be something as simple as sitting on the deck with a good book, or spending time with my family. Keeping myself centered and grounded contributes to every aspect of my life. God first, family, church and extended family and friends. As long as I have them in my life, I have it all! How did you hear about CLS and what made you want to be part of this women’s organization? I actually heard about CLS before I even knew what it was about. I worked with a wonderful lady who was the SLP at my school. She would always come to work with great stories about what she had done over the weekend. One day she asked if I wanted to check out this website. She was sitting at her desk telling me all about CLS and I was sitting at my desk browsing the website. the time she finished her story, I had signed up!! Thanks Avis Pitts!! Besides education...what are you passionate about? I am very passionate about helping others, especially those who don’t have a voice. Working with the population that I work with can be very challenging. They are the students that are often overlooked and nobody wants to deal with them. They have pretty much been written off as troublemakers or just bad kids. In my 24 years in education, I’ve found that every child can learn. You just have to tap into who they are individually and go from there. Being an educator is a true gift that I embrace 100%. What’s your guilty pleasure and what’s a little known fact that you want us to know about you? My guilty pleasure, and also a little known fact about me, is that I love to watch westerns and old sitcoms. Give me Big Valley and some Sanford and Son reruns...and I am done! Another fun fact about me...I actually met Prince! Yes that Prince... in person



in Dallas in the early 90’s. He shook my hand...don’t ask me how long it took me to wash my hand after that! What is your dream vacation spot? My dream vacation is anywhere there is a beach! I love exploring new areas and soaking up the local flavor. What’s one thing you just can’t live without? One thing I can’t live without is my natural family and my church family. My family has been through the good times and the bad times, and we always come out stronger. My mother, who passed away in 2009, always had one favorite saying, “always love one another.” My siblings and I are very close, as we try to epitomize what our mother taught us. My church family keeps me upright when the world tries to knock me down. I always have a listening ear and can talk about anything without judgment. There is no greater love that I know, than the love that Christ has for us, and I thank Him daily for blessing me with these wonderful people. Tell us about yourself in three words. Me in three words...A~adventurous, R~restorative and J~judicious. You’ve been seen doing a lot of reading. What book is at the top of your list? I’ve read several great books, as I’m an avid reader, but the best book I’ve ever read has to be the Bible. It has everything from romance to murder mysteries. It teaches life lessons and it’s the best motivational book EVER!!! It is the one book that no matter how many times I read it, I get a different understanding. We can see what drives this incredibly purposeful lady. Her passion for serving others and being a positive influence to those around her make Agnes an exceptionally insightful woman. With Agnes...we know that Class is Always In! n Avis Pitts

Healthy Dining with CLS! When summer is over, and we begin to experience shorter days and crisper, cooler air, most of us retreat to comfort food - like soups! Like most people, if you are trying to make healthy choices, comfort food can be taxing to the calorie count! But fear not - comfort food can be healthy too! This month’s recipe pick is Chicken Chili with Sweet Potatoes. Spices, corn and bell pepper lend to the Southwestern flavor of this tummy warming soup - and all in one pot! Top with avocados, douse with a few splashes of hot sauce if you like it SPICY and all you can do is say …. yummmmm.... Adopted from: Eating Well @ n Janine Lattimore









In the inimitable style of Classy Living Society, on Tuesday evening, September 27, the CLS classy ladies and their guests gathered for “Fedoras & Friends,” a social hour designed to foster sisterhood bonding, giving back to the community and an evening of fun and fellowship. The women showed the world their “hattitude,” fabulously dressed and sporting their finest fedoras. The event was held at Supply & Demand, a Prohibition-era inspired bar in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. Located on Cains Hill Place in Atlanta, Supply and Demand is tucked away in the 1,500 square foot basement area of Churchill’s British Pub. Because of its location and entrance behind Churchill’s, the mainstream flow of street traffic could quite easily miss it – adding to the exclusivity of it all. In an interview with Simply Buckhead, founder Brandon Lewis says, “The inspiration was built off of the Wall Street economic principle of supply and demand.” The plan is to only select and serve high-end beverages at the bar, to appeal to “high or discerning tastes instead of mainstream tastes.” The premise is that since this exclusive collection may be limited at times, it would spark a high demand for those beverages. Supply and Demand! (Simply Buckhead, http:// At first approach, Supply and Demand’s covered patio beckons you to lounge, cigar aficiando style, in one of the stately leather chairs and enjoy a fine cognac and a

stogie. A hallway leads to the main room, with its black and white subway-tiled floor and heavily wooded furniture and walls. One is instantly taken by the glamour of the place – dim lighting, historic rudiments peppered throughout, marble accoutrements, glass accents and an eclectic collection of art. It is difficult not to be struck by an instant flight of fancy – you are almost quite sure you will see a modern-day Al Capone sitting at a corner table with his mob. Large enough to accommodate a good-sized crowd, yet small enough for guests to be comfortably intimate, the timeless elegance of this speakeasy inspiration was the perfect backdrop for CLS’ Fedora & Friends event. The ladies chatted, drank, and enjoyed an assortment of pizza slices and salad on a stick (delicious!). The music ranged from R&B to old school hip-hop to reggaeton and of course, there was dancing! CLS added their own bit of ambiance to the already opulent surroundings. Cigar boxes were stacked on tables, and perched atop the stacks were cardboard six-pack beer containers stuffed full of lovely flowers. White candles added luminescence to the room, and each table housed a collection of custom-made “Fedoras & Friends” drink coasters and matchboxes sporting monogramed CLS labels. Several cigar boxes were filled with “sug-ars,” individual Twix candy bars wrapped in CLS monogrammed cigar bands (cute!). The “cigarette girls,” Crystal Danzey and Ray Herman, both members of CLS, were costumed as 1920’s era-inspired flappers and offered trays holding a collection of breath mints, cigars and other treats, plus flyers for CLS’ upcoming Red Dress Gala to the attendees. At the end of the bar, fedoras were on display among the cigar boxes, including a frame encasing a sign with the message of the evening - “Yes We Can!” Yes We Can…Yes We Did! The ladies and their guests were asked to bring 10 cans of vegetables as a donation for the give-back campaign attached to the event. Upwards of 300 cans were collected, as well as cash donations. The donated vegetables will be served during an upcoming Thanksgiving dinner that CLS plans to host for the residents of Beloved in Atlanta. A residential home for women, Beloved provides a program and a place of refuge for women seeking freedom from prostitution, trafficking and addiction. This giving campaign is in furtherance of CLS’ love/action objective to bring awareness to and end human sex trafficking. Along with yams, greens, green





beans and cranberry sauce, CLS will provide turkeys, macaroni and cheese and desserts for the dinner. Any cans left over will be donated to Beloved. Stay tuned for more details regarding this magnificent holiday feast. CLS would like to give a heartfelt thanks to the people who made this splendid night of fun, fedoras, frivolity and friends happen: Michael and Albro at Supply & Demand as well as our fabulous bartenders for the night, Natasha and Luke. A very special thanks to This, That & The Other, on Cobb Parkway in Smyrna, for donating the cigars and cigar boxes - they added a wonderful touch to the whimsy of the night! Hats off to you! n Janine Lattimore  





UPCOMING EVENTS Fourth Quarter 2016

3rd Annual Red Dress Gala Mingle Jingle Toys for Tots Soul Train Atlanta Thanksgiving Dinner at Beloved


As we work diligently to play a part in positively influencing the lives of those in need within our communities, we are asking you to find it in your hearts to donate to the movement. CLS continues to push forward in our community efforts to aid those who are less fortunate and in need of a helping hand. Your donations will strengthen the endeavors of our “foot soldiers” – providing a solid foundation to give back to others whose needs may otherwise be neglected. By partnering with CLS and making a donation, you are taking a stand! Go ahead…by making a difference today, your actions speak volumes. On behalf of those to whom we provide assistance, we are grateful for your giving – remember no donation is too small!



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