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Issue 5 September 2015




Avis Pitts



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If you are ever in the trunk of a car, kick out the back tail lights, stick your arm out and wave like crazy!



Founder’s Note Photo: Jason Byrdsell of

Often times when classy living is mentioned, extravagant expenditures such as fancy cars, expensive clothes, lavish homes and A-List formal galas are pinpointed. Thoughts of things that money can buy are discussed. However, classy living deals more with the little things that we can’t touch, the things most people don’t understand, and things often overlooked. Living a classy life, requires one to dig deep and externally present the gentleness of their hearts. Classy living starts with creating a mindset which conveys compassion and empathy towards humanity. It creates high regards for self while at the same time promotes the success of others. Classy living is about going that one extra mile to meet the needs of someone who has no means to pay you back. It doesn’t come with a price tag and the only string attached is the one that connects others to happiness.

What is Classy Living?

I can vividly remember as a child watching my mother as she slipped in her pantyhose (or stockings as we called them), neatly put on her dress suit and slid into heels. She never wore makeup but her skin glowed from every angle. When she came to my school or while out in public, she always held herself to a certain esteem. Everyone saw her as being classy, I did too! However when she was home, she relaxed and let her hair down. She believed in a clean house and respect. From my mom, I learned that class is what you portray to the world. Its how others see you and how you make others feel. It’s also about how you see yourself. Classy living is having morals and values. It’s about the people you spend the most time with, the places you frequent, how you respond to various situations and how you see the world. When thinking about classy living, I think about painting a picture. The colors chosen are the things that moves us like relationships, both personal and interpersonal; our beliefs, and our desire to help others. The paint brushes are our past experiences, the lessons we have learned and the lives we touched. The canvas is our hearts, how we chose to express those emotions. The frame is how we dress and present ourselves. The wiring on the back for hanging depicts things we rarely show to others. Lastly, where we chose to hang our painting is the lives and hearts we touch. Whether in a gallery or on a wall, classy living is simply creating a life worth replicating.

LaShanda Pitts





The Classy Avenue is a Virtual Vendor Mall where Vendors can Market and Sell their goods and Services in a New & Innovative Way! With the CLS – Virtual Vendor Mall you will have the opportunity to become a part of an online virtual store which will allow for you to gain MAXIMUM EXPOSURE for your BUSINESS! Why is The Classy Avenue a good investment? The Classy Avenue is a good investment because it’s affordable! For just $12.00 a year you get MORE bang for your buck and not only that, 100% of your yearly virtual vendor mall fee will be donated to a local charity! Now that’s CLASSY! “Invest in You, While Investing in Others”.

are encouraged to support businesses which support CLS and the journey we are on to change the world with our volunteer and Random Acts of Kindness (R.A.O.K) efforts! Through our commitment as a women’s only non-profit organization, our core values are entrenched in volunteerism, community outreach, and fostering an environment and an opportunity for small businesses to flourish.

• Cards & Gifts

CLS with the help of our Vendors will continue to not only help innovate how entrepreneurs interface with their customers but CLS is providing the platform for small business to give back to the community. When one shops at The Classy Avenue, they are making a conscience decision to support the #cause of #volunteerism. By supporting the vendors which subscribe to the virtual mall, you’re taking a stand and directly partnering with that business to show that you care enough to want to see them promote their services and goods at The Classy Avenue. Your patronage encourages our vendors to lease virtual space, and when space is leased, charities benefit!

• Children’s Apparel

Is the signup process easy?

Is The Virtual Mall easy to Navigate? Yes, The Virtual Mall is very easy to navigate. There is a Directory that showcases all stores, services & organizations. It is fabulously organized alphabetically where you have the option to do a “Find by Name” or “Find by Category. The categories are: • Accessories • Bath & Body

• Health & Wellness • House wares & Home • Jewelry • Men’s Apparel • Organizations • Restaurants & Eateries • Services • Shoes • Specialty • Sports & Fitness • Technology & Electronics

The signup process is very easy. All you have to do is go to www. From there, you will click on “The Classy Avenue” Tab & scroll to the bottom where the “Vendor Mall Application” option is located. Again the price is only $12.00 a year, non refundable, 100% of your yearly fee is donated to a local charity, the fee also “auto-renew” on the anniversary date of your virtual lease. All submitted leasing applications will be posted to the virtual mall within 48 hours of receipt. Any other questions can be directed toward the Vendor Relations Dept by emailing Don’t delay & signup today! Be a part of this great opportunity, The Classy Avenue “Where Shopping & Giving are in the Bag”. n Robin Overmyer

• Toys & Hobbies • Women’s Apparel Why would shopping with The Classy Avenue be a Good Idea? The Classy Living Society LLC (CLS) firmly believes in supporting small businesses and helping to keep the small business community active and profitable. CLS offers its Membership with the ability to obtain discounts on products and services provided by participating vendors. CLS Members

If you are in a parking lot alone and a van is parked on your driver’s side, enter through enter through the passenger side.



[Just Boot-iful] By Yvette Chambers

With fall comes “BOOT SEASON!” My favorite time of the year! And with so many to choose from, how is a girl to decide? There is a list of considerations when boot shopping. But, at the top of the list is quality and cost. Basically “how much is it going to cost me to look fabulous?” Because we all know that keeping up with the latest trends can get a bit pricey.

ALDO: If you are looking for “designer-inspired” styles for less, Aldo has become a new favorite of mine. But I have to be honest, “quality” can sometimes be hit or miss with Aldo. Your style will always be on-point if you know what you are looking for. boot line-up!

Now, I don’t know about you, but no matter how gorgeous those boots may be, I am not prepared to spend hundreds of dollars for them. (unless of course they come handdelivered by Denzel Washington himself !) Being the “Classy Ladies” that I know all of you are, you want to be stylish without breaking the bank. And while trends may come and go, prices for some reason seem to be soaring with higher each season. Sure, we know that there are a lot of bargain shoe stores and websites out there, but, let’s face it, you definitely don’t want your shoes/ boots to “look the part.” (if you know what I mean!) So, I have featured this season’s hottest designers to help you look “red carpet” fabulous for half the price! I call it “affordable fabulous!” STEVE MADDEN: When buying designerinspired boots, lack of quality can sometimes be an issue. But whether on-line or in-store Steve Madden (usually) maintains a great balance between style, quality and affordability. Definitely one of my “top ten!”



NINE WEST: Nine West never fails to offer some of the hottest trends with a bit of a twist without looking to “cheesy”. In fact, the HOTTEST pair of sandals I found this summer were Nine West! (unfortunately they did not have my size) I personally cannot wait for the fall 2015 boot line-up! It’s going to be “booty-licious I’m sure!)

JUSTFAB.COM: This site is a bit of an acquired taste. And the quality may also be hit or miss. Basically, you take a short “style quiz” and pay a monthly fee of $39.95 to get your foot-fix. They will send you styles within your taste range based on your quiz selections, and you have the option to purchase or not. I have recently used this site and I am very pleased with my delivery! Again, hit or miss with quality, but, they choices are almost limitless! Thumbs up from me!

CHINESE LAUNDRY: Personally, I’m always pleased with the quality of design. They are always trendy, funky and most important AFFORDABLE! Last season’s Chines Laundry booties were FABULOUS! I say, give it a whirl!

VINCE CAMUTO: Saving the best for last and also one of my favorites! I have to say the boots are simply AMAZING! Great quality and style. Always a hit! In my opinion you can NEVER go wrong in a Vince Camuto boot, shoe, or sandal. Whether a knee-high, or booty, you are sure to look like a million bucks every time! I am going to be honest, Vince Camuto is not exactly inexpensive, but it is reasonably affordable. I am excited about this season’s line-up! And I will definitely be showing mine off at a few CLS events this fall! (*wink!)

HEELS.COM: One of my personal on-line favorites! I have found awesome deals and quality on this site! The delivery is reliable and quick, and the website is safe and secure. But, what I REALLY love about this site is the video option which features a model actually wearing and walking in the shoes. This feature allows you zoom in and out and see what the shoes looks like on the foot. offers a huge variety for every occasion. DES7GNMGZ


Fall Fitness


he summer months are coming to an end, school is back in session for the kids, work is even more demanding these days and the house needs a deep cleaning after the kids have been there all summer and you still need to find time to exercise. I know the last thing on your mind is “when am I going to work out with this demanding schedule that I have?”. However, it is extremely important that we find time throughout the day to get in a quick exercise move! You would be surprise what 15mins here and there can do for you. I know that most days 45mins-1hour is unrealistic to carve out for exercise but a few 15 mins work out moves will go a long way while sitting at your desk at work, while you are on your lunch break, while you are cooking dinner for the family, while the kids are at practice, etc. It is important that we keep the motivation to be healthy and fit. We can not get in a rut now that the summer is over. I know staying motivated is extremely hard now that our schedules as mothers, wives, business owners, mentors, etc kicks into high gear because everyone demands our time. We are very important people! As you know one of the best ways to keep your “Fall Fitness” going is to partner up with someone; either someone within CLS, work, neighbor, family member or a friend. We have to motive one another and that accountability is always important and necessary!

Some other important ideas that you should consider is meal planning and preparation. It will help you and your family eat healthier, make better food choices and it will make your life easier when you are well prepared. There are several websites with quick and healthy meal ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fall and Winter are the hardest times of year to stay on the “healthy track” and exercise consistently throughout the week. Therefore, partnering up with a buddy is the best way to hold yourself accountable. Be sure to consume your fruits and vegetables daily, even when you are unable to make it to the gym. Remember, weight loss and maintenance is 80% diet and 20% exercise. However, the combination will cause you to be a force to be reckoned with! Always make time for yourself and your health so that you can become the best YOU that you can be. Sincerely from one sister to another, Sharina Covington





community SPOTLIGHT

Sisters By Choice (SBC) is a not-for-profit breast cancer support organization committed to addressing the health concerns faced by men and women in Georgia. Founded in 1989 by Dr. Rogsbert F. Phillips-Reed, a prominent Atlanta-based breast surgeon, SBC has become a multi-faceted organization providing services for the uninsured and underserved. SBC provides over 800 free mammograms and breast exams to uninsured, unemployed and homeless women each year as well as providing free educational seminars, workshops, and health fairs to promote breast cancer awareness. CLS was honored to serve as volunteers and unofficial “cheerleaders” for the 11th Annual Pink Ribbon 5K Walk on Saturday, July 18, 2015. It was an wonderful experience to share with women from all walks of life, backgrounds, races and ethnicities to join in the SBC movement to address the growing disparity of lack of access to quality breast care and resources. All proceeds from the race go towards the operational costs of the newly completed SBC Mobile Breast Clinic. Their vision to be a leading provider of innovative programs that educate the public about breast cancer; support men and women diagnosed with breast cancer and their families; and partner with other breast health advocacy groups to help eradicate the disease is being realized through the Mobile Breast Clinic initiative. As we cheered on runners, walkers and those doing their very best to get to the finish line, I was moved in knowing that every step they took is making a difference. We did our best to keep everyone hydrated on the hilly 3.1 mile walk as the sun chased them along the way. Afterwards, we looked around at each other amazed – what a profound experience. All of us ladies felt an overwhelming sense of humility in the blessing of being able to honor the survivors, remember those we have lost, and support breast cancer fundraising for the day. I am always grateful for the opportunity to be of service to support a worthwhile cause and I left the park feeling especially hopeful. It was a day to be remembered and a cause we must continue supporting, help bring awareness to, and finish the fight against breast cancer! n Tarrah Gales 12




Member Spotlight Angela Everett Poised and ready to take on the world… Angela Everett is a true example of perseverance, loyalty and strength.

Angela is the second of three children and grew up in a single parent household in Augusta, Ga. Her mother worked double shifts and struggled to make ends meet. While growing up, Angela often heard the phrase “we can’t afford it”. She was often told “we can’t afford to go on vacation, go to the summer camps, participate in extra-curricular activities, and go out to dinner at a restaurant”. What Angela and her siblings thought was just normal, everyday living was really a struggle for her mother. In her home, there was a clear distinction between what you truly needed and what you wanted. Wanting a pair of shoes and actually needing them…well those were two totally different things. Angela watched her mom work day in and day out to provide for the family. She was constantly told when and if she could take off from work and her level of responsibility and effort simply did not match her pay. Her mother did not have the time or the financial freedom that she deserved. Years later, Angela went to college and made it through her sophomore year. She joined the military then…The United States Air Force because she just couldn’t afford to continue her college education. She didn’t have a lot of mouths to feed like her mother did, but Angela found herself in the same situation that her mother had been in. After serving eight years, Angela was able to meet her needs and she took pride in serving her country, but she was still being told when and if she could take off from her job. The responsibility and effort did not match the pay and Angela didn’t have the time and financial freedom that she felt she deserved. She managed to finish her time in the military and earned an Associate Degree. But even with all of these accomplishments, Angela knew that there had to be another way.





In September 2013, Angela was introduced to Network Marketing and it changed her future. It opened her eyes to a better way of life. Instead of being afraid of her future, she was excited about it. Angela no longer had to ask for time off work and she no longer had to trade time for dollars. She didn’t have to ignore what she wanted or desired. Angela is now in a position where she has the opportunity to do what she wants, when she wants to do it, while living life according to her own distinct style. Angela absolutely knows how to celebrate life and she does so on a daily basis!! What excites you most about being part of CLS and how did you become interested in the organization? I became interested in Classy Living Society after doing some research on organizations that were giving back in a different way. I had been volunteering through a few other organizations, but none had the social sisterhood concept like CLS. I absolutely love the feeling of an all women’s organization that is making changes in a major way. How is CLS helping you achieve your own personal goals and where do you see yourself in three to five years?

When she’s not volunteering, Angela is networking, coaching people on ways to get multiple streams of income, working out and planning her next vacation. She describes herself as being funny, outgoing, caring and adventurous. She loves the Atlanta Falcons, enjoys kayaking, bike rides and loves to travel. Angela practices what she preaches! She has two businesses. Her health and wellness business…UCanBFit specializes in nutritional cleansing, weight loss, energy and performance and healthy aging. Clients are coached on how their health is their wealth. For more details go to Her travel business…We Stay On Vacay is an exclusive membership travel club that offers VIP accommodations at discount prices. It’s the ultimate travel club community as you can travel anytime…anywhere. Customized travel opportunities and valuable deals at fine restaurants, energized clubs and exquisite hotels are offered. For more details go to Angela is staying focused on her journey. She knows that it’s going to continue to be an absolutely fabulous one!! n Avis Pitts

I was motivated to start my own business because I knew that was the only way that I could truly have financial freedom, not continue to trade time for dollars and live life according to my own style. I want to be able to leave a legacy…my own legacy. CLS reinforced my decision to build my own dreams. Even though I’m far from where I want to be in my life, I’m getting closer and closer to where I want to be. I am on a mission to help as many people as I can and to show them that life doesn’t have to include being stuck in rush hour traffic everyday and that we can have time to spend with our families. In three to five years, I see myself being physically fit and financially free and helping more people achieve the same thing. It’s really not all about the money; it’s about what you can do with the money. What do you feel influenced you the most in getting to where you are today? My mother has influenced me the most to help me get to where I am today because of her strength and her ability to outweigh the odds of being a single mother raising three children on her own. It showed me that the only limits on your life are the ones that you put on yourself. What do you want others to know about Classy Living Society? I’d like other people to know that CLS is a unique and special organization. It is so well organized and a lot of fun. What we’re doing with this group is actually making a difference in so many lives. CLS is about showing up…getting involved…and building life-long relationships.



If someone is chasing after you, run away in a zig-zag pattern. You might get tired but so will your attacker!

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Fall Makeup Fall is here ladies and it’s all about making a statement! Whether it’s about amazing eye makeup looks or creative takes on the classic eyeliner. This season’s makeup trends are all about creating striking looks for both day and nighttime. Here are some of my favorite makeup trends for the 2015 Fall season. One makeup tip you want to follow this season is the smokey eye. Deviate from the traditional black or charcoal hues and embrace bright colors. Purple looks great with any complexion and it’s a hot color for a glam evening look!

Clutch in the City An Interview with Tish Cobbs of Odds Designs (

But as a rule if you’re going for a distinct eye, I recommend playing down your lip.Fall season.

While the cat eye is universal and great for any season, it’s especially fabulous for the Fall! Identify your eye shape and define what type of lines suit you. For a little more drama, use false lashes or apply a couple of coats of mascara. This will add a little drama, but also give an eye lift effect. Cat eye makeup is classy and timeless, and who doesn’t love a fabulous cat eye! Now, if you only embrace one trend for the fall, this is the one! It’s the oldest makeup trend around but still the most popular. The Ruby Red Lip! This look is all about old Hollywood Glamour! Remember when wearing a scarlet lip, always prep the lips beforehand. Try using a toothbrush dipped in warm water to scrub away any dead or dry skin. This ensures a smooth base.

Well ladies, I’ve shared some of my favorite makeup trends for the 2015 Fall season. Remember makeup is all about having fun, trying something new and finding what makeup looks works best for you! If you would like more tips to enhance your beauty follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, Lena Wright MUA.Be Savvy, Stay Classy, AND Dress Your Kids for Less! n Edlena Wright 18


What is your inspiration during the design process? I’m inspired by the evolution of fashion & how there are no boundaries or limitations while I’m in my creative space. I am heavily influenced by the Victorian age, the décor & fashion is remarkable. At times while designing I allow my inner child to take control of the design process. Believe it or not it’s almost as if my imagination creates a time machine that allows for me to explore and extract the very essence of that era to acquire a glimpse of inspiration, whether it be color or texture. From there the rest is really spontaneous eruptions of fanciful ideas that pop into my mind as my hands build and apply aesthetics upon the handbags. Although my inspiration was very clear in my Mini Glam Collection my favorite amongst them all is “Pretty in Pink.” The bold choice of color yet the simplicity of design spoke volumes to me as I hope does the same with my customer. What colors do I foresee as being a Fall “ must have”? Burnt Orange, Mocha Brown, shades of purples & as always Gold. What’s the one Item you can’t keep on the shelves? Odds Design creates one of kind designs on handbags; therefore all designs are hard to keep on the shelves. But I have notice a trend for all my Gold and Red handbags being the most desirable designs amongst my customers. n Michele Brundidge

Fashion Remix

Fall in Love with Fashion Repurposing A woman’s wardrobe is like a relationship; you tend to fall in and out of love with your clothes and shoes throughout the seasons. The art of repurposing fashion is all about reinventing your clothes to fall back in love again. Repurposing isn’t a brand new concept back in the day we all remember the phrase “Make Do and Mend.” It’s the ability to make whatever you’re doing last longer, and that includes your wardrobe not to mention it will save you a lot of money. I started repurposing my wardrobe to add flavor to my old clothes along with tailoring them so they would fit me perfectly. It’s more of being a tailor and designer at the same time. Over the years, I’ve been blessed to share my talent with the world and show others how to “Make Do and Mend” their wardrobe too! As the season of fall approaches, I’ve listed some repurpose fashions to allow you fall in love with your wardrobe all over again.

1. The Surgeon

2. The A-Line Dress

M.NICOLE’S REFASHION STEPS From a Secretary Pussy Bow Dress to a Cardigan Scissors and color thread to match the garment. Assuming the dress fits your physique you can began cutting in the middle of the dress, match both of the front facing together and cut asymmetrical. Hem the top and the bottom. Pairs well with a dress or jeans. ***Note: If you don’t have a sewing machine you may use hemming tape. Hemming tape is secured by ironing the hem in place.

M.NICOLE’S REFASHION STEPS From a A-Line Dress to a Circle Top Scissors and color thread to match the garment. Assuming the dress fits your physique you can began cutting below the elastic of the dress, you should be left with circleshaped garment. Match sides to sides cut about 2 inches inward at an angle down to the asymmetrical shape of the top. Hem the top and the bottom. Also, you can use the top of the dress a liner underneath. Pairs well with a jeans. ***Note: If you don’t have a sewing machine you may use hemming tape. Hemming tape is secured by ironing the hem in place.

3. The Empire-Waist M.NICOLE’S REFASHION STEPS From an Empire-Waist Dress to a HighWaist Pencil Skirt Scissors and color thread to match the garment. Assuming the dress fits your physique you can began cutting right below on the seam that connects the top and the waist to the dress & hem. You can use the excess material for a belt. Pairs well with a blouse or a form fitting top. ***Note: If you don’t have a sewing machine you may use hemming tape. Hemming tape is secured by ironing the hem in place.

For more repurposing tips from M.Nicole visit

Where are your keys? Have them in your hand


you reach your car.







usy, busy, busy, are the three words use to describe CLS Volunteers in the heart of the summer. Embracing our Classy N’ Fit initiative, members were presented with two 5K opportunities. The first was the Color Me Free 5k Color Run sponsored by Georgia Cares. This organization is the single, statewide coordinating non-profit agency connecting services and treatment care for child victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking. The second was the Chickfil-A Connect Race Series. Proceeds from this 5k went to benefit the mission of Cherokee County Special Olympics and Cherokee County Educational Foundation. All participants had the opportunity to win Chick-fil-A Prizes. Benefiting a great cause, while getting fit and staying Classy is a winwin-win!

The month rounded out with a Saturday of double the fun. CLS members went to “play in the dirt again,” as they volunteered with Trees Atlanta. Members put on gloves and got their tools to participate in 20


the monthly Forest Restoration Program. Tackling Kirkwood Urban Forest, where members side by side with members of the local Kirkwood community were weeding a meadow and mulching trees all morning long. Later that evening, in conjunction with CLS member Michele Brundidge, and The M.a.D. Association, classy ladies helped to put on a fashion show. Members served in multiple capacities helping the young ladies in the dressing room in preparation for the show, setting up vendor tables, or just lending a hand wherever necessary to make the event a success. Whether it be playing in the dirt, staying Classy N’ Fit, or serving as Fashionistas, the women of Classy Living Society are constantly volunteering and giving back in numerous ways. The opportunities are endless and the rewards are priceless. n Tarrah Gales

The elbow is the strongest point on your body, if you are close enough, use it!!



Defoor Center -

Summer Salads & More

CLS Quarterly New Member Mixer We already know that our CLS Quarterly Member Mixers are memorable but the best word to describe our latest mixer is DIVINE! Not only did our members who joined between April and June 2015 get a chance to socialize…they had a chance to be inspired through fitness encouragement and overall wellness. What an experience for our members! Thank you, Defoor Center for hosting this event. Yes…we mixed it up!! We had a fabulous time with our members and the food was absolutely delicious. We had a chance to



learn more about CLS’s future plans and our new members had a chance to meet our board members. This was truly an evening to be remembered and the comments said it all! Our CLS Quarterly Member Mixers are a perfect opportunity for our new members to ask questions, meet their fellow sisters and plug in to our various committees within the organization. These members took advantage of the opportunities and connected with CLS in a special way. We observed new members listening, focusing and wanting to be involved. These members were truly engaged! n Avis Pitts



MOmmy corner

Fashion for Kids 24



et me first say, that being a mom for the first time is always new and exciting. Being a mother for the second time is equally as exciting, however now you’ve learned and realized just how expensive children really can be. From the clothes, and diapers to the formula, the car seats, the toys, and all that comes with giving your child the comforts he or she needs. As a soon to be mother of two children under the age of three, I have come to embrace what has now become one of my favorite words “SALE” and of course my second favorite word is now “DISCOUNT” and lastly how can I not pay homage to “GENTLY USED, and JUST LIKE NEW”! All of these words for me conjure up feelings of relief. Relief in that dressing my children on a sensible budget can be done, and done well and in a fashionable manner. My mindset is one like this; discounts, sales, consignment shops were all created for a purpose, and I think that very purpose had me and the many mothers such as myself and their families across America in mind who would like that their children look fashionably “hip”, “chic”, “classy” and “cool”, without necessarily paying the often outrageous prices for name brand items at cost value. Let’s take celebrity children. Yes, I know none of us may be celebrities (yet) though some of us spend as if we’ve already reached celebrity status; and that’s “OK” every once in a while. But it is important to remember when you want to dress your little ones, especially if you have multiple children; that Prada bag may have to just wait. With that said I have several tips for how to dress your little Fashionis-tas and Fashionis-tos for less while not sacrificing your sense of style or more importantly theirs as well as securing quality garments which you will enjoy for years to come.


Be Sure to Always Sign up for your Favorite Store Reward Programs.

This is a great way to earn back spending dollars which will in turn allow you to generate extra savings for your next trip to your favorite children store.


Outlets are your Friend.

Yes, we all know that driving to outlets can (for many) be an entire day’s activity. They are often not located near your home and once you arrive the number of stores to choose from can be overwhelming. Be sure to always check out the clearance racks. Yes,

we know summer may be almost over, and you are no longer in need of such items, but think ahead and guestimate what size your children will wear next season. Get a head start on savings.


Check out your Local Children Consignment Shop.

Consignment shops have lots to offer. It is important to frequent several so you can have a sense of the type of clothing the store carries. It is equally important to realize not all consignment shops are the same, so do some window shopping at first until you find one which has clothing you like. Some have more name brand items and others may have a more limited selection.


Clothes Swap.

Yes, this is the same concept as going to a consignment shop but the only difference is you know who it came from. For example, you are having a little girl and your sister-friend has a little girl who is no longer in need of newborn to 1 year old clothing. Go ahead relieve her of her clothing donations. Who wouldn’t want to see someone they know get great use out of something they spent money on but have no longer a need for. That’s giving back and making a difference!


Check out big box stores such as Target, Marshalls and TJ Maxx.

These stores are infamous for selling some designer items for less and not to mention they are often further reduced depending on the season.

Bonus Always check the Classy Living Society’s very own Virtual Mall; “The Classy Avenue”. Please Visit:!the-classy-avenue/ c1t76 and start saving today! Please note: Vendors who lease space in The Classy Avenue often extend a discount from 10%-30% off to CLS Members. This can also be a great resource to secure items for some of our teenage daughters. Finally…. When all else fails, just remember that clothes never make you nor your children classy… You as their mom set that example by being the best YOU, you can be… And that’s what being CLASSY is all about. Lead by example and #MakeADifference. Happy Shopping! n Valerie Alerte Kavanagh, MBA DES7GNMGZ CLASSY CHRONICLES





ho would think to combine all things glamorous with guns? Well…CLS would…that’s who! No surprise here. CLS always strives to bring their members totally unique and memorable events. And yes…we’ll be talking about this one for a long time. We started by putting on our stilettos and stepping with style into the Sandy Springs, Ga. Gun Club and Range. This member only event was so classy! After being greeted and checked in by an extremely attentive staff, we were ready for our session. We started with a serious gun safety lesson that included training on how to handle and load a gun. Sure…it looks so easy on television but there’s a lot more to it as we quickly found out. Our instructor, Jim Lambert; was the best and he eagerly gave us his all as we hung on to every tip that was given to us. After our safety session, we were ready to hit the range. The competition was on as one by one, we tried to hit our chosen targets. We shot, we compared our target results and then we kept shooting. There’s a lot more to hitting a target than just aiming. It takes steady hands and focus. Who was the best shot? Well that’s still to be determined. Some of us were more “seasoned” than others but we gave it our all. The CLS ladies had a phenomenal experience! Everywhere we go, we leave our mark…and we certainly did at the gun club and range. Our instructor Jim even gave us a title… we were the “Classy Angels” and of course we gave him the title



of “Charlie”. Yes…Charlie’s Angels…class-y-fied of course! We all agreed we’d come back to the range and have another go at it! If you’d like to schedule your own appointment go to… or Did you really think that it was over after we left the gun range??? The fun and bonding continued at Three Sheets where we really stepped up the pace and had informative guest speakers that included a female Sandy Springs police officer, a corporal, an FBI undercover agent, and Rebecca The Matchmaker. We were also able to take a lesson from a certified instructor from Divas In Defense. Yes…we had a busy afternoon that was filled with classy food, refreshments and tons of information. With Divas In Defense, we were able to really learn some self-defense moves. We learned what Divas had to offer including exclusive programs for women and girls. Our instructor had us practice impressive moves that included kicks, knees, and blocks. Learning about self-defense tools was also a priority. We exerted a lot of energy but we gained a lot of knowledge. Divas In Defense, the police officers, the undercover FBI agent and Rebecca reminded us of how important it is for women to be aware of what’s going on around them.



and it’s okay to take as much time as we need to. To learn more…email Rebecca Lynn’s Head Over Heels Matchmaking Services at contact@

We discussed a lot of other safety tips and were reminded that WE HAVE THE POWER! Classy Ladies…let’s remember to… • Stay off of your cell phone when you’re walking or running outside. • Be aware of your surroundings. • Keep in mind that if you have longer hair or a pony tail; you may be a target, as perpetrators could use your hair to pull you into their sinister grip. • Don’t go to the ATM at night. • Make sure your family has a security/escape/emergency plan. • Remember to check in with friends/family when you’re out on a date. Let them know where you are and who you’re with. • You can use those fabulous stilettos you’re wearing as a weapon! For more information on Divas In Defense…go to What did our Classy Ladies experience next…? We discussed dating safety with Rebecca The Matchmaker. She reminded us that we need to take our time when developing a new relationship. Don’t be so quick to get so familiar with someone. Truly good relationships take time

Last but definitely not least… WE HAD A CHANCE TO DO SOMETHING WE REALLY LOVE…SHOP!!! Heels on Wheels, a mobile resale boutique; was on site to offer all things from shoes to clothing and everything in between. Lots of purchases were made and we got some great bargains. Now that put some smiles on our classy faces! To contact Lisa Michalski, owner of Heels on Wheels; go to!heelsonwheels. We had a fun and fabulous afternoon together. Guns and Glam certainly lived up to our expectations. Many left the event asking what CLS is planning next, as the classy ladies were ready for the next adventure. Combining guns with all things glamorous was a win…win for us all!! A special thanks to our founder LaShanda Pitts fabulous décor ideas and the events team for giving us one fantastically amazing afternoon! n Avis Pitts

When going out with your girlfriends, don’t forget the rule... we came together, WE LEAVE TOGETHER!





A Special Thank You to Divas In Defense LaShanda Pitts, Founder/CEO and The Classy Living Society would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support of and active participation in our recent Guns and Glam event. Your presentation was spectacular and we learned so much about self defense and the tools to use to help us stay safe. You helped us realize that we do hold power in our hands and that there are ways that we can protect ourselves and our families. Fun, learning, and a lot of confidence took us to the next level in becoming Fierce and Fabulous! Your mission to empower women with the training and tools that are crucial to safety is to be commended. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you and your outstanding company.

UPCOMING EVENTS CLS Pop-Up Fundraising Boutique October 17, 2015

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A Special Thank You to Lisa Michalski’s Heels on Wheels

1st Quarter 2016

LaShanda Pitts, Founder/CEO and The Classy Living Society would like to let you know how much we enjoyed your mobile resale boutique at our recent Guns and Glam event. The items you had to offer us were fabulous and we really enjoyed shopping with you. And the shoes, shoes, shoes!! You helped make the day a truly memorable one. We look forward to continuing our shopping experience with you soon.

CGA Award Ceremony

Thank you for supporting the Classy Living Society.

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Quarterly Member Mixer (Member Only)!heelsonwheels

A Special Thank You to Rebecca Lynn’s Head Over Heels Matchmaking Service LaShanda Pitts, Founder/CEO and The Classy Living Society would like to thank you for taking part in our Guns and Glam event. This function was meant to assist with empowering women in the areas of self defense and having meaningful relationships. Inspiring speakers like you helped make this event a success. The information you gave us on dating safety really made us think a lot about the decisions that we make on an everyday basis. With your help, we now have valuable knowledge that will help us make better ones. You motivated us and we had so much positive feedback about your session. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you and your company. Thank you for a very valuable experience.

2nd Quarter 2016

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