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hen I think back to our first CLS event, Skinny Jeans & Stilettos, what immediately rushes back to mind was the sense of an elevated mood in the room, the high energy, and the spirit of sisterhood… it wasn’t so much the words that any of us said, but the feeling; and we KNEW THIS WAS IT!

…and I knew after that January night I was part of something so much bigger than myself! I was eager and enthusiastic to work alongside women committed to making a difference in our community. I was humbled that I was asked to be among those entrusted with the vision of our founder to step outside of the box of what was tried and true for so many organizations. To pride ourselves on being unique and set apart from anything we have seen, done or experienced. CLS created an environment where we had to let down our guards and trust that each woman brought a distinct set of experiences, skill sets and perspectives into the room. It recognized it would take a collective commitment of working determinedly together to realize the success of this new burgeoning organization that would serve as a platform to engage women in positive sisterhood bonding. To break the mold of what it means to be a social club rooted in volunteerism; and bring awareness to the need for giving back and making a difference in our communities in an exceptionally profound way! Happy Birthday, CLS! It seems like only yesterday the doors to the sisterhood were opened! We kicked it off with Skinny Jeans & Stilettos and in only two short years you continue to grow thriving; vigorous and strong! n Tarrah D. Gales




Skinny & Jeans Stilettos The invites were sent and the buzz began immediately thereafter. I’ll never forget this night. January 14, 2014 “Classy Living Society presents Skinny Jeans &

Stilettos!” What a truly inspiring event. This event set the tone for all that followed. The element of live music, tasty treats, decadent desserts, fine wine, dramatic interpretations and the spirit of giving back and sisterhood bonding was abound. Invited guests were asked to donate gently used clothes, shoes and accessories to benefit free fab’rik, who’s mission is to help dress young women in fashionable attire so that they may in turn gain their confidence and make a statement about who they are to the world. Now just imagine walking up the front entrance stairs into an enchanted city brownstone flanked with tea-light candles nestled in wine bottles, and as you approach you are greeted with smiling faces and giving hearts. The tone had officially been set for a truly memorable evening. In the background you hear soulful sounds of an international

chart-topping songstress singing her heart’s desire. And if the purpose for the event of giving back wasn’t enough, Fab Frosting; a women’s boutique was selling clothing and jewelry on site, and a makeup artist was available to freshen up ladies’ faces so that they were always camera ready! The jeans were fitted, flattering and sexy, and the stilettos were jaw dropping! Despite the glam the glitz and the gorgeous, the message which was shared by the founder and board of directors with all in attendance was not lost. It was clear that Classy Living Society (CLS) planted its roots in Atlanta, Georgia for the purpose of giving back while ensuring that they encouraged women to socialize, volunteer and inspire! Visions for a better tomorrow were shared, tears flowed, hugs were exchanged as this evening c l e a r l y marked the beginning of a movement; volunteering and giving back to your community all while becoming something greater than yourselves and making a difference in the lives of those around you. Happy Birthday Classy Living Society. n Valerie Alerte Kavanagh









Girls are hurting in our city. Depression. Poverty. Exploitation. Abuse. Free Fab’rik exists to remind them they are beautiful and worthy of more. We believe clothing truly can change lives. Our free shopping sprees are a chance for girls in need to experience the thrill of boutique shopping, but without the pressure of price tags. With our new mobile boutique, we can take these sprees right to their doorsteps at shelters, foster homes, safe houses and more. While clothing is the catalyst, the purpose is to restore dignity, confidence and hope to ladies who have lost theirs. What do we do with the clothing that we don’t wear anymore but still love? What if we could meet the people we donated our clothing to? Those were the two questions that ignited the entire free fab’rik concept. First, we sent out an email to ask our fab’rik customers to donate clothing

to help girls in need and received over 400 bags of amazing clothing within days. WOW! Then we asked if anyone wanted to meet these young ladies and shop with them and we had a waiting list of volunteers. WOW! Then we learned how many young girls don’t have much more than the clothing on their back and more importantly have forgotten how valuable beautiful they are. WOW!! So God brought all of those elements together and created free fab’rik to remind all of those girls that their community cares about them and we want to walk and shop along side them. We believe clothing truly can change lives. We’ve seen it!

displayed for a high-end shopping experience without the price tags. Pop Up Shops allow you to donate to our cause through shopping with your friends! When you host a private shopping party our truck will pull up to your house, business, sorority, festival or other event filled with a curated collection of gently loved clothing and accessories. Best of all, all profits from these events benefit our mission. Talk about retail therapy!

Our Mobile Boutique allows us to provide free shopping sprees and host pop-up shop fundraisers. Weekly we take our store on wheels to the girls in the greatest need at safe houses, shelters, foster homes, and more. The truck is filled with gently loved clothing donations, beautifully DES7GNMGZ CLASSY CHRONICLES


I was there... Ooohhhhhhh My God!!!!!! CLS is turning 2!!!!! I can remember my 1st event JEANS & STILETTOS..... A CLASSY event to be in attendance while LIVING in the beautiful Atlanta SOCIETY. It was a joy to be amongst a diversity of beautiful, successful and stylish women. To go from sitting with the CEO LaShanda Pitts listening to her thoughts of starting this organization to attending the fabulous and well-organized event was absolutely mind blowing. It was a true blessing to witness a conversation transition to reality! Yeeessssss, IF YOU CAN DREAM IT YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT, and I’ll drink 2 that! Tisa Edge I was so impressed when the purpose and vision were shared about the organization. It was so refreshing to see women come together that were positive and focused on helping others and not themselves. Loved it!! Kriste Jamison Skinny Jeans and Stilettos was the very first CLS event I attended. I remember walking into this beautiful townhome with my cute skinny jeans, and as soon as I walked in the door I was greeted so warmly, and I felt good to be around women that had giving hearts. We donated clothes for young girls. The decor, the food, the drinks, the presentation, were so Classy. The vendors selling their wares, the inspiring story of a young woman who was one day a hard-working executive and the next day in a wheelchair and how she overcame....tears.... The photographer taking candid shots of our shoes....the smooth songstress Regina Troupe filling the atmosphere with beautiful music. I knew I was in the right place to share my heart....And all because I started a conversation while having a pedicure with the amazing visionary, LaShanda Pitts. ....thank you, sister. ... Kristell Douglas



A beautiful night, with beautiful ladies, bombshell stilettos, and skinny jeans! The sisterhood is real; you could feel it in the atmosphere!!! Epic beginning to an epic legacy!! Kelly Barrett “I remember walking in a room full of beautiful women who were practically strangers to me, I remember that shot of tequila I took before I left home trying to calm nerves before meeting all those strangers and not knowing what to expect but it wasn’t the tequila that gave me a feeling of positive vibes, laughter, loads of fun and tears of joy at some point in the night it was those strangers that I now call my sisters ....who would have thought” Ray Hernan Once I arrived at the event, I knew I had been invited to something magical!! Once inside, I was immediately impressed with the delectables, the STILETTOS, and the awesome ladies I would meet that night. Aurora Suggs “Flashback to the day where it all begin...... To the 1st CLS event where I met the most amazingly beautiful women who were ready to come together not just to socialize but to create change in our community!!!!!! Happy 2nd year anniversary CLS!!! I am so honored to be a part of an organization that is clearly an impacting change in our communities AND bringing women together creating internal growth. Not only are we rocking the skinny jeans and stilettos, but we are also rocking the nation!”.... Regina Troupe

What a memorable night that was. I remember walking in and playing that wonderful “ice breaker” game. Everyone had a sign on their back of a famous person. I had Kerry Washington. It was so much fun to walk up to strangers and listen to them try to describe your famous person. After I had guessed right; it was amazing to talk to so many different women and find out we had a lot in common. The food was great, the drinks were even better, and those stilettos were poppin!!! Renita Jeffries The one word I remember saying the most about the Skinny Jeans and Stilettos launch party was WOW! From day one there has been a standard set of being classy and fabulous. Beautiful venue, amazing food, fun, first class shopping right at your fingertips and of course the core of CLS, generous giving. When I saw all the clothing and accessories that were donated to “Free Fab’rik” the organization that gives free shopping sprees for girls in need, I thought to myself with all these fashionistas in here, the girls who receive the donations from this group are definitely in for a treat! Happy 2nd Birthday CLS #stayingonthemove Felice Albany I was introduced to CLS by Monie Darlington as we both were featured vendors at the Skinny Jeans and Stilettos event. When I walked in, I was blown away by how elegant the decor was as well as how welcoming the women were. I truly enjoyed the evening especially networking with beautiful women and hearing about the CLS vision. It was an awesome event. Machelle Miles Surrounded by long heels and big hearts, a vision became a reality as Classy Living Society kicked off their first fabulous event. It was spectacular as well as humbling. To see so many women coming together to learn more about CLS ...well let’s just say I’ll never forget the experience. The evening was filled with tasty appetizers that were to die for, tantalizing conversation, unique decor and most of all we caught a glimpse of what CLS does best...GIVE TO THE COMMUNITY! Yes...we looked so good in those skinny jeans and stilettos, but the call to donate coats to charity was by no means skinny. We gave in abundance and before the night was over we understood the mission of this premiere member based spread the call to service

through civic engagement. I knew I had to be part of this amazing organization with a purpose. After listening to LaShanda Pitts, CEO; words like remarkable, motivating, focused, fun and inspirational circulated the room. I could tell that this so classy occasion was just the beginning of a movement centered around bonding and volunteering. It reminded me of one of my favorite quotes: Once you choose Hope, anything’s possible-Christopher Reeve. Classy Living Society has chosen Hope...for one community at a time! Avis Pitts “


performed a personal piece on domestic violence in an effort to bring awareness to the subject. I can still remember the reactions of everyone in the room as I spoke the first five lines. It was probably one of the most nervous yet gratifying moments of my life, and I have CLS to thank.” Liv Wilson

When I was invited to attend SJS I didn’t know what to expect. But with a name like Skinny Jeans & Stiletto’s I knew it had to be fabulous and WOW when I arrived I was treated like VIP right from the front door! There was wine, yummy food, and dessert. The decorations were beautiful and let me tell you the Guest Speakers where all inspiring and motivational. The event was awesome. One that I will never forget! Before I left, I knew that CLS was an organization I wanted to be a part of. Shantina Reece The skinny jeans and stiletto event was a night full of beautiful successful women of all different backgrounds and professions. It allowed us to be ourselves and show our individual style and swag. The ambiance was no doubt in alignment with the name of the organization CLS! And LaShanda allowed myself and another lady to speak on a very touching moment of our lives but it was apart of our testimony. It served as a reminder to all of us that we have challenges and insecurities but we all still push on in faith and in grace! A superior woman of Class! #longliveCLS Carmin Settles



Proud Moments... Spring into Fitness

CLS, is an organization which prides itself on “giving back” to the community and in doing so an important aspect of our mission is to ensure we are providing opportunities for women and children within our communities to become exposed to information which will further help to enrich their lives, while promoting a fit and healthy lifestyle. CLS proudly promoted the message to the community, of good health for the mind, body and soul by hosting a Spring into fitness Event that included; doctors, live healthy cooking demonstrations, fitness classes, a Kid’s Zone and small businesses promoting healthy lifestyles.

CLS Inspirational Book written by the 2015/2016 Board of Directors

The work represents and encapsulates the very essence of the Classy Living Society and the organization’s primary focus of giving back to those less fortunate in our communities. However, our organization would not be able to accomplish the many missions we pursue, without the fellowship and sisterhood-bonding environment created amongst the many women who join in our efforts to change the world. The Classy Living Society identifies that women, despite age, creed, or race want to find groups and bonding environments, which help to not only uplift, encourage and enable them to better themselves, but are also interested in making a true statement, leaving a mark and influencing the communities in which they live. CLS is going national by popular demand as we are answering the “call” to bring women together as a powerful force to see the world change and evolve into something great by our continued efforts to volunteer and lend our talents and gifts to all those in need.



Heifer International

WE DID IT! WE HAVE REACHED OUR GOAL TO RAISE $500 AND BUY A HEIFER! The $500.00 we raised will buy a heifer for a deserving family in east Africa and break the cycle of poverty for generations to come! This is truly the gift that keeps on giving! CLS has chosen to buy a heifer because each cow provided has the potential to have nine times the impact as its offspring are passed to even more members of the community, your fundraising efforts will be multiplied and create sustainable impact for future generations.

Summer Lunch Program/ Must Ministries

CLS donated 200 healthy and nutritious lunches in support of MUST Ministries’ Summer Lunch Program for children who would otherwise miss this very important mid-day meal! Many thanks to Operation Hope for allowing us to pack lunches at their downtown offices! #MAKINGADIFFERENCE


Classy Living Society strives to uplift, educate and inspire. Oftentimes, we are able to achieve these goals through the direct impact of our vast volunteer efforts. Yet, there are other times when we rely on networking with our diverse partnership base of non-profit organizations and major corporations to enhance our impact. In March 2016 CLS facilitated a donation of 10 refurbished laptops to Children’s Restoration Network (CRN), an Atlanta-based nonprofit dedicated to offering hope and support to homeless children and their mothers. CRN supports various shelters throughout the Atlanta area and voiced a need to provide technology for young residents to complete homework and related tasks. CLS answered the call! Through partnerships with global corporations, CLS was able to secure enough laptops to completely furnish a local shelter’s technology wing! A few phone calls here and a couple of emails there may not seem like much; but to the children living in the shelter that are now able to complete their homework just like their peers, play the latest computer video games, and research whatever peaks their interest, those calls and emails made a world of difference! CLS strives to make an impact. By facilitating the laptop donation, we can say that those children have been uplifted, have a new means of continuing their education, and feel inspired to be the best version of themselves. n Alia Thompson

What’s coming: The CLS Song August 2016 Shoe Lovers Expo August 2016 Atlanta Children’s Celebrity Kickball Event October 2016 The 3rd Annual Red Dress Gala November 2016 Girls Golf Event Spring 2017 DES7GNMGZ


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