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10. HOTLANTA SUMMER FUN Things to do around

12. SUMMER TRAVEL TIPS Get with the travel PRO-




17. CLASSY QUESTION What is some advice you would pass on to someone graduating from highschool or college?

HEALTHY Beauty & fashion 16. FAB & FASHIONABLE FOR LESS. One woman’s treasure is another woman’s blessing.



HEALTHY classy news


5. FOUNDERS CORNER What are we supporting? 6. THE MONTH IN REVIEW A recap of the CLS’ activities. 9. CLS QUARTERLY NEW MEMBER MXER Pure Bella Spa & Beauti Bar 18. COMMUNITY PARTNER Habitat for Humanity 20. MEMBER SPOTLIGHT Leah Jones 22. VENDOR SPOTLIGHT A closer look at Uniquely Maid Cleaning Services. 24. SAVANNAH GETS CLASS-Y-FIED. Recap of bus trip to Savannah.

















FOUNDER’S corner Photo: Jason Byrdel

What are we supporting?


e live in a trend seeking, trend setting society where more times than not, the difference is made by adapting to the same thing. Individuality and uniqueness is shunned based on its unfamiliarity. We forfeit the possibility of living in communities that cater to our wants and needs when we join the bandwagon of eating at restaurants with poor customer service based on “it’s one of the top restaurants in town”; watching television shows who degrade our men or women because “it’s the only thing on”; doing business with stores who offer poor quality merchandise because “it’s closer to my home”; attending poorly organized events because, “everybody who’s somebody will be there”. There is no better time than now to focus on where we are placing our positive energy. Our support is the water that helps nourish the negativity growing throughout our neighborhoods. I once read a quote which states, “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”. Convenience or entertainment purposes are very shallow excuses for ignoring people and places that actually hold substance. There are quality television shows that will enhance our understanding of life, which may be watched. Great customer service as well as quality merchandise can be found at several stores throughout the community. Organizations where mission and change are central focus truly exist. They need your help more than those driven by prestige and money. Together we must start supporting the things we want and need to see. Each of us are blessed with God given talents that can be used throughout the community. It’s imperative that we shift our attention to those that count the most; placing emphasis on positivity. Our choices affect more than ourselves. Children are in need of driven mentors. Society is begging for direction. Right now, we have an opportunity to enhance the lives of our community by watering only what we want to see grow. If we change our mindsets, we change the things and people around us.

LaShanda Pitts Founder





Review Coming off the heels of a very successful Volunteer Week, CLS decided to “play in the dirt again” as we partnered with Hands on Atlanta to beautify Atwood Community Gardens. Atwood serves as a park and community garden with flowers, fruits & vegetables to a predominately Jewish community. During this project, CLS was honored to be joined by renowned author Steve Whyte, as he kicked off his book tour on his first trip ever to the U.S. Steve jumped right in and grabbed gloves, a rake and helped us to make the park beautiful.

an empowerment event for Women and Children residents at The City of Refuge.

On the same day a few of our Classy Ladies supported Live Healthy & Thrive Youth Foundation, Inc. (founded by CLS member, Lori A. Manns) by volunteering at their annual 5K walk/run. Unite for Healthy Kids 5K Walk/ Run is an outdoor event that promotes fitness and exercise for the entire family. The purpose of this event is to raise funds to support LHTYF programs throughout the year particularly the Pinnacle Youth Scholarship Fund.

For the second consecutive year, CLS has packed and donated lunches to MUST Ministries’ Summer Lunch Program. This year we are proud to have doubled our donation from 100 to 200 lunches! Ladies showed up ready to work and we packed lunches in record time creating our very own CLS sisterhood assembly line.

May ended with the “Heels & Hope Empowerment” event when CLS joined Black Celebrity Giving to volunteer and give back. CLS volunteers served in shifts to Set-Up and decorate; provide makeovers and assist with shopping; resume review and interview prep; and finally meal preparation and service. The afternoon of activities was 6


We kicked off summer with a labor intensive event where Classy ladies put on their hard hats and picked up there hammers and nails to join a Habitat for Humanity Atlanta Home Build. Along with several other organizations, CLS worked on Day 2 activities of building a house for a deserving single mother and her family. We did everything from hanging siding panels to building a roof – the ladies did it all!

Without a doubt were humbled to be a part of making sure food insecure children are able to enjoy at least one healthy and nutritious meal every day this summer! The summer is now in full swing as Classy Living Society continues to volunteer and give back. n Eboni Brown





Pure Bella Spa

CLS Quarterly New Member Mixer Pure Bella Spa and Beauti Bar is Pure Heaven! We already know that our CLS Quarterly Member Mixers are memorable but the best word to describe our latest mixer is DIVINE! Not only did our members who joined between January and March 2015 get a chance to socialize…they had a chance to understand the “skin they’re in.” Skincare Spa and Beauti Bar owner Marquita Cook welcomed us with open arms. Marquita is a licensed Esthetician and make-up artist. She is a native of Atlanta and she truly knows about skin care. Marquita specializes in skin care, facials, derma planning, micro needling, lash extensions, waxing, back treatments, hip baths, and massages. Talk about skills…Marquita has them! She is able

to meet specific skin care needs. This spa was beautiful, welcoming and totally relaxing. Marquita gave us valuable information concerning our overall wellness. What an experience for our members! Thank you Marquita for hosting this event. Yes…we mixed it up!! We had a fabulous fellowship with our members and the food was absolutely delicious. We had a chance to learn more about CLS’s future plans and our new members had a chance to meet our board members. This was truly an evening to be remembered and the comments said it all! Our CLS Quarterly Member Mixers are a perfect opportunity for our new members to ask questions, meet their fellow sisters

and plug in to our various committees within the organization. These members took advantage of the opportunities and connected with CLS in a special way. We observed new members listening, focusing and wanting to be involved. These members were truly engaged! Once again… Marquita you were an awesome host! n Avis Pitts Marquita’s contact information is: Marquita Cook Owner/Licensed Esthetician/Make-Up Artist 404 228 1631 Instagram: purebellaspa Pure Bella, LLC Building B, Suite 4 3290 Memorial Drive Decatur, Ga 30033 *Open Sundays




HOTlanta fun


Summer is my favorite season. Not only does my wedding anniversary and birthday come around (both super important dates), but this is also the season for festivals, BBQs, movies on the green and more!

Looking for something fun to do this summer? Look no further than here!

July 2

Financial Fitness for Teens - Teens learn about key concepts that will help them navigate the world of money; July 4 Old School Concert: Mint Condition, Bobby Brown and more…Wolf Creek Amphitheater July 4 BBD Chastain Park July 4 Centennial Park event-calendar/springsummer-events/4th-of-july July 10 Jazz on the Lawn July 10 Friday Outdoor Movies July 10 - Aug 2 The Secret Garden (An Outdoor Play); performances/2015-season July 11 Field Day in the Park!events/cee5 July 11 Street-Food Festival July 11 Atlanta Back 2 School Food Festival July 17-25 Georgia Mountain Fair georgia-mountain-fair July 18 Funky Party: Cameo, Midnight Star, Atlantic Starr, Brick and more. Wolf Creek Amphitheater July 24-26 Atlanta African Dance and Drum Festival; July 25 Keith Sweat with After 7, Troop and Shai, Chastain Park;

August 1

Cool Dads Rock Soap Box Derby August 1 Old School Concert: Joe, Ruben Studdard, Mystikal and more…Wolf Creek Amphitheater August 6 Neighbor Hood Awards: Stand Up Comedy Jam w/Nephew Tommy & Steve H. Georgia World Congress Center August 7 Cinderella Outdoor Movie events/movie_6.html August 14-15 Barbeque Festival August 15 Sunset Jazz: Brian Culbertson, Robert Glasper Experiment, Rick & Russ Show Chastain Park August 15 J. Cole, Big Sean, YG, & Jeremih Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood August 15-16 Piedmont Park Arts Festival August 22 Dinosaur Day dinosaur-birthday-bash/ August 25 Free Park Day August 28 Boyz II Men with Bell Biv DEVOE Chastain Park August 29-30 Grant Park Summer Shade Festival; August 30 Meatball Festival

Looking for some more options? Check out the following links: n Aaronica Cole




Get CLASS-Y-FIED! Order your t-shirt TODAY!!

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SUMMER TRAV Get with the Travel PROgram You’ve endured the harsh winter months and the torrential rainstorms of spring followed by the obligatory planting and yardwork season. Now you’re approaching summer and as you eye your beautifully landscaped yard you’re trying to decide what’s on the agenda and who you’ll agenda with. The “what” and “why” of it may be easy as travel during summer months is almost always a given. The “where” often times trip potential travelers up leaving TBA [To Be Announced] in the destination field of your itinerary. So, how do you decide on your next travel destination when all the world is a plane ride away? We’ll turn TBA [Time. Budget. Activities.] into a tool that will help you, along with your travel professional, plan a successful and memorable summer vacation.


How much time have I set aside for my trip? This is the difference between a long weekend in South Florida, cruising the Caribbean or touring the Coliseum in Rome. Time is an important commodity and it should never be wasted, not even to plan your trip. Hence, the travel professional. Put some serious thought into how many days you’d like to enjoy the destination and add a day or two for travel time. A great vacation can be had by all no matter how long as long you plan to be away.


How much can I afford to spend on travel? Now here’s where things get really serious. Travel dollars are an



investment into your life’s experience bank and no one wants to pay for a bad experience. We all know someone that saved for that “trip of a lifetime” only to have “the worst time ever” due to poor planning, lack of knowledge, or skimping on things you probably should have splurged on. Realistically decide how much you can and want to spend. Don’t forget to add travel insurance in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Once you’ve committed to a travel budget you are now in a position to move onto the next phase with your travel agent.


What I’d most like to do. What I may do. What I’ll never do. Once my travel clients have told me how much and how long it’s now time for me to get to the nitty gritty. No two travelers are the same and to create a custom vacation experience there are a few more questions that have to be asked and answered. • •

Do you have a passport? Do you want to relax on the beach and take in the sunset OR

VELTIPS do you want to go zip lining? • Do you like to indulge in relaxing spa services OR get and dirty on an ATV tour? • Do you want all-inclusive resort that will provide all the food and drinks your heart desires OR do you want to explore the every inch of the place eating with the locals? • Do you want to visit multiple destinations OR do you want to soak up as much culture as possible in one locale? Well, do you? I know it sounds like an interview and you’re right. It is an interview that will prevent you from joining the “worst time ever” club. Embrace the process Mis Amigas. Traveling during summer months is as easy as eating a frosted cupcake. Wonderful and Super Sweet! Use TBA and a seasoned travel professional to create a vacation experience specifically tailored to your needs, pockets and activity level. Join the “vacation of a lifetime club” and save the cookouts for the fall where you can show off all of your pics in your beautifully landscaped yard. n Rue Clark the TrypChyck

About the Author Rue Clark the TrypChyck is the CEO/ Chief Exploration Officer of Just Trippin’ Travelers Club. A self-professed Northern Girl with a Southern Soul currently living in Atlanta, Georgia who firmly believes that travel offers an indelible experience that enriches the soul. Just Trippin’ Travelers Club has created a culture for the urban woman traveler that will allow her to ‘trip’ the world with a group of companionable travelers. We offer exciting, thrilling and memorable group expedition packages to locations throughout the U.S. and abroad in a unique group experience to ensure our “trippers” are safe and welcomed. Have You Ever • Planned a wonderful vacation with your family/ friends only to have it canceled because someone’s money was funny? • Seen an ad for your “vacation of a lifetime”, but your BFF couldn’t get the time off from work? • Wanted to ‘trip’ in spite of the fact that no one in your circle was interested in going? Yes? Then you’re perfect for Just Trippin’ Travelers Club. You can find us at www.






“Single, Sexy, and Crazy as Hell” by Carmen Chloé is like having a candid, straight-no-chaser conversation with your closest girlfriend about all the foolish things you did in previous relationships gone wrong. It gently forces you to do the work and self-reflection necessary to determine if you are ready for a relationship. The insight offered guides you towards selfintrospection, ultimately allowing you to make better decisions in life and love. Take a journey with Carmen Chloé as she offers experienced insight on how to get from where you are at, to where you want to be---in love and relationships!

Living Each Day on Purpose is 207 pages of inspirational quotes that were written with Divine Purpose in mind by Shantina Reece. Living Each Day On Purpose will offer you daily quotes full of inspiration and encouragement that will get you through the trying times of your life. The last two pages offer biblical scriptures meditated on by Shantina during the healing process of life’s battles. In 2011 Shantina started writing letters of encouragement to herself due to the trials and tribulations of her life: which in turn lead Shantina to seek Gods Divine Purpose for life. The incredible knowledge, wisdom and understanding she received from the Word of God transformed her thought process and Shantina came to understand that your present situation does not determine Gods ultimate purpose for your life. Shantina realized that she was been awakened and spiritually encouraged to motivate and inspire others to live a life of purpose, for purpose and on purpose. The purpose of this book is to offer spiritual and enlightening motivation that will encourage others daily to stay focused and moving forward in a positive direction forsaking all negativity that invade their space. For more information or to order copy of book: 14


Lady of Power: 31 Mind, Body, & Power Inspirations to Empower You on Your Weight-loss Journey is the first of more to come from Tiffany Kelly, The Mind, Body, & Power Coach. She was inspired to write Lady of Power as a way to cope with the death of losing her former principal, mentor, and second parent, who died of heart disease in November 2014. Tiffany wanted to inspire and motivate women to make a decision to live a healthier lifestyle so that they can live the life God intended for them to live. Lady of Power speaks to every woman’s heart who wants to lose weight, keep it off, but find it hard to remain focused on the goal. Each day’s inspiration is written with every woman in mind who is faced with life challenges that tend to keep you on the dieting cycle of being “on the wagon, off the wagon”. The book is intended to inspire every woman to trust in God’s purpose for her life because He created her for a unique and powerful purpose. The book references every women as a Lady of Power, hence the title, because every woman has the power to accomplish whatever God sets in front of her. He created women with the strength (power) to undertake tasks that men could never endure. Powerful!! Tiffany Kelly

4 Hours, 3 Caskets, 2 Funerals, 1 Standing Have you ever ran from a gun pointed at your back? Had every step you took happen in slow motion? Prayed to God that when the bullet hit you that you would die so quickly that it would be painless? Been labeled a victim, a monster and a suspect in a triple murder in the same day? Tried by the media and convicted in the court of public opinion? Lost everything you valued within a few hours... Including your sanity? I did... And I lived to tell it. Available online and in stores September 2015 Nikki Payne

The Love Manual Bestselling author Steve Whyte has written an enormously readable and infinitely practical manual that delves into what makes a relationship enduringly successful. Keeping God at the center of all, Steve breaks down the often overlooked fundamentals of love and relationships with emphasis on etiquette, respect, class, humility and selflessness. Steve shows you that sexy can be classy when the fundamentals are prioritized. Wherever readers are in their own relationships, this book can improve those relationships dramatically, bringing them immediate and lasting benefits. Steve passionately speaks to Men, Women, boys and girls about love in a way like never before. He magnifies the importance of family and roles within the family while not being bound to stereotypes and common living cliches. This book offers straightforward answers to the most frequently asked questions about Women in controlling or abusive relationships, Men who don’t know how to be Fathers, Husbands or boyfriends, and to the many teens dating out of control, looking for love in all of the wrong places. The Steve Whyte Group CEO of Better-Days Project Ltd Co-Founder | Managing Director of Legacy Group™

Wealth is a Mind$et by Shynna Key Wealth is a Mindset, which some has touted as this year’s must-read financial roadmap, can be found on Amazon. com and other retail outlets. Wealth is a Mind$et is a fantastic, self-help financial & business empowerment book. It is just not a book, it’s a journal and workbook all in one. Aimed towards helping people enhance their financial resources, increase their investment portfolio, and achieve lifetime financial sustainability, Wealth is a Mindset navigates readers through a manageable financial course punctuated with the practical tips and strategies necessary to build a desired wealth building model. B.Y.E, Build Your Empire Shynna Key- Empowering You to Build Your Empire!

Affirmation An affirmation is a statement that is carefully crafted to address an unwanted pattern and transform it through the use of positive thought. An affirmation or affirming statement can be a phrase that is written down or a statement that is repeated verbally. An affirmation may also be an audio recording that is listened to repeatedly. Affirmations focus attention on the positive outcome of a situation, and are structured to affirm that the positive outcome is already a reality. The Affirmations in this book along with practical application will change your life for the better! For More Information: Visit the author online at: Website: DES7GNMGZ


{ fab & fashionable by ShaRhonda Simmons

Everyone is familiar with the saying “One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure.” Well, how about if we modify this old and true adage to say “One woman’s treasure is another woman’s blessing.” What better way to explain what I mean by this then by sharing with you some valuable information on how you can look like a million bucks on a truly refined budget.

Now let’s Imagine a place that holds many fashionable “eye candy” pieces such as BCBG Dress, True Religion, Calvin Klein, Joe’s or simply the classic yet contemporary GAP &Banana Republic stores. But before we embark on this journey, let’s make your experience better by first cleaning out your closet, and dropping off items you no longer need, or can bare to part with at Plato’s Closet. Plato’s Closet is a chain of small boutiques which I am sure many have underestimated and perhaps have passed on by many times. However, you would be surprised to know that it is actually a very fashion forward thrift store and consignment store with some amazing finds. Every fashion forward “fashionista” should be sure to check it out! You will not regret playing “dress up” in Plato’s Closet.

As Classy Ladies, I am sure many of you, like me absolutely love to accessorize your outfits. Truth be told, what better way to make a $30 outfit stand out, other than to use accessories to make you look like a million bucks. For some of Atlanta’s best accessory finds, please be sure to check out Design Faze Boutique located at the Cobb Galleria; 1 Galleria Pkwy, SE, Suite 1C16, Atlanta, GA or be sure to visit them at or follow them on Facebook to keep up with their latest treasures. Design Faze offers a multitude of one of kind clutches that mimic magazine covers, landscape bags depicting landmark photos from some of the most elegant places in the world such as London and Paris as well as remarkable statement pieces, which will have you saying oohh Laa-laaa... 16


! for less

If you are a Department store shopper, who loves Macy’s, Bloomies, and Neiman Marcus, please be sure to check out one of my favorite go to websites, Neiman’s Last Call is an online marketplace with some of the most high-end, amazing handbags which are by far perfect for getting those special gifts for your fellow fashion femme fatales for the holidays.

Lastly, I can’t forget to mention how we can have our already beautiful faces looking like we just walked off of a movie set. Boy, do I have a find for you! And did I mention it can be found at your local beauty supply store. No more long drives to the mall, and fighting over parking spaces. Your makeup solutions can be resolved all for just a few dollars. If you haven’t heard of the beauty line, NYX, then you have been missing out on some of the best and vibrant lip colors around! They are absolutely scrumptious! The consistency of the lipsticks and lip liners as well as the colors are equal (in my opinion) to MAC. Yes I said it! And those who love lip liners (Chestnut, Nighthawk and Currant) are some of my personal favorites and I am sure they will become some of yours too. But let me not sway you, NYX has an entire line of beauty products including lipsticks, lip glosses, and eyeliners as well. Be sure to “NYX” it the next time your budget calls for something not so high end. You won’t regret it.



Knowing what you know now, what is some advice that you would pass on to someone graduating high school or college? Be proactive. Don’t wait for your parents or anyone else to give you direction. Establish a plan and make adjustments as necessary. Always try because nothing beats failure but a try. ~ Patricia Gilliam Secure an internship in your field. Whether paid or unpaid. ~ Heather Thompson It is okay to change your major. Take time to explore your passion and interests. Do what feels right for you. ~ Monica Hart Remember that you now have a chance to start over. Whatever it is you want to do now don’t take a break start now if you’re sure that’s what you want to do. Start building the blocks to your foundation. You have your entire life ahead of you.. Always ask for help if you need it. Our generation supports you. We have been there. ~ Nisha Glenn Choose YOUR path not the path that someone else has chosen for you and while on that path don’t be afraid to take risks or make mistakes. Mistakes help you learn and develop into a true WHOLE person. ~ Donna Clayton DES7GNMGZ CLASSY CHRONICLES



Habitat for Humanity O

ur name speaks for itself! The Classy Living Society is an organization comprised of hardworking, dedicated, and immensely CLASSY women! Our focus is transformation. We do so through socialization, innovation and volunteerism. We are driven to become the premiere social club by serving the needs of our community as foot soldiers for nonprofit and community-based organizations. Our commitment lies in providing a positive sisterhood bonding environment for women to give back, mentor our youth, and care for those who might otherwise be overlooked and neglected. With the help of Habitat for Humanity and several other organizations, CLS had the privilege to see what it truly means and feels like to help “put a roof over someone’s head”. On Saturday, June 6th, the ladies of CLS partnered with Habitat for Humanity to build a home for a well deserving and humble 26 year old mother. Her appreciative smile bolstered our affirmation that we are not only needed, but also headed in the right direction. Hearing of Habitat for Humanity pales in comparison to the actual encounter as a House Build Volunteer. We benefited from the experience just as much as the recipient. We arrived at our site just before 8:00 a.m. and were greeted by other excited organizations, eager to build.



The homeowner was one of the first people we came into contact. Her smile was genuine as was her thanks. We were soon assigned to teams: exterior and interior. Although everyone worked diligently there was a lot of joking and bonding as the day progressed. We even had time for a (much appreciated) Frappuccino break between our nailing and hammering. By lunch time, we were beat, but after refueling, everyone was ready for round two. As the day closed, we looked at one another in disbelief. Our classy selves learned to build a house, yet we did so with sophistication and camaraderie, CLS style. Walking into the project we felt like volunteers; however, as we were leaving we felt like family. About Habitat for Humanity Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope. As a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian ministry that builds with people in need regardless of race or religion, Habitat welcomes volunteers and supporters from all backgrounds. Habitat has more than 1,400 local affiliates in the United States and more than 70 national organizations around the world. Together, they have helped more than 1 million families — representing 5 million people — improve their living conditions since our founding in 1976. n Kimberly Lampkin DES7GNMGZ


Leah S.


Owner of Pure Serenity Salon and Nail Boutique by Avis Pitts

Leah was born in North Myrtle Beach, SC. Leah’s ambition to become an entrepreneur was instilled in her from her grandmother, who owned 3 hotels, 3 restaurants, and a bar in the Atlantic Beach area. Leah had big dreams but her dreams were slightly detoured as she became a mother and wife at a young age. After going through a divorce, and becoming a single mother; Leah’s dreams seemed far away. Many people told her that she would never be able to do anything with three children, and that she should just get a regular job and be happy in her hometown. Leah always felt that she could do something greater. She remarried and once again she started expressing her ambition to be a business owner. One day in December, shortly after Christmas; Leah expressed to her husband that she had enrolled in Cosmetology school and wanted this to be her career. With support from her husband, Leah worked towards her Master Cosmetology degree and license and opened her first salon. Even then, she dreamed of owning an upscale salon that offered a full arrangement of services. Leah now owns a full service hair and nail salon with 20+ employees and it is still growing. Pure Serenity Salon and Nail Boutique 1543 Highway 138 SE Suite F Conyers, Georgia (770) 648-7412

member spotlight 20


How did you become interested in joining CLS and why do you want to work in the nonprofit sector? I always liked uplifting women in the community and I heard of the wonderful initiatives that CLS was doing in the community. Through a friend, I was introduced to LaShanda Pitts, and I then became a member.

with my grandmother. She would tell me to treat people right and put God first when making decisions.

What do you see as your greatest achievement so far? Why? Being

What motivated you to start your own business? I’ve always wanted to own

a parent, a wife, businesswoman, and an overall good person. These achievements are very important to me because these achievements are what makes having a successful business meaningful.

my own business, due to the seeds planted in me by my grandmother. I like being a mentor to other people, and I love the freedom of being a business owner.

What are your passions and how do your passions tie into CLS’s mission? My passion is women, and

Are you where you want to be at this stage of your life? I don’t think that any

influencing women to do great things in life. Inspiring women to be the best that they can be.

of us are where we would like to be in life, and that is what makes business and life such a great challenge. As I reach a milestone, another milestone is established, and that is what drives me to continue to grow as a person and a business woman

Where do you see yourself in three to five years? I see myself with multiple salons across the city, and continuing to inspire others to fulfill their dreams in life.

What do you feel influenced you the most in getting to where you are today? Again, remembering conversations

What has surprised you most about working with CLS? What surprised me most is that beautiful, powerful women can still be supportive of one another. There are too many examples of women tearing each other down.

What do you wish other people knew about CLS? That CLS is fun and there’s no stuffy atmosphere surrounding it. These women truly enjoy working together in the community.





influenced your decision to work with CLS. My childhood friend Tisa Edge spoke to me about CLS. She encouraged me to attend a function, so I took her up on the opportunity.

What might we be surprised to know about you? That I’m actually scared to speak in front of large audiences. I consider myself a social butterfly, but public speaking does frighten me.

How would someone describe you? Being a loving and caring person that enjoys helping other people. Many people in the salon call me “Momma Leah”.

What do you do when you’re not volunteering or working? Spending time with family, shopping, traveling, and sampling different types of wine. Leah reminds us that we’re all usually stronger than we think we are. Dreams can become reality even through adversity. Marrying, having children, and going through a divorce at a young age wasn’t the end of Leah’s story…it was just the beginning. Her passion for others always shines as you often hear her say “it’s all about building relationships with people.” I think we can truly say that Leah has her priorities in the right place!!






Uniquely Maid Cleaning Services Ayana Wilkinson is one of our CLASSY sisters who one day joined the CLASSY LIVING SOCIETY with the ultimate goal of giving back. Ayana started her business, Uniquely Maid Cleaning Service, in 2008 as a side business with two clients. She later reignited on a full time basis in 2013. Her original plan was to start the business as a way to get extra income while also working a full time position as a paralegal within a bankruptcy law firm. She states “having a paralegal job was an interest of mine but not a passion and I personally did not feel fulfilled at the end of the day”. She was laid off in 2013 and instead of looking for another “corporate” position; she decided to go full steam ahead with “Uniquely Maid” and haven’t looked back since. Uniquely Maid specializes in professional move-in/move out cleaning for any size space. They also offer regular weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning services for offices and homes. If you also need any organization of your closets or garages, they do that too! The Mission of Uniquely Maid Service is “Cleaning houses and spirits in a Unique way, we got you!” They are there to provide whatever service you may need so that your space and spirit is feeling refreshed! When asked where she would like to see her business in 5 years she says, “I claim that I would be behind the desk maintaining the day to day schedule of UMCS instead of out in the field unless I choose. I would like to have a standalone office in the metro area and two sets of crews (one for business and the 22


other for residential services). I would like to have two company vehicles and a steady growing clientele that could potentially create UNIQUE makeovers all over the metro and beyond”. When Ayana was asked to provide a quote which best describes her values and beliefs about success, she gave us 3: “Success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives”. – Unknown “All business success rests on something, labeled a sale, which at least momentarily weds company and a customer”. – Tom Peters “There are no secrets to success, it is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure”. – Colin Powell. Ayana wanted to find a way to give back to the community which made her feel like she was making a difference. She made a contribution to CLS which was greatly appreciated. She also states that “CLS makes giving back fun”! “CLS has been a tremendous contribution to my business because it has helped me expand my clientele and also give me insight on ways I can make my business flourish!” n Robin Overmyer (404) 492-1875 Facebook/UniquelyMaid4You



SAVANNAH GETS CLASS-YFIED #giveback #getonthebus






LS “Get on the Bus” was a fundraising event which took place on June 13th centered on love. This initiative was created to help provide assistance for the Project Love Foundation. Project Love assist low income communities with social and personal development skills that will enable independence from government assistance. Through collaboration with local agencies, they promote health awareness and also enhance employment/workforce skills, parental skills, childcare, tutoring and economic empowerment. While brainstorming ideas for fundraisers, we decided that it was time to put our foot soldiers on the bus to reach our goal of serving the needs of community. June 13th was a day to remember! As we prepared for the day, our anxiety grew as fast as the number of participants. We received inboxes and phone calls up until the day of; our sisters were ready to “Get on the Bus”! We even had three young ladies who heard of the potential fun and eagerly signed up from Alabama. Let’s just say, they were not disappointed! Our day started out with registration at 6:00 a.m. Cars pulled in full of sophisticated, community changing women! Women of CLS intertwined with family, friends and women of all ages/ backgrounds loaded the bus and prepared to do what we do best; socialize, educated and give back. Hash-tagging “Get on the Bus”, each participant smiled for a little selfie love as they took their seats. Our intentions were to show the virtual world that fundraising could be done with class and a beautiful smile. On each seat was a little CLS goodie bag filled with happies such as brochures, snacks, a tote and a CLS church fan (which was somehow forgotten on the bus during the church tour). Before getting out of Atlanta good we were pulling names for raffles and lifting our mimosas glasses to a day of total fun! Sitting back observing, it’s seemed we were on the bus with old classmates, everyone mingling and laughing together. Everyone was engaged in the games and activities. Entering into Savannah, we looked out the window in pure amazement; we were definitely in for a treat! Our first stop was lunch! A few ladies selected the Riverboat Cruise while others chose Vic’s Restaurant. They were equally nice, each offering



its own touch of tranquility. However, Vic’s had a private room set aside for the women of CLS. We had social tables set up and multiple opportunities to show individuality yet embrace sisterhood. Each table was responsible for two burning questions. These questions went all the way left and all the way right; ranging from “Where are you from” to “What would you do if your best friend informed you that your man was hitting on her”. The ladies got personal, truly a no judgment zone. Of course, we couldn’t get personal without a moment of inspiration. We learned the power of divine intervention! After lunch, we ventured over to Wet Willies to get a few spirit boosters. I mean, it was hot and their slushy drinks screamed cool down. Afterwards, we walked through the historical streets of Savannah to the First African Baptist Church. The stained windows displayed volumes of history and the stairs invited curiosity. Walking through the doors, we entered into a part of our heritage that can’t be portrayed through history books. We saw the hills that female slaves climbed, children in hand, to bring back bricks to build the sturdy foundation of the church. We went up to the scorching hot balcony and read the etching on the pews and saw the holes in the floors that slaves used to communicate. Despite their inability to read and write, they found ways to communicate with one another without slave owners’ knowledge. Experiencing the events in First African Baptist Church offered a different perspective to life. It created a sense of humility that many individuals lack. We left with drive to surpass expectations and move forward regardless of the circumstances. That’s what the slaves before time did and that what

we can do today! Concluding our tour, we split up and went our own separate ways. There was so much to see but time provided little opportunity. Our separate paths led to wine cellars, Mexican restaurant, honey tasting, carriage ride, and a bus tour through the city. We all enjoyed ourselves in different ways. Finally at 6:30, we met back up and loaded the bus for Atlanta. Jamming to music from legendary artist such as Michael Jackson to Prince, we concluded the raffles. Prize consisted of makeup, event planning, hairstyling, business planning, entrepreneur packages, logo development, business branding, financial planning, $50 visa gift cards, custom jewelry and the grand prize of a trip to Mexico. Finally we were able to wind down, literally, during our mobile wine tasting. We enjoyed ourselves so much dancing to, Michael Jackson’s P.Y.T. that we didn’t notice we had arrived in the ATL. This FUNdraiser was jammed packed with entertainment and we the ladies of CLS can gladly say, “We had a time worth writing “the Classy Chronicles” about! If you failed to #Getonthebus you missed an incredible ride! We have once again defined sisterhood bonding and innovative volunteerism! n Kimberly Lampkin





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THE CLASSY LIVING SOCIETY NEEDS YOUR HELP. As we work diligently to make a difference in the lives of others within the Atlanta, Georgia area, we are asking to find it in your hearts to donate to the movement. CLS’s continues to push forward in an effort to help those within our communities which are less fortunate and are in need of a helping hand. Your donations will allow for our “Foot Soldiers” to give back to others who otherwise would be neglected. By partnering with CLS and making a donation, you are taking a stand and helping to make a difference! Go ahead... make a difference today and let your actions speak volumes and please remember that no donation is too small.



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