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10. TYPEWRITER VS.TABLET Children before

12. BKFOODIE97 EPICURIAN FINDS name is Nadine Hello, My


and I am a food lover.



Get up! Show up! And get moving!!

Classy ladies share what they learned from Mom.


A few tips for a classic red lip. 21. RECLAIM YOUR HEALTH A focus on health from the inside out.



HEALTHY classy news


5. FOUNDERS CORNER Dreams really do come true... 6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLS A look back at who we are... 15. POWER OVER POVERTY

Feed a family, change the world. 19. MEMBER SPOTLIGHT ON ERICA HUDSON

A story of courage, compassion and resilience.


A closer look at Tres’ Chic Boutique and Amour Divine Personal Care. 23. NATIONAL VOLUNTEER WEEK A week in review...

















FOUNDER’S corner Photo: Jason Byrdel


s we celebrate ONE year of an organization built through sisterhood bonding, we have proudly volunteered and partnered with charities and organizations that have expressed gratitude for our “foot soldiers” and have been overwhelmed by our generosity! We stayed committed to becoming innovators in volunteerism and making a difference in our community as we introduced the “Classy Avenue”, a Virtual Mall where small businesses can advertise their goods and services for a small advertising fee. This fee is donated to a charitable local organization quarterly. We’ve also changed the way nonprofits communicate by introducing the “Classy Chronicles”, an online Digi-magazine. Yes…We’ve only just begun!! We dedicate our ONE year success to our dedicated and committed members who volunteer and give of their time and resources. We could not have done this without you! #happybirthydayCLS

LaShanda Pitts Founder

dreams really do come true…



a look back at who we are... In late 2013 we marched toward our vision to become the premiere social club that serves the needs of our community as foot soldiers for nonprofit and communitybased organizations. We committed to providing a positive sisterhood bonding environment for women to give back, mentor our youth, and care for those who might otherwise be overlooked and neglected. We felt inspired to create a movement that would ignite a fire of making a difference by “celebrating the cause” of giving back with our time and talents. We didn’t want to write checks and resume our daily schedule but we wanted to get busy and get dirty in helping those who might need a hand up. We wanted to reach out to those organizations that might not have the funding or resources to thousands of volunteers. We impassionedly created a membership base of over 150 women (and growing) to do just that. CLS has volunteered with over 40 Atlanta charitable organizations, continuing the charge to Uplift. Educate. Inspire. Uplift our members, our families and the community at large and make a difference one mother, sister, daughter at a time. Inspire the next generation of “foot soldiers” that will change the way people look at what it means to volunteer! Help Educate the public concerning opportunities to find solutions to the many challenges we face in our communities.



CLS would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank each and every one of our supporters and relentless CLS “cheerleaders” who continue to forge forward and spread the “good news” we work feverishly to deliver to others. We are and continue to be very appreciative of your donations and constant and unyielding support of our mission to change the world, and make a difference in the lives of the many women, children, and elderly in need. We are just getting started!

socialize CLS strives to create what most believe is an impossible feat. An environment that is welcoming, positive, fun-filled and non-judgmental environment for all women.

CLS gives women from various backgrounds opportunities to bond and have “positive fun” all while keeping the CLS mission in mind…spreading the call to serve through civic engagement. CLS Classy Hours are a chance to make sure our members are all on the same page. By going over our mission and vision, as well as socializing with our sisters; we stay focused on our innovative goals. CLS Quarterly Member Mixers provide more intimate fellowship occasions. Here we have a chance to truly engage and learn about/become part of our organization’s future plans. In February, CLS celebrated the 100 member mark by hosting an upscale Sunday Brunch. We had fabulous food, fun, fellowship and inspiration. Spectacular speakers reminded us of our journey and helped us know that we were on the right track. We took a little time out for ourselves so that we could be in the position to better serve others. CLS gets social…

“A simple hello could lead to a million things” - Anonymous



volunteer CLS works with non-profit organizations throughout the Metro Atlanta area to identify partnerships/sponsorships, giving campaigns and funding projects that we feel provide the best opportunities for us to connect our members, volunteers and give back to specific needs in the community. CLS continues to heed the call from our leaders of the Civil Rights Movement! We understand that especially as women we have an awesome responsibility . to be the change we want to see in our communities. Foot Soldier: A person likened to an infantryman especially in doing active and usually unglamorous work in support of an organization or movement. CLS believes in serving the community… Over the past twelve months, we’ve worked in kitchens for our Seniors,walked in 5ks to bring awareness to breast cancer and homelessness, collected shoes for the homeless, donated over 100 red gift bags to underprivileged children, participated in a “dress for success” dinner for homeless youth, partnered with a disadvantaged young lady for a day to assist her with choosing a prom dress, adopted a family for Christmas, sorted, packed and inspected food to be dispensed in the community, held a health and fitness boot camp, collected jewelry and clothes to help restore dignity, confidence and hope to young ladies who have lost theirs, held a 90 day challenge for Random Acts of Kindness, and we packed and delivered lunches for a summer lunch program for children. CLS raised over $500 to purchase a Heifer for a deserving family in east Africa to help break the cycle of poverty for generations to come! CLS partnered with Families First to help young mothers trying to get their feet on the ground by providing items such as diapers, wipes and bottles. CLS assisted with an Easter egg hunt on the grounds of the UM Children’s Home and also collected bags of hygiene kits for group homes and organizations that support young teens… plus so much more. Our hearts are full and we refuse to stop serving! CLS has done so much more! We couldn’t name it all. Please visit and go to past events to see how we’ve stayed engaged in the community.

“Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.



CLS believes in keeping our dollars in the small business community through providing discounts to our members. We created the Classy Avenue through our commitment as a women’s only non-profit organization, our core values are entrenched in volunteerism, community outreach, and fostering an environment and an opportunity for small businesses to flourish. All of The Classy Avenue Vendors give back 100% of their yearly leasing fee to charity. CLS with the help of our Vendors will continue to not only help innovate how entrepreneurs interface with their customers but CLS is providing the platform for small business to give back to the community. When one shops at The Classy Avenue, they are making a conscience decision to support the #cause of #volunteerism

Expo. We were able to participate in Yoga and Zumba classes, cooking demonstrations, a fashion show, circuit training, inspirational weight loss, and Belly dancing classes. We also had a panel of medical experts on hand to answer health questions. Along with donating cases of water to the Atlanta Women and Children’s homeless shelter, we were able to create our very own Classy Recipe Book, “The Key to your Health”. CLS continues to take pride in supporting health and fitness in the community. CLS developed an App where members can check out the latest events, view videos, shop and get healthy recipes while putting an extensive member directory to use. There’s a wide range of talent in CLS and that’s what contributes to it being a unique women’s organization. The CLS App allows you to follow the journey and know more about our vision.

spotlights, and offers an opportunity to donate to our cause. You’ll also see an Events page that tells us more about upcoming member and non-member functions. A user friendly calendar is available to inform members of scheduled volunteer opportunities. This website includes a Member Directory where we can get to know our CLS sisters. The Resources section brings to view our member vendors, our Digi-Magazine titled The Classy Chronicles, and The Classy Avenue where our vendors are promoted. You can browse and shop in the Classy Avenue at your convenience. Our Classy Contacts are listed for your information and we also have a Volunteer Curriculum where our new members can test their knowledge of CLS.

inspire Our desire to become Trendsetters in volunteerism led us down the path to create the Classy Chronicles. This is a sleek and unique way to communicate….. CLS inspired so many in the community with the Women and Children’s Health and Fitness

CLS created a members only website that showcases everything CLS! Here you’ll find an amazing Home page that details our mission, provides information about coming events, highlights our member and vendor

“Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” - Steve Jobs

There are so many other creative surprises to come … n LaShanda Pitts, Avis Pitts



Typewriter We ask two Classy Ladies from different generations the same question. Over 40 represents the Typewriter and Under 35 represents the Tablet. Children before marriage? I conceived my first child a year after graduating high school at the age of nineteen. I had no clear direction or plans for my life. I was raised in a primarily single family home with my mother and younger brother. Not having a father present left me searching for a father figure, not only to love but also guide me. Once I became pregnant, I felt as though that would heal my emptiness and fill that void that was left in my heart. After the birth of my daughter, I became so consumed with her I totally forgot about myself. I had no idea the sacrifices I would have to make to provide for my child and that it would take so much away from me. Going through the challenges of being a unwed mother and trying to keep my family together put a lot of stress on me. Not wanting to bare the shame of being called a single mother, I made myself believe that having my child’s father present in our life protected me from being a statistic.



Had I allowed myself time to mature before having a child, I wouldn’t have cared what society labeled me as. During the time I became pregnant, society look down on young mothers. You were an embarrassment to your family, church and community. Although the world has become more liberal, it doesn’t change the fact that majority of our unwed mothers are overworked, under paid and are struggling to make ends meet. Being a woman over forty, I believe that women should wait until marriage to start a family. Not only for their selves, but for the best interest of the unborn baby. Get to know who you are and give yourself time to develop. Not saying that you can’t be a successful single mother, but from my experiences, I believe you should figure out what you want in life before you have to figure out what a baby need in theirs. Franchelle Jackson Fran J Collection and Lifestyle



My perspective on children before marriage is grounded in biblical principles. Psalm 127:3 states that “children are a heritage from the Lord,” and “the fruit of the womb a reward.” Thus, whether a child is conceived before or after marriage does not nullify God’s love for him/her, evidenced in the miracle of Christ’s birth. God loves and values all children. Further, biblical principles that uphold the value of marriage before childrearing are not purposed to condemn individuals, but rather to protect and guide them to a way of living life that is decent and orderly. In many cases, marriage lessens the odds of individuals having to face challenges often common to unmarried parents; challenges such as single parenting, STDs, and poverty (due to not having multiple incomes). Wouldn’t you want to put your children at an advantage to beat the odds? God, as our Heavily Father, acts just like an earthly parent might: issuing

rules (like marriage prior to children) not as punishment, but rather as a guiding force so that we might live life at an optimum level. So while my view is that marriage first is best and biblical, I have no judgement for those who fall short of this principle as we all fall short of obeying one rule or another; not to excuse these shortcomings, but to highlight God’s superiority in His ability to forgive and deliver us from them. Ashlie James, Founder & Executive Director Atlanta GLOW Growing Leadership of Women







Barcelona Wine Bar & Restaurant


ey Classy Ladies!! My name is Nadine and I am a food lover! I love cooking but more importantly, I enjoy going out to eat! As such, I am beyond excited to share some of my adventures with you. So here goes: I am sure you’ve noticed (if you are a foodie like me) that the restaurant (resto) industry is changing rapidly and many new restos are marketing the following buzz words: Tapas, Oysters, Southern Comfort, Eclectic Cocktails, and Burgers. If you want to know what the hype is about, I can help! I’ve compiled my top “trendy” places (in Atlanta) that not only offer those delicious taste elements, but will keep you coming back for their awesome service and ambience: 1. Barcelona (Tapas) – Nestled in Inman Park, this resto features two great patios; one with an awesome outdoor fireplace. The “tapas” (meaning small plates and very popular in Spain), boasts many flavorful Mediterranean and Spanish dishes such as the spiced beef empanadas, the mussels el diablo, and the seafood paella. If you like a little spice on your palate, this place is definitely a must try! Oh and by the way, another location is slated for West Midtown!

My name is Nadine... and I am a FOOD LOVER!

2. One Eared Stag (Oysters) – There are a lot of restos around town offering fresh oysters. However, I love this Inman Park resto for its charm and homey feel. If you love fresh oysters and want to save a few bucks, visit on Tuesdays as they offer $1 oysters and $1 beer. Hurry and go before they stop this deal!! 3. Top Flr (Cocktails) – Who does not like a great cocktail? The Bartenders there are well known for making innovative cocktails. I have not been disappointed! So if you are a bourbon, whiskey or moonshine type of person, you will fall in love with Top Flr. I know that I added this resto for its cocktails but the food is American at its finest. Most non-chain restos are closed on Mondays. Not this one! On Mondays, they offer a prix fix menu that is reasonably priced and delicious. So now you have two reasons to pay this resto a visit! 4. 1 Kept (Southern Comfort) – Notice I did not say “soul food” but equally as delicious!! It is the best kept secret in Buckhead! The food there is rich and oh so succulent. If you are watching your diet, you may want to skip this one. The menu changes often but if the seared scallops and the short ribs are on the menu, give them a try! 5. Holeman and Finch (Burger) – Most restos are now including a burger on their menu. Burger places are opening everywhere BUT, my favorite place is H&F for sure. The classic American cheeseburger is made with grass raised beef (half brisket and half chuck). It is moist, full of flavor and so good that you can forgo the condiments! Also, burger is served on a homemade bun (H&F has its own bakery: So, they usually have the burger on the menu during the week, but, it is VERY limited. I hope you try one of these restos soon and don’t forget to follow my photo blog,, for some tantalizing and mouthwatering inspirations. Happy eating! J n Nadine Alliance



Dreams can be



What’s holding you back from living the life of your dreams? What if I told you that you can live the life you truly desire? Have you ever looked at someone and thought “man are they lucky”? There is no such thing as luck. We all have the same 24 hours in a day and we have the power to control our mindsets.

A tribute to My mom gave me…

Mom P

Common sense A sense of independence A caring and giving heart A model of what it means to be a strong black woman A great sense of humor Tarrah Gales

My mom gave me...

The drive to be powerful and unapologetic for being independent. She is my Shero. Nor perfect for exactly whom God needed her to be, to help me become the woman he’d have me be! Alicia Brown

. Dreams are meant to be your reality. Don’t let them dry up like a raisin in the sun. Your life is a mirror of what you think and believe. You have tremendous power within your subconscious mind to create your dream life. Thomas Edison dreamed of a lamp that could be operated by electricity, he began where he stood to put his dream into action, and despite more than ten thousand failures, he stood by that dream until he made it a physical reality. Practical dreamers do not quit! Having what you want in life, starts with your mindset. Self sabotage is the number one dream killer.



The words you speak over your life create your reality because our words have power. Turn your cants into cans and your dreams into plans! God didn’t put you on this earth to live in poverty or to struggle. We are all blessed with unique talents. Find your purpose and your passion and start living your best life now! That means get up!! Show up!! Get moving!! Stop with the self sabotage!! The life you desire is waiting on you! n Rashida Patterson

My mom gave me...

A STRONG spiritual background. She taught me how to be a CLASSY Lady & she modeled how to stay humble in all things. Robin Overmyer

My mom taught me...

Responsibility. Always take responsibility for your words, actions,finances and life. Because only you are in control of self. Tina Franqui-Lockhart

My mom taught me...

To always have my own. My mom is my world. She encourages, motivates, and inspires me to be the best I can. She is my ROCK! When I become a mother to my twins (smile Avis Pitts) I will instill the same morals and values with my kids. Sommer Foreman



POVERTY feed a family – Change the World!


s I thought back to the wonderful organizations CLS has volunteered and partnered with over the past month the one that stood out to me having the most impact didn’t actually involve going out and volunteering. Instead as a group of women encouraged by our compassionate hearts and empowered with our resources directly contributed to uplifting not a person, but a family out of poverty - forever! That’s right; our donation to Heifer International (of $520) provided a cow to a family in need and the training for that family to keep their heifer healthy. I am humbled to know that our gift to Heifer International will keep on giving years after our donation was made. How incredibly inspiring and empowering is that? Heifer is spot on in that giving an animal is like giving someone a small business, providing wool, milk, eggs and more. Animal donations can provide families a hand up, increasing access to medicine, school, food and a sustainable livelihood. By giving the gift of a cow we have set into motion a cycle of giving. The cow will eventually give birth to a calf that can be sold for the families need’s or kept to increase their growing wealth. Income from the cow’s milk allows the family to have a better life and eventually the family can pass on the gift of a cow to another family in their town or nearby village.

Heifer International works with communities to strengthen local economies. Their values-based, holistic community development approach focuses on increase in income and assets, food securities and nutrition and the environment. From there two key foundational elements become the multiplier for change: Women’s Empowerment and Social Capital which equal improved global sustainable livelihoods. Heifer recognizes, “that no single organization and no number of isolated projects can address the systemic causes of poverty and hunger”; however their method recognizes the essential role women have in improving the capacity of small farmers to secure their means of support. It was amazing to witness members, family/friends, and supporters of CLS donate as little as $5 during Volunteer Week help us reach our goal. This was all done while posting and sharing the message of giving back and paying forward CLS’ mission of spreading our call to service through civic engagement by transforming lives one community at a time!



About Heifer International Heifer International’s mission is to work with communities to end world hunger and poverty and to care for the Earth. Dan West was a farmer from the American Midwest and member of the Church of the Brethren who went to the front lines of the Spanish Civil War as an aid worker. His mission was to provide relief, but he soon discovered the meager single cup of milk rationed to the weary refugees once a day was not enough. And then he had a thought: What if they had not a cup, but a cow? That “teach a man to fish” philosophy is what drove West to found Heifer International. And now, nearly 70 years later, that philosophy still inspires our work to end world hunger and poverty throughout the world once and for all.

How it Works We empower families to turn hunger and poverty into hope and prosperity – but our approach is more than just giving them a handout. Heifer links communities and helps bring sustainable agriculture and commerce to areas with a long history of poverty. Our animals provide partners with both food and reliable income, as agricultural products such as milk, eggs and honey can be traded or sold at market.



When many families gain this new sustainable income, it brings new opportunities for building schools, creating agricultural cooperatives, forming community savings and funding small businesses.

Passing on the Gift The core of our model is Passing on the Gift. This means families share the training they receive, and pass on the first female offspring of their livestock to another family. This extends the impact of the original gift, allowing a once impoverished family to become donors and full participants in improving their communities. The goal of every Heifer project is to help families achieve self-reliance. We do this by providing them the tools they need to sustain themselves, and it’s thanks to the generosity of donors like you. You have the power to give a hungry family the training it takes to feed themselves and their children; to give a young girl a chance at an education; to empower a woman to have a voice in her community. Together, we can change the world, one family, one community, at a time. And it all starts with a gift. For more information on Heifer International, visit

n Tarrah Gales

Kano One 770.820.7359





Every class lady needs her perfect RED lipstick! Here are a few tips to keep you classy in red!

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“Prep & Prime. Before applying lipstick, don’t skip out on the base. You want a smooth surface throughout the day. Use your favorite lip balm or

chapstick before applying any color. Dab off excess with a tissue.

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Lip Liner Favorites MAC Lip Liner Cherry $16 MAC Lip Liner Ruby Woo $16 Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner True Red $19 NYX Hot Red Lip Liner $4 Sephora Nano Lip Liner Real Red $5 by Frances Williams 866-889-4553




A Story of Courage, Compassion and Resilience Born in St. Albans (Hollis), Queens, NY; Erica always knew that she was destined for more than just the ordinary. Despite circumstances that may have prevented the best of us from achieving our goals, Erica is pressing forward and making her dreams come true. From the very beginning, she’s set her eyes on the prize. Erica heard words that were not very encouraging in her early years. “She’s too tall”! “What about her skin color”! “Your mom can’t afford to pay for you to go to college”! Those words didn’t stop her and even though she was bullied in high school, she believed in herself. Erica’s gone from being not too sure of herself to a woman who knows what she wants out of life. With inner strength, a loving God, and support from family and friends; Erica earned a B a c h e l o r ’s degree in Biology from Marymount College in NY, and a Masters degree in Professional Counseling from Argosy University in Atlanta in 2004. Erica is currently working on her Doctorate in Health Psychology with plans to have her degree completed by the end of summer 2015. She currently works at United Health Care and has a private practice…Women’s Recovery and Counseling Services. Erica has studied abroad, traveled the world and holds on to the truth that life is truly what you make it! How did you become interested in joining CLS and why do you want to work in the nonprofit sector? I became interested in CLS through our Founder LaShanda Pitts, her husband and Valerie Kavanagh. They were my wedding guests, CLS was discussed and the rest is history. I wanted to work for a nonprofit so that I could give back to those who are less fortunate. What motivated you to start your own business? I always wanted to have my own practice…if it had been as an Obstetrician or a Psychotherapist…I always had the entrepreneurial spirit.

Are you where you want to be at this stage of your life? Yes, I am exactly where I want to be in my life… good health, stable career, wonderful husband and an amazing home. Where do you see yourself in three to five years? I see my private practice expanding by adding a psychiatrist and a nurse. What do you feel influenced you the most in getting to where you are today? My inner strength and belief in God influenced me. I know everything I have is because of my Heavenly Father. What do you see as your greatest achievement so far? Why? I feel my greatest achievement is graduating from college, despite losing both of my parents. I was able to persevere and make it. What are your passions and how do your passions tie into CLS’s mission? My private practice focuses on women and adolescent girls. CLS does a lot of work in the community that relates to giving back to women and children. What has surprised you most about working with CLS? The membership is diverse. We all have unique talents and that’s what makes this organization so special. What do you wish other people knew about CLS? It’s a lot of fun working with CLS. It’s a chance to make friendships that will last a lifetime. Tell us about someone who influenced your decision to work with CLS. My childhood friend Valerie Kavanagh spoke to me about all of the exciting things CLS was doing. I had to be part of this exciting journey! What might we be surprised to know about you? You may be surprised to know that I am a writer and I plan to publish in 2016. How would someone describe you? They’d probably say I’m caring, sweet and outgoing. What do you do when you’re not volunteering or working? I love to travel! I enjoy seeing the world. So far Erica’s journey shows that she believes in endless possibilities. From the heartache of losing her parents at an early age to her tireless efforts and passion with helping other women achieve their goals…She is an example of one truly Classy Lady! n Avis Pitts DES7GNMGZ CLASSY CHRONICLES




Amour Divine Personal Care & Tres Chic Boutique In this month’s Member Vendor Spotlight, CLS would like to take this time to fist say a warm and heartfelt Thank You for the kind hearted gesture which Sunblondy Daniel owner of Amour Divine Personal Care and Trés Chic Boutique has shown. CLS was contacted by Sunblondy directly as she wanted to show kindness to a single mother for Mother’s Day. She reached out to CLS to solicit our help in helping her to best identify how to go about donating dresses for a single mother as a way of making that deserving mother feel extra special. One year ago Sunblondy launched an online clothing & accessories boutique which carries affordable women clothing sizes 2-24 and she wanted to share something special with a deserving woman who may otherwise not have the luxury of being pampered for Mother’s Day. Her selflessness and sincerity is reflective of the type of woman which encompasses CLS; the type of woman who gives back to others before giving back to themselves. In addition to being the owner of a successful online boutique, Sunblondy is also the owner of Amour Divine Personal Care. Amour Divine provides quality homecare nursing services to Adults, Pediatrics, and Geriatric clients in the comfort of their home. In addition they offer overall Nursing services, Personal Care, Private Duties, Respite Care, and Companionship. Their mission is to respectfully and compassionately meet the needs of their clients and their families, by listening, planning, educating, and delivering the highest quality of individualized care. 20


Sunblondy has worked in the hospital field for over 15 year as a certified Lab Technician and Patient Care Assistant. When asked why did you open the doors to your business two years ago she states “The patients and their families were always encouraging and often would ask me for a good reference to help their loved ones at home once leaving the hospital”. This ignited something in her. She further states, “I would work my regular job 7pm -7am and on the weekends I would work for myself as a Personal Care Giver because I find it to be very rewarding!” Despite her long days, she wants to continue to make her patients smile even though they are going through some physical or health challenges. She shares with me, that she always had the compassion and love to provide home care to those that would otherwise not be able to care for themselves. The smile on her patients’ faces often overwhelms her with joy and makes her feel that she has done her job right! Sunblondy lives by the adage, “Whatever you do, give it 100%, and most importantly, do it with LOVE & COMPASSION”. n Valerie Alerte Kavanagh

Tres Chic Boutique 404-734-7705

Adults, Pediatrics, and Geriatric Care 770-222-0242 Facebook/amourdivinepersonalcare

SAVANNAH GETS CLASSY! • for Classy ladies and friends • over $1000 in prizes • tour of the First African Baptist Church used in the historical underground rail road passage. • continental breakfast with champagne • lunch cruise or the infamous Vic’s on the river • surprises, surprises



reclaim YOUR health! If you’re not taking care of your health now, you will be later. It’s largely your choice whether you start investing in wellness now, or whether you’ll be dragged kicking and screaming to an emergency room, a specialist or your general practitioner.

and sometimes misleading advertising. At the same time, 23 million Americans, over a quarter of them children, live in areas considered “food deserts” where they don’t have easy access to grocery stores.

So why is F!T the new $eXy? Because when you feel healthy and energetic, you reclaim an internal power and confidence. Sexy is the energy we each put into the world when we are confident in our ability to produce results.

When is enough, enough? What will it take for you to fight back and reclaim your health? What will it take for you to stand up to those around you and help them see the light? These are big problems, but there are also big solutions. Good nutrition doesn’t have to be exorbitantly expensive or prohibitively perishable. You can have access to quality food for your family and it can be easy to prepare, fast and portable. You just have to make the choice.

We invite you to lock arms with us. Commit to your Health. For more information visit us at n Angela Everett

Though we may age gracefully on the outside, something sinister is lurking below the skin. As a community we are digging our own graves with a knife and fork every time we sit down to eat. Heart disease and diabetes are among the top four leading causes of death for African Americans according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The prevalence of obesity among African American adults is largest compared to other race and ethnicity groups. Furthermore, African American adults were nearly twice as likely to be diabetic than white adults. (reference link: The facts don’t lie. We are killing ourselves slowly and needlessly. And it’s not getting any better for our children. As The Voice reported earlier this year, many heavy kids think they’re a normal weight and those false impressions were more common in black and Mexican-American children than in white children. The bottom line is that we can do better. Not just for ourselves, but for our children, our grandchildren and generations to come. And we have to start now. A New England Journal of Medicine study found that overweight 5-year-olds were four times as likely to become obese than their normal-weight counterparts. It all starts with nutrition, choosing to fuel your body with the right nutrients and protect it from harm. Since the 1970s, fast food restaurants have more than doubled. We are constantly bombarded with opportunities to eat high-calorie, low-nutrition food and our choices are reinforced by enticing, 22


I would like to introduce to the F!T Is The New $eXy Movement. We are black men and women who have drawn a line in the sand and have chosen to reclaim our health become a beacon of Physical fitness in the black community. Our vision is to free families to live an extraordinary life of physical fitness that focuses on health from the inside out. True fitness is not a result of a fad diet. It results from a daily journey of healthy eating and exercise as well as spiritual and emotional development.


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t is with great excitement and gratitude we can report that CLS accomplished a major feat this year… pulling off our first National Volunteer Week. On Sunday, April 12th we officially – LET THE 2015 VOLUNTEERING BEGIN! In partnership with Project LOVE Foundation, Inc. and Educated Girls Rock, CLS planned a week long calendar of hands on volunteer projects, a giving campaign and fundraising event all in the name of doing our part and supporting multiple charities throughout metro Atlanta. The week was officially launched by CLS Founder, LaShanda Pitts, during our quarterly Classy Hour in true “Opening Ceremony” style with our version of the lighting and passing of the torch! The quarterly mixer, typically reserved for members to socialize (oft times in the midst of unveiling breaking news or the announcement of exciting events) – all while enjoying food and cocktails – was transformed into a toiletry collection drive. Ladies donated and sorted hundreds of toiletries to be gifted as signature “classy hygiene kits” to teen girls with the greatest needs. Many of the kits were donated to pregnant teens residing at Kindred Spirit Teen Pregnancy Home at City of Refuge in Northwest Atlanta. The following day we kicked off our Fund a Heifer campaign to raise $500 to purchase and donate a cow to a family in east Africa …and only three days into the week we had reached our goal and became “fundraising rock stars” for Heifer International, but most importantly the family we would bless with the gift of a heifer! Throughout the week members were also expressing and waxing poetic on why they enjoy volunteering through postings on numerous social media outlets. This week couldn’t have been complete without spending a little time volunteering with our friends at The Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center. Project Love Foundation led the efforts and we were on hand to help pack groceries in their food pantry to donate to families in need. On “hump day” we made a return to another CLS group favorite – the Atlanta Community Food



Bank – where we spent time in the Product Rescue Center lending our hands to inspect, sort, and pack quality grocery donations. Working alongside another company, we sorted and packed 9,413 lbs. which is equivalent to 7,844 meals! How awesome was that? It was definitely a group effort at the Books for Africa in their Smyrna warehouse where 7-days a week they collect, sort, ship, and distribute books to students of all ages in Africa. Books for Africa’s goal is to end the book famine in Africa and from where we stood that goal is certainly one they plan to accomplish! To finish off the week, we volunteered with Just B Girls at their Health and Wellness event on the campus of Growing Minds Christian Academy in Fayetteville where we were on hand to assist as they put on an incredibly successful spring festival for the community that proved to be an educational, informative and a fun day out for all! Thank you to CLS members, supporters, friends and family who took part in our 1st Annual National Volunteer Week… we couldn’t have done it without you! Lastly, I am grateful! Because of my role in helping to shape and support CLS’ community outreach efforts and programs, I get to bear witness to inspiring stories that highlight the power of volunteering to make a difference. When people engage in improving their communities with their time, talents and resources, the world shifts

– not just for the community, but for the volunteer as well. And when that volunteer effort is grounded in the core values of an organization like CLS, we start to make an indelible mark that ultimately sets our course steady into the right direction to change the world – one community at a time! Once again, I recall the “always timely” words of my favorite quote by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve…You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.” Committed to service, Tarrah D. Gales #MakingaDifference

About National Volunteer Week 2015 National Volunteer Week, observed April 12th through the 18th, is dedicated to inspiring, recognizing and encouraging people to seek out imaginative ways to engage in their communities. Established in 1974 by Points of Light, National Volunteer Week has grown exponentially since its beginning with thousands of volunteer projects and special events scheduled throughout the week all over the U.S.



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THE CLASSY LIVING SOCIETY NEEDS YOUR HELP. As we work diligently to make a difference in the lives of others within the Atlanta, Georgia area, we are asking to find it in your hearts to donate to the movement. CLS’s continues to push forward in an effort to help those within our communities which are less fortunate and are in need of a helping hand. Your donations will allow for our “Foot Soldiers” to give back to others who otherwise would be neglected. By partnering with CLS and making a donation, you are taking a stand and helping to make a difference! Go ahead... make a difference today and let your actions speak volumes and please remember that no donation is too small.



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