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Are you ready to be a part of something bigger than yourself? Are you interested in volunteering with likeminded women working together to give those less fortunate a “hand up”? Do you enjoy the fellowship of community centered, career driven women with whom you can build friendships and network? While you might not have the benefit of time on your hands to seek out such for yourself, if you have the passion, CLS will take care of the rest. Please Enjoy our Monthly “Classy Chronicles” filled with Inspiration, Volunteering, and a few helpful tips to care for yourself from the inside out.



Meet the Founder A native of Los Angeles California, LaShanda Pitts moved to Atlanta in 1994 and brought her young free spirit to the south. Since making Atlanta her home, Mrs. Pitts has had a broad professional background working for some of the largest companies in the U.S. While working with and socializing with numerous professionals in Atlanta, Mrs. Pitts has built a large network of her own and has had a strong desire to create an organization that encompasses the ideals and projects that were the most important to her both personally and professionally. Mrs. Pitts is passionate about sophisticated living inside and out, planning and producing highend parties and events, building strong relationships, and helping others. Subsequently, she has fused all of these elements into one club that does this seamlessly. CLS owes its beginning to Mrs. Pitts’ vision of enjoying the best of what Atlanta and social living has to offer, all while making a genuine difference in the community. When not changing the world, Mrs. Pitt’s can be found shopping for shoes, shoes, and more shoes. Mrs. Pitts resides in Atlanta with her husband Tony and their chocolate Staffordshire, Black.

What Makes a Woman Beautiful?

“A woman is beautiful when she’s walking in purpose!” - Monique Dickinson 4


Meet the Board







Born in Cleveland, Ohio and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Tarrah Gales considers herself a Georgia Peach! Tarrah has over 17 years transactional legal experience working for Fortune 100 & 500 companies and large law firms. She currently works for a publicly-traded company in its Corporate & Securities Practice where she manages corporate governance and compliance with the Company’s insider trading policy. Inspired by her spirited 93-year old grandfather who instilled in her the values of “service and giving back” when Tarrah was a child; she has continually worked alongside various organizations and charities promoting civic engagement and volunteerism. In her spare time, Tarrah is a lover of books, enjoys vintage & consignment shopping, delights in honing her culinary skills, and appreciates a day at the spa! Tarrah holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Howard University in Washington, DC and a master’s degree in public administration from Strayer University in Atlanta.

Nicole was born in Cleveland, Ohio and relocated to Atlanta in 2004. Nicole is a mother of two daughters, Blayke 20 and Logan 16. She received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from University of Phoenix and currently pursuing her Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources. Nicole has a passion for empowering women and advocating for victims and survivors of domestic violence. Over the past several years, she has volunteered at a domestic abuse shelter and has found the experience to be very meaningful and rewarding. Volunteering gives her the opportunity to focus on others and gives her a sense of gratitude that fills her spirit in a way she’s has never experienced before. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, gardening, and running. Nicole completed her 1st half marathon in 2012 and is looking forward to training for her next big race.

Valérie is presently employed as a Corporate Solutions Manager for a privately held company which provides legal compliance and governance services and solutions to Fortune 100 and 500 companies in the Southeast. She is a Certified Corporate Paralegal by trade, in addition to obtaining an MBA with a focus on Marketing. Her previous experience as an Assistant Corporate Secretary for 1,000 of AIG’s US Domestic Subsidiaries have given her a great deal of insight into the manner in which corporations, both profit and non-profit operate. Furthermore, Valérie previously held a board member position for the Georgia Association of Paralegals (GAP), where she also was the organization’s Vendor Relations Manager for the calendar year 2013. Valérie is also an active member of her church, and is a committee member for her church’s “Lil’ Lamb’s” children’s consignment and fundraising organization. She brings many years of volunteering and philanthropic experience to the group. She is a proud wife and mother, and lastly a mom to two rescued male and female Pit-bulls, where she resides in the suburbs of the metro Atlanta, Georgia area.



Born and raised in Southern California, Robyn Hutcherson has made her home in Atlanta, Georgia for the past 9 years. Professionally, she has used her love for interacting and servicing people working in Consultative Sales and Marketing for more than 2 decades. A self proclaimed home chef, Robyn enjoys entertaining family and friends with gourmet home cooked meals whenever possible. Weekends are often spent creating an inviting home environment with “Do it Yourself”projects around the house with the assistance of her 3 sons. While enthusiastic about contributing to various charitable efforts, as a single mother, organizations benefiting children and families hold a special place for her. She is dedicated to making a difference in the community and positively effecting those around her.


Tiffany Q. Sawyer is a true Georgia Peach, with a natural niche in the event industry. Tiffany’s southern charm, creative concepts and keen attention to detail, have helped contribute to her success in executing a variety of events from small scale to large corporate events. Tiffany is passionate about her skills and dedication to providing an illuminating experience for each and every client.


Tiffany is the owner of her own event consultant firm – Veils and Details Weddings*Events*Concepts and holds a Master of Science degree in Human Resources from Strayer University. She also is a proud graduate from Georgia Perimeter College – Continuing Education program with a certification in Event Planning/Management, as well as an Education Instructor with Ashworth University. With her active life, Tiffany still finds time to stay socially involved in her community through volunteerism and public service work. She enjoys playing tennis and spending time with her family and of course shopping!

A native of Columbia, South Carolina, Sidra is new to Atlanta, Georgia. She has a background in recruiting and real estate and genuinely enjoys helping people. She loves art and co-owns an art studio, UnWine, Paint and Sip. She is a graduate of Columbia College and Webster University where she earned a Bachelor’s in Public Affairs and a Masters’s in Management and Leadership. She is also a licensed Realtor with Keller Williams First Atlanta. She is passionate about volunteerism and philanthropy and loves to give back to various organizations along with her husband, Jason and their 3 beautiful children.



The Classy Living Society Board of Directors is made up of women from a wide array of backgrounds. They represent the brand diversity of our membership and contribute significant amounts of time, talent and energy to ensure the mission to serve the community as “foot soldiers� is our number one priority.



Old School vs. New School

We asked two women, Old School vs. New School the same questions look below to see what they had to say! 1. Why does society say women can’t get along or work well together? 2. How do you think we can dispel this perception?

New School, Nisha Glenn, Founder of Educated Girls Rock

Hey girl, “Those are some really cute shoes that you have on”. Now was that hard to say? Apparently it was because society says that most women can’t get along with other women. Therefore, women giving compliments to other women seem to validate this statement. Women who are unfamiliar with each other tend to have a hard time communicating. To make matters worse, common courtesy is not used because a simple HELLO doesn’t exist when you see other women. Saying hello and or giving a compliment can surely break the ice. But how many women actually go out of their way to say hey. The misconception is women judge a book by its cover without opening the 8


pages. There is this crazy notion that most women are insecure, jealous, and envious of each other. Why? Because it tends to be a proven fact, most women are in competition with other women on all levels. For instance, women will criticize a woman’s hair, nails, clothes, shoes, handbag, make-up, career, etc. I think the issue at hand goes deeper because the insecurity lies within self. Most women have problems with their own insecurities, which comes off as them being envious of the other women success. Every woman is not secure with who they are, if you are strong and confident you should be able to get along and work with other beautifully made women.

Most women tend to surround themselves and associate with women they are comfortable with versus getting to know other women that are on a higher level than they are. We should enjoy meeting new people and not be afraid to encourage the next woman while congratulating her on her success. We should inquire about “How did you get to where you are”? In the 21st century, the conflict among women today is not only inherited, but is being promoted daily. Women should be able to have multiple associates with different views on life. Enlarging your territory should be a priority. Try stepping outside of your comfort zone with a simple hello and a smile. If in passing, a simple Hello can go further than a raised eyebrow. Small gestures can make the ice crack and open the door for unlimited possibilities with other women.

Old School, Cynthia Barnett

Regarding “Society says that our younger generation of women who are under 40 and those of us over 40 find it challenging to listen to the perspective of one another”. I find this to be interesting. Do we really live in a world where we believe that different generations of women cannot learn from each other? Could it be because those of us over 40 feel that our under 40 group of women are not experienced enough to teach “us” anything? Could it be because our under 40 generation feel that over 40 has an old-fashioned way of thinking? As a woman over 40, and someone who has the pleasure of being in constant communication with our under 40 generation such as family members, co-workers, etc. my personal experiences are different from those stated by society. There are times when “age” determines the validity of our views because experience does matter. I do believe that with age, there should come wisdom. With that said, the approach that we take in delivering

our views play a critical role in how our younger generation will accept and embrace them. The question now is can I, as a 40+ year old (young) woman listen to the perspective of someone under 40? Society says there is conflict, but I again disagree. I listen to the perspective of the younger generation quite often, as I find the views to be very intriguing. It doesn’t matter what the topic is...using a different technique when applying make-up, to how to be a better person; their views count. They sometimes use a different method of sharing their perspective, i.e., social media or text. If that is their way, I accept. When the time is fitting, or shall I say when the topic is fitting, I always

suggest to them the old-fashioned method of communication...a phone conversation or face-to-face for greater impact. Which ever the method, the perspective is well received. When you are willing to teach, as well as opening yourself up to learn from a younger woman, you create a necessary balance. This is just one of the many things that makes women the strong creatures that we are. My message today, 40 and under should understand that we are your current. Those of us 40 and up should understand that they are our future. Lets pause and consider the risk that we take if we don’t value the views of one another.



Written by Avis Pitts Contributing Writer, Author Shaun Sinclair

Member Spotlight on

TISA EDGE GLOVER “Our society is so accustomed to the straight models so they lash out at the larger models. Health concerns are the largest issues, but people fail to realize skinnier individuals can have health risks as well.”

There are many words that can describe Tisa...passionate, positive, humble, generous, active and most of all CLASSY! She’s a dedicated wife, a strong mother and a woman of God. Tisa has been married to her loving husband Mike for 10 years. She is the proud mother of a beautiful daughter... 8 year old Jordan. Jordan is active, creative and she’s already following in her mother’s footsteps. Tisa also has another baby...her Maltese...her dog Sweetie. Although Tisa now lives in Atlanta, she calls Wampee, South Carolina, located near North Myrtle Beach; her home. She is still very active in her Wampee community as Tisa has a strong passion for the youth in the area. She loves to mentor plus size young girls, helping them with self esteem and teaching them to love the skin they’re in. Tisa is determined to support the girls and to assist them in fulfilling their dreams. She sees the potential in each and every one of them. Tisa is a committed support for her mother back home and strongly believes in the importance of family. She returns home monthly to help her mother, who is the caregiver for Tisa’s grandmother. Tisa is a plus-size model herself and from growing up in the South, she’s heard the men around her say that women don’t begin to get fine until they’ve reached a size nine. People are really beginning to celebrate curves, not 10


only in the South but across the country... curves are in! This fact is demonstrated by the beautiful and sassy Tisa Edge Glover. Tisa has modeled for J. Cole Designs, Wole LLC, Lyfe Style Plus, Kushions Plus Size, Phat Girl Fresh and Plus Positive Inc. Tisa maintains her well proportioned, curvy, and well rounded figure by faithfully working out daily. She strives to adhere to a healthy diet, but jokes that her “inner self” sometimes conflicts with her “outer self”. However, Tisa does make sure that she drinks plenty of water to keep bloating down and keep her smooth skin glowing. Tisa admits that people can be cruel and she finds herself defending larger models. “Our society is so accustomed to the straight models so they lash out at the larger models. Health concerns are the largest issues, but people fail to realize skinnier individuals can have health risks as well.” Tisa believes in research and this is the advice she gives to anyone pursuing a modeling career. She knows that modeling is a serious business and that one has to be strong to survive. Tisa also believes that you must truly be in love with yourself before you can expect anyone else to be. High confidence is a must in this field, and it has to be combined with dedication and lots of patience. Anything worth having is rarely created overnight. Tisa’s future goals include being recognized around the world

as a plus-size supermodel and she is also very interested in acting. Tisa declares that she is on a mission to make plus-size models more recognized. She wants to make sure young girls, as well as older women; know that bigger is beautiful. Tisa knows this is a great empowerment tool. “We need to embrace our full-figuredness” as Ms. Tisa says... Tisa continues to do promotional modeling for Yolanda Zellous of Star Size Studios and Joyce Larkins of Lashes and Mustaches Cigar Lounge. She has also participated in Albany, Georgia’s fashion week. Lately, Tisa has added more fabulous Red Carpet events to her repertoire. Tisa, we salute you as we salute all of the gorgeous, talented women in the plus-size and full-figured modeling world. Kudos to you on your quest to show the world that curves are definitely in!, active and most of all CLASSY! Brand Manager, McNckee Mack of Diva Day International Agency Acting Booking Agent, Brittany Carter from Angelz Nation Booking

allow me to capture your best you...

Enphocus Photography Jason Byrdsell 678-524-7472



Written by Robyn Hutcherson

SPRING INTO FITNESS Women and Children’s Health Expo

The not for profit organization Classy Living Society, in partnership with Project Love; held the first annual “Spring Into Fitness” Expo on February 28th, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. This spectacular expo was held to benefit the Atlanta Women and Children’s Homeless Shelter. The event which was held at the Kroc Center Salvation Army center located at 967 Dewey St. SW, Atlanta, GA., focused on educating women and children on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. The CLS “Spring into Fitness” event offered a concurrent schedule of interactive fun and educational activities. Guests were able to check their kids into the Fit Fun Room where they learned about staying active, made healthy snacks and did what kids do best… had fun! With the kids all squared away, it was time for heart pumping classes led by professional trainers specializing in Glow in the Dark Zumba, Belly Fit Dancing and Core and Abdominal focused training sessions. For those that needed a delicious snack before or after a workout, flavorful samples were prepared by a personal chef demonstrating healthy recipes that could easily be adapted into even the busiest lifestyle. No appointment was needed to visit the outstanding panel of physicians offering private sessions to answer questions on topics such as heart disease, high blood pressure, infertility and childhood obesity. 12


Inspirational stories of personal fitness journeys were shared by health and fitness experts along with tips for reaching and maintaining individual goals. An array of fitness information and products were available and motivation to adapt a health conscious lifestyle was around every turn. The Classy Living Society “Spring Into Fitness Expo” was not only a fantastic opportunity to be encouraged to get fit and stay fit, but CLS was able to donate over 100 cases of water to the Atlanta Women and Children’s Day Shelter. Thank You to the amazing sponsors for your generosity to help make the Expo a success; Whole Foods, Andretti’s, Planet Fitness, Lucille Roberts Women’s Gym, SkyZone, Womens Premier Fitness and Reproductive Biology Associates. Please get involved with the Atlanta Women and Children’s Day Shelter at:



Community Organization Spotlight

Families First 125 years of connecting, strengthening and sustaining Atlanta’s most vulnerable families. Families first believes that we have the awesome responsibility to be a beacon of light to the community in which we live. They exist to create thriving, self-sufficient families that will in turn, create communities across the state of Georgia that share a collective commitment and responsibility to the success of its children. Through the generous support and partnership of numerous public sector and foundation partners, individuals as well as corporations, Families First is able to provide services such as family and individual counseling, parenting classes, lowinterest car loans and housing for families in need of shelter. Families First was founded in 1890 by two determined women who saw the need of helping orphaned girls in the state of Georgia. Due to the amounts of poverty across the US at that time, orphans were at an all time high, as families traveled to find work; leaving their children behind. Today, that orphanage has turned into a family-service agency that helps more than 40,000 women, children and families annually across metro-Atlanta area. Over the past 124 years, we’ve grown but also learned that we cannot stay the same. Needs have changed. Family dynamics are different. Children are forced to grow up faster today than ever before. At Families First, we are constantly adjusting to the needs of our community, leveraging donations more efficiently, and working toward long-term, family sustainability. Get Involved at 14


THE CLASSY LIVING SOCIETY NEEDS YOUR HELP. As we work diligently to make a difference in the lives of others within the Atlanta, Georgia area, we are asking to find it in your hearts to donate to the movement. CLS’s continues to push forward in an effort to help those within our communities which are less fortunate and are in need of a helping hand. Your donations will allow for our “Foot Soldiers” to give back to others who otherwise would be neglected. By partnering with CLS and making a donation, you are taking a stand and helping to make a difference! Go ahead... make a difference today and let your actions speak volumes and please remember that no donation is too small.

Donate Now



Benefits of Investing in You

Written by Avis Pitts

Wellness is a concept that includes taking responsibility for your health, creating a full and balanced lifestyle, and being the best person you can be. It is important to be mindful of the choices you make for your personal health and wellbeing. Nothing is more important than taking care of you. Set aside time every day for YOU-be active, enjoy hobbies and share time with your family and friends. • Strive for balance in both your personal and professional life. • Make time for important relationships in your life. • Ask for help whenever you need support from others. • Find ways to relieve stress, like physical activity and relaxation techniques. • Be open-minded to try something new,

What Makes a Woman Beautiful?

“Her spirit, wisdom, and overall relationship with God. His light will shine through her!!!” - Dorita Wyatt 16


like a hobby or activity. • Talk to your family doctor, who can provide resources and advice when you need it. • Keep in mind that any lifestyle change is a “work -in- progress” and lasting changes take time. • Set small goals that are easy to add to your daily life and that YOU can take charge of. Wellness and fitness involve being aware and making choices like being active, eating healthy and improving your emotional well being. This is the most important investment you can make in your life. Strive for the best health you can have in all areas of your life by making mindful, healthy choices. Ladies...these tips will help you achieve and maintain a Classy lifestyle!

CLASSY LIVING SOCIETY CELEBRATES 100 MEMBERS An Afternoon of Elegance and Style... Written by Avis Pitts DES7GNMGZ


What do you get when you combine one hundred plus Classy Ladies, fabulous food, amazing fun and fellowship, loads of inspiration, and champagne? You get CLS’s One Hundred Member Winter White Champagne Brunch. On February 22, 2015, CLS celebrated a monumental milestone…over one hundred members strong and still counting. CLS sisters spent the afternoon at Mi Cocina – Midtown Atlanta listening to spectacular speakers, learning what it means to truly give of oneself, and reflecting on past, present and future opportunities. Our keynote speaker, Jennifer Keitt; helped us to remember that CLS is on the right track and that our journey is not in vain. We were reminded of our purpose and our calling to give back to the community. And yes…CLS members are cheerful givers who try to support those in need of a helping hand. Our speaker spoke to CLS’s mission of being foot soldiers that serve the needs of the community and provide a platform for women to give back, mentor and care for those who might be otherwise overlooked and neglected. We were also told to remember that it’s okay to take time out for ourselves so that we’ll be better servants to others. Achieving a balance in our lives helps us help others with achieving a balance in their lives. Balance plus achievement equals the ability to transform lives through civic engagement, one community at a time.

What Makes a Woman Beautiful?

I love when a woman who is confident in herself, encouraging to others, spiritually uplifted and with a heart of gold. With all these qualities along with others, it automatically comes with a warm beautiful smile.” - Melissa Harris 18


What Makes a Woman Beautiful?

“A woman’s beauty is not determined by her physical being. Its all about her internal spirit. You can be the most gorgeous woman on the outside (based off of what society considers beautiful) but have the most mean spirit. I think what makes a woman beautiful is her spirit. That’s something that will never fade.” - Natasha Glanton DES7GNMGZ CLASSY CHRONICLES


Aliepson provided us with “spoken words” that gave a boost to our efforts and motivated us to keep our bonds of sisterhood intact. Through carefully chosen rhyme and rhythm, Aliepson wowed us with her sensitivity and spirit. Heartfelt inspiration came from our own Monifa Johnson. She shared her strength and courage and let us know that we are all stronger than we think we are. That in spite of the odds against us…when adversity reaches us, we can face it and we can overcome. Through her illness, Monifa grew stronger, wiser and bolder in her walk. We can all learn from her journey. We were told that we have strength in our numbers and our numbers speak for themselves. CLS continues to take volunteerism to a whole new level! We were and continue to be committed and empowered…we are CLS!!...a nonprofit organization that is answering the call to service.



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Classy Living Society... Upcoming Events

Who, What, Why What is CLS? The Classy Living Society is a memberbased nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading our call to service through civic engagement by transforming lives one community at a time.

Who can join CLS? CLS is a women’s only, member-based organization. We invite all women 21 years or older with a positive attitude and a passion for service to join CLS and become a part of something bigger than yourself!

What are CLS’ official priorities? Our goal is to become innovators in volunteerism as we strive to make a positive, lasting impact on those we serve with our time, talents and compassion. CLS seeks to become the premiere social club that serves the needs of our community as foot soldiers for nonprofit and community-based organizations. We are committed to providing a positive sisterhood bonding environment for women to give back, mentor our youth, and care for those who might otherwise be overlooked and neglected. Members are required to complete 24 hours of community outreach efforts within a 12 month calendar year.

How can I contact CLS? Mailing Address: 5990 Parkway North Blvd., Cumming, GA 30040 Phone Number: 404-348-4500 E-mail Address: Web Address:

cause and want to volunteer • would appreciate discounts on a range of products and services offered exclusively by CLS vendors • enjoy “celebrating the cause” of making a difference

What are the benefits of joining CLS? • Promoting healthy lifestyles and behaviors through wellness activities • Showcase FAB events, such as the Red Dress Gala, to raise awareness • Training and supporting women to become more service oriented in their communities • Personal and professional development through seminars and workshops • Mentoring and educational support to our youth • Lasting friendships • Celebrating the cause at our over the top, EXCLUSIVE member only events • Stepping out of your comfort zone like learning how to play golf, traveling to new destinations and starting your own business • Networking with like minded professionals • Vendor discounts (10%-20%)

National Volunteer Week April 2015

Savannah Bus Day Trip June 2015

Classy Living Society One Year Anniversary Celebration July 2015

Guns & Glam (Member Only) August 2015

Private Member Only Plus Guest Event September 2015

CLS Pop Up Shop October 2015

Red Dress Gala November 2015


Why should I join CLS? You should join CLS if you are… • a woman passionate about giving back and being of service to your community • open to meeting new people and networking with like-minded women to create lasting sisterhood bonding experiences • committed to being a “foot soldier” for a 22


Join Now

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