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WELCOME TO THE LOVE ISSUE If asked, how would you define the word LOVE? Would you “google” it? Would you gaze at the sky and think of your relationships for the answer? Would you search your heart for the clues? Or would you rely on the spiritual definition of your Creator? It could be that all of these answers are correct, and more. Imagine how the world would be if everyone examined their response to the question “What is Love?” and applied to each and every relationship or meeting they encountered? If you think about it, there are many types of love relationships – romantic love, love for your children, spousal love, love for mom and dad, sibling love, friend love, love for animals and nature and the much sought-after self-love….. the list goes on and on. One could say that love is an action word and our actions are closely tied to the value we place on a person or thing to bring it or them closer to us.

Viewing love another way, in her book A Return to Love, author Marianne Williamson says that “only love is real.” The premise is that love is a divine creation and cannot be threatened nor destroyed. She further surmises that fear is manmade and can therefore be conquered by love because love is the only thing that is eternally real. Is love complicated? Can the definition of LOVE be simplified? What do you think? We’d like to hear it – email us your definition of love: Credit: Williamson, M. (1993) A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles. HarperCollins Publishers.

- Janine Lattimore





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How to Reclaim your Cinderella Slipper

Simplifying Self-Love

“You deserve the kind of love that makes you feel like the luckiest person alive, that people envy and admire, that makes you love yourself…..” This is quite the popular phrase – and each of us, knowingly or unknowingly, at one point or another, strive to attain this type of love. We live in a world where the images on television and in magazines slowly chisel away at our confidence, esteem and self-image. These subliminal messages are more subtle than you realize – and somehow you are left wondering when you lost your self-assurance, or when you began thinking you are not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, educated enough and so on. Suddenly, it appears you’ve been deleted from your own dreams….you are no longer the one receiving Cinderella’s slipper and living “happily ever after” at the end of the story. You’ve become discouraged and unmotivated; and have begun to live a life of failure, sadness and disappointment. How do you reclaim your Cinderella slipper? Where do you begin loving yourself again? Well, listen my Sisters….it all begins with YOU. Yes, that’s right, just like in any other love relationship, you play an important part; the path to self-love begins with you. You may be saying to yourself, well duhhh, of course it begins with me! Self=me, me=self! Stated this way makes it all seem so elementary, right? Well, guess what! It is!!! WE are the ones who are making it complicated!! Begin with getting out of your own way! Be honest with yourself; only you can save you. Stop looking for others to save you! Learn who you are! Incorporate YOURSELF into your schedule -- just as you schedule time with loved ones and friends or colleagues, carve out time for your enjoyment and self-improvement. Do an abundance of things that you are good at. Schedule a regular block of time to exercise, take in a movie, treat yourself to a fine dinner, a manicure/pedicure or massage, travel, etc. Incorporate a daily regimen of self-love -- it is imperative that you do this for yourself. Negativity kills….you must build a tall wall of confidence to keep the negative thoughts out of your head. Negative self-talk, thoughts and defeatist attitudes have no place when your plan is to love yourself! Self-love means not being afraid to be you. Rid yourself of old things, outdated ways of thinking, relationships that don’t work, ANYTHING that’s not working -- and make room for new things to come into your life. At times we hold onto people and situations because we are waiting for them to return to the good way they used to be. But if it is not working NOW…..let it go, and free your hands for the new great things that await you. Above all remember there is only one of you. Don’t waste time envying the lives or successes of others…your own wealth of victories and greatness lie in store waiting just for you! You are super unique in your own shoes, so become comfortable with how they feel. Yes, slide your feet back into your Cinderella slipper….only YOU can do that. You will find that when you do….they will fit just fine.... n LaShanda Pitts






irlfriends have the luxury and privilege to boast about a relationship with one another that is genuinely unique to every other relationship in the world – they will and can do for one another like no one else can. Girlfriends cry with each other on sad occasions or rejoice and pop open the champagne when it’s a call for celebration. They highfive your new shoe purchase or hairstyle and help you pick out an outfit for a first date. They show up at your door with a box of tissues, and a bottle of wine (maybe two) and two glasses after a break-up. The sisterhood of girlfriends is quite the special love relationship, indeed. Having a best friend is simply one of the best life relationships you will ever



TWO PEAS IN A POD Sisterhood for a Lifetime – Veronica and Teresa have. As my aunt advised me many years ago -- as things change and evolve, and people come and go, you should never let go of your good girlfriends. Think of the famous and fictional girlfriend teams you know about: Thelma and Louise, Oprah and Gayle, Betty and Wilma, Lucy and Ethel, Laverne and Shirley…..and now let me tell you about Veronica and Teresa…… Veronica Simon and Teresa Fulton met in daycare nearly 40 years ago when they were a mere three years old. They

were born one month and one day apart. Veronica and Teresa grew up in the rural towns of Hemingway and Kingstree in South Carolina. Veronica’s mother called them “two peas in a pod” and rightfully so; they were cut from the same cloth, having had similar rearing and background. According to Teresa, though, their personalities were a bit different -- Veronica pretended to be the quiet one, and she was the one who was loud and jovial. Nevertheless, from the first time they met, the girls had an inseparable bond.

After daycare, the two friends attended elementary, middle and high school together. They participated in many of the same activities and some of the same classes. It was common knowledge that the “two peas” were the best of friends and as close as close could ever be! After high school, life took a turn and they parted ways to attend college. Teresa went to Claflin College in Orangeburg, South Carolina and

never to speak again. However, the test of time and love for one another conquered all and yet they press on. In the summer of 1994, Teresa was Veronica’s solid rock when she lost her fiancé in a motorcycle accident. Their engagement was yet to be officially announced because he was in the process of purchasing the engagement ring, yet they had already begun pre-planning the wedding. Veronica found out her fiancé had already purchased a

sisterly love. They have experienced every facet and nuance of one another, yet they continue to nurture and enjoy mutual acceptance. As Veronica stated, “The friendship/ sisterhood like we have can’t be bought, it can only be developed.” Presently, Teresa is enjoying retirement from a career in law enforcement and is engaged to married. Veronica has been married for 20 years, is the mother of four children and works as an IT

“You have been my friend,” replied Charlotte. “That in itself is a tremendous thing.” – E.B. White Veronica went off to Columbia College in Columbia, South Carolina. Although at this point they were having very different life experiences, they stayed in close contact with one another. As the years passed, they shared in many of life’s ups and downs – break-ups, family matters, deaths, celebrations, etc. Many times, because of distance of miles, they could not be present for each other’s events, but a life’s bond ensured they never missed a beat. If they lost contact with one another for six months or sometimes longer, when they finally caught up, they were able to easily pick back up where they left off. Like any friendship, they’ve even had their quarrels, and according to Teresa, it was usually about something Veronica did! In anger or frustration, they would vow

ring after he passed away. It was a devastating loss for Veronica, and although Teresa could not attend the funeral service, she was there for Veronica every step of the way in the grieving process. Just recently, Teresa again demonstrated her true friendship during yet another loss when Veronica’s father passed away at the beginning of this year. She made the drive from Myrtle Beach on the day of service to be there for Veronica and her family - as always! No matter the storms of life, physical presence is preferred, yet is not a requirement -because their connection keeps them strong! Hearing their story, it is truly evident that Veronica and Teresa have shared the very essence of themselves with each other over their 40-year friendship and formed a bond of

Program Consultant. She is also an international certified life coach, a non-profit founder for a moms’ organization, a Pastor’s wife and an aspiring licensed counselor. She is currently in grad school working toward her second Master’s Degree. Despite where they are today, Veronica and Teresa believe when they reach the winter of their lives, they will probably reside in the same senior/retirement home – and they will keep on keeping on together – just as they began. n Janine Lattimore

“I love me some her” – Veronica Simon “I love her sooo very much. She is my friend, my confidante, my sister” – Teresa Fulton





You know ladies; we have several struggles in life and “just being a Lady” is our biggest struggle! We make sure our families are taken care of, our careers are in order, our appearance is on point, and we stay spiritually connected - just so we don’t choke anyone, and/or lose our sanity! However, the one thing that stands out for us women most is L-O-V-E…Love! We love to love, and want to be loved -Can I get an Amen? No, can I get A…Man! (LOL!). Living in Atlanta with the notoriously reported “woman-to-man ratio,” is a struggle by itself. When I go into Lenox Mall, and ask myself, “Now how can he get a man, and I can’t get a man?” The single struggle is real, and it is upon us like white on rice. I have not been in a “serious relationship” since 2007. I’ve run the gamut of emotions – from angry, bored and complacent to not even caring if I meet someone or not. Why is it so difficult to find that person to love, who will love you back just as much or more? Because he doesn’t exist! No, not true…I believe everything happens in time. I’d prefer not to run out of time waiting for my true love to come into my life. Now earlier, I mentioned the phrase “serious relationship,” “What does that mean Lady Q?” I’m glad you asked! Now ladies, you know from the first moment you meet that “clown”, how much of your time you are going to “waste” on him…maybe about 3 days! Unless we become really lonely, at which time we are inclined to accept little flaws like…”he’s not that bad looking (I just won’t kiss him…a lot)”; or “he doesn’t lie ALL the time, (just on the weekends)”, or “I don’t mind picking him up (he’ll get a car with his income tax refund).” We have all visited Pity Party USA at some point in 10


our lives, where we “settle”…STOP!!! DON’T DO IT!!!!! HELP IS ON THE WAY! I don’t know where your help is coming from, it just sounded good for this moment!! I am a hopeless romantic and I pray for my future husband, and ask God to make me a wife that is pleasing in His eyesight. Then I pray for 6 feet 7 inches, with a strong back, wide shoulders, and a loving heart for God, and for me! Over the years, I’ve learned to be specific in my prayers, because I used to just pray for “A Man” – Chile -you should’ve seen what was coming my way -- I don’t have enough internet space to describe the foolishness I dealt with. I would always tell people, “I can’t fully articulate what I want in a man; however, I know what I don’t want!” So when a man says, “Hey Mi Laydee, lemme holla at ya!”…he’s not it!!! As a hopeless romantic, I honestly believe there are still some good men out there -- more good than bad -- we just have to wait for them to be paroled…just kidding!   Ladies, don’t lose hope and don’t become bitter and angry. Stay sweet, remain patient, and keep your joy! God is Love, and He only wants the best for His daughters, so stay prayerful, because He will supply all of our needs! I am Comedian Lady Q! Laughter is Healing…My Purpose My Passion! LaQuitcha L. Washington

Comedian Lady Q - Email Lady Q Laughter – Facebook LADYQLAUGHTER – Instagram @LaughterQ – Twitter LadyQLaughter – LinkedIn

Keeping Georgia


ith eyes toward spring, many of us have already begun perusing our households and making mental checklists of cleaning, organizing and maintenance duties. One of those organizational duties may include shredding documents: old financial documents, junk mail, receipts and the like. offers “10 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Finances” to aid in determining what documents to keep and what documents to dispose of: http://www.dailyfinance. com/2015/04/16/spring-cleaning-your-finances/. With the prevalence of identity theft looming over our heads, it has become necessary to shred documents as opposed to simply tossing them in the trash. But what if you have an over-abundance of documents that require shredding? You can’t possibly afford the amount of time it takes to shred each of these documents one by one using a homebased portable shredder! Moreover, what about all of the “junk” you’ve accumulated over the year(s) -newspapers and magazines, plastic containers, yard trimmings and refuse, old paint cans and “e-waste,” i.e. old computer monitors, routers, printers, fax machines? Trash collection companies will not collect some of these items, especially if they are hazardous. Never fear….Georgia counties come to the rescue with various shredding and recycling accommodations. Most counties, cities, towns, etc. have “keeping it beautiful” initiatives so continue checking their websites for free shredding/disposal events throughout the spring season. Using a little internet research and planning in your locale, the benefit of these services is at your fingertips to maintain your own “keeping it beautiful” initiative at your humble abode or office. Happy cleaning!




General listing of links to Georgia metro county “keeping it beautiful” websites as well as available information regarding recycle/shredding centers and designated community recycling and shredding events: Fulton (North): DeKalb: Gwinnett: Cobb (Marietta): Clayton (Forest Park):!why_ choose_us/cfvg Coweta (Newnan): Douglas (Douglasville): aspx?NID=369 Fayette (Peachtree City): Henry:



THE MONTH IN REVIEW The New Year began with CLS sisters ready to make a difference! January began with an MLK Day of Service, with CLS supporting Rock of Ages Lutheran Church to work on the Rice for Refugees effort. Volunteers donated five-pound bags of rice, and helped to re-package the rice into smaller usable packages to be given to refugee families in the Atlanta area. Across town at the Covenant House (CHGA), more CLS members partnered with the organization’s Georgia AmeriCorps team members to continue the MLK Day of Service. CHGA is the state’s only homeless shelter serving both males and females ages 18 to 21. CLS volunteers assisted in cleaning the grounds of CHGA, as well as deep cleaning of the shelter and facility’s donation room, yoga room, sheds and storage spaces.



January ended with CLS members bearing the brunt of the cold to support one of our long-time partners, the Atlanta Children’s Shelter. Promotional volunteers assisted in handing out flyers to the runners of the Polar Bear Run for the upcoming ACS 5 to Thrive 5K Run/Walk on one of the coldest days of the month. CLS kicked off traditional volunteer opportunities in February by providing race-day assistance to the Atlanta Track Club with their Hearts and Sole 5K. An individual volunteer effort was coupled with a unique shopping experience in continued support of the Atlanta Children’s

Shelter. Members attended a Shop for a Cause event at Denim & Soul in Buckhead to be professionally fitted for a perfect pair of jeans while sipping wine and enjoying hors d’oeuvres. February was a month of firsts. CLS formed a new partnership with Project Open Hand, an organization that provides meals to those that cannot afford proper nutrition, are too sick to prepare their own meals, and thousands of others throughout the Atlanta area that are at risk for chronic disease simply because of their diets. CLS was proud to help package meals at the Project Open Hand facility, and we look forward to the many opportunities this partnership brings. DES7GNMGZ CLASSY CHRONICLES


Throughout the month of February, CLS embarked on its first virtual volunteer opportunity by using our social media presence to support the awareness of Teen Dating Violence. By posting videos, statistics, and messages consistent with Jennifer Ann’s Group, and directing traffic toward help and resources for those in need, the impact CLS made is immeasurable. n Alia Thompson



he American Heart Association strives to improve the lives of all Americans, to build healthier lives, free of heart disease and stroke. Since their founding in 1924, the organization has grown to more than 22.5 million volunteers and supporters. Through research, healthcare professional education, leading the nation in CPR education training, and informing the public on the importance of healthy lifestyles, the American Heart Association has proven itself a champion of public health. Heart disease and stroke rank as the top two killers in the world; AHA wants everyone to understand the threat, and to know that these life-changing events are highly preventable. The American Heart Association aims to protect and improve the health of all of our communities. The goal of AHA is to improve heart health of all Americans by 20% by the year 2020, and to reduce the deaths from heart disease and stroke by 20% within that timeframe. Today, AHA is active across all states in America, and is supported by nearly 150 local offices. Visit their website at n Alia Thompson



American Heart Assocation








hether we are mothers or not, as women, we are complexly designed beings who are instilled with an extremely loving heart and nature. Unlike men, who are wired quite differently, women were designed with a sensitive nature and equipped with the ability to nurture. By divine intention, these qualities are instilled so that a woman is, not only adequately equipped to play her role as mother to her children, but to look after whomever she has been charged to take care of – be it husband, aging parent, friend, or extended family member in need of care. Nonetheless, over and above any other, a woman’s mother love resides in a distinctive class by itself. In her book entitled, “The Power of Mother Love,” author Brenda Hunter offers this about a mother’s love: “Ah, the power of mother love. How it stretches and swells across generations, uniting mother and child, fleshing out the expectant mother’s identity and femininity, shaping the personality and life of her child, and changing society in ways our culture has chosen to ignore. Mother love is ultimately a love song, a sirens call, luring women to new ways of being…to sacrifice and being turned inside out…to fulfillment.” A mother’s love is the fiercest love, a love that is largely unconditional. At the moment a woman becomes a mother and gazes upon a newborn face, she may realize that a mother’s love is very much unlike any other love. It is amazing to be favored with an opportunity to experience a brand new type of love – after having already experienced family, friendship, or romantic love, for example. The

“A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity. It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.” ~ Agatha Christie discovery that a mother’s love is quite different, fresh and new almost literally opens up new chambers of a woman’s heart. With it comes a sense of primal and intense protection, a new intimate bond, an accelerated need and desire to nurture, and a sharpened new maternal and sacrificial instinct. It is such that, at times there is an overwhelming desire to place him or her back in the womb, where he or she will be safe and warm and where no harm will come to them. Mother love is a “strange” feeling that is difficult to describe with a sweetness that resonates throughout a woman’s heart. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that God has bestowed the privilege upon a woman to bring life into the world, as it is a great responsibility to be chosen as one of the mothers of generations to come. Or maybe it is because, for nine months, mothers are intricately connected to a small being, acting as their life force, responsible for their sustenance as they grow inside and burst forth into the world at that unforgettable moment of birth. Whether it is one or all of these or other reasons, mother love is unlike any other love experience and is one of the most treasured emotions of a woman’s life. n Janine Lattimore Credit: Hunter, B. (1999). The Power of Mother Love: Strengthening the Bond Between You and Your Child. WaterBrook P




When you first meet Tarrah…you see a tireless, relentless volunteer warrior who focuses on giving back to the community and making a positive impact. As you get to know her better, you get a glimpse of the real Tarrah…a tireless, relentless volunteer warrior who focuses on giving back to the community and making a positive impact. No…this is not a duplicative 18


statement! When it comes to this faithful crusader, Tarrah is the real deal! Tarrah takes pride in being a fast-paced, plugged-in, energetic foot soldier. But she also believes in slowing down, listening and in giving life a chance to mold and shape her. Tarrah was born in Cleveland, Ohio and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Tarrah

is her mother’s only child, but she is one of four of her father’s children and happens to be his oldest daughter. She has two sisters and an older brother on her father’s side of the family. Tarrah feels incredibly blessed and extremely grateful to have her big brother and a sister living in Atlanta and she treasures the opportunities that they have to share in each other’s


daily lives now that they are adults. As teenagers, Tarrah and her siblings only had the opportunity to visit each other a handful of times each year, however Tarrah feels that this is a true testament to her parents’ rearing. They made sure that the sibling bond was strong between them as children, and now Tarrah knows that collectively, they are closer than ever. For Tarrah, the past five years have been a lesson in growth: maturing as a woman, learning to be a more obedient servant of the Creator, and practicing to be a better daughter, sister and friend. She feels blessed to know that in her service to the community, she is honoring God’s call on her life. “If we are fortunate… with age we become wiser and have the opportunity to fully appreciate the importance of family; especially when there is a chance to nurture and grow relationships that have become distant or separated by circumstances often outside of our control”. Tarrah is thankful to her parents now more than ever, and to her siblings…she is grateful that they love her simply because as Tarrah puts it… “I Am”.

Tarrah…you have a very demanding schedule. How do you balance it all? Everyone is busy these days and we live in a society where we are conditioned to live by those “do more with less” type mottos that promote time as a valuable and much sought after commodity. That’s why we are often forced to think about how to balance it all. I say forget that notion because the concept of balance is overrated in my opinion. What I’ve found paramount to creating your best life is authentic living – not as a construct, but as a lifesaver. When we have passions outside of our 9 to 5 gig and welcome spending a few hours each day engaging in that space where we obtain true joy, we don’t miss the fact that we aren’t getting eight hours of sleep each night and we feel confident that the five hours we do get are sound and restful. My belief is that when you spend time each day doing something you love and focus on being the person you believe the Creator intended you to be, you won’t desire balance as much as you will feel blessed and grateful for the life you made.

CLS involves providing our members a plethora of opportunities and ways to give back and participate in social entrepreneurship, which is an awesome and rewarding task. As P.A.U.S.E partners with CLS, we plan to create, grow and sustain even more of those relationships! Stay tuned!eal, curled up w So the word on the street is that you are a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen. What are some of your favorite dishes? I really don’t have a favorite dish to cook because I try to mix it up a lot. I love to eat and I take pleasure in putting a slightly different spin on the southern classics I grew up watching my grandmother, mom and aunts prepare. I give these meals a healthy twist without sacrificing any of the flavor or comforts these foods are known for. I also enjoy watching all the cooking shows and especially like dissecting international cuisines in ways that I’m able to prepare and recreate to my family’s liking. Lately, I am learning to dabble in crafting herb-infused olive oils and making homemade ice cream varieties.

Speaking of family…as Black History Month comes to a close and another birthday draws near for Tarrah, she’s decided to trace her roots beyond the familiar third and fourth generations because she’s always been curious. “The yearning to know from whence I come as an American black woman of African ancestry, definitely is one for which I am excited to embark.” As a gift to herself…this year Tarrah is tracing her DNA to discover her roots to her specific present-day African country of origin. So…let the lessons continue and the journey begin! Tarrah wants to know “who’s down for a trip to the Motherland?” With passport in hand, she’s ready to meet her DNA cousins wherever the results may lead. Tarrah is definitely continuing the conversation…

What is your latest role with CLS and what sparked your interest in this new venture? I am excited to embark on a new area where I am most impassioned and feel best suits my desire to reach back and pull forward young girls that need support and mentoring as they grow into young adults. To that end, we are working to create an addition to the CLS family…P.A.U.S.E. (Preparing All yoUth Striving for Excellence). P.A.U.S.E. grew out of the need to do more in the community and specifically to work closely with young girls and teens to educate, uplift, inspire, and to create opportunities. P.A.U.S.E. strives to mold little girls into young women, and transform their outlook on life to one without limits and one filled with promise and purpose! So much of what we try to accomplish via

Now that you know a little more about this motivating visionary…here are some things we bit you didn’t know but probably wanted to ask… by Avis Pitts




I have probably read this book 10 times in the last 20+ years and it never gets old. Each time, I discover something new about the people who live in the Bottom, a black neighborhood on top of a hill in Ohio.

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Favorite Things

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Reflecting on Tarrah’s journey… one can see that she has distinct gifts and talents that truly set her apart. This forward thinking classy lady still has more spectacular roads to travel and venturesome stories to tell!

AWE-INSPIRING SITE – CHRIST THE REDEEMER STATUE (RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL). Standing under this remarkable 98-foot masterpiece was truly a humbling experience where I felt the awesomeness and greatness of God.

LINGERIE – SUGARLIPS SEAMLESS CAMISOLES AND TANKS. the best for wearing under clothing in winter and perfectly suitable to wear with a blazer or on their own. Love these! https://www.sugarlips. com/



Love Song T H E




During the week of the recent Valentine’s Day holiday, the classy ladies of CLS were polled with the question “What is your favorite love song?” Here are their favorites: “Through the Years” ~ Kenny Rogers “Nothing Has Ever Felt Like This” ~ Rachelle Ferrell “Through the Fire” ~ Chaka Khan “Sweet Love” ~ Anita Baker “Promise Me” ~ Luther Vandross “If Only You Knew” ~ Patti LaBell “Spend My Life With You” ~ Eric Benet feat. Tamia “The Closer I Get to You” ~ Beyonce and Luther Vandross “Ribbon in the Sky” ~ Stevie Wonder “No One in the World” ~ Anita Baker “When I’m With You” ~ Tony Terry “I Can’t Stop Loving You” ~ Kem “Promise to Love” ~ Kem “Have You Ever” ~ Brandy “Best of Me” ~ Anthony Hamilton “A Couple of Forevers” ~ Chrisette Michele “The Fire We Make” ~ Alicia Keys and Maxwell “Forever My Lady” ~ Jodeci “Love Ballad” ~ Jeffrey Osborne & L.T.D. “Sweet Lady” ~ Tyrese “It Seems Like You’re Ready” ~ R. Kelly “Nobody” ~ Keith Sweat “The Point of It All” ~ Anthony Hamilton “All of Me” ~ John Legend “Sho’Nuff Must Be Love” ~ Heatwave “Thinking Out Loud” ~ Ed Sheeran “Love and War” ~ Tamar Braxton And there you have it -– the CLS Love Song playlist! What’s your favorite Love Song? Email us at! 22


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