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MOTIVATIONAL CORNER Staying Motivated in the New Year



Keeping Your Children on their Feet!



A U.S. Water Crisis






Sweet Recovery... Sweet Success Franchelle Jackson’s Story



Meet Jason Byrdsell, Owner of EnPhocus Photography



True Passion Has No Limits, Ask LaShanda Pitts





a Note from the editor-at-large It's a Celebration!! In getting acquainted with Classy Living Society’s founder, Mrs. LaShanda Pitts, I learned that she grew up in a home where giving back to those less fortunate was very important. Christmas was a time that her family provided the “hand up” to those in need and birthdays were a time to commemorate as holidays - with personal gifts and festivities galore! Little did she know at the time, this family practice of philanthropy became an integral part of creating the organization that is Classy Living Society. Yet, also for her, it began a lifetime of annual celebration, fun and frivolity at each birthday. Because of that, with this edition, we are proudly, enthusiastically and excitedly celebrating the birthday of Classy Living Society’s founder, Mrs. Lashanda Pitts. Classy Chronicles encouraged her to get “glammed” and indulge herself in a photoshoot with esteemed photographer and owner of EnPhocus Photography, Jason Byrdsell (meet Jason later in this edition). We are also sure our readers have been wondering “Who IS Lashanda Pitts?” In this issue, we also have the highest honor of introducing Mrs. Pitts to you in our Member Spotlight. Please join us in the celebration of her birthday in this special celebration issue.

Janine Latimore



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Jason Byrdsell

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STAYING MOTIVATED In the New Year! Most of us use the start of the New Year as a renewed opportunity and a jump-start to get it right! But we all know that making life changes can be somewhat of a challenge, which is why it is most important to set realistic and achievable goals; then move towards them in small steps. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day! Take those small steps daily to incorporate the desired changes. If you don’t succeed, dust yourself off, and try again. Accept it as a minor setback instead of failure. It is never easy to integrate major changes into your life. Staying focused on what you truly want to achieve is important. Keep track of how close you are to them. A journal or memoir is a great way to reflect. Don’t be afraid to congratulate or reward yourself from time to time. You deserve it! Commit to staying motivated (even 6-months later!) Commit to staying focused (even with all of the distractions around you!) Most importantly, stay ready to receive the results! Take the time to reflect on your past, and use them as milestones to move forward. Whatever you commit yourself to, whether you have decided to rid your life of negativity and drama, or weight loss, getting healthy, or simply changing the paint on your walls at home -- be committed! Stay motivated! Above all BE ENCOURAGED and never lose focus! It is a wonderful feeling when you achieve your goals, no matter what they are. They belong only to YOU! What God has for you, is for you! And remember… “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step.” ~ Chinese Philosopher, Lao Tzu



n Yvette D. Chambers

Happy birthday beautiful!

Happy Birthday Angel!

Celebrate Life Day!!!

Happy Birthday Queen DIVA.!

Happy birthday to a dynamic woman!

Happy birthday classy diva!!! Love,

A friend like you is rare to find. Because you are to go to be true, being in your company I feel so special, It feels so new. Happy birthday to you Lashanda.

Sending many birthday blessings!

Happy Birthday Classy Caring Lady LaShanda

This is YOUR day! HBD!!!!

LaShanda, Happy Day of Birth, Classy Lady. Wishing you many more!

– Sommer Foreman

– Zetta Steele

– Bettye Burney

On this day God blessed you to be a blessing to others! HAPPY BIRTHDAY

- Gwendolyn Shelton-Gaskins

Happy Birthday Fabulous Lady!! - Aurora Suggs

Happy Birthday Classy Lady

– April Russell

Happy Birthday Lashanda, You’re as strong as the wind and soft as a feather... -Summer Blackwell

– Neri Gaulden

– April Rembert

– Dea

- Diane McKinney

– Rory Douthard

-Lavonne Fitzgerald Chrystal Ford

- Ardra T. Caldwell

Have anAwesome, Fabulous and Amazing Birthday! – -MichelleRoberts ~ Sheree Wilkerson

Happy Birthday Classy Lady!

– Sommer Foreman

Happy birthday Madam President!

-Brandi Rolston








s the mother of a soon-to-be 14 year old boy, I discovered that just when I thought I had figured out how to be a parent, he became a teen and threw my freshly self-written manual right out of the window. All of a sudden, it seemed that overnight I went from popping a Barney DVD into the DVD player to having discussions about how to prepare himself for high school and beyond. Through the years, though, I’ve discovered that keeping him motivated and on his toes is a major challenge to master. Although the strategies I’ve come up with may not work for every child (and to be honest, it doesn’t always work for mine either), and may have to tweaked as your child grows older, some of the core and basic principles will always apply.


When I was younger, my brother and I were assigned chores to perform on Saturdays by our mother. I remember one

of my chores was to clean the bathroom; and my brother had to sweep and mop the kitchen floor. My mother never reminded us about our chores and never pressured us to have them completed by a certain time. We knew they were to be done on Saturday morning. Inevitably, my brother would watch TV, and dilly-dally around for as long as he could before he would do his chores. Also, inevitably, his friends would knock on our door and ask for my brother to go somewhere or go outside to play. When he’s ask my mother if he could go out, she would remind him that he didn’t do his chores and they had to be done before he left the house or engaged in any other activities. Making us responsible for our chores on our own taught us responsibility and holding over our heads that we’d never have a social life if we didn’t complete them was our motivation. These are the first of two very important tips on keeping your children on their toes.

Make them responsible for their own stuff! Assign a list of age-friendly chores or odd jobs, a time frame to have them complete, and a standard by which the chore should be completed, i.e. if the assigned chore is dusting, then, by George, it better pass the proverbial white-glove test! Just think -- if they’re performing all the chores around the house, that frees YOU up to kick back after a long day. Now, doesn’t that give you motivation to motivate them?




Hold their social lives, technology, allowance, etc. hostage if they don’t follow through.

Assign the list and let them complete it without pressure from you. If and when they do not complete the job on time, or to the standards you have set, then it is time to impose the gameending interception - and cut off those things they hold most dear -- “until further notice.” That phrase always gets them because that sounds like an eternity.


Get Dad to handle it.


His testosterone-filled deep voice and manly demeanor will spark motivation in a heartbeat. ‘Nuff said.

Set a routine for everything!


Children balk at routines, but they thrive on them nonetheless. Routines beget discipline and organization and plants the seed for them to become productive and responsible adults. Look at the time! Is it 8pm on a school night? It’s time to brush your teeth and assemble your clothing, books, etc. for tomorrow….

Give them freedom for creative expression.


Dad? Mom? Just because you didn’t make the basketball team doesn’t mean it’s now a requirement for Little Johnny or Mary to live out your dream of playing basketball. Allowing them freedom to choose in developing their talents and interests gets the ball rolling in discovering what they aspire to be later in life. Talk to them about their dreams often -- and don’t be alarmed if they say they want to be a paleontologist (true story!). The key is keeping the lines of communication open and gives you the opportunity to guide them with a nudge this way or that. It also keeps them happy and motivated to know they have this freedom. Because this is probably the only freedom they have.

Don’t be a Helicopter Parent. If they are capable of figuring out how to play video games, teach YOU how to operate YOUR Smartphone and translate (and memorize) what the rappers are saying on those ridiculous so-called “hip hop” songs of today -then they should have no trouble figuring out how to do their own laundry.

Teach them once (maybe twice, if necessary), then let them handle it on their own.

To be clear, I’ve never majored in Child Psychology, nor am I an expert on children. These tips were derived through the School of Hard Knocks for Parents and Mommy 101. Nor is this a catchall list to initiative enthusiasm. But rest assured if you keep them motivated and busy around the house, there’s less likelihood they’ll get into trouble, and it will help everyone in the household. n Janine Latimore

What are some of the tips YOU have for keeping your children motivated? We’d like to hear it -- email us at DES7GNMGZ






n the latter part of 2015, several Flint, Michigan families filed a class action lawsuit against the Governor of Michigan and other state officials after learning that the water consumed by the people of Flint posed serious health threats. After Flint changed the city’s water source from the Detroit water system to a Flint water system, it was discovered in 2014 that the water had become contaminated by lead. It seems the abrasive properties of the water moving through the aging Flint water system caused lead from the pipes to seep into the water. Thousands of children were found to have severely high levels of lead in their blood and many were sickened. A state of emergency was declared at the state and federal levels and several government officials resigned regarding the mishandling of the situation. While this story unfolded across the U.S., one would certainly wonder how to ensure the drinking water in their immediate area is safe. What can you do to ascertain your drinking water is safe? Stay informed. Through the 1974 Safe Drinking Water Act, all water companies are required to report on the quality of drinking water. These reports may appear in the envelope with your water bill, but are also available online on the Environmental Protection Agency’s website. Check your own home’s “infrastructure.” Find out about the



condition of the water pipes in your home and the pipes used by your water resource company. Most pipes installed within the last few decades are lead free, but it is good to know your pipes are performing well and not carrying harmful properties in with your water. Have your water tested. Since one cannot see lead or other harmful properties in water, it’s important to have it tested if you have concerns. Contact your water company, local health department, or local Environmental Protection Agency office to ask them to test your water. Take matters into your own hands. Filter your water within your own home by installing a water filter on your faucets or other such personal filtering systems. These are just some of the ways to be certain that your drinking water is safe for you and your family. More information on protecting this very important source is available on the United States Environmental Protection Agency website at Article source:



Beach Hair, Sand between Your Toes and Cocktails ‘Round the Clock - that’s my kind of getaway!



“The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only one page.” - unknown


have no doubt in my mind I will one day live on a beach someplace in the world, but since I have not been all over the world yet to determine where I will ultimately live, I can only address a few places I love. Beautiful Mexico is just one of my favorite spots to visit.

I began visiting Mexico in July of 1999 and I instantly became addicted. I have been visiting Mexico at least once per year ever since. Mexico is known for its beaches, numerous resorts and energetic nightlife. There are more subtle areas, but my two favorite spots in Mexico are Riviera Maya and Puerto Vallarta. You can’t go wrong with either location! I love waking up to the beautiful blue-green ocean and walking alongside the waves feeling one with the Earth. Mexico is fun and there is something for everyone. Whether you enjoy basking in the sun, snorkeling, checking out the sights – such as the ancient Mayan Ruins -- or experiencing lifestyle activities such as the Spa at a five-star luxury resort; it is all there at your fingertips. Make it a family trip, sneak away with your sweetie or get away with your girlfriends -- everyone will love Mexico! No money? No problem! You can visit on a budget and still get your Caribbean experience…try Mexico. Traveling on a budget is what led me to partner with the Travel Industry as an Agent. As an example of a recent relatively inexpensive, yet enjoyable, trip I planned: I recently hosted 14 girlfriends for my 50th birthday in the Riviera Maya right outside of Cancun. The trip was less than $1000 per person, including airfare for a four-day/three-night stay at an all-inclusive resort – what a deal for a trip two weeks after Christmas! As a result of my travels, I have become what those in the travel industry may refer to as a “Travel Snob,” which I will not apologize for. This girl cannot resist five-star resort living…..why should I? Kim Reese CKRTravels 404-916-5954








Franchelle Jackson, founder and creative director behind the delicious gourmet granola company Sweet Canyon; has achieved great success in her business ventures. She owned and operated her first special events and décor company Beyond Blossoms for over thirteen years. Her cutting edge designs and trendsetting florals paved the way for her to decorate events for A-list celebrities such as the iconic Quincy Jones, Bill Cosby, Spike Lee and Dr. Maya Angelou, just to name a few. Franchelle also made her mark in the fashion industry with a line of custom eco-friendly accessories called the Fran J. Collection. In 2010, Essence Magazine named Franchelle’s Taraji Eco Clutch the “must have” handbag of the season! Just as any other entrepreneur, Franchelle’s story hasn’t always been beautiful, and with great success comes hardships. In just one year, she lost everything…leaving her nearly destitute and without her own home. Growing up with a Christian background, Franchelle had strong faith and she knew that God wouldn’t leave her in this storm for long. Believing that bad things happen for good reasons, she tried to rekindle the love she had for her previous businesses but the passion was no longer there. Eventually letting go of the things that once brought her great success, she discovered a hidden talent and passion for culinary arts and food styling. When she didn’t receive the traction she hoped for after posting photos of her custom accessories on social media, she decided to try again by posting a photo of a meal she prepared. To her surprise, she received great feedback…more than she had ever received with anything else! The shares, the “likes” and the comments from her social media outlets motivated Franchelle as she continued to post her home cooked meals and recipes that were



passed down by her mother. She adamantly believes that being in the kitchen relit the flame to her fire and saved her from falling into a state of depression. Having never gone to culinary school, Franchelle started to question the direction she was going in when she received a call to lead a food presentation for a few hundred women. Although she didn’t want to turn down the opportunity, she felt as though she didn’t have the proper credentials to be in front of an audience teaching women how to prepare meals. That’s when she had her “aha moment” and came up with a way to take something she eats almost every day and make it her own. With just a box of oats, a lot of creativity and a sprinkle of love, Franchelle made the most delicious gourmet granola pops. She never thought that her audience would understand this sweet treat but the moment she displayed her product line, Sweet Canyon became a major hit. She sold nearly every last granola pop! Today, Franchelle continues to build her brand with her signature line of granola pops. Sweet Canyon is a healthy family treat made with southern flavors like Key Lime Pie and Butter Pecan. All of the flavors are blended with healthy ingredients…oats, flax seed, chia seed and protein powders. Let’s just say she has created a sweet treat without the guilty pleasure, hence her tagline, “There’s a punch of healthy in every pop!” When asked, Franchelle says the biggest struggle she had to overcome was simply believing in herself and not feeling guilty for wanting to be successful. “I had to stop putting others in the space God had reserved for me. If I would’ve reached out to those with degrees or the ones with the connections, I may not have had the chance to find myself and learn that all I needed to do was believe in me.” Franchelle believes that being in the struggle is where she found her strength. She strongly promotes her belief that poverty doesn’t break us, it rebuilds us. We should never be afraid to stand somewhere we’ve never been because that very space can lead us to a path we’ve never ventured. Franchelle’s advice to everyone is to trust your intuition and to let God direct your path! You can purchase Franchelle Jackson’s fabulous Sweet Canyon or simply follow her on Instagram @SweetCanyon and @FranJLifestyle. n Avis Pitts

We hope you enjoyed your birthday, LaShanda. Have another slice of cake!

Happy Blessed Day!!!

- Comedian Lady Q

Happy Birthdaylicious gorgeous! You are a wonderful source of - Brenda Gonzalez

Feliz Cumpleanos Mi Amore. Happy Birthday & continue to shine! - Ray Herman

Happy Birthday Queen!

- Shantina Reece

- Monica McKinney

Happ y Birthday to my cyberlove at first sight.

- Nisha Glenn

Happy Birthday to one of the Classiest Women I know!

joy! May your special day bring you an extra share of everything that makes you the happiest!! - Tiffany Coppins

May the world be your oyster, Happy Birthday to you my sister!

– Kristell Douglas

Happy Birthday! Dream big! Happy Birthday, Sis! LaShanda.. Fearless - Tracey West Leader. Extraordinary Creator. Fab Fashionista. - Evonya Easley Passionate Giver. Motivating Mentor. Loving Happy Birthday Classy Lady!! Love Sister-Girl-Friend. Sending Birthday wishes to my Sister -Tarrah you to the moon and back. and friend whose candle will always burn - Simone Darlington bright. Muah! – Felice Albany

Happy Birthday Fabulous Diva

- Melissa Harris





Owner of EnPhocus Photography I always say I tricked myself into thinking I could take pictures by taking my first pictures with a “real camera” in Las Vegas and at the Grand Canyon. With all of the amazing imagery in Las Vegas and the beauty of the Grand Canyon, those pictures would be pretty hard to mess up. Either way, those images made me take a serious look at the camera. Since then, I have been fortunate to visit many beautiful places where I’ve snapped shots with my camera relentlessly trying to take in all of my amazing surroundings. I continued to shoot oddities and landscapes in my travels, transforming as many of those pictures into art as possible. I have a huge collection of images that I hope to display one day and I’m pretty sure I have some even I haven’t seen! The thing about photographing inanimate objects is they have as much patience as I do, and if I’m happy with the way they look in the picture, they’re happy. You can’t beat that, right? The problem is, if those objects could speak, they might very well offer me some advice worth taking. With that, I eventually expanded my subject matter to people to challenge myself and push my skills to another level. As many photographers do at the onset of photographing people, I began with shooting family. Who better to fill my memory cards with than my amazing son, Adem? Although when I started shooting him, he was about as critical as my landscapes, but now, at the age of 10, he certainly provides his input. I am more than certain that the photography bug is in my genes, as my father was photographer in his day. Though it remained a hobby for him, I know it did something for him internally as it does for me.





As I went on to venture out beyond my family, I found an amazing mentor in Atlanta who taught me tons about getting the most out of my camera and my craft. From that point forward, it has been an amazing journey and learning experience. I anticipate that as long as I’m shooting, I’ll be learning. The day I stop improving will be the day I stop shooting. Though I still love to shoot those incredible landscapes, nothing is more phenomenal than capturing that perfect moment or the spirit in a person’s eyes. My endeavor will always be to capture those moments that mean the most and to capture your best YOU. n Lashanda Pitts



n E




true passion has



LaShanda is a native of Los Angeles, California. She moved to Atlanta in 1994 and brought her young and free spirit with her. LaShanda has a broad professional background and she’s had the opportunity to work for some of the largest companies in the U.S. She’s been able to work and socialize with numerous professionals in Atlanta and this has allowed her to build a large network of her own. This has also helped support her strong desire to create an organization that encompasses the ideals and projects that are important to her both personally and professionally. LaShanda is passionate about sophisticated living inside and out, planning and producing high-end parties and events, building strong relationships and helping others. She continues to develop her vision of enjoying the best of what Atlanta and social living has to offer while making a genuine difference in the community. LaShanda has found a way to fuse all of these elements together seamlessly into one organization…Classy Living Society. Classy Living Society has seen tremendous growth in the past two years. As CLS’s founder…how do you stay motivated as the visionary of this up and coming women’s organization? The members motivate me more than they’ll ever know. They are always on my mind. I want them to be proud and happy with their decision to become part of the movement. We’ve all had times in our lives where we’ve said to ourselves “I wish I could go back and do this or that a little differently.” If you could hit the “do over” button… what would you do a little differently? I’d start CLS in my younger years. LOL…but I know this is all happening in God’s time. All jokes aside…I would’ve pursued my dream of becoming an attorney. What makes CLS different from other women’s organizations? Everything!! The box simply does not exist behind the doors of our board meetings. We don’t follow the trends…we create them! Where do you see CLS in the next five years? CLS is going INTERNATIONAL!! Where do you see yourself in the next five years? I see myself finally sleeping





through the night. LOL! I’ll also be able to witness a member roster of thousands caring for others. What a blessing! A healthy body equals a healthy mind. With an “over the top” schedule like yours…how do you maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle? This has been a losing battle for me since the inception of CLS, but I will be making my health a priority in 2016. Family is a priority for many of us. How do you balance your family life with running a rapidly expanding organization like CLS? My hubby is extremely supportive and understands my razor sharp focus to take CLS to the White House and beyond. What do you like to do for fun? Laugh with my hubby, hang with my girls, think of creative events and SHOP! What do you do when you are stressed to bring yourself peace? Honestly, I have a gift of fighting stress with new ideas. I look beyond the moment and become motivated for the next thing and brainstorm the next move.

never find this. Once you do find it, you open yourself up to all things NEW! What quote do you use most often and why? “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” This is a quote from Steve Jobs whom I greatly admire. What do you see as your greatest achievement in your role as founder of CLS? Being able to see women come out of their shells and form true bonds. What have some of your greatest challenges been in your role as founder of CLS? Making the hard decisions and having the hard conversations. CLS is expanding in a number of states… Tennessee…California. How do you plan to keep this exciting momentum going? Through patience, creativity and loads of fun! Think about what else you’d like people to know about you. What would they be surprised to know? They may be surprised to know that I suck at math!

What is your favorite food? Mexican. I’m a Cali girl to the heart! Tacos over wings all day.

What advice would you offer someone who’s thinking about starting an organization similar to Classy Living Society? Consistency rules!

What does true success mean to you? It means finding your passion. Some people

Self reflection is good for the soul. On a scale from one to ten…how would you

rate CLS’s impact on the community so far? The impact has been powerful! We love it when organizations keep us on speed dial. They know the ladies of CLS are all about making a difference. What was one of your proudest moments involving CLS? The Spring Into Health and Fitness Expo -- our very first expo bringing health awareness to the community with doctors, workouts, healthy cooking demonstrations, a relaxing spa and healthy vendors. We collected 24 cases of water bottles as an entrance fee to benefit the Atlanta Shelter. Super proud! If you had to pick one to go without what would it be: shoes or lipgloss? Lipglossmy shoe game is UP!! LaShanda Pitts has taken her love of all things classy and her desire to start an organization where women have the opportunity to participate in hands-on efforts within the community to a level of service and sophistication that’s being noticed around the world. Her belief of giving with our time, talents and compassion help us see that when we have a dream…a true passion…the sky’s the limit!! n Avis Pitts

Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes... the ones who see things differently -- they’re not fond of rules... You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things... they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do. - Steve Jobs


Here’s to you LaShanda Pitts! Thanks for being crazy. DES7GNMGZ




retty is as Pretty does and the ladies who attended LaShanda’s birthday bash really know how to “do pretty!” LaShanda D. Pitts celebrated her birthday by pulling out all the stops and treating the ladies to an amazing evening of fabulous makeup at Blushbaby Lash & Makeup Studio…including “how to lessons”, sensational food, dazzling décor and loads of fun. Move over Project Runway…here we come! Celebrity makeup artists Michelle Beckles, Khadija DeShong and company gave



the ladies the full treatment and made their eyes go from nice but plain to gorgeous and enchanting. The ladies were treated like queens; each given individual attention and made “glamour shot” ready with inviting eye colors and playful looks. The time spent at the Blushbaby studio was way beyond anything imaginable. LaShanda allowed the ladies to join her birthday celebration in “classy style” as once again; she found a way to truly give something special back to others. LaShanda’s unique way of celebrating her birthday, made the start of the evening an absolutely memorable one. After the Blushbaby glam

session, Pretty in the City continued to the next classy destination. The Sundial, a premiere eating establishment and bar perched on the uppermost stories atop The Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel is the next stop on the Pretty in the City excursion. The rotating cocktail bar boasts the greatest panoramic view of Atlanta as the entire bar slowly revolves, affording each patron the luxury of a CLASSY DES7GNMGZ CHRONICLES


Happy girls are the prettiest!

~Audrey Hepburn

penthouse view of the city in all directions. The ladies converged briefly for photographs, a cocktail and a game of “Left-No-Right” – a fun and simple game where gifts play a form of “musical chairs” among the ladies. LaShanda read a story full of the words “left” and “right” and each lady holding a gift would pass the gift to the left or right of her as each of said words were mentioned in the story. Most of the elaborately adorned gifts contained chocolate kisses, and lucky ladies received gift cards (among other trinkets) in their packages. Very soon after the game concluded, and the ladies were on to their next adventure….and OH, what an adventurous surprise it was…..



Upon reaching the street and after a short walk up the hill, LaShanda proclaimed “Ladies, your chariots await!!!” Three (count ‘em) THREE(!) majestic horse-drawn carriages were parked at the curb awaiting the arrival of their lovely queen passengers. Shocked, amazed and delighted, the ladies piled into each carriage and enjoyed a lively romp around the city. The evening was crisp and cool, and the ladies were provided with a heavy faux fur blanket to place across their laps and legs against the chill. It was indeed an “over the moon” part of the evening, and very befitting of the celebration. To be sure, there wasn’t a lady present who did not walk away from THAT carriage ride feeling like a queen. And the

evening continued….. Piling into a passenger van, chauffeured by Sam, our Pretty in the City jovial driver for the evening the ladies were off again – next stop – Sweet Auburn Seafood! Seated in the restaurant’s decorous VIP room, the ladies enjoyed live music by CLS’ very own Regina Troupe, international entertainer and R&B singer. Regina engaged four of the ladies (including LaShanda) to back her up as her Ikettes in her rendition of Ike & Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary.” All of the ladies noshed, had a few cocktails and enjoyed the awesome live music in VIP style. Not tired yet…..on to the next stop ….

Suite Food Lounge, touted as Atlanta’s No. 1 Grown and Sexy Saturday Night Destination, was an appropriate location to end the evening for Pretty in the City. The ladies enjoyed dancing the remainder of the night/morning away to the sounds of the DJ playing a mix of genres: old school, hip hop, house and R&B music. Since the evening was mildly cool, it was the perfect climate for the ladies to come together on the outside deck to end the night dancing and socializing there. Oh what a night! Pretty in the City -- an epic journey for a group of classy ladies celebrating the birthday of Mrs. LaShanda DES7GNMGZ


D. Pitts. If you could imagine for a moment what Pretty in the City would mean to you, think about a Saturday evening experience which includes celebrity makeup, personalized gifts, good food & spirits, horse-drawn carriages, a chauffeur, VIP seating, live music, dancing, a traveling professional photographer, prizes and many other classy accoutrements. That, my friends, is Pretty in the City! For more information about Blushbaby Lash & Makeup Studio visit 28


UPCOMING EVENTS Quarterly Member Mixer (Member Only) 1st Quarter 2016

Learning with CLS 1st Quarter 2016

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CLS in the City 2nd Quarter 2016

Classy Fundraising Brunch 2nd Quarter 2016

Quarterly Member Mixer (Member Only) 2nd Quarter 2016

THE CLASSY LIVING SOCIETY NEEDS YOUR HELP. As we work diligently to make a difference in the lives of others within the Atlanta, Georgia area, we are asking to find it in your hearts to donate to the movement. CLS’s continues to push forward in an effort to help those within our communities which are less fortunate and are in need of a helping hand. Your donations will allow for our “Foot Soldiers” to give back to others who otherwise would be neglected. By partnering with CLS and making a donation, you are taking a stand and helping to make a difference! Go ahead... make a difference today and let your actions speak volumes and please remember that no donation is too small.

Donate Now DES7GNMGZ




Jamina Kess Celebrity Massage Therapist 404-951-4142 Roswell, GA



Pure Bella offers an array of skincare services from customized facials to higher level skincare treatments to meet specific skincare needs. We invite you to indulge in our exquisite massage and hip bath services. Our Beauti Bar offers everything beautiful including make-up services and lash extensions. Come and relax in our modern, inviting, and nurturing environment. 32 (404) 228-1631 DES7GNMGZ



This classy lady believes we can change the world.

Lashanda Pitts

Founder, Classy Living Society

Join Classy Living Society TODAY! 34