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WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK about domestic violence?

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October | 2017

Magenta Love. CANCER SUCKS. Let’s do something about it.

Magenta Love ToteSavvy has a suggested retail of $72 and is available for purchase online at

100% of net profits from the sale of this limited edition style will be donated to


SAVVY IS... AS SAVVY DOES... By: Valérie Alerte Kavanagh, MBA

As a mother of two toddler-aged children, I couldn’t believe my eyes while I was scrolling through my Facebook feed one late afternoon. To my amazement, I came across the absolutely genius ToteSavvy, which is a Life in Play product. ToteSavvy spoke volumes to me. For a self-proclaimed fashionista like myself, ToteSavvy would be the answer to my “I’m a mom, but I still want to run around town with something other than a massive diaper bag that doesn’t go with my outfit, or that isn’t necessarily my personal style.” Despite the fact that I’m very well aware that the dreaded diaper bag, (for practical reasons) is a necessity, the often fashion “no-no” that it promoted was surely not. ToteSavvy is an organizing insert that has all of the pockets and zips and hooks you’d ever want, or ever need. The best part is, it is designed specifically for the mommy, auntie, and glam-ma demographic. Now, women can officially, and without apology, use their favorite fashionable handbag and instantly turn it into a temporary diaper bag without sacrificing their individual sense of style! As luck would have it, SHADE was contacted by Life in Play to ask if we would like to be featured in an upcoming print advertisement for Breast Cancer Awareness month. Of course, SHADE was honored to be affiliated with such an amazing brand. Interestingly enough, through our exchanges, we learned that Life in Play shares a similar passion as SHADE -- to give back, and make a difference!

100% of the proceeds of each Magenta colored ToteSavvy item sold is donated to METAVivor, an internationally recognized organization founded by, and dedicated to, those living with Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer. METAVivor is the sole organization in the United States dedicated to raising awareness and funds exclusively for Stage IV Breast Cancer research. Given the statistics (over 230,000 Americans are diagnosed with Breast Cancer each year; 113 people die from Metastatic Breast Cancer daily; and, on average, 30% of those diagnosed will progressively move to Stage IV), it was reason and cause enough for SHADE to participate. As a women-only organization and the parent company of SHADE, Classy Living Society, LLC understands that joining forces and highlighting the good that others are doing to make a difference is powerful. To learn more about Life in Play, ToteSavvy and METAVivor, as well as to purchase a Magenta ToteSavvy to support Stage IV Breast Cancer research please visit #MagentaMatters


A Quick Take on the Story from the Author,

Panya Dixon By: Ashley Chisholm

Sometimes in life, we don’t know what to say or how to help people when they go through something. My story is about surviving rape, domestic violence, and learning to love myself in the process. It is also about forgiveness and meeting, loving, and leaving people where they are.


Tell us a little bit about yourself. I am a wife, mother of three, and suburbanite of Atlanta, Georgia by way of Chattanooga, Tennessee. My calling is to be able to help and serve others. I just want to help others be the best that they can be. I have always been a talker—blessed with the gift of gab and I want to use that gift to be a blessing to other people.


Why did you decide to write Why Didn’t You Ask? I wanted to use my story to be a blessing to others that may be experiencing similar trauma. One in 4 women are victims of rape and over half of those are never reported. One in 3 women experience intimate partner or domestic violence every 20 minutes. I wrote it to create dialogue and for people to feel free to talk about their experiences What has been the time frame and without shame. Silence creates process for writing the book? violence. I want others to know that It took about a year to write the book. It was they do not have to do it alone. a very emotional, yet therapeutic process. Furthermore, I’ve never done this, the ghostwriter had never done this, the editor had never done this—it was an entirely new process for everyone involved. The shared excitement and passion behind the project worked. Surround yourself with good people! A lot of things I had prayed about and shoved it (my terms for suppressing things) so during the process, a lot of things that I had packed away came back to the surface. It was amazing to me how much this process set me free; talking about and remembering things that I had forgotten has set me free. I realized that forgiveness made me live my life better. Without forgiveness, this story wouldn’t be possible because I wouldn’t be here. I’d still be held hostage to my past.



What are some of the unexpected things in writing a book and the biggest surprises?

I was truly surprised that my words made up a whole book. When I first started, I wasn’t sure how this was all going to work. Anyone can write a book, there are so many companies and coaches that will help you and there are so many different avenues for making things happen, but you must do the work.

Becoming an Ambitious Winning Woman My name is Panya Dixon. I am the author of “Why Didn’t You Ask?”. It is my story of rape and domestic violence. It took me 10 years, to get over and to forgive and so my goal is to help and inspire others create dialogue around their situations.

Silence Creates Violence.


What are some things that you did well / and some things that you would do differently?

Something I did well was really finding healing in my own story and telling my truth. I also connected well and networked with the right people to push me through the process. I think it is important to have mentors, teachers, and tools. I think it is important to tell people what you want and ask people for what you need. I always quote James 4:2, “you have not because you ask not,” but in this process, I have truly lived it. Open your mouth. Share your stories, share your dreams, tell people about your projects and ideas and watch how the world opens up around you. I am so excited for the publishing and launch! This has been a truly amazing and liberating experience and I’m ready to share it with the world.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Kimberly Honora | MAKE UP ARTIST: Shontrese Henry

1 in 3 women [and 1 in 4 men] has been a victim of physical brutality by an intimate partner, the group also reports. That makes intimate partner violence "the single greatest cause of injury to women," per the Domestic Violence Intervention Program.

Good Housekeeping, 2017

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Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women. (Only lung cancer kills more women each year.) The chance that a woman will die from breast cancer is about 1 in 37 (about 2.7%).

American Cancer Society, 2017

1 in 15 children are exposed to intimiate partner violence each year (90% of these are eyewitnesses).

Dana Tepper + NCADV, 2017

Shop with your conscious and let your shade do the talking


Shade is a socially conscious line of lipsticks bringing awareness to causes affecting the world — $2.00 from each lipstick purchase will be donated to a number of non-profit organizations that are making a difference in the lives of people who need it most.

ALL SHADES. ONE GOAL. Don’t throw Shade. Wear it.


Carrie Madrid The Care Project, Inc.

By: Valérie Alerte Kavanagh, MBA

Sadly, in today’s day and age, it is a rarity to not know of someone who has been diagnosed with some form of cancer. The word CANCER conjures up so many emotions; fear, uncertainty, and despair, not only for the women or men who are diagnosed with the “Big C,” but for those who stand united with them. As Classy Living Society reflected on Breast Cancer Awareness month, we couldn’t think of a better person to interview than Carrie Madrid. I was fortunate to speak with Carrie, who is a Stage III Breast Cancer survivor and the co-founder of The Care Project, Inc., a 501c3 Non-profit founded in 2014, based in Southern California.

The Care Project, Inc. is one of the organizations chosen by CLS to be supported by SHADE. For every SHADE lipcolor sold, a portion of the proceeds is donated to further their mission to make a difference in the lives of those diagnosed with breast cancer and by providing a “helping hand” where one may not have otherwise been extended. Solely run by volunteers, The Care Project, Inc. provides peer counseling, educational seminars, social gatherings, and financial assistance when needed to help patients focus on their health, to thrive and to push forward despite their diagnosis.

Carrie’s story is one of courage and determination, and despite her own battle with cancer; philanthropy. She shared with me the very moment she was diagnosed, and her reaction to the news. With her best friend and The Care Project’s co-founder, Christina Gonzalez, by her side, Carrie instantly took heed to the seriousness of cancer, as one would expect, but it was moreso her desire to use her own diagnosis to help others. She knew her battle with breast cancer was one that would lead her on a path much greater than the impact of receiving her diagnosis. She recalls joking ever so subtly with her doctor; making such statements as, “I hate pink, but now that I have cancer do I have to wear pink? I’m just not that girly!”

She was diagnosed in January 2012 and had a mastectomy on February 13th, just a mere couple of weeks later. While many women were trying to stick to New Year’s resolutions, or head out for a night on the town in preparation for Valentine’s Day, Carrie was contemplating what this diagnosis meant to her life. She thought about how she could use it to make a difference in the world, and interestingly enough, she pondered about what color lip gloss she would go to the store to purchase. “Laughter & Lip Gloss” quickly became Carrie’s mantra. During and post her diagnosis and treatment, Carrie remains as active and as engaged as she has always been. Carrie was determined to not let cancer slow her down. A single mother, employed, empowered, engaged and connected in her and her children's lives and activities, Carrie has never skipped a beat. During the months Carrie was receiving treatment, she was still determined to be present at every one of her daughter’s basketball games. Carrie made sure that she also maintained her house as the place where the team came to congregate, as it had always been. She remained attentive to everyone’s needs. Carrie’s cancer journey was not easy!

To that point, The Care Project which began on the premise of creating a “social club’ to help those diagnosed with cancer, has evolved in ways which extend far beyond any social club. Carrie was passionate about establishing a place where cancer patients and survivors can feel at “home,” a place which did not promote drab walls, nor the aesthetically sterile environment which cancer patients are forced to endure with every hospital visit. Carrie wanted The Care Project office to be a place where, when you walked through the doors, it would be inviting and immediately provide you with information, consultation, relaxation, peace and a sense of fellowship and belonging. The office boasts a “survivor lounge,” provides chemo-care packages, has an onsite boutique, and plays hosts to “ladies nights” where Carrie and her team partner with organizations to provide items such as bras for women who have had a mastectomy and perform professional bra fittings and much, much more. All who walk through its doors (which first opened to the public on the five-year anniversary of Carrie’s diagnosis) are walking into a special safe haven. The Care Project understands the needs of those diagnosed and surviving with cancer, and are committed to the cause. On Saturday, October 28th, 2017, The Care Project host what has been coined as the Pink & White Masquerade Ball, which celebrates cancer survivors and life! When I asked Carrie how she would sum up her experience as a breast cancer survivor she stated, “Before my diagnosis, I was surviving, but post my diagnosis, I am truly now LIVING!”

To learn more about Carrie’s story and/or donate to The Care Project, Inc. please visit and choose cancer as your cause of choice, and a portion of each SHADE lipstick purchase will be donated to help further the work of The Care Project, Inc.


Ms. Kimya N. Motley

When we meet real tragedy in life, we can react in two ways - either by losing hope and falling into self-destructive habits, or by using the challenge to find our inner strength. ~ Dalai Lama After surviving a horrendous tragedy, Kimya N. Motley founded Haven of Light International, Inc. in May 2013. Haven of Light is a nonprofit organization designed to help families rebuild spiritually, physically, emotionally, and financially after domestic abuse. It seemed to be a regular morning, that day in September 2011, when Kimya dropped her daughter off at daycare to catch the bus for school before heading to her position as a kindergarten teacher at a local elementary school. Instead, the day turned into horror, as Ms. Motley’s now ex-husband ambushed them, shooting her multiple times and her daughter once in the head. Neither were expected to survive, but they did. That day in September was a culmination of domestic violence experiences over Kimya’s lifetime. Yet, through the tragic events of that day, Kimya knew, with the help of Jesus, she could turn her tragedy into triumph for so many other victims and survivors. Out of her experiences with domestic violence, the idea for Haven of Light International was born.

Haven of Light International educates, inspires, and advocates for families in an effort to stop violence against women through intervention, education, support, and accountability. The organization does this by using effective collaboration with clients, community members, and partnering with other relevant agencies. The dream and vision of Haven of Light is to eradicate domestic violence in every community throughout the world, so that families can live in homes filled with love, peace, respect and unity.

By way of background, Kimya is a certified educator and instructional coach with over 20 years of teaching experience in Georgia Public Schools including DeKalb, Rockdale and Gwinnett Counties. She received a Bachelor of Sciences in a dual program with the College of Family and Consumer Sciences and the College of Education from the University of Georgia and a Masters of Sciences in Counseling Psychology from The University of Missouri. Kimya earned the distinction of Teacher of the Year for Rosebud Elementary and has served on the Teacher Advisory Council to the Gwinnett County School System’s Superintendent for the 2015 – 2016 school year. In recognition for her work as an educator, she has received commendations from Kelly Kautz, Mayor of Snellville and State Senator Gloria Butler.

In addition to helping families through Haven of Light, Kimya is an inspirational speaker for organizations and events in support of domestic violence, teen dating violence, and sex trafficking awareness. She received a commendation from Governor Deal in March 2016 as a leading domestic violence advocate. Comparatively, the Investigation Discovery Channel named her their Everyday Hero in November 2016 for the work she does inspiring a difference in the lives of others through her dedication to victims' rights and healing. On her personal time, Kimya enjoys reading, dining out, pinning recipes to her Pinterest board (that she wishes she had more time to make) and spending time with her 22-year-old son, Theron, and her daughter Corinne, who is now 16 years old, and her 11 year old Pomeranian, Peanut.

CONTACT INFO websites social media [FaceBook]

Kimya Motley Haven of Light International [Instagram and Twitter]

kimyamotley [YouTube]

Kimya Kimya Inspires


Jessica Lamb Established by Founder Jessica Lamb, Atlanta Redemption Ink (ARI) is on a mission to restore dignity to survivors who are marred by scars, tattoos and other marks after being exploited, traumatized and abused. Jessica is a survivor of exploitation and addiction. Growing up in a Christ-centered and loving family, Jessica always had a heart for outreach and local missions. She is the recipient of a number of state awards for the arts, music and poetry. Her world began to come crashing down around her at the age of 15, when she was being sexually abused by a "friend" of the family. The abuse led to a downward spiral of self-harm and experimentation with drugs. Jessica dropped out of high school and ran away from home. Out on her own and needing a job, she answered an ad in a local newspaper for a position as a customer service representative. But, instead of being hired for the position she applied for, she was lured by a trafficker/pimp. She was branded and exploited for four and half months. Luckily, she managed to escape, but not without nearly losing her life. After more downward spiral, further addiction and abusive relationships, Jessica stepped into recovery in May 2008 and turned her life over to God. She met her husband in her church and they now have a beautiful little girl.

Her trafficker is currently serving a life sentence in prison for trafficking, multiple counts of battery, multiple counts of statutory rape and murder. After her own “brands” from her previous life were covered in 2016, Jessica had the vision to assist others with her plight; those marked by a life of exploitation and abuse. She began to reach out to survivors and her vision came to fruition.

Atlanta Redemption Ink, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that, in partnership with tattoo artists, offers tattoos and/or tattoo removals to survivors of exploitation, trauma, and abuse. The organization’s goal is to reach survivors who still carry markings from domestic violence, brandings, track marks, self-harm scars, breast cancer scars and tattoos forced upon them by gangs, pimps and/or traffickers. Through her true life story and a heart for the those who are in need just as she was, Jessica strives to be an inspiration to those she serves. She is a firm believer that the voices of survivors should be heard and no longer silenced. It is, indeed, her calling to bring restoration to survivors and change marks of hurt into depictions of hope and badges of honor.

Jessica Lamb | Founder & Director Atlanta Redemption Ink, Inc.| Tax ID 82-2254777 678-926-9946 (ARI line)

Stop the hurt walk The “Take A Stand, Stop The Hurt” walk unites communities, organizations, business’ and public officials with shared determination to stop domestic violence and raise awareness. This walk will honor the lives of 2 year old Chasmin Payne and 7 year old Kevin Bridges who were both murdered as a result of domestic violence in 2007.


Proceeds obtained through the walk will be donated to the Home Of Hope Children’s Shelter to help continue their efforts.

Take a stand, stop the hurt THE WALK


The “Take A Stand, Stop The Hurt” walk unites communities, organizations, business’ and public officials with shared determination to stop domestic violence and raise awareness. This walk will honor the lives of 2 year old Chasmin Payne and 7 year old Kevin Bridges who were both murdered as a result of domestic violence in 2007. Proceeds obtained through the walk will be donated to the Home Of Hope Children's Shelter to help continue their efforts.

Date: October 21, 2017 Location: Greenbriar mall- 2841 Greenbriar Pkwy SW, Atlanta Ga. 30331 Time: Registration opens: 7am Opening Ceremony: 8am Walk Starts: 8:30


The “Home Of Hope” at Gwinnett Children's Shelter is a residential care facility which provides services for homeless children from 0-17 years of age along with their young mothers. They also provide care and services for homeless girls aging out of the foster care system at 18 years of age. They provide customized “Life Plans” that are designed around the needs of the children, while helping the moms create a plan of action to get back on their feet. Their goal is not simply to be a place of refuge, they are the “NEXT STEP” towards independence. They take their guests from homeless, to hopeful, to a home of their own.


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