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VALRHONA INSPIRATION...........................20

CADORET OYSTERS FROM FRANCE....................................................6

CAPFRUIT MINT & SUDACHI PUREES............................................20

5 DEGRÉS OUEST BLUE LOBSTER & LANGOUSTINES.............................................6


SHELLFISH FROM WEST SCOTLAND..............................................7 STURIA OSCIETRA PRESTIGE CAVIAR..................................................................7 COASTAL LAMB FROM NEW ZEALAND..................................................8 ERNEST SOULARD DUCK FOIE GRAS...............................................9 MIERAL POULTRY.............................................9 BORDIER FRENCH CHEESE PLATTERS...................................................... 10-11 NETHEREND FARM BUTTER PORTIONS & ROLLS.........................................12 BV DAIRY CRÈME FRAICHE, CLOTTED CREAM & MORE.........................12 CASEIFICIO ARTIGIANA ITALIAN CHEESES...........................................12 ALAIN MILLIAT JUICES & NECTARS.........................................................13 LORINA NATURALLY FLAVOURED SPARKLING SODA............................................13 DELVERDE DRY PASTA............................ 14-15 PIVETTI FRESH PASTA & PIZZA FLOURS..............................................16 TERRE BORMANE CHERRY BLOSSOM & PASSEPARTOUT SMOKED OLIVE OIL......16 KALIOS GREEK RANGE.................................17

MOULIN PAUL DUPUIS RYE FLOUR.........................................................20 MARGUERITE DARK CHOCOLATE CROQUANT............................20 LOUIS FRANCOIS 150g PACKAGING & GLUTEN FREE BAKING POWDER.........21 NUTS IN 10kg.....................................................21 OVOTEAM FREE RANGE EGGS..................21 PCB CRÉATION TART SHELLS....................22 CHOCOLATE CUPS..........................................23 DELIFRANCE BREAD, FOCACCIA & TARTLETS.......................................................23 BRIDOR BREAD, DANISH PRODUCTS & MACAROONS..........................................24-25 SOSA SUGARS, CRISPIES & POWDERS..................................................26-27 MONTEBIANCO INGREDIENTS FOR ICE CREAM......................................... 28-29 PCB CRÉATION SIGNETS, DECORATIONS, TRANSFER SHEETS & MOULDS..........................................................30 SILIKOMART SILICONE MOULDS & ACCESSORIES.......................31-32 TRADISER CARDBOARDS............................32 KEY Frozen Products

Fresh Products

Fish & Shellfish

The Very Best Lamb from New Zealand

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s ’ t a h W ? w e N



Naturally Flavoured Sparkling Soda

Dry Pasta

Greek Range: Olive Oils, Olives & Almonds

page 14-15

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Smoked burrata

Pink lemonade

Oscietra caviar

Selles Sur Cher


Blue lobster Spaghetti

Kalamata olives 3

New Brand

Fish & Shellfish SOURCING THE BEST PRODUCTS For 8 years, Qwehli have been avidly scouring the world and the oceans, as well as the coasts of France, in search of mythical depths and convincing the best producers to entrust them with their catch. Qwehli offer a range of exclusive products based on two high standards: taste and proper fishing methods. Sustainable fishing methods, seasonal needs of the fish and extreme freshness – everything is selected with the greatest care.

PRESERVING THE PRODUCT FRESHNESS As soon as they come out of the water, seafood products quickly lose their properties of odour, flavour and texture. Qwehli’s commitment is to ensure you receive a product carefully

preserved as if fresh out of the water. They use cryogenics for their awabis and quick on-board freezing for their toothfish. The products from the French coasts benefit from Qwehli’s home-grown technology: CAS Fresh®, a global breakthrough that combines effects of extreme cold and a magnetic field comparable to that of the North Pole so the flavours, smells and textures of the fish are kept intact.

BECOMING THE FISHMONGER OF THE CHEFS Qwehli are the fish suppliers to the most elegant tables throughout the world. They serve chefs who want something more than excellent fare and want to pass on the message together with them that ‘serving the Sea is an Art.’

Line Caught Sea Bass

Dicentrarchus labrax Bay of Biscay, Atlantic Ocean Whole & gutted QWE686A – 1 piece of 1/2kg QWE686B – 1 piece of 2/3kg QWE686C – 1 piece of 3/4kg

Gilthead Sea Bream Sparus aurata Azahar coast, Spain

Gilthead sea bream Skin-on fillet 120-170g, pinbones out QWE492 – 12 pieces per bag Organic Gilthead sea bream Skin-on fillet 100-140g, pinbones in QWE439 – 12 pieces per bag

Qwehli’s turbot comes from the only aquaculture farm with “Red Label” certification and is portioned on site by hand. It is “bled” to obtain a firm, delicate texture and perfect white flesh.


Farmed Turbot

Psetta maxima Island of Noirmoutier, France Skin-on steak, individually packaged QWE263A – 12 pieces of 150/180g QWE263B – 8 pieces of 220/270g

Patagonian Toothfish Dissostichus eleginoides Kerguelen Islands

Skin-on fillet, individually packaged QWE386A – 1 piece of 1/1.5kg QWE386B – 1 piece of 1.5/2kg

Black Cod

Anoplopoma fimbria Pacific Northwest Skin-on fillet QWE681 – 1 piece of 800g/1.2kg

Qwehli’s awabis comes from a unique farm, situated in Bream Bay, the only one in the world producing this legendary shellfish, which is indigenous to New Zealand. It is put to sleep by hypothermia then using cryogenics, which means that its flesh does not contract.


Haliotis iris Bream Bay, New Zealand Whole raw size L (15/17 units, ≈60g/piece) QWE221 – box of 1kg


Plesiopenaeus edwardsianus Huelva, Spain Whole raw, size 4XL (6/7 units, ≈153g/piece) QWE632A – box of 1kg Whole raw, size 3XL (8/10 units, ≈111g/piece) QWE632B – box of 1kg Whole raw, size XL (15/20 units, ≈60g/piece) QWE632C – box of 1kg Whole raw, size M (28/35 units, ≈31g/piece) QWE632D – box of 1kg

Qwehli’s gambero comes from the South-West coast of Sicily and is fished in the deep sea between 500 and 1000 feet. This is the only red prawn in the world with “Friend of the sea” certification, guaranteeing the respect of the sea environment and the marine species.

Gambero Rosso

Aristaeomorpha foliacea Sicily Whole raw size L (20/25 units, ≈45g/piece) QWE156 – box of 1kg

Rock Lobster

Jasus tristani Tristan da Cunha Whole raw, individually packaged size XL (270g/330g) QWE300 – box of 3 pieces

CAS Fresh is Qwehli’s home-grown technology that uses the combined effects of extreme cold and a magnetic field comparable to that of the North Pole so the flavours, smells and textures of the fish are kept intact


Oysters from France

New Brand


Flat oysters 00 00 (160/200g) SEA050 – box of 25 pieces (≈4-5kg) SEA051 – box of 50 pieces (≈8-10kg) 000 (120/160g) SEA052 – box of 25 pieces (≈3-4kg) SEA053 – box of 50 pieces (≈6-8kg)

Fine de Bretagne Rock oysters

N. 2 (86/120g) SEA054 – box of 48 pieces (≈5kg) SEA055 – box of 96 pieces (≈10kg) N. 3 (66/85g) SEA056 – box of 48 pieces (≈4kg) SEA057 – box of 96 pieces (≈8kg)

Perle Noire Rock oysters

N. 2 (86/120g) SEA058 – box of 48 pieces (≈5kg) SEA059 – box of 96 pieces (≈10kg) N. 3 (66/85g) SEA060 – box of 48 pieces (≈4kg) SEA061 – box of 96 pieces (≈8kg)

Speciales Gillardeau Rock oysters

N. 2 (86/120g) SEA062 – box of 48 pieces (≈5kg) SEA063 – box of 96 pieces (≈10kg) N. 3 (66/85g) SEA064 – box of 48 pieces (≈4kg) SEA065 – box of 96 pieces (≈8kg) Sold in wooden boxes. Non-stock items, to be ordered 6 days in advance

You already know the Cinq Degrés Ouest Canadian Lobster, why not try their new Blue European Lobster, coming from the UK, Ireland and France? Using the same breakthrough technology, the lobster meat is removed from the shell through an innovative high pressure process. It is then cryogenically frozen so the flavour and texture are both kept intact.

New Products Flash Frozen Raw Tail Langoustine Meat only CIN116 – 10 bags of 12 tails


Flash Frozen Raw Lobster Tail Blue Lobster

Flash Frozen Raw Tail & Claws Blue Lobster

Flash Frozen Raw Tail Blue Lobster

Shell on, high pressured and ready to shell CIN113 – 25 x 400-600g

Meat only CIN114 – 10 x 140-190g

Meat only CIN115 – 25 x 78g

Shellfish from West Scotland

New Products

Live Langoustines Nephrops norvegicus 0-5pcs/kg

Tubed* SEA140 – box of ≈4kg Loose SEA150 – box of ≈4kg 5-10pcs/kg

Tubed* SEA141 – box of ≈4kg Loose SEA151 – box of ≈4kg

Hand-Dived** Live Scallops Pecten maximus


Fresh Langoustines Nephrops norvegicus


Loose SEA160 – box of ≈4kg

Tubed* SEA142 – box of ≈4kg Loose SEA152 – box of ≈4kg

XXL (≈3pcs/kg) SEA100 – 24pcs (≈8kg)


XL (≈4pcs/kg) SEA101 – 32pcs (≈8kg)


Tubed* SEA143 – box of ≈4kg Loose SEA153 – box of ≈4kg

Loose SEA163 – box of ≈4kg

Loose SEA161 – box of ≈4kg

Loose SEA164 – box of ≈4kg


25-35pcs/kg Loose SEA154 – box of ≈4kg

10-15pcs/kg Loose SEA162 – box of ≈4kg

+30pcs/kg Loose SEA165 – box of ≈4kg

*Langoustines boxed within separate compartments. Each langoustine to be held in an upright individual cell


L (≈5pcs/kg) SEA102 – 40pcs (≈8kg) M (≈6pcs/kg) SEA103 – 48 pcs (≈8kg) **depending on availability

Live Blue Lobster 400-600g SEA120 – box of ≈6kg

1000g-1200g SEA123 – box of ≈6kg

600-800g SEA121 – box of ≈6kg

+1.2kg SEA124 – box of ≈6kg

800-1000g SEA122 – box of ≈6kg

Crippled SEA125 – box of ≈6kg

Sold in polyboxes. Non-stock items, to be ordered 2 days in advance (higher chance of product availability if order is placed on Friday)

New Product

Oscietra Prestige Special selection of Sturia Osciètre range of caviar. Grains of an amazing size (exceeding 3mm). Iodine flavours and notes of dried fruits.

STU091 – 30g STU092 – 50g STU093 – 100g Non-stock item, to be ordered 7 days in advance

Sustainable Choice Loch Fyne are responding to growing public concern on plastic waste, particularly unnecessary plastic packaging and its effect on the environment and especially the oceans. As an ethical producer with strong quality, environmental and sustainability values, Loch Fyne have decided to cease interleaving their smoked salmon.


New Brand



Coastal Lamb has received the title of Supreme Winner 2016 by the NZ Food Awards. Their farms are located on the East and West Coasts of New Zealand, where the salt-laden winds continually dust the herb filled pastures.

intergenerational family farms on the North Island’s west and east coasts produce Coastal Spring Lamb and Coastal Lamb using skills and knowledge passed down through many generations.



‘Tunnel Hill’ is the home of Coastal Spring Lamb and Coastal Lamb. The property is owned by the Redmayne family and was purchased in 1936 by Richard Redmayne’s great grandfather for its warm coastal location. ‘Tunnel Hill’ and a select group of

Coastal Spring Lamb (available from October to January) is tender, succulent and full of flavour. The secret is the spring pastures, which is lush ryegrass mixed with clovers and herbs. Discover a wonderful product, naturally seasoned by the sea.

8 Bone Frenched Rack Cap On

Rump Cap On

Frozen OVA178009 – ≈480-560g

Frozen OVA178067 – 4 x ≈320g

Leg Bone In

Rolled Leg Boneless

Frozen OVA178012 – ≈2kg

Frozen OVA178034 – ≈1.4kg


Shoulder Bone In

Frozen OVA178033 – ≈2kg

Frozen OVA178038 – ≈1.5kg

Rolled Shoulder Boneless

Hind Shank

Frozen OVA178026 – ≈1kg

Frozen OVA178036 – 2 x ≈500g

New Packaging

Duck Foie Gras

Whole lobe premium Fresh in vacuum pack SOFC5T001 – ≈550g

Now Available Frozen

Bresse Chicken

Barbary Duck Female

Corn Fed Chicken ‘Prince de Dombes’

‘Prince de Dombes’

Oven ready

Oven ready

Oven ready

Oven ready

Frozen MIE730 – 3 x ≈1.2-1.3kg

Frozen MIE850 – 5 x ≈1.5-2kg

Frozen MIE740 – 3 x ≈1.3-1.9kg

Frozen MIE735 – 3 x ≈1.4-1.7kg

Female AOP*

‘Prince de Dombes’

Guinea Fowl

*AOP=PDO (Protected Designation of Origin)


New Range

French Cheese Platters Son of a cheese maturer, Jean-Yves Bordier defines himself as a cheese chooser and refiner. He selects his cheeses for the quality of the artisans who made them. Bordier brings those cheeses to an optimum stage of savouring in their own maturing cellars.

Comté AOP* 2016 200g Franche-Comté Cow, hard cheese

Farmhouse Selles sur Cher AOP* 1 piece Touraine Goat, soft cheese, natural rind

Livarot AOP* 1 piece Normandie Cow, soft rinds with washed crusts

Camembert Pays d’Auge Bordier AOP* 1 piece Normandie Cow, soft rind cheese

Farmhouse St Nectaire AOP* 250g Auvergne

Douce France BOR800 – with fruits & nuts BOR801 – without fruits & nuts

Cow, soft cheese

Fourme d’Ambert AOP* 250g Auvergne Cow, blue cheese

Bleu d’Auvergne AOP* 180g Auvergne Cow, blue cheese

Farmhouse Tomme 250g Haute-Savoie Cow, soft cheese

La Marotte 200g Aveyron Ewe, hard cheese

Romans 1 piece Dauphiné Cow, soft rind cheese

Valencay AOP* 1 piece Touraine

Souvenirs, Souvenirs BOR802 – with fruits & nuts BOR803 – without fruits & nuts


Goat, soft cheese, natural rind

Langres AOP* 1 piece Haute-Marne Cow, washed rind cheese

*AOP=PDO (Protected Designation of Origin)

Pyrénnées Brebis Vallée d’Ossau AOP* 200g Pyrénées Ewe, hard cheese

Coeur de Neufchatel AOP* 1 piece Normandie Cow, soft rind cheese

Salers AOP* 200g Auvergne Cow, hard cheese

Tamié 250g Haute-Savoie Cow, soft cheese

Bleu des Causses AOP* 200g Aveyron

Les Copains d’Abord BOR804 – with fruits & nuts BOR805 – without fruits & nuts

Cow, blue cheese

Fromage de l’Hervé AOP* 1 piece Pays de Herve Cow, washed rind cheese

Romans 1 piece Dauphiné Cow, soft rind cheese

Bonde de Sologne Cendrée 1 piece Touraine Goat, soft cheese, natural rind

L’Estaing du Larzac 200g Aveyron Ewe, soft cheese

Bleu de Gex AOP* 200g Franche-Comté Cow, blue cheese

Petit Pavé d’Auge 1 piece Normandie

A Bicyclette BOR806 – with fruits & nuts BOR807 – without fruits & nuts

Cow, washed rind cheese

Cantal AOP* Entre 2 200g Cantal Cow, hard cheese

Pérail des Cabasses 1 piece Aveyron Ewe, soft cheese, natural rind

Petit Chaource AOP* 1 piece Champagne Cow, soft rind cheese

Pont l’Evêque AOP* half piece Normandie Cow, washed rind cheese

Morbier AOP* 200g Franche-Comté Cow, soft cheese

Appenzeller AOP* 200g Suisse

Bienvenue Chez Moi BOR808 – with fruits & nuts BOR809 – without fruits & nuts

Cow, hard cheese

Polochon Cendré 1 piece Deux-Sèvres Goat, soft cheese, natural rind

Timanoix 1 piece Morbihan Cow, washed rind cheese

La Moltais 150g Ille-et-Vilaine Cow, soft cheese

Raboliot 1 piece Ille-et-Vilaine Goat, soft cheese, natural rind

Curé Nantais 1 piece Pays de la Loire Cow, washed rind cheese

Crémeux du Mont St Michel 1 piece Normandie

Santiano BOR810 – with fruits & nuts BOR811 – without fruits & nuts

Non-stock items, to be ordered 7 days in advance

Cow, soft rind cheese

Tome de Rhuys 150g Morbihan Cow, soft cheese


New Sizes

Butter Portion 15g

Butter Portion 20g

Semi-salted NET220 – 100 x 15g Unsalted NET230 – 100 x 15g

Semi-salted NET240 – 100 x 20g Unsalted NET250 – 100 x 20g

Individually wrapped

Individually wrapped

Butter Roll Semi-salted NET260 – 20 x250g Unsalted NET270 – 20 x 250g

New Brand

American Style Full Fat Soft Cheese Somerset

Crème Fraiche Somerset

Mascarpone Somerset

BVD011 – 2kg

BVD013 – 2kg

Clotted Cream Somerset

Soured Cream Somerset

BVD012 – 6 x 1kg

BVD014 – 2kg

BVD010 – 2kg

Non-stock items, to be ordered 6 days in advance

Smoked Burrata

New Products Smoked Tronchetto Stretched-curd cheese, with a strong taste obtained by the smoking process with the beech wood

ITA123 – 2 x 2kg

Burrata with Truffles

Made from mozzarella and cream mixed with stracciatella for a very soft texture. Smoking procedure is made by using the wood of beech trees

Made from mozzarella and cream mixed with stracciatella for a very soft texture. With truffles for a unique taste

ITA122 – 18 x 125g

ITA153 – 20 x 125g

Fresh Ricotta Fresh, soft and creamy cheese

Cow’s milk ITA125 – 9 x 300g ITA127 – 2 x 1.5kg Sheep’s milk ITA124 – 4 x 500g Non-stock items, to be ordered 7 days in advance


New Brand

Naturally Flavoured Sparkling Soda Lemon

20cl Juices & Nectars Now in 20cl

A well-rounded, refreshing lemon flavour, balancing a delicate sweetness and slightly acidic taste

LOR100 – 12 x 33cl

Pink A subtle taste of lemon & lime, with a pink twist, that will delight the senses. The eye-catching pink colour comes from pure grape skin extract

LOR101 – 12 x 33cl


Cranberry Juice

Strawberry Nectar

Mango Nectar

ALM610 – 20 x 20cl

ALM601 – 20 x 20cl

ALM600 – 20 x 20cl

Wild Blueberry Nectar

Summer Pear Nectar

White Peach Nectar

ALM612 – 20 x 20cl

ALM611 – 20 x 20cl

ALM609 – 20 x 20cl

Orange Juice

Cox Apple Juice

Red Tomato Juice

ALM603 – 20 x 20cl

ALM604 – 20 x 20cl

ALM605 – 20 x 20cl

Free from any artificial colours or flavours, preservatives and caffeine.


New Brand

Dry Pasta THE PURE WATER FROM THE VERDE RIVER Delverde is based in Fara San Martino, Abruzzo. While the Verde river has been flowing here for millions of years, Delverde began producing high quality pasta in this area in 1967, following the pasta-making traditions of the Abruzzo region. Delverde’s misson is to produce the best pure pasta from the purest water. Captured at the core of the mountain and filtrated by noncontaminated 7-million- year rocks from the Pleistocene, the water they use to make their pasta is not only extremely pure but naturally cold at 8 degrees celsius. Completely neutral (free of

colour, taste or smell), the water from the Verde river is the perfect ingredient to preserve the quality and unique taste profile of the wheat.

A TRADITIONAL PROCESS Delverde makes pasta like in the old days: selecting the best durum wheat for a perfect “al dente” bite, extruding it through bronze die for a surface that holds sauce better and letting it dry to preserve the properties of the wheat.


Spaghettini DEL83003 – 24 x 500g


111/4 7




DEL83019 – 20 x 500g

Spaghetti DEL83004 – 24 x 500g


Mezzi Rigatoni DEL83020 – 20 x 500g


111/4 MINS



DEL83029 – 20 x 500g


Penne Zita Rigate

Bucatini DEL83006 – 20 x 500g




DEL83054 – 20 x 500g



DEL83011 – 24 x 500g




Farfalle DEL83222 – 20 x 500g


DEL83063 – 20 x 500g




DEL83032 – 20 x 500g






Gnocchi di Patate DEL83370 – 12 x 500g








DEL83106 – 12 x 500g

Organic Spaghetti DEL83280 – 24 x 500g


Whole Wheat Organic Penne Rigate


DEL83145 – 20 x 500g

Whole Wheat Organic Fusilli


Egg Ondine




DEL83109 – 12 x 500g

DEL83146 – 20 x 500g











DEL83197 – 12 x 500g

DEL83238 – 12 x 500g

DEL83240 –12 x 500g





DEL83061 – 20 x 500g



Spaghetti Nests


DEL83009 – 12 x 250g


Fettucine Nests


DEL83081 – 12 x 250g



Tagliatelle Nests DEL83082 – 12 x 250g







Pappardelle Nests

Egg Fettucine Nests

Egg Tagliatelle Nests

DEL83083 – 12 x 250g

DEL83089 – 12 x 250g

DEL83091 – 12 x 250g



Soft Wheat Flour

Durum Wheat Semolina

Very soft wheat flour, ideal for egg pasta

Stronger Durum wheat, course in texture, perfect for egg-less pasta

PIV001 – 5kg

PIV002 – 5kg

Type “00” - Rosa

New Brand


FRESH PIZZA FLOUR Hand selected wheat flour, produced in Bologna

Soft Wheat Flour

Soft Wheat Flour

W 290-320, Medium rising time PIV003 – 25kg

W 340-370, Long rising time PIV004 – 25kg

Type “0-00”

Type “0-00”

Fresh Pasta & Pizza Flours

New Product

New Product

Cherry Blossom

Sweet-and-sour condiment, aged exclusively in cherry wood barrels. Made with typical grapes from Modena. A fruity taste.

CAS840 – 0,25l


Smoked Olive Oil

Condiment based on extra virgin olive oil smoked with organic wood (oak, holm and olive natural wood). Perfect with scallops, fish, soups and sauces.

CAS842 – 0,5l

New Brand

Greek Range: Olive Oil, Olives & Almonds THE FAMILY OLIVE GROVE


Kalios comes from the heights of Neochori-Ithomi (Southern Peloponnese). Nestled in the mountains for seven generations, the family olive trees used to produce the Kalios products, some over 300 years old, were planted on a limestone land where water does not stagnate, which has a great importance for the quality of olives. The olives are picked and sorted by hand. They come from two different varieties: Koroneiki destined for the production of olive oil and Kalamata for the production of table olives.

The family oil is the result of a healthy and handmade farming. It is not an assembly/melting pot result. The olive oil single variety Kalios exclusively comes from the Koroneiki olive. The olives are hand-picked and immediately brought to the mill to extract the oil by cold centrifugation. Its strength lies in its low acidity and its perfectly balanced fruity flavour.

Perfect for pre-dinner drinks or on a slice of bread

Perfect on salads, steamed and raw vegetables

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 01 First harvest

Kalamata Olives in Brine

Kalamata Olives in Olive Oil

Kalamata olives in water, vinegar and sea salt.

Kalamata olives are marinated for a minimum of 5 to 6 weeks in extra virgin olive oil to create almost a preserved consistency.

KAL152 – 2kg

KAL151 – 3kg (2kg olives + 1kg olive oil)

Made with Koroneïki olives harvested in November. Intense unripe fruitiness, green hazelnut aromas.

Kalamata Olive Spread

Ideal on a grilled pita bread, with game, red meats or even semi-hard cheese

KAL100 – 5l

Made from the highest quality kalamata olives, the skin and pit are removed from the olive, and the pure olive flesh is crushed and conserved in a small amount of Kalios olive oil.

KAL150 – 1.6kg

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 02 Second harvest

Made with Koroneïki olives harvested in December. Balanced between unripe and ripe fruitiness, artichoke aromas.

KAL101 – 5l

Perfect with fresh pasta, grilled seafood, cheese and marinades

Ideal with stewed and ovenbaked dishes

Smoked & Salted Almonds KAL160 – 2.5kg

Roasted & Salted Almonds KAL161 – 2.5kg


Inspiration Range

Small 150g Packaging

page 20

page 21

s ’ t a h W ? w e N IN PASTRY

Extravaganza Range page 25


Ingredients for Ice Cream

Silicone Moulds

pages 28-29

page 31

Mini crunchies Chocolate cup

Fruit couverture

Strawberry crispies

Raspberry extravagant

Orange blossom macaroon

Sudachi puree

Blackcurrant macaroon

Mint puree


New Range

Fruit Couvertures You have mastered the art of working with chocolate, now apply it to fruit and nuts! Discover Inspiration, Valrhona’s first range of fruit couvertures. Valrhona has drawn on all its chocolate-making expertise to develop this technical feat combining the unique texture of chocolate with the intense flavour and colour of fruit.

Almond Inspiration

Strawberry Inspiration

Passion Fruit Inspiration

The pure and natural flavour of almonds combined with the unique texture of chocolate

The intense and gourmet flavour of strawberry confit with the unique texture of chocolate

The intense and gourmet flavour of tangy passion fruit with the unique texture of chocolate

VAL14029 – 3kg

VAL15391 – 3kg

VAL15390 – 3kg

New Flavours Mint & Asian Pear Puree

No Added Sugar

Natural peppermint extract and Asian pear that brings a slightly grainy texture and a sweet taste reminiscent of pears, pineapples and honey 0% added sugar

New Product

Pasteurised tub CAP112410 – 1kg

Rusti Rye Flour

Sudachi Puree

Type T170

Mainly from the Tokushima prefecture in Japan, the sudachi is a small round, green citrus fruit with unusual spicy notes 0% added sugar

No Added Sugar

MOU118 – 25kg

Rusti Rye Flour Type T130

Pasteurised tub CAP161510 – 1kg

MOU119 – 25kg

New Alternative


New Flavour

Vanilla Pearls

Dark Chocolate Croquant with Hazelnuts & Almonds

Made with pure vanilla seeds & natural vanilla concentrate

A delicious combination of dark, pure cocoa butter chocolate with roasted hazelnuts & almonds

VAN135 – 100g

CSM260 – 4kg

New Product

Xanthan Gum Powder stabiliser and thickener, obtained by organic fermentation. Stable at freezing/defrosting and in acidic environments Ideal for cake, pastry and sweet breads. Pre-mix with other powdered ingredients

Now Available in 150g

2 to 5g/kg LOU10024 – 150g

325 NH95 Pectin

Gluten Free Baking Powder

Gelling agent that gives a thermoreversible gel when heated in the presence of calcium ions Ideal for fruit purees, jellied milky desserts, non-jelly jams for fillings and sweet caramel sauce

0.3 to 0.5g/kg or 4 to 5g/of milk LOU10099 – 150g

LOU10169 – 1kg

Pectagel Rose

Fish Gelatine

Thickener and stabiliser, anticrystallizer and anti-syneresis Ideal for ice creams and particularly acidic sorbets

200 bloom, deodorised gelatine, fish origin Recommended for halal and kosher products

LOU1610A – 150g

LOU10025 – 150g

Yellow Pectin

NH Pectin Nappage

Gelling agent that gives a nonreversible gel when heated in acidic and sweet environments Ideal for confectionery, pastry and biscuits

Gelling agent that gives a thermoreversible gel Ideal for fillings & pastry toppings with undiluted fruits

10 to 12g/kg of total weight LOU10104 – 150g

10g/kg of weight LOU10037 – 150g

X58 Pectin

Gelling agent that gives a stable thermoreversible gel on freezing and defrosting Ideal for neutral water based toppings; cakes, sponge cakes and biscuits

LOU10128 – 150g

Now in 10kg

Agar-Agar Powder


Natural vegetable gelatine Ideal for confectionery, pastry and desserts

5 to 20kg/kg LOU10038 – 150g

In Free Range

Almond Powder

Almond Whole Blanched*

Almond Flaked*

AFR900 – 10kg

AFR905 – 10kg

AFR906 – 10kg

Hazelnut Whole Blanched*

Hazelnut Powder*

Pistachio Nuts Peeled*

AFR902 – 10kg

AFR908 – 10kg

AFR901 – 10kg

As a company with strong sustainable values, Classic Fine Foods has decided to replace its current pasteurised eggs by a brand new free range offering.

Free Range Pasteurised Egg Whole

Free Range Pasteurised Egg Whole

OVO200 – 2kg

OVO400 – 5kg


Pecan Nut Halves*

Pine Nut Kernels*

Walnut Halves*

AFR904 – 10kg

AFR907 – 10kg

AFR903 – 10kg

*Non-stock items, to be ordered 6 days in advance

Free Range Pasteurised Egg Yolk


Free Range Pasteurised Egg White


‘Le Blanc des Chefs’ Liquid

OVO100 – 2kg

OVO300 – 2kg


Sweet & Savoury Tart Shells

New Range



Small Savoury Round

Small Savoury Square

Large Savoury Round

Ø 38mm - H 15mm PCB033501 – 210 pieces

34 x 34mm - H 15mm PCB033503 – 210 pieces

Ø 80mm - H 17mm PCB033507 – 36 pieces

Large Savoury Square

Ebene Savoury Barquette

Neutral Savoury Barquette

69 x 69mm - H 17mm PCB033508 – 36 pieces

69 x 33mm - H 9mm PCB033510 – 252 pieces

69 x 33mm - H 9mm PCB033511 – 252 pieces

Carrot Tulip

Spinach Tulip

Beetroot Tulip

Ø 32mm - H 15mm PCB033512 – 192 pieces

Ø 32mm - H 15mm PCB033514 – 192 pieces

Ø 32mm - H 15mm PCB033513 – 192 pieces

Medium Round Gluten Free

Ø 50mm - H 20mm PCB033530 – 90 pieces

Large Round Gluten Free

Ø 85mm - H 20mm PCB033531 – 36 pieces

Sesame Cone Ø 25mm - H 75mm PCB033506 90 pieces



Sweet Cone

Small Chocolate Round

Small Chocolate Square

Large Chocolate Round

Ø 37mm - H 15mm PCB033526 – 210 pieces

34 x 34mm - H 15mm PCB033527 – 210 pieces

Ø 80mm - H 17mm PCB033528 – 36 pieces

Small Sweet Round

Small Sweet Square

Medium Sweet Round

Large Sweet Round

Ø 37mm - H 15mm PCB033515 – 210 pieces

34 x 34mm - H 15mm PCB033517 – 210 pieces

Ø 50mm - H 17mm PCB033520 – 90 pieces

Ø 80mm - H 17mm PCB033522 – 36 pieces

Ø 25mm - H 75mm PCB033521 90 pieces

Chocolate Cups

New Range

Dark & White Athena Cups Ø 71mm - H 50mm MLI103 – 36 pieces

Pastel Marbled Petits Fours Assortment Cups

Pastel Marbled Tulip Cups

Ø 37.5mm - H 34mm MLI102 – 38 pieces

Ø 70mm - H 65mm MLI101 – 36 pieces

Marbled Chocolate Crocus Cups Ø 50mm - H 42mm MLI100 – 72 pieces

Dark Chocolate Assortment Cups

Dark Chocolate Rectangle Cups

Square: 38 x 38mm - H 22mm MLI106 – 40 pieces

30 x 105mm - H 25mm MLI105 – 20 pieces

New Brand

Dark & White Iris Cups Ø 41mm - H 26mm MLI104 – 192 pieces

Mini Kaiser Rolls Assortment Part baked

Assortment of mini kaiser rolls with five flavoursome varieties: 40 white, 40 poppy seed, 40 multigrain, 40 sesame and 40 rye

DEL78428 – 200 x 35g

Traditional Focaccia Slab Part baked

Panitaly bread traditional focaccia made with extra virgin olive oil

DEL74111 – 10 x 550g

Flat Polar Bread Thaw & serve

Round, soft, dimpled flat bread. Made with rye and wheat flour

DELS1327 – 24 x 175g

Cherry Tomato Focaccia Slab Part baked

Panitaly bread stone baked focaccia slab, generously garnished with cherry tomatoes

DEL74110 – 10 x 750g

Green Olives Focaccia Slab Part baked

Panitaly bread focaccia made with extra virgin olive oil and generously garnished with whole green olives

DEL75382 – 6 x 750g

Mini Savoury Tartlet Assortment Ready to bake

A selection of bite size tartlets: garlic mushroom, ham & cheese, goat’s cheese & tomato, salmon & dill, cauliflower & broccoli. An ovenproof tray is included making serving and baking easier for caterers

3 trays of 25 tartlets, 5 of each flavour DEL59666 – 75 x 18g


New Range

Indulgent, practical and on-trend rolls for every moment of consumption: breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and pre-dinner!

B Break Cocoa & Chocolate Chips

B Break Muesli

B Break Chorizo

With a large quantity of chocolate chips with at least 50% cocoa

Made from 5 cereals and dried fruits (free of preservatives), enhanced with a dash of honey for a naturally sweet note

With very high-quality chorizo, free of colourants and smoked over beech woodmade, and paprika

BRI37395 – 40 x 70g

BRI37396 – 40 x 70g

BRI37394 – 40 x 70g

Fully baked

Fully baked

Fully baked

New Product

Made from a delicious croissant dough, this flaky, spiral-shaped bun is the ideal base for stunning topquality burgers, breakfast or deserts.


Bun’n’Roll BRI36967 – 50 x 85g

New Range

Blueberry and Muesli Extravagant Ready to bake

Muesli made of almonds, malted wheat flakes, rolled oats and blueberries

BRI37744 – 60 x 95g

Extra generous, extra surprising, extra indulgent! Made with pure butter, the Extravagant range offers colourful and tempting toppings for a very indulgent appearance. Its centres reveal intense flavours and its texture is crunchy, soft and tender.

Three Chocolates Extravagant Ready to bake

Raspberry Extravagant Cheesecake-style

White chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate

Crunchy pink sugar, cream cheese & raspberry

BRI37745 – 60 x 95g

BRI37746 – 60 x 95g

Spring Summer Macaroon Collection Ready to serve

Orange blossom Strawberry Blackcurrant Coconut Apricot Rose

Ready to bake

New Recipes

BRI36428 – 48 pieces (+/- 11g)

Autumn Winter Macaroon Collection Ready to serve

Banana Clementine Chocolate hazelnut Salted chocolate Red berries violet Apple cinnamon BRI36875 – 48 pieces (+/- 11g)

Assorted Macaroons Ready to serve

Lemon Salted caramel Raspberry Vanilla Chocolate Pistachio Coffee Passion fruit BRI36173 – 48 pieces (+/- 11g)

In keeping with the times, Bridor has developed whipped ganache macaroon recipes for a modern macaroon. The whipped ganache is made with white chocolate, cream (35% fat) and flavouring (such as fruit puree). Whipped ganache gives a refined and well-rounded flavour. Bridor macaroons are lighter, smoother, rounder, and lower in fat!


New Products

Premium Technical Ingredients SUGARS A range of coloured and flavoured sugars suitable for decoration on desserts, chocolates and bakery products.

Cinnamon Sugar

Mint Sugar

Pineapple Sugar

Orange Sugar

Toffee Sugar

SOS00102012 – 500g

SOS00102024 – 500g

SOS00102010 – 500g

SOS00102026 – 500g

SOS00102020 – 500g

PETA CRISPIES A range of popping candy coated with chocolate, ideal for decorating cakes, confectionery and ice creams.


Yoghurt White Chocolate Peta Crispy

Strawberry White Chocolate Peta Crispy

SOS58500048 – 900g

SOS58500040 – 900g

FREEZE DRIED & CRISPIES A range of freeze dried fruits to give exceptional flavour to confectionery, bread products, desserts, ice creams and fillings.

Freeze Dried Pineapple Pieces

Freeze Dried Pear Slices

SOS44050376 – 45g

SOS44050358 – 40g

Caramel Crispy

Lime Crispy

Strawberry Crispy 2-10mm

Strawberry Crispy 1-4mm

Mango Crispy Wet Proof

SOS00152507 – 750g

SOS44050539 – 300g

SOS44050540 – 200g

SOS44050547 – 300g

SOS44050908 – 400g

EXTRACT POWDERS A range of powders extracted from fruits to give your finished product an intense taste.

Berry Mix Powder

Mango Powder

SOS44050411 – 700g

SOS44050405 – 700g

Passion Fruit Powder

Raspberry Powder

SOS44050409 – 700g

SOS44050302 – 300g


New Brand

Ingredients for Ice Cream THE GELATO EXPERT Montebianco stemmed from the historical company Mark, which specialised in the production of ice cream machinery. They have been an established manufacturer of semi-finished ingredients for gelato since 1966. From the very beginning of the new company they target the centrality of R&D, which is a key point in the creation of its wide range of products. Montebianco has always invested and will continue to invest in products, which are the real company’s lifeblood.

THE LIFE TRAIL APPROACH Third millennium consumers demand increasingly more comprehensive food security. It is an inalienable right to be

protected from the consumption chain. Gelato artisans have a duty to provide such protection, and companies have to ensure high safety standards. LIFE TRAIL is a path that Montebianco undertakes to guarantee its customers and consumers a clear Food Policy based on mutual trust. It is devoted to the continued research of pure ingredients in line with proper nutrition. LIFE TRAIL is an ambitious project, which presents Montebianco with some choices that sometimes contrast with industrial logic, but allow it in the future to constantly ensure the best possible ingredient solutions according to historical need. Montebianco has been eliminating artificial flavours from its products, replacing hydrogenated fats with refined fats and insisting on full traceability of some noble raw materials, to ensure the highest chain quality standards.


Considered as the basis of the future by professionals, and the key ingredient for an extremely high quality gelato

Can be mixed with dairy cream to get an excellent sauce for variegating gelato or as an insert for pastry creations

Tenace Syrup for Sorbets

Dulce de Leche

A base free of stabilizers and emulsifiers Clean label

Made of vegetable fibers, without milk derivatives, without vegetable fats and without emulsifiers

A new ingredient, not to be considered as a paste, conceived to become a fundamental ingredient for both gelato and pastry productions

140 gr/kg mix MCO100 – 2kg

250 gr/kg mix MCO112 – 3kg

250/400gr/kg mix MCO102 – 7kg

New Age Mix Milk Base


Guarantees an amazing result over time and above all protects sorbet from sineresis and glitters

Fruit Base

Cream Paste

EXCELLENCE RANGE Almond Paste A fine and delicate taste for a high quality gelato

80/100 gr/kg mix MCO103 – 3kg

Pistachio 100% Bronte PDO Paste Pistachio Bronte Paste 100% pure and certified, the Italian queen of excellence and Montebianco’s flagship

80/100 gr/kg mix MCO104 – 3kg

Hazelnut Piedmont PGI Paste Pure PGI Piedmont hazelnut paste – a true Italian excellence

80/100 gr/kg mix MCO105 – 5kg

VARIEGATI GOURMET RANGE Variegati Gourmet range uses only noble raw materials for high quality products.

Raspberry with Pieces


Maracuja Ecuador

MCO106 – 4kg

MCO111 – 4kg

MCO108 – 4kg

Montebianco presents a new “gourmet” range with variegates to meet high confectionery standards. The use of high-grade raw materials and a skilful mix made by their White Room Gurus ( allowed them to develop products of absolute quality in line with the Life Trail standards.


Mandarin Ciaculli

MCO109 – 4kg

MCO107 – 4kg

Honey Ginger Orange MCO110 – 4kg


New Range

In Season

140 Ice Cream Cones BB

4 Moulds Entremet “Tong”

4 designs

for 48 pieces

22 x 38mm PCB030132

125 x 57mm H 10mm PCB010241

392 Petals White Choc “Pink” Signets are ultra-thin discs to add to your bakery creations that blend harmoniously with your products. They are made from carefully selected ingredients: starch, sugar, fibres, grape seed oil, cocoa butter. The recipe has been specially designed to be totally natural and pair with your product perfectly. Customisation options are available.


10 Moulds Entremet “Coeur de Fraise”

392 Petals White Choc “Yellow”

168 x 156mm H 52mm PCB019105


117 Daisies Compound 117 Daisies BB Coating “Rose” Ø 25mm PCB004853

Ø 25mm PCB030081

1320 Signets “Smiley” 5 designs

“Adeline” Transfer Sheets 400 x 250mm PCB016618 – 125 sheets


1320 Signets “Organic”

1320 Signets “Gluten Free”

96 Flip Flops BB 6 designs

“Baba” Transfer Sheets



40 x 175mm PCB030128

400 x 250mm PCB042409 – 125 sheets

New Products

120 Rosso Leathers “Mini-eclairs” 3 designs

66 x 24mm PCB040053


“Sirocco” Transfer Sheets 400 x 250mm PCB042406 – 125 sheets

20 Moulds Entremet “Larme”

“Picco Bello” Transfer Sheets

95 x 55mm H 42cm PCB009900

400 x 250mm PCB042407 – 125 sheets

Non-stock items, to be ordered 10 days in advance

New Products

Kit Tarte Ring M Size Mould: Ø 122 H 20mm Size Ring: Ø 150 H 20mm SIL2524487

Kit Tarte Ring S

Kit Tarte Ring L

Size Mould: Ø 67 H 15mm Size Ring: Ø 80 H 20mm SIL2524387

Size Mould: Ø 160 H 20mm Size Ring: Ø 190 H 20mm SIL2036987

Eye 250 x 140 H 65mm SIL3037387

Incontro 750


Ø 160 H 50mm SIL2036787

Ø 180 H 50mm SIL2037087

Fashion Eclair

Cylindre 75 Eclair

130 x 25 H 25mm SIL3623587

126 x 27 H 27mm SIL3624787

Fingers 75 Eclair


130 x 27 H 27mm SIL3624887

60 x 55 H 76mm SIL2831487


New Products

Disposable Pipping Bags 60 x 320mm SIL7014299 – 100 pieces

Baking Paper 600 x 400mm SIL7348199 – 500 pieces

New Brand

Plate Cardboard Black 380gr/m2

Plate Cardboard Gold 380gr/m2

Ø 90mm TRA013CN8 – box of 200 units

Ø 90mm TRA013C8 – box of 200 units

Double-Sided Round Cardboard with Tab Gold/Black 1000-1100gr/m2 Ø 40mm Ø 50mm Ø 60mm Ø 70mm Ø 80mm Ø 90mm

TRA0007R4 – box of 200 units TRA0007R5 – box of 200 units TRA0007R6 – box of 200 units TRA0007R7 – box of 200 units TRA0007R8 – box of 200 units TRA0007R9 – box of 200 units

Double-Sided Square Cardboard with Tab Gold/Black 1000-1100gr/m2 Ø 40mm Ø 50mm Ø 60mm Ø 70mm Ø 80mm


TRA0007C4 – box of 200 units TRA0007C5 – box of 200 units TRA0007C6 – box of 200 units TRA0007C7 – box of 200 units TRA0007C8 – box of 200 units

Double-Sided Round Cardboard Gold/Black 750gr/m2 Ø 180mm TRA07R718 – box of 100 units Ø 200mm TRA07R720 – box of 100 units Ø 220mm TRA07R722 – box of 100 units

Double-Sided Small Log Cardboard without Tab Gold/Black 1000-1100gr/m2 50 x 100mm TTRA7SD510 – box of 200 units

Double-Sided Rectangle Cardboard with Tab Gold/Black 1000-1100gr/m2 95 x 55mm TRA7R9555 – box of 200 units


ARTISTIC SUGAR SCULPTURES by Florian Poirot 11th - 13th June 2018


Our Pasty


by Benoit Blin MCA 25th - 27th June 2018

VALRHONA, GATEAUX DE VOYAGE by Luke Frost 17th - 19th July 2018




by Emmanuele Forcone 3rd - 6th September 2018

by Vincent Guerlais 11th - 13th September 2018

by Luc Eyriey 2nd - 4th October 2018




Our Cuisine


by Vincent Menager 30th May 2018

by Michaël Petit 18th or 19th September 2018

by Michael Wignall 25th September 2018

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Westway Estate, 18-20 Brunel Rd, Park Royal, London W3 7XR T. 020 7627 9666 E.


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