Balanced Family Summer Issue 2016

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electing a family photographer is a key decision for parents. The right photographer will not only infuse style into the images but also capture children at their most precious moments. These photos also serve as keepsakes that will be treasured for years to come. But with so many photographers to choose from across Northeast Ohio, where should parents begin their search? “When you’re inviting a photographer on a family level into your life, this is a person whom you’re going to have a long-term relationship with. A great place to start is to ask friends you trust whom they trust,” says Brittany Gidley, who started Brittany Gidley Photography in downtown Cleveland four years ago. Julie White, who founded Jules White Photography in Gates Mills in 2013, agrees that referrals are the best way to narrow the search. “A referral is always the best way to


find someone who you think will work best for you. Once you get a couple names, do some research because you want to make sure those photos speak to you,” she says. Unlike selecting a wedding photographer, it’s not always necessary to meet a family photographer in person. Rachel Good, who began Rachel Good Photography in Columbia Station about four years ago, encourages parents to view various photographers’ portfolios online. “I discuss online with my clients about themes and colors. I have them tell me a little about their family and things they like to do or dislikes so I can

Knowing what to look for when choosing a family photographer can lead to keepsakes to treasure and share for a lifetime By Kristen Mott

Brittany Gidley Photography

plan a great location and memorable session for their family. I do have some clients ask to see my work and I direct them to my sample albums online and on my Facebook pages,” she says. Deciding on the tone and style of the photos also is an important aspect for parents to consider. “We love creating whimsical, overthe-top photo shoots that focus on family interaction,” Gidley says. “The image that grandma wants these days is different than what mom wants. Grandma wants everyone smiling, while mom and dad want images that reflect who they are as parents and the relationship they have right now with their children.” White, on the other hand, produces more natural-looking images. “If you really just want natural, simplistic, beautiful images, you would choose someone like me,” she says. “I always encourage people to send me ideas, but trust that I have plenty of my own. They’re picking me because