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We try the range of products helping game meat become more accessible

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Garofalo UK: 01438 813 444 www.pastagarofalo.it info@garofalo.co.uk

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From the Editor


elcome to our latest issue of The Delicatessen Magazine. This is our Farm Shop & Deli Show issue, so if you are reading this after getting a copy from the show and would like to read more issues in the future, get in touch and we’ll add you to the reader list! This issue is packed full of great content on a plethora of different

subjects. We discover more about cannabis oil; it’s benefits and how to use it. Our office dog tries some superfood treats from a fast-growing start up, and we get some pretty tasty game pies too! There is much, much more inside, so all that is left from me to say is that I hope you enjoy your read and our next issue will be out soon. Chris McNeill



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ermentation is on the rise and with the growing demand is supported by consumer perceptions of it as a ‘natural’ and healthy’ food preservation method. Currently sitting at the intersection of two mega-trends that are coming together to define consumption patterns in the UK and Europe: the demand for ‘natural products that also delivers added health benefits. This is largely due to the reported health benefits and minimal preparation needed for fermented foods.


WHAT ARE FERMENTED FOODS? Chances are most of us have been eating fermented food our whole lives, maybe without even realising it. Fermented foods promote the growth and life cycle of good bacteria to transform the flavour and shelf life of different ingredients. Fermented foods are foods rich in probiotic bacteria so by consuming fermented foods you are adding beneficial bacteria and enzymes to your overall intestinal flora, increasing the health of your gut microbiome and digestive system and enhancing the immune system.


Adam and wife, Faye have been fermenting at home for a couple of years, having been introduced to it by Faye’s brother, Mendel. He’s a master fermenter and qualified nutritional therapist and had recommended that they try Kombucha, Sauerkraut and Kefir to help fix some health issues they were facing. Faye had suffered with IBS for years and Adam was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis about six years ago. Mendel himself had also lived with quite severe eczema for many years. What they came to all understand was

that a lot of health issues begin with the gut. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any products on the market that ticked all of their boxes: glass packaging, unpasteurised, organic, locally sourced ingredients and properly fermented. So, with Mendel’s support and advice, they started making their products at home, combining them with a healthy, organic diet – to great effect!

When choosing what to eat though, it’s important to choose as natural as possible. This means organic, avoiding plastics and absolutely, 100%, ensuring that the products are raw and unpasteurised. Loving Foods is great! All of our products deliver on all of these benefits Adam, Loving Foods

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Live products are amazing and humans have been eating and drinking them since time immemorial – ‘Loving Foods’ are ready to help people re-discover them today after a few decades of us forgetting about them in the West. Fermented foods are teeming with essential acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and most importantly of all – friendly bacteria. Our bodies are literally teeming with bacteria and they outnumber our own cells many times. Most of the bacteria that live inside us are essential,

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predominantly good, and mostly residing in our gut. They are responsible for everything from helping us to digest our food, through to our overall immunity and resistance to illness and disease. Imbalances in the gut, or dysbiosis, can lead to a range of issues, some directly related to the gut, but others not. Health problems can manifest all over the body but be caused by problems starting in the gut. More and more research is now showing how crucial our gut bacteria and gut health is to our overall wellbeing, and it is thought that consuming good bacteria, particularly in the form of fermented foods and drinks, can help re-populate and re-balance a damaged digestive system.

In case you haven’t come across these yet, drinking vinegars are apple cider vinegar that has been pre-diluted, flavoured and is ready to drink. We’re working on the recipes at the moment so watch this space! Adam, Loving Foods


‘Loving Foods’ is definitely passionate and confident in their products as they’ve jumped straight into multiple product categories. With their main focus always being on fermentation they guarantee to offer fully fermented, organic and plastic free food and drink products of the highest quality and freshness.


FERMENTED VEGETABLES • Organic Sauerkrat – Classic • Organic Sauerkrat – Carway & Juniper Berry • Organic Red Cabbage Sauerkraut – Winter Warmer • Organic Sauerkraut - Cortido • Organic Kimchi – Classic • Organic Kimchi – Turmeric & Black Pepper

FERMENTED VEGETABLES JUICES • Organic Beet Kvass – Winter Warmer

• Organic Kimchi Juice – Classic • Organic Kimchi Juice – Turmeric & Black Pepper • Organic Krautchi Juice – Spring Medley • Organic Sauerkraut Juice _Classic • Organic Sauerkraut Juice – Caraway & Juniper Berry FERMENTED DRINKS • Organic Jun – Blueberry & Lavender • Organic Jun – Lemon & Ginger • Organic Kombucha – Blueberry & Lavender • Organic Kombucha - Grapefruit, Hibiscus & Ginger • Organic Kombucha – Hibicus & Lime • Organic Kombucha – Lemon & Ginger • Organic Kombucha – Matcha Mint

We get regular emails from customers thanking us for what we’re doing and telling us how much our products have helped them on the health journey. This kind of thing makes all the hard work worthwhile. As long as our customers keep buying it, we’ll keep making it! Adam, Loving Foods

MIXED CASES • Fermented Vegetables Mixed Case • Fermented Drinks Mixed Case • Fermented Vegetable Juice Mixed Case • Organic Kombucha Mixed Case • Organic Jun Mixed Case


Exciting times are ahead for Loving Food. With the thriving success of their initial range, they are already working on ideas for new kombucha and jun flavours, new varieties of fermented veg and they’re planning on launching a range of new drinking vinegars soon too! Loving Foods’ vision is to share with everyone the knowledge behind the benefits of fermented foods and drinks and that there is so much variety available. l Tel: (0161) 667 1477 Web: www.lovingfoods.co.uk

Our Verdict

l This is a company that is clearly enthused to share with us all the benefits of fermented food in a way that’s organic, fully fermented, environmentally friendly and that also taste great! Although they are still a fairly new business, they have ensured their products meet their unique criteria, already have a strong customer following and have a clear vision on where they want to take ‘Loving Foods’ in the future. The range of products is invitingly intriguing and look great in their glassware packaging. They will definitely stand out on any Delicatessen’s shelves. We believe this is a company that will definitely gain further interest and regular customers. Hearing about all of the products they also have lined up to hit their range over the next year shows the possibilities are endless.

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‘Catch of the Day’ THEIR STORY…

Speaking with Brian I was intrigued to learn that this Irish-Canadian black bear is directly descended from the High King of Ireland, Brian Boru, who lived around the 11th century. Continuing along his family timeline, Brian’s Irish grandparents emigrated to Vancouver Island in British Columbia in the sixties to being a new life in the forests, it was there they were introduced to the Canadian First Nation tradition of candying and smoking salmon to preserve it. But having only paws, and with no access to a vacuum packer, Brian’s dream of bringing his candied smoked salmon to the wider world remained unfulfilled. Until one day, fishing by the river, he met Niall and their shared passion for salmon instantly connected them. After both flying back to England, together they founded The Can-D Food Co. Ltd. Hundreds of hours of testing and development with a backyard cardboard smoker followed. Brian spoke about how much salmon between they “had” to eat, until at last, they found the right mix of ingredients – sea salt, maple syrup and honey. Perfecting the process of air drying and smoking the fish over old whiskey barrel oak, the result was the first commerciallyproduced candied smoked salmon outside of North America.

Unique flavour and texture

This delectable high-end treat really sends your taste buds into a saporous journey. The salmon is low in saturated fat and packed full with vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids. After years of testing and development they got the perfect flavour and texture; the result is deliciously sweet and salty with a smokey undertone.

Our t Verdic


“ beer or glass of chilled fizz”

It’s pawsitively delicious with a cold

THINGS TO SHOUT ABOUT! • Best Scottish Salmon • Rich in Protein • Gluten Free • No Artificial Colours • No Artificial Flavours • No Artificial Preservatives


• Sushi • Hors d’oeuvres • Classy bar snack • Main ingredient in a fish recipe www.can-d.co.uk

l The Can-D Food Co. Ltd's Candied Smoked Salmon is a uniquely-flavoured, savoury-sweet, satisfyingly-chewy treat, perfect with a glass of cold beer or chilled fizz. We think you’ll never have tasted anything like it!

6 The Delicatessen Magazine

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Talking over A CUPPA


National Tea Day’ has partnered with leading mental health charity ‘Mind’ to bring people together over tea and raise awareness around the benefits of sharing a cup of tea with friends or family to talk about what’s on their mind. The partnership will coincide with the official ‘National Tea Day’ which marks the Queen’s birthday on the 21stApril 2019 and will see 10% of the gate receipts from FesTeaVal, the family friendly tea festival on the 13th& 14thof April at Chiswick House be donated to Mind. With one in four suffering from a mental health problem in the UK and depression and loneliness on the rise; the partnership is aimed to encourage people to put down their phones and speak to those you know over a cup of tea, supporting better mental health.

WE SPOKE FURTHER WITH THOSE BEHIND THIS FANTASTIC PARTNERSHIP… “We are delighted to be able to make a financial contribution to support Mind’s supportive work and enable the charity to provide support services to those most in need. In today’s busy society research has highlighted depression and loneliness is on the rise but many suffer in silence. This campaign aims to encourage the


‘NATIONAL TEA DAY’ HAVE PARTNERED WITH MENTAL HEALTH CHARITY ‘MIND’ TO GET PEOPLE TALKING OVER A CUPPA… millions of tea drinkers in the UK to reach out to those close to them and allow those to talk about what is on their mind over a cup of tea.” The campaign messaging highlighting the importance of meeting up over a tea is also going to be implemented through a series of London Underground adverts as well as shared through national and social media channels, in a marketing campaign specifically designed to target young people. Marco Geraghty, Director at National Tea Day

“If your feelings of loneliness are having a negative impact on your mental health, talk to your GP. There are also lots of things you can do to help you feel less lonely, such as volunteering, starting a hobby or exercising. If you find social contact difficult, try a supportive online community like Mind’s Elefriends (www.elefriends.org.uk), or visit Mind’s info pages on loneliness, (www.mind.org.uk) to find more information and support available.” Stephen Buckley, Head of Information at Mind

“We’re really grateful to National Tea Day for choosing to support Mind. It’s fantastic to see people get together over a cuppa to combat loneliness and talk about whatever is on their mind. “Every penny raised will fund our vital work including Mind’s Infoline, advice services and the campaigning work we do to secure a better deal for the one in four of us who experience a mental health problem every year.” Loneliness isn’t a mental health problem in itself, but it is linked to mental health – feeling lonely can contribute to developing things like anxiety and depression, while people living with mental health problems are more likely to feel lonely.” Rebecca Hastings, Head of Corporate Partnerships at Mind.

‘National Tea Day’ is celebrated each year on the 21stof April and is the official day in the U.K. to celebrate our love of tea. 2019 sees the launch of the ‘Reignite Your Passion’ campaign encouraging people to get excited about sampling great teas again and to opt for a healthy tea which can help you feel better. Why not show your support by getting together with friends and family and share a photo of you enjoying a cuppa together on social media #nationalteaday (and don’t forget to tag @DelicatessenMag on Twitter or @thedelicatessenmag on Instagram. For more information visit: www.nationalteaday.co.uk

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The Brook’ seeks to address the current imbalance in the availability of tasty vegan ready meals. With veganism rocketing in the UK – from an estimated half a million in 2016 to 3.5 million today and 1/3 of consumers claiming to have deliberately reduced the amount of meat they consume or removed it entirely from their diet, the growing trend in plant-based eating is patently evident. However, in a society where 93% of UK adults are eating ready meals, representing a market worth £4.7 billion 39% of UK consumers feel that current vegan ready meal options ‘are boring’. ‘The Brook’ is the brainchild of Thea Brook, a self-confessed foodie and business entrepreneur. The catalyst for the start-up was a health problem which required Thea to change her eating habits and experiment with creating amazing flavoursome meals without meat and dairy. ‘The Brook’ proposition is to deliver the freshest vegan meals, featuring premium ingredients, to create outstanding nutritionally rich dishes, many of which represent a play on traditional flavours widely associated with meat and dairy. With the food frozen to seal in the flavour, texture and nourishment this product reaches the consumers as close to freshly cooked as possible. The formal launch of the business follows a three-month ‘Test Kitchen’ phase, during which Thea and her team of six, trialled different dishes to identify the most popular lines. Best sellers in the menu currently include: Jackfruit Rendang, Seafood Stew, Bourguignon and Mac & Cheese. These ready-to-eat offerings have come about after the success of Thea’s hugely popular restaurant business, (with the last 9 months based in a Hackney pop-up which was awarded the 2018 Time Out award winner, Best Restaurant in Hackney – after only 3 months!) and marks the culmination of over five years of honing recipes designed to appeal to the busy, healthconscious consumer keen to reduce their carbon footprint. Consumers – ardent vegan enthusiasts as well as those wishing to reduce their meat and dairy intake

A NEW PLANT-BASED MEAL BRAND OFFERING PREMIUM QUALITY, EXCITING RECIPE DISHES TARGETING THE TIME POOR BUT HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENTALLY AWARE CUSTOMER, LAUNCHED THIS YEAR AT IFE 2019 – can access an impressive selection of meals via The Brook’s Vegan Meal Box. Each box contains 8 dishes, comprising a selection of mains, sides, protein components and sweet treats to allow customers to mix and match throughout the week. The Brook – which offers a UK mainland food delivery service - is being backed by an £170k investment (raised in just one day) via the Seedrs crowdfunding platform. While the focus to date has been direct to consumer, the business is keen to extend its reach to restaurants and pubs looking to improve upon their existing vegan options, or those keen to introduce a selection of highquality vegan dishes to capitalise on the current explosion of interest in plant-based eating. In addition, the business is exploring possible routes to retail, via both the independent and multiple sectors. Commenting on the launch, Thea Brook says, “We want to reach as many people as possible with delicious, exciting plant-based food, to show them how incredible it can be. Our point of

difference is that we are creating food for people with a traditional palate, our food will appeal to committed vegans and flexitarian foodies alike! We want to support people’s decision to live more sustainably, by giving them an easy option to swap on as many fronts as possible. We’re launching in the UK with one or 2 product lines but have many more in development as well as having our sights on other countries.” ‘The Brook’ has already attracted a number of celebrity clients, including singer / actress Kate Nash, TV and radio presenters Sarah-Jane Crawford and Jasmine Harman, as well as vegan educator Earthling Ed. A comprehensive marketing programme is planned for the launch which includes PR and social media support, activating a number of mutually beneficial collaborative partnerships, pop-up events and brand ambassador recruitment. The Brook was also selected as a Finalist in the Convenience Food Category of the World Food Innovation Awards 2019 – well done Thea! l www.the-brook.co.uk

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e are a very small team dedicated to the Garofalo brand in the UK, although we are lucky to have the backing of a great team at the factory in Italy. When it comes to the day to day running of sales, marketing and decision making it falls to two of us, myself and my colleague Mal. Yo u may have spotted us over the past few years at various trade shows ready to talk about the virtues of Garofalo pasta, which we love to do! However, for this year we made a decision to leave the Garofalo stand in the box and take a break from trade shows. Still keen to be involved in the Farm Shop and Deli show somehow, but without the stand we took the decision, when the opportunity arose, to become the sponsors of the Farm Shop and Deli Awards 2019. As a brand specialising in excellent pasta supplying farm shops and delicatessens, we thought it was a perfect match, and we are proud to sponsor the awards celebrating excellence within the specialist retail market. As a sponsor I went with Nigel Barden chair of the judges, and Antonia, who organises the awards, visiting some of the finalists. I visited a very large deli that was part of a small group of stores, a tiny deli with amazing merchandising solutions, a London grocer, regional farm shops and a specialised cheese deli. This was a very small number compared to Nigel, but it gave me enormous insight into the passion and knowledge, range of products and brands each store offered.

I don’t envy Nigel and his fellow judges the task of choosing the category winners, but I am looking forward to handing out two of the awards at the ceremony on the 8th April. There was however one thing that put a slight dampener on my visits – no one was stocking Garofalo pasta! Every store I visited had a different pasta brand to the next, some wellknown brands and some very small niche Italian brands. But what I had seen, well actually not seen, got me thinking… Garofalo is stocked by a number of regional and national wholesalers, we do our fair share of brand awareness marketing in the right press, and I was once told by someone in the trade, “Garofalo pasta is everywhere”, still I did not see it stocked on any of the award finalists’ shelves. I know there are many great

specialist retailers stocking our pasta and I always get a buzz when I see it on shelf for the first time. My family still let me know if they have spotted Garofalo pasta on their travels, even sending me pictures of neatly stacked pasta packs. There are many wonderful Italian brands to choose from and Garofalo can’t be everywhere but here are the burning questions for me and other producers wanting to find their brand on as many specialist retailer shelves as possible.

What are the decisions taken when choosing a particular brand over another to stock in your store? l How can producer influence the decisions you make to stock its brand over another? l

Answers on an email greatly received – sally@garofalouk.com – Many thanks! l

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HIGH on information


hen you say “cannabis” you would be forgiven for imagining rebelling teenagers, Bob Marley songs and ‘weekend getaways’ to Amsterdam. In fact, up until now we also thought the same... However, we were enlightened and left amazed by the benefits of these new CBD products and felt that we needed to tell you guys more about this fastgrowing industry space and offer you a selection of our favourites.


With there being so many terms to take in within the sphere of CBD: CBD oil, THC, cannabis, Cannabidiol, cannabinoids...the list goes on…. For those unaware of what CBD oil or Cannabidiol is, let’s try to explain quickly… CBD oil is one of the most well-known naturally occurring cannabinoids of the cannabis plant. The confusion comes when people confuse cannabidiol (a nonintoxicating cannabinoid), with the most well-known Cannabinoid, THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), which when smoked causes the effect of feeling euphoric or “high”. To go into a bit more detail, CBD has been in recent years legalised and accepted by organisations such as the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Meaning that elite athletes are even allowed to take it for its vast benefits. These cannabinoid compounds (a natural chemical compound found within the cannabis plant as well other plants.) interact with the bodies cannabinoid receptors throughout the body and are part of the body’s natural endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for many physiological processes including appetite, painsensation, mood, memory and much

10 The Delicatessen Magazine

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WITH SO MUCH DISCUSSION GOING ON IN THE INDUSTRY SURROUNDING CBD PRODUCTS WE WANTED TO FIND OUT WHAT ALL THE FUSS IS ABOUT. more. This system runs through the central nervous system, the brain and peripheral nervous systems. In essence you can find it in almost every part of your body, which is why its benefits can be so far reaching. It is clear that the body is built to manage, use and benefit from cannabis and CBD rich, low THC cannabis allows people to feel many of the benefits without the effects of being “high” or “stoned”. There are however many studies that point toward reasonable levels of THC being essential in the management of certain ailments. The rapid growth of whole plant CBD-rich oils and products as a therapeutic option has changed the national conversation about cannabis. It’s no longer a question of whether medical marijuana works—today the key question is how to use cannabis for maximum therapeutic benefit. Everyone has different levels of CBD that they can absorb at a time. So, the answer to resolving the issue is not necessarily taking more. The right dose, taken regularly is the key. Only the individual can determine what their levels are. To figure this out, we recommend to start low and slow, gradually building up the dose until the desired effect is reached. When making your choice of CBD oil, it is recommended to look for a full spectrum oil, as all of the parts of the cannabis plant work together to increase its overall benefits. This does mean that it will contain a very small amount of THC, below the legal limit and not enough to cause you to get

high. Some people talk about a feeling of euphoria and a high feeling, but that is often just a feeling of happiness from the relief you feel.



Humphrey's CBD offer CBD Infused Juice Drinks. They are great tasting, have only allnatural ingredients, contain organically grown hemp, and are all THC free.


YourHemp are a brandnew UK based premium CBD company, stocking a range of CBD oils, Vape E-Liquid and Creams. As this brand’s name indicates they use the hemp plant to extract their CBD oil.


Body Mind Botanicals are a British based company who control the whole process of their CBD products. They process the plants to make their own blend of CBD oils, honey and award-winning tea.

03/04/2019 02:50



s we’ve already explored this issue, Cannabidiol, or CBD as it is more commonly known, is one of over a hundred naturally occurring cannabinoids in hemp plants. It is the most abundant cannabinoid in hemp, where other compounds such as CBG, CBN and CBC are also present in smaller amounts. For thousands of years people have been using CBD from hemp as many deem that it has properties that are beneficial for general wellness. Since the relaxation of the laws surrounding the use of CBD there has been an explosion of health-based hemp products with high profile celebrities setting the trend. For thousands of years people from across Asia and the Middle East have been using CBD oil from hemp as it’s deemed to have properties that are beneficial for general wellness. Cannabidiol has a positive effect on the endocannabinoid system present in our brain and nervous system and is believed to reduce pain perception, help regulate sleep and boost our immune-system.


After two years of research and a lot of hard work Dan Humphrey’s is thrilled to bring you his range of Humphrey’s CBD (cannabidiol) infused juice drinks. During his research he tried lots of CBD products from food, drinks, cakes, sweet and a load more. But with every product he felt he could do better so set about creating a range of CBDinfused juice drinks putting taste and wellness at the heart of the range. He was careful to choose ingredients that are natural and good for you with nothing artificial added.

CBD (CANNABIDIOL) IS THE INGREDIENT OF THE MOMENT, AND THERE’S A NEW KID ON THE CLOCK IN CBD DRINKS. NEW BRAND ‘HUMPHREY’S’, IS THE FIRST-TO-MARKET WITH ITS RANGE OF NON-CARBONATED CBD INFUSED JUICE DRINKS AIMED AT THE RETAIL AND CATERING SECTORS. Central to his range is of course CBD. Humphrey’s comes from the hemp plant. It’s 100% natural and from a trusted source. With 15mg of CBD in each 115ml bottle we know it’s the highest of any CBD drink out there. Dan explained that CBD, as an ingredient, has so much potential and he is very excited by the interest in it from right across the globe. And with the World Health Organisation giving it the thumbs up he believes this will open up lots more opportunities to harness its growing popularity.


Believed to be beneficial for general wellness, CBD oil is fast making an appearance in a variety of food and drinks products. What sets Humphrey’s apart however is its high level of CBD content – 15mg per bottle – along with all-natural ingredients. These new CBD infused drinks are aimed at consumers of all ages who have a general interest in health and wellbeing and choose natural alternatives where possible. The CBD oil contained in Humphrey’s drinks comes from organically grown hemp plants so it’s 100% pure and natural and from a trusted certified source. Humphrey’s uses a high-grade full spectrum hemp extract to ensure the drinks benefit from a combination of cannabinoids, terpenes, ketones, phenols, flavonoids, minerals and omega fatty acids. Cannabidiol is one of over a hundred naturally occurring cannabinoids in

hemp plants. But unlike the cannabis compound Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it won’t get you high. Cannabidiol is believed to have a positive effect on the endocannabinoid system present in our brain and nervous system which is responsible for managing anxiety and stress levels, sleep, immunity and pain perception. The CBD drinks are expertly blended with great tasting flavours and meticulously tested to ensure they not only taste great but contain the right amount of CBD per bottle. “This is the ONE! The smell of ginger and spice is enticing. You get a sweet kick from the grapes, then a delicious afterburn of the spice.” – James (talking about Pineapple, Ginger & Turmeric Juice Drink.)

CBD WELLBEING JUICE DRINKS The range includes four flavours, each containing their own blend of antioxidant-rich fruits, vegetables and spices. Fruit juices and green leaves, infused with THC-Free Phyto cannabinoid-Rich Hemp Oil, to provide 15mg of CBD per bottle.

4 TASTY FLAVOURS: • Pomegranate, Beetroot & Wheatgrass • Pineapple, Turmeric & Ginger • Lime, Spinach & Wheatgrass • Orange, Cocoa & Barley Grass Each 330ml recyclable glass bottle is clearly differentiated by colour and is ideal for on-the-go drinking or as a healthy alternative to caffeine rich drinks. Humphrey’s CBD Infused Juice Drinks are available online and a retail bottle will be available from June 2019. l

For trade enquiries please contact Dan Humphrey’s at Langley Foods on 07863 551755 or visit www.humphreyscbd.co.uk

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03/04/2019 02:51


BD oil can be extracted from the hemp plant. It seems to us that dependent on which part of the plant it is extracted from, depends on the level of CBD/THV it contains. It is due to this confusion and even controversy surrounding hemp that one of the most asked questions is “Is hemp legal?” If I’m honest, before writing this article I didn’t know the correct answer to this question either, but then we got chatting with the guys from ‘YourHemp’ (a CBD oil company here in the UK) who reassured me that not only is hemp and CBD oils legal but they have fantastic health benefits too! Which was kind of lucky considering by this point we already had a huge box of products arrive at the office to try!


Kyle Henderson and Will Prior started YourHemp back in June 2018. They both had close loved ones suffering greatly with anxiety. After spending hours looking into and trying many possible alternatives rather than prescribed medication, they came across CBD. They continued their research for many hours and found out that one of the many benefits of CBD was anxiety relief. Confident in their findings, they decided to get their loved ones to try CBD and in turn it changed their lives.

“CBD has massively helped limit their suffering, so we want to try and help many more who are suffering with the same condition.” Kyle, YourHemp. Now we all know there’s a negative stigma around hemp and from our research we have found that the market is full of companies that do not necessarily present CBD in a positive way, making it off-putting and confusing to potential customers to try. This is one of Kyle and Will’s main reasons to get their brand and message behind their company out to people, to try and eradicate the negative speculation, so that more and more people can benefit from the health advantages of CBD oil. Since both Kyle and Will had shared the same experience of having people close to them suffering daily with anxiety and both finding a solution to their suffering, they felt the need to create a brand which removes the negative stigma surrounding CBD. They wanted to create a brand that encourage people to understand that what they’re purchasing is a natural wellness product which is safe for all the family. “Our main goal, is to help as many people as possible by using one of the world’s oldest and misunderstood plants.” Kyle, YourHemp

12 The Delicatessen Magazine

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From that euphoric moment last year, the brand has grown from strength to strength and the feedback from customers is definitely positive and heart-warming. Testimonies received provide details of how YourHemp’s CBD oil has changed customers lives; from people suffering with anxiety, rheumatoid arthritis, sleeping issues and eczema. It’s been amazing to hear and read.

03/04/2019 02:53


Currently YourHemp have three different strength 10ml bottled CBD Oils: • 500mg • 1000mg • 1800mg

They also have an exciting new product, their CBD Skin Cream in Lavender. It has already had incredible effects from those suffering with eczema. Being a relatively new company, (having been trading for less than a year) YourHemp has already built up a great following of new customers and due to the quality of the oil in their products, they’ve been turning most into loyal returning customers. “Right now, our most popular product is our 500mg/10ml CBD Oil. With many people becoming more aware of CBD and wanting to give in a try, the 500mg Oil is the best place to start as this is our starter oil. Returning customers then seem to move onto the 1000mg Oil. As in the long run they get more value for their money.” Kyle, YourHemp


All of YourHemp’s products are Full-Spectrum Extract and third party tested with the results fully transparent on their website. They source their hemp from organically grown, GMO free farms, using supercritical CO2 extraction under the safest and cleanest methods. They ensure that this is then cooled under high pressure CO2 ready for the CBD Oil to be extracted. This results in the purest oil preserving all of its qualities. Currently there is no other extraction method like it. It also needs to be mentioned again that YourHemp has always had a personal investment in their products. Their main goal has been (and always will be) to help others who are suffering unnecessarily. When speaking with the guys from YourHemp it was clear to see that they believe that even in today’s current environment, money (although important) shouldn’t be the main aim. They see many companies who are solely focused on that £ -

pound sign and believe they forget that customers and staff are human. They have a strong ethos to grow their company focussing on their customers and staff’s mental and physical well-being. It is also important to point out that they are strictly vegan. As many in the industry still use animal products in their edibles, creams and balms. They have produced products that do not contain any animal products.


This is something close to both of their hearts, and supports their business’s ethos to help those in need. Well done guys!


It easy to predict that the more and more research that goes into CBD and the Hemp plant the bigger the industry will grow, especially in this country. There have been huge steps in other countries around the health benefits of Cannabis, it appears that the UK is behind in the understanding of the Hemp plant. Fortunately, YourHemp has seen positive changes recently in the UK, particularly with medicinal cannabis products now being legally prescribed for the first time. This to us, is sure to be a good thing for the industry. Will and Kyle want YourHemp to become a leading pioneer in the CBD

industry. They are ecstatic with the progress and impact they’ve made on people’s lives in the short amount of time since launching. YourHemp also has several new products in the pipe line already, which will be launched later this year. They were excited to tell us all about their new cosmetic skincare products. As well as CBD & MCT Oil blends. So please keep a look out! l Web: www.yourhemp.co.uk Instagram: @yourhemp Facebook: @yourhempuk

l It seems the more that’s uncovered about the components of the hemp plant, the closer experts come to harnessing its positive power. CBD highlights another crucial step forwards and companies like YourHemp are doing a great job in bringing high-quality, premium products to market.

Our Verdict

The Delicatessen Magazine 13

CBD intro_and_features.indd 5

03/04/2019 02:54



ody and Mind Botanical's are a 100% British grower and producer of Cannabis for CBD Oils, Honey and Tea. They are involved from the seeds being planted to extracting the CBD for infusion and to getting the order through your door. With all of their products independently lab tested to ensure the levels of CBD and THC are 100% legal in the UK and their farms certified organic following stringent regulations to ensure their plants are grown as mother nature intended, here at The Delicatessen Magazine we wanted to find out more…

How did Body and Mind Botanicals start and what was the thinking behind it? The idea for the business really started about 3 years ago when I was reading an article on the MS Society website that was talking about the benefits that people with MS were starting to feel from taking CBD. At that point I didn’t know what CBD was. My partner’s Dad suffered with MS for many years, so we always try to do what we can to raise money for MS charities and I have always stayed close to the research and developments of MS treatments (which is why I found this article). Upon reading the article, one benefit stated that CBD could help with getting to sleep, whilst also having a better quality of sleep. This was of real interest to me, as since the age of 14, I personally, had rarely slept for more than 4 hours a night. I decided from this, I would give it a go for myself. I instantly felt the benefits, but the biggest thing for me, was that the

14 The Delicatessen Magazine

CBD intro_and_features.indd 6

people around me noticed a great improvement in my general mood too. This resulted in a period of reflection, which was really tough. I had no idea that I suffered with low mood, anxiety and stress. Anyone you would have asked at the time would have had no idea either. I wasn’t the most confident or most outgoing person anyone knew, however acting is easy, feeling is difficult. What CBD allowed me to do was release my anxiety and let the true me shine through, without fear of who may or may not like that. Once I discovered these amazing benefits that I personally felt and experienced, I was frustrated but the lack of product quality consistency and the misinformation I would find when trying to purchase oils. This is what led to the birth of Body Mind Botanicals. I decided to start my own business. I spent the next 12 months reading research papers and studying Cannabis and Cannabinoids. After that, it was time to find a farmer who was willing to grow the cannabis for me, setting up supply chain,

distribution, production processes and online. Once I’d discovered CBD, it took me 18 months to complete enough research to be confident enough to make and sell a product. But once that was all in place, I went for it, with a lot of help from my friend and business partner and we have never looked back. What products do you sell and what is your best seller to date? We currently sell three types of cannabis tea, all natural and organic, all grown on certified organic farms: • Loose Leaf • Individually bagged • Individually bagged with added peppermint. Our best seller to date, has been the natural flavour, individually bagged. We were surprised by this, we expected the loose leaf to be the most popular, given that it is the most economical way to consume cannabis tea. However, people love the convenience of the tea bags and they are 100% bio-degradable too.

03/04/2019 02:55

We also have a range of CBD oils that are full spectrum oils containing not only CBD but all of the cannabinoids from the plant. We also have an exciting road map ahead of us, with further product developments including cannabis infused edibles treats and some exciting innovative products that have never been done before….

Why are the oils available in different strengths and what advice would you give a first-time consumer as to the product to pick? • Our oils are made from the plant that we grow and they come in four different concentrations. • All of the bottles are 10ml in total size and have either 150mg, 300mg, 500mg or 1000mg concentration. One of the points that makes our company different, is that we grow all of the plant ourselves so we can guarantee the quality. We also test and sell our oils based on the milligram content of CBD. Some companies out there sell their products based on the percentage (%). Often this refers to the percentage of extract and, of which only half of that extract is CBD. In effect, our oil is often twice as strong. For example, our most popular oil is the 300mg oil. Our 300mg oils have 6% extract within the bottle and half of that is pure CBD. We always use

CBD intro_and_features.indd 7

the whole plant when making our oil so it contains all of the cannabinoids, not just CBD. For a first-time consumer, I would recommend to start on the 300mg oil and the advice is to always start low and slow. One drop, three times a day, slowly increasing this by one drop a day until you feel the benefit that you are seeking. Everyone is different and by doing it this way, you can work out what is the right dose for you and your needs. You can then move up or down in strength to the oil that is most economical.

A key thing to know when taking CBD is that more is not necessarily better, taking a whole pipette of the strongest oil for example could offer you no relief or benefits, whereas three drops of the weakest could do. The key is taking the right amount of oil for your body. Once you have worked out the right dose for you, it is very typical that your dose will remain the same. If you are taking medication, check for interactions, especially if your medication carries a grapefruit warning and speak to your GP.

How can your business help retailers get started with selling your products? We are now stocked in 250 stores across the UK and online we currently sell to the whole of the

UK and Ireland. Recently we have also began to sell as far afield as America! We look at our stockist as partnerships and with this we continue to grow our team of cannabis experts. This means we are always available on the phone to help our retailers. What’s more, we travel the country doing free tea tasting events with our retailers, we take this opportunity to train the staff and educate the public as well as generate sales. We absolutely love the feedback and conversations that we have. We also provide all of our retail outlets with full point of sale materials and a helpline. What makes your products unique and different to other suppliers? We are currently the only company in Europe who grow this strain of cannabis and harvest it in the way that we do. It delivers a great tasting tea but also packed full of CBD. We are also the only company, (we know) that are involved in the full process. We are involved in the planting, growing, manufacturing, marketing and selling of all our CBD products. We control every step of the process to allow us to produce the highest quality products at the best prices. l www.bmbotanicals.co.uk

The Delicatessen Magazine 15

03/04/2019 02:56

Say Woof




o, I can gladly report back that we definitely have not! But, after meeting James and Nathan at a recent Expo we attended, and hearing all about Denzel and his inspired dog chews; we couldn’t say no to letting them and their gorgeous Cocker-Spaniel take the lime light for this article. We all love a snack to keep us going, from superfood and protein bars, to nut butters. We also all know that our beloved dogs love a snack too, my Labrador Lola especially does! This provoked the team at the Delicatessen Magazine to think about alternative products that delicatessens could offer along side the food and drink products already sold. With dogs being the leading household pet of choice, dog treats lend themselves to being a great ‘impulse buy’ that could easily suit any delicatessen’s counter top displays and boost their income with very little effort. Recently we met another snack loving pooch, Denzel - a cheeky chocolate working Cocker Spaniel and his owner James, who have a fantastic story to share about how they teamed up together with their friend Nathan, to create a range of healthy snack just for dogs just perfect for your delicatessen!


‘Denzel’s’ was launched back in August 2018 by Nathan Perry and James Lacy. They both met at Nottingham University, where they both were studying Animal Science and Nutrition. Although both went off into different careers after graduating, they remained close friends.

16 The Delicatessen Magazine

Denzel’s DOG TREAT.indd 2

In 2017 the great duo became a trio, when James got Denzel - the Cocker Spaniel. Realising there wasn’t the same strength in communication behind healthy dog treats as there currently is behind human healthy snack brands; they started to discuss the idea of creating nutritiously balanced dog treats, whilst hoping to help educate families and dog owners about proper dog nutrition and ownership.

WHAT DO THE GUYS AT DENZEL’S HOPE TO ACHIEVE? It’s clear to see that Denzel’s have every dogs’ health and well-being at the for front of every product they produce. The range of healthy snacks they have created are made from 100% natural ingredients, gently baked in eco-friendly ovens into tasty snack-sized chews and include no artificial additives or preservatives.

That is not all though, through Denzel’s dog chews they work hard to ensure they are educating families on proper dog nutrition, including what to avoid and what to look out for, plus they are educating on proper ownership too. The fantastic part about all of this is that it’s all done in a fun and light-hearted way. They achieve this by using Denzel (their trusty Coker-Spaniel friend), as a vehicle to communicate these important messages through their branding and their website.


• All chews are grain-free and have no sugar, salt or preservatives. This has not been done before! • They work with a pet bakery in Surrey. • They use locally sourced ingredients. Fresh WONKY fruit. • They bake the products in Ecofriendly, wood chip burning ovens. • The texture and ingredients used lead to a yummy, highly palatable product…or so the canine taste testers tell us! • All treats are under 50 calories per chew, and are a perfect way to keep anyone’s pooch busy every day.

03/04/2019 03:05


• High Protein Dog Chews – Spinach, Chickpeas and Chicken • Superfood Dog Chews – Banana, Berries and Salmon • Nut Butter Dog Chews – Peanut, Cashews and Turkey Each pack contains collectable cards, which teach families about proper dog ownership and nutrition in a fun way using different character played by Denzel. You can even grab a ‘Denzel Mix Box’ where Denzel himself, has packed up his suitcase with one pack of each of his healthy snacks, so your dog can enjoy a different recipe every day!


As we mentioned above Denzel’s is a new business, having only started up in August last year. But, with the backing from Virgin Startup, interest came thick and fast. Incredibly, Denzel’s sold 10,000 units just in their first week! Now that’s definitely something to bark about. Today, they are stocked in over 250 stores in the UK – varying from pet shops, cafes, pubs, delis, forecourts and convenience stores.

“Our aim is for all pubs, cafes and farm shops to have a dog snack offering alongside what they do for adults and kids” Nathan – Denzel’s.

´s a l o L dict Ver

BUT WHY FARM SHOPS, DELIS, CAFES AND PUBS SHOULD STOCK DENZEL’S? The lads at Denzel’s believe they have designed Denzel’s dog chews especially for these environments. We agree that their price point, pack size and branding is definitely very appealing and would grab many dog owner’s attention when walking around these types of establishments. It is also clear to see that currently they are leading the way in this field of business.

Why not help them give your customers the chance to buy products for their beloved dogs of the same high quality and nutritional value that they are buying for themselves and their kids. It may even increase your customer’s experience (especially in cafes) where they may stop to have a drink or a bite to eat themselves. l www.denzels.co.uk

l Usually we end our articles with our verdict, but as these are dog chews and we have our very own canine critique here in the office, we thought we would let her share her reaction. She was definitely happy and willing to oblige! On being presented with the box she was interested straight away, tail wagging crazily upon sniffing the packaging. After opening the chew, she wolfed down the sample looking up eagerly for more. They may be more expensive than a lot of other dog chews but this reflects the high quality of the ingredients and given how much Lola enjoyed them, with their eye-catching branding and their well-advertised nutritional value, I’d be happy to buy them again for her without hesitation.

The Delicatessen Magazine 17

Denzel’s DOG TREAT.indd 3

03/04/2019 03:06




he sector’s leading event for delicatessens, farm shops, restaurants, garden centres, food halls, butcheries and bakeries will be back at the NEC from 8-10 April. For nine years, the show has built a reputation as the unmissable annual event for the speciality food and gifting sector. This year, the show will shine a light on healthy and natural produce with exhibitors showcasing their products in the ‘Healthy & Natural’ area. Visitors will be able to use it as a one-stop shop to discover a range of natural, vegan-friendly snacks on display by exhibitors, such as Growers Garden. It uses fresh broccoli from its own farms as its number one ingredient, helping to eliminate food waste through the use of 'wonky' veg. Molhado’s stand is a health and natural must visit to see its coldpressed extra virgin oils of the finest quality, made using only the best raw ingredients sourced from local farms of Limpopo, South Africa. The range includes Avocado, Apricot Kernel and Macadamia. Healthy living is an area where consumers are increasingly demanding more choice and innovation and the drinks market has not been exempt from a shift towards products backed by health claims. Cannabis Tea focuses on body and mind botanicals, grown in certified organic farms. The tea is free from pesticides and chemicals, non-gmo and vegan. It has been shown to help people with stress, relaxation, depression, anxiety and pain relief. Providing another big draw to this area will be Nairn's Oatcakes

18 The Delicatessen Magazine

Farm Shop & Deli Show.indd 2

Ltd. Baking since 1896, Nairn’s award winning products are high in soluble fibre and full of complex carbohydrates giving consumers a natural and wholesome boost. Visitors will also be able to pick up top tips from exhibitors, Taza Bake, the first bread factory to specialise in fresh flat bread (Khobez) in Scotland. Their bread is chemical free and contains no additives. In addition to ‘Healthy & Natural’ area on the show floor, visitors will also be invited to listen to industry leaders speaking at the Farm Shop & Deli Live Stage. With three days of sessions, visitors can expect to pick up an abundance of advice within this sector, including guidance from David Ware from Greens Brewery; Rob Fink from Big Drop Brewing; and Graeme Louden from CGA, in their discussion on ‘Healthier beer’. The panellists will offer insights into the importance of burgeoning brews from gluten free to zero alcohol. Another attraction to the Live stage will be ‘Healthy food, healthy profits, “wellthy” consumers’ with Emily Foster, Founder of Glowing Potential. With shoppers now hungry for

healthier options that complement a wellness-centric lifestyle, there are plenty of ways for store owners to cash in on this healthy appetite. Visitors can join Emily Foster for insights into maximising profits offered by the $4.2 trillion global wellness market, and to learn how to meet a growing trend with healthy, nutritious and Instagram-friendly food and drink choices. Visitors focused on a healthy and natural must join David and Stephen Flynn from The Happy Pear in the session ‘Plant based pioneers’. From their legendary café to inspiring Youtube channel, these Irish brothers are on a two-man mission to make plant-based food and drink sexy as The Happy Pear. Discover how they built their empire, overcame challenges along the way, and found the sweet spot where health and wellness fuel a happier way of life. Farm Shop & Deli Show is co-located National Convenience Show, The Forecourt Show and the second instalment of The Ingredients Show. Together they will bring together suppliers from across the food and drink retail industry. l

For further press information please contact Lesley Foottit or Danielle Hope-Wynn in the event press office on 020 7240 2444 or email wrbm@stormcom.co.uk Follow Farm Shop & Deli on Twitter: www.twitter.com/FarmShop_Deli #FSD2019 Like Farm Shop & Deli on Facebook: www.facebook.com/FarmShopDeli YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/ FarmShopDeliShow

03/04/2019 03:07



The Delicatessen Magazine 19

Bio-based polymers article.indd 1

03/04/2019 03:09


was recently at a packaging industry association annual dinner, and something happened that provoked some thought and the need for me to write this piece. Between courses, I was talking with a fellow diner on another table about the future of sustainable packaging and some interesting materials we have been asked to work on from our clients (brands – from small start ups to large global brands), when another diner interjected to tell me that using the term ‘plastic-free’ was in fact disingenuous. Firstly, we may be a sustainable packaging consultancy, but we aren’t just working on ‘plasticfree’ and trying to label anything and everything as such – we work on helping brands make better environmental based decisions on packaging and design packaging with it’s ‘end-of-life’ in mind and advise material choice based on the product, it’s shelf-life and in what way it is used and sent to waste. The disgruntled diner proceeded to explain that by the dictionary definition of ‘plastic’, a bio-based polymer material was also a ‘plastic’. So therefore, a product containing a bio-based polymer was not actually ‘plastic-free’ and thus shouldn’t be called ‘plastic-free’. Whilst this is technically correct, I feel that what consumers and brands think is a ‘plastic’ is different from what the technical definition

20 The Delicatessen Magazine

Bio-based polymers article.indd 2

really is. To most, ‘plastic’ is referring to Petro-based plastic, as this has been the dominant type of plastic used for a long time. So, let’s split plastics into two types. Petro-based (from oil) and bio-based (from renewable biomass sources, such as vegetable fats and oil, corn starch, woodpulp, food waste, agricultural by-products, algae etc…) Let’s look at the word “bio-plastic” which is often mentioned. There are two kinds we should mention briefly. One is bio-identical to polyethylene once made into a plastic. The main building block of polyethylene is ethylene. Ethylene is chemically similar to, and can be derived from ethanol, which can be produced by fermentation of agricultural feedstocks such as sugarcane or corn. This ‘bio-plastic’ may apparently use less CO2 to create, but it does not easily biodegrade and has the same end of life issues as its petro based cousins. The other is something nature can handle. This is why some call these “biomaterial” #instead of a ‘bio-plastic’.

LET’S NOT GET BOGGED DOWN IN ALL THE PRO’S AND CON’S We could go on until we are bored stiff on the pro’s and con’s of both categories, and find problems with both. Many people in the packaging industry are out there arguing over and over, retailers are changing their opinions often (costing some

brands many thousands of pounds from development work to then be binned in order to keep their contracts), and many are nailing their metaphoricals’ to the mast in one camp or another. But why?

SURELY WE ARE REALLY MISSING THE OVERALL POINT AND OVERALL PROBLEM WE HAVE AS A PLANET… • We are running out of oil as a resource as a planet according to various sources. • There are health risks associated with oil, from drilling it, fracking, to natural disasters, to end of life of plastic packaging entering marine life, the toxic nature of plastic releasing chemicals into our blood streams etc… • Even if recycled plastic is the best thing since sliced bread according to some (which, unless I am missing something, I believed that petro-based plastic is usually ‘downcycled’ into things like carpet underlay and park benches etc…) we aren’t recycling enough. The UK allegedly only recycled 9% and the USA even less at around 5%. Then, we are sending thousands of tons to countries who haven’t got the infrastructure to properly sort it. “Out of sight, out of mind” springs in my head here.

03/04/2019 03:10

SO, WHAT NOW? The world has been told that fossil/petro based products are bad. Consumers and brands call petro-based plastic ‘plastic’ as that’s what it is to them. So, they want ‘plastic-free’. Surely we should also consider what the customer wants rather than what we want to sell them? So, what’s easier? Re-educating the world about the different types of plastic and clutching at any straw to win an argument over technical terms? Or just to get on with it and start making changes towards using products made from renewable sources.


If you know that a product you have made or sell can NEVER be broken down by our planets natural flora or fauna, and every piece of petrobased plastic (that hasn’t been incinerated) still exists today… do YOU feel comfortable with shrouding something perishable that will only be used once with it, just because it’s cheap? Just because it is easy? Just because that’s what you are used to? Sure, the waste streams aren’t great for bio-based plastics yet, but they will eventually break down over time and in a far quicker time than their petrobased plastic cousins. Change doesn’t happen overnight, and if we all sit and

Bio-based polymers article.indd 3

wait until the magic solution is there, we’ll be waiting a long time, if ever. Women didn’t win the vote by asking nicely and waiting. I’d recommend reading the “Hidden costs of a plastic planet” document for some well cited and researched health implications from petro-based plastics.


This whole scenario reminds me of the rise and fall of Lead. Lead was used as a key component in face powders, mascaras, pigments in paint, spermicide, piping for water, chastity belts, seasoning in food, added into pewter cups, plates, pitchers, pots and pans, all sorts…. It was the ‘ideal’ cold metal and was extensively used and governments from Roman times onwards promoted it. Then, people started to realise that Lead was in fact poisoning them… the term ‘Mad as a hatter’ was used for hat makers as the lead they used to stiffen the rims of hats with was causing them to go mad and lead to an early demise. Once the full effects of Lead were understood, we stopped using it in the way we were. Lead has its uses (same as petro-based plastic?) and as such is still used even today in bullets etc… however; we did learn to stop drinking out of it. Funnily enough, a lot of Lead pipes were replaced with the new wonder material of the time… plastic.

There isn’t really a ‘silver bullet’ solution to end the overall issues we face as a planet. For every ying, there is a yang and if you move all packaging into paperboard, that won’t work… glass? Aluminium? No way. However, what we do need to do is to look at alternatives, try them… research what effects they have and start to learn more. There is no short-term fix for the issue we have spent so many years creating. A lot of the materials we have recently found aren’t the answer either. However, they are less bad and a good temporary fix whilst we work on a long-term solution. We need to remember that change isn’t easy, but it’s necessary and we have done it many times. Lead, Mercury, Plastic and maybe even Brexit. When a 15 year old schoolgirl from Sweden causes the whole country to strike en-masse and gets voted ‘woman of the year’ because she has asked for change and won’t accept a ‘no’ for an answer, we need to know we are in a period of change. The public want to be sold something that doesn’t destroy the planet and in simple terms - not material scientist terms; this means plastic-free. We all know what “plastic” means, and we need a new language to help normal wellmeaning people navigate change. We can’t just think ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Not when the health of our children, and the health of the planet they live on is at stake. That I am afraid, is more important than profit. l

The Delicatessen Magazine 21

03/04/2019 03:10


22 The Delicatessen Magazine

Cheesecounter Cheshire Cheese CO.indd 2

03/04/2019 03:13

CHEESE THAT MAKES YOU GRIN! THIS MONTH’S CHEESE COUNTER INTRODUCES YOU TO THE ‘CHESHIRE CHEESE COMPANY’; WHO PROVIDE AN INTRIGUINGLY UNIQUE RANGE OF FANTASTIC, CONTEMPORARY (SOME EVEN SAY “ECCENTRIC”) AWARD WINNING CHEESE FOR EVERYONE TO ENJOY. l If you are a cheese lover, you will not be disappointed with the Cheshire Cheese Company’s award winning range of 14 fantastic cheeses. What makes them special is their ability to move away from the traditional every day cheeses we see lining the supermarket shelves; bringing to the table unique and exceptional tasting cheese with a difference. The dairy industry has always been traditional and a little ‘staid’ with its product offerings, packaging and communication. I guess you could say “pretty serious”. Over the past 7-8 years, since the Cheshire Cheese Company started their creations, they’ve tried to add a little fun and quirkiness, to not only their range of wax coated truckles but packaging and digital communication so they have a consistent message. Above all, their products are great tasting and deliver exactly how they sound – which can clearly, we seen by the number of awards they win! The Cheshire Cheese Company like to play around with the flavour combinations and most definitely love taste testing them to see if they work. A lot of thought and research goes into each new flavour with visits to food shows, readings of food publications and blogs advising them along each new cheese’s journey, to see which ingredients could work well and what’s flavours are ‘on trend’ or ‘coming down stream’. Of course, some flavours just do not work in cheese, so there are many flavour combinations that are trialled and tested that end up being rejected before they find the right balanced ones. That’s what makes each new cheese brought to

Cheesecounter Cheshire Cheese CO.indd 3

market so spectacular. You know each one has had a lot of time and effort put into its creation. They even love experimenting with local food and drink in their variants. For example, their ‘Old Hag Ale & Mustard’ cheese uses Wincle Ale, which is brewed about four miles down the road from them. The guys at the Cheshire Cheese Company are also very proud to share that their whole range is Vegetarian Society (VegSoc) approved, so can be enjoyed by a growing section of consumers. Most of the range are also gluten free too.

THE RANGE With 14 different cheeses to choose from with something for everyone: sweet, savoury, spicy and for the purists out there, there is their flagship Traditional Creamy Cheshire Cheese. You are sure to find your new favourite. Currently, the most popular selling cheeses from their range are their ‘Black Bob Mature Cheddar’ (named after the Black Bob cat), ‘Vintage Cheddar’ and their ‘Caramelised Onion & Rioja Mature Cheddar’. Their ‘Gin & Lemon Cheshire’ has also become a firm favourite, due to the rise in popularity of Gin since it was launched two years ago. For those ‘Cheese Club members’ or anyone looking for something outside the box, variants such as ‘El Gringo (Tequila, Chilli & Lime” and ‘Sticky Toffee Heaven’ are really popular too. u

The Delicatessen Magazine 23

03/04/2019 03:14

IF ALL THIS TALK ABOUT CHEESE IS MAKING YOUR TASTE BUDS TINGLE, HERE IS THE FULL PRODUCT LIST AVAILABLE FROM THE CHESHIRE CHEESE COMPANY: Peakland Blue Wedge Creamy tangy Peakland Blue Cheese from Hartington Creamery. Made in small batches in the historic village of Hartington, Derbyshire. An intense slightly salty tasty cheese not unlike a creamy Stilton Gin & Lemon Cheshire Truckle International Cheese Awards Bronze Winner 2017 and Bronze Winner at the Royal Cheshire County Show. The world’s-first Gin & Lemon Cheshire Cheese! A masterful balance of Gin and Lemons with award-winning Creamy Cheshire cheese resulting in a totally unique and incredibly tasty Cheese blend.

Black Bob Extra Mature Waxed Truckle A well-rounded, very smooth tasting creamy mature strong cheddar with a slight tang. Charcoal Cheese Starting as Mature Cheddar, it is then blended with activated charcoal to produce a naturally smooth, black coloured cheese with a rich, creamy taste.

Caramelised Onion & Rioja Cheddar The finest Spanish Rioja red wine has been blended with caramelised onions and our tasty extra mature cheddar.

Vintage Gold Extra Mature Cheddar 2 to 3 years aged and has won a Bronze at the 2011 World Cheese Awards and is a Gold Winner at the Royal Cheshire County Show. A full farmhouse taste, extra strong creamy and slightly nutty. This very special vintage cheddar has a naturally occurring slightly granular texture that can only be achieved with careful ageing. Cheshire Creamy Traditional Cheese Waxed Truckle Once the most popular cheese in the country and Britain’s oldest named cheese and with only 5 producers left in the country you can rediscover the fantastic taste of Cheshire Cheese. This is their flagship cheese, creamy and moist not too dry or crumbly but still with the distinctive Cheshire acidity. Irish Whiskey & Stem Ginger Cheddar Cheese - A unique cheese only available from the Cheshire

24 The Delicatessen Magazine

Cheesecounter Cheshire Cheese CO.indd 4

Cheese Company. Real Irish Whiskey has been blended with sweet Stem Ginger and an extra mature cheddar.

Sticky Toffee Heaven Cheddar Cheese This is an amazingly sweet sticky toffee heaven treat that will remind you of Sticky Toffee Pudding. Real pieces of toffee blended with medium cheddar and syrup just like Sticky Toffee Pudding. Tasters say its more like fudge than cheese this has won eight international cheese awards since 2009.

Strawberries, Cream & Champagne Cheshire Heart This pink cheese in a heart shape wax is only available from Cheshire Cheese Company. You can smell and taste the strawberry jam in the cheese and the subtle champagne note. his is a very creamy, soft textured mouth feel and sweet cheese that proved to be very popular when we launched it and it won the World Cheese Awards Bronze 2011.

Garlic & Cracked Black Pepper Cheshire Cheese With a blended subtle amount of black pepper spice and the finest Garlic with our legendary Creamy Cheshire cheese. This harmony of flavours results in a great tasting moreish tangy super tasty cheese. Ideal to cook with in so many ways and a moreish addition to your cheeseboard.

Jamaican Jerk Spicy Gourmet Cheddar Made with top quality Jamaican style Jerk sauce and added spices which gives this cheese a really pleasant kick and a gentle heat that leaves a tingle on the taste buds.

El Gringo Chilli, Lime & Tequila Cheddar Gold Winner at the Royal Cheshire County Show 2018. This legendary most wanted ‘El Gringo’ combines the finest mature Cheddar cheese blended with fiery green Jalapeno chilli, a splash of lime and a glug of tequila.

Old Hag Wincle Ale & Mustard Cheddar Bronze Winner at the Royal Cheshire County Show 2018. A unique cheese only available from the Cheshire Cheese Company. Finest medium mature cheddar

03/04/2019 03:16

is blended this with local Wincle Beer Companies ‘Old Hag’ Porter Stout Ale and wholegrain mustard to create a truly wonderful cheese.

Smokey Redwood Cheddar A great balance between creamy mature cheddar and a tangy smokey cheese flavour and finished in a Black Wax. Winner of the Perpetuity Trophy 2010. Smokey Tomato & Garlic Cheddar International Cheese Awards Bronze winner and one of the Cheshire Cheese Company’s best sellers Smokey Tomato and Garlic Cheddar, finished in black wax. Ploughman’s Cheddar with Pickled Onion & Chives Nothing evokes memories of a summertime picnic like a Ploughman’s lunch. After a gap of several years and following on from the results of the recent poll, the Cheshire Cheese Company have brought back their 2009 Bronze winner at the International Cheese Awards and old favourite, as a special limited-edition cheese run.

Black Bomb Lancashire Waxed Cheese The award-winning Lancashire Black Bomb is both tangy tasty and crumbly. Melts in the mouth superb on toast or in a salad and it looks great as a cheeseboard feature. Available in two sizes waxed in either 200g or 454g.

Cherry Bakewell Cheese New and totally unique! The Cheshire Cheese Company present another cheese world first - Cherry Bakewell Cheese! Their cheese alchemy has once again surpassed all imaginative boundaries with this homage to the legendary Cherry Bakewell. They have carefully blended the finest creamy Wensleydale cheese with real cherry pieces and non-nut allergenic almond essence. The result is a stunning dessert cheese that mimics the flavour notes found in a Cherry Bakewell tart.


The Cheshire Cheese Company have just launched a Charcoal Cheddar, which they believe will do really well judging by the response so far. It boasts to blend their finest mature cheddar with charcoal dust, so it literally looks like a lump of coal or charcoal! Not only does it taste great but charcoal has associated ‘health benefits’ in clearing toxins from your gut - so this is an added reason to buy! There is also new flavour joining the collection this summer called the ‘Cheshire Blue Cheese’ (of course in a funky, blue wax too) that they are really excited about, as this will be another totally unique cheese for the

Cheshire Cheese Counter. It’s also important to mention that they offer a range of cheese ‘gift packs’ for all occasions, including their ‘Pick & Mix Any 8 Truckles’.


The Cheshire Cheese Company currently sell their products at artisanal markets and through their own Cheese & Wine Emporium outlets (currently five). As they grow, they are finding their way into more and more delis, farm shops, cheese shops and garden centres, as well as selling through Selfridges and Ocado. l


The Delicatessen Magazine 25

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MEAT Counter




ild and Game have an aim to introduce more consumers to all types of game meat. As a delicious, low-fat alternative source of protein it seems now more than ever, in a climate where everyone is being more health conscious, it is the perfect product to stock in your delicatessen for those wanting to eat meat as part of their healthy daily lifestyle. Our editor is often to be found roaming the countryside for his dinner, and has in the past been part of a few initiatives to make game meat more accessible to the public, and increase awareness of it’s benefits. So naturally, when he found out we were featuring Wild and Game, he was ecstatic.


The harvesting of game from the British countryside goes back many centuries. It was once seen as a luxury food and priced as such but game meat is now more readily available. ‘Game’ usually describes meat from animals and birds such as grouse, pheasant, partridge, venison and hare, however you’ll often find pigeon and rabbit in the same club

26 The Delicatessen Magazine

The Meat Counter_Wild and Game.indd 2

03/04/2019 03:18

too. The meat is low in fat, high in protein and tastes great! Game has for many years been seen as a seasonal meat. An aim of Wild and Game is to dispel myth by producing delicious and healthy products which can be enjoyed all year round. Wild and Game also do a great job in dispelling the myth that all game has to taste overly ‘gamey’ (A earthy flavour, often exacerbated by leaving an animal to hang for a period of time before plucking and drawing…).


It appears that the popularity of game meat is rocketing, with sales in the UK rising by 8.6 per cent in the last year and some Scottish game dealers reporting a five-fold increase in demand for grouse. Even Iceland famously started selling grouse a few years a go! A new report by independent market researcher Mintel says that general UK sales now stand at £114 million, meaning that an estimated 14 per cent of the UK population now regularly consumes game meat, with around half that number eating it from between once a month up to four times a week.

THE RANGE READY TO COOK MEATS Wild and Game have a wide range of vacuum packed, ready prepared meats perfect for any consumer to introduce game meat into their cooking. • Pheasant Breasts • Partridge Breasts • Grouse Breasts • Pigeon Breasts • Venison Mince • Venison Steaks • Wild Boar Steaks • Whole Pheasant • Whole Grouse • Whole Mallard • Whole Partridge

GAME PIES & PASTIES Wild and Game have a range of pies and pasties that combine tasty pheasant meat with either beef or chicken. Wild and Game’s pies are packed to the brim will filling with a short pastry base and puff pastry lid. All pies are made with the finest cuts of meat too. • Country Pie • Chicken & Mushroom Pie • Spicy Country Chicken Pie • Country Steak & Ale Pie • Country Steak & Peppercorn Sauce Pie • Country Game & Cheese Mash Pie • Country Chilli Square Pie • Country Cottage Square Pie • NEW Grouse & Pheasant Layered Pie • NEW Pork & Pheasant Cold Pie • NEW Pork, Pheasant & Caramelised Onion Pie Wild and Game’s pasties are the perfect accompaniment to any picnic, lunch or BBQ! All made, of course, with the finest cuts of meat. • Country Cajun Chicken Pasty • Country Chicken & Mushroom Pasty • Country Game & Cheesy Mash Pasty • Country Steak & Ale Pasty • County Steak & Peppercorn Sauce Pasty SAUSAGES Wild and Game produce scrumptious sausages made with finest cuts of meat. Choose from: • Pheasant and Venison • Pheasant and Pear • Pheasant & White Wine • Grouse and Wild Boar

UPCOMING EVENTS WILD AND GAME will be at this year’s FARM SHOP & DELI SHOW at the NEC Birmingham from the 8th – 10th April 2019. “You’ll find big ideas, innovative suppliers and exciting products. All you need to make 2019 a year to remember! We understand that when you’re passionate about what you do, finding like-minded suppliers is necessary to make your business succeed.” Why not pop along and meet the guys on their stand to find out more…

GAME READY MEALS Wild and Game have created a ready meal range perfect for when consumers haven’t got much time to cook up a delicious meal or just want to spend more time with their guests than in the kitchen. Currently you can choose from the following options, but keeping watching their website for new additions coming soon… • Country Lasagne • Pheasant Chilli • Pheasant Korma • Pheasant Tandoori • Pheasant Tikka Masala PÂTÉS Wild and Game have a range of pâtés ideal for an impressive dinner party starter or a quick and easy afternoon snack. Choose from: • Grouse • Brandy & Herb • Pheasant • Pistachio & Port SAUSAGE ROLLS Wild and Game also produce their own great tasting 5” Steak and Pheasant Country Sausage Rolls. l www.wildandgame.co.uk

l With initiatives from the associations related to shooting and country sports, tasting events, and then now an offering like Wild and Game’s products, we urge you to consider taking on a stock of game meat in your deli’s and farm shops if you haven’t already. The health benefits, the taste and the vast array of dishes you can cook with game should be enough of a draw. Wild and Game’s products were absolutely spot on for flavour and consistency, a great way of introducing the masses to this wonderful meat.

Our Verdict

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ast year, British Charcuterie Live launched the first ever British Charcuterie Awards for producers, farmers, butchers, makers and chefs all over Britain; with the aim to raise and strengthen the standards, to spread the knowledge and to increase the interest in Britishmade Charcuterie for the trade and consumers alike. The response was overwhelming – with more than 80 producers entering an average of five products each – which were all judged by a fantastic line-up of Charcuterie enthusiasts at ‘BBC Countryfile Live’. Since then, we have gone from strength to strength, with the Awards running again this year (results to be announced in August) and several events lined up in between. This April is a particularly significant month for us… On Tuesday 23rd April 2019 (St. George’s Day) British Charcuterie Live is holding a one day only, celebration of British Charcuterie in ‘The Market Hall’ at Borough Market. There is a hugely impressive line-up of top British Charcuterie producers who will be setting up their stalls at this important event. Each and every one is a medal winner from the 2018 Awards. They represent the best British cured, smoked, preserved, air-dried, fermented and cooked charcuterie available. From Continental-style, (think salamis, airdried hams etc.), to traditionally British (Bath Chaps, Lincolnshire chine or even dry-cured bacon), made from pork, lamb, beef, game or poultry or a mixture of everything.

28 The Delicatessen Magazine

British Charcuterie Live.indd 2


Joining last year’s winner of the British Charcuterie’s “Best Product Award” Beal’s Farm Charcuterie (for their delicious Mangalitza Air Dried Ham), are Tempus Foods. Tempus Foods won the British Charcuterie “Best Producer Award 2018” and their range has just been launched in Fortnum & Mason. Other favourites appearing this year are; Capreolus, Cobble Lane, Deli Farm Charcuterie, Duchy Charcuterie, Good Game, The Hampshire Salami Company, Lishman’s of Ilkley, Perinelli Salami, SaltPig Curing, Suffolk Salami and The Weald Smokery. What a roll-call of honour and what taste sensations await!

But, if you can’t come down to Borough Market and see us on the day (we will be open from 11am on the day for a trade & press tasting hour, with stalls then open from 12pm until 8pm) – don’t despair you can still visit our website www.britishcharcuterie. live and find out more. Not only will you be able to check out all 2018 Award winners, but starting on ‘St. George’s Day. you will be able to use Britain’s first ever, searchable database for ‘Charcuterie Makers’. We’re hugely excited! It is all very well having the producers but unless you the buyers can find out who they are, where they are and what they produce – how can you stock their products? Our directory aims to solve these problems. Launching with a small number of producers, we are confident that it will grow and grow. To also prove how keen British Charcuterie Live is in developing and supporting British Charcuterie, we are offering free entry to everyone who enters the 2019 British Charcuterie Awards. We’ve lots more initiatives and plans ready to be revealed– so keep in touch. You can even sign up for ‘Charcuterie News’ on the www. britishcharcuterie.live or email us at salami@britishcharcuterie.live. If we can help you – we’d be delighted! l

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hristian Fernando, of Compass Group, Italy has been crowned inaugural Compass Matcha Smackdown champion 2019. He wins an exclusive tea tasting and blending session with teapigs co- founder Louise Cheadle, a teapigs gift bundle set and a £200 shopping voucher. On 13th March, thirteen of the most skilled baristas from across Compass Group came together to pit their skills against the best of the best at the very first Compass Matcha Smackdown barista competition. The final took place at the Innovation Centre at the company’s Chertsey headquarters, delivered with partners teapigs and the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA). Competitors included baristas from Medirest, Chartwells, 14Forty and Eurest, with the winner flying in from a Restaurant Associates site in Milan, Italy. Newly appointed Compass Coffee Education and Training Manager, Sonali Tailor headed the judging panel alongside Louise Cheadle from teapigs and Owen Thom from the SCA. The talented competitors seized the opportunity to demonstrate their skills by producing some amazing looking (and tasting) Matcha Lattes using teapigs’ organic matcha and a milk of their choice. Matcha lattes are a firm favourite in cafes, coffee shops

and restaurants everywhere and the competition was incredibly high. The judges were looking for a smoothly blended latte with great foam, technical ability, presentation skills and, of course, taste. Louise Cheadle, co-founder and tea taster at teapigs declared “These expert baristas showed teapigs Matcha at its finest! The Matcha was expertly blended, tasted delicious and presented beautifully.” Head judge and Coffee Education and Training Manager – Central Marketing at Compass, Sonali Tailor added “Cristian was very professional and worked in a very efficient manner throughout all the different rounds. His latte art was extremely consistent and an extra plus was it tasted very good too! A very well deserved winner.” Agnieszka Wojciechowska of Restaurant Associates, came a close second and took home the runnerup prize of £100 worth of shopping vouchers and a teapigs gift bundle set. Steve Lovegrove, Head of Business Excellence – Central Marketing, Compass UK & Ireland said of the event: “It was brilliant to see firsthand the amazingly talented baristas that we have across our business. Huge congratulations to Cristian Fernando of Compass Group, Italy for winning the inaugural competition. My sincere thanks go to every single barista who kept us highly entertained by showcasing their enviable skills, so much so, that we’re already planning our next event!” l For more information contact Andy on 020 8568 1313 or andy@teapigs.co.uk


Teapigs was set up in 2006 by Nick and Louise, self-professed tea nuts on a mission to get the nation drinking real tea. Louise has been a professional tea taster for over 10 years, and has travelled the world sourcing all sorts of teas. The result is a range of the very best quality teas you’ll find. teapigs only use whole leaf teas; whole berries; and whole herbs and flowers - not the dusty stuff you’ll find in regular tea bags! Their teas come in biodegradable tea “temples” - roomy mesh bags that gives the leaves lots of room to infuse.


Teapigs was the first to launch matcha in the UK. “Matcha has been drunk in Japan for centuries, but when we launched it in the UK it was relatively unknown. It’s now our fastest growing tea and we have tonnes of people writing in to tell us how great they feel from drinking it,” says Louise, teapigs co-founder and tea taster. “In 2014, we launched it in a “ready to drink” format; a full serving of matcha with spring water and fruit juice – it’s a perfect energy boost when you’re on the go.” Since then, teapigs has also launched matcha in a 500g pouch suitable for foodservice and there are now five different matcha sachet products available.

COMPASS GROUP UK & IRELAND Compass are the UK’s leading food and support services provider: the people behind the food, hospitality and services that brighten your day, make you smile and put a spring in your step. Operating in some 15,000 locations across the UK & Ireland, we had revenues of £1.7 billion in the year to 30 September 2018 with our parent company, Compass Group PLC earning annual revenues of around £23 billion. They support over 60,000 talented people bringing you the delicious food, memorable experiences and vital support services that can transform every day into a great day. All of the little things that make the world of difference and boost the wellbeing of millions. They’re here to inspire, protect, nourish and energise. For more information, please visit: www.compass-group.co.uk

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NATOORA their story


t all started with a peach… Franco Fubini, founder of Natoora spoke with us recently to tell us all about her business and how it started. She explained, she was living in New York in the late 1990s and remembers one day calling in to her local grocery store. A lady was asking a member of the staff where she could find some peaches. It was December, in the depth of winter, and there was thick snow on the ground. It certainly wasn’t peach season. She’d grown up eating fantastic fruit & vegetables. At the time, it struck her that something was seriously wrong with how people had come to think about and consume fruits & vegetables: with no knowledge of the seasons, and an expectation that products would be available regardless the time of year. Franco already knew back then that she wanted to do something about it. What that something would be at the time, she was less sure of. Nearly 20 years on from that day in New York, and more than 10 years since Natoora was founded, her radically seasonal produce is shaping the way chefs cook in over a thousand kitchens across London, Paris and New York. Through our presence in the retail community in partnership with Ocado, Waitrose and our high street stores, we are actively engaging consumers in a complete food system revolution.


Natoora’s mission is to lead a food system revolution. They believe the way our food is currently being farmed and supplied is damaging to us and to our planet. Their aim is to replace a broken, opaque food system with a transparent and sustainable supply chain.

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Natoora.indd 2

They source radically seasonal produce that highlights the true cost of farming, protects the land from soil depletion and favours sustainable, nutritionally dense crops with revolutionary flavour. By working directly with small scale growers as well as developing our own farming projects, they are building a community which works together towards a common goal. Natoora believe “Together we can revolutionise the food system.’


By sourcing fruit and vegetables during their real seasonal window, they are bringing back bolder flavours and supporting sustainable farming practices.


Only by demanding real transparency from our produce and recognising the artistry of its growers can we all create a better food system. Natoora know the seed, soil and season of everything they source. Seek out revolutionary flavour Natoora actively seek out heritage varieties, traditional growing methods and unique seeds chosen for their revolutionary flavour.


Apparently, we should forget the four seasons; Every plant has its own season, with subtle shifts that happen every day. Natoora follow flavour through these micro seasons instead.

03/04/2019 03:24

Each of their radically seasonal fruits and vegetables has its own unique story of craftsmanship which elevates it above the monotonous landscape of industrially-cultivated, year-round produce. • Green Citrus from Sicily • Yellow Peaches from Volpedo • Baby Vegetables from Cornwall • Winter Tomatoes from Italy & Spain • Pomegranate from Sicily • Spanish Avocado • White Peach from Campania • Genoese Basil Dop • Breme Onions • Baby Aubergine from Liguria • Trombetta Courgettes • Ligurian Bulls Heart Tomato • Heirloom Tomatoes from Essex • Sun Sweet Melons from Mantua • Delica Pumpkin from Lombardy • Camone Tomatoes from Sardinia


SEED Natoora believe that preserving the reach of heritage varieties and maintaining the biodiversity of our plant life is the first and most important step towards creating a scalable, sustainable food system. They actively seek out growers producing heritage varieties that can’t be found in the mainstream, such as Francesco and his variety of Datterini tomatoes, which was being pushed out by commercial varieties bred to stay on the vine at the expense of flavour. Many of their growers are working with seeds perfected over generations of farmers growing on the same land: Martin’s Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Robert Tomlinson’s prewar Rhubarb crowns and Raffaele’s Bull’s Heart Tomatoes. Seed selection recognises that the soil is a living, dynamic ecosystem. A seed which has been selected from the best performing plant of the season, fully adapted to the local soil, climate and the producer’s growing ethos.

SOIL Natoora look beyond organic certification, which only tells them what a farmer has not done to their crops. They want to know more: how the singularities of their growing methods have produced a plant unique to its ecosystem, which fulfils its natural potential without depleting soil life. At the core of their practice is regenerative agriculture: the rebuilding of soil fertility, protection of biodiversity and restoration of ecosystem health through the preservation of heritage varieties, seed selection and minimum intervention in the soil. The character of soil has a direct impact on plant life. The sandy-silt soil of Dunkirk is ideal for root vegetables, retaining essential water without compressing the plant. Here alone can François grow ramrod straight Sandy Carrots, tender in texture with thin skins. In Lombardy, growers sow Breme onions directly into the clay soil, building a concentration of sugars unseen in any other variety. Natoora source produce directly from their native growing regions because we recognise the singularity of that soil. SOURCE Natoora work hand in hand with growers who share their dedication to grow for flavour, not yield. These are individuals who are uniquely committed to their craft, choosing to persevere with traditional growing methods rather than moving to industrial, high-yielding practices. Abandoned by many in favour of high-yield, soil-damaging agriculture, it is up to us all to help protect these growing methods from

extinction. Without our support, the revolutionary flavours of sand-forced Pink Radicchio from Veneto, Reine Claudes Dorées from Montauban and Genoese Basil would vanish. Cultural artistry handed down through generations would disappear. Natoora are supporting individuals and growing collectives across Europe. They build the necessary infrastructure for small-scale growers to supply their produce at a higher volume without the need to compromise on the craftsmanship of their growing methods. They give them the support they need so that they do not need to sacrifice sustainability, flavour or transparency in order to compete with industrial practices. By sourcing produce directly from people that they know, they are able to understand the impact of their choices.


Natoora have sparked a revolution in some of the most influential kitchens in London. Face with a broken food system, distorted by yearround availability and increasingly dependent on industrial growing methods, we set out to transform the supply chain and build a new system, rooted in straight-up transparency, radical seasonality and all-out flavour From Lyle’s in the East to Core in the West, Natoora’s produce has been shaping the food scene for over ten years. They establish direct and transparent relationships with their growers. Their goal as we’ve seen, is to reinstate the value of raw flavour and celebrate the craftsmanship that goes into growing incredible produce. “Working with Natoora allows us to produce the food we do. They work with some of the best producers in the UK helping them get their produce to London and they are also always on the look-out to bring new and interesting produce to the UK”. James Lowe, Head Chef of seasonal British restaurant Lyle’s in Shoreditch, East London. l INTERESTED? Natoora deliver daily to central London and the surrounding area as well as twice weekly to Bristol. They are constantly expanding their service, so please enquire with the team to see if they can deliver to you. If you would like to learn more or would like to open an account with Natoora, they’d love to hear from you. Call them on: 020 7237 0346 or email: newbusiness@natoora.com Web: www.natoora.co.uk

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N ATOO R A’ S 20 1 9 CO M M ITM E NT TO A PL A STI C - FR E E SU PPLY C H A I N . 7th February 2019

Leading seasonal fruit & vegetable supplier Natoora sets out its vision for a sustainable supply chain. In 2018 the company removed plastic punnets from its wholesale production and introduced compostable bionets into their retail channel. By the end of 2019, Natoora aims to be free of single-use plastic across its entire network. Natoora, supplier of radically seasonal fruit and vegetables, has announced their commitment to eliminate plastic from their supply chain by the end of 2019. In 2018 the company took significant steps to removing plastic from their supply chain, both in their wholesale and retail channels.

London’s most influential restaurants and reach home consumers through their own London retail stores, selected Waitrose outlets and nationwide via Ocado. In 2018, Natoora removed plastic punnets from their wholesale supply chain, replacing them with fully compostable pulp punnets. A minimum of other packaging is used throughout the wholesale supply chain - nearly all fruit & vegetables are sold loose. All orders are sent out in the crates that come in from Natoora’s growers, repurposing packaging that would otherwise be thrown away. Natoora offers to collect these crates from customers on their next delivery run, to be used again the following day.


Natoora’s latest retail store at 309 Fulham Road represents their vision for a plastic-free consumer experience. Their range of radically seasonal fruits and vegetables is displayed loose and customers are encouraged to place produce directly into their basket. Plastic bags were replaced with recyclable paper alternatives and compostable pulp punnets used for smaller loose items such as mushrooms and berries. The store also offers customers a weekly discount when they bring their own bag.

With over 20 tonnes of fresh produce arriving into their warehouse daily, these changes will have a huge impact on the sustainability of the food system - a key concern for Natoora. They supply over 600 of

Working with retail partners such as Waitrose, Ocado and Wholefoods inevitably requires additional packaging due to the level of handling in production. In late 2018 Natoora switched from plastic bags

“In our mission to revolutionise the food system, we need to look at the supply chain from every angle. Packaging produce responsibly is just as important to the soil and to the future of our planet as using sustainable farming methods. It’s time to take a stand and remove plastic from the supply chain. It is an integral part of our vision for a better food system as a whole.”

For more information contact: Mar y Coote, Head of Brand

Natoora.indd 4

T: 020 7237 0346

E: press@natoora.com

03/04/2019 03:26

to bio-nets made entirely out of cellulose on high volume lines such as garlic, lemons and oranges. This innovative material is created from the thinnings of sustainably-managed beechwood forests. It is 100% bio-based, 100% biodegradable, 100% home compostable. In 2019, this is forecasted to eliminate the use of over 700 000 plastic bags. Removing plastic from Natoora’s wider retail channels presents the biggest challenge as it takes produce out of their careful handling and into wider distribution channels. Over the course of the year Natoora aims to eliminate plastic entirely from their retail supply chain. Reducing food waste is a key consideration in this decision making process. An interdepartmental packaging team - comprising design, produce management and food safety representatives - is currently trialling sustainable alternatives. Testing is taking place on compostable PLA bio-plastic, photodegradable tree-free labelling materials and plastic-free inks. A cellulose bioplastic bag is in the final stages of testing and will, subject to final checks, be introduced across our retail channels by June 2019. This will replace a further 1.5million nondegradable polythene bags with home compostable alternatives made from renewable sources. These bags will bear the ‘Plastic Free’ mark of A Plastic Planet, a grassroots movement which aims to turn off the plastic tap. This mark gives consumers a clear choice to opt for plastic-free produce and could lead them to consider more broadly the impact of their choices across the food system.

Images from top: fresh produce on display at Natoora Fulham Road; home compostable bio-nets replace plastic bags across retail channels; sustainably-sourced pulp punnets in use at Natoora’s flagship store; APP Plastic Free Consumer trust mark.

“We are very proud to partner with Natoora and to award their new packaging the APP Plastic Free Consumer Trust Mark. Shoppers are actively looking for plastic free alternatives now and Natoora are giving us all guilt free shopping - healthy seasonal produce with great provenance now totally free of indestructible plastic. We share their excitement on this launch as a major step on their mission to become plastic free”. SIAN SUTHERLAND, CO-FOUNDER OF A PLASTIC PLANET

Natoora’s sustainability statement can be seen here, outlining their commitment to the future of the food system. For more information contact: Mar y Coote, Head of Brand

Natoora.indd 5

T: 020 7237 0346

E: press@natoora.com

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Grants Oak Smoked.indd 2

03/04/2019 03:28


or more than 30 years Grants Oak Smoked has supplied restaurants, hotels, cruise lines and major retail chains with its smoked salmon. Now it is launching a major drive to promote its award-winning Grants Traditionally Smoked Rope Hung salmon to deli and farm shop retailers who want to ensure their customers get the best possible product. Company owner Jonathan Brown said: “As a small boy I learnt to hand catch salmon from a river near my home in the Lake District. The excitement of plucking the fish from the water was even greater than the thrill of avoiding the river bailiffs. I then learnt to cure the fish and smoked them in the garden shed.” “When I left school at 15 it seemed a natural step to use these skills in business and I started smoking individual fish and hand-delivering them to local hoteliers. “Because of our reputation for supreme quality the business quickly grew and now Grants Oak Smoked sells salmon on almost every continent. However, as a company we have never particularly focussed on the deli and farm food shop market. “As a shopper myself who loves the unique nature of delis and speciality food shops, I wanted to create a product which was ideally suited to them. I also wanted to create a premium smoked salmon which was a return to the traditional past, away from modern, high volume production methods, and Grants Traditionally Smoked Rope Hung was born. “It is ideally suited to retailers and chefs who truly care about their products, and want to offer something which is still affordable, but superior to most mass market offerings.” With the Rope Hung, firstly the master smoker hand picks the finest

Atlantic salmon, sourced only from suppliers with the highest accredited environmental standards. The fish is hand-trimmed, then hand cured in sea salt. It is then rope hung in a brick kiln and smoked over oak chips from Scottish whisky barrels. The master smoker, who has decades of experience, personally supervises each side and decides when it is ready. The smoked salmon is then left to rest, is hand-finished, and can even be hand-sliced, which is a dying art in itself. The end product has won numerous international awards. Mr Brown said: “In purely business terms, the Rope Hung makes little sense. It is labour intensive, has a long production time and handslicing the sides takes real skill and great attention to detail. “It is available in various retail sized packs or alternatively, if we

do not slice it, in whole sides which can be hand-sliced by the retailer in store which is a unique selling point – we can even train people to do it. “As we produce to order, and can deliver to outlets direct, the salmon has a good shelf-life, but can also be frozen, and we have tried to keep our minimum order sizes as low as possible. “As a premium product, it would be deliciously extravagant to use it with other ingredients in farm food shop cafes, for example with scrambled egg or mixed into pasta, but we have a range of smoke salmon at every price point and all our smoked salmon shares some basic principles… we only use salmon from suppliers with the highest environmental and aquaculture standards, and all our salmon is smoked over real oak chips, the traditional way.” Grants Oak Smoked, which is based on the edge of the Lake District, also has a range of other awardwinning salmon products such as hot smoked sides, salmon mignons and salmon bacon, all of which are becoming increasingly popular with today’s health-conscious shoppers. Mr Brown said: “In today’s shopping environment, delis and farm shops continue to prove taste, provenance and quality still matter. Our Rope Hung epitomises those.” l For more details on the company, and its range of smoked salmon and other products, visit www.grantsoaksmoked.com or call 01900 818585.

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ROOTED IN HISTORY, MADE FOR TODAY In a world where drinking water could be fatal, small beer was enjoyed in households, work places and even schools across the country. A staple of British daily life in the 1700’s, it was traditionally always brewed between 0.5 - 2.8% ABV. With the provision of clean drinking water in the 19th century, the requirement for small beer passed and the art of its creation was lost. Creators of the Small Beer Brew Company Felix and James, trawled the history books to uncover how small beer was once made, and were inspired by one brewer’s account on how to do it well… “Most families have got into so regular a way of brewing their small beer after their ale that it will not be easy to persuade them out of it… it is in their interest to brew it alone, for the trouble is very little more than the other way, and the drink is incomparably better. ” ‘The Complete Brewer, or Art and Mystery of Brewing Explained’, by “A Brewer of Extensive Practice”, published in London in 1760 By dedicating themselves to brewing only small beer, they soon realised they could maximise flavour and quality to reignite this lost tradition.


WHAT INSPIRED THE WORLD’S FIRST SMALL BEER BREWERY? Felix and James set out on a mission to create great tasting beer at a lower ABV. For them it was about keeping the ‘big moments’ as crisp and fresh as the beer itself. Beer that let them have all of the enjoyment, but didn’t slow them down… with the added absolute non-negotiable, it had to taste fantastic! This vision led them to set up the world’s first small beer brewery.

36 The Delicatessen Magazine



Brewing this style of beer clearly takes great care and attention, it is a technical & skilful process and very difficult to do well. The guys from The Small Beer Brew Company explained that historically small beer was often considered an afterthought when brewing, they believe this should never be the case. Using sustainable brewing methods, they are committed to reinvigorating a liquid that was once at the very heart of society.


In Felix and James’s quest for quality and flavour, rather than resting on experience and brewing know-how, they explained to us how they have revised the entire process, from start to finish and in doing so designed a bespoke brewing kit exclusively for the production of their Small Beer. “We’re proud to call South Bermondsey our home. We’re nestled between the Old Kent Road and South Bermondsey

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station. Our days are spent brewing the very best Small Beer, but when we’re not brewing, you’ll soon find a space filled with live music, art exhibitions, talks, and yoga… It’s a space for community, and a place to raise a glass with friends.” – James, The Small Beer Brew Co.


TAKING UP THE MANTLE FOR TRADITION... Reinvigorating the lost tradition of small beer, The Small Beer Brew Co. are pioneering a new process, combining their expertise with past practices and modern know-how to rethink the brewing cycle, whilst grounding each step within the craftsmanship of old. They source only the best possible ingredients: partnering with a malt producer whose floor malting techniques haven’t changed since 1855 and who hand selects the breweries they supply. They use only the best quality malt; combining traditional and new world hop varieties chosen for their flavour; and let’s not forget the yeast. “The Brewer should always be working with the yeast in mind. If you treat the yeast well it will return the flavour”Felix, The Small Beer Brew Co. Much like making bread… brewing great beer seems to be a process of time, care and attention.


THEIR AIM: NEVER TO WASTE A DROP! The Small Beer Brew Co. definitely have the environment at the forefront of their minds. They aim to ensure that wherever possible that they reduce their impact on our environment and they plan to stick to it! • They clean the brewery with recovered heat & water. • They operate a ‘Dry Floor’ policy. (The only one that we have come across in the brewing industry.) • 100% of their electricity comes from the wind, sun & sea. • They are supporting the 100% Green Gas revolution, for now 12% of their gas is green and the remainder is frack-free.

• They are encouraging their suppliers to push boundaries on their green provisions. • Their labels, boxes and business cards are all 100% recycled. • They won’t be found adding anything unnecessary to their beer, nor their packaging.


JUST WATER, MALTED BARLEY, HOPS, OATS & YEAST All of the Small Beer Brews have been created with: • No vacuum distilling, • No reverse osmosis, • No filtration, • No processing, • No pasteurising, • No sterile filtering, • No added stabilisers, • No arrested fermentation, • No clarifiers • No isinglass, Just the finest ingredients and natural carbonation.


• Small Beer Lager – Striking a harmonious balance between hops, malt and mouthfeel. This lager is stunningly refreshing. • Small Beer Dark Lager – A balance of rich coffee, chocolate and toast. This dark lager is refreshingly different. • Small Beer Steam – Bursting with rick rye and wheat, complemented by a beautiful citrus backbone & a balanced hop bitterness on the finish.

l You’ll know from many of our articles in our mag, we love history and tradition. So, it is with little surprise that we will say that we love this brand! It’s a real pleasure to see a staple part of British history reinvigorated with modern, and sustainable methods – giving the whole drink a refresh. The other advantage for us with these drinks is their lower ABV, which does make a massive difference in a lot of consumers drinking decisions. Overall, a lovely product that would look great on the shelf for novelty buyers, but also be a repeat purchase without doubt.

Our Verdict

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t is 60 years since Julian Koenig wrote the copy for Volkswagen’s ‘Think Small’ campaign, which took the VW Beetle across the Atlantic to compete with the muscle cars which dominated the US market. It was a brave move to do the opposite of what was expected. A small compact offer versus a traditional big model. ‘Small’ is often treated as counterintuitive in business. The imperative seems to be to scale ‘up’. Build, build, build your (‘small’) business, grow bigger, think bigger, act bigger. In our delicatessen life, we go out of our way to do the opposite. We’re not being obtuse, although we do rather relish the fact that we are not particularly ‘retail’. No, our take is that small can also mean growth. Small can also be a business benefit. ‘Smaller’ could be the new ‘bigger’.

38 The Delicatessen Magazine


So. what does our ‘small’ look like? Well, for certain, it’s mostly about small producers. By small we mean our local chocolate maker, preserves made just down the road in a copper pot from handwritten notes in a grandfather’s cookbook; it’s the farmer’s son who’s diversified to make award-winning biltong … the honey producer with only 140 hives who struggles to keep up with demand for their alchemy and the kitchen table business in the Black Mountains which is built upon the treasures of the hedgerows. We seek out the gin that is made in the smallest of batches, which we run out of because the still has to await the next foraging trip. We wait patiently for the local brewer who takes time to barrel-age his experimental beers. Our heart soars because our local baker takes Mondays off for family time … “Sorry, no bread on Monday” has never felt so positive.

Small is good. Small is personal. Small is niche. Small affords us the opportunity to keep things tight … we work with the people we discover whose work we love. Our job is to be as passionate about sharing their product with our customers as they would be themselves. Small builds relationships and deepens connections. It stops us spreading ourselves too thin. (Weirdly, we still get the routine calls from regional sales managers and local reps offering us the monthly specials that “your customers are going to LOVE”) in spite of never falling for the hot cross bun fudge or the heart-shaped cheeses much-loved by the seasonal retail carousel). If it gets too big, we get edgy. We will happily applaud the small crisp maker for their multi-million dollar

takeover by a huge multinational … but we’ll use it as a trigger to seek out the farmers who’ve packed their great tastes and lovely crunch into 100% domestically compostable bags. Small also means agile. We pay our small producers the price they ask for … we don’t squeeze them to make more margin (ok, so the accountant told us off for our relatively modest margins but we can live with that!) … we pay quickly … for the micro businesses, our small bank transfer is what allows them to do their thing. Building long-term relationships founded on trust is so much easier when you keep things small. Our little enterprise turned 3 and a half years old a couple of weeks back. When we started, we hankered after a few folk hanging out in the garden sampling a Welsh-roasted specialty coffee and Mrs Deli’s cakes. We counted the numbers of people who came in and wished for more. Slowly … organically … word got out … the ‘Secret’ Garden isn’t so secret. There was ‘that’ night where 27 people squished into a space set up for fewer. We ran around a lot, rushed our service, chased our tails and slumped exhausted and frustrated when we finally got home after washing up what seemed like a thousand glasses. So we resolved to get even smaller. Smaller gatherings. More intimate evenings. Less being the very epitome of more. We took tables and chairs out. We reduced the number of tickets sold. We made life smaller. As a consequence, we stand a chance of being part of what is happening; we get to be the connection between the people who hang out with us and the great tastes and food stories we introduce them to. Smaller… better … more connected! l www.thehighstreetdelicatessen.com

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he concept for Anna’s Sorbet Lollies was born three years ago while Anna was sat at the kitchen table one day. It came as a direct result of her growing awareness of the need for a healthier ice treat, than that which were already available in her stores. She craved for a real alternative to the additive laden ice lollies available in her local area, the beautiful Purbeck coast and hills of Dorset. These shop-bought lollies were full of nasties and also wrapped in plastic, a lot of which could be found blowing about on the beaches and floating in the water. Anna’s Sorbet Lollies break that mould, being sustainably wrapped in Natureflex Film (a plant-based and fully compostable plastic alternative). This means that they come with the promise never to add to the growing tide of plastic pollution swamping our coasts, oceans and our countryside. At the time Anna had just started working as a vegan chef, having been a vegetarian chef for many years previous and her clients often talked about wanting something delicious and natural instead of ice creams or ice lollies that were full of hidden nasties! Something that day pushed her to take that step forwards and set about creating Anna’s Sorbet Lollies, which are made with pure fruit pulp and no added additives. Just deliciousness on a stick! Anna’s Sorbet Lollies are based on the South American Paleta, using the natural goodness of whole fruit to create a range of naturally delicious, vegan and gluten free ice lollies. “I grow as much of the fruit as I can but do have to rely on suppliers for such things as pineapples and mangoes. The Dorset climate is good, but not that tropical!”

The process is fairly straightforward. She has two large stainless-steel lolly moulds into which she puts her prepare lolly mixture. It is then frozen before finally being taken out of the moulds.

Anna´s Ices.indd 1


The mixture is made to individual recipes using specific fruit combinations which is then frozen in containers. Anna then re-works the frozen mixture and pours it into the moulds when it is soft enough and freezes it hard. According to Anna. it is a similar process to making ice cream by hand in that the re-working breaks down any ice crystals that form. “The tricky part is getting the air bubbles out of the mixture once it is in the moulds and is definitely the fiddliest part of the process.”

Anna’s Sorbet Lollies have been a great success with those fortunate enough to have already tried her refreshingly delicious range of 100% natural ice lollies. Anna has even received ‘Special Recognition’ for ‘Innovation & Future Proofing’ and ‘Environment & Sustainably’ at the BH Star Awards 2019.

THE WHOLESALE RANGE: • Gooseberry & Elderflower • Strawberry & Mint • Watermelon & Raspberry • Pineapple & Coconut • Mango Lassi • Lemon and Lime

Anna’s lollies can also be sold direct to customers via her website and her pop-up lolly shop at local festivals and events throughout the summer. She even finds the time to take bookings for weddings and parties, which offer a range of bespoke cocktail lollies of the customer’s choice. l

If you would like to become a stockist please contact Anna Shepherd at annasicesuk@yahoo.com for further information.

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LOUISE - FOUNDER OF TEAPIGS “2018 was a great year for tea and teapigs and we’re expecting some of the trends which pushed last year’s growth to continue through to 2019. First up, despite the economic/political uncertainty we’re facing, there is a more educated and expectant customer who is willing to spend more on premium tea. Super premium tea was the biggest growing sector in the tea market last year and this means operators should really up their tea game if they don’t want to get left behind. Herbal and speciality black teas (like earl grey, chai) were especially popular last year and these will continue to be grow in interest. Keep an eye out for chai and single estate teas being big sellers this year too. The health and wellbeing sector will continue to grow with more people drinking functional teas like our feel-good range or matcha. Consumers are also putting increasing focus on sustainability so vendors need to check their products’ green credentials and remember that provenance is key!”

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ere in the UK we drink 165 million cups of tea every day (more than double the amount of coffee) which shows we’re a nation of tea drinkers. The tea market is huge with nearly everyone in the country, young or old, male or female, drinking some type of tea or herbal infusion so this should be the first sign to businesses that you need a strong tea offering. Teapigs have led the charge to get people drinking real, whole leaf tea again (rather than the dusty stuff you get in paper bags) and consumers are now much more interested about the quality of tea they are drinking, where it is from and how it is sourced. So much so, the super-premium tea category has grown 3% (Nielson data) and 65% of consumers are willing to pay more for premium tea brands (Tetley tea report 2018). They believe in something very simple – no airs, no graces, just fine tea. Basically, they love tea but don’t like the snobbery that can come with it. Instead they concentrate on bringing the very best tea they can find and not taking themselves too seriously. Their range is unrivalled with over 34 whole leaf teas and herbal infusions. While there has been a lot of interest recently in green teas

and herbal infusions, cafes delis and restaurants are likely to find their most popular tea is still the “English breakfast” black tea.


The builder’s brew, our rosy lee, whatever you like to call it, it’s the best “normal tea” around (and we’ve tried a fair few). Teapigs are often asked where to start with a tea menu and this will

always be first on the list. It’s your most important tea on the menu so their advice would be, make sure it’s the best! In a classic everyday cuppa, you want something that’s going to wake you up, give you a good, deep flavour that comes out through the milk and can withstand a load of dunking. Teapigs is a blend of three...Assam for body (weight in the mouth), Ceylon for flavour and a zesty taste


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and Rwandan for wallop (it puts a kick in the cuppa). Not many people know that Rwanda produces some of the best tea there is – it’s a bit of a tea taster’s secret. Very generally speaking, tea estates have to choose between making large volumes of ‘alright’ tea (your classic big batch paper teabags) or a smaller amount of something really top-notch, using the whole leaf. The better the quality and the bigger the leaf, the bigger the flavour. Teapigs will always choose the premium quality, whole leaf teas!


How does this photo make you feel, especially that wishy washy cup on the top left? Angry? Sad? Let down by humanity?! All very valid feelings. Teapigs’ golden rules are: start with a deep, rich, full-of-flavour tea. Use fresh water in your kettle (don’t boil it over and over). Boiling water. Brew for 3-5 mins. Milk last. But always drink it however makes you happy – We will just have to close our eyes if it looks like top left!


Something that has always been important to teapigs, is giving back to the communities that bring us our tea. So, as part of their own ethical scheme, we work closely with Point Foundation - a wonderful charity working with vulnerable young people in Gisenyi, Rwanda (which is where they source the majority of their ‘everyday brew’). Thanks mainly to on-pack donations from everyday brew, so far, they've donated a whopping £250k and helped fund some amazing projects. If you've got little more time, you can read more about out ethical scheme on the Teapigs website. l www.teapigs.co.uk

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Speciality success starts at the Farm Shop & Deli Show. Come and meet key suppliers, gain non-stop industry inspiration and find profit boosting ways to get your business on top in 2019.

This is a trade event. No under 16s will be admitted


TO REGISTER TO ATTEND PLEASE VISIT: farmshopanddelishow.co.uk @FarmShop_Deli #FSD2019 SUPPORTED BY:


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