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Chaminade-Julienne 505 s. Ludlow St. Dayton, Ohio 45402

Head Football Coach Jim Place instructs sophomores Anthony Turner and Pernell Williams and senior Tim Crouch. These three players were key members of the offensive team this year. This was the third straight year the football team advanced to the state playoff tournament.

Chad Garman takes a shot at the goal. The soccer team ended their season being in the top eight in the state.

Concentration is a key part of volleyball. Jenna Goecke serves the ball to the oppsoing team.

A 路Springboro player tries to keep up with junior Jessica Hankey as she makes a move to the goal. 2

The men's cross country team poses for a picture after a long, hard meet.



.... .

, Sports at Chaminade Julienne have always been a meaningful tradition. Athletic teams prepare themselves months before their season, I

so they are ready for the upcoming challenge of tough rivals. C-J sports show their potential on all types of playing fields. Each team displays its talent through a tough schedule and strong record's. Eagle tradition continues through the ever growing sports programs.


Mrs. Paula Beach and her senior daughter, Laurie, are just one of many parent-child combinations at C-J. Mrs. Beach has been a long time resident of the third floor, where she teaches typing, accounting and business.

Out and about in the halls, sisters Joanna and Jessica stop and say "hi" to their father, Coach Zaidain.

Hanging around her mom's office, junior Keri Mann embraces Mrs.Mann with a hug.

Having a quaility fatherdaughter moment, junior Carolyn stops by to see her dad, Coach Jim Place.

"It's very interesting having my younger sister here with me every day," says Ashley Reid, right, of sister Anissa Earl, left.



.. .. .

Family Traditions Chaminade-Julienne is a school known for tradition. Relationships within families are evident still today. Some students are second, even third generation C-J students. Everywhere we look there is a brother, sister, cousin or even parent in the halls of C-J . Families have strong bonds within the school, by supporting each other in competitions, academics, and performances throughout the year.


At a football game, seniors cheer for the Cham ina de-Julienne Football team during the homecoming game. Regardless of the 30 degree weather, C-J students are always willing to show their Chaminade-Julienne Eagle Pride.

C-J Football players show pride for our school and for our

C-J Eagles knows what it takes to be number one: A lot of school spirit and big foam hands!

At it varsity volleyball game, Jennifer Schneemann and Molly Quinn cheer for the Lady Eagles. 6

Varisty cheerleaders, Brittany Miller, Mallory Smith, and Ashley Miller take a break from cheering. The C-J cheerleaders always keep the crowd on their feet.


. .'

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Traditionally Spirited "We got spirit, yes we do! We got spirit how 'bout you?" All throughout ChaminadeJulienne, school spirit is found. Whether it is at a football game or during a pep rally, students are proud to be a part of the Chaminade-Julienne community. C-J students are always ready to show lots of support for our community, sports, and country, in our strive for excellence.


At the first liturgy of the year, Caitlin Heywood receives the blood of Christ from senior John Ravestein. For three years, John has been a Eucharistic minister. "Being a Eucharistic minister gets me involved with the Masses at C-J,"Ravestein said.

New members of the liturgical choir Jaclyn Broderick and Krista Bucholz "lift every voice and

On All Saints Day, Fr. Chris Wittmann, S.M. recognizes the souls of those that have passed on to another life.

Ma; k Johnigan prepares himself for prayer. It is a C-J tradition to pray before each class. 8

Under the tree of com'm unity, seniors Megan Riner, Nick Walusis, Carmella Castro, and Ashley Reid say "cheese" for the camera.


.... .

Religious Traditions


C- J's religious traditions have stayed strong throughout the years. Along with daily prayer, we plan as well as attend prayer services. These activities help strengthen the bond between students and faculty. We celebrate our faith by attending mass on Holy Days such as All Saints Day, Ash Wednesday, and other days designated specifically for Chaminade-Julienne students and faculty.


A group of CJ students, Ms. Yarnell, and Habitat for Humanity volunteers work together to build a house for a family in the community who will move in during the Spring. This was part of a two- day Into the Streets service weekend.

"It's very energIzmg to spend time with young children," Ms. Sanderman said about volunteering during Into the Streets.

As Sarah Staley cuts a piece of drywall she thinks about the house she and her friends helped to build.

Playing with blocks is one of Whitney Rhinehart's favorite past times. This was her first time participating in Into the Streets. 10

Sean Holley yells out ''"You sunk my Battleship," as he plays with a student at Queen of Martyrs Day Care Center.

----~-;-----< . ~. .




Traditional Service The C-J community is always willing to give time and service to the less fortunate. This year, two groups of C-J students went on mission trips to Trinidad and Kentucky to offer their services to outside communities. Into the Streets, an annual event at C-J, gets a large part of the school community involved in helping others in the Greater Dayton area.


Mr.5hea's seventh period gym class takes a breather from their physical activity. These sophomores show great spirit and pride in the diversity of their school. Each smiling face represents a different group at C-J.

At the first Liturgy, Jacob Page, Keisha Collier, Claudia Ninneman, Kristen VanAtta,and Ms.Noriekas prepare to receive the Eucharist. Non -catholic students receive a blessing.

During The Freshman Mixer, Jackie Strader, Dan Hundt, Claire Sloss, Katie Slayback, and Joanna Zaidain enjoy the chance to get aquainted with their new classmates.

Megan Kelleher and Jaquelynn Catching up on their English Griffin take advantage of their assignment Jeremy Queen, Chris study hall time. Both take chal- Vangas, and Dustin Eisen read lenging courses which require a through the pages of their books. lot of effort.


Diversity Diversity is defined as variety, or unlikeness. C-J is a pure example of what a diverse population is. With students coming from many different ethnic backrounds, everyone has a chance to experience different cultures. Our school offers a wide selection of after school clubs and programs which help bring students and faculty together to share experiences that keep our school diversified.


Two f,eshmen lab pa"ne", Lamen Cleary and Jmdan Snellout, wmk on an expe,iment dminJ Ms. Anderson's Honors Biology class.

a H_~~M~'U" -;;-;:;=~"Juniors Kimberly Walusis, Angela Ross and Molly Finn get help from their teacher, Mr. Mominee.

Senior Andre Chattams, an all-star receiver for C-J's football team, prepares to study for a religion test.

Katie Jackson concentrates onher math homework d uring her free time.


During Mr. Conard's freshman religion class, Javon Collins, Ashley Camp and Francis Palmer assist each other in completing their assignment.

.. . ..

Academic Excellence


"My goal is to prepare you for the real world." Ms. Meyers Chaminade-Julienne offers a wide variety of academics, from culinary arts to engineer drafting. Our academics are challenging, and our teachers expect nothing less than our best. Thirty-eight percent of our students are emolled in Honors and Advanced Placement courses. That's why C-J proudly calls itself a National School of Excellence.







Melinda Adam

Amanda Andrews

Brandon Artis

Matthew Badillo

Ryane Banks

Michelle Barkley

Emma Bayliff

Aaron Beach

Lauren Beach

Parker Black

Evan Bole

David Bolton

Keith Boman




Heather Bonham

Rachael Borgert

Collin Brazie

Derek Brazie

Megan Brockman

Jaclyn Broderick

Spencer Brown

Eric Bruckman

Krista Bucholz

Julia Budde

Laura Budde

Cannella Castro

Bethany Chapell

Andre Chattams

Brett Chmiel

Regina Clarke 19


Jesse Coleman

Nemaris Colon

Bryan Cop its

Charles Crawford

Jason Crickmore

Leander Croker

Timothy Crouch

Alan Dewitt

Fmncesca Doresy

Teanna Downs

Matthew Doyle

Michael Doyle

Megan DUffij

Francis Dutmers

Thomas Evans

Kasey Farrell

Bryan Fecke

Ali Fields

Caitlin Finn

Julie Fisher

Michelle Fisher

Elizabeth Flynn

Christina Garrison

Joseph Gauder

Jeffrey Gaylor

Natalie Geel

Michael Gill

Krysten Goff

Jennifer Grant

Matthew Gray

John Paul Gregory 21


Raeven Grimes

Joseph Gunder

John Hackitt

Gregon) Hall

Michelle Hamilton

Shelly Harker

Joseph Haubert

Joshua Hazelrigg

Brian HeI1derson

Mary Hickey

Deena Hill

JeI1nifer Hill

Laurin Holloway

Elisha Hopkins

LaWanda Hopkins

Kathleen Huffman

Elizabeth Hundt

Christopher Hunter

Flora Igah

Katie Jackson

Kristen Jackson

Stephanie Jackson

Tineke Je1111

Jessica Jenkins

Mark Johnigan

Kristen Johnson

Brian Johnston

Reginald Jones

Laura Keihl

Adam Kells

Curtis Kimble

Kristen Klawonl1 23


Nicholas Kleinhenz

Dustin Klumb

Devon Komiensky

Heidi Kossoudji

Marcus Lehman

Shonte Long

Adrianne Luedtke

Anthony Malott

Jasmine Mann

Edward Marrinan

Melissa Martin

Matthew Martinek

Robin Maynard

Cherese McBeath


LyndseJj McDermand

Jeffrey McEldowney

Ross McIntyre

Brent Medina

Timothy Meininger

Maria MeIsler

Deborah Metzger

Brittany Miller

Lauren Miller

Meaghan Murphy

Richard Neth

Mark Nieport

Robert Ninneman

Joseph Palmer

Matthew Parker

Ann Patterson 25


Lisa Pickrel

Nyla Potter

David Prier

Jonathan Prier

Kern) Quinn

Ricky Rakestraw

John Ravestein

Ashley Reid

Joshua Rihm

Travis Rindler

Megan Riner

Erienne Roberts

Robin Robertson

Mark Romie

Jordan Samson

Matthew Sanderman


Orlando Sanders

Timothy Schneemann

Tommy Schopler

Jennifer Schroeder

Matthew Sears

Elaine Segi

Lindsey Seiter

Nathan Shaman

Ryan Shen

Erin Shortal

Ben Smith

Helen Smith

Mallon) Smith

Amanda Sokolnicki

Matthew Sortman

Kenneth Spitzig 27


Sarah StaleJj

Michael Stefan

Shayla Summerhill

Abet Tekeste

Kyle Terry

Elli Thomas

Matthew Trick

David Trimbach

Kevin Trimbach

Jennifer Trittschuh

Emman Twe

Brenda Vogel

Courtney Waggenspack

Bethany Walker-David


Nicholas Walusis

Amy Weatlmford

Dean Weber

Katie Weekly

Logan Weinkauf

Bethani Weitzel

Ryan Wilhelm

Eric Williams

Justin Wilmes

Kathleen Wlodarski

Kathleen Woerner

Kimberly Wolf

Nakeyia Worely

Leah Wymer

Ashley Yahn

Katherine York 29

"The Class of 2002 ... The class that took the road less traveled - and that has made all the difference." -Jessica Jenkins, Student Council President

Janelle Young

Jessica Zaidain

A Year Filled With Memories . ..


F The fu nniest moment of the school year. .. "During the Christmas concert when Mr. Trainor said HO HO HO!" -Neal Craft "Jeff Gaylor's 'Pete' the penguin." -Amy Weatheiford The Most Memorable Moment at C-J . .. "When Mr. Trainor announced we were under terrorist attack. " -Abet Tekeste "The football team going to the Final Four sophomore year, and the girls' basketball team being #1 in the nation. " -John Hackitt

What are you most excited for about college? "INDEPENDENCE!" -Jeff McEldowney "I'm looking forward to leaving my parents." -Shelly Harker What is the best part about being a senior? "Spending it with the hilarious David Prier. " -Kasey Farrell "Having the underclassmen look up to me." -Brian Johnston What was your favorite year at C-J? "Senior year because everyone knows each other." -Annie Patterson "Freshman year because I met my new friends." -David Bolton







Hinda Abdullahi Natea Abraham Alex Adam Curtis Alexander Jr. Anmar Alkhafaji Lindsey Allen

Sean Allen Cassy Allyn Lisol Arney Rachel Arnold Kate Athmer Kenton Baker

Phillip Balaguer Jon Barringer Mike Beane Sarah Berry Cerelia Bizzell Tricia Borgerding




Lauren Boucher Joshua Brand Kevin Branick Liz Brinkman Jordan Broderick Derrick Brown

Noelle Brown Jessica Buescher Barbara Bulman Christopher Burling Ashley Camp Rachel Carlson

Amanda Catchings Chelsea Claggett Nathan Clark Randall Clark Zach Clark Brittany Clarke

Lauren Cleary Keisha Collier Javen Collins Robby Conaway Holly Cottrell Liz Crombie .

Joshua Cummins Justin Davisson Ryan Demmitt Tim Dent Anna DeVane Laura DeVita

Keith DeWitt Teresa DeWitt Sade Dike Mark Donelson Claire Donnelly Brian Doughty

Terri Downs Danielle Dunson Anissa Earl Christopher Eckert Eryn Ecton Katie Eddingfield


Jordan Edgel Onie Egonia Ochuko Evwaraye Shayla Fields Brandon Fillinger Grace Film

Jerrod Fisher Brandon Fiske Meghan Fleck Todd Flohre Rebecca Foose Bruce Fortson

Sarah Fowler Michael Franklin Brittany Frazier Chris Frazier Janice Freeman Lindsay Funk

Joanna Gauder James Gaudion Gian Genovesi Maria Getty Shana Glover Jessica Godsey

Lindsey Goldsberry Stasi Gomez Tom Grabiel Danielle Gray Albert Greaves Erin Green

Marjorie Guehl Robert Gummerus Cori Hahn Allison Hall Jennifer Hall John Hallinan

Jessica Hamby Luke Hampel Holly Harker Joshua Harris Brandon Harrison Brittany Harrison



Greg Harrison Courtney Haviland Ashley Henn Nick Hess L. J. Hill III Ryan Holley

Emily Hook Greg Hopkins Jr. Constance Howard Andei Hubbard Jasmine Hughes Dan Hundt

Bryon Hunt Madonna Igah Chanel Ingram Josephine Ivory Stacey Ivy Leslie Jagielski

Rachel James Aisha Jefferson Jaimel Johnson Lajuanna Johnson Ca therine Jones David Jones

Joshua Kern Annah Kimani Dorian Kimbley Kristy Kover Chad Kroger Eric Kronenberger

Isaac Lakes Mark Lauber Matthew Lauber Ben Lee Bryan Little Sarah Lockhart

Nathaniel Loyd Robby Mabelitini Eric Mack Parish Mack Paul Mack Heather Maddux


Ashley Magoch Patrick Mansfield Elaine Marrinan Kevin Marrinan E.J. McCain Alex McCauley

Kaitlin McConkey Dan McElroy Tara McGinnis Angellica McKinney Ma tthew Mergler Brittany Merriman

Adam Mesaros Bob Miller Nick Miller Brian Moon Joey Roy Mooney Jr. Nick Morton

Jonathen Myles Zama Ndefru Jr. Annie Neal Dominic Neu Charlie Nguyen Erica Ninneman

Andrew Noonan Ka therine Noonan Zachary North Tim Olmsted Erik Olson Tessa Overman

Francis Palmer Julliet Parrot Alyssa Pavelka Elizabeth Pavy Colin Peasant Teresa Perretta

Brandon Petty Jim Pickrel Jason Piekenbrock Katie Plake Sarah Porter Brandon Postell


Melissa Potterf Megan Prendergast Brittany Price Nick PlU1cer Adam Raffield Jordan Ray

Greg Reed Brittany Reeves Bridget Reibeling Li Reid Neil Reigelsperger Amber Renick

Jon Ricciuto Tyler Rigsby Javon Ringer Lynnee Roberts Karroll RobiIlson Rion Robinson

Taylor Robinson Carrie Robison Ben Rosenbauer Aleisha Ross Stephanie Ross Jaron Russell-

Jon Rust Ben Saettel Jena Schafer KTisten Schafer Dennis Schirtzinger Brad Schlangen

Zach Schulke Mike Schultz-Navara Bobby Schweitzer Erika Scudero Adam Segi Joshua Shaffer

Josh Shaman Champaigne Shyne Caroline Sicnolf Jennifer Sikora Brett Sipes Katie Slayback


Alice Sledge Claire Sloss Daniel Smith Mackenzie Smith Natalie Smith Jordan Snell

Dan Sokolnicki Kisa Sosebee Jacob Soter Pete Spanel Lisa Spitzig Ryan Sraj

Thomas Stang Claire Stanislawski Karie Starkey Frederick Stovall Jackie Strader Nancy Strickland

Michael Szabo Zenar Tekeste Mae Thompson Amber Thornton Brea Thornton Darryl Thornton

Susan Thurin Amanda Tobey Alexander Treadway Tommy Trimeloni Lester Troutman Shana Tucker

Lante Turney Beth Upp Austin Valentine Kristen VanAtta Daniel Wagner Sarah Walling

Keith Ward JI. Christopher Washington Andrew Weber Joshua Weisenberger Loreal White Darrell Williams



Dorothy Williams Dan Wolf Krystal Wooliver Margharita Worth Matt Wymer Bertrand Young

Joe Young Joanna Zaidain Brad Zavakos



Amy Allen Eric Andersen Mike Andrews Matt Ankeny Josh Armstrong Chelsea Arney

Bob Arnold Tom Attenweiler Ben Badillo James Bailey Stephanie Barbour Gerard Bardon

Adrienne Bargo Stephanie Bauer Melanie Bautista Mike Beall Amy Beers Lauren Begley


Jessica Bergman Clementine Bizimana Erin Bole Craig Boman Christopher Brockman Christina Brun

Jimmy Buerschen Christopher Buie Gary Burnette John Buscemi Amanda Bush Kenny Byrd

Alexandra Caldwell Molly Callahan Alex Cameruci Damien Carr Hannah Carrigg Onyx Casanova

ReBecca Clarke Jeremy Clawson Adrienne Clements Meghan Closser Clara Coleman Rosalyn Craig

Jacob Crews Melissa Crickmore Rodney Crimes Frank Crump Jonathan Crutcher Ben Cseh

Jarron Dammons Brittany Defilippo Patrick Doyle Patrick Duffy Larry Dunson Antoine Edmonson

Shawn Ellis Brittany Engle Kristien Evans Brian Fleming Lauren Gall Frank Gehres




Seth Gottschlich Andy Grant Matt Grant Ray Grote Robbie Guinn Josh Hackenberg

Ken Harrison Christina Hayden Tiana Hayden Jacquie Heiland Sarah Helldoerfer Brith1ey Henderson

Alexis Henry Lizzy Hewitt Caitlin Heywood Jordan Hickey Meredith Hickey Janene Hicks

Nate Holley Sean Holley Arrionne Hollis Lauren Holtvoigt Elizabeth Hopkins Kyle Howe-Vachon

Kristin HlU1ter Roy Hutchins Allie Iberico Roswitha Igah Stacey Ivey DaWatill Ivy

Chris Jackson Matthew Jasko Tara Jehn Ronnie Johnson Jr. Jared Jones Mike Jones

Steve Jones Ka tie Keechle Bryan Keefe Bryan Keru1ey Shanel Kilgore Rachael Koob


r Dimitri Kossoudji Tiffany Kracirik Tim Kracus John Laage Matthew Langford Kelly Lee

Sarah Lefeld Dominique LeLewis Bethany Lesko Chad Levell Tearri Lewis-DeWitt Kelli Lovelace

Gregory Lucking Brad Luedtke Nate Luken India Lyle Chris Marks Tina Martinek

Andrew Maynard Dan McAtee Cliff McAuley Lauren McCalister Zoe' McCarthy Colleen McCormick

Bethany McCoy-Ramsey Beth McDaniel Drew McIntyre Sarah McMahon Ellie McPeek Jessie McQuiston

Mo Mercer Andrea Miller Autumn Miller Eric Mills DJ Moorer James Moreo

Jennifer Morris . Katie Morris Katy Mulhern Joe Nartker Sheriece Nicholson Claudia Ninneman


Emery Nkunzi Sean Nolan Roscoe Q'Hair Sean O'Neill Ashley Onyia Jacob Page

Jessie Parker Ryan Patrick Drew Patterson Matt Pavy Adrian Payne Mallory Perkins

PJ Perretta Chris Plassenthal David Pope Steven Potts Josh Priefer Joe Putnam

Kyle Queen Molly Quinn Elizabeth Reed Ma ttson Reed Antwain Reine' Daivd Reynolds

Whitney Rinehart Kristin Roark Christina Robbins Amy Rohmiller Stephanie Rucker Emily Russo

Jennifer Rust Liz Sacksteder Amanda Sa luke Shandrial Sanders Ashley Saunders Cara Sayer

Julie Scarpelli Jake Schierloh Tony Schirack Tim Schirmer Jeni Schneemann Mike Seidel


Amber Shade Torin Shields Tia Siler Scott Simmons Charles Smith Justin Smith

Elliot Spang Megan Staley Jordan Stephens Dayton Stone Katie Tackett Anthony Taylor

Paula Thomas Mitchell Thompson Gregory Thornton Julie Trick Amber Trickey Maggie Trimbach

Renee Trimbach Stephanie Trittschuh Eric Troidl Anthony Turner James Vandenbrock J1'. Chuntell Vauls

Evan Vincent Rachael Vocke Andy Wallace Elizabeth Walling Joe Walton Taneisha Walton

Amanda Wanczyk Denise Weber Zach Wenclewicz Joe Whatley Kaylin Wherry Brandon Wicinski

Graham Williams Pernell Williams Tiffany Williams Tiffany Williams Abby Willis Ricky Yeager


Anna Zimmer Chris Bills David Yingling






Kenneth Akridge Zach Albert Desiree Alexander Jazzone Alford Sarah Allen Robert Altick

Jermiel Atkins Kira Bardtffi Elizabeth Bausman Mike Beach Randy Beane Joshua Becker

Ashley Bennett Charles Blackmon Tiffany Blackmon Katherine Borgerding Christopher Branick Lauren Brenneman


Katherine Brinkman Corey Brooks Kathryn Brown Scott Bruckman Jacob Brunswick Sarah Budd

Stephanie Burneka Amadeus Carter Dominique Champion Elliott Chappell Meghan Colbert Brittany Corbin

William Cord Tiffany Cunningham Jonathan Curtis Anthony Davis Hannah Davis Nicholas Dean

Chris Defilippo Ashley Demmitt Stephanie DeVita Erik deWeaver Rebecca Dieker Lauren Dokes

Michael Donnelly Sarah Duncan Tiffany Dunlap Andrew Dur lak Dustin Eisen Brock Elder

Christopher Elebesunu Ashley Ernst Nicole Etter Efe Evwaraye Molly Finn Matthew Flanagan

LaToya Fountaine Chad Garman Jenna Goecke Justin Goff Ashley Goldsberry Elena Gomez




Kaelin Goode Aftyn Goolsby Michael Grabiel Ross Gray Jaquelynn Griffin Tiffany Groce

Sean Grove Autumn Hahn Pah-ece Hairston Jessica Hankey Dan Harless Lindsa y Harris

Brad Hemmelgarn Daniel Henn Stephen Herman Melissa Hobbs Michael Hoendorf Matt Hook

Brandie Hoskins Christian Hubbard Jennifer Hubbard Anthony Hueston Thomas Hunter Arialma Isaac

Eriqua Jackson Krystal Jackson Christopher Jasko Michael Jones Monica Jones Myla Jones

Jesse Junius Adam Kaney Joseph Kaukola Daniel Keferl Megan Kelleher Allison Kern

Aaron KerschnerJoseph Keyes Andrew Kimble Kasey Kimble Hannah Klawonn Kelly Kreiger


Jennifer Kronenberger Sarah Kuntz Alexis Lambright Brian Lauber Douglas Lauricella Samantha Lawson

William Leach Paul Lehner Devin Libecap Hanna Libecap Faith Ligon Michelle Mack

James Maloney Keri Mann Mike Mantica Catherine Marsico Chris Martin Sean McCauley

Christopher McCune Emily McDaniel Molly McDermott Angela McElroy Michael McFall Melinda Mercer

Natalie Mergler Elizabeth Metzger Cody Midlam Ashly Miller Edward Miller Amy Miltenberger

Andrew Miltenberger Gillian Minsky Tony Moore Stuart Morris Nicole Muzechuk Matt Myers

Ernest Neilson Hilary Neu Joanna Newlin Geoff Niswonger Rudolphe Nkinzingabo Devin O'Connor





Scott O'Hearn Rebecca Olinsky Benjamin Overman Robert Palmer Kevin Papp Antonio Parker

Travis Patterson Lauren Pauer Nathan Peavy Michael Pera Justin Phillips Teresa Pierce

Christie Pietrzak Laura Pippenger Carolyn Place Joshua Plake Melissa Platt Richard Poole

Matthew Porter Courh1ey Pryor Melissa Pulver Jeremy Queen Joshua Rankin Jason Rankilie

Joshua Ray Bobby Reed Kevil1 Reese Troy Reid Nathaniel Ricciuto Lydia RIDehart

Janelle RIDger Malaika Robinson Nathan Roddy Angela Ross Anne Ryan Greg Saluke

Malita SanderfeF Kevin Sanford Justin Schafer Zack Schierloh Sarah Schirmer John Schneider


Robin Schrader Laura Schwandner Susan Schweitzer Joe Schwendeman Dominic Seldon Carolyn Seymour

Donte' Shackelford Albani Shepherd Emily Sherman Erin Shields Brad Shillito Bry Shillito

Travis Shiverdecker Peter Shock Katherine Siebenthaler Joshua Simala Keshia Simmons Andy Smith

Maria Spanel Denny Spitzig Kelly Sraj Rose Stanislawski Steven Stockelman Zach Stoddard

Jessica Strader Billy Sullivan Darrell Tall Amy Temple Amanda Thaler Mike Thompson Jr

Brittany Thornton Lisa Timmer Rachel Tipton Sarah Treadway David Tuss Chris Vangas

Sarah Vogel Clint Walker Joey Walker Kim Walusis Michael Ward Brian Warniment



Jordan Washington Tashee Washington JeNetta Webb Brandon Weisenberger Justin Wendling India Whitaker

Brian White Chris Wiley Jonathan Wilks Christi Williams Michael Williams Justin Wilmoth

Zachary Wilson Mary Beth Wittberg Devon Woodson Ishmell Wright Jr. Anne Zelnio Jacob Zimmer




... .





Sister Marie Abmayr Janice Anderson Molly Bardine Diana Barr Paula Beach Jennifer Bird

Maryann Bray Jim Brooks Casey Brown Joe Burless Ken Burress Linda Cdlas

Lisa Colbert Claire Davis Gregory Derus Tim Dillon Lori Dozer Paul Dugan


F Nancy Egbers Susan Eichenauer Jennifer Elliott Laura Eloe Kathy Fecke Monica Fisher

Connie Fitch Lynn Ford Steven Fuchs Dave Glancy Kevin Hurley Judi Jacobson

Robert Katcavage Amy Kennedy Noel Kupras-Bauer Sr. Mary Ellen Lampe Janet Lasley Edward Longbottom

Lois Mann Marilyn McCrate Patrick McDaid John McDermott Bridget McIntyre Tammy Metcalf

Ann Meyers Mickey Mominee Letitia Montavon Stacy Noreikas Roberta Olmsted Michael O'Shaughnessy

Scott Pierce Peg Regan Angela Ruffolo Debra Sanderman Daniel Shea Bettye Sierichs

Joe Soter Jeanie Spitzig Bill Stachler Denny Thomas Mike Traino!" Marcia Wayman




Charlene Wheeler Fr. Chris Wittmann David Wood Jennifer Yarnell Bob Young Laura Zobel




.&;;:~_....._~~ ~::??:Jiiiil:O::~



. ..

The ChaminadeJulienne Yearbook Staff extends prayers and sympathy to the victims, families, and friends affected by the September 11 th attacl(s on America.

A special thanks to Alan Pippenger for the photos 61






The students who participated in the Summer Mission Trip to Lexington, Kentucky jump together for a quick group shot.

Senior Heidi Kossoudji used every bit of time possible during her break to sit and relax in between the days' activities.

Seniors Brett Chmiel and John Ravestein are all smiles after a long day of work under the hot sun.

"Being able to reach out to people and see their reactions first hand," was the most enjoyable part for Josh Rilun during his trip to Lexington.

Sophomore Katie Tackett had the unique experience of working with infants and teenage mothers.


Participa nts in the Summ er Mission Tr ip to Trinid ad, South Ca ribbean s trike a pose before board ing th e plane.

Who says laying cem ent an d po ur in g concrete is easy? Sh ayla Summerhill and fe llow mission trip participants did this all by hand. Here Shayla takes a break from a d emanding task on the site in Trinidad . Anxiousness and excitem ent fill ed the air w hen seniors Michelle Barkley and Devon Korniensky arrived at the airp ort in Trinidad .

Summer Mission Trip

Jack ie Br od erick, self-proclaimed "Queen of the hill" declares this bea utiful mOlmd of dirt in the name of Chaminade-Julienne.

Taking a brief m oment in between their hectic flight schedules, seniors Ka tie H uffman and Janelle YOLmg snap a q uick picture.

Chaminade-Julienne students have been called to serve others all four years of high school. Each year C -J takes it's students on mission trips all over. This past year, two groups represented CJ in both Lexington, Kentucky and Trinidad, South Caribean Island. Both trips were a big success, and as senior Katie Huffman put it, "helping people on such a big level was truly a once iIi. a lifetime experience".


Religion teacher Mr.Cona~ and senior Brandon Artis represent the students who went on mission trips over the summer. They entered the church by processing in the church with candles for the first mass of the school year.

Mr.Morninee has balanced between teaching religion and coaching track for three years. Yet he still manages enjoying every second of his day.

(. \

A great deal of reflection goes on during C-J's liturgies. Senior Mike Gill is deep in thought as the congregation rises to it's feet.

Mr. Dillon attracts both juniors and seniors to religion with his in-depth discussions and creative style of teaching. Father Chris Wittman has been playing the role of both preist and educator for eight years at Chaminade- Julienne.



Jordan Edgel .looks on as members of her g.roup fill out a review shee t 111 Mr. Canards freshman Rehgwn class.

Tradition is the Heart of Our School. .. Campus Ministry and the Religion classes are a main focus of the students and faculty of Chaminade-Julienne. These are key elements in the education students receive and the experiences they encounter in their four years of high school. Freshmen year the Hebrew Scriptures are studied. Sophomores learn about the New Testament while doing community service within the school. Morality and Social Justice are the topics for junior year, with a requirement of fifteen service hours in the outside world. Seniors study church history first semester and marriage and family second. Through the religion courses and the involvment of campus ministry, C-J is keeping the traditions alive!

Zach Schulke stands before his fellow classmates at CJ's first all school mass and gives the Freshman's statement of commitment to the C-J conununity.

Sophomore Tiffany Williams recieves her blessing dlUing the distri bution of the Eucharist at C-J's all school mass.

Will you marry me? Will you be my partner for the senior marriage project? Robert Szabo does it right down on one knee in front of fellow classmate Mary Hickey.



Sport buffs Greg Saluke and Robert Szabo get together and act like old sports heros.

More than just a farm girl, freshman Elaine Marrinan shows her school spirit by dressing up for cartoon/super hero day.

With afros and aLi, Paul Mack and Keith DeWitt step back in the 1970s for spir it week. This was the fil'stspil'it week for the two freshmen.

Champaigne Shyne a nd Teresa Perretta are blasts from the past during spirit week.

Not the w icked witch of the West but a damsel in distress, sop hmore English teacher Ms. Sanderman dresses as Snow White. Ms. Sanderman is also the Yearbook Adv isor.



Marcus Lehman, Brett Clmliel, and Jolumy Ravestein don their 80s apparel for spirit week. This is the last Spirit Week for the tlu'ee senior guys.

After September 11th, patriotism was show n across our grea t nation as well as th e C-J community. Alexandria McCauley shows her suport by decking out for spirit week. The masked man Zoe McCarthy, a sophomore, takes a moment from saving damsels in distress to flash a smile for the camera.

Spirit Week Monday Cartoon/Superhero Day

Tuesday Pajama Day

Wednesday Decade Day

Thursday Patriotic Day

Friday Spirit Day

Sophomore Eric Troidl displays his secret identity as "Flash" . H e's certa inly sh.mning in his red spillldex.

Spirit Week gives all the ChaminadeJulienne students an opportunity to express their creativity to their peers.

Sophomore Justin Smith shows all his glory illld his purple polar bear pajamas on pajama day for spirit week.


The 2001 Homecoming Court consisted of sophomore attendants Molly Quinn and Zach Wenclewicz, juniors Ashly Miller and Kenneth Akridge, senior attendents Rachael Borgert and Michael Doyle. Nick Kleinhenz and Lisa Pickrel were crowned King and Queen. Although the night was full of dancing and exci tement, senior Jon Gross ga thered quite an audience as he broke it down on the dance floor.

Sophomores Amanda Bush and Roy Hutchins cuddle close during a slow song. They spent the whole night dancing together. Ariauna Isaac allows 2001 Alumni Olumuyia Akerele one last chance to experience the magic of homecoming.

Gillian Minsky,junior, was thrilled to get to dance with fellow junior friend Joe Keyes. He has a fine pair of dancing feet.



Taking som e time out fo r a little friendly conversa tion, friend s Rick Pool e, Ro bert Pa lm er, Ja rr o n Dammons, Justin Smith and Darrell Tall sit and relax. Sharing th e m em o ry of their las t homecoming, seniors Shyra Thomas and Regina Clarke p ose for a formal p icture. While the rest of C-J is dan cing, Jason Crickrnore and Paula Thomas enjoy time away from the busy dance floor. They relax and take a quick breath before jumping back out and jamming.

â&#x20AC;˘ comIng:

Careless Whispers

"Devon Komiensky and I loved our matching dresses, even though people said we looked like Tarzan," said senior Carm ella Castro as they m odeled their one shouldered dresses. Basketball buddies Sarah Lefeld and Morgan Mercer look magnificent as they make som e heads turn.

The mood was set with the lights turned low and the bleachers lined with lights. Memories were captured off in the corner with the Eiffel Tower in the background. This was the scene of the 2001 C-J Homecoming. An eventful night full of good music and friends kicked the year off with a bang. As Jessica Hankey put it, " Homecpming was a great beginning for my junior year!"


Brea kfas t is the most important meal of the day.That is why Dustin Klumb, Mr. Kevin Hurley,Matt Doyle, Ms. Na ncy Egbers, Mark Nieport, Curtis Kimble, Laura Keihl, and Ben Smith sit down and eat before a challenging day of obstacles. Together Kristen Johnson, Deena Hill, and Fra ncesca Dorsey sing and dance as a part of an activity for their group.

On Kairos retreats classmates become close r w ith one anoth er. H e r e Epaphrodite Dusingizimana shares a hug w ith his classmate.

Watching over students on retreat Mrs. Janet Lasely ge ts to exp erience the bonding which takes place between classmates.

Outside of the small group work Rya ne Banks, Leander Croker, Christina Ga rrison, and Bethany Chappell use their strength to lift Tim Crouch the offensive tackle for the varsity foo tball tea m.


The last day of the Febuary Kairos was hard for many seniors. They all got together to capture one la s t memory of their retreat. All strapped in and ready to attempt the 'Pamper Pole' Laura Keihl, the only senior girl on the Senior Challenge, was first to try this physical activity.

The ex periences during the small group time kept Kim Wolf and David Bolton interested in the activities to come.

Kairos and Senior Challenge Retreats

All they need ed was one microphone for this Kairos small group. Here Robert Szabo, Mike Doyle, and Nathan Shaman preform in front of the large group. Free time is put to use on Senior Challenge as Ben Smith attempts to land safely on the mattress below.

Every year the senior class is given the opportunity to participate in a special retreat. Kairos, which offers a more spiritual bonding experience between classmates, and Senior Challenge, which consists of physical teamwork activities and reflection, are both emotionally uplifting experiences. Each retreat requires the students to enter with an open mind and the chance to make lasting freindships before they graduate in May. " Kairos was a great eye opening experience." Leah Wymer


Freshmen Lindsay Funk, Jenn Hall, Jordan Snell and Shana Glover perform a skit demonstrating the difficulties of finding a place to fit in at C-J. Jordan Snell plays the part of the typical "Nerd ", while o thers in his group laugh and poke hm. In the end he is accepted for who he really is, showing there is a niche for everyone. Sin10n says ... put yom hands on your knees. Put you hand on your head! Students participated in 'Sin10n Says' on Freshmen Reh路eat. The day began with icebreakers and games and then reflections by Junior leaders and F.L.I.G.H.T.members.

This activity, shown on sophomore retrea t, teaches students about solidarity and interdependence. Students stand in a circle and are asked to sit down, forming an intact, united group. Making the most of small group time Freshmen Kevin Branick, Aleisha Ross and Chelsee Clagget work together on the activity before presenting it to the larger group. "Sophomore retreat gave m e a chance to meet underclassmen. I knew hardly any younger C-J students, lUltil I participated in the retreat as a leader. " - Deborah Metzger Senior leader


Matt Pavy, a "Chaser", nms throug h a line of students linked at the elbows in Elbow Tag on Sophomore Retrea t.

Retreats are an enormous part of the balanced education at C-J. Each underclass student attends a retreat led by upperclass students. Retreats are planned by experienced teachers and interested students. Freshmen Retreat is centered on making a mark in the C-J community. The focus is on talking about the fears of a new place, the difficulities of making new friends, and of the move to a new school. The theme of Spohomore Retreat is trusting in God and in others. Students spend time at Camp Birch in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Juniors find their way through journaling and examining relationships on retreat.

Hills 4H Camp, Hill, Ohio, is the site for Junior Retrea t. Lots of time is sp ent outside, enjoying the lake and woods surrounding the lodge. Juniors on retreat walk a web each connected forming a human chain. Objects are placed on the ropes and if they fall each group is given a consequence, like blindness.

These juniors support each other w hile doing an extrem ely difficult and trying tight rope wa lk. The rop es begin close together so the walkers ca n hold on to one an other, but get fa rther and farther apart.


C-J girls Bethany Chappell, Katie Tackett, Jenn Hill, Annie Pa tterson, Laurie Beach, and Michelle Fisher have a girls night out. Frank Gehres and Tim Schirmer give an enthusiastic thlunbs up for the Halloween Soc Hop. This fun get together is for students of all ages.

Relaxing at the freshman mixer, Phillip Balaguer and James Gauruon stand side-by side taking in the scene before making any drastic moves.

Quick to pose at the bonfire Michelle Barkley dances with her close friends. This bonfire was to support the fall sports.

A Congo-line arOlmd the cafeteria was the highlight of the evening for Allison Hall and Maria Getty at the Halloween Soc Hop.


Alread y s tarting to ge t aquainted C h a mpai g n e Sh yn e, As hl ey Ca mp,Aisha Jefferson, Sh ana Glover, Jaimel Jolmson, Ebony Bennett, Nancy Strickland, and Doroth y William s have a blast dming the Fros h Mixer. Away from the crowd, seniors Eric Williams, Tommy Evans, and Enunan Twe wa tch thier classm a tes goo f around .

Friends Amber Renick and Melissa Po tterf both Mercy gra dua tes, feel m ore comfortable m eeting others at their first mixer.

MIxers and Soc Hops

Old before his time, James Pickrel pulled off a convincing elderly man, complete with a walker.

The S'mores were just a bonu s at the bonfire for Casey Farrel, Mega n Duffy, and Tomm y Sc hopl er as th ey mlillched on the fire toasted treats.

Every year the-C-J agenda is filled with homework, tests,projects, games, practices, and meetings. Each of these are valueable part of our school's community, but in the midst of all these things, the students and facutly get together to plan special soc hops and mixers for everyone to relax and enjoy. This year the school has offered bonfires celebrating football, a Halloween soc hop and a freshman mixer: Each mixer was enjoyed by all.


-As they tak e a break from the intense ac tion on the field, La ura Pippenger and Lauren Pauer, both jwuo rs,have a great time. The spiJit of the jllluors was shown by their creative uniforms an d accessories. Some girls made bandanas clad w ith their nam es and munbers. Som e boug ht black sweatpants and taped "Caution " all over them . Jwuor quarterback Angie McElmy sca ns the field, looking for an op en reciever to m ake the pass.

. ----~

As it ca me d own to the last few nUnutes, Coach Joe Schwendem an focused on having furl . Tlus positive attitude resulted in a grea t victory. With seluor girls w orking hard to pull off a second year victory, defensive player Gillian Minsky visuali zes some stra tegies to win. Hut! H ut! Hut! Hike! To the right jwuor girls prepare to captme the ball and to the left seluor girls set up to provide a stellar offense. The red and the yellow get ready to fight to the dea th .


The offensive line of the senior pow derpuff team zeroes in on the instr uctions given by coaches. " It was a good match against the juniors. We h'ied our best and our coaches were grea t." _Senior, La uren Beach




Powderpuff Football The battle begins ... There were predictions, guesses at the final score, practices weeks in advance; everyone involved could hardly wait until the big day. Who would be the 2001 victor? Would it be the inexperienced juniors, clad in canary yellow, specially designed Tshirts, or the reigning champion seniors all decked out in fire engine red? The final score was 21-16 in favor of the juniors. It was a sweet victory, the seniors were understanding and accepting, congratulating and hugging junior friends all around. The superb coaches of both teams gave fabulous game ending speeches, making this year's game a memorable one.

K~a: t;ie~~~!~~~~ ;

Great foo tball plays in action! the ball to fellow junior, Jaqu elyml Griffin.

Rebecca Dieker and Kaelin Goode are all smiles after their defeat of the seniors. The pressure was so great, cOming into this having no experience at ali, the jWliors were prepared to face the reigning champions.

The juniors don' t know what to expect as the seniors enter the fi eld. The feelings of an xiety,want, and determination cover the faces of Jerula Goeke, Tiffa ny Curuungham and Malita Sanderfer as they get read y to face the seniors.


The 2001 Christmas Dance Court of: Freshmen Josh Kern and Noelle Sophomores Hannah Ca rrigg and Jake Schierloh, Juniors Tiffany Blackmon and Bill Cord, and Seniors Devon Komiensky and Enul1a n Twe.

As the holiday spirit was in the air, junior Chris Wiley proudly wears his "Santa Claus hat" all throughout the night.

Practicing the finishin g touches on their ca ndy ca ne r o utine, seniors Kri stin Kla wo nn, Brittany Miller, Megan Riner, and Lisa Pickrel are almost done p erfecting their step s.

Dressed in a red evening gown w ith a matching hat, India Lyle way outclasses Mrs. Claus. All senior Neal Craft need s is just a little sp ace on the dance flo or before he grabs the attention of many with his great dancing.


Sport Trainers Unite! Even at dan ces Matt Ankeny, Jennifer Rust, Elizabeth H ewitt, Craig Boman and Elizabeth Reed enj oy sp ending time together. Shmned by the flash of the camera, sophomore couple Beth McDaniel and Matt Jasko h'y to regain eyesig ht.

After too much d ancing, Amy Temple and Matt Porter sit and discuss plans for after the dan ce.

Christmas Dance In the Arms of An Angel

Getting read y to snap a picture of som e friend s, Fa ith Ligon is surprised by the Easterling photograph er.

Captming the essence of the dance, Kevin Sanford is in the arms of an gel Anne Zelnio.

The 2001 Chris tams Dance was full of excitement, romance and Christmas spirit. On Saturday December 7, students packed into the Greek Orthodox Church with one thing in mind: having fun! Students were greeted by school president Lorcan Barnes who dressed as Santa Claus, as he handed out candycanes. The dance came to an end around midnight leaving $tudents with great memories of a very special


The Liturgical Choir, directed by Ms. Be ttye Sierichs, has the abiltiy to harmonize bea utifully. Cho ir participants are of all grades a nd mu st be w illing to a ttend ea rly morning p ractices two days a week.

The Muse Machine is a progra m designed to bring m usic and culture into the lives of today's young people. C-J is a p roud sponser of this initiative.

Zoey McCarthy, a sophomore, directs the choir, in p lace of Ms. Sierichs, in singing "Praise His H o ly Na me". Jesse Colema n, a senior Mu se Machine m ember, has played many a d em anding part. Som e times he mu st sing, som etimes da nce, but wha tever the task may be he comple tes it w ith great ease.


Junior Sarah Budd is an accomp lished flutist. She has been a member of the concert band at C-J fo r three years and also plays a t school liturgies.

Muse Machine and C-J Concerts C-J has a strong tradition rooted in concerts and in drama. Students endlessly support the music programs and the Muse Machine program. C-J students also particpate tirelessly in both, making these programs some of the best in the school. Mrs. Lasley organizes and moderates Muse Machine, while also teaching classes at C-J. She is the main push behind having concerts, plays, and other culturally enriching assemblies for the students. Mr. Wood, the band director and moderator, puts together concerts and assemblies also. He and Ms. Sierichs organized the combined Choir and Band Concert.

AJ Davis, a junior, performs a solo at the band and choir concert for th e stud et body. AJ h as a strong, passionate voice, and also plays the piano.

Senior Jesse Coleman played the main role of Sid Sorokin in "The Pajama Ga me", w ith Day ton's ow n Muse Machine prog ram. Jesse is a qualified ac tor who has played many different types of roles.

C-J was host to several Muse Machine productions this year. Each was new and different. 83

Below, Lindsay Harrison and Constance Howard take a break after the assembly sponsored by Students of Diversity. At the far right, the Students of Diversity pose for a snapshot at the Valentine's Dance. At right, the Students of Diversity,a group created to allow people of different ethnicities to corne together, often sponsors assemblies and dances.

With approximately 25 members, Students of Diversity is a powerful group. Above left, at their bimonthly meeting, Jessica Jenkins and Leander Croker help choose decorations for the Valentine's Dance. Above right, Senior Ernrnan Twe and his brother, Dakona Twe perform African Drumming at the Students of Diversity assembly. At left, Senior Natalie Gee!, sophomore Onyx Cassanova, and other members of Students of Diversity Line the stage in the auditorimll after the inspirational assembly.


At right, the Resurrection Elementary Choir was a part of C-]'s celebration of diversity. They danced and sang, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

A t left, senio rs Lea h Wym er and Nick Kleinhenz pose w ith legendary coach He rma n Boone . They were lu cky enough to sp end som e time with the na ti o na ll y kn own coach w h en he to the student Coach Boone's story was made into a major m otion picture, starrulg Denzel Washington as the coach . Coach Boone s poke of the difficulties he fa ced when trying to conquer racism . Senior AdrielUle Luedtke is a member of C-J's first ever dance tea m. She has a backgrOLUld in dan ce, hav ulg participa ted in cam ps and clinics and co untless performances.

Assemblies and Students of Diversity

Mich ael TlLI"ner, middle right, and Rhine Mclin, bottom right, visited C-J to engage in a debate in front of the student body. Turner, the Republican ca nd idate and the un cLU1l ban t was bea ten by Democra t Mclin. A t middle left, sophomore Michael Bea U p lays a mean saxophone Ul CJ's concert band.

Diversity is an important aspect of the education at C-J. Students are proud to say that they attend a school where people's race, culture, and background are not an issue. We are all students, trying to do the same thing ... learn. Diversity is a great thing to have in a school. At C-J there is a focus on individuality and the unity within it. Students come together despi te their differnces, wh~ther in beliefs or in opinoins.

At bottom left, Michael Sch ultz p lays the trumpet like a VU路tLlOSO Ul th e concert p er fo rmed by the ba nd for the school. 85

Sophomores, Melanie Bautista and her fa ther Ray, Abby Willis andher father Ellis, and Rachel Koob and her fath er Stephen, stri ke a deadly pose, com p lete with carna tions at the Fa ther/ Daughter Dance.


Gregory Tucker experiences his first Fa ther/ Daughter Dance at C-J with his freshman daughter Shana Tucker. In between the dancing and the excitem ent they take a break and d rink some punch.

"After fifteen yea rs of Fa ther/ Daughter Dances, my d ad rea lly can dance! Good or Bad, he would still m ea n the world to me! " says senior Kasey Fa rrell of fa ther Ma rk Farrell. Kasey is the last of seven children to attend Chaminade Julielme. This year her d ad was crowned King at his very las t da nce. Erin Shortal and her dad , Robert, d ressed fo r the occasion and then some. Ha nd in hand, hea rt to hea rt, they d ance the nig ht away. From left to right the applica nts of the essay contest: Lauren Beach and her fa ther Alan, Caitlin Finn and her father Ed, Julia and La ura Bud de w ith their father Steve, Kasey Farrell and her fa ther Mark, Michelle H amilton and her fa ther Dav id, and Deena H ill and her fath er Dennis.


Li vin' it up at the Mother / Son Dance, junior Joey SclnvendemalU1 and his mom, Betty, smile big. Freshman Mike Beane and mother, Christine Beane, chill for a while. Mothers ge t so excited w hen this time of year rolls around.

"You Mean the World to Me" Father I Daughter and Mother ISon Dances 2002 C-J'S Tradition of having parent dances brings families closer together. Parents look forward to that special time of year when they have an excuse to spend an evening with their child. Students agree to attend, sometimes reluctantly, but realize by 11 o'clock that the decision they made was a good one. Parents may dance a little differently, some well and some, oh, not so well. They are pros at "The Funky Chicken" and the "Electric Slide", but also step up when a slow song comes on, preforming "The Box Step" with ease. The students really appreciate all the dates who attended this year. Thanks so much.

Senior Mark Ramie shows his mom, Doris Ramie, that she truly is the Queen in his book. Mark wrote the winning essay at this year's Mother / Son Dance. Ready to party? Ready to have some fun? Ready to dance until you drop? Here we ga l Chip Neilson, junior, and his mother Marsha Bonhart look like they are ready to shake it on the dance fl oor. 87

Students in Mr. Dugan's period eight class wa tch the potassium permangana te and glycerin reaction before conducting their lab activity. After a long exa usting d ay, sophomore Bethany Lesko proudly accepts her participation award in the Montgomery COWlty Science Fair. Bethany determined bacteria's resistance to an tibi otics over genera tions in her study .


Sophomores Jimmy Buerschen and Mike Andrews take some time to read tlu'ough an infOl'ma tiona I packet during biology class.

Joe YOllllg was one of a few freshmen who participated in the Science Fair. Joe studied a topic th at grabs everyone's attention, " the amount of bacteria in fast food loca tions." Safety is always a top priority for students dming lab activities. Juniors Devin O'Conner and Brian Lauber keep their eyes safe with their protective goggles as they work together on a chemistry la b activity.


Finding some humor in their work, freshmen Chad Kroger an d Be n Rosenbauer di scuss an answer to the difficult math problem .

Working to find the correct answer can sometimes be a difficult task. Jlmior Keshia Simmons and her classm ate disc uss possible answers to the problem. Senior LalU"in Holloway m akes the most of her work time trying to finish her math homework before the bell rings for the class chan ge.

Anyway you add it u ... "We offer a variety of classes to allow every student the chance to succeed." -Stephen Fuchs

Junior Michael Williams shows C-J math isn ' t easy as he sits and contemplates his problem, ready to make some adjustments.

Sometimes doing math problems at the board requires help from some friends. Sophomore PJ Perretta works away as his friends Jake Schierloh and Steve Jones stand behind ready to help .

The math and science programs at C-J are led by dedicated teachers who care about the tradition of a wellrotmded education. Recent renovation to the hands-on learning labs for the science department has greatly increased the students' desire to discover new areas of science. The math department has continued it's tradition of hardwork and excellence throughout the years.


Fri ends Jessica Parker, Rebecca Clarke, and Juli e Scarpelli show people this dance isn' t just fo r co uples. Each girl enjoyed the memories they shared.

Enjoying the dance and her date's company, senior Katie Jackson is thrilled to have a picture taken. After taking a break they headed for the d ance fl oor.

Good friend s Amy Temple and Andrew Miltenberger share a smile and a dance together before the nig ht end s. Just like Barbie and Ken, Tommy Schopler and Jen Trittschuh danced the ni ght away. Both are very excited about graduating this May. Right before entering the d ance freshmen Kaitlin Plake and Jason Piekenbrock are taken by suprise w ith a picture. Both managed to regain sig ht before they mad e it to the dance floor. Just below the enterance archway, Valentine's dance firs t timers Jord an Snell and Danielle Grey pose for the crowd.





Valentine's Court Sophomore court: Rosalyn Craig and PJ Perretta Tierra Allen and David Reynolds

Valentine Dance 2002 "If This World Were Mine ...... " This year's theme embraced the hearts of C-J students and chaperones for this event put on by the Students of Diversity. Not only were the girls dressed in their best attire, the boys also displayed suave and style. The fact that the dance fell two days after Valentine's day did not matter in the minds of those attending. Everyone danced and socialized with the music sounding in the backround. The backdrop was decorated with careful planning and was constantly put to use by students capturing memories. Once the court was annouced the scene calmed down and students prepared to keep the memory theirs forever.

King and Queen of the Valentines dance were Kim Wolf and Eric Williams. Senior court Runner-ups Nakeyia Worley and Michel Stefan. Freshma n court Tara McGinnis and Brett Spies

Junior court Johnetta Webb and Mike Jones.



Jennifer Morris, Brith1ey Henderson, and Sheriece Nicholson all learned valuable tips for the future of paren ting. Sophomore Sheriece Nicholson said "I have had a great time in parenting learning things that will be a great gelp to me in the future."

Students Ariuarma Isaac, Nick Dean and Tiffany Dunlap hold their babies before class begins.

Following each step of the directions carefully, sophomores Matt Langford and Mitchell Thompson are almost ready to mix all the ingredients together.

'l d~14 ICI\

( cu<.,.kk l

l" If' - l/:~ 1'1(::6-)



IN-I. -If.. ~ ~r-\"S .cst,


If... r's+ or*-

Health teacher Mr. Shea teaches his freshman class about child birth and sexually transmitted diseases. Mr Shea is in his first year as a full time teacher n at C-J. Combining the right ingredients with proper mixing sophomore Jessica Bergman has successfuly finished the first steps to her cooking project.


.. Joe Haubert and Matt Doyle work on their computer programming designing "hangman", a game that can be played on the computer.

"Computer programming is a lot of work, but I feel I came out of the class learning a lot for the futme,"Junior Zach Wilson.

Junior Steve Herman focuses hard on designing his computer program for his period six class. Steve enjoys working within the classroom and experiencing hands-on learning.

Business and Life Skills

Nothing can break junior Mike Hoendorf's concentration as he works diligently on his accounting homework.

Life skills and business technology are two of the most popular electives 'at C-J. Life skills classes such as culinary arts, meal planning, parenting, life management, and family living give C-J students the know lege it takes to live successfullives. Business Technology classes cover a broad range of technology, business work, and areas of career exploration.

Doing some computer work and having some flm a t the same time, juniors Justin Wilmoth and Chris Branick along with sophomore Drew Patterson concentra te in ten tly on their computers.


For language week, representatives of each of Cr s foreign languages show off their student designed t-shirts with Mrs. Kara Humphrey. Mrs. Humphrey has been teaching German for six years.

Sophomores enjoy the morning language breakfast held in th e C-J cafeteria. Mrs. Colas was the moderator of the event.

Andrew Weber chooses a button while being assisted by Ms. Casey Brown, the French teacher here a t C-J. Students wore the buttons at the language breakfast to express the languages they stud y. Mrs. Arlene Adcock, Mrs. Kara Humphrey, Mrs. Peg Reagan, Mrs Linda Colas, Ms. Casey Brown, Ms. Stacy Noreikas. As part of the language week celebration, the language teachers pose while weari ng shirts their students designed . This is Ms. Stacy Noreikas first year of teaching Spanish at C-J. 2001-02 C-J Lnllgunge Club: Rebecca Olinsky, Sarah Budd, Mrs. Linda Colas, Abigail Willis, Bethany McCoy-Ramsey, Devin O'Connor


.. The French s tudents who visited France stop to get a bite to eat at a local French res taurant. The restaurant was known for their sandwiches and salads.

Foreign Traditions Bonjour! Hola! Guten Tag! Salve! Hello! C-J holds its own traditiqns for each individual language. Classes learn culture, language and proper etiquette of countries such as France, Spain, Germany, and Italy. Highlights of our language traditions include language week, language breakfast, visits to Spain, France, Germany or Italy during the summer of third year language students, and language club. Visiting a country is not required for school credit, but it is highly encouraged. These students that go during the summer get a hands on experience of the language and culture wherever they go. Other classes even go to elementary schools to teach language. Each language can be fun and exciting for all.

Two Sophomores, Clifton McAuley IV and Bethany McCoyRamsey, present the pinata the language club created for Hispanic Ministry. The moderator was Mrs. Linda Colas. Students of Mrs. Kara Humphrey rest near the steps of Cologne Cathedral in Cologne, Germany. They also visited Berlin and Munich while touring Germany. Students of Ms. Casey Brown's French class pose for a group photo by the ocean. They spent their spring break touring France.


Members of "Into the Streets" pose before they begin th eir service at Mercy Sienna Woods in Dayton. 185 students and 19 faculty members participated in thi s event. Junior Hilary NeulOlmges on the couch while chatting with her other Urban Pllmge retrea tants. Urban Pllmge gets students involved with poverty and other issues the world fac es each

Senior Robin Robertson and Sophomore Lauren Gall help out at the Good Neighbor House by folding clothes. Robin is also a member of the Flight tea m. " It was hm m eeting new people," says Sade Dike at St. Agnes Church when lmwrapping butter. "The candy was good too! "

Freshman Catherine Jones uses her spring cleaning techniqu es as she dusts a light at the Womanline office. Catherine is a new addition to the community service team.




Nemaris Colon, Natalie Geel, Shayla Summerhill, and Julia Budde say sweet dreams before tucking in for a good night's sleep. In Trinidad they built a bridge, house extension, and a new floor.

Sarah Vogel and Rosalyn Craig help out at St. Agnes Church by making toffee for a fundraiser the church holds each yeal". Vol unteering making candy is a h'aditional event here at C-J.

Meredith Hickey and Lauren Gall are actively invoved in community service. Both sophomores volunteered as office aides in the Mirtistry and Service office."It makes me feel better when I know I am helping someone else."

Community Service

Jmtior Lama Pippenger tests her artistic abilities as she paints a room during her h'ip to "Over the Rhine. " The room they painted was supposed to be white, butwhen it dried it turned purple.

Community Service is a lal"ge part of the student tradition here at C-J. With Mrs. Kelli Kinnear as the head of Commwuty Service projects, students are eager to jump in and give it their all. According to Shelly Harker, "It builds my self-esteem. It makes me feel confident and happy that I could help someone in need and make their day brighter." Blwding a bridge, adding an extension to a house, replacing the floor of an elder's house in Tritudad, folding clothes for the less fortunate, playing with kids at a daycare, making candy, or just picking up h'ash are some of the many projects that students participate it1. The list goes on and on. All classes are requiI'ed to pick a site and voLLmteer as part of completing their Religion courses. C-J students work hard to help the needy.

Dean Weber quenches his thirst as Sarah Budd and Nicole Etter hold up a beam, wlllie sporting hard hats. All three of them vollmteered at Habitat for Humanity to help build roof beams.


Artistic abilities are shared by Joe Gauder on a ceramics class field trip. He creates a felt masterpiece on his free time at one of the childrens' interactive activity stations.

Among the rest of the concert bandTravis Shiverdecker toots his flute dming the classes warm-up. They prepare to perform for the whole school.

The choir isn't just for the teachers' ears. The whole school gets a chance to experience Beth Hundt and Tineke Jelm during an all school liturgy.

Old glass is used to make art nm as Peter Shock prepares his glass pieces to use in a mosiac. Not only is he an artist but also a great golf player as well.

Dress-up was only a bonus for Todd Florhe and Lindsey Goldsberry. They got a chance to enjoy themselves during the ceramics feildtrip to the Dayton Art Institute.




Saxing it up on stage, Mattson Reed puts his all into the performance. Each show allows him to display his talent.

. Art and Music In the midst of all the classes students are re-

quired to take, electives are given to fit their interests. Among them, the two popular choices are Art and Music classes. Art classes include Ceramics and Art Appreciation taught by Mrs. Janet Lasley. Art 1 through Art 4 are taught by Mrs. Diana Barr. These offer students a way to creativ ely express themselv es through art projects.The music courses include The Percussion Ensemble and Concert Band with Mr. David Wood. Concert Choir is offered by Mrs. Bettye Sierichs. The music classes are able to share their

Always in terested in music, Adam Kaney feels grea t about being a p art of the Concert Band. The pottery w heel doesn' t come easy, as Ebony Bennet finds out. She is trying to crea te a successful piece to enter into an art show.

Art 4 student Erin Shortal works on a p rojec t for class. She has m ade wonderful progress throughout her fo ur years at C-J.


Thrity-five students participated in the Spring play. "Into the Woods" has been on Broadway and performed all over the world. Much preparation and hard work went into the production of the play. Sets had to be built and painted, costumes bought and chosen, and lines memorized.

The cast does the final choreographed song and dance at the end of the Spring play. Each of the thirty-five members participated. It was a jovial tune with a peppy beat.

Little Red Riding Hood was played by Beth Bausman, a junior. Beth was excellent in the role, she played the perfect part.


At right, Ben Saettel, Milky White the Cow, and David Prier, the Wolf, exchange a smile and a laugh before their performance. David, a senior, was sad to see the play come to an end .

At left, Kathleen Woerner, who played Jack's mom of "Jack and the Beanstalk", Joseph Whatley, who playedJack, and Michael Grabriel, a guard in the Kin g's court, strike one crazy pose in dress rehea rsal.

Tim Schneeman, Laura DeVita, and Katie Eddingfield lent their acting talents to the C-J Drama Depar tment to play the distinguished roles of trees. These trees moved all over the stage during the performance and possessed human-like qualities. Below, the Baker, senior Travis Rindler, and his wife, played by senior Beth Hundt, smile and enjoya quick picture before appearing in the Spring play.

C-J Plays

"Into the Woods" and "You Can't Take it 路With You"

Above, Cind erella, played by senior Maria Mergler, pushed by her prince charming, was ta ken away to the Royal Palace where she would live happily ever after. A t the above left, Maria Mergler and CB. Bizzell give each other a hug before jumping up on stage to perform.

ChaminadeJulienne has a wonderful tradition of producing two plays each year. The first play occurs in the winter months, usually December. The second play occurs in the warmer Spring months. The Drama Department headed by Mrs. Cheryl Kayser.

At left, after d ays of practicing the cast members of the Spring play, break into song for the opening night performance. Nervousness gave way to excitement and a hilarious performance. 101

"I really like to write stories, and English has helped me perfect my writing technique," says Junior Ashly Miller of her experience this year with returning ChaminadeJulienne teacher Mrs. Bardine. Sophomore Shandrial Sanders concentrates intently on her Literature assignment. "The Great Gatsby was one of my favorite books this year!"

Ms. Bird and Sophomore Cherese Nicholson converse over a reading assignment. "I really like the books we've read this year in English. They're really interesting and we do a lot of fun things with the books." Seniors Devon Komiensky and Charles Crawford portrayed the characters Dixie and Billy Bob in Ms. Bird's European Authors play "Burger Hack". It was a remake of Edmond Rostand's play Cyrallo de Bergerac.


Junior Honors English students Laura Pippenger, Kira Bardun, Mindy Mercer, and Sarah Budd are all smiles for the return of Shakespeare Day. The four girls dressed up asmembers of the middle class and peasants of the seven teeth century.

Mrs. Metcalf, w ho has been a part of the Chaminade-Julienne English Deparhl1ent for four years, teaches College Prepatory English 11, Honors English 10, and Print Media .

we communicate and the way we express We love it, we hate it, it's English. Julienne offers a plethora of great courses to take in order to complete the year requirement. Some classes include: terature and Composition, Creative Writing, LU.UH_utions 1 & 2, Print Media, Graphic tions, Honors, or Advanced Without the help of the wonderful of the English department, students not be prepared for the college work that

David Trimbach appreciates the interes ting things he has learned in World Litera ture. "I really enjoyed learning about the Asian culture because 1 plan to m ajor in international business." Ms. Sanderman, w ho teaches Graphic Communica tions and College Prep English 10, flashes the ca mera a grin.

"Ms. Bird is one of m y favorite teachers at Chaminad e- Jul ienne. She has made English fun for me. She is very patient, and w henever 1 have a ques tion, 1 don' t hesitate to ask her." Ashley Saunders, sophomore



Senior prom attendants Jon Prier and Devon Komiensky, queen and king Jessica Jenkins and Tinl Crouch, junior prom attendants Joey Schwendeman and Malita Sanderfer made up this year's prom court. Chip Neilson, a jwlior member of stud ent council, makes a stunning entrance to the 2002 prom.

Senior Brett Chmiel, Joe Gauder, Kerry Quinn, and junior Kyle Matlock are dressed for success for the special night.

Junior Tom Hunter and his date stroll down the red carpet into the Masonic Temple. A red carpet is provided for the entrance of everyone who attends prom. Shelly Harker and Brent Medina look simply exquisite in their matching red attire. They shared their last prom together.


Senior thespian Jesse Coleman and his date enter prom looking bold and bea utiful. Coleman was most memorable in the school production of "Into the Wood s." Cherese McBeath takes a break from dancing during her senior prom. This year Cherese and her fellow classmates spent an exceptional amount of tim e on the dance fl oor.


Junior Elliot Chapell has nothing but smiles to show at his first C-J prom . Chappell escorted fellow junior classmate Tiffany Blackmon to thi s year's prom .




Senior Laura Budde shows off her dance m oves all night long. Budde was a m ember of C-J's d ance tea m and a varsity cheerleader.

On April 20, 2002, the Social Committe threw the prom of the century. "The Way You Look Tonight", was attended by many Charninade Julienne students. Once again this year, a red carpet entrance was made by all entering the Masonic Temple. It was a night of memories for all. The Blue and Green Club sponsored AfterProm at Wallaby's. Food, drink, games, prizes, and dancing were just some of the many activities provided. The games ranged from sumowrestling to blackjack. The whole night was nothing short of perfect.

Juniors and sophmores alike couldn't help but point out all of the beautifu l ladies that attended prom .


John Hackitt, Mat Parker, Jon Gross, and Joe Gunder celebrate the joy of having the long hot Baccalaureate mass completed.

As a part of the procession into church on May 30, 2002 Michelle Hamilton holds the candle symbolizing the class. She was a strong and guiding presence within the Class of 2002.

Erin Shortal and Amanda Solkolnicki share a quick secret and smile before processing into Emmanuel for mass. Both Erin and Amanda were excited and a little anxious for the mass to begin.

Senior Emma Bayliff waits outside in the hot summer wea ther ready to take a part in her final mass at ChaminadeJulienne. Father Chris Wittmann S.M. celebrates his last mass as a member of the Chaminade-Julienne community.



. .... .

Baccalaureate Mass

The students in the class of 2002 stand and sing united as one duringtheir las t m ass as students at Chaminade-Julienne.

on at Julienne is the Baccalaureate Mass. This Mass is the last time the seniors at C-J will worship all together as a group. For many seniors, this is a time filled with emotion. Many are looking forward to the next step in their lives. While most :.:







of the graduating class of 2002 will be pursuing further education at a variety of institutions, others will be entering the military or the work force. During the Mass, seniors get an opportunity to share faith and receive a blessing. Faith is an element of life that these seniors will take with them through theiriournev into adulthood .

...-----''--- -

In the above middle, long time fa culty m ember Brother Ed Longbottom celebrates his last mass as a ChaminadeJUlienne Eagle, by lighting symbolic candles held by grad uates Matt Sanderman and Matthew Sears.

The Baccalaureate choir sings in beautiful harmony during communion on the special day. These choir members make wonderful music for the families in the congregation.

Above, after filing into the church seniors Josh Rihm and Brent Med ina sing whole heartedly during the opening



The graduating class of 2002 was 204 shldents strong. Over 90% of the students will be attending various colleges across the country.

Student Council President, Jessica Jenkins, smiles big as she walks down the aisle during the entrance procession. Jenkins will be attending University of Dayton in the fall.

After receiving their dipolmas, twin sisters, Laura and Julia Budde, hug eachother. The two will be parting eachother as Laura goes to Kent State and Julia goes to Ohio State. Brett Chmiel reads his prayer at the beginning of the ceremony. Chmiel wrote it personally for the graduating class and also for their families and friends. Good friends for life, Tim Crouch, Nakeyia Worely, and Andre Chattams, get together before they graduate. Crouch will be attending Akron on a football scholarship, and Chattams will be attending Purdue, also on a football scholarship. 108


Emman Twe and Jeff Gaylor perform the class so ng, "Can We Live in Tomorrow's Yesterday". The song was originally composed by Twe and Gaylor accompanined him. Andy Maynard stand s as President Mr. Lorca n Barnes announces the youngest in the fa mily to graduate from C h a minad e Juli enn e Hi g h School. Matt Ma rtinek waves to his family and fri end s before going up to get his dip o lm a. Stud ent s fa mili es an d friends were very supporti ve all four years at Chaminade Julienne.

Graduation Memorial Hall May 31, 2002 7:30 pm Valedictorian: Kimberly Wolf Salutatorian: Dean Weber

David Trimbach presents himself with the res t of the senior class as stud ents process in w ith their caps and gowns on dtumg the entrance procession.

Caitlin Film shares her m emories and the class' m emories of the four yeas spent at Chaminade Julienne. Finn was chosen by her classm ates to give a graduation speech .

After four long years of studying and working hard toachieve their dreams, the Class of 2002 finally said goodbye toa place where they had grown and matured. Taking with them what they had learned and experienced they are sure to make their school proud in the future . Thank you for everything you have done for this great class!


As a member of the National Honor Society, Senior Mary Hickey recieves her white stole in which she will wear for graduation. Mary is also a member of the Varsity women's basketball team.

James Maloney accompanies the NHS ceremony while playing his guitar. James is also a member of the varsity baseball team .

New students of NHS anxiously await to recieve their awards for the first time after being inducted. The ceremony was held at Emmanuel Church. Seniors Megan Duffy, Laura Budde, and Julia Budde recieve their white stoles and stand in fron t of church to be recognized for their accomplishments. Thirty-seven seniors recieved stoles this year.

Mr. Don Wiemert, a former teacher at C-J gives a short speech of recognition to the NHS members. Mr. Wiemert taught American History while he was at C-J. 110

EOlann Twe, a senior, presents one of ma ny petitions at the induction ceremony of Na tional H onor Society. Enunan is also a senior class officer.

National Honor Socie National Honor Society has been a tradition at C-J since the beginning. Each year students of every grade level show what talents they posses and apply for NHS. Grades and volunteering are key factors in choosing members. Every year NHS members are recognized through an awards ceremony. Seniors recieve white stoles, in which they wear when they walk on graduation. The Moderator of NHS is Mrs. Elliot. NHS helps out through many things such as ushering, community service, and teacher assistance whenever needed. The National Honor Society gives a lot to the C-J communtiy, but gets recognized often for their efforts. NHS demonstrates honor and pride, that all of C-J can be proud of. ___r--....,....".....,..,

Senior Jessica Jenkins lig hts the leadership ca ndle to honor the four characteristics of NHS members. The charac teristics are scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Matthew Hook, Beth Flynn, and Chris Brockman recite the Na tional Honor Society pledge. Chris is a new member to NHS this year. Katie Wlodarski reads a petition at the Na tional H onor Society induction cerem ony. Ka tie also participates in the Drama club.


Awards Assembly The following students received awards Wednesday evening, May 15, 2002 for variolls activities in the Cbanunade-Julienne CommLUuty:






.... .



As junior goal keeper Ben Overman sits on the bench, he stares down his competition. Matt Trick tries his hardest to win the ball in the air in a game against Springboro.

District Challlps After struggling last season, the C-J soccer team came back triumphantly in 2001. After only 5 wins last season, C-J matured and became a teanl, winning 13 out of their 21 games. One of the biggest accomplishments of the season was beating arch rival Alter in the district finals. At the end of the tournament the C-J men's soccer team had finished 8th in the state.

Logan Weinkauf gets some hangtime as he meets the ball in the air. Weinkauf was a big part of C-J's defense this year.

Junior Brock Elder concentrates as he gets ready to clear the ball. Elder took a lot of the free kicks for C-J this year.




Senior Bryan Fecke weaves through the Springboro defense with ease. Fecke made 1st team all area and 1st team all League.

Eddie Marrinan tries to keep his balance while running down the field.

Captain Aaron Beach focuses as he takes the ball towards the goal. Beach had the winning goal in the last minutes of the win against Alter. After an exhausting win against Springboro, soccer players Andrew Kimble, Brad Luedtke and Nathan Roddy look bewildered.

Men's Soccer Us Them

row 1: Matt Martinek Justin Wendling, Ben Overman, Chad Garman, Tommy Schopler,Bryan Fecke, Brock Elder row 2: David Tuss, Nathan Roddy, AndTew Kimble, Nathan Riccuito,Aaron Beach, Student Trainor Caitlin Heywood row 3: Coach Matt Money, Coach Chris Rowe, Coach Rob Jeckering, Eddie Marrinan, Matt Trick, Joe

Ga uder, Logan Weinkauf, Ryan Shen, Coach Matt Johnson, Coach Tom Johnson, Coach Kevin Hurley

Springboro W.Carrollton Bellbrook Springfield Butler Badin Alter Wayne McNicholas St. Xavier LaSalle Roger Bacon Moeller Elder Oakwood Purcell Springboro Bellbrook Alter McNicholas Turpin

3 12 1 4 4 5 0 3 0 1 1 1 1 2 5 2 5 3 2 2 0

1 0 1 3 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 2 0 2 2 1 1 4


Soccer Team Goes Rabid

Defense Counts The Chaminade-Julienne Women's Soccer team had a great season this year. They started their season with a fivegame winning streak. A highlight of their season was beating Carroll, their archrival, 2-0, to secure a third place seed in the tournament. This was the first time in ten years the soccer team was seeded for the tournament. The Eagles made it to the semifinals of Districts. Their tournament run ended with a

loss to Centerville. "The whole year was a success not because of wins or losses but because we had fun and played for the school we love," said Junior Carolyn Place. Only one member of the women's team plans to play soccer in college. Senior Krista Bucholz plans to continue playing soccer at the University of Akron.

(top, right) Junior Christi Williams uses her soccer skills to dribble away from her opponent, wIllie the opposing player tries to steal the ball from her.

(mi ddle,lef t) So phomore Tina Martinek listens intently as Head Coach Doug Lehman explains a strategy before she returns to the field. This was Tina's first year on Varsity.

(middle, right) Ashley Demmitt takes a breather as she si ts on the sidelines. Demmitt played striker for th e women's team.

Junior Jessica Hankey fights to steal the ball away from her opponent. Hankey was a great asset to the Eagles team as a marking back.

Junior Carolyn Place prepares a throw in for the Eagles. This was Place'; second year on varsity.




... Holding back her opponent is senior Krista Bucholz. Bucholz has been an important part of the team as a fouryear varsity starter.

Sarah Helldoerfer attempts to steal the ball away from her opposing teammate. Helldoerfer was a great addition to the women's soccer team this year.

Some of the varsity women's soccer team takes a water break. The soccer team ended this season with a 10-4-1

Women's Soccer Us Them 2 1 Springboro 1 a Tipp City Carroll 2 a 3 a Perrysburg Oakwood a 1 Wayne 1 a Northmont 1 2 Fairmont a a Bellbrook 2 1 Beavercreek a 1 Fairborn 3 1 West Carrollton 7 a Xenia a 1 Milton Union 2 a Alter 1 3

r ins f lO

Losses 4

Front Row: Courhley Waggenspack, Kasey Farrell, Lisa Pickrel, Krista Bucholz, Helen Smith Row 2: Cara Sayer, Ashley Demmitt, Christi Williams, Katie Siebenthaler, Sarah Helldoerfer, Jessica Hankey, Meghan Closser, Ellie McPeek. Back Row: Coach Doug Lehman, Jaimel Johnson, Sarah Budd, Rosalyn Craig, Maria Getty, Carolyn Place, Tina Martlllek, Kelly Kreiger, Beth Bausman, Coach Angela Ruffolo.



It's Called a Comeback!

Tradition Soars The Chaminade-Julienne Eagles Football team had another great year. The season started off with a defeat from N orthmont. As the games went on the success rolled in, with C-J defeating four teams in a row. The highlight of the season was a visit from Titans coach, Herman Boone, who canw to C-J to give an inspirational speech to the school. Boone also acted as an assistant coach, calling plays and critiquing the

players. Another highlight of the football season was when the team was named GCL Champions of the year. The team has been GCL champs for the past two years. C-J was ranked fourth in the area in the Dayton Daily News Division II poll. Several of the seniors have accepted scholarships to play football in college. Some of them include Andre Chattams, Tim Crouch, and Ricky Rakestraw.

(top,right) After a long, hard game against the challenging Massillon Tigers, the team takes a knee and listens to Coach Place reflect on the game.

(top, left) "Having the opportunity to play in front of Coach Boone was quite a honor. It was great to be able to talk to him after the game too," said Kyle Terry.

(bottom, left) As senior Andre Chattams receives the ball he looks down the field to see what he can make out of the play.Chattams was an essential part of C-J's offense this ....._ __ year. (bottom,right) Junior middle Chris Van gas hikes the ball to quarterback Anthony Turner to start off the first game of the season.Turner was rated second all GCL in passing.

'ernell Williams practices the man Pose, he stiff-arms a hmont player and rW1S for more 3.

Senior Bryan Fecke attempts the exh路a point after the Eagles score a touchdown. Sophomore Ryan Patrick is holding the ball for Fecke.

C-J's defense waits for the ball to be hiked to get a chance to hold the Alter offense. The Eagles suffered a tough loss against our arch-rival the Alter Knights.

Tarsity Football

Us Them Jorthmont 7 28 :arroll 27 17 ,to Thomas 34 0 'urcell Marian 28 25 tfcNicholas 46 45 37 29 'adin ~oger Bacon 21 6 ,idney Lehman 31 34 tfassillon W A 27 48 uter o 34 14 30 'utler

ins 6

Losses 5

Row 1: Bryan Copits, Ryan Wilhelm, Josh Rillm, Nick Kleinhenz, Tim Crouch, Kyle Terry, Brett Chmiel, Ryan Smith, Reggie Jones. Row 2: Matt Sanderman, Matt Sears, Alan DeWitt, Ricky Rakestraw, John Hackitt, Kevin Trimbach, Andre Chattams, Tommy Evans, Epaphrodite Dusingizimana, Mike Doyle. Row 3: Eric Williams, Justin Phillips, Mike Thompson, Elliot Chappell, Jon Curtis, Chris Van gas, Randy Beane, Parker Black, Bryan Fecke. Row 4:: Josh Plake, Matt Hook, Chris Branick, Jesse Junius, Kevin Sanford, Robert Palmer, Ken Akridge, Chris Wiley, Marcus S,nith, Brandon Weisenberger. Row 5: Scott O'Hearn, Matt Myers, Rudolph Nkizingabo, Charles Blackmon, Troy Reid, Ishmell Wright, Andrew Durlak, Kevin Reese, Amadeus Carter. Row 6: Ray Grote, P.J. Perretta, Eric Troidl, Rob Gage, Joe Schwendeman, Mike Jones, Josh Priefer, Isaac Hull, Tim Schirmer, Zack Wenclewicz. Row 7: David Reynolds, Pernell Williams, Jarron Dammons, Ryan Patrick, Greg Lucking, Joe Walton, Mike Jones, KernlY Byrd, Antwain Reine. Row 8: Anthony Turner, Jamar Harris, Justin Smith, Jacob Page, Sean O'Neill, Matt Jasko. Row 9: Jim Place, Joe McCall, Jim Clark, Matt Macy, Arch Rodgers, KelU1Y Burress, Jerry Puckett, Tom Petrovic, Mark Raitz, Jackie Fails.


New Jerseys New Results!

Men's Basketball The Chaminade-Julienne Men's Basketball team made an impact this year going 14-9 and placing second in the GCL North, only behind state Champions Roger Bacon. The team had a lot of big wins including a win over Roger Bacon. C-J began early in the season with a defeat of arch rival Alter in front of a huge crowd at the University of Dayton Arena.

The Men's team had some big players this year in the GCL: First team All GCL player Jermiel Atkins and second team All GCL player Nathan Peavy were among those recognized . On the road to the state tournament the men's team lost in the sectional finals to arch rival Alter. The men's team is only losing two seniors next year so they should be back next season with a bigger

(top,right) Senior Dusty Wilmes does his best to box out a Springboro player from getting the ball. Dusty was a force to reckon with under the basket.

(top,left) The men's team brings their hands together to show their team unity. Coach Staley said "this year's team had great athleticism and used it very effectively at the defensive end of the court where they held their opponents to fewer points than any team in C-J history."

(bottom,left) Junior Nathan Peavy recieves the ball and looks for someone to pass it to. Peavy stepped up this year to be a starter for the men's team. (bottom,right) Junior Point Gaurd Rick Poole drives to the hole while C-J tries to get back in the game.



While jLUuor Greg Saluke brings the ball down the court he looks to see what he can make out of the play. Saluke had very good eye when determining who to pass the ball to.

Jernuel Atkins tries to focus as he shoots Ius free throws. Atkins lead the team in dlmks tlus year.

Kenneth Akridge attempts to keep the ball alive while he tries to stay on Ius feet.

Men's Basketball Us

Springboro 35 Beavercreek 62 Elder 56 Bellbrook 56 Alter 55 Purcell 49 Carrol 55 Meadowdale 70 Stebbins 69 McNicholas 58 Roger Bacon 64 Badin 48 St.Xavier 65 PlU'cell 61 Badin 40 Moeller 52 Alter 45 LaSalle 54 McNicholas 54 Roger Bacon 37

VVins ,14


61 49 51 39 51 53 51 25 48 68 61 49 66 47 30 62 58 45 45 40


Row 1 Ball boy Joe Staley, Kenneth Akridge, Jenniel Atkins, Mark Jomugan, Aaron Beach, ball boy John Staley, Row 2 Justin Smith, Brian Johnston, Richard Poole, Nathan Peavy, Dusty Wilmes, Darrell Tall, Greg Saluke, Ryan Patrick.



Basketball Tradition Continues

We are #1 The 2002 Women's Basket- ranked #1 in the country in ball team once again had a suc- USA Today was very exciting cessful season with only two and quite unexpected. It was losses this year. One came fantastic while it lasted!" said against their arch-rival Senior Megan Duffy. This was Beavercreek. The team made huge accomplishment for the it to the District Finals with a team. Duffy has signed to play for loss to Purcell Marian. The Eagles ended their season with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish next winter. She is the only a 22-2 record. For the first time in our senior furthering her basketball school's history the Lady career in college. Duffy also Eagles were named the #1 team made first team all-area in in the USA Today's Super 25 Division II. Poll for the nation.

Seniors Jenn Hill, Kasey Farrell, and Mary Hickey show their patriotism during the playing of the national anthem. "These past four years have been fantastic. Basketball has given us great experiences and interesting times from trips, to hard practices and tournament pressures," said Hill.

Junior Faith Ligon prepares for the pass from her teamma te. This was Ligon's first year on varsity.

(top, right) Driving to the basket, junior Ashley Goldsberry trys to fake out her Springboro opponent. Goldsberry shared the spotlight with her younger sister, Lindsey.

Freshman Lindsey Goldsberry shoots a lay up over her defender. She was one of three freshman players on the varsity team.



(top, left) Junior Brandie Hoskins drives down the lane to the basket. Hoskins was named Division II Pia yer of the Year.

(top, right) Senior Kasey Farrell looks for an open teammate since she is being heavily guarded by her opponent. Farrell has been a four-year varsity player.

Targeting the basket, freshman Aisha Jefferson waits for the open shot. Jefferson was another standout freshman who played on varsity.

Us McN icholas 63 61 St. Ursula 64 Valley View Mt. Notre Dame 70 Bellbrook 63 Dun bar 75 74 Tipp City Ken ton Ridge 92 Cypress Lake, FL 80 Pk Yonge, FL 77 Brea Olinda, Ca 58 Brad enton, FL 61 Mia misburg 71 52 Springboro Find lay 70 71 Little Miami Brookhaven 48 Beavercreek 27 Al ter 54 Carroll 55

Wins 22

Them 39 32 26 59 35 49 29 64 37 41 44 43 18 33 34 25 46 56 27 40

Losses 2

Front Row: Ashley Goldsberry, Megan Duffy, Kasey Farrell, Jenn Hill, Mary Hickey, Lindsey Goldsberry, Faith Ligon. Row 2: Maria Getty, Alison Kern, Tiffany Williams, Aisha Jefferson, Brandie Hoskins, JerUla Schafer, Manager Janice Anderson Back Row: Assistant Coach Tom Green, Head Coach Frank Goldsberry


Men's Tennis The men's team had a good season this year. The team had a winning season with an 11-8 record. A major highlight for the team was beating Fairmont. This was an important win for the team. The team placed second in the GCL tournament and took fifth place in the Carroll Tournament. The men's tennis team was ranked 10th in the final poll for the Dayton Daily News. Junior Nick Dean was named to the second team all area. Way to go Nick and congratulations men's telmis!

Front Row: Bruce Fortson, Derek Brazie, Nick Dean, Brent Didier Hirwantwari Back Row: Bobby Miller, Clint Walker, Logan Weinkauf, Bryan Htmt, Head Coach Jim Brook!\

Men's Tennis Us Wayne 3 Beavercreek 0 Carroll 1 Miami Valley 0 Oakwood 0 Miamisburg 3 Harrison 2 McNicholas 4 Roger Bacon 5 Alter 1 Badin 4 Piqua 4 Trotwood 4 West Carrollton 3 Springboro 1 Fairmont 3 Troy 1 Milton Union 3 Lehman 3

Them 2

5 4 5 5 2

3 1 0 4 1 1 1 2

4 2

4 2 2

Junior Mike McFall throws the ball up as he prepares to serve to his opponent. McFall was a member of the junior varsity team.

Senior Logan Weinkauf concentrates hard on his upcoming shot. Weinkauf played doubles this year with senior Brent Medina .

Senior Derek Brazie bends his knees to take a low volley. Brazie played second doubles with Bobby Miller.


Women's Tennis The women's team had another great season. The team ended their season with an 11-7 record . The women's team received a fourth place Division I ranking in the Dayton Daily ~ews poll. The team placed third in the Miani.i Valley Coaches Tomnament, third place in the Miamisburg Invitational, and second in the Miami Valley Tournament. Sophomore Colleen McCormick and Senior Michelle Hamilton were named to the second team all area for doubles. Jmuor Nicole Muzechuk was named to the second team all area for singles. Muzechuk also made a showing at the state tournament. Congratulations Nicole!

Jmuor N icole Muzechuk returns a strong back hand to her opponent. Muzechuk made it to the first round of the state to urnament this year.

Freslunan Lynee Roberts always has her ga me face on. Roberts was a first year va rsity starter.

Some of the m embers of the reserve tennis team ta ke a snack break while they wait for their matches to begin. This yea r was a good experience for all team members on reserve.

Women's Tennis

Fron t Row: Shelly H arker, Michelle H amilton

Back Row: Lynee Roberts, Julie Fisher, Colleen McCormick, Nicole Muzechuk, Head Coach Jim Brooks

Us Them Milton Union 4 1 Troy 1 4 Beavercreek 3 2 Butler 5 0 Princeton 2 3 1 Seton 4 1 Springboro 4 Sprgfld. Cath. 5 0 2 Indian Hill 3 4 Fairmont 1 Alter 1 4 Middletown 2 3 Seven Hills 3 2 Oakwood 4 1 Watterson 0 5 Centerville 0 5 2 Miami Valley 3 Northmont 5 0



Bryant Shillito pushes his tee into the green. Physical determination as well as mental is an important part of Shillito's game.

Bryan Kenney looks on intensely as he watches his put roll toward the hole.

Golf 2001 SCHEDULE: Valley View W Badin/Roger Bacon Lll Greenville Invitational 10/20 Alter / Roger Bacon LlW Carroll / Xenia W/l Butler l Miamisbmg / West Carrollton W/l Northridge Invitational 2/19 Miamisbmg/McNicholas

LIT Dayton Christian W Fairmont Invitational 10/12 Eaton /Springfield Catholic W/W Miami Valley W Sidney lelunan W Carroll / Alter W/l GCl Tomnament 5/6 Hadley Tomnament Won: 11 lost: 10 Tied: 1

Tony Moore, a junior, recieves advice on his game while he adjusts his SW1glasses. Tony is an experienced and quite talented golfer. He enjoys the game and the people with whom he plays. Jeff McEldowney follows through after he hits the ball far off into the distance. Jeff, a senior, contributed much to the C-J Golf Team this year. He hit some great shots when in tight situations. His presence will be missed. Senior Megan Duffy practices her swing. Duffy has sWWlg alongside the Eagles for fom years.


The C -J Eagles drum line takes a break after an exhausting competition. The 2001 Marching Eagles placed in many competitions this season. Mallory Perkins, a part of the C-J color guard, waves her flag down the field.

Anthony Houston plays the trumpet as he m arches down the field. This is Houston's third year playing with the Marching Eagles.

As she marches down the field, Elizabeth Sacksteder concentrates on the notes and her marching. Sacksteder has been marching for two years.

Traditions in Marching Band "Marching band is an interesting experience where I get to meet a lot of people with the same interests as me," stated Teresa DeWitt, a freshman that plays the clarinet.

Front Row: Susie Schweitzer, Matt Mergler, Tineke Jelm, Ashley Onyia, Marshall Brooks, Brad Hemmelgarn, Alexandra Cameruci Row 2: Annah Kirnani, Danielle DWlson, Teresa DeWitt, Tara Jelm, Ashley Williamson, JOlul Sdmeider, Stephanie Rucker Row 3: Director David Wood, Mallory Perkins, Alexis Lambright, Ian Hodges, Megan Brockman, Jon Rust, Chris Marks, Liz Sacksteder, Chelsea Onyia, Assistant Director Andrea Botts Row 4: Katie Aicher, Christopher Brockman, Anthony Hueston, Mattson Reed, Chris Hunter

"For me marching band is a great way to meet very creative people. It is exciting being a part of something that mixes the beauty of art with the competitiveness of sports," said Jolm Schneider, a jmtior who enjoys playing the flute .


Bump, Set, Spike.


he women's volleyball team grew by leaps and bounds this year. They finished their year with a big winning season. One of their biggest accomplishments was winning districts.Next season C-J will be met with the challenge of losing 4 senior starters and having to deal with a very young team.Junior setter Jessica Strader said "Next year we hope to come out with a winning season while keeping what we learned this year."In the picture to the right the team gathers before every game to give some words of encouragement.

Junior setter Jessica Strader releases the ball with perfect technique,to one of her outside hitters.

Fresman starter Stephanie Ross focuses as she passes the ball to keep the game alive. Ross was a very vital part of the C-J teamwhile playing all the way around on the court.


When the other team looks through the ne t, th ey see junior Sa r a h Tread way d eli ve rin g a powe rful spike.

Se ni o r s tarter Ad r ia nn e Le udtk e serves up the ball to start the game. Tltis was Leudtke s fourth and fin al year playing varsity volleyball for C-

J. During the ga m e, reserve players Rachael Koob, Natalie Mergler,Clara Coleman, Jackie Strad er, andKatie Tackett look on to see how there fellow tea mates are d oing on the court.

Women's Volleyball Record

Row 1 Brenda Vogel, Jessica Strad er, Row 2 Angela Ross, Jenna Goecke, Stephanie Bauer, Rebecca Dieker Row 3 Coach Paula Boch, Sal'ah Treadway, Adrianne Leudtke, Stephanie Ross, Katie Weekley, Mary Hickey, Anne Zelnio.

Wayne Springboro Eaton Bellbrook Greenon Lehmen Fairmont Fall Classic Grove tourn. Piqua Alter Troy Beavercreek Carrol Kings Badin McNicholas Alter

W W W W W W W 2/2 3/0



Men's and Women's Cross Country and Track This year the cross COlmtry teams were filled with both old and new faces. Both teams were very successful in their seasons. Some of the highlights for the women's team include a first place finish in the Lin1a Invitational. Another accomplishment was taking second place in the Bellbrook Invitational. Some standouts from the women's team were Bethany Lesko and Kelly Sraj. They were both new runners this season. The men's team also had some highlights of their own. The men's team also took a second place in the Bellbrook Invitational. Nathan Peavy and Kelmy Harrison were two standouts from the men's team. The men's cross country team consisted mostly of returning runners. Congratulations Cross Cow1try team!

Senior Brandon Artis uses all his strength to push himself to the finish . Artis was a retmnmg member of the Cross Country team for the men.

Senior Caitlin Finn stays focused on her running. Fum was a returning runner for this season.

Junior Nathan Peavy keeps a medillll pace as he runs towards his mark. Peavy was one of the standout runners for the men's team.

Men's Cross Country Front Row: Michael Mantica, Brian Johnson, Tony Schirack, CIu'is

Eckert Row 2: AJ Davis, Brandon Artis, Nathan Peavy, Brad Shillito, Head Coach Claude Carlton


Women's Cross Country Front Row: Katie Brown, Kelly Sraj, Bethany Lesko, Lamen Gall Row 2: Head Coach Mickey Mommee, Sarah Lefeld, Bethani Weitzel, Teresa Pierce, Caitlin Fmn, Sarah KlUltz

JWlior Efe Evwa raye takes a flying leap in the long jump competition. She was an important part of the women's team.

Sophomore Jacob Crews runs for the fuush. Crews was a member of the relay team for track and field.

Sophomore Katie Keechle uses her tecluuque and strength ill the shotput competition. Keechle was an asset to the team tlus year.

Men's Track and Field Women's Track and Field Front Row: Zach North, Philip Balaquer, Zach Clark, Dorian Kimbly, Front Row: Aleisha Ross, Franny Dorsey, Shayla Fields, Autumn Miller, Nakeyia Worley, Michelle Barkley Kevin Braluck, Joe Nartker, John Wilkes Row 2: Damian Carr, Brad Shillito, Kelmy Akridge,Justin Snuth, Chris Row 2: Kate Caldwell, Adrianne Bargo, Bethany Lesko, Kelly Sraj, Wiley, Greg Luckillg, Brandon Harrison, Jevon Ringer Ebony Bennett, Shana Tucker, Desiree Alexander, Amanda Catclungs Row 3: Jacob Crews, David Pope, Donte Shackelford, Rion Robillson, Row 3: Assistant Coach, Megan Fleck, Constance Howard, Katie Keechle, Tony Schirack, Josh Harris, Chip Neilson, Kevul Reese Alexis Lambright, India Lyle, Efe Evwaraye, Rachel Arnold, Sa d e Dike, Row 4: Head Coach Ken BlUTess, Jonathan Crutcher, Devon Woodson, Elaule Marrinan AJ Davis, Kelmy Jolmson, Mike Thompson, Justin Goff, Matt Lankford Row 4: Tessia Pierce, Megan Staley, Tiffany Groce, Lauren Dokes Raynaldo Grote, Andrew Maynard, Carol Robinson, Assistant Coach Greg Derus 133

-We're Going to State!

Wrestling The Chaminade-Julienne Eagle wrestling team had a power-filled season this year. They finished second in the Greater Catholic League, North division. The wrestler's won eleven out of the fifteen duals they competed in and placed high in all four tournaments. The Eagles had four wrestlers qualify for the state championships this season; senior Tim Harrison, juniors Cody Midlam and Geoff Niswonger,


and sophomore Joe Walton. Harrison finished fifth in the state wrestling at 130 pounds and Midlam finished fourth wrestling at 125 pounds.

Tim Harrison struggles to turn his Lebanon opponent over a t the Franklin Invitational. Harrison ended the season fifth in the state wrestling the 130 weight class.

Joe Walton h路ies to flip his opponent over to his back for a pin. Walton was a state qualifier this wrestling season in the 145 weight class. Cody Midlam forces his opponent on the mat to get the pin. Midlam finished fourth in the state this season wrestling the 125 weight class. The referee raises Geoff Niswonger's arm after his win over Alter. Niswonger wretled the 103 weight class this season and went to state.

Don te Shackleford a ttempts to get under his opponent so he can flip him onto his back for a pin. Shackleford wrestled 119 this season.


Kenny Hanison has his hand raised in victory after his win at the C-J dual. Harrison's final record was 47-7.

Patrick Doyle sets himself over his 140 pOlmd competition. Doyle's final record was eleven wins and sixteen loses.

Michael Beane grabs onto his Preble Shawnee opponent and tries to force him to the mat. Beane wrestled the 275 weight class.

The 215 weight class was filled by Kyle Terry this season. Teny pushes the opposing wrestler into the mat so he can score.

Wrestling 4th Place Franklin 61-18 West Carrollton 44 -20 Lebanon Watterson 3rd Place H oliday 13th Stebbins 51-18 Bellbrook 24-57 Valley View 21-54 Carroll 25-53 Springfield Shawne51-25 39-32 Bellfountaine CIT 12th 41-37 Waynesville 71-12 M eadowdale 78-6 D unbar 78-0 Alter Greenfield McClain54-12 60-9 Steb bins 34-40 N orth Royalton Front Row: Tim Harrison, Geoff Niswonger, Kenny Harrison, Tyler Rigsby Row 2: Christopher Eckert, Bryant Shillito, Jim Pickrel, Brad Shillito, Joe Walton, Coach Lt. Morgan O'Brien Row 3: Coach Brother Patrcik McDaid, Matt Badillo, Sean O'Neal, Tim Shirmer, John Barringer, Michael Scholtz, Matt Wymer Row 4: Ben Badillo, Zachery Wenclewicz, Jason Piekenbrock, Kyle Terry, Michael Beane, Graham Williams, Coach Matt Ernst



Carrie Robison watches the game intently from right field . Robison, one of the tlu路ee starting pitchers and a freshman on Varsity she had a ha rd role to play. Albani Sheperd starts one of her many rW1S down the base line after a big hit. Sheperd was the first pick for the Division II All State Softball tea m.

Softball 2002 The ChaminadeJuliem1e softball team had a lot to live up to this season. Last year the team won the semi-finals in Districts. Six girls returned to help hold the title. As the season went on the team realized victory would be a little bit more difficult without their star pitcher. The pitching was ymmg this season. Two freshmen came up hoping to fill the spot, but their hard work wasn't enough to have a winning record. The Lady Eagles finished five and fifteen.

Playing center field, Jessica Bergma n t1u路ows in a caught fly ball. Bergman was voted by her teamma tes as the mos t valuable player for the 2002 season . Katherine Barringer watches the pitcher wind up and looks for a strike. Barringer was the recipient of the OHSSA National Student Athlete Award.


Rebecca Dieker and Laura Pippenger meet on the mOllnd to plan a s tar tegy for the next opponent. Dieker was the only catcher this seaso n and Pippenger was the only junior pitcher.

Jo rdan Hickey prepares h erself for a fl y ball to com e h er w a y. Hickey played rig ht and left field for the Eagles. ErielUle Roberts w inds up for a throw to first from third. Roberts won the coaches award for being a tea m player.

" Le t' s go ladies," s houts Hann a Lib ecap as she watch es fr o m the bench. Libecap is looking forward to being a senior leader for the ladies nex t season.

Voted by her teamma tes as the most improved player of the season, Clu-istine Pietrzak was a key player a t second base.


Fir st Row: Elizabeth Crombie Row 2: Ka therine Barringer, Deena Hill, H anna Libecap Row 3: Lamen Beach, Rose Stanislowski, La m a Pippenger, Clu-is Pie h'zak Row 4; Albani Shepard, Erienne Roberts, Deborah Metzger, Jessica Bergm an, Rebecca Dieker, Carrie Robison Row 5: Coach Bob Ka tcavage, Coadl Larry Bauer

Us Them 18 Beavercreek 3 Eaton 12 3 Miamisburg 0-7 1-10 Dayton Christian 18 4 Centerville 3 8 2 4 Tipp City 7 Northridge 9 8 Fairborn 3 11 Troy 0 7 13 Sidney 8 Wayne 2 Dayton Christian18 11 Hamilton Badin 5 20 Sidney Lehman 3 9 Carlisle 0 10 Belmont 20 9 7-12 8-3 Carroll Alter Tournament 0 13


"Choosing Hustle"

Baseb'all "Choose Hustle" was the motto for the 2002 ChaminadeJulienne baseball team. This year the team began the year loaded with talent and experience. With an up and down season that was full of both frustration and excitement, the end result was a nine win fourteen loss season. As senior John Paul Gregory put it, "we were a great team that was loaded with talent, the problem was we never played to our complete potential,

despite the losses we still enjoyed a great season." Eric Bruckman said,"the GCL is a tough league and I'm happy with the way we performed this year. We seniors wish the best of luck to the tmderclassmen next year." It's clear the tradition of excellent Chaminade-Julienne baseball is continuing each year.

Front row: Mattson Reed, Jim Pickrel, Nick Hess, Jim Vandenbrock, Kyle Howe-Vachon, Jim Gaudion Row 2: Coach Mike Boelm1er, Todd Flolu'e, Rob Gage, Sean Allen, Tim Olmsted, Kyle Queen, Denny Spitzig J luuor Scott Bruckman was the teams' ace pitcher leading the team in l1lU11bel' of s trikeouts. Scott is a two year varsity player who split time between pitchin g and playing first base.

Loosening up his arm, senior Nick Kleinhenz throws the ball into the infield dW'ing warm-ups. Nick enjoyed his fourth year of va rsi ty baseball as starting left-fielder.


Fielding a routine grolmdbal\, senior Eric Bruckman gets ready to make the throw to first base. Eric had an excellent baseball season leading the team in both homenms and battif\g average.

Getting a feel for his new position jW1ioir Jeremy Queen catches a flyball in the outfield. Jeremy is a tlu-ee yea r varsity player who plays both third base and outfield, while mixing in some pitching as well.

First year varsity starter Amadeus Carter catches a ball delivered by Scott Bruckman in the tea m 's season opener against Oakwood. Amadeus split time between playing both first base and pitching. Getting a good look at the pitcher, junior Rick Poole takes a few steps off first base. Rick is a two year varsity s tarter who led the team in stolen bases while playing both centerfield and pitcher.

Varsity Baseball Us Them Oakwood 8 9 12 Alte r 0 Butler 7 6 10 Roger Bacon 11 4 6 Troy Troy 6 5 Badin 0 5 12 St. Xavier 0 Pu rcell Marian 4 2 2 Valley View 4 LaSalle 6 8 2 11 M oeller 2 10 M cNicholas Alter 11 1 7 Roger Bacon 5 Elder 1 6 1 Fairborn 7 Fairborn 7 6 Badin 7 5 5 Fairmont 10 9 Pu rcell Marian 8 2 6 M cNicholas 5 Wayne 3 7 4 Edgewood

Front row: James Maloney, Nate Luken, Kevin Sanford, Mike Hoendorf, Doug Lamicella Row 2: Greg Saluke, Jolu1 Hackitt, Nick Kleinhenz, Jolm Paul Gregory, Eric Bruckman, Amadeus Carter Row 3: Coach Tony Stritenberger, Coach Mike Barhorst, Jeremy Queen, Rick Poole, Mike Beach, Scott Bruckman, Coach Mike Mathile


Freslunan Tara McGinnis turns her head for a breath of fresh air during a tiring swim. McGinnis only had one word to say about the swim team this year:"Speedos".

Swimming Rocks


he Swim team this year grew by leaps and bounds, having 40 kids come out. Both the men's and the women's team had a great season. The guys lost there first meet in the last 4 years. But the men came back and finished 2nd in the GCL North.



1'"I"A, II JUl.1l ~- ~

The Men's team this year had a many triumphs. Only tying with Roger Bacon to be GCL North champions. Next season the team will be losing 8 seniors so they will have a lot to live up to next year. The men's team went 13-7 this season which was one of their best showings. Elizabeth Hewitt, Katie Slayback and Sarah Walling smile at the end of the meet beca use they know they did their best. This was the first year on the team for the girls. While sophmore Zoe McCarthy dries off after getting out of the pool he smiles for a photo op.

Before the meet starts Mike McFall practices his start. This was McFall's first year on the team and by the smile on his face,you can tell he enjoyed it.


All eyes are on the set while the front row players get ready to hit. Eddie Man'inan lead the team in kills making firs t team All Area.

Sophmore d efensive specialis t Josh H ackenberg keep s his eye on theball before he passes. H ackenberg rarely le t a ball hit the ground in a gam e.



W hil e se nior middle h i tter Ross Mclntyre is in the air he looks to see w here he should hit the ball. Mclntyre said "it was fun playing this year with m y best friends Robert Szabo and Jolm Raves tein rig ht there b y m y side".

Men's Volleyball

Firs t row Ma tt Doyle, Robert Szabo, Sean O 'neill, Brian Keefe, Row 2 Coach Dennis H ale, Coach Paris McIntyre, Nick Wa lus is, Travis Rindler, Josh H acken berg, Coach John Zaidain, Coach N a talie H ale, Coach Pa t Strad er,Row 3 Chris Jasko, Eddie Marrinan, Josh Rankin, Josh Hazelrigg, Ross Mcintyre, Alex Tread way, David Yingling.

Purcell Elder Fairborn Moeller Shawnee McNicholas Fairmont Alter Wayne Butler LaSalle Beavercreek St.Xavier Fairborn Butler Roger Bacon Carroll Centerville

Record W L W L W W W W W W W L L W W L W L


Varsity Football Row 1: Rachael Borgert, Leander Croker, Shyra Thomas Row 2: Kerri Marul, Deena Hill, Brittany Miller Row 3: Kaylin Wherry Row 4: Mallory Smith, Lama Budde, Ashly Miller

Reserve Football Row1: Sal"ah Duncan, Janene Hicks, Ashley Bennett Row 2: Brittany Defillipo, Tiffany Cwmingham, Emily McDaniel, Ashley Saunders Row 3: Tiffany Williams, Ashley Goldsberry, Pah路ece Hairston

Bring It On

The ChaminadeJulienne cheerleaders started a new tradition this year with their involvement in cheerleading camp and competitions. The varsity cheerleaders won an award for leadership at the camp. The junior varsity squad won an award for all arolmd most spirited group. Seniors Deena Hill, Mallory Smith, and Shyra Thomas won gold medals as "All Star" cheerleaders and a chance to go to England and Europe to compete.

At one of their first football games as senior cheerleaders, Lama Budde and Rachael Borgert are all smiles. Borger t will be continuing her cheer leading career at Wright State. Freshman Football Row 1: Katie Plake, Teresa Perretta, Lindsey Allen Row 2: Maechelle Thompson, Rachel Carlson, Taylor Robinson, Adriamla Hubbard




Freshman Basketball Row 1: Rachel Carlson, Maechelle Thompson, Lindsey Allen Row 2: Teresa Perretta, Katie Plake, Lindsey hmk, Taylor Robinson Brittany Defillipo cheers for the reserve football team a t their home field, Kettering. The freshman basketball cheerleading squad stopped for a quick photo at the winter sports rally. Reserve Basketball Row 1: Janene Hicks, Jessica Hankey Row 2: Tiffany Blackmon, Ashley Saunders Row 3: Kira Bardun, Sheriece Nicholson, Kelly Sraj, Patrece Hairston

Varsity Basketball Ashly Miller rocks with the green and Row 1: Kerri Mann, Deena Hill Row 2: Rachael Borgert, Leander Croker, rolls wi th the blue as she cheers for Emily McDaniel Row 3: Sarah DLmcan, Ashly Miller, Mallory Smith the varsity basketball players during the Beavercreek- C-J game.


Senior Evan Holleywatches as he sends the ball downthe alley. Holley ha s perfect techinque when it comes to Bowling. Crystal Jackson looks down the alley to see how many pins she is going to knock down.

Bovvling Rovving


-J had two new teams this year and both of them started their own tradition. These two teams look toward the future . Both teams have a young squad they can build from the bottom up. Senior Rower Jon Prier said "I am glad to see this many yOlmg kids getting involved with the program. " The next few years should be exciting for the fledgling teams as they gain skill and experiance.

Tiffany Dunlap and Mike Williams look at the computer scorer to see what they have to do to win.

Bethany McCoy-Ramsey looks to see how she is planning to take down the seven ten split.

Junior Ariawla Isaac lets the ball go hoping to take down a ll ten pins. Aria una hopes to come back next year and make a bigger impact.


Senior rower Julia Budde snllies for the camera while the coxswain Amue Ryan tells her what to do .

Senior Jon Prier sits in the boat and waits for practice start. Prier rowed on a national level in a Regatta in Mexico City where he placed 6 out 12 tearns in the doubles.

The men of Chaminade were well represented on the the water this year. This was the first year to have so many men rowan the team .

Rowers Mike Bell, Mike Pera, and Frank Gelu-es make sme everything on their boat is perfect before they head out onto the water.

Front Row Julia Budde, Amue Ryan, Andrew Miltenberger, Mat Parker, Row 2 Hatmah Carrigg, Julie Trick, Emily Hook, Lamen Boucher, Lisol Arney, Kate Athmer, Row 3 Frank Gehres, Brian Little, Jon Prier, Mike Pera, Mike Beall, Kristen Schafer.








Under the leadership of Ms. Angela Ruffolo, Ms. Kathleen Crosby, and a wonderful group of dedicated teachers we present the ...

Student Council

Student Council Members at the 2002 Blood Drive "Be a Super H ero, Don ate Blood " : Emman Twe, David Prier, Bethany Lesko, Cliff McCa uley, India Lyle, Jessica McQuiston,Jolm Ravestein, Jessica Jenkins, Molly Finn, Julia Budde, Travis Rindler, Lisa Pickrel, and Carolyn Place "Bein g a Junior Officer was one of the best things I have done at Chaminade- Julienne. It gave m e a chance to interact with m y fe llow classmates, and speak up for them on their behalf." Molly Finn Sopho m ore Class Officers Jessica McQui ston , Andrew Gra nt (Class President), India Lyle, and C liff McCauley are responsible for the followin g ac tivities for Ch a min ad eJ ulielme and the sophomore class: the Sch ool Supplies Drive, Boys and Gi.rls Club service sites, and several Brea kfas t for Teachers Days.


As a result of the new schedule changes, all the senior members of Student Comlcil shared a homeroom. "I really think it brought us together as a class," says Senior Travis Rindler. Frollt Row: Michelle Barkley, Kathleen Huffman, Lisa Pickrel Row 2: Mallory Smith and Jessica Jenkins Row 3: Kris ten KJawonn, Travis Rindler, Jolm Ravestein, David Prier, Michelle Hamilton, and Julia Budde Row 4: Enunan Twe and Jon Prier

Student Council Moderators Ms. Ruffolo and Ms. Crosby pose with Senior Ashley Reid. "I have been on shldent council for three years, and I have a learned a great deal about leadership from om moderators," says Ashley.

Freshman Officers, Katie Slayback, Zach Schulke, Amanda Catchings, and Jasmine Hughes are responsible for several things in the C-J conununity. The Carnation Sale, Freshman Service Sites,and the FresJunan Mixers are just a few .



Mock Trial

& Winners' Club

Mock Trial: Front row: Adam Mesarod, Tyler Rigsby, Sarah Fowler, Stephen Herman, Denise Weber. Back row: Moderator, Mr. Conard, Steven Potts, Nathan Loyd, Nick Puncer, Mattson Reed, Jon Rust.

"It's been great being involved in WiImers' Club for foUl' years. I love all the people in it and I hope they stay drug and alcohol free." Senior, Shyra Thomas.

Some of the Drug and Alcohol Free Winners' Club members smile big as they pose for a shot.Front row: Helen Smith, Robin Robertson. Second row: Jordan Snell, Michelle Hamilton, Amber Renick. Bacle' row: Michelle Barkley, Shyra Thomas.


Creative Writing members: Left to right: Kathleen Woerner, Amy Miltenberger, Kathleen Wlodarski, Doug Kondrath, Amy Rohmiller, Denise Weber, a nd Robert Arnold. Creative Writing members write fiction, nonfiction, short, long and all other kinds of stories to helps them become better story writers.

Senior Justin Wilmes, member of Quiz Bowl team, poses with their moderator, Bra Pat. This is Bra Pat's first year at C-J and he is a freslunan and junior social studies teacher.

C-J Quiz Bowl members: Anthony Malott, Robert Szabo, Ryan Shen, Brian Henderson, Nathan Shaman. Quiz Bowl members compete with other Miami Valley schools in different subjects especially science and history.


During LIFE week, religion teacher Mr. Mickey Mominee, Juniors Tessia Pierce and Michael Pera, Moderator Greg Steffens, Seniors Maria Mergler, Beth Flym1, Janelle Young, and Junior Ham1ah Davis entertain others in a summer retreat for life members at Bergamo Center. Relaxing at a LIFE meeting, Seniors Kathleen Woerner and Courtney Waggenspack enjoy each others in the t outdoors.

Senior Jeff McEldowney said," LIFE meetings give me a chance to interact with some of the underclass men." Sophomore Kirsten RoaTk, Jeff McEldowney, and Sophomores Robert GUllU1, Alejandra Iberica, and Katie Moss share a smile at Jeff and his red "pimple" .


The 2001- 2002 life members meet in the newly renovated chapel twice a month after school. By watching videos, ~istening to minish路ies, and doing faith building activities, the group learns how to be "leaders in faith experience".

"FLIGHT enables me to deal with a lot of interesting people; I really have a lot of fun!" -Heidi

"FLIGHT is a great community of people, and I just love it!" - Maria Mergler

The FLIGHT team relaxes and chats about their future plans for the upcoming school year. This summer they went to a retreat at Governor's Island in Indian Lake, Ohio in preparation for the 2001- 2002 activities .

Before Br. Neville returned to Ireland, the FLIGHT team presented him with his first ever peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Mmm good!

"FLIGHT is like a family to me, I couldn't live without them. It helped me define the way I choose to live my life." Travis Rindler

FLIGHT: Faith Leaders in God's Hands Today

The FLIGHT team: First row: Courtney Waggenspack, Maria Mergler, Heidi Kossoudji, Janelle Young Row 2: Mrs. McIntyre, Jessica Zaidain, Travis Rindler Row 3: Kathleen Woerner, Caitlin FilUl, John Gross, Mat Parker, Brandon Artis, Robin Robertson Row 4: Mrs. McCrate, Ryan Wilhelm, Fr. Chris Wittmann S.M., and Br. Neville 0 ' Donahue

FLIGHT MISSION STATEMENT: We, the members of Faith Leaders in God's Hands Today, dedicate ourselves to be leaders of service and ministry within the entire Chaminade- Julienne community. Through our faith in Christ, .we will lead by example to encourage and inspire others to participate in the Christian mission.


..... Chaminade- JulielU1e's very own Langua ge Club explores the cultures of different countries as well as celebrating their lang uage. They sponsor a n annual bake sale for the House of Bread and various other service projects. The club consists of the following s tudents: Kathleen Woerner, Anne Patterson, Sarah Budd, Devin 0' COIU1or, Doug Kondrath, Den.ise Weber, Amy Rohmiller, and Kathleen Wlodarski.


"It's real exciting .. .no, correction, it's rea lly exciting .. .no, non-fiction writing rules !" sa ys senior Ka te York of her Print Media experience. Ka te is r:.:.::.>:..,;o::,;n;;:e:.,.of the the s taff.

"Yearbook is a fun way for students to experience jomnalism from a creative standpoint. We have a lot of freedom to create a yearbook that appeals to many dllferent students." -Ms. Debra Sanderman, yearbook moderator

The Print Media Club, otherwi se known as the Newspaper Staff, is a group of dedi cated juniors and seniors. They hunt for the scoop of Chaminade- Julienne, and they do an exce llent job of it. Print Media members are the foll owing students: First row: Ashl ey Yahn , Christie Pietrza k, Kate York Secolld Row: Matt Myers, Laura Budde, Joshua Hazelrigg, John Paul Gregory, and Meghan Colbert "Other than the work and dedica tion required, the yearbook itself is ELm to create. It's great to see the fini shed product, and how I helped to crea te it." -Laura Keihl, senior

Yearbook and Print Media

The Yearbook Staff consists of a group of jLUuors and seluors dedica ted to bringing you the best yearbook ever. They devote their time and energy to making spread s, finding o ut the names of pretty much all of the s tudents, and taking quality photographs. The 2002 s taff is as follows: First Row: Shelly H arker and Julie Fisher Row 2: La ma Keihl and Ashley Reid Row 3: Lama Pippen ger, Ms. Debra Sanderman, Leah Wym er, Jolm Raves tein, Lamen Beach and Deborah Metzger Last Row: Nick Kleinh enz, Epaplu'odite Dusingizirnan a, and Christopher Jasko.

Print Media requires dedication, hard-work, and a good ear for news. Junior Meghan Colbert had all of this and more. Her first year of Print Media was a great success and she's looking forward to next years bigger and better newspaper. Yearbook and Print Media bring the Chaminade- Julienne community two very important things ...the yearbook, of COUl"se, and the newspaper. These two items record Chaminade- Julienne history in print, which is something that ~an never be desh路oyed. Print Media and Yearbook work hard to provide om school with geniune artifacts about our school year.







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IUvan '9'5

JegbruI F' rreo '96 ole LaSeile '96 AndfiW Sehncll 'W) Thra Schnell '~J8 AfI[I~ Sullh'sIl \t'8 Be. 0 uUh'y '98 Ron Su lU~i mt "98 'hi rph}' en~ ,, ~ ;\oJikl' FaITl!U '00 ](~s~y Farrell 4 1 ~i

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Catholic CaUlpus


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Look us up at:


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Joh . M Go_man Co _, Inc. P.o BOX 14148 NORTHRIDGE STATION 2844 KEENAN AVE." DAYTON, OH 45414 TEL.EPHONE: 9371278-0836

GOO LUCK -=AG 5! Mike 161 - Patty (JHS,) '63 - Tim 165 Denny 166 .. Janie (S.JHS) '66 Terry '69 - Bridget (JHS) '72 Michelle '87 • Jeff '89 - Jill '92 Colleen '93 • Jude 195 ... Anne '96 Julie '98 - Denny '98 - Maria 199

John Patrick '01

IV .

C 605 Dog IBg Rd , " Daytl.m, Ohio -454 i 5



Receptions - M eeti n'!} 5 - Pkn ir.s Parnes · Dances · Fish Fries

Ai I" Co n d.ti o n ~d Hall

Au pic Light..: d Parking RE}\SOl't'ABL RA ES Gail 890-2971 r 83:)-508a


Eagles! John McDermott & Family Joe '82 Julie '87

Spcc.ializcd AltC1llative " for Fa mi ie~ & Yf)U th



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Of America

Make a Differe nce .. ~ Be-come a Foster C(l h,.t~l(,! t: ] [7 E...1

Emil ' Nevi n t Cerl1i;)L Ave.

a lloyd jnsulatlon co. Inc. I

57.34 Webster S1reet

(,93 n 8(.jr '


~) (I

P.O. l A299 Dayton, Ohio A-54 14, (937) 890-7900 Fax: (937) 890-6618


W t c."t Hton. OH 45449

Mahle! Wae~ Zaidaln & Co..~ PLL ,C 0 f ti fJ e-d 'p ubi i c A

0 C 00 U. D t ~ n


Dav id 1v1 ble, C PA - '.54 'HS St-'vcn D. \Vac ,CPA - • ) - CHS Joseph S. Zaidi in C g;\/,p ~ S - '66 CHS Jll lic \Voodic \Vnc - ~;9 St. Jo eph \laleric A. Dupler (Zaidain) - . 8.8 -'JHS Jenniter . Romaker (Zaidain) - 93 CJ S Jennifer R \~lac k - 'Y5 ·'JHS

Jeff r. \"lack - _001 CJ


(jooc£Luct'Eagfes! 2 28 R~'el'$ Road, Su ite Jtm ~'1iam.isburg,. Ohh. 45342 (937) 8,6 6-1531 ~. . h~mt

'[ an Inslj11.1lc J f

C rtl f'jed Pubhl,.; l \.ccoUttl,:mt • Pri va~r: ..:~)11l pul'li e:;, PracLi 'e St;~ti(lI'!

5732 Sprillgborc. Pike Da~ IloJ1, OhIO 45449. 2841 (937) 293-2022 L'.~ 1,..... ...... t./\.

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. (16· ')1' ") 7f l '7 ,


INFO I,g! EDGE- rrAWEl: C(U4 WEB SITE.: wwn·:EDGE- Tll'lNE ): COM

(937) 2334911

Falt (937) 233·896G Wats Line (800) 227.. 5705 COMMERCIAL METAL FABRICATORS., INC.


OAY'IlJN. OHIO 'J541151!

Qfl'ICE 4937) :Z93·3~ HOME (OO.7j 293-1731

150 Oommercial Park Drive Dayton. OhiOo +M04


.. " ..


NZE ER, George G., Realtor

~E,f,_ T_f':'

Associates: Oavi dI L, Kinzeler RaJ ph M _Manti ca Kathy M anttica ;\'en'illg


(i_"et.fer Dt.yttm rea sim:e 194 7 Real E~'fat(' (!rJ..'i ~('


2404 liar Hi]ls Al'eooe 293- l732 'W:'e 'Q '(.'1' flu' lUllrm; J·blJej' ''

mUTUAL ELECTRIC co. 'CoITl111ercial/111dtlstria Cc)ntractor I

1907 E. Fifth Street Dayton, OH 45403 p.o. Box 181

45404-0 · 81 937/254-6211 Fax 2,54-4718

o £agJ~

l~IIA l~11 J·'·~··1LLE}," 2 1...'1S01\lR Y LNC

2300 Ol\U: AVt:t\CE

.r I)"

l.. C h3D.C.' IE) jane M. Holli m .~ n


orno 454L4

A~ ' ~(9 i) 274-9982 JIHO:\ ': (,937) 274-:U '19

~The K einhenz's ~" • Molly'97 8en'99 Nick '02 Chris '07




HEALTH FOODS Cr'r(lili'.,. ~ ,

Greg and Karle Meyers



Pri rl ":l

!Dr r" !l1l-pIDjrL c

9H 461 f).J(}Q

~k"~rIP H~

M:!Ilda1- F.rnla1 ; 0-

23:: Eas.t Helen .. Street ~ ~,t·

, OhiO

~04- 1D

S~tu rday


21 CG ,.rami$l:r.!rg.C"",ICf\'ikl ProiJO C..Gr'II 9f'i'lI!O , 0 ,1(1) 54~ f~1) UJ.50100


Sunda"r 2·..;.

f'l~ 937,461 ,6'501


Oh io Watts 1-·800-821-4446 Fax 9 37-461-1280 1

PICKREL BROS. INC. Wholesale Plumbing and Heating Supplies 901 South Perry Street· Dayton, Ohio 45402 'f1 anC. t 1\1:eyer ]:'l]cla'e] '37 Ann \Vestbr ock Pickl"e] r,60 Elaine Hi,e gle Pickrel '6 (i Mary 4o!\n ne Pickrel 166 Dick Pickrel 1'600 tJohn S , ¥ ickre] 63 Tom Pi, krel "65, Jim Pickrel 69 Jim Rohl 69 1v ike ~Ireixner 171 1




Tinl Pickrel 88 Kelley Pickrel 89 Jeff P ickrel '90 Joe Pickrel 191 Debbie Pickrel ! 9'3 Greg P ickr .1 96 Bob l(urpiel '80 1


l\lark Franz 180 tJ ulie Pickrel 99 1

Lisa Pi ckre1 102 .Jim T. Piekrcl 105 NORTHWEST DAYTON PEDIATRICS INC.



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"WMrc PfIro t:s PoJJ"t ff8V lolJ'M,'


fjfj I. M,D"


n. Put DIIII.dlpl • U., .A.A.P. DI!6IIP .M CI .. fA. ~ P. 'rlM

t . ibml, M,D., I'.A A.r..




12D W. ImQtf 1tlI. __ . , .. ... • Ti~ r.~1)1 (

,rJ!C.lI T\' }l.5 f~· 1 " 1 1'ru',' L ikL' bI IlL~'1 H'_J!!hl ~, H 1' ~3 7:, ~ . 7- ]llI)H

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em:, .... ___ ..... • ,83l-45.B8

TI) R('~); OoI;i

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Ell.g j!'fI' 'fflIUJJJJlh' i'r l'EAI1S.oF An! :.I"tIio:.,..... H '" nll.1I: lloin ~' ('I1i'••~ ffi ' lir) A ~·k ...... V1l~T



{~::(,:~;:'::fc}:'> " , " :,'r;", };::'",'

": ,: i~ ,": ': ). : : 8l\g~; K~~L~: "'~" i!'Y ,am~IT ~OTS

~I'Our ~' ~

hard . pfa;! hard and

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DoWt1~ R 9S S. Jefferson 9L MrOH frGm StoN_ .1:1 " :' ,' ,'

fl/lTH THE lARGE:') ')E fC C Of GON'lP,I Ir'l T E: I" ,t: ~ CAll OJR GK:: NI-'lOU', ( ) . T oa3~5761


B"l /'T BRANDT PUb:~ nG~


45404 \~tll

"fI"rl''! rL~l-{~\TCf' 路"

]0&2 Pattanian IW. in tha Br6.iten1ltl"at4l'-~J19 ~



:": . ' :1':1:, r

- - - - --

-Famill' MattIlSbDi..-iil'l or I!:IBI'f'Y out DalI, ~ &pechll."~ Kour S楼Bryday!

stephen F".- S ~awn, AlA P ,avid S. em'$, ALAt --


-ne beM cheeselJurgers~ rOad SMdwicMs" ddcken wi. ~ salads beers and 10ft d,w.;.


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name says it

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$500 c;n


l'v1 .JJ\R KE T I

6000 ,Dixie Dr, • Da' !{cm . Ohio 4E414 937~90

Is Ad,re-rthing .. '.Vo,;l) rkv k,pm nt • 1m · t .~ · 1iv l / V .sentiLtlo [} • :;. It!' :,j ' 0


« [, o]e~ jil





224-4283 JZA



EagJes \\"jngs! Mark' ..1/ n f)'£Jj~


Mi.;,:.hell e '.J!':


H. POlld


... . . .

\\r ARE PROUD Spa SORS OF "SPAGHETTI W,AREHO SE 31'1 W· Fifth Sw (0"" bl,.ci: _ I di Ll .."


~. Daytui.




(931) 4fU -39'13

Select home games Spa,g hetH "'arehouse will re ~ rd the · h\'er of the game dinner for 4! VVedding Reh

M5-MS •

T . e 1P arn

S ..

Bulk Ca.rry Out

'SOMETHING TO SMILE ABOUT • Persona]iz,e d treatment plans to give you BI beautifuJi smile and

better dental health • State--of-the-an 0 thodo tic methods in a comfortable,

posltive atmo.sphere • Individualized payment plans 41 Two D.ayton Locations for your cQnvenie Jl!c e~


LUDc,h, Dinner & Late Night f'ood Fast. riot. fast food -

226·2600 1151 Brown Street, DaytOd.l Obio


Joe & Mary Beth, a.or IS7) Walusis

Thomas. R, M


Dire(1or T~k '9:31 -44~ - 54J.O

P ro .. forma nee Realty, Inc. (~2~



~V Gel ~3::e h~f~:!1 ~~e \ '

,' "

Fc~ 93.,-223-.8583

or e,,: '93/ -221-882 1 in'l(! n tl'@de:loo1Ei, Gom '''''''....tII. I,I~ . dclo itt~.o;om

lI'ar H 'i~ l ~ Ave.

, • ' tfl ])~


Deloi l1a & To uena LLP 1700 COIJ rtr.olJ~e PloZQ Norr hEiQst Oo-~Otl, eN=! 45402 -1788


i'l IJft s.d~)·:.:n ;;.;mi


Deloitte &Touche

To ehc '1iohmalsllJI

inservice to~.~.I

the human community: ~;

EAGLE ~egi$ tn;mon5 In t.

Good luck, Chamimide.Juliennel from one Eag le tQ another, The Lemke Grm.rpl Inc.

P'b ne: 4) _ -; -~93-:W()O 7-21) ...fLit) F-1n;Ji1 : ErLglc 150(t .!:L11 l.r;:L. m I'r:n: :

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2242 \Ves.t ,-,"'han I. /0.,' nu Dayt I


H ' 5' 1)9

:,[}17 St.dhul)I Dr il.. : c tt fin r Onio 45420 - '11::~ email: LGmkc.l9!Jif!3::0.a.0I.c m

ta~ !

93 7-4J 3~033(' 9. i-4-'L -6287


SLN '1::: 19 'j. ( :l'I r

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T I /I1m~ J, ;'>ID;, ('1' " FI' 11......."1 E. fito - " 1'1, r :I'A, n , I'

;\b r .\.:1II

96 , rears of Experience


u. J)illk:,. (' F..\ II .

S[kl ~

-t 1<1, It.:!,'E r. _

.[ i lllts !j. !'<i:llT*lIl, ;r·l' ..'.. ·n ll-I . i'J.T. ,,,, 11"" "1., r:I'·\

R - 11;01'11 I'. li :'1if[ITI ;OT,n ., ell',\

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},';J!!r1l Ill', ~~ I',

( :J'A

44R1o T:O\nlAI'\ I!U ppm . • ROAn DA YTO);, , OIlIO 454..11)

NO XT A C~H~~RGE .... ofl

, INC.

TEC of


~1I!I• •lering


(937) 253-5311

Your Partner.

Metal Fi....n •• '


• •

in tbe Community 8 ....·.;...

,T'iJ~ ~;~ ~

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'-""1,. Tr.,rr.· i ~J r

,7;.1!f' ~9





GO -

popp & TUSS The: Bare: lay Btl lidil1g ielopf'lott ~937 ) 2'22·&500 e -mail PlOppTus..S1{g.>


LiIlldsc-ape DeSign 274-11 54

\mij llllLll.t:,


V i n.cen1 P. Po P'P

Mark A, TUQ .•



V II.,, ' (j


I ' 11

(''''"f I~1..1

::: r(i'.j. ~ •. '~T Vallc:r' H.IJl!..J

' 711))

427-4 11 0






CfiamitttUfe~JU£ien. ne ~tft!e


ic Jia{{ of!fame



FOR (" f HE c: MMIH EE TO RECT JUD GE o!,LI~ JC:CO LJ. BRVAN L ECTON (t-J ' 119 ~ . r f;:E ~. S l.'R ~i72 Hil r .1 !:.!r.:;~: . Di'.iIft>:m. Oho 4!'04 I~ ,1),1


La CJoche Lake Camp Massey, Ont(JIrio FAAIJILY \lACI TIm..J':: YE ~ R-ROIJNO t-Jle;w :2 -3 Bedr-oom WatEdront chaj ects Compl ecte kitchEn, Graat Room, Scl"ef!f'lsd Porch fi sn, 5w1m. Boat, l-fitkE A enjoy NctUI"'E iom .& COl"ol Wittmann 299 路 6613 'IY....Ao!a(; I~bdak~mp~j;ltn


9021{1. 1Ha~ St. 7ipft路 ett'f

Dayton's Premier Multi-Sport Facility

Convenie t l( cation - ml nutes fr m the Drag n' s adi um Rt. 4 & Stanley Ave., Dayton, OH


(937) (7529) www.gatewaysportspark.oom




f~J"ImUa.r\rR~&T~ c .::.. If f . 5flv St 222-0204"C (-\oiL, fot" f"e.-S€4-'V.(.l.tE&Yl~' e,ve 'Y d.(.. y! Let rp#L.l.ot'\co- c{.U"e·r YOt.U" ~te·~ e·ve·f''l..t! - 13l~trM'} ~ ~ 1< e,h~ ~.{l'D~t1..e·f'"s" -

0" Carry out


S'peci.~u,· fV€.-vl.Q·· -

ACf"'Oi}' the·, jtre.-e.t fj."01011..··d;,e,·

cht.u.-"cJv pet.t·k,.i..nt}· l.o=t! Wei w( t..<ld··' lc::r\.'·e,.- to' h -L'vve,'yen.v. ~ ru.'L~1.t ['t1x1..i..ct.;. .' "i.ti.5c4·~

IU'Le·' ctfld..r ~-pi.t." -

Salem Ave.

Ain,vay Rd .

{At Salem .& Hi Ikr~1)

1: ..\1 A.iflolil.ll}' & \""oonmiln :~

279 1122






w~ (At '\'\',


Third St. Th~nJ



268~1 1 22


'" 1)ayton Ohio




MaiD St. Suitt" 215

bll}'to:n, Uhio 45415



• I\ rl It Sr~ritlJ I _n'\ Pcoona l • ','oul h F.l lih F - fnl:lb n • CI !.!r:~}' .1Ild ~ .1I1i>l '1'

• ' -w ile r

"JIO:: RW,' J; I!:o"


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VI' rkst-or.rj

'\'1!lCtllrtC ilL

:!1! Iruu l1I!> ·.·."'l·ri .... II(! I:~ :tl h:,. I-uu u ~ ' r" iL

" [c':',1 It! rl l'.n MI1 IJro I ~I,

cI: (937)215-8101



Inhn'!. j1" ,14'd 'JI I ~n

,:':-w 4';lm pl


MAGETTI GAVIN :;lJ;('/}U~l 'CIt :rt;:1/:? ~

Hugh Gav in Michelle Magetti Gav in

1508 Valley Street Dayton . O tlio 45404 (937) 223·2962

Fu eral Director Pre N88~ Counselor

Our Lady of9;(ercg Church 220 \·V. Sieben thai "'r Ave . D vton, OH 45405 . lYfasses:

Saturday .5:00pnl

Sunday 9:,00 and 11 :00

Pill! NE: {~n 7) 4( 1-9400 FA: ': (937) 222- IR4 1



Good Luck Class of 2005'

Goold Luck Eaglesl


From t he Schm itz-Pally Family


n w::fw,'~; .tiH· Class f{ 1f),5 (2 111U -2 1'11!~..

tv s. Dozer

. r. RIcci uta

rvl , Shea

M , Stactller

Katie - 01 - 04 Li zzy - 05


Ms . Kayser


Ms, Birj r. Fu .... llS S. Sand f3ml an

fIlls . Olm sted

s. Fis her s. Meyers

Way to, go Debbie ••.

Trot\vood H air Studio -:1 '0. l1ik,h Sprir (9


us. Rc:md

H37 ·oL~"'2





GOOD LliCK B \ 'faf I Cil ir -f\.'lil k: r

Bea 51 .'V moi\;. ~,fack

"ll1V a


Gran ipa & Gr ndn '. Sae tel . C1(. SS 0 f I 9', I an d I 9"1.c;







Bring in this ad

and 4..:c.:·d Vi; 1O~",O off a v arrangcmi;nl,


_ _/



L~ Se·wta·, 1~,


(4..: "P cit Ity co rsag s, bcutonnicr4..: " ~.I" .)

f\,1 O\, ng · d gm9 • Slice Seed ing Core Aeration· e rtl lizi ng Hedge Trimming

[[ 'I.ll'.:i :

, 4 0rlhw~:; t Plaz.J .~U . ' 'W ' ,J Sid: '111 1 OI l ~T \w Da,'lon, O hio 4540(', l4.,7) 277 .L~W

f'. llInday ~ r i I.. ,· ,


In. '- (I p.m . SQIl!JdilY f m. - J ru n.




Visit our mlJW'lmn!=~--' So Db:ic Ih .. trust UJJI'th oj Dorothy LarJi:.J

Hours: Mood '- ("rida 9:00am - 4:~o,m.

[ToLLlbl.J!: , CALL l-HH8-:rlb!;

72~J I

Aaronls Ev-e-rgreen Lawn Service


Fu 11 Servi(:1! La ...... n Carl!


Aaron Eikell berry P.O. Box 843 Fairburn, 01 r 4~B24 937-27 -7560

t·"37;1 66 o-22M

505 E.. Lindo 1'1 Ave.

ThcCrllssChopper@'aot on;

• iam isb urg, O h iD -'1 5.342


J uh-a and L8Jri Chmiel


Cit}1 Lie. #9 9 6.1 1573 SLale Lie. #HV11 OlHV1102


(937) 256·7529 Ra tes by Quarter Hour

(937) 46 1·5770

6902 N. DI xie Dr.

(937) 236·5770

Dayton, OH 4541 4

Unique Deck and Outdoor Structure Co. Custom Design Decks Fences Deck Restoration

Jeff Fisher, Owner Phone: 9371'848 ..7627 FAX: 937/848-3788

I :. I) Spoullng Company 3'63'~


__ I ........, /7.t:i·.c'04 · 1


Arlt Aven~e • l}<fyton. Ohio 45415

c#>~~: :6:

Vi '. Prc· 'id' III

SUPPLY ~., Inc.



!=INDlr\Y '- T



':I ··· 7 - <!5.; · tJ~11

Dane Edge/


....,..../w . m ~ inli n . lIppl: ·mm


LiI'lk: @ l'liliroi inl2"'u PP~\" - :}n1


F,..... 'J J l · :.'. ·' n . :J 1 -iIOO~74·8.'ii9


. . . .




Best Wishes for a Successful Year!!

From the Chaminade-Julienne Co-Educators ParentiAdministration Meetings First Monday of Each Month n l~fl'I' s [pi ail ~ou I"'{' f' hw Fl'lIil • IIH'I • 1·£1 ~no ~ nt1p SyruI""o'COlI4'Plllru!piI> rm' ,m~' .sn,,~ i •.J !F:"4'!1I1


t~ Jfl'JY IMMEDIATE CASH for dtiWr~ items in gt..tCid to .a ufltrrt wnditUm: SUg41~ Plaza ·6116 Willmmgton P~e Centcrv.llLe, OH 4S459

ilDl &ch

Sharon Bach 84&-8742

~ 7um

Open Mon . • Fri. 1 • - ,13 • SaL to - 6 • Sw::!, ClO$4,'d

'I' hili III 1· ...1um'" • : mmrt

])l.I~' hm •

.otI ·1j





For The Mernorie Ka ..... e

Chaminade-Julienne A ruun ing

Ta.' IJol'cpa "art n Payroll Srn:J1I

P ul

' TIl ~,' ,

M ..\ . l:.' l

e-;iJ ... 1I1 "p.~ f~ i ocr St . n.IY'" II , OH .j.~.j.H4



s SP:i! 'i:Jlists

r rJ ,-:IJ Mod81'n J

(J.JJ ~ Technologies

ilL nkln.g Imag ination and InnOVQtlon ii 'so

Pll'lIlc.:: 'B !·n2-5 1J3 :;J.r.I: L.l3 7·~1~ - 7 1 ~ II, I :.m li l-jtIllJll !l ' ~ fl" '.'I'Y"!',er ni!l h I1p :,'l·tt. .. V'I° :" nunlinp "'· '.1111

(__'(-) ~

\(-'_ I.. IfS"4'"

I~.... J' .


'.J L. _

DR. A LEN C. CU EH Poc iauiSI

C J' idrick :aITOU, ~ .D. \\' :\11 . Sob II. :\'1. D. A. ), ari!,! ""mtiflck, , .D.

:-;9 S.y lvan ia O r i'.'!:! B ;)V~ (:1' ... " l.liio

, 5440-32315

• I I (1 S. Tipl :;;m ~I ' Drive. il'lP ('[ty, hi " 4.5371- ':' l f1

2B}1 Li nd _n l \,lenLJe Daytcln , OH 4 .) 4'] () C _ 7) 2.5 2 - 9(: .3

• (9.rr~ In-~9 rm

F ..\X

(9~7 }

4::::7· 17 1n

\'; IV\1 ·.n:~(irwodily1


c ass o

Want to see your ad here? Cal 461-3740 x214 RAY DYSAS, D.D.S .. GENERAL DENTISTR'{

2002 K.~RL


{· E:-.J ER/\ L DE:\ IT1 STR"{

1877 S,·1APLl A\i br"'-U E SUIT E 290 I

IRBOH.N, OI-I l 4,324 I


l,.' EST

\' P' E'~{rER

RD, . . lJ1TE:. (1

I-:. NG U\VOOD. O [[]O 45J12 T


,.11011 • (9,17) K14'~ (;1)(;1".

Offil: '

ff llUr!l

fl· · :\ £IP 'l i nl, I1I .~ nl


Huber He ights Family Practice

Huber Health Center, Sui t e 104 8'101 Old Troy Pike Huber Heights, Ohio 45424


Pilone: 937-275-9798

Fax: 937-275-979S Dayton I ,O hio 45414 Ema ll~

- hone: 937/236-0290 Fax: 937/2,37-0519

We W::mlt ID H~lp VD16 F OIml' y H;:I'o'g a &ttllT Fin;:ll1iC 1;:11 FuiurlJ!!! P " nn .;-( 9 ~7'1 :n l--HIU ::n .1--g1~1

Let u iS !!ih ow YOu h ow to! S h~r. ~1\'i1rt.J

1711'; (·.~ 7 1

r'"If r<il Il AA m A n~

8 tlf!] 1r. 1111"">111 Pf1 yrAlr 1.l11 1111 ·1< R,.1 1,·::.:I lInn P .n:;:;1 .


a ll

~'OlI r

III In r.IlrRtln41 ':"-'!'II"

Lr~N r , 1."".1.,. m r. I tj~' C:.:i~ ti C IJ: lilj' TllIi;'" OO<A=lnl.-.u'" rJ ) nm j;(j I.. "ppm1-1 11= In :=..~IAJi mRO;

RspTeSentafiv9 Paul N. Ander~en

~Ga l

5217 Wadsworth Rd,. Suiw 101 Daylon, OH 45414 (937) 27 5-2363 1-8 77-807-9188


-Harry FrQ lli 5 l ·~.




, . F.Ieii)· Fn. m i~ ta. f\..f. D. Slephatu . ... n ' la, [\·t D. CT

a ft.·icnart. M. ).

Li :;.a, f'..LD.

8137 t . M a in st. Di:lyton, O H 454 1 5 o FFI CE : (937J 890-1&10RES _: (937) 8318-3000 TO LL FREE: 1-800-46B-8137


'NEB: JohnGeno,.'BS.i com EM A,IL: GenO'.'Bsi ~i1~ ERIN EI CO M

JOHN GENOVESI 5596 Oak Grove Ave , Dayton, OH 4541 4

Norm Vocke OWNER



J. Holloran, Pa.s tor

Our Lai..~ 21

0/ Tfit. !RpsO-1!)

A w _- ~~.:! - R K02

~(l( rc [t m~


SQI , 5 ;0(1 &. :S l.lll , J 1~DD Qlrt \b.":... : 1\·1011. T Il' _& I- ri , al ;OO am SI;1i()oi n:} i s l l~ 1 1 iUrI : 12.:. 7_1 I


1 ~IlO l l

Billc;o. Slmda_' m. 12:00

:JlO~1 Cross J g~~ \ t it;


a:"Jl i~ l t'


Ln St -

IJI1 .:..11.:1 t iC ~


i '.

Pftffs E)(ptftss is y'OUf S(ll}fCe for high qtuJ/iry fJi'e(;tronic p&Jts, WEt caa:v a wide seltJe"lKNl of (;f[f audio equirmlMr, loudspeakers, SCib)"V"ooters, speake "q're, goki ;krlocl Oo,rl OOCrOi"S, in-wall speaker sysrems, lIldeo /leads, cOJnpone!1ts tor 6\l ecrroll'C ro{J&ir and I'7WC.n more, Do-rt-yoorself ftrrd SAVE Ifrer8Jr,' n11lldreds of ckJ!/ars( S&:lt'J by ftJld (tree! wr

~[ h

J~I\- ;S~(l2

Sal itl ~ : j

IJn . un. ilL W ;:~ (I

I) pi li


Bing,): Ve-d. iii 12:30 pm

Im Dw-ler;i~abJe

~nint ~tepfum 1114 Tr,'y r..'1<1~~

staff a cap V o f our fro e 2'28 p;;ifJfJ catalog.

* :J Wl;.qarimt

6f/<rj prck up

'1. - 22~ - ~ MO;:!

om SIJ

~ l l) : IlI )



Sai.nt .5t&11l;e.1't f PO(i,Wi. 1,5 11 "." I I -.:~' SI . _1K X 7 :~ 2 h i, lTd & :'i l l l.~ I . iI~ .'i;.,0 pili r'l I .I ~~ utl . /.Itl_ a t S.lL m Ma's 0 11 'I"\~ . <ll 8:00 am B i Il!!:D: We-d. 7:<;.0 pm

rv l il ~s 011

~d'ttc.6t· A«l4

3. 0 E Firn St, Daytoo'l, OH • 2'22-0173

SetW4e, 9"-

& 71UUt4#ltt44ttm 8EAPOOD

Supports Chaminade-J uli eft ne C 8th oli c Hi gh Sch 001 (9 J7~ ~1,3-6(~3

I-ax ~. ~jJ 1'1233-M:!!~1 T ra ilS .•

hurt 19JJ' I· l.B -$llI44

1)-'1 1\!

I I~lldTid;.s

~ 711) 1$10111131 ,'I kl.!

I tub 'r W ~ .. ( ILi • 4S4 ~ 4

V'sit one of our five locations

in Dayton, OH for delicious Fi sh, Chi dum & Soafood


Congratu lations Class of 2002

Queen of Martyrs Ca'f ho'l ic Church Jl1J1A Cedar Ridge Road

Dayton, 0"'0 45414




Professional Installation Since 1958 • Domestic hl1 pOl·ted T<le • I1andpaint 'd & I1andcrafh:d 'Ie • Antique l\'h irbl,e & l->ime'Stune Tile • A :uel'ican Ti Ie Arust • Do It YOl1rseUet.· 'Ve.lcom~



J. .·isit our ,ylun'O'I"O<J'm displaying (Wei"


ceramic tile & storie floors ilt 'tlJl/ell amI grouted to make your rile _hnice ea.~J '.

2,820 Springboro Rd. 'f !\'odb of V~,' ~I t 1) ,,'ot _y



Sl. ArilblJriy Schoo l IS c~n 1 ""' 1"

~. ' ~

tile Tradition

an .)

d --du micllnl

<:l .-~


C" 1_.ll1ulniy 1 h~ I

k · chi:s 'utho lic "l' i.[Ju t:s amll e courag.:s

ill dil,ri dUill ~r ,.vth in spiritunlity and J.:·r ing, in onkr lo ft)s LT t l L' lUl a! d "'vl"' l pm 1)1 :-I I" he chi ld.

ST. A_'i HO _~ Y SCHOOL 1824 ST. CHARL S AVE~ JE DAYTON, 0" 45410



D u

s t •



Princess C a rmella: From the fll-51 day

or chao l To the l a::;l day of

S hool Thanks ror all lhe .i \.: y::; A1ld the


Love you always ~'1 m

JOEGAUDER Congratulations!

\X,re .Are

Proud of '{oul

Dad {C HS '72', .

J[)rtn th il rl

Susie Schl eitzer & B·o bby Sebweitzel" Wi: (Ire IJrlJ!uf u!) '011 & hn'c yOy b.:J!/r 1· -IJ'



(~ -J


• Special group rates • Bumper bo\,..rling for kids • SirU day parli6s

• Youth bowling ._


~.H t .

.:...1- c.. ~D

LlLc] .!



1.403 l,I\f I LA~ I NGTON AVE.

DA'irO t-l l OH 4 5~ 20




alU. 1, Dil(! . .

... ..

•!, L lJmm LJnk'lti cJtl~


• 'I 'rill" !,: ;"I nri .,.d ill" •

44 ' 4 Ftee Pike

Da>'ti ll, Ohi 454 L(j ami ng QUl'llily a d Lovi ng Car

. pc~ il'll izi[ g ill

• r roi . 1.

Z umlo",'ald & Company Come See Our Cel11er


lZll1d g,-e1Tl


; PubliLaLi('fLS rx;ct.sul Un :~

; SIL 21al Pt'(>rs;


tJ.O. Hilt l)l


:: n.~ iI".,' m1ii ,

Adm i tuslrntor



-: . m ,)i ll:""m w ~ lrt ~·fi mf"!~· f. rI!r\

{9J 7} 275-8489

r;-IOTIrt· m ~!rb.(.~l1r Fll'. '1 ~7 .;:.:\b: . .



The ~upps Co. 548 . Cherry St. *' Germanto"n, on 45327-0189 Daniel S. G8mlall D.D.S. St,e.p ~ en P. Burke D.D.S. Raj Kulkarni 0 ,0 ,S, Brnnda O'Bri@ln D.D.S. C re olYlg FCII

C t), r,



fl k:~111

- )~


33M Kemp Road Beavercreek, OH <lStl3.1 937~26 · fjafia

59DD N[}f1h Malrl Sire .1 IJa'\'L<:tl, OH 4!'.41 5 937-27fi - 7 ~ 17

'=tz' "

PI.IO:\lE: ~. ~1 7 14l' I -fJ400 X: (931 ) 222- 1!l.4 1


. ~ /


,. "


Aj·\RON G, DURDEN I\1'T ' RNJ.; Y " T LAW 52 11 lfl,~)'I'Ie lfJ""'n C I Suite A Huller HtdfW! ~; , OH 45424 937· 236 -2500 55 N Ill'! Malt) Sir .el C<:n1 cl"li ,OH 4545.9

9:37 -.!lJll·13992

10 WE:.ST M IN M f:J'\' VI::.NtJE DA Y ' [D~"

1)10 4540 ~


Help Us Help


Chaminade-JuUenne High School Fq l

)', Cf ;L h~i' ( " I,:I1~ Lf i'.

atflUTllll ll r,'. Iq .p o rr



)I)r llty l..iln~· Markle" It. ~ prm'ldni r fH1 11!l~ ll d

n ll n ill

I'[;oll - pn "il L"•.jo I , i ~"' ~L1.1n' , \' 'I

. r d n . l <lt" .~

-I ; I.Il1 ~ i ~ 11 u p



II ~

nU.1 ' ~ i3UQlJ

;,shbo r Pr n.grarTli. c h (lm;~ CJ ~~ YC:lIlr nn ,p ClJit n rg J . -,tl(1 n, ~ n d 'I\'Co' l n: luLc Lip to 1 " (.,1' ~'U c. r pu n..! a~c ~ III Ch Olr I1l i: - Jul ici m; _ j I ' 1 ', l:~Li UJI rl.l r "l ~ .. rc

r/'.'.;I1I" bk


buth D U. I - ' at iVl l " ,

Use it the way YOU

want l and you don't harve to spend t ho'Usa nds

to qualify !' OA~-wOOb :


2710 F

G"TON ScIlAIi!!::

tlls AVB" DC',ion 0 4541 9 • (937) 2 , 9-.:k~ 1 6177 Feu lis Ava .. DoVton OH 45<l59. (937) 434- 1294

wlNw,dc..YoIl'lyfcme,co.rr.t • Ciirrlr.if:Liorolhy',, .

Hal Gil •lanl 'ord + Jeep SC' Manager


LAL ,'J l JA1vJ FORD SA '.S, C. 1775 South Stak RO ll e 235 e\v Ca rli s l e~, Ohio 45344 Phone: (937) H49- 1325 ToU Free: 1-80 ' -533 -06 10

The Lutheran School of the ian) i \r a1lc)' Dffi; GmfiL Prc--K. Ihrt't-Mgh 6th • • •

Stl1l~ce rhfie d p '~r'lm Wilh f IJ II ~' ji".J: s d sl~lT, .·... II -da' Pr-e- K ' nd ' i nder al1m . 0 -!litc bdore- and jlftc r-schODllutchk~)' ,

• •

Natiol1l:tllv ac~l<I.irned C<'lre Kn "'ledge . mculul Empk SL'-Ult [I,,~ "" 11- &. cuIClUr;d iH ;lrr;u-,~.< iuclud illS M aI:llim~ .






S Pill'll .." I nr !III [' .1.

corn' mLLsic "-" iqh tI D.



GIont· oded ',-i:llJill [lJ'ts i s1:ru;rLion, r C1lih... t1ccml..:nts. dl.1l.1 usc arca r CSQUTC c;s .


Safe, c.aring family .ililmospherc_

I iCLii



139 ,","'aI'

G r ndes fill~ ~


, CALL 224-1939

I n .Hm l!JJ i ill ~ Col li!

n lj !'l ikl1 f,Ji



Grill n


A ' ~,






298-1469 237-0610 SPRINGFIELD ROUTE 68 NORTH


Furniture for Families

Shannon Farrell '88 Tim Newlin '89 Bridget Farrell '90 Sara Sullivan '90 Kevin Sullivan '91 Mark Farrell '92 Colin Sullivan '92 Rian Sullivan '92 Todd Sullivan '92 Colleen Schnell '93 Erin Sullivan '95

Meghan Farrell '96 Nicole LaSelle '96 Andrew Schnell '96 Tara Schnell '98 Anne Sullivan '98 Brennan Sullivan '98 Rori Sullivan '98 Murphy LaSelle '98 Mike Farrell '00 Kasey Farrell '02

Broyhill • Lane Simmons • Flexsteel Serta • Pulaski La-Z-Boy

Congratulations, Kasey!! And the Class of 2002


Angela Zappia

ACL:ou n1 ~(8Cl.1 l l'''fI

NEX = -___ =-_" -

Ne;dB P



uO!l-" ~3H:n4-72B2

proud to be p rt of the

Fay, ft路 9~7 428 -~ i -G-? Cll5lr:rnsr C3fE!: 800 NEX-fi 111 ang!!ls.;:'appi:J@ exlB ':l!lm

Nextel Communic.atiom; 80220 'NRSltiington Villa,ge Dri ve Dayt-:;.r'!, "JH 4 458


'Co grat latio s, c ass 0 2002! T aIel" :vtadtine Comp' ny 257 Hopei nd S Lreet D ' yton, OH 45408 222,2 171

\ 1ie.hue] IJ _ Uu 11. gtllHi f l' III

n.路/d i :LIl ' i.( f~

Fift h Third C' : ll t~ ' I '


-1\fl ~1 , [uill ,;I I'~-l- l

I ~ 11 IJn: ( ,.111 , .. [1 ,J.":' 40:!

S ili lt'

11I1I -rwl-

Mo rga riSta nley

~O(J - 1 7~


22::-1 R4 1f) fax 9:3"] 22.5 .14.~O 1,l lnrw 9:{"7









. .. . .

Congratulations 2002 Graduates.1! ""i'Gr: S4t, '" 1't

.4~ - ~C4d ~':- fk s~u


Dayton Aerospace Inc


P HONE : (931} 223-3-667

DI'...YTON, OH 4 402

F..;X: {93 7} 223-42 11



• lJ j ~ti l )er.

h:::o.els I.IfliLll '11" ~· ·rial"i.· r 'ha . i l loilil' s~T'o ' i " ~ ." · '. p ·o.: i:11 i·/J.:.:L .,\1 zl ll~ i1rl I.;l r· .~ Imil

Mark]. Porter Agent

- (i

It·.. i ll. UrII l, · Culi tied f'nr Medici.lI _ \ tc· killd <lIld (:·IJlo;."]' i pr".g;r,lfos

.. IltIl ·rL'I.:l'>!rll

223-7117 Th" Company YOll Keep. -.;,

4 '30 SuJem Avenue

Day Lc)Il, Oh io 454 16

(937',27,'-... 692


,..". t;l.tqut pill.I.L"iLaJr:.UI.Wlq-H'jiMU'

2-4 . I\yj,qm "?-crm . O-.,7t"'JD.

'(OJ 1 fiM our 114taSand teclmologiBs sBrond to nanG. IM~i hGr its reno'la1ion or e;w;pansion . we provide 5l1p nr. r S8 r 1K8!; and corr eficmi'ie soltJiions to rr.eel e8Gh GUslomer's ir ividual re.quirements. So v.? ne:t11lfie ~'C1j " i:I'~ OJ bUlJdlf'l'J Fleed . tr ~t ~ D r prol e ll,:) It ~, bulldlng profgs,<.lionaI5.. Contact JENCO· A TEAM BUILDER. A1


v'll c:on~tfl.J r;1 ion ,


jfi.OI t.-al.iir:.u..:wiii~ 1 i1. ...... I TdQbJl&il: ~' . l:7!S .:J. ""~

IJi!I,.1;o • ~



Dayton, Cincinna "1Piqua . Richmond, IN • Call; 937.849.6002·

Tinl C Master Soft\:varc


• CustOtl izing B u ~i e:li.s Applications using Open BasIc '1'lith Umx or VVlndm'j's

• Ti 19 and Attenda.nce Sofh'/are • Mag netic Rea,der ime Clocks ~937)


Z74 1 ,\ni rllh h ~\1 " n.


II!- [ \'

Il' ;

011 4545')

il ll· I, .

• Bar Code Printers

• Sa 8od,e Sco ne ....

Jerry' (8'15) 84 -2396 evin (937) 667-005 Page {937) 34'1-1636

Hunter Health & Chiropractic


Dr. Donald E. Hunter 562 E. Dayton-Yellow Springs Road Fairborn, Ohio 45324


Phone: 937-879-0370 Toll Free: 1-877-268-4448 (National)

C-J Eagles The McGinnis Family


Fax 937-879-1343

"Making the Difference In your Next Move!"

Complete Health, Nutritional & Chiropractic Services utilizing the latest technology in a relaxed & comfortable setting. Services Offered: • Chiropractic • Rehabilitative Therapy • Biomeridian Testing Computer for Nutrition • Digital Infrared Imaging for Spinal & Women's Issues • Microzyme - Dark Field Microscopy • Homeopathic Herbal & Nutritional Supplements.


Congratulations! to Chaminade..Julienne Catholic High S£hool Felix S. M£Ginnis Associate Partner

e-mail : Docforc1 e-mail


(937) 439-4500 (937) 331-0665

office pager

Come and See our Newly Expanded Facility!

A New Reason to ?lHiLtis Only One Visit Away


smile is one of your greatest personal assets. We can now help you maintain and improve your smile - more conveniently than ever before! A new technology allows us to offer natural-looking, high-quality ceramic restorations, completed and placed in a single office visit. ,rTooth-colored veneers, crowns and all other single-tooth restorations ,r No messy impressions ,r No "silver-colored" fillings ,r Minimal invasion to the healthy part of a tooth ,r All in one visit! Let your smile be a sign of happiness and good health! Call our office today to schedule a visit. Patrick T. Huntel~ DDS Joseph E. Hunter, DDS 8324 North Main St. Dayton, OH 45415 (937) 890-8957










See you in the movies!

Congratulations John "Johnny" Ravestein Keep Riding the Wave to Your Dreams

Love, Mom, Dad, Karen and Adam 206





ouse r;:'11 (1)1

Hows your asphalt & -c oncrete ?


)ph:;I.) IJ~'J.I·-I(tll ~c "l,IiU.""

d"rl '31 •

Mary K Garnlau.

CDroro~'ciol ~'.· 5LII ": :..in3



11S, R~

Sl~!": ';:-'::.:11 '10

f'o',in::; PI_II a: "'fIG

~ Ir'r ~IJ C'="n~t;; ~ I IT! I!W and cm~ jull,

Wit "",:mOSI!'


W-Dl t

bofllltict:i (J IW IltI lJ.'6tl ya .. prct.c'ti)all'1 ~

Flee sti rr,(Jles Coli Todcl'r'

Ilesigners of Fin.~ Ki lchcns

Ll rt,. I~' gliC" Obio 1- 1:19 9'37 -291-1 11l • 8(1 -81:'" -1l 1I 2:MJJ


223 ... 9207

;i;HU Bn'l dOl'mooo Lan - ~ h. 'Hm. OJ io ,1;i;H:~:n· 2:7· 7fi32. l:-m:lil: nmrgnrm n(11), 411.rmfl

Specializing in Heahhcare Consult]]}!!;

Fowler Printing Services


Good Luck, Ea Jles! 207

J'( )Oflf't

look so scared


aura ...

COJ1jratufatfonJ' ~



9anerfe tJnc! lvfttrial

We are J'O f 'rourlof!Joul

'\(ou're the last to graduate

from C-tJ and ,,'e are proud!

Uti: . v' DDH 'luij!!! - ei s. t ah Lydia Kei I R2Ichacl •• Kc ihl


- 't. , Ot,t. 1~71 - C -J 996 - C -J 2000


1Zet-lch 'For the ~Y(1t'j"l ! {;r


Congratulations Class of 2002! From The Brord erick's Jaclyn '02 Jordan '05 . Francies '06 __ r .08 Ja_c-ob



Cong ratu lations

LAUREN! We Love You, Dad '66 Mom

& Michael '00


love yo u fo re ver .

rj jike


you for always,

long as I'm liv ing




My baby you'll be,1'I


are my f avorite daughter!

We are so proud of you!! Love,

J -

Mom '83

t _"


and Chr'stopher '04

~} 209

\Ve Lo 'C 1'flu!


Atom. Dati; 1\,1ol1i, I03., altd ,Gl~ace ~05

Laura and Julia


Cong ratu~at ions!

We are so proud of you/

We/oveyou/ Mom & Diad



Congratulations, Brian! \~ie



aTe so proud of you! ! t


A II our Lm,lc; Dad & Pc~~v XOXO .. .



~"' J

rv1om ~


Brian 193 and Kelly '96

G J EAGL ES !1 !

COlzg',~atulatiolZS Ales01Zd'l~a! ~'\, , are all s ) proud {,fyo' d lu st keep bdieving in yourse~f~ ha've fi1i til :i n God and toork 1lard.

You 'will find lurppiness and 5lÂŁ 'cess in ....vaur lite .. . Lot.? l'vionl . l\Tana, Aunt .ranine. Uncle i.4.l, Paul,r Lisho, Connot~ '




Annetta" Brandon" G ;~1111tt Aubrey



,fOOl'll'! ] 945 ~~.::'iI' .

1ge2 1962

S- J96!li

Rl,o:lIlember an e41g1e doesn't "ust fly~ il l'ulcs the skv. or

Dad, f\.'I om and Alex

J"r 1 !n'!5 oddN:

. ose:lIh ~n

11m 19&2


Elc1h ~99! P<w1 !W!i! 5M: 1 ~ 2002 IHblty ~~



fJ . tll on joining til .' r .st of


O '

fandly as an

cit r la of Chantin.ade, SL

Jim I· YlU ~





h'tIDt'·e .. }lY11n, -,~C. - 196 '1

COIn .e Bonadio f

h .and Chatuinade-l till nne

~~j .

Flynn 1963 e

1'1 ' ie 1~

VaUI -


YlUl - 196~'

1\l oUy 1:'[

,t uu rl } ' [ III




lUcDad .. - Jl977

1 997

Congt°atl1 ations, Natalie!

Congratulatjons! Spencer Bro~vn Class of 2002

Th Best 15 '{, t to .)nl " 'IVC arc all overy prud }£ you! T



Dad, . fOin 173 esli . 198/ Hal Y 100 212

Best wishes for con inned 5ucce5S~ J\.ion'l, Dad~ J osh 'U O & Noelle '05



Boo Bear ~'Iedina

Congratulations, Tim!

We ,u re p': roud of you!

Looks Like \ lOIi 1\' ade IT!

Lov always/ Your Family


A V'erv Proud .... amilv.' ~




from Dad, Mom





CO.,gratulatioJ1s Jonesy! Marcus Le.hmarl Crass of 200.2 3rd Ge..,eratioH

C. .J Graduate, Love, ]


Iv! 0111.0; Kr-{.&路,

Kate- ~Jeff


Congratulations Eagle Class .of

2002' The Plake FamiJy Mom, Dad , Tina , Stephen , Michelle 214

Congratu ations Jenn and Class of 20()2路

\\Ie [ove you~

o 19ra on s Brenda ove !vl tIll, Dad, B an ~98 &Renee t99 1,...


tv-lot 1 t-~ Dad 165 Jess 198 tv-tary '& I\'like 172 Ba b & Reggie



Your Wisdom, A,m bitions, and Enjoym,e nt rof Life Are The Tro,r ts That Make You SpeciaL COrngrlat~lations and Best of Luck!~ We Love V,ew Mom r& Dad 215

Congratulations To Ot r .ear' lie '02 II ,o ur Love and Best JJ'ishes


The Patterson Fanli1vâ&#x20AC;˘ !V'lOtll

Dad 159 Ryan" Jr. t84 Karen Lauren Jill1 87

Jennifer Bccca ,~

1)' 'U '00 rev~! ~04


Best \Xl is11es. F)f


Succ -ssful Year

'C ongratulations Julliet Parrot!

Adrianne Clements VV aT' proud of your




r 'c cis (1



V .,J



'{o'll ~ Far lilv ~'

Yearbook Patrons 2001 G,rts X.(ountry--(F, BI'I, KB, TP , SK, ~S, LG, SL, BL

John D. Bushlf·lonica l. Bush

Faith Temple Church - Dr. Eugene Ringer

lack Hart Famlly(l'filliam lones Family

A· I Carpet &: Tile Inc.

The Byrd's -- Betsy. Kenneth. Kenny

Farmersvine t·ledicaJ Center

Have a good year, Bob l ove, I·tom &. Dad

Carlucci/Gunder Family

R.l. Fender Construction Co., Inc.

Have a good year, Claudia love,

A-I Plano b. Organ Novers, Inc.

left &. DIane Carolson &. Famiy

FOCA • Friends of Celtic Academy 01 Irish Dance

Have a good year, Enca Love. 140m b. Dad

AAf·KO TrJnsffilsslons--215 S. Patterson Blvd.


food Foc LeSS

Have a great year Patrick I·lansheld - Fender Constn.:ctlon Co

AFLAC Insurance

c. W. Carngg Family

Foose Family

HaViland Family

Carter/SIelm\'Jy/NashlProvensa Families

Fntz Painting

Hawes-Saunders Broadcast Prope"les, Inc

Larry Albert/Home Repairs & Remode~ng

The Chappell's - Ron, lanet, Bethany. Elliott

Gary & Kathy Gan

Dana Hayden


Church of the Holy Angels

The Tom GaudlOfl Family

The Hayden's - Taylor, Cindy. Taylor III. Chnsllna

A- I HeaJlhcJre - 5210 tlorth

Oms (,




Aicher & Farmty

Du.le l. .AJlen

Sandra Allen

C-J 1·lananlsts

The Alan l. Gaylor Family - Pam, '·Iegan & leH

The Charles Helldoerfer Family

Alpha !·llnlstnes. Pastor liz Stutzman

Chelsea Claggett &. Family

Gene's Valet Servtce

Harold, ElaJ!1e & Bnan Henderson

Alpine Realty

"1r. Davtd A. (, "Irs. Patncla A. Clark

"11'. And l'lrs. Joseph G. Gil! b Family

Henn Family

Tim &. Dorothy Clarke

Global Gauge Corporation

Henn Family

Ben Andre-I's. NAACP NatlOllal (half

The Tim &. Dorolhy Clarke Family

Go Eagles l - Walker Family - I·tall '9 5. Ellen '97, Clint '03

t'lark b Rita Hess and Family

Arm strong (, Barry Family

Robert E. Cleary, fLO.

Go Eagles l . Walton Faml~/ - layne, loseph, '·Iark.loyce

The Hoen-Warnlment Family

AlternatIVe Realty-Dorothy Spang -5%


I·It (, r·lfs. Rod Arney

The Cleavengers &. Will Yang

Asnley 5 Pastry Shop. 21 Park Avenue. Oakwood

Cindy, Catlhn,l'ieghan &.

Associated Therapeutic SelVlCes, l ora & Joe Black '73

Mr. &. 1·lrs. Timothy Colbert b Family

Gold 4 Ya r·louth/Hlp Hop Communications


lesse and Clara Coleman

Golf Outing Incredible & Incorrigible lesters


A!!err...·etler Family

Kenneth and Donna Coleman

Good luck Alexandra Caldwell - Love. Your Family.

Holy TnOily Catholic Church

Good luck Anison '03 -- Kern Family

Rob & Beth Hook


God Bless Amenca·- The Thunn Closser

The Balaguer, i<nJCkle. KInney, Potts (, Isern Familtes

Colon Bames-Lark,I·ID

Congrats KatleK.lkes! We Love you! Your

Dawn Goecke,

Fam l~1 Fam t~

~Iassag e


Therap ist


&. Dad

Don. Pal. "llke, Katie, 1·larlena &. Stephen Hoendorf Evan Holley '02 The Holley. Wllhams b 1·lyles Fam(lIes Fam l~J

& SI. 1·lary's Churches

Good Luck Amy b Andrew '·'iltenberger

Hook Family--Rob , Beth, r·1att. Emily & f.leredlth

Congratulattons-lob WeJl Done t - Jenkins Family &. Fnends

Good Luck Brandon - The Gregory/English Family

I·larcus Horton, Good Luck!

Rand'J. Christen, Randy. Jenny. Hlchael (, Bryan Beane

CongratulaliOns to the Class 012002

Good Luck DeLant a Tumey

Randy (, Christen Beane (, Family

Congratulations to Ivysten Goff '02

Good Luck Eagles! The DeVane's

To '04 Graduating Class from Howe -Vachon 's

I.leg & Robm Begley

Conntnlan Baptist Church

Good Luck Eagles -- Hill Family

The Hundts--Da'/ld. r.1ar/. Beth. Dan & lames

T,m Begley

William Craft. Jr.

Good Luck Eagles -- The Kells -Parker Family

Don ,£, Eileen Hunter

Craig Family-Rosalyn, Rob, Carne & Roy

Good Luck Eagles -- 1·IcDaOiel Family

I Am Somebody Inc. - Lady D. RlOger, Faith Temple Ct,L;rch


01 Lu c~ 10 NSJ

Sosebee from DaJe, PI &. Paul


House of Wheat

Best oj Success ClJss 01200.;1 -- The Roark's

Ar'V1l1a [, Charles A. Cra'hiord III

Good Luck Freshmen -- The Little's

I.B.E .W. Electnctans LocaJ 82

Besl Wishes Shayla Fields 'OS, Love Nom &. Dad

The Crews Faml!,! -- lonathan &. Bambl-unn

Good Luck From a 195 I Graduate

!nstrulab.lnc. . Dayton, OhiO

Besl Wishes Jacqule Helland

Kathleen Crosb,!

Good luck lason, t40m. Dad,

Brenda Cunnmgham

Good Luck Hat Parker I '02. LO'le t'lom. less & len

I"r &'I·\rs . /·Iall Jackson and Family

Jagiels ki Family

Best Wishes l


UMC, LOIs Fortson, Pastor

r·lrs Paul Bellmger


& 1·like

Robin & Bob Ivey

DlrD Dnvmg School. Inc

Good Luck. Rloo. Love the Roblnson's [, VIiIKmson 's

Edd,e Bizzell and Cerelia lee

Dammons Family

Good Samantan Hospltal-·Cardlopulmonarl Ser\'lCes

The lames Family -- Bobby. COrlISS & P..:ichei

alae;. BrothersfSlsters Involvement

Debey 's Alteralions /Sha·.·.. Pestoratlon

John F Goode, L.Le. , CPA

Jasko/Blackshear F.:lmtly

ooyd's Gettysburg Lak.e

Alan '02 and Tearn '04 DeWI\I

John /01. Gorman Co.

Robert T. Jensen, D.D.S.. N.5 . Inc

Brarllck Family

DGL \'Iood-...·orkmg , Inc.

Graduate Service, Inc.

Famdy 01 lalme! lohnson

j'lr (,

8Gb &. Sandy Bnnkman and


r'lr. b r·lrs . loseph Dleker

The William Grant Family

/·1ark&.l·lary lones

DKlrJ Pump Fitness

Grant's Water Conditlonmg

Reginald l. Jones. Ph.D .. Psychologist

George (, 10 Brockman

t-llchael lr Claire Donnell,!

Pat. "1,lOanne b John Gray

lones, Washington Co .. lPA/Cher/t R. WashJOgton

Brooks Fam!1y

Donnelly Family

Donna Green

Dr. Stephen Joseph Kathy 's Kttchen - GermantO'M

Bnnkman FarruJy

lim Brool...s

Joyce & Btil Dooley

Gniliol Family


Tummy. Teanna [., Tern OO',,"s

Groceryland Inc

Kaney FamJly

Ed-,'t'ard [., LOIS

The Groce's • lydia, Jason. Tlffan'l, Tara &. S'ldney

Kily serFamdy

Gynecokxjlc Oncology Center Staff

Ann lr BtU Keechle & Family

BrO'.... er Insurance AgenC'J

Hermlla 0 BrO'M


6rc-wn's . Steve. K.Jthy, losh, Spencer, Iloe lle

Tom '00, f·l lke '02. Patnck '04, Chnstopher '07 Doyle

The Nancy Browning FamJ!y

1·1r. [,

Bruckman Ftlflllly

KJthleen Ourlak I-1.S . l.P.c.c.

The Brun's -- SIeve, Patty &. Chnstm3

Eddlngtleld Family

Tom Brush--larrett-Brush Insurance Agency---GOOD LUCK!

Edge {., Tinney Nchllects Inc.

Hanken Imports - Anne &. loe Shock

Key<!s-Gateway - Sue Loyd

Steve &. Elizabeth Budd

Nan", Egbers

Hardenli'/ard Family - KJara. Kalen, Debra, Carol. Ray &. TOni

Emily '95. lauren '98. Dan '00. Andrew '03 KImble

'~rs .

Snan J. Out",

'.'Ie Love Yoo, Katle l

Buescher Family

Elizabeth's New Lde Center

rne Buscemi Family

The EngleiNolan

Linda S. Bush - St. loe's '73

Byron G. Epley, D.D.S.. Inc.

Fam (~1

lerr/69 Kathy 72 Jeremy 93 lustm 97 losh 04 Hackenberg

Dr. Eugene Kelerl '59

Chanes G. Hallinan,·....

Keltenng-OaJ..wood Automotive

HaJ~"/ood Products· r~achtnl st

Key Bank


Donald F. Homer UI. Attorney·at ·Law

KK "'olorcycle SUpp1'l

Harless Family

Kntghts 01 Columbus/Da'lion Cauncd #500

Hamson &. Belton Famtly .. Good Luck Bnttany

KIm b Keith Kreiger

Yearbook Patrons Kondralh Fam ily

Rudolphe NkmzLngabo

Schultz Family

Walling Family

The Kroger Company

Mr. J. l av.rence Nolan

Schwandner Family

WaJton!Peasanl/Clements Family

Laage Family

iudge & i·lrs. Robert L. /lolan

Mr. & '''''s. Anlhony J. Schwendeman

Yleatherlord Family

Bnan Lauber

tlorthmont Family ,..ledlclne

Servco BUilding 'o1alntenance

Jim Weckesser '67 . Cold....'el! Banker HentJgl! Realtors

MIChael & "1allhew Lauber

florthridge Animal ClinIC In<: .

Shaffer Family

Oaoo & Kathy \'Iee~,y

Lauber Family

Nurrenbrock's Quality Candie s

L,I,ld Faml ~

Dan and

ubecap Fam l~ The LJbecap's •• MIChael. Brenda (, DeVJ(l

Ren'e & Jerry F. Shtelds. Jr.

Tom & Don Weinkauf

Shiloh AOimal HOSPital, Inc.

, & 10 Wende ....'cz

Our Lady ollhe Rosary Boosters

Shortal Faml~

Charlene & Bill Wheeler

Jacob Page

Shyne FamIly

Clayton [, VirglOia White

lwtngslOO Care Center

The Paschal, Williams & Clark Families

SKnolf Family

Steven. Ellen & Brandon Winclnskl



Lockhart Family

The Patnck's - Donald, Darlene. Tiffany b Ryan

Kurt (, Cindy Sunala

Wilks Family

lohn b. Kelb Lovelace

Pediatric. Associates of Dayton Inc.

Evelyn D. Sims

Frank Williams

LO'Ner VaUey Furniture

Perlect Cleaners. Randolph Plaza & N. Dixie

SipeS Family


Luken Family

PiaU Castles Historic Homes, West liberty, OH

Ray & Thelma SkJplk

Mr. [), '·\rs. Darrell Williams [, Family


The Pietrzak's -Jessica '97. lillian '99, Christine '03

Skyway Cleaners

VIillIS Family

"'ama DISalvo's· Fine Italian Dlmng--GOOD LUCK EAGLESL

Laura Pippenger & Famrly


Tom & Kathy \'/illberg & Faml)'

The f.lann's . Tom. LOIS, (urt '98 b Ken '03

PittS Family

Sledge FamIly

Wolf Family

"laplelal'on Beauty Shop

Charlie, Sue & Chns Plassenthal

Sloss Family

Leah & f·lall Wymer

Marathon/Kl'olk·n.Kold··W. Alex, OH, Dave Reed. O...ner

Plumbers, Plpefi llers Local 162 - Dayton. OhiO

Charles Smith

Wymer Family

"'ano, TR, CurtiS. Evan. Brendan

Polls FamIly

The Smith's - DMght. Leslie, 'Speedy" & "Jolo·

York Faml~1


Pneler's .. Dan. Anna, losh. Adam. Sarah

Snap-On Tools/Ron Richardson

Nr. E. i-irs Edmuna ZelnlO & Family

"'egan ,.Iarnnan

The Pulver Family

r'k. & Nrs . Wesley Soter & Sons

Ben 'OS, Soar as an E.l.GLE -- The Ziehter's (62 & 641

Evelyn [, Frank MarsICo

Rahn HIll s Psychlatnc -- Ten Rust MS,PC,LSW

1-10 & Kay Spees

Jerryz....,,!s ler

t"aUress Faclory Oultet

Rankm 's-- fhom, Connie . Jcsh. Luke & Paul

SL Chnslopher Church

'o1ary loub.. les ler.t·I.D

"IBA Eleanc Inc

The Ray Family God Bless Us All! Good Luck Eagles l

SI. Helen Church

,.1cea!l Family •• Coach Joe '·kCaJl

Ray Family -- 'o1lke. Carol. Josh '03

SI. Peler Church

Gregori HcCann

Becky Reed

SI. RIta Parish

f.!l(hael W. McConnell, D.D.s .• Inc.

Peg Regan

Michael Stang Family

McCune Family

Bridget Relbeling

Slanislawslo Family

Vern Is Sue

r'kEldO",~n ey

The Reruck Family - Rick. Amber. Ale,

Stoddard Family

The M<Elroy's-.RlCk, lean Ann. Mike. Matt £.. Angle

Requarth Lumber Co.

Summerhill Family

,.tlke & Susan r."Pee k

RIcciuto La...." & Garden ·The Landscape Technicians·

Svoboda Family

Mr. b Nrs. DaVId C Nead, Sr. £.. Family

Rlnaldo's Bake Shoppe

'o1ichaet & Maeda Thompson & Family

Me ller - Touch the sky ....'t h dreams and an educatlOnl

Chnstlna Robbins

Thornton 's Trucklf1g

DanL Laura /·lelmer

Taylor Robinson

Time '.'lamer Cable

11m & Mary Me ....ner

The Robinson-Dunson FamIly

Tipton Family

Tammy & IB /·1etcalf

Clay & Angela Robtson and Family

TobIas Funeral Home

SIeve Mikula '54, Realtor of Year (96) - Keyes Gateway

Rogers Funeral Homes, In<:.

Toby Family

Wayne E. '·\iller-Coldwell Banker Henlage Rl!altors

The Rohmiller's - Tom, Ellen & Amy

Hike [, Dianne TrJlnor

Anthooy 1~lltenberger, Pennsylvania Life Insurance

A1elsha, Harold & Kathy Ross

Andrew '96, DaVId '02. />'argare t '04 Tnmbach

/>loblle Health Ser.flces/Drug Screen

loe & Sharon Ross

Bob Tnmbach CHS '6S L Debbie BrodOick Tnmbach STJ '69

In /·lemory of Ray f.1onlgomery '59

Angeta Ruffolo

Trotwood CorporatIOn

The />\oon/Henehan Family

Jad'Je '69 (, Jennifer '04 Rust

Twe Family


Dave. Sue. Scott, Nick (, Ben Saetlel

UnIted Healthcare

John & Vita Saluke

UrologIC Physicians & Surgeons, 1t'lC. D. Parks />1ylon. M.D.

Sanderfer Family

Valentine Family

rot-lung Sung Restaurant

Debra N. Sanderman

Valley Street Sunoco

N3Jls by Tina/Bellina Long

Tim '78, Cathy '78, Cara '04, Colleen '08 Sayer

Salf, Valley. GRI. Hearth Realty


Frank W, Schaefer. Inc.

Vandenbrock F~;~

Nahonal City Bank

Marguerite, Jeff. Justin, lena & />laria Schafer


Marsha Bonhart Uellson

The Schierloh Family

Douglas P. Vrundy. 0.11.0" Oral Surgery

New Honzons Computer learning Center

In ,..lemory 01 "lary ~Charlene· Schirmer '56. lerry '53

Waggenspack Family

fle-Ailn Family

The Ray Schommer Family


I~r .

Resource Group ,lnc . -- Good luck Eagle sl

Bmgo Enterpnses. Inc.


Dave Leiko, ~B

CIO$s of 1971)



"Outstanding ContelnpOral)'

_.a.n.d.~.r.a.,d.;.ti.,o.".,a•./.S.e.'fl.;(..n.· T".'..





Iq 1"-'1.rfud M8JRO~ of

RALPH ("DU~GH") SGHllliCfZ. SR. (GHS ·40)

GORdp8tulutiOQ& 0 of Ids IRBR)1 dpftDtlcllUclPOD

BOt} 008

liEN sP,crZIG. In Glass of 9002

WIf6 - 60a Scbaltz "39 GIillitI'8H: Pat.lct8 - 8JG ·8l RoJpltt dr• • GHS ·63

KotllliulQ - 3dG '68 Gltl'lstiDo - SdG ~o M.iko - GHS ~1 ,fohn - GHS ~2 .. tllUIUft - Gd ""15 d1m - Gd.o:6



Data 4~OR. Jp.~ Gd "%5 Mom (d8ftJUIO) GJ "75 nEilliii' - Gd "0:> },tS8 - Cd 'Ol§

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M.D., FCCP, FACP Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine Subspecialty Board, Pulmonary Medicine Subspecialty Board, Critical Care Medicine

M.D., FCCP Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine Subspecialty Board , Pulmonary Medicine Subspecialty Board, Critical Care Medicine


SENI, M.D . Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine

M.D. Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine

M.D. Specialist in Internal Medicine

LUC A. S (2009) ~

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,. .. _--,-_ ...速 -w-unuU- II_Ir.c


to cut by nearly two-thirds. Later, Bush unilaterally pulls out of the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty to pursue a missile defense system.


f- Americans face armed guards

and tighter check-in procedures as airport security restrictions are heightened following the terrorist attacks on September 11 .


Americans face another form of terror when anthrax-laced letters are sent to members of Congress and the media. Five people are killed in the attacks, and clean-up of government buildings costs millions of dollars.

l' Former Yugoslav leader Siobodan Milosevic faces the International Tribunal in The Hague for U.N. war crimes, including the murder and persecution of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo. ~

l' Violent Israeli-Palestinian confrontations escalate as Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and PLO Leader Yasser Arafat struggle to find an answer to their countries' ongoing hatred for one another.

American Airlines Flight 587 crashes into a Queens neighborhood in New York City on November 12, killing all 255 people on board. Structural failure of the

l' Twenty-eight youths are arrested for starting bush fires that destroy hundreds of thousands of acres of forest and farmland and kill thousand of koalas and kangaroos in southeast Australia. ~

Convicted Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh is executed by lethal injection for destroying the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building I


l' After Houston energy giant Enron collapses, thousands lose their life savings, accounting firm Arthur Andersen encounters accusations of unethical practices, and the General Accounting Office sues the Executive Branch for confidential transcripts in its investigation of the scandal.


As Operation Enduring Freedom begins, the U.S. military airdrops food rations to the starving people of Afghanistan.


Researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, unveil a new technology that uses facial heat patterns to detect lying. Blood flows to the face when a person lies, causing dramatic changes in heat patterns.

Sci- Tech

World Photos

l' Scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital discover that beauty triggers a brain response in men that is similar to reactions to cocaine and money.

l' Winter weather buffs are left out in the heat as Americans experience record warm temperatures across the country in December and January.



President Bush approves stem cell research, but only on cells already extracted. The research is highly controversial because extracting the cells kills human embryos.

Scientists report that vast fields of carbon dioxide ice are eroding from the poles of Mars. Over time, this could possibly prompt the return of water to the Red Planet.

'" On November 7, the supersonic '" Scientists in Argentina discover Concorde airplane flies for the first several 80-milllon-year-old time since the July 2000 crash that unhatched dinosaur eggs with killed 113 people. Right F002 petrified dinosaur embryos InSide. travels from Paris to New York In just under four hours.

'erfyMe" Aoedlrl, lo,Slr.. t 路 UpJongl Wor'toU I Tunu


The Segway Human Transporter, a gyro-controlled scooter invented by Dean Kamen, is tested by police and postal workers in several states.


'" The MR2 camera pill allows doctors to examine the Inside of the human Intestine without surgery. Patients swallow the "pill," which transmits digital images to a data recorder.

The AbioCor, the world's first fully implantable artificial heart, is given to 59-year-old Robert Tools. Sadly,Tools passes away in December from unrelated causes.

l' Bobbleheads make a comeback, representing not only sports figures but also pop music superstars such as 'NSYNC. f- Topps releases an "Enduring Freedom" card set

featuring portraits and bios of many leaders involved, including President Bush and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

'" At 10:45 a.m. September 11 , Fox News Channel introduces the headline ticker. Other networks follow, creating a non-stop flood of headlines. Each "crawl" rotates nearly 80 headlines in a 7- to 15-minute loop.


f- Shrek and Donkey, voiced

by Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy, hit the theaters to teach a valuable lesson about true love in Shrek. ~


MTV, the first television network devoted exclusively to popular music, celebrates its 20th anniversary.

CBS's "Late Show with David -!f Russell Crowe receives his third letterman" helps people cope with straight Oscar nomination for their emotions in the weeks after Best Actor with his challenging the September 11 terrorist attacks. role as a paranoid-schizophrenic In A Beautiful Mind.


l' 1970s Swedish band Abba enjoys revival in the Broadway smash hit Mamma Mia! The mlIsical features three intertwined love stories and over 20 of Abba's greatest hits.

l' The WB scores a flyaway hit with "Smallville," the story of Superman's high school years. The show stars newcomer Tom Welling as the young Superman.

f- The Emmy Awards for Best Actress


and Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy go to CBS's "Everybody Loves Raymond" stars Patricia Heaton and Doris Roberts.

Actor Josh Hartnett solidifies his role as a leading man in Hollywood with a pair of blockbuster war movies: Pearl Harbor and Black Hawk Down.

l' Entertainers and major TV networks l' The Lord of the Rings: The come together in historic fashion for Fellowship of the Ring, the first the "America: A Tribute to Heroes" movie of J.R.R.Tolkien's fantasy telethon, raising over $150 million trilogy, receives 13 Oscar for September 11 relief efforts. nominations including Best Picture. '" Nintendo's Gamecube and Microsoft's X-Box enter the video game market to compete with Sony's smash-hit PlayStation 2.

'" Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks collaborate to produce the 1O-episode HBO World War II epic Band of Brothers, based on the best-selling book by Stephen Ambrose. l' Kiefer Sutherland stars in Fox's Golden Globe winner "24." The show is delivered in two dozen real-time episodes based on one action-packed day in the life of fictional CIA agent Jack Bauer.

l' Popular WB TV series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" receives rave reviews for presenting an entire episode as a musical. '" The highly anticipated movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone sets records for opening weekend, and first, second and third place single-day box-office totals.

l' Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., Universal, MGM and Paramount movie studios discuss the joint creation of Moviefly-the first Internet-based downloadable movie rental system.

+ SIIIger/uINSI~ Is IclIIad

In aprivafl plane I'AISfIln the Bahamas. Dwlng 811' efgllt-year careet AaIIyab lIleased thnIe hit

CDs ami appeared In several feature films.



l' The music from the hit movie 0 Brother, Where Art Thou? becomes country music's top-seller for 2001 and receives a Grammy nomination for Album of the Year.


Musicians join together for several concerts, including The Concert for New York City, to pay tribute to the victims and raise money for recovery efforts after the September 11 terrorist attacks.



l' Legendary Beatles' guitarist George Harrison, the so-called "Quiet Beatie," dies after a three-year battle with cancer.

.J, Rock bands like P.D.D. use their faith to

help bring the Christian rock/pop music message into the mainstream music scene.


The 14-point underdog New England Patriots shock NFL viewers by kicking a dramatic last-second field goal to upset the SI. Louis Rams 20-17 in Super Bowl XXXVI.

-7 Michael Jordan, 38, returns to the

NBA with the Washington Wizards. Jordan fills arenas nationwide and propels the previously doormat Wizards to instant respectability with an over-500 record.


UN"IL\L'IIUl">-"':' ~ S_U""Wf"'l'RllC.IIU: I:Vll.ll"'n:s: .l.ruo. <r< .I.I U,II;K.\l.. I路.u3I..Ill路 ILI,ftLnW L.. ..."U


- :::-..


-+ Actress/singer Jennifer Lopez marries dancerl choreographer Cris Judd in September.


l' Wendy's founder and l' NBC's 1V game show Weakest LinICg<linsP'ppularity familiar television figu~ Dave Thomas succumbs thanks to the assertive to liver cancer at age 69. demeanor of British hostess Anne Robinson. -+ The future king of England, Prince John Walker Lindh, a 20-year-old Wiiliam of Wales, 19, enters California native, becomes aprisoner the University of St. Andrews of war after he is found in Afghanistan in southeastern Scotland. fighting for the Taliban forces. As a US. citizen, Walker may face charges of treason.


Prinled in USA. 漏 2002 Joslens Inc. OI.Jl637 (1887)

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-..... ----


Chaminade Julienne High School Yearbook 2002  

Chaminade Julienne High School Yearbook 2002 Dayton, Ohio