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Chaminade-Julienne Catholic High School is an educational community of faith.


CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL 505 South Ludlow Street Dayton, OH 45402

We serve the Miami Valley by offering a challenging academic program to a culturally diverse student population.

CD Our heritage, mission, and methods arise from and are shaped by the Gospel of Jesus Christ as , reflected in the Catholic Tradition and in the char isms of St. , Julie Billiart and Blessed William Joseph Chaminade.


By integrating faith with all academic, athletic, artistic, and social activities, we prepare young men and women to become life-long learners and contributing members of society.

Inspired by the goodness of God, we are commited to educating the whole person, to serving the poor, and to developing family spirit.

Student Life: 16 Sports: 66 Student Groups: 96 Underclass Division: 108 Senior Division: 128 Faculty: 144 Advertisements: 154 Index: 218

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Senior Krissy Robinson and sophomore Carolyn milce are both highl~ devoted to soccer and the


Hill cheers her heart out for fans and play:ers.


other since fres


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ollis, a freslmlan, are very cl ee the two walking and laughing

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Pope JOIIII Paul II ridillg through St. Peter's Square The pope is seen in the Pope Mobile as he rides down the center aisle of St. Peter's Square. He had just left the outside alter where the Beatification ceremony took place. COllstalltille's Arch This monument was built in the early 4th century A.D. to celebrate Emperor Constantine's tenth year in power. The Arch was intended to be another great monument of Roman

Assisi Basillicn This is the Church of St. Francis of Assisi. This was just one of the sites to be seen during the group's visit to Assisi. Something interesting, however, is that inside is the tomb of St. Francis. Colosseulll Originally known as the Amphitheatmffi Flavium, the Colosseum was built by Vespian. Titus added the third and fourth levels and celebrated with games that lasted 100 days. The Colosseum was then struck by lightning and the gladitorial combats could no longer take place. Later on, it was struck by lightning again and also survived an earthquake. The Chickell Dallce Here, students from all over give displays about their culture. C-J group Fr. Chris, Bethany Boland, Kelly Watts, Julia Budde, Eric Etter, and Francis McLaughlin display American culture with the Chicken Dance.

St. Peter's Square Blessed Father William Joseph Cha mina~e, Pope John XXIII, Po e Pius IX, Bishop Tommaso ReggIO, Dom Col~mba M!mion O.5.B, Benedictine Abbot. These we~e the five individuals who were beatified at this celebratIOn.

Rome Trip A journey to a new place to celebrate the Beatification of Fr. Chaminade On August 31, 2000, eighteen students and faculty ventured across the world to the Holy City, Rome, Italy. These students went to celebrate the Beatification of Fr. William Joseph Chaminade, as well as a few others. In addition to attending Mass, these lucky C-J students toured Rome and experienced its many wonders. Some places they visited were the Colosseum and nearby ruins. They visited St. Peter's Square and took a trip to Assisi. This year was also very special because it was the Holy Year, which only comes around every 25 years.


Swiss Guards ill the Vaticall City Pictured above is a Swiss Guard. He is standing outside of St. Peter's Square. The Swiss Guards' job is to protect the Pope. The uniforms th ey wear were designed by Michela ngelo and haven' t been changed since.

First Row: Becca Davis, Amy Weatherford, Megan Duffy, Bethany Boland Row 2: Meaghan Murphy, Kelly Watts, Eric Etter, Matt Keefe, Joanna Stegeman Row 3: Francis McLaughlin, Mr. Trainor, Ross McIntyre, Fr. Chris Wittman, Julia Budde, Sarah Staley, Mrs. Olmsted, Ms. Meyers, Mrs. Budde


Celebrating our Faith We celebrate our faith in many different ways.

The crucifix sits behind the altar

Faith and religion are integral parts of the entire C-J experience. Freshmen and sophomores study the Old and New Testaments, while juniors study Liberation Theology and Morality, and seniors take classes in Justice and Human Sexuality. Our teachers are: Mr. Kyle Callahan, Mrs .'Lisa Colbert (Chair), Mr. David Conard, Ms. Kupras Bauer, Mrs. Marilyn McCrate, Mrs. Bridgette McIntyre, Mr. Mickey Mominee, and Mr. John Ward.

in Emmanuel Church.

Ms. Ann Meyers offers the Blood of Christ to Edward Marrinan. Natalie Geel and Bethani Weit~el discuss their religion question's during group work.

Francisco McCarthy sings in the liturgical choir.

Father Chris Wittmann and celebrant Father Paul Marshall from Resurection Church applaud during the Catholic Schools Week mass.

Joanna Stegeman sings a solo. Beth Flynn, Elaine Segi, and Jennifer HilI receive help from their religion teacher, Mr. Mickey Mominee.

Olumuyiwa Akerele listens and watches attentively during the Catholic Schools Week mass.

Mrs. Laurie Eloe plays the guitar during our liturgies.

Mrs . Bridgette McIntyre and Maria Mergler have a laugh during religion class. This is Mrs. McIntyre's first year at C-J; she is also the Assistant Campus Minister.


21 \l~


Tonight The 2000 Homecoming Court: Craig Stimmel, Ann Gage, Pam Bargo, Reggie McDaniel, Aneceya Hollis, Kerry Quinn, David Tuss, and Corey Brooks.

Sarah Schimer and Joshua Ivory share the last dance of the night together.


Thrilled to be at the dance, Mary Wittenberg and Paul Jelmer shared many dances together.

As their last homecoming dance slowly fades away, J.P. Gorman and Micah Brooks stop for a memorable picture.

. ,-'


- _.•• ", .:s ...

Jennifer McCallister and Amadeus Carter dance close to the theme song, "Wonderful Tonight."


This year's Homecoming was extra special for seniors Jayne Walton and Aidan Carrigg, because it was their last one.

Posing for a quick picture before heading to the dance floor, Amy Temple and Matthew Porter smile eagerly. Read y to dance the night away, Brandi McDaniel and her date enjoy the first dance of the year.

Lisa Pickrell, Megan Duffy, Bethani Weitzel, Jadyn Broderick, and Carolyn Place gather together for their first dance picture of the year.

Sweeping his date off her feet, Brett Ch miel poses with Maria Mergler. They really did have a wonderful night.


23 \l~

Ashley Reid and Maria Mergler help some grade school students by participating in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program. Erin Stern and Debbie Metzger offer their time to decorate the food bins for Hunger Awareness Week.

Corey Brooks chips old paint off a door for Student Council's Into the Street project. Big Brother and Big Sisters, J.P. Gorman, Tammy Downs, Michelle Bensman, Ellie Thomas, and Krysten Jackson take time out of their day to travel to Dayton Catholic to help younger students.

Chad Levell, Ryan Patrick, and LaVon Rutledge rest on the curb after a long day of raking leaves at Woodland Cemetery.

Community Service Our participation in community service tells the community who we are. We are strong people willing to serve others in an attempt to better society.

There are several opportunities

throughout the year to serve the C-J community and beyond. There are monthly service sites, and a week-long program in the fall, Into the Streets.

During Hunger Awareness Week, stu-

dents donate food and money to Catholic Relief Services and OXFAM. C-J members are also encouraged to fast one day this week. In addition, students may perform community service through any of the following clubs: Key Club, Ecology Club, F.L.I.G.H.T., L.I.F.E., and Student Council. The opportunities to help are endless!

Prepared to clean C-J's windows, Ashley Bennett, Tashee Washington, and Tiffany Blackmon strike a pose. Enjoying the Community Service Fair, Elizabeth Bausman gathers plenty of information from the United Rehabilitation Services booth.

The entire January Kairos group greets the camera.

Beth Boehmer and Sarah Swartzbaugh share a moment in their room at the "Bergamo Hotel."

John Feighery, Jeff Zolm~n, Krista Pritchard, Kevin Donnelly, Beth Boehmer, Lauren Underwood, and Lindsey Wallace take their small group session out into the snow for an invigorating and refreshing discussion. Danny Tuss, Travis Mikalauskas, Katie Hollencamp, and Shelley Heywood add fun with a capital "F" to the atmosphere at Bergamo.

Ang e19 Chattams shows off his Karaoke-ing ~lls during fre~ time. ,

Kara Humphrey, Bridget McIntyre, Debra Sanderman, Fr. Chris, and Mike Mathile do their '. "teacher" thing in between activities.


Megan Duffy and Doug Daniel display the remnants of Doug's pants before they were t:ansformed into "Doodle Man" shorts, a very fme Duffy creation.

Maggie Helldoerfer, Bryan Jones, and Audrey Vincent sit close together during group time, when classmates to know one another on a much more personal level.


27 \l~

Underclass Rad Retreats Retrea ts are a time to get to know your classmates and your teachers, people you swill be with for four consecutive years.

At C-J emphasis is put on bonding with classmates. This year the freshman retreats were held close to home in the Faust Center. The sophomore retreats were

moved to Hugh Birch Camp in Yellow Springs, Ohio, and the junior retreats were located in Pleasant Hills, Ohio, at the Indian Hills Camp. All of the underclass retreats

integrated the importance of friendship and fellowship and a strong faith life. Nobody walked away from any of the retreats disappointed. As always, a good time was had by all.

Rockin' Jesus Down on the Underclass Retreats! Sophomores literally draw closer to one another as they gleefully participate in this retreat's infamous lapsit.

Freshmen Ashley and Shandriel Sanders listen to an inspirational talk in the Faust Center.

All twisted up, Sarah Kelleher's small group of sophomores attempt a decent human knot .. Hugs and smiles, these juniors display the effect intense group bonding had on them.

Dming a bit of free time, junior Debbie Metzger entertains her loft-mates with a unique "peach trick." Junior Robin Robertson offers freshman Tara Jehna a blessing during a special Mass, part of the freshman retreat experience. Junior Kathleen Woerner just can't contain her excitement for junior retreats.

Senior Micah Brooks leads a discussion with her small group.

Ann Gage watches as her small group works together on an enlightening arts and crafts activity.

d\ 29 <--~

Although they might look intimidating, Eric Bardun, the masked man, and Justin Budd are three of the nicest guys.

Dressed as a cat, Lisa Timmer couldn't stop smiling.

Brithley Spears look alikes, Jenne Goeke and Kimberly Walusis are the future in young pop stars.

Coming to the dance as a she-devil, Beth Flynn gets to show off her wild side.

~ ~~o


路 .. . .

Freshmen Katie Keichel and Tim Sherman stand together as the perfect couple from off the streets.

Halloween Soc Hop The Halloween Soc Hop went off with a blast. Many students and teachers showed up in a wide range of crazy and interesting costumes. "This was the all time greatest dance of the year. I had a blast with all of my friends," quotes Adrian Payne. Payne and many other students enjoyed the night full of dancing, laughter, and excitement.

Cowardly Lion Greg Saluke has nothing to fear. Kerry Mann demonstrates the p roper way to dance like a turkey.



A Junior Victory Once Again! Final Score: 12-0! I

The Junior Powder Puff team smiles big after a 12-0 victory over the senior girls.

Senior girls anxiously await playing time in the game. "Powder Puff was really fun. It was a great way to show girl power!" Laure Williams, senior




11ii·"'- ~'V'i.. . 'I o;.~ t··..





"The practices were really fun. It was good because we got to bond with our friends. Powder Puff was great, even though we lost." Michelle Bensman, senior

~ ~1' 32

"I liked Powder Puff because it was fun hanging out with friends during practices. It was a good game, but we lost!" Kelly Simmons, senior

"Powder Puff was good because it gave us girls a great opportunity to show that we can do it too. We had a "Chance to show everyone how good we really . were." N akeyia W orIey, . junior

"Powder Puff was fun and everyone played a key role, leading us to defeat the seniors." Krista Bucholz, junior

Waiting eagerly for the whistle to blow, the junior and senior girls prepare to start the game.

Juniors Adrienne Luedtke and Amanda Sokolnicki get their adrenaline pumped for the beginning of the Powder Puff game.

With aggression, senior girls Courtney Jeter and Sara Kacvinsky run out to the field . Nick Shultz, Jon Gross, Brent Medina, Nick Walusis, Jon Prier, Eddie Marrinan, Marcus Lehman, David Prier, Joe Gunder, and Tim Schneemann practice their cheerleading moves for the junior girls.

Coach Michael Fisher gets surrounded by a group of sophomore girls. They are: Hannah Livecap, Elizabeth Bausman, Laura Pippenger, Sarah Treadway, Amy Temple, Natalie Mergler, Angela McElroy, and Natalie Mergler.

Nakeyia Worley and Brandon McKinney take a time out from dancing.

Freshman couple Jamar Harris and Courtney Prier spend time together at their table.

After the dance, Lillian Gehres, Megan Duffy, Kate Chadwick, John Prier, David Prier, and Ashley Reid gather during clean-up for the last picture of the night. \

In the Arms of an Angel The 2000 Christmas Dance Court: freshmen Arrione Hollis, Sean O'Neil; sophomores Christine Pietrzak, Matthew Myers; juniors Mallory Smith, Andre Chattams; senior runner-ups Sarah Kacvinsky, Charles Gray; and the King and Queen, Ashley Forest and Danny Tuss.

Jen Flemming joins Mike Tall to create a lasting senior moment.

James Dugan Tinney and date are greeted at the entrance with a pictu re as they head ed to the dance floor.

Freshmen Cara Sayer and Rosalyn Craig have a great time at their first Christmas Dance.

Juniors Curtis Kimble and Amanda Solkolniki would barely stop dancing to pose for this photo.

Senior Robert Alexander struts his stuff on the dance floor.

In celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., C-J students join Dayton residents in a march to the Courthouse Plaza.

Mrs. Downer, chair of the Social Studies department, lectures her period 8/9 World Cultures class.

I{ E \ ' .


It .

.'1 .\ I I U \ .\ \


M,\ In 1:,\ L I T II E H H ll l.l 0'\ \ C H J: II

I I \11 I L "" \ I'III )'\ l OR \ \ 1 \\ (1 \11 In

1\ \11 ll' IOld- l ltl \{ IOIt W I\,\\ I' HU,l!

Miss Angela Ruffolo teaches economics to her U.s. Government class. She is also a women's soccer coach and a Student Council moderator.

Mrs. Downer's classes learn to take good notes.

f, '.



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J H.



Mr. William Reichert poses in the C-J cafeteria with Mrs. Reichert. Mr. Reichert teaches freshmen and juniors; he is also an assistant basketball coach. A C-J graduate, Mr. Donald Weimert sits in his rockin' chair during period 3/4 as his students take an American Studies test.

Mr. Joseph Staley instructs students in American Studies and World Cultures. He is also the men's basketball head

Mr. David Glancy is a great classroom facilitator. New to C-J, he recently attended a Teaching as Ministry retreat held at Bergamo.


Social Studies rocks the C-J Community Freshmen


New students have the opportunity to take World Cultures, which is offered as a college preparatory class and an honors class.

Seniors can take college preparatory and AP U.S. Government. Other courses available to seniors include Economics, Sociology, Child Psychology I Development, and Psychology.


Social Studies Teachers

Students take college preparatory or Mrs. Ellen Downer, Miss Angela honors American Studies. Psychology Ruffolo, Mr. Joseph Staley, Mr. Donald is also offered to juniors. Weimert, Mr. William Reichert, Mr. David Glancy, and Sr. Damienne Grismer are all Social Studies teachers.

Plliling it All Together Members of the Social Committee, Amanda Frasure, Lisa Pickrel, Micah Brooks, Ann Gage, and Michelle Bensman, along with advisors Miss Angela Ruffolo and Miss Kathleen Crosby, pose for a picture in front of the colorful backdrop that they had created the morning before the dance. Kate Alexander and her father sit out for the "Electric Slide."

Jenna Goecke and her father take a break from all the dancing to pose for a memorable picture.

You're The Greatest Michelle Bensman reads her winning essay in front of everyone at the dance, including her father. The essay not only brought tears to Bensman and her father, but to many others as well.




Chris Heck and his mom pose for a memorable picture. Heck won the annual essay contest, "Why my mom is the greatest." His essay was chosen to be read in fron t of his mom at the dance.

The Mother-Son and Father-Daughter dances were hits! The Mother-Son dance was held on January 20, and the Father-Daughter dance was held on January 27. Both were held at the Greek Orthodox Church. The dances strengthened family relationships and gave students the chance to not have the pressure of bringing a date. The parents were able to show their kids that they still had the spunk to dance the night away.

Chris and Matt Jasko, along with their mom, pose for a funny, but very cute, picture. Andrew Wilson and his mom d ance the night away. This year's dance was extra special for Wilson and his mom, because this was the last Mother-Son dance they shared together.

Bethani Weitzel and Catlin Finn, members of the C-J Vice, get ready to throw miniature footballs to students at a Pep Rally.

Students gather in the auditorium for an assembly, usually consisting of Muse Machine performances and guest speakers.

Andre Peterson, a Resurrection Student, performs for C-J students during the Students of Diversity assembly. He also sang during the Catholic Schools Week Mass. State Representative Dixie Allen talks to students about sportmanship.

Michael Bashaw from the trio Puzzle of Light uses man y instruments that he mostly makes himself. Some of his instruments are called Sound Sculptures .

Amplified Assemblies Assemblies playa very important role at C-J. Visitors are often invited to talk to the students in the auditorium. Visitors' creative speeches inspire students and help them have a better understanding of who they really are. The C-J community appreciates each and every visitor's speech. We all know how important it is to be inspired by people who have more

experiences beyond high school.

Seniors Kortney Jeter, Jennifer Beane, and Kate Hansen sing the Growing Pains theme with actor Kirk Cameron. C-J students gather together in the gym during a Pep Rally tha t took place before the C-J Eagles vs . Eaton Eagles firs t play-off game.

Mr. Paul Dugan' S period 2 Honors Chemistry class watches a movie about Black scientists. Mr. Dugan also teaches College Preparatory Chemistry.

Math teacher Mr. Tom Hottinger in a familiar profile at the overhead machine.

Sophomore Katie Siebenthaler explains her Science Fair Project to judges. Sieben thaler' s project was the Effects of Age on Weight Loss .

The Effects of Age on Weight Loss

, .... ':"'"t. ,.t ~


Charles Crawford and Evan Bole work hard on a chemistry lab. The lab dealt with the mass of pennies in a tube of water. This is one of the many labs chemistry students work on throughout the year.

Mr . Michael O'Shaughnessy teaches his physics class in the computer lab.

Tammy Downs listens attentively to math teacher, Mrs . Lynn Ford. Mrs. Ford teaches Algebra II, Algebra II/Trig, and Algebra I1I / Trig.

f ~.



Ms . Ann Meyers teaches Kristen Johnson during period 10 Algebra II/Trig class. Ms. Meyers teaches freshmen and sophomores .

A teacher who does wonders with numbers, Mrs. Laurie Eloe instructs her AP Calculus class. Mrs. Eloe also teaches a freshman religion class.

Math teachers Ms. Jennifer Yarnell, Ms. Ka thleen Crosby, and Ms. Nancy Egbers are the three "Mickey Mouseketeers" during the Halloween Soc-Hop.

artments are out of this world!

C-J's Math department is chaired by Ms. N ancy Egbers. C-J's Math teachers are Mrs. Laurie Eloe, Mrs. Lynn Ford, Mr. Stephen Fuchs, Mr. Tom Hottinger, Ms. Ann Meyers, Ms. Jennifer Yarnell, Mrs. Jenny Secor, Ms. Kathleen Crosby, and Mr. Kevin Hurley. C-J offers different types of math classes for every learner: Exploring Mathematics, Pre-Algebra.. Algebra II/Trig, Algebra II, Geometry, Algebra III/Trig, Precalculus, Calculus, and Transitions to Math.

C-J's Science department is headed by Mr. Michael O'Shaughnessy. Teachers include Ms. Janice Anderson, Mr. Bob'Katcavage, Mr. Paul Dugan, Mrs. Julie Hobbs, Mr. Bill Stachler, and Mrs. Laura Zobel. Students can take various classes, including Earth Science, Microbiology, Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy, Chemistry in the Community, and Physics.

Wish U on Sophomore attendants Anne Zelnio, Kevin Stanford, and Desiree Alexander get their picture taken right after their names were announced.

Friends since grade school, Christina Garrison, Ryane Banks, and Mallory Smith show off their outfits.

Freslmlen attendants Jake Schierloh and Tearri Dewitt enjoy the attention at their first Valentine's Dance.

Junior attendant princess Deanna Hill didn't mind having Alan Dewitt and Eric Williams as her princes.

A Star

Senior Ki ng and Queen John Dearing and Lauren Underwood look good in their crowns.

Runners-up Krissy Robinson and Robert Alexand er sed uce the cam era w ith their good looks.

Joey Sc h we nd eman and Jacob Zimmer enjoy the night filled with lad ies, dancing, and friends.

Sophomore football player Chris Wiley and Staci Allen rest near the bleachers before heading to the dance floor.

Brandon Maury attempts the new Cha-Cha slide dance.

Johnetta Webb watched most of the dance from her chair, but enjoyed every minute of it.

Unsuspecting Jamar Harris stands, while Ashley Goldsberry and Keri Mann sneak up from behind.

Mrs. Cheryl Kayser' s English class works in the computer lab. The lab, which includes Internet access, is open to all students and teachers who want to work on papers or assignments.

Nicholas Pierce, Angelo Chattams, and Craig Stimmel show Pamela Bargo how to use a computer program in the computer lab run by Mrs. Connie Fitch and Mr. Kevin Burress.

Faith Ligon cleans up her mess in the cooking lab. Culinary Arts teaches students about the five food groups, plus they get to mi\ke yummy meals!

Matt Sraj, a student in Mr. Bob Young's LOGO class, works on a program.

~ ~(~6


Students Get Training For Life C-J gives students life skills fo r the future.

C-J classes help students explore their life skills. Parenting helps students know what it means to be a good father or mother in the future. In Physical Education, students learn how to take care of their bodies. Computer classes allow students to create programs and Power Point presentations and design Web pages.

Mrs. MaryAnn Bray's Parenting class learns the proper skills to take care of children. The students also have an opportunity to take home mechanical babies to get firsthand experience.

Kevin Reese does pull-ups for Mr. Dan Shea' s gym class. Students are required to participate in the Marine Fitness Test. Freshmen and sophomores are required to take Physical Education.

During Health class, freshmen demonstrate the negative effects of smoking. Students also learn First Aid and CPR by practicing with dummies.

Over the summer a group of French II students were able to tour France. The group is sitting in front of the memorial dedicated to Princess Diana. The tragic accident that took her life in 1998 occured underneath them. Andrew Sa luke and Mademoiselle Brown give French two big thumbs up .

Chris Mize and Alex Shay ask interview questions during Foreign Language week. Students were given the option to design a tshirt of the language they study. La clase de Espanol. Spanish III students listen to their teacher, Senora Regan, during Spirit Week.

h e language lab was renovated this year. Com-

~uters were added, along with new headsets and desks.

Funkadelic Foreign Languages Epaphrodite Dusingizimana

"I like French because it works my mind. French is also a very romantic language and it helps me meet girls." A Rwandan student, Epa also knows four other languages: Swahili, English, K inyarwa nd, and Kirundi.

Cara Lindo

Cara's favorite part of taking Spanish for the past four years was the summer trip to Spain: "I really enjoyed experiencing a different culture and meeting the people who lived there."

Marcus Smith

Morgan Mercer listens to the language prompts in the new langu age lab.

Marcus d oes his Spanish h om ework.

I Accolades to our Foreign Language teachers, Mrs. Linda Colas, Mrs. Kara Humphrey, Mrs. Peg Regan (Chair), Ms. Sophia Villalobos, Ms. Casey Brown, and Mrs. Arlene Adcock!

Fine Art Expressions

Art is for students who enjoy expressing themselves in creative ways. Mrs. Diana Barr, head of the department, teaches Art 1 through Honors Art 4. Other courses, including ceramics, Three-Dimensional Design, and Fine Art are taught by Mrs. Janet Lasley. These courses provide students with a basic understanding and appreciation of art. .

(Clockwise from the top): Mrs. Barr organizes plans for all of her art classes; Amanda Frasure uses pastels to color one of hel masterpieces; one of the many individual projects students can create in Art 4; Danny Tuss creates some wire figurines. He was one of several students whose artwork advanced to State Finals.

Musical Notes

The Music department helps spread spirit at games, Pep Rallies, and school liturgies. Mr. David Wood and Mrs. Bettye Sierichs help teach and organize Fine Arts: Music, in which historical musicians are studied, Concert Band, Concert Choir, Symphonic Band, AcappeUa Choir, and Marching Band.

(Clockwise from the top): Mr. Wood conducts the band before an upcoming performance; dressed in style, band members gather on stage before the Spring performance; Christopher Hunter practices his French horn skills; the school choir poses for a pic ture after warming up before showcasing their talent.

Ashley Forest receives her blue collar for being on NHS semor year. Only seniors receive the blue collar.

National Honor Society 2001 Seniors

After a fun four years of attending C-J, John Feighery gladly receives his blue collar from Mr. Trainor, principal.

Sophomore Ashley Goldsber~y receives her NHS award and pm from Mike Trainor.

David Tuss, sophomore NHS member, shows the school he is more than a good stud~nt by playing the violin during the ceremony.

Olumuyiwa Akerele Pamela Bargo Michelle Bensman Robert Berry Micah Brooks Justin Budd Tammy Downs Megan E. Duffy Hannelore Eldridge Eric Etter Jessica Farmer Jennifer Fleming Ashley Forest Ann Gage Lillian Gehres Christopher Heck - President Margaret Helldoerfer Bartholomew Hickey Erica Howard Katherine Igah Philip Johnson - Treasurer Ma tthew Keefe Sarah Kelleher Regina Keough Kathleen Kinzig Shannon Klosterman Katherine Laufersweiler Catherine Lesko - Vice President Amanda McGregor Claire O'Neill Maureen O'Rourke Danielle NyirandutijeGuhirwa Martha Patzer Elizabeth Reed Kristina Robinson Allyse Starks Stacey Staten Sarah Swartzbaugh Daniel Tuss- Secretary Lauren Underwood Lindsey Wallace Melissa Williams Jeffrey Zolman


Ann Patterson Lisa I Pickrel Jonathan Prier- Secretary Elect Ryan Shen Helen Smith Sarah Staley- Vice President Elect Kyle Terry Mathew Trick Courtney Waggenspack Dean Weber Katie Weekley Justin Wilmes Kathleen Wlodarski Kathleen Woerner Kimberly Wolf Sophomores

Sarah Budd Andrew Durlak Nicole Etter Ashley Goldsberry Michael Grabiel Brian Lauber James Maloney Natalie Mergler Devin O'Connor Joshua Rankin. Sarah Treadway David Tuss

character, commitment, community service ...

National Honor Society

Senior NHS members, Missy Williams and Claire O'Neill, volunteer during Christmas in April. NHS members are required to work Christmas in April, a project to clean up run down houses in the city of Dayton.

Maria Mergler reads from Scripture during May's NHS Induction ceremony held in Emmanuel Church.

Sarah Budd, Nicole Etter, Doug Kondrath, and Ann Patterson plant flowers during the nationwide Christmas in April.

Bryan Warniment smiles at the camera as he takes a moment away from his reading assignment. Always smiling, Mrs. Dorene Akujobi gives her all when she teaches Introduction to Theater and College Preparatory English 10. In her C-J career, Mrs. Akujobi has directed several plays, including The Sound of Music.

The cast of the spring play, Fools: Chris Mize, Jacob Brunswick, Joe Whatley, Kathleen Woerner, Courtney Waggenspack, Beth Hundt, James Moria, Katie Keechle, Jesse Coleman, Lauren Dokes, Mike Seidel, Efe Evwaraye, and Mrs. Kayser. Deena Hill and David Prier perform The Glass Menagerie, a play put on by Ms. Bird's period 1 Composition and Literature class. This class integrates literature with college-level writing assignments.

Stephanie Bauer chuckles a little at Mr. Brook' s humor during her Honors English class. Mr. Brooks is our resident poet and teaches, among other classes, Creative Writing.

English as a First Lan a e Four years of English at C-J is a must, and why not spend those four years with great teachers? Teachers like Mrs. Dorene Akujobi, Ms. Jennifer Bird, Mr. James Brooks, Mrs. Cheryl Kayser, Mrs. Tammy Metcalf, Mrs. Roberta Olmsted, Ms. Rosemary Penkala, and Ms. Debra Sanderman would be awesome English teachers to have. And we definitely cannot forget about the chair of the English department, Mr. Denny Thomas. Besides offering spectacular teachers, C-J provides an array of English classes. In addition to literature and composition classes, C-J offers Creative Writing, Communications 1 & 2, Print Media 1& 2, and Graphic Comunications 1 & 2, while seniors have an opportunity to take Advanced Placement. English is such a big part of school and life, so why not take exciting classes with exciting teachers?

Danny Tuss and Juste Mukiza do an African dance for World Literature class. Student projects are common at C-J. pizzas." Ms. Penkala knows what it takes to keep the Yearbook staff at peak performance. Ms. Penkala also teaches AP English, World Literature, and Forms of

- - --


- - - -- - - - - -- - - --

Laura Keihl and Christina Garrison take in all the cultural information they received from the Students of Diversity field trip.

The members of Students of Diversity pose in front of the Valentine's Dance backdrop. The annual dance is sponsored by the Students of Diversity.

Robert Alexander thinks how affordable haircuts were back then.

Lindsay Harris glances at a doll exhibit of a traditional African outing.

~ ~" 56



.. a reminder of C-J's commitment to diversity...

Students of Diversity

Students of Diversity provides a gateway to understanding various cultures. The group does this by volunteering at local organizations, putting together assemblies during Black History Month, and organizing the Valentine's Dance and the school-wide Talent Show.

Valentine's Dance 2001 Chaperones Row 1: Linsey Earl, Cheryl Smith Row 2: Joe Soter, Casey Brown, Jenny Bird Row 3: Tish Montavon, Patsy Puterbaugh, Mitch Olmsted , Roberta Olmsted , Fr. Ch ris Wittmann

Save the Junior attendants Maria Mergler and Brett Chmiel, King and Queen Bryan Jones and Megan Duffy, and senior prom attendants Ashley Forest and Travis Mikalauskas made up this year's Prom Court. Becky Brown and her date casually stroll down the red carpet into the Masonic Temple. This year students were treated like movie stars, as parents captured their son's and daughter's grand entrance on film.

Angelo Chattams gives . date Claire O'Neill a prom kiss goodnig~t.

Couple Brad Bach and Kate Hansen and couple Jessica Jenkins and Andrew Sa luke enjoy their time together.

Last Dance

Megan Riner and wrestler Tim Harrison strut their stuff coming into the Masonic Temple. "I had so much fun at prom. It was a great night!" said Riner.

Senior couple Sarah Kelleher and Jeff Zolman enjoy their last prom together. The two are heading off to college once school is over.

Posing like a famous actor in his white suit, senior Richard Neth makes a stunning entrance on the red carpet.


Filing In The graduates file into the pews during the entrance procession, a tradition of the ceremony.

Divine Intervention Fr. Chris Wittmann, S.M., led the Baccalaureate ceremony. During the Homily, he expressed his fondness for the outgoing class and wished them well in their futures . Light My Fire Mr. Tom Hottinger, a ChaminadeJulienne math teacher, proves that numbers aren't his only speciality as he gives Joe York a lesson in candle lighting.

...We Pray to the Lord Maggie Helldoerfer was one of many seniors to help out with the ceremony. She is reading intercessions, but seniors also contributed as Eucharistic ministers, singers, and lectors.

Makin' Love to the Camera Brandi McDaniel and Ashley Forest show bright smiles after the ceremony, both of them anxious to be moving on.

Seniors say goodbye and remember the better times. It's a time of happiness and sorrow in a faith-filled atmosphere.

Baccalaureate Mass Cheeking Up Pals Jessica Farmer, Bethany Boland, and Krista Prichard squeeze together at the reception after Baccalaureate for one of their last moments as classmates.

Rain Delay Cara Lindo takes an interest in the camera as she walks to Emmanuel through the rain.

Up on the Stage As a dedication to classmates, Gina Keough and Missy Williams sing "Day by Day" by Stephen Schwartz.

Wasting Time Jessica Chaney, Katie Beach, and Mike Russell wait patiently in line before the entrance procession.


61" ~

Couple Jessica Parker and Robert Spirk experience Graduation together.

Craig Stimmel and Justin Bolden show little emotion on the outside, but they're screaming with joy inside.

The Class of 2001

Performing onstage, Chris Heck, J.P. Gorman, Robert Sieben thaler, and Danny Tuss play Lynard Skynard's famous hit, "Freebird," which the seniors adopted as their class song.

~ 'f["


Good friends Stephanie Wilkins, Lynette Hunt, and Erica Howard wait on the steps before the ceremony begins.


Graduation at Memorial Hall June 1,2001 7:30PM Katherine Igah and Allyse Starks celebrate together. They are both members of the National Honor Society.

Megan Duffy flashes a big smile just before walking to the stage.

Elizabeth Reed delivers the Farewell speech to classmates. James Hill gave the Invocation, and Martha Patzer said the Welcome address.

With Graduation completed, Jeffrey Wack and Kevin Donnelly share last moments.

( p .. 63 "~

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •••••••••• ADS

Class Aw-ard Winners Alexa Allen Geometry B Ronald Applin Pre Algebra Robert Arnold Honors English 9 Thomas Attenweiler Latin I Honors World Cultures PE 9 Stephanie Barbour Spanish I: 1st place District/State Stephanie Bauer Honors Biology Melanie Bautista PE9 Emma Bayliff APBiology Laurie Beach Chemistry in the Community Michelle Bensman Life Management Jessica Bergman Algebra I B Christopher Brockman Honors Geometry / Algebra II/Trig Micah Brooks Child Psychology

Ashley Goldsberry PE 10 Elena Gomez Spanish II: 1st place District/State Tiffany Groce Fine Arts Art Joshua Hackenberg CP Integrated Science Shelly Harker Architectural Drawing Joshua Hazelrigg Print Media I Jacquie Heiland Experiences in Math Bart Hickey English Litera ture Accounting Mary Hickey Honors Pre Caluculus Sports Medicine Latin III Jennifer Hill Art III Natalie Hollinger CP Earth Science Erica Howard Career Exploration Jennifer Hubbard Art II Rosie Igah Life Skills I Katie Jackson Careers 11

Bryan Keefe CP English 9 Katie Kinzig CP Physics John Laage English 9 World History Bethany Lesko Art I Catherine Lesko European Authors Honors Spanish IV Spanish IV: 1st place District Courtney Love French II AJ. Malott Honors Chemistry Christine Martinek Health Spanish I World Cultures Nichole McCutchen Communications Amanda McGregor Pre Calculus Honors Latin IV Ross Mclntyre Engineering Drawing Melinda Mercer Keyboard and CompoApp!. Maria Mergler Honors English 11 Religion French III

Sarah Budd Geometry A Latin II CPBiology Richard Carter Transitions Math Brittany Corbin English 10 Teagan Davisson Graphic Communications I&II Michael DOlmelly , Computer Prograillming Megan Duffy (12) Creative Writing Megan Duffy (11) Business Organization Epaphrodite Dusingisizimana Honors French IV Kasey Farrell AP US Government John Feighery Economics Molly Finn Ceramics Julie Fisher Computer Topics Lillian Gehres Religion 12

Natalie Mergler Honors English 10 Spanish II Daniele Nyirandutije Physiology and Anatomy Devin O'Connor German I Matthew Parker Spanish III AP American Studies Ann Patterson Psychology Travis Patterson Biology I Martha Patzer AP English David Prier Literature/Composition 11 Jonathan Prier Forms of Composition Jason Rankine Intro to Theatre Fine Arts: Music Lydia Rinehart Careers 10 American Government Stephanie Rucker Algebra I A Jennifer Rust Religion 9 Aaron SchnLid Honors German IV Concert Band

~} ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ~{~4

.r.•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ADS Rya n Shen Honors Calculus Ka therine Siebenthaler Mea l Planning Helen Smith German II Ma llory Smith Algebra II Maria Spanel CP English 10 Culinary Arts Sarah Swartzbaug h Algebra III / Trig Sociology Sarah Tread way Microkeyboarding

Daniel Tuss Wo rld Literature Honors Art IV Ind ep end ent Art Da vid Tuss Religion 10 Ishem a Umhoza 3-D Desig n Jeff Wack Print Media II Bethany Walker-David America n Authors Microbiology Dea n Weber German III Denise Weber French I

Mary Beth Wittberg Concert Choir Joe York Honors Physics Katie Les ko #1 Andrew Saluke #2

Scholar Athletes Olumuyiwa Akerele Pa mela Bargo Ka te Barringer Robert Berry M icah Brooks Krist.a Bucholz Justin Budd Sarah Budd Rebecca Dieker Ta mmy Downs Teanna Downs Megan Duffy (11 ) Andrew Durlak Kasey Farrell Jo hn Feig hery Julie Fisher Jennifer Fleming Ashley Forest Ashley Goldsberry JP Gorman Michelle H amilton Ka tie Ha nsen Shelly H arker Christopher H eck Marga ret H elldoerfer

Shelley H eywood Bart Hickey Mary Hickey Jennifer Hill Erica H owa rd Katherine Igah Philip Jo hnson Eric Kaney Matthew Keefe Regina Keoug h Ka tie Kinzig Shannon Klos terman Kelly Kreiger Jennifer Kronenberger Eric Krueger Sarah Kuntz Adrienne Luedtke Ma tthew Martinek Maria Mergler Travis Mikalauskas Gillian Minsky N icole Muzechu k Claire O'Neill Ann Pa tterson Martha Patzer

Lisa Pickrel Tessia Pierce Carolyn Place Melissa Pulver Kristina Robinson N athan Roddy Gregory Sa luke Thomas Schopler Brad Shilli to Bryant Shillito Katie Siebenthaler Helen Smith Kyle Terry Elli Thomas Sarah Tread way Matt Trick Daniel Tuss David Tuss Brenda Vogel Jayne Walton Katie Weekley Justin Wilmes Joe York Kate York Jeffrey Zolman



C-J Sports


The boys keep kickin' ,

Men's Soccer The men got off to a rough start this year. The effort was there but they just couldn't produce the results they had hoped to gain. With final record of 5-7-5, it is obvious that they did not put up a fight. The men either beat or tied more than half of their opponents this year, which is a winning season no matter how you look at it. The men lost a large number of seniors from last year's

team, as well as their head coach. Matt Money, their new head coach, graduated from Chaminade-Julienne in 1981. Despite all the changes they endured, the men finished 6th in the area, according to the Dayton Daily News polls. With many young players ready to prove themelves, the men's soccer program has a lot to look forward to.

Varsity Record Springboro Eaton Butler Springfield Catholic P. Marion Badin Alter Wayne McNichloas Xavier Roger Bacon Moeller Oakwood Row 1: Chad Garman, Kevin Donnelly, Tommy Schopler, Brock Elder Row 2: Bryan Fecke, Matt Martinek, Aaron Beach, Logan Weinkauf, David Tuss, Kate York Row 3: Coach Matt Money, Coach Torn Jolmson, Coach Chris Rowe, Matt Trick, Joe York, Dan Tuss, Phil Johnson, Doug Daniel, Eric Kaney, Eddie Marrinan, Coach Matt Pohlabel, Coach Rob Jeckering, Coach Kevin Hurley â&#x20AC;˘

Wins 5

Us Them 1 1 0 5

0 0

2 1 4 0 3 0 1 3 0 2

il 0 0 2 5 1 1 1 1 2

Losses 7

> Junior Ed die Marrinan uses his quick feet to keep Ius oppenents guessmg where the ball IS .

Senior Joe York displays excellent form as he moves the ball down the field. This is York's fourth year on the varsity squad. Matt Martinek, Doug Daniel, and Tonny Schopler keep a close eye on the game play.

Varsity Cont. W. Carrolton LaS alle

Us Them 8 0 1 1

Elder Valley View

Ties 5





Row 1: Steve Stockelman, Kyle Howe-Vachon, Ben Overman, Brain Kelmey, Steve Jones Row 2: Robert Altick, Daniel Keferl, Justin Wendling, Nathan Ricciuto, Andrew Kimble, Scott Bruckman, Joe Walker, Brad Luedtke Row 3: Coach Tom Jo hnson, Joe Gauder, Chris Jasko, Rya n Shen, Nathan Roddy, James Maloney, Justin Schafer, Coach Kevin Hurley, Coach Matt Money


~ \ll):'

Senior Gina Keough makes a quick throw in to an open teammate.

Second-year captain, senior Lindsey Soter, always keeps a close-eye on the ball. Freshman Tina Martinek knows that it takes fancy footwork to keep the ball from d efend ers.

Varsity Record Us Them Springboro Carroll Tipp City Alter Wayne Xenia Troy West Milton Centerville Fairmont Perrysburg Fairborn Butler W. Carrolton Row 1: Abigail Willis, Megan Closser, Elizabeth Bausman, Corey Brooks, Ashley Demrnitt, Row 2: Keri Mann, Elizabeth McPeek, Morgan Mercer, Cara Sayer, Rosalyn Craig, Kelly Sraj, Rachel Vocke Row 3: Coach Bob Sherman, Kelli Lovelace, Bethany Lesko, Julie Rank, Lauren Begley, Sarah Budd, Amand~ Thaler, Coach Colleen GonTIan


8 1 1 0

2 0 .1 ' 0 1 0 1 2 1 2 0

4 1

2 1 0 1

4 3

Cane. 0







. Women's Soccer With yet another winning season, the wOluen's soccer program has proven once again that it can play with the best of them. An impressive final record of 84-4 is the Lady Eagle's way of sending a message to all the teams in the Miami Valley to beware. The ladies had strong support from many returning seniors and even a few up and coming freshmen such as Tina Matinek and Sarah H elldoerfer. Their success can also be attributed to their five-year

head coach, Doug Lehman, who has received the Division I All Area Coach of the Year award three times in his career at Chaminade-Julienne. The women finished 5th in the Dayton Daily News poll which was probably due to their amazing 6 total shutouts in the season. When a team's got this much going for them, it is hard not to be great.

Varsity Cont. Us Them Oakwood Northmont Springboro Fairborn Final Record

Ties 4



Cane. 2 0 8

1 2 4

Row 1: Lindsey Soter, Lisa Pickrel, Gina Keough Row 2: Coach Colleen Gorman, Helen Smith, Jessica Chaney, Sarah Helldoerfer, Katie Sieben thaler, Krista Bucholz, Christi Williams, Courtney Waggenspack, Jessica Hankey, Coach Angela Ruffolo Row 3: Coach Bob Sherman, Molly Finn, Kelly Krieger, Tina Martinek, Krissy Robinson, Kate Hansen, Jenny Beane, Carolyn Place, Ashley Goldsberry, Kasey Farrell, Coach Doug Lehman


71 \1~

Football Hammers It Home

GCLChamps For the second year in a row, the Eagles clenched the GCL championship. Along with an impressive record, the Eagles were fortunate enough to sign a number of players to college, including Brandon McKinney who received a scholarship to Ohio State University. Travis Mikalauskas signed with Ball State University, and a number of other players plan to continue their career in

Chris Heck was recognized as a scholar athlete by the United Sta te' s Navy for his dedication to academics and sports. With yet another winning season, the football program continues to prove itself as a force to be reckoned with, not only in the Miami Valley, but in all of Ohio as well. Prod ucing back to back regional advancements can only mean that a state victory is somewhere in the near future .

Ryan Finnegan, Reggie McDaniel, Michael Thompson, Chris Vangas, and Chris Heck listen to game ad vice from Coach Place. Senior Will Grilliot takes a temporary break from the action.

Head coach Jim Place watches game play intensely from the sidelines. This is his ninth year as ChaminadeJulienne's head football coach.

On the facing page, Angelo Chattams dodges defenders left and right as he Il10ves the ball down the field.

Senior Jeff Zolman keeps an eye on the ball as it hurls toward him. Senior Doug Daniel makes a field goal from quarterback Chad Sears.

Junior Josh Rihm and Sophomore Matthew Flanagan offer positive support to their teammates.

Varsity Record N orthmont Carrol Franklin P. Marion McNicholas Badin Roger Bacon st. Thomas Butler Alter Eaton N. Richmond Portsmouth

Wins 10

Us Them 21 31 17 0 24 6 38 13 27 28 38 14 45 23 34 19 35 38 29 14 30 12 15 14 24 31

Losses 3

Row 1: \.yilli am Grilliot, Chris Heck, Roger Miller, Tony Leyes, Chad Diggs, Brandon McKinney, And rew Wilson, Ryan Finnegan Row 2: Chad Sears, James Hm, Ricky Thomas, Angelo Chattams,jeff Zolman, Seth Thomas, Bryan Jones, Trav is Mikalauskas Row 3: Bryan Copits, Ryan Smith, Kyle Terry, Brett Chmiel, Ryan Wilhelm, Parker Black, Tim Crouch Reggie Jo nes Row 4: Nick Kleinhenz, Andre Chattams, Tommy Evans, David Bolton, John Hackitt, Mike Doyle, Josh Rihm, Ja son Crickmore Row 5: Chris Vangas, Epa Dusingize, Kerry Quinn, Dusty Wilmes, Matt Sears, Kevin Trimbach, Eric

Williams, Matt Sanderman Row 6: Elliot Chappell, Nick Southard, Chris Branick, Matt Meyrs, Mike Jones, Kyle Matlock, Mike Thompson, Randy Beane Row 7: ?vfarcus Sm ith, Andrew Durlak, Matt Flanagan, Brian Warniment, Brandon Weisenberger, Kevin Reese, Matt Hook, Joe Schwendeman Row 8: Kevin Sanford , Rudolf N kinzingabo, Chris '路Viley, Chip Neilson, Troy Reid, Jesse Junius, Charles Blackmon, Kenny Ackridge, Robert Palmer Row 9: Jimmy Place, Dan Kosak, Kenny Burress, !vlike Fisher, Arch Rodgers, Jimmy Jones, Mike Fly nn Row 10; Jim Place, Bob Young, Bert Schubert, Jackie Fells

Jr., Jerry Puckett, John Zaidain

Nathan Peavy keeps his eye on the basket and executes perfect form as he drops a bucket for three points.

Varsity Record Us Them 32 Springboro 45 Elder 37 60 Bellbrook 69 64 Alter 53 65 Purcell-Marion 57 61 77 Beavercreek 75 63 Lima Senior 76 50 Meadowdale 51 70 McNicholas 59 66 Roger Bacon 42 47 Badin 58 60 St. Xavier 37 Purcell-Marion 45 51

Moeller Alter LaSalle McNicholas I Carroll Badin Roger Bacon Franklin Springboro Colonel White Final Record

Us Them 52 64 40 39 69 63 40 52 62 58 50 56 55 46 42 57 70 76 49 53 9


Charles Gray intimida tes his opponentby putting pressure on him as he tries to move the ball down the court.

Varsity Row 1: Tommy Dunson, Ricky Thomas, Eric Krueger, Charles Gray, Olumuyiwa Akerele, Aaron Beach Row 2: Richard Poole, Mark Jolmigan, Jermiel Atkins, Nathan Peavy, Dusty Wilmes, Matt Trick

Reserve Row 'I: Jesse Junius, Kel';neth Ackridge, Justin Smith, Greg Saluke, Darrell Tall Row 2: Marcus Smith, Clint Walker, Chris Elbesunu, Jamar Harris, Justi.n Wilmoth

Hoopin' it up!

Men's Basketball Looking for an open man or a chance for two points, Mark Johnigan keeps his focus on the game.

Senior Eric Krueger stays low and keeps the ball under control as he drives to the basket.

Junior Aaron Beach shoots a quick pass to his teammate.

Sophomore Richard Poole drives the ball down the court on a fast break to the basket.


75 \'~

Megan Duffy and Kasey Farrel listen to the coach for their plays.

Going up for a basket, Katie Igah gets fouled by a Springboro player trying to block the shot.

Kate Hansen and an opponent smack hands at the tip-off. Megan Duffy dribbles around two Springboro players. Tessia Pierce, Katie Igah, Mary Hickey, and Jennifer Hill cheer on their teammates as they anxiously await a victory. Tessia Pierce, Lyndsey Herbig, Mary Hickey, and BrandieHoskins sit and wait in anticipation of a big win.

Us Them Mt. Notre Dame St. Ursula Patterson Springboro Dunbar Tipp City Trotwood Osseo Madison West Sheldon Meadowdale Miamisburg Valley View East Tech

62 47 83 62 65 59 58 42 54 63 65 45 51 48

57 37 22 49 45 45 55 44 40 54 34 36 19 31

Row 1: Kasey Farrell, Megan Duffy, Jenny Beane, Kate Hansen, K~ tie Igah,.Tessia Pierce Row 2: Coach Frank Goldsberry, Mary Hickey, 1iffany Williams, Jenn Hill, Brandie Hoskins, Ashley Goldsberry, Coach Janice Anderson

WOlllen's Basketball District 1 Runner-up The Chaminade-Julienne women's basketball team had another great season. Helping to lead the Lady Eagles to another State playoff were three seniors: Jenny Beane, Kate Hansen, and Katie Igah. Junior Megan Duffy was a big help to the Lady Eagles, using her amazing defensive skills and excellent shooting technique. Sophomore Brandie Hoskins shined during the Columbus State games to help the team succesfully crush Toledo Central Catholic. The Lady Eagles, along with the Beavercreek ladies, set a new record for the most threes in a state game; together the teams made 16 threes. All in all, the Lady Eagles finished their season, 25-3.

A key player in this year's state games, Brandie Hoskins dribbles the ball down the court and looks for a good strategy.

Ashley Goldsberry gulps down some refreshment during a break.

Us Them

Row 1: Jeni Sclmeemann, Sarah Helldoerfer, Natalie Mergler, Faith Ligon, Lauren Begley, Sarah Lefeld Row 2: Coach Jason Hadden, Mgr. Stephanie DeVita, Emily Zink, Tiffany Groce, Lyndsey Herbig, Sarah McMahon, Allison Kern, Myla Jones, Coach Marc Greenberg

Colonel White McNicholas Wayne Beavercreek Alter Carroll Belmont Sidney Piqua Oak Hills Grove City Pickerington Toledo c.c. Beavercreek

66 54 64 31 50 40 73 64 53 57 69 40 56 35

40 44 43 47 29 18 6 25 43 53 59 35 36 42

Kasey Farrel catches a pass from a t teammate. ~ 77 M.

What a Smash!

Women's Tennis What a season for the Lady Eagles tennis team! They had a very impressive record, keeping ahead of the competition on all levels, including five shutouts. The women's team let the Miami Valley know what they were made of by coming out swinging at every match they participa ted in through the season. They took first place in the Shawnee Invitational and in the Carroll Invitational. The Lady Eagles also had a very strong performance in the

Miami Valley Doubles Tournament, taking second place. They advanced to the third round of the state team tournament and finished third in the final Daxton Dailx News poll for Division I tennis. Tiffani Foster finished fourth in singles in the state tournament, the best showing of any female tennis player in C-J history. What the women's tennis team did this year only exemplifies what C-J has come to expect from them.

Women's Tennis Record Us

Centerville Sycamore Alter Fairmont Middletown Oakwood Miamisburg Miami Valley Beavercreek Beavercreek Tipp City Kings (State Tournament)

4 5 4 5 3 3 4 4 3 4 4 4

Them 1 0 0 0

2 2

1 1 2 1 1 1

Us Them Springboro 4 1 Seton 5 0 Springfield North 4 1 Troy 4 1 Milton Union 4 1 Northmont 4 1 Butler 0 5 Miami Valley Tournament 2nd place Carroll Toum. 1st place Shawnee Invitational 1st place

Daniell e Ndirandutije stays lo w and keep s her balance during a tennis volley. Proper footwork is necessary to stay ahead of the competition.

Women's Tennis Row 1: ELizabeth Walling, Amy Beers, Colleen McCormick, Julie Fisher, Foster, Dominique LeLewis, Nicole Muzechuk Row 2: Coach Kay Spees, Bob Helmers, Rochelle Odon, Danielle Nyirandutije, Rachel Scott, Tera Beth Flynn, Shelly Harker, Michelle Hamilton, Coach Sandy Thurman, Debra Sanderman, Coach Jim Brooks

Broke Even

Men's Tennis Men's Tennis Record Oakwood Carroll Beavercreek Milton Union Badin Alter Roger Bacon McNicholas Dtn. Christian Lehman Wayne Carroll Tourn. GCL Tourn.

Us Them 3 1 2 3 4 1 5 0 2 3 2 3 2 3 5 0 3 2 5 0 4 1 5th place 4th place

Us Them Fairborn Fairmont Valley View Piqua Trotwood Springboro Miamisburg



3 4 3 4 3

2 1 2 1 2



Final Record



Sop hom~re

Nick Dean viciously returns a ba ll to his opponent. Dean was voted most improved on the men's teatn this year.

llin's Tennis Row 1: Zohn Zimmer, Logan Weinkauf Row 2: Nick Dean, Cliff McAuley, Dayton Stone, Brent Medina, Collin Brazie, Michael McFall Row 3: Eric Anderson, Chris Cousins, Rob Berry, Rob Feigherty, Paul Lehner, Clint Walker, Justin Budd, Coach Jim Brooks

The men's tennis team had a good year, overall. They may not have had a winning season, but breaking even is certainly not a bad season. The men actually finished the season with four out their nine victories as shutouts. They had impressive showings at the Carroll Tournament, taking 5th place, and at the GCL Tournament, coming in 4th place. The men were victorious against the Alter Knights for the first time in a long while, a marginal victory of 3-2.

The team was fortunate enough to have strong leadership from a number of players this year, not only from the seniors, but also from a rising sophomore . Senior Chris Cousins held the 2nd position in singles and sophomore Nick . Dean led the team by holding the 1st position in singles against the toughest competition schools have to offer. The Eagles have a hopeful outlook for the future, and we'll be cheering them all the way.

Juniors Amy W eatherford , Meagan Brockman, and Tineke Jelm make up the Marching Eagles drum line.

Marching Band 2000 "I march in the rain, and I spend a lot of time practicing and learning music. Strangely enough, I like it. I get to travel out of state, miss schoot and get into all the football games free ." Tineke Jehn, bass drum

The 2000 Marching Eagles

"The marching band is like any other team. We have our good days and our bad. But in the end we all pull together to make it work. To me, marching band is a second family. We grow and learn together. And by the end of the season we walk away with life long friends ." Audrey Vincet, trumpet "The marching band is truly a team. There is a great deal of dedication, pride, and skill required for the band to be successful." Amanda McGregor, flute

Tara Jehn, Danielle Dunson, and John Schneider wait for half time at a football game.

Aaron Schmid conducts the marching band during a half time performance.

GOLF Tony Moore follows through on his swing after he hits the ball.

2000 Schedule: Badin/Roger Bacon/PM Eaton Alter/Roger Bacon Carrol/Xenia Greenville W ayne/N orthmont Beavercreek/Caroll Won Ridge Classic Miamisburg/Wayne Dayton Christian Troy Christian/Patterson Miami Valley/Northridge Mechanicsburg/ Springfield Catholic Northridge

The only female member of the golf team, Megan Duffy, watches the ball move toward the hole.

Row l:Nick Walusis, Megan Duffy, Tony Moore, Patrick Duffy, Adain Carrigg, Bryant Shillito Row 2:Coach Scott Monaghan, Marcus Lehman, Rich Carter, Zohn Zimmer, Peter Shock, J.P. Gorman, Nate Tolle, Jeff McEldowney, Coach Don Zimmer

District Runner-Up Jenna Miller leaps up for a spike as Beavercreek player jumps up for block.

Women's Volleyball


fter the retirement of their head coach, Ann Meyers, the 2000 women's varsity volleyball team still had a great season, winning 20 games and losing only 6. Their season was almost as good as last year, with only a one win differeI)-ce . Leading the team to victory was C-J's new head coach, Paula Boch. With four seniors, four juniors, and four sophomores the team finished second in the final Dayton Daily News poll. The team also finished off their season as District runner- up.

Third year varsity player, Adrianne Luedtke, slams a spike over the net.

The ladies huddle up for team cheer after a win at home.

Second year varsity player Sarah way receives the ball after it is spiked over the net by the opposing team .

2000 Schedule: Wayne Trotwood Beavercreek Buckeye Classic Bellbrook Carroll Fairmont/ Lehman Springboro Fall Classic Eaton Urbana /Brookville Lebanon Centerville Alter Fairborn


1-3 W W W/L W

2-2 L W/W W W W W


Varsity Women's Volleyball JV Women's Volleyball

Row 1: Coach Howard Garcia, Brenda Vogel, Jessica Strader, Coach Paula Boch Row 2: Sarah Treadway, Jenna Miller, Katie Weekley, Mary Hickey, Adrianne Luedtke, Rebecca Dieker Row3: Jen Flemming, Claire O'Neill, Maggie Helldoerfer, Amanda Noonan

Row 1: Anne Zelnio, Janelle Young, Stephanie Bauer Row 2: Cristie Pietrzak, Drew McIntrye, Natalie Mergler, Beth Hundt Row 3: Coach Tosha Johnson, Jenna Goecke, Rachel Tipton, Jackie Broderick, Angela Ross, Sarah McMahan, Jess McQuiston, Sarah Staley, Coach Kelli Fisher

Senior Jen Flemming sets the ball to a teammate.

Claire O'Neill, a four year varsity starter, bumps the ball to a teammate as the team awaits a victory.


~ "J(

Elli Thomas rounds the corner and keeps the lead in her last event of the meet.

Donte' Shackleford puts his all into running hurdles. He takes the sport very seriously.


Kelly Simmons stays focused on running during a cross country competion. Michael Walker succesfully completes the high jump portion of his events.

Kevin Reese takes a breath once he notices the finish line ahead.

In mid-air, Andre Chattams gets ready to land the long jump.

Aug. 28 Sep.2 Sep. 9 Sep.16 Sep.23

Row 1: Tearri Lewis-DeWitt, Katie Keechle Row 2: Coach Kara Humphrey, Katie Kinzig, Elli Thomas, Kelly Simmons .,


~\, -.I. ~

-_ '.

Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct.

Beavercreek Greenville Inv Trotwood Bellbrook

4 7 14 GCL Tournament 14 Lima Senior

Row 1: Tony Shyrack, Robert Alexander, David Bolton Row 2: Coach Carlton, Brad Shillito, . Nathan Peavy, James Moreo, Coach Mickey Mominee

p Mark Romie show off his disskills at one of the track and field competitions. CUS

Track & Field This year's track and field squad was not only filled with promising young athletes, but also with over 80 students who participated on the team. The whole team was organized and directed by Coach Kenny Burress and Coach Claude Carlton. In many of the meets the team placed among the top against many of the participating opponents. They stayed strong throughout the year with a few people advancing to State competition.

Cross Country The cross country team showed excellent strength throughout the whole season. C-J Language teacher Mrs. Kara Humphrey coached the women's team and stated, "Many of the girls improved their personal best. I was very proud." Coach Mickey Mominee led the men's team through the season with the assistance of Coach Claude Carlton. The team showed great work and dedication. "Everyone on the team was like a brother to me, " commented David Bolton.

Matt Keefe salutes Coach Mominee as he runs by.

Track and Field . 24 (m) GCL Relays (w)Centervilie Relays Butler Trotwood Relays Wayne Relays Greenville Relays Edwin Moses Relays Princeton Relays Wayne Invitational West Carrollton Roosevelt Relays 5 Roosevelt Relays 9/ 11 GCL

Row 1: Mike Pegg, Greg Lucking, Donte' Shackleford, Justin Bolden, Robert Alexander, Levon Rutledge, Chris Wiley Row 2: Sean O'Neill, Andre Chattams, Charles Blackmon, Matt Hook, Brandon Weinburg, Andrew Durlak, Larry Hughes,Jacob Crews Row 3: Emman Twe, Kevin Reese, Dugan Tinney, Jacob Page, Dan Keferl, Ronald Grote, Jarron Defilippo, Joe Palmer, Tony Shyrack , Devon Woodson, Damien Carr, Chris Hogan, ROIDlie Johnson, Tommy Evans, Antwain Reine, Justin Goff, A.J. Davis, Mike Seidel, David Reynolds, Michael Thompson, Coach Ken Burress Row 4: Coach Claude Carlton, Allan Dewitt, Joe Walker, Christian Hubbard, Tom Attenweiler, Darrell Tall, Michael Jones, Orlando Sanders, Reggie Jones, Brad Shillito, Tim Crouch

Damien Carr prepares to complete his throw in the shot put event.

1: Ashley Forest, Tasha Benson, Kelly Simons Row Gall, Hannah Carrig, Erin Shortal, Jessica , Sarah Vogel, Francesca Dorsey, Brenda Vogel 3: Coach Claude Carlton, Nakeyia Worley, Desiree Alexander, Colleen McCormick, Bethany Lesko, Efe Evwaraye, Tiffany Grosse, Myla Jones, India Lyle,Asia Lawrence, Sarah Lefeld,Ashley Saunders, Teanna ' Downs, Sheriece Nicholson, Megan Staley, Monica Jones, Coach Ken Burress ~ 85

< ,

Donte Long grabs hold of his opponent during a match. Coaches Tim Begley and Matt Ernst give supportive advice to wrestler Joe Walton . Tim Harrison accepts his victory in the 119 weight class .


Freshman Jacob Crews tries to take down his opponent ;11 a 135 match.


First Row: Coach Tim Begley, Michael Pegg, Joe Walton, Rogel Miller, Terry, Matt Sortrnan, Tim Schirmer, Coach Matt Ernst Second ,Row: Badillo, Eric Troidl, Karl Benson, Zach Wenclewicz, Tim Harrison, Long, Bryant Shilito, Jazmen Turner, Cody Midlam Third Row: Matt Kenny Harrison, Joe Palmer, Ben Badillo

. .. . .

112 pound Cody Midlam tries to turn over his opponent.

Wrestling C-J's First State Champion Named The 2001 Eagles wrestling team made history this year. The overall team had a good record with some incredible individual performances. The team itself finished with 8 wins and 6 losses. This year, the Eagles sent 6 wrestlers to Districts: Kenny Harrison, Cody Midlam, Tim Harrison, Joe Walton, Kyle Terry, and Roger Miller. Of these six, three of

them, Cody Midlam, Tim Harrison, and Roger Miller advanced to state competition. Miller took first place in the 275 weight class, making this the first State wrestling victory in C-J history. He finished the season with a 40-1 record. After State Tim Harrison finished 42-9 in the 119 pound weight class and Cody Midlam finished 40-9 in the 112 pound

The first State champion of C-J wrestling team history, Roger Miller.

Matt Badillo tries to get out of a hold during one of his 140 matches .

â&#x20AC;˘ Matt Sortman tries to fake out his opponent during a 135 match.

Kyle Terry accepts his victory in a 215 weight class match. Kyle also moved onto Districts.

Freshman Kenny Harrison had a great season for his first yea/"lvhen he moved onto Regionnis.

Erienne Roberts makes a save in front of third and looks for a play at firs t.

Softball District Champs Varsity Northridge 15-1 Oakwood 16-0 Sidney 7-4 Fairmont 5-7, 0-5 Centerville 2-7 Stivers 15-0 Carlisle 3-1 Carroll 3-2, 5-9 Xenia 7-0 Tipp City 3-4 West Carrollton 4-2 Springfield Catholic3-0 0-3 Eaton Ryle 5-4 Scohsville 10-2 4-1 Simon Kenton Boone County 0-5 Alter 6-1 Springboro 5-0 Alter 6-1 Kings i-O Benjamin Logan 1-2


Row 1: Jen Flemming, Kortney Jeter Row 2: Kate Chadwick, Kim Chestnut Row 3: Shannon Klosterman, Kate Barringer, Autumn Hahn, Deena Hill, Katie Morris Row 4: Coach Bob Katcavage, Erienne Roberts, Albani Shepherd, Jessica Bergman, Stephanie Jackson, Coach Larry Bauer

Row 1: Jordan Hickey, Laura Pippenger, Hannah Libecap, Ashley Bennet, Emily Russo, Tearri Lewis-DeWitt Row 2: Ashley Herman, Jenn Sclmeemann, Christine Pietrzak, Lauren Beach,Joanna Newlin, Liz Metzger, Coach Dee Bowling Row 3: Coach Leah Medscar, Katie Marsico, Annie Patterson, Rebecca Dieker, Rose Stanislawski

Kate Barringer throws the ball to a teammate from short stop.

Kortney Jeter jumps after a ground ball.

Jen Flemming releases a fast one to the batter. Albani Shepherd touches the bag at first and throws the ball home for a double play. Shannon Klosterman catches a fly ball with two hands for an out.

Kate Chadwick retrieves a bunt and looks for the throw down first. Erienne Roberts assits with a good back up .

Deena Hill watches the ball fly into her bat for a big hit during the game against the Kings .

Erienne Roberts, Kate Chadwick, Albani Shepherd, and other infielders huddle up for a pep talk before the start of the game .

â&#x20AC;˘ \<




Brandon Holbrook, Richard Poole, Nick Kleinhenz, and Kevin Sanford sit and watch in anticipation of a big win. Dustin Eisen connects hard with the ball. Richard Poole dons his helmet before mobilizing up to the plate.

Starting ca tcher Greg Sal uke snags a fast pitch.

Jeremy Queen points his glove and throws.

Bart Hickey follows through with his throw during warm ups as Nick Kleinhenz waits for the ball.

BASEBALL Eric Bruckman throws the ball from short stop to first base.

Varsity Oal<wood 7-3 Badin 5-7 Greenville 11-6 McNicholas 6-5 Troy 4-5,2-4 Purcell-Marian 6-3 Elder 5-14 6-2,2-7 Carroll 6-7 Roger Bacon 1-3 Alter SI. Xavier 2-4 Moeller 2-3 Valley View 6-5 5-4 Badin McNicholas 0-4 12-7 Dixie Purce ll-Marian13-11 Fairborn 8-9,11-10 Roger Bacon 4-8 LaSalle 0-13 Alter 13-0 Preb le Shawnee16-2 2-3 Alter

â&#x20AC;˘ Row one: Brandon Holbrook, Nick Kleinhenz, Richard Carter, Bart Hickey, Jeff Zolman, Eric Bruckman, John Paul Gregory Row two: Coach Tony Stritenberger, Dus tin Eisen, Richard Poole, Greg Sa luke, Scott Bruckman, Curtis Kimble, Jeremy Queen, Kevin Sanford, Mattson Reed, Coach Mike Mathile

JV Oakwood 8-2 Badin 0-5 Grennville 0-7 McNicholas 10-6 Troy 2-3,5-6 Purcell-Marian6-18 Elder 2-15 Carroll 1-11,F Roger Bacon 2-1 Alter 1-2 St.Xavier 0-8 Moeller 7-1 Valley View 15-1 Badin 2-12 McNicholas 5-19 Purcell-Marian3-14 Fairborn 2-7,10-14 Roger Bacon 2-4 LaSalle 1-3 Alter 5-1

Row one: Nate Luken, Ryan Patrick, Patrick Duffy Row two: Mike Beach, Amadeus Carter, Mike Hoendorf, Collin Brazie, Curtis Kimble, James Maloney, Doug Lauricella Row three: Coach Matt Macy, Casey Letts, Chad Levell, Kyle Queen, Jamar Harris, Jimmy Vandenbrock, Andrew Maynard, Denny Spitzig, Coach Mike Barhorst

Scott Bruckman winds up for the pitch.

John Paul Gregory makes a throw to the pitcher from first base.


91" ~

Making a Splash!

Swimming The Eagle's swimming program had a very good year. This year, the team grew by more than ten swimmers . Unfortunately, it will suffer the loss of twelve seniors for the next season. The men's team was fortunate enough to send a number of swimmers to the State Tournament. The men sent John Ravestein to State for breaststroke and for the men's relay team. They all had impressive showings and did ChaminadeJulienne proud.

Both the men and women attacked the year head-on with lots of spirit and optimism. They were supported by a good coaching staff, especially from assistant coaches Karen Ravestein and Kim Williams. This combination of coaching and spirit led the Eagles to win more individual meets than they did last year. With many promising new swimmers on the team, the program hopes to continue its success.

Swimming Schedule Oakwood Valley View/Eaton Butler Fairmont Invitational FairbornlEaton Badin Springboro/Butler Northmont Coach's Classic Coach's Classic Carroll Greenon Middletown

GCL Tournament


Senior Pam Bargo takes a gulp of air as she

cuts through the

water like a fish in the

freestyle competition.

Men's Swimming Row 1: Mike Mantica, Craig Boman, Jacob Crews, Drew Patterson, A.J. Davis Row 2: Danny Tuss, Nick Pierce, Justin Budd, Phillip Johnson, J.P. Gorman, Aidan Carigg, Justin Guizzo Row 3: Coach Karen Ravestein, Kevin Papp, Tom Hunter, Travis Shiverdecker, Paul Lehner, Chris Martiri, John Ravestein, David Tuss, Joe Schwendeman, Coach Paul Biermann, Coach Kim Williams

~ 'f!! i/


Women's Swimming I Row 1: Stephanie Trittschuh, Mary Beth Witt berg, Sarah Budd, Tiffany Kracirik, Erin-5hields Row 2: Coach Karen Ravestein, Micah Brooks, Gina Keough, Panl Bargo, Leslie Sells, Jayne Walton, Coach Kim Williams Row 3: Jennifer Kronenberger, Coach Paul Biermann, Laura Keihl, Annie Patterson, Gillian Minsky, Mindy Mercer, Sarah Treadway, Lisa Timmer, Sarah 'K untz, Elizabeth Reed

5th Year

Men's Volleyball Men's Volleyball Record

Us Them Kettering Invit. W L W Kettering Invit. L Kettering Invit. L W purcell Marion W L Roger Bacon L W Carroll W L El der L W Moell er L W McNicholas W L Fairmont L W LaSalle W L Wayne W L Carroll W L

Us Fairborn st. Xavier Beavercreek Fairborn Alter Butler Tri Village Fairmont


Final Record


Them W W W W L L L W


The men's volleyball program has come a long way in its five-year history. This year, like last, the Eagles were unfortunately knocked out of tournament in th e second round. Their regular season record was just shy of breaking even, 9-10. The men kept fans on their toes with a number of comeback performances and near wins throughout the season. Second-y ear coach Dennis Hale, who was last year' s Coach of the Year, took on

four seniors who were new to the game altogeth er: Phil Johnson, Doug Daniels, Joe York, and Seth Thomas. Their combined efforts and those of Eddie Marrinan, Second Team All-Area, and Craig Stimmel, Honorable Mention, helped the team throughout the season. This year proved to be the biggest turnout for the men's volleyball team, with over fifty students trying out. Undoubtedly, this program has many good years ahead.

Junior Eddie Marrinan serves the p erfect ÂŁIoa ter in to play. Marrinan was the team's MVP this year.

,I '.









Varsity Row 1: Joe York, Jolm Ravestein, Seth Thomas, Bob Spirk, Zach Wilson, Travis Rindler Row 2: Coach Dennis H ale, Coach Na talie Hale, Craig Stimmel, Phillip Johnson, Ross McIntyre, Josh Rankin, Eddie Marrinan, Chris Jasko, Doug Daniels, Coach Pat Stra der

Reserve Row 1: Matt Doyle, Timothy Kracus, Jon Prier, Josh Hackenberg, Bryan Keefe Row 2: Coach Pat Strad er, Coach Dennis H ale, Nick Walusis, Josh Ha zelrigg, Dimitri Kossoudji, Coach Bill Stachler, Coach Natalie Hale, Rachel Vocke

Varsity Football , Row 1: Erika Howard, Rachel Borgert Row 2: Shonte L(illlg, Adrienne Row 3: Shelley Heywood, Sharla Carter, Amanda Frasure Not Pictured: Hill, Mallory Smith

Reserve Football Row 1: Shyra Thomas Row 2: Sarah Allen, Tiffany Blackmon, Kira Bardun Row 3: Patrece Hairston, Brittany Miller, Laura Budde, Tiffany Ctmningham, EbonyJett

Freshman Basketball Row 1: Taneisha Walton Row 2: Ashley Saunders, Janene Hicl,<s, Nicholson Row 3: Christina Hayden, Tiffany Williams Row 4: Caitlin 1J - -_ •• ""'" Kaylen Wherry, India Lyle, Brittany Defilippo


Alive with Spirit!

C-J Cheerleaders

Varsity Soccer Row 1: Ashley Forest Row 2: Tequia Hollis, Leander Crocker Row 3: Angie Herman, Tonia Daniel, Ashly Miller Row 4: Beth Boehmer, Dominique Champion, Nakisha Benson, Sh'awna Worley

Varsity Basketball Row 1: Angela Herman, Leander Crocker, Rachael Borgert Row 2: Amanda Frasure, Sharla Carter, Mallory Smith Row 3: Ashly Miller, Shelley Heywood

lkserve Basketball Row 1: Tiffany Blackmon, Tiffany Cunningham Row 2: Emily McDaniel, Ashton Gilliard, Sarah Allen Row 3: Patrece Hairston, Brittany Miller, Keri Mann Row 4: Laura Budde, Kira Bardun



95 \'~






• six "





~ \;~



The Spirt Committe plans Pep Rallies and Spirit Week. This year's members, David Prier, Megan Duffy, Ashley Reid, and Jon Prier pose during a Spirit Committe meeting.

Student Council moderators, Ms. Angela Ruffolo and Ms. Kathleen Crosby, and Megan Duffy paint a room in a house for the Into the Streets service project earlier this year.

The student ambassadors meet every Wednesday to discuss upcoming school events. The ambassadors consist of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Andy Grant, the freshman president, and India Lyle, the freshman vice president, enjoy their Jeans Day.

Junior Student Council members, Lisa Pickrel, Julia Budde, and Travis Rindler, sell baked goods for the Battle of the Bucks Bakesale. The three have been on Student Council since freshman year.

Jenna Miller and Kevin Trimbach share a dance together during the Cp.ristmas Dance. The S'ocial Committe plans the Homecoming Dance, Christmas Dance, and Prom.

"Our Student Council's goal is to dream big and use our talents as a community to accomplish anything that we can dream of. We are also dedicated to getting all of C-J involved because we realize that leaders make leaders!" -Ann Gage, Student Council President


Student Council

Student Council leads the school with various activities. This year the Junior Student Council planned the Gobble Grams for Thanksgiving; students bought candy bags for their friends who received them in homeroom. The Freshman and Sophomore Student Councils organized the Carnation Sale. Students purchased pink, red, and white carnations and sent them to others as a sign of friendship. Finally, the Senior Student Council houses several committees. The Social Comm ittee plans Homecoming, the Christmas Dance, and Prom, while the Spirit Committee plans Spirit Week and all the Pep Rallies.

Freshman Student Council

Sophomore Student Council

Jessica McQuiston (Class Officer), Andy Grant (President), India Lyle (Vice President), Tearri Lewis-DeW itt (Class Officer), Adrienne Bargo (Class Officer)

David Tuss (Class Officer), Carolyn Place (President), Corey Brooks (Class Officer), Latoya Fountaine (Class Officer), Chip Neilson (Vice President)

Junior Student Council

Senior Student Council

Julia Budde (Class Officer), Jessica Jenkins (President), Travis Rindler (Class Officer), Michelle Hamilton (Vice President), John Ravestein (Class Officer)

Lauren Underwood (President), Jenny Cobb (Class Officer), Missy Williams (Vice President), Ann Gage (Student Council President), Danny Tuss (Class Officer), Chris Heck (Class Officer)

Print Media and Graphic Communications




First Row: Lindsey Soter, Jessica Chaney, Kate York, Bethany Walker, Mrs. Metcalf Row2: Allison Gondek, Elizabeth Reed, Elaine Segi, Jackie Broderick Row 3: J.P. Gorman, Josh Hazelrigg, John Paul Gregory, Jeff Wack

First Row: Epaphrodite Dusingizimana Row 2: Laurie Be~c h, Laura Keihl, Lea} Wymer Row 3: Cara Lindo, Teagan Davisson, Ross McIntyre, Audrey Vincent Ms. Penkala



How do these courses and clubs help you become a good communicator?

"Yearbook has strengthened my journalistic skills from constant editing."

"Newspaper has taught llle to ,,,,rite better, and it has helped me express my ideas better."

"Newspaper is awesonle because I have good comlTIunication skills now."

"Language Club has given llle the opportunity to learn new languages."

Cam Lindo, Senior

Elaine Segi, Junior

Lindsey Soter, Senior

Kathleen Woerner, Junior

Communicating Through Writing and Speaking Languages


Creative Writing Club First Row: Ms. Penkala, Stephanie Coleman, Amy Miltenberger Row 2: Neal Craft, Doug Kondrath, Robin Schrader, Quentin Harrison (not pictmed Harmelore Eldridge and Hailey Clark)

~ ~i.l 100

Language Club I First Row: Shyra Thomas Row 2: Seena Days, Amanda McGregor, Kim Wall I Kathleen, Woerner Row 3: Mrs. Colas, Elena Landa, Doug Kondrath, Rebecd Olinsky, Devin O'Connor

COInInunications Rocks and Rolls Communicating is an important part of life. Communication helps you write, speak, and socialize with others.

Junior Laura Keihl sor ts thro u g h h er pictu res fo r th e H om eco min g spread. Lau r a worked on the s tu-

For their senior year J. P. Gorm an, Allison Go n d e k, a n d Lindsey So ter joined th e newspape staff. Their job is to sell their newspapers d uring lu nches.

Mrs. Me tcalf, th e newspaper ad visor, read s the upcoming ed ition .

French III students use the new Lanuage La b during La ng u age Week.

McI nt yr e, Epap hrodi te Dusingizimana, and La urie Beach work hard on the foo tball spread.

Spanish student Annie Ryan and La tin student Molly Finn smile big for La ngu age Week. During Language Week, students were allowed to wear their langu age shirts.

Junior Ka te York and senior Jessica Chaney collabora te on a newsp aper article. Cj



F.L.I. G .H. T First Row: Nichole Rowe,Katie Laufersweiler, John Dearing, Joanna Stegaman Row 2: Kelly Watts, Rachel Atkins, Beth Boehmer, Martha Patzer Row 3: Andrea Spanel, Jessica Farmer, Maureen O'Rourke, Nick Laufersweiler, Matt Keefe, Chris Heck, Fr. Chris.

First Row: Martha Patzer, Krista Pritchard, Beth Boehmer, Rachel Atkins 2: Katie Laufersweiler, Bethany Boland, Andrea Spanel Row 3: John Joanna Stegaman, Nichole Rowe, Chris Heck, Maureen O'Rourke Row 4: Laufersweiler


Why does it rock to be in L.I.F.E and F.L.I.G.H.T?

"With F.L.I.G.H.T you get others involved through leadership."

"I like F.L.I.G.H.T because you get to chill out on the chapel's sofas."

"I like L.I.F.E. because it's a great way to help others."

"L.I.F.E is a great way to wind down after a long day at schoo!."

Maureen O'Rollrke, Senior

Nick Laufersweiler,

Dustin Eisen, Sophomore

Travis Rindler, Junior


L.I.F.E Group First Row: Elizabeth Wallen, Lauren Gau l, Gina Keough, Megan Duffy, Emma Bayliff, Maria Mergler Row 2: Jamar Williams, Michael Pera, Beth Flynn, Katie Lesko, Amiee Allen, Travis Rindler, Ashley Bennet Row 3: Mike Andrews, Justin Budd, Eric Bardun, Hannah Davis, Teresa Pierce, Lily Gehres Row 4: Mr. Ward, India Whitaker, Logan Allen, Megan Staley, Ms. Penkala


L.I.F.E Leaders


First Row: Travis Rindler Row 2: Megan Duffy, Gina Keough, Katie Lesko 3: Emma Bayliff (not pictured Craig Stimmel and Martha Patzer) .

Having Fun Through Religion A t C-J, faith-sharing groups are important because students gather to pray and socialize. Students make new friends, worship together, and have fun at the same time." Ms. Penkala, L.I.F.E. Moderator /I

Fr. C hris sings his heart ou t as a 1950's greaser. The L.l. F.E. group p a rticipated in a summer L.l.F.E. retrea t.

Megan Duffy and Nick Pierce, both seniors, get thei r groove on during the summer L. l.F.E program.

Freshmen Adrienne Bargo and Kelly Lee h o ld up a pra ye r ch a in. Fres hm en make up most of the club. "L.l.F.E is a great opp ortunity for stud ents to get together to talk about their fa ith," says Emma Bayliff, junior.

Fr. Chris and senior Chris Heck enjoya nice boat ride during this year's summer F.L.l.G. H .T. trip.

Seni ors Kelly W atts and Mar tha Pa tzer enjoy each other' s company d uring their 11th period F.L.l.G.H.T class. Patzer is also a L.l.F.E leader.



I Winner's Club members Brett Chmiel and Pernel Williams chill before a meeting. This club is designed for students who wish to be drug and alcohol free .

Winner's Club moderator, Coach Jim Place

Anime Club First row: Brad Hemmelgarn, Quentin Harris Row 2: Sean Grove, Neal Craft, Mrs. Roberta Olmsted, Curtis Gray


Art Club First row: Megan Duffy, Lindsey Wallace, Hannelore Eldridge, Jennifer Kronenberger, Marysa Marderosian Row 2: Eric Etter Row 3: Elena Landa, Leslie Seils, Bryan Jones, Travis Rindler, Hailey Clark, Chris Cousins, Danny Tuss, David Tuss

Coach Kevin Hurley walks to Ping-Pong practice. He also teaches ma thema tics in Emmanuel.

David Prier holds onto a Peace Bus decoration . Prier was a runner-up in the Ping-Pong tournament. His twin brother, Jon, was the champion.

Mock Trial Richard Carter, Tonia Daniel, Gina Keough, and Stephen Herman

Art Club students work on their pieces for competitions. They also go on field trips and visit the Dayton Art Museum.

Mrs. Diana Barr, Art Club moderator

Get Your Club On! C-J goes clubbing



Winner's Club

First row: Katie Lesko, Jon Prier, Angela McElroy Row 2: Timothy Kracus, Joshua Becker Row 3: Ronnie Howard, Ron Johnson, Adam Kaney, Clifton McAuley, David Prier, Chris Martin, Michael McFall, Ryan Shen, Robert Reed

First row: Michael Thomas, Epaphrodite Dusingizimana Row 2: Pernell Williams, Laura Budde, Megan Duffy, Ryan Smith, Matt Keefe, Brett Chmiel, John Feighery, Alexis Lambright, Coach Jim Place, Shyra Thomas


105 "~


Mrs. Noel Kupras-Bauer is the moderator of the Ecology Club. The Ecology Club homeroom collects recycled paper from classrooms. Key Club moderator, Ms. Sofia Villalobos, helps Key Club students organize service sites. This is Ms . Villabos' first year as a C-J Spanish teacher.


Office Aides

Sports Medicine

First Row: Angela McElroy, Micah Brooks, Jayne Walton, Matt Martinek Row2: Jeffrey Zolman, Doug Daniels, Eric Kaney, Robert Sieben thaler, Robert Szabo, Edward Marrinan

First Row: Adrienne ,Bargo, Tammy Downs, Melissa Pulver Row 2: DanieUI Richardson, Laurie Beach, Rachel Voche, Elizabeth Wallen, Teanna DowI1l Row 3: Katie Mulhern, Elizabeth Hewitt, Jennifer Rust, Whitney Rhineharl J Mrs. Trish Reichart

C-J Clubs are service savvy!

Matt Keefe, Raibee Alkhafaji, Ryan Shen, and Helen Smith get ready to go to their service site. Key Club meets every Thursday after school.

Veronica Vaughn, Heather Bonham, and Laurie Beach get ready for a football game. Vaughn, Bonham, and Beach are sports trainers for the football teams.

Ecology Club

Key Club

First Row: Kasey Parell, Bethani Weitzel, Jackie Broderick, Katie Huffman, Lisa Pickrel, Megan Rhiner Row 2: Molly Finn, Elizabeth Metzger, Shannon Klosterman, Mrs. Noel Kupras-Bauer

First Row: Rebecca Olinksky, Matt Keefe, Nichole Rowe, NichokEtter, Robert Berry Row 2: Ms. Sofia Viallobos, Sarah Vogel, Alexis Eimutis, Helen Smith, Kim Wolf, Rabiee Alkhafaji Row 3: Doug Kondrath, Justin Budd, Ryan Shen, Rose Stanislawski








Eric Andersen Michael Andrews Matthew Ankeny Ronald Applin Joshua Armstrong Chelsea Arney Robert Arnold Thomas Attenweiler Benjamin Badillo Stephanie Barbour Gerard Bardon Adrienne Bargo Stephanie Bauer Melanie Bautista Michael Beall Amy Beers Lauren Begley Stephen Benson Jessica Bergman Christopher Bills Clementine Bizimana Erin Bole Craig Boman Christopher Brockman Christina Brun James Buerschen III

Christopher Buie Gary Burnette John Buscemi Amanda Bush Kenneth Byrd Alexandra Caldwell Molly Callahan Alexandra Cameruci Damien Carr HalUlah Carrigg Onyx Casanova Rebecca Clarke Jeremy Clawson Adrienne Clements Meghan Closser Clara Coleman Nicholas Colhoun Rosalyn Craig Jacob Crews Melissa Crickmore Rodney Crimes Frank Crump III Jonathan Crutcher Benjamin Cseh Jarron Dammons Devin Daniels Brittany Defilippo Patrick Doyle Patrick Duffy Lawrence Dunson Antoine Edmonson Shawn Ellis Brittany Engle Kristien Evans Brian Fleming Lauren Gall Sarah Galluzzo Franklin Gehres Genevieve Gilliard Seth Gottschlich Andrew Grant Matthew Grant Curtis Gray Jason Greenman Raynaldo Grote Joshua Hackenberg Ashlee Harris Jamar Harris Kenneth Harrison Christina Hayden Tiana Hayden Jacqueline Heiland Sarah Helldoerfer Brittney H enderson Alexis Henry Lyndsey H erbig Elizabeth Hewitt Caitlin Heywood Jordan Hickey Meredith Hickey Janene Hicks Christopher Hogan Nathaniel Holley

Sean Holley Arrionne Hollis Lauren Holtvoigt Elizabeth Hopkins Timothy Howard Kyle Howe-Vachon Joseph Huffman Isaac Hull Kristin Hunter Roy Hutchins Alejandra Iberica Roswitha Igah Dawaun Ivy Christopher Jackson Matthew Jasko Tara Jelm David Jewell Ronnie Johnson Jr. Jared Jones Michael Jones Steven Jones Katherine Keechle Bryan Keefe Bryan Kenney Shanel Kilgore Rachael Koob Dimitri Kossoudji Tiffany Kracirik Timothy Kracus Jolm Laage Matthew Langford Asia Lawrence Kelly Lee Sarah Lefeld Dominique LeLewis Bethany Lesko Casey Letts Chad Levell Tearri Lewis-DeWitt Kelli Lovelace Gregory Lucking Bradley Luedtke Nathaniel Luken India Lyle Christopher Marks Drew Martin Christine Martinek Andrew Maynard Clifton McAuley IV


Lauren McCalister John McCallister Francisco McCarthy Michael McConnell Colleen McCormick Bethany McCoy-Ramsey Elizabeth McDaniel Drew McIntyre Francis McLaughlin Sarah McMahon Elizabeth McPeek Jessica McQuiston Morgan Mercer Andrea Miller


~ ~ v 112




Autumn Miller Eric Mills Demetrius Moorer James Moreo Jennifer Morris Katherine Morris Kathleen Mulhern Joseph Nartker Sheriece Nicholson Claudia Ninneman Emery Nkunzi Sean Nolan Roscoe O'Hair Shaun Olinger Sean O'Neill Ashley Onyia Jacob Page Jessica Parker Ryan Patrick Andrew Patterson Matthew Pavy Adrian Payne Michael Pegg Mallory Perkins Philip Perretta Christopher Plassenthal David Pope Steven Potts Joshua Priefer Anthony Queen Molly Quinn Julie Rank Elizabeth Reed Mattson Reed Antwain Reine' David Reynolds II Whitney Rinehart Christina Robbins Erin Robertson Amy Rohmiller Stephanie Rucker Emily Russo Jennifer Rust LaVon Rutledge Jr. Elizabeth Sacksteder Amanda Saluke Shand rial Sanders Ashley Saunders Cara Sayer Julie Scarpelli Jacob Schierloh Anthony Schirack Timothy Schirmer Kevin Schlorman Jennifer Schneemann Michael Seidel Amber Shade Torin Shields Vicki Siler Scott Simmons Charles Smith Justin Smith Elliot Spang


113 \l~


Megan Staley Jordan Stephens Dayton Stone Katie Tackett Anthony Taylor Paula Thomas Mitchell Thompson Gregory Thornton James Tinney Julie Trick Amber Trickey Margaret Trimbach Renee Trimbach Stephanie Trittschuh Eric Troidl Anthony Turner Jazmen Turner James Vandenbrock Jr. Chuntell Vauls Evan Vincent Rachael Vocke Andrew Wallace Elizabeth Walling Joseph Walton Taneisha Walton Amanda Wanczyk Denise Weber Zachary Wenclewicz Jason Weprin Joseph Whatley Kaylin Wherry Brandon Wicinski Pernell Williams Tiffany Williams Tiffany Williams Abigail Willis Whitney Winfrey James Woodruff IV Richard Yeager Anna Zimmer Emily Zink

Kenneth Akridge Kristen Albright Desiree Alexander Jazzone Alford Ronald Allen Sarah Allen Robert Altick


Kira Bardun Glenn Barnes Elizabeth Bausman Micheal Beach Randy Beane Joshua Becker Ashley Bennett Charles Blackmon Tiffany Blackmon Katherine Borgerding Christopher Branick Lauren Brenneman Katherine Brinkman Corey Brooks Kathryn Brown Scott Bruckman Jacob Brunswick Sarah Budd Stephanie Burneka Joshua Bymaster Amadeus Carter

Dominique Champion Elliott Chappell Meghan Colbert Dominic Combs Brittany Corbin William Cord Tiffany Cunningham Jonathan Curtis Anthony Davis Hannah Davis Nicholas Dean Christopher Defilippo Ashley Demmitt Stephanie DeVita Erik deWeaver Rebecca Dieker Lauren Dokes Michael DOlmelly Sarah Duncan Tiffany Dunlap Tommy Dunson Andrew Durlak Dustin Eisen Brock Elder Christopher Elebesunu Ashley Ernst Nicole Etter Efe Evwaraye Molly Finn Christopher Fitch Matthew Flanagan Tiffani Foster Latoya Fountaine Joshua Frost Chad Garman Jenna Goecke Justin Goff Ashley Goldsberry Elena Gomez Kaelin Goode Aftyn Goolsby Michael Grabiel Ross Gray Jaquelynn Griffin Tiffany Groce Sean Grove AutunmHahn Patrece Hairston Jessica Hankey James Harless Lindsay Harris Quentin Harrison Bradley Hemmelgarn Daniel Henn Ashley H erman Stephen Herman Melissa Hobbs Michael Hoendorf Matthew Hook Brandie Hoskins Christian Hubbard Jennifer Hubbard Anthony Hueston

Thomas Hunter Ariauna Isaac Ashley Isbel Brandy Isbel Joshua Ivory Eriqua Jackson Krystal Jackson Christopher Jasko Ebony Jett Michael Jones Monica Jones Myla Jones Jesse Junius III Adam Kaney Joseph Kaukola Daniel Keferl Megan Kelleher Darren Kendricks Allison Kern Aaron Kerschner Joseph Keyes Andrew Kimble Kasey Kimble Hannah KlawOllli Eric Knight Kelly Kreiger Jennifer Kronenberger Sarah Kuntz Alexis Lambright Brian Lauber Douglas Lauricella Samantha Lawson William Leach Paul Lehner Devin Libecap Hanna Libecap Faith Ligon Michelle Mack James Maloney Keri Mann Michael Mantica Marysa Marderosian Catherine Marsico Christian Martin Kyle Matlock Jennifer McCallister Sean McCauley Christopher McCune Emily McDaniel Mary McDermott Angela McElroy Michael McFall Melinda Mercer Natalie Mergler Elizabeth Metzger Cody Midlam Ashly Miller Edward Miller Jenna Miller Amy Miltenberger Andrew Miltenberger Gillian Minsky Anthony Moore

Stuart Morris Brandon Murray Nicole Muzechuk Ma tthew Myers Catherine Neff Ernest Neilson IV Tyesa Nelloms HilaryNeu Joanna Newlin Rudolphe Nkinzingabo Devin O'Connor Scott O'Hearn Rebecca Olinsky Benjamin Overman Robert Palmer Kevin Papp Antonio Parker Chad Parsons Travis Patterson Lauren Pauer Michael Payne Nathan Peavy Michael Pera Teresa Pierce Christine Pietrzak Laura Pippenger Carolyn Place Joshua Plake Melissa Platt Richard Poole Matthew Porter Erin Pritchard Courh1ey Pryor Sophia Pullen Melissa Pulver Jeremy Queen Joshua Rankin Jason Rankine Joshua Ray Robert Reed Kevin Reese Troy Reid Natha niel Ricciuto Lydia Rinehart Janelle Ringer Malaika Robinson Nathan Roddy Angela Ross Anne Ryan Gregory Sa luke Malita Sanderfer Kevin Sanford Jus tin Schafer Zachary Schierloh Sarah Schirmer Anthony Schlorman John Schneider Robin Schrader Laura Schwandner Susan Schweitzer Joseph Schwendeman Dominic Seldon Carolyn Seymour

Donte' Shackelford Albani Shepherd Emily Sherman Erin Shields Bradley Shillito Bryant Shillito Travis Shiverdecker Peter Shock Katherine Siebenthaler Joshua Simala Keshia Simmons Andrew Smith Marcus Smith Maria Spanel Dennis Spitzig Kelly Sraj Rose Sta~1islawski Ryan Stapp Steven Stockelman Zachary Stoddard Jessica Strader Billy Sullivan Darrell Tall Amy Temple Amanda Thaler Michael Thompson Jr Brittany Thornton Lisa Timmer Rachel Tipton Sarah Treadway David Tuss Christopher Vangas Dominique Vinzant Sarah Vogel Clint Walker Joseph Walker Kimberly Walusis Michael Ward Brian Warniment Jordan Washington Tashee Washington Johnetta Webb Sarah Weber Brandon Weisenberger Curtis Welch III Justin Wendling India Whitaker Brian White Jerry White Jr. Christopher Wiley Jonathan Wilks Christi Williams Jamar Williams Justin Wilmoth Zachary Wilson Mary Beth Wittberg Devon Woodson Anne Zelnio Jacob Zimmer

~ ~<t


• if\

121 "


.. Melinda Adam Rabiee Alkhafaji Brittni Allen Amanda Andrews Brandon Artis Matthew Badillo Ryane Banks Michelle Barkley Kathryn Barringer Danielle Baughman Emma Bayliff Aaron Beach Lauren Beach Channon Bishop Parker Black Evan Bole David Bolton Keith Boman Heather Bonham Rachael Borgert Collin Brazie Derek Brazie Megan Brockman Jaclyn Broderick Rebecca Brown Spencer Brown Eric Bruckman Krista Bucholz

â&#x20AC;˘ ~t.


Julia Budde Laura Budde Adrienne Butler Carmella Castro Bethany Chappell Andre Chattams Brett Chmiel Regina Clarke Brandon Clements Jesse Coleman Stephanie Coleman Nemaris Colon Bryan Copits Neal Craft Charles Crawford Jason Crickmore Leander Croker Timothy Crouch Alan Dewitt Francesca Dorsey Teanna Downs Matthew Doyle Michael Doyle Megan Duffy Epaphrodite Dusingizimana Francis Dutmers Alexis Eimutis Thomas Evans Kasey Farrell Bryan Fecke Jacqueline Fetter Alesondra Fields Caitlin Finn Julie Fisher Michelle Fisher Elizabeth Flynn Christina Garrison Joseph Gauder Jeffrey Gaylor Natalie Geel Michael Gill Michael Gilliard Krysten Goff Jennifer Grant Matthew Gray John Paul Gregory Raevan Grimes Jonathan Gross Joseph Gunder John Hackitt IV Gregory Hall Michelle Hamilton Shelly Harker Timothy Harrison Joseph Haubert Joshua Hazelrigg Brian Henderson Mary Hickey Deena Hill Jennifer Hill Brandon Holbrook Evan Holley Aneceya Hollis

Tequia Hollis Elisha Hopkins LaWanda Hopkins Kathleen Huffman Kelly Hughes Elizabeth Hundt Christopher Hunter Flora Igah Ofure Ihenyen John Ivory Jr. Katie Jackson Kristen Jackson Stephanie Jackson TinekeJehn Jessica Jenkins Mark Johnigan Kristen Johnson Brian Johnston Reginald Jones Laura Keihl Adam Kells Curtis Kimble Kristin Klawonn Nicholas Kleinhenz Dustin Klumb Devon Komiensky Douglas Kondrath Heidi Kossoudji Marcus Lehman Shonte Long Courtney Love Adrianne Luedtke Anthony Malott Jasmine Mann Edward Marrinan Melissa Martin Matthew Martinek Robin Maynard Cherese McBeath Lyndsey McDermand Michael McDermott Jeffrey McEldowney Ross McIntyre Brent Medina Timothy Meininger Maria Mergler Deborah Metzger Brittany Miller Lauren Miller Meaghan Murphy Mark Nieport Robert Ninneman Ashley Paff Joseph Palmer Mathew Parker Ann Patterson Aaron Pelphrey Lisa Pickrel Nyla Potter Mark Potterf II David Prier Jonathan Prier Kerry Quinn

~ ~i.J 124

Ricky Rakestraw John Ravestein Ashley Reid Joshua Rihm Travis Rindler Megan Riner Erienne Roberts Robin Robertson Mark Romie Jordan Samson Matthew Sanderman Orlando Sanders Tim Schneemann Tommy Schopler Jennifer Schroeder Nicholas Schultz Matthew Sears 路 Elaine Segi Lindsey Seiter Nathan Shaman Ryan Shen Erin Shortal Ben Smith Helen Smith Mallory Smith Steven Smith Amanda Sokolnicki Matthew Sortman Jeremy Spilizewski Kenneth Spitzig Sarah Staley Michael Stefan Shayla Summerhill Robert Szabo Abet Tekeste Kyle Terry Elli Thomas Shyra Thomas Matthew Trick David Trimbach Kevin Trimbach Jennifer Trittschuh Emman Twe Veronica Vaughn Brenda Vogel Courtney Waggenspack Bethany Walker-David Nicholas Walusis Amy Weatherford Dean Weber Katie Weekley Logan Weinkauf Bethani Weitzel Scott Wickline Ryan Wilhelm Eric Williams Justin Wilmes Kathleen Wlodarski Kathleen Woerner Kimberly Wolf Nakeyia Worley Leah Wymer Ashley Yahn

Katherine York Janelle Young Jessica Zaidain





!J(oberl 7I!exanrler

7I!exa 7Iffen

Cric :73ardun

YJamela :73aryo

:lennfer :73eane

Xdisba :73enson

!J(oberl :73erry

Cljzabe/b :73oebmer

:Jus/Iii :73olden



'JICcab :73roohs

:73e/bany :73oland â&#x20AC;˘

Bahesba :73rown


:Juslin 23udd

JÂŁfary 23urneka

!J?Jcbard CarieI'

Crin Casey

CSbarla CarieI'

With the rush of graduation and college life just around the corner, the class of '01 was more than thrilled to be seniors.

J(alberine Cbadwick

7Inyelo Cballams

:Jesslca Cbaney

JCinberfy Cbeslnul

23ryce Clark CSeniors


~ \)~

/Jennifer Cobb

J(al/a Cofe

Wyn/er Connally

'])ouylas '])aniel

The Lady Eagles' continued success kept the class of 'OI's spirit alive for the past four years.

Jep '])auis


!J?ebecca '])aws

'f![~:32 0en,ors

7eayan '])auisson

0eena '])ays

JCeu/n 7)onnelfy



J{Cllweiore 01dndje

71shley :Jores/

7Cllnmy 7)owns

0r/c 0//er

23rancfy :Jrankl/n

0en/ors 133





:/Illison 90ndek

:/Inn 9a<Je

cSonya 9ran/

Charles 9ray

cS/euen Jiallrnan

'Jl(ary Jiansen

Chris/opher Jfeck

Cherie Jierberl

:/In<Jela Jierman

cShelley JieywoOd

":14 0=,""

2Jar/holomew Jiickey

:lames XII,


J (a/b ry n Jfoflencamp

X a/ahe Jfofftn'ler

e flen Jfonious

B aJCesba Jfofmes

:Jennifer Jfonn

The class of 'OI's most memorable retreat experience was definately Kairos. On the retreat new friends were made for the first time and old friendships were made stronger. e dward Jfuff

e rIca Jfoward

B yne//e Jfun/

X l?ofas Jfun/

J (a/berlne

.9yd 0enior s 13.5 â&#x20AC;˘


':PhilIp :/ohnson

:JJryan :/oans


During the presidential election of 2000, the majority of the senior class was in favor of George W. Bush. Al Gore was a second favorite, and Nadar came in last with very few '01 supporters.


c5arah JCef!eJ1er


c5lephen JCeyes

C5hannon J(las/erman

elena Ballda


J'lmy JCmiz

:7Jrian JC.onenberyer

J(a/herine Bau/ersweiler


'Xaholas Baufersweiler

X a/asha Bucas

Ca/henne Besho

'Xahole YJ(cCu/chen

evall YJ(c9reyor

C5emoI'S 137


:73randon Y/{cJOnney

71my Y/{c2uislon

Bauren Y/{uJliern

:Jennifer XeIJ}erlon

'])aniele 'XyFlanduliye-

Claire O'Xedl

~ 9uJ}irwa ~iJ/.3S c5eniors

7rauis YlGi'alausbas

:73F1llany YlGfler

CJ}rislopJ}er YlG"ze

Ciji %oore

Baura ') {inneman-

71manda 'XOonan



:J(alherine 9auy

:Jessica 9arber

X'cbo[as Y1'erce

Seniors would agree that the worst fad of 1998 to 2001 had to be the boy band invasion.

e h z abelb !Reed

:73randi :J0'cbardson

'lJanielle :J0'cbardson

:Jc.islina !Robinson


(~ .)~

J:J9 .

Xchole Yi'owe

J'laron 0chm/d

!llCchael Yi'ussell


Xcole 0chroeclel

The wedding project was a big hit among this year's seniors.


J'laron 0cufly

Besh'e 0elfs


J'llexander 0hay

Yi'oberl 0 ,'ebenlhaler

JCelfy 0/mmons

Bindsey c50ler

:7Indrea c5p anel

:7Iffyse c5larhs

c5lacey c5lalen


Crai,! c5limmef

g(icardo 7homas

c5elh 7homas

:Joanna c5/e,!eman

:7Imanda 7horslenson

'Xalhan 70ffe

c5eniors 141 â&#x20AC;˘


'J)aniel 7 uss

B auren Qinderwood

B inclsey W allace

B aure ' W J!hmns

J (a/Jiryn Wen/land

Ylmlrew W ilson



:Jayne W alion

7era Wise


CSJiawna W orley

:lCeianna Young

Zohn Z immer

:ie/Fey Zolman

What the class of '01 most looks forward to in their first year of college is the absolute freedom, meeting new people, and all of the opportunities for social gatherings.

0enior s 143 â&#x20AC;˘

Hooray for

~ 144 "f'["



~ "~

Sr. Marie Abmayr Arlene Adcock Dorene Akujobi Janice Anderson

Lorcan Barnes Diana Barr Paula Beach Jennifer Bird

Mary Ann Bray Jim Brooks Cindy Budde Ken Burress

Kyle Callahan Linda Colas Lisa Colbert Dave Conard

Kathleen Crosby Claire Davis Joyce Detzel Ellen Downer

Paul Dugan John Dysert Jerry Ed wards Nancy Egbers

Susan Eichenauer Jennifer Elliot Laurie Eloe Matt Ernst

Kathy Fecke Mike Fisher Connie Fitch Lynn Ford

Stephen Fuchs Quintin Gaddis Carol Gauder David Glancy

Sr. Damienne Grismer Julie Hobbs Debi Hoersting Charlie Hollis

Tom Hottinger Kara Humphrey Kevin Hurley Judi Jacobson

Bob Katcavage Kelli Kinnear Noel Kupras-Bauer Sr. Mary Ellen Lampe

Janet Lasley Bro. Ed Longbottom Lois Mann Mike Mathile

... .

Marilyn McCrate John McDermott Tammy Metcalf Ann Meyers

Mickey Mominee Tish Montavon Michael O'Shaughnessy Roberta Olmsted

Rosemary Penkala Jim Place Patsy Puterbaugh Peg Regan

149~ \}~


Bill Reichert Trish Reichert Angela Ruffolo Debra Sanderman

Jenny Secor Dan Shea Betty Sierichs Cheryl Smith

Joseph Soter Tannis Soter Jeanne Spitzig Bill Stachler


.... .

Joe Staley Bette Sullivan Denny Thomas Sofia Villalobos

Mike Trainor Emilia Verdes John Ward Marcia Wayman

Don Weimert Charlene Wheeler Fr. Chris Wittmann David Wood

Jennifer Yarnell Bob Young John Zaidan Laura Zobel

over rna er


Montgomery County

Nathan Alexander Michael Brantley Carlton Canady Brendan Cannell

Kristina Carr Ronnie Day Cliff Harrison Brent Janeway

Chris Johnson Ryan McCauley Jason Parton Jason Pinches



Tom Puckett Damiam Reed Thea Reed Rylana Rodgers

Doug Ross John Stravitias Damium Turman Tanya Jacobs

Marlyn Stekli


~ \l1'?i


路 ..

. ..



(~ "~

Dave Lesko, Chaminade Class of 1970


Congratulations to the

first graduating class of the new millennium. "Keep on smiling!!"

SENIOR PORTRAITS /J I ---:" k, c-la4$ ~~~ L E5 K0


1 26 1 AN. F A I R FIE LOR D.

42 6.- 8 5 75


.... .






VISIT US TODAY: 300 SOUTH PERRY STREET DAYTON, OH 45402 (937) 228-2993 • FAX (937) 228-3443






Home Buyers Warranty

II -



.. ..









Furnitu-re for Families

Shannon Farrell '88 Tim Newlin '89 Bridget Farrell '90 Sara Sullivan '90 Kevin Sullivan '91 Mark Farrell '92 Colin Sullivan '92

Rian Sullivan '92 Todd Sullivan '92 Colleen Schnell '93 Erin Sullivan '95 Meghan Farrell '96 Nicole LaSelle '96 Andrew Schnell '96

Broyhill • Lane Simmons • Flexsteel Serta • Pulaski La-Z-Boy

Tara Schnell '98 Anne Sullivan '98 Brennan Sullivan '98 Rori Sullivan '98 Murphy LaSelle '98 Mike Farrell '00 Kasey Farrell '02 '


Chaminade-Julienne ,


Proudly Supports all Eagles!

· ..





Salutes the Eagles!!! 2306 ONTARIO AVENUE DAYTON, OHIO 45414 PHONE: (937) 277-6579 FAX: (937) 277 -45~6

Best Wishes for a Successful Year!!

From the Chaminade-Julienne Co-Educators ParentiAdministration )\1eetings First Monday of Each Month



. .. . . .


When youre making out YOUR schedule...








70 Years of Family Tradition 1931-2001 Congratulations to brothers

Bryce f. Clark and Andrew J. Saluke Chaminade-Julienne Class of 2001 Mom- Julie (Stem/ey) Sa luke JHS 1969 & Dad Joe Sa/uke- CJH 1976 (Sister: Elizabeth Sa luke VBH Z004) Many family members that have graduated or will graduate .... Great Aunt Sr. Mary Albert Reichert, SHD Great Aunt Rosemary (Reichert) Roemer Great Aunt Sr. Miriam Joseph Reichert, SHD Great Uncle Joseph Reichert Grandmother Eleanor (Reichert) Stem/ey Great Uncle John Reichert Great Uncle Carl Reichert Cousin Gene Stem ley Cousin Shirley (Stem/ey) Mc Intosh Aunt Cindy (Stem ley ) Barnett Aunt Marsha (Stem/ey) Croft Cousin Joe J. Reichert Uncle Bill Sa luke Uncle John Sa luke Cousin Kathy (Reichert) Mc Coy Cousin Tom Reichert Uncle Mike Sa luke Aunt Elaine (Stem/ey) Baker Aunt Dr. Ann Sa luke Aunt Helen S"a/uke Cousin Mike Stem ley Uncle Pat Sa/uke Aunt Dr. Julia (Sa/uke) Mc Intosh Aunt Dr. Rose (Sa/uke) Ebel Distant Cousin Bill Reichert Cousin Sandy Sa/uke Cousin John Sa luke Cousin Jessica Sa/uke Cousin Dan Sa/uke Cousin Gregg Sa/uke Cousin Amanda Sa luke Cousin Joe Sa luke


1931 1934 1936 1938 1941 1943 1947 1951

195Z 1965 1966 1967 1967 1969 1969 1970 1971

197Z 197Z 1974 1978 1979 1983 1986

199Z 1995 1997 1998 ZOOO

Z003 Z004 Z006

... ..


Congratulations, Lynette! Your Journey's Just Begun. We Are Very Proud of You & Wish You Much Success! Love You, Mom & Dad

TO FINISH! Class of 2001

Hats off to the graduate - enjoy! Steinways - Nashs - Carters Dear Richard, We are all so very proud of your willingness to succeed and we wish you much success in life. All things are possible. Set your goals high. Be like the eagle who soars in the sky. Love always & forever, Mom, Dad & Amadeus When our faith is grounded in the greatness of God, we are confident of His power to do greater things. May God walk with you every step of your life! Much love always, Grandmother Steinway Congratulations! I knew you could do it! Love, Grandmother Carter

... ..

"You're on your way now!"

Congratulations and good luck, Ma&8ie! Love, Dad, Mom'70, Katie'99 , & Sarah'04 MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE ... BABY ... PRECIOUS ...



Love, Mom '74 and Dad

"My, how you've grown up! We are SO proud of you!" LOVE, DAD, MOM '62, TOM '85, JACQUIE, MIKE PLANT PRIORITY SERVICES, INC. 937 -27 4-9986

.... ..




Love, Mom, Dad, Jude & Maria Congratulations Eric!


To Go

From the first hoop to the last, you'll always be a winner!



路Love, Mom

macte virtute Love, Dad, Mom, Hannah, Billy and Mary Kate Congratulations Graduate HOLLEY OFFLEE

Michelle The answers ... become

You are truly our life's greatest gift You have such a wonderful spirit And character of your own. From the moment you were born We were all impressed with your Energy and sunshine smile You have become such a beautiful Person inside and out with your own Ideas and convictions to face a world That is yours for the taking. Continue to rise above like an EAGLE With all of our LOVE AND PRIDE DAD, MOM. Grand MEIR, PAPA, AUNT BEVERLY, UNCLE JEFF, DADDY MACK, MOMO, MS RUBY, UNCLE WILLIE LADON MONIQUE AND CRAIG

We're proud of YOU! love, Mom & Dad




... ..

Congratulations, Nikolas Hunt

GOOD LUCK EAGLES! THE SCHWENDEMANS - Pete'b7 Corie ~inn)'b~ Katie &Frank (Horvat)'b~ Herb &Betry'71 Tony'72 David'74 Tim '7b Anne'7~ &Brian ~uffy)'74 Steve '~ij John Horvat'~4 Matt '~~ Mike Horvat '% Corie '~~ Lizz Horvat'~~ Anna'ijij Joey'ij] Patrick Duffy'ij4 ... TONY &CORlE

Love, Mom, Jordan & Candice

Compliments of



M.B.A. Electric, Inc.

We're all so proud of you!

Love, Mom


Zohn! 2001

We are proud of you! Love, Mom & Dad

We are very proud of you

Elizabeth Reed You've come a long way!


We are so proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad & Bob


PARTIES • DANCES • FISH FRYS WEDDING RECEPTIONS • REUNIONS • MEETINGS • Central Locations • Ample Parking • Air Conditioned • Flexible Hours • Building Attendant • Full Kitchen • Clean Up Included • Large Rest Rooms • Sound &' Lighting System· Reasonable Prices • Personalized Service !

. FOR RENTAL INFORMATION CALL ' (937) 275-6051 Close to 1-75 & Route 4 249 Squirrel Road ............... (937) 275-6051

Dream. Work hard. Play nice with your friends. Be Careful. We love you. Congratulations Amy Angel Dad, Mom, Maggie and Jess

American Postal Workers Union - Dayton Local -

Banquets 9{eceptions Conventions Seminars

We offer the following: • Downtown Location • DJ Booth • Up to 400 Occupancy • Newly Remodeled • Kitchen Facilities • Free Parking



Where did the time go? It's as if it were a-dream or an echo.

convenient, spacious building to hold your special event. just give us a call...


If you need a

(937) 224-7912

We knew you could do it. You never cease to amaze us. We are so very proud of you. We love you Always, Gail & Gary Phillips Mom and Dad of 200 1 Grad!


Congratulations Micah! You make us proud. Love,

Motu, Dad, Corey and Caity

Little York Bob Evans Supports CJ!!!! Call ahead for carry out.


Jen, We ~lways knew you would really graduate! All our love,

Always hiring friendly people.

Mom, Dad, Brian & Renee



. .'

.. .


Congratufation5, Sarafi.9Lnne!


o F 2

Congratulations Jeff You made us proud

o o 1

yO, soar fiR§ an f£agfe. Love, Mom, 'lJad, 1(fltie'97 & Megan'03

Organ & Tissue Donation

A T'

re you an organ & tissue donor? Ask your family today, and let them know your decision,

too. That waYGi) there will be no

L'f C

question later.

Of 0 h10 Organ &Tissue Donotion



onnectlon •

937 -223-8223


Sharing lile



... tl Init d ,Ind h ,1rt in . l tl c hUnlHl1 {Hlll1111111t\..



I 11 rll



1 11 I




N\adonna's School of Dance Professional Counseling Center

Marguerite T. Wallace M .S., LPCC

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor 1010 Woodman Drive • Ste. 180 Dayton, Ohio 45432 Phone (937) 256-5300 • Fax (937) 258-4162

Ballet, Tap and Jazz Madonna Rothwell, owner 3171 Beaver Vu Drive Beavercreek, OH 45434

(937) 429-9444 Congrats Amanda Frasure and Kathryn Wentland

Congratulations Natalie and the Class of 2001

Love, Dad Mom (JHS 171) Grandma Maria (CJ 19B) Gerr~

Congratulations! You did it!

Jennifer Honn's Lawrence F amity

Congratulations CHRIS "RUDY" HECK What a great four years! Keep flying high with your dreams ... Love, Mom, Dad & Andy

To Kim6erry:

L(~ l~"D~ '(O"rr~UaIO"


R. Zina Landa

((To faugh often and much, to win the respect of inteffigent peopCe and the affection of chiCcfrenj to eam the appreciation of honest critics and endure the 6etrayaL of fafse jrierufs j to appreciate 6eauiJ" to find the 6est in others, to Ceave the worCcf a 6it 6ettelj whether 6y a chiCcf, a garcfen patch or a recfeemed social conditionj to know even路one Cife has 6reatftd easier 6ecause you have Cived. This is to have succeeded. II - RDiph waUfo Emerson.

Quantity Takeoff Material Lists Cost Estimating P.O.Box 386 Englewood, OH 45322 phone 937/836-9138 fax 937/832-7166

Your godfather would have been proud! InMenwry of

Andrew J. Chestnut C]HS Class of '76

Deloitte & Touche LLP 8

1700 Courthouse Plaza Northeast Dayton, OH 45402-1788 Telephone: (937) 443-5432 Office: (937) 223-8821 Facsimile:(937) 223-9653 Internet: Thomas R. Mann Director

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu International

David M. Berry Partner



unique pen and ink drawine or your home or bualneu, contact Kathy GIO ••. 2441 Auburn Avenue' Dayton, Ohio' 45406 . Telephone: 937·275·3845

CONGRATULATIONS SHELLEY! May the Lord Continue to Hold you in the Palm of His Hand

Love, Mom & Dad Emily, John, Caitlin asphalt & surfacing

How's your asphalt & concrete?

We manage all of our own work and are fully bonded and Insured for your protection.

Houser For complete asphalt service: Residential· Commercial ResurfaCing Sealcoating Paving Patching Striping Concrete ADA Consulting

Bus.: (937) 878-8722





STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES Home Offices: Bloomington, Illinois.


851 S. Potierson Blvd . • Dayton, OH 45402

Free Estimates --

Cali Today


45 N. Broad Street Fairborn, OH 45324

Congratulations, Class of 2001 ! Thaler Machine Company 257 Hopeland Street Dayton, OH 45408 222-2171


Mat Heck, Jr. '65 Prosecuting Attorney

Thomas A. Heck, M.D. '70 Tiffany M. Heck, '95





I () .ltcd.\I I Ill' "( ro ...... rll.ld ... III

\1 11t'l"II.. ,I"

I 7() ,ll1d 17:;),1 hc

ttl()() (1,1 Z #l()(l) olin "ilL''' ,l\,lil.lhk ,It 'I Ilt 1),I\IClIl

f1.1rk .1I1d I, ,\ t FRY l,i"oh.ll 1)I"t nhu t (!til



,111 1.1It!-' I lIlIlll',lIl1l'\ 1111 ,ttl'

• { '11ltl'd


Rcgin.l Robert ... ,


lit? JilliTc

I; ,11


I1l'l "Llt '


\IIZPI 1 . (

't'IHl\ l'..,


.1I1d ,1 lI\l'

r I/,# 1(I() II r . la/III \ ( '" 1II111t1 \) ," 7)

l:1 1 ('2 I 7 or I



.llld I () ',lI 111

• (HI \(rpOII "Ill'"

I clfCIPIl Iud Z()Il'

• l '1lltcd "t.llC" I )ql,lll(lll'lll of

"t.llC" ( 1I\1' Hll\ (III "Itl'

JJI III t' /I JI" I 11111 {J" 11 II "11'1 (

IIlI 'lI1,llioll.d

FI I. # I O() ,1I ...o cIllt'l

• ( )t

• j\ \( 1\1

l'l1Ilul SI,lIl"


\l!,IlLltlllIIL' 'Ill

tit! J'0 rk.

I 1,111 III I H II '1I1 \


c 'i'

I::; II 1)/ \ 11

I ,11111



Fogle Custom Builders 22 PERRINE ST. DAYTON, OH 45410

For Lifelong Learning

Interior & Exterior Trim Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Siding & Replacement Windows Room Additions (937) 461-3509


peaceful, welcoming, free from distractions retreats, training programs, conferences supported by the Marianists of Ohio

(937) 426-2363



GREAT JOB LOVE, MOM (CJHS ' 79) TERRY (CJHS ' 99) Thanks CJ - Until the next generation TOM

CarolynP. eJilcl£sOl1 BROKrR/CO·OWNLH ,.":UiR 'I ' ~1/lI." North Office: 931-561-9272, ExL 3307 C(}lIuillr; 937·381).4882 Dir!!et Line: gal -bo/-HOME (4663)

Fax: 937-567·4664 [.·Mail: cHrolynpj.ii.reai!ur.wrn We bsite: carolyn jackson. !,()(lltOf. co fJl " i\i\;;t-- *


5020 PI,ijalilliphia Drive, Dayton, Of! 454',::;




.. ~ .. ~~~




,....,. "(937) 235-5200 • (513) 705-2900 .. ' FAX

(513) 705-6439-


Congratulations 2000 Graduates II! u7k S~ i4 ~ ~iHdt -


6M tie StM4

937-258-11 3 937-254-1994


Buying & Selling Estate Jewelry • Antiques • Collectibles


Dayton Aerospace Inc

Appraisals Buying Complete Estates

NICHOLAS BRENDAN PIERCE Look to the future With great expectations Live in this moment With honor and grace. Always find us loving you. KOCHAM! Dad, Mom, Tessia, Jordan, Megan Dave Cronin

MARKETING Manufacturers Representatives

420 Fame Road Dayton, Ohio 45449-2314

1 >=

Phone:937/866-8677 800/925-8058 Fax: 937/866-8933

Time Master Software • Customizing Business Applications using Open Basic with Unix or Windows • Time and Attendance Software • Magnetic Reader Time Clocks • Bar Code Printers Jerry (815) 784-2396 • Bar Code Scanners Kevin (937) 667-0059 Pager (937) 341-1636


Kettering Towne Center

4484 Free Pike Dayton, Ohio 45416 Specializing in Learning Quality and Loving Care

Formerly Lazurus-Kettering Center

@Woodman and E. Dorothy Lane Come See Our Center VICKI SILER Administrator (937) 275-8489

Welcomes it New Anchor Elder Beerman Department Store and Tumbleweed Restaurants Property managed by Zeller Management, Inc.

Children are a Blettin, One More Soul 616 Five Oaks Ave. Dayton, Ohio 45406-5215 www.OMSoul

Call for FREE audio tape and catalog 937-279-5433

Special for ! C-J Families: $20.00 Video for 20% off Only $16.00 !!!!!!

Powerful insight for building 'a strong marriage and healthy, joyous sexuality.

Catholic Campus Ministry 426-1836 991 Senate Dr Centerville. Oh 45459 Fax: 434-1243

Look us up at: 184

.. ..

100% Natural-


Nutrition-Got my health! Gonna keep it! Skin Care-Guaranteed better skin with patented ENFUSELLE products Sports Nutrition-Play bigger, play harder Own Your Life-Home business


"Since 1936"


EXTERMITA! Bryan J. Mize


TERMITE AND PEST CONTROL 1026 Wayne Ave. Bus. 253-6144 Dayton, Ohio 45410

Elizabeth's New Lift Center Saving Lives... One Baby at a Timel

Volunteers needed year round. Call 274-2273 SERVICES INCLUDE:

Confidential Peer-Counseling Free Pregnancy Testing Ultrasounds Abstinence Education Presentations <&1 Adoption Referral <&1 Clothing and Material Needs <&1 <&1 <&1 <&1

VOLUNTEER NEEDS: <&1 <&1 <&1 <&1 <&1 <&1

8abysitters Peer-Counselors Medical Personnel Prayer Intercessors Hospital Visitors General Office Help


1823 North Main Street Dayton, Ohio 45405 Phone: (937) 276-5400 CALL OR WRI1E:

Elizabeth's New Life Center, Administrative Office 1846 North Main Street, Dayton, OH 45405 (937) 274-2273 Fax: (937) 274-1674

Proud to support Chaminade-Julienne High School!






8560 Old Troy Pike Huber Heights, OH (937) 237-1000

995 Miamisburg-Centerville Road Dayton, OH (937) 436-0098

836-9921 185

~asterPersonalRnanoel0l Check out our great services for students - and their parents • Student Checking • Student Loans tAutoloans

• Vlso$ & MosterCor-cf<tl, Classic or Gold • WrightChecJ(v MosterMoney" Debit/ATM Card • Home Mortgages • Home Equity Credit lines

Count on us to make your financial homework easier than ever! To lind oullryou're eliqlble to loin, 91ve us Q calt or stop by.

W!ghtretl~ lil CREDn UNION, INC.


P.o. Sox 286. felrbom, Ohio 45324 (937) 429- 334<). (800) 762-0047. roo (937) 912-700 I

Sports Injuries

The Ollegon HistOllic Distllict An histoRic neighboRhoo~ neaR Chamina~e-Julienne. TheRe aRe manN oppoRtunities to be paRt Of this won~eRf(Jl neighboRhoo~.

Call (937).2.20-9107 fOR events an~ available housing infORmation. 186

Children and Teenagers are not miniature adults, "growth" plates in their bones are at Risk of injury.

Orthopaedic Center for Spinal and p'e diatric Care, Inc. One Children's Plaza, Dayton, Oh 45404 (937) 641-3000 Michael C. Albert, MD James T. Lehner, MD Henry W. Albers, MD Board Cerlified by Ihe American Board ojOrlhopaedic Surgery. Inc .




George Go, Realtor


Associates: David L. Kinzeler Ralph M. Mantica Kathy Mantica

THE KANEY FAMILY Jack, Cindy Eric - '01 Adam - '03

Serving the Greater Dayton Area since 1947 Complete Real Estate Service 2404 Far Hills Avenue 293-1732 "We Cover the Miami Valley"


1907 E. Fifth Street Dayton, OR 45403 -P.O. Box 181 45404-0181 937/254-6211 Fax 254-4718

CorrunerciaVlndustrial Contractor

o "Eagle:


~~ The Kleinhenz's • Molly'97 Ben'99 Nick '02 Chris '07


Health Centered Metal Free Dentistry


~~ .; ~l~l' ~

Patrick T. Hunter, D.D.S. Joseph E. Hunter, D.D.S. New Clients Welcome!

1 Appointment Metal-Free Crowns & Inlays

No S il ver Mercury Fi ll ings Used Chemical Free Anesthesia Drill-Less Dentistry

Cosmetic Dent istry Dentures (Fu ll & Part ial) Crown & Bridge

8324 North Main Street 890-8957 (across from Randolph Plaza)

890-8958 187



•• ",

Good Samaritan Hospital




2222 Philadelphia Drive Dayton, Ohio 45406-1891 Phone: 937-278-2612


A member of Premier Health Partners

TELEPHONE (937) 278-3484 FAX (937) 278-0719


Easy to live with.


"Since 1936"

Full Service Insurance Agency - Personal, Commercial, Life, Health, Annuities Ph# 937.461.2246 EMAIL WE WELCOME NEW PATIENTS


252-8551 1654 S. SMITHVILLE RD. DAYTON, OHIO 45410 188

Innovative Ilutoboay tools muI equipment Raymond Steck

Laurence Steck

Paul Jacobsoh


Vice President

Shop Supervisor

Steck Manufacturing Company, Inc. 1115 So. Broadway, Dayton, OH 45408 USA Phone: 937-222-0062 1-800-227-8325 Fax: 937-222-6666

Frank H. Sanderman, DDS. Family Dentistry 1727 Brown St. Dayton, OH 45409 '--~ (937) 228-6542 r

2121 Jergens Road/Dayton, OH 45404

WENDLING PATTERNS, INC. Wood, Metal and Plastic Patterns Experimental and Model Work


DEBRA '95 AMY '97 MATT '02

Phone 937-233-7770 FAX 937-233-3282

Jim Wendling

e er

Catholic Church

Helping businesses protect their most valuable asset ...their employees.

• • •11.

Employee Benefits Administration • Family Business Advisor • Retirement Plan Design and Communication • Key Employee Compensation Planning

One South Main Street, Suite 600 Dayton, OR 45402-2088 Phone: 937.228.6165 • Fax: 937.228.7053




...the mind and heart in ervi ce to ~~~~Efifji th human

Phone 224路5643

22 Non Dam, Av. , In Olde North Dayton

Input, output and everything in between

Specializing in the design and production of: Brochures





Newsletters Forms Logos Jean Simmerman (JHS '69) Top Banana



310 East Melford Avenue Dayton, Ohio 45405 Phone: 937-2n-0675

Coverall Pkg.

... """'"

Printing/ Promotions/ Productivity

ProForma CNR Marketing Vandalia,OH • 937-898-8890 Ron Muzechul{· Class of 19711 • Go => Promotional & Commercial

5660 Far Hills Ave nu e Dayton. OH 45429 937·435·0324 Fax 937·435·4279

W. Douglas Patton, DDS Richard C. Quinttus, DDS "72" Paul C. Unverferth, DDS James A. Budde, DDS Alex R Clemente, DDS Eugene 1. Huffman, DDS Phillip M. Goodman, DDS, MS (Orthodontics Exclusively)



=> Business Forms & Business Documents => Ad Specialties & Promotional Products






n Board of I ermll ModlClfl Pulrnooc ry Mod 1110

II f:..\.1ANf M.

937/439-3600 937/439-3786 FAX [V() Co

o plorm t

st· NI, M D An ncan B

rd of Intn

M jon

Go Eagles'




Diplomate, Amon So Su






Mk About 0.. FREE ~ Setvk:eI

Winston Heat Treating, Inc.

Call tot • broc:hIn of Mkmark'. MW 1Ines..-KnIIttt by MIcImartI DenIItI c-wortl mdR'-R~

• PHONE - 937- 837-3743 • FAX - 937-837-4206

711 E. Second Street, Dayton, OH 191



Independent Sales Consultant 4623 Sylvan Oak Drive Dayton, Ohio 45426 (937) 837-5309

visual SLlSl:ernS, Handmade Baskets, Pottery, Wrought Iron Fine Collectibles & Much More!

The Presentation Technology People

PHONE ORDERS AND BOOK SHOWS WELCOME Visa/MasterCard/Discover/Novus (accepted)


Heating· Air Conditioning


E.H. NOONAN, INC. ~eating

and Air Conditioning

Electronic Air Cleaners • Humidifiers Since 1937

1853 WAYNE AVENUE • 256-1661 Bob Noonan - Class 1948 Gene '74 • Mike '77 • Colleen '82 • Jackie '84 • Pat '87 George '91 • Danielle '97 • Amanda '01 • Bill '03




700 Troy Street Dayton, Ohio 45404


;~'e:~'b~.;:~~'i;~,~·<>:'::,li.:::·~~~:·~·-~';':':~~'i :":~


6700 Homestretch Road, Dayton, Ohio 45414 (937) 454-5555 • Fax (937) 454-5599 • (800) 322-3975 E-mail:


"Each Cake A Masterpiece Design" ,



(937) 228-4151


Meyers Printing & .Design, Inc.

4486 INDIAN RIPPLE ROAD (AT 1-675) DAYTON, OHIO 45440 (937) 320-1262 E-MAIL:

Greg and Karie Meyers



DesigJ1, aJ1d PriJ1tiJ1g

233 East Helena Street Dayton, Ohio 45404-1003

for NOJ1-profit OrgaJ1izatioJ1s


fax 937.461.650\

Richard P. Graf, CPA Dennis J. Hughes, CPA Thomas J. Mikos, CPA

Donald E. Stewart, CPA Richard P. Hartmann, CPA Richard D. Dailey, CPA

Rita A. Kloenne, CPA Margaret M. Boyer, CPA

Cindy S. Stafford, CPA Kevin R. Horner, CPA


Ohio Watts 1-800-821-4446 Fax 937-461-1280

PICKREL BROS. INC. Wholesale Plumbing and Heating Supplies 901 South Perry Street • Dayto~, Ohio 45402 Janet Meyer Pickrel '37 Ann Westbrock Pickrel '60 Elaine. Riegle Pickrel '66 Mary Anne Pickrel '66 Dick Pickrel '60 John S. Pickrel '63 Tom Pickrel '65 Jim Pickrel '69 Jim Rohl '69 Mike Meixner '71 VITAMINS AND HEALTH FOODS



Monday· Friday 10-9 Saturday 10-6 Sunday 12-5

2108 Miamisburg-Centerville Road Centerville, Ohio 45459

Tim Pickrel '88 Kelley Pickrel '89 Jeff Pickrel '90 Joe Pickrel '91 Debbie Pickrel '93 Greg Pickrel '96 Bob Kurpiel '80 . Mark Franz '80 Julie Pickrel '99 Lisa Pickrel '02 Jim T. Pickrel 'OS

rrfwmas O. Wirilams,


Class of "65"

Phone: 890-4820

6800 North Dixie Dr. Dayton, Ohio 45414

(937) 433·5100


1632 WAYNE AVE. DAYTON, OHIO 45410 253-1441


Schlientz &





1832 WAYNE AVE .

Compliments of:

TECHMETAJ 5, INC. A Family of Engineering Metal Finishes (937) 253.5311


Your Partner . .. in the Community -~. -=...:;;;;;-.,IIXNN* · eou,I.,


Since 1983

Dayton 293-7854

• • •

On duty personnel 24 hours/day, 7 days/week Immediate local deliveries, expedited out of town del iveries Routes, scheduled runs, and dedicated drivers with equipment Above industry standard cargo and li ability insurance Uniformed, trained , profess ional drivers




~~-~~7 ~




Cincinnati 1-888-399-1500 194

.. "



"Clipper's Quicker"




Restaurant Hours:

Located at the Dayton International Airport Inside the: Dayton Airport Hotel 3330 Terminal Drive Vandalia, Ohio (937) 898-1000

Continental Breakfast served from 5:00am until 11 :OOam daily Breakfast menu served from 7:00am until 11 :OOam Monday - Friday Lunch served from 11 :OOam until 2:00pm Monday - Friday Dinner served from 5:00pm until 10:00pm Monday - Friday



\j3est rwishes 路

to Chaminade - (Julienne from

Rathweg Insurance Associates, Inc.


Elmer Phil Carolyn Bucklew Angela Andrew Maureen Mary Jo

'29 '64 '65 '90 '92 '96 '99

John Heinz


. ... .




Easterling Studios Offers • 3 of the areas LARGEST camera rooms! • The LARGEST outdoor camera studio in the area, with pond, gazebo and landscaped backgrounds! • The LARGEST selection ofbuiJt-in sets. • One of the LOWEST PRICES on senior portraits in the area. • Call Easterling for our Summer Specials. • Easterling Studios is proud to be the official yearbook/senior portrait photography studio for Charninade-Julienne High School.





-We're proud to support Chaminade-Julienne High School.

Big enough to meet all your commercial banking needs ... Small enough to give you the personal service you want. Jerry Brunswick Dave Schmitiz (CHS 1965) (937) 223-1444


.. . .,





.(i-J GuidanCe ottice Says•• Over 80 Years of Service with three locations to serve you




81 S . ~hinSI. Cenlervillr, OH 45459

6 O.kwood Ave. D'ylon, OH 45409

2100 E. Slroop Rd . Kettuing.. OH 45429




MIAMI VALLEY MASONRY INC. Joy L. Chaney Diane M. Holliman

2300 OME AVENUE. DAYTON, OHIO 45414 FAX: (937) 274-9982 PHONE: (937) 274-2179



y F. Igleburger, D.D.S., M.S. • Richard J. Mori, D.M.D., M.S.


1400 Valley Street Dayton, Ohio 45404

(937) 252-8651

~dtoat ~tut FLORIST

James Masters I


2266 Patterson Road , Kettering, Ohio 45420 (937) 256-8020




.. ..



~ '

__ .





(937)773-0699 1-800-521-4442 FAX (937)773-6096


RIVERSIDE BILLIARDS Open 24 Hours / 7 Days a Week No Alcohol Video & Dart Games Tournament Size Tables 1 Snooker Table

258-0504 Located in back of Airway Shopping Center 136 Woodman Drive


WES Precious Blood Parishioner 880 E. National Rd. Vandalia, OH 45377

(937)898-1616 1-800-499-1086 Fax: (937)898-5481

SERVICE -- at the Highest Level --


51 YEARS Serving the Miami Valley We Offer You Carrier • Frigidaire • Butler Brand Furnaces, Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps

~~~ 253-8871

Show Room

120 Springfield Street .-


Specialized Alternatives for Families & Youth Of America Make a Difference ... Become a Foster Parent Contact: Emily Nevin 4900 Frederick Pike

(937) 279-1399 Dayton, OR 45414

1997 1999

rviu c.M.,iI - qJ,.i,.et'

Office - 937-278-3149 Cell - 937-830.3244


2000 2001

THE SCHIRACK'S popp & TUSS ATTORNEYS AT LAW 204 South Ludlow Street Suite 209 Dayton, Ohio 45402 Telephone (937) 222-8500 Fax (937) 222-0488 e-mail PoppTussl@aoLcom Vincent P. Popp Mark A. Tuss (CHS 1970) Brent A. Crane



Supports Chaminade-Julienne Catholic High School Visit one of our five locations in Dayton, OH for delicious Fish, Chicken & Seafood 202 路路

~he Lemke Group, In路c. 301 7 Sudbury Drive Kettering, Ohio 45420-1128


..... .

ok "a You C. ~ For helping to raise them up on


Eagles Wings! . Mark '97 Bryan '02

Michelle '98

Ted & Kathy F ecke

Good Luck Eagles!


c.-J Eagles,


Y'brk hard, play hard and good luc.k in the future. Y'{e are behind you every step of the way! Sinc.erely, Stephen P. Brown, AlA David B. Bills, AlA

www.brownandbills .com

The McCallister Family

4505 N. MOlin 51. DOlylon . Ohio 45405 T: 937.277 1900 F: 937277.9619

Best Wishes

Ann & Drew 114 JV~

Jt-. fi'laMt J~ q)~-, tY'hw 45402-1710 (g.J7) 224-0058 g-aa;: (g.J7) 224-5500

Love, Mom, Dad, Bill

Go Eagles! The Spitzig Family

Ken '75, Jeanne '75, Ken'02,Denny'03 Lisa, John & George







'_-1 ~~-

~ IiIi

HBlIllng • Ai, Conditioning



iJu.alllllf Heating and IIi" Conditioning

612 Watervliet Street Dayton, Ohio 45420 (937) 253-5178 "Large Enough to Serve You .. . Small Enough to Know You "

Full Service Florist

M-F 9-5 , Sat 9-2

Jean M. Steigerwald Attorney-at-Law

Good Luck Eagles i

' "i~"~/ , .~ .

1 30 W. Second St., Suite 1 508 Dayton, Ohio 45402 937-228-5326




t - - - - - -_ _ _w ~_ _ ____i


Lunch, Dinner & Late Night

The Celtic Academy of Irish Dance Celtic Academy of Irish Dance ~ri5~ ~ 5438 Burkhardt Rd. • Dayton, OH 45431 (937) 256-6086 A vailable for Performances Beginners Welcome

Mary Laffey Beemsterboer, TCRG Kathleen Doyle, TCRG Laureen Laffey, TMRF Directors

Food Fast. Not Fast Food

226-2600 1157 Brown Street, Dayton, Ohio I

Our Outstanding .employees include Nakeyia Worley, Shante Long, Francesca Dorsey, Jasmine Mann Bt Tequia Hollis



Joe & Mary Beth (Hafer '67) Walusis

MARKETING • Sales Tools • Media Advertising • Web Development • Interactive AN Presentations AWARD-WINNING DESIGN· PROVEN RESULTS

WEBER, GEIGER & KALAl, INC. 937.222.4683




Liza H. Pond Orthodontist

Pro-formance Realty, Inc. 6250 Far Hills Ave. Dayton, Ohio 45459 937-438-0505

member American Association o/Orlhodoll/isls

Each Office Independently Owned and Operated

714 South Dixie Drive· Vandalia, OH 45377 PH: 937·890·7470·FX: 937·890·6064

Cabinet Refacing!

National City® FOLLOW



The Easy, Affordable Alternative To Custom Kitchen Remodeling


Designers of Fine I(itchens

SUPPL 2601 West Dorothy Lane Dayton, Ohio 45439 937-297-1111 • 800-875-1111

Call Mike Mergler (P'02,'03,'05 &'07) To Discuss Your Kitchen Remodeling Plans and Receive A FREE In-Home Consultation:

Cabinetpak Kitchens (937) 434-5200 8921 Kingsridge Drive (Just South of Dayton Mall) Showroom Hours: Mon-Fri 8-4, Sat 10-2


- - - -- -- - - - - -- - - -



"Chefs %ucli Catering


:Your '.FuflService Caterer


• Personalized treatment plans to give you a beautiful smile and better dental health • State-of-the-art orthodontic methods in a comfortable, positive atmosphere • Individualized payment plans • Two Dayton locations for your convenience:

V "

10% 'Discount on :Your (jraauation Party ph. 937-847-2717

fiG 937-847-9677

Nathaniel Ritter, DDS, MSD, INC. Orthodontics {or Adults & Children

Copp Systems Integrator


Since 1920

Norlh Office

Soulh Office

8769 North Main Street Dayton, Ohio 45415 890·9600

5335 Far Hills Avenue Dayton, Ohio 45429 434·7484

1235. Keowee 5t. Dayton, OH 45402-2240


Main 937-228-4188 Fax 937-228-2901

Audio'VoiceoVideooOataoSecurityoFire Life Safety OesignoSalesolnstallationoService 1-877-450-COPP 0


Equity Land Title Agency, Inc. Steven L. Clayton, President Corporate Office: 407 Corporate Center Drive' Vandalia. Ohio 45377 • 898·8825 East Office: 2372 Lakeview Drive. Suite D' Beavercreek. Ohio 45431 '427·3434 Title Plant: 2 Riverplace. Suite 310 • Dayton. Ohio 45405 • 223·4465 South Office: 2400 Brittany Court. Suite 6A • Day1on. Ohio 45458 • 434·0446

EAGLE Registrations Inc. 937 -293-2000 • 800-795-3641 Fax 937-293-0220 Offering registration services in the following areas: ISO 9000, QS-9000, AS9000, ISO 14000, TL 9000, TE Supplement, and guidance to CE marking. ISOITS 16949 approved.

Certified by the RAB and RvA 206

4830 Salem Avenue Dayton, Ohio 45416

1278-26921 · Distinct levels of nursing care · Geriatric rehabilitation services '. Specialized Alzheimer's unit · Independent living units Accredited by Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations Certified for Medicare, Medicaid and other insurance programs

Sponsored by Catholic Health Initiatives and a member of Premier Health Partners

.... Web Address

John Logan Since 1948 Logan Home Enterprises. Inc. 1609 N. MAIN ST., REAR DAYTON, OHIO 45405

2205 Smithville Rd. Kettering, Ohio 45420 Phone: (937) 252-5000 People You Can Trust Fax: (937) 252-9398

(937) 278-0056

Harvey Culvahouse General Manager

We can handle all your direct mail


At DMS we have down to -earth people and state ofthe art technology. Add in any type 0/mailing seroice you may need and you'll understand why our customers keep coming back. DMS - Old-:!ashioned seroice at competitivepn'ces.


Our Lady of the !RjJsary Church and St. Stephen Church tJJauton, Ohio .


Good Luck Jessica Strader #1 Go C-J Volleyball!!! ~


Gary P. Gersh D.D.S. Daniel S. German D.D.S. Stephen P. Burke D.D.S. Raj Kulkarni D.D.S . Brenda O'Brien D.D.S.

Creating Classic Smiles .. . Four Convenient Offices 3300 Kemp Road Beavercreek, OH 45431 937-426-6860

5211 Waynetown Ct. Suite A Huber Heights, OH 45424 937-236-2500

5900 North Main Street Dayton, OH 45415 937-278-7417

55 North Main Street Centerville, OH 45459 937-434-6992


l~ull~J~~ MOVERS, INC. SINO: 1955



Larry Hicks


4524 Webster St.


(937) 222-7002

Dayton, OH 45414

516 Troy Street Dayton, Ohio 45404

(937) 496-3490 FAX (937)223-8810

Toll Free 1-877-216-6837

N Mahle, Wack, Zaidain

& Co., PLL

Certified Public Accountants

dayton, ohio .



WWW. 5h0 0 kCor p. C0

q" Eagles!

David Mahle, CPA - '54 CHS ' Steven D. Wack, CPA - '68 CHS Joseph S. Zaidain, CPAlPFS - '66 CHS Julie Woodie Wack - '69 St. Joseph Valerie A. Dupler (Zaidain) - '88 CJHS Jennifer E. Romaker (Zaidain) - ' 93 CJHS Jennifer R. Wack - '95 CJHS JeffP. Wack - 2001 CJHS


Stephanie 2004 Jennifer 2002 David 1997 Kathy 1995

228 Byers Road, Suite 300 Miamisburg, Ohio 45342 (937) 866-2533 Member American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Private Companies Practice Section

the Trittschuh's




tJlIJ ,

• Complet~ Design & Build Capabilities •

In·House Professional Engineering •

Compliments of:

Security and Fire Alarm Systems •

Industrial, Institutional and Commercial Expertise ! •

Equipment Connections and Control Wiring •

f})r. J osepfi yL and f})ebra !Jvf. Scfien(

Black Electric. Prime Service CompNet Solutions • Orca Security

Network Cabling Design and Installation

Office: 937 .252.2522 Toll Free: 800.997.2522 212. E. WestbrOOk Rd. P.O. Box 489 Brookville OH 45309·0489



.. . ..

o Eagles Chaminade D~wid York 1963

Chaminade · Julienne Pdul York 1975

Anne York 1994 Amdndd York 1995 Joseph York 2001 Kdtherine YorK 2002

John York 1967 Thomds York 1970 St. Joseph

Rosemdry York 1969 -

r p



I • Coming home always feels good.


offer you

security of a HAPPY and HEALTHY smile •• ask your


D.D.S. Diplomate, American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Diplomate, International Congress of Orallmplantologists

Dental implants

the comfort and We're proud to support Chaminade-Julienne Catholic High School.

R. Thomas Perry,

dentist how.

WiSdom Teeth, Implants & Jaw Surgery 5335 Far Hills AvenueSuite 118 Dayton, Ohio 45429 Office: 937-439-5912 1-800-721-5096

<!)2000 EINST & YOUNG ll,


Thomas M. Wolfe President ~1I0Yd Insulation compliny

Kettering-Oakwood Automotive


alloyd insulation co., inc. 5734 Webster Street P.O, Box 14299 Dayton, Ohio 45414

1018 Shroyer Road

Dayton, Ohio 45419

(W!~ ,' , .

(937) 293-0135 I 299-2468

(937) 890-7900 Fax: (937) 890-6618

:. "

.:.. ....,





" ,




" ,

, "





. ...... .:'. '

.. .. ,"

" •01 Dlanges •CooIng S)Stem •fJt Q)OOtioIilg •AigMleit

5732 Springboro Pike Dayton, Ohio 45449-2842 (937) 293-2022 FAX: (937) 293-9697

• Brakes

• TIreS

• Belts

, TLII1e Up


(937) 233-4911 Fax (937) 233-8960 Wats Line (800) 227-5705 COMMERCIAL METAL FABRICATORS, INC.


[Oplilil~1 FAMILY

150 Commercial Park Drive Dayton, Ohio 45404


DENTISTRY. OFFICE (937) 293-3402 HOME (937) 293-7731


7587 CLYO ROAD DAYTON, OR 45459 TEL: (937) 435-3000 FAX: (937) 435-8328


Frwlloo!lp _




cr.qv..... '17(_ _) , " -


'9J, V _ ..J


John M. Gorman Co., Inc. P.o. BOX 14148 NORTHRIDGE STATION 2844 KEENAN AVE.- DAYTON, OH 45414 TELEPHONE: 9371278-0836

CONGRATULATIONS JOHN PATRICK (J. P.) Mike '61 - Patty (JHS) '63 - Tim '65 Denny '66 - Janie (S.JHS) '66 Terry '69 - Bridget (JHS) '72 Michelle '87 - Jeff '89 - Jill '92 Colleen '93 - Jude '95 - Anne '96 Julie '98 - Denny '98 - Maria '99 John Patrick '01

MARIAN MANOR K OF C 6050 Dogleg Rd .• Dayton, Ohio 45415

HALL RENTAL Receptions - Meetings - Picnics Parties - Dances - Fish Fries .

Air Conditioned Hall Ample Lighted Parking

REASONABLE RATES Call 890-2971 or 836-5688

COflg t"Cltu ICltioflS, EClg les! John McDermott & Family Joe '82 Julie '87 211


D&D DRIVING SCHOOL INC. Dayton and Surrounding Communities




SINCE 1905 "Exceedillg }'tmr Expectatiolls"

Our Only Location


Defensive Driving for the Disabled Adult Beginner and Refresher Remedial / 2 Point Credit Teenage Course SINCE 1952

1306 N. Troy St. • Dayton, OH 45404 Phone: (937) 223-1213· Fax: (937) 223-6389

96 Years of Experience NO EXTRA CHARGE

$25.00 off with this ad


of 1!TliB

Robert L. Caspar, Jr. 7460 Brandt Pil(e Huber Heights, Ohio 45424 (937) 236-6444 Good Luck Chaminade-Julienne Eagles!



Ducover all that Downtown Dayton ha. to oreer. Enjoy the fe.tlv .... the park. and recreation. and the ftr.t rate uta It entertainment. Downtown I•• ure to have .omethln, for everyone no matter what It I. that you enjoy. .

ror more infonnatlon about downtown .""nl. and adivities. call the Downtown Dayton /briner.hip at 2244.518 oreall the What.i Up Downtown? hotline at 46J.4f3J6. m. 2222.




Be proud of your home team and be proud of your home town.


9J)~ rdluvwlv/7uf1dy.

136 E. THIRD STREET DAYTON.OH 45402-2130 PHONE (937) 223-2521

,<' UP



\ ...




. .... .

THUNDERBOLT TRADERS, INC. 6900 N. Dixie Dr. • Dayton, Ohio 45414

937 -890-3344



f'f'Qur name says it all!" . The best cheeseburgers, grilled

Dayton Soo Bahk Do Korean Martial Arts T



• Self-Defense • Confidence .AII Ages




":" . ....... .


Reality Fitness 419 E. Fifth St. Second Floor Dayton, Ohio 45402 (937) 223-6193

Bahk Do Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan

Kyo Sa Dave Thomas Certified Instructor

sandwiches, chicken

wings and salads

. Ice-cold beers and soft drinks . Family &eating, Dine-in or canoy out Daily I.&.wIch Specials and Happy Hour everyday! 1062 Patterson Ad. in the Breitenstrater Shopping Center

253-7383 Downtown at 33 S. Jefferson St.

across from Price Stores




4111 N. Dixie Drive Dayton, OR 45414 275-7481



45404 WED.

"Featuring the Tattoo Team"

Any Color. Any o..'"n. Plain or F'nc:y SAFE • CLEAN • EXPERIENCED Mu.' be ",nd sew,. H,ndj"p Acuu ibl, "'.mber oIAPT . ORIGINAL PERSONAlIZEO DESIGN FREE HAND. FINE LINE· BOLO· TRIBAl. PORTRAITS

~ .














BUS. (937) 436-2700 - RES. (937) 291-3578 FAX (937) 436-3908- PAGER (937) 334-3867

@ tm-

Did you know: - A baby's heart beats at 3 weeks .... - Brain waves are detected at 7 weeks ... . - A baby sleeps, awakens at 12 weeks ... . Know the facts before you choose. It's a matter of life and death PROTECT THE FUTURE EAGLES! PROTECT THE UNBORN! Greater Dayton Pro-Life Education Foundation 211 So. Main, Suite 830 Dayton, OH 45402 (937) 223-9227

PAST AND PRESENT Cfiaminacfe-jufienne , .9Ltfifetic :J{a{{of!fame

Siebenthaler's Landscaping & Garden Centers

The Chappell Family Supporting All of C-J's Great Traditions North 3001 Catalpa Dr. 274-1154 South 6000 Far Hills Ave. 434-1326 Beavercreek 2074 Beaver Valley Rd. 427-4110 214

Dr. Donald E. Hunter Chiropractic Physician 562 E. Dayton-Yellow Springs Rd Fairborn, OR 45324 Local Ph: (937) 879-0370 Toll-Free (877) 268-4448 Hollie: (937) 878-4416


~~nt~ C!~r~ BAR & GRILL

Good Luck, Eagles!

We Have The Taste That Will Tempt Your Palate!

1943 N. Main



The McGregor Family

Chris Gottschlich Chef / Owner Mon.-Fri. 11-11 Sat. 4-midnight

Dine-In and Carryout


Fowler Printing Services

An EMCOR Company

H.V.A.C . .~ Service • Plumbing Power and Process Piping

Robert E. CUpp Dayton Division Manager

Proud Supporter of Catholic Education

4812 Frederick Road Suite 102 Dayton, Ohio 45414

Phone (937) 275-4678 FAX (937) 275-4679



Christy's Restaurant & Catering 6488 Chambersburg Road . Huber Heights, OH 45424


• • • •

Diamonds & Colored Gemstones Remounts Fine Jewelry For All Occasions Jewelry Repair


7 W. National Rd. Englewood, Ohio 45922 (937) 836-6243 215

Yearbook Patrons A-1 Carpet & Tile Inc. AAMCO Transmissions--215 S. Patterson Blvd. Aegis Progressive Martial Arts Center The Aichers - Chris, Becky, Kate & Jack The Albright Family De Alexander Sandra Allen American Legion Post 776 Anderson Construction Dr. & Mrs.Wiliiam P. Anderson Appliance Doctor Ashley's Pastry Shop The Attenweiler Family Congratulations Eric Bardun From Your Family Dr. Barnes-Lark/Kevin Sanford Basic Vitamins Mark & Janet Bayliff & Family Randy & Christen Beane Randy & Christen Beane & Family Meg & Robin Begley Happy Sweet 16 to Ashley Bennett '03 Good Luck Karl Benson, Love Family & Friends Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bettinger Clarence & Judy Bittner Black Brothers/Sisters Involvement The Boehmer Family Michael & Emilee Boland Bold Investment Club Boyd Construction Co. The Branick Family Bob & Sandy Brinkman George & Jo Brockman Jim Brooks The Brower Insurance Agency--Chris McAtee Jimmy & Francine Brown The Margaret E. Brown Family The Brown's-Steve, Kathy, Josh, Spencer, Noelle Steve & Patty Brun & Family Bucholz Cafe Steven & Beth A. Budd Justin, Sarah & Samantha Budd The Budde Family The Buscemi Family The Bush Family & Jewell Hartshorn Linda S. Bush The Byrd's -- Betsy, Kenneth, Kenny The Callahan Family Central Fastener Inc.


The Chadwick Family Church of the Holy Angels Mary C. Coffman & Nichole Fetter The Colbert's-Tim, Lisa, Meghan, Caitlin, Sean, Erin Kenneth & Donna Coleman Jesse & Clara Coleman Congratulations to Katie, Micah & Krista The Cousins Family The Craft Family William Craft The Craig Family--Rosalyn, Rob, Carrie & Roy The Crews--JQnathan & Bambi-Linn The Croker Family Kathleen Crosby Crown Equipment Corporation The Crutcher Family The Dammons Family Rebecca Davis & her Family Daymont West Dayton Ballroom Studio Dayton Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #44 Karen Dean Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Dieker Dixie Vet Clinic DK&J Pump Fitness Kevin & Michael Donnelly The Donnelly Family Ned & Maureen Dowd Tammy, Teanna & Terri Downs Edward & Lois Downs Tom '00, Mike '02, Patrick '04, Christopher '07 Doyle Dun-Wright Construction Company, Inc. Kathleen Durlak M.S. L.P.C.C. Nancy Egbers Craig & Denise Elder The Engle/Nolan Family Byron G. Epley, D.D .S., Inc. Equity Land Title Agency, Inc. Fairborn Family Practice Assoc: Faith Temple P.C.O.G. -- I am Sombody Inc. R. L. Fender Construction Co., Inc. Fidelity Mortgage Lending, Don Barringer & Family Rochelle & Alesondra Fields The Flanagan Family Fox Cleaners, l,nc. Fritz Painting Gary & Kathy Gall . Kathy Garrison & The Teachers of Shiloh View

. ....

Yearbook Patrons Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Gauder Alan l. Gaylor Family The Geel's--Randy, Louann, Leslie, Haley, Natalie Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Gill & Family Global Gauge Corporation Krysten Ronae Goff Good Samaritan Hospital--The Heartcare Experts John F. Goode, L.L.C., CPA Gorgeous Gardens by Gina John M. Gorman Co. Imogene Graham/Sheri Gray Grant's Water Conditioning Jeni Gray Pat & Marianne Gray Hackenberg's-Jerry, Kathy, Jeremy, Justin, Josh Dr. & Mrs. Kris Hall Congratulations Steve Hallman--With love from all Hanken Imports - Anne & Joe Shock Hara Arena Conference & Exhibition Center . Donald F. Harker III, Attorney-at-Law Harrigan's Restaurant Norma & Jack Hart, Jr. & Family The Hayden Family Dr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Heck, M.D. Jacquie Heiland -- Paula Mayes The Hemmelgarn Family Harold, Elaine & Brian Henderson The Henn Family Hinder's Bar and Grill, Tipp City, OH Pat & Don Hoendorf & Family Art & Karla Hollencamp Holy Trinity Catholic Church Homes by Bill Simms -- Good Luck Eagles! Mr. & Mrs. Rob Hook & Family Esther Horn of New Bremen, OH Tom, Diana & Hannah Hottinger Hubbard Family - Tom, Debbie, Jennifer, Jason Katie Huffman The Hull Family The Hundts--David, Mary, Beth, Dan & James I.B.EW. Electricians Local 82 The Jasko Family The Jasko Family . Jeraldyne's School of the Dance Kortney Jeter Merrel & Mary Lou Baker Jones Marilyn Jones Mark & Mary Jones

Martin & Marcia Jones & Family Jones, Washington Co ., LPA Julius Sanitation Services Ann & Bill Keechle & Family Dr. Gene Keferl '59 Kemper Mortgage Inc. Mike & Kathy Kenney Mary Kessler Esthetician Kettering Sports Medicine Center Key-Ads, Inc. Kidz Again KK Motorcycle Supply The Klawonn Family Aaron, Mary, ~ustin & Ma;:mie Klumb Knights of Columbus, Maria-Joseph Council 4022 Anita Koerner Keith & Kim Kreiger Law Office of Konrad Kuczek '61 The Laage Family Landscapes by Bill Atkin The Lauber Family LaVelios Piazza The Layman Family The Lefeld Family Devin Libecap Lincoln Park Grille Joe Logan '61 -- Logan Service John & Kelli Lovelace The John Luken Family Ms. Kahonda J. & India Jena' Lyle Good Luck -- Main Line Supply Co., Inc. Lois & Tom Mann Mark Manuel Maplelawn Beauty Shop Bob, Geri, Chris & Sarah Marks Good Luck Katie-We love you, The Marsico Family Truman Martin, D.D.S . Ed & Marie Martinek Mattress Factory Outlet Max & Erma's Restaurant--The Hometown Favorite Linda S. Maynor Karen McCalister The Morris McDaniel Family Vern & Sue McEldowney The McElroy's-Rick, Jean Ann, Mike , Matt & Angie Mr. and Mrs. Ralph McEvoy The McLaughlin Family Mike & Susan McPeek



Yearbook Patrons The McWilliams-Closser Families Regina Medina Meijer, Englewood Jim & Mary Meixner Dan & Laura Meixner Tammy & J. B. Metcalf Ann Meyers Wayne E. Miller-Coldwell Banker Heritage Realtors John Miltenberger Module 21 Building Co., Inc. - Don Carter, Class of '75 Charles Morrow Mulhern Enterprises, Inc. Meaghan Murphy Bill & Debbie Myers Nation Grinding Inc. "The Grinding Specialists" Marsha Bonhart Neilson Sheila Newlin Bob Ninneman Bill & Grace Ninneman Claudia Ninneman Northridge Animal Clinic-L.E. Christy, D.v.M. Nuclear Computers - North Dixie Drive Nurrenbrock's Quality Candies Dan and Marsha O'Connor Old Hickory Bar-B-Q, North Main Street Outback Steakhouse in Centerville, OH P.J.'s Watch Me Grow Home Daycare/Pamela Allen Family of Jacob Page Bernice, Mat, Jess & Jenny Parker Dino & Cynthia Parker Mat '02 & Jessica '04 Parker Donald & Darlene Patrick Patterson Chase Company The Patzer Family Go Eagles! - The Pavy Family Rosemary Penkala Pepitos Mexican Restaurant - Airway Road John & Athie Pickrel & Family Charlie, Sue & Chris Plassenthal Porter, Wright, Morris & Arthur The Potts Family Precious Blood Church Pro-CRAFT-inators The Pulver Family (Inspirational) Dr. Bruce & Cindy Rank Thom & Connie Rankin, Josh, Luke & Paul The Ray Family -- Mike, Carol, Josh '03

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Bethani M. Weitzel, Class of 2002 The Wenclewicz Family Western Ohio Financial Group - Michael J. Piatt Charlene & Bill Wheeler Clayton & Virginia White The Whitescarver Family Steven, Ellen & Brandon Wicinski Ronald, Tiffany & Sharon Williams Williams Brothers Roofing & Siding Co., Inc. Ellis & Donna Willis The Wilson Family Nancy J. Winfrey Family The Wise Family Tom & Kathy Wittberg & Family Mr. & Mrs. Robert Woerner Mary Beth Woeste Sewing & Alterations Gordon W . Womack, DDS Jennifer Yarnell The York Family The Zelnio Family The Zink's--Rick, Chris, Emily, Allison & Julie E. Jerome Zwiesler Mary Lou Zwiesler, M.D.








A new computer video game called "The Sims," which simulates the life of a suburban family, develops a fanatical following with teens. Players create the characters and guide them through building a house, furnishing it, finding a career and running a family in their pursuit of happiness.

~ Jim Carrey stirs up trouble in the

town of Whoville in an adaptation of the Dr. Seuss classic, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The Grinch, which opens in November, is the highest grossing film of 2000.


Âť> The first big hit in 2001 is Save the Last Dance, which opens in January. The teen romance, starring Julia Stiles and Sean Patrick Thomas, earns close to $50 million in its first two weeks.


Gamers camp outside electronics stores to secure the long-awaited Sony PlayStation 2, which goes on sale in October ~"~'l5 in limited quantities. The new version allows users to listen to CDs and watch DVD movies in addition to playing games.

Pay It Forward, a movie based on the idea of performing random acts of kindness, opens in October starring Haley Joel Osment, Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt: ~

Tom Cruise reprises his role as Ethan Hunt in the action sequel Mission: Impossible 2. The May release is summer's biggest box-office draw and 2000's second-highest grossing film, earning more than $215 million.




Popular television series prompt the introduction of board game versions. "Survivor" and "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire" lead the list of new releases.



Âť> In November, illusionist David Blaine is encased in ice for 62 hours in New York's Times Square, assisted only with air and water tubes and a catheter. Blaine, who was seeking notoriety over national TV, survives the stunt but requires hospitalization.


NBC's White House drama "The West Wing," starring Martin Sheen, Allison Janney and Richard Schiff, sets a record for receiving the most Emmys in a single season with nine wins, including Outstanding Drama Series.

~ The year's hottest TV show is CBS's "Survivor," in which 16 contestants compete for a million dollars by surviving on a tropical island for 39 days. More than 51 million viewers tune in for the final episode. Based on its success, CBS launches a second "Survivor" series in January 2001 set in the Australian Outback.

Russell Crowe becomes a household name with the release of Gladiator. The epic film wins a Golden Globe Award for Best Drama as well as an acting nod for Crowe.



A new board game called "Hip-

~ Hop Hall of Fame" capitalizes on

the popularity of the music genre. Players make their way around an album-like board by answering questions about Hip-Hop performers, songs, culture and history.

Hip-Hop remains one of the year's dominant sounds, with acts such as DMX, Jay-Z and Ludacris all making Billboard's Top 40 with new songs and selling more than a million copies of their latest CDs.


Âť> Madonna scores a record-setting 12th No 1 single with the release of "Music." In December, she weds director Guy Ritchie in a Scottish castle.

~ New brands and styles of portable MP3 players inundate market in 2000. The new-generation devices store and play digital music from the Internet and feature more playing time than their predecessors.

Irish artist Samantha Mumba makes the music charts in 2001 with her hit song "Gatta Tell You :' The 17-year-old joins fellow countrymen U2 and The Corrs on the American airwaves.


Creed, with lead singer Scott Stapp, proves to be one of 2000's hottest rock bands, with their singles "Higher" and "With Arms Wide Open" hitting the top 5 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles list. The group wins American Music Association's Favorite Alternative Artist and Favorite Pop/Rock Album.




t3 Opening week sales records are shattered in 2000 with




benchmarks set for the number of albums sold. Britney _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Spears' Oops...1 Did it Again, Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP, Limp Bizkit's Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored The BeaUes begin 2001 atop the - 7l':~~__ Water and Backstreet Boys' Black & Blue all break the Billboard album chart with the million-unit mark. album 1. The CO sells more than 5 million copies over the holiday season.


Napster loses several court battles with the recording industry over copyright infringement. The popular online music sharing service, with over 60 million users, faces shut-down unless it can create a new business formula that satisfies the major recording labels.

Sisqo, a member of the R&B band Oru Hill, goes solo in 2000. The singer tops the singles chart with "Incomplete" and "Thong Song" and takes home awards from Billboard and the American Music Association.

Groups including matchbox twenty, Vertical Horizon and 3 Doors Down top both the rock and pop singles charts with their respective singles "Bent," "Everything You Want," and "Kryptonite."


Baha Men's hit song "Who Let the Dogs Out" reaches anthem status at sports stadiums across the country. The song also wins a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording.

SPORTS ~ American

Marion Jones, 24, win five track and field medals in a at the 2000 Summer Games in Syd andl8lM third


women's tennis. The 20-year-old has a 35-match wllinlnlJ streak, whIch includes the titles at Wimbledon and the U.S. Open as well as an Olympic gold medal.


With a win against the University of ayton in September, Yale becomes the first college team to in 800 football games. In January 2001 , after a three-year legendary Mario Lemieux rns to play for the PiHsburgh Penguins, the hockey team he now pari-owns. Lemieux becomes the first owner/player in the history of the NHL:


Cyclist Lance Armstrong wins his second consecutive Tour de France in July. Armstrong, a cancer survivor, also writes his autobiography It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life.



~ The Los Angeles Lakers win the NBA

championship, the franchise's first in 12 years. The Lakers beat the Indiana Pacers in game six of the finals. Center Shaquille O'Neal is named MVP.

In June, the New Jersey Devils win their second Stanley Cup in six seasons by defeating defending champion Dallas Stars four games to two in the finals. Scott Stevens wins the Conn Smythe Trophy for postseason MVP.


Cathy Freeman carries the Olympic torch at the opening ceremonies of the 2000 Summer Games in Sydney. Freeman goes on to win the 400meter dash, becoming the first Aboriginal Australian to earn an individual Olympic gold medal.



Âť> The racing world is stunned when NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Sr.â&#x20AC;˘ a seven-time Winston Cup champion, is killed on the last lap of the Daytona 500 in February 2001. NASCAR does not retire numbers, but car owner Richard Childress said he will never again race Earnhardt's black NO.3 car. Xtreme Football debuts in February 2001. The game combines conventional football rules with some of the mayhem of professional wrestling. Eight teams play in the league's first season.

FACES ~ Paula Prince of Port Richey,

Florida, wins the sixth annual Ugly Couch Contest, sponsored by a slipcover manufacturer, with her vintage '70s entry. Prince and two other contest finalists appear on ABC's "Live! With Regis" in October.

~ Fred

Rogers, host of the children's PBS show "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood," announces he will tie his tennis shoes for the last time, when his final new episode airs in August 2001 . Rogers will continue to work on Web sites, books and special museum projects.


Comedian Dennis Miller debuts as co-announcer on ABC's "Monday Night Football." Miller's offbeat humor gets a mixed reaction from fans, and the series earns some of the lowest ratings in its 31-year history.

~ In honor of the late

cartoonist Charles M. Schulz,101 fiberglass Snoopy statues - each in a theme wardrobe - are displayed in Schulz's hometown of St. Paul. Several are auctioned off in October to raise money for aspiring cartoonists.



Âť> Video gamer Josh Griffith, 17, starts a business filling in for other gamers involved in an online roleplaying game called "Asheron's Call." Players are required to put in hours of game time to keep their online characters powerful. Busy executives pay Griffith up to $40 an hour to play for them . After a record 3,545 wins and $81 million in earnings during her 19-year career, jockey Julie Krone becomes the first woman .inducted into the National Racing Hall of Fame.

~ Controversial

Indiana University basketball coach Bob Knight is fired in September after allegedly violating a University-imposed code of conduct. During his 29 years at Indiana, Knight was often criticized for temper outbursts. His dismissal provokes student protest demonstrations.

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