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Smash Season Five seniors led the Varsity Eagals to their 4th consecutive Sectional Championship in posting an impressive 19.7 season record. Going into tournament action. the ladies were ranked 18th in the state. In a grueling match with perennial power. Fairmont. the Eagals hopes for a AAA District Championship were slashed in a sudden death match. Led by Jean Nitz. the all.time Overall Ratings leader. three Eagals were awarded District 15 AII.Area Team honors. Joining Nitz were Teresa Martin and Jeannie Richardson. FRESHMAN TEAM. Boltom To Top: M . Wilson. S. Mueller. 1. Pesch. V. Zaidain. 1. Platfoot. B. Clawson. Coach Fran Pesch. C. Winner. E. Lacey. K. Westfall. R. Antonaros. Not Pictured. 1. Craig. M . Irwin. RESERVE TEAM. Top Row: 1. Zecchini. D. Martin. B. George. A. Cloyd. Coach C.J. Bridgman. Bottom Row: L. Kraska. M. Pena. P. Walters. M . Nitz. D. Lacey.


VARSITY TEAM, Top Row: M, Nitz, 1, Richardson, T. Martin, M. Gitzinger,

C. McEldowney, A. Cloyd, Coach Cheryl Cheslock, Doffom Row: E. Fronista, 1. Nitz, M. Nevius, 1. Zecchini, 1. Campbell, Not Pictured. L. Kremer.




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What A Racket! Led by the team's #1 singles player. Charise Jenkins, the Eagles swooped down on many unwary opponents to post a successful 13-7 season record. The highlight of the season was a 2nd place finish in the always tough Miami Valley Tournament. The team was guided by new coach, W.F. Smith. Honors awarded during the season included Charise Jenkins, Mosr Kim Jenkins, Team Player Award; and lisa Valuable Player; Co-Captain , Holtvoigt, Mosr Improved Player.


Top Row, LR: Coach W.F. 5mith. 5. Leonard, K. Wa/endzak, J. Cordonnier, L. Gondos. Doffom Row, LR: C. Jenkins, L. Ho/tvoigt, 5. Dowman, H. Kuczak, K. Dozdech. Not Pictured: K. Jenkins, 5. Webb


Making Tracks The highlight of the men's cross country season was placing 2nd out of 13 teams in the Eaton Invitational. Dave Schleich and Terrel Adams led the runners to a 3rd place finish at West Milton. The Harriers also placed 4th at Bellbrook. The season was a struggle for the team hampered by inexperi. ence and injuries. One of the top runners, Jack Reising, was injured at Hamilton Ross after placing 11th out of 160 runners. The women's team encountered the same problems as the men and also suffered from lack of numbers. Despite this, they improved their standing from last year. Their best meet was at the Bellbrook Invitational where they placed 3rd. Senior Rachelle Curran took 1st place at the Bellbrook, Dayton Christian and West Milton meets. Terrel Adams and Rachelle Curran were winners of the Mosr Valuable Runner Awards; the Coach 's Award went to Amy Sauer. WOMEN'S TEAM Top to Dottom: R. Curran, C. Zwolski, R, Mikula, S, Weisenberger, A . Sauer, C. Sauer. MEN'S TEAM Front Row, L路R: E. Goubeaux, D. Schleich, T. Gnau, D. McGarry, Coach Dro. D. Grundlsh. Dock Row, L.R : 1. Dowling, S. Ley, R. Gnau, D. Darker, 1. Reising, T. Adams, S. Reynolds, D. Werling.



Shooting "Eagles"? The 1984 fall season marked an exceptional first year in golf for C.J . The young team was lead by sophomore Scott Monaghan and junior Mike Petkus. At West Carollton, the Eagles broke 200 for the first time, beating their opponent 183-202 in the most convincing win of the season. The biggest win was over Dayton Christian, 212.259. The team closed out the season with an 8.12 record, excellent for a new team. GOLF TEAM Top Row, L-R; 5. Marchal!, C. Drewer, Coach T. Ledinsky, D. Daly, S. Monq ghan, DO/fom Row, L-R; D. Demier, W. Waters, W. Flannigan, D. Moron . Not Pictured; M . Petkus, C. Plummer, D. Ducklew.





No Problem

Playing another tough schedule this year, the Lady Eagles finished the '84 campaign with a 9.7.1 record. They kicked off the season by conquering the Carroll Patriots 3 to 1. Skill, determination and zest seemed to be the right ingredients to stir up a victory as they used these in significant wins over the Oakwood Lumberjacks and the Trotwood.Madison Rams. The highlight of the season, though, was the first tournament game, when the Lady Eagles faced their first obstacle, the Fairmont Firebirds, to whom they had previously lost during the regular season. In the tournament, the Lady Eagles avenged that loss by torching the Firebirds 4 to 2. The '84 campaign came to a close with a 2nd round tournament loss to Alter. Awards: Mary Russo, 1ST Team All Area; Amy Buehrle, -Honorable Menrian; Dawn Brown, HUSTle Award; Mary Russo, 4 Year VarsiTY Award; Mary Beth Folan, MOST Improved Player; Amy Dudon, Coaches' Award.


VAR51TY TEAM Top Row, L.R: M. Money, Cooch Russo, L. Dickensheets, M . Folan, M . Russo, D. Drown, 5. 5trader, T. Thomas, A . Dudon, T. Lucente, L. Leo, A. Dueh;le, M . O 'Neill, D. Diftner, K. Puckett, E. Campion, K. Durgmeier, M . Downer, E. Wendling , J. Goubeaux, T. Russo, D. 5taddon. RE5ER VE TEAM Top Row, L.R: Coach Money, M. Keaton, A. Perretta, A. Michael, A. Mehall, J. 5mith, D. Erwin, M . Vallo, J. Loffer, M . Hoffman, A. Pinkney, J. McDermott, K. Hoff. A. Lahey, L. Nicolini, M . Anthony, L. Fay, M . Dell. K. Meixner, V. O 'Niell, 5. Farrell. A. Dohman, K. Katcavage, 5. Mullins, M . Mamirez, K. Hogg, V. Walendzak. •


Baggy Shorts?! In the 1984 season, the men's soccer team showed the opposition it can compete with other AAA schools. With a 14-4-1 record, the Eagles made it to the sectional finals where they lost 3.1 to Northmont. Mr. Marrinan , head coach, said that the team had a very successful season despite the tough new schedule of AAA teams. After losing two close games to Wayne and Alter in the 4th quarter, the team went on to win 11 games and lose only 1 in the regular season. Victo. ries over Beavercreek, Carroll , Dayton Christian, Yellow Springs and Oakwood during the string moved the


soccer team to a fifth place ranking in the end of the year Coach 's Poll. Senior Ron Haines of the '82 State Champs said he had an enjoyable season and a sur路 prising one, too. Ron said, "I had a good time this season. We ' ve come a long way since my freshmen year. I have to admit we did better than I thought with a new coach, but I guess if you have a strong te~m a new coach has no affect on it." Five members placed on area AII.Star rosters: Ron Haines - 1sr Team AII-5rare, Mark DeCarlo ,and Mike Anticoli we~e named to 1sr Team All-Area, Ed Trick was placed on the 2nd Team A ll-Area and Honorable Menrion went to Dan 'Ness. VAR51TY TEAM Top Row, L.R: Cooch p, Marrinan, E. Trick, G. Droke, G. Douquot, M . 5taddon, D. Ness, C50mmers, G. Rosengarten, J. Woeste, D. Vallo. DOffom Row, L-R: T. 5muzok, J. Krafka, K. Reidy, M . DeCarlo, R. Rolinski, R. Haines, M . Anficoli. Not Pictured: Coach T. Ricciuto.


A Socko Combo Trying something new, the (.J soccer program fielded two reserve teams: Reserve A had an outstanding record of 13-6-1 and Reserve C had a respectable record of 9-2-3 . Both teams used steady play and Eagle spirit to gain respect for themselves in the Dayton area . RESERVE A TEAM Top Row. L.R: Coach Oerning. O. Grot. 5. Hemmeter. C. Eckerle. M . Eckly. K. Mcloughlin. Coach Richison. M iddle Ro w. L.R: C. Cross. G. Oerning. A. Trick. 1. Masten. M . Oallw eg. 1. Nugent. P. Schneider. Oottom Row. L.R: 5. Fawle y. T. O 路Grady. D. Menker. O. Ourris. O. Dean. T. Oouquot. RESER VE 0 TEAM Top Ro w. L路R: C. Sagasser. G. Sedlock. D. Hoendorf. P. McCo y. M. Droke. E. Sarabia. 5. Harlamert. O. Reid. Oottom Row. L.R: N. Trick. 5. Spees. P. Oernard. R. Wittman. J. Connors. C. Preston. G. Gaier. 5. Tribbe y. Not Pictured: R. Eifert. J. Geraghty.



Their Finest Hour For the first time since the merger in '73, the Chaminade. Julienne football team closed its season with a 9.2 record and a berth in the state playoffs. After the Eagles had downed Trotwood路Madison convincingly 28.7 in the sec路 ond game of the season, offensive guard Dill Lotter com路 mented , "In the past, we'd get ahead of a good team (like Trotwood), they ' d come back at us and take the wind out of our sails. Well, this time, they came back at us and we came back just as hard." The Eagles then posted wins over Vandalia.Butler, Colonel White and Belmont before facing highly ranked Hamilton Badin. Always a fierce rivalry between the two schools, this was no exception . The hard.hitting Eagles defense held the Rams to a single touchdown to preserve a 14.7 victo路 ry.



VARSITY AND RESERVE TEAM Dottom Row, L-R: E. Mucha, M . Westbrock, D. Johnston, J. Hall, G. Richards, J. Sills, K. Goins, T. Ricker, T. Dridgeman, T. Olzewski. Second Row L-R: M . Hodapp, M . Kosak, e. Naas, J. Kauth, D. Dean, M . Corrado, D. Moyler, P. Marshal/, J. Marshall, D. Loffer. Third Row, L-R: D. Schons, ' J. King, D. Doffman, G. Doddie, P. 'Westbrock, G. Smith, M. Woodyard, T. Donohue, D. Hobbs, T. Stritenberger. Fourth Row, L-R: Mgr. M. Folan, ,M . Makley, R. Settich, L. Hill, R. Dostico, J. Mullins, J. Lawrence, S. Dewitt, T. Cox, Mgr. T. Schwieterman Fifth Row, L-R: M . Worley, J. Pearson, D. Driggs, T. Kauth, K. Quatman, P. KIeft D. Hayes, S. Di/berry, O. Montemayor, R. Dahm. Six th Row, L-R: Coaches: W. Dock, R. Fredette, M . Ewald, e. Drumbaugh, J. Guhde, D. Kurpiel, D. Kosak, P. Hohner, Head Coach K. Amlin Tr. J. Harsha, D. Schwendeman, J. Zaidain.

Next, C-J faced '(incinnati McNicholas: a team which would later be 9 finalist in the state playoffs. Both teams went into the game 6.Q. It was to be "the battle of the undefeateds." This was to be the Eagles' test, after Southwestern coach of the year Ken Amlin had proclaimed, " Cham lnade is bock!", the week before. The Eagles rallied from a mere 14-7 halftime lead to destroy the Rockets 28-7 in front of a capacity crowd at Northridge Stadium.


J-V Goes 9-0 After shutting out Purcell.Marian and beating Meadowdale the following weekend. the Eagles found themselves #1 Division 2. Region 6 of the state computer rankings (for the first time ever). Now 9.0 and one to go. the Eagles met their sworn enemy. Alter. Spirits were high and the Eagles fought hard. But due to a couple of bad breaks and indomitable Eagle luck. Alter beat C-J 21.14. There was joy in Mudville. however. as the Eagles made the state playoffs for the first time. But. lying between the Eagles and Mecca was their 1st round opponent - the Alter Knights. A wet Welcome Stadium was the site of the heated rematch. "Usually. on a slick field. whoever scores first. wins." a close observer of the Eagles noted. Alter. unfortunately. scored first due to a C-J fumble on the 8 yard line. and handed C-J a heartbreaking 7.0 loss that eliminated the Eagles from state contention. It was. in the end. a season of which to be proud and remember in more ways than one. A new tradition had been started at CJ; a spirit committed to pride. excellence and determination.


Frosh Post 3-2 Record Following in the Varsity Eagle's footsteps, the Reserve team crushed all of their opponents with a solid defense and, explosive offense. Greg "Garbageman" Smith led the defense, while Sherman Dewitt led the offense . Two close losses cost the Freshman' team a perfect season as they closed their campaign with a 3-2 record. FRESHMAN TEAM Dottom Row. L-R: P. Canfelupe. D. Carruth. D. Clemens. J. Newton. 1. Cohill. J. Camacho. T. Dooher. 1. King. 1. Williams. G. Smuzak. Middle Row. L-R: M . Murray. M . Zecchini. M . Wolters. M . Lawson. R. Gathings. 1. McDaniel. 1. Castellano. D. Polston . T. Williams. T. Lee. M . Fisher. R. Druce. Top Row. L-R: D. Schwendeman. D. Kurpiel. T. Loose. D. Modlinger. J. Walling. D. Peters. M . Colembn. D. Miller. D. Stevens. J. Nes!/, 1. Meacham. D. Wright. T. DOSfico. C. Drumbaugh. 1. Guhde.


Short Shooters For the first time in the 1984.1985 school year, a varsity team flew over the Alter Knights. After heartbreaking losses in men's football , soccer, and basketball to this rival. the women 's varsity basketball team canned the Knights for the first time in women's basketball history by a score of 50 to 37, highlighting the final season record of ten wins and eleven losses. This varsity team did not have much height (the tallest member being only 5' 11"), but the girls made up for this shortcoming with their enthusiasm .


Warming the cold winter was a hot winning streak in January with victories over Fairborn (49-40), Milton Union (39-38), Meadowdale (52-27), and an overtime shootout over Oakwood (45-42). Chopping down the Lumberjacks was sweeter because the game was played in Oakwood's own tournament. Stivers-Patterson brought the season to an end with a 6954 victory in tournament action. Women's varsity basketball awards for the 1985 season went to Jeannie Richardson, Honorable Mention, All Area plus Most Valuable Playerand Four Year Varsity Award; Vicky Finkenstadt and Jana Spanish, Most Improved; Toni Cook, Most Spirited.



VARSITY TEAM Doffom Row, L-R: J_ Richordson, Cooch Ron Russo, A. Cook, Top Row, J.-R: Williams, 1. Mosley, T_ Taylor, 1. Spanish, M _ Gitzinger, V_ Rnkenstodt, L Wilcox_



Eagles Learn To Fly One of the greatest changes in the (.J sports program this past year was the improvement of the Varsity Men's Basketball Team. The hoopsters ended the '84:85 campaign with a 10.12 record, the most victories in several seasons. The season opened with a loss to Carroll. This loss was avenged in a second game with Carroll, and also in the Sectional Finals, where the Eagles dropped the Patriot's by a score of 64.53. Although C路J was flying high, it was a big disappointment to the Eagles when they lost to #1 state ranked Alter, 51.46. The four starters, Tony Stritenberger, Damon lee, Chris Brown and Dave Powers each averaged approximately 10.12 points a game. Powers led the team in assists and free throws, lee led in field goal percentage and Stritenberger led in steals. Senior Chris Brown received an opportunity to play in the Dayton.Cincinnati All Stars. Brown was also voted The Most Valuable Player. VARSITY MEN 'S DASKETOALL Dock Row, L.R: Coach Joe Madden, D. Lee, D. Powers, M. Drown,

C. Drown, D. Diane, M, Kosak, J, Munson, M. Makely, Assistant Varsity Dasketball Coach Jack Johnson, Front Row, L.R: D. Clark, A. Connor, T. Stritenberger, R. Lowl:>.



Bouncin' High Great defense and great rebounds formed the 10-10 record that finished the men's reserve basketball season. Of those ten losses, nine of them were lost by only six points or less. A C-J highlight occured when the Eagles made a tremendous comeback in the fourth quarter of a game with Carroll and finished them off by a score of 32-28. Mike Williams and Chris Bass each averaged nearly 9-10 points a game. Williams was voted the Most Improved Player of the year. The freshman basketball team capped a perfect season by posting a 14-0 record.


WOMEN5 FRESHMAN TEAM Ooffom Row, L-R; A. Michel, R. Williams, V. Zaidain, 5econd Row, L-R; M . Keeton, 5. Oohman, M . Kelly, A. Oohman, 5. Farrel, Third Row, L-R; K. Hunt, M . Oell. K. Tangerman, 5. Mullins, T. 5ty les, J. Oell, Top Row, L-R; Coach Taylor, P. Orun, 5. 5nider, 5. Augaitis, M. 5hobe, T. Wheeler. WOMEN5 RE5ERVE TEAM Ooffom Row, L-R; T. Russo, E. Campion, L. Romie, A. Hale, Top' Row, L-R; D. Crickmore, K. Katcavage, C. Austin, C. Ragland, D. Marfin, M . Vera, 5. 5coff. M . Gorman, Coach Mike Miller. MEN5 FRE5HMAN TEAM (OPP05ITE PAGE) Ooffom Row, L-R; J. Williams, D. Monaghan, L. Reed. M. Coleman, D. Peters, C. 5agasser, 5econd Row, L-R; J. Campion, V. Jackson, D. Oailey, T. Lee, J. Jones, C. Orewer, Third Row, L-R; W. Waters, J. Camacho, J. Cahill, Coach Ron Russo Jr. MEN5 RE5ERVE TEAM (NOT PICTURED) J. Lawson, M . Orown, 5. Ley, P. Cooper, M . Mafhile, M . Williams, C. Oass, D. Moy ler, P. Van 5chaik, 5. Oarw ick, V. Hansford, 5. Wheat, M. Eckley, Coach Mokas.



WRESTLING Dottom Row, L.R; D. Schleich, J. Miller, M . Smith. M . Miller, M . Schleich, C. Plummer, P. Marshall. Second Row, L.R; J. Marshall, G. Droke, D. Loffer, Jamie King, J. Mullins, G. Smith. Third Row, L.R; J. Lawrence, D. Daly, S. Fawley, I. Scharphuis, C. Marx, T. Gardner, M. Droke. Fourth Row, L.R; A . Johnson, D. Menker, Darien Darker, Damien Darker, D. Menker, Joson King. Fifth Row; L.R; Coach Jackson, Coach Henderson, C. McLoughlin, M . Faulkner, D. Schoenharl T. Stokes, C. Schindler.


Mat Mania! The Eagle Grapplers tied up several top area teams and .pinned them to the mat in an outstanding season of wrestling. West Milton. Meadowdale. Northmont. New Carlisle and Northridge all met their match in the C-J gym as the Eagles crushed them into ?blivion. Several wrestlers climbed to tournament titles. Notably. senior Mike Miller in the 119 Ibs. class whose personal goal was to place 1st in the State Tournament. Unfortunately. Mike was stopped short of his goal in the semi.finals and placed 4th. Mike finished his high school career with a record of 109 wins. 37 losses. 42 pins. Other seniors with outstanding seasons were Gary Drake at 155 Ibs~ who finished his career with a record of 63.25; and M~tt Schleich who ended his high school career with a 37,30 record and a severe knee injury. The Eagle.s also put two outstanding underclassmen in the Regional Tourna'. mentj junior John Marshall at 145 Ibs .• who finished his season at 38.10; and a very promising sophomore. Jimmy Mullins. who ended his first varsity wrestling season at 24.4. In the Journal Herold AII.Area ratings. C-J's senior Mike Miller made the first team at 119 Ibs. Junior Paul Marshall made the second team at 135 lJ:>s. C-J finished #5 in the final Coaches' Poll .


VAR51TY FOOTOALL & WRE5TLlNG Top Row, L路R : P. Royer, V. Mauer, K. Volaski, Dotrom Row, L.R : C Neff. N. Cortner, J. Foley. RE5ER VE DA5KETDALL & 50CCER Top Row, L路R: 1. McCormick, C Kirby, K. McCurry, Dotrom Row, L.R: 1. Koehler, T. Drown, 5. Caporal.


Changers Of Spirit Throughout the year the cheerleaders have been a source of spirit for both the athletes on the field and the students in the stands. The cheerleaders ' role is much more than standing on the sidelines cheering for the team. T~ey contribute by making signs for the hallways, run-throughs, and by performing at the rallies. During summer break , the cheerleading squad goes one week to ca(T\p. At camp they learn new cheers and get ready for the upcoming seasons. Every year a special cheerleader is aw.arded with the honor of being named Miss Cheerleader based on her spirit and enthusiqsm . For the 1984-1985 cheerleading season Patty Royer was named M iss Cheerleader. VAR5fTY 50CCER (, DA5KETDALL Top Row, L路R; P. Ernst, G. Perretta, Dottom Row, L.R; T. Porker, R. Jones, D. Dunn, J. Fe w.


FRE5HMEN FOOTDALL Top: C. Word. Middle Row, L路R : A. 5ims, L Correr, Oollom Row, L路R: T. 5need. M. 5hobe, V. Zoidoin.


"And They Swa m, And They



Adding a splash to the sports program was the newly formed C-J sponsored swimming team. Senior Brendon Hayes, and Sophomores Colleen Sullivan and Scott Spees spearheaded the team. After the Centerville Invitational, the swimmers headed into the Sectionals. Spees qualifi~d for the Districts in the 100 yd. butterfly. Sullivan qualified in the 100 yd. backstroke and the 200 yd. individual medley.


Work, Sweat, Luck Using hard work and determination, the Varsity softball team posted a winning 14-9 season record. After an opening loss to Vandalia-Butler, the ladies bounced back to whip Alter, Carroll and Beavercreek. Tournament play saw the Eagles thunder by Dunbar 35-2 and bomb Belmont 12-2 before rain brought a halt to the tournament parade. When the sun came out, the ladies saw themselves facing the powerful Fairmont Firebirds. lady luck was shinning on the Firebirds as they overcame C-J's game long lead in the last inning and nipped the Eagles 3路2. Mosr Valuable Player and All-Area 1sr ream, Jean Nitz; Mosr Improved, Gina Fuson; Coaches A word, Mickey Nevius; All-Area 2nd ream, T.T. Puckett.


WOMEN 'S VARSITY SOFTOALL TEAM: Oottom row: M . Russo, 1. Nitz, M . Nevius, L. Leo, T. T. Puckett, Middle row: T. Lucente, C. Trentman, K. Oouer, V. Fickenstodt, G. Fuson, V. Zoidoin , Top row: Coach Mey ers, V. Wolendzok, K. Kotcovoge, D. Irwin, T. Zinkiewicz, 1. Goubeoux.


(-J Team Of The Year C-J's "boys of summer" proved that they were men for all seasons by posting a fine 24.7 record during the '85 campaign. After being ranked #1 or near #1 in the state polls all season, the men in blue, green and white soared to the District finals before bowing to the Fairmont Firebirds. The Eagles put together an 11 game winning streak behind the strong pitching of sophomore Mike Mathile and the hot hitting of seniors Mike Romie, Mike Barhorst, Doug Eifert and Terry Bouquot. Additional strength came from sophomore Rob Bosticco and junior Tony Stritenberger. Casey "the Hammer" Naas was the relief pitcher who shut down the opponents with his heat. All-Area Cooch of rhe Year, Bill Cheslock, said in analyzing the team, "We have a nice blend of everything on this team - pitching, hitting, nice fielding and great attitude:' AII5rore honors went to Barhorst, 1sr reom, Romie, Honorable Menrion. All Area honors were won by Barhorst and Romie, 1sr ream, Mathile, 2nd ream, Bouquot and Eifert, Honorable Menrion.


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VARSITY DASEDALL, Top Row L-R: Coach D. Cheslock, T. Stritenberger, M . Romie, M . Darhorst, D. Eifert, M. Mathile, G. Smith, R. Dosticco, D. Hobbs, M . Schlangen, Coach Harsha. Doffom Row, L-R: V. Mauer, C. Naas, D. Hoendorf. J. Krofka, J. Parisi, S. Lennon, M . Sanders, T. Douquot.


Drag-net Transition is the word to describe the '84:85 men's tennis team. With a new coach, team rebuilding, and a tough schedule, the men found themselves looking for the elu. sive key to victory. Plagued by injuries, poor weather and team changes, the netters ended the season with 5 wins and 8 losses. Senior letter winner, Windsor Marsh, led the Eagles by advancing in tournament play to the Sectional finals and into the Districts where he was de. feated. The tennis team is made up of 3 singles and 2 doubles teams. "In tournament the doubles team of Derek Jackson and Sean Scott made it to the semifinals of Sec. tiona Is.

n 52

Awards went to Windsor Marsh, Most Valuable Player; Sean Scott, Most Improved Player. MEN'S TENNIS TEAM Dottom Row L.R; Coach Ricciuto, E. Camacho, C. Dahns. Top Row, L路R: D. Jackson. J. Patterson, S. Finley. 5. Scott, M . Jette, I. Scharphuis, Not Pictured: K. Goines, W. Marsh.


Marking Their Time The (.J track team ended another fine season with senior Mike Dudley placing 3rd in the 300 low hurdles at the State Meet. The Wayne Invitational showed the team's strength when their combined scores took 1st place. In the men's field, outstanding performances were shown by the sprint group who broke several records. Mike Dudley set a school record for 110 high hurdles and 300 meter low hurdles. Dudley was named the team's Mosr Voluable 5prinrer. Mark Kosak and Mike Hodapp both qualified for Regionals in the discus. Kosak was named Mosr Valuable Performer in Field Evenrs. In the women's field, Rachelle Curran led the team in total points scored throughout the year in distance events. Carla Austin excelled in 100 and 300 low hurdles and was named Mosr Valuable Sprinrer. Mandy O'Neill threw the discus 95 feet in winning the Mosr Valuable Performer in Field Evenrs.



I 54

Men 's Team: T. Adams, D. Darker, T. Darwick, D. Demier, G. Daddie, D. Doffman, G. Douquot, T. Dridgman, C. Caesar, D. Clark, M . Dudley, M. Evans, D. Fletcher, M . Hodapp, M. Kosak, D. McGarry, J. Mosser, J. Munson, D. Moyler, K. Murray, J. Ness, C. Rodgers, D. Sansone, D. Schleich, P. Smith. Women 's Team: J. Alexander, M. Anthony, C. Austin, L. Dabal, S. Daldwin, J. Craig, R. Curran, M . Edmonds, S. Farrell. K. Hogg, M. Irw~n, M. Keeton, M. Kelly, E. I..,ocey, K. Lynch, R. Mikula, D. Morrell, Neff. M. O 'Neill, V. O'Neill, J. Richardson, T. Russo, C. Sauer, M. Vera, D. Watkins, C. Zwolski. Coaches: Don, Kosak, Head Men 's anri Field Events Coach: Roy Fredette: Sprinter and Hurdler Coach: Dill Grundlsh. Distance Coach: Sharon Deigel, Head Women 's Coach.



Mrs. A. Adcock

Mr. K. Amlin

Mr. T. Andrassy

Mrs. H. Anthe

Sr. R.A. Bange

Mrs. R. Bowsh~H

Mrs. P. Beach

Ms. S. Beigel

Secrets? No Longer! How many times has a teacher asked you a question you would rather not answer? Well, we turned the tables and asked the teachers questions we wanted answered. What follows gives us an insight into their private lives showing us that " teachers are people, too!"


What Was The Worst Thing You Did When You Were In School? "Censored, but I have repented!" Bro. Brooks "Getting below a 90% on a test" Mrs. Colas

Mr. M. Borger

Bro. J. Brooks

Bro. M. Buenger

Mrs. C. Cheslock

Mr. W. Cheslock


Ms. L. Colas

Mrs. M. Craig

Mr. J. Davis

Ms. M. Distefano

Mr. T. Dillon

Mrs. M. Duffy

What Would You Do With A Million Dollars? "Move to Hilton Head, South Carolina, and get fatter." Mr. Cheslock "Travel the world" Mrs. Pikell 60

Your Favorite Movies? "Midnight Cowboy, Electric Horseman, The Killing Fields" Sr. Domien ''The Sting, The Big Chill" Fr. Gatto

Mr. G. Early

Mrs. M. Edwards

Mrs. R. Ellis

Mrs. M. Farmakis




I ....-\4 , .. \ j " Fr. D. Gatto

Ms. R. Gilley

Mrs. M. Goode


What Was Your Nickname In High School? "M.D. or Stef" Ms. DiStefano " 'Taz' from the Tazamanian Devil" Mrs. McCrabb


Sr. D. Grismer

Bro. W . Grundish

Bro. J. Habjan

Mrs. L. Hardcastle

Mrs. M. Heinz

Mrs. J. Hermes

Mrs. B. Hinkle

Mr. C. Hollis

Mrs. J. Janning

Mr. K. Ka Vanaugh

Mrs. M . Kramer

Mr. T. Ledinsky

Fr. M . Lisbeth

What Was Your Most Embarrassing Moment In High School? -- girlfriend 'Pot'. "Colling my when her nome was Mary!" Mr. Weimert .r

"Mr. ~arly tickling my nose after I hod fallen asleep in closs." Mr. Kavanaugh . 63

What Is Your Favorite Memory Of High School? "Buck Hammond, Tom Williams, and Huncy and The Imperials." Ms. Zehring "A trip to the Akron Rubber Bowl for the State Championship." Bro. Buenger

Ms. M .

Mr. P. Marrinan

Mrs. C. McCrabb


Ms. A. Macchia

Mrs. A. McAdams

Mrs. R. Meyer


Mrs. B. Naughton

Mr. C. Owens

Mr. A. Ricciuto

Bro. T. Ridder

Ms. L. Schneider

Mr. D. Schwendeman

What Is Your Biggest Fantasy? "Being A concert violinist" Mrs. Todd "To be the Queen Of England" Mrs. Wheeler '


Bro. J. Sullivan

Ms. P. Regan

Mrs. B. Todd

Mr. T. Wallace

Sr. B. Weilbacher

Mr. D. W.eimert

What Do You Enjoy Doing On The Weekends? "Watching sports events, and playing with my kids." Mr. Wallace "Oeing with friends and going dancing" Ms. Macchia


Mr. D. Thomas

If You Could Be Anything Other Than A Teacher, What Would It Be? "A chef at a high class restaurant." Mr. Andrassy "An astronaut" Mrs. Hermes

Mrs. C. Wheeler

Mr. S. Whiting

Mr. J. Zaidain

Mrs. L. Zecchini

Ms. J. Zehring

Ms. G. Zimmerman










"I Hope She's Readyl"

After a long, hectic day filled with sports activities and the annual parade, the students of C-J slowed down the evening with the traditional Homecoming Dance. "A Touch of Heaven" was truly felt that day as the football , men ' s soccer, and volleyball teams all defeated their opponents . The evening event was held at Wampler' s Silver Ballarina from 9.12:30 on October 20th, where . couples and stags alike enjoyed the latest hits. The 1985 Homecom路 ing Cou rt included I<.ing M ichael Dudley, Queen Veronica Blackman, 5enior Arrendonrs, Bobby Johnston and Stephanie Menna, Junior Arrendants, Mike Richey and Sue Strader, 50phomore Arrendanrs, Keith Thomas and Marianne Schlangen, and Freshman Arrendanrs, Tom Bostico and Kara Westfall.

"I Hope He's Late!"



My Hair!!"



"Wonder What He Got Me?" .

Celebrating the first evening of a long, restful vacation, students threw their books and pencils aside to gussie themselves up and attend the biggest social event of the season. The Bus Stop was once again the scene for the annual Sadie Hawkins Christmas Dance . Although the theme was "An Old Fashioned Christmas" , a very modern feature was included with the music provided by the Bus Stop disk-jockey. A large video screen accompanied the music showing shots of the stars along with shots of the Eagle crowd arriving and dancing to the 1/3 rock, 1/3 soul , 1/3 slow selection.



Does He Have To Eat Too, Mom?!?"


Father-Daughter Dance; the one dance during the year where you can really kick off your shoes and not worry whether or not your slip is showing. The sounds of the band, Clover, along with the unseasonably warm weather made the evening at Wegerzyn Garden Center truly memorable. The theme of the dance and essay contest was "Girls Just Love Their Daddys". Contest winners included Louann and Thomas Dickensheets, Third plac~; Laurie and Ronald Randall, Second place; and Gail and Robert Drummer, First place . Honorable Mention was awarded to Kristie, Lynette, and Luke Kremer.



"Come On, Dadl"

.. t'



"Your Mother Doesn't Dance Like That!"


Social Life


"Where Should We Go?

Movie? Party? Pizza? Soc-H p.)" The C-J social life is never dull. Cruising around with the gong, aering like you're watching the football game when you're really checking out the scene, and getting your guts up to ask rhar girl to the dance are all port of high school life. There are activities to suit everyone's taste . From facing the gutt~rballs in intramural bowling, to talking with frfends while waiting for the RT A, to eating breakfast in the bock parking lot of school. the Chaminade-Julienne sociallife is definit.ely olive!




~~ · . · i

"Will He Like Me?"


- - - - - - ---._---




' . ~ .

_ - - - - - : - _ - - - --

Canes. tails. and top hats characterized the theme of the 1985 Junior. Senior Prom: "Puttin' on the Ritz." The dance was held on Saturday. May 4th at U.D.'s Kennedy Union. Favors included "Puttin' on the Ritz" brandy snifters filled with chocolate candy kisses and pink garter belts. Music was provided by an engineer at both the dance and at after.prom which was held at Kettering Recreation Center. Prom Courr: King: Mike Romie. Queen: liz Rigot. Senior Arrendanrs: Diane Hemmelgarn. Mary Russo. Greg Powers. Kevin Reidy. Junior Arrendanrs: Kristina Burgmeier. Nicola Cortner. Tony Bouquot. Tony Stritenberger.




If music makes the world go 'round, C-J's spinning at top speed. The music department presented its best to the public once again at the Christmas, Pops, and Festival of Music Concerts. The new chorus uniforms made the shows even more eye appealing as did some feature soloists which included Jeanette Hicks and Zerrine Zethna in chorus, and Mark Craig in Jazz Lab. A special concert was also given to the juniors and seniors by the Wright State University brass quintet while the C-J symphonic band entertained the underclassmen.



"Tune Your Instruments"

. .. "Practice, Practice, Practice!"

. .'


.. .. .

. ..


j~------------------------------------------~ Mash Day . .. "Taking My What? Bloodl" "...


"Only A Pint

Not A Gallon!" The date is Thursday, March 21, 1985. You're sitting in your classroom when suddenly comes a knock at the door. They've come for you! Your legs wobble as you approach the waiting stretcher - the one that will deliver you to your destiny. Your journey ends in the gym where you find yourself drilled with a series of questions which end with a dreaded 'finger prick. You think' you've had enough, but they lay you down and tell you that you're .ponating blood. The idea sounds absurd at first, but you quickly consent when out of the corner of your eye you see the mounds of food waiting for you ... Approximately 60 pints of blood were donated by C-J for the Community â&#x20AC;˘ Blood Center.






Amy Adam Lori Akers Jeff Aldredge Sarah Allen Michanda Anthony Robyn Antonaros Denise Arnold


;}. ,



Melanie Arnold Sheila Augaitis linda Babal Chris Bahns David Bailey Sarah Baldwin lisa Bordonaro Cathrine Batin Bret Beard Jennifer Bell Melissa Bell Zoe Blakely Ann Bohman Susan Bohman

"' I "

Heather Boland Anthony Booher Tim Borgert Louisa Borowick Tom Bosticco Laurie Bouffioux Tom Bowling Patrick Brackrpan Casondra Brewer Chris Brewer Anne Brooks David Brown Raymond Bruce Patricia Brun


.: I





.'. 102

Bigger Isn't Always Better Finding classes . . . getting there on rime . .. doing aerobics in gym .. . feeling afraid of being picked on .. . battling cafeteria lines . . . discover. ing there is no fourth floor elevator 路 .. a small fish in a big pond .. . pitfalls and pressures ... nearly three hundred new classmates ... feeling like the new kid on the block 路 . . being "adopted" by an upper. class student .. . settling in ... learning a foreign language for the first time . .. going to sports events 路 . . dancing your socks off . .. cram. ming for tests . .. living through dis. appointments . .. trying new activi. ties ... making new friends ... lov. ing it ... hating it .. . celebrating when freshman year is over.

Valerie Burba Mike Burdett John Cahill Diana Camacho Ed Camacho Jared Camacho Fred Campbell James Campion Bill Cantelupe Robert Carruth Lawralea Carter Guy Casablanca Joe Castellano Brenda Clawson Brian Clemens Jeanne Cloyd Mike Coleman Noel Coleman Jason Connors Nicole Connors Julie Craig Mark Cramer Elizabeth Cupples Nicholia Davenport Tami Davis Angela Decamp Shannon Dickenson Diana Dixon Mark Drake James Duckro Joanne Duckro Mark Evans ' Todd Farmer Shannon Farrell Mike Faulkner


Stephanie Fields Suzanne Filo James Fisher . Paul Fisher William Flanagan Orion Fletcher James Flynn Robert Folan Angela Forti Pamela Frei Joris French Greg Gaier Steve Garman Roderick Gathings Michelle Godsey Robert Gondos Nathan Graf Krista Hahn Michelle Haines Nina Harawa Steven Harlamert Sharon Hodson Melissa Hoffman Otto Hohn Michelle Honious Jennifer Horning Marc Huelsman David Hunter


Donald Hutton Robert Huxtable Keith Hyer Sandra lannarino Fred Inscho Mindy Irwin Emily Istvan

Paula Ivory Melissa Jablonski Chanda Jackson Von Jackson Judy Jacobson Lisa Jayne Maria Jeckering Cheryl Jones Dionne Jones Lambert Jones Suzanne Jones Greta Jordan Karen Katcavage Lamarcia Keeton Mauro Kelly Jason King Mark Kramer Jon Kreitzer Erika Lacey Gail Lafong Tom Lange Matt Lawson Antonio Lee Emily Lelak Jeanette Lincoln Tim Loose Jim Luther Kecia Lynch Bart Madlinger Maria Mann Anthony Mantle Mark Mariscalco Paul Marshall James McDaniel Jacqueline McDermott


Craig Mclaughin Yolonda McLemore Paula Mcleod John Meacham Katherine Meixner James Melton William Menker Amy Mercuri Amy Michel Juanita Miller Kristine Mitchell Tamara Moehl Daniel Monaghan Angela Monnin Brian Moran Jason Mosser Johanne Mueller Michelle Mullins Kevin Murray Mark Murray Michael Myers Melinda Naas April Nelson Geone Nerio John Ness Jimmie Newton lisa Nicolini lorena Nutt Michele O'Brien Vicki O'Neill Tim Osterday Maureen Pardue Joseph Parisi Veronique Pendell Angela Perretta


Michael Perry Jennifer Pesch Dwight Peters Timothy Pickrel Aletha Pinkney Joyce Platfoot John Pisek Brandon Polston Amy Pratt Jason Pratt Carlton Preston Mario Ramirez Greg Reed Leonard Reed Caprist Reese Brian Reid Bridget Riordan Chris Roberts James Robinson John Roderer Lachone Rodgers David Ruffin Vincent Sacksteder Carl So gasser Dion Sampson Kari Sanger Edgar Sarabia Catherine Sauer Karen Schenking David Schleich Stephanie Schneider Brian Schoenharl Christine Schubert Amy Seibert Kevin Seitz 107

Eric Shiverdecker Melanie Shobe Adrienne Sims Deborah Simson Elizabeth Sleight Emily Smith Linda Smith Nancy Smith Stan Smith Greg Smuzok Theresa Sneed Doug Sollenberger Chris Staas Michael Stang Catherine Stebel Doug Stevens Alexis Stokes Pbilip Stulpin Tiffany Styles Marc Suda Jill Swintek Lara Szmaj Kelly Tangeman William Thode Bryan Thomas Sharon Thorndike Brian Trentman Scott Tribbey Nick Trick Sonya Turner' Deborah Ullmer Maria Urso Melinda Vallo Ethan Voss John Walling

r Patrick Walsh Michael Walters Leslie Ward lisa Ward Michael Ward William Waters Barbie Watkins Michael Weaver Michelle Webb David Werling Stacey Westendorf Kara Westfall Kevin Westgerdes Meredith Wheeler Tahirih Wheeler Eric Whitehead Teresa Wilcox Anthony Williams Wenda II Williams Kelly Wilson Maria Wilson Cheryl Winner Michael Wittman Daniel Wolff Dion Wright Valerie Zaidain Rosemary Zappia Michael Zecchini

Kimberly Zeller Hilario Barrios

Not Pictured: Melia Dorenstein, Juan Cor/os Calderon, Stacia Dawson, Edgar Hoover, Dejuane Miller, Patricio Norvell. Ravin Williams.

Ja-Neen Alexander Jennifer Altic Carla Austin Anita Babal Greg Bahns Raina Bajpai Arvela Baldwin Scott Barwick Christopher Bass Pam Becker Charles Belcher Brian Bergman Paul Bernard Bradford Bernier Lisa Bialek Stephone Bilberry Ed Bohman Joel Borchers Rob Bosticco Brian Briggs Eric Brinkman Monica Brown Bryan Bucklew Jeffrey Burgmeier Brian Burris Penny Campbell Alana Campion Sarah Caporal Elana Chapman Haley Chavez Brian Clawson Camille Clements Natalie Coleman Douglas Cooper Elizabeth Corrado

Sophomores 1


Who Am I? What Am I? Where Am I? Learning to drive . . . buying a class ring . . . remembering whose locker your books are in .. . choosing different courses . .. finding a use for all those unsold fourth floor passes . . . asserting your new.found no.longer.freshman status ... getting comfortable . . . going places with friends . . . hoping the teacher doesn't give you a detention for being late .. . sleeping through study hall ... following the whims of fashion .. . finding a date . . . trying to get your driver's license ... enjoying more freedom . . . sharing good times ... gaining confidence ... fitting into high school life .. .

Todd Cox Lori Crosby Rick Dahm Jennifer Danielewicz Emily Davis Mike Dealoia Brian Dean Maureen Denny John Desautels Sherman DeWitt Matt Eckley Terra Ecton Michelle Edmonds Randy Eifert Jam ie Elder Andre Engleman Stephen Fawley liz Fay Julie Few Yvette Fields Stanton Finley Ann Fischer Mike Folan Renee Francis Todd Frantz Steve Fricke Tom Gardner Leslie Gaston Amy George John Geraghty Mike Godsey Michele Gorman Ben Grat Angie Graham Jim Hamden 111


Vince Hansford Staci Haral~on Derrick Hardin Shirelle Hayes Elaine Healy Samuel Hemmeter David Hentrich Tammy Herbst Larry Hill Nichelle Hill Susan Hodapp Dave Hoendorf Karen Hoff Kelly Hogg Jim Honious Ben Hopkins Roger Hudepohl Angela Huether Dawn Irwin Mary Jablonski Patricia Jackson Shawn Jackson John Jansen Robert Jeckering Brian Johns Arthur Johnson Karim Johnson Lisa Johnson Rhonda Johnson Eri Jones Martha Kastner Mike Kelly Cameron Kirby Pierre Kleff Sue Kleinschnitz l i2

1 oj


Tarla Klepper Kristen Klosterman Dion Knox Joan Koehler Jennifer Koenig Tom Koesters Rodney Kosak Susie Kosak Richard Kowal Holly Kramer Kim Kramer Lisa Kraska Lynette Kremer Danielle Lacey Sarah Laforsch Amy Lahey Christine Lange John Lawrence Joe Lawry Jesse Lawson Mike Leik Shawn Ley Darryl Lingg Jacki Loffer Patricia Lofty Teresa Lucente James Ly Steve Marchal Denise Martin Jonathan Martin Mike Mathile Stephanie Mayer Jill McCormick Patrick McCoy Kathleen McCurry 113

Dennis McGarry Michelle McGee Angie Mehall Daniel Menker Robin Mikula Colleen Miller Jeff Miller Scott Monaghan Oscar Montemayor Alexis Moraites Chris Morris Sara Moser Jacquelyn Mosley Mike Muhl Jennifer Mullin Jim Mullins Mwema Ndiritu Laura Nicolini Venessa Nino Michelle Nitz Patrick Noonan Christopher Olinger Amanda O'Neill James Papp James Patterson Jeff Pearson Monica Pena Lynne Peterso,n Melissa Pingleton Joe Pizza Kelly Poelking , Robyn Porter John Prikkel Katrekia Puckett Kenneth Quatman Chrissy Ragland Karen Reidy Lora Reif Julie Reising Mary Retter Jill Revere Raymond Rodgers David Rogers Lisa Romie Angela Ross Natasha Rountree Mark Royer Michelle Ruf Erin Russel Theresa Russo David Sansone Amy Sauer Constance Sauer Kim Schindler Nicholas Schindler Marianne Schlangen


Sean Scott Greg Sedlock Suzanne Setchell Ron Settich Annette Shepherd David Shobe Ann Silverman Nicole Simmons Gary Smith Joann Smith Scott Spees Kathryn Sprauer Alan Staas John Stebel Darren Stockier Tom Stokes Jeff Stukey Colleen Sullivan Steve Sweat Tiffany Taylor Keith Thomas Kevin Thomas Michaele Thomas Stacey Thomas Tricia Thomas Robert Turner Teresa Upthegrove Pat Van Schaik Craig Vaughn Moira Vera Amber Vogel Kim Walendzak Vicki Walendzak Paula Walters Dave Weckesser Martina Westfall William Wheat Leroy White Katherine Wiedeman Lavonna Wilcox Edward Williams Mike Williams Kelly Winner Robert Wittman Dan Woeste Mark Worley Jennifer Young Tonya Young David Zecchini

John Zimmer Carolyn Zwolski

Not Pictured: Mark Brubaker, Angelo Hole, Noel HOff-, Dudley, Nathan Hunter, Sean McCray, Julie McDermOl t, Tim Neal, John Nugent, Tim O 'Grady, Ann Reynolds.


Peter Axt Tina Bailey Todd Bailey Pam Baldasare Susan Baldwin Scott Balling Michael Ballweg Tony Barwick Bill Batin Kim Bauer Andrew Bernier Gary Berning Beth Bittner Doye Blane Doug Boffman Mark Bogard Patricia Bohman Marc Boroff Anthony Bouquot Greg Bouquot Jeff Bowling Kirsten Bozdech Christine Brockman Mark Brown Michelle Brunson Amy Buehrle Kristina Burg meier Felicia Campbell


Danielle Carlucci Cecelia Castellano Amy Cloyd Lillard Combs Melissa Common James Cooney Patrick Cooper


Wake Me Up Before I Go! Getting a job .. . taking the PSAT . . . thinking about colleges . . . receiving mounds of college mail . .. coping with piles of homework . .. writing term papers ... worrying about class rank ... trying to get out of study hall ... fabricating excuses for tardiness .. . staying out late . . . losing sleep .. . catching up on it in class . . . finding your own individual style .. . getting a car . .. going to prom ... making a retreat ... adopting a freshman . .. formulating bizarre compounds in Chemistry .. . planning out your credits for graduation . . . having more free mods . .. looking forward to being a senior!

-Jacqueline Cordonnier Nicola Cortner Mary Cotterman Donna Crickmore Charles Cross John Dailey Brian Daly Sean Davidson Philip Davis Sheila Denny Becky Desch Todd Donahue John Donatelli Martha Downer Gail Drummer linda Duckro Amy Dudon Chris Eckerle James Elam Andre Etienne Gail Faulkner Kothy Finkenstodt John Fischer Stephanie Fronista Gina Fuson Antoinette Gostonlisa Gemzo Beth Ann George Maria Gitzinger Ron Gnau lisa Gondos Tony Gottschlich Eric Goubeaux Jo Ann Goubeaux Dennis Hole 11 7


Lorenzo Harris Monica Hausfeld Denise Hayes Dennis Hayes Eunice Hayes Jay Hein Paul Hicks Robert Hicks Donnie Hobbs Mike Hodapp Lisa Hoffman . Aprile Horne Maryann Howerton Derek Jackson Charles James Lorie Jarrell Lisa Jenkins Amy Johns Rodney Johnson Michelle Jones Christine Joyce Ken Kaskocsak James Kauflin Thomas Kauth Melissa Kendall James King Mike Koesters Mark Kosak Julie Koussa Yanko Krafka. Nancy Krimm Heather Kuczak Damon Lee Amy Lelak Scott Lennon

Laura Leo Kandis Lewis Stacey Lewis Fred Linsenmeyer Bill Loffer Anita Lopez Rodney Lowe Jennifer Lunde Kathy Lynch James Madlinger Theresa Magoto Marc Makley Andy Mann Joe Mantle Christine Marinelli John Marshall Paul Marshall John Masten Vicki Maurer Denise Mays Efrem McAdoo Cheryl McEldowney Keane McLaughlin John Mehall David Menker Kristy Michael Chris Michel David Minnelli Stephen Montanus Jim Montavon Brian Moody Adrianna Moore David Moyler John Munson Chris Murray


David Naas Pauline Neely Monica Nelson ' NoelObach Gina O'Brien Michael O ' Rourke Mike Osterday Angela Parker Melissa Pearson Mike Petkus Chris Plummer Tammy Porter Dave Powers Beth Reynolds Mike Richey Charlie Rodgers Mary Rosko Kelly Russell Kerry Russell Rose Saluke Matt Sanders Monique Satchell Tim Saunders Jeff Schindler Timothy Schlangen Amy Schmitz Paul Schneider Robert Schons


Stacy Scott Melissa Search Vanessa Shepard Theresa Shroyer Brian Sleight Debra Smith Greg Smith

Matt Pam Raef Scott

Smith Smith Smith Smuzok Steve Sprauer Leah St. John Beth Staddon

Dianna Stieger Sue Strader Tony Stritenberger Charlanda Strozier Tina Tolliver Carol Trentman Andrew Trick Dale Unroe Katie Valaski Chris Walker Monica Walls Shelly Waters Chris Watkins Tom Weckesser Shelly Weisenberger Elaine Wendling Paul Westbrock Beverly White Dawn Williams Sonya Williams Aimee Winters Beth Wissman James Woeste Mark Woddyard Deborah Workman Sarah Wourms Tim Wourms Julia Zecchini

Karla Zilinkas Paula Zimmerman Tonya Zinkiewicz

Not Pictured : George Doddie , Dab Dohman, Eric Hamilton , Ann Marsico, John Mauro, Mike Mucha . .


Terrell Adorns

Patricio Allen

Shelley Allen

Michael Anticoli

Joan Ater





Darien Barker


DiAnna Beal

Kathleen Becker

Terry Bouquot

Steven Brackman

laura Bremer





Thomas Dridgman

Christian Drown

Dhawn Duchanan

Lesley Campbell

Erman Cole II 126

Scott Carico

Marilyn Columbe

Down Drown

Martha Drzozowski

Mary Drzozowski

Jennifer Durgess

Charles Caesar

Jennifer Campbell

Drian Clark

Jennifer Clark

Jeanette Condy

Richard Confer

Koren Clark

Denise Connell

Antplnette Cook

Matthew Corrado

Mark Craig

Amy Cromer

Rochelle Curran

Koren Day

David Dean

Mark DeCarlo

Louann Dickensheets

Gory Droke

Koren Duckro

Michael Dudley

Bernadette Dunn

Therese Eckerle

Dooglas Eifert

Christopher Embry

Katrina Ernst

Pamela Ernst

Lisa Fecke

Robert Florence 127

Jodi Graham 128

Joseph Gudorf

Christopher Heckmann

Jeffrey Hehemann

Dione Hemmelgarn


.' j ' ': ...... .;.. Nino Henry

Jeanette Hicks

Roland Hines

.:.(.\.~.<. . '. .

Sherry Hix

Deborah Hoerner 129



Patrick Hunter

Susan Janowiecki

Charise Jenkins

Melodi Jenkins

Michael Jette

Gretchen Johnson

James Johnson

Robert Johnston

Renee Jones

Kathleen Kammer

Aimee Karl

Jeffrey Kauth

Lisa Kenley

James Koehler

Matthew Kompar

David Kowal

Jock Krafka

Lisa Holtvoigt

Lory Hunter

Kimberly' Jenkins


Kristine Kremer

Suzanne Lally

Philip Lange

Cynthia Leathers

Paul Leibold

Irene Linsenmeyer

Thomas Lucente

Laura Lutz

Carmella Mack

Amy Mann

Pamela Martin

Patricia Martin

Teresa Martin

Christopher Marx

Michael McCloskey

Stephanie Menna

Joseph Miller

Michael Miller

Sandra Morgan

Danielle Morrell


Rosemarie Muhlenkamp

Carolyn Neff

Michelle Nevius


Jean Nitz

Chris O'Brien

Todd Olszewski

Thomas O'Rourke

Cynthia Osterday

Joan Porter

Gregory Powers

Jeanne Quigley

Roger Owens

Tammy Parker


Mary Redmond

Eugene Richards

Jeannie Richardson

Thomas Ricker

Blayne Riddle

Elizabeth Rigot

Michael Roderer

Richard Rolinskl

Nicholas Roll

Michael Ramie

Gregory Rosengarten

Potty Royer 134

Scott Reynolds

Laurie Randall

Eric Rupert

Kevin Reidy

Leslie Russel

Jack Reising

Mary Russo

Dorothy Scheu

Ala'n Schirtzinger

Christopher Schindler

Matthew Schleich

James Schubert

Julie Schubert

Anthony Schwieterman

Gary Schwieterman

Zerrine Sethna

James Sills

Sritharan Sinnathamby

Glenn Smith

Anthony Smuzok

Jana Spanish

Mark Staddon

Shannon Stout

Thomas Sullivan

Joyce Swintek

Gregory Taylor

Anthony Skees

Sandra Stader


Darb Werling 136

Mark Westbrock

Dorin Tucker

Orlan Vallo

Susan Vittitow

Dryan Whorton

Tracy Wilson

David Wolff

Nur Pv:rurecl; 4nrho.1}' L(Y'lier. \/路crOf;O Fln/,e,lsrodr. Jel-'o,{",r Go,"bea. /'1eil'lll C~C"(L';.

Mic~ele Ho.'e, Muff Lomo,lf;t.J, iuiie Letnp, U/indsor Mursh. Eciv.'ord .41ucho. f'iC LJ'r. LLIIS Pouler. Jcrr2l!e F'hd!f,05 5revetl PC'ertloger. Angelo Reid. Gene 50unders. h90 xnorphvis Roberr 5.:hoc/( AliSon Srefller, TILlC}, WOS.hll'9"X), 4nrholl}1 \\,'i"!eor


Blood, Sweat, Tears Amidst blood flying, sweat pouring and tears falling, the traditional Senior Dinner Dance was held on May 9th beginning the final round of social activities for the class of '85. Small glasses of punch did little to alleviate the steaminess of Bainbridge Hall as the seniors ate and boogied through an emotional evening. As the seniors were "Shout" ing a dance, a silver disco ball crashed on the face of Johnny Tompkins. The frenzy of the dance held up the discovery of flying blood for several minutes. Johnny finished the dance in the hospital. counting the stitches on his nose. Things returned to normal as seniors continued snapping pictures, having a last laugh and saying good. bye. No (.J Dinner Dance would be complete, however, without one last "Rocky Top" and one more " Bunny Hop".



he Dedicated, The Hardworking,

First in the closs: Sri Sinnathamby Second in the closs: Therese Eckerle Perfect Attendance: Carole Hayden. Greg Rosengarten. Dorothy Scheu. Jim Schubert. Tracey Washington. Fuzzy Foust Award: Mary Russo. Vocational Award of Distinction: Shelly Dodders. lisa Holtvoigt. Youth Appreciation A word: Mary Russo. Jim Sills. Society of Women Engineers Award: Jean Nitz. Notional Merit Finalists: Mike Roderer. Sri Sinnath. amby. Sue Vittitow. National Merit Letter of Commendation: Chris Schindler. Alan Schirtzinger. Alison Steiner. LaSertoma A word: Therese Eckerle. Optimist A word: Sherry Hix. Renee Jones. Mike Romie. Kiwanis Club A word: Dawn Drown.


Presidential Academic Fitness A word: John Dlack. Terry Dou. quot. Dawn Drown. Therese Eckerle. Janet Foley. Joe Gu. dorf. Ron Haines. Kristie Kremer. Stephanie Menna. Sandi Morgan. Dan Ness. Doug Ness. Jean Nitz. Darb Perry. Tom Peterson. Joan Porter. Tom Ricker. Mike Roderer. Chris Schindler. Tony Schwieterman. Jim Sills. Jenny Young. Director's Certificate (Fifteen quarters on the Director's list. 90%, average minimum): Shelly Dodders. Kathy Decker. Dawn Drown. Louann Dickensheets. Therese Eckerle. Suo zanne Lally. Mike McClos~ey. Sri Sinnathamby. Diretto~'s A .w ard: Shelly Dodders. Kathy Decker. John Dlack. Dawn Drown. Louann Dickensheets. Therese Eckerle. Vickie HelUs. feld.



The Involved, The Rewarded

Diane Hemmelgarn, Lisa Holtvoigt, Suzanne Lally, Mike McCloskey, Jean Nitz, Sri Sinnathamby, Sue Vittitow, Jenny Young. Award Of Distinction: Dianna Beal. Kim Borgert, Terry Bouquot, Dawn Brown, Denise Connell, Louan'n Dickensheets, Therese Eckerle, Vicki Finkenstadt, Mary Beth Folan, Janet Foley, Jennifer Gambert, Joe Gudorf, Ron Haines, Kathy Kammer, Aimee Karl. Mike McCloskey, Dan Ness, Doug Ness, Gina Perretta, Mary Redmond, Mike Roderer, Mary Russo, Chris Schindler, Alan Schirtzinger, Jim Schubert,

Tony Schwieterman, Zerrine Sethna, Sri Sinnathamby, Jenny Young. Scholarships: Kathy Becker, Terry Bouquot, Chris Brown, Dawn Brown, Brian Clark, Therese Eckerle, Vicki Finkenstadt, Janet Foley, Kevin Goins, Jeff Hall, Vickie Hausfeld, Kim Jenkins, Melodi Jenkins, Gretchen Johnson, Renee Jones, Krlstie Kremer, Suzan ne Lally, Mike McCloskey, Stephanie Menna, Mike Miller, Dan Ness. Joan Porter.- Eugene Richards. Mike Roderer. Sri Sinnathamby. Sue Vittitow. Scholar-Athlete A word: Jean Nitz. Dan Ness.


- As One The 5 tor Baccalaureate Eucharist was celebrated on Moy 26, , in Emmanuel Church The warm evening of eventlS w lead by Father Gatto a'ld Father Lisbeth. :The homily tressed' the IMIVlduality Of us 011 and the n . for US to recognlD and accept this, for os a chameleon consiantly changes colcns. so do we. In a darkened church, lit only by condles, the _Riots recellected on their past. their p , and their future. os Jeanette Hicks sang, "Bath Sides ~.

Leaving You Is A Part Of Loving You . 路 路 On Tuesday, May 28, the closs of '85 held their commencement exercises at Memorial Hall. The 227 graduates and their friends were wel(omed by classmate, Danielle Morrell. The closing ad. dress was given by Sue Tieman. A highlight of the ceremonies was the honoring of Sr. Ruth Dange for her years of service to Catholic education.


Italian Dining At Its Finest! La ..gna • Ravioli • Spaghetti

Pizza • Slzzlln' Steak. And HouM Speclaltle.

Open Mon.-Thur •. : Til l:ooA.M. Fri.-Sat.: Til 4 A.M. Sun.: Til Midnight

1066 S. Main !itreet Dayton,OH . Carryout Service 222-4801









The Fellowship Of Christian Athletes Congratulates The Senior Class Of 1985 ,

President: Louann Dickensheets Vice-President: Stephanie Menna Treasurer: Mark Staddon' Communications Coordinator: Carol Neff



Congratulations And Best Wishes Class Of '85'

Good Luck & Best Wishes Seniors



00 N. Clinton St. 220.6471

2266 Patterson Rd. 256.8020

. .... " _' ~~"';~f~

Congratulations: Scott Carico Katrina Ernst David Gelhaus Fred Goubeaux Pat Hunter Mike Jette Kristie Kremer Pam Martin Pat Martin Joe Miller Carol Neff

Chris O'Brien Barbara Perry Tom Peterson Kevin Reidy Mark Staddon Alison Steiner Tom Sullivan Sue Tieman Ed Trick Sue Vittitow

St. Rita's Parish Eugene F. Vonderhaar, Pastor Anthony M. Dattilo, Assoc. Pastor


7 W . National Rd.

APPRAISAL SERVICES OF DAYTON 5470 N. Main St. Dayton, Ohio 454 5 Ph. 277-8974 Real Estate Appraisals Ray Gunn, Jr. Servicing Your Residential Commercial & Industrial Real Estate Needs

Phone 836.6243 Englewood, OH


. Jewelry Gifts For Every Occasion

~ Stlltll Auto InsufllnCIl Compllnills

J'-1 5320 North Mllin Street â&#x20AC;˘

Dllyton, OH 454 '5


~'1 <!r_ " 31/"""'1 !I/""


fO~erers, flowers te~J


Compliments Of

513/223-1253 1504 troy street • dayton, ohio • 45404

MAIN LINE SUPPLY CO. 905 E. Third St. Dayton, OH 45402

277 ·9313 Office

2:"11··-110 R.lldance

461.5544 ( ,



5417 N. Main SI.

Dlylon, Ohio 45415

R.allor . Broker in Shiloh since 1953



McCOOK BOWLING 1301 N. Keowee 224.7685 Rudy Dudon Jr. - Class Of '62 Dave Dudon - Class of '67 Amy Dudon - Class of '86

Designers • Builders • Manufacturers

Congratulations Class Of '85

725 Lilac Avenue Dayton, OH 45417


268.6713 521 Leo St.



.- _. . .;.~; ..~. f

0; '


__",\\ -III




----- ~-


路- --~~m --



A Compreshensive Creative Center For Men & Women

MCCLELLAN'S -SERVICE 4830 Salem Ave. South Of Salem Mall 278-2692


TEL. 222-8196


Skilled Nursing Care - Supervised living Care - Intermediate Nursing Care - Assisted living Care Efficiency & One Bedroom Apt.路s Complete Rehabilitation Services. Physical. Occupational & Speech Therapy. Private & Semi-Private Rooms. 24-Hour Total Patient Care Sponsored By The Sisters Of The Precious. Blood Resident Conveniences: Physicians' Office - Barber Shop & Beauty Salon. Laundromat - Craft Shop - General Store/Gift Shop - Formal Dining Room. Post Office Yeo Olde Pub. Certified For Medicare. Medicaid & Other Insurance Programs. State licensed Accredited By Joint Commission. On Hospital Accredidation



CAYTON . OHIO 4!5404

CHARLIE'S IMPORT FOODS German. Hungarian. And Polish Foods Graduate '73

429 Troy St. Dayton. Ohio 45404

Rod Vangas Proprietor

Congratulations Seniors Janice Alane Ballard Terry Bouquot Mark Buchanan William Geiger Victoria Hausfeld Kimberly Jenkins Robert Johnston James Koehler Edward Mucha Steven Poettinger Michael Romie Matthew Schleich Darin Tucker Mark Westbrock

Michael Barhorst Amy Cramer Jeanett Condy Janet Foley Charise Jenkins James Johnson Aimee Karl Michael Miller Annemarie Nemeth Scott Reynolds Ingo Scharpius James Schubert . Barbara Werling David Wolff

Our' Lady Of Mercy 157

Compliments Of


Congratulations Class Of 1983



4600 N. Main St. 278-7921

Compliments Of The Brockmans



Jo Brock George





Ca'l.[ ga'l.£~f/j. c4uto g£cuj. ~~'l.(7i~t: 1002 V"':'LLE O( STREET (REAR'


DA.YTON . 01-(10 45404


1018 Irving Avenue


We Deliver

210 Xenia Ave. Dayton, Ohio 253-7482 Hard & Soft Pretzels

Congratulations To Our Senior, Joanne



we ""5:0 -foiMINnET-~ooo,o~1

FREEZER BEEF Fresh Meat Counter Deef • Pork • Lamb. Veal 23 W. Main Street Trotwood, Ohio 837.4156

Congratulations Seniors . Patty Allen Marilyn Columbe Vickie Finkenstadt Jeff Hehemann Matt Lamantia Amy Mann. Jeanne Quigley Nick Roll Robert Schock Patty Dabal Doug Eifert Drendan Hayes Matt Kompar Phil Lange Michelle Nevius Jeannie Richardson Patty Royer

~ GAS -- tlIL KEf-K J:';ENE



DAYTON, OHI045404 513/221!·8384

Corpus Christi Parish 159

"Dig With Care"

KARE EXCAVATING INC. Snow Plowing Hay Rides



440 Hunter Avenue. P.O. Box 806 • Dayton, Ohio 45401-0806 Phone: 513-224 ~8356

BUILDING THE MIDWEST FOR OVER SIXTY YEARS General Contractor On • Elder-Beerman Courthouse Square • Dayton Convention Center • U.D. library • Chevrolet Assembly Plant • Emery Air Freight GREGORY J. KEYES, Director of Marketing MEMBER ASSOCI ATED GENERAL CONTRA CTORS OF AMERI CA



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Typesetting - Layout



Mike Denny

Tim Terry



409 Troy St., • Dayton, OH . 45404 • 228-4964

Congratulations Seniors From Your Neighbor Next Door

ST. MARK BOOKSHOP, INC. LAYER ELECTRIC 123 Eost Third St. Dayton, Ohio 45402 (513)223·3611

Marie W . Kiefer William J. Kiefer

603 S. Ludlow 224·9608

Arcade Square

Th, fA,pul Chlilfi DagfDn Fedelal Cwlif UniDn 200 Homewood Dayton, OH 45405 Phone: 223.2483

John F. Stolfo (Owner) M.·F. 7 AM.5 PM Sat. 9 AM·5 PM Closed Sunday 461·6464

Best Wishes To The Class Of '85 From

Best Wishes From Members And Staff



2001 N. Main. Since 1906

Emmanuel Parish

Specializing In Shoes For Children And Comfort Shoes For Adults

Congratulations Precious Blood Seniors Mike Anticoli Shannon Beckman Amy Bouffioux Jennifer Clark Matt Corrado Mark DeCarlo Ron Haines Sherry Hix Sue Janowiecki Julie lemp Gina Perretta Mary Redmond Greg Rosengarten Julie Schubert Sandra Stader Matthew Worley

Shelley Badders Kim Borgert Steve Brackman Karen Clark David Dean Chris Embry Diane Hemmelgarn Debbie Hoerner Jeff Kauth Tom O'Rourke Joan Porter Rick Rolinski Alan Shirtzinger Tony Skees Brian Vallo Dennis Yantis

Buy - Sell - Trade

Poultry A t It's Best



One Of Ohio's Largest Selections Of Science Fiction & Comic Books Hardbacks • Paperbacks • Comics Magazines • Posters • And A Large Selection Of Used Albums 222.1479

Open Mon .. Sat. 10.7

110 W. Fifth Dayton


15 E. First Street



San Francisco Style Subs

223· 7997

\ :

C.\RI. E. ;\III.1.ER .JR. AK2


(t!l~ ....~

Chris & Mike! Oct. 6, 1984






OHIO -15402 '~131

228 Q402 / Q521 77428.1'

From Your Little Sister ('85) 35 Years Professional Real Estate Service

Compliments Of Your Employer

Congratulations Class Of '85 5639 Markey Rd. Dayton, OH 45415

In Shiloh 513.278.8252

Congratulations Martha Brzozowski Mary Brzozowski Teresa Martin

Congratulations Class Of '85 From

DAHM BROS. COMPANY, INC. Serving This Area Since 1926 Roofing - Commercial - Industrial - Residential 743 Valley St. Dayton, Ohio 461.5627


St. Adalbert's Parish

Best Wishes c.J. Class Of '85 1

Congratulations To The Seniors


St. Peter's Parish Joan Ater Kevin Foley Tom Gnau Jean Nitz Tom Ricker Joyce Swintek

Tom Bridgman Jenny Gambert Stephanie Menna Keith Pirrung liz Rigot

&eJ. . TOOL & DIE, INC. Charles L. Brinkman - Class Of '3~ George A. Ballman - Class Of '37 Robert J. Brinkman - Class Of '38 Leonard A. Nartker - Class Of '39 Richard J. 路Pohl - Class Of '53 William M. Beigel - Class Of ' 58 Chuck Brinkman - Class Of '59 John R. Brinkman - Class Of '62 Daniel C. Post - Class Of '67 Robert L. Esken - Class Of '67

Fresh Dough • 1()()1M, Dairy Cheese • Fresh Deli Meats



~ ~





1400 Wyoming Ave .• Daylon, Ohio 45410

5825 North Dixie Dr. Dayton, Ohio 45414



CARL COLLINS Ma.ter Instryotor Course Director

MAIN RADIATOR 34(}9 N. Main St, Dayton, Ohio 45405 MEL TOLLE JIM GILLEY

4 7 25 North Main Street Daylen. Oh,e ~5~05 274-7401

278-3258 Flowers For All Occasions Weddings A Specialty

GENTILE'S Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Corner Of Fourth Street And Patterson Road Phone (513) 461-5170 Good Luck Class Of '85


Sport Diving Professionals

Go Eagles

Jason Conners '88 Beth Staddon '86 Mark Staddon '85

Compliments Of 1





Dayton 3016 N. Main 277-5261

Union 102 S. Main 836-5184

Phone 461-5960 Wholesale Plumbing And Heating Supplies 901 S. Perry St. Dayton, OH 45402

PHONE 836-0312





DAYTON ART GLASS CO. AND BEVELING WORKS 1819 Wyoming St. (Off Rt. 35 E) 256-8975

Congratulations From St. Anthony Parish

To The 1985 c.J. Graduates: Maybe It Was A Little Before Your Time, But Some Years Back Mama Cass Recorded A Tune With These Words ... " Make Your Own Kind Of Music, Sing Your Own Special Song . . . " And Today We Can Think Of A No More Timely Wish .. . And Suggestion . . . And With It Go Our Prayers And Love.

Parents Music Club


Bowling: is fun at e

2727 S. Dixie Dr 298-7411


Senior Portraits


5690 Webster Street • Dayton , Ohio 45414

7620 North Main Street Dayton. Ohio 45415




Good Luck Mike


Compliments Of


116 Poplar Street Dayton. Ohio 45415 275.5582

EVANS BAKERY INC. 3 13 ' TRANSPO RT A T IO N R O • D AYTOt-. . Ok . 5 6 0 . ·(S

t 3) 236 -0333

All Major Ilrands Kenwaod·JV(.Concord Marantz·Ads·Makachimi Serv ice And Repair On All Mak e s F.M . And CIl . Radios Sales A nd Se rv ice

• Congratulations Seniors From The Alumni Sales Ron Russo Manager Kurt Konicki

Open Si x Days 4420 Indian Ripple Shopping Center 426.1608 6005 N. Dixie 898.0118

700 Troy St. Dayton. Ohio 45404 Phone 228.4151


Best Wishes and Compliments from

Get The Famous G.Man Service Parts & Accessories For All Makes

223路1068 Open Mon .. Sat. 8.5 S. ludlow At Franklin St.

Thf: Service People

Congratulations To The 1985 Graduating Class

of Chaminade-Julienne High Schoal From The lams Company

AI's9 lauto ass •

760 S. Paller so n Bo ule vard Da yl o n, Ohio 45402 513 / 461·5444

Bob Coons (1964)

Since 1922 Conveniently Located To Serve You 1733 Brown St. At Sawmill Rd. Fred Boehmer " 55" Congratulations Class Of 1985

Guaranteed Mobile Glass 118 S. Main St. New Carlisle, Ohio 45344 (513) 845-1026


BONBRIGHT DISTRIBUTORS, INC. 1933 Troy Street Dayton, Ohio 45404 Phone # (513) 233-5340


Stephanie Congratulations And Best Of Everything In The Future. Love, Mom & Dad

Good Luck Seniors From


Arcade Square 461.6217

Salem Mall 837.9717

Congratulations To Ttre Class Of '85

John M. Gorman Co. Inc. P.O. Box 14085 Northridge Station 2844 Keenan Ave Dayton, Ohio 45414 Telephone: 513/278.0836

"Be All That You Can Be, You Are The Future"

Mike '61 - Tim '65 - Denny '66 Terry '69 - Will McCloskey '45 The Sinnathamby Family

BAINBRIDGE HALL Council 500 Knights Of Columbus

Congratulations Neighbor!

Receptions, Meetings, Trade Shows, R~unions


Robert C. Dabal Grand Knight 267 Dainbridge St. Dayton, Oh 45402 Phone 513-224-8566

To Learn To Drive Call 278-5883: De Ready For Driver's Test In Four Days

Go To D & D DRIVING SCHOOL Owned & Operated Dy Former High School Teacher, Don Austin . 3 Locations To Serve You Detter 6656 Drandt Pike (Huber Heights) • Dehind Grismer Firestone Store 1867 Salem Ave • 4722 S. Dixie - Rear of J & J Grocery We Issue Certificates Necessary For Licence For 16 & 17 Year Olds

• Licensed Dy State Of Ohio • Approved Dy !ns. Co. For Discount • We Give Instructions For Written Test & Drive You Over To Take It • Classroom - Films - Slides - Lectures · • Defensive Driving Course With Newest Techniques • 4 Days To Driver's Test Or Take ' As Long As You Want • Phones Answered Electronically - After Hours

Show This Ad And

Recieve $10.00 Discount - Master Charge - Visa - Shopper's Charge

• Trained & Equipped To Teach Handicapped • Special Attention Given To Nervous People • .AII Phases Of Driving • Simplified Method Of Maneuverability Test ·Ford Training Cars - Our Cars May De Used To Take Driver's Test In • Free Help & Literature To Get Temporary Permit • Same Rate Anywher~ In Montgomery County



Complete Line of Professional Equipment Custom Fitting & Ball Balancing

PASTIME LANES "300" PRO·SHOP 4302 N. Dixie Drive


Hours : 1:00 to 7:00 Mon. thru Fri. 10:00 to 3:00 Sat .

Bob Kwolek PBA Member

Gary Bildders 277-0693

"It's Been Real .. . It's Been Fun .. . And As A Matter Of Fact. It Has Been Real Fun! "

Dedicated To: Jeanette, Phi\' Mark, Marilyn, Kathy & Paul With Love, From Patty & Sue

WOMANLINECOUNSELING SERVICE 1106 Brown St. 223-3446 Congratulates The 1985 C-J -Gradu.ates Womanline Offers Women And Teens Confidential, Professional Counseling, Educational And Material Services At No' Charge

They that hope in the Lord will renew their strength. they will soar as with eagles' wings. Is JO.J 路I

Congra t ul ations Seniors The Co-Educators


Congratulations Vickie







LOOSE NURSERY & GARDEN CENTER Let Us Solve Your Planting Problems

We never

Complete Landscape Service 277-8968 " Since 1933"

forgot what a restaurant ought to be!

3300 Philadelphia Dr.


Student Council Congratulates The Class Of '85' President = Mary Russo Vice Pres. = Down Brown Secretory = Mary ,Beth Folan Treasurer = Jim Sills Social Committee = Kim Borgert Spirit Committee = Joan Porte~



50 Park Avenue Oakwood, OH 45419 (513) 298-9501



Dr. John graduate '69

"Goldie" 1538 N. Keowee 2932 S. Dixie 3651 Salem

Good Luck Eagles!

Patrons Congratulations Shannon. We're very proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad.

Our Best Wishes for Happiness and Success for Shelia and Maureen in '85. Love, Mom.

Class of '85 - Congratulations and Good Luck. Mrs. Barbara Hinkle. Best of Luck to the Great Class of '85. Mr. and Mrs. T.J . Wallace. Good Luck Class of '85. Mr. Kevin Kavanaugh. A Prayer and Best Wishes for the Class of '85. Bro. Bill Grundish.


Congratulations Seniors! Ms. Peggy Regan . Congratulations Jim Johnson. Love, Mom, Dad, Jackie - '82, and Tiger. "Go'bd Luck Seniors. " Precious Blood Teen Club. Good Luck Class of '85. Mr. Donald Weimert.

UPTHEGROVE AUTO SERVICE Corner Catalpa & Hillcrest GARY UPTHEGROVE Owner/Manager 274路6629

2352 Catalpa Drive Dayton , Ohio 45406



Potpourri . . . Shots You u


Never Thought We Got!


/ .





Chaminade Julienne High School Yearbook 1985  

Chaminade Julienne High School Yearbook 1985 Dayton, Ohio

Chaminade Julienne High School Yearbook 1985  

Chaminade Julienne High School Yearbook 1985 Dayton, Ohio