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AWARDS JEFF BACHEY - Homecoming Service Award RITA BALLMAN - National Honor Society LAURIE BAYER - National Honor Society, MVP Reserve Volleyball, Oh io Board of Education, Curriculum Award MARY BEACH - MVP Softball MARY BOHMAN - National Honor Society ANN BOLTON - National Honor Society CHRIS BOLTON - Ohio Scholastic Test: 2nd place in 2 di strict c lassifications for 1st year Biology, 4th place in 2 state classifications for 1st year Biology KATHY BOL TON - Ohio Scholastic Test: Honorable Mention in Division 1 for 1st year Algebra JAM ES BOY ER - Optim ist Club of Dayton award for excellence in oratory KAREN BOYER - Homecoming Service Award TERESA BRANSON - National Honor Society ED BRILL - UD Scholarship, Mary Rowe Moore Admission with Distinction Award from the Univers ity of Cinc innati MARY BROOM - Participation in Honor Seminars of Dayton, Ohio Scholastic Test: 20th place in 1st year Chemistry, Scholar Athlete Award JOHN BRUN - MVP Cross Country LESLIE BURGESS - Director's Award for Outstanding Service to Music DONNA BURROUGHS - MVP Women's Track ALEX CHES TNUT - National Honor SOCiety MIKE COSGROVE - UD Scholarship PA TTY DAV IS - Speech Award FRANK DEWINTER - National Honor SOCiety PAUL DIRITO - National Honor Society, Dayton Bar Association Citizenship Award, Homecoming Service Award, Scholar A th lete JIMMY DORSEY - MVP Varsity Basketball, Best Rebounder Award JOYCE DORSEY - Ohio Board of Education Curriculum Award, Homecoming Service Award TOM DRUMMER - Director's Award for Outstanding Service to Mus ic MICHELE DUNSKY - National Honor SOCiety JEFF EIFERT - MVP Varsity Basketball CHUCK FISCHER - MVP Varsity Football, Walbash College Athletic Scholarship JACK FLOREA - Outstanding Defensive Back for Vars ity Football ROBIN GOHMAN - Outstanding Defensive lineman' for Varsity Football TERRI HElL - National Honor Society RON HENDERSON - Letter of Commendation in the National Achievement Scholarship Program for Outstanding Negro Students DONALD HENRY - Nati onal Honor Society, UD Scholarsh ip, Letter of Commendation in the National Achievement Scholarship Program for Outstanding Negro Students TERI HOL TVOIGT - National Honor SOCiety BARBRA HU ELS - National Honor Society, Outstanding Physics Student, Letter of Commendation from the National Merit Scholarship Cor-

poration, Mary Rowe Moore Adm iss ion with D istinction Award from 'the Univers ity of Cincinnati MARY HU EL ES - National Honor Soc iety, Partic ipation in Honor Sem inars of Dayton, Oh io Scholastic Test: 13th place in Division 1 of Second Year Algebra, Participation in Youth Conservation Corps Program SUSAN INCZE- National Honor SOCiety DAWN JAMESON - National Honor Society BILL KERN - MVP Reserve Basketball DEBBIE KOENIG - MVP Varsity Volleyball PATTI KORFF - National Honor Society, Ohio Board of Education Curriculum Award, Letter of Commendation from the National Merit Scholarsh ip Corporation DAVE KOPP - Offensive Baseball Award DAVID KOTHMAN - National Honor Society DWAYNE KNOWLES - National Music Honor SOCiety Award for the Outstanding Musician TOM KURPIEL - National Honor Society DANA LEE - National Honor Society HERB LEIGH - National Honor SOCiety LARRY LEIGH - Homecoming Service Award, La Sertoma Club Youth Service Award CHUCK LONG - National Honor Society, Most Sp irited Vars ity Basketba II Player, Defens ive Baseball Award DOUG LONG - Coe College Scholarship RON LONG - MVP Freshman Basketball MARK LYONS - MVP Wrestling MAGGIE MALONEY - National Honor Society LINDA MAUCH - John P. McHale Memorial Award for Outstanding Service to Vocal Mus ic PATRICIA McLAUGHLIN - Sterling Silver Homemaker Award ANNE METZGER - National Honor Society, Ohio Board of Education Curriculum Award, Top Student in Senior Class, Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizenship Certificate TERRY MILL ER - Homecom ing Serv ice Award MARTY MILLS - National Honor Society KA THY MOEDER - National Honor Society, Homecoming Service Award, Dayton Kiwanas Club Award for the outstanding member of the graduating class, Scholar Athlete, Most Spirited Cheerleader MARK MONROE - National Red Cross Service Award, Letter of Commendation for Community Service in Health & Safety Programs from the American Red Cross HELEN MUNDELL - Carroll College Scholarship BECKY NICHOLS - National Honor Society, Ohi o Board of Education Curriculum Award ' ROBER T OFFU T - Best Recovery Award for Vars ity Ba sketball BOB PFANDER - Most Improved Baseball Player ED PLASPOHL - UD Athletic Scholarship, Homecoming Service Award, Outstanding Offensive Lineman for Varsity Football, MVP Track MAR lLYN PORTNER - Most Sp irited Dri II Team Member


ADELE RAPELYE - Mary Moore Admission with Distinction Award from the University of Cincinnati, DePaul University Scholarship MARY ANN RATAICZAK - National Honor Society ADAM RAVENS TEIN - John P. McHale Memorial Award for Outstanding Service to Vocal Mus ic ANNE REDDINGTON - ' National Honor Society KARLA REICHERT - National Honor Society, 1 st P lace in the International Federation of Catholic Alumnae Essay Contest, Scholar Athlete RICK REINDEL - National Honor Society, UD Scholarship, Top Student in Senior Class CHRIS RICHARD - National Honor Society MARY RIESER - National Honor Society HELEN ROALEF - Ohio Board of Education Curriculum Award, Letter of Commendation from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation, UD Scholarsh ip STEVE ROBERTS - Most RBI's for Baseball PETE ROLL - Don Bowman Memorial Football Award KAR EN ROS E - National Honor Society HELEN SALUKE - National Honor Society TOM SCHERACK - Mos,t Improved Tennis Player PENNY SCHMITZ - National Honor Society, Ohio Board of Education Curriculum Award ROBERT SCOTT - Scholarship for a summer jazz clinic TERRY SEITZ - Best Free Throw Award for Vars ity Basketball TIM SENDELBACH - Alumni Award for Outstanding Service to Mus ic PHYLLIS SHOCK - National Honor Society, Ohio Board of Education Curriculum Award

TIM SMILEY - Homecoming Service Award SUE SMITH - National Honor Society, Mary Rowe Moore Adm iss ion with Distinction Award from the Univers ity of Cincinnati TERESA SMITH - National Honor Society KEN SP ITZ IG - Most Improved Cross Country Runner PETE STEINER - Runner-up in the International Federation of Catholic Alumnae Essay Contest MARK THOMA - Finalist in the National Merit Scholarship Competition, Certificate from the Honor Seminars of Dayton, Inc. MAR GAR ITA TORR ES - National Honor Society JOE TUSS - Letter of Commendation from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation CARL VEHORN - Ohio Dominican College Scholarsh ip RICK VERRIT - Most Improved Junior Player for _ Varsity Football STEVE VOG EL - Most Sp irited Baseball Player MARK WABLER - MVP GOLF AVA WEBB - Most Improved Cheerleader TOM W~STENDORF - National Honor Society SUSIE WOESTE - National Honor Society, Ohio Board of Education Curriculum Award STEVE WOLLENKAUPT - Most Spirited Cross Country Runner PAM WOOD - National Honor Society NA THAN YOUNG - National Honor Society BILL ZINCK - Homecoming Service Award, MVP Varsity Tennis RICK ZINK - Most Improved Varsity Basketball






!trl '. •

One of Dayton's


Top Ten ...

and Rifle Team 9 won

6 lost 1 tied 7th of

16 in sectionals

Picture I.Randy Romie; eagle eye 2. Chuck Krainz - the Don Juan of the golf team. 3. Mike Sullivan

THE GO LF TEAM Varsity Mark Wabler - Most Valuable Player Chuck Krainz Randal S. Romie Mi ke Su ll ivan

THE RIFLE TEAM Pat Halloran John Jackson Dan Redman Back Row: Rick Kleinsmith Ed Over Mi ke Tokarsky Mike Sprow l

Tim Sende lba ch Tony Yancey Robin Gohman Brian Crimmin s Mark Corwin


1. First Row: Mr. Clark, Frank Detmer, 'Kyle Aughe, Bill Zinck, Tom Broadstone, Bill Leibold, Mike Fraizer, and Steve Lucas. ~econd Row: John ' Jackson, Tom Scherack, Bi II Cochran, Doug Deger, Krishna Rao, Ed Brackman, Ron Takara, and Mr. Zaidain. 2. Mi ke Fraizer executes a backhand return. 3. Doug Deger keeps his eye on the ball. 4. Bil l Zinck powerfully booms a serve. S. Kyle Aughe dares anyone to challenge hi m.

Men's Tennis

1. Charlene D\' Amico, ,' Penny ,Schmit~, Mary Broom, Pam Wood, Kris Bergman, Ann Meyers and Gretchen Klopf. (not pi ctured: Sue Kronauge) 2. Ann Meyers tensely awaits the serve. 3. Chris and Charlene team up. 4. Pam Wood serves to Alter. 5. 201,202, 203 ••• "Aw hurry up and serve Gretchen!" 6. A tennis fan's view. 7. A sweeping return by Mary Broom.





Women's Tennis


1-3 Terry Seitz winds up and fires! 4. Steve Vogel prays for victory. 5. Bob Pfander smacks a line drive. 6. "I wonder if Pete Rose started out like this?" ays Tom Kurpiel. 7. The fans watch patiently. 8. Dave Miller being a real swinger.


1. Steve Vogel, Chris Weatherford, Stewart Mason, Mi ke Bernard, Dave Mi lIer, Dave Kopp,' Steve Boesch, Chuck Long, trying to get sun tans. 2. Chuck Long acting Ii ke Batman. 3. Steve Boesch and Chuck Long watch their team. 4. Steve Roberts, "25, 36, 41 HIKE" 5. Pete Roll says, "Which way is home plate?" 6. "What did you call me?" says Steve Vogel. -r


- ~-



1. Brother Grundish and Mr. Reardon watch George Spitzig spri nt by them. 2. Larry Weisman, George Sp~tzig, Bob Roll, Bob Karl, Jim Burnett, and Kevin Sandridge. Future Olympians? 3. Ji m Burnett tri es the 100 yd. dash. 4. Bob Roll and Larry Weisman race around the track. 5. Mr. Reardon shows them how it's done â&#x20AC;˘



. .. -


-" It's the Track


Speeding Streaker.

1. Ann Shillito, Pam Florea and Liz Mercuri, "Last one there is a rotten egg!" 2. "Hey, where is everyone" says Jani ce Parker. 3. "Keep going Jim, the girls are just ahead," says Purvis Coley. 4. Pam Florea says, "Now I know why firemen wear suspenders!" 5. Christi Smith and Jani ce Parker kick up the dust. 6. Bill Back is up, up, and away!



1. 1st Row: Mary Beach, Cathy Wi Iliamson, Elaine Mauch, Debbie Koenig, .Kathy Moeder, Cindy Caul- , fi eld. 2nd Row : Doris Schroeder,i Barb Parenti, Patty Post, Mary Jo Summers, Kim Thomas, Marie Kraska, Connie Summers. 3rd Row: Sandy Mills, Teresa Boman, Marty Mi lis, ' Karla Reichert, Mary Beth S chroer, Sr, Carol Li chtenberg. 2. Boo, Boo-Boos.



1. Debbie Koenig looking for the right pitch. 2. Guess what? 3. Mary Jo Sum mers catches a grounder. 4. "I hope that flock of birds isn't heading towards me!" says Marty Mills.







SPIRIT WEEK 1. Donetta Johnson and Michael Davis have fun in the cafeteria. 2. & 3. Adam Ravenstein is pelted with pies. 4. Penny Schmitz gives the senior battle cry. 5. Kathy Wi II iamson and Tracy Hamburg get ready for the Freshman tricycle race. 6. Gretchen Plei man and Ann Tabb pose as Raggedy Ann and Andy. 7. Matt Moore swallows a gold fish at a contest during "Freshman Day". 8. The seniors show their spirit.


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for three months we rehearsed, sang, laughed, ~ I


cried,.screamed, waited, worried, and dreamed of



" ... don't let it be forgot, that once there was a spot

for one brief shining moment . .. "


ORCHESTRA TRUMPETS - Dave Donovan, Mark Haley, John Kauth, Bill Lei bo Id FRENCH HORN - Bob Fox, Chuck Krainz, Mark Tokarsky TROMBONE - Matt Borger, Tim Sendelbach PERCUSSION - Dwayne Knowles, Jim Rorher BASSOON - George Brockman OBOE - Jeff Brugger FLUTE - Keith Davis, Martin Dunsky, Valerie Jones CLARINET - Kevin Barrett, Mark Rindler PIANO -Bro .JimPera, S. M. VIO LI N - Barbara Beeler, Polly Buckingham, Chris Phi Ilips VIOLA - Chris Phillips BASS - Matt Watkins HARP - Kevin Burt DIRECTED BY: Bro. Bruce Giffin, S. M. 122

CAST Arthur • • • • • • • • • • • . . • . • • • • . • • Matt Reddi.ngton Guenevere • • • • • • • • • • • • . . • • • • • • . • Jane Hinders Lancelot • • • • • • • • • • . • • . . • • • . • • • • •• Joe T.uss King Pellinore • • • • • • . • • • • . • • • • • . • , Larry Leigh Mordred •• • • • • • • • • . • • . • • • • . • • •• Joe Down~o~ Merlyn • • • • • • • • • • • • . . . .•••••••••• Herb Lelg Morgan Ie Fey • • • • • • • • • • . . . • • • • • • Renee Brow.n Nimue . • . . • • • • • • • • • • . . • • • • • , Marianna Harr.ls Sir Dinadin . • • • • • • • • . • • . • • • . • • Randall S. Rom~e Sir Lionel • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • . • • • • Adam .Ravestlem . Sagramore • • • • • • . • • • • • • . • • . • DenniS Shar <ey Sir . ka Marianne Burne Lady Anne • • • • • • • • . . • • • • • • . • M h II Dap • • • • . • • • • • • • • • . • • • • • • • • • • . . Steve :a~h Tom of Warwick • • • • . • • • • • • • • • • • • VIC Laute Horrid • • . . • • • • • • • • . • Snowind Kind Bluebeard Zero

LORDS AND LADIES OF CAMELOT Sir Tor' . • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Bill Back Lady Meg • • . • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • . Mary M. Bohman Lady Marian • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Mary Anne Borek Sir Tristram • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ·Thomas Corcoran Sir Gillimer • • • • • . . . • • . • • • • • • • • • . . Greg Davis Sir Colegrevance • • • • • • • • . • • • • • • • Michael Davis Sir Ector • • • . . . • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Christopher D'EI ia Sir Bliant • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Paul DiRito Lady Delphyn . . . . • • • • • • • • • • • • . Marianna Harris Lady Charlotte ••••••••••••••• , Maureen Hickey Lady Lionore . • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Debbie Koenig Lady Elaine. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •• Cindy Kreitzer Lady Gweneth • • • • • • • • • • • • • •• Jane Kronenberger Lady Diana • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • . • • • • • Dana Lee Lady Sy6il • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • . Virgie Lehman Sir Castor • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • . • •• Herbie Lei gh Lady Dyanira • • . • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Elaine Mauch _ Lady Jane. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • . • • • •• Linda Mauch Lady Constance. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •• Anne Nordyke Sir Blamore • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • . • • • Joel Oldiges Lady Abigayl • • • • • • • • • • • . • • • • • • . • Willie Perrin Lady Adriane •••••••••.•• • •••• , Marilyn Portner Lady Julia • . • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Mary Ann Rataizak Lady Rachel • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •• Rosemary Ri"ndler Sir Meliagrance • • . • • • • • • • • • • • • • • .• Bi II Schu Iz Sir Gilliam • • • • • • • • • • • • • . . • • • • . . • • Rick Stang Sir Aggravaine •••••••••••••••••• Tony Wourms

PRODUCTION CREWS Stage Manager - Nancy Dawicke Carpenter - Mary Ann McGee Set Construction - Ri chard A Ibaugh, Peggy Behrman, Kathy Borchers, Theresa Branson, Gary Gudorf, Carol Heheman, Mary Martin, Marty Mills, Mi ke Moore, Sue Overman, ChrisSchierloh, Frank Will Stage Crew - Richard Albaugh, Jeff Bachey, Peggy Behrman, Kathy Borchers, Theresa Branson, Carol Heh~- . man, Mi ke Moore, Sue Overman, Pete Roll, Mark Thoma, Fran k Wi II Electrician - John Noonan Lighting - Marty Mills, Terry borne, Mike Trick Makeup - Barb Becker, Renee Brown, Nancy Dawicke, Chris E'Elia, Anne Nordyke, Sue Overman, Anne Reddington, Mary Reddington Properties - Nancy Dawicke Costuming - Renee Brown, Marie Condron, Anne Reddington, Mary Reddington Publicity - Renee Brown, Tom Corcoran, Paul Deardorff, Chris D'Elia, Sr., Kathy Dwyer; S.N.D.; Julie Finke, Herb Leigh, Mi ke Lenz, Anne Nordyke, Adam Ravestei n, Anne Reddington, Mary Reddington, Mike Jackson Ushers - Mary Broom, Susan Incze, Linda Jette, Marie Kraska, Kathy Kuntz, Becky Nevius, Maribeth Schroer, Paula Smith, Pat Strutton, Connie Summers, Carol Tankersley, Margie Wartinger


Look At the Time Many things mistaken, Freedom don't mean no bounds Cleanliness don't mean no dirt And beauty is from within Many things taken, young spirit gone from lads pride away from countrymen and the I ives of unborn babes Many thing s forced, Opinions of men in high places Knowledge from co liege grads And pain, when insanity prevai Is Alas, many things to be returned, Majesties of nature The wisdom of silent prophets And the wonders of God.

When it's time to do my homework, I get out my mag ic clock and wind itto 13 a.m. until it starts to tock. Then with the time on my side I am free to write each page without the fear that when I'm done I'll quiver with old age. an hour and a decade live often squandered on my math, with an equation causing me a year of roaring wrath. But when my pen grows silent, my paper satisfied, my arm breathes in a sigh of joy and lingers at my side. You there, pencil - way to go! Well done 011 eraser! Letls put the clock away for now; it's time to watch Speed Racer.

Kris Kuntz Mary Ann Wagner

Dawn To me, Dawn is a sleepy girl waking up in the morning. Dawn is a hungry mountain lion eating the last bits of shimmering night. It is a rainbow-colored balloon slowly being blown up. Dawn is a sly cat sneaking up on its prey, who finds itself totally engulfed by it. Dawn is a beautiful flower Opening its pastel petals to the world. Julie Ballard 124

fai led up to now, I don't think so I've neither lived up to their expectations or decided what my ow!l wi II be I value the right to enjoy life for the desire I am made to feel guilty The music I enjoy although the finest of its kind, shows my immaturity My hair hard Iy long and not dirty seems to shame them My views on life anger and confuse them they cannot understand For I was not meant to defend marijuana or lose respect for my elders And I'm sorry if I ruined a dream But to me the most important thing of all is to find one of my own Kyle Aughe

Everyone "By Bus" Whatev"er you say I I wi II listen. When my mi nd is weary I and my thoughts turn sour I trust you wi II not lead me astray. I have just found my peace of mind; do not destroy it by your words. Leave me alone iLyou are going to hurt me Do not shatter my dreams; for if I cannot exist in my dream world, I will wither like a flower l once picked by human hands l left to lay I where I may not lie shared by anyone If by chance I begin to falter lend a hand I help me up; Do not let me die I have a lot to share: Share me

With a coin or else a ticket my passageway is bought and 11m swept up in the bustle of which welre often lost But the lurch forld and the rhythm clear the air and clear my thoughts; now 11m free to settle back with eas e just to wander Iti II II m lost. What!s reality is changed for me to a cloud I sit upon with adventure at my footsteps seeking out the road beyond When 11m on my little journey how I wish I didnlt know it will end the next corner UPI for therels no where else to go. Mary Ann Wagner

N. Eo Do

A river flowing gently Through-out the years , Splitting Going in various directions Some continue to flow Peacefully Some turn to dust And are forgotten But l somewhere l somehow For one brief moment They are joined as one

Image Imagination To create images to see with the mind to reveal much to I earn fro m to app Iy to dreams to seek happiness in return Randal Scott Romie

N. E. D.

Why War? Must we fight? Must we kiH? Has no one a mind to think with? to reason with? to reso Iv e d i Hi cu I ti es? There is no need for guns, cannons, bullets, when man has within his grasp the answer. A. Davis

I n An Around Words are messengers of thoughts I Thoughts find their purpose in meaning I Meaning plants itself in emotions l Emotions are what we feel inside about the outsideo ~ Outside I find many things and different people. In people ' l look for those to call special, Special people are personal and few-and cannot be appreciated with words. Randal Scott Romie 125

Howard Lewis

Belinda Clements

Steve Wicinski .

Julie Beall


Mary Caporal

Mary Martin Babs Boltz


Brian Greenwell

Linda Jette



•tD Q)






• •tD

tD Q)















C-J Spring

, Fling 74









of Music






The Student



"You got to get up every mornin' with a smi Ie on your face and show the world all the love in your heart. Then people gonna treat you better / you're gonna find/ yes you wi II - that you're beautifu as you feel. Carole King



Blossom, smile some sunshine down my way. Lately live been lonesome. Blossom, itls. been much too long a day. S'eems my dreams have frozen. Melt my cares away. James lay lor




We must love them both - those whose opinions we share and those whose opinions we reject. For both have labored in the search of truth - both have helped in the finding of it. - Thomas Aquinas ,


-- . ~ "


Chaminade . Julienne Parent's Music Club



Genuine Auto Parts



Football has taught me a lot. It has taught me that if you really want to achieve something, no matter how small or big, you can do it. However this goal does not come easily Icause l you must want deep down inside to reach this goal and be wi Iling to work long and hard to get it. You know, maybe that's why we were 3-7 this year instead of 7-3 ••• We really didn't want to work at it ••• A lot of guys talked about being good and doing good and how they were going to work so hard over the summer to get ready for the season ahead, but that' s about as far as it got, a lot of talk. You know you hear the following words a lot, and see it tacked up on bulletin boards everywhere, especially in athletics, but maybe if we all just paid a little more attention to these words weld all be better for it ••• These words come from the late Vince Lombardi ••• I don't know exactly how his speech went but I do know what the phrase was that he repeated over and over and it was that no matter what you are doing or what you are ·involved in in order to be good you have, "Got to pay the price ••• " You know maybe that's why we were 3-7 .... You think so? I do •••





3'1 S, I;,/rL(iNsa./ STREET



OHIO (15130



Chaminade Julienne Marching Band OJ)

c .+J

c: (1) en

(1) I.-


l-(Leftto Right) Rose Ann Carroll, Chris Gentile, Mikki Brooks, Mari Iyn Portner, Joe Downton, Kevi n Barrett read y to march. 2-Gary Yarnall plays the tuba. 3-Brother Bruce Giffi n directs the band. 4-Erni e Curry and Steven Roberts 5- The marchi ng band, dri II team, color guard, majorettes, and Brother Bruce.



The Chaminade-Julienne Marching Band and Dri II Team added excitement to halftime at the football games. The precise arrangements by the Band of such popu lar tunes as II Shaft" , 1125 or 6 to 4" , II Get ItO nil , and many others that brought the crowds to their Jeet.


At each game the fi eld came a live with the playing of the band. Every eye was on the precise marching of the Drill Team. After the end of the football season, the Dri II Team marched on. They performed afaoll o f the home basketball games, and did well in competitions . The spirit of C-J was examplified by our fine Marching Band and Drill Team.


Top Row: Joan Kunnen (co-captain), Denise Bunn, Teresa Puchalski, Liz Harper, Kim Whisman, Connie Larger, Margie Keat ing, Leslie Burgess, Diane Gentile (Co - captain) Middle Row: Jane Roll, Cathy Stanley, Karen Dorsten, Paula Smith, Peggy Sullivan, Shelley Thomas, Phyllis Shock Bottom Row: Mi cki Brooks, Mari Iyn Portner, Rose Ann Carroll, Cindy Scherack (captain), Terry Liddy, Becky Nevius, Marty Wartinger, Karen Roberts


~ ~

Cross Country Cross Country


c: :s

o o

en en

M eet the Team : 1st Row (L - R) Ray Schommer, Dave Kothman, Steve Wollen haupt, Georg e Spitzig, Tim Burnett, Brother Grundish 2nd Row (L - R): Bernard Wo este, Chris Boton, Ken Spitzig, Mike L eibold 3rd Row (L - R): John Brun, Doug Long, Greg Brun, Tim Gonsoroski, Bill Brookley Not Shown : Pat Kroger









o o

en en

o 'o

The cros s country team, coached by Brother Bill Grundi sh had a succe ss ful sea son with a record of four win s and two lo ss es . Steve Wo Ilenhaupt (Below) won th e first individual trophy for Chaminade- Julienne for hi s 10 :09 minute time at the Fair view Invitational . At the state competition , C- J placed 5th in a 15 team meet. John Brun qualified to participate in the state d i stri ct meet.

RALLY! "We are gathered here today for one main purpose, to let our team kn ow we are behind them in the game tomorrow. If we are to help our team, it must be done with pos itive cheering, not negative. In all my years in sports, I have yet to see a game where, when the opposition was booed, it made OUR team play harder-- The other team-Yes. As th~y announce the oppos ition p layer by name, we yell, IIWhol s He? And as that player runs on the field he says to himself, 11/1/1 show THEM who / am,ll And he usually does. Thatls negative cheering. The advantage of the homefield is always taken into consideration when profess ional bettors are laying the odds, and it l s not because of the field, but the rooters. When our team is moving the ball towards our opponents goal our cheering will help to keep them on the move. Thaes positive cheering. I

But more important, when our team has ie s back to our own goal line, our cheers tell them, "We know you can stop them ,II and on many occas ions they do. When the game is over, and we win, our cheers for the v ictors come easily, but /fwe lose, then is the time to let our fellows hear, IIWe Iknow you did your best, and we are proud of you. II Let l s hope our cheers come easily tomorrow. . Mr. Gerard Faust

Top: Mr. Faust delivers his speech. Middle: Pat Connors introduces the players. Far Left: Who Killed who? Left : Laurie staton helps in giving spirit to the school.

17 Homecoming



z ---



The Homecom ing game was held on Friday, Oct. 19, at Baujan Field. Preceeding the game, the parade made its way from the fairgrounds to the field. There was a wide range of participation including students, faculty, and our band and drill team. Our guests, the Belmont B isons, led the way. Cars were decorated by many groups and were el igible for the $10 prize, which was won by Mr. Early in his interpretation of Col. Sanders. Unfortunately, the game did not go as well as the parade, for the Eagles were downed 20-0.


homecoming homecoming homecoming homecoming homecoming home







.J I

J .1

. .




205 autographs

Sunday, May 26

2:30 Emmanuel Church

B a c c .a


a u r e

a t e










Tha't's the Way God Planned It ... "




SPIRIT: The breath of life, the animating or.vital ' principle giving life to physical organisms. Such are the feel ings wh ich we all possess, but is this the final defin ition? How can we explain those times when this SPIRIT seizes our entire body, and to stand cheering is not enough . . . when we must share our emotions with someone near.


-, his awandlS pYQ.sentQd

f OY" decLca+e.-d

5eyY',ce, *0


aYld. ac..+ive.. par tl CI Pa +1 DII " n bUll di~ +he 5 pj r- ; t of Cha ml n a d.e. - Ju it IZ Yl n ~ oY\d

cOYnYl\UYI 'l {Y


Larry Leigh Bill Zinck Paul DiRito Ed Plaspohl Jeff Bachey

Tim Smiley Joyce Kathy Karen Terry

Dorsey Moeder Boyer Miller

And even more so, how do we defi ne those times, when defeat is ours? Our SPIRIT is grossly subjected to the truth. We are made into statues wh ich are tested against the cruelest of critic ism. We are the los ing team, and no matter what our inner feel ings, we are seen in sorrow.

Ig73 19


coming homecoming homecoming homecoming homecoming homecomin

~---- -


I Its }{8I'811aac

It. hailOW'.

"L.w,h. c.omc..

-for wr-t,Q .sa~ Sunx,

· 9~-

lib. _Va

aJ.a1JSJc.nc,.cn~ ~­

Se.ueJia a liktinc. . artclit.......

Its bt.re n:w

'i:he.tirM. bs CCIf$ fcc &lS to \oot<.~ orx:& .tnorG.

4.~ all ~90ocl ~~~­ -to~~~cl~1.-ts t lJnt.. -to ~

a.-t u."t ..



Sr. Ann Christopher, Members of the Administration and -Staff of Chaminade-Julienne, Parents and Friends and Graduates of the Class of 1974: Most speeches that are given at graduations consist of warning the graduating seniors about the challeng9$ that they face in leaving the surroundings and people they have been so used to. But if you think about it, we seniors have already endured and have had too face one of thlO! biggest challenges life has to offer - accepting the reality of change. We were together with the same people ••• the same teachers .•• the same surroundings .•• and if you th ink about it, everything we said al'Mf did for three years was concerned with and took place among the same people. We were secure. We didn't want it to end. September 1973 changed all that. It bro!J_ght us new faces, new personaliti es, adjustments we never thought about .•• and just when we were fed up with the whole mess, there came the unexpected gifts of friendships, warmth and love •.• and maybe even more valuable and i mportant than all that was the knowledge and insight we received from each other. Not that we didn't manage to have fun .•• 'cause we did. Remember the Zwobki attacks in the hallway ••. the parking lot parties and cinder lot action ••• getting library paaes and sometimes even showing up there ••. the Powder Puff Football Game that started out ... a contest, but ended up as a community mud bath ••• Christmas carolling ••• the Alter football and tlasketball games •.. getting whacks in Fuzzy's room ••• e~arrassing situatiON In Christian Marriage class ••• the senior retreat ••• senior T-shirts ••• and the last day of school. The laughter we shared together made some of the hard and troubled days seem NSler. Like everything else, we accepted them because we had to ••• and we survived. So did you. Our appreciation of you - parents, teachel'$ and friends - is understood without words. But today is a day in which we would like to express our appreciation and gratitude which you so justly deserve. Words of THE PROPHET"by Gililran come to mind as we thank our parents. He says: "Your children are not your children. They come through you, but not from you, and though they are with you, yet they belong nc:n to you. You may give them your love, but riot your thoughts, for they have their own thoythts. You may heuse their Mdles not theh'lOUls, for their souls dwell In the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams. You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you. For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday. You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth. The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite, and he bends you with his might that his arrows may be swift and far. Let your bending in the archer's hand be for gladness; for even as he loves the arrow that flies, so he loves also the bow that Is stable.·


The prophet also speaks of teachers. He says: "No man can reveal to yOt.l aught but that which already lies half asleep in the "awning of your knowledge. The teacher who walks in the shadow of the temple among his followers gives not of his wisdom but rather of his faith and his lovingness. If he is indeed wise, he does nClt bid you enter the house of his wisdom; but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind. n And because we couldn't have gotten by without a little help from our friends, to you we leave this, al~ by Gibran: "And Iet your best be for your frl end. If he must know the ebb of your title let hi m know it's flood alSo. For what is your friend that you should seek hIm with hours to kill! Seek him alwaVl with hoUl'$ to live. For it is his to fill your need, but not your emptlnell. And In the 1W..t1Mll of friendship let there be laughter and the sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed." It is strange to believe and understand that it is time to go. 1110se four long years that we had

ahead of us went too quickly •.• way too quickly. There was not enough time to share ••• ill love ••• to appreciate ••• to think •.• to do the things we had dreamed of ••• pondered over and wished for. But we do not fear the time ••• who knows where tomorrow began ••• who knows where the time goes?



"Goodbye to you Ma, Goodbye to' you too Pa, Little Sister, youlll have to wait awhile to come along. Goodbye to this house and all of its memories, Just guess we got too old to say we I re wrong. II


"Ilve got to make one last trip to my bedroom, I guess IIII have to leave some stuff behind., It's funny how these same old crooked pictures, Just donlt seem the same to me tonight. II _" There ainlt no use in shedding no more tears Ma, There ainlt no use in yelling at me Pa, I canlt live no longer with your fears Ma, I loved you but that hasnlt helped at all. ll Each of us must do .the things that matter, A II of us must see what we must see. Though it was long ago you must remember, You were once as young and scared as me, I don l t know how hard it is yet Ma, When you realize youlre growing old. But I know how hard it is not to be younger, I know you tried to keep me' from the cold. II II

II Thanks for all youlve done, it may sound hollow. Thanks for all the good times that welve known. But I must find my own road now to follow, You wi II all be welcome in my home. II

"I got my suitcase, I must go now. I didnlt mind about the th i ngs you said. 11m sorry Momma, I donlt know where 11m going. Remember Little Sister look ahead. II

.â&#x20AC;˘ ,

"Tomorrow IIII be on some other sunrise, Maybe IIII have someone by. my side, Mother give your love back to your Husband, Father you' have taught me well - Goodbye. Goodbye to you Ma, Goodbye to you too Pa. II



"When life itself seems lunatic,


. r




who knows whe're madness lies? 215

_ _ _ __ _ _ _- - - - - L - _ _ _ _



_ __

Perhaps to be too practical



is madness.





homecoming homecoming homecoming homecoming homecoming home

To surrender dreams 218

" "



" this may be madness. 219

Too much sanoity 222


may be 路m adness. 223

And maddest of -all,


to see life


I I !



. â&#x20AC;˘





. j

â&#x20AC;˘ j:

as it is


and not a¡sit should be." I




5ooV\er 01"



... .

'f(s C.oTC'HA

'Howard gets down.

"Who ripped off the pictures of the streakers?"



Excedrin headache no. 00829

"Don't tell me about deadlines."

"What do you think of my first layout?"




proee5S ...

Pam's last layout!

"How did I get into this class?"

"You mean to tell me there was no film in the camera?"

Sci entifi c, de lerium: madness.


AND TOMORROW Soft lights . . . music couples dancing . . . flowers. A scene out of a play? No, it's Chaminade - Julienne's first homecom ing dance. Held on Oct. 21, 1973 the students danced to the mus ic of Shadow Fax. Wampler's Barn, the site of the dance, was decorated with a sign proclaiming the theme: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. There was no court th is year at the dance, a break from Cham inade' s tradition. The dance will be remembered by some as the start of a new relationship, by others as disappointing, but by most as an evening of real enjoyment.

Opposite Page: Upper Right: What was in those bottles? Upper Left: Who is that couple? Bottom Left: Decorations at the dance. Bottom Right: Rosanne Carroll and Bob Pfander pose for the camera. This Page: Upper Left: Bro. Ron and Ms. Higgins lead the bunny hop. Upper Right: Matt R eddington shows us how its done. Bottom: Kevin Barlow and Kathy Maeder enjoy sam e quiet.


e coming homecoming homecominghomecoming homecoming homecomin

Our fearless leader, Larry Leigh-out.

This is a cropper, this is a p i ca, this is •

., Maybe if we had a ba kesale • ••

Jane, your mind is in the gutter.




Mary Bohman Karen Borchers Kathy Borchers Denise Boyd Karen Boyer Pam Comer Greg Davis Angie Eason Debra Farris Sail y Fische r Pam Florea Terri Gelhause Debbie Grusenmeyer Rita Harlett Terri Heil Jane Hinders Sherman Holmes Debbie Koenig Sue Kronauge Jane Kronenburger Larry Lei gh Gayle Miller Willie Perrin Ken Oborne Penny Schmitz Howard Lewis Tom DeWinter Rick Reindl

We have tried to envis ion a year. A year in wh ich many of our memories began and have continual I y grown, fed by each friend, and watered with our own tears. In happiness, we are glad for their ever happening. In sadness, we accept their ending. We only hope your memories are entwined with in the too few pages of th is book.


SPECIAL THANKS ' TO ... Karen and Kathy Borchers Bro. Tom Andrassy Tom Goff Studios Easterling Studios Charlie Miller Chris Huebner

What has now taken hold, of what was expressed in our first year, is memories. For the graduates these memories are even stronger, for they I ive in our souls. When you looked through this book, you probably laughed, cried and felt painj these are synonymous with memories . . Everyone in the yearbook class who took the time to put these memories together also laughed, cried and felt pain â&#x20AC;˘ . . Boy did we feel pain!

"Memories light the corners of my mind. Pictures of the smiles we left behind, Smiles we gave to one another, F or the way we were. . . II


.. ,.. ~

YESTERDAY TODAY AND TOMORROW The Board of Trustees of Chaminade-Julienne High School. . invites you to attend its Dedication Ceremony The Most Reverend Joseph L. Bernardin, D.O. Archbishop of Cinn., and The Honorable James H. McGee Mayor of Dayton Presiding Sunday, Oct. 14, 1973 on the school grounds 2:00 pm

Mayor James H. Mcgee dec lared the week of October 14-21 as C-J week in Dayton. During this time span, activities centered around Dedication, Spirit Week, and the first Homecoming festivities. The Dedication program was high I ighted by the presence of Lee Falke, who is Montgomery County Prosecutor and a graduate of Chaminade. He acted as the Master of Ceremon ies. The honored guest of the day was Archbishop Bernardin.


CHAM INAD E- JULI EN NE ALMA MATER Chaminade - Ju l ien ne, Loyalty you taught us, To God and fe l low man. Faith and hope and pr ide to have, In th is ou r great land. Oh, Chaminade-Jul ien ne, Faithfu l are we!

To our Alma Mater We p ledge ou r loyalty. Oh, Chaminade-Julienne, To our Alma Mater We pledge our loyalty!

At the close of the program, all the guests were invited to tou r the building and see the renovations. Teachers and students partic ipated in some academic and extra-curricular activities to exhibit the facilities, talents and learn ing experiences in the school. Exhibits included art displays, science and ecology projects, home 'econom ics demonstrations, theater and audio-visual programs, and business and industrial arts presentatio ns. The band and drill team presented a concert. It was an exc iting and full day to introduce C-J!

One of the first decisions made for the new shcoo I was not to have just a princi pa I making decisions, but decisions would come from a team of administrators. Coordinating the team in the capacity of Executive Director is Sr. Ann Christopher, S.N.D. (Upper Right). The person responsible for student services and needs is Bro. Robert Wie-. thorn, S. M. CLower Right). Sr. Ruth Ann CLower Left) is responsible for the curriculum and teacher hiring.

30 Administration





Robert Strange CUpper Left) is the man responsible for Publicity and Community Relations. Assisting Mr. Strange is Kris Hufford CLower Right). The Director of Administrative Services is Richard Conrad CLower Left).

Administration 31

humanities theology dept. . social studies dept. language dept.


m'1~/&wJhIf' area director of hu manities also theology dept. chairperson. (2)

".;iJli.:& . social studies dept. (3)

~i~~~ theology dept. (4)

n~J.. ...

~~' .. rv

ar---. ~~~

social studies dept. (5)

./...7tM_.. ~ la nguage dept. 32 Faculty



Social Studies Dept.

School Chaplin Theology Dept.

Theology Dept.

Hey where's all the guys.,I thought this was a co-ed school.

Theology Dept. Guidance Counselor

Theology Dept.



Theology Dept.

Social Studies Dept.

Theol-ogy Dept.

Ain't we sweet!

Language Dept .

Language Dept.


Guidance Counselor Social Studies Dept.

Language Dept.

Guidance Counselor Language Dept. Shh ••• You're in the library.

'Social Studies Dept.

Guidance Counselor Social Studies Dept. Director Special Projects



Art Dept. Music Dept. English Dept.

Director of Student Welfare Dept.; English Dept.

Bro. Ron, have you heard the latest ••• ?

Art Dept.

Music Dept.; Science Dept.

Art Dept.; Engli'Sh Dept.


English Dept.

English Dept.

Music Dept.; Soci al Studi es Dept.

Hey! Where's my next class?

I'll bet Santa CI aus never had it this good!.

English Dept.


Music Dept.

English Dept.; Social Studies Dept.; Guidance Counselor

Cheese!!!!!!!! Area Director; English Dept.

English Dept.

You did what? You're kidding.



Math and Sciences

Math Dept. Science Dept.

Math Dept.

Science Dept,

, .

Sci ence Dept,



Head Basketball Coach; Math Dept.

Math Dept.; Gui dance Counselor


Science Dept. Football Coach

Math Dept.

Science Dept. Math-Science Area Director

Math Dept. Wrestl i ng 'Coach Football Coach

Math Dept.

~~~ ~.t~ 40


Business Dept. Home Economics Dept. Physical Dept..

Phys. Ed. Dept. Volley Ball and Tennis Coach

Mechanical Drawing I & II

Mechanical Drawing I & II

Home Ec. Dept.

Business Dept.


Business Dept.

Busi ness Dept. Basketball Coach

Teachers anxiously. awaiting a streaker.

Business Dept.

Phys. Ed. Dept. Health Dept.

Phys. Ed. Dept. Head Football Coach


Staff: Office Library Cafeteria Maintenance

Office Secretary

Offi ce Secretary


Office Secretary


School Nurse




1. Charlie Lee Hollis Quincy Bums (not pi ctured) Jim Green Sherman Starks Gloss Ree Sines 2. Mrs. J. Ann Brockman 3. George Davell 4. Brother AI Reis (not pictured) Brother Tom Ashbroc k






__ L_ _ _ _ __

_ __ _ _ _ __

"To grow is to change, and to have changed often is to have grown much." F. Fellini

One of the hardest things in life to accomplish is a new beginning. It takes lots of work, but more important, dedication. You bave to feel that what you are doing is worthwhi Ie and you have got to put your whole self into it. Chaminade-Julienne is the result of a lot of people's dedication to a new beginning. And so it is to them we dedicate this book.


We got rowdy together (Zwolskie's galore!) And drove Father crazy on days we got bored.

We breakfast'd at Frisch's hit Kramers for lunch, Went swimming in Jay Lake, Flew kites during March.

We drenched each other with FYR-FYTER cans, And in STUDENT WELFARE p j led man upon man.

We gathered on the track for sess ions to smoke, We passed frisbies and footballs and typical jokes.

W-hen ~Iking tI1e" main iRe girls would beware Of the rows of guys

The I ibrary action would hit a high peak, During class time weld skip toward the end of the week.

and their ETf stares.

We ;heard DA 0 from loud stereos Watched sisters create heads of corn-rows.



We have gone through new friends new heartaches and old. We have partied and played 'ti II the last number was rolled.



the Halls We1ve struggled through classes and studies and tests I To find out all we knew and of what we learned best


We took our A. C. T. and S.A. T. too Some of us passed yet all of us knew .. We1ve waited together for final results And suffered with hose who felt I ife unjust. We1ve held bitter f~eling deep in our hearts, Cried out· confusion: as they t f! Os apatt.

heartaches I and woes I We have found someth ing live wh ich took four years to grow. How can you leave four years of your life? Leaving friends who are a deep ~t of your life. When you say tG each Dther this isn't goodllye, You know deep ins lC!e that there must be goodbyes. When a s imp I e goodbye seems so godly unjust. When our hearts long to speak f our friendship and trust. !r',~~mlrTl ber the Knowledge

each person we1ve met.

ay, "Goodbye good friend, " We shall never forget. goodbye . • • • •

YetI within aU 0


49 r

I \

1. Bi II Back and Cindy Kreitzer. "Where were you in '62'?" 2. Julie Fink says, "Put your right arm in ••• " 3. Bill Spillane, Jane Hinders, and Fred Puthoff. "Stay away from my chick!"



1. Four beauties: Margarita Torres, Donna Puthoff, Karen Rose and Ann Metzger. 2. "Baby face" Mike McCready. 3. Rick stang, "Boogie!" 4. Brother Paul says, "Which way to the rink?"


Top Left: Mary Ann Beach says," Let's play leap frog instead!" Top Ri ght: "Zeke" Bottom Left: Neither rain, nor mud, nor sloppy juni ors could "dampen" the senior spirit. Bottom Right: Patty Marlow bites the dust mud~

Powder Puff Football

Top Left: "Hey, she's running the wrong way!" Top Right: The Seniors finally came out on top! Bottom Left: "Make sure you get my best side," says Alex Chestnut. Bottom Right: "The coaches told us to watch the lacings on the football, now what do we do!?"




Back Row: L. to R.: Dana Donahue, Beth Parks, Amy Ri chardson, Carl a Doug las, Gina Davidson. Front Row: L. to R.: Mary Palmer, Jo Olekas, Jul ie Carlston, Kermette Reddens, Donna Burroughs.


Back Row: L. to R.: Cindy Luken, Tonya Patton, Karen Clemons, Jeanne Weis. Front Row: L. to R.: Mary Anne Rataiczak, Nore'en Nolan.


Back Row: L. to R.: Christi Smith, Sue Rodgers. Front Row: L. to R.: Sue Overman, Jane Moeder, Mari Anne Burneka, Rachel Smith.


.. (:, W~

v a r 5 â&#x20AC;˘ I


y Back Row: L. to R.: Ava Webb, Margaret Gordon, Kathy Moeder. Middle Row: L. to R.: Laurie staton, Sherman Holmes, Joyce Dorsey. Front: Terri Blackman. Not shown: Julie Anderson.

\\ ...

he(e~ ~o Jea.( o.ld L~tl\i~4de-1 ~o~1 of m~ heo.r-l-...



~eo.( bId Jl.llteAtnt-. had ,-tflfee. .J.imes O~ - d-am'~ll.de... - Ju.I,enne.- . '.

Mil ... I(



I ~


.I! I


18-4, 18-4, 18BASKETBALL, BASK,

18-4, 18-4, 18BASKETBALL, BASK,

18-4, 18-4, 18BASKETBALL, BASK,

18-4, 18-4 , 18-BASKETBALL, BASK,

18-4, 18-4 , 18BASKETBALL, BASK,

18-4, 18-4, 18BASKETBALL,BASK

18-4, 18-4, 18BASKETBALL,BASK

18-4, 18-4, 18BASKETBALL, BASK,

18-4, 18-4, 1858




The Day Before Christmasl ~ By Mark Carson and Rick Reindl


T'was the day before Christmas and all through the schoo I ' Not a creature was studying I no onels a fool!

More rapid than eag les the players they camel And we whistled and shouted and called them by name.

Th e boo ks were a II placed in the lockers with carel I n hopes that 2 :30 soon would be there.

"Now l Dorsey! Now l Zink! Now I Long and Eifert! ani Gottschall! ani Seitz!. ani Henry and Offutt! 1.1 â&#x20AC;˘

The chi Idren were nestled all snug in their rooms l Som e had wi Id parti es and some were like tombs.

We sprang to our feet to the team gave a whistle l And away they all flew like the down of a thistle.

With Mr. Tuss in his kerchief I Ed Plaspohl in his lapi Both watched with interest as Mike M cC ready set a trap.

Away to the hallways we flew like a flash I Tore open our lockers and threw in the trash.

When out in the hall there arose such a datter I We went to the gym to see what was the matter.

We were dressed all in fur from our head to our feet l Then we went to our cars and we turned on the heat.

When what to our wandering eyes should appear I But-Rita Ba IImann with the horns of a. reindeer!

We were heard to exclaim I as we drove out of sight: II Merry Christmas to alii and to all a good night! 1\








Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose, Yuletide carols being sung by a fire, And folks dressed up like Eskimoes â&#x20AC;˘ Event: C -J IS first Christmas Dance When: December 22,1973 Where: Wamplerls Barn Band: Snowball Theme: An old-fash ioned Christmas Summary: People were high~ Emotions keyed, lots of fun Opposite Page: Upper Left: What does Bro. Bob want for Christmas? Santa will never tell. Upper Right: Decorations at the dance. Middle Left: They could have danced all night. Middle Right: Theresa Osbourne & date pose. Bottom Left: Ann Sobieski & Mike Dunn together. Bottom Right: Julie Ballard loves the music. This Page: Upper Left: Doug Deger & date enjoy the dance. Upper Right: Teri Holtvoight & Jeff Ballman wrapped up in the music. Middle Left: Noreen Nolan & Greg Roll caught in the middle of??? Middle Right: Snowball did a cool job on music. Bottom Left: Refreshments went over well. Bottom Right: Nobody wanted to go home.









146 ADS




... ,:


,: ,


WRESTLING Mark Lyons, Mike McCready, Mike Branch, Jim Hickey, Jeff Gaier, Cliff Parker.


I .

TEAM Dave Richardson, Dennis Robinson, Ernie Curry, John Grady, Steve Roberts, Charlie Johnson, Coach Norman Ayers.


Here We Come


I• I• I•

The Eagles are out to win the big game, And go about making for themselves a good name. Whether we beat the Knights or not tonight, The Eagles will surely put up a strong fight. When Eifert, Seitz, and Dorsey begin, The Eagles will be on th eir way to a win. Then Offut and Zink will carry the- load, The Knights will find they can't win on the road. In conclud in g, I say, you all come to the game, . And cheer the Eagles on to big fame. So come to the game, and try to be loud, We hope to have a really big crowd.

The Oh io High School Athletic Association IICertificate of Appreciation ll presented to Gerard II Fuzzyll Faust in recognition of his contributions to the High School Ath letic Program in the State of Ohio. Signed and sealed this 19th day of February, 1974 Harold A. Meyer Comm iss ioner

[ 71


Tom Ahlers Julie Anderson Bill Back Dorothy Bai ley Juli e Ballard

Matt Ba II man Rita Ballmann Kevin Barrett Bo Bauer Mary Beach

Ju lie Beall Peggy Behrman Beth Bergman

Kris Berg man Mi ke Bernard

Patty Blandford Linda Bochenek Gary Bonsign l a Ka ren Borchers Kathy Borchers

Mary Ann Bor Matt Borger Mike Branch

" eresa Branson



Ti m Bradbeck Mary BlOOm Nat Blown Renee Brown Greg Brun

Tim Bucher Don Buckner



JOhn Campbell Mf Ice Campbell


seventy five '

Rose Ann Carro II Don Carter Cindy Caulfield Bill Clark Bi II Cochran

Crystal Coleman Marie Condron Ralph Condy Maureen Coogan Kevin Cooper

i Brian Crimmins Nancy Crosby Debbie Cull Charlene D'Amico Natalie Davis

Doug Deger Mi chael 0' Elia Frank Detmer

Pat Dichito Tom Dineer

Paul Di Rito Debbie Donahue Dave Donovan Ron Duff Michele Dunsky

Bi II Eviston ' Suzanne Fankhauser Rick Flanagan Drema Foster Jolene Fox

Kathy Fox Renee Freudenberg Dan Frey Nancy Fulwiler Evalynn Garrett


seventy five ,\

Chris Gentile der Girgis hur Glover ty Goodos

m Gordon


Margaret Gordo n Leslie Grau le Phyllis en Martha. Sill er



Toni Grogean Gary Gudorf Angie Gustin

Barth Hamberg Dave Hanes

Joe Hess Karen Hi ckey Rosalind Hines John Hochwa lt Mark Hodapp

Cynthia Holliday Sherman Holmes Mary Huels路 Candy Hummons Sue Incze

Don Isaac John Issenmann Cathy Ivory Rick Ivory Tonya James

Dawn Jameson Linda Jette Valeri e Jones Lisa Keeley Don Keller


seventy five

Mary Keller

Bill Kem Mark Kirehrn Grete,.. Klopf



Gary Ann Knowles Julie Kobes lDatti I(oerner Kathy Kosins Kim Kraft

Julie Kraska :Charlene Krf miser Kathr Kuntz Pam tawhom Holly L.awson

Sue Lehmkuhle Bi" Lei bold Frank Leibold Mi-I<e 6eibold Herb Leigh

Audrey Lesko Terry Liddy Chuck Long Fred Luckett Greg Luhn


Cindy Luken Tim Magoto _ Maggie Maloney

Patty Mar ow Ken Marshall

Jim McDaniel Hugh McGuire Cathy McShane Kay Meehan Teresa Mencsik

seventy five




The First Time Ever We

Liz Mercuri Joyce Merk Ie Diana Mescher Lois Mescher Dave Mi lIer

Terry Miller Marty Mills Chip Minor Jane Moeder George Moell

;, Mona Moore Pat Morrell Mary Clare Mueller Paul Mulligan Dan Nevels

Anne Nordyke Teresa Oborne Robert Offutt Jeff Oldiges Karen Olinger

Jim Orr

Sue Overman Barbara Parenti Clifton Parker Judy Peck

Rick Plekutowskl Larry Platt Mark Plummer Jul ie Pollard Larry Preston

fred Puthoff

Ted Quinn . , Ann Ratalczak Yield Reaves Matt Reddington


seventy five

Teddy Reese Dave Reeves Karla Reichert Rita Reichert Mark Renner

Dave Richardson Don Richison Steve Roberts Dennis Robinson Greg Roll

Debbie Rose Mark Rose Rich Roy Deborah Sampson Mark Schaaf

Loretta Schaefer Chris Schierlol't Janet Schreier Larry Shuman Greg Scott

Sylvester Sc'* Kev"n Sears Deb Sekella Anita Sherman Mark Sherman

seventy five


Bill Spillane Ken Spitzig Bob Staas Chip Stader Rick Stanley

Lauri e Staton Steve Stockel man Ed Stoermer Pat Strutton Peggy Sullivan

Karen Sweeterman Carol Tankersley P. J. Tatone Bi II Taylor Vanessa Trammell

Leigh Tunney Kathleen Visinger Dave Vare Mary Ann Wagner Larry Walling

BeCKY Walter Micky Walter Margie Wartin'ger Ava Webb Jeannie Weis

Bi II Weisman Richard Weller Mark Wells Steve Wollenhaupt Robyn Wilson


Joe Abele Rafael Alvarado Terri Blackman Tony Brun Pat Dooc,e y Mike Dunn Steve Early Jerome Frei burger David Fries Vanessa Frison Jocelyn Gist Valerie Janiski

Joe Janowiecki Margo Kiss Cindy Kreitzer Tony Maruca Bob McSherry Monice Perkins Larry Phi lIips Melissa Ramsey Jim Rayburg Steve Richmond John Rowley

Patty Schwab Debbie Shockley George Stefanics Jim Tischler Roderick Tyler Rick Verrett Mark Walber Bob Weng Frank Wi II Theresa Williams Paul Yayk

Steve Balazs Arneava Banks Steve Bauer Theresa Belg Beth Berger

Mark Berger Jim Bingamon Jim Black Mary Bohman Chris Bolton


. Denise Boyd AI Brackman Paula Brennan Theodore Bright Bi II Brinkman

Tom Broadstone Beverly Brooks Jam es Broo ks Kim Brown Jeff Brugger


John Brun Marianne Burneka Dorothy Carson Chris Chappie Andrew Chestnut

Rita Chmiel Karon Clemons John Coffey Mary Ann Cook Michelle Cooper


Tom Corcoran Mark Corwin Ernie Curry Greg Davis Linda Davis



seventy six


Patty Davis Joe DeBrosse Chris D'Elia Tony Dix Denise Donahue

Karen Dorsten Gerri Douglas Joe Downton Tom Drummer Chris Eckert

Fred Eisert Candy EI more

stephanie Elworth Bob Erli Donna Evans


Anne Fackler Julie Finke John Fleming Pam Florea Terri Gelhaus

Bob Gidjunis Dan Girvin Susan Glaser Tom Gmeiner Matt Goetz

Ted Golba Chris Gondos Ti m Gonsoroski Rob Goubeaux John Grady

Jim Graham Alan Green Jerry Gremling Steve Grote Sharon Grusenmeyer


seventy six


Cindy Gudorf John Hakemoller Shree Hall Joy Hamlin Angie Harker

Larry Harris Loretta Harris steve Harrow Mike Hatton Shan Heberl ing

Carol Heheman Ken Hemmelgarn Terrance Hemmer Dennis Herbert Ron Hess

Jim Hickey Brenda Hickeman Betsy Himes Jane Hinders AI Hodapp

Chris Jackson Charlie Johnsor. Carla Jones Margie Keating Dennis Keeble

Jenny Keferl Margie Killian Rick Kleismit Lori Kline John Knight

John Kondrath Dave Kopp Dave Kothman Pat Kroger Marie Kronauge

seventy six


Jane Kronenberger Joe Kronenberger Kris Kuntz Renee Laack Connie Larger

Carole Lichty Mark Lumpkin Dale Lunce Dave Madlinger Scott Magoto

George Mance Mike Mannix Stuart Mason Julie Mathes Elaine Mauch

Joe Mauch Chris May Ed Maynor Mark McCarthy Jan McCready

Mi ke ' Mc Donald Amy McGarry

Debbi e McGeath Doreen Mc Lead Sue McWilliams

Frank Mercuri Ray Mercuri Carole Meyer Ann Meyer Sandy Mills

Cindy Maeder Greg Moell Julie Moler Kim Mondiek Clark Monroe


seventy six '

Mark Monroe Lindsey Mo rei I Craig Murphy Barb Musgrove Jim Nartker

Mark Nartker Frank Neal Paul Nevius Noreen Nolan Steve Nordyke

George Oberer Ken Oborne John Orr Paul Osgood Bi II Parks

Tonya Patton Patrie ia Penn Jacquelyn Phillips ' Joselyn Phi II ips Tammy Piety

Kevin Quinn Molly Raiff Pam Ramsie Anne Reddington Don Repine

Brenda Rhoden Bob Richardson Mary Rieser Mark Rindler Karen Roberts


steve Roberts Jim Rohrer Mi ke Rohrkaste Jane Roll Joe Saluke

seventy six


Ann Schenking Doris Schoeder Jim Schultz Tim Schwendeman Robert Scott

John Sears Fred Seibert Chris Seitz Karen Shearer Ann Shillito

Syl via Skees Ed Sluzas Lori Smiley Christi Sm ith Katie Somsel


Elaine Spang Jim Spatz Mike Spi lIane Jenny Sprowl Mike Sprowl

Ed Stafford Cathy Stanley Pete Steiner Malt Stoermer Bob Stoffregen

Mark Strukamp Mike Sullivan Rick Summers Tim Swank Steve Tahy

Ron Takara Alex Thomas Shelly Thomas Cynthia Thompson Mike Tokarsky


seventy six

Matt T okasey Jack Tracy Frank Trick Herman Trick Joe Trick


Kyle Upthegrove Steve Vogel Doug Vol k Linda Votaw Chris Weatherford

Mary Ann Welsch Steve Wicinski Marian Williams Tim Wiliams Bernard Woeste

Bill Woeste Steph Zahn Joe Zimmer Dino Zinzik Mike Zwiesler

Joan Anderson Jim Bach Kevin Byrd Donda Clements Marty Cristofaro Rhonda Dunn Rita Harlett Derek Horne Tom James Phil Loges Mike Lopez Mark Mays Gayle Miller Kevin Parry Philip Pearl Bill Petitt Harry Picciuto Bill Prier Kathy Sendelbach Rita Shaw Mike Schockley Chester Sm ith Dave Steigerwald Dan Toohey Tony Trammel l 路 Glenn Turney George Tyler Martha Walsh Jim Wilso路n

seventy six


Oh those first day 90'f~~~"'I ~~111~[~ • • • too hot,. too d room • • • whoops! m 1l 1t'C!"Aft. class 0 • 0 schedules 41-V,1.1:I up ••• long lines for II Hey, where's the et._,."~O>m'" IIWhat do you mean? a ti cket to the swlmm it says to take the -eIE!Valrn~ fourth floor. II "What do u ....lIir .,_ .. 4th floor? I can't 3rd! II I t was total co everyone was lost, as i were leading the blind ..........."....... thing costs so much more, find a parking space, lost my lunch, forgot to bring me~, ~ almost fit my lunch in the lOCket • • • II Hurry smash it! 1\ II Do ~ou believe what they did t& visitors' locker room?" nw~~.(~"1 you mean?" II Haven't you hlUwtl~r-;~ Typical girls-pink and bl • • • and so went the events the opening days at CoJ., and what was to fo Ilow was eveo more of a circus, remember ••

Saw This P-Iace ...


Pete Aiello Sanya Anderson Tom Arquilla Phyllis Atkin Janet Barker

Jeanette Barker Mary Battes Gail Beam Barb Becker Jocelyn Beeman

Chris Ellen Julie Mary Tom

Begley Bergman Bergman Bernard Bernard

Pat Bertheaud Mary Bohman Theresa Bohman Tom Bohman Kathy Bolton

Carl Boltz Deb Botham Kevin Bower Evette Boyd Jim Boyer


Edward Brackman Phil Brandhuber Molly Brodbeck Shelley Brookley Kathy Broom

Martha Bosnahan Anthony Brumbaugh Kathy Bergmeier Jim Burnett Donna Burroughs


seventy seven

Ann Davis Paul Deardorff Amy Diehl Dan Diemunsch Prentiss Dishman

Dana Donahue Beth Donate 1\ i Carla Douglas Tom Drewing Pam Druga

Carol Dunn Martin Dunsky Bob Easton Shrrie Ehrman Chris Eifert


seventy seven




Greg Evans John Evans Greg Fallen Brendan Foley Dan Foley

Bob Fox Jeff Gaier Kevin Garland Don Garman Vicki Gelhaus


Mary Gentl! e Ed GePaghty Mi ke Glaze Tim Goecke Valer ie Graham

Dan Grimme Karen Grote Bob Gustin Mark Haley Pat Halloran

Tracy Hamberg Ted Harker Terr i Harper Martha Harmon Dav i d Harris


Mary H Rick Heberling Paul HeOert Mary Hemmelpra

Dave Hell Tim Hick ey Tom Hickey Kim Hodge Tilmon Hodges


seventy seven

Eva Honingford Joni Howell Mike Huels David Jablinski John Jackson



Kevin Jackson Mike Jordan Patty Kambitsch Gretchen Karl Bob Karl

Lisbeth Keefe Mike Kelly Dave Kitchen Peter Klopf Chuck Knight

Greg Kosins Chuck Kulhanek Bob Lamagna Victor Lauterbach' Donna Lee

Carol Leibold M' e Lentz Ron Long Steve Lucas Sheryl Lunce

Teresa Lutz Bob Maly John Martinson Beth Mauch Karen McAfee ,\


. ". Colleen McCarthy Nei I fv10Devitt Cindy McDonald Jack McGeath Mary Mcleod

seventy seven


Jim McDaniel Karen McWilliams Steve Mehall Joe Mencsik Michelle Mercuri

Monica Mercuri Norbert Mertzman Tom Metzgar John Michel Marcia Miskimen


Bob Moeder Gina Moore Matt Moore Dan Moosbrugger Richard Morrison

Derrick Mosley Ray Mueller Madonna Nartker Judy Neal Peggy Neal

Sue Neff Dennis Newlin Marica Nicholas Mike Noonan Greg Oakley

Jim O'Conner Doug O'Kuly Joel Oldiges Jo Olekas Jeff Orr

Ed Over Debra Palmer Mary Palmer Marilyn Parker Beth Parks


seventy seven

Paula Peel< Gretchen Pleiman Lisa Plymale Gary Poeppleman Alison Pope

Marty Porter Patty Post Claire Prentiss Kim Pridmore Teresa Puthoff

Alice Randall Tom Raterman Mary Reddington Dan Redmond Robert Reeb

Amy Richardson Darrell Richardson Dave Richardson Denise Ricker Rosemary Rindler

Paul Robinson Bob Roll Ann Roy Lori Rutledge Vernon Saine

Kathy Salamon Larry Sanders Kevin Sandridge Carol Sarabia Frank Scarpelli

I -

Teresa Schaefer Tom Sherack Raymond Schommer Jane Schultz Bi II Schultz

seventy seven


Terry Schwab Mitzi Schwierkart Deborah Scott Jackie Scott Peter Scott

Tom Sekella John Sharkey Sheryl Shepard Mike Shockley Marie Shroyer

Steve Sicree Sandy Skees Mike Smith Ann Sobieski George Spitzig

Luann Stader Claire Staton Mary Steiner Bill Stepp Mark Stoerm er

Greg Stone Mary-Jo Summers Carol Sutphin Marianne Swab Ann Tabb

Farley Taylor Michael Thacker Kim Thomas David Trautman John Tremblay

Maggie Trick Pattie Trick David Tunney Paula Turner George Washington


seventy seven

Mike Wegerzyn Karla Weghorn Larry Weisman Gerry Wendling Jane Westendorf

Ray Westmoreland Terry Williams Kathy Williamson Cecilia Woeste Kim Wolbers

John Wolfe Janet Wolf Tony Wourms Nobert Young

Janice Brown Cynthia Christian Lorraine Christian Sherri Da vis Yvette Frazi er Mike Galt Marcia Harmon Mike Hickey Steve Kozlowski Ken McSherry Kathy Moch Tim Musgrove Maureen 0' Hearn Kermette Reddens Alice Upham Charmaine Upham Gary Yarnall


seventy seven

"When we are really honest with ourselves we must admit that our lives are all that really belong to us. So it is how we use our lives that determines what kind of a person we are. It is my deepest belief that only by giving our I ives do we find I ife. I am conv inced that the truest act of courage is to sacrifice ourselves for others in a totally nonviolent struggle for justice. God help us to be real people. II Cesar Chavez



Human Awareness Week, sponsored by the Human Relations Counci I, was held Jan. 28-Feb. l. The purpose of this week was to educate the C-J Community in various areas of human concerns, focus ing on oppressed groups and minorities. Speakers for the week Were: Mon. - Dayton Womenls Liberation Organization Tues. - Dr. Charles King Wed. - Un ited Farm Workers Thurs. - Bro. Leo Murray - Peace Fri. - Human Awareness day


Human Awareness Week





Slurp Contest

The first Jim Dandy eating contest was at Friendly Ice Cream at 5425 North Main St. Friendly's manager, Robert Jackson supplied us with the store and all the ice cream! C-J would like to thank Mr. Jackson for all the fun. 1. Ed Over won the "Battle of the Hungries", eating 5 Jim Dandy's. 2. Soph_omore, Ken Osbome chomps away! 3. Junior, Paul Dirito is laughing now, but wait till later! 4. Senior, Mike McCready finds a faster way. 5. Brother Ron says, "I don't think I'm going to make it!" 6. Friendly's Jim Dandy Banana Split.


Profile for Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School

Chaminade Julienne High School Yearbook 1974  

Chaminade Julienne High School Yearbook 1974 Dayton, Ohio

Chaminade Julienne High School Yearbook 1974  

Chaminade Julienne High School Yearbook 1974 Dayton, Ohio


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