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THE EAGLE 1943 .,

Editors .....

. ....... ...H.....

Business Manager


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~ rear~l! f.°{a:~~

Faculty Moderator

Edward C. Spang

Business Advisor ......... Edward F. Malone S. M.

... John J. Lucier S. M.


Our world and our way of life are threatened, during these times, by the Nazis, the Facists and the Nipponese-by those forces which would replace kindness with barbarism, love with hate, respect with contempt, freedom with slavery, right with might and God with nothing. In truly Catholic manner, Chaminade has, as always, taken means to combat these forces. Now, as ever, it dedicates itself to the training of those men who fight now so that in the future they may establish kindness, love, respect, freedom, right and God among all men of the whole world. Now, as ever, Chaminade dedicates itself to the defense and preservation of the Four Freedoms as expressed by the leaders of America and of England in the Atlantic Charter- Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Want and Freedom from Fear. Let us, the seniors of 1943, earnestly and openly thank God that He has allowed us the privilege of such an education.

BRO. JULIUS F. MAYS. M. Principal



Vice Principal


Mr. Gerard A . Faust Mech. Drawing. Civ ics, Ph y s i c a I Ed., Head Coach of Footb ,ill and Basketball

Bro. John F. Hall S. M. Shortha nd, Typing

Bro. Louis A. Hettich S.M. Physics, Ma thematics

Bro. Bernard W . Rombach S. M. La tin, H i s t or y, Booster Club, Cheer Leaders

Bro. Bernard Diethorn S. M. Lat in , Relig ion

Bro. James A. Imhof S. M. Engl ish, Relig ion

Bro. Martin Brewi S. M. Math. , Physical Ed ., Athle tic Director

Bro. Henry J. Honnert S. M. Mathematics

Bro. William S.M. Art Ins tructor

Bro. Raymond S. M. English





Bro. Robert H. Springman S.M. Math ., C h u r c h History, First Aid, Band

Bro. William J. Klueber S. M. Buyer, Cafe teria

Bro . Frank Kreipl S. M. History, Eng ., Ge rma n

Bro. James Loughran S. M. Maintenance

Bro. J. Lucier S. M. Chemistry, Pre-Flight Aeronau tics, Science, Basic Math ., Fencing Moderator, Dramatics Moderator. Adviser of The Eagle

Bro . Bernard J. Reckert S: M. Treasurer

• ,.-

Bro. Stephen Sheehy S. M. Dean of Boys, Bookkeeping, Relig ion, Assistant Athle tic Director


Andrew H. Schratz S. M.

Typ~ ng ;;

I ~

Bro. George M. Ruby S. M. Scie nce , Re ligion, Algebra

Rev. John F. Mueller S. M. Religion, La tin , C. S. M. C. Mode rator

Bro. Edward F. Malone S. M. En g l is h, G e n era I Science, First Aid, Adviser of The Chaminade News, Business Adviser of The Eagle, Speech Moderator

from Fear







Daniel F. Palmert, James D. Fulwiler, Edward C . Spang, President, Jerome L. Lause



Immaculate Conception Commercial; Paper Drive 2; Turkey Raffle 2, 3; Football 2; Intramural Basketball I , 2, 3; Golf 2, 3; Track 2: 4; Mile Relay Record; Intramural Bowling 2; Monogram Club. FRANK R. BAKER

Corpus Christi Scientific; Honor Society; Honor Student I, 2, 3, 4; Chaminade News 3, 4; Eagle Staff 4; Dramatics 3, 4; CSMC Study Club; CSMC Officer; Turkey Raffle 2, 3; Never Tardy I, 2 , 3. LEONARD J. BERNARD

Corpus Christi Academic; Library Staff 2, 3; CSMC Officer; Never Tardy; Perfect Conduct I, 2, 3, 4.

SI. Anthony Commercial; Library Staff 1,2; Booster C lub 1,2; Never Absent; Never Tardy; Quota Club.


Corpus Christi Scientific; Eagle Staff 4; Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3; Band 2, 3, 4; Quota Club I, 2, 3.









DAVID W . BORCHERS Corpus Christi Scientific; Glee C lub 3; CSMC I , 2, 3; Boos ter Club 2; Quota Club I, 2, 3, 4.

CARROll C. BURTON Immacu la te Conception Commercial; Foo tball 1, 4; In tram ural Basketball I; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4; High Jump Record; Intramural Bowling 2, 3; Class Officer I , 2, 3; Monogram Club 3, 4; Student Cou ncil 4.

DONALD B. BUTLER Immacu la te Conception Scientific; Honor Studen t I , 2, 3, 4;' Chaminade News 3, 4; Paper Drive Prize W inne r 3; Turkey Raffle Prize Winner 2; Intramural Basketball 2, 3; Class Officer I , 2; CSMC Officer I, 2, 3, 4; Conference President 2; Pa ladin Award.




WILLIAM R, BUDDE Corpus Christi Scientific; Basketball 3, 4; Track 3; Monogram Club 3, 4. FARROll F. BURTON Immaculate Conception Commercial; Football I, 4; Intramural Basketball I; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Track 2 , 3, 4; Intramura l Bow ling 2, 3; Class Officer I, 2, 3; Monogram Club 3, 4; Honorary Footba ll Capta in 4. lEONARD N. CORMIER Sacre d He art Scie ntific; Honor Society Member; Honor Student I, 2, 3, 4; Chaminade News Staff 2, 3, 4, News Editor 4; Eagle Staff 4; Drama tics 3; Turkey Raffle Prize W inner 4; Track 3, 4; Fe ncing 3, 4; Glee Club 2, 3; CSMC Officer 4.

WILLIAM R. COOPER Holy Family Scientific; Glee Club 2; Track 3; CSMC; Quota Club.

PAUL H. CONNAIR Holy Trinity Scientific; Honor Society Member Cham inade News 2, 3, Ed itor 3; Eagle Staff 4, Co-Ed itor; Drama tics 4; Turke y Raffle Prize W inner 2; Intramura l Baske tba ll 2, 3; Track 3, 4; Class Officer 4; CSMC Officer 4; Booster Club 2; Never Absent 4; Never Ta rdy 4.

ROY l, DEARDORFF Sf. Agnes Commercial; Honor Student 4; CSMC; Club '4.

SAMUEL K. DE HART Our Lady of Mercy Scien tific; Chaminade News 2, 3, 4; Eagle Staff 4; Drama tics I , 4; Libra ry Staff 2, 3, 4; Band 2, 3, 4; Class Officer 2; CSMC Study Clu!;> 2, 3, 4; CSMC Officer 4; Never Absent 4.









01 ' 943






RA YMOND E. DEITER St. Agnes Scient ific ; Chaminade News 4, Staff CSMC Officer 2, 3; Quota Club.


NORMAN J. FINK Corpus Ch ri s ti Scienti fic ; Football I, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Golf 2, 3; Class Officer 1, 2, 3; CSMC Office r 1, 2; Monog ram C lub; "Mes t Active;" Student Council Pres iden t.

Ccrpus Christi Scienti fic ; Honor Student I, 2, 3, 4; Dra matics 4; Football I , 2; Intramural Basketball 2, 3; Track I, 2; Class Officer 2, 3; CSMC S tudy Club 3; Quota Club 1, 2, 3, 4.

ROBERT E. FROUNFELKER Corpus Ch ris ti Scientific; Honor Student 2; Chaminade New s 4; Dramat ics 4; Golf 3, 4; Track 4; CSMC Officer 3.


JAMES D, FULWILER St. Agnes Scientific; Footba ll 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Baske tball 1, 2, 3; Track I, 2, 3, 4; Cless Officer 4, Vice President; Monogram Club; "Most Hand-

Our Lady of Mercy Scien tific; Foo tball I, 2; Baske tball 4; Track 4; Bowling Team 4; Moncgri:!m Club .

some. "


ALEXANDERJ. GALAMB Holy Name Scientific; Intramural Baske tba ll 2, I , 2, 3 , 4; Quot, C lub .



RICHARD J. HARNETT St. An thony Scienti fic ; Eagle Staff 4; Pape r Drive 2, 3; Turkey Raffle 2, 3, 4; Lihary Staff 2, 3, 4· Never Tardy; Quoh Club.



St. Ma ry's Commercial; Libra ry Stafi 2; Football I; Intra· mu ral Baske tball I, 2; In tramura l Bcwli ng 2; Quota Club 2, 3.

WILLIAM E. HARTLEY St. Rita's Scien tific; Honor Student; CSMC 3, 4; Quota C lub 3, 4.






. JJ






FERDINAND F. HASENSTA B S I. Anthony Scientific; Chaminade News 3, 4. Staff Artist; Eagle S taff; Turkey Raffle 2; Football 1; Ba nd 2, 3, 4; CSMC O fficer 3, 4; Booster Club 1; Quoh Club 1, 2, 4; Apostle of Mary 2, 3, Staff Artisl.

ROBERT J. HEINDL SI. An thony Scientific; Pape r Drive 2; Intramural Bow ling 2; CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4; Quota C lub 2, 3, 4.

GERALD R. HELMIG Immaculate Conception Scientific; Honor Society; Honor Student 3, 4; Ch'm inade News 4; Dramatics 3; Football 2; C lass Officer 1, 2, 3; CSMC Officer 2, 3; C . A. P. Cade t; Track 3; Never Tardy .

ALLEN L. HORVATH Corpus Chr is ti Scien tific; He nor Student 1, 2, 3; CSMC Officer 1, 2; Quota Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Booster Club 2, 3.

DONALD J. HUNGLING Corpus Ch risti Commercial; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2; Track 1, 2, 3; Class Officer 1, 2, 3.

THOMAS R. KINZELER Corpus Ch risti Scien tific; Dramatics 4; Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3; Golf 3, 4; Bowling Team 4; Quota Club 2,3,4.

JOHN V. KLOSTERMAN SI. Anthony Comme rc ial; Paper Drive 4; intramural Baske tball 1.

DONALD J. KREITZER Corpus Chris ti Scientifi c; Hcnor Student 3; Dramatics 1; CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4; Boes ter Club I; Quo ta Club.

CSMC I , 2, 3;



W ILLIAM C. KUNTZ 5 1. Anthony Commercial; Dramatics 3; Intramural Basketball 3; Bowling Team 4; G lee Club 2, 3; CSlvlC 1, 2, 3; Quota C lub I, 2, 3.



THOMAS B. LAUER Holy Rosary Scientific; Intramural Bowling 2; Class Officer 2; CSMC I , 2, 3, 4; Never Absent 2, 3.








JEROME L. LAUSE Holy Family Academic; Honor Socie ty Member; Honor Student I, 2, 3, 4; C ham inade News 3, 4, Ed itor 4; Eagle Sta ff 3, 4, Co-ed itor 4; Ora torica l Contesi Wi nne r 3, 4; Bow ling Team 3, 4; Senior Class O ffi cer 4, Secretary; CSMC President 3, 4; " Best Dressed;" Honorary Commissioner of Dayton. JOHN E. LEHMAN SI. Anthony Sc ie ntific; Intramura l Basketball I, 2, 3; CSMC; Q uota Cl\lb.

JOSEPH F. MERKLE Immaculate Conception Commercial; CSMC; Quo ta C lub .

FRED H. LECHLEITNER Holy Ange ls Scie ntific; Eagle Staff 4; Dramatics 3, 4; Intramural Basketball 2, 3; Fe ncing I , 2, 3, 4; Never Al::sent 4; Never Tardy 4.

JAMES W . LOSH SI. Albert the Great Scien tific; Library Staff 3; Footba ll 1; Booster Club I; Quo ta Club; CSMC.

VICTOR J. MERKLE SI. Anthony Commercial; CSMC; Quo ta Club.

PHILIP J. MEYER SI. Anthony Scien tific; Football I ; Bowling 2; CSMC; Quota Club.



DONALD G. MAUCH SI. An thony Scientific; Dramatics I; Library Sta ff I ; Never Tardy 4; Intramural Baske tball I, 2.

WILLIAM MACK Holy Angels Scien tific; CSMC; Never Absent 4; Never Tardy 4; Quota Club.



WALTER E. MEYHOFER Scien tific; CSMC; Q uota Club.









JOHN R. MIDDLETON St. Anthony Commercial; Football 1, 2, 3 . 4; Intramural Bowling 2; Never Absent 2, 3, 4; Never Tardy 1, 2; Monogram Club. THEODORE H. MOORMAN St. Anthony Scien tific; Honor Society; Honor Student 1, 2, 3, 4; Eagle Sta ff 3, 4; Drama tics 3; Pa per Drive 3, 4; Intramural Baske tba ll 2, 3; Track 2, 3, 4; Never Ta rdy 1, 2, 3, 4; Mcnogram Club 3, 4.



ROBERT C. MILLER St. Mary's Scientific; Football 3, 4; Track 4; Qucta Club I, 2, 3; CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club. DANIEL M. McCARTHY Corpus Ch risti Scien tific; Eagle Staff 4; Drama tics I, 3; Library S taff 2; CSMC Officer 3; Booste r C lu b I , 2; Never Absent I , 3; Never Tardy I , 2, 3; Quo ta Club.

BERNARD J. NEUMAN St. Mary's Scie ntific; Dramatics 1, 3; Lib rary S taff 1, 2; Track 3; Track Manager 4; G lee Club 1, 2, 3; Booster Club 1, 2; CSMC 1, 2, 3.

NICHOLAS G. PARLETTE Emma nuel Scientific; Honor S tudent I; Chami nade New s 2. 3, 4; Paper Drive 2, 4; Turkey RaHle 2. 4; Track 3, 4; CSMC I , 2, 3, '1; Quota Club 2, 3, 4.

DANIEL F. PALMERT St. Agnes Scientific; Honor Societv; Honor Student 1, 2, 3. 4; Chaminade News' 4, PaC)e Editor; Eagle S taff; C las s Officer 4, Treasurer; CSMC; Study Club 4; Never Ta rdy 1. 2, 3, 4.

STEVE J. RENACS Holy Name Scientific; Football 4; CSMC I, 2, 3, 4; Never Absen t 2, 3, 4; Never Ta rdy I, 2, 3, 4; Quota C lu b.

ROBERT D. RIFE Holy Family Scientifiq Turkey RaHle 3, 4; CSMC 1, 2, 3. 4; Q uota Club 2, 3, 4.

WILLIAM C. RIHM Holy Rosary Scientific; Honor Stude nt I. 2, 3, 4; Class Officer 2; CSMC Officer 2; Quot3 Club I, 2, 3, 4 .











LAWRENCE J. ROBERS Corpus Christi Scien tific; Eag le StaH 4; Drama tics 3; Library StaH I, 2; Track I, 2 , 3, 4; Fencing I; Glee Club 2, 3; Cheerleader I , 2, 4; Monog ram Club; Quota Club 2, 3 , 4. LA WRENCE J. SACKSTEDER Corpus Cbristi Scie ntific; Footba ll 2, 3, 4; Basketball Intramural 3; Track I , 2, 3, 4; CSMC; Never Absen t I, 2; Never Tardy I, 2; Mo nogram Club 3, 4. ARNOLD C. SCHAFFER Corp us Christi Scientific; Cham inade News 3; Turkey RaHle 2; CSMC I, 2, 3, 4; QUO{) Club 2, 3. FRANK A. SCHLEMAN Corpus Chris ti Scientific; Quota Club I, 2, 3, 4; CSMC 2, 3, 4. ROBERT N. SHERMAN Our Lady of Mercy Scie ntific; Hon or S tude nt 4; CSMC; Tardy 4; Quota Club I, 2, 3, 4.






FRANKLIN A . ROSS St. Agnes Scientific; CSMC; Study Club 3, 4; Quota Club 2. WILLIAM P. SAYER St. Anthony Scientific; Foc tba ll I , 2, 3, 4; Basketball Manager 3; Track 2, 3; CSMC I , 2, 3, 4; Quota C lub I, 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club. MAURICE C. SCHENCK Holy Angels Sc ien tific; Cham inade News 3, 4, Page Editor; Te nnis 2, 3; CSMC I , 2, 3, 4; Quota Club 2, 3; Monogram Club. WILBUR J. SCHOOLEY St. Anthony Scientific; Chaminade News StaH I; Turkey RaHle I; Basketball 3, Track 3; Bowling Team I; Class 3, 4; CSMC Secre tary; " loe High

I ; Drama tics 4; Tenn is I; OHieer I , 2, School."

FRANK W. SLATER S t. An thony Commercia l; Queta Club I, 2, 3, 4; 'CSMC 2 , 3.









HERBERT SMITH Corpus Christi Scientific. CHARLES L. SPITZIG Sacred Heart Scientific; Ho nor Socie ty Member; Honor Student I, 2, 3, 4; Chaminade News Staff 4; Class Officer 2; CSMC 2, 3, 4; Boos te r Club 2, 3, 4; Never Tardy 2. 3, 4; "Mcst Intellectual;" Quota Club 2, 3; Honorary Mayor o f Dayto n .

RAYMOND STANDISH Corpus Christi Scien ti fi c . JOHN THALHEIMER Corpus Christi Scientific . ROBERT L, TRICK Our Lady of Mercy Commercia l; Drama tics I; Paper Drive \"Iinner 4; Baske tball Manager 4; Booster Club I, 2; Never Absent 4; Never Tardy I, 2, 3, 4; Monogram C lub 4.





EDWARD C. SPANG Immacu late Conception Scientific; Honor Studen t I, 2, 3; Eagle S ta ff 4, Business Manager 4; Library Staff 2; Football I, 2, 3, 4; Class O fficer 3, 4, President; Stude nt Cou ncil 4; Monogram Club 3, 4; "Mos t Popular." C. RICHARD STACK MAN SI. Anthony Commercial; Dramatics I, 2; Li brary Sta ff 2, 3; G lee Club I, 2; Booster Club I , 2; Quota Club 1,2, 3, 4. CHARLES F. STEICMEYER Corpus Christi Scientific; Eagle Staff 4; Paper Drive Winner I ; Footba ll 2, 3, 4; Track 2; Senior Class O fficer; CSMC 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 3, 4. ALOYSIUS H. TRICK SI. Rita Scientific; Paper Drive W in ner 4; Football 3, 4路 Intramura l Basketball 3; Quota Club 4. JOHN L. UNGER SI. Agnes Scientific; Library Sta ff I, 2; Bowling Team I; CSMC; Study Club 3; Quota Club I, 2, 3.






ROBERT J. UNGER St. A nthony Scien tific; Honor Studen t 2; Chaminade News 2, 3, 4, Page Editor 4; Library Staff 3; Track 3; Fenci ng 3, 4; Quota Club 1,2, 3, 4. HARVEY WARE St. An thony Comme rcial; Honor S tudent 3; CSMC I, 2, 3; Quota C lub 1, 2, 3, 4; Never Tardy 1, 2, 3. VICTOR C. WOESTE St. Mary Scientific ; CSMC 2, 3, 4; Quota Club 1, 2; Never Absent 2, 4; Never La te 1, 2,3,4. WILLIAM ZELLER Holy Trinity Commercial; Football 1; Int ramural Basketball I , 2, 3; In tramural Track I , 2; In tramural Bowling 2; CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 3; Quota Club 1, 2, 3.






EUGENE VAN OSS St. Anthony Scientific; Quota Club 2 . 3; CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4; Never Tardy 4. WILLIAM WILSON Emmanuel Scientific; Chaminade News 3, 4; Basketball Manager 3; Track Manager 3; CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4; Q uota C lub 2, 3. JOHN F. ZAJBEL Holy Name Scientific; Dramatics 3;

Band 2, 3, 4; CSMC

I, 2, 3, 4. JOHN E. DREXLER St. Ant hony Scientific; Dramatics 3; Glee Club 3; 2,3, 4.


JOHN J. LINCK Holy Rosary Scientific; CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4; Quota Club 1, 2.

THOMAS C. LINCK Holy Rosary Commercial; Library Staff 2, 3; Glee Club I, 2; CSMC 2, 3; Quot~ Club 3.

THOMAS J. O'BRIEN Holy Rosary Commercia l; CSMC 4; Quota Club 4.

HERBERT SMITH Corpus Christi Scientific; CSMC I, 4; Quota C lub I , 4.

ROBERT N. VOELKL St. An thony Commercial; Turkey Raffle 1; Library Staff 2; Intramural Bowli ng 2, 3; Intramu ral Baske tball 1,2 , 3; CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4.


- d

L. Cormie r, T. Moorman, C. Spitzig (standing ), J. Lause, R. Beckman, P. Connair, D. Palmert.

The National Honor Society was founded primarily as an organization to instill in the ambitious student a sincere desire to take a more active interest in the successful completion of his studies. It h as accomplished that purpose through a simple recognition of his scholastic achievements. This year at Chaminade, nine students w e re found worthy of such special citation. Their selection represents not only unrivalled intellectual qualities, but is evident of participation in extra-curricular activities, of an outstanding ability to make friends among fellow students, and of a dependability that is seldom found wanting. They were chosen by members of the faculty with whom they were acquainted in any of their four • years at our school. Here at Chaminade, the society, as a functioning organization, sponsored the annual Spelling Contest and has succeeded in placing all of its members on the staff of this year's Eagle. To one and all of you may we say congratulations and extend a wish for your continued success.


. l~ '

UNDERCLASSMEN _________________________________________________________


L Mahle R. Roll J. Fowler A . A ngere r


D. Ballman L Haley J. Brockman


J. Zim me rman J. Kis tner L Connolly R. Miller


JUNIORS Eagerly, we look forward to our senior year after completing a very successful and very active Junior year-all 138 of us. Under our officers: Al Angerer, John Fowler, Dick Roll and Larry Mahle we attained a creditable showing in all our undertakings. In the annual turkey raffle, Junior B led the division and Fred Ohmer's 268 cards placed him second among the individual prize winners. Junior B staged a comeback performance by again leading its division in the paper drive while Fred Ohmer took third place in this activity. Our foremost contribution to the field of sports was Al Angerer, who, after securing a first-string berth, was chosen All City tackle. Among many other Junior football players, Jim Pfeiffer and Dick Roll were outstanding. Dick Brown led the host of juniors who all but dominated the basketball team. In track, Tom Shillito advanced to the position of long distance man deluxe and many others of us also gave our talents. Chuck Brown was the principal figure on the fencing team. We had 17 honor students in our ranks .

JUNIOR A FIRST ROW-J . Heyne, D. Dwyer, A. Hochwalt, T. Lienesch, V. Cashman, H. Condron, A. Manzo, W. Blandford. SECOND ROW-E. Hohm, G. Klosterman, R. Hickey, E. Kirchmer, A. Gigliotti. THIRD ROW-W. Masters, J. Hochwalt, T. Amann, C. Brocke, J. Wack, J. Kelly. FOURTH ROW-R. Harne tt, R. Conner, S. Emerick, F. Elardo. FIFTH ROW- D. Fahrig, P. Jeckering, C. Brown, A. Angerer.

JUNIOR B FIRST ROW-J. Weaver, T. Shillito, F. Meyer, F. Westendorf, T. Schneble, R. Reichert, W. Tangeman. SECOND ROW-J . Roddy, R. O'Donnell, R. Wen路 ning, F. Ohmer, E. Moorman, A. Parke r, J. Kessel. THIRD ROW-J. Schneble, E. Miller, J. Fowler, F. Wonka, J. Vickers, F. Wourms. FOURTH ROW-R. Wehner, R. Ruther, J. Wehner, W. Sweeterman, D. Meyer, J. Sauer. FIFTH ROW-R . Spreng, E. Wildenhaus, W. Suttmiller.


JUNIOR C FIRST ROW-J. Koenen, H. Annarino, T. Spitzig, W. Weis, J. Mack, D. Hickey, H. Helpling, J. Savino, D. Doyle.

THIRD ROW-R. Hageman, E. Marrinan, W . Keville, H. Albers, F. Tuite, A. Morgan, W . Drayer, R. Hanfelder.

SECOND ROW-R. Knuge, E. Burger, R. Jeckering. Jeckering.

FOURTH ROW-G. Buecht2r, C. SpTilhley, J. Pain, J. Beirise, J. Beckman. FIFTH ROW-P. Wilkens, 1. Leist, R. Brown .




JUNIOR D FIRST ROW-J. Dulsky, L. Crompton. SECOND ROW-R. Roeckner, P. Schaaf, R. HeibeL R. Gas!, L. Mahle. THIRD ROW- C. Wehner, T. Herrman , E. Kunk, D. Schoch.


FOURTH ROW-W . Ridenour, Kinder.


Fra nke,


MISSING FROM PICTURE-A . Kronenberger, G. Wildenhaus and G. Faulkner.

SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORE PERSONALITIES Marching into the halls of Chaminade, we were 157 strong, 22 less than the year before. Through the individual eHorts of Carl Ewald, who copped first p lace in the Turkey Raffle, Sophomore A topped the classes for the number 路one position. In the Paper Drive, Ed Duffy and Robert Zimmerman paced the way for us. R. Brandt made his contribution to the Apo::;tle of Mary Drive by selling 16 s ubsc riptions. Many in our midst showed their athletic abilities in the line of Football, Bas ketball and Track. Ha rlow Fleischman, Don Weaver, Jim Walsh and Tom McCarthy were outstanding in their respective fields . In the scholastic field, John Cherry and Robert Burg were constant leaders, but some twenty-four others proved themselves sch olas tically inclined. John Granato, Sophomore D., took the individual spotlight by winning the school-wide Spelling Bee. Our Thespians included Vern Vandenbrock, Larry Rees and Matt Phelan. We are leav ing now for our summer vacation and resting on the laurels of a g rand and g lorious year until we re turn next "fear.

SOPHOMORE A FIRST ROW-L. Alexander, P. Hart, W . Mayl, M. Breen, R. Brotherton. SECOND ROW-C. Aveyard, R. Ke Eer, J. Wilson, J. Hone , A. Krowialis, P. Gregory. THIRD ROW-G. Barlow , D. Ashhurst, R. Hackma n, S. Ostyopak, P. Kuss man, A. Heitkamp, A. Ahlers. FOURTH ROW-E. Meyer, R. Breitenstein, E. Gancasz, D. Weaver, E. Grimme, W. Tray nor. FlFTH ROW-R. Goubeaux, J. Foran , J. Brockman, H. Fle ishman, E. Johnson. SIXTH ROW-L. Bauer, J. Hagemeyer, R. Brandt, e. Ewald. ABSENT-R. Lewis.

SOPHOMORE B FIRST ROW-V. Kasko, W. McCloskey, A. Lyons, W . Kleismit, J. Kline, P . .Magin, E. Kessen. SECOND ROW-T. Leist, W . Porter, R. Kizer, R. Neumann, C. LaVielle, J. Reese . THIRD ROW-R. Meyer, A. Krieger, G. Federspiel, G. Hohm, J. Porter, E. Hamper, R. Martin. FOURTH ROW-T. Miller, R. Rafferty, D. Burdge, L. Rees, K. Morrissey , D. Ballman, E. Moorman. FIFTH ROW-J. Nieberding, D. Koen ig, E. Jorden, M. Phelan, L. Miller. SIXTH ROW-T. Hochwalt, F. Hickey, E. Horva th , H. Heyne.

20 \

SOPHOMORE C FIRST ROW-N. Rose, . J. Dodaro, J. Walsh, R. Arnold, V. Parlette, J. Staley, T . Bonfig . . SECOND ROW-J. Gyevat, J. Smith, L. Winhoven, R. Woeste . W. Wagner, R. Zimmerman, N. Essman, C. Fisher. THIRD ROW-R. Bockrath, H. Schirtzinger, G. Long, T . Zinck, T. McCarthy, T. Clarke, R. Stoll, R. Connair, R. Lane.

FOURTH ROW-E. Braunlin, T. Weisman, R. Dyke, E. Weber, J. Ryan, T . Gough, A. Tarkany. FIFTH ROW-L. Sacksteder, R. Schweller, J. Smith, W. Fortman.



SIXTH ROW- P. Visinger, P. Walter, T. Sheetz, J. Schaaf.






FIRST ROW-J. Granato, F. Fahrig, J. Mahrt, E. Verrett, T. Riley .

FOURTH ROW- W. Regan, H. Townsend, J. Geile, J. White, L. Haley, J. Peterman, R. Buehler.

SECOND ROW-R. Hoben, L. Condron, T. Eshel路 man, W. Schmitz, J. Roberts, E. Duffy, T. Ritzert.

FIFTH ROW- A. Kawsky, W. Langen, J. Mooney, H. Melia, J. Melia, J. O'Neil, W. Blatz.

THIRD ROW-T. Reilly, R. Burg, G. Oberer, A. Sprauer, W . Bombeck, W. De m p s e y, J. Koverman.

SIXTH ROW- N. Rue!, W . Krumholtz, J. Albers, V. Vandenbrock.

FRESHMEN "Look at those Freshmen ! Seems they're gettin' smaller every year." That was the remark we heard from all the upper-classmen the first few days of September, 1942, when we walked through the halls of Chaminade and did our best to look big and intelligent. We had our first opportunity to show our worth in the drive for subscriptions to the APOSTLE OF MARY; and we did so well that the two leading classes were given an article as well as pictures in the magazine. The winning classes were Freshman A and Freshman B. Among our honor students, fourteen were consistently named for their excellence in studies. They are: Zimmerman, Powers, Lawler, Honious, Leschansky, Gallagher, Tieman, B::Jlton, Parr, Deininger, Raso, Kissell, Grilliot, and L. Suttman. As we look back over our first year at Chaminade, we feel satisfied in a job well done. However, we look forward hopefully and expectantly to the time when we can look down on the Freshmen in September, 1945, and say, with senior sophistication: "Look at those Freshmen! Seems they're gettin' smaller every year."

FRESHMAN A KNEELING-R. Davis, J. Scarpelli. FIRST ROW-J. Seitz, R. Suttman, A . Chirco, L. Suttman, J. Dawson, J. Steuve, D. Andrews, J. Hamman. SECOND ROW-E. Leschansky, J. Braun, D. O'Connor, J. Heil, H. Waker, M. Le Boeul, W. Horst. THIRD ROW-H . Parr, J. Laufersweiler, J. Deis, C. Simon, W . McMahon, H. Honious, G. Ebert. FOURTH ROW-L. Bolton, R. Deininger, R. Sack路 steder, R. Cochran, J. Gallagher, R. Smith. FIFTH ROW-L. Keller, N. Schmidt, K. Sommer, C. Dicken. MISSING-R . Burger, R. Tieman, B. Tremblay, V. Lawler, D. Warning .

FRESHMAN B KNEELING-W . Vocke, M. Powers, F. Raso, D. Nock, R. Strehle. FIRST ROW-P' Desch, J. Kissling, T. Sayer, J. Tangeman , J. Roth, J. Weis. SECOND ROW-W. Beecroft, T. Baldasarre, J. Bucher, J. Zimmerman, T. Mulhern, J. Carr, G. Schmidt, F. Feche. THIRD ROW-L. Melia, T. Moore, A. Hodapp, C . Grilliot, W. Kissell, R. Amann, T. Horning. FOURTH ROW-G . Jackowsk i, G. Smith, E. Gentner, J. Moreau, D. Dawson. FIFTH ROW-R. Phander, E. I\lawon, C. Horvath, O. Dahlinghaus.


FRESHMAN C FIRST ROW-L. Long, R. Monahan, H. Reboulet, J. Deppen, N. Meyers, W. Eckley, D. Nevels. SECOND ROW-R. Murphy, R. Bruns, J. Sprauer, J. Serena, E. Dabbelt, F. Ra ley, H. Brinkman, J. McGarry . THIRD ROW-E. Hatfelder, E. O'Meara, R. Caldwell, A. Gouldburn, R. Strehle, L. Ballman, T. Miller, R. Allagree. FOURTH ROW-J . Gephart, R. Hessinger, R. Krug, R. Marshall, S. DiSalvo, R. Lowry , J. Kistner. FIFTH ROW- C. Fortener, D. Leary, R. Hofstetter, R. Rettich, T. Falin. SIXTH ROW-J. Stale y, A. Guess, J. Koepnick, V. Schram.

FRESHMAN D KNEELING (Left to Right)-A. Sierschula, A. Kun tz, C . Zimmer, J. Williams, C. Jaeggi, H. Rose ll. FIRST ROW-R. Weisman, R. Kern, J. Penna, T. Hogle , V. Link, R. Crainich, C. West. SECON D ROW-C. Wald, T. Kraus, A. Turner, A. Neff, J. Zimmerman, E. Hinders, H. Flynn, R. Mille r. THIRD ROW-M . Collins, J. Bertling, H. Sommers, E. Tolle , J. Frost, P. Tattone. FOURTH ROW-A . Hickey, M. Keemer, D. Deardorff, E. Tumbusch, H. Vollman, R. Rebou let, A. Os terloh . FIFTH ROW-D. Smith, J. Bashaw, W. Wenclewicz , R. Limming. ABSENT-W. Ga lt , J. Brown, J. Budde.

FRESHMAN E FIRST ROW-W. B l o~mel, P. Mastuc, J. McGrath, R. Menke, E. Fox, W . Millett, J. Byrd. SECOND ROW-N. Martin, B. Staley, R. Burgmier, J. McC lin toch, R. Lilienkamp, E. Cotterman, J. Mazzone, B. Steinbru nner. THIRD ROW-E . Burgmier, R. Schulte, J. Huntsberger, C. Bellmyer, R. MacMahon, J. Weidner. FOURTH ROW-T. Munch, E. Mullins, L. Connolly, J. Mahrt, E. Fritz. FIFTH ROW-D. Meyers, B. Thill, N. Rotheveg , L. Taylor. ABSENT-H. Mauch, J. May.

, l





In the annals of Chaminade's sport history there stands an enviable record of success and achievement; an inscription which commemorates the tenth anniversary of one Gerard "Fuzzy" Faust as head coach at our school. For more than a decade, the genial Mr. Faust has been directing the destinies of our football and basketball teams and has, in that process, accomplished training for healthy bodies as well as minds. To this there is little that one can add, for his talent is attested to by the resultant success which has greeted each of his charges. Every student recognizes in "Fuzzy" not only an excellent ability for teaching and coaching, but a sincere understanding that makes him a friend and adviser to all. To you, Mr. Faust, we extend our heartfelt thanks and a wish for your continued success at Chaminade.


Chaminade ..


Wilbur Wright 7

Chaminade ..


Fp.irview ............ 13

Chaminade ......... 14


Chaminade . ......... 13


Chaminade .... 33


Chaminade. ..... 21



Chaminade ...








0 .12 .. .. 13

.... ...............



FIRST ROW-J. Fulwiler, J. fink, E. Spang, W. Sayer, F. Burton, C. Steigmeyer, A. Angerer, D. Hungling. SECOND ROW-A. Trick, C . BUfton, H. Fleishman, T. Shilito, R. Miller, D. Mazzone, D. Huelsman, R. Roll, R. Pfeiffer. THIRD ROW-B . Alexander, Mgr., D. Weaver, F. Merc uri, C . Ewald, R. Wehner, F. Westendorf, J. Savino, S. Renacs, D. Koenig . FOURTH ROW-G. Buechter, H. Condron, L. Sacksteder, T. McCarthy, R. O'Neil, F. Elardo, J. Mack, D. Dwyer, J. Koenen, Coach " Fuzzy" Faust.



T y

FR ONT ROW-D . Weaver, F. Meyer, R. Trick, J. Walsh, R. Roll. REAR ROW-R. Brown, Carroll Burton, H. Fle ischma n, Farroll Burtcn, R. Fulw iler.


Cha minade .. 28


... 27

Chaminade . . 24

Hamilton Catholic 37

Chaminade ... 15


..... 35

Chaminade ... 17


Chaminade .. 21



Chaminade ... 40

Springfield Central 41

Chaminade ... 48


..... 36

Chaminade ... 29


Charriinade .. 15

Wilbur Wright . .... 19

Chaminade .. 23


Chaminade ... 19


. . 25

Chaminade . 18

Parker Co-op

Chaminade .. 25


.... .1 6

Chaminade ... 43


Chaminade .. 19

Parker Co路op .. .. . .....24

Chaminade . 27


Chaminade .. 24



....... . .

............. .........

... 27 ...27 .28

.............. ...... .22 ......... 26

..... 34



Chaminade .: .. 20 Chaminade ... 10 Chaminade ..路l0 Chaminade ... 36 Chaminade ... 17 Chaminade ... 23 Chaminade .. 41 Chaminade .. 36 Chaminade 54 Chaminade 32 ... 14

Fairmont ... .. 17 Oakwood ....30 Roosevelt ....... 24 Kiser ............. .. ... 9 Wilbur Wright ...... 23 Springfield Catholic 9 Holly Rosary ...... .. 30 Holy Family . . .. 22 Stivers . ..47 Eaton 6 Parker Co-op ... .11


Weaver, R. Breite ns te in, Hochwalt, H. Fleischman.


Horva th,


T. Sayer, Manager.

. FRESHMEN FRONT ROW-I. Kissling , T. Mulhe rn , R. Monahan, J. Deppen, E. Hartfe lde r. REAR ROW-J. Laufe rswe ile r, J. Hu ntsberger, A . Turner, W. W e nclewicz, K. Brown, J. Kistne r, V. Lawler. MISSING-J . Zimme rman, R. Davis.



Chaminade .......... 19 Chaminade ........... 19 Chaminade ...........22 Chaminade............ 16 Cham ina de .......... 13 Chaminade .......... 20 Chaminade . ....... 17 Chaminade 37 Chaminade ...........18 Chaminade .... .... 29 Chaminade...... 21 Chaminade .......... 13 Chaminade ......... 37 Chaminade 72 Chaminade ........... 17

Rooseve lt .............. .40 Oakwood ............ 21 Holy Rosary ...... 29 Belmont ........ 37 Fairmont 29 Emerson ...... 29 Belmont .. .18 Sacred Heart ......... 22 Roosevelt ...... 38 Oakwood . 32 Fairmont ................ 32 Fairview ..... 28 Emerson ................ 33 Holy Family .... 39 Centerville ...... 16

FENCING Left to right:

J. Wack, L. Cormier,

F. Lechleitner,

C. Brown,

J. Schneble, T. Spitzig

Left to right: R. Fulwiler,

T. Kinze ler,

J. Lause, W. Kuntz



Lieutenant Jerry Koenen and his classy Platoon.

Rain or shine, The Victory Corps goes through its drills. .


NEWS Like the Eagle, the main policy of the Chaminade News this year has been to focus attention of the school's wartime attitude through its news items and editorials. The News has brought due credit to war eHorts such as the Victory Corps, donation of typewriters, bonds and stamps, etc., as well as continuing to cover all the school's various activities. Brother Edward Malone, well experienced in journalism, is the g uiding influence of the paper. Through his skillful advice, a hard-working and cooperative staH end eavors and s ucceeds in fulfilling an unwritten motto to present a paper that is packed with stud~nt interest in its news, editorials, features, and sports, and is also journalistically correct from headlines to bylines. Because of these qualities and the fact that no journalism class is conducted, the staH has received much praise.

TOP ROW-D. Palmeri, R. Unger, M. Schenck. BOTTOM ROW-J. Lause, L. Cormier, P. Connair.


BAND FIRST ROW-F. Elardo, A . Sprauer, V. Schramm, A. Kronenberger, E. Miller, V. Vandenbrock, F. Hasenstab. SECOND ROW-R. Roeckner, W . Blatz, R. Kern, T. Ritzert, G. Schmidt, J. Bashaw, P. Schaa!. THIRD ROW-S. DeHart, L. Melia , T. Carr, H. Melia, J. Sprauer, T. Herrman, J. O'Neil, M. Keemer. FOURTH ROW-E. Boland, L. Mahle, J. Deppen, T. Miller, A . Parker, R. Allagree, N. Meyer, T. Mulhern, A. Morgan. FIFTH ROW-R. Jeckering, E. Moorman, W . Keville, J. Bceckma n, P. Jeckering, T. Scheetz, A . Hochwal t. MISSING-N. Rue!, J. Peterman, E. Hohm, D. Borchers, R. Standish, T. Hogle, J. ZajDel, R. Hessinger, E. Gentner.


FIRST ROW-R. Allagree, L. Melia, T. Carr, H. Melia, J. Peterman. SECOND ROW-J. O'Neil, A . Sprauer, V. Schramm. THIRD ROW-T. Ritzert, F. Elardo, N. Schmidt. MISSING-N. Rue!.


OUR PARENTS The three p arents organiza tion s , The Mothe rs ' Club, the Fathe rs' C lub and the Band Mothe rs' Club playe d the ir u su al part in shaping the destinies of the ir son s as well as in providing e nte rtainment for the m selves. The Mothers h ad for officers Mrs. C. Hochwalt, Mrs. Fink, Mrs. Harnett and Mrs. DeHart. The ir social functions included the Turkey Party and . the Covered Dish Dinner. They also arranged the Christmas Dance an d the Senior Prom. The Fa thers, h eaded b y Mr. Elardo, Mr. Schne ble , Mr. Sayer and Mr. Lienesch , sponsored thre e get-together Dances as we ll as the annual Foo tba ll Banq ue t and a b ingo party. The two clubs w ill jointly spon sor the baseb all team. The Band Mothers, w hose office rs were Mrs. DeHart, Mrs. Vanden brock, Mrs. Je ckering and Mrs . C. Miller, backed the band through parties and like means.

MOTHERS' CLUB Mrs. John DeHart, Mrs. Norman Fink, Mrs. Cyril Hoch wa lt, Pres., Mrs . R. Harne tt

FATHERS' CLUB Mr. Paul Sch neble, Mr. Joh n Sayer, Mr. Fran k 'Elardo, Pres., Mr. Theodore Lie nesch

BAND MOTHERS' CLUB Mrs. Charles M ill e r, Mrs . Gerhard Jeckering, Mrs. Joh n 1. DeHart, Mrs. Anthony Vand enbrock



SEATED-L. Cormier, P. Connair, E. Spang, J. Lause, D. Palmert. STANDING-R. Boeckq1an, L. Robers, F. Hasenstab, R. Harne tt.

This pictorial, the 1943 Eagle, is our contribution to an unbroken string of annuals and pictorials which have been emitted by the minds and the hearts of the seniors of every graduating class of Chaminade since the school's inception. Being somewhat abbreviated because of wartime conditions which have imposed strict limitations on the amount of time that 路 could be given by all concerned to such an unde rtaking, the 1943 Eagle does not equal the elaborate annuals of former years. Nevertheless we trust that it will fulfill its p urpose. Paul Connair and Jerry Lause divided the duties of directing the editorial department in the role of co路editors. Len Cormier and Dan Palmeri also deserve mention for their he lp. Ed Spang headed the business stafi. He and his meny aides accomplished the task of financing the Eagle in record time. Special mention should be given b Fe rd Hasenst3.b , Stafi Artist, and to Brothers John Lucie r and Edward Malcne for their work as advisers to the editorial and business s taffs respective ly.



Dramatics returned to Chaminade this year in the form of a three act mystery play entitled "What a Night." Mr. J. C. W eaver directed the production. Mr. Weaver is founder of Dayton's Blackfr:iar' s Guild and is well known as an actor and producer of dramatic presen ta tions. "What a Nig ht" enjoyed a run of three evenings on May 14, 16, and 18 in the auditorium of the Loretto Guild. The p lot was such that those in the audience could not unravel the mystery until it was solved for them in the very last bit of action in the third act. The members of the cast, who portrayed their parts with professional accuracy included the following students: Paul Connair in the part of Henry Jarvis, James Kessel as Mr. Burton, Larry Rees as Todd, Joe Wehner in the part of G il, Paul Schaaf as Cockney Jake, Richard Beckm:m as Splotch Rimini. James Desch as Michael. Vernon Vandenbrock in the part of Mr. Dodson. Matt Phelan as Roper, Bob Frounfelker as George, Tom Kinzeler as Sid and Richard Knuge as Dr. Mack. Chuck Brown as stage man:J.ger and Vincent Cashman directed publicity. Brother John Lucier S. M. was faculty adviser of the production.



Bringing e 3ch of us a more complete realization of the most important of man's inherent rights, freedom of religion, was Chaminade's customary retreat. Services and instruction were conducted by Father Peter Resch whose central theme emphasized Catholic living amid the malady of oppression and Godlessness. Sincere contemplation and fervent prayer characterized student activity as we climaxed our preparations for the Eastertide.


DIARY 1940 Four long years ago, in the autumn of 1939, 142 strong, we begin our high school careers as enthusiastic but decidedly timid freshme n . .. We cheer our football team in vain as it drops six out of its e ight games, but in typical frosh fashion we worship our "heroes" · . . Helmig, Fink, C. Burton and Butler are chosen as our class officers . . . Led by Butler, Mazzone, Thalheimer and others we do our part in "making" the turkey drive . . . Lou RiepenhoH is editor-in-chief of the News; George CaporaL of the Eagle . .. Desch, Lause, Meyer, Palme rt and Horvath distinguish themse lves among us for their scholastic endeavors . . . The cage team is average as it manages to emerge with a 50 % record . . . Ed Zwiesler is outstanding as scorer and long shot and is chosen for a berth on the All-City Five. · .. Althoug h somewhat unfamiliar with the "ins and outs," after a slow start we help put the paper drive over the top. · . . Senior A shows us how as it amasses a grand total of 259% . . . Father Henry Kobe, S. M. conducts the annual lenten retreat ... We lend our humble support to the highly successful minstre l production "April's Fools". · .. Ray Burns is an ideal interlocutor. · . . Tennis team is very s uccessful . .. Golf and track men experience average year . .. Sunday, June 9, 92 seniors receive diplomas ... W e happily end our first year of high school.

members . . . We are now the "Annex Kids"- all except Sophomore C . .. Don Hungling turns in creditable performance at left half as football team captured City Championship . . . Pauzar, Lowry, O'Bryan, Savino and Smith make All-City ... Smith is first lineman to be voted city's "most valuable player" ... Butle r, Hungling, Fink and He lmig are selected for the p osition of president in their respective classes . .. Don Butler is among the winners in the Turkey Raffle ... Jack Fink contributes much to excellent record collected by basketballers ... Zwiesler and Kenney make All-City ... Intramural league experie nces usual number of rough and tumble contests . . . Father Aloysious Seitz S. M. preached annual retreat; is well received . . . Sophomores are plentiful and he lpful on Editor-in-Chief Bob Pfe iHe r's News StaH . . . Ed Klosterman heads Eagle staH . . . Richard Harne tt takes fifth place in Paper Drive as we give our aid in amassing the school's total of 116 tons ... Jerry Lause is outstanding among 25 honor scholars . . . Hung ling lends his talents to the track team . . . Frounfelker, Fink and Kinzeler gain berths on second string of our City Championship golf team . . . Maurie Schenk and Larry Sacksteder vie for title of cassanova .. . We drudge through June Exams ... Watch another class of seniors leave school . . . Embark on well-earned vacation.

1942 1941 Back to sch ool after three g loriou s mon ths of vacation . .. Our class h as shrunk so that it now numbers but 121

A lively group, 100 s trong, we return to the scene of our endeavors .. . As upperclassmen we demand proper respect from the freshmen and sopho-




mores . . . Don Butler is consistent as he places among leaders in the Turkey Raffle for the third consecutive year . .. W e ccntribute Fulwiler, Hungling, Fink, Spang, Sayer, Steigmeyer and Mazzone to the second City Championship football team which goes through eight seasonal and one post-season game undefeated . . . "Doke" Hungling spearheads passing attack; Jim Fulwiler stars in Fairview encounter . . . Jack Miller, Bob O'Bryan, Jim Cochran and "Truck" Madden place on All-City . . . Don Butler is C. S. M. C. Conference President . . . Paul Connair and Maurie Schenk are page editors on News Staff. . . . Many others of us help Chief Scrivner Ted Aponyi gather material for the News . . . Bob O'Brien is Editor-inChief of Annual ... Jack Fink ably takes over as our lone representative on a basketball team which experiences a fair season ... "Ferd" Hasenstab establishes himself as school's foremost artist . . . Father Eugene Lamb S. M. is retreat-master . . . Juniors: Hungling, Moorman, Robers, Fulwiler, Sacksteder, and Burton and Seniors: Stoff, Mariscaleo, Falter and Madden were mainstays of a very successful track squad. .. . Stoff, C. Burton and relay team, composed of Madden, Fulwiler, Moorman and Hungling broke old records in the mile, high jump and 880 relay respectively . . . Many Juniors take part in minstrel ... Schenk gets lette r in tennis; Kinzeler and Frounfelke r in golf . . . Exams ... Vacation! 1943

We enter our fourth year of high school at Chaminade .. . There are but

97 of us remaining out of a class of 142 freshmen . . . Early season tie with Wright and loss to Fairview; loss to Kiser in last game mOlr creditable record of football team . . . Three touchdowns to one victory over highly touted Roosevelt highlights season . .. School adopts war curriculum . . . Apostle of Mary drive breaks all records ... W e pick our class officers: Ed Spang, president; Jim Fulwiler, vice president; Jerry Lause, secretary, and Dan Palmert, treasurer . . . Chaminade inaugurates Student Council: Jack Fink, Ed Spang, Richard Hageman and Carrol Burton are officers . . . Dads and Moms hold first gat-together dance ... 261 % is all-time high mark for Turkey Raffle; Ewald sells 450 cards ... Coaches select Middleton, Hungling, Spang and Angerer for AllCity grid team .. . F. Burton is honorary captain of team . . . Victory Corps and military training begins . . . Battalion Commander Lause and Company Commanders Connair and Kauth head group of student officers . . . Netmen have poor season but advance to semi-finals in tournament ... 19 of us leave Chaminade prematurely to begin college career at the U. D. . . . Len Cormier h eads News Staff ... 9 named to Honor Society ... Pape r Drive nets 93 tons; Al Trick school with record of 20,000 points . . . Spang, Spitzig, Schovley, Fink, Lause and Fulwiler win in News Poll . . . Conn air, Lause and Spang direct Pictorial Staff . . . Dramatists present "What a Night" . .. Track team is promising .. . Father Resch gives retrea t ... Baseballers begin practice . .. Tests! Graduation and Prom ... Farewell !



* CLASS 1929

Major C le tus F. Robbeloth A . C. Major Richard G. Zenni Capta in Charles H. Boesch Lt. (j g) Charles J. Heldoer:er 2d Lt. Edward R. Coste llo Cap tain Richard J. Timmer Captain George E. Oster Lt. Rome F. Schwagel Robert F. Jennings A/S CLASS 1930

Kevin G. Dwyer Cle tus W . Grieshop Lt. John P. Buechele Pvt. He reer t E. Zink Captain Arthur T. Scarpelli Lt. (jg) Oliver H. Kuhl Pvt. Robert C . Kinzle r Pvt. Norbert McBride CLASS 1931

Rebert R. Metter C. Y., U. S. N. R. Pvt. Edward J. Neder ASN Sergeant Clarence G . Niekamp Pvt. Will iam G. Madden Capta in Ed ward J. Connors Sgt. Wilfred F. Staas Li. Lawrence F. Beockerman Pv t. Louis J. Heil Pvt. Pa ul T. Waltz A/s CLASS 1932

Corporal Eugene A . Leibold Lt. Verne H. Malloy Pvt. Phillip ). Zavakos Major Robert H. Schell man Lt. John F. Grusenmeyer Lt. Robert Adelberger Pvt. James F. Korte Lt. Thomas A . Moorman Sg t. Richard W. Cull Capta in Arthur S. Folino Lt. Howard L. Dickson CLASS 1933

Pvt. Elmer N. Ccrdonnier Walter J. Haley Thomas A. Hu lse Capta in Robert Lipp Joh n F. Lucas Pvt. Pau l V. Naber Sg t. Charles E. Planne r David M. Sullivan Pvt. Robert Th1man Lt. W illiam K. Fahrendorf Captain W illiam F. Flanagan Sgt. Earl R. Hamant Ambrose W . Rauc h


Thomas E. Orendorf Captain Elme r J. Will Ensign David W . Kersting Corporal W a lte r Brown Pvt. Arthur B. Lambe rs Jeseph W. Lehman CLASS 1934

1st Lt. John H. Ritter PIc. Bernard Shay Robert G. Waltz Capta in Joseph S. Zotkiewicz Pvt. Louis E. Moosbrug .:jer Pvt. Dale F. F ~ h re ndorf Sgt. James M. Bayer Sgt. Earl T. Madden Corporal Joseph C. Keerner Pvi. Walter H. Mangold Lt. Ralph P . Halpin Staff Sgt. Wa lter J. Burdel Frank W. Stiglitz Capta in Alex Rudzienski Joseph F. Bader Thomas C. Grundish Sgt. Arthur W . Wiil Sg t. Richard C. Bucher Pvt. Ellsworth W . Baer Lt. (jg) Paul J. Smith U. S. N. Pfc. Charles F. Vehorn Pfc. William J. Timmer Francis X. Brennan Captain Richard C. Hempleman Captain Daniel J. Hobbs Corporal Je rome H. Hoe rrt Corporal Paul F. Lawler Sgt. Robe rt V. Le ibold Corpora l Paul H. Leopold Pvt. Robert M. Planner Pvt. Richard L. Rettich CLASS 1935

Sgt. Gerald J. Ba llma n A/C Harold J. Drescher Pv t. Jerome F. Elking Lt. Edward C. Hempleman Lt. Donald J. Ma lloy I st Lt. Charles R. Be rns Clifford C. O'Hearn Pvt. Francis B. Dineen Pic. Carl W. Gaeke Pic. Eugene A. Brockman Thomas F. Schroll W ilbur G. Heil Lt. Robert J. Steek:ein Richard T. Smith Corporal John J. S:mders Earl J. Brady Staff Sg t. Riclnrd J. Le ibold Lt. Richard J. Boeckman


Corporal James A. McBride Lt. Paul F. Schaeler Sgt. James F. Mar tin Lt. Roland W . Meyers A IC Victor S. Minbam Ensign Thomas L. Reiling Joseph D. St:eklein Sgt. Vincent L. Zink Ca ptain Henry J. Spatz Albert J. Early S. K. 3C CLASS 1936

Pvt. Ncrbert Fortman HowLrd J. Keinat Pvt. Paul F. Amann Charles Ballman John F. Ernst Major Herbert Finke Pv t. Joseph L. Hochdc erfer 1st Lt. Joh n L. Lemm ing Corporal Donald Nabe r Pvt. Henry J. Schaaf Sgt. Carl A. Schoch Sgt. Charles J. Voelkl OIC Paul D. Koerner Corpora l Anthony Mergler Corporal Tech. Anthony F. Ise nma nn Pvt. Quinn J. Hagedorn AIC Robert E. Ke lly Sgt. Leonard E. He lpling Pv t. Edward J. Seidenschmidt Lt. Charles Li tkowski' CLASS 1937

Lt. Joseph A. Aufderheide

Pvt. Jerome R. Francis Lt. Stanley W . Hickey Warren A . Kappeler Lt. Eugene W . Placke Robert A . Schaper Capt. Paul E. Unger T. Sgt. Francis X. Waker Captain James F. Winter 1st Lt. Eugene L. Kersting Joseph D. Stoecklein Pvt. Eugene F. Lau t e rb ~ch Lt. Charles H. McBride 1st Lt. Joseph G. Hclle nkamp Pv t. William L. Duffy Pvt. John L. Schellhaas Lt. Rebert A. Shultz Pvt. Martin M. Williams Pvi. Richard L. Skapik OI C Charles J. Zw i:s!er Richard F. Howe Cadet Oscar C. Carlin Corp. Charles A. Wolf! Pvt, Raymo nd L. Bach



THE SERVICE CLASS 1938 Pvt. Anthony J. Bedrowsky James M. Brennan Sgt. John T. Brennan Lt. Robert L. Butler LI. Robert C. Dodt Pvl. Paul R. Finke Robert Hungling LI. George G. Kinzeler Corpora l Thomas P. Will iams Jerome A. Wahlrab Pic. Robert J. Kronencerger Corporal Victor R. Plassenthal Lt. William P. Taylor 2nd LI. Walter J. Woeste Pvl. John B. Haberer AIC Joseph J. Reichert Pv l. George A. Madden Robert O'Connell , Jr. AIC Robert G. Beecroft Pvl. Joh n J. Somers Ensign Robert A. Wolff James A. Barlow Pv t. Charles He mler CLASS 1939 Pv l. Thodore P. Hempelmann Harold T. Ga tes Pvt. John R. Miller Pvl. Eugene C. Schaal Pvl. George R. Voelkl Candida te James J. Wagner Pvt. Richard J. Weckesser Pvt. Norbert W. Karl AIC Sylvan Connair LI. Ralph B. W ildenhause' Pv l. Albert E. Hoba n Pvl. LOllis W. Fe ldman, Jr. Pvl. Lawrence C. Hamant A. N. S. Pau l Coughlin Pvl. John D. W idmaier AIC Robert P. Hussey Pv l. Marvin W . Bayer Charles H. Hickey AIC Barry J. Shillito Ja mes E. Moore Sta ff Sgl. Paul Williamson Sg l. Robert A. Robbeloth Pvt. Francis J. Issenmann Sg l. John I. DeHart LI. Robert Savage AIC Thomas Rotterman Robert W . Fries Pvl. Elden E. Zink Pfc. Wil liam B. Hungling Pvl. John C. Miller AIC James M. Boeckman CLASS 1940 AIC Robert E. Moore Carl T. Placke Pvl. Ed. Joseph Regan, Jr.



Pvl. Thomas C. Ridenour Norbert E. Schaaf Harry S. Throckmorton Pvl. Pau l V. Woes te Lt. Charles W. Trupp Joseph W. Weber Pvl. Raymond V. Kenzik Robert Fox Pv l. Robert C. Cunn ing ham Pvl. William J. Nolan Pvl. John H. Weber Pvl. Gerald W. Andrews Pvl. Victor G . Kovacs George, C. Capora l, Jr. Richard F. Brennan AIC Charles E. Middle ton John A. Keaton , Jr. Pvl. Joseph H. Ballman Pvt. Pau l J. Madlinger Seaman Ambrose J. Ball man Corporal John L. Bryan t Pvl. Richard J. Cochran Pvt. Lou is DiPasquale Pvl. Robert G. Herber t Pvl. James E. King Carl Koniski Staff Sgl. Thos . G. Marlin Pau l G. Michel Y 3c Richard A. Miller V-6 A. S. CLASS 1941 Cadet Richard P. Haley Pic. Edward A. Klos terman Peter A. Losh Yeo. 3c. John P. Lowry Cade t Eugene R. Moorman USNR Pv l. Pall l H. Moosbrugger Robert H. O' Hearn l c. seaman Pvt. Elmer J. Plaspohl Pfc. Jack K. Rains Cadet Wi lliam C. Boesch Pv l. Clyde R. Brenner A. S. N. AIC Fred W . Grimm Cyril A. Ba lke Pvt. Thomas E. Duffy Pvl. Thomas J. Bucher Pvl. Robert Elking James O. A nderson Pvl. Joh n H. Bach Herman Marlin Charles Ray Miller Air Crew-Student George L. Ancil Pvl. Donald E. Hochwall Pvl. Ronald R. Klosterman Wes t Point Cade t Richard Smith Pvl. Robert V. Steggeman Pvl. Fred Charles Beecroft Donald A. Steinbach V-6 Pvl. Robert J. King Pvt. Karl L. Pauzar Pvl. Donald J. Bergemeier


CLASS 1942 Alfred E. McGurin Robert E. O'Bryan V-6 Pvl. James J. Cochran USMC Corporal Mike Longo Seama n Ic Dare l Spreng Wilbur F. Throckmorton W illiam A. Yahle A. S. R. Pvl. John W. Dillon Richard Wonka Pvl. John L. McGarry Pv l. John H. Grismer Ernest Ru e f Frank J. Ballma n Pvl. John M. Miller Pvl. Harold A. Probs t Pvl. Fra nk Dix Clarence F. Reusch, Seama n 2c Pv l. Richard T. A ndrews Robert E. Bruns Thomas C. Faller A. S.- I John E. Menke Pvl. Charles J. DeSaro Urba n L. Michel A. S. Charles P. Dorian Robert F. Schmacker Pvl. James R. Kussman Pvt. Ray H. Brinkman NO CLASS (not graduated) Pfc. Clarence Hohm Pfc. W illiam R. Faulkner Joseph Bradley Gosney Robert J. Burns Pvl. Richard C. Moosbrugger Henry A. Urke Howard P. La ne Pic. Paul F. Yahle ' W illiam Ed Mahle Pvl. Louis A. Beigel Flavian A. Yost Joseph H. Geis David O'Hearn Pic. Bernard T. Boeckman Pvl. Louis J. Kleiner Pvl. Richard Paul Abele George J. Chubb Vernon L. Gregory Howard T. Huelsman Charles C. Gregory George R. Gregory 2nd Lt. Alvin H. Schwieterma n Rober t H. McDermo tt Lt. Rober t H. Wourms Sylvester J. Hobbs Richard G. Hobbs Corp. Vic tor Zorkiewicz Charles N. Burgmeier Pvl. Germanus J. George Pvl. Raymond Plassenthal Robert F. Sommer

PATRONS American Aircraft Associates, 704 N. Main Street Adam BaUmann & Sons, Vegetables Chaminade Band Mothers Oscar C. Beigel, Jeweler Blue Bird Baking Company Bowman Janitor Supply Co., 241 S. Ludlow Street The Burns Auto Co., 2140 N. Main Street Mr. and Mrs. Chas. E. Burton, 1715 Fauver Avenue, KE 3673 Chirco Bros. Grocery, 1019 Germantown Street Bert 1. Daily. Inc., 126 E. Third Street Dayton View Furniture & Upholstering Compliments of the Dayton Steel Foundry Co. Dayton Tool & Engineering Co. Everybody's Book Store, 17 W. Fifth Street Chaminade Fathers' Club Joe O. Frank Co., 1425 Linden Avenue "Eyes for Victory" Dr. J. Gillespie, 35 East Third Street Francis Heider, 1615 Meriline Avenue, Sophomore "B" Hoban Brass Foundry Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Hochwalt, 1235 Mt. Vernon Avenue Holland Furnace Co., 1506-08 \"'1. Third Street Compliments of R. H. I{aiser Sheriff P. J. Kloos Kramer Baking Co. The Philip Kohn Co., 403 Ludlow Bldg. Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Lause Marion Ice Cream & Sandwich Shop, 2031 N. Main, Cor. Hudson Avenue Malone Camera Stores" 104 & 842 N. Main Street


PATRONS Chaminade Mothers' Club "Monarchs" Moler's Belmont Dairy, 3230 S. Smithville Road Moosbr.ugger Drug Company, 672 N. Main Street, FU 1878 Muth Brothers Inc., 111路121 Labelle Street Odell Or OdelL 524 Gas Or Electric Building Ready Mixed Certified Concrete, A. W. Kimmel, FU 7141 Steve Renacs, 828 Faulkner A venue William Rife, Jeweler, 122 S. Ludlow Street Riverdale Gardens, 3212 N. Main Street L. S. Sacksteder, Arcade Market Sacksteder's Cafeteria, 1703 S. Broadway Sawaya's French Market, 833 E. Fifth Street Carl Schmidt Drugs, 114 W. Fifth Street Shiloh Market 5835 N. Main Street Sprauer's Tavern, N. E. Cor. Wyoming Or St. Paul Avenue The Stanley Manufacturing Company Star City Bottling Company, Miamisburg, Ohio The Sterling Rubber Products Company Stockstill's Pharmacy Telling's Sealtest Ice Cream, AD 1212 Tacoma Gardens, 661 Creighton Avenue Mr. and Mrs. Harvey T. Ware, 829 Lorain Avenue The Wehner Roofing Or Tinning Company, 557 Richard Street Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Westendorf, 217 McClure Street Fred P. vVolfe Studio, 1048 U. B. Building Mr. and Mrs. \1Villiam Zeller Compliments of a Friend




PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Joseph BaUmann

Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Marrinan

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Becker.

A. J. Meyer and Family

Beigel Jeweler's

Bill Sayer, '43

Blincoe Brothers

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Sayer

Brune's Pharmacy

Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Schenk

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Condron

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Schneble

Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Conn air

Rev. Raymond Schroeder

Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Cormier

Mr. and Mrs. S. M. SchweUer

Mr. and Mrs. John DeHart

Mrs. John Q. Sherman

Edward James Duffy, M. D.

Mr. and Mrs. Shillito

Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Dyke

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Spang

Nicholas Fiel

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Spitzig

Mr. and Mrs. Don Frank

A. J. Sprauer

G. E. L. Electric Co.

A. J. and J. H. Steinbach, D. C:s

Michael R. Haley, M. D.

Joseph ThaI

Lt. Col. and Mrs. R. M. Harnett

Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Thalheimer

Dr. and Mrs. N. C. Hochwalt

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Unger

Mrs. T. K. Kirk

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E. Via

Lyons Electrical Co.

Rev. Laurence G. Wessel

Col. Wm. M. Mack

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. White

Philip J. Magin

Mrs. Clarence Palmert'

Mr. and Mrs. W. Schmidt

r. and Mrs. Louis Beckman

Pfc. Jack CaUopy

Mr. and Mrs. George Renehan

Lt. Col. L. M. Makley

Mr. Nicholas Dix

Mrs. Josephine May

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Timmer

Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Malone

Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Lucier


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Chaminade High School Yearbook 1943  

Chaminade High School Yearbook 1943

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