Devour Utah April 2018

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The Pasta Issue

Savor the outstanding regional cuisines of Italy without having to pack a bag NIKI CHAN

By Heather L. King


taly offers some of the most delicious and diverse food the world over. From north to south, dishes change drastically depending on whether proteins come from the land or sea and on how each type of pasta is formed to best hold each region’s ideal sauce. You used to have to book a flight and spend a couple of weeks traversing the countryside in search of these distinct regional flavors. But with the addition of five new Italian restaurants in Salt Lake County over the past few years, along with a longstanding favorite, Utah diners can now sample authentic Italian fare without having to apply for a passport. Let’s take our taste buds on the road.

bigoli con ragu di Anatra at veneto 14 Devour Utah • April 2018