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BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018


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COMMUNITY VOICE: READERS WRITE-INS 42 8 What’s Hot, What’s Not 23 Nooks & Crannies We can’t build homes fast enough in Utah

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Homebuying in Eight Easy Steps

A guide to putting down roots BY JENNIE RICHAU



Rising Stars

Ten projects changing the face of the Wasatch Front BY ISAAC RIDDLE

52 The Lap of Luxury

Why Utah is sitting pretty BY DARBY DOYLE

54 If I Had a

Million Dollars

Realtor Kathy McCabe’s advice for a lottery winner BY JERRE WROBLE


BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018


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THE REAL DEAL I’ve got one question for myself today: Where was this magazine when I needed it? When we moved our office from Midvale to Salt Lake City in 1991, property all over downtown was boarded up, vacant or otherwise in some state of disrepair and neglect. Our rent was so low for so long we never really considered buying a building because it seemed only a matter of time before the last person would leave downtown. We didn’t want to be stuck holding the bag on a building nobody wanted in a city that seemed to always shoot itself in the foot. For decades, Main Street suffered terribly through various beautifications, the TRAX line construction, and the development of The Gateway. In the early- to mid-1990s, the Boyer Company was a player, but not the force it later became. Mike Richmond, one of this area’s top commercial Realtors, was tossing footballs as a quarterback at the University of Utah. The late Vasilios Priskos hadn’t yet founded his successful and city-changing InterNet Properties commercial brokerage. All around us were opportunities for dimes on the dollar and, like nearly everyone, we … missed it. Today, the real estate market is booming throughout the city, the valley and beyond. Subdivisions have replaced the dry farms and fields of corn, hay and beets of the south and west quadrants of the valley. Condos are rising so fast in Salt Lake City that the skyline seems to change daily. The fancy office buildings of Sandy, Draper and Utah County resemble the exurbs of big cities like Chicago. Ogden is shedding its secondcity reputation and growing like a wild child. Park City is home to ever more rich and famous. Tomorrow’s visionaries are already looking west to Magna and beyond to Tooele. Who knows if a new construction future will leapfrog to Utah towns like Price or Logan? One thing is clear: The persons and companies represented herein will all have a major role wherever and whenever the next boom occurs. They are all leading the boom today. City Weekly published a ballot earlier this spring, and readers and industry experts weighed in on their favorites in residential, commercial, trades and services categories. We also included several write-in votes from readers who wanted to give credit to their favorites not covered by the ballot. The men and women on these pages represent the best and brightest of Utah’s burgeoning real estate sector who are shaping everything we see and do—and everything we will be. It can be easy to live in the rearview mirror and pine over lost opportunities. But, the fact is, new opportunities are being created—witness the persons in this magazine who are moving us all forward. May they continue to be the best of the best in their crafts and careers. Turn these many pages and join us in celebrating the Best of Utah™ Real Estate. Meet the movers and shakers behind Utah’s unique spaces and places. Our hats are off to them. John Saltas Publisher, Copperfield Media


BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018


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COVER PHOTOGRAPHY BY KERRI FUKUI Distributed free and independently throughout the Wasatch Front. Limit one issue per person. Additional copies of this magazine can be purchased at City Weekly for $3.50 each while supplies last. City Weekly, 248 S. Main, Salt Lake City, UT 84101 | 801-575-7003 | ©2018 Copperfield Publishing. All rights reserved. No portion of this magazine can be reproduced without the publisher’s expressed written consent.


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What’s Hot, What’s Not In Utah, we can’t build homes fast enough By Babs De Lay, broker/owner, Urban Utah Homes & Estates

It’s easy enough to Google “housing trends” or watch HGTV to see what’s new in interior design or to follow the rising costs of housing and mortgage rates. Unless you dedicate hours upon hours every day to read local blogs, you likely won’t have your finger on the pulse of Salt Lake real estate trends unless you live and breathe it like my fellow professionals Realtors and I do. There’s trends, and there’s reality. The facts about local real estate these days are simple: 1. They’re not building any more land; 2. Utah’s population is expected to double by 2050-2060; 3. It’s more expensive than ever to build homes and commercial and apartment buildings (no thanks to recent tariffs on foreign goods); 4. Mortgage rates keep rising. Meanwhile, renters struggle to find affordable spaces. Many are house-sharing and cramming more and more roommates into living spaces, almost as if it were the mid-1800s in New York City when hoards were fleeing the Irish potato famine. How many people can legally live in an apartment? That’s like the question, “How many people can ride in a car?” (Answer: As many as there are seat belts). The U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) publishes guidelines for determining the number of individuals who can live in a single rental unit. They give as an example: If you have a one-bedroom apartment, you should set the limit to three people because there can be a couch, a bed and a crib possibility. But how many renters can there be? That depends on local city ordinances and if your landlord checks in on you! Did you ever rent a hotel room and told the registration agent there would just be two of you, when, in reality, there were six (think back to your spring break)? Rooms for rent are the trend in affordable housing because the 8

BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018

average person making fast-food wages cannot afford to live in a place without the help of other rent payers. And since no one is building cheap apartments and our population is growing, housing will become even harder to find in the future. For homeowners, most have realized that there’s money to be made in the world of AirBnB and VRBO. More and more homeowners are holding onto their homes so that they can get the cash income from renting out rooms, portions of a house or the whole place. Hotels are out, vacation/nightly rentals are in. Cities are not doing much about the illegal rentals unless a landlord is caught because a neighbor has complained. In the future, owners will be forced to register and license their temporary rentals so that cities can fund enforcement of ordinances and punish landlords who flaunt the rules. Where are the hottest properties these days? From my perspective in sales, it’s been Rose Park. It’s an area that’s five minutes to downtown and now has a convenient Trax line along North Temple. In addition, the Granary District is hot because hipster businesses are opening up there along with art spaces, and affordable housing is on the rise overlooking old railroad tracks. Outside of the city, the next hot areas are Kamas and Oakley north of Park City as well as Heber City. These three communities are still affordable and only about 30 to 45 minutes from Salt Lake City. According to new data from the Census Bureau, the nation’s fastest growing metropolitan area is Utah’s own St. George, the “Palm Springs of Utah,” with a growth rate of 4 percent in 2017. The rental availability there is less than 2 percent and, well, they can’t build homes fast enough for buyers 55 and older. CITYWEEKLY.NET

Alta Gateway Station

Funerals weddings Birthdays make someone ’ s day

Art l a r o Fl



From Blight to Bliss

801-363-0565 580 E 300 S SLC


he nonprofit Utah Apartment Association’s Development of the Year award was just given to Alta Gateway Station at 505 W. 100 South. It was the first major project by Salt Lake petfriendly developers Wood Partners. Secret shoppers from the UAA judged several complexes in the area on their amenities, customer service, cleanliness inside and out, and the overall contribution to the neighborhood. Out of all the residential high-rise buildings that have gone up statewide, this project won the top prize. Neighbors of the apartment complex might agree since the formerly blighted piece of land was an onand-off homeless campground full of trash that has now been turned into almost 300 state-of-the-art apartments ranging from 614 to 1,344 square feet. This complex offers more amenities than most of the new buildings you see along the Wasatch front, from a cyber café, wine-storage lockers, pool, hot tub and dog park of its own, bikeand ski-repair shop, an outdoor kitchen with a barbecue grill, an eating area and a rooftop deck with an entertainment kitchen. —By Babs De Lay BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018 9


Best Residential Real Estate Brokerage ERA Brokers

With agents spanning from Lehi to St. George as well as in Nevada, ERA Brokers is the king of residential real estate. What makes ERA agents so successful are the tools at their disposal— they harness the power of Home Fusion, ERA’s state-of-the-art proprietary marketing system. Those resources help them optimize home information so their clients can enjoy a faster sales process, a higher sales price and peace of mind when buying and selling. Multiple Locations, 2. Urban Utah Homes & Estates 3. Keller Williams

Best Residential Real Estate Agent

Mike Lindsay, Coldwell Banker A successful real estate agent in Salt Lake City is not only dedicated but focused all day, every day. Well, that description fits Mikey Lindsay of Coldwell Banker to a tee. An expert in marketing, Lindsay provides hands-on, individualized marketing techniques for each of his listings. His knowledge of the industry based on 30 years in the business and his diligence in helping his clients gives Lindsay an edge over his competitors. Coldwell Banker, 7730 S. Union Park Ave., Ste. 600, Midvale, 801-5805567,

Best Residential Real Estate Broker

Babs De Lay, Urban Utah Describing the impact of Babs De Lay on the Salt Lake Valley real-estate marketplace would take far more room that our space allows. As Urban Utah’s principal broker/ owner, De Lay is passionate about her community. A frequent writer for City Weekly and even in this edition of Best of Utah Real Estate, De Lay takes delight in sharing her insights on local real estate trends. She’s a trustee on the Utah Transit Authority and board secretary for the Utah Girl Scouts. She has served on the Salt Lake Board of Realtors and the Salt Lake City Planning Commission. She’s also been an instructor for the National Association of Realtors. Over the decades, she has sold thousands of condos, homes, land and commercial buildings, earning her a reputation as a top broker in the Beehive State. Urban Utah Homes & Estates, 380 W. 200 South, No. 101, SLC, 801-2018824, 2. Thayne Houston, ERA Brokers Consolidated 3. Dave Frederickson, Keller Williams

2. Audra-Mia Lyons, Equity Real Estate Advantage 3. Donny Haynie, Urban Utah Homes & Estates

Best Residential Real Estate Attorney

For many of us, the language of law goes over our heads. For attorney Scott Sabey, it’s as easy as Italian—a language he is also fluent in, after receiving a bachelor’s degree in Italian from BYU before getting his law degree from Golden State University in San Francisco. Since 1985, Sabey has practiced real estate development and planning and zoning, working with clients in development of shopping malls, resort condominiums, water companies and hospitals. He must know his stuff: He‘s a former bar examiner who wrote and graded real property bar exam questions. Fabian VanCott, 215 S. State, Ste. 1200, SLC, 801-323-2204, 2. Barry Clarkson, Clarkson & Associates 3. Kirk Cullimore, Kirk Cullimore Law Offices


BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018

Babs De Lay


Scott Sabey, Fabian VanCott




The craftsmanship of American Heritage Homes

Best Residential Home Developer

Best Residential Architectural Firm

Best Residential Homebuilder

For any company to lead an industry for 30 years is a tall order—employees come and go and markets change. But Ivory Homes has done just that, being a leading home developer in Salt Lake since 1988. As CEO Clark Ivory puts it, “Successful companies always change, but their principles never do.” That’s the driving philosophy of Ivory Homes: understanding the need for change without losing focus on core values. With the completion of nearly 20,000 houses over the years, Ivory Homes is committed to building not only homes but creating communities. Multiple Locations,

Imbue: verb. Inspire or permeate with a feeling or quality. Yes, they design homes, but it’s the cabins and unique spaces hidden away among Utah’s red rocks and mountains that give this firm its cred. Their walls and bookshelves can barely hold all their awards, from the Best House in Utah (Capitol Reef Buddhist Retreat) to preservation awards from the Park City Historical Society. If you’re willing to forgo that stucco box in suburbia and instead collaborate with people who know how to embrace the landscape, Imbue Design is the group you want to help you realize your housing dreams. 741 S. 400 West, No. 8, SLC, 801-477-4174, Imbue. design

The Foster family has been building for just over a decade and their Southern Utah products wow the Parade of Homes groupies each time they let the public in. From Craftsman/Contemporary two-story affordable housing statements to red-rock patio homes featuring pools and spas, this premier home builder came into a depressed housing market after the crash of 2008 with gale force winds. Their work leaves the local landscape much more beautiful in their special part of the desert every time they finish a home for a delighted buyer. 4163 W. 2780 South Circle, Hurricane, 435-862-1195,

2. AJC Architects 3. Lloyd Architects

2. Garbett Homes 3. Magleby Construction

Ivory Homes

2. Ence Homes 3. Garbett Homes

Imbue Design

American Heritage Homes

BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018 11


Best Residential Community Daybreak

2. SunRiver St. George 3. The Escapes at Edgewater


Sure, there were skeptics when, in 2004, Kennecott Land (a subsidiary of Rio Tinto) announced a master planned community on the west side of the Salt Lake Valley with 4,000 acres of homes, condos, apartments, walking trails, lakes and a “HarvardYale feel.” Yet, the surrounding locale of the commercial district of SoDa Row remains one of the bestselling Master Planned

Communities in the country. It helps that there’s a Trax line and that different home builders from around the state are allowed to construct ensuring some design diversity. Huzza that all properties are required to be Energy Star-rated. And there’s much more Daybreak to come: There’s a lot of land out there they plan to develop in the next decade. 6172 W. Lake Ave., South Jordan, 801-466-9022,

Best Residential Insurance Broker

Best Rental Management Company

Best Residential Interior Design

Soft spoken, calming Jonny (as his clients call him) should be a superhero cartoon character. When he sits down to help you understand the ins and outs of insurance gobbledygook and smiles as he does it, you can almost see a glint shoot off his pearly whites. And when he’s done explaining all your options, he turns with a wink, grabs his cape and is gone. Naw, he’s just really great at finding options in a huge world of insurance possibilities, and he is super calming when a catastrophe hits. His motto is, “If I cannot improve your situation, I’ll be straight up and tell you.” Now that’s refreshing from an insurance broker! 3860 S. 2300 East, SLC, 801-308-2050,

Property owners know firsthand the hassles that come along with renting. That’s why Property Management Services provides the best, most comprehensive care for your rental in Utah. They assess potential rental value of property, advertise and market your rentals, screen renters, deal with paperwork and payments, and take care of just about everything involved in the renting process. Committed to preserving wealth by providing top-quality property management, Utah’s Property Management Services proves that good management doesn’t cost—it pays. 801942-2886,

Everyone wants to to decorate their homes, but when it comes down to it, another set of eyes and the expertise behind them makes the home a better place. Whether it’s a new home, a remodel or just fluffing up your surroundings, this group of design wizards is simply beloved by our readers. Jessica Bennett isn’t just a DIY queen, she has the education and the work background that’s needed to bring Utah homes and offices a fresh look. She opened her first retail store in 2008 with her husband and now has a flagship in Trolley Square and a staff of pros who can visualize what you’re trying to achieve in your nest or office. 602 E. 500 South, Trolley Square, SLC, 800-423-7757,

Jon Jepsen, Sentry West

2. Heather Mooney, State Farm 3. Brenda Freeman, State Farm


BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018

Property Management Services Utah

2. ERA Brokers Consolidated Property Management 3. Partlow Investment Properties

Alice Lane Home

2. cityhomeCollective 3. Henriksen Butler


BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018 13


Best Home Staging cityhomeCollective

As a locally owned and independent brokerage, cityhomeCollective is a boutique real estate and interior design firm. According to our readers, it’s also the best home-staging company in the state. Founder and owner Cody Derrick is passionate in the cultural movement of real estate and design. Derrick’s enthusiasm for design has garnered him features in The New York Times as well as serving as a member of the Dean’s Council for the University of Utah College of Architecture. His cohorts at cityhomeCollective are not only meticulous but some of the most creative you’ll find around town. 645 E. South Temple, SLC, 801-718-5555,


2. Natalie Miles Design 3. Urban Revival

Best Residential Lender

Best HVAC/Residential

Zions Bancorporation is a bank-holding company that’s one of the largest banks in the United States. Founded by Brigham Young as a lender to fellow Mormons, it is now traded on the NASDAQ. This bank was hit by the recession and got a $1.4 billion investment from the Feds, which it completely repaid (with interest) in 2012. The majority of the bank was sold to a private group of LDS investors in 1960 who have built it into a huge institution with specialized lending for everyone from the first-time home buyer seeking a mortgage, to seniors looking for retirement wealth management, to growing businesses wanting to expand internationally. The bank that pulled out of a local Pride parade sponsorship many years ago is now LGBTQ friendly in hiring and marketing and in giving loans to minorities. Zions has come a long way, baby, and our readers have noticed. Multiple locations,

The days of “plumber’s crack” are over. Nowadays, these professionals show up with booties and gloves to repair your leaks, plugs, cold furnaces and hot air conditioners. Manwill employees have a dirty job most of us don’t have the stomach and endurance for, but they’ve been helping Utahns since 1920. That’s almost a hundred years of “fatbergs”! Founder Vearl Manwill traveled in northern Utah by horse to install “modern” carbide lanterns and piping in farmhouses and was one of the first to install indoor lighting systems in this country. He moved his operation to a garage in Salt Lake in 1927 and the rest is a history of service along the Wasatch Front. Looking for a great career? They pride themselves on a swell training program for potential repairers and installers, too. 385 E. 3900 South, Murray, 801-262-4671,

Zions Bank

2. Bank of American Fork 3. KeyBank


BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018

Manwill Plumbing & Heating

2. Affordable Heating & Cooling 3. Whipple Service Champions


Best Home & Garden Store Millcreek Gardens

This group of plant-lovers has a simple goal: They want to be your gardening partner. They might just have the largest acreage of plants, trees, rakes, hoses, gardener tchotchkes, flowers, soil, shrubs, seeds, gnomes, sod and gardening supplies in the Salt Lake Valley. Veggie lovers, flower freaks and wannabe gardeners drive by their Millcreek location all winter stealing looks through the fences at the rows and rows of display tables awaiting the first colors of spring plants to arrive. The humble firm was started more than 60 years ago as a small neighborhood nursery that has grown to 3 1/2 acres of horticultural heaven and a reader’s favorite. We only wish you were open on Sundays! 3500 S. 900 East, SLC, 801-487-4131,


2. Glover Nursery 3. Western Garden Centers

Best Home Entertainment Services

Best Home Landscaper

These sound (and video) specialists have been helping amateurs and pros figure out everything from switching from record players to MP3 files and helping home-theater fans who want to feel like they are in a Jurassic Park movie with the right sound and projector systems. Hey, they started out as a simple record store and have morphed into a great home-theater shop. These are the tech gurus you can trust to wire your home sound system, mount your monster TV (in your home and office) and educate you about your smart home (and office) and how to control it all from your phone. Here’s our humble bow in your direction from a readership of audio/visual fans who can’t figure out what cable goes where or why the picture is frozen! 466 W. Lawndale Drive, South Salt Lake, 801-364-9999,

Not only do our readers love this gang, but Lawn Butler was recognized by Total Landscape Care magazine as the No. 1 Landscaper in the country a few years back. They’ve got a crew of people dedicated and passionate about your landscape management and enhancement. This is a story of the lawn boy who grows up and realizes college wasn’t his gig but that owning his own business and working outside was his calling. When Rudy Larson started his firm fresh out of high school, he had trouble getting a loan for basic mowers. Now, he boasts more than 100 employees and owns two other firms (Smart Rain and Rubicon Contractors). They love to educate large and small customers about saving water, and boast they’ve helped save millions of gallons for the planet so far. Good on you, lawn Jedi! 86 S. 1250 West, Centerville, 801-298-3330,

2. TVS Pro (formerly TV Specialists) 3. RC Willey

2. Paradise Landscape 3. Park City Landscaping


Lawn Butler

BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018 15


BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018



Best Home Furnishings RC Willey

This mega furnishings store began in 1932 when Rufus Call Willey started selling door-to-door appliances out of the back of his red pickup truck in Syracuse, Utah. Fast forward to 1995 when Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. saw the future of the multi-chain’s appliance, electronics, mattresses and flooring inventory and sales. People love to wander through the store’s myriad offerings, especially the South Salt Lake location where they can see the “Whaling Wall” mural painted by marine artist Robert Wyland in 1998 on the north side of the building. Managers are required to be active in nonprofits in their community, involvement which makes buying from a chain more palatable. Multiple locations,


2. San Francisco Design 3. Details Comforts for the Home

Best Home Security

Best Tree Service

Best Bath Supply

A humble alarm company in Provo made customers feel safe enough that founders Keith Nellesen and Todd Pedersen were able to expand in 2006 to become a homemonitoring provider. That wise move allowed them to grow faster—so much so, that they were purchased by the Blackstone Group for $2 billion in 2012. This company moved Vivint into a cloud-based smart system with a smart phone app that learns your patterns and allows you to see, hear and speak with visitors on your doorstep. They have partnered with Amazon and Nest to create a smart thermostat and the first indoor camera with one-touch call out. They also partner with Airbnb and have a standalone company called Vivint Solar. And their Vivint Gives Back program focuses on helping kids with intellectual disabilities through intelligent products and services.

These people aren’t necessarily known for cutting down trees but for trying to preserve them if possible through wise arboriculture of pruning, fertilizing, pest and disease control and more. If you must have a dead tree taken down, they are one of the best in the business, with licensed and insured staff who have the right equipment to take the old man down. Craning out/lifting a tree, cutting it so that it doesn’t land on the neighbor’s car as well as tree stump removal is a big job and not one for the average homeowner or business. Call the experts to make your life easier! 7321 S. State, Midvale, 801-5777375,

Who hasn’t been wooed by a 20 percent off coupon in the mail and found themselves wandering aimlessly through the skinny aisles discovering the latest “As Seen On TV!” products and fingering sheets and towels made of Egyptian cotton? They don’t sell big tubs, plumbing or hardware for your home like the No. 2 and No. 3 winners—just the stuff you put in your bathrooms and bedrooms once they are built. This chain began in New Jersey in 1971 by two men who simply sold bed and bath items. They expanded when Linens n Things began to creep onto their turf, and look who won? BBB is now worth billions and has over 65,000 employees in 1,500 locations world wide. They also own World Market, Cost Plus World Market and Christmas Tree Shops. Multiple locations,

Vivint Home Security

2. Convergint Technologies 3. Peak Alarm

A Cut Above Tree Preservation

2. Amen Trees 3. South Valley Tree

Bed Bath & Beyond

2. Mountain Land Design 3. Designer Marble

BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018 17


Best Home Spas Egyptians used baths for physical therapy as early as 2000 B.C. It was easy to heat stones and put them in cauldrons big enough to hold humans. Then the Romans came around with mega-bathing techniques and brought us both private and public baths and spas. Japan had the same trend around the same time, as did Finland, but with the Dark Ages, bathing went out of fashion. Um, ew! Bullfrog founder David Ludlow invented a massaging water JetPak while working on the world’s first leak-proof hot tub. He ended up designing a six-person party in a tub. Bullfrog has become an international company that brings hydrotherapy for sore aches and pains in small and large tubs and bubbly fun to many skiers after a long day on the slopes. They can also hook you up with the latest lap pools. 2. Arctic Spas Utah 3. Sundance Spas by Backyards of America

Best Home Appliances Best Countertops/ RC Willey Stone Suppy This chain is a great one-stop shop for actually touching, feeling, measuring and knob-testing virtually any major appliance you might need for your home. Here’s just a small list of what you can find at any of their stores: refrigerators, washers, dryers, icemakers, trash compactors, disposers, water treatment systems, heating & cooling systems, vacuums, freezers, stoves and ranges, microwaves and cooktops. They also offer most of the major affordable brands sold in this country: Samsung, LG, GE, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Amana, Panasonic, KitchenAid, Maytag, Dyson, Bissell, etc. Multiple locations, 2. Mountain Land Design 3. Duerden’s Appliance & Mattress


BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018

European Marble & Granite


Bullfrog Spas

Best Cabinets and Fixtures

Millcreek Cabinet & Design

This owner-managed business has been designing and installing stonework in Utah homes and businesses for a quarter of a century. From enormous stone slab waterfall kitchen islands to the small tiles for bath floors, these people know what’s going to work for your uses. They live, breath, touch and smell the best surfaces in the world and know what’s good and bad quality, as well. There’s nothing worse than going cheap for a home project only to find that the tile you’ve chosen cracks when you walk on it, or the handyman can’t line up your marble to the end of your counter. These guys are the ultimate pros. Stop by and see why! 2575 S. 600 West, SLC, 801-974-0333,

Located in the heart of our capital city, this locally owned cabinet maker has had the respect of citizens here since 1982. Originally started by Craig Park, it’s now operated by family members Spencer Park and Jared Nelson. Sure, you can buy cabinets through hardware stores and, well, they’re a quick fix. When you have the time to wait for a quality product and the money to lay down on natural beauty and exceptional design and craftsmanship, go online and check out their recent projects. Make sure you have a drool rag on your lap before you turn on your computer. Then click and get a free quote for the project you have in mind. 3447 S. Main, SLC, 801-746-1061,

2. Bedrock Quartz 3. Creative Granite & Design

2. ANVIL Cabinet & Mill 3. AWA Kitchen Cabinets


BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018 19


BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018



Buying a home is one of life’s big decisions—one that requires buyers to be ready to seize opportunities while getting organized and financially prepared to make a purchase. It can seem overwhelming but working with a Realtor helps ease the strain. Realtors know the ropes and can be objective. Home-buying really comes down to eight steps that I’ve summarized for my clients as follows: 1. Talk to a lender and get pre-approved Your lender will evaluate your current credit and financial standings to determine how much you’ll be qualified to spend. Lenders will provide a pre-approval letter that is essential in shopping for a home. Pro Tip! Get a second opinion by consulting several lenders or by filling out free online applications. Ask your Realtor for recommendations.



How to Buy a Home A step-by-step game plan to putting down roots By Jennie Richau, Realtor, Urban Utah Homes & Estates 2. Shop for a home After your loan is pre-approved, you and your Realtor will start searching for a dream home that fits your budget. When thinking about the home you need, consider your lifestyle, your family size, hobbies, commute and how handy you are. What are your needs versus your wants? Keep an open mind when viewing homes and look beyond the cosmetic appearance of a building. With such limited inventory currently available, some compromises might be necessary. 3. Make an offer Found your ideal home? Time to make an offer! Work with your Realtor to ensure your offer is both attractive and competitive. Your Realtor will then negotiate on your behalf. Once your offer is accepted, you have four days to provide earnest money to move forward with the deal. Your earnest money can be refunded under certain circumstances. Pro Tip! Because it’s currently

a seller’s market, tour the home you’re interested in as soon as possible and quickly make an offer. It might be necessary to offer more than the asking price to remain competitive. 4. Do your “due diligence” Now is the time to research inspections, building, survey, code/zone compliance, insurance, title issues, HOA docs, utilities, taxes and other potential costs. Depending on what is uncovered, you will decide to either proceed with, renegotiate or cancel the contract entirely. 5. Get a professional home inspection A professional inspector will examine the safety, mechanical and structural qualities of the home. A sewer scope and other inspections such as those for termites, mold, radon and meth might be needed. Your Realtor will have a list of qualified experts to help you through this process.

6. Financing & appraisal Now’s the time to get your loan in place, and the accepted contract is tied to the loan. Work with your mortgage lender to keep your loan on track. An appraiser will evaluate the home in person and provide an official opinion of value. Your Realtor will let you know how to proceed if the appraisal comes in higher or lower than the purchase price. 7. Close/settlement A large stack of papers, all of them requiring your signature, will accompany the closing process. This signing typically takes place at the title company or in your Realtor’s office. The closing papers are provided to the county for recording and to your lender to complete your loan—sometimes occurring the next business day. 8. Own it! Congratulations! After the papers are signed, the keys are yours! Now it is time to celebrate (and maybe move in?).

BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018 21


BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018





Nooks and Crannies

There are few better ways to get to know a city than through a walking tour. Salt Lake City offers both guided and self-guided walking tours these days, but the best ones are those we explore on our own and at our own pace. Start with the Salt Lake City Cemetery (200 N. E St.), the largest graveyard in the state. For this tour, try to track down the map “The Famous and Infamous: A Guide to the Salt Lake City Cemetery.” It will direct you to the graves of LDS prophets, pioneers, artists and many of Brigham Young’s wives. It was created by local expert Linda K. Hilton. Oddly enough, the prophet himself (Brigham Young) isn’t buried here. His grave can be found down the street at 140 E. First Ave. The Mormon Trails walking tour that dates back to 1998 and can still be found online at Walking/slcity.htm While it was written pre-Gateway mall, it offers a deep history of the downtown, Greektown, Japantown and Pioneer Park areas. An excellent walking tour in my book is the Pioneer History Walking Tour that can be downloaded, along with a map, at Starting at the Visitor Information Center inside the Salt Palace, it takes you to the Lion House, the Beehive House, the White Memorial Chapel across from the Capitol as well as several museums. It’s a 3- to 6-hour adventure—a great way to

Maps to knowing your city’s character. By Babs De Lay, broker/owner, Urban Utah Homes & Estates entertain traveling companions or visiting family. For a brief excursion, consider using an app with one-hour tours of the capital city: Salt Lake City Map and Walks available on Android and iPhone. The tour is only about a mile-and-a-half-long, and focuses on architecture and art as well as the history of buildings such as the Walker Bank (where the basement served as a vault for the bank, a barbershop, cigar store and florist). The ultimate Salt Lake stroll is east from Temple Square along South Temple, where you’ll see the city’s stunning historic mansions. You can find dozens of articles about the street and homes in this neighborhood, and the street itself is famous because of its width—72 feet across, by order by city founder Brigham Young who designed streets wide enough for a wagon team to turn around without the driver “resorting to profanity.” Remnants of a bygone era, the mansions here were lived in by miners who made it rich, along with mayors, governors, senators and bankers. Designed more than a century and a half ago by Utah’s major architects such as Frederick Albert Hale and Richard Kletting, these homes were made from local and imported building materials such as terra-cotta, stucco, cast stone, pressed metal, cobblestone, oolite, Indiana limestone and granite. The wealthy residents used exotic materials, rare fabrics and fabulous

glass windows from all over the world to decorate their homes while their contractors erected carved stonework, scrolls, faces, figurines and towers on the exteriors. Design geeks test their cred by identifying different styles such as the simple and sexy Prairie Style Ladies Literary Club (now The Clubhouse at 850 E. South Temple), the Victorian Queen Anne-style Emmanuel Kahn House at 678 E. South Temple, the Gothic revival home of famed Utah architect Walter E. Ware (who also designed the First Presbyterian Church and Converse Hall at Westminster College), the chateau-esque/ French Renaissance revival Kearns mansion (now used as the Governor’s Mansion at 603 E. South Temple) and the Victorian Romanesque Cathedral of the Madeleine at 331 E. South Temple. Before these buildings and streets existed, there was the land. Beneath the asphalt downtown, there was grass and sage full of rabbits, locusts and burrowing owls. There was a creek (now called City Creek) and wild sego lilies (pioneers ate the tasty bulbs), native trees and red dirt. Nowadays, we see birds fluttering across the treetops surrounding these beautiful old structures, and we follow the peregrine falcons that nest each year at Temple Square. One wonders how many generations of these birds have overseen the evolution of Salt Lake City from their lofty perches. BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018 23


Rendering of Boyer’s Liberty Sky project Best Commercial Real Estate Developer Boyer Company

Boyer’s work can be seen all over the Wasatch Front and the prolific developers presence should grow even more in 2018. The company that developed The Gateway mall 16 years ago has more ambitious plans for downtown Salt Lake City. In collaboration with Cowboy Partners, Boyer plans to build the city’s first high-residential building, the Liberty Sky. Additionally, Boyer is finalizing plans for a large mixed-use project that will occupy over half of the block just east of the Intermodal Transit Hub. 101 S. 200 East, Ste. 200, SLC, 801521-4781,


2. Woodbury Corporation 3. Gardner Company

Best Commercial Real Estate Broker

Best Commercial Real Estate Agent

Best Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Lloyd Allen knows Salt Lake City real estate. He’s spent the past 12 years as one of the region’s top commercial brokers. Allen acts as principal broker for CBRE and as the Salt Lake office’s managing director. The attorney and Bountiful-resident oversees a staff of 120 real-estate professionals that serve the state of Utah. 222 S. Main, Fourth Floor, SLC, 801-869-8000,

Kip Paul is used to winning awards. The executive director of investment sales for Cushman & Wakefield has been awarded Salesperson of the Year 24 times in the past 26 years. Paul has advised more than 1,000 clients and over $5 billion in transactions. The CCIM Institute has honored Paul as the Investment Broker of the Year for seven years in a row. Paul’s other recent recognitions include the CCIM Top Office Sale Transaction of the Year, CCIM Highest Producing Commercial Broker and CCIM Largest Single Sale Transaction. 170 S. Main, Ste. 1600, SLC, 801-322-2000,

Blake Bauman is the chair of Ray Quinney & Nebeker law firm’s real-estate section. Bauman specializes in development, land use, leasing and financing for office, retail and multifamily properties. He has been recognized nationally for his real-estate expertise by Chambers USA, Mountain States Super Lawyers and Utah Business magazine. He currently has a AV Preeminent (4.5) rating with Martindale-Hubbell, the highest rating awarded to attorneys for their professionalism. 36 S. State, Ste. 1400, SLC, 801-323-3319,

Lloyd Allen, CBRE

2. Neil Walter, NAI Excel 3. Brandon Rawlins, JLL

Kip Paul, Cushman & Wakefield

2. Jami Marsh, JLL 3. Mike Richmond, Cushman & Wakefield


BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018

Blake Bauman, Ray Quinney Nebeker

2. Scott Sabey, Fabian VanCott 3. Leeza Evansen, Snell & Wilmer



EDA Architects’ Midvale Senior Center

Best Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Best Commercial Architectural Firm

Best Commercial Builder

With 34 years of experience in Salt Lake City real estate, CBRE has become the local leader in market analysis and brokering large developments. The Salt Lake office co-produces the annual State of Downtown Report and produces the quarterly and semiannual reports examining the local industrial, multifamily and commercial real estate markets. As the region experiences unprecedented growth, CBRE’s experience will be more vital than ever. 222 S. Main, Fourth Floor, SLC, 801-869-8000,

Award-winning EDA Architects has designed some of the most iconic buildings in the Wasatch Front, from the new Overstock Headquarters in Midvale to expansion and renovation of the historic Ogden High School. The firm mostly specializes in civic and education buildings, including many of the University of Utah’s newest buildings. EDA won awards for the Ogden High School renovation, Midvale Senior Center, Lassonde Studios, L.S. Skaggs Pharmacy Institute and the PX Building. 9 Exchange Place, SLC, 801531-7600,

It’s a good time to be in the construction industry. The Wasatch Front is building faster than many builders can keep up. R&O Construction is a leading construction company whose profile is expanding. Headquartered in Ogden with offices in Salt Lake City and Las Vegas, R&O is committed to energy-efficient building and has built nearly two dozen green buildings, including the Draper Ikea and multiple university buildings for Utah and Weber State universities. 933 Wall Ave., Ogden, 801-627-1403,

2. InterNet Properties 3. Cushman & Wakefield

2. FFKR Architects 3. VCBO Architecture

2. Layton Construction 3. Big-D Construction


EDA Architects

R&O Construction

BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018 25


Grand America Hotel’s courtyard

Best Hotel

Grand America Among the hotels in Salt Lake City, the Grand America is the most discernible and unforgettable. While the massive, 24-story building sits on 10 acres of land right in the heart of downtown, its interior is most impressive—the Grand America features handcrafted Richelieu furniture, original works of art, inviting balconies and large Italian marble bathrooms. The floor-to-ceiling windows showcase breathtaking views of the mountains and meticulously landscaped gardens. 555 S. Main, SLC, 801-258-6000,


2. Hotel Monaco 3. Hilton Salt Lake City Center

Best Commercial Insurance Broker

Best New Commercial Development

Best Convention/ Group Hotel

With over 100 years in business, Moreton & Co. knows commercial insurance. The insurance brokers have a wide range of expertise ranging from sports and entertainment to mining to auto dealerships to food manufacturing. Founded in 1910 by J.B. Moreton, Moreton & Co. is Utah’s leading insurance broker and consultant firm and employs nearly 200 professionals in offices Utah, Idaho, Colorado and Wisconsin. 101 S. 200 East, Ste. 300, SLC, 801-531-1234,

City Creek Reserve Inc.—owned by the LDS Church—built the 111 Main office tower while simultaneously—with the help of the RDA—Salt Lake City/Salt Lake County built the Eccles Theater. The Broadway-style theater and 24-story tower share a lobby and parking garage. Both buildings were built to energy-efficient standards with 111 Main LEED-certified. The office tower features a 720 square-foot video wall that can be seen from both 100 South and Main Street. 111 S. Main, 801-240-7782,; Eccles Theater, 131 S. Main, SLC, 385-468-1010,

The people have spoken, and the Grand America takes home another award in Best of Utah Real Estate, this time for Best Convention and Group Hotel. Convenience and charm might be the hotel’s secret weapon. Inside the stunning and meeting-friendly facilities, you’ll be able to accommodate corporate functions of every size and purpose. Through the Grand’s versatile banquet spaces—from boardroom forums to full-scale conventions—the Convention Services team will help you realize your vision. 555 S. Main, SLC, 801-258-6000,

Moreton & Company

2. Dale Barton Agency 3. Neilson & Phillips Insurance Services


BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018

111 Main & Eccles Theater Layton & Okland Construction

2. Vista Station, Gardner-Boyer 3. RiverWalk II, Wadsworth Development

Grand America Hotel

2. Little America Hotel 3. Salt Lake Marriott Downtown at City Creek


BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018 27


BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018



Best Business Office Park

Cottonwood Corporate Center You know where this is located if you’ve ever eaten at Market Street Grill by Knudsen’s Corners off the Interstate 215 curve in Holladay. The 10 office highrises and buildings around the restaurant were and are built with the finest, high efficiency materials in glass exteriors and HVAC systems. The owners wanted not just office space but buildings that would be timeless for this generation. They are Energy Star rated and LEED registered. Located close to the base of Big Cottonwood Canyon, their buildings take advantage of the stunning mountains, as well as city views of Salt Lake. The Class A buildings make it a great place to work as almost every space not only has a view but is walking distance from tasty dining options. 2795 E. Cottonwood Parkway, SLC, 801-930-6200,


2. Vista Station 3. RiverPark Corporate Center

Best Convention Center Salt Palace Convention Center

Originally built in 1969 as an arena for professional sports teams, it was demolished, and in 1995, a convention center was built in its place. After a couple of renovations, the Calvin L. Rampton Salt Palace Convention Center now boasts 679,000 square feet, hosting gatherings from full-facility conventions to one-room meetings. The venue is an integral part of SLC’s vibrant downtown scene serving as home to events such as FanX, FitCon and hunting expos. 100 S. West Temple, SLC, 385468-2222 2. Dixie Center, St. George 3. Mountain America Expo Center, Sandy

Best Commercial Lender Zions Bank

Founded by Brigham Young in 1873, Zions Bank is Utah’s largest bank and one of the largest in the country. The bank employs over 10,000 people and has over $66 billion in assets. Zions boasts 125 full-service financial centers in Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. American Banker Magazine has listed Zions Bank as a best bank to work for four consecutive years. CNNMoney magazine listed Zions as the best midsize bank in America. Multiple locations, 2. Bank of Utah 3. First Utah Bank

Best Commercial Office Design Firm Midwest Commercial Interiors

The folks at Midwest Commercial Interiors don’t just design workplace interiors, they consult with clients to empower them to make dynamic workspaces. Before deciding on a design, the consultants conduct a rigorous planning process that includes assessing company needs and holding multiple employee workshops and surveys. Before a final design is executed, the team leads company staff through 3D visitations and a virtual reality walkthrough. This multifaceted approach ensures that each client gets a design that works best for them. 987 S. West Temple, SLC, 801-505-4288,

Best Office Security Firm Securitas

With 150 years of experience providing security on two continents, Europe-based Securitas is an expert. The company has 350 branch offices in the United States and offers contract security with a range of vigilance strategies that include integrated, on-site, remote and mobile guarding. The company has a large global reach employing 345,000 people in 58 countries. 4021 S. 700 East Ste. 100, Murray, 801-2625678, 2. Bedrock Protection Agency 3. Peak Alarm

2. EDA Architects 3. InsideOut Office Interiors

BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018 29


Best Office Workspace

Impact Hub Salt Lake


Impact Hub’s motto is being a place “where change goes to work.” As one of downtown Salt Lake’s first co-working spaces, they have worked to bring innovators together in a collaborative environment. Salt Lake’s space is one of 90 in Impact Hub’s international network, offering a range of membership options including private office space, shared work space for both part-time and full-time members and access to the array of events the Hub hosts weekly. 150 S. State, No. 1, SLC, 385-2026008, 2. Work Hive 3. Industrious Salt Lake City

Best Office Supply Store

Best Office Equipment

What started out as a small order of paper, Kleenex and cleaner for an architect’s downtown office in 2007 is now one of Salt Lake’s premier office suppliers. Granite Office provides a wide selection of office supplies, from paper to technology and furniture. The company has expanded to offer custom print and promotional items. It also operates a full-service website and a brick-and-mortar store to meet all your office needs. 1955 S. Milestone Drive, SLC, 801-505-4050,

With more than 60 years of experience, Les Olson promises to serve all of your office’s technological needs with IT services, document management software, managed print services, copiers and printers. The family-owned and independently operated company has nine locations from Logan to Las Vegas. The company provides both office products and office support with a large team of experts as well as free lifetime copier and printer training. 3244 S. 300 West, South Salt Lake, 801-486-7431,

Granite Office

2. Bluefin Office Group 3. Layton Office Supply

Best Office Furniture InsideOut Office Interiors

InsideOut lives up to its name as a company that doesn’t just sell furniture but works with a range of suppliers to help you find the custom pieces to meet your office needs. The company also designs and plans your office space for a full-service experience. InsideOut will even let you rent furniture with no credit checks or contracts. 479 S. 700 East, SLC, 801-9732009, 2. Henriksen Butler 3. Midwest Commercial Interiors


BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018

Les Olson

2. Layton Office Supply 3. Granite Office

Best Used Office Furniture New Life Office

New Life Office touts expert planners and designers that will “craft a meaningful place where people love to work.” The company provides both new and used office equipment from desks and chairs to cubicles. New Life’s business model is built on recycling by purchasing used and surplus workstations and revitalizing them with new fabric and finishes. The company is also working to expand their focus on sustainability by certifying their project managers to be LEED Accredited Professionals by the Green Building Certification Institute. 1050 S. State, SLC, 801359-7257, 2. Main Street Office Furniture 3. Wholesale Office Furniture


BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018 31


Rising Stars

Ten projects changing the


face of the Wasatch Front By Isaac Riddle

Armed with one of the strongest economies in the country and a growing technology sector, the Wasatch Front’s days of relative economic isolation are over. In 2017, Salt Lake City became the smallest realestate market to ever crack the Top 10 in the Emerging Trends in Real Estate—an annual report that ranks the largest 78 real-estate markets in the country. Released by financial services provider PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Urban Land Institute, the report ranked Salt Lake City as the third most desirable market for real-estate investment and development, based on a poll of 1,600 real-estate experts. With increased out-of-state interest, the state is growing at an unprecedented rate, especially in the multifamily and industrial markets. As this region begins to embrace its new big-city identity, it’s possible to point to multiple developments, either under construction or in projects, that have the potential to reshape the Wasatch Front: Salt Lake City International Airport The current Salt Lake City International airport is over 50 years old and was built to only accommodate 10 million passengers a year. Now, with a yearly average of 21 million passengers, the time has come to build a larger and more efficient airport. The first phase of new Salt Lake City International Airport will open in 2020 and will include a new three-story main terminal, large concourse, parking garage and welcome center. The second phase is already under construction and will include a smaller concourse just north of the larger concourse that will be connected by a pedestrian tunnel, and will open in 2021. 32

BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018

Pluralsight headquarters Salt Lake City’s Northwest Quadrant The area north of Interstate 80 and west of the Salt Lake City International Airport is where Amazon is building a massive fulfillment center and where UPS is setting up a hub. Despite the wellcovered power struggle between the Utah Legislature and Salt Lake City officials this spring, development of the Northwest Quadrant (NWQ) brings new land to the market and could drastically reshape the region, especially the sensitive lakefront land. City officials and lawmakers each created tax-collecting mechanisms to fund infrastructure improvements to the area. Additionally, CBRE has begun to market properties for development. Far west Salt Lake City has been leading the West in new industrial leasing, and the state has plans to build an inland trade port here that would combine air, road and rail to transport goods from overseas and the surrounding region and ship them back out. Utah State Prison (Northwest Quadrant) The catalyst for the current proposed growth in the NWQ is the relocation of the Utah State Prison from its Draper location. Construction of the new prison is underway in the NWQ, near the intersection of 7200 West and I-80. The new 3,600-bed prison

will cost $860 million to build. Officials expect construction to finish in 2020 and to transport prisoners to the new facility in 2021. The relocation of the prison will free up 700-acres in Draper, the location of the current facility, for development. Pluralsight (Draper) With 700 acres of former state-prison property poised for development within three years’ time, companies feel more confident building near the current prison facility as the Silicon Slopes continue to push north of Lehi. In February, Pluralsight, a technology learning company, announced its selection of 30 acres of undeveloped land at the Point of the Mountain in Draper as the location of its new worldwide headquarters. The company expects to break ground this summer on the 350,000-square-foot office building at 65 Highland Drive, due south of Interstate 15 and the current home of the prison. Sandy Center Plaza (Sandy) Salt Lake City might lead in multifamily and industrial growth, but it is the Point of the Mountain (Sandy to Lehi) that is dominating new commercial office growth. The second tallest office tower in the state outside of downtown Salt Lake (the tallest being Ogden’s First Security Building at 2404 Washington CITYWEEKLY.NET


Blvd.) is on track for a summer 2018 completion. The 11-story Sandy Center Plaza is the cornerstone, along with a new performing arts center, of Sandy City’s emerging downtown. The 327,000-squarefoot building houses Mountain America Credit Union’s new headquarters, which is nearing completion. The adjacent Mountain America Performing Arts Center, where the Hale Centre Theatre is located, opened fall 2017. Both buildings share a parking structure. Affinity56 (West Jordan) Salt Lake County’s southwest corner has absorbed much of the county’s population growth over the past decade. Land that was farmland only a few years ago now has thousands of new homes and multifamily developments. West Jordan will be home to Utah’s first residential “lazy-river” as part of the Affinity56 development near 8200 South and 5600 West. Affinity56 is actively under construction and will include 531unit residential apartments in 19 buildings on 34 acres. The residential units are a mix of one, two and three-bedroom apartments. Developers Uinta Land Co. plan to dedicate 51 percent of the land area (17.72 acres) to open space.

Fairbourne Station Office Tower (West Valley) West Valley officials are also ushering in their next tallest building to support an emerging WVC downtown. In December 2017, officials broke ground on a public/private development designed to anchor the city’s Fairbourne Station project that includes a nine-story office building, a three-story police station and a six-story parking structure. The buildings occupy the area directly east of the Embassy Suites Hotel, north of the West Valley Central Trax station and west the city’s current police headquarters. Liberty Sky (Salt Lake City) Downtown Salt Lake is poised to have its first high-rise rental building. Cowboy Properties, in collaboration with Boyer Co., plan to build the 24-story Liberty Sky at 151 S. State. The property was originally envisioned as an 18-story office tower but with downtown residential vacancy rates at 3 percent, the developers opted to go with a rental high rise. Liberty Sky will feature floor-to-ceiling windows to enhance views of the Wasatch Mountains and roof deck common area for residents that overlooks downtown and the Salt Lake Valley. When completed, Liberty Sky will be the state’s second tallest residential building after 99 West, the 30-story condominium tower at the northwest corner of the City Creek Center in downtown Salt Lake.

650 Main (Salt Lake City) Texas-based developers the Patrinely Group plan to build two 10-story office towers between West Temple and Main Street on 600 South. The buildings will each add 300,000 square-feet of commercial office space and mark a turning point in downtown development as such growth begins to push farther south. The mid-rise towers are also a sign of the technology sector’s increased interest in downtown Salt Lake. Both towers feature the large floor plans that tech companies demand in new office developments. Convention Center Hotel (Salt Lake City) After several years of uncertainty, plans for a convention center hotel are moving forward. Developers DDRM are in negotiations with Salt Lake County officials on a final design for the proposed 750- to 1,000-room hotel. Under the terms set by the state and county, the hotel needs to provide at least 750 rooms and additional convention space for the Salt Palace Convention Center. Officials have long insisted that a convention center hotel will increase their ability to attract new conventions to the city. BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018 33


Best Low-Income Project 600 Lofts

Formerly known as the 616 lofts, this building includes almost 300 residential units that consist of mostly one- and twobedroom apartments, all with an income restriction at 60 percent AMI (area median income as calculated by HUD). You can calculate this for your own area by going to Make an application to this apartment complex online or visit them in person. They are new, hip and centrally located near all the things you want to do in your free time such as eat, drink, shop and be amused, and are especially close to Trax. Sadly, their vacancy rate is low, if nonexistent. 90 E. 600 South, SLC, 801-988-5786,


2. Project Open 3. Artspace/Bridge Projects

Best Credit Union

Mountain America Credit Union Believe it or not, this local credit union is one of the top in the country according to its membership numbers and total assets. Early in the past decade, Utah legislators proposed a 5 percent tax on large credit unions in Utah (pushed by big bank lobbyists). As a result, MACU changed from a state chartered to a federally chartered credit union in 2003. Anyone can join this credit union but locals working for Marriott International and Walmart use this one as their Select Employer Group affiliation. They have 89 different branches in five states and yet they really do remember you when you walk in the door. And the employees tend to stick around the same branch for a while so you get to know them, too. Like it should be! Multiple locations, 2. America First Credit Union 3. University Federal Credit Union


BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018

Best Engineering Firm Bush & Gudgell

Bush & Gudgell, Inc., has been serving the Intermountain area’s engineering needs since 1948. With a team of engineers, land surveyors and land planners, Bush & Gudgell serves large and small commercial, residential and municipal developments. Whether it’s land surveying, road design, parks and trails or large commercial projects, They have the experts and the extensive experience to meet just about any project demand. 655 E. 4500 South, No. 100, Murray, 801685-6194, 2. Ensign Engineering & Land Surveying 3. BHB Consulting Engineers

Best Title Company First American Title

Providing title insurance and settlement services, First American facilitates and streamlines real-estate transactions by providing comprehensive protection and settlements. They help homebuyers and sellers, real-estate agents and brokers, mortgage lenders, commercial property professionals, homebuilders and developers, title agencies and legal professionals close transactions. No matter what your future holds, First American will always provide you and its customers with information, developed with insight and delivered with integrity. 215 S. State, SLC, 801-578-8888, 2. Metro National Title 3. Highland Title


Best ‘All in the Family’ Property Management Partlow Investment Properties


Laura Partlow began working as a property manager in 1983. She became a Realtor in 1988 and a broker in 2001. Her daughter, Savannah Cracraft—also a Realtor— serves as the company’s operations manager, joining Partlow in 2003. Along with other family on staff and an in-house maintenance crew, Partlow brings more than a hundred years of property-management experience, helping owners make the most of their rental investments. 440 S. 700 East, No. 203, SLC, 801-484-9432,

Best Moving Company

Best General Contractor Best Electrical Layton Construction

Hunt Electric

There’s one part of adulting that is completely wonderful. At some point in your economic lifetime you get to not ask friends to help you schlep your belongings from your apartment to your new house and instead hire a moving company. A-1 Pioneer gets how overwhelming and stressful packing and moving can be because they’ve been helping people here since 1958 and have seen the best and worst in human behavior. Whether you’re just going across town, to another part of the country or even far, far away to a foreign land, A-1 Pioneer can help. They are local yet connected as an agent for Wheaton World Wide Moving for all your moving and storage needs. 2001 Warm Springs Road, SLC, 801-3284796,

If you’ve seen a construction crane recently, it probably belongs to Layton Constuction. Headquartered in Sandy, the prolific company has offices in Phoenix, Orlando, Irvine, San Jose, Boise, Hawaii and Nashville. Layton has built a range of local institutions including the Outlets at Traverse Mountain, Rio Tinto Stadium, the Rice-Eccles Stadium expansion, the RiverPark Corporate Center in South Jordan, the new Hale Center Theater and the downtown Eccles Theater. 9090 S. Sandy Parkway, Sandy, 801-568-9090,

What started with a man and his truck has become a leading electrical services company in Salt Lake. With nearly 32 years of experience, Hunt Electric works on small service calls all the way up to large multi-milliondollar projects. The company has also emerged as one of the top solar contractors. Solar Power World ranked Hunt Electric as the No. 1 Commercial Solar Contractor in Utah and No. 2 in the United States. 1863 W. Alexander St., SLC, 801975-8844,

2. Big-D Construction 3. R&O Construction

2. Cache Valley Electric 3. Hawk Electric

A-1 Pioneer Moving & Storage

2. Rocky Mountain Movers 3. Bailey’s Moving & Storage

BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018 35



Jordan Beesley of Millcreek Plumbing

Best Plumbing Contractor

Millcreek Plumbing Millcreek Plumbing is a family owned and operated business with nine locations in Salt Lake County. The company touts life-long customers from Park City to Salt Lake and can serve your indoor and outdoor plumbing needs. Qualified by the Utah Plumbing & Heating Contractors Association, they’re an Angie’s List 2016 Super Service Award Winner. ranked Millcreek Plumbing a top 20 Best Plumbers in Salt Lake City. 4035 S. West Temple, SLC, 801-277-3342, 2. Plumbing Plus 3. Whipple Service Champions

Best Floor & Tile Best Sand & Floor & Decor Gravel Atlanta-based Floor & Decor boasts the largest in-stock selection and an everyday lowprice promise. The company is able to offer low prices because it buys directly from the quarries and manufacturers. Floor & Decor has two stores in Utah: Draper and Riverdale. In addition to quality materials, Floor & Decor offers free design services and DIY workshops. For those less intrepid individuals, the company partners with top installation professionals. 12101 S. State, Draper, 801981-1792; 1060 W. Riverdale Road, Riverdale, 801-6054199, 2. All Floors & Interiors 3. Mountain State Tile & Restoration


Staker Parson Material & Construction Formed in 2001 when Staker Paving & Construction Co. and Jack B. Parson Companies became partners, Staker Parson became Utah’s largest asphalt producer and paver, employing more than 2,000 people at more than 50 locations in Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona. As a CRH company, Staker Parson is “The Preferred Source” of quality sand, rock and landscape products as well as ready-made concrete and asphalt. 2350 S. 1900 West, Ogden, 801-731-1111, 2. Lakeview Rock Products/ Geneva Rock Products 3. Thomas Sand & Gravel

BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018

Best Roofing Supply

Best Real Estate School

With offices in Salt Lake, Ogden, Lindon, Logan, Cedar City and St. George, no matter where you live in Utah, Roofers Supply can help you repair your roof. Roofers Supply offers a range of products for commercial to residential roofs. The family-owned and -operated business has 24 years of experience and are Utah’s largest roofing distributor. With a staff of 100 and large delivery fleet, the team at Roofers Supply knows roofs and can get you what you need for your roof projects. Multiple locations,

When looking into obtaining a real estate or broker’s license, Stringham Schools is the premier school in town. They spare no expense in creating the best student experience you can find, and for as little as $595 for online or live classes—it’s your choice. Stringham is also one of the only schools that offers every class live each month, and the only school that offers HD video classes for online learners. The student experience, real estate test preparation and personal touch for students are why Stringham Schools is the most referred and attended school in Utah. 635 W. 5300 South, SLC, 801-2698889,

2. Roof Depot 3. Interstate Roofing Supply

2. Praedo Institute 3.

Roofers Supply

Stringham Schools


BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018 37



House of Blinds

Best Carpet Store

Best Shades & Blinds

While wood or tile flooring is all the rage these days, it’s hard to deny the appeal of carpet. The right carpet enhances the appearance and style of your living spaces, provides insulation, absorbs sound, prevents slips and falls, traps allergens and saves on cleaning time. Carpets Plus has an educated staff on hand to guide you through the choices available and discuss top brands such as Karstan, Couristan, Kane, Kraus, Mohawk, Shaw and more. Carpets Plus is St. George’s largest and most complete builders design center, featuring not only carpets, but flooring, tile, stone, kitchen design and even outdoor barbecues. That’s where the “plus” comes in. 1301 W. Sunset Blvd., St. George, 435-628-0870, CarpetsPlusDesign. com

This family-owned business has been open and in the same production location since 1975, and like many businesses featured in this special edition, have an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. Over the years, they have seen consumer trends go from wide, metal Venetian blinds to high-end wood plantation shutters. What can be a design challenge for a business or homeowner is a piece of cake to these pros, whether you’re looking for organic woven shades to diffuse light, the sleek lines of panel-track systems influenced by shoji screens or mildew and moldresistant greener window treatments. Plus, they represent numerous national and international firms and can probably repair what you might already have inside your home. 2432 S. State, SLC, 801-487-5662,

2. The Carpet Barn 3. Giant Carpet One Floor & Home

2. Simply Shutters 3. The Blindman

Carpets Plus, St. George


BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018

House of Blinds

Best Window Supply Advanced Window Products

Baseball season has begun and crash, you’ve got a hardball through the front window! Call the experts at AWP for a free quote on any of their four lines of windows—all of which use energyefficient Cardinal Glass, a tempered and a great insulating brand. They can update that wood frame or vinyl window and/or any others in your place to ones that can swing or tilt or be easily removed for regular window cleaning. Does your sliding door need replacing? Doors are another specialty of AWP, as is vinyl siding repair and installation. 3052 S. 465 West, SLC, 801-438-3515, 2. Sugar House Glass & Mirror 3. Renewal by Andersen


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Best Lighting Supply

Best HVAC/Mechanical

Back in 1906, Charles Felt began selling lights out of a wagon in Salt Lake City and doing electrical repairs for his customers. This was during a time when power sources were sketchy and unreliable, as there were many private power companies operating in the state. By the early 1890s only Salt Lake, Odgen, Logan, Provo and Park City had parttime service at best. Technology grew as did Felt’s business, and now Felt Lighting is owned and operated by third-generation family member Gary Felt. You might want to brace your neck when you enter the 4,000-foot showroom because you’ll be looking up at the massive array of fixtures. They offer table and floor lamps, light bulbs of all kinds, shades and commercial lighting. Gary’s got a bazillion books to flip through if what you see above and below you isn’t quite the right light source for you. 1220 E. 3300 South, SLC, 801-484-8571,

It’s one thing to crawl down to the basement to light your furnace but a whole different world to install massive heating and cooling systems for large spaces. This Utah company, formerly known as Climate Control, began in 1961 to design, install and maintain HVAC systems for commercial and industrial facilities all around the U.S. They also have mad skills in plumbing, industrial piping, specialty metals and energy/sustainability services. They include in their customer list the Montage, St. Regis, Petzi, Steiner Aquatics, Oracle, Pacific Corp. River Park, City Creek Center, Kennecott Utah Copper Corp. and Merit Medical Systems. When you go big, get in touch with the commercial company that’s readers best pick. 2345 S. CCO Way, SLC, 801-973-9000,

2. Commercial Lighting Supply 3. Light Spot Modern Design

2. First Service Mechanical 3. Commercial Mechanical Systems & Service

Felt Lighting


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CCI Mechanical


Felt Lighting Best Heavy Equipment Dealer

Wheeler Machinery Co. Locally owned and operated, Wheeler Machinery Co. has served Utah’s heavy equipment needs since 1951. Wheeler is the top local provider of CAT machines and Caterpillar products for the local industrial and construction markets. Headquartered in Salt Lake, Wheeler employs over 600 people with additional locations in Ogden, Vernal, Salina, Cedar City, Hurricane and Huntington. Wheeler sells both new and used equipment that is available for rental or purchase. 4901 W. 2100 South, SLC, 801974-0511, 2. Honnen Equipment 3. Komatsu Equipment


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Glover Nursery

Best Mortgage Company Mission

Best Tag Team

Founded in 1998 from humble beginnings, CityWide Home Loans has grown from a small brokerage of five employees to the juggernaut it is today. The company now spans 35 states and boast nearly 900 employees. CityWide’s founder and president, Steve Goorman, lives by the motto: “Leadership is taught by example.” The company is committed to its vision of offering products that serve customers and employees, offering a full range of standard and unique loan programs to get your next mortgage approved. Multiple locations,

You know a team’s really good when 100 percent of their business comes from referrals. The Kornik/Neebling Real Estate Team doesn’t have to advertise— their previous clients are happy to do it for them. If you’ve worked with Charlotte and Leslie, you’re not going to let your family or friends use anybody else. They create the detailed to-do list for your transaction and then expertly navigate you through each step. Their goal: a stress-free experience ending with total satisfaction. Based with Coldwell Banker Sugarhouse, Charlotte and Leslie are long-time supporters of Equality Utah. Coldwell Banker, 2180 S. 1300 East, Ste. 140, 801-548-1662,

CityWide Home Loans


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The Kornik/Neebling Real Estate Team

Best Trees & Shrubs Glover Nursery

When it comes to a big landscape overhaul project, folks in the valley know a trip out to West Jordan’s Glover Nursery is a must. Now into their fifth generation of horticulturalists in Utah, the Glover family’s 10-acre facility is one of the largest and most comprehensive plant nurseries in the state. In addition to hundreds of Salt Lake Valley-friendly trees (their heirloom fruit tree selection is the bomb), shrubs, annuals and perennials, the staff at Glover are happy to make sure that your planting project has the highest chance of success possible. And their design team will even help you with lawn and garden projects from basic plant consultation to full landscape designs. 9275 S. 1300 West, West Jordan, 801-562-5496,


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Best Kitchen Design

Best Specialty Nursery

Mountain Land Design

Cactus & Tropicals

As siblings (and friends) are wont to do, the appliancedelivery team of brothers Joe and Dan Devenport and their buddy Steve Stockfish often entertained their clients and co-workers with refrigerator-carrying feats of strength and strong-man rivalry, calling themselves “The Three Mountain Landeers.” That was 30 years ago, and eventually they ended up buying a small fixtures and appliances group in Park City called Mountain Land Design. Their vision has since expanded over the decades to the current three-state, five-showroom group employing hundreds of people. From outfitting a pocket-sized powder room to drool-worthy top-of-the line commercial ranges for the ultimate home chef’s kitchen—plus all the hardware and plumbing materials to go with ’em—Mountain Land project coordinators, sales staff and custom designers will figure out a portfolio to fit your needs. 2345 S. Main, 801-4660990,

Since 1975, Cactus & Tropicals has been Utah fixture for the purchase and care of everything from garden veggie standards to unusual and exotic indoor plants. They do plant selection and maintenance service for homes and offices all over the Salt Lake Valley. Ever wanted to install one of those cool succulent wall gardens or start a rare orchid collection? Never fret, the patient and knowledgeable staff will walk you through everything from selecting the perfect spot in your home’s microenvironment to figuring out how to propagate the next generation of plant babies on your own. All that and perfect floral party arrangements, too. 2735 S. 2000 East, SLC, 801-485-2542; 12252 Draper Gate Drive, Draper, 801-676-0935,


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The craftsmanship of Mountain Land Design at 4th West

Best Home Inspector

Matthew Hayes Home inspectors have an incredible task—evaluating and analyzing every visible inch of a home that’s being purchased. Their findings are recorded for the real-estate agent or other clients— making it a crucial job, and the training for it even more critical. Home inspectors like Matt Hayes are certified by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). His keen attention to detail and professionalism makes him a top-ranking inspector around town. 801-577-7512


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The Other Side Academy Movers Best Pest Control

Best Social “Move”ment

5Star Facility Services is a locally owned and operated company that meets all your extermination needs along the Wasatch Front. From small, pesky insects to larger rodents, 5Star ensures your pest management needs are taken care of. Along with standard pest management, 5Star also provides services in bird abatement and control, bat removal and exclusion as well as general building repairs. We hope you never have to use their services, but if you do, know that founder Edward Tallerico is professional and gets the job done. 801-706-7378,

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Same with our habits. Our behavior takes time, intensive education and practice in order to change. That’s why at The Other Side Academy, there is a minimum commitment of two years as they train formerly incarcerated students prosocial, vocational and life skills—all free of charge. People enter The Other Side Academy as criminals, homeless and substance abusers and exit with strengthened accountability and dedication for their health, life and relationships. 667 E. 100 South, SLC, 801953-0409,

5Star Facility Services


BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018

The Other Side Academy Movers



Best Commercial Real Estate Brokerage— Southern Utah NAI Excel

It’s easy to spot NAI Excel due to the vast impression the corporation has made throughout the West. Since 2001, the exponentially expanding commercial brokerage has grown to over 400 offices and 7,000 employees. Their impressive size allows them the capability of providing real-estate options wherever you desire. NAI Excel maintains a comprehensive commercial property database and provides their clients with everything needed to make an informed real-estate decision. 243 E. Saint George Blvd., St. George, 435-628-1609,


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Best Floor & Tile— Park City

Sticks & Stone Custom Tile


Want to update your Park City floors but don’t know where to start? Style is the name of the game for Sticks & Stone—they are the experts in bringing gorgeous textures, unique tiles, warm wood and beautiful views to every room. Park City is a unique place in the sense that it has an rustic Western feel infused with modern vibes. Let your home reflect that by getting in touch with Sticks & Stones. 801-2896618, SticksAndStoneCustomTile. com

Best Floor & Tile— St. George

Best Southern Utah Nursery

Best Shades & Blinds— Park City

St. George homes and businesses flock to Sunset Flooring time and time again, just as they’ve done since its inception in 1991. Founders Bruce and Beckie Barber took over the family business after Bruce studied at Mohawk University to get intensively trained in the flooring industry. Some of the products Sunset provides include carpet, tile, vinyl, wood flooring and others. They’re also skilled cabinet makers for bathrooms and kitchens as well as installation of shutters and blinds. 1361 E. Red Hills Pkwy., St. George, 435-688-1811,

Landscaping can be a tiresome ordeal— whether you’re trying to keep up with the Joneses or you are the Joneses. Thankfully, Star Nursery in St. George covers the bases and makes shopping for lawn care products easy and affordable when it comes to plants, trees, shrubbery, irrigation supplies and gardening accessories. The decades-old family run business is the Southern Utahn’s haven for maintaining a beautiful yard. Multiple locations,

Park City Blind & Design specializes in providing a full line of custom window coverings, bedding, upholstery, custom fabrics, draperies and other household fixtures. Shade your home with the top-notch Hunter Douglas line carried here. Whether you’re shopping for a single window covering or redecorating the whole house, Park City Blind & Design has the skilled, experienced personnel to help you put it all together. 1612 W. Ute Blvd., Park City, 435-649-9665,

Sunset Flooring


BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018

Star Nursery

Park City Blind & Design


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Vertex Roofing



Best Industrial Roofer

Best Residential Roofer Best Drywall/Insulation Vertex Roofing Contractors

Daw Construction Group

What do Rio Tinto Stadium, the Weber State campus, the IRS and select LDS temples have in common? If you guessed they all got their roofs from Redd Roofing in Ogden, you’d be right. Nice work, Sherlock Holmes! The trusted roofing and sheet metal contracting company has built a prestigious portfolio in the Beehive State, equipped to handle major commercial and industrial jobs. The experienced staff is more than capable of handling projects in built-up roofing, single ply, new construction roofing and re-roofing. 801-621-1363,

A roof from Vertex Roofing Co. is the last roof you’ll ever need. The certified industry professionals from Vertex are the best at installing, repairing and replacing roofs around the Beehive State. Dealing with roofers should be done efficiently, easily and thoroughly, which is the name of the game at Vertex. They also back up every residential project with a full 50-year workmanship warranty. 3565 S. West Temple, SLC, 801-639-0477,

“Safety, Quality and Productivity.” These are the three core values of Daw Construction Group, who use these principles as they take on projects all across the Wasatch Front. Deer Valley St. Regis, Intermountain Medical Center, Natural History Museum of Utah and City Creek are just a few of the projects Daw has taken on over the years. Their high-caliber staff are with you every step of the way, from the fine details of planning to the final implementation of the drywall and insulation. 12552 S. 125 West, Draper, 801-553-9111,

Redd Roofing


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Cascade Park City

The Lap of Luxury



Why Utah is sitting pretty in the national high-end real-estate scene By Darby Doyle

Pick up any glossy luxury real-estate catalog in the Intermountain West and it’s one page after another of posh architectural eye candy, satisfying every fashionable desire from fitness centers and floating fireplaces to 14car garages. For a local example, head up over Parleys Summit, and Park City’s median listing price jumps up to $1.2 million, putting this ski town squarely in the high-end category for the region. That’d be according to industry research from organizations such as Realtor. com that show median home prices in greater Salt Lake City, by comparison, hovering around $330,000. Clicking through the Beehive State’s bevvy of real-estate bounty, you’ll find descriptors like “luxurious mountain fortress” and “advanced security features” to give that extra home-away-from-second-home level of comfort for the potential upscale zombie apocalypse. With such privacy-first criterion in mind, it’s no surprise that many sports and entertainment celebrities owning primary or vacation residences in Utah choose prestigious gated communities such as Glenwild Golf Club (with gatehouse entrance just north of Kimball Junction). There you’ll find celeb residents like comedian Bill Engvall, TV personality Montel Williams, and man of many athletic talents Michael Jordan. Looking for more directslopes access, actors Tony Danza and Kevin Sorbo along with Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg favored buying homes near Park City Mountain Resort and Deer Valley. Others seek the exclusive golf course at the stunning Wallace Cunningham-designed estate Cascade at Promontory offered at $16.9 million—reduced from $25 million!—or the ski-in/ski-out amenities of The Colony at White Pine Canyon adjacent to Park City Mountain resort. You’ll find Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s crash pad situated on about five acres in that exclusive neighborhood. Homes and deluxe condos in these $5- to $20-million communities come with swank superlatives such as “entertainment salons,” multi-level water features with year-round 52

BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018

heated pools, luxurious home theaters, wine caves and in one case, a “ski kiva.” Exclusive ranch properties in nearby Kamas, Heber and Midway have even joined the high-end ranks. Meanwhile, Salt Lake City’s established neighborhoods such as Federal Heights, the Upper Avenues, Yalecrest, Emigration Canyon, East Bench Foothills/St. Mary’s, and pockets of Mount Olympus, Holladay and Little Cottonwood Canyon foothills have continued to see properties regularly sell in the luxury spectrum. And within an hour’s drive of downtown SLC, the market expands to newer high-end construction from Bountiful’s prestigious east bench down to Corner Canyon in the foothills of Draper, and The Dell in Alpine. Looking farther south to Utah County, Highland properties bring in the biggest median bucks overall, although there are Sundance, Orem and Provo estates on market (though not Robert Redford’s, that we know of) in the $18- to $20-million range. However, the state’s most expensive house on the market can be found in southern Utah: a whopper of an “equestrian estate” situated outside Springdale. According to, this 49,568-square-foot home includes “some spectacular amenities like an indoor swimming pool with slides, waterfall and lazy river, two-lane bowling alley, indoor shooting range, indoor basketball court, indoor playground, sauna and movie theater. The six-bedroom property also includes an eight-car garage, elevator, heated driveway, a dog run and 185 acres of stunning Utah land” for an asking price of $29,950,000. That’s after a $5 million price drop in 2017. So who sets the price for luxury? Is “luxury” in Utah the same as in other markets? To answer that, I scheduled a serious reality check with Cody Derrick, founder of boutique real estate and internationally recognized rad design house cityhomeCollective. Not only is Derrick a personal friend, he served as my Realtor and even hired me to contribute to his

blog at Right off the bat, Derrick reminded me that the whole concept of putting a price point on luxury is basically BS because it’s a constantly moving target. Compared to more expensive markets such as on the East Coast or in California, Derrick thinks Utah properties priced at $1 million-plus are among the best bargains on the planet. Take, for example, the exceptional quality and quantity of properties in Federal Heights, the Upper Avenues, Olympus Cove and Holladay and add in the appeal of desirable walkable neighborhoods and mid-century architect-designed masterpieces in great condition scattered throughout the valley and along the East Bench. Derrick says they are steals in per-squarefoot price compared to similar markets. “It’s a screaming deal to get three-to-five times the house here,” Derrick says. And then there’s Utah’s diversity. No lie. As a Utah native and owner of a small, independent, LGBTQ-friendly business, Derrick says that many of his clients stalk his blog and social-media accounts looking for cultural affirmation long before they commit to a Utah move. He’s heard many a client say, “‘I didn’t know Utah was so dope.’ Then, they see what we have to offer architecturally,” he says, “and they’re sold.” Derrick believes that his job is to make sure those people find homes and neighborhoods where they’ll ultimately love to live. And although Derrick is justifiably proud of his personal “sold” portfolio (now well into $200 million), he says that he gets just as much joy from helping a client find their perfect family transition rental or five-figure condo downtown as he does from selling a Glenwild guest ranch. “Luxury, to me, is helping people find their happiness. It’s not tied to a price point.” He wants to see his clients to live their dream right now. CITYWEEKLY.NET

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If I Had a Million Dollars (Make That Ten) What home might you buy if you won the lottery? By Jerre Wroble

Kathy McCabe has made Utah her home since she arrived here as a 2-year-old. As a homemaker (or domestic goddess, as she puts it), McCabe’s hobby was to help her friends find and redesign their homes. She went on to get her real-estate license 15 years ago, joined the The Bringhurst Group in 2008 and remained there until it merged with Windermere in November 2017. With Windermere, McCabe is now associated with a worldwide group of luxury boutique real-estate companies. “They’re not services that we pay to join,” she says. “It’s based off our company’s volume of sales. We are the cream of the crop.” Let’s say I won the lottery and now have a couple mil to spend on a home. How do you determine if I can afford the home? If you are not a previous client of mine, we request proof of funds from a recently dated account or we request to speak to a banker or broker to make sure you have the means to purchase what you are looking for. Sometimes, people don’t have access to the amount of money they think they do, so we like to confirm they are good to go!

What’s it like to meet the Michael Jordans and Will Smiths when they preview a property? They are just normal people looking for a home. The price tag just happens to have more zeros on it! The people I have met want to be treated like they are John Doe looking at a home. What defines luxury in the Utah market? Most people here consider the luxury market to be homes priced over a million dollars. But as we see the average sales prices increase in our state, “luxury” will become more defined. There are properties that hold a million-dollar price tag but may be so tastefully dated, it seems odd to call them luxury property, but we do.

What’s Utah luxury got that the others don’t? Location, location, location! I tell people all the time that Utah is like Mayberry with a twist. We have all Kathy McCabe the aspects of smaller-town living with the great things found in a traditional larger city. Where can you ski and golf in the same day? Get to an airport and through security in under one hour to make a direct international flight? How do luxury clients pay for their homes? Enjoy all the splendor of local dining and decide to head south and enjoy the red-rock desert four hours later? Most pay cash, by wiring money to the title company when we close/ You can change anything you want in a home, but you can’t purchase the home. We can’t take checks at the closing, so clients wire change where it is located. Utah has grown up in so many ways, all funds over $10,000. However, clients do write checks for the earnest and now we are on the map, and that’s why we are growing at such money. I’ve had people write a check for $250,000 from a personal checking account as if it were a $30 check for gas and never bat an eye or a fast pace. Not to be too cheeky, but it looks like Brigham Young break a sweat. I had one client who wanted to bring $100,000 in pennies. and his friends were right: This is the place! (Continued p.56) 54

BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018


BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018 55



Million dollar homes on Salt Lake’s East Bench

(Continued from p. 54) What’s the best deal you have for a lottery-winner like me at this time? I have the most stunning custom home in Glenwild, located in Park City. It sits on the 5th green of Glenwilds golf course, which happens to be one of Utah’s top-rated courses, with easy access to Park City and Salt Lake City and incredible views of the Wasatch Back and Glenwild’s golf course. The interior is a warm contemporary style with outdoor views in every window. Handcrafted inside and out, nothing was overlooked in creating this home, and it can be yours for just $4,449,000. What’s your most interesting property? The most interesting property I have listed is a 324-acre ranch in Strawberry Pinnacles, tucked away between Fruitland and Duchesne, just 45 minutes from Heber. Splendor and beauty are only part of it, as there are miles of the Strawberry River meandering through it. It has multiple cabins, a barn and riding arena with more than 20 acres of pasture. They have several water rights, and, believe it or not, an in-ground sprinkler system. The owner designed it, and Rainbird came out and built it! If I had a couple extra million, I’d buy it in a heartbeat. This is some of the last pristine nature of the American West and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It’s a bargain at $1,875,000. 56

BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018

Million-Dollar Home Sales Rise (courtesy of the Salt Lake Board of Realtors)


ales of Wasatch Front homes above the million-dollar mark increased 59 percent in 2017 compared to the previous year, according to data from A roaring economy and wealthy transplants are fueling the trend. Last year, 257 housing units across the fivecounty area (Salt Lake, Davis, Utah, Weber, and Tooele counties) sold for $1 million or more. Last year’s sales are a 101 percent increase compared to just 128 units sold in 2014. Nearly three of every four homes sold above $1 million in 2017 were priced from $1 million to $1.5 million. It remains a challenge to sell a home above $1.5 million, even in today’s strong economy. The cumulative days on market for milliondollar homes sold in 2017 was 88 days, down from 118 days in 2016. CITYWEEKLY.NET

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VOL. 4 NO. 5 • MAY 2018 • CHEF



We Are






Best Fall Road Trip


How one local Native Americanled activist group is giving a voice to their missing and murdered Indigenous sisters.

Biking to Lava Hot Springs




Trout for Dinner

Five spots close to town where you can sink a line


Desolate Beauty Exploring Utah’s Cedar Mesa


By Sarah Arnoff

Devour Utah • May 2018 1

Shooting the Stars










Mountain Bike Tech Tricks p. 20


Utah Volleyball Finds a Beach p. 32


Led by rookie Donovan Mitchell, the Utah Jazz are on the rise p. 12


2 3 I D E AS T O R E D U C E G U N V I O L E N C E A N D SAV E L I V E S May I June 2018 • Winners Utah | 1

A Utah Family Business Offering media solutions for your digital, print and event endeavours. The mining community of Copperfield was set in world famous Bingham Canyon, high in the Oquirrh Mountains. In 1906, the Saltas family joined those Copperfield residents in the steep hillside, shanty area, called Greek Camp. Copperfield was home to thousands of melting pot immigrants including Greeks, Japanese, Mexicans, Germans, Swedes, Brits and many other ethnicities all bound to common American values of family, faith, education, hard work and community. They shared many good times, often tempered by the frequent bad times derived of dangerous mining work. Copperfield is now gone, scraped away by mining. But the Copperfield spirit remains alive in everything we do, from newspapers and magazines to events and digital services. We work hard for each other

and for the large communities of readers—online and in print—who value honesty and stories told well. We will keep telling stories—your stories--as long as people keep reading. And wouldn’t it be a shame if they didn’t read? We don’t think that will happen, so meanwhile, turn a page, or many pages, in one of Copperfield Publishing’s growing catalog of Utah (and Jackson Hole, Wyoming) award-winning publications. We bring you the Best of Utah every day, every week, every month, including our newest product, the one you are reading now, We Are Utah. With this issue, discover that behind every great Utahn or super business is a beating heart that is connected in some way to all the rest of us. Their stories are your stories. We are all the community of Utah. Enjoy.  John Saltas Founder

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111 Main City Weekly’s Best New Commerical Development (p. 26)

Architects: Skidmore, Owings and Merrill / VCBO Architecture

24 story, 440,000-squarefoot, Class A tower

Contractor: Okland Construction

The lobby features 35-foot ceilings with an outside curtain wall made of glass that allows for unobstructed downtown views.

58 | BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018

Hanging Construction: A “hat truss” is the engineering method that allowed 19 floors of a 24-story building to hang 47 feet over the top of another building. A core is designed to go up the center of the building, like a hat rack, upon which rests the truss. On top of the core, there are 1,900 tons of steel. The floor slabs, curtain wall, and mechanical hang from the hat truss. Free of interior columns, the hat truss allows for open floor plans and floor-to-ceiling exterior glass windows with 360-degree views. CITYWEEKLY.NET


Developer: City Creek Reserve Inc. Built in collaboration with the Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake, completed March 2017

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BEST OF UTAH Real Estate 2018