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Inside SpiceJet


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Inside SpiceJet

inside SpiceJEt


Dear Customer, Happy Holi! As you can see from the cover of this magazine and from the excellent, warm, personal service you would have received today on the ground and in the air, SpiceJet is changing! Little by little, we are putting the pieces in place to build the New SpiceJet and bring humanity, warmth, the personal touch, and a little sense of humour back to air travel. At the same time we are looking into every aspect of the airline, and making changes where necessary to meet your needs better. Our product. Our network. Our pricing. Our on-time performance. Every aspect is changing for the better. Did I mention pricing? Yes indeed! SpiceJet is committed to leading the way in offering the most attractive fares to the most customers, as long as they are able to plan their journeys early. We have received overwhelming positive feedback from customers who booked rock-bottom fares at our periodic “Super Sales”, all of which require 30 days or more advance purchase, for taking the lead in making air travel more affordable, where travelers can now book more spontaneously and more often by air, and also for attracting many first time air travelers who would otherwise endure long train journeys or not travel at all.

These advance purchase offers are a win-win for customers, for airlines, and for the travel industry and the economy overall, as it leads to significant demand stimulation, customers get to enjoy deeply discounted fares, airlines get to reduce wastage of seats that would otherwise fly empty, and others in the travel eco-system get more business. These are not fare wars as is commonly but wrongly reported in the media as there are no losers, only winners. On product, there are several changes afoot. We launched the Corporate Frequent Flyer program recently where passengers travelling on corporate fares will get one free flight for every six paid flights, and two for every ten; the free tickets are assignable to anyone. We launched SpiceMAX last month, where for a nominal fee, you get a premium seat with more legroom, along with priority check-in at dedicated SpiceMAX counters, priority checked baggage handling, and enhanced hand baggage allowance; all you need to do is pre-select a premium seat to become a SpiceMAX customer. We have an all-new menu in the seat pocket in front of you, and will continue to make enhancements to our food and end-to-end on-board service. Cabins on our aircraft are being gradually refreshed. An all-new on-board ambience is being created to make your flight more pleasant and memorable, delivered by our warm, friendly, and caring cabin crew who have been given a simple guideline: use your judgment and do the right thing by the customer. And feel free to let your hair down, no robotic rigidity at SpiceJet. I want to close by quoting this email excerpt from V-Excel (http://www.v-excel. org/), a Chennai-based educational

trust for children of special needs, that we received after we took a group of 20 of the wonderful children in their care on a “Trip to The Skies” , from Chennai to Madurai and back, last month (a report from this trip is in this magazine): “Thanks to Spicejet and Rotary Club of Madras East, 20 children from our school had a wonderfully memorable experience - their first ever trip on a flight! The parents of the children were in tears today - as you can imagine, it was a very emotional and special experience. They were touched by this very sensitive gesture, and moved by seeing their children experience something as normal as travelling on a plane without any adjustment problems, and with so much enjoyment. Children with special needs miss out on thousands of little and big things that typical person takes so much for granted, so today’s trip was a once in a lifetime experience for them. We hope to continue our relationship with SpiceJet in the years to come”. We thank YOU, V-Excel Educational Trust, for giving us the opportunity to do something special for the lovely children, it was a moving and heartwarming experience for all of us as well! As always, please feel free to drop an email to with any feedback or questions, and a member of senior management will respond to you personally.


Thank you for flying SpiceJet.

Sanjiv Kapoor, Chief Operating Officer


inside SpiceJEt

Creative Flair Taking the brand a step further, Gaurav Mehta brings innovation and originality in his marketing strategies.

Name: Gaurav Mehta Designation: Senior Marketing Executive Current Role: Marketing & Brand Communications


In the past year, we launched 10 new destinations and a slew of new products and services like SpiceMax, FlexiFly, Corporate Frequent Flyer program, Holidays, Hotel bookings, Consumer discount promos, SpiceJet Tiger Air Interline launch and thematic brand campaign amongst others

What are your responsibilities in your current role? I am responsible for developing communication for the brand, new products, sector launches and offers/promos and maintaining a consistency in overall brand communications. When did you join SpiceJet and what is it that you love the most? I’ll be completing two years with SpiceJet, this May. The run, so far, has been adventurous in this dynamic industry, where one has to stay on his toes all the time. We, being a customer interface for every communication, have to always be ready to go to the market, even at a very short notice. What is your fitness mantra and how do you ensure to stick to it? With not much time for gymming and exercising, diet is something I handle more sensibly. What is the high point of your job? It is the pace of the industry which keeps the rush going, and quick turn-arounds are expected. The other thing which is exciting

Family time At home, I have my parents, my brother and his family. I love spending time with my nephew. The work schedule in office is hectic, but also flexible and that allows me to devote some March 2014 |

about aviation is ‘the need to differentiate from other brands and create a consumer preference for SpiceJet over others’. With the new leadership, we are hopeful of taking the competition heads on and achieving the same soon. What are the challenges that you face in your functioning? Being the custodians of the brand, we as a team need to ensure the right utilisation of the communication channels, be it online, print, radio, outdoor etc. Also, being a part of service brand, we need to ensure we don’t overpromise. Hence, we need to double check the information before it is released in the public domain. Your journey with SpiceJet In this industry, travel is something which is essential. Hence, one gets to travel across the length and breadth of the country. Personally, travel is something I like, and that gives me all the more reason to love my job. Working in aviation industry has professionally made me realise the real potential of managing work, deadlines and pressure.

time to family, and of course weekends are always there. I love driving, so am always game for driving holidays. I like adventure sports, trekking and exploring nature. Udaipur is my favourite holiday destination.

inside SpiceJEt




Download ‘ARplay’ on your iPhone/ Android device & scan this page to watch SpiceJet’s Joyride for kids from Chennai

March 2014 |

There is no joy greater than bringing smile to other's faces; especially so among children. As a special treat, SpiceJet flew 20 wonderful children from Chennai to Madurai. A first time for most of them, it was great to share their excitement and joy


inside SpiceJEt


children wiTh special needs from V-excel educaTional TrusT along with Rotary Club Madras east were flown To madurai for a day Trip. They VisiTed nayakar mahal and meenakshi amman Temple

March 2014 |

inside SpiceJEt

control centre

Rohit Pal, GM, Flight Support Centre, tells us about all what it takes to make your flight safe and smooth.



warmly welcome you onboard this flight and hope your journey is comfortable. As has been the tradition with SpiceJet, safety, on-time performance and comfort of the passengers are of utmost priority and we continuously strive to make our services better with each passing day. Every airline around the globe has a centralised control centre from where it manages its flight activities. These centres are often called FSC (Flight Support Centre) or OCC (Operational Control Centre) or Hub Control. All decisions regarding the airline's daily operation are made at the Flight Support Centre.

This 'nerve centre' is responsible for the daily release and departure of flights and all related operations in close tandem with Flight Dispatch, Airports, Maintenance Control, Reservations, Revenue Management, Crew Scheduling and Catering. FSC works 24 x 7, 365 days a year, meticulously monitoring each and every flight Cross functional decisions

There are many factors which affect the airline's flight operations such as adverse weather conditions, government regulations, equipment failures, airport

capacity restrictions and runway maintenance. These factors are directly associated with flight safety and passenger comfort. In order to efficiently manage these factors, the FSC's main function is to manage and restore irregular flight

Afternoon teleconferences with the airports and impeccable planning with all the operating departments hold the key for a smooth transition

March 2014 |

International Assembly for Collegiate Education (IACBE), USA

Just 20 among 4000+ B-Schools in India are internationally accredited as of 2013.

Indus Business Academy, Bangalore is among the Choice-20 in India.

Amidst the Internationally-Best.

IBA, Bangalore is an AICTE Approved management institute which is Internationally Accredited* by IACBE (International Assembly for Collegiate Education, USA). International accreditation sets IBA apart from among 4000+ business schools and also makes it one of the elite 20 B-Schools that have obtained such global endorsement for quality. The group includes who’s who of the business schools of the country including IIM-Ahmedabad, IIM-Bangalore, IIM-Lucknow, IIM-Kozhikode, MDI-Gurgaon, ISB-Hyderabad, TA PAI-Manipal, SP Jain Institute of Management & Research-Mumbai, IMI-New Delhi, PSG-Coimbatore, SCMS-Cochin etc. The International Accreditation makes IBA-PGDM globally accepted for employment and further education. This also brings newer opportunities for collaborations, student & faculty exchanges, stellar academic and placement opportunities.

Apart from IBA being ranked among the Top 1% B-Schools in India, now you have just one more reason to recruit from IBA International Validation.

For more details on Campus Hiring, please contact :

Indus Business Academy - Bangalore

Lakshmipura, Thataguni Post, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore 560 062 • E-mail: • Mobile: +91 97418 11100, 93435 18946

* International B-School Accreditation Authorities International Assembly for Collegiate Education (IACBE), USA

The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, USA

European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS) - The European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), Belgium

Association of MBAs, UK

Accreditation Council for Business School & Programmes, USA

inside SpiceJEt

The entire planning for the next day begins all over again in case there is any irregular operation on the day of operations 164

operations including streamlining of schedule at the earliest, fleet planning, flight following and to ensure that the delayed passengers and cargo are transported to their destination as swiftly as possible, with minimum inconvenience. Since some of these factors are very complex and change without much of a notice, a team of 40 hard core professionals with vast knowledge of the aviation industry on different aspects of the customer services, work round-theclock to ensure a hassle-free travel experience for our passengers. The planning for the next day starts at 1600hrs though at this time only

50 per cent of the operations have completed for the day. A brain storming session starts between the planners and FSC to arrive at a mutual consensus to keep the schedule of X base departures flights across the country on schedule and provide adequate maintenance time as well. The entire planning for the next day begins all over again in case there is any irregular operation on the day of operations. Therefore, alternate plans—Plan B and Plan C­—are prepared, mainly to avoid any last minute glitches and for the convenience of the passengers. Weather plays an important role

Technologies FSC is equipped with various cutting edge technologies such as ARMS (Airline Resource Management System). It covers all aspects of flight following and HSD (Horizontal Situation Display) which displays flight progress in

March 2014 |

during winters. We are proud to be the only airline operating daily flights to some of the challenging airfields like Dharamsala, Jabalpur and Kabul, which are quite prone to bad weather conditions during winters. This is the time when the skills of FSC are put to a gruelling test. Should it be a yes or should it be a no? To operate to a station if weather conditions are fluctuating at destination. Our priority has always been to keep the passengers informed of the exact reason for the delay in a layman’s language, since some of the aviation terminologies are difficult to understand. Keeping abreast with the changing times,

both text and directional formats. HF connectivity enables FSC to optimise the decision making process with regards to flight operations and take a timely action to revise the departure on the subsequent legs, if any getting affected.

inside SpiceJEt

time lines


FSC has set very high standards for the timelines it follows with regards to operations of flights. Every controlable delay is monitored, reasons behind it are taken into account and corrective actions taken promptly. Planning for the day may change as per the situation on ground and backup plans come into action quickly

any last minute changes in the flight schedule beyond the control of the airlines now are being updated on the SpiceJet's official page on Facebook. Passengers now get informed in advance, especially during winters, through an SMS to check the flight status before starting for the airport. Our website now provides more details on the flight status. This is the emergence of a new SpiceJet, where we would be doing things differently to respect the time and real value for money of our customers. In order to maintain operational integrity and management of irregular flight operations, FSC has key decision makers from each operating department to take an optimal decision in a timely manner for airline's valuable customers. With its priority on flight safety, FSC leaves no stone unturned to accomplish comfortable, reliable and efficient flight operations.

Morning Base Departures

Rohit Pal GM, Flight Support Centre

March 2014 |

The early morning flights of any airline determine its operational efficiency and same is the case for SpiceJet. We feel proud to inform that a 100 per cent on-time performance for all our base departure flights across the network. This would not

FSC is the custodian of the OTP of SpiceJet, but without compromising on the safety of aircraft have been possible without the cooperation of our customers. Some of the airports in the country have infrastructural constraints, due to which there is a possibility of the flights getting delayed, but the sheer determination of our ground and Crew Scheduling teams have made it for before time departures without leaving any passenger behind. FSC monitors these departures closely as any delay would have an impact during the day. Immediate action is taken to ensure delays are minimised or eliminated completely and passengers are kept updated with the departure status and onwards connectivity. FSC is the custodian of the OTP of SpiceJet, but without compromising on the safety of aircraft and passengers and treating every passenger on board as a family member. Wish you and your family a very happy and vibrant Holi. 


alluring attires....

Group Of Sanskriti Synthetics Pvt. Ltd. “Shilpkala House” B-1003-2003, 1st Floor, Lift No. 13, New T.T.Market,Ring Road, SURAT- 395 002, (GUJARAT) INDIA, Tel. no.: +91-261-3934326, 2202326, 2353326 ,

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inside SpiceJEt


spreading colour The last few months have been full of excitement for SpiceJet. From promotional campaigns, bumper sales to charity flights, the colours have been aplenty.

Volume VII Issue XII December 2013

The inflight magazine of SpiceJet


Celebrate this season

with SpiceJet

Watch the crew in action How: Turn to page 10


WONDROUS VIZAG History, museums, miracles of nature...


FASHION FLAVOURS Warm up with the right clothes and accessories


Volume VIII | Issue I | January 2014


26 128 180


Celebrities’ plans to ring in 2014

AT YOUR SERVICE World- class airports & SpiceJet services


Parade at Rajpath: A riot of colours & charisma

JOYRIDE FOR CHILDREN SpiceJet’s CSR activity with two orphanages from Kolkata

Indian Airports The new generation


Volume VIII | Issue II | February 2014

52 98 104

UNIQUE TRAVEL TRENDS Caravan vacation, cycling tour, yoga holiday and more


Tips and tricks to eat right when you fly

OLD IS GOLD Glimpses of Bollywood’s glorious past




Terminal2 welcomes you

March 2014 |

celebration began with the first ever spicejet crew shoot for the cover of spiceroute magazine

emerging New Spicejet December brought in a wave of change for spicejet

or ride f ata y o j t Je lk Spice n from Ko i e a childr nd Chenn a

starting with the crew on the cover of spiceroute magazine, the celebrations continued month long the crew spotted Red santa caps thereby spreading the joy of the christmas season SpiceJet as part of its CSR initiative provided joyride to underprivileged children from Kolkata to Delhi and differently abled children from Chennai to Madurai for fun filled day trips


inside SpiceJEt


we offer exclusive options like empty seat option, multiple booking option and preferred flight option. there are also special offers for frequent spicejet flyers

March 2014 |

SIC NTH HT MU G THIS MOarding & take-off, . INFALTIG ’S PLAYIN ck list.. sic for bo




r tra soft rock murkation. Here's ou ghts play ba SpiceJet fli r landing & disem fo and again ORLEANS Still The One


Louis Arm


n’t Found I Still Have ing For What I’m Look band, This Irish rock , has 1976 formed in studio released 12 are albums and all-time among the g music best-sellin g sold artistes, havin million 150 more than dwide. records worl

derful What A Won World jazz This American and trumpeteer known singer was smatic for his chari stage. presence on




Where Do My Love


Still In Love

With You

You Go To





Baker Stree

s Broken Wing


mo odel pro ich m r e v o C hit wh was a big assengers offered p on their 50% off flight next

My Can’t Take Off Of You

Eric Clapton LS,




Just A Song I Go

I’m On Fire

Imagine This English r singe musician, r rose and songwrite as to world fame er emb founder-m les. of the Beat n for his He’s know nature and rebellious reflected acerbic wit, ions. in his creat


Waiting For Like You

On Knocking Heaven’s Door This English r and singe musician, r is known songwrite most as one of the rists. guita influential

g Now Who’s Cryin


To Me

Drift Away

spicejet ushered 2014 with the New Year campaign (crew with Balloon)

GUESS WHO These Eyes


A Girl


So Into You



| www.spice February 2014




new year with a bang

U2 One

I Want To Know Love Is


some of our new offerings are onboard music and revamped meal options a series of new products were launched to add to the passengers convenience and benefits At spicejet we offered super sale twice over. it is good to have you all flying with us Now and always


inside SpiceJEt


the new interline agreement with tigerair helps spicejet connect indian cities to singapore

March 2014 |

painting cities with spicejet presence we did outdoor campaigns across many cities

yourr ette b pre-book r o f meal ervices s

spicejet is spreading colours with coach wrap, bus stop advertising, airport branding and hoarding at important city points the gates at the spicejet corporate office is a splash of colour with the all new hoarding please look out for more about spicejet as we promise to come with much more


inside SpiceJEt

Tasty treats SpiceJet's new inflight menu


Breakfast Masala Uttapam, Medu Vada, Sambhar, Coconut Chutney


Plethora of choices

Keeping affordability and convenience of the passengers in mind, SpiceJet offers a simple yet delicious onboard food menu with numerous options to choose from. Now you can pick from a range of two delicious vegetarian and two scrumptious non-vegetarian dishes from the hot meals served onboard.

Secret of pre-booking

To experience hassle-free and convenient flying it is recommended you pre-book your meals on SpiceJet and save 20 percent on your meals onboard. March 2014 |

Now you can see and select your food choices (in pictures) while pre-booking your meal online. The time of your flight determines the choices that will be available (Breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner).

snacks non Vegetarian

Chicken in Garlic Sauce, Fried Chicken Noodles, Salad

This way, you can have your preferred choice of the delicious meal options onboard. When you pre-book your meal online, you get to choose from a host of options. All options under breakfast, lunch/dinner, snacks and sandwiches are available for prebooking online. Buying In-flight serves you only with limited options.

snacks Chicken Schezwan, Kathi Roll, Salad

Know the time


sandwiches Grilled Vegetable Sandwich

Now your routine will not get disrupted as the meal timings are the same onboard as they are at home. Breakfast is served between 5am and 11am, lunch between 11am and 3pm, snacks between 3pm and 7pm and dinner between 7pm and 11pm. In addition, we offer quick-picks from sandwiches to a-la-carte items. It is important to keep in mind that breakfast, lunch/dinner and snacks are served only on Boeing flights with a scheduled flying time of more than 60 minutes. On other flights, sandwiches and quick picks are always available. 


inside SpiceJEt

Tag Tales

Here's the story behind SpiceJet’s new baggage tags... They showcase special offers tailormade for passengers.


Vritti Mehra – Delhi Base, SpiceJetter since 2012

Pre-book excess baggage

Now enjoy savings upto 20% on pre-booking your excess baggage until 12 hours before your flight. So, Travel smart. Carry a lot more for a lot less.

Richa Sibal – Delhi Base, SpiceJetter since 2009, Priya Maria Jaydas – Hyderabad Base, SpiceJetter since 2012

Corporate frequent flyer Our frequent registered corporate travellers can now save big. On 6 completed one-way journeys get 1 free one-way ticket while 10 completed one-way journeys give you 2 free one-way tickets.

Nilakhi Nirjary – Delhi Base, SpiceJetter since 2008

More hot meal choices

Now both vegetarians and non-vegetarians can choose from two meal options each on SpiceJet flights. The choices are much more if you pre-book your meal online.

do remember to pick your baggage tags while collecting your boarding pass. each hand baggage must have one tag attached

March 2014 |

Bharat Chadha – Delhi Base, SpiceJetter since 2012

International baggage allowance

Passengers travelling on SpiceJet domestic sector to SpiceJet international sector or vice versa will get the Free Baggage Allowance of International sector.

Sandhya Behl – Delhi Base, SpiceJetter since 2008


With SpiceMax passengers get benefits including premium seats, priority check-in, priority baggage delivery and 10kg hand baggage allowance.


Somesh Gohai – Delhi Base, SpiceJetter since 2012

Priya Maria Jaydas – Hyderabad Base, SpiceJetter since 2012

Reena Pathania – Hyderabad Base, SpiceJetter since 2012

Multiple Booking option (MBo)

Empty Seat option (ESo)

Preferred flight option (PFo)

Booked on our flight! Want travel flexibility? Opt for SpiceJet FlexiFly - Multiple Booking Option (MBo), which allows you to book 1 more flight and you can decide (up to 1 day before departure), which of the two flights to fly on.

Get your 'virtual private zone' with SpiceJet FlexiFly - Empty Seat Option (ESo); a popular offer for travellers to get a chance to secure empty seats next to their seat at a nominal price, elevating your comfort and travel experience.

Booked on our flight! But wish to fly on another date and/or time, just sign-up for Preferred Flight Options (PFo) and you may get to fly on your preferred flight for a nominal price!

inside SpiceJEt

music on board

SpiceJet flights play soft rock music for boarding & take-off, and again for landing & disembarkation. Here's our track list...

U2 I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For A classic from Bono and his band of Irish rockers that brings back memories of carefree college days, days mixed with laughter and a sense of yearning for both the past and the future.


John Lennon Imagine One of rock’s great pieces of musical poetry from one of its greatest legends, this track continues to move generations from across the world. Foreigner Waiting For A Girl Like You A classic rock ballad from the English-American band. Many in their forties today had this on their cassette-decks on repeat in the early to the mid 1980s, when they were in the throes of their first crushes. Thin Lizzy Still In Love With You This Irish band from Dublin, featuring legendary guitarist Gary Moore, was better known for their hard rock hits, but this lesserknown plaintive rock ballad is probably one of

March 2014 |

the most beautiful pieces of music from the 1970s.

“southern rock” sound of the 1970s.

Mr Mister Broken Wings Another 80s' power ballad from the American pop-rock band, this 1985 track is one that many in their forties today possibly had their first slow dance to!

Peter Sarstedt Where Do You Go To (My Lovely) Delhi-born, Kurseongeducated Sarstedt had a global hit in 1969 with this classic. Often thought to be a bitter love letter to Sophia Loren, Sarstedt, however, insists it was not about anyone specific.

Bruce Springsteen I’m On Fire A classic from the New Jersey rock legend’s 1985 album - Born In The USA - the track is dreamy and unforgettable in its simplicity. Doobie Brothers You Belong To Me Written by Carly Simon and Michael McDonald and originally recorded by The Doobie Brothers in 1977, this track remains a soft rock mainstay on American classic rock stations even today. Guess Who These Eyes A huge hit in 1969 by the Canadian rock band out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, with the haunting lyrics “These eyes are crying / These eyes have seen a lot of love but they're never gonna see another love like I had with you." Atlanta Rhythm Section So Into You A lilting and haunting classic from the American band from Georgia, this song typifies the gentle

Andy Williams Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You This gentler cover of Franki Valli’s 1967 classic was recorded by American musician and TV personality Andy Williams. Journey Who’s Crying Now

Another classic ballad from 1981 by the American rock legends, Journey, fronted by vocalist Steve Perry. Orleans Still The One A 1976 hit for the band from Woodstock, New York, the lyrics of the song are of a man describing his feelings for a woman with whom he has a long-lasting relationship ("You're still the one, I want to talk to

in bed; Still the one that turns my head"). And all the reasons why she is "Still the One".

Foreigner I Want To Know What Love Is The all-time power rock ballad from the English-American rock band Foreigner, this 1985 song stirs memories and brings back days of youthful heartbreaks. Gerry Rafferty Baker Street Named after the famous London street on which Sherlock Homes had his fictitious home, Baker Street is a charttopping ballad from 1978 by Scottish singersongwriter Gerry Rafferty. The arrangement is famous for its distinctive saxophone riff, played by Raphael Ravenscroft. U2 One A 1991 ballad by the Irish rockers U2, this has often been featured in polls of the greatest songs of all time. Dobie Gray Drift Away Made famous by American musician Dobie Gray in 1973, this song is also a famous "goodbye" for concerts.

It is often used as a filler for a last song, usually in preparation for an encore. Eric Clapton Knocking On Heaven’s Door Written by American legend Bob Dylan in 1973, the song describes the collapse of a deputy sheriff, dying from a bullet wound; he tells his wife "Mama, take this badge off me; I can't use it anymore." This cover version was made famous by English rocker Eric Clapton in 1975.

Crosby, Stills, and Nash Just A Song Before I Go This song, part of the 1977 album CSN, was written by Graham Nash about leaving loved ones behind before going on a concert tour. It was written in Hawaii in about 20 minutes at the piano while Nash was waiting to leave. Louis Armstrong What A Wonderful World A hit for American jazz trumpeteer Louis Armstrong in 1968 and written as an antidote for the racially and politically charged climate of the United States in the 1960s, the song has an optimistic tone.


March 2014 |

Inside Spiceroute March 2014  
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