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Women’s DAY Delights

OLIVE IT UP The oil for your heart



must-eats! Keep getting LOVE-LOCKED!




WOW women! Dear Shopper,

The weather is clement, the flowers are in bloom, there is a fragrance of possibilities in the air - yes, spring is here and with it, there is a spring in our step and a rhythmic cadence in our hearts. As usual, the excitement never ends at Select CITYWALK and we are gearing up for the season of utmost fun and furor.

DON’T MISS THESE ional rnat Day

First and foremost, we are looking forward to celebrating International Women’s Day with you. Women have been at the forefront of all political, economic and social activities across the globe and there is more than one reason to venerate them. We are marking this great day by doling out some self defense moves for you derived by Pekiti Tirsia Kali. So, swing by and come away with some sweet Filipino martial art tactics. After that, do feel free to come loosen your purse strings at Flea@Nite every Wednesday with loads of great stuff for you to spend on. With a great mix of goodies and merriment, a spot of indulgence never did anyone any harm. Be sure to flip through our Foodie Recommends page so you know where to stop for some yummy grub. With so much in store for you at Select CITYWALK, you know where to head! On a more serious note, do take the time to observe Earth Hour with WWF by doing your bit for this planet. It’s not much. All you have to do is switch your lights off for an hour and show your solidarity.

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Spring is are trend here and with it you out s that will knock completely Listen up, magpies! .


Head to


the swanky new store on the 1st floor at Select CITYWA LK

these solid for heel & slinkycoloured stilettos ranging from ` 6,999 , to `10,999

BREEZ Y FITS It’s the season to don the flowing , airy silhoue freethose billowin tte. g tops and Pull out pants and easy chunky spruce it up with access and oh-so-s ory. Easy, a breezy tylish, we think!


il 14


nts cele eve ge and ts. es of r scor encoura ievemen yea ire, s ach has erou to insp IWD nts r num be, ed eve thei en may PAST iration t celebratwhen wom RY as insp mos GLO tever the of the it is a day iers such political Wha to be onet’s more of barr , race, en e com . Wha pective linguistic of wom the ually irres ral, ggles ntly, ann red ic, cultu stru importa ahead reve are l, ethn The past more s that lie ona ed ic. nati nom n and chance upo rs form and Day all or eco cted ntial and y yea refle pote se earl l Women’s women as are d ppe for of. The iona as well ions unta ning spoken Internatal mea eloping for are ed Nat UN Unit base new glob is in dev al the . The glob role on a ld that s alike ing e took wor hold activ and ic r the countrie day by had an ove ed and in econom to d this elop e grew dev nces ente cem confere and shar rs, IWD women has , ts yea ress en’s wom en’s righOver the the prog embered day to a ch rem in wom fields. on whi s is es as ral field It serv political a day red. seve becomemade in and reve n e upo hav d cted refle nhoo



Check out of Benettonthe floral pants from


Colors PEPPY PRINT Dainty flowers S strokes, or this is the bold brush flaunt your season to oranges, print. Take pinks, reds a pick from and greens !

Floral ACCESSKaftan, ORIZE



#6 #5


nd gs arou ts enin happ of even ols, , scho ts and scores even are nisations te in there ld like icipa year, en’s orga. ions • PartEvery wom en wou you you. nized by corporat y womyou feel go if life, Man orga ities and en. tor and ces in char rien r wom othe e or a men expe e are tor your ard. • Men a guid rs by e. Ther ities renc char othe it forw to have help pay a diffe and and your e e can d and mak nisations help e purs and ahea thos your give un orgafrom loosen ate, en-r a lot and d • Donral wom fit en who ahea seve could bene go wom you So, the ed that tions. help aunt, to all dona gs. h out life and , your who t strin to reacin your r mum anyonert, don’ e sure rence are. You friend, effo e call • Make a diffe t you th the phon. or a tor -due mad me wha a men life is wor a long welcome ys beco sister, your a note, your impacted card, g is alwa A has think? somethin you sweet or a


CANDY CRUSH Candy tones splash and are making shoes, bags,in a big way. a big accessories belts, separaDresses, are sportin tes and dipped g a candyhue. Mellow sorbets yellows , , creamy ice blues, mint greens whites are and pick yourse here The pastel lf some candyto stay. So this spring palette is mesmepronto! and can rizing from a power be easily taken brunch a spiffy meetin cocktai finally gives l hour. This g to you freedom trend monochromes and allows from revel in colour. you to


COLOU R Bold and POPS soles withbeautiful helpings luxurious shimmer of sparkle, decadent and season whims, this promises take you to high walk.on a skybright solid Strap on a coloure heel or d slinky stilettos and out in style. stride

g of innin y beg at the the earl l rged due to rnationa g eme tury ed Inte avin cen gniz nts, reco Each eme 20th the mov is now r. ld alist ove soci en’s Day world the wor ed ss Wom en and brat acro cele held e wom and are brat




#8 #12 #11 E; ORIZed ESS spot bead dark ACC er, Back nky ler hat, 5. Chu bettE; 11. er bow O; 8. Even ORIZ ALD T; Pap E; 2.glasses, s, NEXACCESS ORIZ dres belt, ESS E; 4. Sun te le , ACC 7. Whi buck m lace ESSORIZ O; Black ZARA t neck ACC ts, KAZ 10. heels, ywa OS; pan men ings, ctcit ETH e-strap ted earr sele ny state hed 6. Prin Watch, ankl 1. Con ellis O; E; 9. Red ALD IQU E; 12. 3. Emb elet, ORIZ brac nse, CLIN ESS defe , ACC pack


/style file

The s siren

, some glimmer womanr and she’ll Give a shimme some her way through out sparkle . Bring the bling leave anything red carpet and on to thee agape. everyon

Do drop by our new stores that are up and kicking. Shop at Superdry Store, Dune, Rite Sight, Le Creuset and grab some grub at Johnny Rockets and Pita Pit. We have Thomas Pink and Furla on their way in. We are so excited and we hope you are too. So, head to Select CITYWALK with that spring in your step and a lilt in your heart and you’re sure to leave smiling.

Dress, GUESS, ORIZE, DE, Julia - Golden , ACCESS Earrings `8999, heels, TRESMO VSKI, `1299 `499, Golden Ring, SWARO `5000, top, ZARA, - White KAZO, `2990, Nikolina skirt, VSKI, `4999, `1599, Silver , SWARO `7999, Bracelet DUNE, Black shoes, `4900 ALDO, Clutch,







il 14


Tra smavretl

Kurt Vonne gut travel plans said that the most God. Keepin are dancing lessons bizarre from family in andg that in mind, pack your tells you how hit the road. Shrut i Tomar to keep it sane





ravelling solo, as a couple family are or with complete Walk. It really games altogethe ly different ball is the best You see a r. Kids, teenager way to explore extended lot more on a place. s, family, that foot than from car and can annoying uncle, that inside a also take in nosy parents, the the just do the whole jing-bang aunt, the old touristy things local culture. Don’t your own off a list, but that you need and to top lack of patience it get out, talk to tick pose real for the above all, to locals, stop monument, challenge grab some can at a s on a trip, have been local grub kids or family you may really looking forward and teach a your tips on how to. Here are from Google. lot more than they to make it would learn a few Good walking more yourself and invest in a shoes are those around enjoyable for good pair. a must, so a lot happier you – and come back from that well-dese Ice-cream rved break. for the kids. Pack light. tired and Children get bored This is actually restless, important them up with - all of it too quickly. - but we almost simple - and very So perk some ice-cream see them never manage to get it right. or gelato smile. Carry If you have snacks, games, and cards and a number cities on your knick-kna of trivia cks with you itinerary, interested dragging to keep them all that extra . luggage can be a pain. So hand Pick up a each one new languag in the group their wanted to own backpack e. If you always learn a new clothes, toiletries, with language got round water and but never to it, here’s some snacks your chance. going to a and make foreign land, If you are them self-suffic pick up the the language ient. Don’t basics of before you bulky suitcases carry kids too. Learn go and teach that will your to say things leave you thank you, such as hello, exhausted! where’s the washroo other common ly used phrases. m, please and It helps make

communication a lot easier. Keep kids busy. All kinds of journeys whether in trains, flights kids bored or buses tend to make and fidgety. So load the interesting iPad with and in Angry Birds educative apps (you could throw and for good behaviou Subway Surfer as a treat on long journeys. r) and keep your kids busy And there’s e-books and always music, movies for entertainment. Take regular naps. Don’t the kids on exhaust yourself a holiday and by packing a day. Get in too much up early, go in explore the filling brunch, place, have head home a Get up when and catch forty the out for evening day has cooled down winks. and head sight-seeing and dinner. Stock up on grocerie s. Stock up fruit, cereal, on fresh biscuits, tea biscuits and and milk. Give fruit can eat wheneve to keep in their bags the kids so they r they are you save hungry. It money, eat helps healthy and mornings relax in the or during afternoon breaks. Plan with enough time days are never on hand. One or two trips, exhaustio enough to see a place. Rushed happy holiday. n and exertion do not make for So plan ahead, a with time plan well on your hands. and go lot more, You’ll be able teach to see a home feeling the kids a lot more and not come like you need to get over the exhaustio another vacation just n of this one. Remember that things planned don’t always you may go as lose your maybe miss way in a new flights or city, trains, skip of the places seeing some you wanted is that you to see - but can’t control the truth may as well everythin g. So you stop worrying you have and let go. gone there Do what to do - relax. Travelling is every second a glorious adventur e, so of it - that’s want to pass the philosoph enjoy on to your you are too kids, not one y you high strung in which to have fun.

Warm Regards, Team Select CITYWALK

Make your next travel

Remember plan with Travels at TUI planned - that things don’t Select CITYWAL you may K city, mayb lose your always go as truth is thate miss flights or way in a new trains - but you can’t you may as well stop control every the thing. worrying and let goSo

Travel musts • Plan ahead • Stock up on snacks and groceries • Deep breathing helps clear the mind • Before you of the place go, take a history lesson you are visiting

• Make the kids note down they like or observe about the things place the new • Delegate responsibi lities to the • Make sure family to have a great time



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Mark your calendars, peeps! Select CITYWALK has some exciting and fun-filled events lined up for you in the coming months. Take a look




SPRING DECOR Spring is in the air and there is palpable excitement in the air. With flowers in bloom and rainbows on the horizon, we have a spring in our step at Select CITYWALK and our decor reflects that. Come and see for yourself and allow yourself to indulge in the infectious atmosphere.


Every Wednesday

Our flea market Flea@Nite will be held every Wednesday with exciting stuff in store for you. Come with your friends and family and walk through the myriad stalls offering quirky clothes, eclectic accessories, funky shoes, gifts, trinkets and a whole bunch of irresistible goodies.

FLEA@NITE While women’s equality has made great strides, we still live in a largely unequal world. Women’s Day celebrates all that a woman stands for and all her political, social, economic achievements while bringing attention to the areas that yet need change. We bring to you Urban Street Survival Tactics i.e. self defense derived from Pekiti Tirsia Kali. So come and join hands with us in celebrating the International Women’s Day.



mar-april 14



The Earth Hour is the biggest hour of celebration on our planet. During Earth Hour, scores of millions of people around the world switch off their lights for an hour to show solidarity in saving the one thing that we all have in common - this planet. So, do mark the Earth Hour and help in your own little way




Contents Style File

Sip ‘n’ Bite

14 Spring fashion trends to indulge in

60 Quick and healthy salads

10 SCW’s love-locked campaign

62 The good oil - olive oil

42 Casual rules for the menfolk

Good living

Trend It

66 Shed those kilos on the go

18 Wear it like these divas

Whiz Kids 46 Shop smartly for the little ones

Beauty Spot 48 Spring colours for the face 50 Eye spy a white eyeliner


52 Oil-based serums to the rescue

Go Girl! COVER photographer HORMIS ANTONY THAKARAN ● stylist AAKANKSHA JAIN ● makeup artist and hairstylist SAVLEEN MANCHANDA and ATUL • models JULIA, NIKOLINA & DENISA from 6TH AVENUE MODELS Julia- Peplum top, KAZO `2990, Pants, UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON, `2099, Bag UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON, `3999, Shoes, ALDO, `7400, Ring, ZARA, `590, Neckpiece, FOREVER NEW, `1599


mar-april 14

Various services available for your convenience at


76 Store directory

68 Handy tips for family holidays

80 Services

Women’s Day

Bag It

30 Girl-power all around

36 Add colours to your beauty regime


38 Get the glow

70 Katrina Kaif shares her beauty tips

40 Flat and fashionable

71 Watch out for these flicks

41 Bare essentials

Essentials 02 Upcoming events at Select CITYWALK 08 New stores 72 Happenings at the shopping centre

Services Happy to help: The Styling and Personal Shopping Services, Reward Points, Handsfree shopping and more... For details, please contact the concierge at 011-42114200 or log onto

Select CITYWALK offers you FREE Wi-fi powered by


mar-april 14


New brands on the block Our newcomers have already taken the shopping centre by storm and we can’t wait for more amazing brands to open up. Shopping just got better at Select CITYWALK photographs HARSHIT KHANNA




mar-april 14




...Coming soon



/valentine’s day campaign

Love-locked! ‘To know love is to know life’ goes the adage and at Select CITYWALK, we believe in it wholeheartedly. That is how the decision to lock your love for eternity came about. Read on to know more about our Valentine’s Day campaign that had lovebirds flock to lock their love photographs HARSHIT KHANNA


mar-april 14


elect CITYWALK moved away from traditions this Valentine’s Day and celebrated this day of love with the love-lock campaign wherein one could eternalse their love by placing a lock at Select CITYWALK. This concept originally came from European countries and is now a well-known one across the globe. Love locks were created as a medium through which couples could express their love for one another by etching their names on a padlock and locking it to a bridge, thereby

immortalising their love forever. The key is then thrown over the bridge to prove their love was ever-lasting. All through February 1st - 14th, one could purchase a personalised heart-shaped padlock on which a personalised message was written and you could pledge your love as you placed the lock on the heart walls placed in the atrium. On the 14th, the heart walls were unveiled so that everyone could see the lovelock masterpieces. Several couples flocked from all over the city to lock their love at Select CITYWALK


/valentine’s day campaign

creating fantastic memories. What’s more is that people shared their little love nuggets with us on how they met and their love story so far. From a couple with hearing impairment to couples who met on matrimonial websites, the stories were as varied as they were interesting.

Love birds speak

That being said, your interesting love story is shared with the rest of the world! While we talk of this one love-locking tradition, there are so many other interesting customs that are observed all over the world.

ITALIAN AMORE Jenny & Harneet –

Partners in crime and love at their workplace, Harneet and Jenny hope to be married soon. All smiles when asked about how they met, this duo made for a very sweetlooking couple.

The Italians actually celebrated Valentine’s Day as their Spring festival. The young and amorous met outdoors in gardens and orchards to partake in poetry recitals and music and also took strolls with their beloved. While things have changed now with romantic dinners and gifts taking the place of long walks and poems, the tradition of giving chocolate to your loved ones has not changed. The larger the chocolate, the stronger the love.


Ning & Tenzing –

Ning and Tenzing met at their workplace. When asked about marriage being on the cards, Ning retorted with a snappy ‘No!’ while simultaneously and smiling, Tenzing said, “Not yet.” We say all the best!


mar-april 14

The French do consider themselves to be the most romantic people across the world and it’s alleged that it is on the Gallic shores that the first V-Day card originated from, when Charles, Duke of Orleans sent love letters to his wife during imprisonment. Today, the cardgiving or love-letter writing custom is not as popular as it used to be and instead the French have translated their love for food and dining into a popular Valentine’s Day gesture.

Rashmi & Mohit

Rashmi and Mohit expressed their love for each other through sign language. They met at work in Rajouri Garden. Soon to be married, we wish this endearing couple the very best in life.

Pooja & Karan

Karan and Pooja met on a matrimonial website and going by the past year and a half, they feel like they’ve known each other for much longer. Here’s hoping this blind date not only lasts but outlives this lifetime.

Several couples flocked to Select CITYWALK to lock their love and take back fantastic memories of moments full of love with their Valentine

ENGLISH LOVE In England, Valentine’s Day cards are more often sent mysteriously, a tradition that stems from the Victorian era. In several parts of the country, people have different customs to celebrate this day of love. In Norfolk, an anonymous Jack Valentine knocks on doors and disappears leaving candy and treats for children.

ESTONIAN ETCHINGS In Estonia, Valentine’s Day has its own meaning. It’s called Friend’s Day, so that single, love-lost people don’t feel estranged. Everyone gets to exchange presents with friends and family members.

Neha & Tarun

Being complete strangers at the onset of their one-year marriage, when asked what they like about each other, Tarun thoughtfully said, “Her childish behaviour,” and Neha shyly replied, “His maturity. “

Saloni, Darpan & lil’ Sanaya Saloni and Darpan were

college friends and believe their friendship turned into a great relationship. Sanaya, their little one strikes a pose for us.


/style file


spring report

Spring is here and with it are trends that will knock you out completely. Listen up, magpies!

Head to DUNE, the swanky new store on the 1st floor at Select CITYWALK for these solid coloured

heel & slinky stilettos, ranging from `6,999 to `0,999

COLOUR POPS Bold and beautiful soles with luxurious helpings of sparkle, shimmer and decadent whims, this season promises to take you on a skyhigh walk. Strap on a bright solid coloured heel or slinky stilettos and stride out in style.

BREEZY FITS It’s the season to don the freeflowing, airy silhouette. Pull out those billowing tops and easy pants and spruce it up with a chunky accessory. Easy, breezy and oh-so-stylish, we think!

Bag this envelope clutch at ACCESSORIZE

CANDY CRUSH Candy tones are making a big splash and in a cute way. Dresses, shoes, bags, belts, separates and accessories are sporting a candydipped hue. Mellow yellows, sorbets, ice blues, mint greens and creamy whites are here to stay. So pick yourself some candy pronto! The pastel palette is mesmerising this spring and can be easily taken from a power brunch meeting to a spiffy cocktail hour. This trend finally gives you freedom from monochromes and allows you to revel in colour.


mar-april 14

Check out the floral pants from United Colors of Benetton

Floral Kaftan, ACCESSORIZE

PEPPY PRINTS Dainty flowers or bold brush strokes, this is the season to flaunt your print. Take a pick from oranges, pinks, reds and greens!

ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK Orange is truly the new black. Apart from the popular Netflix series by the same name, the colour moment that stood out on New York Fashion Week ramps was a series of oranges. The fierce shade has dotted, all ready-to-wear shows by making its presence felt on lips, clothes, shoes and bags. From its juicy tones to red-tinged bricks and rusts, orange was splashed across Narciso Rodriguez, Joseph Altuzarra, and Gucci’s Frida Giannini collections. Wrap dresses from Proenza Schouler added the fire to this tonal trend. Tangerine, paprika, corals, peaches, orange was the surprise colour of the year this Spring/Summer 2014. Orange has dotted all ready-to-wear shows this season, so don’t forget to grab an orange scallopcase accessories kit bag for ` 2,999 from DUNE

Orange handbag, DUNE

Perky orange dress, ZARA, `2,990

Orange & gold cuff, KAZO, `790

Team these orange beauties with a cute white tee, ZARA, `1,990


/style file BOLD BRUSH STROKES Fashion can be art and time has proven that relentlessly. Designers have brought out their easels and their mixing palettes and gone amok making broad strokes and swishes across their garments. Mural prints on dresses, painterly prints sprayed across smock shirts and dresses. The couture mansion of Chanel exhibited various ensembles with colourful paint-swatch prints while Prada used murals and art-print designs. An art gallery splash with modern art and bold hues played a huge role on SS14 runways.Celine also dipped her brushes in huge paint pots and moved away from her usual minimalist approach. Abstract art, swatch-like patterns, ocean-inspired tones, watercolour like prints, blossoming gardens, landscape prints and a whole lot of spring tones added such a romantic feel to this trend.

Green painterly print, ZARA, `2,990

Brush strokes skirt, ZARA, `2,990


mar-april 14

Art inspired dress, MANGO, `3,490

FURIOUSLY FEMININE Think dresses and tea-length skirts in gorgeous orchid purples or hot pink. The length stays just above the ankle or mid-calf while the colours keep it girly and cute. Playing with this ultra feminine silhouette, these skirts can be paired with a bolder, sporty top for a stylish finish. Fringed tops, loose-fitted tops and boxy jackets would really set off the overtly feminine shape. The tea-length skirt is somewhere between the midi and the maxi and it’s the perfect length for spring. This ladylike hemline is just as trendy as the mini skirt. Pair it with a crop top to highlight the skirt’s length and help you look taller. A flowing spring tea-length dress can look tremendously chic with a little shoulder or arm baring. Candyfloss pinks, icy tones, minty greens, powdery pastels, lemon sherbet and baby blues are your cue for SS14. Lace separates in these tones at Burberry highlighted the huge crush the fashion world has on candy hues. Sheer shirts, pretty skirts, lace-trimmed dresses and light-coloured wide-leg pants made a grand appearance on SS14 global catwalks. Offset this trend with stark nude tones to get the right impact.

Round up the girls and head to Zara at Select CITYWALK. Scout for pretty tea-length skirts and wear with aplomb!

Crown-weave floppy hat, ACCESSORIZE

Tea-length sheer skirt, ZARA, `2,890

Maxi skirt, MANGO, `4,590 Stud jeans belt, ACCESSORIZE

Stone chandelier earrings, ACCESSORIZE


/trend it

Luxe earrings, ACCESSORIZE

Tear-drop necklace, ACCESSORIZE

Funky shades, ALDO


Cool and collected

Dress yourself in the ever-popular colour of the desirable coastal waters - shades of aqua and turquoise are becoming a staple pop of colour in spring. You can opt for prints and team them with tints and hues of teal to go with the entire look. Kareena Kapoor flaunts just the spring girl look in aqua print kneelength dress and teams it up with beige high heels.

Landscape print jacket, KAZO, `2,990

Printed dress, MANGO, `5,390

Dual-toned handbag, CHARLES & KEITH

Tea-time bag, CHARLES & KEITH

Nude pumps, ALDO


mar-april 14

Two-toned brogues, CHARLES & KEITH

Kareena sports an off-shouldered number in cool colours

Sweet flower earrings, ACCESSORIZE

Riviera earrings, ACCESSORIZE

Orange shirt, MANGO,`3,490


Classy casuals

Pair denims with the classic close collar shirts this season. You can opt for the summery hues and sheer fabric to keep yourself cool and comfortable this season. Be sure to try the ankle cuffed stilettos with these to complete the look and a classy clutch will just add that extra touch to your summery look.

Blue collared shirt, MANGO, `4,590

Two-toned clutch, CHARLES & KEITH

Beige heels, ALDO

Deepika Padukone seals her summer look in denims

Ankle strap heels, ALDO

Evergreen denims, ZARA, `2,890


/trend it

Throwing shapes necklace, ACCESSORIZE

Stacking ring set, ACCESSORIZE


White crop top, ZARA, `2,890

Flat-top sunglasses, ACCESSORIZE

Muted magic All chic and sassy, this is Sonam channeling her inner Audrey Hepburn with a lacy and feminine blouse that sets the mood of spring and summer. Pair these whites with muted tones and spell the monochrome magic with elan. Team it with a hold-all bag and a chunky necklace to complete the look.

Sonam goes lacy and feminine in a white blouse Handbag, CHARLES & KEITH


Textured trousers, MANGO, `2,990

Striped trousers, MANGO, `3,990

Dual-toned satchel, HIDESIGN, `6,895

Court heels, CHARLES & KEITH


mar-april 14


Three-tier necklace, ALDO

Mosaic shimmer earrings, ACCESSORIZE

Black & gold buckle belt, CHARLES & KEITH

Purple & orange belt, CHARLES & KEITH



Cream whisper dress, FOREVER NEW, `3,775

Shraddha Kapoor takes her white hi-low dress notches up by amping her look with a pink lip, black clutch and nude peep-toes. Black and white are colours that complement every other colour in the palette, so go ahead and add that dash of colour to your face or a bold bright accent to your outfit. Like keeping it classic? Stick to monochrome-hued accessories and watch heads turn!

Shraddha Kapoor pulls up the classic look in white high-low dress

Black & silver sling bag, ALDO

Black enamel bangle, ACCESSORIZE

Monochrome peep-toes, CHARLES & KEITH

Hi-low skirt, ZARA, `2,990

Silver heels, ALDO


/style file

Go Girl! The invincible. The powerful. The humble. The beautiful. The mysterious. The allencompassing. Take a bow ladies. We salute you. photographer HORMIS ANTONY THAKARAN • stylist AAKANKSHA JAIN • makeup artist and hairstylist SAVLEEN MANCHANDA and ATUL • models JULIA, NIKOLINA & DENISA from 6TH AVENUE MODELS

Gym gossip

If there is something women love, it’s the company of their friends. Go on a gym date with your bestie and work those excess calories away. Stay fit, stay beautiful. Nikolina - Jacket, REEBOK, `4599, Band, SUPERDRY, `1290, Skirt, SUPERDRY, `3490, Shoes, NIKE ` 18000 Denisa - Sports bra, REEBOK, `1990, Shoes, REEBOK `8999, Jacket, SUPERDRY, `4990, Shorts, NIKE, `1395, Band, SUPERDRY, `1290. Location: Fitness First Platinum


mar-april 14


Sole mates

Head to Dune at Select CITYWALK and pamper your soles with a swanky new pair of sky-highs or strappy flats. Ring spring in in a foot-loose and fancyfree manner! Julia-Yellow shirt, VAN HEUSEN, `2195, Black shorts, ZARA, `1990, Ring, SWAROVSKI, `3500, Shoes, NINEWEST, `3600 Nikolina-Stripe dress, MANGO, `4590, Neckpiece, SWAROVSKI, `6999, BraceletSWAROVSKI, `2999, Red heels, TRESMODE, `5000. Location: Dune


mar-april 14

Peachy poses Pull out the pretty wardrobe for it is the season to be prim and peachy. Team polkas with a solid-hued maxi skirt or a peplum top with slim floral pants and head out to colour yourself beautiful.

Julia- Peplum top, KAZO `2990, Pants, UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON, `2099, Bag, UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON, `3999, Shoes, ALDO, `7400, Ring, ZARA, `590, Neckpiece, FOREVER NEW, `1599 Nikolina- Shirt, VAN HEUSEN, `2195, Slit skirt, MANGO, `4590, Neckpiece, KAZO `2990, Ring, ZARA, `590, Shoes, NINEWEST `8290, Bag, ZARA, `2990. Location: Clinique


/style file

Gang of gals Three’s always company when it comes to women. Get your gal pals together and head out for a day of fun and frolic. Nikolina - White top, UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON, `3590, Jacket, VAN HEUSEN, `5000, Pants, SUPERDRY, `4490, Nude heels, ALDO, `7400, Bag, ZARA, `2990 Julia - Dress, KAZO, `2299, Bracelet, ACCESSORIZE, `1299, Heels, ALDO, `7400, Bag, FOREVER NEW, `1800, Shades, GUCCI, `25000 Denisa - Black and white top, GUESS, `2990, Shorts, SUPERDRY, `4000, Pink inners, UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON, `599, Orange belt, TOMMY HILFIGER, `990, Shades, ACCESSORIZE, `1599, Orange heels, DUNE, `7499 Location: Haagen Dazs


mar-april 14

Scent of a woman Pack those woollens away and step out in those cute dresses and bold-hued heels. Stripes, candied tones, bright accents and so much more to be played around with. Step out in style. Julia - Pink Dress, ZARA, `3000, Pink heels, CHARLES AND KEITH, `7499, Ring, SWAROVSKI, `1499, Necklace, ZARA, `2790 Denisa - Black and white dress, ZARA, `3000,Necklace, SWAROVSKI, `5500, Red heels,TRESMODE, `5000


/style file


mar-april 14

The sirens Give a woman some glimmer, some shimmer and she’ll sparkle her way through anything. Bring the bling out on to the red carpet and leave everyone agape. Julia - Golden Dress, GUESS, `8999, Earrings, ACCESSORIZE, `499, Golden heels, TRESMODE, `5000, Ring, SWAROVSKI, `1299 Nikolina - White top, ZARA, `1599, Silver skirt, KAZO, `2990, Bracelet, SWAROVSKI, `4999, Black shoes, DUNE, `7999, Clutch, ALDO, `4900. Location: b-bar


/women’s day


P WER to You Milady


International Women’s Day is round the corner. March 8th, in case you didn’t know! So, mark your calendars to celebrate the women in your life. Shruti Tomar lets you in on the fun side of this day


mar-april 14

8 WInternational men’s Day th



aving emerged at the beginning of the 20th century due to the early socialist movements, International Women’s Day is now recognised and celebrated world over. Each year scores of events are held across the world to inspire, encourage and celebrate women and their numerous achievements.


#2 #1

GLORY PAST Whatever the inspiration may be, IWD has come to be one of the most celebrated events annually. What’s more it is a day when women are revered irrespective of barriers such as national, ethnic, cultural, linguistic, race, political or economic. The past struggles of women are reflected upon and more importantly, the untapped potential and chances that lie ahead are spoken of. These early years formed the base for International Women’s Day and took on a new global meaning for women all over the world that is in developing as well as developed countries alike. The United Nations has cemented this day by holding global UN women’s conferences and had an active role in women’s rights and share in economic and political fields. Over the years, IWD grew to become a day on which the progress women have made in several fields is remembered, reflected upon and revered. It serves as a day to



#7 #6


Celebrate womanhood • Participate in events and happenings around you. Every year, there are scores of events organised by women’s organisations, schools, charities and corporations. • Mentor other women. Many women would like to have a guide or a mentor and if you feel you can help others by your experiences in life, go ahead and pay it forward. • Donate, give and make a difference. There are several women-run organisations and charities that could benefit a lot from your help and your donations. So, go ahead and loosen those purse strings. • Make sure to reach out to all the women who made a difference in your life and helped you become what you are. Your mum, your aunt, your sister, a mentor or a friend, anyone who has impacted your life is worth the effort, don’t you think? A card, a note, a long-due phone call or a sweet something is always welcome.


#9 #10 #11 #12

1. Conny statement necklace, ACCESSORIZE; 2. Paper bowler hat, ACCESSORIZE; 3. Embellished earrings, ACCESSORIZE; 4. Sunglasses, ALDO; 5. Chunky beaded bracelet, ALDO; 6. Printed pants, KAZO; 7. White dress, NEXT; 8. Even better, dark spot defense, CLINIQUE; 9. Watch, ETHOS; 10. Black buckle belt, ACCESSORIZE; 11. Backpack, ACCESSORIZE; 12. Red ankle-strap heels, ZARA


/women’s day

Did you know? • The earliest recorded female physician was Merit Ptah, a doctor in ancient Egypt around 2700 B.C. She may be the first woman recorded by name in the history of all of the sciences. • In Ancient Egypt, one of the most successful dynasties was that of Hatshepsut, a female Pharaoh. She ruled from about 1479 to 1458 BC.  • The world’s first novel, The

Tale of Genji, was published in Japan around A.D. 1000 by female author Murasaki Shikibu • British Queen Victoria ruled from 1837 – 1901, over one of the largest empires in the history of the world–at one point controlling land on nearly every continent. • The first country to grant women the right to vote in the modern era was New Zealand in 1893. The same

year, Elizabeth Yates also became Mayor of Onehunga, NZ–the first ever female mayor anywhere in the British empire. • Marie Curie is the only woman to ever win two Nobel Prizes, one for physics for spontaneous radiation (1903) and the other in chemistry for radioactivity (1911). • Jane Addams was the first woman to be awarded the

Nobel Peace Prize (1931) for founding Hull House, an organisation that improved quality of life for people by improving education and living conditions. • The first woman to rule a country as an elected leader in the modern era was Sirimavo Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka, who was elected Prime Minister in 1960 and later reelected in 1970.

speak and act for change and to commend the strength and resilience of ordinary women who have performed extraordinary tasks in history and are a source of inspiration for millions of women.

WINDS OF CHANGE Apart from it being an official holiday in scores of countries, International Women’s Day is also celebrated in Afghanistan, Vietnam, Zambia and China. The tradition has men honouring the women in their lives; their mothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends, colleagues with flowers and presents. In some nations, IWD is considered to be like Mother’s Day where children present their mothers and grandmothers with cards and gifts. This century has seen a remarkable


mar-april 14

8 WInternational men’s Day th


Take this fun Women’s Day Gift Test to see which gift describe you the best


CHOCOLATES It means that... You are a sweet person who enjoys traditional gifts and hopefully likes to share. OR... You’re a selfish chocoholic who values a sugar high over everything, even true love.


FLOWERS It means that... You love the beauty of nature, the scent of flowers and appreciate this timeless romantic gesture. OR... You get some twisted joy out of watching vegetation wither and die. A SWEET POEM It means that... You’re a hopeless romantic, a cultured person who recognises the power and beauty of the written word. OR... You’re used to cheap gifts and like to pass yourself off as a cultured person who recognises the power and beauty of the written word.


WAFFLE IRON It means that... You’re a practical person who believes in gifts that you can actually use. OR... You have absolutely no idea of what giftgiving is all about and probably have some sort of deviant fetish involving kitchen appliances.



DINNER/DANCING It means that... You enjoy the company of that special someone and the romantic setting of fine cuisine and candlelight. OR... You’re easy to please and probably willing to sell your body for food and a few quick turns around the dance floor.



#7 #10

shift and attitudinal change in both women as well as society’s opinion on women’s equality and emancipation. The younger generation is all about ‘what a man can do, a woman can do better’ while several feminists from the 70s recognise the longevity and embedded intricacies of a patriarchal society. With more women in the boardroom than in kitchens, with higher levels of equality in legislative rights and increased visibility, women have proven to be exceptional role models in every aspect. Women have excelled in every field from astronomy, science and politics to medicine, education and entrepreneurship. The idea of women working and having a family was not a socially accepted one but today, one sees women juggling their family and professional life beautifully.




1. Floppy hat, NEXT; 2. Red lipstick, RIRI COLLECITON, M.A.C; 3. Checked strap dress, NEXT; 4. Lip gloss, THE BODY SHOP; 5. Dungarees, NEXT; 6. Compact, ESTEE LAUDER; 7. Blue dress, SUPERDRY; 8. Makeup powder, ESTEE LAUDER; 9. Cuticle remover, INGLOT; 10. Moisture mist, SHAHNAZ HUSAIN; 11. Ring, ACCESSORIZE; 12. Yellow weave clutch, NEXT


8 WInternational men’s Day th

/women’s day


Pretty woman

Pamper yourself and your sorority this Women’s Day with these hampers, especially combined at Select CITYWALK’s prominent beauty brand stores for the pretty woman in you Brightening Vitamin enrich finishing powder `2520 face base `3410

Bobbi Brown’s makeup must haves for


Creamy lip colour (Uber pink 3) `1670

Gel eyeliner (Black ink 1) `1540

1 10









Skin foundation SPF 15 `3220

Estee Lauder anti ageing cream `3910 Sephora’s age delay eye cream `1800

Stri Vectin hand cream `2200 Sephora’s compact `920


mar-april 14

Eye shadow (Eggplant 5) `1390

Eye shadow (pink chiffon 54) `1390

Blush (Peony 16) `2030

Creamy lip colour (Coral pink 3) `1670


Sephora’s beauty must haves for

7 Clinique’s lip colour balm `1025 Estee Lauder anti ageing cream `3910 Sephora’s foundation `1080

Extreme party mascara `1540





4 3


Sophisticated, classic and glamorous trends ruled European runways which reflects in the “new patterns” and “embellishments” used in current kazo collection. The Spring/Summer ’14 collection opens with trend colors like Poppy Red, Limeade, Flamingo Pink, Dazzling Blue, Blazing Yellow, Green Ash and Neon Pink. For high summer the collection offers Clematis Blue, Aqua Sky, Pink Lemonade, Pink Flamingo. Luxurious fabrics and textures like Basket weave, Mint leaf, Star white, Kamas georgette, Butter georgette, Chiffon, Poly net, Floral net etc. in a selection of cool shades to create a versatile wardrobe to see you through the summer months. Jacket Color: Blazing yellow combo Price: 2990/Necklace Color: Green ash combo Price: 1090/-

T-shirt Color: Black Price: 1090/-

Maxi dress Color: Black Price: 4990/-

Dress Color: Blazing yellow combo Price: 2190/-

Earring Color: Offwhite Price: 790/-

Clutch Color: Green Price: 2990/Trouser Color: Tribal print Price: 1990/-

Dress Color: Limeade Price: 2490/-

Hand bag Color: Beige Price: 4990/-

Bracelet Color: Offwhite combo Price: 1090/-

/bag it

Commotion, Huggable lip colour, M.A.C

Beige ideal, Skin-perfecting makeup duo, LANCOME

Hue and cry

With Holi round the corner, this is as good a time as any to add some colour to your life. And to your face. Do yourself up in traditional pinks and browns, or blaze the town with some fiery red. At the end of the day, it’s all about looking - and feeling - good

Brush-on sunlight THE BODY SHOP


Breathable enamel, INGLOT

mar-april 14

Lipstick, Riri collection, M.A.C

Stay in place high-cover concealer, ESTEE LAUDER

/bag it

Get set, glow! If anything in life needs regular TLC, it’s your skin and hair. After all, they are the ones who take lifestyle and pollution problems the hardest. Make your skin and hair feel as fresh as the season with this pampering range of beauty products

Telomere cream, SHAHNAZ HUSAIN

Dramatically different lotion, CLINIQUE Nail-care set, INGLOT

Cane sugar lip scrub, FOREST ESSENTIALS


mar-april 14



/bag it

Golden flats, ZARA

Juicy jelly sandals, ACCESSORIZE

Flat strappy fun, ALDO

Flat out It’s always a good idea to keep your feet firmly on the ground. But who says you can’t do it in style? Check out this chic range of flats that is sure to amp up both your confidence and your fashion quotient

Slim sunny flip-flops HAVAIANAS

Crochet swimsuit, ACCESSORIZE

Hello sugar blue set, LA SENZA

Bare essentials Break the monotony of everyday dressing with a bit of peek-aboo - whether on the beach or in the privacy of your bedroom. Try time-tested lace or quirky metal embellishments

Barely-there red, LA SENZA

Crazy Marrakech bikini, ACCESSORIZE


/bag it

Casual cues • Cotton is the universal language of casual clothing. Wear it anywhere and you’ll fit right in.

T-shirt, GUESS Jeans, GUESS

T-shirt trumps Peach shirt, GUESS

Casual rules Two rules to follow: how your clothes fit and the type of clothes you buy. Regardless of the price, if a certain garment fits you well, it will always look good and be a smart investment..

Chinos, ZARA

Chinos check Buy chinos that can be worn to casual and formal dos. Neutral tones like light brown, grey or navy are perfect as they complement most colours. Worn with a waist coat or a suit jacket, the chinos takes casual dressing notches above. Opt for fabrics season-wise. In the summers, light cottons and linen are great. Do remember that all chinos are not the same.


mar-april 14

The sleeves must end at mid-bicep while the rest of it should be slim (slim means not too tight, not baggy loose either) and the length should end a couple of inches only below the waist. Of course, the failsafe way to wear the tee is to pair it with denims and a pair of boots but a different way would be to team it with chinos and an unstructured jacket. Always have staple T-shirts in greys, whites and navy to provide maximum versatility.

Denim rules When it comes to denims, fit is king. Slim and not skinny is what one should scour for and it’s okay to get them fitted to size. A pair in raw indigo and perhaps one in grey or black wash, if you are really into denims, else keep it simple. A good ol’ pair with no distressing, logos, patches, or anything else to take away from the classic that the denim is would be ideal.

• Sweatpants are for sick days, couch surfing, and light exercise. For anything else, throw on a pair of jeans and get on with it. • Everything looks better with age except for white T-shirts. Those look best new. • When scouting for denims, ignore the acid, stone and other artificial washes. The best way to break in a pair of jeans is to wear them as often as you can. • Fitted is good. Snug is dicey. Tight is just wrong. • When in doubt: a white oxford shirt. • Khaki is a colour and chinos are pants. Feel free to interchange these terms though. • Stay away from velour. What is velour? A velvetlike fabric!

Casual affairs

For all the men who fret about casual dressing, stress no more. Here are some pointers from our casual wear rule book Shoe show Shoes maketh a man. Do not think if it’s casual dressing, the shoes don’t matter. Always opt for quality footwear. Leave the running shoes for runs and the flip-flops for the beaches. A pair of Oxfords would suit most casual ensembles.

Shoes, CROCS


Find the coolest, funkiest casual wear at the newly-opened Superdry Store at Select CITYWALK!

Hooded red jacket Team with a cool pair of denims

Blue printed dress Put this on for a day out with the girls

Cropped blue top Pair with a pair of skinny jeans and booties

Pink skirt A white camisole and shiny flats! Red tee Sport this tee with comfy shorts

Real Superdry Tee Pair with the good ol’ jeans

Superdry beach JPN Team with a pair of beach shorts

Camouflage shirt Wear with casual chinos

Superdry shorts A basic white tee will do the trick

/home dĂŠcor

Brunch dĂŠcor

If winter comes, can spring be far behind? Enjoy the light breeze and blossoming flowers by throwing a spring brunch for your near and dear ones. Shruti Tomar guides you on how to welcome spring to your table with flair

out a bright tablecloth, your carefully tuckedaway dinner plates and your sparkling cutglass goblets. Place the scrumptious desserts on stands of different heights, with a bouquet of fresh blooms, or vintage coffee urns, as the centrepiece. Another idea for a pretty table is to decorate it with painted tincan vases. So next time don’t throw away those Del Monte or Heinz baked beans cans and use them to dress up your table. Paint them in pretty colours, arrange flowers with a bit of moss and - voila! - you have a pretty DIY decoration. Brighten up the seating area with vibrant cushions and table runners.

SEASONAL SPLENDOUR If you’re throwing a brunch for the girls, think pink. A pink frosting cake, pink lemonade or cocktails, rose-tinged tulips and green spring plates serve as a delightful setting for an alfresco meal. Bring out your crystal glasses and tie pink ribbons or floral wineglass charms to add a dash of glamour to the meal. For fancier affairs, make little pink bags and fill them with chocolates or a personal menu of favourites to make your guests feel special. Or make a special candy jar of gourmet jellybeans for them to take home. Take pretty linencovered or fancy paper-covered boxes, make a bed of twigs and fill them with chocolates or candy for your guests. Throw in a pretty blossom to complete the look.

Essentials for a spring table Get these at HomeStop, Select CITYWALK

1) Collect and use interesting tableware for a spring brunch. Bright plates, interesting tea trays, vintage cake stands or cupcake stands, and other vibrant paraphernalia.

2) Baskets, ceramic bowls, flower pots, urns, vases, books, pedestals and candle stands - all of these will brighten up the table.



here is no better way to celebrate spring than throwing a cosy brunch for friends and family. Pretty pastels, fresh flowers, spring nests, patio settings, painted egg shells, candy favours and English cutlery make spring such a delight on the table. And the best part is it’s not hard at all - it just takes some creativity and pottering around the house to do up your table for the party.

GET CREATIVE Spring is best celebrated outdoors with a brunch, luncheon or afternoon tea. So bring

If you are looking at a more practical brunch, get hold of paper plates, napkins and cutlery in polka dots and florals. This will instantly liven up the table and also take care of post-party clean-up hassles. If you have plain white ones lying at home, make them festive with colourful stamps. Pretty wallpaper or some bright leftover fabric can work wonders as a table runner. Use foil baskets and make a spring nest with twigs and flowers as centrepieces or side décor. Add lanterns to tree branches; snip out happy spring photos from a magazine and dress up an ordinary vase; spray-paint hard-boiled eggs for cute centerpieces; and mix and match cutlery to add a bit of quirkiness to the brunch. Whether grand, intimate, simple, luxurious or simply fun, a spring brunch is the perfect way to celebrate welcome the summer, so go ahead and start planning!

3) Use nature and natural elements. Plants, flowers, twigs, fruits, ornamental eggs, moss, nests, rocks the list is endless. Bag these at Maspar at Select CITYWALK

4) Table linen can include tablecloths, paper napkins, table runners, place mats or any DIY table creation. Just keep them bright and summery.


/whiz kids



smart You are perhaps an ace-shopper when it comes to shopping for yourself but shopping for your kids is another ball-game altogether. It is an art and an acquired art for the seasoned ones. We tell you how to shop for the little ones smartly


hat’s the best stuff to buy at any given age? That’s a question that pops up in every parent’s mind time and again. How does one make sure that the clothes you get them are useful, practical and also suit their fashion sensibilities (we all know they have stubborn sensibilities!). A few tips will help make shopping for them easy.

BIGGER SIZES Children grow at lightning speed and especially when they are young, so shopping for them is actually an art. An acquired art at that. What are your options and what are the best things to buy for them at a particular age are questions that pop up instantly. Practical yet great looking clothing because God knows kids these days have a strong say in what they will wear. The handiest tip is to buy clothes for them that are a little bigger in size. They will outgrow the right size in no time. It’s not worth investing heavily in clothes that will eventually not be used for long and punch a hole in your wallet. If you have younger kids, you can always pass them on but if you don’t, then be smart about it.

Image courtesy: Ne




mar-april 14

Shopping online is a great way to shop for clothing for the little ones. A lot of the clothing websites have sections that cater to kids clothing and one can browse at length and make an informed decision. You won’t need to drag your kids all over town and can shop from the comfort of your home. But if you’re the kind that needs to touch and feel a garment, then do a recci yourself the first time and then step out with the children.

#4 #2



Allow your kids to choose their own clothes, especially the ones that are a little older. Give them a budget and allow them to explore their purchases within that amount. You also help them learn how




SHOPPING TRICK Allow your kids to choose their own clothes, especially the ones that are a little older. It’s imperative to let them create and manage their own preferences. Give them a budget and allow them to explore their purchases within that amount. You also help them learn how to purchase stuff, the value of a hard-earned buck and how to work on a budget. They also come away happier kids and little else can bring as big a smile on your face!

1. White earrings, ACCESSORIZE, Price on request 2. Sunglasses, NEXT, Price on request 3. Sling bag, NEXT, Price on request 4. Dungree shorts, NEXT, Price on request 5. Skirt with suspenders, NEXT, Price on request 6.Denim shirt, NEXT, Price on request 7. Top, ZARA, `890 8. T-shirt, NEXT, Price on request 9. Bag, ZARA, `1,590 10. Striped swimsuit, ZARA, `1,290 11. Glitter bodystickers, ACCESSORIZE, Price on request 12. Owl bag, ACCESSORIZE, Price on request 13. Heart-print denims, NEXT, Price on request 14. Sparkly ballerinas, ACCESSORIZE, Price on request 15. Sport shoes, NEXT, Price on request 16. Red crocs, CROCS, Price on request

#9 #11








/beauty spot


mar-april 14

Image courtesy: MAC Huggable Lipcolour

Dip your beauty brushes in myriad colours and allow spring to colour you beautiful. Here’s what the season brings to the palette.


his summer, celebrate the blues, or rather, the lilacs and purples. This season, colours are in: orange lips, lilacs on eyes and skin that glows like pearl. While globally, lilacs and purples on eyes and lips are predicted to rule ramps and streets, makeup gurus advise mixing it with a tint of pink for Indian skin tones. And then there is the white eyeliner, which we are still discovering. Mickey Contractor, Director of Makeup Artistry, MAC, India, says, “Lilac may not suit the Indian skin tone. But the best part is you can select from a broader spectrum of purple and pinks that will compliment the skin as well keep in tune with the global trend. Also, the use of white pencil is going to be a big this spring-summer for opening up the eyes and creating some drama.”

y: Clinique

Image courtes

ORANGE IT IS Even at the end of winter, we saw the reds fading out and being replaced with orange on lips. And this summer, orange is going to wipe it off completely. The new orange is brighter and sexier. Setting off cream, white and pastel clothing of the hot months with a dash of neon orange will be cool. Don’t try a lighter shade, go full blast ahead. ORANGE LIPSTICKS Lancome L’Absolu Rouge 153 (Matt) Gloss in Love 172 (Gloss) MAC So Chaud (Matt) Lady Danger (Matt) Inglot 401 (Matt) 206, 101, 278 (Gloss) Colorbar Orange Punch 13 (Matt)

Citrine orange 040 (Matt) Orange Blossom 26 (Matt) Sinful orange 09 Tease 011 (Gloss) Ritzy (Gloss) Orange Sunset (Gloss) EYELINER Colorbar Glowing Sapphire 010 Lancome 24 Hours


has a soft-wash effect.” For stronger eyes, use lilac with dusty gray undertones. Experiment with opal, sapphire, aqua, turquoise, electric and tiffany blue liners (for the upper lash) to accentuate your eyes. Don’t Nail them:  Simple and try petite lines, though. Swipe a geometric, without thick stroke of liner but keep the the glitter, is ruling rest of your face neutral. your fingertips. Choose a

Be ready for intense cobalt minimalistic reverse half eyeliners, bright purple shadow moon manicure with just on the lids or lilacs for a softer CHEEKY BERRY two contrasting nail look. Mix your blue or purple Berry, which can complement colours painted in half-circles. with a little pink to create softer both blues and the red, in orange eyes. Sonic Sarwate, Senior Artist flushes the cheek. The key is to dot the of M.A.C India, explains, “Lilac is a very colour on just the centre of the cheeks and popular colour for Spring-Summer, 2014. It can blend it out to make the apples glow. Sarwate be used both for the eyes as well as lips since it says, “One can play with the shimmery tones of white, pearl and champagne, as highlighters EYE SHADOW PURPLE AND LILAC to gently contour the cheek bones that will help Lancome Hypnose DO2 - Lilac shades’ colour palate light to reflect better.” Colorbar Loaf 027, Symphony 02 MAC Plum Dressing, Creme De Violet

WINE AND BERRY BLUSH MAC Breath of Plum, Vintage Grape


/beauty spot

T Lust for

lashes Try eyelash extensions this spring to add more drama to your eye makeup routine

his season, it is time to take a sneak peek into the exclusive milieu of Hollywood, drag queens, Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, where thrives this niche beauty trick – eyelash extensions and enhancements. The trick especially works for spring when lilacs and purples on the eye are set to rule the runway. Their softer hues can create a void that can only be filled with eyelash extension drama. And since its spring, when sweat makes eye makeup an aesthetic liability, you can also opt to just throw on some foundation, rub lip gloss and excuse yourself from your eye makeup routine. These eyelash extensions will make sure your eyes get their due attention sans makeup as well. Here’s what you need to know.

SEPHORA’S NYLON LASH EXTENSION SYSTEM Sephora has found a mid-way in between false eyelashes and elaborate lash extensions with do-it-yourself ‘Better than False Lashes’ nylon lash extension system. It is a threestep lash extension system that includes an activating mascara base, a top coat and nylon lash fibers. The activating mascara base and top coat is designed specifically to melt and seal the nylon fibers into long, thick, dramatic lashes without any risk or mess.


False Eyelashes MAC `700

Here we have an elaborate form of eye lash lengthening that allows you to shower, swim and sweat with your extensions on your eyes. A full-set of extensions can take about two hours to apply, since stylists carefully attach each extension to an individual lash with tweezers. After your first full-set, you’ll only need touch-ups, which don’t take nearly as long. They’re attached using medical-grade glue. Novalash eyelash extensions are priced at Rs. 4,200 for your first top set and Rs 1,900 for returning touch-ups.

M.A.C’S FALSE EYELASHES M.A.C false lashes come in a variety of styles. Most popular would probably be number 7, claiming natural length and everyday glamour. M.A.C lashes are handmade to exact specifications so they last longer. Better than False lashes SEPHORA `2174


mar-april 14

Curly curl NOVALASH `4720



Lining your eyes with white is the next mass makeup trick. It brightens, widens and even adds shape to your eyes. We tell you how


eepika Padukone and Kareena Kapoor Khan may be doing it today. But Rekha did it decades ago. We are talking about using white eyeliner to open up your eyes. A Hollywood and Bollywood favourite, the white eyeliner will be spring’s most popular makeup tool on the streets too. The only trouble is the handy tool, if not smartly used, could turn out to be a makeup disaster. So, here’s how to get it right.

WIDE VISION A line of white inside your lower lid can extend the white area of the eye, making them appear wider. In a layman’s terms, white kajal. But as with any makeup, choose the right shade: stark whites against warm Indian skin tones can look scary, so try an off-white or even beige liner. Or smudge several light shades together to achieve the effect. A silver liner my also look interesting but intead of lining the entire waterline silver, just draw a precise V in the inner corner of the eye for a similar effect. The white may look a little stark at first, but just blink several times so that a little of the colour is transferred to your upper waterline, smudging and softening the lower line. Stick to soft eye liner pencils. But if you have big eyes, avoid it.

POP IT UP A touch of white or silver or beige to the inner corner of the eye may brighten it up instantly and also draw attention away from red and strained eyes. It’s a smart trick to camaflaouge tired eyes. Line the inner corner of the eye with an eye pencil in shimmery white, silver or off-white.

LONGER LOOK A line of white along your upper lid may help eyes look elongated and larger. To apply, draw a line of white eyeliner across the top lash line of your eye and smudge it outwards, covering the entire lid. But don’t use it on your lash line without finishing it off with a darker liner close to your lashes. Blend in the darker liner with dark (brown or black) mascara. Also, avoid thick white lines.

White eyeliner, INGLOT

White rules • Avoid using too much of white. • People with close-set eyes should try the white liner around the inner corners. • Those with wide-set eyes can use it on their outer corners to make their eyes appear a little closer. • People with darker skin tones could try pearly off -whites, golds or champagne eyeliners.

Riri collection, MAC


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Are you breathing a sigh of relief that Delhi’s harsh winters are almost over? But if experts are to be believed, spring is as bad for hair as winter. We tell you how to keep your hair frizz-free and spring-ready with just one handy product: an oil-based hair serum


n oil-based serum blends in the best of both worlds - the natural goodness of essential oils and the frizz control of serum. While oiling your hair is one of the oldest and, sadly, the most disregarded hair-care tip, it is making a comeback today in every salon professional’s guidebook - but with a twist. The new-age hair-care mantra is natural oilbased serums that can be used as conditioners, masques, heat-preventive sprays and leave-in conditioners for instant care and shine.

The USP The oil-based serums are the new oils. While the traditional silicone serums just give a glossy coating to the hair, the oil-based serums add shine in a far more natural and hairfriendly way. Usually enriched with Vitamin E and natural oil extracts, they penetrate the hair to treat and condition at the same time.

Moroccanoil is good for taming coarse hair. Kerastase Elixir works wonders on normal hair while L’Oreal Professionals’ Mythic Oil is fabulous on superfine, limp hair.

MOROCCONOIL: The world has discovered it recently but women in Morocco have been using it for at least a thousand years on hair, hands and feet, even using it for face and body massages. The Morocconoil serum, in its trademark turquoise bottle, comes with argan oil, which is very quickly absorbed by the hair. This may seem very light, but don’t be fooled, it works like a charm. It can be used as a styling product as well as a serum for skin. Buy it at Looks Salon Price: `2,250 for 100ml

ELIXIR ULTIME BY KERASTASE: With a blend of four precious oils - pracaxi, argan, maize and camellia - the Elixir Ultime Oil range is a must-have for hairdressers across the world. The Elixir Ultime Versatile Beautifying Oil is a truly flexible and all-encompassing product that caters to every hair-care need. It can be used as a pre-wash or a post-wash product to smooth and nourish the hair. Buy it at Looks Salon Price: `2,300 for 250ml

Do it right 1

Sulphate-free shampoo Make sure your shampoo is sulphatefree. This keeps frizz at bay and prevents hair fall and colour bleed.

2 Blow-dry

A heat-protect serum is a must before applying heat,

3 Smooth it out

Apply the serum all over the hair, taking small sections. At the end, twist your hair slightly and then dab all over.


/style file

Make sure you don’t apply any leave-in product on the scalp, as it makes the scalp greasy. Apply it from the midlengths to the ends. One to two pumps are enough for mid-length hair

L’OREAL PROFESSIONNEL’S MYTHIC OIL: This is one of the best products to protect dry, coloured hair. Enriched with a special blend of avocado and grapeseed oil, Mythic Oil is light and pampers all hair types. The formula leaves hair looking shiny, and feeling nourished and supple. Buy it at Looks Salon Price: `950 for 125ml

L’ORÉAL PROFESSIONNEL’S HAIR SPA OIL: Enriched with the goodness of olive oil, Vitamin E and natural flower oil, this product restores the natural health and beauty of hair. The very relaxing Hair Spa Oil offers you everything from deep nourishment; cleansing and intensive treatment to help heal damaged hair from root to tip. Try the entire range (as shown on left) for a complete care routine. Buy it at Looks Salon Price: `250 for 100ml


mar-april 14

BIOLAGE DEEP SMOOTHING SERUM BY MATRIX: This product, is an affordable one-stop solution for damaged hair - whether it is rough, frizzy, dull, lifeless, dry, unmanageable, coarse or tangled. Created with a blend of natural elements, including avocado, grapeseed oil and frizz-taming polymers - this light, non-sticky smoothing serum works wonders for hair. Buy it at Food Bazaar Price: `260 for 100ml

6 OIL NOURISH EXTRAORDINARY OIL: This almost made-to-order oil promises to tackle all Indian hair problems. The products in the range have been created using a combination of three traditional oils - almond, coconut and olive - and three exotic oils - argan, camelina and jojoba. A lightweight combination, the oil can work as a serum as well to keep frizzy hair in check. But use it in small quantities if you want it to control frizz and flyaways. Buy it at Food Bazaar Price: `199 for 100ml

DOVE ELIXIR: This is a range of lightweight hair oils that promises to nourish your hair in just 30 minutes. Though this can’t be used as a hair serum and your hair would require a wash before being styled, you can use a very small quantity as a quick-fix leave-in conditioner for a bad hair day. Buy it at Food Bazaar Price: `185 for 90ml

Quick TIPS

• For treating dry and damaged hair, use Elixir Ultime Oil for styling and as an intense leave-in massage oil. Leave in overnight and wash off in the morning; at least once every week. Repeat if your hair is extremely dry. This helps maintain the PH balance of the scalp and avoids over-drying.

• Our traditional hair oils are fantastic, but when used as a leave-in conditioner, they can weigh down the hair. To wash it off next morning, you may need vigorous shampooing and this may make hair drier and strip it of its colour. However, you could try a coconut oil massage once a month.


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Must-eats! Food-trivia lover, Nigella Lawson follower, cookingshow enthusiast, potato worshipper incarnate and has only one motto – ‘Must Try Everything!’ Foodie Samiksha Dewan tells you what to try, grab, eat and explore at Select CITYWALK!


mar-april 14


rom what‘s the latest restaurant to check out or which dish is not-to-be-missed at your favorite café to what’s that fancy-looking drink or how do you get the quickest meal in the midst of a shopping spree, our foodie tells you what you must order to turn you from ‘amateur’ to ‘connoisseur’ in no time!

DidYouKnow Tzatziki has only 35 calories in 2 tablespoonfuls! High on taste and low on calories. So, go ahead and SPREAD IT ON EVERYTHING! It’s easily available at the Gourmet Food Bazaar at Select CITYWALK!


B-BAR For a place that boasts of being one of the best nightlife spots in the world, b-bar also manages to serve up some fantastic food! If you are not swayed by the sprawling view of the city, the amazing ambience or the rich interiors, the food is sure to make you a b-bar fan. My recommendations from this plush restaurant are the b-bar chicken salad and the lobster dumplings! Smoky chicken that’s been grilled in Five Spice, crunchy cabbage, bits of crispy wontons and a subtle sesame oil dressing – this salad is sure to hit the spot! Follow it up with a crisp fried lobster dumpling. In a city where sea-food is more often than not overcooked, b-bar gets this seafood delight absolutely right. Served with a fragrant lemongrass crab curry sauce, this starter will keep you going back for more!


PITA PIT Although I never ‘weigh’ the importance of my meal (pun intended) as to whether it is healthy or not, the pita sandwiches served at Pita Pit can actually make you love what you put in your tummy and feel good about it too! These pitas are overflowing with fresh, crispy vegetables and tangy, creamy sauces that come in a pita bread crisped to perfection on the outside and soft enough on the inside that you could practically sleep in a blanket of this delicious bread! The must-try pita at Pita Pit is the Chicken Crave. Made in whole wheat pita bread with grilled smoked chicken breast and grilled chicken ham, it comes with a spread of Tzatziki (a traditional Lebanese dip comprising hung curd and cucumbers). The sandwich comes with an amazing choice of veggies and what they call ‘OMG on the grill’ i.e. onions, mushrooms and green peppers grilled in a barbeque sauce – and it is OMG delicious! Don’t forget to ask the extremely welltrained staff at the Select CITYWALK outlet what sauces to add and what extras to add. For me, spicy jalapenos and parmesan on everything is a must! Start your day with this sandwich at Select CITYWALK and you’re sure to be fuelled up to last your entire shopping spree!


/foodie recommends


JOHNNY ROCKETS After being hailed as ‘THE’ diner the world over, Johnny Rockets has now come to India and what’s more, to Select CITYWALK! They are known for serving the biggest, baddest burgers and the silkiest, smoothest shakes in town. Their burgers have a big juicy patty – you can choose between tenderloin, chicken and vegetarian -- in the softest bun ever. Their secret – a potato bun which makes the bread soft and crumbly! I recommend the Smokehouse Single burger (my appetite can’t handle the double); with a side of bacon cheese fries and the Mocha Fudge shake. Remember to carry your appetite because this is one meal you are not going to want to leave!


mar-april 14


HAAGEN DAZS I honestly think when they invented ice-cream they were trying to make something to please the Gods or find heaven on earth or find a way for humans to experience a God-like state of being! *Sigh* So it comes as no surprise that every time I eat the Dulce de leche flavoured ice-cream at Haagen Dazs, I feel serenely moved. No, I mean really moved. It truly is food for the soul. It can fix broken hearts, the stress of mean bosses and even bad hair days! So, how can you top an ice-cream that is capable of creating such emotions? You add flavours that go unbelievably well with it. That is exactly what the Belgian Waffle Dream Sundae is! Two scoops of ice-cream – I asked for Dulce de leche and caramel biscuit cream, served with two pieces of gooey yet crisp waffles, drenched in a luscious caramel sauce and topped off with light-as-air whipped cream. Can you hear the bells of heaven ringing? Stating the obvious – my recommendation from Haagen Dazs is the Belgian Waffle dream sundae!

FunFoodFact Vanilla is the best-selling flavour of ice-cream in the world closely followed by chocolate!


/sip ‘n’bite

Healthy Salad We’ve cherry-picked some healthy salad options for you from Spaghetti Kitchen and Pita Pit at Select CITYWALK. Try ‘em out!


mar-april 14



Pita Pit’s Grilled Falafel salad has a secret sauce made with jalapeno juice, garlic and black pepper served on a bed of lettuce leaves, tomatoes, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms and sprouts. Add some zing to it with tangy hot peppers and creamy feta cheese. Finish the salad with Caesar dressing, vinaigrette and garnish with oregano and chilli flakes with fresh mint leaves tossed on the top.


1. Virgin olive oil, 10 gm. 2. Lemon juice, 5 gm. 3. Garlic, crushed, 3 gm. 4. Zatar, dried, 3 gm. 5. Sumac, 3 gm. 6. Sea salt, 3 gm. 7. Uncooked toasted Quinoa, rinsed, 30 gm. 8. Curly parsley leaves, 10 gm. 9. Spring onions, chopped, 10 gm. 10. Fresh mint, minced, 10 gm.

11. Green bell peppers, chopped, 20 gm. 12. Cucumber, chopped, 50 gm. 13. Tomatoes, chopped, 50 gm. 14. Toasted pine nuts, 10 gm. 15. Romaine lettuce, 30 gm. 16. Yogurt, 20 gm. 17. Black olives, sliced, 5 gm. 18 Ciabatta grilled optional

Method: 1. Boil the quinoa and strain. Keep aside. 2. Make a dressing out of 1-6 ingredients. 3. M  ix together all the chopped veg with quinoa and add the dressing. 4. M  ake a base with romaine in a chilled pasta plate. 5. S  poon over the dressed salad mix on the romaine 6. Serve chilled with a slice of grilled Ciabatta and yoghurt

TURKEY SALAD One of the leanest meats on offer, load up your turkey salad with crunchy iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, carrots (high in Vitamin A), cucumbers, sprouts, black olives and pickles. Sprinkle some flavourfilled cheddar cheese and for sauces, go with a tangy salsa dressing. Finally add some salt and pepper for seasoning.




mar-april 14

Olive IT UP!

Olive oil has gone from being an exotic European ingredient used only by the cream of society to something that is readily available across the globe and across the counter. Shruti Tomar tells us how this oil took the gastronomic world by storm


lives have been a historic symbol of peace and glory in the Mediterranean. It’s no wonder then that olive oil made its way into Mediterranean kitchens. But it didn’t stop there - today, across the globe, it is considered one of the healthiest life choices one can make. Here’s all you need to know about it.

HISTORY The history of olive oil goes back all the way to the 17th century BC, when it was first seen in Egyptian records. Botanically, olive is known as ‘olea europaea’ and the Latin word ‘olivea’ was used in English only around 1200 AD. A native fruit of the Mediterranean, Italy and Spain are the largest producers of olives. The Spanish brought olive trees to the Californian region in the 1700s, where they flourished and now provide tonnes of commercial crop every year. In the 19th century, Professor Frederic T Bioletti of the University of California devised



The good oil

a way of canning olives known as “green ripe”, employing brine and an alkaline solution. This one brainwave made the fruit available throughout the year. Extra virgin olive oil Known to be the finest and the fruitiest variety, this is the cold-pressed result of the first pressing of olives, with only 1% acidity. It varies from a champagne colour and greenish-golden to bright green. Usually, the darker the colour, the more intense the flavour. Virgin olive oil This too is a first-pressed oil, with 1-3% acidity level. Light olive oil This version contains the same amount of beneficial mono-unsaturated fats as regular olive oil, but due to the refining process, it is lighter in colour and has essentially no flavour. This makes it a good choice for baking and other purposes, where a heavy flavour may not be desirable. This also gives it a higher smoking point, making it a prime candidate for high-heat cooking. Fino olive oil “Fino” means fine in Italian. This is a mix of extra virgin and virgin olive oils.


mar-april 14

TYPES Olive oil has increasingly become very popular with gourmands, not just for use in salads but for daily everyday cooking as well. It is common knowledge that the less processed an oil, the more nutritious it is, albeit more expensive. Extra virgin olive oil is the first pressing of olives and comprises maximum flavour and aroma. If you see the term ‘cold pressed’ on your olive oil bottle, it means the oil hasn’t been heated beyond room temperature while it was being processed, which makes it a much healthier option. High heat destroys the nutrients and flavour of the oil. Virgin olive oil comes from the second pressing of olives. Cheaper versions of olive oil that sell as ‘pure’ or ‘regular’ are processed through chemical filtering and refining and have lesser nutrients. Check out the range of olive oils from Borges to Hojiblanca available at Gourmet Food Bazaar and Modern Bazar at Select CITYWALK.

HEALTH BENEFITS Olive oil has been long considered healthy for the heart. It has been shown that consuming olive oil can lower the risk of heart disease. The oil has mono-unsaturated fat that increases HDL or good cholesterol. It is also easy on the digestive system and helps keep painful ulcers

Olive oil can lower the risk of heart disease. It has mono-unsaturated fat that increases HDL or good cholesterol in check and prevents gallstones. Olive oil has essential nutrients and vitamins and is full of antioxidants that help fight cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and even cancer. It’s good for skin and hair and even helps in weight loss. But despite the glowing eulogy, remember that, at the end of the day, it is still a form of fat and must be consumed with care. When buying olive oil, always check the percentage of acidity, volume, country of origin and grade of oil. The best kind of olive oil is a blend of red-ripe - that is, not green and not fully ripe - and a smaller lot of green olives of a different variety.

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Fit & fine

Your body may not be screaming for attention but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need it. So, stop saying you don’t have time and make sure you give your body much-needed TLC


or most of us, fitness takes a backseat in the daily pressures of family and work life. Neither do we walk as much as we should, nor do we have time to hit the gym or the fitness centre and days are spent sitting in front of a computer or a TV. But when one day the body gives way, we realise it is the most basic things in our life that could have saved us the SOS trip to the hospital. So why wait for an emergency to happen? Incorporate these easy steps in your everyday life and see what wonders they work.


mar-april 14



Keep a notepad handy to track your daily calorie intake. But if that’s too much of an effort, there are hundreds of apps and online weight-loss journals that you can download on your smartphone. These journals do the work for you - help you plan a fitness regime, track your calorie intake, set goals and track progress.



There’s nothing like a short, rejuvenating jog in the morning. Whether by work, late nights or happy hours, our evenings are kept pretty busy, so why not use the morning to slip in a little exercise in our routine? Take a brisk walk in the morning or hit the gym before your day kicks in. The first few times might be tough, but once it becomes part of your daily routine, you’ll never want to skip it.

It’s vital that you keep a track of your fitness levels. Don’t make excuses, keep a journal, walk that extra mile, drink lots of water and keep smiling



For those on a tight schedule with really no time for a fitness regime, it has to be about reducing portions and avoiding calorie traps. Pre-cooked meals, sodas, junk food, coffee and fried snacks are a strict no-no. No one is asking you to prepare an elaborate healthy meal for yourself, just get the right ingredients and toss up a quick meal that you can brownbag it and carry it to work.




Instead of snacking on chips, biscuits and chocolates, stock up on healthy options such as fruits and nuts. The ideal healthy meal is low-fat, moderate in protein and carbohydrates, low fibre, comprises fluids and is made of balanced and familiar foods. A nutritious breakfast like oatmeal, whole-grain cereal, milk, fresh juices, bananas, waffles or pancakes are ideal options. Portions matter. Large meals must be had 3-4 hours before exercising while a snack can be had an hour before. Make it a habit and you will start feeling great about your body in no time. Keep non-perishable items in your desk drawer that you can reach for when the hunger pangs strike. Dry fruits and yoghurt are just as tasty as those fried, oily snacks and a thousand times healthier. So there is really no contest. Skip those greasy bites, because once it’s on the lips, it’s sure to show on the hips!


Set a workout date with a friend or a colleague and make sure one motivates the other to stick to it. Go for a run with a friend or a power walk post lunch. Having a fitness buddy really helps as it makes the fitness routine fun. If you can’t do it on weekdays, make up for it on weekends. Every little step counts, so don’t give up.

Join a gym close to work so that you can pop in after or before work, during lunch break or for a power workout in between. Check out the state-of-the-art gym, Fitness First Platinum at Select CITYWALK.



Travel smart Kurt Vonnegut said that the most bizarre travel plans are dancing lessons from God. Keeping that in mind, pack your family in and hit the road. Shruti Tomar tells you how to keep it sane


ravelling solo, as a couple or with family are completely different ball games altogether. Kids, teenagers, extended family, that annoying uncle, that nosy aunt, the old parents, the whole jing-bang and to top it all, your own lack of patience for the above can pose real challenges on a trip, you may really have been looking forward to. Here are a few tips on how to make it more enjoyable for yourself and those around you – and come back a lot happier from that well-deserved break. Pack light. This is actually simple - and very important - but we almost never manage to get it right. If you have a number of cities on your itinerary, dragging all that extra luggage can be a pain. So hand each one in the group their own backpack with clothes, toiletries, water and some snacks and make them self-sufficient. Don’t carry bulky suitcases that will leave you exhausted!

Walk. It really is the best way to explore a place. You see a lot more on foot than from inside a car and can also take in the local culture. Don’t just do the touristy things that you need to tick off a list, but get out, talk to locals, stop at a monument, grab some local grub and teach your kids or family a lot more than they would learn from Google. Good walking shoes are a must, so invest in a good pair. Ice-cream for the kids. Children get restless, tired and bored - all of it too quickly. So perk them up with some ice-cream or gelato and see them smile. Carry snacks, games, trivia cards and knick-knacks with you to keep them interested. Pick up a new language. If you always wanted to learn a new language but never got round to it, here’s your chance. If you are going to a foreign land, pick up the basics of the language before you go and teach your kids too. Learn to say things such as hello, thank you, where’s the washroom, please and other commonly used phrases. It helps make

communication a lot easier. Keep kids busy. All kinds of journeys whether in trains, flights or buses - tend to make kids bored and fidgety. So load the iPad with interesting and educative apps (you could throw in Angry Birds and Subway Surfer as a treat for good behaviour) and keep your kids busy on long journeys. And there’s always music, e-books and movies for entertainment. Take regular naps. Don’t exhaust yourself and the kids on a holiday by packing in too much in a day. Get up early, go explore the place, have a filling brunch, head home and catch forty winks. Get up when the day has cooled down and head out for evening sight-seeing and dinner. Stock up on groceries. Stock up on fresh fruit, cereal, biscuits, tea and milk. Give the kids biscuits and fruit to keep in their bags so they can eat whenever they are hungry. It helps you save money, eat healthy and relax in the mornings or during afternoon breaks. Plan with enough time on hand. One or two days are never enough to see a place. Rushed trips, exhaustion and exertion do not make for a happy holiday. So plan ahead, plan well and go with time on your hands. You’ll be able to see a lot more, teach the kids a lot more and not come home feeling like you need another vacation just to get over the exhaustion of this one. Remember that things don’t always go as planned - you may lose your way in a new city, maybe miss flights or trains, skip seeing some of the places you wanted to see - but the truth is that you can’t control everything. So you may as well stop worrying and let go. Do what you have gone there to do - relax. Travelling is a glorious adventure, so enjoy every second of it - that’s the philosophy you want to pass on to your kids, not one in which you are too high strung to have fun.

Make your next travel plan with TUI Travels at Select CITYWALK

Remember that things don’t always go as planned - you may lose your way in a new city, maybe miss flights or trains - but the truth is that you can’t control everything. So you may as well stop worrying and let go

Travel musts • Plan ahead • Stock up on snacks and groceries • Deep breathing helps clear the mind • Before you go, take a history lesson of the place you are visiting

• Make the kids note down the things they like or observe about the new place • Delegate responsibilities to the family • Make sure to have a great time




beauty A name that creates a sensation in Bollywood is Katrina Kaif, thanks to her ever increasing male fans. So all those women out there, who wonder what works for her, better listen up. Sayanti Banerjee catches up with this stylish diva to get the lowdown


hat makes Katrina Kaif stand out in a crowd is her effortless glam quotient. She firmly believes in the “less is more” mantra and gets it right every time. It is probably her British upbringing that helps. No matter what, one would rarely find her underdressed or overdressed for any occasion. Classy is how she likes it and here’s how she does it. How do you maintain your flawless skin? I believe in the right combination - of a good lifestyle and good beauty products. In fact, I believe in the beauty care products I endorse. Most of the reputed brands have a lot of research going into their products and that ensures that they will deliver the desired results. As a brand ambassador, I feel responsible for what I endorse and would never want to mislead my audience. As for a healthy lifestyle, I follow a good diet and exercise regularly by either hitting the gym or practising yoga. These not only


mar-april 14

make you fit but also give you glowing skin. Is there a beauty regime you enjoy? I have long hair and getting a good oil massage is such a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. I love to unwind, play some good music and get my mother or sister to pamper me with a good old oil massage. But with my packed schedule, I hardly get time for such indulgences. How do you take care of your hair? I am always on the go, so what works best

‘I love to unwind, play some good music and get my mother or sister to pamper me with a good old oil massage’

for me is oil-based serums. The length and the tips of my hair tend to get dry and frizzy. But a good serum not only makes my hair easier to style but also protects it. Argon oil is a big beauty trend in London and the most reputed hair professional brands have this ingredient in their formulas. In fact, as a kid, I recall using olive oil on my hair. It works wonders for the hair and is easily available at all grocery stores. You looked very fit in the song Kamli from Dhoom 3. Was there any special workout? I love dancing but this was a very different number, for which I had to work out a lot. In fact, Aamir Khan motivated me saying that the hard work would show, so I never gave up. How do you save a bad-hair day? I feel blessed to have manageable hair that is naturally wavy and can be styled easily. But I prefer washing my hair every day to make sure my scalp remains squeaky clean.

Soon… In Theatres

As the spring-summer mood sets in, Bollywood has quite a selection ready for us. Sayanti Banerjee picks out the industry’s hottest offerings H


Ragini MMS 2 Gulaab Gang

Total Siyapaa

(March 7) Gulaab Gang has parallels with the real-life women’s vigilante group run by Sampat Pal. With so many crimes against women being reported around the country, there couldn’t have been a better time for this film to hit the theatres. Spearheaded by Madhuri Dixit as the group’s vivacious leader, and also starring her contemporary Juhi Chawla, it holds out hope against social injustice.

(March 7) In this comedy film with a satirical undertone, Aman (Ali Zafar), settled in London, plans to tie the knot with girlfriend Asha (Yami Gautam). But there’s a problem. He is Pakistani and Asha is an Indian, and before he can proceed with his plans, he has to win over her family. As the battle begins at home, the film promises to live up to its name, bringing “total chaos” on screen.


(March 21) This sequel to Ragini MMS is not for the ones with a weak heart. A bunch of young crew members visit a farmhouse on the outskirts of Mumbai to make an eroticahorror film, and trying to keep it as real as possible, decide to shoot in proverbially haunted locations. What follows is horror beyond what they ever imagined. With Sunny Leone in the lead role, also expect adult content of a different sort. Catch a flick at PVR, Select CITYWALK

Main Tera Hero

Two States

(April 4) A comedy by director David Dhawan is always a laugh riot. As he teams up with son Varun Dhawan, Ileana D’Cruz and Nargis Fakhri, he prepares to tickle the audience’s funny bone again. Main Tera Hero is a comic love triangle with a number of hilarious twists and turns that promise to bring you a healthy dose of the best medicine - laughter.

(April 18) Based on Chetan Bhagat’s bestseller of the same name, the film promises audiences a good story. The pairing of the lead stars, Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, also seems fresh and interesting. One will, however, have to wait and watch if the film stays true to the subtitle of the book - The Story of My Marriage.



All that we did... Events that took place at Select CITYWALK

Republic Day Select CITYWALK celebrated Republic Day with the theme India and its glorious states - with fabulous tableaux representing some of the states of India. The decor inside Select CITYWALK was reflective of the glory that India embodies. The Constitution of India was put on display, a heritage haat showcased the cultural diversity and traditional skills. From ethnic polki and tribal jewelry, Indian apparel, rustic artifacts and crafts to home decor and furnishings, it was India served on a gorgeous platter.


mar-april 14

Love lock On Valentine’s Day, Select CITYWALK decided to go the non-traditional way with our Love Lock campaign. Select CITYWALK Heartwalls were created and couples could purchase a personalised heart-shaped padlock, write their message and pledge their love as they placed it on the wall.



Disney Event The Disney Princess Academy was back at Select CITYWALK with a bang! The event was brought to life with little girls dressed as Disney princesses. It was a day, where daughters were treated to fairytale dancing, cute dressing up and learning how to be the perfect little princess.


mar-april 14

The Great India Bake Sale Cakes, ice-creams, cookies, biscuits, desserts, cheesecakes, chocolates, candy, breads and savoury baked goodies were on display at this fundraising event organised for People for Animals at Select CITYWALK. The Great India Bake Sale was a huge hit!

Delhi International Arts Festival Street theatre, dances, musical performances and so much more took place at Select CITYWALK as part of the prestigious Delhi International Arts Festival. This arts festival was held across Delhi to display the cultural heritage of India.

Experience the best of quirky shopping at the Select CITYWALK Flea@Night


/store directory

Easy to locate Ground Floor G01

Gourmet Food Bazaar

GA01 G03

GA01 GA02




G02D G38 G09

Armani Jeans


Thomas Pink*



EW11 G07A G13 G13B G63B G 51 G43 G12

Shahnaz Husain

G16A G55 G48 G49


G58 G11 G19 G40 G56 G25 G02C GA02



GF G68

Perfume Couture

Color Bar Chanel Bobbi Brown Shahnaz Husain Sephora Clinique Estee Lauder

L’occitane en Provence Mac

Forest Essentials


G05 G59B



Amici Pronto

Wills Lifestyle




Gelato Vinto


Red Mango


Chicago Pizza


Fast Trax


Haagen Dazs


Khan Chacha



CK Jeans French Connection

Guess Burberry Brit Mango


Promod Tommy Hilfiger U.S. Polo Assn. Zara

House of Louis Philippe




KFC Pizza Hut



G01 G65 G02A G22B


Gourmet Food Bazaar Modern Bazaar Passion Cheese Choko La Alaturka


G17 G69 EW7B G39 G08A G24

Aldo Charles & Keith Havaianas Nine West Furla* Shoe Tree

Beige straw hat, ACCESSORIZE

Diamond Skinnourishing cream, SHAHNAZ HUSAIN

Crocodile print bag, HIDESIGN


mar-april 14

Absolue L’Extrait, LANCOME




G14 G10 GF G15 G23



Perfume Couture


Serviced Apartments

Svelte Hotel & Personal Suites

F05 F04 F57 F68A

Swarovski WNM Tissot


GC Watches


Lobby A

CMYK Magazines

Lobby A

Half Price Bookstore

G68 G08B

Kriti Creations

Lobby A

Styling Services


Lobby B

Rewards Desk


Happily Unmarried

Lobby C

TJ's Products



La Senza


Lobby B G63A




G60 GF

Travel Shop Manager on Duty Desk

PVR Ticket Counter Guardian GNC Livewell TUI Travel

First Floor Mothercare

PVR Gold Class & PVR Premiere BEAUTY & SKINCARE The Body Shop F10


Van Heusen Van Heusen Woman Zodiac


F15 F12 F37 F54 F35 F34 F52 F53

Forever New The Collective Next Lacoste Live United Colors of Benetton Superdry Beverly Hills Polo Club Levi’s




Allen Solly

Simar's Nail bar

F30 F40 F43-47 F56

Nike Puma Columbia Reebok


Red belt, ACCESSORIZE Eye shadow, M.A.C


Opulash, M.A.C

Envelope clutch, HIDESIGN

Canvas shoes, CROCS


/store directory

Easy to locate F79






F62 FF F65

Barista Lavazza

F73 F76

Pita Pit

Sushiya The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Krispy Kreme





F36 FA02

Chicco Mothercare


F-09 F78A F17B F71 F14 F67 F78B F59









Pet Accessories

F63 F11 F16B

FF F27

Pots & Plants


Tattoo Art


Nail Bar

Simar's Nail Bar

FF Balcony F69B

Shoe & Bag Repair

Mr. Pronto

Writing Instruments

William Penn

Gili World Renee Jewellers Swatch


F61 FA02 F18

Archies Gallery Crossword Planet M


F02 F21 F58 F29




Digital House Nokia

Accessorize Cheemo Da Milano



Hidesign Pavers England


Satya Paul Accessories


Opticals & Sunglasses Opticals & Sunglasses Liquor Shop

Dayal Opticals Rite Sight House of Spirits

Silver clutch, ACCESSORIZE

Sparkler, BODYSHOP


mar-april 14


Second Floor


Steve Madden Aldo accessories

Scaled Model Replicas & Hobby Toys

PVR Gold Class & PVR Premiere Heads up for Tails Green India


ANCHOR & MAJOR SHOPS Foodtalk - The Food S01 Court Goodearth S06



BEAUTY & SKINCARE Novalash S32 APPAREL - SPORTSWEAR Taylormade Adidas S17B

Miniaudiere, ZARA

Braid belts, ACCESSORIZE



S06 SA02 S30A2 S11A



Third Floor




RESTAURANTS - FINE DINING Food Talk-The Food S01 Court Joy Luck Moon S10

Goodearth Homestop Maspar Oma



S12A S15


S21 S09 S18 S05 S02A



Om Book Store

Punjab Grill





Johnny Rockets


SF S13A S16A

Spaghetti Kitchen

Tommy Hilfiger Childrenswear United Colors of Benetton U.S. Polo Assn.

S26 S27

VU Canon Image Square

SERVICES, SPECIALITY SHOPS & TRAVEL Golf Equipment, Taylormade S17B Apparel & Adidas. Footwear Stationary Gifts of Love S15

SF S23


Hangout Tots



Nail Bar

Mahindra Experience Store Nails N More





You Shine



Aroma Thai


S30A1 SF

M Zone

3rd Floor



3rd Floor


Mom & Me

Fourth Floor Select CITYWALK Store Directory

4th Floor



Fifth & Sixth Floor Select CITYWALK Store Directory

KIDS & INFANT CARE Gini & Jony S28


Gifts of Love

Select CITYWALK Store Directory

5th & 6th Floor


5th Floor Office Tower


Fitness First

* Opening soon

Makeup kit, CLINIQUE Bright blue bag, DA MILANO

Napkins, NEXT

Tissue boxes, MASPAR



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mar-april 14


Citywalker March April 2014  
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