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Enjoy Two Weekends of Fun During Cave Creek Rodeo Days

Serving the Community Since 2002

hether you grew up on a ranch or moved here from a big city, you’ll love the excitement of Cave Creek Rodeo Days Now in its 42nd year, with Sanderson Ford as the 2019 title sponsor, the rodeo performances will take place at Cave Creek Memorial Arena March 22–24 with three thrilling PRCA rodeo performances featuring top-ranking Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association (PRCA) and Women’s Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA) contestants. This year’s event kicks off Saturday, March 16, starting at 9am with the festive Cave Creek Rodeo Days Parade through town. The fun continues that day at The Buffalo Chip Saloon with Mutton Bustin’ at 1pm (sign up is at noon). The Buffalo Chip Saloon is also sponsoring the Kick-Off Dance that night. On Monday, March 18, the Cave Creek Rodeo Days Golf Tournament will take place at Tatum Ranch in Cave Creek. Ride to and from town to participate in all the exciting events going on and be sure to take the bus Saturday if you are going back to Harold’s Corral for the Official Rodeo Dance March 23. Rodeo weekend, the town will be packed as locals and visitors take advantage of the free shuttle buses to the rodeo grounds. (Buses run Friday and Saturday only). Gates open at 5pm both Friday and Saturday, March 22 and March 23, with PRCA performances starting at 7:30pm. Gates open Sunday, March 24, at noon with the PRCA performance starting at 2pm.  Rodeo tickets purchased in advance cost $22; premium seating is also available in the Ranchero Club for $50 with a Yetti Cooler drawing (value of $400) for all who purchase seating in the new Club. Ranchero patrons will also have a finger food and two free drinks included in their ticket purchase. Finally, there is the ultimate experience enjoyed by event sponsors in the Stockman’s Club. Limited tickets are available for $150 per person, which includes a full dinner, drinks (hosted bar) and exclusive seating on the arena for an up-close rodeo experience. The Skybox is also available on Saturday and Sunday for $5,000 and includes private bar and food service in Stockman Club. All tickets at the gate will be $5 more per ticket. While parking at the rodeo arena is free, taking the free shuttle bus from town is easy, plus save $3 when purchasing tickets on the bus. Pick-up locations are in Downtown Cave Creek and also at the corner of Cave Creek Road and Carefree Highway. Check the website for specific locations and departure times. Ride free, with or without a ticket. To purchase rodeo performance tickets, go to www.cavecreekrodeo.com and click the ticket button. For up-to-date information, please visit www.cavecreekrodeo.com, call 480.304.5634 or email info@cavecreekrodeo.com.


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Cave Creek Rodeo Days Serving the Community Since 2002


MAYOR BUNCH WRITES… By Mayor Ernie Bunch

Cave Creek Rodeo Days Parade is March 16 his year’s Cave Creek Rodeo Days parade is shaping up to be one of the largest yet. Gather family and friends and come early to get a good seat. Sponsored by Wells Fargo, the parade starts at 9am Saturday, March 16, on the west side of town by Cave Creek Town Hall and travels east to Harold’s Corral ending at approximately 11am. This year’s grand marshals for the parade are three PBR cowboys, who are sure to set the tone for an entertaining morning featuring horseback riders, draft hitches, floats, unique automobiles, rodeo royalty, clubs, organizations, bands, trick riders, clowns and other decorative and patriotic entries. “We’re very excited that The Shriners will be involved this year…their entry is like a parade within a parade,” said Kristin Lewis, parade coordinator and owner of Sage Medical Company. The parade will have seven announcing stations located at Local Johnny’s, Big Earl’s Greasy Eats, Frontier Town, the Kiwanis Marketplace, Outlaws, The Buffalo Chip and Harold’s Corral. Each entry will be announced as they pass by each station. For complete Rodeo Days information, visit www.cavecreekrodeo.com.

New Rodeo Queen and Teen Queen Crowned Cave Creek Rodeo Days royalty program organizers held its Queen Contest Feb. 16 at Venues Café where contestants were judged on their horsemanship, personality, appearance and understanding of the sport of rodeo. At the end of the evening, a new Rodeo Queen and Teen Queen were crowned: Brooke Taylor Smith, of Tempe, is the Cave Creek Rodeo Days Queen for the 2019–20 season. She started participating in rodeo in 2014 as a drill team member. She has held previous titles as the Copper Days Stampeded Sr. Teen Queen, the 2017 Lost Dutchman Days Sr. Teen Queen and the 2018 Sonoita Rodeo Queen. At age 18, she is looking toward her future while studying psychology at ASU. She hopes to finish her studies at NAU and become a physician’s assistant. Rylee Anforth, 14, is the new Cave Creek Rodeo Days Teen Queen. She currently attends Apache Junction High and is the 2019 student council freshman class president. She plans to pursue a career in psychology or equine chiropractic. Congratulations to Brooke and Rylee! Rylee Anforth


March! Rodeo, craft shows, live music and the start of Bike Week. March is a busy month in Cave Creek! It’s a time when our businesses are doing their version of “The Ant and The Grasshopper” — trying to make enough money to get through the coming off season. Sure, it’s a bit inconvenient for those of us who live here year-round with the crowds and traffic but, MAYOR this too shall pass. If you’ve got visitors, Town of Cave Creek make sure they get to experience all that Cave Creek has to offer! 480.488.1400 www.cavecreek.org On to my soapbox now. I find it amazing that with the agreed upon new barriers on our southern border that an environmental group plans to file a lawsuit in opposition. They should go down to what were once beautiful “sky islands” and see the degradation for themselves. Many places look like an open landfill. What has been going on for years is nothing short of an attack on the natural beauty that once was there. One of the hot topics in our society today is minimum wage. One of the things you learn about in Economics 101 is the law of supply and demand. This applies to the workforce as well. Too many unskilled or entry level workers depress wages. Uncontrolled illegal immigration keeps the supply of unskilled labor high, thus depressing wages. On a scuba trip to Honduras years ago, one of the laments of the resort owner was that she couldn’t get help who could even learn to operate a washing machine.  Legal immigration is good, uncontrolled illegal immigration, not so much! So, March! Come on up to Cave Creek and join in the fun!

Brooke Taylor Smith

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Cave Creek Rodeo Days Serving the Community Since 2002



Cave Creek Serving the Community Since 2002



Family-Owned City Creamery Celebrates First Anniversary In 2012, Charlie Bolton visited The City Creamery in West Yellowstone, Montana. Intrigued by the concept and delicious ice cream, Bolton worked for the original owner of the two Montana ice cream shops. He managed The Virginia City Creamery shop and learned the process of the hand-crafted, small-batch, all-natural ice cream. Fast forward to February 2016, when Bolton purchased the Montana shops. To begin the family business, he partnered with his nephew and wife, Austin and Chelsea. In 2018, they opened The City Creamery in Cave Creek, where the original concept continues. This one-of-a-kind ice cream shop makes on-site, homemade ice cream, home-made waffle cones, home-made hot fudge and ice cream by the quart. “All this, providing top-notch service with a smile, you will leave feeling sweetly satisfied!” says Charlie. They serve traditional ice cream flavors, but continually strive to introduce new flavors. Try the huckleberry honey and lavender, wedded bliss, candied jalapeño, prickly pear, double chocolate orange and many others. The owners say that, “Sampling is encouraged!” Experience hands-on ice cream making for birthday parties and Girl Scout and Boy Scout events. And they bring the ice cream to the customer for wedding receptions, birthday parties, homecomings, etc. Stop by The City Creamery at Prickly Pear Plaza, 6268 East Cave Creek Road, Suite 8, Cave Creek. For additional information, call 480.397.1130 or visit www.citycreameryicecream.com.

XQUENDA Spa Introduces Membership Program “We knew change was inevitable, but what that change was, came directly from you, the residents and snowbirds of Cave Creek, Carefree, North Scottsdale and North Phoenix,” says Shandell Stanisic of XQUENDA Spa at Rancho Mañana. XQUENDA Spa at Rancho Mañana debuted Nov. 1, 2018, and the management asked its patrons, “What needs to change to attract more business and gain loyalty from our clients?” The answer, “Memberships!” Stanisic replied, “Done! XQUENDA Spa introduced its VIP Club XQUENDA Membership Program Feb. 9. For $79 per month, patrons will receive a 50-minute massage or facial each month for 12 months. “A smoking hot deal for anyone looking to improve and maintain their health,” says Stanisic. “You can even get a different service, just pay the difference over $100. Snowbird? No problem. With our freeze and roll option, your services will be rolled over to the next month until you return. Plus, you can share your rolled over services with friends or family too!” For more information, call 480.550.9521, visit www. xquenda-spa.com or stop by XQUENDA Spa at Rancho Mañana, located at 5720 East Rancho Mañana Boulevard in Cave Creek.

Read the rest of “The Sunshine Vitamin” online now and learn about foods high in vitamin D. Visit www.drgopines.com. DrGOpines.com is written and maintained by a retired local doctor. After practicing family medicine for 40 years in Indianapolis, Dr. William Gilkison, and his wife, Sandy, retired in Cave Creek. Visit www.drgopines.com to begin a twiceweekly learning experience.

Serving the Community Since 2002

About 10 years ago, there was major clamor about the importance of vitamin D. Many people were touting it as a preventive for several diseases and a cure for others. Teams of researchers were feverishly investigating whether vitamin D could really live up to the many claims being made about it. Some even said vitamin D was one of the more important medical subjects of the 21st century and get on board because it’s going to be the next big thing. Well, over the ensuing years, vitamin D has taken Dr. William Gilkison on new significance and importance, but it has not proven to be the cure-all for major diseases as was originally thought. Medicine and medical care have not been revolutionized by a deeper understanding of vitamin D nor has treatment and prevention of disease been greatly impacted by its use. Known colloquially as “the sunshine vitamin,” vitamin D is produced when your skin is exposed to ultraviolet light, i.e., sunlight. UV rays in sunlight cause your skin to make vitamin D. The amount produced is dependent on the season of the year, the time of day, the amount of cloud cover and air pollution, and your proximity to the equator. A direct correlation exists between vitamin D production and sunlight — more sun exposure for longer periods equals greater vitamin D amounts. Our diet is the best way to get enough vitamin D. A variety of healthy foods from all food groups supply us with vitamin D, but dietary intake alone is inadequate for our total need. The addition of UV light exposure complements dietary intake in most people, but some will still need supplementation.

Cave Creek

The Sunshine Vitamin: Vitamin D, Many People’s Cure-All



Cave Creek Serving the Community Since 2002



Karsten’s Recognized as Top Performing Retail Location Ace Hardware Corporation announced that Karsten’s Ace Hardware of Cave Creek, on North Tatum Boulevard, achieved designation as a “Pinnacle Performance Retailing” store for its outstanding performance. Developed as part of Ace’s long-term retail growth strategy, 20/20 Vision, Pinnacle Performance Retailing is laser-focused on Ace’s customers, helping to ensure that Ace stores deliver on its brand promise day in and day out. For 95 years, Ace Hardware has been serving its neighbors with helpful service and quality products. With more than 5,200 stores in more than 65 countries, the team at Karsten’s is one of only a few hundred Ace retailers to achieve this prestigious Pinnacle status. To achieve Pinnacle Performance Retailing, the team at Karsten’s Ace successfully completed a number of key performance drivers that will help them provide a better overall shopping experience in their local community. One example of a proven performance driver is “Helpful Certification,” the foundational element of Ace’s “Certified Ace Helpful” retail training curriculum. To become certified, Ace Hardware associates complete courses such as Helpful 101 and 201 and the store conducts a week-long team-based certification event. “Achieving Pinnacle Performance Retailing is a tremendous accomplishment for an Ace store,” said John Tovar, vice president, Retail Operations and New Business, Ace Hardware Corporation. “We’re pleased to recognize Karsten’s Ace Hardware and its associates for their outstanding achievements, and proud to say they are a part of the Ace family.” “The team at Karsten’s is incredibly pleased to have earned the status as a Pinnacle Performance Retailing store,” said David Karsten, president at Karsten’s Ace Hardware. “What this means for our customers is that we are more committed than ever to providing our loyal shoppers with the best possible retail experience; from customer service to product offerings and more, we’re taking ‘Ace helpful’ to a new level.” Karsten’s Ace Hardware is located at 28220 North Tatum Boulevard in Cave Creek. For more information, call 480.513.7020 or visit www.karstensace.com.

Cave Creek

Charlie Connell describes the tram system; Photo: Stephanie Bradley

Support Your Community:

Volunteer at the Museum

Desert Awareness Committee Presents Two March Events The creature comforts residents enjoy at their homes are some of the same comforts creatures enjoy too: the pool, misters, flowers and edible plants, shade, and bushy trees and shrubs for privacy. These features also welcome pollinators, songbirds, small mammals and the animals that eat them such as bobcats and coyotes. Seeing wildlife up close can be exhilarating and scary. This presentation will help residents find a balance between welcoming wildlife and maintaining a safe environment for all. Nikki Julien, director of Education at Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center in North Scottsdale and has been inspiring connections to nature for all ages for over 20 years. She will share her love of wildlife Monday evening, March 4, at the Holland Community Center. The 6:30–8pm seminar is sponsored by the Desert Awareness Committee of the Foothills Community Foundation. Reservations are not necessary. Donations are appreciated. The Committee also invites residents to join them March 11 to learn how to make poultices, infusions, ointments and tinctures from the plants that grow in the desert. Attendees will actually make infusions to sip, poultices for wounds, ointments for skin conditions and tinctures as a way to preserve them. Everything is included and participants will have several to take home that evening. The Desert Awareness Committee has been offering classes about desert plants for 25 years. This hands-on workshop will also be held at the Holland Community Center, 34250 North 60th Street in Scottsdale, 6–8pm. The fee for the workshop is $35. Class size is limited, and reservations are necessary. Save a spot by calling the Foothills Community Foundation at 480.488.1090 or by visiting www.azfcf.org/about-desert-awareness.

Serving the Community Since 2002

Area residents who may be looking for a fulfilling way to spend their time are invited to join the Cave Creek Museum where all sorts of enjoyable volunteer opportunities can be found. There are fascinating local and national stories waiting to be discovered in the cultural exhibits and reference materials, and help is needed to keep this material available for everyone in the community. Volunteer positions are available in guest services and docent duties; assisting with newsletter assembly and bulk mailing; joining the Stamp Mill Dream Team; and providing hospitality. There are also new activities for middle and high school students in the Cave Creek Museum Junior Docent Program. For more information about volunteering, call the Cave Creek Museum at 480.488.2764 or visit www.cavecreekmuseum.org.



Cave Creek Serving the Community Since 2002



Soroptimist’s ‘Dream It, Be It’ Career Support Offered to Teens Soroptimist International of Saguaro Foothills Club (SISF) invite teenage girls, ages 13-18, and their parents or guardians to a 4-hour career counseling conference Saturday, March 2, 9am–1pm, at the Foothills Community Foundation-Holland Center in North Scottsdale. Registration is free for girls wishing to attend, and lunch and snacks will be provided to participants by the Club. The Soroptimist “Dream It, Be It” program targets girls in secondary school who face obstacles to future success. Soroptimists work in partnership with girls in a conference setting to provide them with the information and resources they want and need to be successful. Girls interested in attending can register online at www.sisaguarofoothills.org. The program will include a panel of women from the Club and surrounding area who will share their path to successful careers. In addition to learning important life skills, the girls will also leave with a variety of other resources and fun items, including a “Dream Journal” for keeping track of their goals and a certificate for participating at the end of the day. “Because we don’t expect that all girls will know what they want to do for the rest of their lives and we also know that plans change, the skills developed through the program can be applied to any goals the girls identify throughout their education and careers,” said Karen Tuffs, president of SISF. “The girls will also have the opportunity to speak with working women and explore careers that interest them and that fit with their values.” Dream It, Be It joins with the long-running Live Your Dream: Education and Training Awards for Women to create the Soroptimist Dream Programs, which provide sustainable, measurable change for women and girls, and ensure they have access to the education and training needed to reach their full potential and live their dreams. The Live Your Dream Awards assist women by giving them the resources they need to improve their education, skills and job prospects.

Join the Chamber at Monthly Business Breakfast Join members of the Carefree Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce for an informational monthly business breakfast presentation and early morning networking. This month’s breakfast event will be held March 28, 7:30–9:30am, at Harold’s Cave Creek Corral, 6895 East Cave Creek Road in Cave Creek. To contact Harold’s call 480.488.1906 or visit www.haroldscorral.com. The cost to attend is $8 for member and $15 for non-members. To learn more about the Chamber or find other events, call 480.488.3381 or visit www. carefreecavecreek.org.

Prep (“EP,” as it’s affectionately called) in a leased facility at the corner of Lone Mountain and Cave Creek Road. Sixth Grade moved from Ashler Hills to Lone Mountain, leaving 7–12 at Ashler Hills. In 2012, a kindergarten class was added at Lone Mountain. To see Foothills Academy kindergarteners in their uniforms proved to be an absolutely wonderful experience. In the 10 years following the opening of the Ashler Hills campus, Foothills Academy has developed an array of programs designed to produce well-rounded, independently thinking, college prepared graduates.  Foothills Academy Connected was created, approved under the Arizona Online Instruction designation (AOI), offering a full online curriculum with AP, Honors and credit recovery courses. The goal is online instruction with a high degree of personalized attention.  For dual and concurrent enrollment, the Academy partners with PVCC (at Black Mountain) to offer high school students the equivalent of two years of college credit. A number of juniors and seniors travel to PVCC in the afternoons to take college classes. Foothills Academy’s STEAM program, with generous support from Kiwanis of Carefree, was built from kindergarten up, reaching ninth grade last year.  The Kiwanis STEAM Lab was opened at Ashler Hills in 2016. Coding, robotics, organic gardening and on-site practical engineering foster an atmosphere of creativity. By spring 2019, Foothills Academy will have served the Cave Creek, Carefree, and North Scottsdale communities for a quarter century.  The journey was not without challenges, but this 25th anniversary finds Foothills Academy solidly strong, with an A rating from the Arizona Department of Education, regional accreditation through the AdvancED Accreditation Commission, and one of the nicest and most creative groups of students in Arizona. Learn about Foothills Academy at www.foothillsacademy.com.

Serving the Community Since 2002

Twenty-five years ago this year, Foothills Academy College Preparatory opened as a private school in Cave Creek with 30 students in grades 6 through 12. There was one senior in the senior class. In 1995, when charter legislation was passed, the school became one of the first charter schools in Arizona.  The school moved from its two-room schoolhouse on Basin Road to the old Cave Creek Elementary School in the center of Cave Creek with 65 students. For the next seven years in that facility, Foothills Academy honed its college preparatory offerings, combined with a kind of “Outdoor Action” mentality, that took middle and high school students into gifted-style learning modes and into wilderness areas including Cibecue Canyon and the Coconino National Forest. By the end of 2001, the school had begun to establish a record of students’ acceptances to colleges and universities across the country.  The list of colleges is impressive. On the list are Harvard, Brown, Cal Poly, University of Michigan…and here at home, the Honors program at U of A and ASU’s Barrett Honors College. As time went on, more students stayed in-state, attending ASU, U of A and NAU.  There was increased interest in attending Scottsdale and Paradise Valley Community College (PVCC) to meet general education requirements. In 2002, Foothills Academy moved into its new, environmentally friendly, straw-bale constructed, Crescordia Award-winning campus at the corner of Ashler Hills and Scottsdale Road.  By this time, there were 250 students, grades 6 through 12. The senior class was still small, by big school standards, with 32 students. The Outdoor Action days waned a bit in favor of the new sports program, increased focus on science, upper level math, music and creative writing. By 2009, it was clear that there was a need for a small, highly personalized elementary school, so the school opened Foothills Academy Elementary

Cave Creek

Foothills Academy Celebrates a Quarter Century




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42 Flat Tire Bike Shop

16 Above & Beyond Glass

43 Foothills Food Bank

17 Alteration Shop/Red Velvet Tailoring

35 Foothills Granite, LLC

Restaurants & Bars

3 Beckham Dental

28 Heritage at Carefree, The

40 Big Earl’s Greasy Eats

20 Carefree Floors, Inc.

1 Key Physical Therapy

9 Bryan’s Black Mountain Barbecue Dairy Queen Brazier

29 Carefree Shell

27 Real Life Weight Loss & Wellness

31 Carefree Traveler

24 Stagecoach Tailoring & Alterations

34 Harold’s Cave Creek Corral

24 Cave Creek Saddlery

30 Terravita Smiles

3 Heart & Soul Café

4 Cave Creek Welding, Inc.

26 Tyrol Insurance

21 Horny Toad, The

2 Ellwood Motor Sports & Collision

30 UPS Store, The

17 Farm Bureau Financial Services/ Leslie Jensen

6 Xquenda Spa at Rancho Mañana

38 Oaks Diner and Flapjacks 30 Sesame Inn CAREFREE HWY

1 60TH ST



* Nu

























42 E RA NC









Cave Creek Rodeo Days Advertiser's Map

4See Retail/ Boutiques and Points of Interest on page 35





2019 Cave Creek Rodeo Days

Schedule Of Events And Parade Route

Farrier • Blacksmith • Knifemaker Supplies

29834 N. Cave Creek Rd., Suite 134 Cave Creek, AZ 85331 (480) 626-0924

661 E. Howards Rd., Suite J Camp Verde, AZ 86322 (928) 554-0700

Mon-Fri 8am-5pm; Sat 8am-2pm

Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

www.piehtoolco.com | 888.PIEHTOOL

Saturday, March 16

9am: Cave Creek Rodeo Days Parade —Historic Downtown Cave Creek 1pm: Mutton Bustin’ — Buffalo Chip Saloon & Steakhouse Sign-up begins at noon 8pm: Rodeo Days Kick-off Dance — Buffalo Chip Saloon & Steakhouse

Skyline Drive

Monday, March 18

Cave Creek Rodeo Days Golf Tournament Tatum Ranch Golf Course, 29888 North Tatum Ranch Drive in Cave Creek. Check in and refreshments at 10:30am; tee off at 12:30pm; banquet and awards dinner begin at 6pm.

ted at unds Loca Rodeo Gtro& Carefree Hwy A REN 24th S MORIALEAT E M K E E R E CAVE C 201 N 28TH STR 5331 37 EK, AZ 8 CAVE CRE

School House Road

Parade Start

Basin Road

ñana Blvd. ho Ma c n Ra

Staging Area


Schedule Of Events An

Blue Ridge Drive

Surrey Drive

Friday, March 22

7:30pm: PRCA Rodeo Performance Tough Enough to Wear Pink Night; gates open at 5pm Post-Rodeo: Dillon Carmichael Concert — Harold’s Corral Presented by Sanderson Ford and 102.5 KNIX

Stagecoach Pass

Gateway Park

Staging Area

To m Darlington Drive

Parade Route

Vermeersch Road

nd Parade Route Parade Finish

Saturday, March 23

7:30pm: PRCA Rodeo Performance Man Up Crusade Purple Night; gates open at 5pm 9pm: Official Rodeo Days Dance — Harold’s Corral

Sunday, March 24

2pm: PRCA Rodeo Performance National Patriots Day — Red, White & Blue Day; gates open at noon All rodeo performances take place at the Cave Creek Memorial Arena, 37201 North 28th Street. All event information is current at time of publication. For up-to-date information, visit www.cavecreekrodeo.com.



Serving the Community Since 2002

Cave Creek Rodeo Days

ontinued from Restaurants/Bars 4Cand Services on page 30

*Map is for informational purposes only and not to scale. umbers indicate approximate vacinity of business location.

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18 Big Bronco


31 Retail/Boutiques



38 Cave Creek Candles & Gifts 30 Carefree Coverings 39 Cave Creek Olive Oil Company





24 W AY D R







31 Cimarron River Company 9 Etania Gems & Jewlery 8 Lazy Lizard 7 Out West Showroom & Upholstery


30 Stefan Mann 38 Suzanne’s Hot Stuff 17 Verri 9 Western Delights


Points of Interest 33 Cave Creek Chapel 14 Desert Foothills Library 1 Desert Foothills Theater 1 Desert Foothills YMCA 30 Desert Hills Presbyterian Church 1 Foothills Community Foundation 15 Good Shepherd of the Hills Episcopal Church 1 Paradise Valley Community College


Cave Creek

Food Bank to Benefit from Arizona Gives Day

Chef Collaboration Dinner Series Continues at Cartwright’s Cartwright’s Modern Cuisine invites area diners to join them on the last Wednesday of every month for its Chef Collaboration Dinner Series, which runs through May 29. Each month, Cartwright’s will invite a new guest chef into its kitchen to create an unforgettable evening of food, wine and fun. Coming up this month, experience “A Taste of Wagyu” with chef David Duarte of The Social. The dining event will be held March 27, 6:30–9:30pm. Cartwright’s Modern Cuisine is located at 6710 East Cave Creek Road in Cave Creek. For additional information or to purchase tickets for the event, call 480.488.8031 or visit www.cartwrightsmoderncuisine.com.

The Foothills Food Bank & Resource Center will benefit from Arizona Gives Day, a powerful 24-hour online giving experience that unites Arizonans around causes they believe in. Arizona Gives Day is April 2. Hosted by the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits, Arizona Gives Day raised $3.2 million in 2018 for Arizona nonprofits. According to Pam DiPietro, executive director of Foothills Food Bank, the 501(c)(3) organization will join Arizona Gives Day, along with hundreds of other nonprofits from all over the state, on Tuesday, April 2, to raise needed funds. Through www.azgives.org, Arizonans will be able to support their favorite nonprofit(s) for exactly 24 hours of virtual giving. Foothills Food Bank & Resource Center needs the community’s assistance. People can do their part by contributing to the food bank on the organization’s website. “Please consider a donation to Foothills Food Bank & Resource Center for Arizona Gives Day,” adds DiPietro. “We have many in the community in need and it is up to all of us to do our part to help.” Supporters of Foothills Food Bank can go to www.azgives.org and select Foothills Food Bank to make a direct contribution. These donations are crucial to helping fund local efforts throughout the year. In 2018: • 24,000 people gave donations

Serving the Community Since 2002

• 8  5 percent of nonprofits say Arizona Gives Day helps them raise additional money they would not have raised otherwise



• 63 percent of donors say the day prompted them to give Arizona Gives Day, an annual giving movement, unites nonprofits, big and small, new and established, to celebrate and increase philanthropy through online giving. The Foothills Food Bank and Resource Center provides emergency food, financial assistance and other life necessities and resources to individuals and families in the desert foothills, which encompasses a 180-square mile area that includes Anthem, Black Canyon City, Carefree, Cave Creek, Desert Hills, New River, North Phoenix and North Scottsdale. Foothills Food Bank & Resource Center is located at 6038 East Hidden Valley Drive in Cave Creek. For additional information, call 480.488.1145 or visit www. foothillsfoodbank.com.


MAYOR PETERSON WRITES... Exciting Upcoming Events and Activities in Carefree By Mayor Les Peterson Woodford

Carefree will be featuring a full schedule of special events and activities this Spring! Carefree Desert Gardens Seminar Series, “Preparing Trees for Summer” MAYOR Saturday, March 9, at 9am in the Town of Carefree Carefree Council Chambers, 33 Easy St. 480.488.3686 Featuring Sarah Maitland, this popular www.carefree.org gardening program will focus on learning how to prepare your landscape to withstand harsh weather conditions in the summer months, and how to prevent storm damage.

Sarah Goodnough, “A Cappella Sunrise”

The 2nd Annual Carefree Community Block Party Saturday, April 6, from 2–7pm in the Carefree Desert Gardens and Easy St. Residents and local businesses will be gathering together for a festive event celebrating the close of the season and marking the transition into the summer. Enjoy fun activities for all ages! Rock the District Friday and Saturday, April 12–13, times TBA. Rock the District’s annual fundraising concert event features musicians and singers from Cactus Shadows High School, as well as headline artists performing outdoors in Downtown Carefree. In addition, a number of regularly-scheduled activities will round out the calendar of events and activities, including: • The Carefree Farmer’s Market, every Friday from 9am–1pm at the Sundial • Free “Yoga in the Gardens” by the YMCA, every Monday at 11am at the Sundial • “First Friday Art Walks” occur the first Friday of every month at many of Carefree’s galleries, 4–7pm. • “Sights and Sounds in the Gardens” happens Saturday, March 30, and Friday, May 10. • The Kiwanis Splash Pad opens Monday, April 1. Hours of operations are 9am–7pm daily. Be sure to mark your calendars for: • Carefree Restaurant Week, May 5–11 • Second Annual Memorial Day Tribute, Monday, May 27 Additional information on all of these events and activities can be found at www.carefree.org. See you soon in Carefree!

Bracelet by featured artist Harold Lujan

Carefree Hosts Final Art & Wine Festival of the Season

Thunderbird Artists will once again partner with the Carefree Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce for the Town of Carefree’s final signature event of the season — the 24th Annual Carefree Fine Art & Wine Festival, March 1–3. The festival will feature jeweler, Harold Lujan. Lujan has spent the last 30 years developing his own unique style of jewelry that are one-of-a-kind sculptures in themselves. He utilizes semi-precious stones, which he Jerry Bergin, “Guts and Glory” cultivates himself from around the world, then cuts and shapes them all by hand. He is also an expert metalsmith and avid hunter, which are both reflected in his work. By combining his two passions, he has the opportunity to unite his love of working with his hands and love for the wild to create pieces that feature porcupine quills, fossilized mammoth tusk or elk and deer teeth. In addition to Lujan, this festival features 150 juried, world-class artists displaying over 5,000 original pieces of artwork in a variety of mediums. Wine tasting, ice cold microbrews and rum sampling is offered to patrons who choose to purchase a souvenir wine or beer glass, with six tasting tickets, for $10. The event will also host food trucks and sweet treats onsite. Carefree’s Sanderson Lincoln Pavilion will come alive with live performers and provide background music for attendees to enjoy while tasting fine wines and indulging in delicious sweets. This fine art event will take place in the heart of Downtown Carefree, surrounded by beautiful gardens emphasizing the plants and cacti indigenous to the Arizona desert. Hours are 10am to 5pm each day. Admission is $3 and parking is free all weekend. For additional information, call 480.837.5637 or visit www.thunderbirdartists.com.

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The 24th Annual Thunderbird Artists Fine Art & Wine Festival March 1–3; 10am–5pm in Downtown Carefree. This last show of the season features juried, award-winning art from some of the most renowned artists in the Southwest.



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Save the Date: Community Block Party The Town of Carefree will once again welcome local businesses and area residents for an afternoon of food, friendship, music and fun at the Second Annual Community Block Party Saturday, April 6, from 2–7pm in Downtown Carefree along Easy Street and in the Sanderson Lincoln Pavilion. “Everyone loved the Block Party last year and we have received many requests to make it an annual tradition” shared Mayor Les Peterson. “This event proved to be an excellent opportunity for Carefree residents to get together with friends, neighbors and area businesses before changing schedules for summer.” Local business owners are invited to showcase their goods and services to area residents in a casual, neighborhood party style atmosphere. Highlights of the event will include the return of the popular Carefree Water Company dunk tank, cornhole tossing, putt-putt golf and fun activities for kids of all ages. Grilled hamburgers and hot dogs will be available for purchase, as well as adult refreshments provided by Foothills Food Bank, and the always-popular Desert Foothills YMCA lemonade stand. The event rounds out with carnival-style treats, raffle prize giveaways from area businesses and much more. To sign up a business to participate, or to volunteer for the event, email vicki@ carefree.org or call 480.488.3686.

Mix & Mingle with the Chamber in March The Carefree Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce will hold its next mixer event Wednesday, March 13, 5:30–7pm. This month, Premier Documents presents the “Easy Street Showcase” with Carefree Cave Creek Chamber, Covenant Home Loans, Joi Prater, Premier Documents, Proven Media, State Farm – Steve Morse Agency, Tech 4 Life and Erika Wilson. The event will be held at the Chamber, 748 Easy Street. Always the second Wednesday of each month, the mixer event offers the opportunity to join Chamber members to network, socialize and win prizes. The cost to attend is $5 for members; $15 for non-members (non-members may attend twice before joining). To learn more about the Carefree Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce, call 480.488.3381 or visit www.carefreecavecreek.org.

Soul Connections Satisfy Time flies. During the past seven years, I have written more than 90 articles for the CITYSunTimes’ “Soul Connection” column. I have described soul connections to Kathie, our beautiful dog, Bailee, to Black Mountain, to the coyote howling in the wash behind our pool, my granddaughter Nicole and even my soul connection to the very old saguaro in our back yard who sadly crashed to the ground during a monsoon. These connections take me out of my ego-centric self and ALLEN NOHRE enrich my life. Soul connections range from exciting to profound. I am Writer even bold enough to call myself “A Soul from Minnesota.” That is the title of a book I have written, which contains short essays describing experiences that changed my life. The word soul has its difficulties. It is often used as a noun like “He’s an old soul,” or, refers to something that survives after we die. Soul is also used as an adjective to describe the special quality of something like “soul food” or “soul music.” You might have noticed I use soul as a verb to describe significant personal experiences. A soul experience is the experience of connection. It is like electricity that connects and lights up. You know it when it happens.

The question is: connections to what? Of course, soul connections are with people. They can also be with nature, nature’s non-human beings, a special place, music, art and the Divine. We are enriched by our personal links to all of the above. Without them, we are alone. Soul connections are the most important experiences in my life. That is why I write about them. Hafiz. “With That Moon Language.” The Gift: Poems by Hafiz, translation by Daniel Ladinsky, 1999

“A Soul from Minnesota,” by Allen Nohre, a collection of CITYSunTimes essays, is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle. Allen can be reached at anohre@cox.net.

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Hafiz, the Muslim mystic writes: “Everyone you see, say to them, ‘Love me.’ Of course, you do not do this out loud; Otherwise, Someone would call the cops. Still, though, think about this, this great pull in us to connect.”






FCF Holland Center to Host ‘Brain Training’ Workshop There is a recently discovered part of the brain that is in charge of helping “you be you,” according to Phyllis T. Strupp, MBA. This special brain asset, the “default network,” holds one’s personal memories, and helps them get even better with age through wisdom. However, it is also the brain area where Alzheimer’s Disease strikes, so hands-on management is essential. The Foothills Community Foundation (FCF) Holland Community Center will host Strupp Saturday, March 9, 10am–noon, for “Brain Training to Build Your Story Workshop.” This session offers: • Overview of default network basics • Self-assessment exercise to identify default network blockages • Toolkit to take charge of meaning, memory, motivation

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• P  ersonal Story Plan to help attendees’ life story and their default network get better with age Strupp is an award-winning author and brain training expert, speaking to audiences around the U.S. on how to make brains and lives get better with age (www.brainwealth.org). She has taught brain training programs at Vi at Grayhawk for 11 years. Her background includes a “Brain Research in Education” Certificate from the University of Washington in Seattle. Her book, Better with Age: The Ultimate Guide to Brain Training, offers a proven strategy for boosting brain performance at any age. The cost of the workshop is $55 and includes materials and book. FCF Holland Community Center is located at 34250 North 60th Street in North Scottsdale. For additional information, call 480.488.1090 or visit www.azfcf.org.



Desert Gardens Seminar Series: ‘Preparing Your Trees for Summer’ Those who stay in the Valley over the summer are aware of what excessive heat and monsoon winds can do to Arizona desert trees. Trees can be prepared to withstand these conditions and help prevent significant storm damage from occurring. Carefree Desert Gardens welcomes Sarah Maitland, ISA Certified Arborist and an ISA Tree Risk Assessor, Saturday, March 9, to present: “Preparing Your Trees for Summer: What and When You Need to Know.” Maitland will discuss how to recognize and correct health issues in trees caused by insects and improper watering. She will talk about soil improvements and basic pruning concepts to prevent wind damage. The program, which usually includes a plant raffle, will begin at 9:30am and run approximately until noon at the Town Council Chambers at 33 Easy Street in Carefree. A $5 (or more) donation is appreciated to support these programs. It is recommended that guests arrive early as seating is limited. For additional information, call 480.488.3686.

A duo of Celtic harpists and multi-instrumentalists, Lisa Lynne and Aryeh Frankfurter, will be performing on rare instruments and presenting stories at the Spirit of the Desert Retreat Center in Carefree Friday, March 8, at 7:30pm. Lisa Lynne and Aryeh Frankfurter share a background as progressive rock musicians who later discovered a love for Celtic, Renaissance and Swedish music on unique acoustic instruments. They hail from Oregon and tour extensively playing fine performing arts centers, theaters and intimate venues around the U.S. and Europe. They perform as a duo, as a trio with legendary storyteller Patrick Ball, and with the Windham Hill Winter Solstice tours. Audiences are enchanted with their humorous and moving stories woven with breathtaking music both traditional and original, taking audiences on a unique journey they will not soon forget. Spirit of the Desert Retreat Center is located at 7415 East Elbow Bend in Carefree. Admission is $20, and advanced tickets are available at www. brownpapertickets.com/event/4070374. For more information, call Denise at 480.488.5218.


Experience Celtic Harps, Rare Instruments & Wondrous Stories

Fun with Math and Science for Toddlers at Holland Serving the Community Since 2002

Area families are invited to join the Foothills Community Foundation at the Holland Community Center for a new class that is aimed at parents and their 2– 5-year-old children. “Fun with Math and Science” is a unique program aligned with Arizona’s Early Learning Standards for Math and Science and Arizona’s School Readiness Framework. Supporting a child’s math and science learning will help prepare them for kindergarten and future schooling. The program offers the opportunity for families to take an hour, put away the electronics and interact with their child during his or her most valuable learning years. The program kicks off March 14, 9:30–10:30am, and parents may choose to participate in one to six classes. Classes run weekly through April 18. The cost is $5 for each class or $25 for the six-week series. Register online at www.azfcf.org/hcc-class-list. Holland Community Center is located at 34250 North 60th Street in North Scottsdale. For additional information, call 480.488.1090.



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Hidden Treasure – Cimarron River Company Reopens

“People say that half the fun of shopping is the hunt! Well, you will have fun hunting for the new location of Cimarron River Company,” says owner Connie Miller. Visitors can explore the treasure trove of Native American Indian jewelry, pottery and Southwest home décor at Cimarron River Company’s new location. Miller says that when visitors open the door to this unique space, they are welcomed into an inviting and amazing selection of turquoise jewelry, hard to find pieces of home décor, leather handbags and Native Indian art. She and husband Jim decided to scale back with a smaller space and a larger web presence. Connie and Billie will be working in the store Mondays and Tuesdays from 10am until 4pm and private showings are available by appointments. Miller says, “We have made so many friends from Cave Creek, Carefree and around the World! It is hard to let that go!” The new location is in Mariachi Plaza at the corner of N. Tom Darlington Road and Cave Creek Road. They are in the lower level, under Brix Wine and The Meat Market. The hallway entrance is on the south side of the building and they are in Suite 7. For details, call or text 620.353.3331 or visit www.cimarronrivercompany.com.

DFT Presents Disaster! Desert Foothills Theater (DFT) will present Disaster! the Musical March 29 – April 14 at Cactus Shadows Fine Arts Center’s Black Box Theater. A side-splitting homage to classic disaster films by Seth Rudetsky and Jack Plotnick, Disaster! the Musical pays tribute to the era of bellbottoms, platform shoes and the hustle. With larger-than-life characters, snappy dialogue and some of the most recognizable songs of the ‘70s, Disaster! will have attendees “dancing in their seat and rolling in the aisle.” Cactus Shadows Fine Arts Center is located at 33606 North 60th Street in Scottsdale. For details, call 480.488.1981 or visit www.dftheater.org.

Fifteenth Annual Taste of Foothills The Foothills Caring Corps will hold its 15th annual Taste of Foothills Fundraiser in Carefree with gourmet food tastings, live auction and live music all to benefit a good cause — independence for seniors. Guests of the social event and fundraiser will savor award-winning cuisine from local restaurants Wednesday, March 13, from 5-8:30pm at CIVANA Carefree Resort. The Taste of Foothills Fundraiser provides key funding for the mobility and transportation services including the programs for mobile meals, medical transportation, shopping, medical Terri Ouellette equipment loan closet and van transportation. Special guest emcee Terri Ouellette, host of ABC15’s “Sonoran Living,” will inspire and guide attendees through the evening festivities. “Terri O” has entertained and educated viewers on the morning news, hosting several lifestyle shows and in her book, Easy Embellishing with Terri O. Popular auctioneer Jonathan Blair will lead the live auction. Attendees will enjoy a celebratory evening filled with sweet and savory tastings from local restaurant favorites and live music. General admission is $50 per person with VIP admission options available. All proceeds benefit the volunteer-based nonprofit.  CIVANA Carefree Resort is located at 37220 Mule Train Road. For tickets, to volunteer or for more information, call 480.488.1105 or visit www.foothillscaringcorps.com.


Fundraiser to Support Elderly Independence

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CITYSunTimes is a locally owned community publication now in its 17th year, serving over 80,000 readers in the North Valley. CST offers pers...

CITYSunTimes 2019 Cave Creek Rodeo Days Special Edition  

CITYSunTimes is a locally owned community publication now in its 17th year, serving over 80,000 readers in the North Valley. CST offers pers...