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MARCH 2020

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28 St. Patrick’s Day: Near and Far 32 Ohio Wildlife

A Slice of Life page 12 COVER: Photo courtesy of Luke Fontana


cityscenecolumbus.com | March 2020

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Tickets to Shadowbox Live’s The Legends from Liverpool Through April 26

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1335 Dublin Rd., Suite 101C Columbus, Ohio 43215 614-572-1240 • Fax 614-572-1241 www.cityscenecolumbus.com Kathleen K. Gill President/CEO Gianna Barrett Vice President, Sales Dave Prosser Chief Creative Officer Mallory Arnold, Rocco Falleti, Lydia Freudenberg Editors Zoë Glore Assistant Editor Garth Bishop Contributing Editor Natalie Caswell, Gillian Janicki, Brendan Martin, Sarah Robinson Editorial Assistants

I draw with charcoal and pastel, and the road is a common theme for me when drawing. It relates to the unimproved, unmaintained, dirt roads found in rural places that represent the significance of work and beauty to me. In the last several years Columbus has really broken through to be a center for creativity. And our museums, like the Columbus Museum of Art, and galleries provide a constant flow of exciting inspiration. I am Rod Bouc. Painting is my art and there is no place I’d rather make it.

Additional support from: The Sol Morton and Dorothy Isaac, Rebecca J. Wickersham and Lewis K. Osborne funds at The Columbus Foundation.

A The


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cityscenecolumbus.com | March 2020

John Nixon Photography Contributing Photographer Paula Harer Advertising Sales Jessica Flowers Office Manager Photo: Chris Casella | Design: Formation Studio

Learn more about Rod’s story and other Columbus artists, performances, exhibitions, concerts, public art and more at ColumbusMakesArt.com.

Caitlyn Blair Contributing Writers

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A Matter of Taste I had a delicious slice of pizza last month in Texas. It was a true New York-style pizza, with greasy, gooey cheese on top and iconically-flimsy crust that begs to be folded for a bite. It rivaled any slice I’ve had at Gino’s Pizzeria on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn – but I was in Bedford, Texas. While I’m not a pizza connoisseur, I do like most styles. With kids in Chicago, I have come to appreciate a good deep-dish or pizza pot pie. Here in Columbus, I’m a Donatos Hawaiian pizza kind of gal, although you can also find me indulging in a white pizza at Forno Kitchen + Bar or Gallo’s Tap Room. The average American prefers pepperoni on their pizza – we consume more than 250 million pounds per year – and 36 percent of the population consider pizza to be the perfect breakfast food. It may not be the doctor’s recommended way to start the day, but the lycopene in a pizza’s tomato sauce is an antioxidant that can lower the risk of cancer when pizza is part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. To find out if we agree on our pizza preferences, check out Pizza Wars on page 12 for our editors’ picks from pizzerias around town. In Health, Mallory Arnold explores the role that genetics play in how we taste food. Did you inherit a dislike of kale and arugula? Does your child have your sweet tooth? Maybe it’s not your cooking skills that are making your kids difficult, picky eaters! The Spotlight on Travel in this issue showcases St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in our Dublin as well as the Dublin across the pond. Throw in some fun facts about turning the Chicago River green and you know this is a March issue. By the way, if anyone is organizing a central Ohio pizza sampling tour, we’d love to hear about it and share your pictures. And an invite would be welcomed! Maybe I'll find a new favorite slice in Columbus, because Bedford, Texas is a long way away – even for pizza. Bon Appetit,

Kathy Gill, President/CEO Illustration by Roger Curley March 2020 | cityscenecolumbus.com



If We’re Being Honest…

A (very) candid chat with comedian Nikki Glaser By Rocco Falleti

Brutally Honest The bulk of Glaser’s material might be described as a brutally honest reflection of her sexual life, relationships and taboo topics. Her willingness to overshare helps make her a relatable figure. She specializes in saying the sorts of things that many of us think about, but would feel too awkward to say aloud. “I’ve always been someone who is comfortable with oversharing in a way that other people will ask me, ‘How can you even say those things?’” Glaser says. “It’s never been something where I was going to say this vulnerable thing that I am scared to tell people.”


cityscenecolumbus.com | March 2020

In her recent Netflix special, Bangin’, Glaser details stories of learning about sex as a young girl and previous hookups. She even talks openly about her past struggles with alcohol and how her newfound sobriety affects her views on casual sex. While she makes a living sharing these stories, Glaser does mention that, at times, opening up her personal life to the public hurts her relationships and dating life. “It’s harder for me to find a man to date from how much I talk about sex openly,” Glaser says. “I’ve just now realized, ‘Oh, maybe a guy I date doesn’t want to hear about their sex life onstage with my voice, where they have no opportunity to defend themselves.’ Not that I say bad things about people; I just don’t have a sense of privacy when it comes to sex.” Glaser hopes people are able to relate to the things she struggles with in her own life. That being said, while her lack of concern for people’s privacy – especially her own – made her popular, she is learning to appreciate others a little more. “I really didn’t have much empathy for people I might be talking about onstage or how they might feel. That lack of empathy in my earlier days helped me do whatever and throw whatever out there on stage and not worry about me,” Glaser says. “Now that I’m a more capable comedian, I can take into consideration other people’s feelings and the relationships I want to have.” Glasing Into the Past Glaser’s stand-up served as a way for her to cope with struggles growing up. People only familiar with her comedy might be surprised to learn she grew up with a lack of self-confidence and struggled with self-esteem. “I’m trying to give a voice to that, and I want men to understand where we’re coming from,” Glaser says. “I often rely on men’s stand-up to tell me where they are coming from, too. It’s my job to talk about the motive and reasons why we are struggling so much with anxiety, with depression and feeling less than.

Photos courtesy of NETFLIX

ANYTHING WORTHWHILE IN life takes time and a little patience. For comedian Nikki Glaser, success in the comedy world came from a relentless focus on performing with an undeniable lack of fear. Glaser has steadily climbed her way up the entertainment ranks through a rigid performance schedule, including stand-up; her Comedy Central show, Not Safe with Nikki Glaser; her weekly Sirius XM show, You Up with Nikki Glaser; and appearances on Comedy Central Roast and The Howard Stern Show. “What I’ve learned is that it just takes time. There’s really no easy way to get good at comedy,” Glaser says. “I love stand-up so much, and I was so addicted to it when I first started that it wasn’t a struggle for me to work really hard at it.” Over the course of her now 10-plus years of stand-up, she’s rarely said no to a gig. Though she says this was probably unhealthy early in her career, her drive has helped make her an up-and-coming household name. “I can trust myself and my instincts. I don’t rely on crafting jokes in my notebook. I’ve talked so much and been on air so much that I can trust myself to be funny off the cuff,” Glaser says. “It’s a lot about this confidence that I used to have to fake, but now I have it. … It took a while.”

Ohio-born Though she lived in Missouri for most of her life, Glaser was born in Cincinnati and visited family there often throughout her childhood. “Ohio was a huge part of my upbringing, and I feel so connected to it. I always tell people, ‘Hey, I’m from there!” Glaser laughs. “I love the crowds in Columbus, I just love the Midwest.” The comedian gives credit to the Funny Bone – which, of course, has a location at Easton Town Center – for giving her work as a middle act when she was coming up in the scene. In fact, the Columbus Funny Bone played a vital part in crafting her Netflix special. “I owe Columbus a lot,” Glaser says. “People think that the Midwest might not be able to handle the comedy of the East Coast, but I think they can handle it better, and often have better senses of humor.”

Nikki Glaser: Bang it Out will be at the Southern Theatre Friday, March 20

March 2020 | cityscenecolumbus.com


In a world dominated by social media and the desire to appear perfect, Glaser’s job as a comedian is simple: be as honest as possible. She’s open about the negative side of Hollywood, a world that contributed to her battle with anorexia. Comedy has become her tool to cope and to let others know that they aren’t alone. “One of my biggest motives as a stand-up is being the type of comedian that I wanted to see as a girl in high school or college,” Glaser says. “I would’ve appreciated someone talking more honestly, especially celebrities talking about their looks and how they struggle and how it’s not all perfect.” And while she hopes her work as a comedian empowers women, she is adamant about her material helping both men and women understand each other. “I don’t want to alienate men or make them feel like I’m mad at them,” Glaser says. “I’m never trying to titillate; I’m just trying to be honest.” Glaser is set to perform at the Southern Theatre on Friday, March 20. She will have a brand-new set full of material that wasn’t on her recent Netflix special. CS Rocco Falleti is an editor. Feedback welcome at rfalleti@cityscenecolumbus.com.

Nikki Glaser Tells All

CityScene: What’s the best part about being on the road? Nikki Glaser: For me, it’s probably sampling different Starbucks throughout the country (laughs). No, I actually really love staying in hotels. I like a small room, holing myself up, using towels as a napkin and eating in bed. … It’s a mini vacation. CS: If you weren’t a comedian, what would you be doing today? NG: I’d go into animal rescue. I love animals. I only wanted to be a marine biologist until I realized you have to know about science and you can’t just hang out and pet whales all day. I’m vegan, so I really care about the planet. Eventually, when I retire, which I probably won’t ever do – I’m going to be Joan Rivers and do this until I die – I would start some sort of bird rescue. I’d be a bird lady. CS: Do you have any guilty pleasures? NG: Taylor Swift? I don’t know, I really don’t have a lot of guilt from things that bring me joy. But Taylor would be the one I would say that people roll their eyes at, but she is one of the most brilliant songwriters of our time. I have really good taste in music and people always go, “Yeah, right…” I know what I am talking about. I want to be the Taylor Swift of comedy one day. CS: What’s your biggest turn-off when dating? NG: Men who are obsessed with their moms. I want you to have a good relationship, but if you are constantly talking to her and texting with her…

Q&A Bachelorette Becca Kufrin The Bachelor Live on Stage is set for March 17 at the Palace Theatre Did you ever think that The Bachelor would take you where you are now in your personal life and career? Not in a million years. I’ve had so many unique and amazing opportunities brought to life because of the show – Garrett for one – but also the creative outlet to start my own loungewear line (B the Label) as well as these cool hosting opportunities with Bachelor Live on Stage and the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast.   How has your life changed since you stepped into the limelight of media and entertainment? It’s changed in every way possible. I’ve had career changes, new living locations and one crazy travel schedule because of the show. I am no longer living in private and my life and relationship are on display, which often isn’t the easiest thing for me. What do you say to someone who asks, “Does the Bachelor/Bachelorette process actually work?” I say, “Just look at Garrett and me! We are exhibit A.” You’ve raised a lot of funds for Stand Up to Cancer. How did you feel putting passion into an organization like that? I feel very humbled to give back to some great organizations. Certain ones like Stand Up to Cancer, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation,  and WomenOne are ones that are near and dear to my heart, each for a specific reason.   The Bachelor Live on Stage sounds like such a fun time. What kind of Columbus bachelors are you looking for?


cityscenecolumbus.com | March 2020

We are looking for someone who is truly open and ready for anything. We also want someone who is fun, go-withthe-flow and looking to have a great time while some eyeballs are on them.   What’s it like working this production with Bachelor Ben Higgins? Ben is probably the best person for the job. He is so charismatic and great with all types of people, so to have him by my side while on stage will definitely make the shows (hopefully) go smoothly. He genuinely cares about the fans and puts their desires and experience at the top of the list, so I hope the audience can feel the love and his desire to give back to them. OK, we have to know, what’s your honest, best piece of relationship advice? Someone once told me this, and I’ve learned it’s so true, especially when living with your partner – pick your battles. It’s easy to get frustrated or annoyed with the opposite sex, because it’s no surprise that men and women are from opposite planets. So, make sure you really choose what to get upset about in certain situations. I also think it’s very important to give your partner a kiss and tell them you love them every single night before bed … even if you’re pissed.  CS


The Bitter Truth

How genetics play a role in our taste buds By Mallory Arnold HAVE YOU EVER been out to eat with a

friend, had them try a bite of your favorite dish and they absolutely hated it? Don’t be offended, you may be buds, but you don’t have the same taste buds. Chris Macias, a Sacramento Bee food critic, writes, “Sensitivity to taste is as unique as a fingerprint.” Basically, even if you eat the same thing, you may not taste the same things your friend does. Let’s talk big words for a minute. Phenylthiocarbamide, or PTC, is what gives certain vegetables a bitter taste. The thing is, not everyone can taste PTC. People who have an aversion to produce such as kale, arugula, broccoli, cauliflower and radishes most likely have a gene called TAS2R38 which allows them to perceive that bitter taste. If you can’t taste the bitterness in cruciferous vegetables, you have what scientists like to call “bitter blindness.” The Sweet Truth Chris Simons, a professor of sensory science at The Ohio State University, is an expert on the topic. While working toward his Ph.D at the University of California, Davis, he was connected to an advisor who had a keen interest in spicy foods. Simons soon began working on correlations between genetics and spicy tastes and found the intersection of food science and human behavior fascinating.


cityscenecolumbus.com | March 2020



We can thank our deep-rooted genetics for certain cravings in our diet. Our great-great-great-ancestors (think cavepeople) had very sharp bitter receptors to detect if a plant was inedible or even poisonous. They also innately sought out more caloric foods, which happened to be fatty, sweet and salty. Scientists say that’s why people crave those foods today.

Simons is a firm believer in the concept of a sweet tooth, and says he has one himself. “We’re all born with a sweet tooth,” Simons says. “It goes back to our genetics with cavepeople. It’s true that some people have a stronger sweet tooth than others based on their genetics.” He recently worked on a study that found people with less sweet receptor proteins in their taste buds are less sensitive to sweets, and, as a consequence, need higher sugar concentrations to perceive that same level of sweetness and enjoyment. If you’re the kind of person who dumps six stevia packets into your morning coffee, you may just have fewer sweet receptors.

There are also cultural and environmental components to having a sweet tooth. Different cultures have different optimal levels of sweetness. For example, compared to American chocolate, you’ll find a higher concentration of cocoa in European chocolate, where the population prefers a less sugary, almost acrid taste. Cilant-no Cilantro is one herb that elicits a significant reaction from tasters. Famous chef Julia Child insisted it tasted of soap – a strange, but accurate, description many people agree with. For those who think a mouthful of cilantro tastes like Dove body-

Taste Areas on the Human Tongue

wash, the issue stems from a variation of olfactory-receptor genes. It’s a quirk found in only a small percentage of the population, though East Asians have some of the highest aversions to cilantro. Gee, Thanks Mom What your mother ate during her pregnancy may have affected your culinary likes and dislikes. NPR says that, at 21 weeks after conception, a developing baby is surrounded by a fluid flavored by the foods and drinks its mother has eaten. “A lot of food preferences are established when a child is a fetus,” Simons says. “If they are exposed to a broad diet while the mom is pregnant, they have a wider range of taste.” A study conducted at the Monell Chemical Senses Center had a group of pregnant women eat a surplus of carrots while another group avoided the vegetable altogether. The babies who had experienced carrot in their mother’s amniotic fluid or mother’s milk were more likely to eat carrot-flavored baby food. However, many experts say that babies are rarely born with taste preferences. It’s mostly about exposure and learned behavior.

Giving Back over $1 Million a year to local charities and organizations

Our mission is to partner with difference makers in the community and give back to those local charities, programs and organizations that directly support the growth and well being of the community. ry $25 for eve o the dt donate rs Rooste u will tion yo founda ive a $5 rece rs buck rooste

#RoostersWings @Roosters

For more information visit www.roosterswings.com

Picky Eater The question is, can we blame genetics for picky eaters? “There appears to be a genetic component on a couple of different levels,” Simons says. “Especially if you’re a supertaster.” While the label sounds like the name of a Marvel hero, it’s not quite as exciting. Thanks to genetics, some people – approximately 20 percent of the population – have more taste buds than others. Supertasters are sensitive to everything; sweet, salty and bitter. This is how people become picky eaters. “You can learn to like food, though,” Simons insists. “People learn to like coffee and beer, even though they are bitter. Why? Because of the positive effects that come with them.” Similarly, your body reacts positively to the affects of eating healthful foods like fruits and vegetables. It just takes longer to reap these benefits compared to something as quick as a sugar rush. CS Mallory Arnold is an editor. Feedback welcome at marnold@cityscenemediagroup.com. March 2020 | cityscenecolumbus.com



A Slice of Life A look at some of the best pies in town compiled by the CityScene editorial staff


1Yes, ve-gan!

Yellow Brick Pizza (Vegan) Pizza alternatives can often taste like cardboard or packing peanuts – but Yellow Brick Pizza believes everyone should be able to sink their teeth into cheesy goodness. “We strive to have delicious flavors for everyone, regardless of their dietary restrictions,” says Co-Owner Faith Pierce. “We thought long and hard before deciding to go with Follow Your Heart Vegan Mozzarella. We’re currently working on a vegan ‘pepperoni,’ a vegan ‘ricotta’ and a vegan/gluten free walnut ‘meat’ ball.” Plus, if you’re still hungry after demolishing a vegan pie, Yellow Brick has Not Chicken Wings, house-made vegan nuggets.


2Vegging out

Adriatico’s New York Style Pizza (Veggie) The Ohio State University students will tell you that Adriatico’s has a distinct smell – it’s a campus favorite. When the original 11th Avenue location, home to OSU’s Adriatico’s since 1986, was demolished, students were horrified. Luckily, a brand-new parlor was opened right on the same Neil Avenue block. We heard that an Adriatico’s Vegetarian Pizza is stacked with fresh (did you hear the choir sing? Fresh!) vegetables. General Manager Ryan Sykes says, “We put a lot of time and energy perfecting the recipe, and from there, we’ve stayed consistent. We use fresh-cut vegetables  like onions, green peppers and thick, fresh mushrooms, then finish with extra cheese to keep it all together.”

3Ugh, we’re stuffed

Romeo’s Pizza (Stuffed Crust) There’s a special art to stuffed crust. The folding of the dough must be done perfectly, the cheese can’t dry out as it cooks and it certainly shouldn’t burst through the seams before you tear it apart. Romeo’s packs its pizza crust with a 12

cityscenecolumbus.com | March 2020


3 calculated amount of mozzarella to get that perfect string of cheese when you bite into a slice. This mozzarella-filled crust is ooey, gooey and served with Capone tomatolike sauce.

4Sweet slices


Pizza Rustica (Buckeye Chocolate Pizza) Pizza Rustica focuses on serving the downtown business community throughout the week, so it’s not surprising that the parlor means serious business with its Buckeye Chocolate Pizza. Originally, the recipe was just a chocolate pizza, (as if that weren’t enough) but owner Chris diDonato wanted to add something that hit home for Columbus. The Buckeye Chocolate Pizza made its official debut during football season and was arguably one of the sweetest touchdowns all year. “One of the more unique parts to the dessert is that we load the center layer with chocolate and then finish cooking prior to topping it with more chocolate and peanut butter,” says diDonato “The end result is the crispiness of the pizza dough with the sweetness of the peanut butter and chocolate.” March 2020 | cityscenecolumbus.com



6 7 14

cityscenecolumbus.com | March 2020

5 Hello, taco!

Eagles Pizza (Taco Pizza) After reading about the popular taco-inspired pizzas from California, Tom Keesee was inspired to bring the flavor to his New Albany shop, Eagles Pizza. “He thought the idea sounded good and started working on our recipe,” says Dennis Keesee, son of Tom and owner of Eagles Pizza. “It was quickly embraced by our customers and has become one of our best sellers.” For more than 30 years, Eagles Pizza has smothered its homemade crust in salsaflavored sauce, multiple cheeses and ground meat, along with cold toppings such as lettuce, tomatoes and, of course, more cheese. Talk about acing the taco trend.

6 The endless pizza debate

Harvest Pizzeria (Pineapple) Does pineapple belong on pizza? Harvest Pizzeria believes it does. Of course, its style has a mozzarella/provolone blend, Ohio “Canadian” bacon and jalapeño (all locally-sourced we might add). “(Harvest Pizzeria) has a huge emphasis on local ingredients. We partner with local sources for everything, including our dough, which is made by Omega Artisan Baking at the North Market,” says Marketing Director Danny Cathcart. When asked how he feels about pineapple on pizza, Cathcart says, “I enjoy it. What’s great about pizza is that it caters to everyone’s taste.”

7 Italian sausage


Zamarelli’s Pizza Palace (Anchovy and Sausage) One of the most popular pizza shops in Grove City, Zamarelli’s features all the classics with its own twist. CityScene created its own pizza with two toppings – anchovies and Zam’s homemade sausage. The results? Two thumbs up. “The sausage – there is no place else in the world where you’ll find it,” says Owner Jack Middendorf, son-in-law to the original owner, the late Andrew Zamarelli. “It’s our own recipe that my father-inlaw’s mother brought from Italy. We do everything ourselves.” While thanking Middendorf for his time, a customer leans over and says “Best pizza in the city, that’s for sure.” Guess you’ll have to try it yourself.

8 Pass the garlic, please

Bridge Street Pizza (The “Original” White) Sometimes simple is the way to go. Castro Rafeedie, owner of Bridge Street Pizza in Dublin, argues that the few ingredients on The “Original” White Pizza doesn’t fall short of flavor. “Like all of our pizzas, the dough is made fresh every day. We use a blend of three cheeses that are also grated fresh daily,” says Rafeedie. “The garlic butter base, fresh garlic and red onions add a ton of flavor.” A small list of toppings with big taste. No one will blame you for going heavy on the garlic with this one.

9 Mastering mushrooms


Mellow Mushroom (Mushroom) You either love ‘em or hate ‘em, but for you fungi fanatics, Mellow Mushroom has the perfect pizza. The Holy Shiitake Pie is a nontraditional pizza with an olive oil and garlic base topped with shiitake, button and portobello mushrooms with caramelized onions. Add mozzarella, finish with a garlic aioli swirl, a spritz of black truffle oil chives and shaved parmesan for what General Manager Craig Brown, calls the perfect pizza for anyone who loves mushrooms. With locations in New Albany, Dublin and Polaris, you’ll be able to enjoy every heavenly slice. March 2020 | cityscenecolumbus.com



The Pepa-A-Matic

A slice of Columbus pizza history By Mallory Arnold Jim Grote knows pizza. When he was 13, he took a job making cheesy, pepperoni pies at a Columbus pizza joint. He bought that original store in 1963 and began to grow Donatos, which takes its name from a Latin phrase meaning, “To give a good thing.” During the development of Donatos, Grote was using hand-crank deli slicers to cut pepperoni for toppings. In order to achieve pizza perfection, he wanted to use an exact amount of pepperoni on each pie. With this challenge in mind, the Pepa-A-Matic was born. The slicer has a system of scales that are used to weigh the pizzas as they are assembled; each ingredient added on top must meet the exact weight requirements. This created Donatos’ “edge to edge” signature, as toppings and dough are weighed to an exact 100th of a pound. In her book, The Missing Piece: Doing Business the Donatos Way, Donatos chairwoman of the board and Grote’s daughter, Jane Grote Abell, writes, “He was determined to ensure that every piece had the same amount of toppings for every pizza. This literally kept my dad up at night.” Dave Parsons, head of Donatos press and communications, says the Pep-A-Matic isn't used in any modern-day restaurants, only for frozen pizza. While the company grew to more than 200 locations across 10 states, Columbus is home-base. “With the way that we give back in the neighborhoods and communities where our pizza is served, a special relationship has developed,” Parsons says. “Columbus is special to Donatos because this is where it all started, and it still remains the company home to this day.” Mallory Arnold is an editor. Feedback welcome at marnold@cityscenemediagroup.com.


cityscenecolumbus.com | March 2020


taste and 10 Amazing plant-based


6046 Tara Hill Dr. 614-336-3000

Donatos Pizza (Cauliflower Crust Signature Pizza) Cauliflower crust – don’t know it until you try Donatos. The Cauliflower Brucschetta, Cauliflower Garden and Cauliflower Heat all feature plant-based sausage as well – but we challenge meat lovers to tell the difference. “Our menu innovation and culinary team did a tremendous job developing these pizzas,” says Tom Krouse, president and CEO of Donatos. “We strive to bring trending flavors and premium ingredients to our customers and we are excited to add these delicious options to the menu.”

morning, 11Good sunshine

East Coast Pizzeria (Breakfast Pizza) Who says breakfast is only meant for the mornings? East Coast Pizzeria’s Breakfast Pizza is paired with homemade queso as the base, topped with cheddar, sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs and sprinkled with cilantro. The creation devolved from a genuine love of breakfast food and is the perfect meal for any time of the day.


4780 Cemetery Rd. 614-876-9000

Upper Arlington 4895 Sawmill Rd. 614-764-4000


10655 Sawmill Pkwy. 614-336-0000


Opening Two New Locations! Spring 2020 Worthington North 401 Park Road

Summer 2020 Grandview 757 Adena Drive

600 Worthington Woods Blvd. 614-888-7000


1123 Bethel Rd. 614-451-5200

INFANT – SCHOOL AGE CHILDREN Low teacher to student ratio

Tuition includes: ORGANIC FOOD, diapers, wipes, & so much more!


BarringtonSchool .com

12The late night wiener

Mikey’s Late Night Slice (Pizza Dawg) The Pizza Dawg is a true culinary masterpiece and touted as Mikey’s greatest contribution to the late-night cuisine scene. A hot dog stuffed with pepperoni and cheese, served on a slice of pizza as the bun is practically impossible to pass up.

12 March 2020 | cityscenecolumbus.com


Thursday, May 21, 2020 6 – 9 PM

Enjoy an exclusive evening featuring fine cuisine courtesy of Catering by Cox and Preston Catering, live and silent auctions and a St. Jude patient speaker, all in support of the St. Jude mission. Individual Ticket - $175 | Table of 10 - $1,750 Columbus Zoo and Aquarium 4850 W est Powell Road Powell, OH


©2019 ALSAC/St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital



Dave Fox Design Build Remodelers’ award-winning basement

Designer Hardware | You’ve Been Scene


Sports Center Visibly aged basement becomes award-winning nexus for watching sports, movies and more By Garth Bishop


cityscenecolumbus.com | March 2020

A basement bar may be a popular amenity among homeowners, but when it gets so dated that it feels unsuitable for entertaining, all that appeal goes right out the window.

basement bar area, presumably top-notch when the house was built in 1993, had gotten old and unexciting. “It just didn’t feel usable to them,” says Tom Eastwood, the Dave Fox design consultant who worked on the project. “They wanted a warm bar area where they could entertain.” The remodel, which took about four months, completely transformed the basement, filling it with strong appeal to any visitor, Eastwood says. Special care was taken to ensure all the cabinets, countertops and installed bricks tie together, making the ambience consistent. In December, the project won a Contractor of the Year award from the local chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. The category: Basement Under $100,000, which the project just barely made with its price tag of $99,000.

• A bar back with custom, multi-stained white pine. Brand-new flooring was installed throughout the entirety of the space. The unique material – natural fossilized eucalyptus – presented its own set of challenges. The concrete below the flooring was uneven, which caused the eucalyptus flooring to have a bouncing effect. Dave Fox therefore completely leveled the concrete before installing the eucalyptus. An electric fireplace, complete with custom built-ins and bracket shelving completes the effect. Whitewashed thin brick, also used in the bar backsplash, accents the fireplace, and built-in benches offer additional seating options. Now, the house’s lower level is a prime place to have visitors over to watch the game or to have family movie night. “They said that it’s everything they wanted and more,” Eastwood says.

The Bar and Rec Room Outdated tile, lighting and carpet had to go, as did a glass block wall and cabinet. Dave Fox then installed shelving, a bar sink, a dishwasher and a beverage refrigerator. Only the windows, trim and door remain of the basement’s past life. The new bar bears absolutely no resemblance to its predecessor. Highlights include: • Gray quartz countertops designed to look like concrete. • Dark alder cabinets with a glazed finish. • Custom shelving with pipe brackets, fitting wine bottles and framing the TV.

The Rest of the Space The bar area may be the centerpiece of the basement, but the remodeled lower level has much more to appreciate. The bathroom underwent a complete overhaul. The toilet, shower enclosure, sink and vanity were all temporarily removed, then reinstalled in a much more visually appealing room. New features include new tile for the floor and walls, with the wall behind the mirror and toilet now made of whitewashed shiplap. A black pebble stone accent in the shower and new vanity tops were also added. March 2020 | cityscenecolumbus.com


Photos courtesy of Dave Fox Design Build Remodelers

Facing that reality, the owners of this Powell home worked with Dave Fox Design Build Remodelers to completely transform their basement bar, recreation area, bathroom and adjacent room. The homeowners love having guests over, especially to watch sports. But their

“We gave it a bright and cleaner look,” says Eastwood. What was once a guest room has been converted into a playroom for the family’s two young sons, as well as any kids who may be visiting – a safe and convenient place for them to play while their parents watch the game. The carpet was removed in favor of the eucalyptus flooring, custom cub-



By Caitlyn Blair

You use them every day, they’re out in the open and can completely make or break a room’s décor. Designer hardware came into the remodeling scene when homeowners wised up to the idea that updating handles and knobs can change the theme of a room easily and inexpensively. However, designer hardware isn’t exactly new. In fact, one of the most coveted and famous doorknobs in history is an 1870s original “doggy doorknob” by Russell & Erwin Manufacturing Company. Believe it or not, this little bronze dog caused the explosion of designer hardware Look for hardware featuring artists-inspired pieces – everything from glass-blown, painted, carved and even woven handles, knobs and more. Bottom line – hardware must be functional. And you don’t have to stick to one designer to complement your overall décor. Caitlyn Blair is a contributing writer. Feedback welcome at feedback@cityscenemediagroup.com.


cityscenecolumbus.com | March 2020

bies were installed for toy storage and one of the walls was covered with chalk paint, turning it into a giant chalkboard. Between the custom cubbies is more built-in storage, with space for a TV in the future. LL Garth Bishop is a contributing editor. Feedback welcome at feedback@cityscenemediagroup.com.

Kick off 2020 in style!

The Best in Door and Cabinet Hardware and Bath Accessories

premium-hardware.com | 866 Morrison Rd. Columbus 43230 614.755.4419 | info@premium-hardware.com

March 2020 | cityscenecolumbus.com


you’ve been scene Wonderball Jan. 25, Columbus Museum of Art

Photos courtesy of Nikole Breanna Prete

Columbus Donut Fest Jan. 26, Strongwater Food & Spirits Photos courtesy of Leanne Moore


cityscenecolumbus.com | March 2020

For more photos visit cityscenecolumbus.com


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A Bloody Good Time

Standard Hall shares a brunch classic By Rocco Falleti

THE BLOODY MARY is a brunch scene staple. Whether it's the classic bloody mary, a blood maria with tequila or a Kentucky mary with bourbon, this tomato-based cocktail gets creative "Never be modest with a bloody mary – it can be a meal within itself," says Riley Reece, manager at Standard Hall. CS • Absolut Vodka • Tanqueray Gin or Espolòn Tequila • Tomatillo base or tomato juice Reccomended additions • Pickles • Spicy sausage • Cubed cheddar cheese • Pickled boiled eggs • Fried onion rings Rocco Falleti is an editor. Feedback welcome at rfalleti@cityscenecolumbus.com March 2020 | cityscenecolumbus.com




St. Patrick’s Day: Near and Far Enjoy the celebration in Dublin, Ohio or Dublin, Ireland By Zoë Glore

BEFORE WE BREAK out the Shamrock

Shake and leprechaun hats, let’s get the facts straight about our favorite green holiday. While Irish immigrants have made St. Patrick’s Day what it is today in the United States, honoring Ireland’s patron saint was not always a joyous occasion. Traditionally, the holiday was solemn in Ireland, commemorating Saint Patrick’s death. Many businesses closed out of respect, drinking was frowned upon and it wasn’t until the 1970s that pubs were allowed to open on the day. However, this originally-subdued occasion is now celebrated in more countries than any other national festival.

The Old Country

Once you’ve crossed the pond, you’ll notice some differences and similarities in the celebrations. In Ireland, attending a local festival is an absolute must. Dublin hosts an annual St. Patrick’s Festival, featuring street parades, shamrocks, music and much more. Attendees experience world-class museum workshops and guided walks to enjoy historical sites such as the Guinness Storehouse and St Patrick’s Cathedral. They can also enjoy singing workshops, spokenword trails, film screenings and a carnival over the five-day event. Most practicing Catholics in Ireland attend the holy day of obligation in one of the numerous churches to honor Saint 28

cityscenecolumbus.com | March 2020

March 2020 | cityscenecolumbus.com


Patrick. Dressed in their best, attendees make sure to include a shamrock pinned to their breast in commemoration of the patron saint. Generally, after mass, families sit down to a large dinner. While green beer may suffice in the U.S., the local Irish won’t let you leave a pub without trying a traditional brew such as Smithwick’s Irish Ale, O’Hara’s Celtic Stout, Harp Lager or, of course, anything Guinness.

In Your Own Back Yard

While celebrations across the U.S. may differ from those on the Emerald Isle, there’s certainly no shortage of events to ring in the holiday. Our Dublin right here in Ohio pays homage to its namesake with a weekend-long celebration. St. Patrick’s Day is officially March 17, but you can get a head start by attending the Dublin Lions Club Pancake Breakfast on Saturday, March 14 at 7 a.m. After stuffing your face with pancakes, make your way over to the Inflation Celebration hosted by the city of Dublin. Watch the balloons come to life before the Greenest, Grandest St. Patrick’s Day Parade, designed to encompass Dublin’s credo that “Irish is an attitude” yearround. Enjoy bands, bagpipers, balloons, Irish dancers, a Grand Leprechaun and even Saint Patrick himself as the parade makes its way through Historic Dublin. Keep the celebration going with two Dublin trails. The Irish Fairy Doors of Dublin Trail lead participants through Historic Dublin to 11 different businesses, each of 30

cityscenecolumbus.com | March 2020

which has a tiny magical fairy door with a cute name. Fill in your trail passport along the way and, once finished, exchange it for a prize. And for those wanting to take part in a more adult tradition, the Celtic Cocktail Trail highlights the best of Dublin dining and craft cocktails with an Irish flair. Enjoy a unique Irish-themed cocktail at five of the 11 destinations and redeem your completed trail guide for a prize. You can keep the party going all weekend long at any of Dublin’s bars and pubs, including Fadó Pub & Kitchen, which hosts a St. Paddy’s Pub Party. Owned by Dublin, Ireland native Ian “Monty” Montgomery, Fadó keeps things true to its Irish roots with European eats and specialty cocktails. No matter which Dublin you’re in this St. Patrick’s Day, you can still grab your best buds, pin on a flashy shamrock and celebrate with some old-fashioned Irish luck. CS Zoë Glore is an assistant editor. Feedback welcome at zglore@cityscenemediagroup.com.

A Weekend Away in Chi-Town CHICAGO HAS A history rich with Irish roots, making it the perfect weekend getaway to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Here are some stops you won’t want to miss along the way.

The Dyeing of the Chicago River Since 1962, reps at the Journeymen Plumbers Local Union 130 have tinted the Chicago River, making it a crazy green for four to five hours. Catch an optimal view of the bright green water from the east side of the Michigan Avenue bridge, the west side of the Columbus Drive bridge or on the Riverwalk. The 2020 St. Patrick’s Day River Dyeing is Saturday, March 14 at 9 a.m. Wendella’s St. Patrick’s Day Cruise For a more, up-close and personal view of the river dyeing, hop on the Wendella’s St. Patrick’s Day Cruise. Enjoy Irish music and a full-service bar – equipped with green beer, of course. The cruise will run March 14, 9-11 a.m. The St. Patrick’s Day Parade The St. Patrick’s Day Parade steps off the intersection of Columbus and Baldo at noon and continues north to Monroe on March 14. The downtown parade is one of the largest annual events in the city. This year marks the 65th year of the tradition and will showcase troupes of Irish step dancers, marching bands, bagpipers and plenty of Irish flags. St. Patrick Festival at the Irish American Heritage Center The festival at the Irish American Heritage Center on March 14 is a familyoriented event featuring traditional and contemporary Irish music, dancing, dining, children’s activities and gift vendors.

Traditional Irish Pubs

For a hearty Irish meal, check out one of Chicago’s many Irish pubs: The Curragh Irish Pub Veggie Irish boxty Stuffed Irish potato pancake served with mashed potatoes and veggies, mushrooms, tomatoes, red onion, scallions and broccoli in a cheddar cheese sauce. www.curragh irishpub.com

O’Shaughnessy’s Public House Bangers and mash Irish bangers, mashed potatoes, onion gravy and your choice of baked beans or marrow fat peas. www.oshaughnessys chicago.com

The Grafton Pub & Grill Irish breakfast Two eggs, bangers, rashers, Irish baked beans, grilled tomato, black pudding, white pudding, French fries and toast. www.thegrafton.com


Can Replace Home… But Our Small House Neighborhoods Come Close.

Located in Gahanna and New Albany,

Otterbein Neighborhoods feature a revolutionary design and exceptional staff-to-elder ratio.

You’ll find: • Short-term stay • Rehabilitation therapies • Family-style meals • Private suites • 24 hour care • Elder-centered care • Long-term

www.otterbein.org NA-GH-4.75x4.875CityAD.indd 1

Learn more today! (614) 981-6854 New Albany 6690 Liberation Way New Albany, OH 43054

Gahanna 402 Liberty Way Gahanna, OH 43230


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Animal Magnetism

Wildlife experiences throughout Ohio By Gillian Janicki Nomad Ridge at The Wilds Zanesville The Wilds takes glamping (glamorous camping) to a whole new level. Nomad Ridge offers overnight stays in private yurts equipped with bamboo floors, screened windows, ceiling fans, solid wood doors, private bathrooms and Wi-Fi. You might even see a few rhinos from your personal deck. Guests can also book a zipline safari tour, horseback safari or an evening at

the outpost to relax around the fire ring, miles away from trafAfrican Safari Wildlife Park fic and urban lights. Nomad Ridge is open daily, May through October, includThere are currently 24 wolfdogs in ing holidays. Choose from packages start- residence, each with its own unique story. ing at $325 per night for adults 21 and Cheyenne, a wolfdog resident for more over. Dinner and breakfast for two is pro- than five years, is known for her sweet vided, along with an Open-Air Safari tour. disposition. She falls into the F1 category, www.thewilds.columbuszoo.org meaning one of her parents is a wolf. The sanctuary cares for animals with all percentAfrican Safari Wildlife Park ages of wolf, and the current pack ranges Port Clinton anywhere from 11.5 percent to 95 percent. Have you ever fed a camel? Been up www.southernohiowolfsanctuary.com CS close and personal with a giraffe? You can experience this and more at this African Gillian Janicki is a contributing writer. Feedback Safari Wildlife Park. Load the family into welcome at feedback@cityscenemediagroup.com. the car and drive through the park to meet and feed bison, llamas and zebras. The drive-thru safari spring schedule runs through May 23 and is open daily 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., rain or shine. The park also has a walk-through safari that opens in May. Here, visitors will find animals such as warthogs, alligators and gibbons. You can also feed kangaroos, porcupines, tortoises and rabbits, or experience the interactive Aviary Adventure where you can walk through, feed, and even take pictures with more than 400 budgies. www.africansafariwildlifepark.com Nomad Ridge at The Wilds Southern Ohio Wolf Sanctuary Chesapeake Started by John DeBoard in 2014, this wolf sanctuary takes in wolfdogs that need veterinary care and gives them a second chance at life. Wolfdogs are hybrids of wolves and breeds of dogs such as Huskies or Great Pyrenees. The animals are rehabilitated and given a safe place to call home, whether it’s through adoption or becoming a permanent resident of the sanctuary.


cityscenecolumbus.com | March 2020

Southern Ohio Wolf Sanctuary

Live in an Award-Winning Community

in Dublin, Delaware or Pickerington Redefining 55+ Living

1-833-LIVE 55+ (1-833-548-3550) www.TreplusCommunities.com

March 2020 | cityscenecolumbus.com



cityscenecolumbus.com | March 2020


Petite Appetit Amy Neiwirth creates tiny food sculptures for handmade jewelry By Lydia Freudenberg

Photos by Stef Streb

HAVE YOU EVER seen a one-inch Pop-Tart or a bowl of macaroni

and cheese that could fit on your fingertip? Local artist Amy Neiwirth is redefining how we wear jewelry and celebrate food. Neiwirth, an art teacher at Columbus Torah Academy, defines her jewelry making business – Stella Sweet Designs, named after her cat – as a side hustle. Regardless, the local artist is dedicating hours to creating intricate products that make our cuteness meters explode. “I’ve been doing this for so long, but when I make the perfect little Pop-Tart and get the sprinkles just right with a little bite taken out, I kind of giggle to myself just because I made this from nothing,” Check out Neiwirth says. “Food is a universal theme in Sweet Stella Designs art, and it’s something almost everyone can at the free Craftin’ Outlaws relate to.” fair at the Columbus From taco earrings to Jewish cuisine braceMuseum of Art. lets, every item is made from colorful polymer Sunday, March 29 clay and is far from abstract – the pumpkin pie 10 a.m.-5 p.m. charm with whipped cream looks so realistic you want to take a tiny bite. The creative process parallels cooking, as each charm requires a particular recipe. Neiwirth describes how she rolled out the clay for an Ohio-shaped pizza charm, used a state-shaped cookie-cutter, stretched the sauce over the “dough,” baked it, added the multi-colored toppings and baked it a bit more. When a charm calls for a liquid-like effect – butter, sauces, broths – Neiwirth uses liquid clay and drizzles the dyed mixture over the food, just as a chef would pour a delicious sauce on their latest masterpiece. The world of cuisine presents endless possibilities for Neiwirth, and she doesn’t plan on diverging from the tiny food theme anytime soon. “There is something about the way my brain works where if I see the food, the color, the texture, the shape just makes sense March 2020 | cityscenecolumbus.com


with me translating that into the clay – it doesn’t work (for me) with other objects,” Neiwirth says, laughing. “I guess it’s something magical, and tiny things are cute.” Neiwirth’s designs hold appeal for all ages. She says her mother, Anne, rocks the original jewelry, earning her the title “marketing mom.” “Not every product is meant for every person and that’s OK, but I think that my stuff could be worn by anyone of any age,” Neiwirth says. Her work also inspires her students. None has tackled the difficult process of creating tiny food art, but many love working with clays, just like Neiwirth. “My job is to encourage other people to be creative and find their artistic voice, so I think it’s really important for me to be an artist that makes work too,” Neiwirth says. Sweet Stella Designs is on Etsy and at Wild Cat Gift & Party in Clintonville, and Neiwirth plans to launch her website,.. www.sweetstelladesigns.com, this year. CS Lydia Freudenberg is an editor. Feedback welcome at lfreudenberg@cityscenemediagroup.com.


cityscenecolumbus.com | March 2020

March 2020 | cityscenecolumbus.com


Swingin’ with the CJO Byron Stripling, CJO Artistic Director

Speakeasy Hot Jazz

with Xylophonist Ian Finkel & Trumpeter Tony Glausi The Southern Theatre 21 East Main Street

MAR 12 - 15, 2020

Tickets Start at Just $10


Connect with your inner Gatsby as the CJO and guest artists explore the infamous world of gangsters, bathtub gin, flappers, and red hot jazz.



Melissa Aldana


The Lincoln Theatre 769 East Long Street

FRI, APR 3 | 8 PM



The recent Grammy nominee shattered jazz’s glass ceiling when she became the first female instrumentalist and the first South American ever to win the prestigious Thelonious Monk Jazz Competition.


CAPA Ticket Office 39 East State Street


Ann & Tom Hoaglin Fahn & Denny Tishkoff


cityscenecolumbus.com | March 2020

“I’ve been doing this for so long, but when I make the perfect little Pop-Tart and get the sprinkles just right with a little bite taken out, I kind of giggle to myself just because I made this from nothing.”



t s e B s u ‘B2020 of the

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FOR HEALTHY MOMS AND STRONG BABIES Two babies die every hour in the U.S. And about every 12 hours a woman dies as a result of complications from pregnancy. It’s not fine. But together we can do something about it.

APRIL 26, 2020


SIGN UP at MarchforBabies.org/event/ centralohio

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Gallery Exhibits 934 Gallery: Works by Jesse Horning and Ben Yacavone. March 6-April 18. www.934.gallery Art Access Gallery: It’s All New 2020. Works by Sharon Dougherty, Rod Hayslip, Marti Steffy, Paula Rubinstein, Karen Rumora and Ricki Rosen. Through April 15. www.artaccessgallery.com The Arts Castle: Storytime: Ohio Authors and Illustrators. Writings and various illustrations by local artists. March 2-April 26. www.artscastle.org Blockfort: Vision Quest. Solo exhibition featuring ethnic symbolism, spiritualism and mark-making inspired works by tattoo artist, graffiti writer, muralist and traditional painter Carlos Roa. March 5-29. www.blockfortcolumbus.com Brandt-Roberts Galleries: Solo Show Featuring Mark Gingerich. March 1-29. Opening reception March 1, 1-4 p.m. And Floral Studies. Works by Kendric Tonn. March 7-29. Gallery Hop opening reception March 7, noon-10 p.m. www. brandtrobertsgalleries.com Capital University Schumacher Gallery: Lake Erie: Life on the Edge. Photographs that take viewers on a 900-mile journey around the lake. Through March 21. www. capital.edu Columbus Museum of Art: A Mile and a Half of Lines: The Art of James Thurber. Works by Thurber, an American cartoonist, author, journalist and playwright. Through March 15. Ivy Atoms: 2019 Columbus Comics Residency Exhibition. Atoms, winner of the 2019 Columbus Comic Residency, presents comics and cartoons. Through April 15. Art After Stonewall, 1969-1989. Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the

Brandt-Roberts Galleries

Stonewall Riots, this exhibit features more than 200 works and related visual materials that explore the LGBTQ+ civil rights movement in the art world. March 6-May 31. www.columbusmuseum.org Columbus College of Art & Design Beeler Gallery: Season Two: Follow the Mud. A

continuation of the five-month-long series that features various solo artists’ projects in different mediums. Through March 15. www.beelergallery.org Decorative Arts Center of Ohio: Tell Me a Story Where the Bad Girl Wins: The Life & Art of Barbara Shermund. One of the first March 2020 | cityscenecolumbus.com


female cartoonists to work for The New Yorker, Shermund began in 1925, and her work featured feminist themes rarely seen in that era. Through April 26. www.dec artsohio.org Dublin Arts Council: Rod Bouc: Earth and Sky. Local artist Rod Bouc showcases monotype, charcoal, oil and pastel works depicting his early life on a Nebraska farm. March 3-April 10. www.dublinarts.org Gallery 22: The Family Aesthetic William Obenaur. Combination of paintings, photographs and drawings created by Obenaur and his many artistic family members who have helped him succeed in his creative journey. March 6-April 18. www.arts castle.org Glass Axis: Modern glass works by Rebecca Szparagowski. Through March 28. www.glassaxis.org Hammond Harkins Galleries: I Am an Artist. A group exhibit of various works. Through March 15. www.hammondharkins.com Hayley Gallery: Unexpected Portraits. Paintings by Mary Burkhardt of female figures standing, walking or spinning on the shores of Lake Erie. Through April 15. www.localohioart.com

Tell Me a Story Where the Bad Girl Wins

Highline Coffee Art Space: Intricately designed wooden bowls by locally-based woodworker Scott Gordon. Through April 30. And watercolors of realistic and abstract elements by Staci Friedman. March 3-April 2. www.highlinecoffeeco.com

January 25 – April 26, 2020

FREE ADMISSION 145 E. Main St. | Lancaster, Ohio | 740-681-1423

cityscenecolumbus.com | March 2020

Keny Galleries: The Intimate Landscape. Various works, mostly on paper, by Alice Carpenter, Neil Riley and Mary Jane Ward. March 13-April 13. Opening reception March 13, 6-8 p.m. www.kenygalleries.com The King Arts Complex: M(art)in Units. Various works in partnership with Blick Arts Materials. Through March 7. www. kingartscomplex.com Lindsay Gallery: Painting by Adam Hernandez. March 6-28. Opening reception March 6, 6-9 p.m. www.lindsaygallery.com

Mac Worthington Studio, Gallery & Sculpture Park: Abstract Expressionistic Paintings & Sculpture. Colorful work in the gallery, studio and sculpture park. March 1-31. www.macworthington.com

Tuesday–Friday, 10am–4pm; Sat & Sun, 1–4pm


Jung Association Gallery: A Sense of Place. Oil paintings depicting areas throughout Columbus by Ellen Kandoian. Through April 25. www.jungcentralohio.org

Marcia Evans Gallery: New Abstracts. Oil and acrylic paintings by Scott Hunter. March 6-30. Opening reception March 6, 5:30-8:30 p.m. www. marciaevansgallery.com



Gallery 22

Hayley Gallery

McConnell Arts Center: 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition. Works ranging from the gallery’s first exhibition to the most recent shows,

along with an interactive portion that highlights the role the MAC has played on patrons. Through March 22. www. mcconnellarts.org Muse Gallery: Group exhibition at Smith Brothers Hardware. Original fine art by Dave Senecal, Signe Stewart, Yuri Darash and Lynne Riding. Through April 30. www.amusegallery.com (Not) Sheep Gallery: Altered Perceptions. Works focusing on environmental issues by Char Norman and Catherine Bell Smith. March 5-29. www.notsheepgallery.com Ohio Art Council’s Riffe Gallery: Ohio Diaspora. Works from the collection of the National Afro-American Museum & Cultural Center and Ohio artists. Through April 11. www.riffegallery.org Ohio Glass Museum: Trains, Planes and Automobiles and a Tribute to Federal Glass. An exhibit that showcases mostly pre1960 pieces that align with these modes of transportation: lanterns, vases, stop lights, etc. March 13-Aug. 31. www.ohio glassmuseum.org Open Door Art Studio & Gallery: Subjective, Objective. Comprised of abstract works open to subjective interpretation. March 14-April 17. Opening reception March 14, 5-7 p.m. www.cchsohio.org

The Shot Tower Gallery: Inspired Reunion – A Celebration. Celebrating 40 years of the Shot Tower Gallery and the Visual Arts Program at Fort Hayes with works by Fort Hayes artist alumni. March 9-April 17. www. ccsoh.us Terra Gallery & Creative Studio: Bridging the Old and the New. Celebrating Dublin with local works of various mediums featuring scenes from Historic Dublin and the Bridge Park area. Through March 30. www.terra gallery.com Upper Arlington Concourse Gallery: Middle School Show. Works by students from Upper Arlington City Schools. March 4-27. Opening reception March 8, 2-4 p.m. www.upperarlingtonoh.gov Wexner Center for the Arts: Sadie Benning: Pain Thing. Various works by Sadie Benning that raise question of narrative


and memory, specifically in relation to traumatic and inherited events. Through April 26. And LaToya Ruby Frazier: The Last Cruze. Photos and interviews. Through April 26. www.wexarts.org The Works: Art of the Caricature. Contemporary works by Tom Fluharty, John T. Quinn III and Carlo LoRaso. Through March 30. www.attheworks.org For additional gallery events, go to www.cityscenecolumbus.com.


Otterbein University Miller & Fisher Galleries: Interwoven. Large-scale creations of woven fabrics and plastic by Anita Maharjan. Through May 3 at Fisher Gallery. To learn more, check out the December 2019 issue of CityScene Magazine. www.otterbein.edu



JANUARY 30 -APRIL 11, 2020

ROY G BIV: Works by Kena Ramirez Dillon and Wade Tullier, consisting mostly of paintings and sculptures. March 13-April 4. www.roygbivgallery.org Sharon Weiss Gallery: Almost Spring. Salon exhibit of gallery artists’ new paintings. March 1-29. www.sharon weissgallery.com Sherrie Gallerie: Sculptures by Zemer Peled consisting of thousands of handcrafted porcelain shards, bridging narrative and formalist elements. Through March 8. And various works by Molly Burke, Lauren Eastman Fowler and Trey Snowdon. March 15-April 26. www.sherrie gallerie.com


Mon., Tues., Wed., Fri. 10 a.m.– 5 p.m. Thurs. 10 a.m.– 8 p.m. Sat. 11 a.m.– 4 p.m. Closed Sundays and all state holidays.


DOWNTOWN COLUMBUS Vern Riffe Center for Government & the Arts 77 S. High St., First Floor Lobby 614-644-9624

#RiffeGallery #OhioDiaspora #NAAMCC #OhioHistory #OhioArt #OhioArtists

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RiffeGallery.org Image Credit: Willis “Bing” Davis, Ancestral Spirit Dance #415, 2009, oil pastel March 2020 | cityscenecolumbus.com



My Fair Lady

What to watch, what to watch for and what not to miss! Arnold Sports Festival March 5-8 Throughout Columbus With more than 20,000 athletes from 80 nations, this is the nation’s largest sports festival. It features more than 70 sports ranging from equestrian to bodybuilding and includes new events such as pickleball, axe-throwing and body painting. Enter CityScene’s contest for FREE tickets to the festival! www.arnoldsportsfestival.com Bryn Du Art Show March 5-21 Bryn Du Mansion, 537 Jones Rd., Granville The annual Bryn Du Art Show is a juried exhibition held on a historic Federalstyle Granville mansion featuring both professional and amateur artists. www. bryndu.com Straight Up with Stassi Live March 5, 8 p.m. Riffe Center Theatre Complex, 77 S. High St. Join Stassi Schroeder, best known from Vanderpump Rules, and her special guests, Beau Clark and Taylor Strecker, as they talk pop culture, reality TV, celeb gossip, relationships and more. She’s never one to hold back on any topic, so come see her do what she does best – judge. www.stassi schroeder.com 44

cityscenecolumbus.com | March 2020

CATCO is Kids presents Press Start! March 6-15 Columbus Performing Arts Center, 549 Franklin Ave. Transport to the bright, pixelated world of classic Nintendo and Sega video games. When the famous characters we know and love run out of lives, they decide to put on a musical fundraiser to help raise gold rings and play on through hilarious and heartfelt musical numbers. But when things go terribly awry, it’s quiet sidekick Little Mushroom who must find the hero within to help save the day. www.catco.org

You’ll be agape during this one-nightonly show. Witness the Peking Acrobats as they push the limits of human ability and defy gravity. The show is accompanied by live, traditional Chinese music while the company performs acts including tumbling, juggling, trick-cycling and more. www.capa.com Columbus Children’s Theatre presents The Box Show March 11-22 Park Street Theatre, 512 Park St. In her family’s new home, a young girl is surrounded by boxes containing all of her belongings. She searches for her favorite toy, but instead finds an imaginary friend.

Columbus Symphony Orchestra presents Peaks of Beauty and Devotion March 6-7 Ohio Theatre, 39 E. State St. The Peking Acrobats The music of the Austrian romantic composer Anton Bruckner is a powerful, spiritual experience encompassing majestic brass chorales, lyrical beauty and shining climaxes. The mercurial American artist Joshua Roman performs his own evocative Cello Concerto. www.columbussymphony.com CAPA presents The Peking Acrobats March 11, 7:30 p.m. Southern Theatre, 21 E. Main St.

Backed with whimsical music and magical sound effects, the show follows the story of two friends who transform the piles of boxes into an adventure-filled playground. www.columbuschildrenstheatre.org Broadway in Columbus presents My Fair Lady March 11-15 Ohio Theatre, 39 E. State St. Featuring classic songs “I Could Have Danced All Night,” “The Rain in Spain,” “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly” and “On the Street Where You Live,” My Fair Lady tells the story of Eliza Doolittle, a young Cockney flower seller, and Henry Higgins, a linguistics professor who is determined to transform her into his idea of a “proper lady.” But who is really being transformed? www.columbus. broadway.com CAPA presents Moonlight and Magnolias March 11-29 Riffe Center Theater Complex, 77 S. High St. In this story, 1939 Hollywood is abuzz and Peaks of legendary producer DaBeauty and vid O. Selznick has shut Devotion down production of his new epic, Gone with the Wind, because the script doesn’t work. The door is locked, and five days later they complete a blueprint for one of the most beloved films ever made. www.catco.org Jazz Arts Group presents Speakeasy Hot Jazz March 12-15 Southern Theater, 21 E. Main St. Connect with your inner Gatsby as the Columbus Jazz Orchestra, along with jazz trumpeter Tony Glausi and xylophone virtuoso Ian Finkel, conjure the music and mayhem of the roaring twenties. www.jazz artsgroup.org St. Patrick’s Day Celebration March 14, 7:00 a.m. Throughout Dublin All-day festivities include a pancake breakfast, inflation celebration, parade and Blarney Bash, featuring Irish dancing, live music, and the Best Legs in a Kilt contest. www.dublinohiousa.gov

Mental Health America of Franklin County presents:



Aarti Sequeira featuring:

Food Network Host & Judge

A night out for moms and those who love them, all in support of a great cause.

GET TICKETS: MHAFC.ORG/GMTM March 2020 | cityscenecolumbus.com


Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus presents ABBA: Big Gay Sing-Along March 14-15 Lincoln Theater, 769 E. Long St. Join the Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus and hostess Virginia West for an outrageously good time sing along to ABBA’s greatest hits. www.columbus gaymenschorus.com

and romance of the TV show in one delightful evening. Previous Bachelor and Bachelorette favorites will host the ultimate fan party, and one eligible hometown bachelor is introduced to local ladies from the audience for a chance at love. Check out page 8 for a Q&A with Bachelorette Becca Kufrin. www.bachelor liveonstage.com

New Albany Symphony Orchestra presents O-H-I-O March 15, 3 p.m. Jeanne B. McCoy Community Center for the Arts, 100 W. E. Dublin-Granville Rd. Inspired by the great state of Ohio, the New Albany Symphony Chorus will come front and center in a concert that highlights our roots. The performance features Copland’s Old American Songs and the winners of the student concerto competition. www.newalbanysymphony.net

The Price is Right Live March 20, 8 p.m. Palace Theatre, 34 W. Broad St. The Price Is Right Live gives eligible individuals the chance to hear their names called and “come on down” to play classic games just like those on the popular game show. Prizes may include appliances, vacations or even a new car. www. capa.com

The Bachelor Live On Stage March 17, 7:30 p.m. Palace Theatre, 34 W. Broad St. The Bachelor Live On Stage Official Tour guarantees all the drama, gossip

CAPA presents Nikki Glaser: Bang It Out March 20, 7 p.m. Southern Theatre

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cityscenecolumbus.com | March 2020

Nikki Glaser is one of the funniest female voices in comedy today. For over a decade at clubs across the country and as the host of three hit podcasts, Glaser has been honing her shockingly honest, noholds-barred style of comedy. Turn to page 6 for all the dirty details! www.capa.com Columbus Symphony Orchestra presents Jumpin’ and Jiving March 22, 3 p.m. Ohio Theatre, 39 E. State St. Come ready to dance to music that’ll make you shake, rattle and roll. Preconcert activities include a musical craft, instruments to see and play, conducting lessons, musical tattoos, a costume contest, and more. www. columbussymphony.com Columbus Symphony Orchestra presents The Rite of Spring March 27-28 Ohio Theatre, 39 E. State St. Featuring Missy Mazzoli, composer in residence with Chicago Symphony, and CrisThe Bachelor Live On Stage

tina Pato’s magnetic stage presence, the revolutionary ballet The Rite of Spring is sure to inspire. The Columbus Symphony showcases the earthy rhythms of the bagpipes. www.columbussymphony.com CAPA Presents MasterChef Junior Live! March 31, 7:30 p.m. Palace Theatre, 34 W. Broad St. MasterChef Junior Live! brings fans and foodies together. The family-friendly stage show will feature head-to-head cooking demonstrations and fun challenges with past MasterChef Junior contestants, Q&A sessions and an overall immersive audience experience fun for all ages. www.capa.com

The Price is Right Live

New. Modern. Amish Crafted. Anniversary SaleState March 12, 13 and 14 38 North Street

200 off purchases totaling $1500 or more* Westerville, Ohio 43081 Special Financing available, ask for details $

38 614.891.6257 North State Street www.amishoriginals.com Westerville, Ohio 43081 38 North State Street 614.891.6257

Westerville, Ohio 43081 www.amishoriginals.com 614.891.6257

www.amishoriginals.com *some restrictions apply March 2020 | cityscenecolumbus.com


Take a virtual tour at www.amishoriginals.com

0518.039 HTCO0518.039

Nikki Glaser



Safety Meets Style While galivanting through Europe, exploring the wonders of Asia or journeying through the United States, it’s essential to be smart about your belongings. From crossbody purses to anti-theft wallets, you won’t sacrifice style with these must-have travel accessories. Shop these pieces from the new AAA Grandview – it’s not just roadside assistance – and Le Flair Boutique in Dublin. – Lydia Freudenberg 1. HOBO Fate Phone Leather Crossbody Bag – Dusty Blue. Ditch the large, heavy bag; perfect for holding just a phone and a few necessities. Le Flair Boutique, $118 2. Travelon Anti-Theft Double Zip Crossbody Clutch. Features doublelock zippers, three RFID protected card slots and passport pocket, slashresistant body panels and shoulder strap. AAA Grandview, $57.99 3. CoFi – Blue camouflaged Magic Wallet. Opens on either horizontal side thanks to elastic, crisscrossed straps. Le Flair Boutique, $50 4. Travelon RFID Bifold Card Case. Protect against unwanted scans on cards with its RFID blocking technology. AAA Grandview, $12.99



3 48

cityscenecolumbus.com | March 2020


WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25, 2020 11 a.m. | Columbus Athenaeum


Lora Snow, Gallipolis ARTS EDUCATION

Nigel Burgoine, Holland ARTS PATRON

It’s time to celebrate and support the arts in Ohio. Join us for the Governor’s Awards for the Arts luncheon.

Charles H. Dater Foundation, Cincinnati BUSINESS SUPPORT OF THE ARTS


Reserve your spot today! Your $50 ticket includes the award ceremony luncheon and dessert reception.

Jorma Kaukonen’s Fur Peace Ranch, Pomeroy


Joan Perch, Elyria


Jesse Ayers, Canton

oac.ohio.gov/governorsawards Our Media Partners:


Andy Snow, Dayton With Support From:

Award Artist: Barry Underwood Artwork: Euclid Beach by Barry Underwood | Design: Formation Studio

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CityScene Magazine March 2020  

CityScene Magazine March 2020