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Modern Age Strain

The impact of tech neck on physical health

WITH THE INCREASE in desk jobs and hours spent hunched over phones and computer screens, the physical brunt of the modern age is taking its toll. Orthopedic surgeons are seeing a steady rise in patients with neck pain from sitting at a computer eight hours a day, several days a week.

Neck pain resulting from prolonged periods of time hunched over a computer is referred to as “tech neck.” Tech neck can be identified through symptoms such as neck pain at the base of the skull, headaches, achiness and stiffness in the upper shoulders.

“(You are) putting a lot of strain on the musculature and ligamentous complexes in the back of the neck,” says Dr. Ronak Desai, a spine surgery specialist with Orthopedic ONE. “And by doing that constant, additional strain, you’re pretty much setting your spine out for degenerative changes to occur.”

Desai specializes in lower back and neck complications and focuses on motionpreserving surgery. He feels passionate about spine surgery because it allows him to positively impact patients’ daily lives.

According to Orthopedic ONE, five to 15 pounds of pressure is added to the neck with every 15-degree increase of forward head tilt, so hunching over a computer screen for hours in a day can lead to neck pain over time.

Where many of Desai’s patients once performed manual labor, more and more

of his patients today work desk jobs. In the past few months, he has seen some 15 to 20 patients with severe neck pain as a result of their jobs in tech.

Beyond the severe pain, the long-term implications are more difficult to identify. The massive increase in tech jobs is, in the grand scheme, fairly recent, limiting opportunities to study impacts on different age groups over time.

“(Say) you’re in your early 40s, and you’ve already got some early degenerative changes that are starting to happen,” Desai says. “With physical therapy, you might make some of the pain better, but you’ve accelerated the degenerative changes enough that maybe, in the next five years, they’ll get even worse.”

The impacts of tech neck can be minimized with proper care. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle through exercise and strengthening the upper body is one of the most effective ways to prevent long-term tech neck strain, Desai says.

He also emphasizes the importance of correcting misconceptions about the condition. One of the leading myths of tech neck, he says, is the notion that it doesn’t exist.

“I think that’s kind of the biggest thing,” says Desai. “A lot of people brush it off as just a normal experience. They don’t think to correlate the two things together.”

While the severity of tech neck is being analyzed, it’s important for people to

be aware of their posture and incorporate small changes, such as stretching daily and elevating the computer screen so the neck muscles aren’t straining to look down, into their lifestyle, he says.

“Doing some kind of an exercise program two or three times a week will help to maintain the musculature around the spine and will help minimize the risk of progressive degenerative disease,” says Desai. CS

Amber Phipps is a contributing writer at CityScene Media Group. Feedback welcome at

Signs of Tech Neck

• Aching in neck and upper shoulders

• Stiffness of the spine

• Sharp pain in a specific area

• Limited neck mobility

• Abnormal, aggravated posture

• Mild to severe headaches

Tech Neck Home Remedies

• Raise computer or phone to prevent hunching

• Take breaks away from the desktop

• Practice better posture

• Stretch the neck and spine in the morning and evening

• Establish a workout routine to strengthen muscle health

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Rauschenbach and Orthopedic ONE
Dr. Ronak Desai

WHEN CAMERON MITCHELL Restaurants (CMR) announced Valentina’s, an Italian concept coming to Dublin’s Bridge Park, some were taken aback due to the company’s existing Italian concept.

How would Valentina’s be different from Marcella’s? How could a new restaurant stand out among established Bridge Park favorites?

“(Standing out) was the first thing we took on when we got into the kitchen on this project because we have so many Italian brands and this one had to be unique,” says Jamie Kline, corporate chef and operating partner of CMR. “It had to have some different flair, but not change too much from the roots of what makes (our restaurants) great.”

As it often does when working on a new concept, Cameron Mitchell’s team traveled far and wide in search of inspiration, finding it at a winemaker’s home across the pond.

“Valentina was the daughter of the winemakers,” says Executive Chef Todd Kessler. “This family really took (the team) in and showed genuine hospitality.”

Valentina’s, like many Cameron Mitchell projects, wears its influences on its sleeve. A sweet/spicy cocktail featuring vodka and Calabrian chili tincture, “An Ode to Pepe,” was named after a fiery server they met on a research trip.

The restaurant is designed to appeal to Americans who are enamored with the Italian ideal, which makes it no surprise our readers made it the winner of the Best New Restaurant category of the Best of the ’Bus reader poll.

Bridging the Gap to Italy

Valentina’s wins Best New Restaurant in 2024

Photos by Tyler Kirkendall

From the Valentina’s-branded red Vespa sitting out front to the marble-tile trim to the Ferrari pictures lining the bathroom walls in the back, Valentina’s was meticulously crafted to feel like you’re not so far from the Mediterranean.

Two dishes served at Valentina’s perfectly demonstrate how it accomplishes its mission: cacio e pepe and pepperoni pizza. For the cacio e pepe, which translates to “cheese and pepper,” Kessler crafted a traditional buttery sauce, selecting pecorino cheese as the star of the show. Three different kinds of pepper are used to flavor the dish and fulfill its namesake.

Though it has the opportunity to be heavy and make a diner feel bloated, the dish is surprisingly light and very easy to keep eating without needing to pause and take a breath, making it perfect for a picky carb-lover who won’t want to venture much further beyond buttered noodles. The strongest flavor of the dish is its inoffensive cheesy base.

Valentina’s makes its noodles in-house – you can watch the process through the front window – and the smooth and mild sauce of the cacio e pepe really allows them to shine. The pasta is impressively soft, but firm, and does a superb job soaking up the sauce and complementing its flavor.

Speaking of perfection, you would be hard-pressed to find anything wrong with Valentina’s pepperoni pizza. Between its robust sauce, high-quality and low-moisture cheeses, locally crafted cold-cut pepperoni, and soft, firm crust, every element of an excellent slice is brought together.

Fresh herb garnish, pickled peppers, gooey supplemental cheese and puffy-but-notintrusive air bubbles take this pie a step beyond your favorite greasy hometown slice.

Of course, a trip to Italy couldn’t be complete without some gelato and a coffee, and luckily Valentina’s offers the spu-

moni sundae, among other desserts, as a sweet cool-down to follow your meal.

The sundae features a scoop each of pistachio and vanilla gelato adorned with cherries and a crisp pizzelle for a variety of textures. The pizzelle is simple and satisfying; it’s not overly sweet and has a distinct anise bite. A fudgy chocolate base complicates the sundae, and lovers of a

Oh Beautiful Art

The façade of Valentina’s features a breathtaking pillar designed and decorated by a husband-and-wife pair of local artists. Exactly 3,444 ceramic tiles make up the design. Scan the code for the rest of the story.

A Trusted Name In Rehabilitative Care & Long Term Nursing For Over 100 Years

At Otterbein, we are constantly looking for new ways to better serve people. With three Columbus, Ohio locations in a variety of settings, we can o er a wide array of care levels including Independent Living, Assisted Living, Rehabilitation, Long Stay Nursing Care, and Memory Care.

cake-and-ice-cream combo will devour the whole cup with ease. For those who close out every meal with a cup of coffee, this dessert pairs perfectly with a double

Given its approachability, welcoming atmosphere and attention to culinary balance and detail, it’s hardly a surprise Valentina’s was such a hit in its first year.

“(Winning Best New Restaurant) is incredibly rewarding. The fact that it’s a readers’ poll … it means the world to us; we’ve put a lot of time into this,” Kessler says. “We have a killer team of about 100 associates here – many of (whom) have been here since day one – so we’re super, super excited for all of them.” CS

Tyler Kirkendall is an editor at CityScene Media Group. Feedback welcome at

Check Out Who Got Second and Third…

Another Cameron Mitchell endeavor, Cento, took second place in the Best New Restaurant category. Known for rich Italian cuisine, CMR’s 100th dining experience is off to a hot start in German Village.

The Dublin area is also home to our bronze medalist, Ohana Island Grill on West Dublin-Granville Road. Its authentic Hawaiian flavors offer a memorable tropical getaway for your taste buds.

Best ’Bus

of the

Fun Winners

Best Face of Columbus

1 Brutus Buckeye

2 Jack Hanna

3 Jack Nicklaus

Best Local Musician

Having sold more than 2 million albums in the U.S. and with a touring schedule taking them around the world, Columbus natives Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun have made a name for themselves.

1 twenty one pilots

2 McGuffey Lane

3 Caamp

Best Hometown Mascot

A fan favorite, Brutus took home the win for the third year in a row, but was chased closely by Columbus’ two buzzy insects.

1 Brutus Buckeye

2 Stinger (Columbus Blue Jackets)

3 Bee-thoven (Columbus Symphony Orchestra)

2024 Readers Poll Winners


✺Best New Restaurant

Check out our story on page 8 to learn more about Cameron Mitchell’s restaurant that one first place.

1 Valentina’s

2 Cento

3 Ohana Island Grill

Best Outdoor Dining

1 Lindey’s Restaurant & Bar

2 Barcelona Restaurant and Bar

3 Grove City Brewing Co.

Best Food Coma

Whether you are looking for a nice homecooked meal or a taste of German food, you can certainly get your fill at any of these spots. Be sure to save room for dessert so you can get a taste of their mouth-watering pies, rich chocolate cake and giant cream puffs.

1 Der Dutchman

2 Cap City Fine Diner & Bar

3 Schmidt’s Sausage Haus und Restaurant

Best Barbecue

In a hotly contested category this year, City Barbeque barely took home the win with Ray Ray’s Hog Pit in a close second.

1 City Barbeque

2 Ray Ray’s Hog Pit

3 Barrel & Boar

Best Wings

1 Roosters

2 Hot Chicken Takeover

3 Wings Over Columbus



Best Cookies

Taking the nation by storm, Crumbl took home the win this year as it won over the taste buds of Columbus with its cold and warm cookie options.

1 Crumbl Cookies

2 Cheryl’s Cookies

3 Lion Cub’s Cookies


Best Distillery

1 High Bank Distillery Co.

2 Watershed Distillery

3 Middle West Spirits

Best Retail Wine Selection

Whether you know it as Giant Eagle or Market District, this supermarket chain is well known by our readers as the best place to get wine and beer, though Weiland’s Market made the top three for both categories for the first time.

1 Giant Eagle/Market District

2 Carfagna’s

3 Weiland’s Market

Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant
Buckeye Donuts
Brutus Buckeye
twenty one pilots
City Barbecue
High Bank Distillery Co.


June 1 – August 25, 2024

Best Retail Beer Selection

1 Giant Eagle/Market District

2 Weiland’s Market

3 Kroger

Best Happy Hour

1 Rusty Bucket Restaurant & Tavern

2 The Pearl

3 Kitchen Social

Best New Exhibit

1 Barbie You Can Be Anything: The Experience at COSI

2 Intrinsic Luminescence at Decorative Arts Center of Ohio

3 Fine Arts Exhibition at Ohio State Fair

Best Art Gallery

1 Columbus Museum of Art

2 Peggy R. McConnell Arts Center

3 Ohio Craft Museum

Best Public Art Display

1 Columbus Museum of Art

2 Topiary Park

3 Field of Corn (with Osage Oranges)

Best Theater Troupe

1 Shadowbox Live

2 Columbus Children’s Theatre

3 Short North Stage

Best Arts Performance (since March 2023)

The Columbus Symphony Orchestra took home the win this year with its performance of the ethereal, far-out suite writ-

ten by British composer Gustav Holst. Holding second and third place, will PNC Broadway in Columbus take back its throne next year?

1 The Planets by Columbus Symphony Orchestra

2 Moulin Rouge! The Musical by PNC Broadway in Columbus

3 Mrs. Doubtfire by PNC Broadway in Columbus

Best Concert (since March 2023)

With a packed house at the Shoe and decades of award-winning music, it is no surprise Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks took home first place for their concert last August.

1 Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks

2 Buckeye Country Superfest

3 Mötley Crüe, Def Leppard and Alice Cooper

Best Summer Concert Series

Taking home another win this year, the Columbus Symphony Orchestra delights listeners with everything from pop-star sensations to TBDBITL every summer.

1 Picnic with the Pops by Columbus Symphony Orchestra

2 Grove City Summer Sizzle Concert Series

3 Westerville Sounds of Summer Concert Series

Best Downtown (Columbus) Festival

1 Columbus Arts Festival

2 Jazz & Rib Fest

3 Columbus Italian Festival

Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks
Rusty Bucket Restaurant & Tavern
Barbie You Can Be Anything: The Experience, COSI
Columbus Museum of Art

Best Suburban Festival

Having been named in the top 10 of USA Today’s Best Cultural Festivals of 2023, the Dublin Irish Festival draws in roughly 100,000 people each year.

1 Dublin Irish Festival

2 Worthington Arts Festival

3 Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival

Best Worth the Drive Festival

1 Circleville Pumpkin Show

2 Lancaster Festival

3 Ohio Renaissance Festival

Best Food-Themed Festival

1 Jazz & Rib Fest

2 Circleville Pumpkin Show

3 Columbus Food Truck Festival

Best Drink-Themed Festival

1 Columbus Oktoberfest

2 Wine and Arts Festival, Grove City

3 Columbus Coffee Festival

Best Spot to Gamble

1 Hollywood Casino

2 Eldorado Gaming Scioto Downs


Best Suburban Fourth of July Celebration

1 Upper Arlington

2 Dublin

3 Westerville

Best Hometown Product

With sweet and savory options ranging from popcorn to dark chocolate-covered gummy bears, this year’s winner has great snack options for almost every taste bud.

1 Krema Nut Company

2 Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

3 Brats from Schmidt’s Sausage Truck

Best Farmers’ Market

The Worthington Farmers Market was not only crowned the Best of the ’Bus by our readers, it was also named the Best Farmers Market in the U.S. by the 2024 USA Today Readers’ Choice Awards.

1 Worthington

2 Grove City

3 Dublin Market at Bridge Park

Best Event for Volunteering

1 Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon

2 Pelotonia

3 Columbus Arts Festival

Best Charitable Gala

1 St. Jude Discover the Dream

2 Taste the Future for Columbus State Community College

3 Night of Chocolate by Cancer Support Community

Best Jewelry Store

1 Worthington Jewelers

2 Diamond Cellar

3 Meyers Jewelers

Jazz & Rib Fest
Circleville Pumpkin Show

Best Spa Day Out

1 Woodhouse Spa

2 PENZONE Salon + Spa

3 Kenneth’s Hair Salons & Day Spas

Best Gym/Fitness Center

1 McConnell Heart Health Center

2 Planet Fitness

3 Orangetheory Fitness

Best Fitness Event

Whether you are looking to participate in an athletic activity or watch some of the best in the world compete, Columbus has its fair share of fitness events to get involved in.

1 Arnold Sports Festival

2 Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon

3 New Albany Walking Classic®

Best TV Binge

Grabbing the attention of millions soon after it landed on Hulu, The Bear has captivated viewers with its three seasons of high-stress drama as viewers get a taste of what life is like in the kitchen.

1 The Bear



2 Ghosts

3 Fool Me Once

Best Podcast

1 New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce

2 Crime Junkie

3 The Daily by The New York Times

Best Weekend Getaway

With two outdoor-focused getaways making the top three, our readers certainly love stepping into nature for a quiet weekend away.

1 Hocking Hills State Park

2 Put-in-Bay

3 Mohican State Park

McConnell Heart Health Center

Arnold Sports Festival
Hocking Hills State Park

Editors’ Picks

Best Local Podcast

1 The Dadass Podcast

2 Minimalist Moms

3 Tim May on Ohio State Football

Best Local Art Gallery

There are plenty of spaces to stop by to enjoy art. Here are a few smaller spaces that are some of our team’s favorites.

1 Loann Crane Gallery at the Greater Columbus Arts Council

2 Wexner Center for the Arts

3 Riffe Gallery

Best Local Company to Make it Big Homage

The locally-founded apparel company made headlines this year after collaborating with retired Philadelphia Eagles player Jason Kelce and gaining the attention of actor and business owner Ryan Reynolds. After needing to restock a hat four times because Tay-

lor Swift drove up sales by wearing it, Homage has clearly come a long way in the past 17 years.

Best Suburban Summer Concert Series

Sundays at Scioto

Presented by the Dublin Arts Council, this series is perfect for those summer and fall nights when you want to sit in the grass, have a picnic and enjoy some good music. Head to Scioto Park, home of Leatherlips, for these free concerts.

Best Dance Troupe


Bringing both traditional ballets as well as new age performances to the stage, BalletMet is always pushing the boundaries and offering something unique to its audiences. Even when the performance season is over, the organization runs summer programs for up-and-coming ballet dancers to hone their skills.

Bob Webb Homes
Dave Fox Design Build Remodelers
GreenScapes Landscape Co.

Handyman Company

1 Ace Handyman

2 Mr. Handyman

3 Columbus Handyman

Best Roofing Company

A family-run business since 2011, Newman Roofing is run by Tim and Barbi Newman and their three daughters: Autumn, Alexis and Alyssa.

1 Newman Roofing

2 Able Roofing

3 Feazel Inc.


1 Columbus Worthington Air

2 Atlas Butler

3 Custom Air Conditioning

Best Moving Company


2 Black Tie Moving

3 E.E. Ward Moving & Storage

Best Window Company

1 Pella of Columbus

2 Rosati Windows

3 Andersen Windows and Doors

Best Plumbing

1 Jack L Woods Plumbing

2 Eco Plumbers

3 West Jefferson Plumbing

Best Credit Union

1 KEMBA Credit Union

2 Telhio Credit Union

3 Wright-Patt Credit Union

Best Bank

Huntington was founded in Columbus in 1866. Now one of the largest banks in the U.S., this homegrown financial institution is still headquartered Downtown.

1 Huntington

2 Chase

3 FCBank

Newman Roofing
Two Men and a Truck
Pella of Columbus

Best Financial Advisory 1 Edward Jones

Merrill Lynch 3 Morgan Stanley

Best Realty Team

Made up of several local realtors, including several members of the Mathias family, this team has served the central Ohio community for years with more than 85 combined years of experience.

1 The Mathias Team (Cutler Real Estate)

2 The Ackermann Team (RE/MAX)

3 The Powell Buehler Group

Best Senior Living Community

1 The Coventry Friendship Village

2 Friendship Village of Dublin

3 The Forum at Knightsbridge

Best Lighting Suppliers

1 Capital Lighting

3 Visual Comfort and Co.

Best Cabinets

In a first in Best of the ‘Bus history, two companies have tied for third!

1 The Cabinet Shop

2 Kitchen Kraft Inc.

3 TIE: Signature Cabinetry and Daso Custom

Best Outdoorscaping

Check out our story on page 32 to learn more about the outdoorscaping winner.

1 Landscapes by Terra

2 Cap City Decks & Patios

3 Capitol Fence

Best Pools and Hot Tubs

Check out our story on page 32 to learn more about the pool and hot tubs winner.

1 Omni Pools & Scapes 2 All Seasons Spas 3 Rainbow Hot Tubs and Swim Spas


The Cabinet Shop
Landscapes by Terra
Ethan Allen
Carr Supply

A vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle awaits at The Coventry, where independent and assisted living merge seamlessly in the heart of Upper Arlington.

Located near Kingsdale and Five Points, our walkable environment complements your active and engaging lifestyle while our community offers:

• Spacious studio, one- and two-bedroom floor plans, each meticulously designed to provide comfort, convenience and style.

• Our dedicated team provides around-the-clock compassionate care and support for those who require assistance with daily living.

• A vibrant, pedestrian-friendly neighborhood near Kingsdale and Five Points allows for walkability to shopping, restaurants and parks.

• Gourmet meals crafted from the freshest ingredients, with menus that balance flavor and nutrition.

• Personalized enrichment and wellness programs, invigorating fitness classes, stimulating educational seminars, creative arts and crafts, and much more.

• Carefully curated spaces designed for relaxation and rejuvenation while inspiring peace and contentment.


20 Years and Counting

20th Annual New Albany Walking Classic

5K or 10K

Sunday, Sept. 15, 8 a.m.  200 Market St., New Albany

As the New Albany Walking Classic® celebrates 20 years of bringing people together, there are many thanks to give and memories to look back on. The greatest joy is to see so many people coming together and how much the Walk has grown these past two decades.

Photos by Ray LaVoie, Gwendolyn Z. Photography and Wes Kroninger
Phil Heit Executive Editor, Healthy New Albany Magazine

Head to Toe

The latest athletic gear

Whether you’ve been getting your cardio on for years or you’re fairly new to the practice, having the right gear can make or break your exercise experience, and there are plenty of clothing and gear options to help you to feel comfortable while you’re getting fit.

Sport-ready sun protection

We all love a fashionable pair of sunglasses, but you might want to ditch the Kate Spades when going for a run. There are plenty of eye protection options, such as the Vogel SL sunglasses from REI, that are specifically made with physical activity in mind.

Not only do they often offer better coverage, athletic sunglasses also tend to have unique features, such as lightweight design and rubber ear pads, that can help keep the glasses in place while you move.

Looking for a little extra sun protection for your head?

Check out the Lightweight Cap from On. Voted as one of the Best Running Hats by Runner’s World, this head covering has fast-drying fabric with great ventilation that will keep your head dry and safe from sun beams.

Compact carrying

No one wants to get their workout in while trying to hold their keys, phone and wallet. For those who don’t want to carry a bulky backpack, running belts such as the Pacesetter Run Belt from Athleta could be the perfect solution.

With enough space to hold those items you need to have on you, these belts tend to be slimmer and not weigh you down. Many include adjustable straps and reflective features for latenight or early-morning exercises.

Weather the elements

You’re most likely not hitting the trail wearing jeans, so what’s the best fabric option? While you might want to stay warm in the

winter and cool in the summer, you still need to be careful not to overheat or expose yourself to sunburn.

For aerobatic activity fabric that is great no matter the weather, REI recommends either merino wool or nylon. Merino wool helps regulate temperature, so it’s optimal for any type of weather. Nylon is quick-drying and moisture-wicking, so it’s perfect for those sweaty summer days.

Both of these fabrics are also good for socks, to prevent blisters or cold feet in the winter.

If the shoe fits

Some cardio buffs would argue shoes are the most important part of exercise gear, since foot support can impact how the rest of the body feels.

With high-impact activities such as running, feet and joints absorb most of the stress, making a good pair of shoes one of the best protections against joint pain and injury.

So how do you pick the right pair when there is no one-sizefits-all? With options to fit various foot shapes, arches and support levels, going to stores allows you to try on and see all the options to get the most accurate measure of what type of shoe is best for you.

Some companies, such as Fleet Feet, have the ability to scan feet through a digital fit id®, a digital outfitting process. The scan uses 3D foot-scanning technology to measure 12 data points that create a 3D image of your foot. Based on these scans, you can get fitted with a shoe that is best for your foot. CS

Ava Huelskamp is a contributing writer at CityScene Media Group. Feedback welcome at

Tunes to Train By

After UK neurologist Roger Bannister proved the only thing stopping humans from sub-four-minute miles was themselves, perceptions about what humans are capable of changed forever.

Over the past two decades, researchers have concluded that listening to music during a workout improves performance and stamina. A study from academic journal Psychology of Sport and Exercise concluded that there is an ideal BPM pace for music to keep runners at a high temp for longer.

Psychologists found that listening to music you enjoy betters your attitude, potentially delaying fatigue by keeping your mind on the tunes.

We got the CityScene staff together to share some of our favorite songs across several genres to help prep for your workouts this summer.



✺ Roar (2013) | Katy Perry

During Workout

✺ Fireball (2014) | Pitbull (feat. John Ryan)

✺ Brave (2013) | Sara Bareilles

✺ Caribbean Queen (No More Love on the Run) (1984) | Billy Ocean

✺ Can’t Hold Us (2011) | Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Ray Dalton I love the strong beat throughout this. It can really help you find a nice stride during your run.

– Rachel

✺ Unstoppable (2008) | Santigold

Cool Down

✺ Before I Let Go (1981) | Maze

✺ I’ll Be Alright Without You (1986) | Journey

✺ Bubbly (2007) | Colbie Caillat



✺ Austin (2017) | Koe Wetzel

✺ The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia (1990) | Reba McEntire

Adult Contemporary


✺ Comeback Kid (That’s My Dog) (2011) | Brett Dennen

This song is my secret weapon to help me get through anything and it’s a great mood booster! - Maisie

✺ Ride Like the Wind (1980) | Christopher Cross

✺ Mrs. Robinson (1992) | The Lemonheads

During Workout

✺ You Know it (2017) | Colony House

✺ Miracle Mile (2012) | Cold War Kids

✺ My Body (2010) | Young the Giant

During a hard workout when I feel like I can’t go any farther, this song gives me a second wind. - Maisie

✺ Fever (2014) | The Black Keys

✺ Why I Am (2009) | Dave Matthews Band

Cool Down

✺ Inside Out (2014) | Spoon

✺ Walking on Sunshine (1985) | Katrina and the Waves

✺ Mambo No. 5 (1999) | Lou Bega

✺ Ain’t No Man (2016) | The Avett Brothers

During Workout

✺ Open the Gate – Live (2022) | Zach Bryan Nothing will get you off the couch quicker than the live version of this track. Great for starting a long run. - Tyler

✺ smoke & a light (2023) | Ole 60

✺ Heads Carolina, Tails California (1996) | Jo Dee Messina

✺ The Needle and the Spoon (1974) | Lynyrd Skynyrd

✺ My Kinda Party (2010) | Jason Aldean

Cool Down

✺ Troubadour (2008) | George Strait

✺ How Do You Like Me Now?! (1999) | Toby Keith

✺ Fall in Love (2022) | Bailey Zimmerman

This is definitely one of those songs that makes the world seem to slow down a bit. - Maisie

✺ Real Love Baby (2016) | Father John Misty

✺ Babylon (1999) | David Gray



✺ First Light (2011) | My Morning Jacket

✺ Play the Game Tonight (1982) | Kansas

✺ Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution (1980) | AC/DC

During Workout

✺ Raise Your Hands (1986) | Bon Jovi

✺ Miss You (1978) | The Rolling Stones

✺ The Hardest Button to Button (2003) | The White Stripes


✺ Savior (2008) | Rise Against

✺ Everlong (1997) | Foo Fighters This song is perfect for those HIIT work outs when you want to push through and then take a breather for a few seconds before you do another set. - Rachel

Cool Down

✺ When the Levee Breaks (1971) | Led Zeppelin

✺ Mary Jane’s Last Dance (1993) | Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

✺ Linger (1993) | The Cranberries

R&B, Hip-Hop, Jazz


✺ Love on Top (2011) | Beyonce

✺ Pon de Replay (2005) | Rihanna

✺ Me Against the World (1995) | 2Pac, Dramacydal

During Workout

✺ Move On Up (1971) | Curtis Mayfield

✺ Land Of 1000 Dances (1966) | Wilson Pickett

✺ RUNITUP (2021) | Tyler The Creator feat. Teezo Touchdown

✺ Push it to the Limit (2006) | Corbin Bleu

✺ Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That (2006) | Robert Randolph & The Family Band

Cool Down

✺ Summertime (1991) | DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

✺ Got to Be Real (1978) | Cheryl Lynn

✺ telepatía (2020) | Kali Uchis

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Put it in R.I.C.E.

The classic recovery method continues to improve

For decades, the R.I.C.E. method – rest, ice, compress and elevate – has been the principal method for injury recovery. The technique has evolved over the years, but has it been replaced by better methods?

Origins of R.I.C.E.

R.I.C.E. was predated by the shorter I.C.E. method, whose specific origins are unknown. In fact, according to an article published to the World Journal of Clinical Cases in 2021 by ZiRu Wang and Guo-Xin Ni, the term seems to have been coined without scientific evidence sometime before 1978.

R.I.C.E. was developed by Dr. Gabe Mirkin and colleagues, and published in The Sports Medicine Book in 1978, adding rest to reduce inflammatory response to the injury.

The acronym has seen variations over the years, including P.R.I.C.E., which adds protection, and P.O.L.I.C.E., which removes rest and adds optimal loading.

In 2019, a new method that removed ice entered the discussion: P.E.A.C.E. (protection, elevation, avoid anti-inflammatory drugs, compression and education) and L.O.V.E. (load, optimism, vascularization and exercise).

Traditional cold therapy has been a tried-and-true way to reduce swelling in an acute injury. Wang and Ni’s article suggests that ice is beneficial in numbing pain and reducing swelling, as it decreases the production of the highly inflammatory molecule prostaglandin E2.

However, cold therapy can delay the natural healing process and potentially cause tissue death or permanent nerve or neuromuscular damage if not monitored properly. With this evidence, ice is now recommended for immediate, short-term treatment for acute injuries rather than for long-term recovery.

Other recovery methods

Wang and Ni also mention a new form of therapy called hyperbaric gaseous cryotherapy, or neurocryostimulation. This method, developed in 1993, utilizes CO2 microcrystals at a negative temperature of 78 degrees Celsius to apply cold pressure to the injury and create the physiological response of “thermal shock,” which may promote analgesic, anti-inflammatory, vasomotor and muscle relaxing effects.

Neurocryostimulation might quicken recovery and healing, but the evidence of this therapy is low and needs to be studied more.

An article by The Sport Journal, published in 2020, and another by Verywell Health in 2021 conclude that extended periods of rest cannot beat the benefits of pain-free movement. CS

Here are other acronyms that Verywell Health suggests:

M.I.C.E.: replaces rest with movement (stretching, etc.)

M.E.T.H.: movement, elevation, traction (a professional gently pulling on injured area) and heat (moderate heat for 30 minutes maximum)

M.O.V.E.: movement, options for rehabilitation and training, vary activity and ease back into activity

For long-term injury, suggested by various sites:

M.E.A.T.: movement, exercise, analgesics and therapy/ treatment

Movement: pain-free range of motion, light stretching

Exercise: exercises tailored to the injury to restore strength, flexibility and endurance

Analgesics: medicines to help with pain, which can be non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) depending on severity

Therapy/treatment: physical/occupational/temperature therapy, dry needling, massage, cold and heat packs, neuromuscular re-education techniques

Always consult with your physician to find what’s right for you.

Jane Dimel is a contributing writer at CityScene Media Group. Feedback welcome at

Outdoor Achievement

Projects that exemplify outdoor-focused Best of the ’Bus winners

Best Landscape Company: GreenScapes Landscape Co.

Employee-owned GreenScapes Landscape Company has been in business since 1977, taking on commercial and maintenance projects in addition to residential projects.

The design-build landscape firm focuses on prominent projects throughout the central Ohio, completing work at The Ohio State University, Franklin Park Conservatory and the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium when it’s not working with private residences.

“We like to emphasize to prospective and existing clients that, with our size and experience, we’re capable of tackling projects of any scale, all while ensuring the highest standard of quality,” says Alyna Riffle, director of marketing for GreenScapes.

GreenScapes’ residential work includes:

• Patios, walks, walls and driveways

• Outdoor kitchens and bars

• Fireplaces and fire pits

• Fountains and ponds

• Plantings

• Carpentry

Project #1 At the center of this extensive outdoor renovation is a raised patio equipped with automatic mosquito screens. The Galena project also features a custom fireplace, a pitched roof with built-in heaters and two additional patios on either side of the raised section, one of them sporting a custom grill island. GreenScapes also installed a seat wall and plantings to accent the hardscape.

Project #2 GreenScapes’ work on this Muirfield Village Golf Club-adjacent residence in Dublin was part of a larger project to replace an existing house on the property. The company’s work included a grand entrance to the house, as well as changes to the backyard area to put the focus on the golf course. Highlights include retaining walls to ensure the house would fit on the sloped site, clay brick for the driveway, large plantings, and bluestone for the patio, walkways and front entrance auto court.

Photos courtesy of Matthew Garsky, Landscapes by Terra and Omni Pools & Scapes

Best Pools and Hot Tubs: Omni Pools & Scapes

Omni Pools & Scapes, founded in 2002 and based in Hilliard, makes innovation one of its top priorities in the swimming pools, spas, water features and more that it adds to outdoor spaces around central Ohio.

“We serve as your primary contractor throughout the entire process,” says Marketing Director Lam Trang. “We will coordinate and communicate all of the different components during the construction of your project.”

Though popular for its inground pools, spas, tanning ledges and similar projects, Omni also installs patios, decks, driveways, outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, and landscape lighting, among other things.

Omni exclusively installs inground pools and spas, and is always looking to incorporate new concepts. Of late, it has been offering:

• Ventilated automatic pool covers, designed to improve safety, keep debris out of the pool and prevent heat from leaching out

• Biodesign pools, built without reinforced concrete structure so they can accommodate beach or sun shelf entry and be installed without disturbing the area around the pool

• Advanced oxidation systems that inactivate most bacteria and viruses, even those that are chlorine-resistant, minimizing eye and skin irritation and keeping the pool as eco-friendly as possible

Project #1 When Omni added a fiberglass pool to this Grove City home’s outdoor space, it installed more than just a pool. The project also included front, back and side porches; a fire pit and other fire features; water features; outdoor lighting; a speaker system; a seat wall; a grill wall and built-in grill; a pavilion; an automatic pool cover; and stone stairs leading to the back entrance, side entrance, front porch and fire pit. The company also installed a spa, and put in fencing and gates for safety and peace of mind.

Project #2 The fiberglass pool installed on this Delaware property is equipped with a salt-water system, designed to more

easily keep the pool clear and free of algae and other unsightly issues. The automatic pool cover improves safety and temperature control, while water features, a fire

pit, walkways, outdoor lighting and pool patios add style. The project included some in-depth landscaping work and fencing as well. PROJECT 2 PROJECT

Best Outdoorscaping: Landscapes by Terra

Marysville-based Landscapes by Terra specializes in all manner of outdoor projects, from patios and decks to fire and water features. The company would define its niche as “creative, high-quality outdoor spaces,” says Maggie Cremeans, its marketing manager.

This past April, the company celebrated 32 years in business. Its owners, Jeff and Mindy Stroupe, founded Landscapes by Terra when both were just out of college, operating their small landscaping business out of their garage.

“We specialize in creating unique outdoor spaces that are customized to each client’s needs and preferences,” Cremeans

says. “We are a full-service, high-end landscaping company that can handle every aspect of your landscaping needs, from design to installation to maintenance.”

The company’s custom landscapes – offered in addition to a handful of property care services, such as plant health care and irrigation maintenance, include:

• Paver patios

• Outdoor kitchens

• Decks, fences and pergolas

• Fire features

• Water features

• Outdoor audio

• Outdoor kitchens

• Retaining walls

Project #1 This Dublin backyard was in need of some major updates to make it more functional. Once lamented by the homeowners for its small size, the space is now almost twice as large, and Landscapes by Terra made some significant updates to the materials, which were beginning to fall apart. The fire pit area is entirely new and serves as an anchor for the space. The company also added retaining walls and built the patio up by 6 inches to improve the transition from indoor to outdoor. And to ensure the space continues to look inviting well into the future, the company also put the mature honey locust trees on a treatment plan, having had to make cuts to their roots during the installation process.

Project #2 You wouldn’t know to look at it now, but the owners of this Powell home once thought their outdoor space to be too small. Landscapes by Terra installed a custom fireplace with a built-in bench, both made of white limestone, to serve as a centerpiece. The company also put in a wealth of plants to improve the atmosphere, with new additions including phlox, thyme, echinacea, hydrangeas and Scotch moss. Finally, the company added a 30-foot-long natural stone staircase down to the lower-level patio, bolstered by built-in retaining walls, to take advantage of the yard’s natural 7-foot incline. CS

Garth Bishop is a contributing editor at CityScene Media Group. Feedback welcome at


Take the Trail Less Traveled

A list of must-try self-guided tours and trails


TRAILS aren’t just for food and drink. Check out a few of the many free and unique trails around the state.

Hartville Antique and Thrift Trail

Drive a little south of Akron and you’ll hit Hartville, a small-town hub for selling secondhand treasures. The historic downtown has more than a dozen antique and thrift shops within a two-mile radius. The trail includes one of the largest flea markets in the country, Hartville Marketplace and Flea Market, and the Hartville Antique Mall, as well as some smaller shops including Twice is Nice Consignments and The Eclectic Rose in Hartville.

Stops: There are 26 different vendors on this trail offering everything from clothes, furniture and décor to vinyl records and other collectibles.

Where to Start: Find the map online at or visit the Lake Township Chamber of Commerce.

John & Annie Glenn

Heritage Trail

Famous astronaut and former U.S. Senator John Glenn was born in New Concord, and the area that makes up Guernsey and Muskingum counties is considered his old stomping grounds. Annie Glenn, a notable disability advocate, also grew up in New

Fairfield County Covered Bridge Trail

This trail is perfect for architecture appreciators, history lovers and the outdoorsy types. The bridges featured on the trail are set off the beaten path surrounded by nature and picturesque scenes. You may even want to do an impromptu family photo shoot. Many of the bridges in the area were built in the late 1800s, making them more than 100 years old and still standing. You can find background information on each bridge at

Stops: There are 15 historic covered bridges in Fairfield County to visit, each unique in architecture and setting.

Where to Start: Stop by Visit Fairfield County’s office or visit its website.

Concord. The two eventually crossed paths and were married for more than 73 years. Follow John and Annie’s journey, learning more about their lives at every stop.

NOTE: There is an admission charge at some of the stops, including the John and Annie Glenn Museum.

Stops: There are 33 historically significant sites located in Zanesville, New Concord and Cambridge to discover.

Where to Start: Call the ZanesvilleMuskingum County Convention and Visitor Bureau at 740-455-8282 or email

Photos courtesy of Visit Fairfield County Ohio and Miami County Visitors and Convention Burea

Miami County Ohio Barn Quilt Tour

A barn quilt is a traditional quilted design painted on the outside of a barn for onlookers to admire. The practice started in Adams County in the early 2000s and quickly spread to other rural parts of the state, including Miami County.

The barn quilts show pride and pay homage to the agriculture and farming lifestyle in Miami County. Just like the public art on the sides of city buildings, the images are meant to connect and beautify the community.

NOTE: While this is considered a self-guided tour instead of a trail per se, the concept is mostly the same, with a map of sites you can drive to on your own.

Stops: The tour gives the locations of 53 of these beautiful kaleidoscope patterns. Most of the sites are close, no more than a 20-minute drive away from one another.

Where to Start: Go to the Miami County Visitors and Convention Bureau’s office for a guide or find a copy online at www.

We all know and love the city’s large live show venues such as Nationwide Arena and KEMBA Live, but what about the hole-in-the-wall places where many now-famous bands got their starts? If you’re wondering where you can catch a more intimate or small-scale show, you may want to sign up for the Live Music Trail. To sweeten the deal, checking off stops helps you earn prizes including gift cards to Donatos or Crunchwerks, a Gateway movie pass, and an exclusive T-shirt.

Stops: There are more than 45 venue stops on this trail, all located around central Ohio.

Where to Start: sign up for free at www. to receive your digital passport. CS

Maisie Fitzmaurice is an editor at Cityscene Media Group. Feedback welcome at

Columbus Live Music Trail

3...2...1...Blast Off!

Artist immortalizes aerospace pioneers at the Ohio Statehouse

BILL HINSCH STILL remembers the day John Glenn climbed aboard Friendship 7 and took off into the heavens. He was 8 years old, sketching the launch in his notebook and trying to capture the moment.

Hinsch’s extraterrestrial interests would fade, but his love of art remained. Living in Toledo throughout his 20s, he was mentored by visual storytellers including Harley Copic, with whom he would later collaborate.

Hinsch took what he learned and began working for local Toledo publications, crafting social and political cartoons and graphics. He also created commissioned photo-realistic portraits, which led him to become known for both his highly realistic painting skills and his clever conceptual art pieces.

Copic, an aviation artist who had earned recognition in the niche craft, introduced Hinsch to the Air Force Art Program, where Hinsch rediscovered his love for aviation and space.

In 2003, Hinsch and Copic combined their skills to create a piece cel -

ebrating the 100th anniversary of the first flight, to be displayed at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Hinsch’s aviation art is also on display at other prominent government buildings, including the Pentagon.

In 2023, Hinsch was chosen from many well-known and established artists to create a commissioned piece for the Ohio Statehouse.

“(A friend) said, ‘You should apply for that’ because he knew about my aviation work,” Hinsch says. “I thought, ‘Man, I’m not going to win this because I’m not an institution artist.’ You know, somebody that paints for museums or paints for the Statehouse. …But then I got to thinking, there’s nobody probably better than me at this because of my unique thing, which is portrait work, being able to capture likeness and concept.”

The oil painting, titled Ohioans in Space, includes portraits of Neil Armstrong, John Glenn, Jim Lovell, Judy Resnik and Gene Kranz. The project took Hinsch over a year to complete and is the first painting to be added to the Statehouse Rotunda in 70 years. CS

Maisie Fitzmaurice is an editor at CityScene Media Group. Feedback welcome at

ON VIEW Dates and shows are subject to change. Visit the websites for more information.

Gallery Exhibits

934 Gallery: 934 Gallery July Show. Akeylah Imani Wellington, Sara Gean Ruiz and Lyra Purugganan in the Garage Gallery; Amber McElreath in the Instillation Gallery; and Felicity Gunn in the Storefront Gallery. Open July 20-Aug. 10. Haptic Hearts. Work by Krista Faist and Timmy Reed in the storefront gallery, Eli Donahue in the Instillation Gallery, and Elizabeth Miller in the Garage Gallery. Open Aug. 17-Sept. 6.

Adamah Ceramics: Featured ceramic artist Jon Stein and Title Installation by Holly Barrett. Open July 6-July 31. www.

Art Access Gallery: Work by local artists Judy Favret Friday and Karen Rumora. Open through July 20. From the estate of Paul-Henri Bourguignon. Work by local artists Perry Brown and Michael McEwan.

Beeler Gallery: Chroma: Best of CCAD. A selection of works from students in Columbus College of Art & Design’s Fine Arts and Photography programs. Open through Aug. 17. www.

Blockfort: Enchanted Garden. Works by Janet Marsano, Nico Cathcart, Wingchow and Kat Francis featuring flora to tell a narrative. Up Close. Work by Bria Singer featuring miniature worlds in the form of terrariums. Both open July 2-27. Order/Organic. Non-representational paintings by Charlie Batch, Chase Melendez and Hannah Musser. Open Aug. 2-31.

934 Gallery

Columbus Glass Art Center (formerly Glass Axis): Pop-Up Gallery Exhibition. Work by world-renowned glass artist Joseph Cavalieri. Open Aug. 6-9. NOTE: now located at 892 Scott St.

Columbus Museum of Art: Robin F. Williams: We’ve Been Expecting You. A collection of some of Williams’ work highlighting themes such as digital trends and gender identity expression. Marie Laurencin: Sapphic Paris. An exploration of Laurencin’s career including self-portraits, early cubist paintings and signature work that defined 1920s Paris. Bothopen through Aug. 18.

Concourse Gallery: Community Expressions: Arts of Upper Arlington. Showcase of the perspectives, styles and mediums of artists living and working in Upper Arlington. Open July 17-Sept. 13.

David Myers Studio & Gallery: The Synergy of Collaboration. Multi-artist paintings with a unique, therapeutic process focusing on cooperating together. Open July 1-Aug. 30.

Marcia Evans Gallery

Decorative Arts Center of Ohio: MOD: Visual, Social, Cultural: Renaissance of the 1960s. An exhibition capturing cultural revolutions of the 1960s and their impact on the visual, social and cultural landscapes. Open June 1-Aug. 25. www.dec

Fresh A.I.R. Gallery: Jennifer Nicole Murray. Now sober and in recovery, Murray uses her art practice as a tool for rediscovering her identity. Open through July 19. www.

Hopkins Hall Gallery: Jeffrey Haase Exhibition. Exploring three interconnected themes: reflections on Haase’s experiences across his roles, examining the changing relationship between time and work, and highlighting the overlooked artistry of unknown craftsmen. Open Aug. 19- 23.

Kittie’s Highline Art Space: Lively Places by Draven Burdock. Burdock’s goal is to have viewers lose themselves in each piece, feel the energy of his love for painting and make their own narrative. Open July 2-Aug. 31. highlinecoffeeartspace

Marcia Evans Gallery: Landscapes. Jennifer Sowders paints lush and inviting impressionistic landscapes in acrylic. Open July 6-Aug. 31.

Kittie’s Highline Art Space
Curator, Kelly Dietrick

McConnell Arts Center: Journeys. Multimedia artist Cindy Rasche recreates the signs, symbols and early language of African ancestors. Open July 11-Sept. 4. www.

Ohio Craft Museum: Grounded. Environmental works by Marcia Armstrong and Char Norman. Open Aug. 10-Sept. 28.

Open Door Art Studio & Gallery: Glow Up. Featuring works inspired by the 1990s with blacklights, illuminating the creativity of the decade’s counterculture. Open

July 13-Aug. 2. Altered Lenses. Photos, cyanotypes and photographic transfers. Open Aug. 10-Oct. 4. www.opendoor

OSU Faculty Club Gallery: Antithesis Mixed media paintings by Arris’ Cohen. Open July 1-Aug. 29. www.ohio-statefaculty

Riffe Gallery: On the Grid. An exhibition featuring 16 Ohio artists, curated by Kelly Dietrick. Open July 27-Oct. 4. www.oac.

Sean Christopher Gallery: Stage. Abstract, multi-panel paintings by Chris Taylor. Open July 6-Aug. 10. www.sean

Studios On High Gallery: Time and Again. Neil Donovan merges woodworking and art in the design and execution of both functional and purely sculptural works. Open July 6-Aug. 1.

Urban Arts Space: No One Teaches Us How to Be Daughters. A celebration of Black cultural and familial inheritance, a place of mourning, and an invitation to

search for yourself. Open July 11-Aug. 3. Illustrating History: Black Columbus (corridor). Illustrations and mixed media art pieces that honor influential Black figures in Columbus. Open Aug. 20-Sept. 21.

Wexner Center for the Arts: Jonas N.T. Becker: A Hole is not a Void. Photography, video, sculpture and installation pieces by West Virginia native Jonas N.T. Becker. Tanya Lukin Linklater: Inner blades of grass (soft) inner blades of grass (cured) inner blades of grass (bruised by the weather). Alaska native Tanya Lukin Linklater shares her multidisciplinary practice over the past decade. Both open June 1-Aug. 21.

Wild Goose Creative: Brielle Jolie, Diamond Young, Hedi Sharifzadeh, and Elham Bayati. A representation of self-love, a sense of calm, understanding and acceptance. Open July 10-31. Art and Soul. Seeks to provide a platform for up-andcoming Black artists and performers, while housing the exhibition and show in a space with local food and drinks to create a collective of creatives to celebrate the Black experience. Open Aug. 7-Sept. 4.

McConnell Arts Center

Charity Golf Classic, a major fundraiser, is one of the ways Cancer Support Community brings support programs and services to all who need it, all at no cost since 2004. Our sponsors are essential to our mission and we extend a heartfelt thank you for your investment that directly supports our programs and services! Visit our website to learn more about CSCCO and it’s mission.


What to watch, what to watch for and what not to miss!

Red, White & BOOM!

July 3, 10 p.m.

Bicentennial Park, 233 S. Civic Center Dr.

Celebrate America’s birthday in central Columbus with the largest fireworks show in the state. Started in 1981, the event is packed with vendors, events and concerts, and ends the night with an unforgettable fireworks display.

Jazz Arts Group presents Red, White & Blues

July 5, 8 p.m.

Hinson Amphitheater, 170 E. Dublin-Granville Rd., New Albany Ring in this summer holiday with the swinging tunes of lyrical jazz featuring the Columbus Jazz Orchestra and Director Byron Stripling.

COSI presents COSI After Dark: Summer Camp

July 11, 7 p.m.

COSI, 333 W. Broad St.

Unwind from the stress of everyday life and enjoy an evening at COSI that will have you reliving your favorite summer activities. After Dark is exclusively for adults and showcases engaging experienc-

es, cocktails and food to share with friends.

Columbus Symphony Orchestra presents Carnival!

July 12, 7 p.m.

Columbus Commons, 160 S. High St.

Bring the family Downtown for an evening of concerts and a free screening of Pixar’s Ratatouille.

Columbus Food Truck Festival

July 12-13, 11 a.m.-10 p.m.

Scioto Mile, 233 S. Civic Center Dr.

Take a stroll along the Scioto Mile and indulge in some of the most delicious food truck bites from across the state and country. The food trucks will be accompanied by live music and entertainment. www.columbus

Westerville Area Chamber of Commerce

Music & Arts Festival

July 13-14

Heritage Park & Everal Barn, 60 N. Cleveland Ave., Westerville

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2024, this annual attraction promises a

weekend packed full of arts and crafts exhibits, food trucks, and musical entertainment.

Heart of Grove City Tacos & Tequila Festival

July 13, 1-10 p.m.

Town Center Park, 3359 Park St., Grove City

Get your fill of Latin food from area food trucks and vendors paired with a variety of tequila samplings. Tequila not your thing? Grove City Brewery has you covered with

Ohio State Fair
Columbus Food Truck Festival

some hand-crafted brews. www.heartof

Columbus Book Festival

July 13-14, 10 a.m.

Topiary Park, 96 S. Grant Ave.

The Columbus Book Festival, coordinated by the Columbus Metropolitan Library will have entertainment, author signings, book discussions and plenty of opportunities to browse and purchase books.

Jazz & Rib Fest

July 19-21

Bicentennial Park, 233 S. Civic Center Dr.

Spend a summer weekend listening to the groovy sounds of live jazz while enjoying some of the finest bites of barbecue.

Lancaster Festival

July 18-27

Throughout Lancaster

Celebrating 40 years in 2024, the Lancaster Festival has a history of bringing of art and music to thousands of visitors. With everything from family-friendly events to award-winning acts such as country music singer and songwriter Lee Brice, there is a lot to enjoy.

Ohio State Fair

July 24-Aug. 4

Ohio Expo Center, 717 E. 17th Ave.

From entertainment to exhilarating rides and delicious food, the annual Ohio State Fair has been entertaining the Buckeye State for more than 170 years. Experience a weekend of pure excitement accompanied by plenty of activities to make memories that will last a lifetime. www.

Dublin Irish Festival

Aug. 2-4

Coffman Park, 5600 Post Rd., Dublin

The world’s largest three-day Irish Festival is returning for its 37th year with a weekend packed with performances and entertainment. Expect plenty of Celtic games, live music and food vendors. www.dublinirish

Pelotonia Ride Weekend

Aug. 3-4

Over the past 15 years, Pelotonia’s Ride Weekend has raised more than $283 million and continues to bring in more each


Morgan Stanley is proud to welcome Chay Rankin to the  Dublin, Ohio branch.

Working with athletes, medical professionals and business owners for over 20 years, Chay has the experience to help create distinctive financial strategies tailored to help them achieve their longterm goals.

Contact Chay to learn more.

545 Metro Place south, Ste 300 Dublin, OH 43017

EMAIL: Chay.rankin@

WEBSITE: advisor. chay.rankin

© 2024 Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC. Member SIPC. CRC 6458807 03/24 CS 1080280-4283551 03/24

year. Thousands of riders and volunteers will ride as far as Gambier to help raise money for cancer research at the OSUCCC – James.

Kenny Chesney with Megan Moroney and Uncle Kracker

Aug. 8, 6 p.m.

Historic Crew Stadium, One Black and Gold Blvd.

Experience one of country music’s most popular musicians as he takes the stage for an evening of smash country hits. www.

Heart of Grove City Bourbon & Spirits Festival

Aug. 10, 1-10 p.m.

Historic Town Center, 3359 Park St., Grove City

Enjoy the afternoon as you sample bourbon and spirits from up-and-coming craft distilleries and some well-known heritage brands. Learn about the distillation, barreling, aging and finishing process from the craftspeople themselves as you enjoy music and food trucks. www.heartof

North Market Wine Fest at Bridge Park Aug. 16-17, 5 p.m.

North Market Bridge Park, 6750 Longshore St.

Heartland Bank presents the second wine tasting event at North Market Bridge Park with wine imported from all over the world. Taste some of the most delicious and smooth wines during this two-day event.

New Kids on the Block

Aug. 23, 7 p.m.

Nationwide Arena, 200 W. Nationwide Blvd.

After releasing their album Still Kids earlier this year, groundbreaking late 20th century boy band New Kids on the Block takes the stage with Paula Abdul and DJ Jazzy Jeff for a concert packed with iconic songs and electric smash hits.

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