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Mt Eden Community Liaison Group Meeting 18 July 2019

Agenda • Introduction to the Link Alliance • Upcoming Mt Eden works • Demolitions update • Truck and traffic movements for the construction phase • Designing CRL’s Western Line connections • Link Alliance works in other locations • Wider project update


Introductions •

Dale Burtenshaw, Deputy Alliance Director

Hugh Leersnyder, Environment, Sustainability & Planning Manager

Rachel Blundell, Communications & Stakeholder Manager

Sonya Leahy, Stakeholder Communications Manager

Aidan Kirkby-McLeod, Senior Planner

Thibaut L’Hopital, Mt Eden Station Construction Manager

Ben Ryder, C5 Early Works Design Manager (for CRL Ltd)


Introducing the Link Alliance • Alliance model often used to deliver complex and challenging projects • Promotes innovation and flexibility and helps drive value for money, as companies equally share the gains and the pains involved in delivery

• Link Alliance partners: • Construction: Vinci Construction Grands Projets, Soletanche Bachy International NZ and Downer NZ • Design: AECOM, Tonkin+Taylor, WSP Opus • CRL Limited

• International team with local experience - spanning rail projects in

Hong Kong, Singapore, Qatar, Egypt and Auckland’s own Waterview Tunnel

• Knowledge transfer – staff with C1/C2 experience teaming with embedded CRL staff


The Link Alliance - delivering Auckland’s first underground


Overview programme (all dates approximate) Key Milestones




Enabling works, including utilities, demolition



Mt Eden Station


Karangahape Station

Aotea Station

Testing and commissioning












What’s happening right now? • Alliance mobilisation at a temporary office in Ellerslie

• Negotiating PAA with CRL Ltd • Preparing material for communication and engagement about enabling works

• Planning and preparation for early works • Recruitment and staffing • Preparation of management plans for consenting

• Establishing interfaces with other contracts and projects


Communications & Engagement – managing impacts with care & consideration • Dedicated community managers for each precinct – Aotea, Karangahape and Mt Eden • Community Liaison Groups • Interface with related projects and organisations such as Auckland Transport for public transport • Business support & development response • Working with mana whenua, local boards, business associations and Auckland Council • Community activations and events • CRL-branded hoardings • Construction updates & newsletters • Meet the Alliance events • 24/7 0800 number during construction • Dedicated email address 8


What’s happening first in the Mt Eden Station area? •

Soft-strip & salvage work within the Mt Eden demolition area – August 2019 start (will take about 3 months)

Temporary site office established in August at 97 Mt Eden Rd (next to existing station ramp)

Erection of hoardings around the demolition site – Sep 2019

Asbestos removal – Aug to Oct 2019

Demolitions – Sep 2019 to Q1 2020 (approx.)

Utility investigations on corner of Nikau & Flower Sts and by the Mt Eden Rd bridge – approx. Oct/Nov 2019.

Utility relocations in those areas – approx. Dec 2019

Portal works – piling and ground retention for tunnel entrance – starts early 2020 10

Update on Mt Eden demolitions •

As part of CRL’s sustainability commitment, Link Alliance will first look to salvage re-usuable materials from the buildings before demolition.

September 2019 start at the Nikau / Flower St corner (where the CRL tunnel portal will be located), demolishing the block between Shaddock & Ruru Sts first.

Main impacts •

Noise, vibration, construction traffic, dust, some parking removal around perimeter of the site.

Mitigations • •

Education of our work team and contractors in mitigation measures prior to start of works Noise barriers, pulverising concrete (rather than breaking it), using water to suppress dust, truck wheelwashing, crushing concrete on site to reduce truck movements, incentivising workers to use public transport and providing on-site parking for our workforce. 11

Considerations for the construction footprint We are working with Council and Auckland Transport to:

• install hoardings to help minimise noise & dust for

neighbouring properties and create a visual barrier from the works.

• close Ruru Street in the middle of the demolition sites to create a safer environment. Traffic will go down Nikau & Flower Streets.

• consent the removal of some on-street parking south of Nikau, west of Flower & north of Shaddock to accommodate the physical constraints of construction.

• consent the on-site installation of a concrete crusher

(next to the rail corridor). This would provide two clear environmental benefits: reducing concrete waste that would otherwise need to be trucked offsite and enabling us to re-use the crushed material for temporary roads within the construction site. 12

Truck and traffic movements through the construction phase • Scoping truck routes • Discussions with AT in regards to: • Truck routes • Public transport movements and cycling infrastructure • Traffic modelling

• Consultation process on construction

management plans (August/Sept 2019)

• Inclusion of all requirements into the Traffic, Access and Parking Delivery Work Plan

• Aiming to be construction-ready by

Proposed truck access route Proposed truck egress route

December 2019


C5 Western Line connection Link Alliance & CRL Ltd are also working on the design development of C5 – the Western Line connection. Methodologies and timelines are not yet confirmed but we do know that key activities required to integrate the CRL lines include: •

Closing the Porters Ave vehicle crossing (possibly Easter 2020), creating cul-de-sac streets on either side and constructing a new pedestrian and cycle overbridge Building a temporary pedestrian and utilities bridge over the railway at Normanby Rd to clear the way for permanent works Closing the Normanby Road level crossing and constructing a new road bridge over the rail line. Normanby Road will need to be closed for up to six months to complete this grade separation. Re-aligning the Normanby/Boston/Nugent roundabout.

Lower Queen Street

The north tunnel – breaking through to Britomart Station Normanby Rd level crossing


C5 Western Line connection continued… •

• •

Constructing an additional Mt Eden Road rail overbridge to the north of the existing one to accommodate the additional CRL lines Building a new pedestrian and cycle overbridge over the tracks between Fenton and Ngahura Sts to provide access to the new station building Building the significant eastern and western trenches and railover-rail bridges for the track rising up out of the tunnels to ground level Widespread changes to rail infrastructure, including signals, over-head electrical lines, track and the existing Mt Eden station Running trains on a single line through the area during the main construction period Closing Mt Eden Station (likely from mid-2020) for both safety and operational reasons while construction is underway. Lower Queen Street

The north tunnel – breaking through to Britomart Station


Other CRL works the Link Alliance is starting this year Karangahape Road area

• Utility investigations and relocations – Beresford Square, Mercury Lane & Pitt Street - August 2019 to mid-2020

• Demolitions – Mercury Lane & East Street (red zone) – late 2019 to Q1 2020

• Station construction works – start Q2 2020 Albert Street (Wyndham St to Mayoral Drive)

• Utility investigations and relocations – August 2019 to mid-2020

• Piling and diaphragm wall construction for Aotea Station ground support – starts Q2 2020


C6 Mt Eden Stormwater Realignment • Water Street (upstream) chamber concrete to be completed next week

• Concrete to connection at Nikau Street (downstream) to be completed next week

• Diversion of water flow to the new tunnel will completed end of next week

• Backfilling of two shafts to ground level to complete the project completed in the first week of August

• Demobilisation of equipment and material in preparation for Lower Queen StreetLink Alliance handover to the

The north tunnel – breaking through to Britomart Station


C1 Britomart & Lower Queen St • A roof pour will be completed this afternoon (first of 10 roof sections under the Chief Post Office building)

• All tunnel wall sections and base slabs beneath the CPO building will be completed tomorrow

• All six base slabs and seven of 12 tunnel walls at Lower Queen St have been completed

C2 Albert Street • Wyndham St has re-opened • 350m of tunnel box construction under Albert St is complete

• Road reinstatement works have started Lower Queen Street

The north tunnel – breaking through to Britomart Station


For more information and questions

• City Rail Link • 0800 CRL TALK – choose option 5 for Mt Eden Station • Email us at


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Mt Eden CRL community presentation  

Mt Eden CRL community presentation