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Special Edition Fall 2021 GATEWAY Be a Webster Sport

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It’s easy to be a Webster sport at Topgolf where conditions are always perfect to enjoy fantastic golf in a unique, technologydriven, multi-level sports entertainment venue. City Manager Mike Ahrens and Mayor Donna Rogers tee up for the fun and energetic experience that Topgolf provides. Topgolf expertly fuses golf with technology, innovation, and sports entertainment to deliver a signature experience that is enhanced by climate-controlled hitting bays, chef-driven menu, hand-crafted cocktails, music, social connectivity, and corporate and special event spaces.

This issue of Gateway illuminates the array of Webster’s indoor fitness facilities that promote daily boosts of good health and fun—regardless of the weather. As the ultimate Webster sport and the City’s remarkable leader, Mayor Donna Rogers visits the venues and illustrates the magazine’s theme: Be a Webster Sport!

Gateway is published by the City of Webster’s Economic Development Department.

GATEWAY Special Edition Fall 2021 Contents 4 Be a Webster Sport with Mayor Donna Rogers 6 FunCity Sk8 and Play 8 Topgolf 10 D-Bat 12 Inside the Lines 14 Redline Athletics 16 USA Ninja Challenge 18 Bowlero 20 Main Event Entertainment 24 Absolute Volleyball Academy 28 Fred Astaire Dance Studio 29 Dance Vision 30 Urban Air Adventure Park 32 Goldfish Swim School 34 Gulf Coast Archery 35 Shoot Point Blank 10 D-BAT Owner Rob Duncan General Manager Madie Kilcrease 18 Bowlero General Manager Margaret Julian 20 Main Event Entertainment General Manager James White Sales Manager Kim Anguiano 24 Absolute Volleyball Academy Co-Owners Katy Garza and Jerry Linch 34 Gulf Coast Archery Owners Jasmin Full and Bryan Moss


Fred Astaire Dance Instructor
Remi Janssen
City Manager Mike Ahrens Topgolf General Manager Jeff Namkin USA Ninja Challenge Owner Ashlynn Holley

Be a Webster Sport

The benefits of engaging in sports and exercise are a time-tested truism. Unlike dietary fads or changing beliefs about what’s healthy and what’s not—sports and exercise rise above subjectivity, cultural norms, and generational influences or views. It’s a universal fact—physical activity—participating in sports and daily exercise is beneficial. For people of almost any age, there are a vast number of physical, mental, and social advantages to be derived from engaging in the sports and exercise habit. Strengthening bone and muscle, enhancing flexibility, coordination, and stamina, sharpening fitness skills, regulating body weight, setting goals, making sound decisions, increasing energy levels, boosting mood and attitude, reducing stress, and connecting with others in a positive, collaborative environment and manner are attributes of a sports regimen.

YearRound Action

In Webster, it is easy to obtain one’s daily boost of good health—year-round, regardless of the weather. From roller rink skating, golf, bowling, and baseball to volleyball, dodgeball, and dancing, the sporting life abounds in Webster with premier, indoor venues that elevate and amplify the experience. The variety of sports and fitness opportunities is extensive and caters to a wide range of interests, aptitudes, and age groups.

Gateway Special Edition

This issue of Gateway is a special edition in that the City’s legendary Mayor Donna Rogers took an active role, quite literally, in visiting some of Webster’s sports venues and engaging in the variety of exhilarating, exciting offerings. Mayor Rogers’ support of Webster businesses and those that provide yearround sports, exercise, and entertainment is evident in the photos featured throughout the magazine.

Mayor Donna Rogers

The City of Webster has been in a fortunate position for more than two decades to have Mayor Donna Rogers at the helm. Her leadership has resulted in unprecedented economic growth and vitality for the municipality, along with highest levels of service to residents and commercial constituents. Mayor Rogers’ tenure includes serving as Council Member and Mayor from 1995 to the present, as well as presiding as President of the Webster Economic Development Corporation since its inception in 1999.

Mayor Rogers’ invaluable combination of leadership, experience, and dedication to the City is illustrated by her “Webster Advantage” platform, which translates into some of the lowest property tax rates and utility rates in the region, fueled by business growth, premier public safety, quality infrastructure, and unsurpassed customer service. As Mayor Rogers pioneered the


nst ructor Remi Janssen

4 |
Fred A st ai r e D

creation of the Webster Economic Development Corporation, her business-friendly, pro-development, proactive approach, vision, and leadership have resulted in key projects that define, grow, improve, and sustain the City. Significant economic development, community development, and infrastructure projects, such as Project Genesis with Costco, Genesis Boulevard, and Odyssey Park with 39 new businesses; Project Flyway with Topgolf, American Furniture Warehouse, and impressive new retail, entertainment, and hospitality venues on the horizon amid 150 acres; Project Edgewater and NASA Bypass Business Park with nearly 500 homes, 40 townhomes, 400 apartment units, and many new businesses, like Absolute Volleyball Academy, Shoot Point Blank, and USA Ninja Challenge; and Project Gateway with new retail development, underscore Mayor Rogers’ tenure.

Trail-Blazing Projects

What is truly remarkable is the range of trail-blazing, innovative projects that have defined Mayor Rogers’ legacy. As an example, Project Edgewater was once a defunct, unsightly power plant, a brownfield, positioned in the very center of the municipality. On a much smaller scale—but located, too, in a high-exposure area, Project Gateway was once an abandoned, blighted park-n-ride. Certainly, the largest, most impactful project in the works, Project Flyway, will elevate the City as a super-regional attraction that connects the outdoors—natural amenities—and a pedestrian boardwalk along Clear Creek with best-inclass, experiential retail, entertainment, and hospitality venues.

While Webster’s footprint might be small— just 6.7 square miles, it’s home to more than 10,000 residents and over 2,500 businesses that include some of the most inventive and successful companies on the planet. It’s always been vitally important to Mayor Rogers that residents, businesses, and visitors to the City find Webster vibrant, attractive, and safe—a wonderful place to live, work, stay, and play—and, in the context of Gateway —a fantastic municipality to engage in the sporting life year-round.

Fall 2021 | 5

FunCity Sk8 & Play

There’s an added inducement to participate in sports and exercise when they are fun. Certainly, FunCity Sk8 & Play epitomizes fun, excitement, and invaluable social interaction, while offering guests of all ages and ability a superb aerobic workout. The fabulous sport of roller skating constitutes great exercise and enhances heart health, dexterity, endurance, and balance. And, when fun is a part of the company’s name, like FunCity SK8 & Play, fitness and exhilaration unite.

FunCity Sk8 & Play, located at 1500 North Texas Avenue, just south of Bay Area Boulevard, is a Webster icon. Shawn Jones and Lance Castro represent the third generation of ownership, as their grandfather opened the roller rink in 1974. Today’s FunCity Sk8 & Play continues to focus on the fabulous sport of roller skating while integrating riveting entertainment, modern technology, and new attractions to deliver active, purposeful, and meaningful social interaction. Guests of all ages enjoy the sound and light shows, games, and special programming that continuously evolve inside the venue, along with extensive menu offerings and full bar.

Skating is a time-tested sport with proven health merits and endorsement by the American Heart Association, as skating provides a complete aerobic workout involving most muscles, including the heart, and is less stressful to knees and joints than running or speed walking. While roller skating was invented in the 1700s in Europe, skating’s popularity in the United States soared with 1970s disco music and roller disco. Now, in 2021, skating is having a resurgence, especially at FunCity Sk8 & Play where instruction is offered to those between the ages of 2 and 102.

A growing number of kindergarten through 12th grade students are often treated to exercise and education that is active, direct, and enjoyable in the form of field trips to FunCity SK8 & Play, as STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) instructors relish taking their classes to this venue where science and skating concepts coalesce. There’s an entire STEM curriculum based on the science of roller skating— including motion and rink design; music, math and roller skating; acoustics and rink architecture; and

engineering and lighting.


Intriguing, exciting, and engaging sporting and educational aspects of roller skating extend to birthday parties, special events, and open skate. For young skaters, games, such as “Red Light-Green Light,” “Doggie Paddle,” “Dice Game,” “Cops and Robbers,” and “Musical Plates,” teach teamwork, social acumen, and important concepts while skaters have fun exercising and honing their skills. Adult skaters, too, relish playing those games and others, like “Limbo” and “Shoot the Duck.”

6 |
Mayor Donna Rogers revels in the exhilarating roller rink workout experience inside FunCity Sk8 Play—a classic skating rink since 1974.

Sk8 &

FunCity Sk8 & Play has a lot to offer fitness enthusiasts —including an entire workout program that can be performed on skates. Laps, squats, slides, and spins comprise basic and advanced drills that augment core strength, balance, endurance, power, and agility. There’s an entire roller skating lexicon with accompanying techniques for serious aficionados.

Adult Skate (21 and over) transpires every Saturday evening from 9:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. This phenomenal indoor skating entertainment venue provides a great way to have fun, socialize, and enjoy a fitness workout, accompanied by captivating music and lights. Large screen TVs displaying sports events and video arcades complement Adult Skate, as do the extensive food and beverage offerings.

Numerous daily specials and seasonal deals drive guests to be “frequent flyers” at FunCity Sk8 & Play. One of the most popular weekend events occurs every Saturday evening from 6:30 to 9 p.m. with “all you can eat pizza.” With regular admission, guests enjoy free, unlimited pizza. This venue, too, is part of the national “Kids Skate Free” program, which aids youth who are up to 14 years in age.

FunCity Sk8 & Play is party central with customized packages for birthday parties, private parties, group parties, corporate events, and school functions that result in a stress-free “no mess, no fuss, bring the party to us” mentality for the event planner.

Skating workouts are simply fun, inspirational, motivational, and rewarding at FunCity Sk8 & Play where old school blends with new school for timeless and thrilling roller rink devotion.

Fall 2021 | 7
FunCity Play’s third generation owners, sister and brother duo, Shawn Jones and Lance Castro, join Mayor Donna Rogers inside one of the most iconic roller rinks in the nation.


Just as FunCity Sk8 & Play renders the high-energy sport of skating so exciting and pleasurable, Topgolf magnifies and multiplies the wow factor for golf—renowned as a “lifetime sport” that can be played by “oldsters” and youngsters alike. And, like the iconic skating rink’s provision of year-round, weather-proof daytime and evening access, Topgolf, located at 21401 Gulf Freeway, features a magnificent 65,000 square foot, tri-level venue with over 100 climatecontrolled hitting bays—open daily even in inclement weather. Workout plans are weather and time of day-independent. In fact, the Topgolf experience is exceptional during the daytime or nighttime—year-round.

Topgolf revolutionizes golf and provides the perfect venue for players of all levels—from novices to professionals—to enjoy the physical and psychological benefits of the sport. Golf is good for both the body and mind, as the golf swing engages the entire body—arms, legs, and core muscles. Since golf demands sharp mental acuity, the sport teaches and reinforces focus, improves mood, increases confidence, and reduces anxiety.

Certainly, Topgolf defines fun and excitement and takes golf to the next chapter or new heights for beginners to experts, as technology, sports, and entertainment coalesce to connect people in meaningful ways. The wide range of games appeals to guests of all ages and ability, as games are categorized for varying skill levels and optimal number of players. Topgolf delivers an experience that is authentic and accessible with visibility into each drive’s statistics, including precise measurement of distance and shot accuracy, fast, automated scoring, and recording of player information. Micro-chipped golf balls, an outfield of high-visibility targets, an array of fun, point-scoring games, and large bay screens that display the accuracy and distance for each ball make for exhilarating fun. Complimentary clubs are available, as are membership packages, lessons, and classes.

8 |

While Topgolf’s signature game, entitled “TopGolf,” ideal for one to six players, makes it fun for players of all ages and skill levels to score points by hitting balls into the outfield, “TopChip,” also perfect for one to six players, is designed for intermediate players who want to work on their short game accuracy— by hitting the correct targets sequentially. TopScore, TopShot, Quick 9 Novice, TopShot Rookie, and TopScramble rank among the wide variety of point-scoring games that render the sport extremely enjoyable. And, when the 102 inviting, climate-controlled hitting bays feature comfortable lounge seating, sports on high definition TVs, and seriously delicious cuisine and drinks served up by happy bay hosts— the experience is upbeat, special, and riveting.

Topgolf’s remarkable guest experience is magnified for corporate functions, celebrations, meetings, and special events, as there are private event spaces and rooftop terrace with fire pits, appealing seating, full bar, and impressive views. And, the extensive food and beverage menu, fueled by a culinary team—is chef-driven to deliver perfection that augments Topgolf’s masterful sports programming, hospitality, and entertainment offerings.

Topgolf’s ultra-successful mix of patented golf technology that transforms and elevates the beloved sport into competitive games, excellent practice, innovative instruction, and great recreation is nothing short of remarkable. As one of the world’s most popular, fastest growing sports and entertainment brands, Topgolf, a company that operates 70 venues across the globe and attracts over 20 million visitors annually, is credited with making the game of golf inclusive and accessible.

from the rooftop terrace at Topgolf are incredible and especially

and long game accuracy and point-scoring games in the climate-controlled

Fall 2021 | 9
The views inspirational after working on short hitting bays. From left to right, Ben Brown, Baker Katz; Mike Ahrens, City Manager; Donna Rogers, Mayor; Jeff Namkin, Topgolf General Manager; Nolan Morrison, American Furniture Warehouse; and Jacob Colby, American Furniture Warehouse, enjoy the terrific ambience at Topgolf.

Baseball and softball training venues abound in Webster and enable players of all ages and skill levels to practice and enjoy one of America’s most beloved and popular sports that promotes overall cardiovascular health, agility, stamina, team-building acumen, and focus.

D-BAT, located at 20251 Gulf Freeway, has been delivering a premier indoor baseball and softball training program since its opening in January 2020. This strong, growing company, with more than 80 locations worldwide, is renowned for its highly skilled, engaging professionals who tailor instruction to fit individual players of all skill levels and harness players’ strengths—all with an amazing mix of technology amid an impressive 27,000 square foot state-of-the-art, climate-controlled venue. This baseball/softball academy destination offers private and group instruction, camps, and clinics, as well as a pro shop.

Technology and baseball/softball training coalesce at D-BAT, which results in a new era of sports, recreation, fitness, and fun. This impressive facility has world-class offerings, such as 17 cages, including six Fungoman pitching machines capable of throwing multiple pitch types, various speeds, and locations for both baseball and softball hitters. Also, D-BAT features two HitTrax Simulators, which are transformational and provide real time data on a big screen that lets players, instructors, teammates, and coaches instantly analyze results and, then, replay in slow motion for instructional purposes. HitTrax is a gamifier, too, in that hitters observe their stats immediately—it’s competitive, exhilarating, and educational to know if they hit a homerun, fly ball to centerfield, or grounder to left field— and velocity, distance, pitching speed, and many other real-time metrics.

D-BAT covers all the bases, as this venue includes a sizeable area dedicated to strength and conditioning instruction, as well as an extensive pro shop featuring D-BAT branded equipment and apparel, along with gear from other top baseball and softball manufacturers. On a daily basis, D-BAT delivers on its name, which is an acronym for “developing beliefs, attitudes, and traditions,” as the sport and company foster those positive, precious, and time-honored qualities in athletes. Baseball and softball are simply excellent sports to practice, play, and refine. D-BAT provides a perfect venue for developing and enhancing both physical and mental skills that last a lifetime.

Bryson Hollan
D -
10 |

D-BAT Webster’s impressive indoor baseball and softball training facility touts 17 cages where state-of-the-art pitching machines accommodate baseball, fast pitch softball, and slow pitch softball.

D-BAT covers all the bases with private lessons, group lessons, camps, clinics, and pro shop.

Fall 2021 | 11

Inside the Lines

Baseball and softball players are quite fortunate to have access to multiple indoor venues in Webster. Another phenomenal indoor, climatecontrolled baseball/softball training facility is aptly called “Inside the Lines,” located at 1415 Atlantis Drive in Odyssey Park. The company’s motto or tag line expertly defines its philosophy: “Perfect Practice, Makes Perfect” because when fundamentals and advanced skills are taught and executed correctly and reinforced with practice, practice, and more practice—greatness ensues.

Inside the Lines Owner Andy Broughton has thought of everything when it comes to a year-round, stateof-the-art, specialty venue for individuals, groups, and teams seeking to practice, obtain specialized training, and hone their baseball and softball skills. This venue offers camps, classes, and clinics with high quality instruction for all ages and experience levels with a focus on pitching fundamentals, hitting and swing fundamentals, base running, workout program, fielding fundamentals, and speed and agility.

The venue, itself, is quite inviting and features a meeting room that is ideal for team conferences or players and instructors to review and discuss training videos. In addition, the lobby is family-friendly with refreshments and a great viewing area. The entire facility is ideal for birthday and team parties, too, and is open daily. Inside the Lines touts many special offerings, like facility rentals of the 55’ cages and 70’ pitching lanes for individuals and teams, along with baseball and softball equipment and product sales from leading manufacturers at discounted rates. Regardless of the weather, Inside the Lines is on deck—with a warm welcome, excellent baseball and softball instruction and training, and great ambiance inside a stunning, pristine 8,200 square foot facility that delivers fun and excitement.

12 |
Fall 2021 | 13
“Perfect Practice, Makes Perfect” encapsulates Inside the Line’s vision and philosophy where the 8,200 square foot premier, climatecontrolled baseball and softball venue serves as the foundation for topnotch training and instruction for all ages and experience levels.

Redline Athletics

Another indoor training facility that caters to a variety of youth sports, including baseball and softball, is RedLine Athletics, located at 1425 Atlantis Drive in Odyssey Park, in ultra-close proximity to Inside the Lines. RedLine Athletics offers customized training for nearly every sport and helps young athletes, ages 8 to 18, become stronger, faster, and more powerful. Inside the 8,100 square foot facility, there are batting cages, as well as a basketball/volleyball court, low profile turf training area, and Hammer Strength weight room.

This fast growing company’s concept offers unsurpassed accessibility and variety for youth to improve athleticism, resilience, and movement for peak performance on the sports field with no appointment necessary, training sessions that begin every hour, and a team of credentialed sports performance specialists. RedLine Athletics sports performance specialists guide young athletes to achieve their sports and fitness goals through private training, semi-private group training, and full-team training. Each sports performance specialist is highly qualified as a former collegiate or professional athlete and has earned a relevant bachelor’s or master’s degree.

RedLine Athletics, a full-service sports training center, offers programs for the very young, as well as adults—such as adult boot camp or customized functional workouts for all skill levels—and introduction to sports for ages 3-7. The company, too, partners with Fusionetics, a technologyenabled performance health system for program members designed to decrease injury, optimize performance, and enhance recovery.

Justin and Kristan Sandel own and operate RedLine Athletics Webster with a mission to provide a familyoriented, positive, high-energy atmosphere, build collegebound athletes, and foster character development, as this venue provides such an important service and plays a vital role in assisting athletes attain their goals.

14 |

Specialized fitness and athletic training for youth activates peak performance in the field of play for virtually any sport at RedLine Athletics—year-round.

Fall 2021 | 15

USA Ninja Challenge

The sporting life in Webster is available yearround, regardless of the weather, at many terrific venues. USA Ninja Challenge, located at 309 Ibis Street, inside NASA Bypass Business Park, offers a 2,500 square foot ninja warrior course for youth, ages 4 to 17, to undergo a variety of activities designed to increase strength, stamina, confidence, and team-building acumen.

The company’s motto, which reads “turning kids into ninjas, one obstacle at a time” encapsulates the experience at USA Ninja Challenge where participants jump, climb, balance, swing, and work on a variety of maneuvers. USA Ninja Challenge owner and trainer Ashlynn Holley, a retired elite gymnast who competed for more than a decade, follows the rapidly growing sport of ninja, which combines skill sets from gymnastics, climbing, cross training, and track and field. At USA Ninja Challenge, there are six levels to master with a variety of progressions, drills, and challenges—mixed with a lot of fun and excitement. For some participants, the goal might be to compete in the Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association’s or National Ninja League’s sanctioned events. Ninja is one rapidly growing, global sport, and Webster features a dedicated venue with classes, camps, special events, and parties.

16 |
Fall 2021 | 17
USA Ninja Challenge’s indoor facility is power-packed to “turn kids into ninjas, one obstacle at a time.”


Bowling, an Olympic sport—added to the summer games in 2020—and a favorite all-American pastime, has two terrific Webster venues that cater to the nation’s top participation sport. The health benefits associated with bowling are substantial, as bowling enhances muscle strength, improves flexibility and stability, and contributes to a low-impact exercise regimen. Bowling offers significant mental and social rewards, too, as the revered sport builds concentration, sharpens understanding of physics, and results in exhilarating fun and camaraderie. While bowling may have had its origins in 3200 BC, today’s bowling venues are high-tech wonders.

Bowlers, from novices to professionals, enjoy two iconic venues in Webster to ply their craft, and these outstanding facilities are open daily— year-round. Bowlero and Main Event Entertainment provide premier venues for engaging in the beloved sport in a variety of formats for individuals, small and large groups, teams, leagues, organizations, parties, and special events.

Bowlero, part of the largest bowling entertainment company in the world that touts over 300 venues in North America, 28 million visitors annually, and more than 300,000 leagues, offers a unique bowling, dining, and nightlife experience with 40 pro-quality bowling lanes, interactive arcade games, billiards, air hockey, sports bar, café, and pro shop.

Bowlero Webster has vigorous year-round league business—and during the busiest summer months, approximately 14 leagues are in session—both competitive and casual. Leagues activate an important exercise component and social connection, as they compel participants to work out on a regular, structured basis and enjoy camaraderie and competition. League participants are inclined to practice frequently to refine their skills and become PBA (Professional Bowlers Association) members whereby they have access to weekly scores, earn rewards, and receive discounts and special benefits.

18 |

Bowlero is a venue that accommodates bowlers of all skill levels and hosts professional bowling competitions sponsored by a variety of local, independent, and national associations. On average, Bowlero accommodates 5,000 guests each week.

Action, excitement, and technology coalesce at Bowlero where bowling is the lead attraction, accompanied by incredible ambiance, entertainment, and food and beverage offerings. HD video walls, special lights and sounds, latest automated scoring systems, and incredible menu offerings—delivered laneside augment the epic experience.

Since the mid-1980s, bowling has been thriving and evolving at 318 West Bay Area Boulevard, where Bowlero’s 40,000 square-foot venue continually adds new attractions, technology, and offerings.

Fall 2021 | 19

Main Event Entertainment

Main Event, whose motto is “Let the Games Begin,” is another fabulous venue whose central attraction is bowling. Since 2007, Main Event Entertainment has been defining and delivering year-round family fun inside

65,000 square feet at 1125 Magnolia Avenue touting an alliterative offering of “bowling, birthday parties, billiards, and beyond.” As one of the fastest growing bowling-anchored entertainment venues in the US, Main Event Entertainment’s tag line is “eat, bowl, play.” Certainly, bowling at Main Event is state of the art and exhilarating for professionals, intermediates, and beginners with 28 pro-level lanes, electronic scoring system, lighting, music, videos, and lane-side food service. The sport of bowling is intertwined with fun at Main Event.

According to statistics from 44 Main Event centers, bowling is the cornerstone of the Main Event experience, as over 10 million games are bowled annually; 210 million bowling balls are tossed down its lanes each year; and one billion pins are knocked down annually—by an 11 pound bowling ball that represents the average weight of the ball used by Main Event guests.

Certainly, sports and entertainment coalesce at Main Event where bowling, as well as multi-level laser tag, billiards, mini golf, and over 120 interactive arcade games, joins forces with fantastic cuisine, handcrafted cocktails, and a high energy sports bar surrounded by big screen TVs.

20 |
Fall 2021 | 21
22 |
Fall 2021 | 23
Main Event’s 28 pro-level bowling lanes deliver an integral part of the riveting Main Event experience inside this 65,000 square foot venue that’s actionpacked for sports and entertainment.

The riveting sport of volleyball offers an incredible workout amid an incredible venue in Webster. The advent of Absolute Volleyball Academy, located at 380 Green Wing Street, inside the NASA Bypass Business Park, represents a game changer for the beloved Olympic sport. Absolute Volleyball Academy is an impressive, massive 55,000 square foot venue that features eight magnificent indoor courts with an elite flooring system called “Taraflex,” as well as a pro-shop, special viewing areas, meeting areas, and fitness trainer. This renowned academy, founded by All-America first team volleyball legend Katy Garza and celebrated volleyball coach Jerry Linch, touts over 800 members, numerous volleyball and recreational teams, adult leagues, tournaments, programs for youth, adults, and seniors, skills clinics, referee training, and special events.

Volleyball, an American-invented, timetested, all-around sport, improves cardiovascular and respiratory systems, increases metabolic rate and energy levels, and improves hand-eye coordination. And, since volleyball is a team sport, healthy

interaction and camaraderie ensue. Volleyball burns calories and fat, improves circulation, and builds coordination, speed, and balance. With so many benefits, volleyball ranks high among the many sports options in Webster.

Volleyball is considered the fifth most popular sport in the world with major engagement within the US, Brazil, and China. Certainly, volleyball’s popularity has escalated since it officially became an Olympic sport in 1964 for both men and women.

There’s a lot to love with this sport. Visit Absolute Volleyball Academy, and see why this growing sport has such appeal.

For Co-Owners Garza and Linch, the explosive growth of competitive volleyball, buoyed by

24 |

renowned US Olympic teams and collegiate beach volleyball, with universities offering scholarships, serves as catalysts for Absolute Volleyball Academy’s programs— which, according to Garza and Linch, are all about “growing the sport, teaching life lessons, and providing the right environment, guidance, and opportunities for athletes and their families.”

Fall 2021 | 25
26 |
Fall 2021 | 27
Absolute Volleyball Academy’s exquisite, state-ofthe-art 55,000 SF facility, located at 380 Green Wing Street, elevates and celebrates the riveting sport that is considered the fifth most popular sport in the world.

D • A • N • C • E

Although dance is an art, dance, most definitely, is a sport—regardless of the variety or style—as dancing involves a high level of physical exertion and coordination and builds endurance, flexibility, stamina, muscle tone, and balance. Certainly, dance requires a lot of training, practice, and skill—and, as is the case with every sport, these tenets yield beneficial, positive results.

Indeed, there are many physical benefits associated with dance—but there are also compelling mental benefits, as well. Ballroom dancing, for example, has proven very effective in preventing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in the elderly, just as dancing relieves stress, improves focus, augments social skills, and boosts confidence among participants of all ages.

Dancing provides a full mind-body workout, as dance steps and sequences improve memory skills. Webster touts two premier dance studios that offer private, customized lessons, group classes, and social events for participants of nearly every age and skill level to hone their dancing skills in a number of styles.

Fred Astaire Dance Studio

Fred Astaire Dance Studio, named for one of the most famous American popular music dancers with a gift of rhythm and innovation, recently expanded into Odyssey Park, located at 1408 West NASA Parkway. Owners and World Champion Dancers Peter and Ellen Ekkart, who are originally from Belgium, have been dancing professionally from an early age and offer their love of dance and extraordinary expertise to dancers of all ages and skill levels.

At Fred Astaire Dance Studio, private lessons, group lessons, and social events enable dancers to learn, practice, and refine skills in a wide variety of dance styles. Instructors offer choreography, wedding dances, and competitive training, in addition to ballroom, Latin, country dance, and more.

28 |

Dance Vision Studios Clear Lake

At Dance Vision Studios Clear Lake, located at 20810 Gulf Freeway, inside Roberts Design Center, Owners Mariel and Daniel Blain, who originally met at a dance competition in Florida, specialize in teaching partnership and social-style dance, such as ballroom dances, Latin dances, smooth dances, rhythm dances, and country dances—both in private and group lesson settings.

Dance Vision Studios’ repertoire is quite extensive, just as the number of dance styles and variations within those styles is broad. The act and art of dancing is fun and fulfilling at Dance Vision Studios where participants of all skill levels can engage in this exhilarating sport. For dancers who seek a more competitive approach, Dance Vision provides that intensive level of training, too.

The sporting life in Webster expands with dancing, as this sport offers so many direct and indirect benefits, including music appreciation, social interaction, confidence building, and rhythm enhancement. The opportunity to exhibit dance skills that are practiced at Dance Vision Studios is abundant, as there are a number of dance clubs, galas, and special events where dancing is the main attraction and, utterly, exhilarating and magical.

Fall 2021 | 29
Mariel and Daniel Blain welcome Mayor Donna Rogers to Dance Vision.

Urban Air Adventure Park

While dodgeball isn’t yet an Olympic sport, Hollywood actors Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller have added to the sport’s fame and allure through Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. The sport has a serious following, as there are both international and world dodgeball federations with rules, code of conduct, resources, and sanctioned tournaments. Without a doubt, dodgeball is a high-energy team sport that attracts very serious adult players, like those who compete in the World Dodgeball Championships, or enthusiastic elementary students, like those who participate in an informal physical education gymnasium setting. Dodgeball, an anaerobic sport, which demands short bursts of activity, is innately structured for intense competition with an “attacking area” section of the court, as the objective is to eliminate all players of the opposing team.

Webster kicks up the high-action sport inside Urban Air Adventure Park where participants of all ages play “Ultimate Dodgeball” inside the dodgeball arena. This signature sport has players bouncing, jumping, hopping, and moving fast on the trampoline court as they aim for opponents. Ultimate Dodgeball is great for families, groups, parties, and pick-up games, as participants burn a lot of calories and have fun. Urban Air Adventure Park offers a variety of sports inside its 65,000 square foot indoor trampoline and entertainment center, located at 20251 Gulf Freeway. In addition to dodgeball, there are wall-to-wall trampolines, obstacle courses, ropes courses, climbing walls, Urban Sky Rider Coaster, Drop Zone, Runway Tumble Track, Slam Dunk Zone, Urban Warrior Course, Battle Beam, Go-Karts, and more.

Exclusive trademarked attractions that thrill guests of all ages test endurance, promote fitness, and engage interest.

yR a n M o o n , U rb an A r C o O w n e r
30 |


Fall 2021 | 31
Air, the ultimate indoor adventure park, elevates fitness to thrilling new levels with a wide array of attractions, like the Urban Warrior Course.

Goldfish Swim School

One of the newest entries to Webster’s fitness lineup is Goldfish Swim School. As swimming might be one of the best all-around sports on the planet—renowned for its tremendous cardiovascular benefit—swimming tones muscles, builds strength and endurance without impact to bones and joints. As it’s vitally important to know how to swim, Goldfish Swim School takes on that mission and caters to those who are 12 and under and their families.

Inside this remarkable, new 10,000 square foot facility, located at 20251 Gulf Freeway, Goldfish Swim School offers a variety of programs, multi-day clinics, family swim, special events, and competitive “Swim Force” team. Goldfish Swim School is an impressive “safety-first” venue with an indoor pool heated to a tropical 90 degrees year-round, state of the art water purification system to keep the pools clean and sanitary, certified swim instructors and small class sizes, climate-controlled viewing gallery for parents to relax, work, socialize, and watch their children swim, modern training equipment and tools that support the confidence-building curriculum, private space for parties and events, in-house snack bar and pro shop, and kid-friendly amenities, such as hair drying station, swimsuit dryers, and private changing rooms.

yR an M o o n , Goldfish S w i m S c h o o l C o O w n e r 32 |

Goldfish Swim School’s unique, impressive, tropical-themed facility is designed to enhance learning, fun, and safety for children from fourmonths to 12-years old. The magnificent pool is heated to a tropical 90° year-round, touts a state of the art water purification system, offers modern training equipment, and features a comfortable viewing gallery for parents. The venue touts private space for parties and special events, as well as Snack Shack snack bar and Treasure Island Pro Shop for swim gear.

Fall 2021 | 33

Gulf Coast Archery

When it comes to interesting, novel, and unusual sports offerings, archery is a leading contender. Certainly, archery, a prehistoric or pre-civilization activity—dating from the Stone Age in 20,000 BC and utilized by ancient Egyptians in 3,000 BC for hunting and warfare—improves focus, hand-eye coordination, upper body strength, social skills, and confidence.

Webster is most fortunate to be home to an indoor archery range and pro shop that offers lessons, leagues, tournaments, competitions, and individual or group practice to novice and experienced archers, alike. Inside the 6,400 square-foot facility, located at 1424 West NASA Parkway, Gulf Coast Archery provides a fun, exciting, sporting experience.

Gulf Coast Archery appeals to a wide demographic—from youth to seniors who find the sport to be quite accessible and rewarding—physically, mentally, and socially. Regardless of the weather, archers who bring their own equipment or rent gear from the pro shop to try out different varieties of bows and arrows, engage in myriad styles—like traditional, freestyle recurve, and compound. From traditional barebow, like legendary Robin Hood, to Olympic recurve, like Hubert Van Innus of Belgium, the most decorated gold medal archer in Olympic history, there is a plethora of styles and niches to experience. As archery offers a number of significant health and wellness benefits, it’s easy to practice year-round Tuesdays through Saturdays at Gulf Coast Archery and hone skills and achieve fitness goals in the 20yard indoor range. The sheer array of equipment, technology, shooting styles, and competitions makes for a riveting sport.

The venue has quite a lot to offer in the way of special events, seminars, competitions, lessons, birthday parties, and coursework. For example, scouts can earn merit badges, as Gulf Coast Archery offers lessons for all ages. One very popular event hosted by Gulf Coast Archery is entitled “Shoot Your Way Across Texas Indoor” or “SYWAT Indoor” for skilled archers who travel around the state, primarily during the months of October to February, entering competitions and earning points. “Cubs,” as young as six, to “Master Seniors,” as old as 70 or more, compete in the Texas Field Archery Association event. Archery is a fantastic, challenging, multi-layered sport that is rendered very accessible in Webster at Gulf Coast Archery.

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Shoot Point Blank

Shooting, an Olympic sport since 1896, is widely regarded as one of the most physically and mentally-demanding fine motor sports. Athletes shoot stationary targets in rifle and pistol competitions and moving targets in shotgun events. The sport requires precise execution of movement with sharp mental acuity. In Webster, enthusiasts of competitive and recreational gun sports—whether they are beginners, advanced, or experts— can hone their skills year-round at Shoot Point Blank, located at 360 East NASA Parkway, inside the NASA Bypass Business Park.

Shoot Point Blank, one of the nation’s leading indoor gun range companies, offers a premier, high-tech 15,000 square foot, climate-controlled gun range with 20 shooting lanes, retail component, and wide range of training classes. From introductory classes, like Intro to Firearms, Basic Handgun, Defensive Handgun, and Basic AR to a wide array of intermediate, advanced, specialty, and private lessons, like Range Proficiency, Accuracy Mastery, and Advanced Handgun, the sport of shooting is rendered safe and fulfilling. Shoot Point Blank promotes responsible ownership through engaged firearm training.

At Shoot Point Blank, shooting lanes are 25 yards long to accommodate both handgun and long guns (rifle and shotgun). The full-service venue offers a variety of handguns and long guns to rent to enable guests to try out various firearms before purchasing. And, there are membership tiers for ease in reserving range dates and times, as well as training courses. The sport of shooting is rewarding, as expert training and dedicated practice foster accuracy, precision, and speed.

The sporting life is alive and well in Webster where the sheer array of activities is alluring, extensive, and fun—and available year-round— regardless of the weather. As the benefits for engaging in the sporting life are resoundingly positive—it’s time to get engaged, immersed, and engrossed in Webster sports— like skating, golf, baseball, softball, bowling, volleyball, dodgeball, Ninja, dance, and archery. Be a sport in Webster and reap the rewards.

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City of Webster 101 Pennsylvania Webster, TX 77598

U.S. Postage PAID

Permit No. 119 Webster, TX


Offices & Services

EMERGENCY Ambulance-Fire-Police .................................... 9-1-1

City Hall 101 Pennsylvania Ave ................................................. 281.332.1826 City Council ................................................................... 281.332.1826 City Manager .................................................................. 281.332.1826

City Secretary .................................................................281.316.4144

Deputy City Secretary ...................................................281.316.4101 Animal Control .............................................................. 281.316.3700 Building Department .................................................... 281.338.2925 City Planner ....................................................................281.316.4122

Chief Building Official .................................................... 281.316.4131 Deputy Building Official ................................................281.316.4142 Civic Center Rental ....................................................... 281.316.4108 Code Enforcement ........................................................ 281.316.4106

Community Development Director ............................281.316.4129

Community Relations ................................................... 281.316.3764 Economic Development Director ................................ 281.316.4116 Economic Development Specialist ...............................281.316.4135 Environmental Health Inspector ..................................281.316.4133 Finance Director .............................................................281.316.4102

Fire Department (Non-Emergency) ........................... 281.316.3730 GIS Manager....................................................................281.316.4132

Human Resources (Personnel) ..................................... 281.316.4143

Marketing & Tourism and Webmaster ........................ 281.316.4121

Municipal Court ............................................................. 281.338.6702

Police Department (Non-Emergency) 217 Pennsylvania Ave. ................................................ 281.332.2426

Public Works Director ................................................... 281.316.3711 Public Works Service Center....................................... 281.316.3700

Recreation ....................................................................... 281.316.4137

Records Manager ............................................................ 281.316.4136

Republic Services (residential) .................................... 281.446.2030

Republic Services (commercial) .................................. 713.849.0400

Tickets - To Pay By Credit Card .................................. 281.338.6702

Utility Billing ................................................................... 281.316.4120 Water/Sewer Line Breaks ............................................ 281.316.3700

Other Government Services

Clear Lake Courthouse Annex .................................... 281.486.7250

Harris County Tax Office .............................................. 713.224.1919

Harris County Public Health........................................ 713.439.6000

Texas Dept. of Public Safety (Drivers License) ......... 281.929.5300

U.S. Post Office, 17077 Texas Avenue .........................281.316.0379

City Council

Jennifer Heidt Council Position 1
Beverly Gaines
Mayor Pro
Council Position 3
Larry Tosto
Council Position 6
Martin Graves Donna Rogers Mayor
Council Position 5 Bill Jones Council Position 2
Edward Lapeyre
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