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JUNE 2011,Vol.28 No.6 Mission Statement We are dedicated to the enrichment of the lives of older adults and their families by providing diverse programs, social services and volunteer opportunities.

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Come and listen to Bruce and Company on Wed. June 8th at 12:30 PM Join us for lunch, laughs and musical entertainment with this favorite of the Center. Make your lunch reservations by noon on June 7th. Stoughton Area Senior Center is now on Facebook!

Understanding STROKE: What to know and what to do.

In case you haven’t heard the news, we are officially online and functioning on Check out the site to see program updates, photos, and links to other information. The easiest way to find us is: 1) Go to the SASC website at 2) On the right hand side, click on the image that says “Join us on Facebook” If you have a Facebook account profile, please, go ahead and “Like” us. If you don’t have an account, you can still view the SASC’s profile. Facebook allows you to stay connected to family and friends in town and all over the country. It is entirely free of charge and easy to set up. Feel free to make an account to get the most out of our profile and the website. If you have questions, talk with our Senior Center computer volunteers at 873-8585.

Presented by Chris Whelley, UW Stroke Program Coordinator and Megan Dobesh from UW Clinical Nutrition Time: 9:00 AM Location: Stoughton Area Senior Center The presentation will include: What is stroke? What do you do if someone is having a stroke? Are there treatments available? How do you prevent stroke? How can I assess my own likelihood of having a stroke? All are welcome for this special presentation.

248 W. M AIN S T • S TOUGHTON W ISCONSIN 53589 • 608-873-8585 • w w


Stoughton Area Senior Center

Case Management

Stoughton, Towns of Albion & Dunkirk The Case Management program links older adults with services available to help them remain as independent as possible in their homes and community. Our Senior Center’s case managers are devoted to coordinating, evaluating and advocating for such services to meet each individual’s needs and preferences. Call 873-8585 to schedule an appointment. If you live in Dunn, Pleasant Springs or Rutland case management services are provided by the McFarland Senior Outreach, (608) 838-7117.

Transportation: General

Stoughton City Cab/Lift Equipped Van Contact: 873-7233 RSVP Driver Program Donation-based transportation for medical appointments; 48 hour notice recommended. Contact: Richard Hoffman 873-6112

Meal Site & Shopping

Transit Solutions Inc./Lift Equipped Van Call 873-8585 to make a reservation: • Stoughton Area Senior Center Meal Site Ride to noon lunch, Monday - Friday Cost $.50 each way • Tuesday & Wednesday Grocery Shopping Ride to Pick & Save/Walmart in Stoughton Time: 10:00 AM & 11:30 AM; Cost: $1.00/way • Mall Shopping, 2nd & 4th Fridays $1.50/way Trips rotate between various malls in Madison: See Activity Calendar for monthly locations. Time: 9:30 AM home pick up; 1:15 PM return.

Equipment Loan Closet

Equipment such as wheelchairs, commodes, walkers and other items may be checked out on a short-term basis to those residing in our case management service area (Stoughton, Town of Albion and Town of Dunkirk). Call or stop in for details. Monetary donations accepted.


Nutrition Programs

Meals are served at the Center or delivered to individuals homes every weekday. Please see page 5 for details on the nutrition meal site and home delivered meals service.

Veterans Assistance

A representative is available on Fridays at the Stoughton Area Senior Center . Please call (608) 266-4158 to schedule an appointment.

Financial Education Counselor

Individual appointments available Thursdays for anyone who has questions about basic money management issues. Free. Call Sue Taylor to schedule an appointment (608) 283-1259.

Blood Pressure Readings

No appointments needed 2nd Monday of the month, 10:00 -11:00 AM Last Thursday 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM &1/2 hour before Bingo days

Foot Care Clinic

Offered third full week of the month Monday, 12:30 - 3:30 PM Tuesday, 8:30 AM -11:30 AM Call 873-8585 for an appointment. Cost $15. For Diabetic Foot Care Appointments: Call the Oregon Area Senior Center 835-5801.

Please see our Stoughton Area Guide for Senior Services available at the Senior Center or on our website at, for a more complete list of the following services: Food Pantry • Medical • Housing • Financial Mental Health • Home Health • Respite Fitness/Wellness • Care Facilities For further assistance, please call the Senior Center (608) 873-8585.

S TOUGHTON A REA S ENIOR C ENTER • 248 W. Main St., Stoughton WI 53589


axãáM Case Management Services Health Care Reform in Wisconsin - Update

This article is reprinted with permission from the Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups. On January 27, 2011 Governor Walker signed Executive Order #10 to establish the Office of Free Market Health Care. The Office will be directed by the Department of Health Services and the Office of Commissioner of Insurance. According to DHS the office "will ensure that Wisconsin maintains a vibrant, competitive health insurance market that is consumer driven and is based on free market principles." This month, the office launched its website: It is possible to subscribe to updates by following the link of that name. Anyone who wants to stay informed about how the Walker Administration plans to implement the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act should subscribe. The Governor is interested in developing "a consumer driven, free market health care coverage purchasing exchange" rather than creating the health insurance exchange model as presented by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. As a part of the effort to design this alternative, the Office of Free Market Health Care launched an online survey to gather input from various stakeholders impacted by the creation of a health insurance exchange. Specific parts of the survey are tailored to individuals, small employers, insurers, agents, brokers, and health care providers. The survey can be found on the site's Exchange page. All individuals who have or will acquire health insurance should visit this site and complete the survey. The Exchange page of the website also indicates: The Office of Free Market Health Care (OFMHC) is seeking stakeholder input on the design of a potential Wisconsin Health I

Insurance Exchange. There will be two exchanges with one convenient access point; one for individuals and one for small employers. The exchange will be a marketplace where individuals and small businesses can purchase health insurance. It will also be a primary vehicle for Medicaid eligibility determination and enrollment. The OFMHC is working to update and improve the prototype below. Take a test drive of our Health Insurance Exchange Prototype. How the Medicaid piece will be included in the exchange has not been described in detail, so it will be important to keep up to date as the exchange is created.

Better Choices, Better Health™

Limited Time Offer: Register Today This article is reprinted with permission from Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups. NCOA has announced that Better Choices, Better Health™ is now available in all 50 states for a limited time. Online registration is available now. The program is a Free Online Workshop for People with Chronic Conditions. Nearly half of all adults live with one or more chronic health conditions, such as arthritis, asthma, diabetes, lung disease, heart disease, stroke, and osteoporosis. But millions struggle to find ways to manage their condition. NCOA's Better Choices, Better Health™ program helps. Better Choices, Better Health™ is the online version of the internationally recognized Chronic Disease Self Management Program (CDSMP), developed and tested at the Stanford University Patient Education Center. With support from Sanofi-Aventis and Atlantic Philanthropies, NCOA can make Better Choices, Better Health™ available to individuals in all 50 states for a limited time. Article continued on page 4….

S TOUGHTON A REA S ENIOR C ENTER • 248 W. Main St., Stoughton WI 53589


axãáM Case Management Services The program teaches self-care techniques online through a six-week online workshop which helps participants reduce their pain and anxiety and manage their symptoms. Led by trained facilitators, many of whom live with chronic conditions themselves, participants discuss: • • • • • •

Reducing stress Dealing with stressful emotions Planning for the future Locating and using community resources Building communication skills Asking for help

Participants can log onto the free sessions from any computer with an Internet connection, including dial-up, at any time. At their own convenience, they can: • Complete exercises • Read posted materials • Interact with others who are also coping with a chronic condition There are materials available to use to promote the program online at http:// utm_source=NC.

Your Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Is Now Available Only Through LogistiCare

This article is reprinted with permission from Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups As of June 17, 2011, you will need to call LogistiCare for all non-emergency medical transportation (rides) to covered appointments on or after July 1, 2011, if you have no other way to get a ride. Nonemergency rides are rides to a covered service by common carrier, such as public transportation or specialized medical vehicles. You will no longer be able to 4

schedule rides through your current transportation provider. This change in transportation services does NOT affect your eligibility, enrollment or benefits for Wisconsin Medicaid or BadgerCare Plus. This does not affect emergency ambulance services. You should call 911 if you have an emergency. If you have no other way to get a ride, members can get a ride through LogistiCare to services covered for the program you are enrolled in such as Wisconsin Medicaid or BadgerCare Plus. If neighbors, friends, relatives, or voluntary organizations can give you a ride to your appointment, you are not eligible for a ride through LogistiCare. How Do I Schedule a Ride? Call LogistiCare at 1-866-907-1493 (or TTY 1866-907-1497). LogistiCare is open between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. You will need to call at least two days before a routine appointment to schedule a ride. If you do not call two days before an appointment, you may have to reschedule your appointment. If you have an urgent appointment and cannot wait two days to go to an appointment, a ride may be scheduled within three hours. If you have regularly scheduled appointments three or more times a week, talk with your doctor. Your doctor can work with LogistiCare to schedule your regularly occurring rides. Contact Information for LogistiCare Reservation line for scheduled trips (866) 9071493 (866) 907-1497 (TTY) "Where's My Ride" telephone number (866) 907-1494. Call this number if your ride is late picking you up or dropping you off.

S TOUGHTON A REA S ENIOR C ENTER • 248 W. Main St., Stoughton WI 53589

_|átËá Kitchen Corner Nutrition remains important throughout life. As

we age, the risk of poor nutrition increases due to problems with oral disease, chronic diseases such as heart failure and emphysema, social isolation, financial problems, and a loss of ability to shop or prepare fresh food. Weight loss (underweight) becomes a more serious problem than weight gain (overweight). Nutrition-related problems become more evident after the age of 60 years: osteoporosis, iron deficiency, vitamin deficiency, protein-calorie malnutrition. To remain nutritionally sound, older people need to: Maintain a comfortable and safe weight. Eat a diet balanced in protein, fat, and carbohydrates. In particular, older adults should maintain an adequate protein intake of approximately 1-1.2 gm/kg of protein. For example, a 150 pound man should have approximately 70-100 gm of protein daily. Persons who are very physically active or have an infection or heightened metabolic need may require more protein. Persons with chronic kidney disease should check with their physician about protein in their diet. In general, we recommend obtaining protein needs from food, not from powdered supplements. Adding non-fat dried milk to drinks and foods (such as coffee, oatmeal, potatoes), however, can increase the protein content safely, since 1 oz (2 tablespoons) contains 3 gm of protein. Article submitted by Autumn Wheeler owner of Stoughton Curves (Sources: Cleveland Clinic and Curves International websites.) NUTRITION PROGRAMS All meals are provided by Dane County Consolidated Food Services; and packaged, delivered and served by Senior Center volunteers. Nutrition Site: The Senior Center serves lunch every weekday at 12:00 PM. Menu Pg.15 Home Delivered Meals: Meal delivery is available to homebound older adults in the Stoughton School District every weekday.

Recipe: Chicken Ole Prep Time: 30 min Number of Servings: 4 From The Great American Eat-Right Cookbook, © 2007 by American Cancer Society 1/2c Long-Grain Rice Salt Black Pepper, coarse ground 1 8-oz can Kidney Beans, drain 1 4-oz can Chopped Green Chilies 2T Salad Oil 1 lg Green Onion, chopped 1 medium Plum Tomato, chopped 1/2 t dried Cilantro Leaves 1/4 t Cumin 4 Chicken Breasts 1. Cook Rice with ½ teaspoon salt and ¼ teaspoon pepper. When rice is done stir in beans and chilies. 2. Meanwhile, preheat broiler. In cup, mix salad oil, green onion, tomato, cilantro, cumin, ¼ teaspoon salt, and ¼ teaspoon pepper. Place chicken in 13”x9” pan. Brush tops with some oil from tomato mix. 3. With pan at closest position to heat broil chicken 3 minutes. Turn and spread remaining tomato mix on top. Broil 3-4 minutes longer until tender. Nutrition Info: Calories: 467; Fat: 16.0g; Saturated Fat: 2.8g; Protein: 39g; Carbohydrates: 39g; Fiber: 4.75g; Cholesterol: 88.5Mg; Sodium: 600Mg

Cost of Meals 2011: Individuals 60 years or older pay by donation. The suggested donation is $3.00/ meal. Individuals under the age of 60 must pay the total cost of the meal. Meal Site: $6.10 Delivered Meal: $6.35. Orders/Cancellations: Participants must make reservations or cancellations by 1:00 PM the day before a requested meal. Any cancellations made on the day of a previously scheduled meal are still subject to payment to the caterer.

S TOUGHTON A REA S ENIOR C ENTER • 248 W. Main St., Stoughton WI 53589


VÉÅÅâÇ|àç axãá What We Can Learn About Health from the World's Blue Zones Places Where People Live Longer In 2004, explorer and writer Dan Buettner teamed with National Geographic longevity researchers to identify locations around the world where the people lived longer and reported better health. The Blue Zones are: • Sardinia, Italy • Okinawa, Japan • Loma Linda, California • Nicoya, Costa Rica • Ikaria, Greece Their research found that people who live in Blue Zones share nine lifestyle characteristics that contribute to longer, healthier living. There is nothing complicated about these characteristics and they make up a lifestyle that is attainable by most people - at least those willing and able to make changes in their lives. The Nine Characteristics of the Blue Zone Lifestyle Are: 1. Just Move - Take up walking and walk everywhere possible 2. Purpose Now - Have a reason to wake up in the morning 3. Down Shift - Find ways to eliminate stress 4. 80% Rule - Stop eating before you are full 5. Plant Slant - Eat more fruits and vegetables and limit meats 6. Do a Bit of "Wine-ing" Each Day - One or two drinks can be good 7. Belong to a Faith-Based Community - Any one will do 8. Put Loved Ones First - Invest in positive relationships with family 9. Right Tribe - Surround yourself with supportive people For more information go to 6

Interested in Our Wood Shop? The Stoughton Area Senior Center’s wood shop group is inviting anyone and everyone to come in and see if the wood shop is right for them. If you have a passion to create things or if you’re just looking for a new and exciting hobby, this could be it. The use of all the equipment is free of charge and now, thanks to new members and volunteers, they’re open 5 days a week (instead of 2) from 8:30am until noon. You can bring in your own lumber or borrow some that is already here. Items made can be sold through the Senior Center and the proceeds go to the center and to the creators to help buy more supplies. They have sold many items so far, and have even sold some things at Olbrich Gardens! There is no limitation on creativity, so let your imagination run wild with a brand new hobby. Check out and try out the wood shop today; it could be your next big thing! There is a safety test that you will need to pass. If you have any questions, you can call 873-8585 to talk to one of our professional “woodies”.

Stoughton Courier Hub

-Did you know in 1884 the Stoughton Hub newspaper printed a weekly list of “High School and Grammar Room Tardiness” including student names, number of tardy incidents and minutes lost? -In 1943, Olav Fosdal’s Home Bakery advertised brownies for 25 cents a dozen. Discover other interesting historical facts by skimming through old publications of the Stoughton Courier Hub. These along with other resources are available the Senior Center’s Stoughton Room/Library. Be sure to let us know what you find!

S TOUGHTON A REA S ENIOR C ENTER • 248 W. Main St., Stoughton WI 53589


Area Support Groups Caregiver Group

2nd Thursday, 2:00-3:30 PM Stoughton Area Senior Center Stoughton Room Contact: 873-8585

Low Vision Group Ice Cream Social June 16, 1:00 PM

Diabetic Support Group

1st Thursday, 1:00 PM Oregon Area Senior Center 219 Park Street Contact: Sue Riehle 835-5801

Journey Through Grief

Tuesdays, June 21– Aug. 2 10:00 AM—12:00PM HospiceCare Inc. 3001 W. Memorial Drive Janesville, WI

Participants of this sevenweek series will receive support and discuss concepts specific to the grieving process with the death of a loved one. Attendance at all sessions of this series is strongly encouraged. Reservations are required by contacting Fran Coan-Meredith at (608) 314-2919. ———————————————

The Parkinson Support Group will be taking the summer off. Please watch our Yahara Senior News in the Fall for educational opportunities.

Grandparents Raising Their Relative’s Children

2nd Sat., 10:00 AM -12:00 PM The Rainbow Project Office 831 E. Washington Ave., Madison Child care & transportation available to those in need. Contact: Rose Roh, 249-2209 Ethel Dunn, 238-8751

Hope Chest Breast Cancer Support

3rd Monday, 6:00 - 7:30 PM Stoughton Hospital, Board Rm. 900 Ridge Street Contact: 877-3476

Low Vision Support

3rd Thursday, 1:00 - 2:30 PM Stoughton Area Senior Center Stoughton Room Contact: 873-8585

Multiple Sclerosis Support

2nd Tuesday, 10:00 - 11:30 AM Stoughton Area Senior Center Mandt Room Contact: 873-8585

Older Adult Alcoholics Anonymous

Every Tuesday, 2:00 PM Stoughton Area Senior Center Stoughton Room, 2nd Floor In order to maintain confidentiality individuals may enter/exit from building’s back NW corner door. Contact: Earl German 246-7606 ext. 1182

Grief Support Groups

Contact Hospice Care Madison Office: 276-4660 Janesville Office: 755-1871

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Alliance of Wisconsin Information, education,

advocacy and support services including a 24/7 Helpline. 232-3400 or (888) 308-6251 toll-free

Parkinson Group 4th Wednesday,1:30 - 3:00 PM Stoughton Area Senior Center Stoughton Room. Contact: 873-8585 or

S TOUGHTON A REA S ENIOR C ENTER • 248 W. Main St., Stoughton WI 53589


Life is about to get a whole lot easier...

Williamstown Bay McFarland

• Caring, professional staff • On-site therapy programs • Variety of residential accommodations

• 55+ Apartment Community • $640 monthly includes heat! ~In the heart of McFarland~


Evansville Manor offers:

Visit or call today to learn more! 470 Garfield Avenue Evansville, WI 53536

Call today! 608-838-6515

(608) 882-5700

• Hair salon and spa • Daily social activities, off-site recreational events and more

(608) 882-9995

For generations, people have known Skaalen as a warm and caring place. A campus where they receive skilled medical care, enjoy a rich spiritual life and share abundant activities. Or a place to enjoy freedom from worry in a spacious, comfortable condominium home. A nearby place where mom and dad feel happy and safe and family feels welcome. • (608) 873-5651 With a tradition of caring for over 100 years, we are one of Dane County’s largest long-term and rehabilitative care facilities.



Large Enough to Serve ~ Small Enough to Care

Phone: 244-2105 1213 Acewood Boulevard • Madison, WI 53716

608.877.2679 Tel 608.877.8318 Fax

Skilled Nursing • Memory Care • Rehabilitation • Assisting Living • Condominium Housing

SANDING - SEALING - LAYING FLOORS In the Madison area for 50 Years GARY FUMUSO

M-F 7:30 am - 6:30 pm Sat. 9 am - 4 pm

201 N 4th Street Evansville, WI 53536

The Skaalen Retirement Community

ACE Floor Sanding Company

2364 Jackson St. Stoughton

Collision Auto Repair - FOREIGN DOMESTIC “WE’RE COMMITTED TO QUALITY” • All Makes & Models • Quality Repair & Paint Jobs • Insurance Work • Unibody Repair Specialists

327 S. Division, Stoughton 873-6678 “Come Home” to

139 E. Reynolds St, Cottage Grove, WI • 608-333-1503 Assisted Living at its Best! At Angelus we do more than living... It is an experience of a lifetime! See what all the smiling and laughter is all about. Schedule a personal tour with Sheila

(608) 873-7277


(608) 873-8333 Flexible, Affordable, Interactive Care In Your Home Do you or someone you love need a little assistance around the house? From a couple hours a week to 24/7 care, Comfort Keepers is here for you. Call Today to Find Out How You Can Receive A FREE Phone Made Available Through WI TEPP For Your Hearing Needs.

Companion and Homemaking Services • Companionship • Meal Preparation • Light Housekeeping • Laundry and Linens • Grooming and Dressing Guidance • Transportation and Shopping • Respite and More...

Personal Care Services • Bathing • Incontinence Care • Toileting • Feeding • Mobility • Transferring and Positioning • Oral Hygiene

SPECIALIZING IN: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson, Supportive Hospice, and Legal Live-In Services


For More Information or to Set Up a FREE In-Home Consultation Call:

(608) 442-1898 Serving South Central WI ©2011

Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated

FOR AD INFO CALL 1-800-950-9952


Stoughton Area Senior Center, Stoughton, WI A 4C 01-1133 04-19-2011 16:36:32


NURSING HOME “Serving the Developmentally Disabled for Over Thirty Years”

124 S. Monroe 873-7462

Get Better, Get Home!

Comprehensive Services: • Focused rehabilitation: Physical, speech, occupational therapy • Medicare/Medicaid certified • 24-Hour skilled nursing care • Person-centered dining • Safe memory care area

(608) 873-6448


(608) 873-9490 DAVID W. NELSON

Kent Knutson: 873-8456 Jessica Knutson: 873-7131 Financial Advisors Member SIPC

Holly’s House

How Can We Help?

873-1612 Adult Family Home Assisted Living for the Elderly, Family Style

Inspired Adult Day Services 608-873-7300 120 Chalet Dr, Stoughton Hours: 8:30am - 5:30pm Mon, Wed, Fri



• Comprehensive In-Home services include transportation, blood draws, injections, bath visits, hourly care, live-in caregivers, and around the clock nursing care. • Certified Nursing Assistants, Nurses, Therapists, and Live-In Caregivers • All private duty caregivers are carefully screened, bonded and insured • Available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week • Tell us what you need. We’ll take care of it!

Great Waterfront Dining

• Near Stoughton Senior Center • Older adults 62+ and disabled persons • 1 & 2 bedroom apartments

Serving Lunch & Dinner Sunday Breakfast

924 Jackson St.

3097 Sunnyside St. (608) 205-9300


Nightly Specials




Sense of Security 24/7 Personal Emergency Response System Local, non-profit personalized service.

$25/month Why Pay More? (608) 230-4321 •

Handicap Accessible Vans Mon-Fri: 6am-6pm Sat: 6:30am-5pm Sun: 8am-12pm


Park Vernon Apartments Elderly (62 years or Better) and Disabled Affordable Housing Pay only 30% of your income when rent-assistance is available

Wisconsin Management Co. A Better Way...Of Living


Call 608•441•8620 Friendly Hometown Service

Wide variety of Home Health Equipment and Lift Chairs


Free Delivery

JOIN OUR BUYING GROUP 100,000 Strong and SAVE MONEY! This $399 Value is FREE with an ad on this bulletin.

Call Ann Marie Michaelis

1-800-950-9952 ext. #2484 or E-mail: ©2011

FOR AD INFO CALL 1-800-950-9952


Stoughton Area Senior Center, Stoughton, WI B 4C 01-1133 04-19-2011 16:36:32

Upcoming Day Trip with the Stoughton Area Senior Center Milwaukee Brewers vs. the Chicago Cubs at Miller Park Thursday July 28th @ 1:10 PM . 50 seats available in section 207. Make it a family trip. Cost:$65.00 Tickets need to be paid by July 8th.

If you have questions, or would like to sign up for this trip, please call 873-8585.


Caregiver Group Thursday, June 9 at 2:00 PM

Share your thoughts, problem-solve, laugh and learn from other caregivers in a comfortable, confidential environment.

Caregiver Education –Respite Care Thursday, July 14 at 2:00 PM

Learn to use Respite Care to relieve you from the stresses of care giving. Get tips for working with family members, finding services, and taking care of yourself.

Grief Education Seminar Thursday July 14th 6-8 PM

Presented by Cress Funeral & Cremation Service at the Stoughton Area Senior Center. All are welcome to attend. This seminar will help families & ourselves heal in the midst of grief. Questions call 238-3434

PLEASE SUPPORT THESE ADVERTISERS Trusted Senior Services Stoughton Hospital is committed to providing the personalized healthcare services seniors need and expect. You can trust our experienced team to deliver comprehensive, expert senior care - close to home. And trust us to meet the current and future healthcare needs of our neighbors throughout the Stoughton community.

900 Ridge Street Stoughton, WI 53589 608.873.6611

YOUR BUSINESS SHOULD BE HERE! For information on advertising, please call our representative ANN MARIE MICHAELIS at 1-800-950-9952 Ext. 2484

Paul Olson, Bill & Sherry Cress Patrick McNally, Bill Clark Jessica Dosch Pharo Connie Bakken - Attendant Locally Owned & Managed Corner of Page & Prospect

873-9244 ©2011

Providing Skilled Nursing, Rehabilitation & Assisted Living in a Privately owned, Residential Setting.

SERVICE & REPAIR 608-873-8800 LIFE CELEBRATION CENTERS Corner of Jackson St. & Hwy 51

(608) 873-4590 Michael Smits Dale R. Holzhuter Jodi Corbit Paul Selbo, Office Manager Laurie Dybevik, Pre-Need Specialist

1324 Hwy 51-138 Stoughton

Senior Discount

10% Off Any Service Robertson Electric And Home Maintenance, LLC

608-512-9550 For your electric & repair needs, let me be your problem solver.

Robin S. Robertson

608-873-8000 205 S. Division St. Stoughton, WI 53589

Call: 845-6465 for information

FOR AD INFO CALL 1-800-950-9952


Stoughton Area Senior Center, Stoughton, WI C 4C 01-1133 04-19-2011 16:36:32

axãáM COA & Community Commission on Aging

Meeting Highlights for May 3, 2011 Brat Fest Fundraiser: • Very successful –we ran out within the first hour! • Many thanks to all who helped and participated. Senior Care: State Representative Gary Hebl visited in April to discuss his support for WI Senior Care Rx Drug Program. You may send your comments to the State Joint Finance Committee: Joe Malkasian, Rm 305 East, State Capitol, Madison WI 53702

NEED Immunizations? Do you or family members need immunizations or boosters?

Free Public Health immunization clinics are held monthly at the Stoughton Hospital Bryant Center on the 1st Tuesday of the month from 3:00-5:00 PM. No appointment is needed. For adult immunization recommendations see: or for questions call 608-266-4821.

Social Work Intern: This month we regrettably said goodbye to our student intern, Natalie Raemisch. Natalie did a phenomenal job learning about and assisting with our case management services. Thank you! City Budgeting for Outcomes: • Work on the City’s new budgeting process is underway. Switching our thought process and defining the “cost” for the services we provide is challenging. • So far, four Results Teams comprised of City staff and community members created strategies to achieve the priority assigned to them as well as indicators or ways to measure the outcomes. • Now, it is the City Department Heads’ responsibility to review and develop offers to fulfill the Results Teams’ requests -what they propose to produce the priority, the cost and how the success will be measured. For more information check out: Committee Reports -Finance: Focusing on planned giving promotion. -Program & Evaluation: Reviewing outcome-based evaluations to determine whether to expand programs. -Volunteer: Working on volunteer application, job descriptions, and data entry. -Public Relations: Reviewing and prioritizing actions assigned from the Strategic Plan.

Full meeting minutes at: Next meeting- 10:00 a.m. June 7, 2011

Our first Brat Fest was a great success! Thank you to the wonderful volunteers, the generous donations and all the participants that helped with our Brat Fest in April. Thank you for the donations from Gary Hanson, Bill Mansfield, and McGlynn Pharmacy for helping make the event such a triumph. We raised $1,300.00. Look for us again next April as we get the grills going. Thank you to Abundant Life Christian School and the Stoughton High School Key club for helping rake and spring clean over 20 area yards for older adults.

S TOUGHTON A REA S ENIOR C ENTER • 248 W. Main St., Stoughton WI 53589


fxÇ|ÉÜ VxÇàxÜM Ongoing Programs Please see the Activity Calendar on page 14 for exact dates and times of the following programs. You may call the Senior Center Receptionist at (608) 873-8585 for further information.

Fitness & Wellness Chair Exercise, $2/class Mon. Wed. Fri. 8:00 AM

Tai Chi -Beginners, $5/class Mon. & Thur. 9:00 AM

Chair Massage, $7/15-mins. This month: JUNE 1 &15 Call to schedule appointment.

Tai Chi –Advanced, $5/class Mon. & Thurs. 1:00 PM

Line Dancing Every other Tues. 2:30 PM UW Nutrition Education, Free Topic: Dairy 3rd Thursday, 11:30 AM Ping Pong, Free Doubles: Wednesday. 3:00 PM Singles: Friday. 10:30 AM

Wii Bowling, Free Thursday. 12:30– 2PM Yoga for Over 50 Suggested donation $2-$10 Tue. & Fri. 9:00AM, Covenant Lutheran Church Wed. 10:00 AM Fire Dept. training room

Classes & Skill Development Computer Assistance/Lessons Tues., 9:30 - 11:30 AM or by Appt. No registration needed. Free. Stop in with your computer questions. Handiwork, Free Mon., 1:30 - 3:30 PM Bring your current needlework project & join the conversation. Norwegian Language, Wed., 9:00 - 11:30 AM No registration needed. 12

Painting Group, Free Thur., 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Meets at Vennevoll Clubhouse Rosemaling Group, Free Wed., 9:15 AM Norwegian painting Wood Carving, Thur., 8:00 - 12:00 PM Wood Shop, Free Varied hours. Must take a safety course to use shop.

Social & Recreation Bridge, Free Mon. & Thurs. 9:30 AM Chess, Free Fri. 10:00 AM Community Bingo, $1 3rd Wed. 1:00 PM Sponsor: Harbour House Euchre, Free Every Monday 1:30 PM 4th Saturday 7:30 PM New players always welcome Over the Hill Bingo 4th Tues. 1:15 PM Bring a $1 prize. Pool, Free Daily, during Center hours Scrabble, Free 1st Wednesday, 1:00 PM Sheepshead, Thurs. 1:30 PM to 4:15 PM Lessons available when called in advance. Ping Pong, Free Doubles: Wed. 3:00 PM Singles: Friday. 10:30 AM

S TOUGHTON A REA S ENIOR C ENTER • 248 W. Main St., Stoughton WI 53589

June Highlights Movie Day

Friday, June 3, 1:00 PM Free Movie and Treat: $1.00 This month’s feature is The King’s Speech. The story of King George VI of Britain, his impromptu ascension to the throne and the speech therapist who helped the unsure monarch become worthy of it. Rated R for profanity and runs 1 hour and 51 minutes.

Wisconsin Senior Games Euchre Stoughton Senior Center Tuesday June 7th 12:30 PM

Fireside Day Trip

“A Closer Walk With You” at the Fireside Theatre Thursday June 16th. Only a few seats are still available for the bus, dinner and show. Come join us for a musical tribute to Patsy Cline. You will hear all the favorites such as; “Crazy”, “Walkin’ After Midnight”, and “A Closer Walk With Thee”. Cost: $ 90.00 To reserve your spot call 873-8585.

Lunch Bunch

Friday, June 10th Come join us at Springer’s on Lake Kegonsa at 11:30 AM If attending, please call 873-8585 to make your reservation.

Coffee with our Mayor 2nd Friday, 9:30-10:30 AM

Visit with Mayor Donna Olson. Hear the latest City news, ask questions and share your concerns


Wii Bowling

Come and cheer on our Wii Bowling league players on Tuesday June 14th and Tuesday June 21 at 10:00 AM. If you are interested in learning how to play Wii Bowling come on Thursday afternoons at 12:30. If you know how to play and would like to join our Wii league call 873-8585 for more details.

If you are in need of financial assistance to participate in the activities at the Senior Center, there is a fund available to help you. For more information please contact Cindy McGlynn/Director, 873-8585. S TOUGHTON A REA S ENIOR C ENTER • 248 W. Main St., Stoughton WI 53589


Stoughton Area Senior Center Activities MONDAY


Saturday Mornings Center Opened by Volunteers 9-11:30 am

* = Off Site Class

JUNE 2011



WEDNESDAY 1 8:00 Chair Stretch 9:15 Rosemaling 9:00 Norwegian Class 10:00 Yoga* 1:00 Scrabble 1:30 Chair Massage 3:00 Ping Pong

2 8:00 Woodcarving 9:00 Beg. Tai Chi 9:00 Woodshop 9:30 Bridge 10:00 Painting* 1:00 Adv. Tai Chi 12:30 Wii Bowling 1:30 Sheepshead

3 Veteran’s Assist. Popcorn in AM 8:00 Chair Stretch 9:00 Yoga* 10:00 Chess 10:30 Ping Pong 1:00 Movie “The King’s Speech”

6 8:00 Chair Stretch 9:00 Beg. Tai Chi 9:30 Bridge 1:00 Adv. Tai Chi 1:00 Handiwork 1:30 Euchre

7 9-12 Woodshop 9-11 Computer Help 9:00 Yoga* 10:00 COA Meeting 12:30 WI Senior Games –Euchre 2:00 AA Meeting

8 New Library Books In 8:00 Chair Stretch 9:15 Rosemaling Group 9:00 Norwegian Class 10:00 Yoga* Noon Lunch and Entertainment Pg. 1 3:00 Ping Pong

9 8:00 Woodcarving 9:00 Beg. Tai Chi 9:00 Woodshop 9:30 Bridge 1:00 Adv. Tai Chi 12:30 Wii Bowling 1:30 Sheepshead 2:00 Caregiver Group

10 Veteran’s Assist. Shop@ South Town 8:00 Chair Stretch 9:00 Yoga* 10:00 Chess 10:30 Ping Pong 11:30 Lunch Bunch at Springer’s

13 8:00 Chair Stretch 9:00 Beg. Tai Chi 9:30 Bridge 10:00 Blood Pressure Readings 1:00 Adv. Tai Chi 1:00 Handiwork 1:30 Euchre

14 9-12 Woodshop 9:00 Yoga* 9-11 Computer Help 10:00 MS Support Group 2:00 AA Meeting 2:30 Line Dancing

15 8:00 Chair Stretch 9:15 Rosemaling 9:00 Norwegian 10:00 Yoga* 1:00 Community Bingo 1:30 Chair Massage 3:00 Ping Pong

16 8:00 Woodcarving 9:00 Beg. Tai Chi 9:00 Woodshop 9:30 Bridge 12:30 Wii Bowling 1:00 Low Vision 1:00 Adv Tai Chi 1:30 Sheepshead

17 Veteran’s Assist. Popcorn in AM 8:00 Chair Stretch 9:00 Yoga* 10:00 Chess 10:30 Ping Pong

20 8:00 Chair Stretch 9:00 Beg. Tai Chi 9:30 Bridge Foot Care in PM-Call for an Appt. 1:00 Adv. Tai Chi 1:00 Handiwork 1:30 Euchre

21 9:00 UW Stroke Talk– All Welcome Foot Care in AM 9-12 Woodshop 9:00 Yoga* 9-11 Computer Help 2:00 AA Meeting

22 8:00 Chair Stretch 9:15 Rosemaling 9:00 Norwegian Class 10:00 Yoga* 3:00 Ping Pong

23 8:00 Woodcarving 9:00 Beg. Tai Chi 9:00 Woodshop 9:30 Bridge 12:30 Wii Bowling 1:00 Adv. Tai Chi 1:30 Sheepshead

24 Veteran’s Assist. Popcorn in AM Shop at West Town 8:00 Chair Stretch 9:00 Yoga* 10:00 Chess 10:30 Ping Pong

27 8:00 Chair Stretch 9:00 Beg. Tai Chi 9:30 Bridge 1:00 Adv. Tai Chi 1:00 Handiwork 1:30 Euchre

28 9-12 Woodshop 9:00 Yoga* 9-11 Computer Help 1:15 Over the Hill Bingo 2:00 AA Meeting 2:30 Line Dancing

29 8:00 Chair Stretch 9:15 Rosemaling 9:00 Norwegian Class 10:00 Yoga* 3:00 Ping Pong

30 8:00 Woodcarving 9:00 Beg. Tai Chi 9:00 Woodshop 9:30 Bridge 10-1Blood Pressure 12:30 Wii Bowling 1:00 Adv. Tai Chi 1:30 Sheepshead

Saturday Evening Cards Euchre June 25 7:30pm

Stoughton Area Senior Center Menu





JUNE 2011



For all lunch reservations please call by noon the business day before. 873-8585

If you have special dietary needs, please call and talk with Lisa regarding your meal options.


2 Baked Chicken Baked Potatoes/Sour Cream Bananas Apricot Halves Bread/Marg.

3 Shredded BBQ Beef on W.W. Bun Potato Salad Pickled Beets Fresh Fruit Mix Ice Cream Cup

6 Baked Fish Hash Brown Casserole Broccoli Applesauce Bread/Marg. Pie

7 Pork Cutlet/Gravy Mashed Potatoes Creamy Coleslaw Banana Bread/Marg.

8 Augratin Potatoes and Diced Ham Mixed Veggies Pineapple Bread/Marg. Cookie

9 Chicken Parmesan Spaghetti Noodles Tossed Salad & Tomato Slices & Dressing Garlic Bread Pear Slices Lemon Dessert

10 Hamburger/lettuce/ onion/ketchup/ mustard on Bun Corn Mandarin Oranges Blueberry Pie

13 Baked Chicken Mashed Potatoes/ Gravy Beets Fresh Fruit Bread/Marg. Ice Cream

14 American Chop Suey Rice Peas Apricots Small Croissant/ Marg.

15 Hearty Vegetable Soup Crackers Tuna Salad on Rye w/Lettuce Leaf Strawberry Short Cake & Topping

16 Chicken Noodle Casserole Italian Green Beans Banana Bread/Marg. Cookie

17 BBQ Spare Ribs Potato Salad Three Bean Salad Watermelon Corn Bread/Marg. Sweet Potato Pie

20 Sloppy Joe/Bun Potato Salad Steamed Baby Carrots Pear Halves Ice Cream Treat

21 Turkey Roast & Gravy Stuffing Peas & Pearl Onion Orange Juice Bread/Marg.

22 Fruited Chicken Salad on Leaf Lettuce Cr. Tomato Salad Orange Juice Croissant/Marg. Banana Cream Pie

23 Baked Fish/Tarter Sauce Baked Potato/Sour Cream Veggie Blend Mandarin Oranges Bread/Marg.

24 Tator Tot Casserole Corn Fresh Fruit Bread/Marg. Pudding & Topping

27 Ham Loaf & Mustard Sauce Baked Sweet Potato Broccoli Banana Rye Bread/ Marg. Cake

28 Spaghetti & Meat Balls in Sauce Mixed Greens& Tomato Slices w/ dressing Peach Slices Garlic Bread/Marg. Parmesan Pkt.

29 Brat on a Bun Ketchup/Mustard/ Relish Baked Beans Creamy Coleslaw Fresh Fruit Ice Cream Treat

30 Roast Beef Mashed Potatoes Roasted Vegetables Chunky Applesauce Bread/ Marg. Cookie

Meatloaf/Gravy Mashed Potatoes Peas Fruit Cocktail Bread/Marg. Cake

S TOUGHTON A REA S ENIOR C ENTER â&#x20AC;˘ 248 W. Main St., Stoughton WI 53589

Center Only:


for Thursdays. Order your salad meal by noon the Wednesday before.



Yahara Senior News

248 West Main Street Stoughton, WI 53589 608-873-8585 Fax # 608-873-8162 Yahara Senior News is published once a month by the Stoughton Area Senior Center. The Stoughton Area Senior Center, a non-profit agency, coordinates, develops, supports and monitors programs and services for persons over 55 years of age. This newsletter is published for the purpose of educating the older adults and their families. The service area is the City of Stoughton and the Towns of Albion, Dunkirk, Dunn, Pleasant Springs and Rutland. If you wish to have this newsletter mailed to you, the cost is currently $6.00 per year. Call 873-8585.

fxÇ|ÉÜ VxÇàxÜ fàtyy Cindy McGlynn—Director Hollee Camacho—Assistant Director Jean Truss—Case Manager Kelly Janda—Case Manager Susan Brodd—Case Manager JoAnn Seymour—Case Manager Lisa Hanson—Nutrition Manager Kristin Ott—Receptionist

gÉãÇá{|Ñ Vtáx `tÇtzxÜá

Albion & Dunkirk .......................................... 335-6677 Susan Brodd, Stoughton Area Senior Center Pleasant Springs & Rutland ......................... 838-7117 Sara Sprang, McFarland Outreach Dunn & Christiana........................................... 838-7117 Lori Anderson, McFarland Outreach Appointments made for home visits, or at Stoughton and McFarland Outreach offices.

VÉÅÅ|áá|ÉÇ bÇ Tz|Çz All Meetings Are Open To Public

David Bacon—Town of Pl. Springs .....................877-9777 Edna Cloutier—City of Stoughton ................... 873-3809 Kay Davis—City of Stoughton ...........................873-4886 Carol Heidenway—Town of Dunn .................. 835-5472 Kelli Krcma—City of Stoughton ....................... 877-0070 Don Mix—City of Stoughton ............................. 873-3637 Mary Onsager—School District Rep ................ 873-3999 Jeanne Schwass-Long—Town of Dunkirk ........ 873-9227 David Sharpe—City of Stoughton ..................... 877-8724 Charlotte Snow—City of Stoughton ................. 205-1281 Betty Thompson—Town of Rutland ................ 835-5145 Larry Weiss—City Council Rep ........................873-0945 Open Position—Town of Albion

Yahara Senior News  
Yahara Senior News  

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