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JUNE 2014,Vol.31 No. 6 Mission Statement We are dedicated to the enrichment of the lives of older adults and their families by providing diverse programs, social services and volunteer opportunities.

Local Garden Tour Wednesday June 25th 10:30 AM Join us for a tour of the beautiful gardens at the home of Jay Hathaway. Visit the Senior Center’s “backyard neighbor,” a largely shaded urban home garden. The plot fills the entire lot with a mix of seasonally changing perennials and colorful annuals; plus water features, garden art and small seating areas. An extensive hosta collection is interspersed with ferns, grasses, and lilies. Access requires ability to walk an unevenly sloped pathway from the Washington Street sidewalk.

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Senior Day --Madison Mallards Baseball Game Monday June 30 Cost:$20 12:05 PM Game Time Bus Leaves 10:00AM Join the Stoughton Senior Center as we go to the Mallard ball game. Cost includes transportation to the park, all you can eat tailgate lunch, baseball cap and ticket to the game. Sign up today 873-8585.

248 W. M AIN S T • S TOUGHTON W ISCONSIN 53589 • 608-873-8585 • w w


Stoughton Area Senior Center

Case Management Stoughton, Towns of Albion & Dunkirk The Case Management program links older adults with services available to help them remain as independent as possible in their homes and community. Our Senior Center’s case managers are devoted to coordinating, evaluating and advocating for such services to meet each individual’s needs and preferences. Call 873-8585 to schedule an appointment. If you live in Dunn, Pleasant Springs or Rutland case management services are provided by the McFarland Senior Outreach, (608) 838-7117.

Transportation: General FDS Enterp. City Cab/Lift Equipped Van Contact: 873-7233 RSVP Driver Program Donation-based transportation for medical appointments; 48 hour notice recommended. Contact: Richard Hoffman 873-6112 between the hours of 9AM and 4PM

Meal Site & Shopping Transit Solutions Inc./Lift Equipped Van Call 873-8585 to make a reservation: • Stoughton Area Senior Center Meal Site Ride to noon lunch, Monday - Friday Cost $.50 each way • Tuesday thru Friday Grocery Shopping Ride to Pick & Save/Walmart in Stoughton Time: 10:00 AM & 11:30 AM; Cost: $1.00/way • Mall Shopping, 2nd & 4th Fridays $1.50/way Trips rotate between various malls in Madison: See Activity Calendar for monthly locations. Time: 9:30 AM home pick up; 1:15 PM return.

Equipment Loan Closet Equipment such as wheelchairs, commodes, walkers and other items may be checked out on a short-term basis to those residing in our case management service area (Stoughton, Town of Albion and Town of Dunkirk). Call or stop in for details. Monetary donations accepted. 2

Nutrition Programs Meals are served at the Center or delivered to homebound individuals every weekday. Please see page 5 for details on the nutrition meal site and home delivered meals service.

Veterans Assistance A representative is available on Fridays at the Stoughton Area Senior Center. Please call (608) 266-4158 to schedule an appointment.

Experience Works Unemployed individuals 55 and over with low income who are seeking employment or job training. Call 608-646-0409 for information.

Blood Pressure Readings No appointments needed-Last Thursday of the month 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Foot Care Clinic Offered third full week of the month Monday, 12:30 - 3:30 PM Tuesday, 8:30 AM -11:30 AM Call 873-8585 for an appointment. Cost $20. For Diabetic Foot Care Appointments: $30

Please see our Stoughton Area Guide for Senior Services available at the Senior Center or on our website at senior, for a more complete list of the following services: Food Pantry • Medical • Housing • Financial Mental Health • Home Health • Respite Fitness/Wellness • Care Facilities

For further assistance, please call the Senior Center (608) 873-8585

S TOUGHTON A REA S ENIOR C ENTER • 248 W. Main St., Stoughton WI 53589

873 -8585

News: Case Management Services Information Insomnia excerpt from

Insomnia is the most common sleep complaint at any age. It affects almost half of adults 60 and older. Symptoms If you have insomnia, you may experience any one or any combination of the following symptoms.  taking a long time -- more than 30 to 45 minutes -- to fall asleep  waking up many times each night  waking up early and being unable to get back to sleep  waking up feeling tired, and unable to function well during the day Short-term insomnia, lasting less than one month, may result from a medical or psychiatric condition. Or it may occur after a change in personal circumstances like losing a loved one, relocating, financial worries,or being hospitalized. If insomnia lasts longer than a month, it is considered chronic, even if the original cause has been resolved. Many Possible Causes Many factors can cause insomnia. However, the most common reason older adults wake up at night is to go to the bathroom. Prostate enlargement in men and continence problems in women are often the cause. Unfortunately, waking up to go to the bathroom at night also places older adults at greater risk for falling. Disorders that cause pain or discomfort during the night such as heartburn, arthritis, menopause, and cancer also can cause you to lose sleep. Medical conditions such as heart failure and lung disease may make it more difficult to sleep through the night, too. Neurologic conditions such as Parkinson's disease and dementia are often a source of sleep problems, as are psychiatric conditions, such as depression. Although depression and insomnia are often related, it is currently unclear whether one causes the other.

Many older adults take a variety of different medications that may negatively affect their sleep. Many medications have side effects that can cause sleepiness or affect daytime functioning.

Relief for Insomnia Lifestyle changes often can help relieve shortterm insomnia. Avoid substances that make insomnia worse. These include caffeine, alcohol, and certain over-the-counter and prescription medicines. Try to adopt bedtime habits that make it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. Some people watch the evening news, read a book, or soak in a warm bath. A type of counseling called cognitive-behavioral therapy can help relieve chronic (ongoing) insomnia. This therapy encourages good sleep habits and uses several methods such as relaxation and biofeedback to relieve sleep anxiety. Many prescription medicines are used to treat insomnia. They can help relieve insomnia and re-establish a regular sleep schedule. Some are meant for short-term use, while others are meant for longer use. Talk to your doctor about the benefits and side effects of insomnia medicines. Some over-the-counter products claim to treat insomnia. Although these products may make you sleepy, talk to your doctor before taking them. If your insomnia is the symptom or side effect of another problem, it's important to treat the underlying cause, if possible. Talk to your physician.

S TOUGHTON A REA S ENIOR C ENTER • 248 W. Main St., Stoughton WI 53589


News: Case Management Information Senior Bullying by Kendra LaGrange, UW School of Social Work Graduate Student Intern, Stoughton Area Senior Center

The term “bully” is one historically reserved for children on the playground. But in fact the awareness of bullying among all age groups, including older adults is on the rise. An estimated 10-20% of seniors surveyed in America have experienced some type of senior-to-senior bullying and professionals in the field believe that to be an underreported number. Bullying may be defined as the activity of repeated aggressive behavior intended to hurt another person physically or mentally. Bullying can be verbal, physical, or anti-social by excluding people from events or common areas. Passive-Aggressive behaviors such as gossiping or belittling someone also count as bullying behavior. The impact of bullying on victims can include anger, anxiety, self-isolation, reduced self-esteem, depression and health changes. Many victims of bullying have trouble defending themselves and feel like they have no power. They may have a developmental delay or suffer from dementia. People with cognitive, intellectual or mental health issues may have mannerisms that can be irritating to others which bullies may cite as justification for bullying. A lot of bullying arises from people not understanding the behaviors that come with dementia, mental illness, and developmental disabilities. Other people simply cannot tolerate those who are “different” from them out of fear or not knowing. 4

Observers/ Bystanders and the Negative Effects of Doing Nothing- When a bully is not held accountable by observers for his or her behavior or words, it encourages the bullying behavior and the behavior will continue. It’s up to the whole community to tell and show the person who is being hurtful that the behaviors are not acceptable. There are many reasons why individuals choose not to intervene. They may be relieved that the victim is someone else, and not them. Or, they may take vicarious satisfaction in the bullying or they may worry that if they intervene they will be the next victim of the bullying. Sadly, bullying impacts both the victim and the bystanders by perpetuating an unpleasant atmosphere and causing harm to physical and emotional health. What can you do if you are being bullied or if you see bullying happening? There are many empowering techniques a person who either sees bullying or is being bullied can use to intervene and increase self-esteem and assertiveness:

Ignore the bully; or if called for, say “NO” to a pushy or disrespectful person or action

Persist in living your life despite the fact that the bully exists

Maintain a positive attitude, respond in a positive manner and leave the situation as necessary

Remain calm, breathe. Do not react in a hostile manner

Connect with others who understand. Most people are committed to an atmosphere of equality and respect regardless of differences

The most important stand everyone can make when bullying behaviors present themselves is to commit to and promote a culture with principles of equality and respect for everyone. Remember the golden rule: Treat others how you yourself wish to be treated! Please call the Stoughton Area Senior Center for more information.

S TOUGHTON A REA S ENIOR C ENTER • 248 W. Main St., Stoughton WI 53589


Kitchen Corner

Summer is Here ... Be Food Safe Tote Safety:

 

Wash your grocery tote frequently.

Place fresh or frozen raw meat, poultry and fish in separate totes from your ready to eat foods.

Clean all areas where you place your tote, like counters or tables to reduce cross contamination.

Put meat, poultry and fish in separate plastic bags before placing in totes.

Store clean totes in a dry location, avoid leaving them in the trunk of a vehicle.

Home Safety:

Use 2 cutting boards-one for meat and the other for ready to eat foods. Different colors work great.

 

Use a food thermometer and cooking guide.

Have plenty of soap nearby so everyone helping in the kitchen can wash their hands often.

Sponges and towels can soak up bacteria and cross contamination, better to use paper towels.

Store leftovers in shallow covered containers to reduce their temperatures faster and help them stay safer, longer.

Salad Meals Available Thursdays at the Center    

Call 875-8585 by 1:00 PM the day before June 5 Taco Salad June 12 Chef Salad June 19 Garden Salad June 26 California Salad

Blueberry Salad

Printed from COOKS.COM

2 (3 oz.) pkg. grape Jell-O 2 c. boiling water 1 (24 oz.) can crushed pineapple 1 can blueberry pie filling 1 (8 oz.) pkg. cream cheese 1/2 pt. blueberry or plain yogurt 2 tbsp. - 1/4 c. sugar 1 tbsp. vanilla chopped nuts (optional) Dissolve Jell-O in boiling water and let cool. Add pineapple and blueberry pie filling. Set. Blend cream cheese and yogurt. Beat in sugar and vanilla. Spread over set Jell-O mixture. Sprinkle with chopped nuts, if desired. Note: If using blueberry yogurt, which already contains sugar, use the lesser amount; if using plain yogurt, use 1/4 cup or taste and adjust to your desired sweetness. Sour cream may be used in place of yogurt, if desired.

Nutrition Program Information: Meals are provided by Dane County through Consolidated Food Services. They are packaged, delivered and served by Senior Center volunteers. If you are a vegetarian or have special dietary needs, call and talk with Lisa regarding your meal options. Nutrition Site: The Center serves lunch Mon.Fri. at 12:00 PM. Menu pg.15. Home Delivered Meals: Meal delivery is available to homebound older adults in the Stoughton Area School District every weekday. Cost of Meals: Individuals 60 or older pay by donation. Individuals under the age of 60 must pay the total cost . Meal Site: $7.50 Delivered Meal: $7.75. Suggested donation is $4.00. Please be reminded that cancellations and reservations must be made by 1:00PM the previous working day. Any cancellations made on the day of, are still subject to payment to the county.

S TOUGHTON A REA S ENIOR C ENTE R • 248 W. Main St., Stoughton WI 53589


Community & Center News Thank you to the following

Pioneer Days June 14, 2014 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

people who have made recent donations. A significant portion of our budget is dependant on your contributions. We thank you for choosing to donate to The Stoughton Area Senior Center.

Luke Stoughton Pioneer Home 315 N. Division St. Free Offered by the Stoughton Historical Society

Remembrance Donations Given By:    

Emil Robyn for Betty Mary A. Johnson for Art Shackleton Lorayne Smythe for Sue Gundlach Betty Elsner for Sue Gundlach

Making A Difference Donations: First Presbyterian Church-Oregon Ahn Family Anonymous Robert Halverson William Hye Clyde Cross Doug & Marsha Hobson McGlynn Pharmacy Stephan Pinckney & Deborah Ericson Lyle Haried Linda Barker Edwin & Shirley Kinnunen Edwin Wood Universal Foundation, Inc. Mary Rowe Genevieve Engel Carol Heidenway Vivian Ree Richard & Adelle Johnson Peggy Kiss Bill & Ruth Klein Roger & Joyce Veir Gloria Carpenter Joanne White Anna Schultz Lorein Reynolds Linda Barker Helen Bjurman Louise Rueter James & Janet Miller Donald Flattem

                              


Save the Date: Wisconsin State/Dane County Triad Crime Prevention & Safety Expo September 19, 2014 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM American Family Insurance Training Center Madison, Wisconsin Cost is $20.00 ($17.00 Early Bird by Aug.1st) fee includes continental breakfast, lunch and materials.

Limited Scholarships will be available for older adults

CEUs available for those who require them Call RSVP 608-441-7897 for more information.

Fireside Theatre Trip Smokey Joe’s Café July 24, 2014 We will be traveling to the Fireside Theatre to see this entertaining musical performance. The bus will pick us up at 9:30 AM at the Stoughton Senior Center and the show will be at 1:30 PM. Cost is $89.00 for the bus, dinner and show. Call 873-8585 to sign up by JUNE 5, 2014.

S TOUGHTON A REA S ENIOR C ENTER • 248 W. Main St., Stoughton WI 53589

HIGHLIGHTS Advanced Directives: What is it and Why do I need one? Wed., June 4, 1:00 PM

Area Support Groups Caregiver Group

Parkinson Group

Contact:Teressa at 873-8585 for any questions. The group is taking a summer break.

4th Wednesday, 1:30-2:30 PM Stoughton Area Senior Center Stoughton Room Contact: Hollee at 873-8585

Join us for this informative presentation from Jacob Dunn, Social Worker at Stoughton Hospital. Please call (873-8585) to register.

Diabetic Support Group

Comprehensive Medication Review

Grandparents Raising Relative’s Children

Friday, June 20 8:30AM-4:00PM

Sign up (873-8585) to have your current prescriptions and over the counter meds reviewed by a pharmacist.

Speech, Swallowing & Parkinson’s Disease Wed., June 25, 1:30 PM

Come for a presentation from a Speech Language Pathologist from the UW’s Voice & Swallow Clinic.

Free: Better Choices, Better Health®-Arthritis NCOA and Arthritis Foundation have partnered to offer a free online workshop. Over six weeks, participants will learn strategies to reduce pain, decrease activity limitations, and improve their ability and confidence to manage arthritis —all from the their own computer. To register go to:

2nd Monday 6 PM in the Stoughton Hospital Ridge Room. Contact Deb at 608-6286500 for more information

2nd Sat., 10:00 AM -12:00 PM The Rainbow Project Office 831 E. Washington Av. Madison Child care & transportation available to those in need. Contact: Ethel Dunn, 238-8751

Grief Support Groups 3rd Tuesday, 3:00 PM Stoughton Area Senior Center Stoughton Room Contact: 873-8585 Facilitation provided by Southern Care Hospice

Hope Chest Breast Cancer Support Stoughton Hospital, 900 Ridge Street Contact: 877-3476

Low Vision Support 3rd Thursday, 1:00 - 2:30 PM Stoughton Area Senior Center Stoughton Room Contact: 873-8585

Multiple Sclerosis Group 2nd Tuesday, 10:00 - 11:30 AM Stoughton Area Senior Center Mandt Room Contact: 873-8585

Older Adult Alcoholics Anonymous Every Tuesday, 2:00 PM Stoughton Area Senior Center Stoughton Room, 2nd Floor In order to maintain confidentiality individuals may enter/exit from building’s back NW corner door. Contact: Earl German 246-7606 ext. 1182

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Alliance of Wisconsin Information, education,

advocacy and support services including a 24/7 Helpline. 232-3400 or (888) 308-6251

Dementia Support Group 1st Wednesday 5:30-6:30 PM Stoughton Board Room Stoughton Hospital

S TOUGHTON A REA S ENIOR C ENTER • 248 W. Main St., Stoughton WI 53589


Take Me Out To The Ball Game… Milwaukee Brewers vs. Cincinnati Reds Wednesday July 23 Game Time 1:10 PM Section 208 Cost $45.00 Join us as we head to Miller Park. You will be able to bring a small cooler for the bus ride. We leave the senior center at 10:30 AM and please note, there will be some walking involved. Only 6 tickets left. Refunds will not be given after July 16th. 873-8585

Farm Market Vouchers to be distributed on June 4, 2014 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM Stoughton Senior Center Call a Case Manager to see if you qualify.

Coming In 

Presentations by Edgewood Professor Jay Hathaway Tuesdays at 1:00 PM

 

City Band Concert July 24th 7:00 PM Lunch and Learn– Pillars of a Positive Attitude

News: COA & Community Commission on Aging Meeting Highlights for May 6, 2014 Center Concerns  Senior Center participant Ruby Hauge and City Council member Paul Lawrence discussed their frustrations with the COA’s decision to close the Center during Syttende Mai weekend.  Based on the original cost and liability concerns discussed for months in prior meetings and the newsletter, the COA confirmed the Center will be closed over Syttende Mai. A motion was made to revisit the issue next month to discuss how to handle next year’s event. Volunteer Recognition  Senior Center volunteers were granted “Stoughton Volunteers of the Year” and will be honored in the Syttende Mai Parade.

Center News:  Thanks to grant funds we are still seeking quotes to redo the main level flooring, chairs and tables. So far, the quote costs are very high, so Cindy is pursuing more quotes and further fundraisers.  Distributed brochure samples; there are not enough members for a PR Committee, so Cindy is requesting brochure advice directly from COA.  Evaluation Committee reviewed a survey to be used to determine the type of improvements most desired by the community and the best partnerships available to sustain any changes to the nutrition program. Legislative Update:  RSVP of Dane County, a volunteer program that the majority of our volunteers are registered through for mileage reimbursement, is facing a 69% reduction in the President’s 2015 Budget. Call RSVP at 238-7787 to support the maintaining of its current funding levels.  As of April 2014, all adults without dependent children who are within 100% of the Federal Poverty Level are now eligible for health care through BadgerCare. Next meeting: 11:00 AM, June 3, 2014 Stoughton Area Senior Center See the City website for full meeting minutes.

Exploring World Cultures: Poland Tuesday, June 10, 1:00 PM Stoughton Area Senior Center Join us again for this fun, informational presentation series about cultures from around the world, given by individuals from those cultures. Aleksandra K. who is presenting, is a current employee of Cummins, Inc. in Stoughton and is from Poland. Presentations are open to the public. Please join us.

Lunch & Learn The Bucket List Thursday, June 19, Noon Lunch and Learn returns this month with a presentation from Madonna Bigelow on “The Bucket List”. Be inspired to treasure every moment, and live life like you are dying. Register for our regular lunch, or order a salad by noon June 18, or bring your own brown bag lunch. Join us and “Be Inspired!” The Stoughton Area Senior Center will be hosting the Euchre Tournament Tuesday June 3 at 12:30. Come watch! FRIENDSHIP FUND FOR ACTIVITIES AT THE CENTER If you are in need of financial assistance to participate in activities at the Senior Center, there is a fund available to help you. For more information please contact Cindy McGlynn/Director 873-8585.

S TOUGHTON A REA S ENIOR C ENTE R • 248 W. Main St., Stoughton WI 53589


Senior Center: Ongoing Programs Please see the Activity Calendar on page 14 for exact dates and times of the following programs. You may call the Senior Center Receptionist at (608) 873-8585 for further information.

Fitness & Wellness

Chair Exercise, $2/class Mon. Wed. Fri. 8:00 AM Line Dancing Every Tuesday 2:30 PM Join Us! UW Nutrition Education, Free Topic: Dairy Month 2nd Thursday, 11:30 AM Ping Pong, Free Mondays 3:00 PM Doubles: Wednesday. 3:00 PM Singles: Friday. 10:30 AM

Tai Chi -Beginners $5/class Mon.10:30 AM New Students Welcome!! Tai Chi Mon. & Th. 9:00 AM $5/class Tai Chi –Advanced $10/class Mon. & Thurs. 1:00 PM Wii Bowling or League Free Main Floor- Call for times or info Gentle Yoga for Over 50 OFF SITE Suggested donation $3-$10 Tue. & Fri. 9:00AM, at the Covenant Lutheran Church Zumba Currently looking for a teacher

Classes & Skill Development Computer/Tech Help Tues. & Thurs., 9:00 - 11:30 AM or by appointment, morning or afternoon. Come with your computer or tech questions. We have 4 computers, 3 iPads & WiFi.

Painting Group, Sept-May Thur., 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM Free at Vennevoll Clubhouse

Handiwork, Free Mon., 1:00 - 3:30 PM Bring your current handiwork project & join the conversation.

Wood Carving, Thru MATC Thur., 8:00 - 12:00 PM

Norwegian Language Class Wed., 9:00 - 11:00 AM No registration needed. $10 New students welcome! 12

Rosemaling Group, Free Wed., 9:15AM Norwegian Paint

Wood Shop, Free Mornings Must take a safety course to use the shop. Creative Writing Class, Free Last Tues. of month at 1:00 PM

Social & Recreation Bridge, Free Mon. & Thurs. 9:30 AM Bunco, 1st Tuesday $1.00 Chess, Free Fri. 10:00 AM Community Bingo, $1 3rd Wed. 1:00 PM Sponsor: Associated Bank Cribbage Free Every Monday 1:00 PM Euchre 4th Saturday 7:30 PM June 28 Over the Hill Bingo 4th Tues. 1:00 PM Bring a “White Elephant” Prize for the games Pool Tables, Free Daily Sheepshead, Thurs. 1:30 PM to 4:15 PM Lessons available Ping Pong, Free Monday 3:00 PM Doubles: Wed. 3:00 Singles: Friday. 10:30 AM Train Dominoes, Free Thursday 1:00 PM Easy to learn– Join us

S TOUGHTON A REA S ENIOR C ENTER • 248 W. Main St., Stoughton WI 53589

June Highlights Celebrate the Summer with live country and bluegrass music at the Stoughton Senior Center: Catfish River Review Friday June 20th 1:00 PM

Coffee with Mayor Olson Tuesday June 13th 9:30 AM Come hear the latest news and information

Fashion Show at the Senior Center Tuesday June 17th 1:00 PM Atelier On Main will be showing summer looks for all ages. This is a clothes store right here in Stoughton on Main Street. All the looks that you will see, from head to toe, can be put together for a very reasonable price. Whether it is a casual look for a stroll at the farmers market or you are attending a wedding, you will see the perfect look to match your event. Open to all.

BUNCO Tues. June 3 1:00 PM $1.00 New players welcome! Join the fun!

Lunch Bunch Group Toby’s in McFarland Friday, June 13 at 11:00 AM Bring a friend or come alone and meet new friends. Call center to register.

Over the Hill Bingo Tues. June 24 at 1:00 PM Bring a “White Elephant” gift to play.

Free Movie Fridays Friday, June 6th 1:00 PM The Monuments Men PG-13 Based on the true story of the greatest treasure hunt in history, the film is an action drama focusing on an unlikely World War II platoon, tasked by FDR with going into Germany to rescue artistic masterpieces from Nazi thieves and returning them to their rightful owners.

S TOUGHTON A REA S ENIOR C ENTER • 248 W. Main St., Stoughton WI 53589


Stoughton Area Senior Center Activities

JUNE 2014






2 8:00 Chair Stretch 9:00 Tai Chi 10:30 Beginn. Tai Chi 1:00 Adv. Tai Chi 1:00 Handiwork 1:00 Cribbage 3:00 Ping Pong

3 9:00 Computer/Tech 11:00 COA Meeting 12:30 Senior Games Euchre 1:00 Bunco 2:00 AA Meeting 2:30 Line Dancing

4 8:00 Chair Stretch 9:00Norwegian Class 9:15 Rosemaling Grp 1:00 Advanced Directives Talk Pg. 7 2:00 Farm Market Vouchers Pg. 10 3:00 Ping Pong

5 8 Woodcarving 9:00 Tai Chi 9:00 Computer/Tech 9:30 Bridge 1:00 Adv. Tai Chi 1:00 Train 1:30 Sheepshead

6 Veteran’s Assist. 8:00 Chair Stretch 10:00 Chess 10:30 Ping Pong 1:00 Movie The Monuments Men pg. 13

9 8:00 Chair Stretch 9:00 Tai Chi 10:30 Beginn. Tai Chi 1:00 Adv. Tai Chi 1:00 Handiwork 1:00 Cribbage 3:00 Ping Pong

10 9:00 Computer/Tech Help 10:00 MS Support 1:00 CumminsPresentation-Poland 2:00 AA Meeting 2:30 Line Dancing

11 8:00 Chair Stretch 9:00Norwegian Class 9:15 Rosemaling Grp 3:00 Ping Pong

12 8 Woodcarving 9:00 Tai Chi 9:00 Computer/Tech 9:30 Bridge 11:30 UW Food Program 1:00 Adv. Tai Chi 1:00 Train 1:30 Sheepshead

13 Veteran’s Assist. Shop South Town 8:00 Chair Stretch 9:30 Coffee with the Mayor-Open to all 10:00 Chess 10:30 Ping Pong 11:00 Lunch Bunch

16 Foot Care in PM 8:00 Chair Stretch 9:00 Tai Chi 9:30 Bridge 10:30 Beginn. Tai Chi 1:00 Adv. Tai Chi 1:00 Handiwork 1:00 Cribbage 3:00 Ping Pong

17 Foot Care in AM 9:00 Computer/Tech Help 1:00 Fashion Show Pg. 13 2:00 AA Meeting 2:30 Line Dancing

18 8:00 Chair Stretch 9:00Norwegian Class 9:15 Rosemaling Grp 1:00 Bingo 3:00 Ping Pong

19 8 Woodcarving 9:00 Tai Chi 9:00 Computer/Tech 9:30 Bridge 1:00 Adv. Tai Chi 1:00 Train 1:00 Low Vision Grp 1:30 Sheepshead

20 Medication Review Pg. 7 Veteran’s Assist 8:00 Chair Stretch 10:00 Chess 10:30 Ping Pong 1:00 Live Music see Pg. 13

23 8:00 Chair Stretch 9:00 Tai Chi 9:30 Bridge 10:30 Beginn. Tai Chi 1:00 Adv. Tai Chi 1:00 Handiwork 1:00 Cribbage 3:00 Ping Pong

24 9:00 Computer/Tech 1:00 Over the Hill Bingo 1:00 Writing Class 2:00 AA Meeting 2:30 Line Dancing

25 8:00 Chair Stretch 9:00Norwegian Class 9:15 Rosemaling Grp 10:30 Garden Tour 1:30 Parkinson Support Group Pg.7 3:00 Ping Pong

26 8 Woodcarving 9:00 Tai Chi 9:00 Computer/Tech 9:30 Bridge 10 Blood Press. Ck. 1:00 Adv. Tai Chi 1:00 Train 1:30 Sheepshead

27 Shop West Town Veteran’s Assist 8:00 Chair Stretch 10:00 Chess 10:30 Ping Pong

30 Mallards Day Trip 8:00 Chair Stretch 9:00 Tai Chi 9:30 Bridge 10:30 Beginn. Tai Chi 1:00 Adv. Tai Chi 1:00 Handiwork 1:00 Cribbage 3:00 Ping Pong

Center Open by Volunteers Saturday Mornings 9-11 AM

Saturday Evening Cards-Euchre June 28 7:00 PM

Stoughton Area Senior Center

June 2014 Menu







2 Roast Beef Roasted Red Potato Roasted Veggies Chunky Applesauce Multi Gr. Bread Marg.

3 Shrimp Pasta Salad Fruit Cup Cucumbers & Onions WhWh Bread/Marg Strawberry Ice Cream

4 Tomato Barley Soup Crackers Sl Turkey& Cheese on Rye Mayo Pkt. Lettuce /Tomato Sl. Fresh Orange Dessert Bar

5 Three Cheese Lasagna California Mix Veg. Fruit Cup Bread Stix/ Marg. Sherbet

6 Roast Pork & Gravy Mashed Potatoes Corn Strawberry Shortcake & Topping WhWh Bread Margarine

9 Chicken Cacciatore Egg Noodles Sugar Snap Peas Diced Peaches Multi Gr Bread Marg. Cookie

10 BBQ Shredded Beef On Wh Wh Bun Potato Salad Carrot Coins Fresh Fruit Mix Ice Cream Cup

11 Chicken Macaroni Salad German Cucumbers WhWh Bread/Marg Apple Lemon Dessert

12 Augratin Potatoes & Diced Ham Mixed Veggies Fresh Fruit WhWh Roll/Marg. Choc. Ice Cream

13 Roasted Turkey Mashed Potatoes Gravy Stewed Tomatoes Orange Coconut Cream Pie

16 Baked Chicken Baked Potatoes & Sour Cream Green Beans Apricot Half Wh Wh Bread/Marg.

17 Meatloaf & Gravy Mashed Potatoes Peas Fruit Cocktail Multi Gr Bread/Marg.

18 Chicken Salad (w/grapes) on Lettuce Leaf Creamy Tomato Salad(peppers/onion) Orange Juice Sm Croissant/Marg. Banana Crm. Pie

19 Boneless Pork Loin Chop Mashed Sweet Potatoes Pickled Beets Fresh Fruit Multi Gr Bread/Marg

20 Spaghetti & Meat Sauce Tossed Salad/ Tomato Sl./Dressing Banana Multi Gr. Bread Sherbet

23 Salisbury Steak/ Gravy Mashed Potatoes Coleslaw Pear Slices WhWh Bread /Marg

24 Sliced Turkey Ham Baked Sweet Potato French Green Beans Pineapple Multi Gr Bread/ Marg Cookie

25 Sloppy Joe on a Bun Potato Salad Broccoli Flowerets Mandarin Oranges Ice Cream

26 Breaded Fish Tartar Sauce CheesyHash Browns Broccoli Flowerets Diced Peaches WhWh Bread/Marg Pie

27 Tatar Tot Casserole Carrots Sm Croissant/Marg Strawberry Short Cake & Topping

30 Hearty Vegetable Soup & Crackers Tuna Salad/Lettuce on Wh Wh Bread Banana Cookie

For all lunch reservations please call by noon the business day before. 873-8585

Various salad meals available on Thursdays at the Center. Call for salad information at 873-8585.

S TOUGHTON A REA S ENIOR C ENTER • 248 W. Main St., Stoughton WI 53589

873 -8585


Yahara Senior News 248 West Main Street Stoughton, WI 53589 608-873-8585 Fax # 608-873-8162 Yahara Senior News is published once a month by the Stoughton Area Senior Center. The Stoughton Area Senior Center, a non-profit agency, coordinates, develops, supports and monitors programs and services for persons over 55 years of age. This newsletter is published for the purpose of educating the older adults and their families. The service area is the City of Stoughton and the Towns of Albion, Dunkirk, Dunn, Pleasant Springs and Rutland. If you wish to have this newsletter mailed to you, the cost is $8.00 per year. Call 873-8585.

Senior Center Staff

Commission On Aging

Cindy McGlynn—Director Hollee Camacho—Assistant Director (M-Th) Jean Truss—Case Manager– Stoughton Kelly Janda—Case Manager-Stoughton JoAnn Seymour—Case Manager (M-W) Stoughton Lisa Hanson—Nutrition Coordinator Kristin Ott—Receptionist (M-TH ) Teressa Pellett—Volunteer/Program Coordinator (Hours Vary)

All Meetings Are Open To Public

Township Case Managers Albion & Dunkirk Cell Number 608-335-6677 Becky Kelly—M & TH at Stoughton Senior Center Pleasant Springs & Rutland ......................... 838-7117 Sara Sprang, McFarland Outreach/Senior Center Dunn & Christiana .......................................... 838-7117 Lori Andersen, McFarland Outreach/Senior Center Appointments made for home visits, or at Stoughton and McFarland Outreach offices.

David Bacon—Town of Pl. Springs .....................877-9777 Open—City of Stoughton ..................................................... Kay Davis—City of Stoughton ........................... 873-4886 Carol Heidenway—Town of Dunn .................. 835-5472 Ralph Baumbach—City of Stoughton……………..873-6235 Don Mix—City of Stoughton ............................. 873-3637 Mary Onsager—School District Rep ................ 873-3999 Jeanne Schwass-Long—Town of Dunkirk ........ 873-9227 David Sharpe—City of Stoughton ..................... 877-8724 Charlotte Snow—City of Stoughton ................. 205-1281 Betty Thompson—Town of Rutland................ 835-5145 Open—City Council Rep ..................................... 873-6677 Ron Jensen—Town of Albion………………….…………..228-5963

June 2014 newsletter  

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