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MISSION The Department of Community Resources is committed to providing high quality park, recreation, family and cultural services and facilities that inspire enjoyment, learning and wellness in the lives of those who live, work and play in Lakewood. The Imagine Lakewood! 2017 master plan is the guide by which arts, parks and recreation will be provided to the community through 2022. These priorities, developed through an extensive public engagement effort, are in alignment with community priorities, and were adopted by City Council in October 2017. Ensuring the city’s beautiful parks and array of recreational activities and cultural amenities are enhanced and maintained, the Department of Community Resources has a critical role in preserving the heart and soul of Lakewood. The department is staffed by 186 full time and hundreds of part time and seasonal employees. The Community Resources team accomplishes the tasks under five important operational keys.

Adult Nature Explorers program.

OPERATIONAL KEYS INTEGRITY We value integrity by being intentional in and responsible for our words and actions.

COMMUNICATION & CONNECTION We value communication and connection by practicing open, respectful and direct communication, recognizing that various methods are necessary. We actively solicit and value input from each other and our community and customers.

LEADERSHIP We value leadership by creating an environment that guides us all toward our shared purpose.

ADAPTABILITY We value adaptability by positioning ourselves to be open and responsive to change. We encourage a work environment that embraces calculated risks and the exploration of new ideas.

DIVERSITY We value diversity through our commitment to respecting the diversity of our community and customers, and the people with whom we work. We engage in non-discriminatory organizational practices and actions, and work to ensure inclusivity. Fun for the whole family at Cider Days.

one ADMINISTRATION & COMMUNITY RELATIONS The Administration and Community Relations Division provides management and direction to the Community Resources Department for the effective implementation of City Council policy and department priorities. It provides oversight, budgetary and administrative support to the department.


Civic Center Plaza.

COMMUNITY RESOURCES is composed of seven divisions


The Family Services Division consists of School Age Services, Youth and Family Services, Head Start and early childhood education. The division offers a multifaceted approach to providing education services to the Lakewood community.

Fox Hollow Golf Course.


Family Services Head Start program.

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Community Resources

Golf Course Operations coordinates all activities at Fox Hollow Golf Course and Homestead Golf Course. This includes course maintenance, greens fee collection, pro shop sales and food and beverage services at both golf courses.


Cider Days at Heritage Lakewood.

HERITAGE, CULTURE & THE ARTS Heritage, Culture & the Arts Division enriches and inspires people through places and programs that engage, celebrate and build community through heritage, culture and the arts. The division provides historic preservation and interpretation, education and cultural programming, community events and festivals, visual arts programs and public art.


PARKS The Parks Division provides management and maintenance on over 7,000 acres of formally developed parks and open space areas. The division also manages the urban forestry program, horticultural program, street and right of way landscaping and rough mowing.

five Let’s Go Fishing program.

Gathering public input for new Cottage Park.

PLANNING, CONSTRUCTION & MAINTENANCE The Planning, Construction and Maintenance Division provides for park and facility planning and design services, facility renovation and construction, contract and project management, land acquisition and facility maintenance for all city-owned buildings.




The Recreation Division offers a wide variety of quality of life and recreational opportunities to enhance the mind, body and spirit of the Lakewood community by providing numerous program and facility offerings to residents of all ages and interests.

New outdoor Fitness Court at Addenbrooke Park.

Community Resources

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Big Boom Bash by Lakewood.

IMAGINE LAKEWOOD! Master Plan Progress Thousands of Lakewood residents contributed to the development of the Imagine Lakewood! Master Plan. The Imagine! plan is the guide by which arts, parks and recreation will be provided to the community through 2022. The priorities developed through the extensive public engagement effort were adopted by Lakewood City Council in October of 2017. The purpose of the master plan is to guide the department’s work and empower staff, city decision makers and other stakeholders to make strategic decisions that provide a path forward and fulfill the goals outlined in this plan. Page 6

Imagine Lakewood!

IMAGINE LAKEWOOD! 2018-2022 Goals & Actions

1 Meet the needs of the community by offering a variety of high quality and engaging programs, services and initiatives.

Respond to community needs through the addition of new facilities and amenities.


Empower Lakewood residents to make the most of their parks, cultural and recreational opportunities through effective marketing and communication.


4 Provide exceptional stewardship of the city’s parks, cultural and recreational resources. Encourage stewardship development in the community.

Continue to take care of and improve Lakewood’s existing cultural and recreational facilities. Create an inspiring, safe and pleasant experience in our parks and facilities.


Photos 1. A family at Cider Days. 2. Washington Heights Arts Center. 3. Outdoor fitness pad at Carmody Recreation Center. 4. “Echoes and Reflections: Lakewood’s 50th Anniversary,” by Collin Parson at the Addenbrooke Park historic chimney. 5. Clements Community Center skiing trip for older adults. 6. New permanent exhibition “Lakewood: A 20th Century Journey.”


Lasley Family Services program.

GOAL 1 MEET the needs of the community by offering a variety of high quality and engaging programs, services and initiatives. Each year, more than one hundred thousand Lakewood residents participate in Community Resources programs and community events that inspire enjoyment in the lives of those who live, work and play in Lakewood. In 2019 Community Resources programs provided active living and education program opportunities for 185,000 people, from infants to older adults, for individuals with disabilities and income-qualifying families. Nearly 9,000 of these participants were age 55 or better. Additionally, the Lakewood Rides program continues to grow, providing door-throughdoor transportation services for 22,150 one-way trips for residents 60 years of age or better and those with disabilities of any age.

The Lakewood Possibilities Fund removes financial barriers to participation with various assistance possibilities available. 962 individuals were supported by the Fund in 2019, making it possible for all Lakewood families to enjoy the programs and services the Community Resources has to offer. Lakewood Rides.

The Family Services Division offers a wide range of programs and support services for children and families. This year, there were 19,192 child interactions by early education programs with 33,667 child interactions by before and after school care. Page 8

Goal 1 - MEET

Camp Paha.

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS 8,000 People attended Big Boom Bash, an annual Fourth of July celebration hosted by the city.

19,192 Child interactions by early childhood education.

33,667 Child interactions by before and after school care. Sounds Exciting! Summer Concert Series.

95,561 People attended Community Resources events and performances.

98,000 Rounds played at Lakewood’s two golf courses.

Special Olympics bowling league. Lakewood Cultural Center.

New playground at Addenbrooke Park.

GOAL 2 Continue to take care of and IMPROVE Lakewood’s existing cultural and recreational facilities. A top priority for the Community Resources Department and Lakewood residents, strategic planning and responsive oversight of aging facilities is critical when considering resource allocation. In 2019 the Community Resources Department renovated the Newland Square and Ute Trail playgrounds and hosted public engagement opportunities to develop site plans for Westland Park, Cottage Park and a future park at 20th and Quail streets. Residents also selected the perfect playground for Idlewild and Addenbrooke parks, selecting playground equipment from options made available on the city’s public engagement site, LakewoodTogether.org. In January 2017 the city performed a technical energy audit through a competitive bid process facilitated by the Colorado Energy Office. The technical energy audit consisted of four facilities – Carmody and Green Mountain recreation centers, the Public Safety Center and the Clements Community Center – to help the city achieve its 2025 energy and sustainability goals. Page 10 Goal 2 - IMPROVE

These measures resulted in an annual savings of $123,000 in cost and utility savings and also improved comfort within the city’s facilities. The construction was completed in spring 2019.

New permanent exhibition “Lakewood: A 20th Century Journey” at Heritage Lakewood.

New playground at Newland Square Park.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY Lakewood savings are thanks to ongoing energy reduction efforts and regular monitoring of building energy use. Since March of 2019, the city has achieved: 2% energy consumption savings $97,216 cost avoidance Energy savings equivalent to 34.7 single family homes powered for one year South Simms Street Park renamed James E. Harrison Park recognizing Harrison for extraordinary contributions to the city.

Clements Community Center outdoor improvements.

Carmody Recreation Center pool, which received an energy recovery ventilator replacement.

2019 IMPACT IN NUMBERS City of Lakewood Community Resources


Activity/Program Participation


Community Event & Performance Attendance

33,667 Child Interactions by Before & After School Care


Visits to Recreation Centers

962 Individuals & 399 Households

Residents Served by Lakewood Possibilities Fund

Page 12 2019 By the Numbers


Older Adult Activity Registrations


Visits to Bear Creek Lake Park


Rounds of Golf


Child Interactions by Early Childhood Education


Lakewood Rides One-Way Trips


Camp Programs Participants


Volunteer Hours

2019 By the Numbers Page 13


Fitness Court at Addenbrooke Park.

RESPOND to community needs through the addition of new facilities and amenities. Proud to serve Lakewood residents with a wide variety of parks and facilities geared towards residents of all ages, the Imagine Lakewood! master planning effort helped to define resident’s future needs and desires. In 2019, in partnership with The Conservation Fund, staff embarked on an extensive citywide gap analysis using performance indicators including the 10-minute walk score and social vulnerability index to determine park needs in the Lakewood parks system. City Council followed with a prioritization exercise that prepared staff for land acquisition when the opportunity arises. The seeds of the Jefferson Green Community Garden were planted to support the city’s Comprehensive Plan and Sustainability Plan goals to increase access to local, healthy food. The Mountair Park Community Farm, a partnership between the City of Lakewood and Sprout City Farms, allocated over 33% of the year’s harvest to food access programs including the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). This number is Page 14 Goal 3 - RESPOND

set to increase following a grant award for the area’s first mobile farm stand that will follow the model of a donation-based farm stand that also accepts SNAP and Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) purchases. An Imagine Lakewood! Master Plan action item, opportunities for outdoor fitness were strengthened through a partnership with the National Fitness Campaign to bring the innovative Fitness Court to Addenbrooke Park. The Court expands upon existing outdoor fitness opportunities including the outdoor equipment skirting the Carmody playground and installed at Lasley Park, and the new Carmody Recreation Center outdoor fitness pad added in 2019 to the Carmody pool landscape. Get the outdoor fitness details at Lakewood.org/ OutdoorFitness.

Weaving looms at Washington Heights Arts Center.

New splash pad at Carmody Recreation Center.

Mountair Park Community Farm.

LOOKING AHEAD Upcoming Community Resources Projects: Caretaker’s Cottage Renovation Mountair Park Light Installation Park Interpretive Signage Quail Street Park Westland Park West Colfax Sculpture Walk

Universal Playground at Carmody Park.

Idlewild Park Playground Replacement Cottage Park Glennon Heights Pool Renovation Ray Ross Park Shelter James Harrison Park Shelter Morse Park Playground Bear Creek Trail Improvements/ Parallel Trail Chester Portsmouth Labyrinth

Jefferson Green Community Garden.


Nature program for a local Title I school.

CREATE an inspiring, safe and pleasant experience in our parks and facilities. Lakewood residents love their parks and city staff work hard to ensure the parks system offers something for everyone in a safe and pleasant environment. ‘Share the Trail’ and ‘Let’s Doo It!’ signage and social media campaigns remind park users to be courteous and take care of their outdoor spaces. Lakewood Park rangers and volunteers also provide user education and maintenance of the 7,240-acre park system. Advancing the city’s zero-waste goals are important at all Community Resources events and facilities. In 2019 Lakewood’s signature festival, Cider Days, boasted a waste diversion of 82 percent. Heritage Lakewood gardeners composted over 1,000 pounds of organic materials and the innovative Big Belly trash and recycling receptacles in the parks diverted 41 percent or 80,000 pounds of compacted waste from landfills. Reflecting on Lakewood’s 50th anniversary and increasing opportunities for arts in parks, a new art installation “Echoes and Reflections: Lakewood’s 50th Anniversary,” Page 16 Goal 4 - CREATE

a large-scale installation of reflective metal sculptures by artist Collin Parson, stands at a site of historical significance in Addenbrooke Park for the community to enjoy. Lakewood’s 50th Anniversary was a time to honor our community’s unique history, diverse residents and those who laid the foundation for incorporation and paved the way for the city’s sense of community, culture and inclusiveness. Along with the art installation, the Community Resources department hosted several free and low-cost events in celebration of this community milestone, entertaining over 95,000 people. Evaluating the use of the city’s 240 miles of trails for safety, connectivity and design resulted in trail repair and realignment at both Bear Creek Lake Park and William F. Hayden Park and launched a 2020 parallel trail project in the Bear Creek Greenbelt to mitigate trail conflict and provide additional trails for the 450,000 annual users of the Bear Creek Greenbelt. For more information, LakewoodTogether.org/ BearCreekTrail.

Outreach and education around the importance of picking up after your pet through the Let’s Doo It campaign.

PARKS BY THE NUMBERS 7,240 acres 240 miles of trails 110 parks 85 miles of right-of-way maintained 78 play areas “Echoes and Reflections: Lakewood’s 50th Anniversary,” public artwork at Addenbrook Park by Collin Parson. National Trails Day volunteer project.

Nature program for a local Title I school.

Let’s Go Camping program, Bear Creek Lake Park archery range.

GOAL 5 EMPOWER Lakewood residents to make the most of their parks, cultural and recreational opportunities through effective marketing and communication. To ensure Lakewood residents are aware of the Department of Community Resources offerings and in consideration of the city’s diverse population, several bilingual opportunities are available including the new city website, public meetings, event materials and Family Services program materials. The Community Resources Creative Services team continues to streamline the effectiveness and efficiency of department publications recognizing significant increases in online registrations and increasing the volume of users viewing publications online.

New programs and opportunities for inclusivity included the at-capacity “Let’s Go Camping” program at Bear Creek Park that is targeted towards low income families who had never had a camping experience.

Let’s Go Ice Fishing program at Bear Creek Lake Park.

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A recommendation of a 2017 Master Plan, the Lakewood Heritage Center was rebranded Heritage Lakewood Belmar Park in 2019 to create a strong identity, brand and position of visibility in the community. Heritage Lakewood includes 15 historic buildings, more than 40,000 artifacts, rotating and permanent exhibitions, a festival area and an outdoor amphitheater, which host popular community events including Lakewood’s Cider Days. Page 18 Goal 5 - EMPOWER

New branding for the former Lakewood Heritage Center.

CITYWIDE COMMUNICATION AND OUTREACH 49,338 members 34,143 “claimed households” 143 neighborhoods Nextdoor

41,460 followers Facebook

30,295 followers Twitter

New Lakewood.org website launched in June. The Cider Days event draws nearly 16,500 visitors.

5,550 followers Instagram

931 subscribers YouTube

84,142 subscribers E-newsletters

2,600 informed visitors LakewoodTogether.org

37,565 reads

Digital Publications

2,200 new residents

received a welcome letter and free day pass to a recreation center.

Summer and school break camps host 12,500 participants.

Weed ‘em Out volunteer project.


Lakewood, Colorado, 1969–2019

PROVIDE exceptional stewardship of the city’s parks, cultural and recreational resources. Encourage stewardship development in the community.

A HALF-CENTURY OF TRANSFORMATION Lakewood, Colorado 1969–2019

City of Lakewood 480 S. Allison Parkway Lakewood, CO 80226 Lakewood.org

The Department of Community Resources takes great pride in its legacy of efficient water use, careful natural areas management, robust volunteer engagement and historical preservation.

ISBN 978-1-68184-223-3

A trailblazer in resource management and water conservation, Lakewood Parks used 12 gallons of water per square foot of parkland on average in 2019, which is eight gallons per square foot less than the Front Range standard. Parks also contributed to the city’s tree canopy by planting 117 trees. In 2019 volunteers contributed 33,551 hours towards the preservation and expression of natural and cultural resources. Volunteer hours demonstrate a monetary offset of over $1 million and are critical to the city’s ability to provide high quality facilities, programs and services to the community. Learn more about Lakewood’s legacy of volunteerism by visiting Lakewood.org/Volunteer.

Page 20 Goal 6 - PROVIDE

The implementation of the 2017 Lakewood Heritage Center (now Heritage Lakewood) master plan focused on preservation and education of Lakewood’s 20th century history. Fulfilling several plan recommendations, in 2019 41,000 artifacts were inventoried along with oral stories of Lakewood history. To pay homage to the city’s 50th anniversary, Heritage Lakewood’s new permanent exhibition “Lakewood: A 20th Century Journey” highlights significant events throughout the 20th century, including the evolution of commercial growth from farmland. ISBN 978-1-68184-223-3


9 781681 842233

An early 20th century schoolhouse, the Washington Heights Arts Center was renovated in 2019 to increase the longevity of this historic gem. The Center enriches the community by offering a variety of cultural arts educational opportunities for all ages and abilities including pottery, weaving, drawing, painting, papermaking, jewelry and metals, mosaics and other artforms.

Lakewood commemorative book celebrating 50 years as a city.


1 2 3 4

Recreation Coordinator Billy Cooper was recognized as PLAY Professional of the Year by the Colorado Parks and Recreation Association. Carmody Park was awarded the Columbine Award for renovation design by the Colorado Lottery.

2019 was the 36th year the City of Lakewood was awarded Tree City USA by the Arbor Day Foundation The City of Lakewood received a Colorado Business Committee for the Arts (CBCA) Business for the Arts Award for its collaboration on the 40 West ArtLine.

In 1969, a grou to come toge number of fac including co worry about a for a growin annexation b of education County. Ove transitions h constant—the is not a histo city’s humble have carried amenities th

CLEANUP DAY RECYCLING BY THE NUMBERS 33,863 lbs of televisions 21,008 lbs of electronics 56,100 lbs of metal 4,242 lbs of paper

New permanent exhibition “Lakewood: A 20th Century Journey.”


National Public Lands Day volunteer project.

Ceramics studio at Washington Heights Arts Center.

BUDGET BREAKDOWN Budget by Fund 2020 Golf Course Enterprise Fund

General Fund




Conservation Trust % Fund

Heritage, Culture & the Arts Fund


Grants Fund %



4 Capital Improvement Fund

General Fund........................................... 63% Golf Course Enterprise Fund............. 15% Heritage, Culture & the Arts Fund...................................... 10% Conservation Trust Fund........................4%

1% Open Space Fund

Grants Fund................................................4% Capital Improvement Fund...................2% Open Space Fund.....................................1% Tabor Fund..................................................0%

Budget by Division 2020 Parks Operations






Planning, Construction & Maintenance


Golf Course Operations


Heritage, Culture & the Arts


Family 9% Services


Community Resources Administration

Parks Operations.................................... 23% Recreation................................................ 21% Planning, Construction & Maintenance....................................... 21% Golf Course Operations....................... 14%

Heritage, Culture & the Arts..................9% Family Services..........................................9% Community Resources Administration..........................................4%

Big Boom Bash by Lakewood at Jeffco Stadium.

Special thanks to our significant funding partners.

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Profile for City of Lakewood

City of Lakewood Community Resources Annual Report 2019  

City of Lakewood Community Resources Annual Report 2019